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If Facebook was a country …

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If Facebook was a country … yeah, but it isn’t. Liking Facebook (a global network) to the population of a single country is inaccurate. billion, and Facebook reportedly at 1.39 And this is really what it is – Facebook is not a country, it is a government, of sorts. Related posts: Infographic: Does Facebook make you a better student? billion.

Google Plus: Initial Impressions

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It’s been quite an interesting week on the Google front, with the launch of one new service after another. The one making the biggest waves (if you pardon the pun) has been Google+ (plus). It shouldn’t be surprising that I’m making lots of comparison to Facebook which is the defacto social networking standard right now. Social Learning Weekly Finds Google Google Plus

Evaluating Facebook and Twitter for e-Learning


Facebook and Twitter. The two biggest social sites on the web at the moment (there’s also Google+, but that’s for the most part a wasteland analysts say). Facebook itself downplays the breadth of Facebook apps, giving emphasis only to gaming (to the point that the central Facebook page one goes to download apps only mentions games).

This Week on #TalkTech: Microsoft’s Nightmare, Training at Facebook and Google Shortens Attention Spans

Bottom-Line Performance

Topic 1: How might real life training exercises like Facebook’s “hackathon” be applied to other industries? October was CyberSecurity awareness week, and Facebook was not pulling any punches. In order to teach employees about the dangers of security breaches, Facebook launched a series of security threats and fake phishing sites to see how employees would respond.

5 Unknown Ways You're Wasting Your Training Budget

help companies like Google and Facebook become leaders in their industry. WHITE PAPER 5 Unknown Ways. You’re Wasting Your. individual employees according to Bersin by Deloitte. When it comes to training budgets, leaders. struggle to pinpoint what impact (if any) their training programs are having. So what’s the result? practices. This problem spans the entire training. involvement.

Quick Review of Izzui – The Facebook LMS


Facebook is being used for a whole lot more than comments and pictures these days. Not too long ago, an ambitious Facebook app called Izzui came about with the goal of allowing people the opportunity to create and sell training on the world’s most popular social networking platform. Naturally, Izzui cannot shake the Facebook branding, so it loses a bit of identity.

'Using Facebook & Twitter For Learning & Teaching' Workshop


INTRODUCTION Today more than 900 million people use Facebook, and more than 300 million use Twitter to connect, share and interact with one another. Then we will explore and discuss with the participants how they can use Facebook for learning and teaching. Social_Media PLE Facebook web2.0 Day two will be dedicated to exploring Twitter basics and apps for learning and teaching.

How To Dethrone Google, and Who Will Likely Do It (Hint: Not Facebook)

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As Google already is, they must fight to maintain the value that they have built for their market. Google understands that to be successful in the tech world they must maintain value but also add value. Originally posted by Derek Brown on LinkedIn How To Dethrone Google, and Who Will Likely Do It (Hint: Not Facebook). Can Google be dethroned? Hear me out. Wolfram.

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Facebook for e-Learning


News from the e-learning frontier Pages Home About Community Free e-Learning Resources Contribute to the e-Learning Community 11/07/2010 Facebook for e-Learning Facebook objective is " to help you connect and share with the people in your life ". 50% of Facebooks active users log on to Facebook in any given day. Quiz Monster Create your own quiz Facebook application!

Stock Market 101: Facebook’s IPO

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When Facebook’s IPO didn’t result in a spike in its stock valuation on its first day of trading, people speculated. Was it because Facebook isn’t as hip as it once was? Here’s the truth: These questions are irrelevant to understanding whether Facebook is valued fairly or not. Facebook’s current earnings are $1 billion.

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Infographic: How Google has changed what it means to do research


With almost 30 percent of the human population, or 2 billion people, using the internet; and 94 percent of US students equating research with using Google or other search engines, it comes as no surprise that 75 percent of students use Wikipedia and online encyclopedias for research. 1997: Google released. 2004: Facebook launched. 2008: Google Chrome browser launched.

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How to focus in the age of distraction

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Close Twitter and Google+ so it doesn’t distract me with ‘updates’ or ‘new post’ messages. Social Network Digital Detox Distance Learning eBook eBooks Email Facebook Google Mind Map Online Course Social Evolution Social Learning Social Media Twitter So many of us are connected and/or using our connected devices regularly. ” at me.

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Our Take on Google+

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Are you using Google+ yet? It’s launching to the general public soon and after a few weeks of using Google+, Diane Elkins and Judy Unrein got together to share impressions. If I were to start over, I could see using Google+ over Facebook or Twitter. Even if Google+ does have its advantages, it is only useful if the people you want to connect with are there. JU: And soon Google+ will open up publicly, so a lot more people will be there. Everyone who uses Gmail, YouTube, Google Docs, or any of their other services already has a Google account.

Your digital footprint, and how it can be used (against you)

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From a basic Google search to your phone carrier, from advertisers to government agencies, ‘they’ know everything about you! Social Network Digital Culture Digital Footprint Facebook Google Google Maps Social Media Twitpic Video YouTube It’s not right, is it? ” – Your Digital Trail, And How It Can Be Used Against You.

Thumbs up: Integrating eFrontPro with Facebook


In this post we’ll have a look at yet another authentication option — integrating eFrontPro with Facebook, so that you can have your users log in through their Facebook accounts. Facebook you say? Whether one personally likes the service or not, there’s no arguing that Facebook is the world’s most popular social media platform. Getting your Facebook on.

The Future of Search (video) #edtech

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I came across this excellent little video on The Guardian website (via Flipboard): “The future of search … made simple – an animated guide” “How will new mobile phones, technology such as Google Glass – the wearable gadget that searches for whatever we look at – and social networks like Facebook and Twitter influence our searches? it's started!

Google+ – fundamental misunderstanding of networks?

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I’ve been playing around with Google+. As others have stated, it’s Google’s best foray into social networking. It’s an impressive product, defined by Google’s typical clean interface. In fact, Elgg was far enough ahead of both Facebook and Google that only this year – with Facebook’s Groups and Google’s Circles – have popular SNS offerings caught up with what has been central to ELgg for several years. “I’m gsiemens on Facebook and Twitter. Google doesn’t get that.

What Every Teacher Needs to Know About Google in the Classroom

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Google just might change the way you teach—in a good way. After making a full Google Docs integration this year in my history classroom, I will never go back,” wrote Nate Green, an educator and blogger with Here’s what you need to know about using Google in the classroom. Here are a few of the many things you can do: Create an assignment: The interface used for this feature looks similar to your Facebook wall. Students can see homework in the stream and create and edit it within Google docs. Google Earth. Blogger. About the Author.

Reflection on the ‘eLearning and Digital Cultures’ MOOC, Wk.0 #edcmooc

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will not be joining the Facebook group as I use Facebook  purely for family & friends – I keep work and Ed Tech passion to Google+, Twitter, and here on my blog. eLearning MOOC Coursera Digital Culture Digital Literacy Facebook Google Google Maps Online Course Pedagogy Social Learning Social Network TechnologyWe’re off … not quite!

Paper cuts

E-Learning Provocateur

I’m late to the party, but finally I’ve gotten my hands onto Google Cardboard. I’ve been tinkering with it and, in the spirit of Virtual Reality Working Out Loud Week , I’ve decided to share with you what I’ve learned so far. I’ll also share my problems – and there are plenty of them – so if you can solve any for me I’d be grateful!

Does your avatar matter?

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kept this avatar for Twitter, and started to update my other social channels to use this one too ( SlideShare , Klout , , Google+ , etc. but I ended up liking it … and it’s stuck for the last 6 months: Note : I’ve not mentioned Facebook or avatars that I’ve used. We all have an avatar on our social network accounts. Or, what makes a good avatar?

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Is LinkedIn still relevant?

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Those who know me will know that I moved from Bournemouth University to the University of Leicester in 2012, and again on to the University of Warwick in 2014. I am certain that online professional persona was used as part of the interview/hiring process (let’s face it, they’d have missed a trick if they didn’t use them!) as well as my CV and application forms – my  Twitter feed, my LinkedIn profile, my (under-used) Google+ stream, SlideShare presentations, published books , etc. Are those of use who are active elsewhere (Twitter, FaceBook, Google, blogs, etc.)

Meet Learner 2.0

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They are younger than the Internet and mobile phones, and they don't recall a time when there was no Google or Facebook. digital pedagogy education Edutopia FaceBook Google Internet learning metacognition mobile phone Technology universityI'm presenting a keynote speech in Brisbane for EduTech next week, and the theme for my talk is 'Meet Learner 2.0'. Unported License.

#TK11 Keynote: Google’s Karen Wickre and Ann Farmer

Learning Visions

These are my live blogged notes from Thursday’s keynote at ASTD TK11 with Karen Wickre (Global Communications Team) and Ann Farmer from Google. Social Media @ Google Part 1: How Google manages external communicates to make news and info about google findable to the outside world Part 2: Internal communication and discovery Part 1: How Google communicates publicly: Don’t do traditional press releases 150+blogs!, 100 Twitter accts, 20 FB pages…this is all for Google corporate info (how tos product news, etc.) No dedicates editors – no long approval chains.

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I’m late to the party, but finally I’ve gotten my hands onto Google Cardboard. I’ve been tinkering with it and, in the spirit of Virtual Reality Working Out Loud Week , I’ve decided to share with you what I’ve learned so far. I’ll also share my problems – and there are plenty of them – so if you can solve any for me I’d be grateful! The ROI for Google Cardboard is through the roof.

Book Review: “Using Social Media in the Classroom” #edtech

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Online networks like LinkedIn and Twitter and Google+ offer the ability to search for like-minded professionals and amateurs the world over and to communicate, collaborate, and connect with them on different levels. I’m a Learning Technologist. Which is why this book is of interest to me – ‘ Using Social Media in the Classroom ‘ by Megan Poore. ” (p. 8).

Google Doodle contest: Hurdle your way to a TechSmith Spork

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Have you already seen today’s awesomely addictive  Google Doodle ? Well let’s just say if you weren’t the greatest hurdler in high school … Google is giving you the chance to redeem yourself. Post a link to the video onto the Facebook page of whichever product you used to record ( Jing , Snagit , or Camtasia ). Or post on our Google+ page.

Social Media for Staff: Legal Checklist

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Social Network Facebook Google Guideline LinkedIn Social Media Twitter This is a great reference guide, from JISC Legal,  for universities, colleges and learning providers to consider in relation to social media use by staff.  The aim of the checklist is to ensure risks are recognised and managed appropriately, while clarifying for staff what the boundaries are. socialmedia.

Using Social Media ‘safely’ #edtech

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You can read into this a whole lot about what information you share without even realising it, what the settings on different networks and platforms mean (do you know the difference between “friends” and “friends-of-friends” on Facebook? Social Network Digital Footprint Facebook Google Google Maps Infographic Metadata Safety Social Evolution Social Media Twitter

Being active in many networks (@cristinacost)

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Simple … when someone questions your activity on blogs, Twitter, Google+, etc., eLearning Social Network Active Learner Facebook Google Learning Technology Personal Learning PLE PLN Social Evolution Social Learning Social Media Twitter ” But what was the question? how do you respond? It was not always like that … it rather evolved to become what it is today!”

Our Take on Google+

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Are you using Google+ yet? It’s launching to the general public soon and after a few weeks of using Google+, Diane Elkins and Judy Unrein got together to share impressions. If I were to start over, I could see using Google+ over Facebook or Twitter. Even if Google+ does have its advantages, it is only useful if the people you want to connect with are there. JU: And soon Google+ will open up publicly, so a lot more people will be there. Everyone who uses Gmail, YouTube, Google Docs, or any of their other services already has a Google account.

The Death of the Traditional Web: Implications for Self-Directed Learning

Social Learning

Within that shrinking slice of online time, Facebook is increasingly the portal for everything.  Search engines, once the gatekeepers to the Web, are giving way to FacebookGoogle and everything it represents, is facing the first stages of irrelevancy. Hence the importance of Facebook and Twitter: people can passively wait for recommendations on what they need to know. 

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Online Branding for Academics

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Every so often I’ll have a discussion with an academic around “this facebook thing” or “what’s the point of Twitter” Each time it’s for a different reason or coming from a different perspective or background. Is it to be able to connect with colleagues and peers through LinkedIn or Google+, or to increase conference speaking requests?

Learning And Social Networks

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Google Plus is making waves among technology savvy social networkers. Like so many other Google products, this one is in beta and is gradually opening up to more users. One unique aspect separates Plus from other Google services. It was great to see how Google’s engineers solicited feedback, which they got almost instantaneously and were able to act on it quickly.

Week 1: Induction #ocTEL

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” Part of the registration process was giving details of Twitter and blog accounts and the now accessible profile section on the ocTEL website allows you to add Google+, Facebook, and RSS links too. MOOC ALT Email Facebook Google Hashtag Induction Learning Technology ocTEL RSS Student Experience Technology Webinar ocTEL (CC BY 2.0 UK ). So, we’re here!

More facebook

George Siemens

One of the best descriptions of facebook that I’ve seen (on a blog comment somewhere) was: CIA+McDonald’s=Facebook. This formula addresses the secret and intrusive aspect of Facebook…and draws attention to broad appeal and exceptional ease of use/access. Google should be worried (I address the challenge briefly in this post a few months ago: LMS vs. SNS ) – basically, Google has bet heavily on content, Facebook has bet heavily on connections/relationships. They are no more or less powerful than any other 3rd-party widget.

Where would I be without Twitter?

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This is what I have let Twitter do for me, or rather this is how I wanted my network of connections to affect and effect my life. I do not see any other online network having anywhere near the impact or possibilities that Twitter has offered me – to me Facebook is for my family & friends, LinkedIn is still just an interactive resumé, Google+ is growing but still un-proven.

Google+ … Room for another social network?

CLO Magazine

Google is renowned for its innovative and forward thinking. However, skeptics around the world question the potential of Google+ with the failure of Google Wave and competition from Facebook. More specifically, the ability to differentiate circles of users makes Google+ a relevant tool that can be leveraged in the workplace. Dhanji R. Ask A Gen Y

3 Reasons Why Trainers Don’t Need Social Media

Learning Rebels

You know everything there is to know.   If you do, then you need to meet with the Google people ASAP. Join a Facebook group with other relevant people, follow L&D industry pages. Here is the ATD facebook page , the Learning Rebels page – it doesn’t matter which L&D person or company you follow. Through live streaming, facetime, periscope, Facebook video. Boring

Reflection on the ‘eLearning and Digital Cultures’ MOOC, Wk.1 #edcmooc

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There is so much going on, on all the platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Coursera discuss boards, etc.) eLearning MOOC Course Design Coursera Discussion Board EDCMOOC Facebook Google iPad Learning Portal Online Course Twitter Video WordPress YouTubeThere is so much hype around this MOOC, why? Is it because it’s the first in the UK by Coursera AND a UK HEI?

Social Media for Research at SNDT (Webinar)!


Should you have problems accessing (or any issues), please send me a direct message (or reply) on Twitter: @zaidlearn :) Description: Today, more than a Billion people use Facebook, and more than 200 million use Twitter actively to connect, network, interact and share with one another. University Social_Media Facebook Seminar research Twitter Google How could I say no?

Tips on running a Tweet-chat

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Questions : I have found it really useful to use a Google Doc in collaboration with the people I facilitate the tweet-chat with to generate the questions. Distraction : It’s probably worth making sure everything else on your device is closed down (Facebook, email, etc.) Google Hangout) and not a tweet-chat. Taking is back to the beginning … what is a tweet-chat?

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Bring Your Own Devices for Learning: July 14-18 #BYOD4L

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eLearning Andrew Middleton BYOD BYOD4L Chrissi Nerantzi Digital Learning Facebook Google Learning Process Mobile Learning MOOC Online Course Personal Learning Social Learning Sue Beckingham Tweet Twitter Video VideoScribe YouTube have been invited back again this time to work with Sue, Andrew, and Chrissi (and the other team members) and will be engaging course participants online.

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Google is failing us: how to manage the information overflow?

Challenge to Learn

Websites, blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, newspapers, TV, radio to name a view of the overflowing sources that we need to manage and process. Steve Rosenbaum pointed out in his key note address at DevLearn that search engines like Google become less reliable and that we have to find other ways to manage the information overflow. decided to test Google myself. entered the search term ‘Kasper Spiro’ in Google, searching for images of myself. curation Flipboard google ZiteThe rest has no relation to me at all. This is great, but it is not enough.

Terms and Conditions May Apply

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Social Network Ello Facebook Google LinkedIn Netflix Social Media Twitter Video YouTube If you’ve not heard about the film ‘Terms and Conditions May Apply’ then you ought to go look it up. Better still, go watch it (it’s currently on Netflix, and probably elsewhere on the web in full too). Here’s the trailer: YouTube: Terms and Conditions May Apply.

Driver beware

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Whiz-bang  - Using the VLE to it’s maximum, as well as an early adopter of Google+ (and Google Wave), Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Linkedin, etc before really understanding what they’re best used for. eLearning Blended Learning Distance Learning Facebook Google Google Wave Learning Process Learning Technology LinkedIn Mobile Learning Twitter YouTube

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