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Expertise: Why The Odds are Stacked Against Novices

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A Harvard Business Review article “ What’s Lost When Experts Retire ” reminded me about the dire need to rethink our roles as learning professionals and leaders: My sense is that our current of definitions and understanding of expertise may be at odds and stacked against helping novices to become experts. However, this outlook is the far-end spectrum of what expertise is. See more.

Branding of Learning or is reputation enough ? Learning Cafe May Theme & Webinar

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Or should we be old school and build a reputation through meeting needs of our customers and learners. We will have a panel of experienced pros including someone from a advertising agency with expertise in internal branding will share their thoughts and experiences. Being exposed to branding and marketing is now part of life*. In larger companies internal brands (departments, initiatives etc) have been used to create visibility and engage employees with the hope of resulting into action or change. Will the learning function benefit from having its own brand ? Discussion Panel.

The Learning Side of Sears

CLO Magazine

It includes two data-driven tools, Segno Expertise and Segno Reputation. Nguyen uses Segno Expertise and Reputation together, relying on data and gamification to help make that happen. Segno Expertise shares some similarities with a typical learning management system. Nguyen said developing Reputation has been an eye-opening journey. “It’s she asked.

Breaking down fences

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He writes about his avid reading of the entire collection of one library's science fiction stock during his high school days and concludes that "Expertise is a posture as much as it is a volume of knowledge". Expertise does not come easily. How do you find the edge of your field of knowledge and expertise? blog Seth Godin expertise open access journal reading

Learning Insights Guide 2017: Progress with Purpose

say that lack of L&D expertise is a barrier. We’re proud of our reputation for. Learning Insights 2017 1 Learning Insights 2017 Progress with purpose Learning Insights 2017 2 “WE’RE LOOKING TO CLOSE THE. GAP BETWEEN LEARNING AND. PERFORMANCE – BETWEEN. KNOWING AND DOING. IT’S ABOUT. THE TOOLS THAT’LL HELP PEOPLE. DO REAL WORK REALLY WELL” I like my. learning to. be thought. and not.

The Pros of Social Media for E-Learning

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To be more specific, it’s about being connected to a community that shares interests and has a desire to share expertise around that interest. And on the flip side, social media allows you to establish your own expertise by curating content and sharing what you know. In the past you had very few outlets to build your professional reputation. What is Social Media?

How Freelance Clients Find Me

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Being helpful to others shows people that you’re good to work with, and it demonstrates your expertise. You can demonstrate your expertise. As your reputation builds, clients find you via referrals, networking, and other sources. Last week I gave a short presentation for the new eLearning Freelancer group on finding clients. Portfolio. Networking = Relationships.

Best Practices for Blended Learning Design

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National associations are often challenged to come up with professional development programs that garner a strong reputation and brand and also generate revenue. Your instructor may have already established expertise through the publishing of a book or blog. Darcy Luoma, Lead Instructor, UW–Madison Professional Life Coach Certificate Program. Branded Provider. Star Instructor. link].

How do you create a perfect blend of the various learning components?

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It is also the most important HR function of any organisation of repute. However, with the increasing use of technology in learning, deciding the right tool and correct instructional approach has become a major challenge, requiring the expertise of the professionals. The learning landscape is not constant, shifting the learning focus on learners, learning, skills, goals and attitude.

The Inaugural Jay Cross Memorial Award winner is…

Clark Quinn

The Jay Cross Memorial Award is given to professionals who continuously welcome challenges at the cutting edge of their expertise and are convincing and effective advocates of a humanistic approach to workplace learning and performance. Recipients champion workplace and social learning practices inside their organisation and/or on the wider stage. It’s wider than that. social strategy

Why You Need to Connect with Your Peers in the E-Learning Community

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You’ll expand your support network and build your expertise (and eventually your reputation among your peers). She also freely shares her expertise by answering questions, doing tutorials, and making her source files and assets available for free. All of this activity allows her to build her own brand and expertise outside of the community. Check them out.

Reputation - Its More Important Than Ever But What Exactly Is it?

Mark Oehlert

The whole idea is reputation-based currency. It could also help re-structure entire organizations' hierarchies of expertise by making the basis of your 'organizational wealth' - how much you are helping the organization. Do you know what whuffie is? Do you have any? Can you spare some? Did you know that it came from a book and that there is a whole book about it ?

The State of E-Learning in Australia in 2012

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But these models are hard to find from reputable e-learning providers, or are prone to budget blow-out. The differences in expertise, professionalism and quality of e-learning providers in Australia is huge, and many organisations who are new to e-learning are caught between not being able to afford the big providers, yet not knowing how to ensure quality from small providers.

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The State of E-Learning in Australia in 2012

Connect Thinking

But these models are hard to find from reputable e-learning providers, or are prone to budget blow-out. The differences in expertise, professionalism and quality of e-learning providers in Australia is huge, and many organisations who are new to e-learning are caught between not being able to afford the big providers, yet not knowing how to ensure quality from small providers.

Agile 115

I Believe in the Value of Sharing

Tom Spiglanin

The value to the individual is closely tied to his or her workplace identity: enhancing reputation, demonstrating a dedication to the organization’s mission, and building influence, to name a few. ” Respond to requests for help, offer known public solutions, or connect the requestor with someone who has relevant knowledge or expertise. Sharing from the Inside Out. Thinks.

The four responsibilities of the learning professional

Clive on Learning

They are simply not trusted as they should be to apply their technical expertise in solving problems that in practice are beyond the reach of the lay person. In the work that I carry out, I want to enhance the reputation of learning professionals as trusted consultants and skilled practitioners; as people who can be relied on to put the interests of their clients and their learners first.

Trust 114

10 Tools and Services For Successful Business Presentations

Your Training Edge

Plagtracker – No business needs to ruin their reputation by stealing someone else’s hard work. Otherwise, you chance ruining your reputation and overall future business success. His expertise includes education, marketing, freelancing. Presentations and communicating ideas through attractive slideshows has become a necessary element of almost any successful business.

What Does It Take to Find a Mentor in a Startup?

CLO Magazine

They’ll need to determine whether the mentee is approaching them because of their reputation, or because they need help in a specific area where they have expertise. Mentoring isn’t easy. It can be, if both parties are engaged and invested, but that’s often not the case. Mentoring also can hold different challenges in different work environments. To comment email

Looking ‘Under the Hood’ of MOOCs

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I don’t have expertise advising large educational institutions. I can only surmise reputation is a main motivator, and so a positive student experience is paramount. There’s lots of excitement about MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course); new business models and prestige for education institutions, new opportunities for people from around the world to access learning. project management.

5 Reasons to Implement E-Learning

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E-Learning options – mobile productivity apps for staff in the field, social networks that help people find the expertise they need, knowledge refreshers delivered via webinar , and procedural “how to” videos. Employers with a reputation for innovative staff development and support are high on the prority list of employee candidates. Build staff productivity.

4 Types of Videos for Learning

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When executed well, an interview can capture sincerity, expertise, passion, and motive–not just information. Finally, identify an interviewer who can move the conversation and draw out the passion and expertise from your expert. With that in mind, one crucial step before you choose what type of video to make is to consider your customers’ expectations. Screencasts. Animations.

The Inaugural Jay Cross Memorial Award goes to ….

Jane Hart

The Jay Cross Memorial Award is given to professionals who continuously welcome challenges at the cutting edge of their expertise and are convincing and effective advocates of a humanistic approach to workplace learning and performance. Reposted from the Internet Time Alliance website. They share their work in public and often challenge conventional wisdom. It’s wider than that.

Outsourcing the translation of your e-learning courses? Get the prep work right

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As an e-learning vendor with 15 years of experience and translation expertise, we at CommLab suggest you outsource your translation services to a vendor who has the required expertise to produce multiple language versions of e-learning courses. Are you considering translating your e-learning courses? Are you thinking of outsourcing the translation? What do you think?

A Three-Step Process for Becoming an E-Learning Pro

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This next one is all about connecting with others, building your reputation, and demonstrating your expertise. That’s where people will see your expertise. A great way to build your reputation is to present at industry conferences and workshops. “I want to become an elearning pro. What do I have to do to get better?” Complete a certificate program.

Should you outsource your content development?


Do you have the required subject matter expertise in-house? But if the content needed is pretty generic, or the third party contracted has greater expertise, outsourcing may be the most efficient option. Assigning course creation to a team that’s already maxed out will appear a poor decision if deadlines slip and your company’s reputation is compromised. In-house or outsource?

10 Tips to Earn Money as an eLearning Professional


Whether it’s designing live training events for corporations or creating content as a subject matter expert , knowing your niche inside and out allows you to capitalize on your expertise and experience. Publishing eLearning articles and other eLearning content online gives you the opportunity to attract new clients and build a reputable online presence.

Leadership Equals Influence and Influence Requires Power

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Sometimes the easiest way to come to grips with the concept of legitimate power is to think in terms of “should” or “ought”: “She should be able to give me some useful insight on my challenges, because she is a salesperson from a reputable company with a high-value brand.” “He The more you study and gain relevant experience, the more subject matter expertise you inevitably gain. Google the term “leadership” sometime, and experience firsthand what it feels like to be overwhelmed (over 162 million references containing thousands of different characterizations). In a word: power!

Is Too Much Collaboration a Bad Thing?


These employees, due to their exceptional skill or experience and general good will, are pulled in for feedback, sometimes in areas where they don’t need to be or have expertise. They have a reputation for being capable and willing to help, so other teams constantly reach out to them for help and advice. Most companies that employ collaborative practices can probably tell you that they see many of collaboration’s benefits. All of this leads to more efficiency and happier workers. What’s not to like? . What does too much collaboration look like and how did we get here?

Development: The Link between IT and Productivity

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If not, third-party resources are available to gauge employees’ areas of IT expertise so managers know their strengths and weaknesses in application. Further, the growth and empowerment that comes with providing resources to IT team members at all levels of expertise increases a team’s proficiency. Those numbers likely have increased since then. To comment, email

A Fresh Look at Personal Branding


Most people have a sense of their self and their reputation; however, it’s the most reputable people who actively manage their brand with others. Knightsbridge is a North American human capital solutions firm that truly integrates the expertise of finding, developing, and optimizing an organization’s people to deliver more effective solutions and better performance.

To be or not to be Moodle

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What you get is a customized version of Moodle, but you can still go into the code and tweak it yourself – if you have that expertise. It has a reputation for poor documentation. Thus, you need to have the expertise and knowledge to do it. Right now you are probably in one of three camps when it comes to open source LMSs, specifically Moodle: Huge fan and most likely have it. Not a fan of it. Thinking of soup, I mean Noodles! And you may be thinking, okay, here it comes – here comes the “hate” with Moodle. . I humbly thank you; well, well, well.

Moodle 101

Colorful Consulting: Lessons from Larry

Allison Rossett

He oozed expertise through silent review, questions, comments and reputation. Today I learned about consulting from a surprising source. It began at lunch yesterday, when my usually positive pal Ellie remarked that my hair wasn’t looking so great. I think the word she used was listless. The cut was fine. But she wondered about the color. What was up with the color? In order to tell this story I have to admit that I’ve been throwing color at my hair for years. But it has been a few steps forward and then about the same number of steps backwards. What was that? It looked nasty.

25 eLearning tools you need to have


If you have expertise on a topic, submitting answers will help to build your reputation among knowledgeable peers. It’s also now pretty easy to create your own podcasts to share expertise with learners and the eLearning world in general. On a basic level, it’s become all but essential for professionals to have a LinkedIn profile to support their reputation.

Go Global by Thinking Local: Delivering Online Training Courses in Multiple Languages


Hire translators certified by a reputable organization such as the American Translators Association. Tap into their expertise and ask them to review or beta test your localized training before going live. And developing online training via a LMS is scalable, as you can train thousands in a short time. But the trick to growing globally is thinking locally. Go Local. Sound complicated?

Learning Resolutions: Be Better, Not Right


When I talked to him about it further, the distinction was this: “Right” is based on expertise (if I’m an expert, I should know the “right” answer to a design problem), but it’s really fragile. When you design this way, nobody has be defensive, and nobody’s reputation is at stake. Ask yourself "is this better" instead of "is this right." . Better” is less fragile. I love this.

UL Acquires EduNeering from Kaplan

Kapp Notes

It looks like EduNeering, the leader in compliance-based learning has been acquired by UL, a global independent safety science company offering expertise across five key strategic businesses: Product Safety, Environment, Life & Health, Knowledge Services and Verification Services. “UL affords us an extraordinary growth platform of global resources, reputation and social mission that will bear fruit for our team and customers alike.” Looks like it is going to be a perfect fit. Keep your dial right here for more updates and any potential impact on Kapp Notes.