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Likert-Type Scales: Examples, Samples and Information

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If you are doing a formative or summative evaluation of instruction or doing a needs assessment or a program evaluation, sooner or later you are going to need a Likert-type scale. You also may have a question about using odd or even numbers in the Likert-Type Scale, here is some insight on that. Here are several types of scales that you might find handy. Also, here is an article about preparing a Likert Scale. Here is a link to a page that has some templates that might be helpful. Finally, are you really pronouncing "Likert" correctly. I'll bet not.

3 Engaging Samples of Gamified E-learning Developed in 2016

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In this blog, we will highlight three gamified samples developed this year. 1.  When given information directly about customers, learners may not recall it in actual situations. But when the same information is presented in a gamified format, employees retain the information better and longer. eLearning Design game based learning gamified e-learning samples

Sample branching scenario + cool tool

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It’s based on TiddlyWiki , a lightweight information management tool. Use simple codes to keep track of variables or limit learners’ choices (not shown in the sample scenario). It might also be mobile-friendly — at least, the sample scenario works on my iPhone. For example, the default version of the sample scenario had white text on a black background.

Sample branching scenario + cool tool

Making Change

It’s based on TiddlyWiki , a lightweight information management tool. Use simple codes to keep track of variables or limit learners’ choices (not shown in the sample scenario). It might also be mobile-friendly — at least, the sample scenario works on my iPhone. For example, the default version of the sample scenario had white text on a black background.

Sound Effects in E-learning: Top 8 Sample Music Sites

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The unnecessary use of music and/or sound effects can result in poor learning experiences, as it affects the ability of learners to process information. :  They aim to create a huge collaborative database of audio snippets, samples, recordings, and so on, and all sounds fall under a Creative Commons license. Music is the language of emotions. Hope you liked this post.

How to Convince Higher Ups That “Fun” eLearning Is Good Business

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We use examples from real projects to help you uncover the best way to meet these challenges in your organization. Here are some examples: An illustrated example. The example below is from the Building Evacuation course we developed for Roche Diagnostics. photo-driven example. This course focuses on keeping equipment and information safe when “mobile.”.

Interesting Information about MOOCs—An Infographic

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The infographic takes a closer look at reasons why some professors and academics remain unconvinced. I’ve taken a MOOC and found it interesting but I was not motivated enough to complete the activities or finish the course, but that’s only a sample size of one. This was sent to me by Muhammad Saleem. think the hype is a little over the top in terms of impact on education. To me, the future is always “and” not “or” the question is not…”Are MOOCs going to replace traditional university courses?” Content Guide

Learning-by-Doing: GuitarBots

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If this were traditional online learning, it would have started with an introductory module on the history of the guitar and perhaps some information about how guitars are constructed. Random Musings Samples Game-based Learning Games Real world practice This is the a post in a series where I explore games and online learning that incorporate authentic practice. . More tomorrow!

But I’d Never Say That! Choices for Conversation-Based Decisions in Scenarios

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For example, instead of specific dialog I might offer these choices in a sales scenario: Tell Mr. Jones about how Awesome Robot is great because it will save him time by doing all of his housework for him. In this case, the goal is for the user to think about the pieces of information to include in a pitch and the timing for when to say what. ’”).

Presentation does matter!


However, we should also realize and accept this fact that we retain visually presented information [.]. eLearning Software interactive learning PowerPoint rapid learning raptivity compelling learning experience effective learning high content retention Rapid interactivity samples series of blogs visually richWe talk about evoking high content retention among the learners.

Examples and Samples of Game Design Documents

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Here is a collection of several game design documents and information about game design documents. These samples will give you some ideas. Chris Taylor Game Design Document Sample : As the web site says, "for all of you who have ever wondered what they look like or need one for your own personal game project, check out Dungeon Siege creator Chris Taylor's example" Example Blank Design Document : This one is simple and too the point, not much detail but it will get you stared. But how to write one? Game Design Document: Play with Fire. Document for Ant Game.

Remembering Jay Cross and His Work

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Someone asked me recently about what makes a thought leader, and Jay was one of the first people I mentioned as an example. He was the guru of informal learning who pushed us to think outside of the traditional model of formal courses and training. What better way to remember him than with a small sampling of his own ideas? Formal and Informal Learning. Conversation.

8 eLearning Quiz Design Tips


Don’t be afraid to use humor. I’ve written before about using an informal tone. But informal tone (and humor) can be a big improvement to the user experience. For this course, terms like “outtie” and “shiv” and their use in a sample sentence made me laugh. Tone: Informal and fun. eLearning examples. What do you picture when I say the words “eLearning Quiz?”.

Games that Embody an Emotional Experience

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As part of a project-in-progress, I’ve been gathering examples of various types of serious games. As a start, here is an informal list of games whose purpose seems less about uncovering a winning strategy and more about embodying a particular emotional experience. Samples Emotion Games Inpsiration All of the games listed below are available online to play for free. Spent.

Analogies are like Informal Mnemonics

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In this award-winning (if I do say so myself) sample , we use water as an analogy to teach the surprisingly complex topic of electricity. Analogies have been a source of great amusement for me this past wee k. Analogies can be very helpful in learning, if they’re used correctly. Learning games use analogies all time. Anne Derreberry talks about games that mirror reality (like a flight simulator) and others that teach through metaphor (like World of Warcraft as a leadership training lab). Either can. Analogies can be useful in classroom training, too. Explain the nuances.

I Believe in the Value of Sharing

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Proprietary information must be steadfastly protected, such as organizational knowledge, unique processes, trade secrets, products in development, and intellectual property, among others. Sample social sharing options (from YouTube). great deal of information can be shared under many circumstances, as long as the aggregate knowledge doesn’t give away proprietary information.

How to support informal learning

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

Cross is a champion of informal learning, Web 2.0, and systems thinking. They are currently refining informal/web 2.0 His published works include Informal Learning : Rediscovering the Natural Pathways that Inspire Innovation and Performance as well as other books and countless articles. Every day, thousands of people read his blogs, Internet Time and Informal Learning Blog.

Other Ways to Inspire Change

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Very often, we decide we want something to change, we decide to create a course, lesson, document, or some other package of information that learners will absorb and, voila, change! What if, though, in many cases it’s not actually a lack of information that’s preventing learners from doing things differently? Amanda''s Projects Samples Behavior Change

Interface Inspiration

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Again, handing over your contact information is required to view the demos. Related Resources Samples E-Learning Game-based Learning Games Inpsiration Learning Interfaces Scenario-Based Learning SimulationsI’m committed to online learning that is focused on activity, typically of the real-world, application-focused variety.  However, imagining how to translate real-world situations into meaningful learning interfaces for a computer screen can sometimes be daunting. Even in the 21 st  century, significant portions of our lives still don’t revolve around pointing and clicking.

A Different Approach to Adult Learning Design


could map all these characteristics to a sample we recently created for a prospect. The sample was based around ‘The benefits of eLearning’. Do let me know if you have created any sample for adult learning which follows the characteristics shared above. Pedagogy is how you teach children and Andragogy is how you teach adults. So how do adults learn?

How to Write Good Assessment Questions

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For example, if the learner needs to put steps in order a sequencing question fits better than a multi-choice question. Introduce new information during an assessment or knowledge check. For example, option “B” is always correct. In other cases, a project or piece of sample work can be submitted. “Can someone explain this question to me? I don’t know what it’s asking.”.

Analysis Questions for Learning Design

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What information does the target audience really need to memorize, and what information do they just need to know how to find? Random Musings Samples Analysis Design Learning I definitely favor successive approximation over the waterfall method; by prototyping early and often, you not only get a better sense of what will actually be most effective early in the process, when you’re best able to make changes, but sometimes end up refining the goals for the project itself. The analysis questions I ask vary. Target Audience. What is their background? Where do they work?

A Mobile Learning Decision Path for Instructional Designers tasked with developing #mLearning [Download]

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Sample Project Requirements (Use-Cases) … 9. Sample Project 1—Information Awareness Training … 10. Sample Project 2—Boarding Officer Support for Rules & Regulations … 11. Sample Project 1—Supplementing Initial Requirements … 22. Sample Project 2—Supplementing Initial Requirements … 23. Project Description … 1.

Creating and Evaluating Informal & Social Learning Processes in a Call Center

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I recently received this comment on my post, Using Kirkpatrick's Four Levels to Create and Evaluate Informal & Social Learning Processes : “What do you do when the "learners" are new hires? For example: Our goal is to convert interested callers into extremely satisfied and delighted customers. Quickly and accurately find product information.

How to Improve Learning Outcomes With Performance Support

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Fortunately, performance support systems have received more attention in recent years, thanks to a broader trend toward informal learning strategies. Here’s a quick sampling of the performance support options available: Job aids, quick reference guides and tip sheets qualify as performance support. Scavenger hunts for information. In Summary.

Better Productivity with Raptivity: A Story of Customer Centricity

Vikas Joshi on Interactive Learning

Here are some examples. Users found it a chore to delete sample content from interaction templates before adding their own. They needed the sample the first couple of times, but later on they wanted a way to start with a clean slate. Raptivity now shows helpful information such as recommended image size, sound bit rate, video format, size, frame rate etc alongside the customization window. When Yehudi Menuhin was asked: "What has music taught you?" he replied: "It has taught me to listen." It is no different with product design. The Raptivity 6.5

5 Steps to Scripting Great Microlearning Videos


For example, if you are using a microlearning video to retrain some restaurant employees on washing their hands, focus tightly on a small chunk of information. Show the process, the procedure, the information. Here's an example. If you're just trying to convey information, then avoid distractions. Or better yet, use a sample group of your audience to see which content is more effective at reaching your learning objective. Check out a Sample microTuneUp if you want to see microlearning in action. Video is great for m. Step 1: Be Focused.

The One Simple Tool You Can Use to Help Select the Right Learning Management System

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The proposals you do receive will contain information that in no way helps you select the right learning management system. Every once in a while, I receive from a prospective customer a short, elegant, Request for Information ( RFI ). In addition, the information received from the vendors can be easily compared and scored. Select the Learner Progress Report.

A Training Professional Seeks a Yoga Practice

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For example, see gamifying, systematizing, and disambiguating.) sampling: “No, not quite.” Antonia was concerned that she wasn’t doing it right, that, for example, she wasn’t sending energy into her toes in the proper fashion. Blog posting Informal Learning instructional design personal growth standards Training + Development Malinka. EFFORTING.

70-20-10: Origin, Research, Purpose

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These include samples in China, India and Singapore and for female leaders, since the original samples of executives in the early 80s were mostly male. They are 70-22-8, 56-38-6 (women), 48-47-5 (middle level), 73-16-11 (global sample), 60-33-7, 69-27-4 (India), 65-33-2 (Singapore) and 68-25-7 (China). This is a re-post of an article by Cal Wick of Fort Hill. Bob agreed.

How Gagné’s Nine Events of Instruction Can Make Your Online Courses Better


For example: Start off with attention-grabbing graphics or video clips featuring interactive scenarios about the subject matter, which will require your students to focus and engage with your content. 2. Inform Learners of Objectives. For example: Establish your standard criteria for in-class performance in layman’s terms that your eLearner can easily grasp. Conclusion.

Tech Tuesday: Translating mLevel Events to xAPI Statements


Specifically, as you can see in the JSON snippet below, mLevel captures the information around the user’s score data as well as simple events such as a GameStart, QuestionDisplayed, CorrectAnswer, etc. For more information about the LRS systems that mLevel has used, please see the references at the end of this post. which are represented by the gameEventType.  Quick Overview of xAPI.

Score 77

The 70:20:10 Model – Today, Tomorrow & Beyond


Charles:  We now know that people learn more about their work informally than they do formally. So we are seeing increasing interest in social and informal learning. Of course, structured learning approaches can support social and informal, but social and informal learning don’t need structured processes to happen. The Council sampled more than 1500 people in 53 organisations across the globe. More and more work involves dealing with tacit information, and less and less work involves purely transactional work. What are some interesting examples?

How to Create an Online Portfolio

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And if your work samples are gathering dust in a folder somewhere, all the more reason to get your expertise displayed electronically. Some platforms are better suited for writing samples while others are more applicable for showcasing graphics or eLearning samples. Most are targeted for graphic designers, but all can serve the same purpose for instructional design samples because they can support Flash files. Once you’ve found a platform, you’ll want to select which work samples you’d like to feature. Simple themes work best for presenting your portfolio.