Sun.Apr 29, 2012

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What exactly does an E-Learning Manager do?

E-Learning Provocateur

I read somewhere once that the best employees don’t take any notice of their job descriptions. In other words, they work out what needs to be done and they get on and do it. This notion resonated with me when a fellow learning professional asked me what I do in my capacity as an E-Learning Manager. The thing is, the role of “E-Learning Manager” (ELM) is a grey one.

Instructional Design Challenges for Smaller Screens


Mobile learning is fast gaining pace as a popular medium of imparting knowledge amongst the new-age learners of today. Most of us carry (or at least aspire to carry) a high-end mobile device – be it a Smartphone or a tablet. This proximity to the device, at all times, creates a huge opportunity to make learning material available to the learner – anywhere, anytime. Here are some ways how –.

Bert lives on in StrumSchool

Clive on Learning

When I was 11, my older brother returned from a long trip abroad with a Hofner electric guitar, which he had tried unsuccessfully to learn. He gave it to me, along with a copy of Bert Weedon's Play In A Day , the now legendary book which enabled tens of thousands of British people to learn the guitar. Just like scores of guitar superstars from the 1960s, I started with Bobbie Shaftoe Went to Sea.

WordPress LMS: Suggest a Feature!


Here is your chance to suggest a feature you want included in WordPress LMS! We want to make this solution as useful to the most number of people as possible, and that's why we need your help! By submitting your suggestion(s) we will know what is important to our community in a WordPress LMS. . Want us to host the LMS? Let us know! Prefer a plugin download? Let us know! Let us know! Let us know!

[New eBook] The 3 Stages of Customer Training Development

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