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Facebook Guide for Educators

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Innovative uses of Facebook are being developed all of the time and as such we have created a Facebook for Educators Page run by educators for educators, to share their experiences and recommendations across the UK and beyond.” ” By looking at how Facebook is already being used it reports on how it could be used to. Related posts: Facebook tips for Educators.

Facebook as an “interactive learning resource”?

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For those interested in using Facebook with students the following links may be of use: Stephen Heppell: Using Facebook in the Classroom. Here Stephen writes with his daughter Juliette Heppell, herself a teacher at Lampton Academy in London, and this short page outlines the main events on using Facebook with students, and the do/ don’t mentality we all ought to consider.

efront LMS integration with Facebook


Lately we’ve been talking a lot about using Facebook as a learning platform. We took that into consideration with the eFront platform which comes with a rich set of social tools that facilitate the communication and social learning process together with an easy-to-use Facebook integration plugin. Facebook Integration. Below is an example of settings you have to set up.

Evaluating Facebook and Twitter for e-Learning


Facebook and Twitter. YouTube for example, which started as a repository of mostly music videos, cat clips and “video blogs”, has turned into an excellent educational resource, teaching hundreds of millions of people lessons in cooking mousaka, playing the flute and everything in between. Specifically, are they any good for e-learning? That’s all for now.

Seven Simple Secrets to Off-the-Shelf Course Success

For example, your goal might be to hire and train three new service teams this year. For example, to support objective 1— standardize and ramp up hiring activity to 50 new hires – you might use courses such as. In the example described earlier, the organization was ramping up hiring and training. This all sounds great, but what is social learning and is it reliant on Facebook.

The Ultimate Facebook Guide for eLearning Professionals: 16 Golden Tips to Follow

Everything E-Learning

Facebook may be perceived as a distraction for online learning audiences. In this article, I’ll share a Facebook guide for eLearning professionals explaining why Facebook is such a powerful eLearning tool. You can also find 6 invaluable tips on how to use Facebook for eLearning, as well as 10 additional tips on how to run successful Facebook groups. Be active.

Facebook for e-Learning


News from the e-learning frontier Pages Home About Community Free e-Learning Resources Contribute to the e-Learning Community 11/07/2010 Facebook for e-Learning Facebook objective is " to help you connect and share with the people in your life ". 50% of Facebooks active users log on to Facebook in any given day. Quiz Monster Create your own quiz Facebook application!

IMU Learning Series 01 - Facebook for Learning and Teaching?


AGENDA Can Facebook be used for teaching and learning? In this online session we will explore Facebook together, share examples and discuss how it can be used for teaching and learning with a specific emphasis on using Facebook Groups and Pages. Social_Media Facebook tutorial teaching and learning IMU_Learning_SeriesMalaysian time) (GMT + 8 Hours: 6:30 - 7:30 A.M)

So You Just Facebook All Day? Screenshots and Social Media Marketing

Visual Lounge

When I describe what I do as ‘social media’ my friends and family immediately start the jokes about browsing Facebook all day and getting paid for it. For example, I have created a preset for Twitter share images. The post So You Just Facebook All Day? Social media marketers are often misunderstood. One of my favorite tools for the job is the screenshot. Content creation.

Workbook: Gamification and Your Enterprise Learning Strategy

within a classroom: examples that we’re all familiar with include flight simulators, or survival. Example 1: Toys”R”Us Canada identified rolling out their Omnichannel strategy to drive revenue by creating a seamless customer experience across all channels. Example 2: Ethicon (a J&J company) was looking for a way to increase employee product knowledge to drive sales. Conclusion.16

Don’t Just Tell, Show: the Value of Examples

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Examples get people’s attention and are also fantastic memory aids. If you reinforce the same key information with examples, it provides context and lets your members see why the content is important. You can use examples to answer this question by showing them why. Good examples are also specific. What kind of creative examples have you seen or used? Role-play.

Facebook for Educators

Moodle Journal

I have in past postings made both positive and not so positive remarks regarding the use of Facebook as part of course delivery. Given all this, I do still continue to see articles and postings where clearly the application has worked well, then the other day I came across a YouTube video ‘ The Basics of a Facebook Page for Educators’ If you have not seen this for yourself then I can recommend it as a good starter. also came across this rather large sample of (The teachers guide to using Facebook) Facebook the missing manual from OReilly.

Don’t use Facebook for teaching your class – use Edmodo!

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Its safe and easy Facebook-like interface allows the class to collaborate, connect, share content, access homework, etc. Afterwards, check out the Edmodo in Action page that showcases several examples on how Edmodo can be useful in Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Math classes. There are also examples of how Edmodo can be good for teacher professional development and for parents to feel connected to their children’s learning. There has been a lot of controversy about the appropriateness of teachers 'friending' their students on Facebook. So what is it?

Developing Leaders in the Facebook Age

CLO Magazine

How we connect — in person, through blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or through other methods of online collaboration — says more about us than we may realize. To develop leaders in the Facebook era requires that learning professionals create offerings to enable the proper mix of all these ingredients as well as help to ensure leaders can connect through multiple mediums. For example, one potential leader might require guidance in how to communicate more directly, while another might require more focus on time management. What do we exhibit? Set goals.

Engaging course alumni using Facebook: the case of Ruforum

Joitske Hulsebosch eLearning

To start with an interview with Carolyn Nandozi from Uganda about her experiences facilitating a facebook group for alumni. I met her during an online facilitation course which I facilited (online ofcourse :) and found out she has some interesting experiences with an alumni group. RUFORUM has done this using Facebook. For example I can put a like or comment myself. elearning.

You can’t ban Facebook

Stoatly Different

I just thought I’d write a quick note on Facebook and its presence in the workplace. As an advocate of all things social, you can imagine my stance on this topic – I believe no organisation should be blacklisting sites like Facebook. Facebook isn’t a website, its a platform. It takes my Facebook and makes it into a fantastic looking magazine style layout.

You can’t ban Facebook

Stoatly Different

I just thought I’d write a quick note on Facebook and its presence in the workplace. As an advocate of all things social, you can imagine my stance on this topic – I believe no organisation should be blacklisting sites like Facebook. Facebook isn’t a website, its a platform. It takes my Facebook and makes it into a fantastic looking magazine style layout.

Facebook in case of divorce

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Facebook and other social networking sites make this virtually impossible. With facebook this is no longer possible! Ex-partners can now suddenly pop-up and start facebooking as well. But some of my friends are having facebook-divorce-shivers, inspiring though, I never looked at facebook this way. You know how it goes. You split up, you divide books, cd's, movies.

6 Ways to Add Sizzle to Your Classroom

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You can do this using a variety of very easy to use (and set-up) tools – Free tools such as Diigo , Tumblr , FaceBook, Blogger, PBWiki or Enterprise tools such as SharePoint, Jive , Yammer or SocialCast. For this example, “According to your feedback yesterday, I seem to move too quickly at times, and I didn’t realize this until you pointed it out – so thank you.

Your Digital Footprint, your future

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The best examples of social media or sharing/liking something gone wrong are often the one’s where someone has made a right royal muck-up. Examples (of which there are many) include: Facebook post costs waitress her job. Teacher loses job over Facebook photo, files lawsuit. Teacher Loses Job After Commenting About Students, Parents on Facebook.

Don’t give it to me unless I can customise it

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and different ways to utilise and customise Blackboard within the structure of a defined and prescribed ‘default template’ Today I still have to work within constraints of learning management systems, both internally at Warwick and externally with, for example, FutureLearn. Yes, the boundaries are required in order that, for example, students. have also customised my own learning. I use my network ( PLN ) on social sharing platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. My first car was a 1993 Rover Mini Cooper 1.3i, in British Racing Green (obviously). Months?

Making the Most of Visuals in eLearning: 9 Tips and 5 Examples

SHIFT eLearning

We post photos of our trips on Facebook and not essays about our vacations. According to a report by HubSpot, posts and tweets containing colored images increase viewers’ willingness to read by a whopping 80 percent! Look at yourself. Would you like to watch a demo video and learn how to fix a broken washer or read through the pages of the instruction manual? We love watching movies.

Facebook Platform

Tony Karrer

Stephen Downes picked up my post on Facebook As a Learning Platform. He commented: To be clear, I do not think that Facebook itself is really a learning environment. also feel like Facebook is a bit creaky and as Thomas Vanderwal's recent post Facebook for Business or LinkedIn Gets More Valuable points out, as you use Facebook more and have more friends, it seems to get harder to use. All of that said, Facebook is surprising me in terms of how well it works as a platform. Luis Suarez - How to Boost Your Social Capital with Facebook mentions MyBlogLog.

Paper cuts

E-Learning Provocateur

This may have something to do with the age of my S4, but I recently read that Facebook is getting serious about resolution. virtual reality #VRwolweek 360 3D apps Camera Cardboard emerging technology example Google Inmind VR Maps mobile MythBusters photo sphere photosphere Photosphere XMP Tagger Photosynth problems Red Bull sharks SphereShare Street View tips videos Views VR Vrse

‘The Survival of Higher Education’ by @timbuckteeth

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read about so many examples of teachers and educators trying new and different approaches to engagement and ‘learning’  yet the common theme of all the posts is the seemingly lack of support from their management and/or school authority. This is particularly evident on a cursory inspection of any social web space, whether it be Facebook, Snapchat or any other popular free space.

Two Examples of how Brands are still not Joining the Social Media Conversation

mLearning Revolution

A couple of years ago, whenever someone did a presentation on Social Media, most likely the last slide in the presentation would read ‘Join the Conversation.”. I did a few and I had a slide like that at the end, encouraging people to join Twitter for example in order to learn what customers were saying about their Brand or documentation or eLearning courses. Not all of them as I have found.

Student Perceptions of Blackboard Mobile Learn and iPads #edtech

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Perhaps it’s still too early to say whether an institutionally provided mobile learning infrastructure will appeal to students, or whether they will shun one in favour of the more open or public systems like Facebook , but the question still remains … “should we be designing our courses for a mobile-first approach?” Reference. Kinash, S., Brand, J. & Mathew, T.

Social Learning is here to stay!

Origin Learning

So, if Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest are not part of your vocabulary, then either you are living in isolation or you certainly do not belong to this era. Who would have imagined that the rapid pace of technology advancement would transform the learning landscape so dramatically! This learning approach can help to create networks and sustain them too.

Do students understand their ‘digital footprint’ and how it can affect their employability?

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While the topic(s) and reflective activity the students are presented with are the same (including the majority of the responses given) the examples have been updated and improved … there are far more examples to choose from for a start! Here are a few of the examples/links I use in the presentation: I am blowing the airport sky high! Click to view. Fingered!

Where would I be without Twitter?

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Been followed by 7, 145 other people, organisations, etc. (I’ve also blocked a large number of inappropriate or spam accounts, including , for example, taxi companies in places I’ve never been). opened my eyes to critical thinking and reflection through examples and the work that other people share through Twitter. Some are re-tweets (RT), mentions, replies, etc.

Social Media for Research at SNDT (Webinar)!


Should you have problems accessing (or any issues), please send me a direct message (or reply) on Twitter: @zaidlearn :) Description: Today, more than a Billion people use Facebook, and more than 200 million use Twitter actively to connect, network, interact and share with one another. University Social_Media Facebook Seminar research Twitter Google ONLINE TALK The inspiring Prof.

#BYOD4L Day 2: Communicating, networking, and noise

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But communication is now enhanced, and sometimes replaced, by social tools like Facebook, Twitter, blogging, commenting, even Instagram or Vine. Someone you think is a good example, you would recommend? Facebook vs Twitter? Communication is big news. What you use says as much about you as the tools you don’t. We asked the following questions. Here’s what we asked: .

Opening up #learning: new forms of knowledge

Learning with e's

For those who are housebound for example, and cannot visit a library or classroom, the Web provides a storehouse of endless opportunities to learn just about any topic. Yet people of all ages now avidly consume and create content on a regular basis, and the availability of social networking services such as Twitter and Facebook amplify these activities further. Technology can do this.

Reflection on the ‘eLearning and Digital Cultures’ MOOC, Wk.1 #edcmooc

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There is so much going on, on all the platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Coursera discuss boards, etc.) Another good example of this is Apple and the App Store – a very controlled and limiting dystopian system that the users are using (forcing?) This reflection will form part of the work required by the MOOC as well as reflections on the processes and Coursera system itself.

Should employers ask for access to a (potential) employees Social Media account?

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There have been many stories recently about employers asking for access to an employees, or a potential employees, social media (Facebook) account. This time it’s written superbly from the perspective of the employer who is (reluctantly) asking to view potential the Facebook account of  those people he’s interviewing for a position. Employers asking for Facebook access.

‘Dermandar’ Photography App

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Share your panoramas on the Dermandar site or push them to Twitter or Facebook. Connect your Twitter or Facebook accounts and publish direct. Here is an example of one that someone else made/took, and shows you how you can use crowd-sourced content for lesson content? Apps App Application Facebook iPhone iPod Panorama Photography twiHow Zen! DMD Panorama, free : [link].

Terms and Conditions May Apply

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In the film they highlight one example, the UK shop ‘GameStation’ changed their T&Cs, for only a very short time, to include the text that you are signing away your immortal soul’ ! Social Network Ello Facebook Google LinkedIn Netflix Social Media Twitter Video YouTube Here’s the trailer: YouTube: Terms and Conditions May Apply. But how can we do so safely?

Are Facebook friends real friends?

Clive on Learning

Facebook users in the UK, a 300% increase on the year. The average Facebook user has 150 friends (suddenly I feel unloved). Looked at in this light, Facebook is alleviating what could be a much worse problem. Another area of controversy among the group last night was the degree to which Facebook blurs the distinction between our personal and private lives: work colleagues are all bundled in with family, old school friends, the people you socialise with face-to-face, and people with whom you share a hobby, sport or interest. But do both diagnoses miss the point?"

Why Twitter is so powerful

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The same applies of course to any other social networking tool, but unlike Facebook for example, Twitter contains very few distractions. Tags: connections social networking Twitter FaceBook There are two types of people in the world. Those who get Twitter and those who don't. OK, I'm joking, but Twitter does seem to divide people. some people ask. You too?