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Multitasking and Time Management – Like Water and Oil

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Multitasking – The Challenge. feel almost hypocritical writing a post about multitasking because I got as far as writing out the title and was distracted by numerous other items that popped up. There is a difference though between last minute items that can interfere with a task at hand and self-inflicted hyper-tasking and multitasking. The critical teaching point is to make sure we have things scheduled and do our best not to let items interfere with your task list. It is also critical to help teach your teammates to respect your schedule. know you are!

How to Link Game Mechanics to the Learning Experience

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Example. You’re designing a game for a sit-down pizza restaurant to teach the wait staff customer service basics. Before you start designing the game, think about the context learners will need to apply skills on the job: waiting tables is time-based, involves multitasking and requires teamwork. This post is about mechanics. These are all game mechanics. Download it now.

Prepare the future of Learning for the Genz

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They are world weary, entrepreneurial, multiscreen, Wifi multitaskers. For example, my daughter has set up a Finsta account. Allowing learners create, and in so doing, prove knowledge by teaching, will resonate and is a time tested way to demonstrate comprehension. Who are these people? This generation is also growing in diversity. They are active and savvy. Are you ready?

3 Employee Training Challenges Solved with Technology (and how to figure out more)

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Mentoring , for example, is a great way to acclimate new employees and teach the nuances of office culture. Companies relying on conventional methods of teaching are denying their new employees the learning method they are used to and learn best from. Robot mentors aren’t quite in the arena yet. Challenge: Onboarding at the Speed of Growth. Challenge Accepted.

Adjusting our Attitude toward Gen-Y

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This is a generation of multitaskers, and they can juggle e-mail on their BlackBerrys while talking on cellphones while trolling online.’”. Participating in these types of activities reinforces social skills as well as teaches the value of hard work. The statement is putting too much blame on parents, and certainly is not true for all of Gen-Y, especially those who were raised by hard-working baby boomers who taught that principle of life to their children by example. “Gen Y is one of the most diverse demographic groups — one out of three is a minority.” Ask A Gen Y

10Q: Cathy N. Davidson

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They argue that multitasking is making us inefficient, distracted, shallow, lonely, incapable of reading long or deep works, unable to memorize anything any more. This year, for example, I’m learning how to draw again. Teach for disruption. And teach disruptively. Cathy N. Then it all clicked. But that is the nature of innovation. It disrupts, and it discomforts.

TCC08 Keynote: Why Do We Need A Second Life?

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Multitasking. Minimum Needs for Teaching. “The avatars are too sexy&# : So are some of the profs (at least in Hawaii where she teaches). Q: Community college environment is more concrete and don’t see this as part of their academic environment. A: She provided a zip file with a sample proposal, research, etc. Just like when online learning started, you share the quality examples. Image: ‘ The Teach ‘ [link]. Presenter: Dr. Barbara P. In Second Life: Professor Lilliehook. “Change ahead requires vision now&#. 3D TV. Trends.

Daily Bookmarks 08/12/2008

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As a result, while N-Gens interact with the world through multimedia, online social networking, and routine multitasking, their professors tend to approach learning linearly, one task at a time, and as an individual activity that is centered largely around printed text (Hartman, Dzubian, and Brophy-Ellison 2007 ). Learning how to teach the wired student requires a two-pronged effort: to understand how N-Gen student understand and process texts and to create a pedagogy that leverages the learning skills of this type of learner tags: web2.0 , orgculture , privacy.

Gadgets, Games and Gizmos: Beyond iPoding

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One example is podcasting for learning. It provides an opportunity for them to multitask. similar process is being used to teach young doctors how to distinguish between the different sounds of a heart. Click on the link if you'd rather listen to the podcast of this post, Beyond iPoding , you can find it here. don't need an iPod to listen, just your computer. It was first thought of as great way to train but now some pundits are warning that “telling ain't training” and that podcasting isn't all that it is cracked up to be. This can be a tremendous time saver.