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How Writing a Learning Journal Can Increase Critical Thinking Skills

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Keeping and contributing regularly to a personal learning journal can be an effective way to encourage reflection and develop critical thinking skills. Mark Third, it isn’t just that writing a journal stimulates thought — it allows us to look at ourselves, our feelings, and our actions in a different way. Upload the journal template and make it available to learners. 3.

Top 50 Education and Technology Journals

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Anyhow, a part of this has been to review the quality rankings of journals in the area. Using the SJR indicator, (González-Pereira et al, 2010) available through the SCImago Journal & Country Rank portal, Journals within Social Sciences and Education were ranked according to quality score. This list was then audited for likely relevant journals to arrive at the following ranking which could be used in part for the evaluation of research quality. American Educational Research Journal. International Journal of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning.

Rethinking the Article as the Basic Unit of Journalism

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A spate of recent blog posts have, independently it seems, questioned the traditional preeminence of the article as the basic unit of journalism. It encourages sensationalism.”. A day later, Jeff Jarvis cited a number of examples of real-time news coverage that are leading him, as he put it, to. think of the article not as the goal of journalism but as a value-added luxury or as a byproduct of the process.”. New-Media Models The Future of Print Adam Tinworth blogging control Jeff Jarvis journalism liveblogging narrative new media process journalism Twitter

How to Create a Learning Journal to Go with Your E-Learning Courses

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received a lot of questions about the learning journal. So in today’s post we’ll look at the basic structure of the learning journal and how you could use something like it to complement your elearning courses. The Value of a Learning Journal. Before we look at how to set up the learning journal, let’s review where it adds value: Connects elearning to real world activities.

Blackboard Mobile Learn App – examples?

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Here’s the question … has anyone designed a Blackboard course purely from the perspective of working from the Mobile Learn App? Here’s why i’m asking: I suspect that no one has built one yet. suspect that the course, designed for mobile, would not work well for anyone else. Blackboard Mobile Learn – Google Play and iTunes  downloads. BlackBoard 9: links and resources.

Game changers in the Training Zone

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One of the examples I've seen recently at the CES - the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas - it was reported that there was a new touch screen device which goes 'lumpy' when you want to put a keyboard up on it. As we're talking I'm watching citizen journalism going on, on the television in front of me. You can listen by clicking on the embedded link below. Unported License.

Corporate Play-Day: How The Big Boys Are Gaming

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And while it’s never a good idea to do something just because others are doing so (I hear my mom yelling at me “if your friends jumped off a cliff would you do that too?”), the Wall Street Journal recently posted an interesting article detailing how the “big boys” are utilizing games these days.  Click for Slideshow: Examples of games in workplace management. LiveOps Inc.,

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Our viral web

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Many journals and newspapers found and used my image of McLaren , with me duly credited as the photographer. It's an example of a picture going viral on the web. There are many other examples of the viral spreading of images, videos, sound bites and ideas - some are legendary. We are all Big Brother now. Not in the Orwellian dystopic sense of course. Try it. Unported License.

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Blogging and Journalism

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asks Robert Niles in Online Journalism Review. Newspaper reporters have started blogging actively and bloggers have begun to contribute to mass media— Amit Varma with The Mint in India is one example of the latter. Blogging is not so much a profession as journalism is. Tags: journalism blogs writing “Are blogs a “parasitic medium?” The article, an aggregation of views of different bloggers, academics, and media professionals, gives a resounding “no” as the answer. And there are perhaps a few angles from which that response can be backed.

What Happens in a Story…Happens in Your Brain

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Research reported in the journal Psychological Science—a peer reviewed monthly journal and the highest ranked empirical journal in psychology—indicates that reading stories activates neural presentations of visual and motor experiences. For example, changes in character goals were associated with increased activation in the prefrontal cortex. Research Study. Citation.

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Our secret world of learning

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In your working life, how have you learned effectively from experience, please provide an example if possible? In your working life, how have you learned effectively from people, please provide an example if possible? In your working life, how have you learned effectively from courses, research or investigation, please provide an example if possible? You have to do it.

Technology Adoption by Instructors to Impart Learning: Factors and Utilizations


study published by the Journal of Information Technology Education, states that there are two main factors, which are affecting the use of technology for learning by instructors – in class or beyond ( There is no doubt that technology makes learning more accessible and interesting for the newer generation of learners.

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Microlearning: What is it? And What Benefits does it Offer?


Throughout this post, we’ll try to give you examples of how to use microlearning in your own training programs. Microlearning can be achieved using a number of different delivery methods: emails, online posts and short multimedia videos, are all examples of different ways you can deliver training that is designed for your learners to retain new knowledge and achieve their educational goals.

Instructional Design Tip: How to Simplify Instruction

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Below is an example from a previous project that may inspire some ideas for your own courses. Instructional Design Tip: Learning Journals. We created a learning journal. The journal served as a dynamic operator’s manual. For example, in a given work day, a person may do a specific task 2 times. Instructional Design Tip: Break Your Content into Chunks.

How colors can enhance memory performance?


See the example below: Picture 2: An example of using monochromatic color scheme for each group of nodes. Picture 3: An example of using the same color scheme for node’s title. Picture 4: An example of using the same color scheme for branches. Picture 5: An example of using analogous color scheme for presenting steps. The Journal of Psychology. Fraley, F.H.

Sian Bayne keynote on teacherbot #emoocs2015

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Here are some examples. Example: ‘dear assistant’ made by amit agarwal, or LA quakebot made by bill snitzer, Olivia taters made by rob dubbin, desire bot made by felix jung, Bots of conviction: they can be all sorts of functions, with this bot being political. NRA Tally made by Mark Sample, two headlines made by darius kazemi. Arthur C. Who is thinking against this?

Why Microlearning Drives Over 20% More Information Retention Than Long-Form Training


For example, knowing what you’ll be expected to do with new information is crucial to being able to retain it. Journal of Educational Computing Research 51.4 The world of enterprise L&D has yet another reason to be buzzing about microlearning. The excitement never stops, does it? Here’s the story. The study. Dr. Felix Kapp , the study’s lead author. Why is bite-size better?

Will at Work Learning: FREE Research Report on Feedback

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Ive spent a good chunk of the last year reviewing research from the worlds preeminent refereed journals in regard to how to give learners feedback. For example, a strong conclusion from the report is that feedback is effective, and is most effective in correcting wrong answers. Let me first agree that research from refereed journals cannot be our sole source of information.

"Hey ya'll": Informal Language is the way to go in E-Learning

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In the study students who learned with text that was more informal and personal (for example, used the word "you" or "I") produced 20% to 46% more solutions to a transfer problem (similar problem as presented in the instruction) than the group who only had formal language in their module. Elementary School Journal, 96, 385-414. References: Beck, I., McKeown, M.G., Sandora, C., 2000).

Content Marketing for your Association isn’t as Scary as you Think

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Journal. Use our framework below for an example of how to distribute consistently valuable and relevant information to your target audience. As a marketer, it’s hard to ignore the content marketing buzz. How do you know if you’re executing content marketing correctly? Do you need to have a budget for content marketing? How much time should you put into it? How can you measure the ROI?

Why You’re Not Reaching Your Millennial Workforce


These are just a few examples of unanswered questions crucial to those seeking to understand the millennial mind — indeed, the millennial worldview. As reported in the Wall Street Journal, Pew Research, and The New York Times, to name but a few, evidence to date strongly suggests a growing trend where news is increasingly being delivered to consumers through Facebook and Twitter. Much has been written about millennials over the past few years, more than 45,000 articles and counting. The underlying theme is that people can’t seem to understand how millennials operate. Trends

7 Tech Tools & Skills Trainers Must Have


Educational technology research journals are now rife with the mandatory technology skills trainers should have. In this article, we’ll share with you a list composed by leading educational technology journals. Look around you and into any education journal you may find. Ten years ago, Laura Turner in The Journal spoke about these skills. But some may be missing.

Open or shut?

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Increasing numbers of high profile academics (such as danah boyd and Martin Weller for example) are turning their backs on traditional methods of research dissemination, publishing their work exclusively on free-to-read open access platforms or on their blogs. Many have openly pledged to never write, edit or review for closed journals again. They are the open scholars.

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Using Games and Avatars to Change Learner Behavior

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In two longitudinal samples of Japanese children and adolescents, pro-social game play predicted later increases in pro-social behavior. 2010) The Effects of a Serious Game on Role-Taking and Willingness to Help, Journal of Communication. A recent article in Wired presented an interesting research finding. The results were interesting. In a study led by Douglas A. Baughman, S.L.,

Mobile Learning: More than just Mobile + Learning

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For example, according to a report published by Ambient Insight Research, the US market for mobile learning products and services reached $958.7 Here’s an example: Eric Tremblay published a study in the Journal of Computers in Mathematics and Science Teaching [29(2), 217-227. Mobile learning seems to be creating a lot of excitement in the learning community these days. Private.

Brain Based Learning and Neuroscience – What the Research Says!

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After each question, I briefly state the correct answer and cite research from top-tiered scientific journals. Let me give you an example related to the topic of brain science. Here is a real-life example: Over the past several years, a person with a cognitive psychology background has portrayed himself as a neuroscientist (which he is NOT). Articles abound. It’s a ton of fun!

Training Isn't Learning

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For example, AT&T is starting to retrain its entire workforce as it transitions from phone lines to the cloud. In an article for the Wall Street Journal titled, “AT&T’s Ambitious Effort to Retrain More than 100,000 Workers,” Rachel King writes: As AT&T Inc. AT&T is an example of a company that’s trying something different in an effort to close the U.S.

Guidelines on writing a #paper: a synopsis

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Some pointers: Search a peer review journal with best reputation in publishing for your domain. Journals of societies have a larger circulation. Is the journal referenced a lot? Title of journal Year of publication; Volume number : First and last page numbers of article. Example: de Waard I. Example: de Waard I. The writing paper phase is here again.

Learning in Action (the Innocence Project)

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To me, this is a tremendous example of applying learning both within a field, but also recognizing that a diverse set of skills is going to be more helpful in an educational light.  Do you have an example like this to share?  I’d love to hear some more.  I think I might make this a regular blog feature – Learning in Action. Image via Wikipedia.

5 Must Read Training and Development Articles

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So if you are looking for good training and development articles then here are five excellent samples to get you started. This written interview on the Wall Street Journal was written by Rachel Emma Silverman, and features the thoughts and ideas of Dr. Eduardo Salas of the University of Central Florida. The samples mentioned here are examples of what good articles look like. These articles don’t always have to be unique or ground breaking, though. Employee Training and Development Articles. 1. “So Much Training, So Little to Show for It” .

Best Practices for Blended Learning Design

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witnessed second hand what I believe to be an example of best practice for blended learning design. I’ve been a student of blending learning design theory for a long time, and witnessing this exemplary course helped crystallize for me the key ingredients for creating effective blended learning experiences. Personal Learning Journal. Branded Provider. 2. Star Instructor. 3.

Photo Journalism 101 (story + images + music + animation = success)


what gives the Northstar Nerd the "right" to speak about the topic of photo journalism? Here are three examples: =. You may ask the question. After all, I've never worked for a newspaper (unless you count my high school paper, The Exonian ). However with the advent of Web 2.0, the ability to tell a story, an ear for music and Photopeach , the Northstar Nerd has become Photopeach's leading " most featured content creator "! so what's my secret. and what's Photopeach ? Second, you don't need to be web geek to create the photo animations. Third.

Spacing Learning Over Time -- Research Report

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Here''s a research-to-practice report on the subject, backed by over 100 research studies from scientific refereed journals, plus examples. The spacing effect is one of the most potent learning factors there is--because it helps minimize forgetting. Originally published in 2006, the recommendations are still valid today. Click to download the research-to-practice report on spacing.    It''s a classic!  . And here''s some more recent research and exploration. Learning Fundamentals Research World Thoughts on Learning research spacing spacing effect spacing learning over time

Damascus Road

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That was the main reason, I declared, that I resigned from my job as Co-editor of a major Taylor and Francis journal late last year. cited figures from two of my own papers, both published around the same time (in the slideset above) which showed the unacceptable editorial/review lead in times for many closed journals in comparison to open online journals. was my challenge.