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Another Student Generated Machinima

Kapp Notes

Here is another example of using one of the learning archetypes (described in Learning in 3D ) to create a lesson in a virtual world created by one of the many talented students in our Instructional Technology program at Bloomsburg University. __ Catalog of Recommended Books, Games and Gadgets Recommended Games and Gadgets Recommended Books Content Guide.

What is a Learning Technologist?

Dont Waste Your Time

The question "what is a Learning Technologist", I've finally realised, can be answerd differently based on who you ask, where they work, and what day of the week it is. We are also sometimes referred to as an Educational Technologist, but never as a Demonstrator. The Association of Learning Technology describes the following; " Learning technology is the broad range of communication, information and related technologies that can be used to support learning, teaching, and assessment.  Learning Technologist is also described, by Johnny Finnis of  eZine Articles , as ". No, how about this.

[from catspyjamasnz] Learning with 'e's: Two fingered salute

Learning with e's

They stood facing each other across a muddy ploughed field. It had rained heavily the night before. On the one side, flying their colourful banners, the pride of French medieval nobility: at least 30,000 men in shining armour, armed to the teeth and ready for an overwhelming victory. The French looked like they had just stepped out of a Louis Vuitton boutique, and their opponents looked like crap.

PLE 32

2 Juicy Ways to Insert YouTube Videos into PowerPoint


RealPlayer YouTube Video Wizard Format Factory Today we basically have FREE access to millions (if not billions) of videos on the Internet ( my personal favorites! ) , and surely among them you are going to find some mind stimulating videos that you would like to infuse into your face-to-face learning sessions (like this amazingly funny video: Learning English Pronunciation ).

FLV 22

Attract, Engage, and Develop Talent using Open Badges: An IBM case study

Companies have an incredible opportunity to use badges to help attract, engage, recognize and develop talent. There have been significant developments around digital credentials and particularly the fast rise of badges and micro-credentials. Learning Professionals need to be aware of what's happening and innovators should be taking a leading role. In this session, David will go through the well-known IBM Open Badge Program to help explain badge programs.

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The Learning Continuum – Using the PDR Design Model

Living in Learning

Many of us cut our professional learning design teeth using the long-held tradition of the ADDIE instructional design (ISD) model. In our blogosphere I have heard how “old school”, and in some cases, how obsolete this foundational design model from the 1960s has become. If age denotes obsolescence, then I am in trouble for sure. Obsolescence can be averted when a willingness to change, a willingness to re-think, to re-apply proven methodologies is baked into the model. Insightful words to be sure, certainly not an overt indictment of ADDIE. The problem we face is composition. training. below).

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Jane Bozarth: Better than Bullet Points

Learning Visions

Jane Bozarth: Better than Bullet Points: Creating Engaging eLearning with PowerPoint. Session hosted by Training Magazine. Effective design using PPT as a tool. Not PPT 101. But will talk about how to make instruction more engaging

eLearning On The Rise

Upside Learning

It seems more and more like this recession will further enhance the position of eLearning amongst various training options an organization could choose from for their learning and development initiatives. In March earlier this year I wrote – ‘ while the times are tough, they are on our side ’ (by ‘our’ I meant all technology enabled learning solution providers). Here’s more to support that thought.

Your Librarian to the Information Age


Folks sometimes ask me. who do you subscribe to via RSS? If I want to give a categorical answer, I reply. Librarians. If you can find the Madam Librarian (think Music Man music) of the information age, you will be rewarded. One such person is Ellyssa Kroski who has the iLibrarian Blog. Recently she posted about five excellant open source software eBooks: Introduction to Linux: A Hands-On Guide.

New Brandon Hall Group report forecasts major shift in 2016 online learning trends

Companies are increasingly dissatisfied with online learning tools, prompting many to reinvest in technology that supports a modern training approach. Download the report from Brandon Hall Group to see how new investments are bringing real business results.

Social Software Adoption

Tony Karrer

You can find all sorts of interesting resources via eLearning Learning around Adoption. Not surprising, the terms most closely associated with Adoption are Adoption of Social Software and Adoption of Enterprise 2.0. There are some great resources on this such as: Ten tips for choosing & using social software Adoption of Web 2.0 and eLearning 2.0 adoption Facilitating Adoption of Web 2.0 Web 2.0

Lights, Camtasia, Action!

Visual Lounge

We're busy working behind the scenes at TechSmith gearing up for the launch of Camtasia for Mac later this month! We're excited and hope you are too! In the interim, I thought you might be curious about what kind of videos you'll be able to easily make with Camtasia for Mac. So, roll out the red carpet, grab some popcorn, and get comfortable. check out a screencast, Troy Stein, recently made using Camtasia for Mac. Stay tuned. I'll be sharing more information and additional screencasts as we count down to the release of Camtasia for Mac on August 25! We're excited and hope you are too!

Where’s your data?

Learning and Working on the Web

I wrote about the importance of owning your data for blogging a while back and last week’s Twitter crash coupled with the demise of an URL shortener only reinforce that in my mind. The case of may not be so obvious to some, but whenever you use a URL shortener, that connection gets stored in the cloud and if the service goes down, you won’t be able to trace back the link.

Woodstock 2.0. 40 Years Later!


Earlier today the Wall Street Journal republished their editorial from the Summer of 1969 about Woodstock; it was titled " By Squalor Possessed" The editorial from '69 starts out: "The so-called generation gap is not really so much a matter of age as it is a gap between more civilized and less civilized tastes. As such, it may be more serious, both culturally and politically, than it first appeared." Obviously the Journal did not think much about my generation! ( WSJ current Woodstock commentary ). Some 40 years later this "uncivilized" man of 53 years (i.e.

Whitepaper: When The LMS Isn’t Enough

In this whitepaper, you will discover the main reasons why the LMS alone is no longer meeting the needs of the modern learner. More importantly, you will learn what you can do to enhance its value.

Jane Bozarth: Better than Bullet Points

Learning Visions

Jane Bozarth : Better than Bullet Points: Creating Engaging eLearning with PowerPoint. Session hosted by Training Magazine. Effective design using PPT as a tool. Not PPT 101. But will talk about how to make instruction more engaging, interactive and interesting. Why PowerPoint? We have it. It’s cheap. It’s idiot proof. Pretty universal. Easy to deal with. Many tools out there that still have to start with ppt Use it as a storyboarding tool, prototyping. Can do an awful lot with PPT. Creating asynchronous instruction. Info dumps are not instruction! How BAD can e-learning be? 73 slides of text.


eLearning Guild Presentation: Applying ADDIE to 3D Worlds

Kapp Notes

The schedule for the first day of the online conference. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to present at the eLearning Guild's "Designing and Managing Learning in 3-D Virtual Worlds and Immersive Environments" for the opening general session of the online conference. It was a lot of fun with a great group of attendees. Why3 D2 Penn State Presentation View more presentations from kkapp.

7 Invaluable Thoughts about Film Making That Applies to Instructional Designing too! | The Writers Gateway

The Writers Gateway

have started reading this interesting book called Directing the Story by Francis Glebas. I am sure you have seen or heard of the movies Lion King and P ocahontas. Francis Glebas has worked on these really popular movies. I am enjoying this book - Directing the Story in which Francis Glebas gives some practical tips on film making. While I was reading this book, it struck me that whatever Glebas is talking about applies to e-learning too. have always compared instructional designing to film making. have also likened the role of an Instructional Designer to a movie maker. Thought 1. Thought 2.

Get Creative and Build Better E-Learning Courses

Rapid eLearning

I once had a job where I was a one-person media department with a budget of about $11.17. This didn’t go very far so I learned to be creative with my resources and the things I had to do. One of my favorite tricks was using overhead projectors to light my video interviews. printed colors and designs on the overhead transparencies for my background and shadows. Here’s a frame from one of the videos.

Storyboarding for eLearning

Storyboarding is a very important step for creating eLearning courses. But don’t you feel it’s a waste of time to start creating the courses from scratch and copy-paste text and other objects from the storyboard to the eLearning tool for course development.

Podcasting for E-Learning: Introduction to Audio Production

The E-Learning Curve

Having outlined the conceptual terrain of podcasting, it's time to look at the nuts and bolts of podcast production. Today, I'm going to talk about digital audio, and the basic hardware and software you'll need to begin creating your own podcasts. In the last five years however, the price of recording audio has gone down, while the quality of consumer recording devices has increased exponentially.

Free Internet Access is a Fundamental Human Right!


"We are the world We are the children We are the ones who make a brighter day So let's start giving There's a choice we're making We're saving our own lives It's true we'll make a better day Just you and me." - Michael Jackson & Lionel Richie MY TED WISH! Alright, I might never get the opportunity to give a TED talk , but that does not mean I can't share with you my little TED wish. Thank You!


Tony Karrer

I've been slowly going through Chris Anderson's book Free: The Future of a Radical Price. There's a lot he gives you to think about and definitely a lot that relates to the Business of Learning. There's quite a bit in the book that really resonates with me: We can't help it: We value atoms more than bits. Bits want to be free. common theme throughout the book is that people naturally understand the differences between bits and atoms. We somewhat intuitively understand that near-zero marginal cost is true for bits. Where can users add value back into the system? eLearning Technology.

The Expert’s Brain

The eLearning Coach

Remember those Your Brain On Drugs commercials? They always used the analogy of an egg. That same analogy works well to represent the brain of an expert. The expert’s brain is like a hard-boiled egg. We often have to turn a runny egg into a hard-boiled one. An expert has knowledge structures that differ from those of a novice. It’s important to understand these differences when designing for experts and when designing for novices. If we want experts to respect and learn from the online courses we create, should know how their brain’s function. Network of Knowledge. Conclusion.

Seven Simple Secrets to Off-the-Shelf Course Success

Off-the-shelf elearning is applicable for a wide audience, but it won’t address your organization’s unique situations or distinctive content. So are these courses all that helpful? For sure! Read on for 7 secrets to make off-the-self learning your own.

Say hello to Advanced Actions!!

Adobe Captivate

e-Learning , Captivate , Advanced Actions , Variables , Learning. You are creating a quiz in your e-learning project in Adobe Captivate. You intend to grant grades(such as A, B,C) to students based on the percentage scored by a student out of total score. How will you do it?? Well, Advanced Actions can help you. This post intends to teach you create an advanced action and add statements to it.

Interview (Part 1) with Clark Aldrich, author of Complete Guide to Simulations and Serious Games

Web Courseworks

I am planning to conduct a series of interviews with Clark Aldrich about his upcoming book (available for pre-order) called The Complete Guide to Simulations and Serious Games: How the Most Valuable Content Will Be Created in the Age Beyond Gutenberg to Google. As Clark notes, his new book should provide a basis for “common ground.”

Formal vs. Informal Learning: Gathering My Thoughts Post Learnchat Session Today

ID Reflections

Preamble Today's #learnchat question revolved around formal and informal learning. The initial part of the session was spent on trying to pin down the meanings—denotation as well as connotation—of formal and informal. This led to some interesting Derridean debate bordering on Deconstruction in a bid to unravel the layers of meanings and possibilities encompassed by the two words. Scheduled 4.

Technology Training Videos for Teachers

eLearning Acupuncture

Let’s face it, whether you are a teacher, instructional designer, teaching assistant or multimedia developer, the shear amount of new tools being released on the Internet makes it difficult to stay up to date with what’s new and what can apply best to your specific discipline. He runs a great site called

The Performance Management Storm: Four Macro-Trends Driving the Change

Needed: A shift from traditional performance management systems (organized as an annual review process) to newer performance development systems (organized around real-time dynamics). Download part one in a series to gain insight into why this shift must happen and why it needs to happening now

Google Wonder Wheel & Other Search Options

Experiencing eLearning

OK, apparently I have been oblivious in the last few months, because I didn’t even realize that Google had added a whole new set of search options. Click “Show options&# on any Google search results page to see what’s there. Google Wonder Wheel. The “Wonder Wheel&# is an interactive map with related searches. Google Search Timeline. The timeline view is also interesting.

Learning in 3D-Example of Using SL for Education

Kapp Notes

In the Learning in 3D class, students have created some great machinimas showing the use of a 3D virtual world for learning. Here is one of the first examples.

Articulate vs. Lectora | LearnNuggets


When it comes to software development tools, I'm fortunate to work in an environment that understands no two tools are the same and each provide advantages and disadvantages. The fun part of my job is having a plethora of tools in my

Job 2