Sun.May 01, 2011

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Online Education for Instructional Designers: Picking the Right Program by Lorna Collier

Learning Solutions Magazine

What’s the best way to take an Instructional Design career to the next level? Should you go for a. certificate from a non-academic institution? Would a master’s degree or a doctorate better serve your. long-term goals? How can you obtain the necessary credentials online? These are important questions, and this article provides an overview, advice, and examples to help you make your decisions! Instructional Design Professional Development

Weekly Bookmarks (5/1/11)

Experiencing eLearning

How Much Narration in eLearning? Our Lessons Learned by Don Bair & Mike Dickinson : Learning Solutions Magazine. Two IDs look at the use of audio narration–how much, quality of speakers, quality of equipment. Includes guidelines based on their survey of employees. wish they had some more info about the survey they conducted though (i.e., how many responses they received, how many total employees at the company, etc.). tags: e-learning audio research casestudies. We wanted to know the preferences of our employees so we conducted a survey. We may audition to get more suitable voices.

Big Cat Trail, Leg 2 - Gir Forest National Park

The Learning Generalist

If you've never seen lions in the wild, it's quite something to be less than six feet away from one. If you have seen lions in the wild, then to see them crouch, stalk and get into the hunt is like watching poetry in motion. The big cat trail made it's second stop at Gir. Sowmya, Pratima, Pradeep and Santosh had headed back to Bangalore. The next morning we were on safari. Lions are social animals.

KM 4

Obama death reaffirms effectiveness of chaotic networks

Jay Cross

Osama is dead. heard the news on Twitter, twenty minutes before things were official. The jungle drums that are today’s web worked! I got the news before most t.v. viewers. And I’m tuning out now because television has reverted to continuous reverb. Pundits trying to fill dead air with non-news. I’m off to find the next story. Just Jay

How to Create a Customer Training Strategy

Want to develop an effective customer training strategy for your organization? Download this guide to learn some simple steps you can follow to set your team up for success. Click to download.