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Perceptions and Factoids (LMS)

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While I do not know who WD will focus on in the market, my belief is that it will be SuccessFactors (an easy win),  Cornerstone (mixed results), Oracle (victory!),  SAP (if they can’t win this one, they shouldn’t be in the game), SumTotal Learn (mixed results – and how important – unknown) and to a very lesser degree Saba. Game based learning mobile style. have an idea.  I have a mobile app and I want to put a game on it. It involves a base with a cannon firing at UFOs.  At the end of the game, you learn about some learning content. .

5 Ways to Use New Generation Learning Tools

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Today, technology is changing the game again, but this time the driving force behind it is no longer the CFO working to cut costs. survey released this week sponsored by Saba revealed that HR leaders in the U.S. Didi D’Errico is the vice president, brand advocacy for Saba. Learning leaders have gotten hip to the potential of technology. and U.K. Open your ears and act.

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Attention LMSs – I’m mad as…

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That’s right, Saba and their wonderful salesperson HSwidget (name withheld).  contacted Saba and dealt with some really good salespeople. I was forwarded over to HSwidget (name withheld). End result – no business for him or Saba. No exceptions. I don’t want to hear the blame game – its your fault (and those vendors know who they are). Bottom Line.

#HRTECH Learning Vendors Preview – Who to see and who to avoid

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This is a tough one, because honestly there are a lot of average learning systems at HR Tech.  I know some people, especially the vendors will disagree, but hey, that’s life and buy the way, I was reading this book the other day, which included a section on how to win the game of “LIFE”   The fact that someone wrote about that is concerning.  While I place Saba in the average spot, I do think Learning@Work is heading in the right direction (cloud based platform). . Welcome, welcome all! To those from HR who are new to this blog, I give a high five. CD2Learning.

Insight – The Top 50 LMS 2017 Report

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Docebo, Axonify, Administrate, SumTotal, Cornerstone on Demand, Spoke by Unboxed Technology, Service Rocket, Saba, LearnUpon. For example, two vendors have added a game experience within their own system, beyond just gamification.  Plus, all of it, the entire report is based on 100% independency, fair and honest, with no quid pro quo here.  I hate that, and I NEVER play that game.  . And I’m along with them. Well, sort of for authoring tools.  For the whole whammy of LMSs, the list has been out for nearly 12 months (for 2016). 30, 2017. . is in the report. Graphs? 

What is in store for the LMS Space: My Forecasts for 2016

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The PLE is all about the learners as it should be and achieving PLE includes the following: Widgets – select as few or as many for each learner (BTW, expect more systems to offer widgets or something similar in 2016).  In the widget game, you as the learner has three widgets, me, I have six.  In order for gamification to get back to the hot level, game based learning has to become part of the system.  And yeah, you will see game based learning hit the mobile device stage more in 2016.  vendor)? Forecast #1. Curating Content. files, images, etc.) Forecast #2.

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A Conversation with Steven Just

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He was previously the founder and CEO of Pedagogue Solutions which he sold to Saba and he is now working on an launching new venture called Intela. For the most part corporate training is event driven, centering around a course of one form or other (instructor-led, eLearning, blended, a game, etc.). The other day I had a chance to catch up with my friend Steven Just, he and I met years and years ago and have both worked in the learning industry for a while. Here is part of our conversation. Just: I’m old enough to have seen A LOT of changes. Gamification. Assessments. Just:Sure.

The World of Employee Training – Monthly Article Roundup

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To help you make the decision, Business 2 Community has put together a list of some of the most versatile corporate learning management systems, such as Mindflash, Saba, and. Walmart has also increased their employee training game, by opening a new in-store training academy designed to improve customer service. 10 Steps to Help Your Employees Be More Productive. Charles.

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Top 10 LMS Forecasts for 2015

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Lastly, I expect to see more learner functionality including social, gamification with a touch of video in 2015. #4 Game Elements. While I do not expect any game courses in the form or level of Speed Racer (even his 70’s version), I do expect to see a boost in gaming elements in the LMS space for 2015. Specifically: Ability to build games or some “game version” within the LMS – either via a built-in authoring tool or as a standalone feature. Ability to add “games” to a current course, assessment, whatever. #5 Gamification.

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The LMS Meets 2017: Top 15 Learning Tech Predictions

Talented Learning

Trying to proactively dislodge Cornerstone, SumTotal, Saba, SuccessFactors or Oracle as a business model is a fool’s errand.  The most innovative vendors are rolling out advanced gamification feature sets for 2017, including contests, rewards and interrelation between content games and overarching LMS gamification. These aren’t  Nostradamus-style prophecies. Thanks for reading!

Top 15 Learning Management Systems mid-year 2014

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Video demo on #8 Unicorn Training – SkillsServe is its name, the LMS that is and financial is its game. In the works and will enable you to build gaming courses (please note: it is still in build mode). Curious to know where SumTotal, Cornerstone, Saba and SuccessFactors ended up? I love to travel. Yet, despite the knowledge transfer, the gaining of additional insight, I am always perplexed at the number of folks who talk about LMSs as though they are no longer relevant and use words like traditional or out dated. Yeah, they forget that part.

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A Look Back at E-Learning in 2012

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Those who aren’t are either offering native apps with online/offline synch or performing the shell game via the mobile web browser and calling it mobile learning. I love the end of the year. It enables you to look back and see the triumphs, the disappointments, the good and the bad. Many people look back and are amazed. like that because it tells a story. On Fire. Mobile Learning.

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ATD2015 Conference Post – Review

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No Cornerstone OnDemand at the show – that was really surprising, especially since they push Learning Cloud; No Saba, again they are really pushing folks to Saba Cloud, and have stated their commitment to Learning. Can create games – you heard me right, GAMES.  They create cool looking games – ones you would want to play BUT. But they are going to launch their newest game course this summer and it will be HTML5, then at some point they will go back and change the Flash courses to HTML5 courses. Well hello there!  Thank you, thank you.

The Latest LMS Insight

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Part of the confusion is the usage of the term “traditional”, whereas I think that people who use that term are focusing on vendors such as Cornerstone or Saba, for example, and assuming that all vendors are like them.  Think of it this way, what are you more likely to play, a game that looks cool or one that reminds you of something you played on a Commodore 64? This week, rather than focus on one specific topic, I went wild and hit upon a few. Responding to Consumers. believe that. know of one vendor who responds within 30 minutes of receiving an inquiry. Tradition! 

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Top 10 eLearning Predictions 2011 #LCBQ

Tony Karrer

iPad Cornerstone OnDemand Plateau Saba Augmented Reality Cloud Computing Analytics Mobile Learning GeoLearning Performance Support Outsource Low Cost iPhone Learning Theory Creative Commons Facebook Portal Leadership eLearning Strategy Knowledge Management Voiceover Obviously, the Cornerstone OnDemand is because of the IPO. I'm hoping that others will join the effort. Video galore.

Top 10 LMSs for 2013

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There is never a quid pro quo, pay for play or whatever with my rankings. I’m not a lead gen for the vendors listed – rather the goal is to provide you with vendors that meet numerous criteria including UI, features, support/service, mobile, feedback from current and past clients and future game plans. little late to the game for some features that others already had in play. Saba: See SumTotal. Hello from sunny Los Angeles. Back again to bring this first in a series of rankings for the top ten learning management systems for 2013. 100% independent. No spin. Pluses. Pluses.

5 E-Learning Forecasts for 2012

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These vendors, I believe will consist of: Vendors who offer an authoring tool or game sim and will develop additional product lines tied to Augmented Reality. Thus, your competition expands: Large size vendors such as Saba, Cornerstone On Demand, SumTotal, Taleo, SuccessFactors – recently acquired by SAP. Every year, I identify five trends that I am seeing in the industry as a whole, and forecast on where they will be heading throughout the year. In 2011, I saw quite a few items that resonated. Here now are five trends and their respected forecasts. ” The Future. #1.

Learning Technologies UK 2015 Review

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In my top 50 LMS vendors for example, the list of vendors at the show were: SkillsServe, LearnUpon, Tessello-Brightwave, Saba, Growth Engineering, Docebo, Administrate, Digits-Glo, Cornerstone OnDemand, Cm-Group, Kallidus, Totara (biz partners of wow, a lot of them), Litmos, Net Dimensions, SumTotal, and G-Cube (who didn’t show up). I’m back.  Well, back from being sick that is (hence the one week delay).  And with that delay, came my delay of the LTUK15 review. So, with out any further notice, let’s dive right in. Overall Impressions. Here are some quick takeaways.

Review of #ASTD2014 International Conference and Expo

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Great to see Saba attend the event. Welcome back, Saba, we missed you – okay, some people missed you, okay a few.okay.a Cornerstone On Demand, SumTotal, Saba, Totara, Moodle, MindFlash, Net Dimensions, ANewSpring, Litmos, Upside Learning, Inquisiq R3, iSpring. Underwhelming number of e-learning tools vendors – especially in the video and gaming areas.  This is equally true for gaming e-learning content.  Listen I’m a big fan of GameLearn, but they still only have two games out.  If you attended last week’s show in Washington D.C.,

Reflections on the eLearning Expo in Lyon 20-21 November


The city also has serious stuff happening in the software industry with a particular focus on video games, and in recent years has fostered a growing local start-up sector.  Lyon is a major centre for banking as well as for the chemical, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries. Booth traffic at Lyon's eLearning Expo 2012. bientot! eLearning News events

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Latest Trends in E-Learning

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Saba People Cloud – a social enterprise platform. Game Based Learning – templates, mini games, etc. Twice a year I will be providing some trends that I am seeing in the e-learning market. Training. This one trend really is an irritation to me, because the term “training” is showing up rather than “learning”, which is the standard term as it relates to online learning (see it already?). Custom Development and LMS vendors. Custom Course Shops. Reasons that the custom development market has exploded at a massive rate, just in the past year.

Learning In Practice Award Winners Announced

CLO Magazine

Bronze Origin Learning Excellence in Community Service Award Gold Cornerstone OnDemand Silver Bellevue University Bronze University of Phoenix Excellence in Content Award Gold Enspire Studios Silver AchieveGlobal Bronze EBSCO Information Services Excellence in E-learning Award Gold Ivy Planning Group Silver Saba Software Bronze WeejeeLearning Excellence in Gaming and Simulations Award Gold Carney Inc. Excellence in Social Learning Award Gold Saba Software Silver Interactyx Ltd. Rancho Mirage, Calif., For 2013, the top honor went to Rob Lauber, vice president of Yum!

My 2012 Enterprise mLearning Predictions Recap

mLearning Trends

Brainshark, Plateau/SF/SAP, Saba, Skillsoft) who suggest the mobile web app approach is superior to the native app approach have simply not made the necessary investments required in building the right teams and selecting the proper tools and methods that meet contemporary mobile learner and more general business app mobility expectations. Here’s the analysis of how it all played out.

LMSs that kick ass: Mzinga

Janet Clarey

Fortunately, we’ve been at this game awhile and have some experience in change management—remember when LMS was a change and culture issue? It’s Friday yay! That means it’s time to feature another LMS that kicks ass! This is the seventh featured system in my Friday series highlighting LMSs that are doing innovative, kick-ass things with social media. Mzinga is the result of a merger between KnowledgePlanet and Shared Insights at the end of 2007. Case in point was my husband’s trip last week to Minnesota via Toronto and Winnipeg.) Kudos Jen (if you’re out there).

Learning In Practice Awards 2013

CLO Magazine

Silver: Saba Software Bronze: Weejee Learning. Excellence in Gaming And Simulations. So is gaming. Gold: Saba Software. Saba Cloud LMS usage has increased by more than 10 percent each month at Kaspersky Labs since it was implemented. The 10th annual Chief Learning Officer Learning In Practice Awards recognized learning leaders, vendors and organizations that have made a substantive and measurable change in business, vision, strategic alignment or leadership. These are their stories. CLO of the Year: Yum Brands’ Rob Lauber. Business Impact -- Division 1.

2010: mLearning Year in Review

mLearning Trends

That said, the degree with which some of our past predictions came to pass proved quite varied whereas some truths were validated akin to a “base hit” in the game of baseball whereas others were “doubles” or “triples” and even a “home run” and “strikeout” or two! Well, that’s how the game played out in our minds for 2010. A.K.A. How our January 2010 Predictions Played Out! Batter up

The LMS Debate rides again

Clark Quinn

Well, Saba called me out in an semi-anonymous (there’s a picture, but I don’t know who of, and there’s no name – in social media?) And to me, that’s not just a game of semantics, it’s a fundamental perspective shift that’s necessary and desirable. Formal learning is necessary, and tracking it can be required, but it’s a small picture. When you look at the larger picture, as you talk about: user-generated content, etc, the notion that you can *manage* this activity becomes somewhat ludicrous.  Hear hear!  So, what do you think?

eLearning Topics

Tony Karrer

this would be down notable dropping topics: games, simulations, knowledge, interactive and blended Karyn Romeis commented: Hmm. Take a look at the companies: Saba (28) GeoLearning (17) SumTotal (22) Meridian (9) Cornerstone (19) You notice the counts are out of order (not descending). roi - old enterprise – future and old games – still popular This is definitely something that I'll be using as I go forward. I've done a few posts in the past that take a look at the topics that are Hot Topics in Training. have doubts about the validity of these data. Just a thought.

Why an Instructional Design Degree from Bloomsburg University ROCKS!

Kapp Notes

The latest version of Adobe PhotoShop and Flash, Lectora, Adobe Captivate, Plateau (LMS), Adobe Connect, and Saba's Centra to name a few. We also have a game course where they create interactive games for learning to solve the needs of a client (again the students interact with external clients and produce a solution to their problem). So, let me describe why getting a graduate degree from Bloomsburg University's Department of Instructional Technology ROCKS and why our ID graduates can easily hold their own against non-degreed folks (and then some). It shows.


Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Adobe/Bersin Overview of the eLearning Industry

Learning Visions

This doesnt have to be a big investment Key Finding #2: The Rise in ASP Models ("externally hosted" or "software as a service" -- SAAS) taking desktop metaphor and putting into a browser trend towards companies giving other people the headaches of dealing with the backend solutions great for small organizations Saba,, Adobe Connect, Articulate, etc. Saba and Centra) WebEx is partnering with an LMS provider as will Adobe [link] Rapid Development Trend How do you expect the % of informal usage to change over 2 years?" 52% of respondants said there will be an increase.

Confused of Brighton

Clive on Learning

Tools for creating interactive tutorials (the bulk) as opposed to those that specialise in producing assessments ( QuestionMark ), 3D games (Caspian's Thinking Worlds ), software simulations (Captivate, Qarbon ViewletBuilder , Camtasia ) and scenarios ( RapideL Discover , Captivate). Tools that generate content that can be viewed on multiple platforms as opposed to tools which are built-in to an LMS/LCMS ( Moodle , Blackboard , Saba ) and depend on those platforms for delivery of the content. Two situations recently have got me thinking about e-learning authoring tools. Have you

GE TV: Craig Weiss on the Future of the LMS and Authoring Tools Markets

Growth Engineering

For example, SABA was always a really big name, but they’re sort of starting to slip off. And I think you’re seeing an increase in some game-based learning, which is finally moving forward. Great to hear your thoughts on gamification and game-based learning, but what about social learning? Welcome to a brand new episode of GE TV ! What to expect from Craig’s new book.

Multi-Generational Learning in the Workplace

Janet Clarey

This was the first time I presented on this topic and the first time I led a session using Saba’s Centra platform. What Video Games Have To Teach Us About Learning and Literacy. Electric worlds in the classroom: Teaching and learning with role-based computer games. Here are the slides from an online session I did yesterday on Multi-Generational Learning in the Workplace.  Great questions, great crowd, no big tech issues. Cammy Bean took some notes and gratuitously posted them on her blog. Bibliography (below). Ditch the digital native / immigrant thing. Don’t do this!

Best LMS? 2016 Talented Learning LMS Vendor Awards

Talented Learning

Buyers see exciting ways to rethink their learning infrastructure, while incumbents are being challenged to up their game. Joe Majors , Saba Software. It is not easy choosing the best LMS for 2016.  In fact, it is impossible to choose just one. That’s because the learning management systems market has never been stronger or more diverse. But it wasn’t always this way.