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Taxonomy of Learning Theories

E-Learning Provocateur

Academia is teeming with learning theories. Some of them are old, some of them are new. Some are flash-in-the-pan, others stand the test of time and remain applicable to this very day. Some of them are controversial, while others have assumed the aura of conventional wisdom. Some of them are simple, while others are incomprehensible to mere mortals. Where do you start? Which theory do you choose?

Theory 105

General Considerations for Mobile Learning (mLearning)

Upside Learning

Wikipedia defines mobile learning as “Any sort of learning that happens when the learner is not at a fixed, predetermined location, or learning that happens when the learner takes advantage of the learning opportunities offered by mobile technologies&#. In other words, mLearning decreases limitation of learning location with the mobility of general portable devices 1. the ability to use GPS?

Get Your Audience Pumped: 30 Ways to Motivate Adult Learners

The eLearning Coach

Motivation is the force that drives people to fulfill a need. If you can tap into a learner’s intrinsic motivation—where an individual is rewarded by the learning itself or an internal goal—you’ve got it made. But in both workplace and academic environments, people are often unmotivated because they are required to take courses in which they have no interest. Provide options. Buzz up!

Learning Resources from Informal Learning (Jay Cross): Part 1

ID Reflections

I am re-reading Informal Learning by Jay Cross and was going through the resource links he has provided. Apart from the book, which is a must read for anyone interested in the field of learning, the resource links are gold mines of knowledge, information and insights. I am putting some of my favorite sites from the list here for reference. Communication Nation : Dave Gray's Blog.

New Brandon Hall Group report forecasts major shift in 2016 online learning trends

Companies are increasingly dissatisfied with online learning tools, prompting many to reinvest in technology that supports a modern training approach. Download the report from Brandon Hall Group to see how new investments are bringing real business results.

How to Become a Thought Leader

Learn and Lead

Three easy steps to become a thought leader: Have a thought. You can’t be a thought leader without a thought. Have a point of view about everything, be opinionated. Share your thought. It’s all very good to have a thought but it is quite useless unless you share it. To be a leader assumes you have followers. You can’t have followers if no one knows what your thoughts are. It’s easy to share. Share more at workplace, be a node of reference, start a blog, don’t pass on an opportunity to present, be available, be visible. Make sense. It is good to have a thought and to share it with others.

eLearning Certifications

Tony Karrer

Work is learning, learning work

Learning and Working on the Web

My Twitter bio reads, “ Work is learning, learning work – that is all Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know [apologies to Keats ]. That’s pretty much what I believe will be a necessity for the post-industrial and post-information era that we are beginning to enter. Some call it the knowledge economy or perhaps even the learning age. The enticements are ideas and education.

Collaboration 2.0 - There's a Shift happening

The Learning Generalist

There's a shift happening and its all around us. We may not be a part of that shift yet, but I'm sure each one of us will soon be. We might want to think that technology is changing the way we collaborate and yes that's true! But there's a lot changing in the way we think as well. Let's see how we're changing! There was no arguing with that, was there? Things have changed significantly today.

Wiki 12

Time Saver Tuesday - Snagit Quick Styles

Visual Lounge

I don't often set New Year resolutions, but this year I'm going to try to stick with one. And, that is to bring you a weekly Time Saver Tuesday tip. It might be a tip to show you a feature in one of our products that could save you time or a general tip about screencasting, presenting, audio or similar topics. And, I'd like your help. I'm looking for some volunteers to share their tips.

Jing 12

Get Your Audience Pumped: 30 Ways to Motivate Adult Learners

The eLearning Coach

Motivation is the force that drives people to fulfill a need. If you can tap into a learner’s intrinsic motivation—where an individual is rewarded by the learning itself or an internal goal—you’ve got it made. But in both workplace and academic environments, people are often unmotivated because they are required to take courses in which they have no interest. Provide options. Buzz up!

PresentationZen Design - Review

Sticky Learning

Garr Reynolds' new book, PresentationZen Design , is his follow-up to his first book, PresentationZen of 2008. His first book was in many ways a summary of Garr's presentation style, looking at presentation preparation, design and delivery. what should you expect from a book that's subtitled, 'Simple Design Principles and Techniques to Enhance Your Presentations'? Design Matters. Components.

Whitepaper: When The LMS Isn’t Enough

In this whitepaper, you will discover the main reasons why the LMS alone is no longer meeting the needs of the modern learner. More importantly, you will learn what you can do to enhance its value.

Kapp & Driscoll nail Learning in 3D

Clark Quinn

Karl Kapp and Tony O’Driscoll have launched the age of virtual worlds in organizational learning by providing a thorough overview in their new book Learning in 3D. This is a comprehensive and eloquent book, covering the emerging opportunity in virtual worlds.  Replete with conceptual models to provide structure to the discussion as well as pragmatic guidance to how to design and implement learning solutions, this book will help those trying to both get their minds around the possibilities and those who are ready to get their hands dirty. They get it, and want you to, too. Recommended.

Project Management for Trainers: Key Concepts and Learning

ID Reflections

I have just finished reading the book, Project Management for Trainers by Lou Russell. At the outset, let me admit that this is a somewhat unusual book for me to read. I am more into books about learning and performance, training, design, creative thinking, innovation and management, writing, and the like. Project Management jumped out at me in a font size 10 times larger.

First degree burns

Learning with e's

This is Part 3 - a continuation of my series on the history and impact of distance education. Yesterday in Part 2 , we saw how correspondence courses were established in Britain and the USA. Setting up short vocational courses seemed to be no problem. Academic programmes were an entirely prospect though. Pitman had used printed cards mailed out to students through the Penny Post service.

How Fonts Take a Starring Role in Your E-Learning Courses

Rapid eLearning

The video below shows how graphic designer, Brian Hoff , selected the right font for one of his projects. There are many points in the video where he probably could have stopped, but didn’t. No one would have known the difference. But something kept him going until he found just the right look. Click here to view video. have to admit that I don’t always put a lot of thought into the fonts.

Kiran Bir Sethi teaches kids to take charge


When will this infection catch on worldwide? These are the small pockets of hope that we have left. Brilliant stuff Kiran

Storyboarding for eLearning

Storyboarding is a very important step for creating eLearning courses. But don’t you feel it’s a waste of time to start creating the courses from scratch and copy-paste text and other objects from the storyboard to the eLearning tool for course development.

Computers are dumb – make smarter e-Learning

Usable Learning

Computers are dumb, which can make your e-Learning dumb. What can you do about it? Be Less Helpful. Over the weekend, I watched this video of a great presentation by Dan Myer on how to Be Less Helpful to students. It’s an hour long, and is well worth the viewing, even if you aren’t really interested in math education. And this is wrong. How does this relate to computers being dumb?

Trading women-in-tech war stories on TechnoGirlTalk

Adventures in Corporate Education

This week I was invited to participate in the TechnoGirlTalk podcast. Its a new podcast hosted by Sunshine Mugrabi specifically to give women in high tech a place to discuss working in high tech. Its only the second podcast, the first one featured women from Cisco, Adobe, and Bhava communications. The one I joined had a definite EMC flavor. That usually affects how we present ourselves to others.

Captivate survey- now Live!

Adobe Captivate

Many of you must have received a mailer yesterday, inviting you to participate in the Captivate User Survey. Unfortunately, due to some technical glitches, the survey site was down. Our vendors have fixed the issue, and the survey is now live. We apologize for any inconvenience caused yesterday, and hope that you will take 15 mins to answer this survey. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us in improve the product. If you did not receive the mailer, but would still like to participate, please do so by following this link. captivate survey

Skills Gap


Does your organization have a skills gap? If so, you're not alone. In a recent American Society for Training & Development survey that was published in the new white paper Bridging the Skills Gap , 79.2 percent of organizations admitted that the skills of their current workforce did not match the changes in their business strategy. The education system and organizations in the United States, along with the local, state, and federal government, bear equal responsibility in closing this skills gap. Have you assessed the skills and compentencies needed by your workforce now and in the future?

Evaluating Training - Capturing the Benefits Aspects of ROI

Training evaluation is necessary and, in many ways, critical to the success of a business. But because short term priorities always seem to take precedence, it is typically something we plan to do better in the next course, or maybe next month, or even next year. After all, we’ve managed pretty well up to now, so surely another year can’t hurt!

Finding Tools

Bottom-Line Performance

Jennifer’s last blog post makes the excellent point that it’s important to resist getting overwhelmed by the cool factor with Web 2.0 tools. An evaluation process, like the one she references, is critical. When Sharon and I were working on documenting our evaluation process, we had a recurring argu… discussion over the first step in the process. There are argu…discussion points on both sides.

Long Overdue Random Brain Dump

In the Middle of the Curve

Made an important baby step towards greater acceptance of "fun" and "games" in my eLearning tutorials. Behold! My tutorial doppelganger! Thank you South Park Character Creator. Thus far, the tutorial I created with these characters have gotten rave reviews. Best comment that came back to me was from the director 3 levels up (1 step below the Main Muck) Not only was that fun, but I GOT IT!!!!

The big question: predictions for 2010

Clive on Learning

The Big Question for January in the Learning Circuits Blog is, rather predictably, what are your predictions for 2010? I’m happy to participate in the sure knowledge that nearly all so-called expert predictions in practically any field prove to be miles off the mark. only one will matter and that is surviving the downturn. The recent ASTD study certainly bears this out. This has been the case.

Are You Having Fun?

Learn and Lead

The eight irresistible principles of fun from Box of Crayons , “an irresistibly funky animated movie designed to help you create more fun in your life” Stop hiding who you really are. Take the time to figure out what makes up your DNA. Start being intensely selfish. Get hungry for things that are truly important to you. Stop following rules. Start scaring yourself. Lighten up, this too shall pass.

Seven Simple Secrets to Off-the-Shelf Course Success

Off-the-shelf elearning is applicable for a wide audience, but it won’t address your organization’s unique situations or distinctive content. So are these courses all that helpful? For sure! Read on for 7 secrets to make off-the-self learning your own.

Technology and learning: From cooooool to implementation

Bottom-Line Performance

The past few weeks have given us several exciting technology announcements and rumors, most notably the new android phone from Google and the Apple iTablet/Slate.  It’s easy to be excited by tools like these as well as augmented reality and other technologies. We just assume that we’ll be able to use it somehow, and that we’ll figure it out once we have it! Try stuff out.

Cat and My Room: Influences that Shaped Me.

ID Reflections

“All I could do was to offer you an opinion upon one minor point—a woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction,” wrote Virginia Woolf. room of one’s own develops the mind, body and spirit. Here are the influences that shaped me, made me into the person I am today, taught me about life and fortitude. This used to be my grandparents’ bedroom. Did the hair fall just so?

Sun 2

eLearning: Interesting Weekly Finds #7

Upside Learning

“Microsoft Research released a community game cum programming environment for the Xbox 360 called Kodu. Unlike most other video games, Kodu would let players create their own video games for the Xbox without any prior knowledge of programming. The initial version of Kodu required the Xbox 360 console but now Kodu is available as a free download for your Windows PC as well. Gordon. Teambox.

mLearning eSeminars now aVailable

Adobe Captivate

I couldn't resisted the opportunity to highlight the growing number of lowercase aTtachments to various terms in an attempt to describe efficiently the evergrowing array of associations. ;). We've created links to this weeks Adobe eLearning eSeminars at the locations below. The sessions were well attended and each lasted about an hour. The first has a more pragmatic emphasis with a focus on creating and delivering mLearning solutions using Adobe Captivate and the eLearning Suite. The second is a deeper dive into the issues surrounding mLearning. Is it time to explore this channel?

Move Beyond Learning to Applying: A Modern Management Development Program

A better way to develop front-line managers !It’s well documented that people leave managers – not companies. Download this guide to learn how to shift the perspective from event to journey and how to take learners through Proficiency Journeys to get results.

The Age of DIY

Bottom-Line Performance

Due to budget restrictions many people are tackling projects on their own, including everything from home improvement, car repairs, landscaping, and yes, even corporate learning.  DIY DIY in corporate learning is a growing trend and from what I’m hearing, it’s gaining momentum. Where’s Eric Stromer when you need him? DIY should be taken on with a grain of caution. Eric Stromer is the host on HGTV’s Over Your Head – he rescues overwhelmed homeowners on their DIY projects. Do you think DIY in learning is a good thing? could envision endless content dumps, limited structure, and confused learners. 

Portfolio: Web Product Ordering Course

eLearning Brothers

This quick course is a guided tour (also a marketing piece) that shows how to order supplies from the customer’s portal. It begins with a brief company introduction and then tours the product portal. View the course.

Beta Testing an Online Course by Benjamin D. Martin

Learning Solutions Magazine

Beta Testing is a key step in creating insanely great e-Learning applications. Often overlooked or. omitted out of concern for budget and schedule, it is actually simple and cheap to do, and when. planned with care it takes little time to execute. Done before development is 100% complete, it. ensures faultless releases. Here’s a step-by-step guide from an experienced developer.

Experiencing E-Learning » Daily Bookmarks 01/15/2010

Experiencing eLearning

Open for Learning: The CMS and the Open Learning Network | in education. Paper arguing that CMSs make online learning less effective. The authors propose an Open Learning Network as an alternative, a cross between the traditional CMS

5 Unknown Ways You're Wasting Your Training Budget

In the US alone, companies spend over $70 billion on corporate training and about $1000 on individual employees according to Bersin by Deloitte. When it comes to training budgets, leaders struggle to pinpoint what impact (if any) their training programs are having. So what's the result? Companies end up wasting millions of dollars each year on ineffective training practices.

Witness to the power of 2.0 tools

Bottom-Line Performance

This is not your normal business post…only an observation of my personal experience with the power of 2.0 tools. Like many of you I have been glued to CNN watching the coverage of the devastation in Haiti. While I have a personal interest in the story, as I wait for word from a friend leading a mission trip in Haiti (sidenote: same location of my own mission trip in 3 weeks), I have been moved by the stories coming out of that country and how they’ve been delivered. Many of the first stories and accounts of the devastation came via Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, and other 2.0 tools.

Picking the Right LMS Logo and Design

eLearning Brothers

We all know that branding is important. I’ve discussed the importance of branding our online courses before however I didn’t mentioned tying that into the branding/logo of the LMS. good LMS name/logo can really help learners and the company culture adopt online learning. I’ve seen things from plays on university/college terms to words that describe action/learning/performance.


A Podcast for Training Magazine

Vikas Joshi on Interactive Learning

Here is a summary of the podcas t I recently did with Training magazine Senior Writer Margery Weinstein about a better way to learn. Margery Weinstein: When you say "interactivity in training," what are you referring to? VJ: Learners are better engaged when their trainer establishes a two-way dialog. Monolog, as we know, is boring. This is true regardless of the learning modality – be it classroom instruction or e-learning. By “interactivity” I mean an artifact (such as a piece of software) that allows for a two-way dialog that is non-trivial. VJ: That’s a great question. Why does this happen?

Changing minds

Clark Quinn

There is a lot of concern about incorporating social learning into organizations centering on the organizational and culture issues.  I gave my “Blowing up the training department&# presentation last nite for Massachusetts ISPI chapter, and a number of the questions were on getting the executives to buy in to the need, and then changing the culture. My recent post on problem-solving similarly raised such questions. However, if you asked below that level, you might find a different viewpoint. For instance, changing cutlure is hard. However, the consequences of not changing may be worse! 

Workbook: Gamification and Your Enterprise Learning Strategy

This workbook is a response to your need to understand how to strategically incorporate gamification into your learning strategy, in order to drive real business results. It’s designed to be printed, written in and used as a guide.

2010 Predictions - Big Question

eLearning Cyclops

January's Big Question at the Learning Circuits blog asks for our 2010 predictions. So, here we go; m-Learning continues to grow. think the growing popularity of social media apps on mobile devices will assist with a growth of social learning (I consider social/informal learning on mobile devices m-learning too). Micro-courses for mobile devices will become more prevalent too. Google Wave will be released as a much less cumbersome application than the current beta version, but will struggle with adoption by general public. and what is best blended. Perhaps an e-reader mode.

Portfolio: Flash Cabinet Website

eLearning Brothers

We recently had the privilege of partnering with M2Results , a brand-based marketing design group, to develop this stellar website. They came to us to assist them with brainstorming the sites functionality as well as developing the Flash content. It was an exciting opportunity and the site has been a great success. View the site. Multimedia Portfolio course Flash