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Organizational Learning Engineering

Clark Quinn

Not surprisingly, treating people in ways that reflect their inner nature is more rewarding for them as well as more successful for the organization. I’ve argued in the past that we should treat learning design seriously, with the depth of rocket science applied as a learning engineering. And this is a problem for organizational success. Let’s go! strategy

Content engineering

Clark Quinn

We’ve heard about learning engineering and while the focus is on experience design, the pragmatics include designing content to create the context, resources, and motivation for the activity. This is content engineering , and it’s a direction we need to go. And it’s time we step beyond just hardwiring this content together, and start treating it as professionals. Look at business websites these days. You can customize the content you’re searching for with filters. The content reacts to the device you’re on and displays appropriately.

Learning Engineering

Clark Quinn

And one thing that struck me was folks talking about learning engineering. If we take the analogy from regular science and engineering, we are talking about taking the research from the learning sciences, and applying it to the design of solutions. The focus of the engineering, however, is different. And if this is what Learning Engineering can be, systematically applying learning science to design, I reckon there’s also a study of learning science engineering, aligning not just the learning, but the design process, with how we think, work, and learn.

engineering our own serendipity

Learning and Working on the Web

An article in Time magazine on engineering serendipity discusses ways to create better physical environments as well as the push for software that will improve innovation by increasing the potential for serendipitous encounters. While Silicon Valley CEO’s keep trying to engineer serendipity in their organizations, I would focus on the individual.

Train Where it Counts: Turn Work Into Your Main Learning Engine

Most companies use traditional courses or videos as their main engine for developing employee skills. When work becomes your training engine, managers necessarily play a larger role in helping their teams progress. For Use work experience to train the key behaviors for high performance. But they struggle to link training with improved performance measures. What kinds of customers?

Angry Plants vs. Zombies: 4 Things a Game Engine Can Do For You

ATD Learning Technologies

Rather, this post is about how using a game engine can take your gamified learning design to the next level. What’s a Game Engine? game engine is like your e-learning authoring tools—such as Storyline, Captivate or Lectora. What Can a Game Engine Do for You? game engine lets you experiment with prototypes to see what core mechanics work well together.

10 Search Engine Marketing Basics You Have to Master

DigitalChalk eLearning

Search engine marketing is a little like chess. In this post, I’ll be covering 10 search engine marketing (SEM) basics that you’ll need to master in order to succeed as a digital marketer. One of the most common mistakes newcomers to search engine marketing make is going after the big, expensive “money” keywords exclusively. So let’s get started! 1. Never Stop Learning.

Introducing: The Engagement Engine

Growth Engineering

An Engagement Engine! To build an Engagement Engine, you need three major components. When you’re creating a learning programme with an engagement engine, these three components work together to keep learners hooked, encourage informal learning and create a sense of ownership. The post Introducing: The Engagement Engine appeared first on Growth Engineering

How to Engineer “Aha!” Moments In Your Training


By taking certain steps, it’s possible to engineer that lightbulb moment for learners to suddenly grasp new concepts and allow them to change their behavior. This tells learners’ brains that the information is important and should be remembered, further engineering that “aha!” The final step in engineering the perfect “aha!” The post How to Engineer “Aha!” moment?

Think Like an Engineer & MOOCify (Prof Mushtak Al-Atabi)


" 33% of the S&P 500 CEOs'' undergraduate degrees are in engineering , and only 11% are in business administration." - Business Insider 2013 PROF MUSHTAK AL-ATABI Professor Mushtak Al-Atabi is currently the Dean of School of Engineering at Taylor''s University, Malaysia. THINK LIKE AN ENGINEER Why should you read Think Like an Engineer ? So, why this book?

Playing with eFrontPro’s 4.3 Gamification Engine


In this post we’ll have a look at the all new Gamification engine landing in the latest eFrontPro, and how you can use it to make your eLearning courses more fun and instill a sense of competitiveness and community to your learnes. Engine on. Gamification Engine appeared first on eFront Blog. Gamification is not all fun and games. Game on. Badges. Levels. Leaderboards.

Welcome to Our New Engineering Interns!


They are the latest crew to join our OpenSesame Engineering Intern Program. While they bring us great value, we (the engineering team in particular) will strive to do so in return by helping advance their skills & experience, offering mentorships, and strengthening each intern’s portfolio of work. Daily pairing with each other and our software engineers. Mentor program.

Organizational Learning in the Age of Ideas

The Peformance Improvement

That “Steam Engine” mindset, as described by Jonathan Gifford and Mark Powell in their new book, My Steam Engine Is Broken: Taking the organization from the industrial era to the Age of Ideas , creates a command-and-control culture that has become a barrier to success in companies today. Some organizations are experimenting with alternatives to the “Steam Engine”.

Unveiling Tin Can Support for Raptivity with Rohini Chaudhari, Raptivity’s Engineering Manager


Hi everyone! I am Isha, the Communications Expert from Raptivity. You guys must have been noticing this buzz about Tin Can since the last few months. I am sure you all are as curious to know about it as I [.]. eLearning eLearning tools raptivity Tracking Technologies Compliance interview launch webinar performance tracking Raptivity Tin Can tracking raptivity

devs vs devops engineers

G's View

vDM30in30 devops devops engineerWords are important. think it’s time we examined what we mean when we say “devs” In my mind, there are two types of devs: A developer who creates the software for an application. developer who creates the infrastructure that a cloud application runs on These devs perform different functions, and need different tools to complete their dev-y tasks. I’m really trying to stay away from saying things like “traditional dev” or “traditional ops” read more here.

Musings on Memory Engineering to Aid Learning Retention

Social Learning

In my search for something to write about this month I stumbled upon an article in Wired magazine entitled “ Clive Thompson on Memory Engineering.” But on the other hand, I began to reflect on how we can (and do) use memory engineering to support learning and retention. My first reactions to this were the following: Who uses Foursquare? Anyone? Idealistic, yes.

Become a Google power-user

Dont Waste Your Time

“Search engines are the backbone of everyday Internet use, but are you aware of the hidden tips and tricks available to improve your search? Technology Google Infographic Search Search EngineHere are some pointers that’ll save you Googling ‘how to Google’ ” I’ve seen this before, a while ago, and lost it. So here it is, blogged and saved forever! .

We’re Hiring Engineers!

Origin Learning

And we are on the lookout for fresh engineering graduates with good writing skills. If you are an engineering graduate bitten by the creativity bug, we’ll be more than happy to screen you for this opportunity. Uncategorized electrical engineering jobs in chennai engineering careers in chennai engineering jobs in chennai jobs in chennai mechanical engineering jobs in chennai

The Future of Search (video) #edtech

Dont Waste Your Time

Technology Video EdTech Education Technology Facebook Google Google Glass Internet Learning Technology Search Search Engine Semantic Web Social Evolution Social Media Social Network Twitter Web 2.0 Should we be concerned that sensitive personal information is being filtered through a small number of companies?” ” Related posts: Video: Social Media (in 2009). it's started!

Learnnovators Wins GOLD @ Brandon Hall Excellence Awards


MTAB’s customer, though technically qualified, would get stuck at some stage of the commissioning process, and then invariably, an engineer from MTAB ended up traveling to the customer’s location to help them commission the machine. Learnnovators wins GOLD! This award is in recognition of a unique and innovative solution titled MPSS that we designed and developed for our client MTAB.

Nobel Laureate Science and Engineering Lectures


Honeywell sponsors and hosts some great Nobel Laureate Science and Engineering Lectures via their HoneywellEvents YouTube Channel. If these lectures are of interest, Honeywell also has a service dedicated to science and engineering , including these Nobel lectures. You will even find a custom built Google search engine which allows you to find specific Nobel lectures.

Are You an ISD, a Business Process Engineer, or Both? by Andy Johnson, Steve Foreman, Craig Wiggins and Peter Berking

Learning Solutions Magazine

When human performance problems have their root causes in broken business processes, missing policies, inadequate. standards, or poorly designed systems, training alone (including eLearning) may not be an effective solution. The Experience. API can help in these cases. Here is a fictitious scenario that illustrates how to use xAPI to optimize the work environment. Design Strategies Development Strategies Emerging Topics Management Professional Development

Measuring user engagement by leveraging the power of ‘copy-and-paste’

Dont Waste Your Time

Technology Engagement Keywords Search Engine SEO Social Evolution Social Network Tynt Website WordPress WordPress30A year or so ago I wrote about the system Tynt “What’s being copied from your website?” ”  and I thought it warranted an update, seeing as the service is very different to what it was back then. What is Tynt? How does it work? Click to enlarge.

Ning 58

The unGoogleable question

Learning with e's

education Google learning questions school Search Engine Technology Are there any questions that you cannot Google? It''s a provocative question I have asked several times to audiences in the last few days. It''s a tough question to answer, as my audiences in Amsterdam and Dublin discovered this week. Try it yourself and see. for teachers? The comments box is open. Unported License.

Engineering Learning via the Web


The Northstar Nerd has been remiss in not performing a major update of my engineering learning portal. All of the services shown below have been checked including the addition of their material to my custom built Google search engines. Lego Engineering  - from Tufts University. Stanford Engineering Everywhere. My portal is not flashy, but it is very functional.

How a Learning Game Engine Accelerates Development

Bottom-Line Performance

We’ve been developing the mechanics of our Knowledge Guru™ learning game engine since 2010, and we are still tweaking them today. The game has been coded and designed by a team of developers working iteratively and collaboratively, and we even went so far as to patent the engine. It’s reliable, effective, and fast to produce a game with the Knowledge Guru game engine.

Work-Learning Research highly ranked on search engines.

Will at Work Learning

But still, we are happy that the world-according-to-search-engines (WOTSE) values the research perspective we offer. The Work-Learning Research website is ranked as follows: #4 on Google. #4 on Bing. #7 on Yahoo. When searching for "learning research.". Interestingly, we hardly ever get paid to do research. Mostly we get paid to use research wisdom to make practical recommendations, for example in the following areas: Learning Design. Learning. Training. Onboarding. Safety. Learning Evaluation. Organizational Change. Leadership Development. Improving the Learning Department's Results.

Cool Visual Search Engines

Learn and Lead

I recently came across three really cool visual search engines. This is a search engine with Oomph. The search engine is a little slow though. Finally, searchCrystal lets you search and compare multiple engines in one place. Tags: Tools Search engines The first is Searchme. It has a cool Mac like interface of flipping through searched web pages. love this one.

The future of knowledge navigation

Learning with e's

Anyone who has used Wolfram Alpha as an answer engine would probably agree. I''m eagerly looking forward to seeing what the Wolfram language will be able to do for our use of computers in the future. Answer Engine computers data management HCI interface learning Marshall McLuhan natural language processing Stephen Wolfram Wolfram Alpha Wolfram Language Not so in the Wolfram Language.

Engineering Intelligent Content for Mobile Learning by Rick Wilson and Dr. Gary Woodill

Learning Solutions Magazine

Here are some key issues and considerations about engineering intelligent learning content for a mobile world. Adding mobile devices to the channels available for learning does far more than “putting a classroom in every pocket.” The ability to move around and to contextualize learning based on the learner's location breaks the classroom metaphor and opens up new possibilities for learning. Design Strategies Future Trends Learning Systems (LMS/LCMS) Management Strategies

Girls Gone Engineering

Marcia Conner

Singer Kristen Lems introduced me to Peggy Seeger’s song, “ I’m Gonna Be an Engineer ” almost 25 years ago. It It wormed its way into my ear when I learned only 7% of the engineering workforce is female.  M o re than  4 times as many men than women are enrolled in graduate school for engineering-related fields. [Y]ou only need to learn to be a lady.

Taking the risk

Learning with e's

Skipton is beginning to break down the compartmentalisation between curriculum subjects. I saw several examples of how students are learning a combination of physics and music (analogue and digital sound engineering principles) and again physics coupled with biology (how sound waves are interpreted into impulses for hearing). The same applies to subject teaching. Unported License.

Are You a Performance Consultant?

Integrated Learnings

Gilberts Behavior Engineering Model. Thomas Gilbert (1927-1995) created a model for performance consulting known as the Behavior Engineering model (BEM). Thomas Gilbert Instructional Design Performance Support ADDIE eLearning Content Analysis Performance Consulting Behavior Engineering Model eLearning Project ManagementBy Dean Hawkinson. Let’s face it – the title “Instructional Designer” comes with a reputation that designing instruction or training is all that we do. So…what is Performance Consulting, anyway? You go to see the doctor and explain your symptoms.

Engineered in America: Do you have what it takes?!


They are working upon a new program named " Top Engineer ", and they want you! The Discovery Channel is looking for America’s most creative and daring techies , machinists, inventors and engineers to design, build, and BLAST their way to a Grand Prize on their new competition TV show TOP ENGINEER. Do you think you are creative when it comes to inventing? Why not apply!