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Why do searches on e-Learning terms drop dramatically?

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Searches on Google on some e-Learning related terms are dropping year by year: searches on Instructional design for example dropped by 80% since 2005. Google trends shows a drop of 80% on searches on Instructional design in the past decade or so. These two reasons (accessibility and quality) apply to both examples. Training for safety for example, or compliance.

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Why do searches on e-Learning terms drop dramatically?

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Searches on Google on some e-Learning related terms are dropping year by year: searches on Instructional design for example dropped by 80% since 2005. Google trends shows a drop of 80% on searches on Instructional design in the past decade or so. These two reasons (accessibility and quality) apply to both examples. Training for safety for example, or compliance.

How does customizing of learning help to improve competencies?

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By converting the spreadsheet process into an automated tool, the scope of coverage, search and other functionalities expanded. What do conglomerates with highly complex product lines do to keep people charged on gaining skills? How can the issue of crunching voluminous data be addressed? Can filling hundreds and thousands of rows and spreadsheet columns help? What did the assignment entail?

Easily Find the Courses you Need with Improved OpenSesame Search


On March 6, we released an update that included improvements to OpenSesame search. Here are some quick tips to get the most of out of OpenSesame search: . . . Different ways to search. Under Courses in the main navigation on the OpenSesame website, click on Browse all Courses in the upper right to search the entire catalog. Filtering your search results.

Learning Insights Guide 2017: Progress with Purpose

A quick search on. Imagine your content is a series of searched (and found) items and use the. search terms to structure your content. WHAT TO TRY NEXT Go search Go curate Go storytelling 18 Again and again in our interviews, we. Rather than searching for. NEXT YEAR" Gather examples of how social interaction, whether online or offline, led to. IT’S ABOUT.

Adobe RoboHelp: Custom Search Summaries

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by Willam van Weelden      When a reader searches for a topic in your RoboHelp output, RoboHelp shows a small preview of the topic, the so-called search summary:   By default, RoboHelp uses the first characters of your topic to automatically create these summaries. With RoboHelp 2015, you can provide custom search summaries through the topic comments.

Social Media: How to Search for (and Actually Find) Your Old Tweets

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Searching through old tweets (particularly when you are a frequent tweeter), however, can be a bit of a nightmare. Topsy Advanced Search. Topsy Advanced Search  is also fast and easy, but with more specific search options. This could save you a lot of time if your search query returns a lot of results.    My search was very simple, so Snapbird was all I needed. However, what if I wanted to do a search for my tweets about iPads, but I didn't want any of my video tweets to show up? Snapbird. who posted it, and keywords.

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Request for Proposal (RFP) Samples

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Based on my post LMS RFP , I've been asked several times if I knew where you could find samples of Request for Proposals (RFPs) for custom eLearning development, performance support tools, learning content management systems (LCMS), elearning authoring tools , etc. This wasn't something I could directly help the person, but I had the sense that people may be missing some key search tricks that would give them a list of reasonable results. Today the question was for Microsoft Project. You have to scan down a bit, but it's well worth the effort.

Template Library Overhaul

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Search by library. You’ve probably had the experience of using a site’s built-in search function and being frustrated by how irrelevant your results were. That’s why our new search feature allows you to narrow your search results down to the correct section of the site. Search results now shown on one page. New product offerings.

Power Searching with Google

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Search is like driving a car. Google just opened enrollment for an online course, Power Searching with Google. I signed up for several reasons: I’m insanely curious and search the web many times a day. Often the instructor shares the screen with an example. Most people think they’re in the top 10% of performers. Becoming a better searcher will save me time.

Learn a New Skill: Master Google Search


Not that finding information is outrageously difficult, but learning to search for information quickly and effectively takes skill. As we increasingly rely on search engines like Google to find information and tackle projects, learning the tricks of the trade can be invaluable. Here are the top five Google Search tips that can help you dramatically improve your searching and save valuable time: . Learn Search Modifiers. Google’s search algorithm is excellent at returning the information you’re looking for, even if you are not so sure yourself.


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This post likely will be quite a bit different because I'm convinced that most people have used different search tools enough that they are pretty comfortable with their current search behaviors. My intent here is to possibly expand the options for the average knowledge worker to be able to search a bit better than they do today. Yes, I personally use Google 95%+ for searching.

Social Media: Searching for Work on LinkedIn

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And recruiters are actively searching on LinkedIn for the best candidates. I'll use mine as an example:   I created a custom URL for myself, as shown in the lower left corner of the image above (and there's a close-up below). LinkedIn searches are based on keywords and key terms, so make it count. For example, I'm very good in Articulate Storyline.

Top 3 E-Learning Programs To Become A Power Searcher


Hence, mastering search skills is one of the most important skills in today’s workplace. Here are a few interesting facts (adapted from various research reports) related to the amount of time that we spend searching for information on the World Wide Web (WWW): Google is the most visited web site in the world. SMART WEB SEARCHING. I know how to search within a specific site.

Reduce Searching Start Talking

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I just saw When Knowledge Management Hurts … Professors Martine Haas from the Wharton School and Morten Hansen from INSEAD , for example, examined the use of internal knowledge systems by teams of consultants in one of the big four accountancy firms trying to win sales bids. The research would seem to suggest that it's more than just an uneasy feeling after searching, but the reality is that you likely are missing things. The bottom line is to reduce the amount of time you spend search and spend more time talking. You really do need to have that conversation.

Social Media: Searching for Work on LinkedIn, Part 2

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They use keyword searches to help narrow the field, and I can tell you from experience: recruiters are the best way to find and keep steady work. It's easy to browse and search for jobs, and in many cases, you can apply with your LinkedIn profile right from your mobile device. Enter keywords, location if desired and tap Search. A Word about Recruiters. Social Media

How to Optimize Your Screencast Videos for Search

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Brian runs Backlinko , an SEO training and link building website for search engine marketing professionals. Before you hit the “publish” button, make sure that your video is optimized for search engines. Fortunately, you don’t need to be an SEO guru to squeeze more search engine traffic from your screencast videos. Guest post by Brian Dean. Closing Thoughts.

4 Must Have Features of Best Corporate Training Videos and 5 Examples

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It’s no wonder that YouTube has become the most popular search engine after Google. In this context, let’s check the four must-have features of best corporate training videos and five examples. Here are two example strategies: The below given challenge and solution strategy is used in ‘ How to reinforce sales training’ video. million words’ 1.

5 Gamification Examples in Articulate Storyline That Will Blow Your Mind

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At first I thought it would be a daunting task, but then I found plenty of awesome gamified examples and game temples online. These examples were fun to look at and play and elevated the learning experience.’ Here I’d like to share my favorite gamification examples created in Articulate Storyline. Check out the gamified example below. View the gamified example below. .

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Work-Learning Research highly ranked on search engines.

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When searching for "learning research.". Mostly we get paid to use research wisdom to make practical recommendations, for example in the following areas: Learning Design. But still, we are happy that the world-according-to-search-engines (WOTSE) values the research perspective we offer. We don't pay any search-optimizer companies, nor do we do anything intentional to raise our search profile (who has time or money for that?). The Work-Learning Research website is ranked as follows: #4 on Google. #4 4 on Bing. #7 7 on Yahoo. E-Learning. Training. Onboarding.

Search and You Shall Find

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Search is ubiquitous, but an underutilized development strategy. Ask 100 people about the first step they take when they need to learn something and you will get amazingly consistent responses: I search Google; I search Baidu (in China); I search Bing; and I search our intranet. In the past five years search has become the default and perhaps most critical step in an individual’s learning style, and with the rise of Internet access to mobile devices, search has grown exponentially. Which search engines are used most often?

Two Examples of how Brands are still not Joining the Social Media Conversation

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I did a few and I had a slide like that at the end, encouraging people to join Twitter for example in order to learn what customers were saying about their Brand or documentation or eLearning courses. I must have had at least 10 search variations of possible ways in which customers or prospects could mention Captivate. Social Media gives Brands Permission Marketing. Let me explain.

See the wood for the SMEs

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For example, Sam the superannuation administrator is obviously an SME in unit switching, because he processes dozens of unit switches every day. expert expertise human resources knowledge personnel search SME subject matter expert subject matter expertiseSometimes this “something” is obvious because it’s a part of their job. Consider Martha, the tea lady.

See the wood for the SMEs

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For example, Sam the superannuation administrator is obviously an SME in unit switching, because he processes dozens of unit switches every day. expert expertise human resources knowledge personnel search SME subject matter expert subject matter expertiseSometimes this “something” is obvious because it’s a part of their job. Consider Martha, the tea lady.

Mobile Photo Search: The learning potential

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It’s a mobile app for android phones that allows you to complete internet searches based on a photo you take with your smart phone. Here’s an example from Google’s site: Literally you take a picture of a bridge and it recognizes it, searches for related information, and returns information to you. Dear Google, what can’t you do??? That blows my mind!!

Content Search Use Cases

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A recent example - Content Search: Use Cases - which explores some of the different ways we search for things and helps us think about when Google might be a good answer and when it's likely not Ray Sims has been doing great stuff on his blog. He does a great job of breaking down topics into smaller pieces.

Redesign of face-to-face learning programmes into blended learning - an example in the Netherlands

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This will be the next step for this team - discussions in the organization and in search of the right tool. I worked with a team of an internal academy to redesign their learning programs into powerful blended products. The challenge is ofcourse not to make a programme blended because it is fashionable but to improve the programme. This makes it attractive to participate.

Beyond Search - REAP

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via Jack Vinson's post Knowledge workers do more than search , found the article: Beyond Search is REAP. The point is that searching is really just the beginning for most activities. From the post: Beyond Search is REAP - Retrieve, Extract, Arrange, Present. We're still not there with the deeper tools and the whole experience we desire for truly reaping the value from all that's available to us on the Internet. This is really on the mark and my only wish is that his article or Jack's had pointed to more help with the rest of the process.

Create an Interactive Course Using a Single Image

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Below is an example of the template in action. The example above was created in Storyline 2 and uses the zoom region feature and triggers to pause the timeline. Here are additional published examples: Storyline 1 (less specific control of the zoom feature). This means you’re limited to searching the Internet for free downloads and then using those for your courses.

What’s the real cost of eye candy?

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Another big savings came from not searching for multiple images showing Ann and Luis with subtly different expressions. Instructional design branching scenarios examples media choice mini scenarios scenariosWhen you’re designing a practice activity, such as a mini-scenario, your time and money are limited. So what should you prioritize? Let’s compare two activities.

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Adobe Captivate: It Takes a Community

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Sure there's a  Captivate forum  (where you can search for and post questions on Captivate), there's a  Captivate Blog  (hosted by Adobe.   The largest part of the Community is a box where you can search for just about anything related to Captivate. In the example below, I typed  themes  and was greeted with several relevant topics. sample projects that can be easily downloaded. you can learn about Captivate updates, features, and attend free webinars), and free YouTube videos abound. Well done Adobe! 

Is it mLearning when you Learn from doing a Google Search on a Mobile Device?

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I was especially interested in what he said below regarding how doing a mobile search on Google does not take advantage of any unique mobile features , and this is where I disagree a bit. You can type your question or better yet, click the microphone for a voice search (another mobile feature). All in all, I’m very happy with the engagement the post generated. Thank You! thanks.

70-20-10: Origin, Research, Purpose

Performance Learning Productivity

These include samples in China, India and Singapore and for female leaders, since the original samples of executives in the early 80s were mostly male. They are 70-22-8, 56-38-6 (women), 48-47-5 (middle level), 73-16-11 (global sample), 60-33-7, 69-27-4 (India), 65-33-2 (Singapore) and 68-25-7 (China). Just look at the web searches you have done in the last week.

How to Make Better eLearning Videos

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They have an access of knowledge where everything can be searched and researched within seconds. Examples Help How To Tips and Tricks authoring design tips elearning LCMS planning Shazia trainingLearning is challenging nowadays. Modern learners are busy and distracted, surrounded with different gadgets, living in an age of information overload. All these factors have influenced the way learners learn, making teaching more challenging than ever. How can we keep them focused on the learning content? What should we present and how that would keep them engaged? Short interviews.

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The joy of UX

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But I decided to look on the bright side and consider this an opportunity to expand my sample size. Sure, there is an alternative: search for the specific channel within the Aurasma app and then follow it – but that too is problematic as the user has to click a tab to filter the channel-specific results, which is academic anyway if you don’t want the channel to be public.

Adobe RoboHelp: Synonyms Made Easy

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by Kevin Siegel    One of the most often used areas of any Help System is Search. And since Search is created automatically when you generate a layout, there's nothing the RoboHelp author has to do to make Search available for the user. Search does have one main drawback for the user. A failed Search is a missed opportunity for both you and the user.

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