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Harold Jarche » Training: A Solution Looking for a Problem

Learning and Working on the Web

While listening to the radio the other day, the person being interviewed spoke about the need for training for those responsible for ensuring clean water in many remote Canadian communities. Now, I'm not going to say that training is

The new IT training, part 4: The other option

Clive on Learning

A plea to IT user trainers in five thrilling instalments Welcome back again. For the benefit of those with limited random-access memory, let me just re-cap where we are so far in this series. started by explaining how I thought that IT user training had evolved and was continuing to evolve over a number of phases. First of all we have to ask how users would benefit. Is this possible?

The writings of Lee Kraus: Jon Udells Agenda: The iTunes U Export Feature

Learning and Technology

Jon Udell posted his concerns about iTunes U and pointed out that content wasn't as accessible as it should be and that a university professor had got first hand information that. iTunes U is seen specifically as a driver to iTunes

Build a better flipchart and the world will beat a path…

The Learning Circuits

As everyone on this blog knows, I'm eternally searching for a flipchart killer and have never failed to express my disappointment with the trends most of us (including myself) think will: do the job, convince people that it's sufficiently worthwhile (in terms of functionality) for them to adapt to, provide the comfort zone for them to adopt it as their standard landscape. and even does a bit more!

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The writings of Lee Kraus: Learning 2.0

Learning and Technology

I am going to be attending a Learning 2.0 webinar (although it appears that the technology has broken down and we will be having a conference call.) It should be an interesting way to spend my lunch hour. It had to pay for it

Knowledge and Learning In The News - 2/24/2006

Big Dog, Little Dog

February 24, 2006. Apple's iTunesU puts college lectures on your iPod - News 10. Almost a dozen universities, including some from the Ivy League, have agreed to take part in a pilot project run by Apple called iTunesU. Tag: Podcasting. Mapping informal relationships at a company is revealing -- and useful - Business Week. The use of social network analysis as a management tool is accelerating. Given the current emphasis on managing talent, companies are hungry for ways to find and nurture their organizations' most in-the-know employees. Also, see: Untangling Office Connections. Malcolm Gladwel.

The writings of Lee Kraus: Apple Sales Music. A Lot of Music

Learning and Technology

Apple iTunes sells 3m songs per day. Macworld UK - Apple iTunes sells 3m songs per day - Flock. pretty amazing number. When this hits mainstream even more, there will be no turning back. Why would you ever buy a CD from a store