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How Mobile Devices are Influencing User Interface Design

Absorb LMS

“Dear Doctor, I’m concerned about Stanley. He has developed an unusual growth between his left thumb and index finger. The growth is the size of an average hardcover book, yet thinner. One side is silver and emblazoned with the image of an apple. The other glows with an iridescent light. Stanley does not appear to be in any pain. Sincerely, —Concerned” . Here are some examples.

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E-Learning Authoring Tool Comparison

E-learning Uncovered

We get lots of questions about our opinion on the major e-learning authoring tools.  A while back, I did a comparison grid to help outline the key differences.  There have been a lot of changes to the authoring tool landscape in the last 12 months, so I thought I’d update it. . Studio and Storyline are usually on sale for about $1400 each.  The rest is primarily form- and template- based. 

How Mobile Devices are Influencing User Interface Design

Absorb LMS

“Dear Doctor, I’m concerned about Stanley. He has developed an unusual growth between his left thumb and index finger. The growth is the size of an average hardcover book, yet thinner. One side is silver and emblazoned with the image of an apple. The other glows with an iridescent light. Stanley does not appear to be in any pain. Sincerely, —Concerned” . Here are some examples.

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16 Learning Trends, We Simply CAN'T Ignore!


16 LEARNING TRENDS Here are 16 learning trends that I believe we simply can't ignore in 2013 and beyond : 16 Learning Trends, We Simply CAN'T Ignore! from Zaid Alsagoff By ' WE ', I mean all educators in primary, secondary, and tertiary (and even corporate) education. Are you ready for that? MISSING ONES? Time to rethink education and learning? What do you think? :).

Get an Exclusive Articulate Storyline Game Show Template from eLearning Brothers

Download one of the most popular game templates from eLearning Brothers with a look and feel exclusively made for eLearning Learning subscribers! eLearning Brothers creates awesome templates and assets to help you look like an eLearning Rockstar!

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Life in the UK


The Life in the UK test is taken by migrants wanting to settle permanently in the UK who already speak English to a sufficient standard ? and meet our stricter rules for permanent migration. Candidates taking the test must get 75% of the

Good News: Spending on Training Increasing


In a recent Bersin by Deloitte study , spending on learning and development rose by 12% in 2012. In another study, 90% of CEOS said they plan to maintain or increase training budgets in 2013. Obviously, this is great news for learning and development (L&D) professionals. ” If cost is not a primary driver in the decision-making process, then the choice made will be “Good and Fast.”

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e-learning in 6 seconds!

Jane Hart

That sounds about right! Create short, beautiful, looping videos in a simple and fun way and share on Twitter. Available for iPhone and iPod touch. You can download it  here. This short video from The Verge explains more about the app and how to create a Vine. Social learning

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Six Traits Agile Leaders Must Have

CLO Magazine

These qualities can increase a leader’s ability to meet the ever-increasing demands of today’s business environment. Leaders in today’s complex business environment must be agile to be able to respond to their workers’ needs and motivations. Here are six traits agile leaders must have. Champion: A champion builds the organization’s brand by his or her power to connect socially. He or she is the face of the organization and is vocal concerning the capabilities of the organization in relation to its products, services and people. What is of concern to team members? Larry R.

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Transform Your Video Strategy for Enterprise Learning & Communication

We sat down with Tom Clancy, former CLO of EMC, to discuss the role of video in the future of enterprise learning and communication.

This Week on #TalkTech: Games That Subconsciously Train, Math Apps in the Classroom, Mobile Learning Uptake

Bottom-Line Performance

#TalkTech is the “flipped” approach to Twitter chats.  We publish all the topics a few hours before the chat so you can show up at 3 pm EST / 12 pm PST on Thursdays ready to discuss. We discuss three topics a week and the chat lasts around 30 minutes. We’re shaking things up in 2013 here at #TalkTech! If you are interested in being a guest curator for TalkTech,  let me know! BLP News

Managing Stakeholder Expectations

Training Industry

Until the latter part of the last century, “stakeholder” referred exclusively to a person who held the stakes in a wager. It has come to mean anyone who has an interest in or is affected by the actions of a business, professional association, political group, or non-profit. This typically means customers and employees, but can include suppliers and even the community. Is everything covered?

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World Stoos Day

Jay Cross

WHOOPS. I hit the SAVE button prematurely. This ia a post in progress. Stoos (rhymes with close or dose ) is a village located in the municipality of Morschach. It lies at 1,300 metres in the Swiss canton of Schwyz and has about 100 inhabitants. It is used as a small ski resort with a cable car leading to the Fronalpstock. The village itself is car-free and is accessible via a funicular. Join me.

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Where Are You in Your Certification Lifecycle

Training Industry

Where are you in your certification lifecycle? Most product lifecycles depict a product’s introduction, growth, maturity and eventual decline. For this discussion you’ll need to think of your certification as a product. Most Product Lifecycles resemble the following generic graphic. And most people tie recertification to the same content area so for our purposes we’ll keep them in the same cycle.) 

Customer Training Completion Rates

Curious to learn how different factors in your training courses may affect completion rates? We crunched the numbers to help you set goals for course completion and build your content strategy. Download the study to learn what kind of content keeps learners engaged, how long courses should be, and more.

Prepare for the New Ecosystem

CLO Magazine

It’s time to rethink how information is aggregated and used. Take a different look at how you use the ever-shrinking time you have with learners in the classroom. have attended three learning events in the last month. Although every role in our industry was represented, there was one common theme, which was referenced during one of the CLO panels: “The world we serve is growing more and more out of our control. I’m finding it harder to become a part of the ecosystem.” ” I appreciate this highly qualified learning leader’s candor because I can relate.

Off Shore to the North Shore!


While listening to Minnesota Public Radio during my morning commute, I occasionally hear a great catchy phrase from a program sponsor, Saturn Sytems. Their slogan is: Off Shore to the North Shore (of Lake Superior)! Their slogan is indicative of the changing software industry.   How many of you have heard of the town Two Harbors, Minnesota? Saturn Systems and PureDriven are just two examples.

Icon Sets: 5 questions to ask before you buy or download


Back before I started eLearningArt, I worked on a consulting project in a niche industry that had a limited supply of useful stock images. Given our budget, conducting a custom photo-shoot was out of the question. On the other end of the spectrum, we also didn’t want the unprofessional feel of using mismatched clipart. Don’t mix and match. Do the icons convey meaning? Add animated effects to icons.

Using the AIDA Model to get “Buy In” eLearning

B Online Learning

I meet a lot of elearning developers when I’m on the road delivering Articulate training. One of the common concerns a lot of these developers have is how to make their content look good and make sense. Most of us are not graphic designers. myself started my career as a primary school teacher. However [.].

Skill based learning – How it drives an organization’s performance

Training and learning organizations today play an active role in contributing to the bottom line of any organization by aligning their objectives to the immediate business objectives. This provides a solid ground for cost justification and encourages businesses to place training groups right where they should be, at the heart of a growing, thriving, learning culture.

Big Ideas for 2013


The first weeLearning of 2013 was big on ideas, here's what you missed. Read more › blog cool stuff events

Another bandwagon I’m avoiding…

Tayloring it

… is the annual ‘Learning at Work Day’ (I’m not linking to it out of principle). What I can’t wrap my head around is that in recent years we, as L&D professionals have (and are) taking considerable steps in: Moving away from ‘learning’ to performance. Trying to make the ‘learning’ as transparent as possible. Accepting that ‘ work is learning and learning is work’ So why, once a year, do many of us jump on this particular bandwagon and before you say. “ it’s nice to give it its own space ” or.

Using iPads to Support Training Delivery

Integrated Learnings

By Dean Hawkinson Recently, I had the opportunity to design my first paperless classroom course , which used iPads to support its delivery. The purpose of using the iPads was to replace paper-based workbooks and job aids , and provide learners with easy access to training resources. As a designer, it stretched me into areas of project management that I had never experienced before. In addition, some of the feedback that we received from instructors was that it stretched the instructor in many new directions as well. Let’s start with what I have experienced as important requirements.

14. Three social contexts for learning


Regardless of the strategy or strategies that you choose, there is another key decision to make in terms of the people who will be involved in the learning process. Essentially there are three choices: the learner alone, the learner with one other person – typically a coach or instructor – and the learner with a group of peers. Self-study can range from reading a book at one extreme to engaging in a complex computer simulation at the other. It provides us with a great deal of flexibility as learners because we control the pace at which we learn as well as when, where and for how long.

Seven Simple Secrets to Off-the-Shelf Course Success

Off-the-shelf elearning is applicable for a wide audience, but it won’t address your organization’s unique situations or distinctive content. So are these courses all that helpful? For sure! Read on for 7 secrets to make off-the-self learning your own.

The Power of Metaphors in eLearning

Vignettes Learning

Synthesis: In the film, Lincoln , President Lincoln and Thaddeus Stevens used the power of metaphors to solve two crucial historical stand-offs during the American civil war. The centerpiece of the film is the last four months of President Lincoln’s life, dedicated to push for the passage of the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution by the House of Representatives. Yet, even you.

Chris Petersen

Jay Cross

VIA’s Chris Petersen is dead. From an early interview : Suzie:  What are some useful tips you can provide people on using their strengths in their daily lives? Chris:  Be mindful of what I call strengths occasions, and rise to them. Also, practice, practice, practice. Character Strengths Research. Just Jay

HTML 5 Games in Rapid Intake

eLearning Brothers

It’s easy to build HTML 5 games in our Interaction Builder and then add then to courses built with Rapid Intake. The Rapid Intake eLearning authoring tool has a great feature that allows you to upload Flash and HTML 5 content that will be available to the user based on which format is appropriate. This video shows you how to do it. Learn more about the eLearning Brothers Interaction Builder.

What a fantastic widget!

From the Coleface

You may have noticed that more and more websites are allowing you to download appointments into your calendar e.g. lets you get the train time you have looked up straight into Outlook with just the click of a button. Though the technology for sending iCalendar files (.ics) learning

Leaving performance reviews behind: Where to start [Guide]

Is your company ready to move beyond the annual performance review? Where do you start? What are the keys to success? In this guide, you’ll gain an understanding of: the forces driving change, three foundations of success and take a deep dive into the skills gap many managers have that will sink your efforts before they start and how to address them.