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Egoboo integration

Jay Cross

Tracking where you’re mentioned is tougher now that conversation on the web takes place on Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed, and numerous other flows. YouTube /jakeross1. Friendfeed /jaycross. Egoboo is a colloquial expression for the pleasure received from public recognition of voluntary work. Of course, first you’ve got to find where you are being recognized. Feedly.

Google Buzz in eLearning

Upside Learning

Buzz can also aggregate content from other social sharing sites, Flicks, Picasa, Twitter, and YouTube. Every Buzz item can be turned into a conversation (like in Friendfeed or Wave.) The web is abuzz with talk of Google Buzz. So what is Buzz – simply put it’s a personal aggregator that is coupled to your Gmail account. What does buzz do? Let Google do the explaining –.

The Daily Tweets

Jay Cross

YouTube /jakeross1. Friendfeed /jaycross. I did not want to like, the new, personal Twitter aggregater. Just more clutter, I thought to myself. Nonetheless, it is so easy to set up, I filled in the blank with my Twitter list of Internet Time Alliance colleagues. Voila. Our Daily Tweet-news. Not a raise, not a promotion, simply an alternative. Facebook /Jay Cross. Web 2.0

RSS Reader Market in Disarray, Continues to Decline

Learning and Technology

FriendFeed 16269 5. Netvibes, FriendFeed, Newsgator and PostRank are the only other english language competitors showing in our Feedburner numbers. Posted by: JEP | December 20, 2009 8:26 PM I still use Google Reader, and I've found it more useful now that I've got Twitter, Facebook, and FriendFeed to share articles on. FriendFeed 16269 5. Bloglines 38797 3. bookmarklet.

Keeping Up - April's Big Question

eLearning Cyclops

April's Big Question from Learning Circuits is "How to Keep up?" This is in reference the immense and rapidly expanding technology tools. It is tough to stay on top of all the emerging tools. However, being involved in an e-learning community is a big help. For me it is a blog community and following many experts on Twitter. Not only am I often made aware of new tools, but also get opinions, tips, and examples of their use. You can never keep up with it all, but access to many experts who are also finding and sharing the lastest tech tools make it much less daunting.

Instructional Design, Crowdsourcing, Audio, Typography, Blogs, & Psych

Big Dog, Little Dog

Create a video and post it to YouTube. micromedia) and activity streams and timelines, Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed and the like are competing for your attention and building a community around the statusphere - the state of publishing, reading, responding to, and sharing micro-sized updates. The Great ID Debate - eLearning Roadtrip. Conduct a content analysis. Script a simulation.

[from emapey] Ignatia Webs: My top ten tips for getting started with eLearning:

Ignatia Webs

enroll in a couple of social media applications (Flickr, Friendfeed, blog, twitter…) to feel what it can add to a course. Anyone who wants to contribute can send their tips to the eZine , maybe our tips will get quoted and published. It ain’t always easy to dive into eLearning. It always looks much easier than it ease. Any content can be stripped down to its learning objectives.

Reflecting on the first half of 2009

Jay Cross

YouTube /jakeross1. Friendfeed /jaycross. My new car is one year old! How did that happen? Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’ into the future. Midyear already! How did we get here so quickly? It’s making me dizzy. I’m going to reflect on what I’ve been up to in 2009 thus far. Caution: this is what Jon Stewart would call old news. Winter 2009. MacWorld : learning infrastructure and social network infrastructure are converging. Also gave session entitled Under the radar great technologies that you could be using. We’re scrapping the LMS posthaste. Trips.