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2017 eLearning Predictions: Updated Hype Curve

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Here is the short, graphical version: Our 2017 eLearning predictions set in terms of Gartner’s hype cycle. ” This is still as true as ever, and it explains why there’s a four-to-eight-year lag between technology trends as a whole and their application in eLearning. The post 2017 eLearning Predictions: Updated Hype Curve appeared first on Web Courseworks.

2017 eLearning Predictions: Updated Hype Curve

Web Courseworks

Here is the short, graphical version: Our 2017 eLearning predictions set in terms of Gartner’s hype cycle. ” This is still as true as ever, and it explains why there’s a four-to-eight-year lag between technology trends as a whole and their application in eLearning. The post 2017 eLearning Predictions: Updated Hype Curve appeared first on Web Courseworks.

Flash Quiz Tools

Tony Karrer

Update June 2008 - added one free flash quiz tool based on a question I received. Here's guild member satisfaction ratings for tools in the test / quiz category. Unfortunately, it didn't tell me how they produced output and the desire was for self-contained Flash. But, I could quickly link to the sites to find out more and finally recommended that they should look at: Articulate Quizmaker allows you to easily create Flash-based quizzes, surveys, and assessments. Quickly create Flash-based e-learning courses, quizzes, and tests.

eLearning Conferences 2012

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Past years eLearning Conferences 2011 , eLearning Conferences 2010 , eLearning Conferences 2009. The list focuses primarily on the use of eLearning, technology in educational settings and on teaching, learning, and educational administration. link] December 8-9, 2011 Lessons and Insights from Ten eLearning Masters , offered by the eLearning Guild, online.

eLearning Conferences 2012


> Please leave a comment if you would like me to include another eLearning Conference! An explanation for the format of the list can be found HERE Follow us on Twitter Join us on Facebook Connect with us on LinkedIn Free eLearning Resources Visit our channel on YouTube Please note that events, dates, titles, and locations may change ; thus, CHECK the specific conference website. link] February8-12, 2012 eLearning , organized bythe Instructional Technology Council (ITC), Long Beach California, USA. All Internet addresses were verified at the time of publication. link].

eLearning Guild Research Reports

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In my last post on Flash Quiz Tools , I mentioned how I had used the eLearning Guild Research to streamline my effort of find the right tools. This level of membership also gives you several other nice things such as the eMag, access to data behind eLearning Buyers Guide, Training Modalities, the e-Learning Salary & Compensation Report, and the e-Learning Projects Database.

2013 Corporate Learning Trends: Where Are We Now? (White Paper)

Bottom-Line Performance

recent client work and the latest eLearning Guild research reports, Learning Trends, Technologies and Opportunities remains on track with most of its predictions. Clients still want desktop eLearning, but they want it to work on a tablet, too. Most people who demo Knowledge Guru are quick to make sure it is HTML… and not Flash. The contrast is fascinating.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: e-Learning Guild Mobile Learning Report

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Cammy Beans Learning Visions Musings on eLearning, instructional design and other training stuff. Wednesday, August 29, 2007 e-Learning Guild Mobile Learning Report The e-Learning Guild presentation of the most recent 360 Research Report on Mobile Learning. Presenters include: Steve Wexler : e-Learning Guilds research guru Brent Schlenker : e-Learning Guild Evangelist.

eLearning Conferences 2010

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Clayton Wright just sent me his incredible annual list of eLearning Conferences. link] December 10-11, 2009 Tips, Tricks, and Techniques for Streamlining Your e-Learning Development , eLearning Guild Online Forum. link] December 17-18, 2009 International Conference on eLearning for Knowledge-Based Society , 6 th , Bangkok, Thailand. Louis, Missouri, USA. ichov, Špindler?v

eLearning Thought Leaders: Eric Bort of Clearly Trained

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But his elearning has been seen by millions and it speaks for itself. The elearning industry is ripe for the entrepreneur, but running a successful business is still challenging, so the experiences and tips Eric Bort shares in this interview should be very helpful — after all, his elearning business is thriving in Louisville, Kentucky. What Can You Learn from This Guy?

eLearning Guild Authoring & Development Tools Research Report (2008)

Learning Visions

During my presentation, I flashed up on the screen a list of the 122+ tools listed in the Brandon Hall database. Then I went on to show about 12 tools in more detail – some of which would probably make it onto a top ten list (Flash, Captivate, Articulate, and Lectora) – the remaining tools trying to hit at some of the other options out there (Smart Builder, eXe, Udutu, Thinking Worlds, Raptivity, Flypaper, Mohive, and Atlantic Link). I did dig up the eLearning Guild Authoring Tools Research Report (January 2008). Which market? If your time is limited, I’d jump ahead.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Flash: Embedding Video in the Experience

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Cammy Beans Learning Visions Musings on eLearning, instructional design and other training stuff. Thursday, June 15, 2006 Flash: Embedding Video in the Experience I really like how they did this. creates the codec used in the Flash Player 8. The eLearning Salary Gender Gap Phew! ► March (11) eLearning Geeks on Spring Break and New Skills for.

Important Features of an Ideal Rapid Authoring Tool

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The eLearning Guild had come up with a report 1 that lists the most desired features in rapid e-learning courseware authoring software. The eLearning Guild reported that authoring tool users were seeking a few audio capabilities in authoring tools such as: Embedding audio files. Inserting HTML5, Flash, and text animations. Flash. Audio capabilities. Video.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Flash Celebrates 10 Years!

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Cammy Beans Learning Visions Musings on eLearning, instructional design and other training stuff. Thursday, September 28, 2006 Flash Celebrates 10 Years! Check out the presentation at Adobe, celebrating 10 years of Flash. Flash 10th Anniversary Posted by Cammy Bean at 3:49 PM 0comments: Post a Comment Newer Post Older Post Home Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) Cammy Bean Greater Boston, MA, United States View my complete profile About This Blog Subscribe in a reader Subscribe via email Are you an Instructional Designer? The eLearning Salary Gender Gap Phew!

A Deeper Look at the Emerging Trends of mLearning


Easy Flash Content Creation. Mobile eLearning Platform for All mLearning. -->. Flash Creation for Everyone. -->. Flash Creation for Everyone. -->. eLearning Tips and Videos. -->. Monthly eLearning News. -->. Getting Started with eLearning. -->. Last month we took a look at the emerging trends of mLearning based on the recently released eLearning Guild Research Report titled, Mobile Learning: The Time is Now. For more information on this study visit The eLearning Guild. Lectora eLearning News. Forum. Logins.

eLearning Design for Short Attention Span and Overloaded Learners

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At the eLearning Guild Learning Solutions Conference, March 23-25, 2011, I facilitated a breakfast session on “Design for Short Attention Span Learners.” My goal here is to provide helpful tips to engage our learners’ attention and achieve our learning objectives. These are the common themes. The ultimate goal of total content mastery can be learned while on the job. Web 2.0

M-learning: What's the big deal?

Clive on Learning

Just released is the eLearning Guild’s new report, Mobile Learning: The Time Is Now , put together by Clark Quinn, who really knows his stuff on this topic. They identify several barriers, basically because most authoring tools export to Flash and Flash is not supported on most mobile devices, but also because of the difficulties of linking to an LMS through an app. As Clark says in the summary of the eLearning Guild report: "Mobile learning isn’t about courses, but about using personal digital devices to assist us in performing knowledge work wherever and whenever.”


Top 10 Cost-Saving Tips from the Latest eLearning Guild Report


The eLearning Guild recently released a great eBook full of helpful cost-saving tips for e-Learning development called <em>The eLearning Guild’s 75 Tips to Reduce eLearning Costs. </em>The </li> <li><strong>Invest in PowerPoint training</strong> <a href=”[link] to Flash</a> development saves a lot of time because development takes place in the already familiar PowerPoint environment. </em>The Snap! Empower™.</li> Don’t forget to check out the Snap!

Speaking at eLearning Guild Online Forum, February 12th

Steve Howard

I’ll be speaking at the eLearning Guild’s online forum, Converting and Repurposing Content for e-Learning on February 12th. In this project we have taken Visio process flow diagrams, and converted them to Flash. Head over to the eLearning Guild’s web site to register. Filed under: eLearning. eLearningThe online forum runs on the 11th and 12th of February, and features some great-sounding presentations. I’ll be speaking about a pet project that I’ve been working on for my employer NASCO in Atlanta.

Trends in Learning Solutions Procurement

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Some of our most recent experiences include responding to the following: A Request for Proposal (RFP) to address the need to develop an eLearning course. A Request for Information (RFI) to develop eLearning content on an ongoing basis. An RFP to develop eLearning content in which two companies are qualified in budget ranges based on three levels of complexity. An RFP to convert Flash-based courses into learning experiences that work across mobile devices. eLearning Learning Solutions Partnerships RFP template Each approach is different.

Free e-Learning books


Members of the higher education academic and research communities K-12 educators and technologists Workplace technology integrators Synchronous e-Learning - eLearning Guild (Update 11/16/2010: suggested by Miriam Ramos-Warth ) The eLearning Guild’s Handbook on Synchronous e-Learning is intended for anyone who wants to produce, lead, or promote live, interactive learning events on the Web.

Joe Ganci – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


Joe holds a degree in Computer Science, and writes books and articles about eLearning. He is widely considered a guru for his expertise in eLearning development, and consults with clients worldwide. Joe is also a frequent teacher and presenter at industry conferences and at client sites, especially on the subject of eLearning development tools. His tool reviews appear each month and he is the recipient of several awards for his work in eLearning, including a Lifetime Achievement Award way back in 1999. ABOUT JOE GANCI (President, eLearningJoe, LLC). THE INTERVIEW: 1.

Open Request for your tips on Creating Flash-based eLearning Content

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

The recent Guild Research 360° Report on e-Learning Authoring and Development Tools found that a tools ability to output to Flash SWF files is the 3rd most important feature when evaluating authoring tools - only falling behind a tools ability to allow content to be easily updated, and that it's learning curve is low relative to other tools.

Here a Hashtag, There a Hashtag, Everywhere a Hashtag

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You never know when a “flash chat” may suddenly appear taking classroom discussions to a new, deeper level. Guildchat : Elearning Guild Chat. As part of our 2015 commitment to Kaizen and incremental improvements, it’s time to shift the gaze toward improving the “Learning Toolbox for the 21st Century”. It’s time for a hashtag knowledge upgrade! Not true.

Storyline, Captivate, Lectora – An Evaluation Checklist of 3 Rapid Authoring Tools

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The eLearning Guild has come out with a report that lists the most desired features in rapid e-learning authoring software. Can insert Flash animations. Can publish to Flash. Choosing a rapid e-learning authoring tool that suits your training needs completely can be quite a challenging task. Analyzing all these features can cost you a lot of time and effort. Features.

E-Learning 101: Straightforward Answers to Fundamental Questions—Part 2

ATD Learning Technologies

In October 2013, an eLearning Guild report showed the most common authoring tools were Adobe Captivate, TechSmith Camtasia, Articulate Storyline, Articulate Studio, and Trivantis Lectora, and those tools are still leaders in this market. If that’s the case, you may want to use a tool that offers both Flash and HTML5 output, like Adobe Captivate or Articulate Storyline.

Questions about Instructional Design Careers

Experiencing eLearning

A: I wouldn’t learn Flash right now. Most Flash e-learning now is done with rapid tools anyway. Usually if the Flash work requires a programmer, there’s a separate team for that. Q: I learn technology easily, but I have no experience creating with Captivate, Camtasia, Articulate, Flash or any of the authoring tools I have read are most valued in new hires. CC-By.

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Flash and Silverlight Content becoming Searchable - Kinda.

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and a Learning Organization Survey - both from Harvard | Main | Day 3 - Forecasting the Future: Predicition Markets and MMOGs » July 15, 2008 Flash and Silverlight Content becoming Searchable - Kinda. This is good news.seems that content that is contained with Flash files and whatever teeny tiny amount of content is contained in Silverlight odd twist, as of 3 July its reported that MSFT Live Search isnt indexing Flash content. e-Clippings (Learning As Art) Home Archives Subscribe About My Social Networks « How Well Does Your Company Learn?

New mLearning Authoring Tools – Wave #2

mLearning Trends

The eLearning Guild’s LS2011 event was well attended and features 50+ vendors and more than 1300 participants from the training and development industry. As detailed in a recent post, Rapid Intake’ s new mLearning Studio tools are preparing to hit the market and will enable IDs to publish their content as either Flash or HTML5 packages. The Learning Solutions 2011 Event.

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): The Most Dominant Game Engine - Flash

Mark Oehlert

e-Clippings (Learning As Art) Home Archives Subscribe About My Social Networks « Beautiful Visual Search Engine: searchCrystal | Main | This is Where Digital Rights Management is Headed (XKCD) » July 25, 2007 The Most Dominant Game Engine - Flash So got some time to kill, er I mean want to see some creative work in Flash-based games? The point is that this site is one of those places that can really highlight the range of games that can be created using something that almost all learning/training departments already have on hand - Flash.

Are You Getting the Most Value Out of Your Rapid E-Learning Tools?

Rapid eLearning

While the application is versatile and great for elearning, many people still struggle to get past the PowerPoint look because the features are designed to encourage the use of the templates. But when you want to build “regular” elearning, then you use something else. I use PowerPoint to edit my graphics, create illustrations, videos, and Flash movies. Click here for updates.

Do You Know the Answers to These Rapid E-Learning Questions?

Rapid eLearning

Recently I participated in an interview-style webinar for the E-Learning Guild. Today we’ll look at the rapid elearning questions. They enabled me to prototype and deliver elearning courses much faster than when using our multimedia team. In a similar sense, many of the complaints of rapid elearning come from vendors who are losing business. Start with rapid elearning.

Flash 30

eLearning Cyclops: Happy 4th of July- Free US History eLearning

eLearning Cyclops

eLearning Cyclops. My insights on elearning and mlearning. Free eLearning. Happy 4th of July- Free US History eLearning. Abraham Lincoln’s Crossroads - National Constitution Center An Overview of American History (video) - Digital History Arirang*An Interactive Classroom on the Korean American Experience Constitutional Timeline - National Constitution Center Flash Flood: Hurricane Katrina’s Inundation of New Orleans - The Times-Picayune Native Words, Native Warriors (Codetalkers) - NMAI The First Thanksgiving - The Supreme Court - CSPAN U.S.

Don’t attempt to convert e-Learning to m-Learning – they’re different.


Recently I participated in a LinkedIn discussion started by one of the Learning and Development Managers in my LinkedIn Group – The eLearning Guild. Unfortunately one mature, generally accepted presentation platform – Adobe Flash – does not exist for many of the mobile devices and mobile OS versions. Mobile Learning can expand your reach. m-Learning is good for small trainings.