Fri.Jun 24, 2011

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Dev Corner - Programming for Fun

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Last month, TechSmith Developers organized their own internal 2-day conference, DevKhan. At TechSmith, we are always striving to learn and DevKhan is a way for our developers to share their expertise with each other. They spoke on a wide variety of topics. The video runs about 25 minutes. Enjoy! What would you like to know from our developers for future Dev Corner posts ? Dev Corner 617

The model in action


Throughout 2011 we will be publishing extracts from The New Learning Architect. We move on to the eighth and final part of chapter 4: A multitude of opportunities for increasing learning exists within every context, both from the top down and bottom up. The table above shows just a sample of what is available. Much of the rest of this book is devoted to ensuring that understanding.

Cool Second Life Happening:UW VIBE Future InfoExpo Recruitment

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Have you ever had trouble sorting your stuff? Would you like to know who in SL might be a good social connection for you? Need to solve a problem, but don’t know how to organize the information? Researchers from the University of Washington Information School are conducting a research study investigating exciting and useful alternative capabilities for Second Life. They are hosting a Future InfoExpo, which offers 6 experiential exhibits.  These These exhibits let you interact with new design possibilities aimed at improving the social and information aspects of Second Life. to 4:00 p.m.

PowerPoint 2010: What's the Difference Between Duplicate and Copy?

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

by AJ George. Recently I was asked about the difference between the duplicate and copy commands, since they seemingly do the same thing. Duplicate (Ctrl-D) will automatically copy and paste whatever slide you select and place it right below the original slide. It will be identical in every way to the previous slide. Copy, (Ctrl-C) will save a copy of the slide to your clipboard so that it can be pasted (Ctrl-V) elsewhere in the presentation. Choosing duplicate is a time saver because it negates having to manually paste the slide by doing it automatically for you. Very important!

How to Create a Customer Training Strategy

Want to develop an effective customer training strategy for your organization? Download this guide to learn some simple steps you can follow to set your team up for success. Click to download.

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What Business Can Learn from Remote Teaching


A futurist’s out-of-the-box ideas on how education should develop provide inspiration for the training programs of today. Among the proposed solutions to America’s much-discussed crisis in public education are merit pay for teachers , more charter schools and curriculum reform. The piece by author Lance Secretan looks to Sal Kahn for inspiration. Do you think Secretan’s on the right track?

Revisiting old useful ideas - learnscapes

Learning Rocks

For whatever reason, this diagram by Clark Quinn has stuck in my head, and for the fourth time of calling I found myself scrabbling to find it, including tweeting the man himself to see if he could identify it from my patchy description. Our mindset can sometimes be a bit "classical" I fear, as befits a former public sector training organisation/venue in its fifth decade. Please let me know.



Jay Cross

Lots of organizations I speak with are concerned about onboarding , that is, bringing new people into the fold, socializing them, and getting them up to speed. Few people have addressed offboarding , the process of letting people go, yet the benefits from taking a new approach are huge. Kevin Clark is one of the people who has studied — and implemented — a better way. Just Jay

Free E-learning Tutorial 13: E-Learning Instructional Design Approaches

e-Learning Academy

Episode 13 e-learning tutorial outlines five apprpaches to self-directed e-learning courseware instructional design. Why not download this free e-learning training from iTunes Or read the Transcript Or watch the entire free e-learning tutorial series on our YouTube channel (Episode 13 is embedded below). Design E-Learning Tutorial Podcast Video

Take Charge of your eLearning environment

Learn how to maximize the impact of your learning by aligning to the goals of your organization, how to establish a learning culture with gamification including leaderboards and badges. Discover a learning content management system that is both powerful and easy to configure and manage.