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Finding a MMOLE/Virtual Learning World Vendor

Kapp Notes

A screen shot from the MMOLE of ProtoSphere. There are a number of preliminary things to consider when beginning to search for vendors to assist you in developing a MMOLE. Tie your request to a business need. Successful projects start by aligning virtual world needs with your organization’s goals. When the vendor understands the business requirements, they can better craft the solution.

Ten commandments of e-learning (content design)

Clive on Learning

Cath Ellis recently set out her ten commandments of e-learning and this prompted me to try and articulate my own. Now e-learning's a big subject if you include all its many variants - formal and informal, synchronous and asynchronous and so on - and if you take into account all the issues relating to its management and marketing. So, what I've done is restrict my thoughts to the design of interactive, e-learning content, drawing heavily from the 60-minute masters : Structure into modules. Keep each module to one main idea. That's enough for most learners to cope with in one session.

Screencast of the Week - Flotzam

Visual Lounge

A big part of my job is to listen. I am the conduit between you and the company and I need to make sure the different teams at TechSmith hear your feedback. Feedback often comes in through a variety of channels including email, our website , in person at a tradeshow or online in a blog post, on Twitter, and other places. found out they used a little app called Flotzam at Microsoft Mix. Enjoy!

Easy ways to create your elearning templates

The Learning Generalist

Putting together an e-learning/ presentation template in Powerpoint or Keynote can be quite easy. What most of us struggle with is color combinations. used this very example to create a little fictitious demo of an airline's features. All it took was the creation of a custom shape in Keynote, a few drop shadows here and there, a character from Design Comics and I was done. Sumeet Moghe, 2009.

Train 11

Attract, Engage, and Develop Talent using Open Badges: An IBM case study

Companies have an incredible opportunity to use badges to help attract, engage, recognize and develop talent. There have been significant developments around digital credentials and particularly the fast rise of badges and micro-credentials. Learning Professionals need to be aware of what's happening and innovators should be taking a leading role. In this session, David will go through the well-known IBM Open Badge Program to help explain badge programs.

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When should you use Informal Learning?

Upside Learning

In his webinar titled ‘Learning isn’t what you thought it was’, Jay Cross made a strong case for informal learning. He reiterated its advantages and told us why we should be considering it seriously. While there doesn’t seem to be any doubt about its popularity in the learning domain, the webinar set me thinking about the possible pros and cons of informal learning. about these tools.

eLearning Jobs " eLearning Weekly

eLearning Weekly

Job 4

Easy ways to create your elearning templates

The Learning Generalist

Putting together an e-learning/ presentation template in Powerpoint or Keynote can be quite easy. What most of us struggle with is color combinations. used this very example to create a little fictitious demo of an airline's features. All it took was the creation of a custom shape in Keynote, a few drop shadows here and there, a character from Design Comics and I was done. Sumeet Moghe, 2009.

Mac 4

VTML tags in Text to Speech !

Adobe Captivate

VTML (VoiceText Markup Language) - This Powerful hidden gem in Text to Speech helps you control the generated speech by adding pause, changing the pitch etc ! This post on customizing text to speech Pronunciations received many comments requesting a way to control the generated speech with html like tags. The interesting thing is that this feature is already there in Captivate 4 ! Even more interesting is the fact that it is so simple to use. All you need to do is insert the appropriate tags into the slide notes. You can type in (or copy paste) the tags just like you do any other text.

New Brandon Hall Group report forecasts major shift in 2016 online learning trends

Companies are increasingly dissatisfied with online learning tools, prompting many to reinvest in technology that supports a modern training approach. Download the report from Brandon Hall Group to see how new investments are bringing real business results.

Technology as philosophy

George Siemens

Technology is not neutral. We don’t apply it to our teaching in a “plug in and use&# approach. Technology is philosophy. Tools embed views and influence action. Google permits access to information (when not blocked). Blogs and wikis permit openness and information sharing. As any system of this nature, the will to power is strong. The desire to re-create society on the premise that drives the technology field forward is natural. In Iraq with Web 2.0 Iraq is short on the mojo that widespread internet can bring and the fast-track economic jolt that entrepreneurs feed on.

Ten Commandments of eLearning Design

eLearning Weekly

Cath Ellis has a great post outlining her Ten Commandments of eLearning. These basic principles, if adhered to, can make a huge difference in whether or not a project will be successful. These principles apply whether you are designing an eLearning course or introducing a new tool for your learners (ex. blog, wiki, discussion board, etc.). Here’s a summary of the Ten Commandments, but be sure to read Cath’s post for detailed information on each of the items: Put the pedagogy (not the technology) first. Be aware of workloads and work patterns (yours and theirs). Model good practice.

Experiences with Elearning on the Mac

The Learning Generalist

Its a bit of a pity that there are "no good rapid-elearning tools" (take this with a pinch of salt for now) for the Mac. When it comes to Windows of course, there's quite a wide array of tools in Articulate , Raptivity , Mohive , Captivate and what have you. Second of course, Quizmaker 09 is woefully slow on my virtual machine, so I have good reason to avoid it unless I really need it.

Debating the future of e-learning (video)

Lars is Learning

I recently took part in a video debate for the British Computer Society (BCS) which discusses the future of e-learning. Good opportunity to discuss some key issues with Clive Shepherd, Chair of the e-Learning Network; Samantha Kinstrey, MD of 2e2 Training; Laura Overton, MD of Towards Maturity; and Jooli Atkins of Matrix FortyTwo and Chair of the BCS Information and Technology Training Specialist.

Whitepaper: When The LMS Isn’t Enough

In this whitepaper, you will discover the main reasons why the LMS alone is no longer meeting the needs of the modern learner. More importantly, you will learn what you can do to enhance its value.

Learning Goals

Tony Karrer

In talking with Jay Cross about the recent Learn Trends session and through experience in the #lrnchat , I've come to realize that there are easier personal disconnects for me with informal, social learning experiences and my personal learning goals. Let me provide some context … I'm an Infovore (sometimes called an Information Addict ). As such, I have to be careful about not oversubscribing or falling prey to the myth of keeping up. have various techniques that I use as part of my Information Radar where I specifically control the flow and try to improve filtering. somewhere.

Pay Attention!

George Siemens

How do you handle students/colleagues who are actively handling email, twittering, facebooking, and whatever-else-ing while you are conducting a class or attending a meeting? Some educators adopt a “it’s the student’s choice&# attitude, while others require learners to be present. Howard Rheingold posits attention as a form of literacy : I want my students to learn that attention is a skill that must be learned, shaped, practiced; this skill must evolve if we are to evolve. Related: PR 2.0

Just log in

E-Learning Provocateur

A little while ago, I attended an executive briefing about cloud computing , hosted by SMS Management & Technology and presented by Paul Slakey , Director of Americas & Asia Pacific at Google , and Peter Coffee , Director of Platform Research at What is cloud computing? Head in the clouds. According to Paul and Peter, it’s clear that cloud computing is a rising trend.

My Top Ten Tools for Learning 2009

Experiencing eLearning

10. I’m updating my Top Ten Tools for Learning for Jane Hart’s Top 100 list. decided this year that I wouldn’t look at my 2007 or 2008 lists first and would just start fresh. I’m also organizing my list into tools for personal learning and for developing courses. Personal Learning. When I’m actively working on new ideas, this is where I collect my thoughts.

Storyboarding for eLearning

Storyboarding is a very important step for creating eLearning courses. But don’t you feel it’s a waste of time to start creating the courses from scratch and copy-paste text and other objects from the storyboard to the eLearning tool for course development.

Twitter VLE Conversation - Best of eLearning Last Week

Tony Karrer

In case you missed any of these great posts last week - here's a recap of what the top stuff was from eLearning Learning. Top Posts The following are the top posts from featured sources based on social signals. Kapp Notes , April 20, 2009 Fantastic File Converter - eLearning Acupuncture , April 24, 2009 Throw away your powerponits, simply use Prezi - Ignatia Webs , April 21, 2009 Learning Tools: for the Educator/Teacher - Don't Waste Your Time , April 20, 2009 Top Other Items The following are the top other items based on social signals. Really. Browse eLearning Content

CIPD Learning and Development Survey 2009

Upside Learning

CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) recently published their annual Learning and Development report and is now available for download. Some data that’s emerged is quite interesting. “Fewer practitioners (39 per cent) are involved in “introducing or extending e-learning” this year, a fall of 6 per cent on 2008.&#. In all probability it’s a combination of these and more.

Dangerous Duo :)

Kapp Notes

Lately I've had the great opportunity to work side by side with Clark Aldrich and John Cone. I'm learning a lot working with these two wonderful learning minds. Here I caught them trying to leave without me:) __ Catalog of Recommended Books, Games and Gadgets Recommended Games and Gadgets Recommended Books Content Guide.

eLearning mash-up follow-up: Articulate presenter and Flash 10 compatibility

Ignatia Webs

Just a quick note : a useful fix for those working with Articulate presenter and are upgrading to the Flash 10 player. couple of months ago I wrote a post about a combination of Articulate presenter, Captivate, Camtasia, social media incorporation and a high definition webcam. It was a quick mash-up, but it resulted in a useful combination of tools that simply look cool.

Seven Simple Secrets to Off-the-Shelf Course Success

Off-the-shelf elearning is applicable for a wide audience, but it won’t address your organization’s unique situations or distinctive content. So are these courses all that helpful? For sure! Read on for 7 secrets to make off-the-self learning your own.

Video debate: the future of e-learning

Clive on Learning

The debate addresses the following questions: Has e-learning come of age to replace classroom learning? Is the best approach a blended one? What technologies can help

The Big Question: Stuck? Getting Unstuck.

ID Reflections

There's really quite a bit to this question. I’ll begin by quoting something I read in Tony Karrer’s blog, eLearning Technology. In the post, What Clients Want: eLearning Technology , he writes: Stunning: Even after all the hot air expelled ink spilled and electrons excited in the last 10 years regarding how we ought to be measuring business results, nobody is doing it !!!!!!!!! Not at all!

See How Easily You Can Design a Consistent Look for Your E-Learning Courses - The Rapid eLearning Blog

Rapid eLearning

Mobile content community: great news Judy Brown has launched a mobile content community

Ignatia Webs

Judy Brown is a pioneer in mobile learning. She has worked on a variety of mobile projects both in the North and in the South. If you ever have the possibility of meeting her in person and see her present her work, take that chance immediately. It is a really great resource to peruse through, so take some time and see for yourself. Her own current interests can be followed on the mLearnopedia blog.

The Performance Management Storm: Four Macro-Trends Driving the Change

Needed: A shift from traditional performance management systems (organized as an annual review process) to newer performance development systems (organized around real-time dynamics). Download part one in a series to gain insight into why this shift must happen and why it needs to happening now

Design by status

Clive on Learning

One of the main decisions a designer of learning interventions has to make is the social context best suited to the learning requirement, the audience characteristics and the practical contsraints and opportunities. The main options that the designer has to choose from are self-study, one-to-one learning and learning in a group. If you're middle management, you get group training in classrooms.

Old School is New Again

Bottom-Line Performance

It’s May, which means final exams are just around the corner for our school kids. I’m brought back to my junior year in high school. It was a late night cram session with a couple of my girlfriends. We were studying for our social studies Regents Exam. For any of you from New York State, you may be familiar with the all or nothing exam given at the end of the year - pass the test or spend your summer at school. We weren’t too worried about the exam and we were actually having a pretty good time that night. With each new topic we would look at each other and say, “They won’t ask that!”

My e-Learning Talk at Wawasan Open University (WOU)


WOU's Summary of My Talk e-Learning Talk (Slideshare) eBook - 69 Learning Adventures in 6 Galaxies WHY WOU? I was invited to spend two days at Wawasan Open University (WOU) to meet some of the key people there and share ideas about e-learning and so on. It was a thrill to interact with everyone from the Vice Chancellor to the driver. Don't we love such buzz words!). Amazing! Again, amazing!