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Using a Learning Management System to Gather Good Ideas

Absorb LMS

Here are some ways to do this: Include a task after a lesson that invites the learner to submit improvements via a wiki, Google Doc, or other online editor. Or, for each course related to an internal process, add as a resource a link to an online, editable document to which learners can contribute. How did this happen? Apparently, You can read about this here  and here.

Using a Learning Management System to Gather Good Ideas

Absorb LMS

Here are some ways to do this: Include a task after a lesson that invites the learner to submit improvements via a wiki, Google Doc, or other online editor. Or, for each course related to an internal process, add as a resource a link to an online, editable document to which learners can contribute. How did this happen? Apparently, You can read about this here  and here.

Course Review Tracking Template

Experiencing eLearning

How do you track revision comments in your e-learning or online courses? After I have gotten the feedback, I make the columns visible to add my comments and questions. I use Google Docs when I can for reviews because multiple reviewers can all see each others comments. Learning Instructional Design e-learning Google Docs instructionaldesign project management

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Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Google Docs

Learning Visions

Monday, June 18, 2007 Google Docs I played around a bit with Google Docs this weekend. Well, I actually worked with Google Docs this weekend. Inspired by recent posts from Harold Jarche and another one today from Wild Apricot on using Google Docs in nonprofits (thanks to Michele Martin for the link). Now I see that you can publish a Google Doc right to my blog, so Im going to try that now. dont see in Google Docs a way to do this. Creating Social Presence in Online Classroom (ID. Aah -- corporate control.

Google Docs Screencast / Tutorial


Google is going after Microsoft's jugular. If you've not paid any attention to Google's entry into the software productivity suite, now is a good time to familiarize yourself with Google's efforts, particularly when you understand that Google is bringing offline tools to the table. yes Google is starting to offer software that runs offline. the office suite.

The writings of Lee Kraus: Google Docs Just Released

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Home My Story Portfolio iPad Bookshelf Social Media October 11, 2006 Google Docs Just Released tags: google Last night at 12am Google integrated Writely with their spreadsheet application. It will be interesting to see if Google continues to innovate within the applications themselves. Google, Office2.0] hi all. Are you all aware what wow power leveling is?

mLearning Presentations using Google Docs

mLearning Trends

A RT from Tim Martin at the Elearning Guild brought my attention to a blog posting by Wesley Fryer at Stormchasers about his use of Google Presentation -- part of the free cloud-based Google Docs service -- as a means of distributing mobile learning content to his ecosystem. Having used Google Docs for various business purposes in the past, I thought I'd give this use case another look and confirm for myself what others seemed so interesting in retweeting to the rest of the #mlearning followers. There's no tracking of who accessed the content and when.

Google Classroom – Should You Use It?


As we all know, Google is a force in many different facets of our daily lives. From a formal standpoint, Google scrapped their course builder program in favor of partnering with edX , but they still have other tools that are being leveraged across classrooms big and small. Most notably, the Google Classroom program. This evolution of Google makes sense. online learning

Google Docs Screencast / Tutorial - NorthStarNerd.Org


NorthStarNerd.Org Dedicated to open access sharing of knowledge - Your host: Rich Hoeg Blog Engineering Learning Nerd TV Nerd Tweets Nordic Skiing Site Map Tutorials « Data Mining for Knowledge - Educypedia | Main | Introduction to Chemical Engineering eBook » April 15, 2008 Google Docs Screencast / Tutorial Google is going after Microsofts jugular. at no charge.

4 Useful Free E-Learning Tools to Try This Year


Problem is, delivering them online is not as easy as it should be. You can of course convert your PowerPoint into Flash (there are several online platforms that do this for you too ), but lets face it, Flash is dead — Apple mobile devices don’t support it, and Adobe is not going to develop it any longer for Android. Online Quiz Maker. Slidepoint.Net.

Tools for the Flexible Workplace

Enspire Learning

At Enspire, we also use enterprise Gmail, Google Sites, Google Hangouts, and a host of other tools in the Google Apps constellation. Lucidchart  diagramming software is integrated with Google Drive and allows us to collaboratively organize thoughts with colleagues. Balsamiq  w ire framing software can be used to create representations of early-skeletal GUIs.

What’s up with Google Glass – infographic

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Posted in Interesting Stuff Google Glass is hanging around on the periphery about to become mainstream. What is Google Glass? Google Glass recognises […] The post What’s up with Google Glass – infographic appeared first on Related posts: How to use Glogster (graphic blogs) in an online course. What is SCORM & how do I use it to create a free online quiz? Interesting Stuff Distance Learning Google Docs learning tools Online Learning How could it help education? Wearable technology.

A Look Back at E-Learning in 2012

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Those who aren’t are either offering native apps with online/offline synch or performing the shell game via the mobile web browser and calling it mobile learning. Online/Offline Synch. I am quite amazed at the number of vendors who really have zero idea on what the terminology of online/offline synchronization. Google Calendar. I love the end of the year. On Fire.

Project: The Really Useful #EdTechBook

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wanted to continue my exploration of my role and the community of learning professionals I find myself interacting with online and in person. Google Docs. I set up a folder in  Google Docs and invited everyone to it. It also demonstrates a shift in marketing and publishing, where much of it is now online where hashtags and trends and communities grow and prosper.

Use Backupify to Backup Your Social Media Stuff!


Backupify "Backupify is an all-in-one archiving, search and restore service for the most popular online services including Google Apps, Facebook, Twitter, Picasa and more. " If you are looking for a tool to backup your social media stuff (Google Docs/Sites, Twitter, Blogger, Facebook, etc.), Blogger, Twitter, Facebook, Google Docs, and Google Calendar).

Why cloud authoring tools are the best tools for eLearning


For example, Google Docs) Everything is online and you just need to log in to get started with your work. Many cloud authoring tools like Google Docs , QuoDeck , etc. Let’s start by understanding, what exactly is ‘Cloud Authoring’! Cloud authoring is ‘internet based authoring’. In other words, one can access these tools using their web browser. They are free!

TCC09: Creating a Culture of Learning

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Full Title: Creating a Culture of Learning – Modeling a Vision for Technology Use in an Online Environment to Impact the Use of Technology in the K-12 System. Liveblogged notes from the TCC online conference. Summary: “This session will share ideas of how to create a culture of learning in an online class at the university level so that it will impact the vision and use of technology at the K-12 level. Creating an online learning environment that utilizes differentiated strategies to meet the needs of a diverse student population will be addressed.&#. Skype.

The 5-Day Learning Adventure at Jazan University!


Set up your own blog using Google Blogger. Discuss how to use wikis to facilitate collaborative online learning and teaching. Use Google Docs for collaborative document development. Use Google Sites for collaborative website development. Click on the Links to access all the resources shared for the respective workshops highlighted below. Social_Media web2.0

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Review Cycles: Questions to Ask and Online Collaboration

E-learning Uncovered

Online Draft. Or can it live in an online spreadsheet or wiki that anyone can see or update at any time? Most of our clients like the idea of using a spreadsheet to track open issues and questions, like the one we posted here as a resource to our E-Learning Uncovered: From Concept to Execution book.  We prefer putting this type of spreadsheet in Google Docs.  Some companies block Google Docs.   We’ve used SharePoint in those cases.  The post Review Cycles: Questions to Ask and Online Collaboration appeared first on E-Learning Uncovered

Create #mobile #quizzes free & paid options for #mlearning

Ignatia Webs

One great option is combining a set of Google elements. All you need is a Google account, Google drive (for forms and spreadsheets) and setting up a mobile enabled blog (Posterous, Blogger, Wordpress). mobile tools mLearning html5 tutorial mobile learning Google drive how to mobimoocThe question was sent to me through my ask box!

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Tips to Terminate Typos

360 Training

Google Docs. Google Docs also offers a spelling and grammar check, though more basic than that of Word. To use it, click Tools , then click Spelling. A red squiggle will display under words that Google Docs does not recognize. Text that is clean and free from spelling and grammatical errors gives your online course a polished, professional feel—well worth the effort it takes to ensure it. Editing your own work can be challenging. Getting a friend or colleague or editor to proofread your work is great—but not always an option. Read it later.

Wikis for Learning at Jazan University (#JazanU)!


WIKI WORKSHOP Wikis empowers us with the ability to collaborate online in developing websites and documents. In this workshop, we will explore how we can use wikis with our students to facilitate collaborative online learning spaces. LEARNING OUTCOMES After this workshop, you will be able to: Discuss how to use wikis to facilitate collaborative online learning and teaching.

The Top 100 Tools for Learning 2012 list is revealed

Jane Hart

The top tool for the 4 th year running is Twitter, with both YouTube (2 nd ) and Google Docs (aka Google Drive)  (3 rd ) retaining their places for the 3 rd year in succession. Once again the list is dominated by free online social tools. But now for the complete 2012 Top 100 Tools list. Enjoy! Top Tools for Learning 2012 from Jane Hart. Top Tools 2012

25 eLearning tools you need to have


Aside from learning management systems, there are now all kinds of nifty online apps that can help you to organize your work, research trends, create course content, network with peers, and communicate with learners. Tool:  Google Drive. What it does:  Google Drive is our favorite form of cloud storage at LearnUpon. Tool:  Google Calendar. Tool:  Google Docs.

How Twitter can be used for informal personal learning?

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Using Google docs (something I first used for interviews and to collaborate on writing The Really Useful #EdTechBook ), each question was semi-structured, giving the opportunity for follow on questions based on the interviewees answers. I joined Twitter in January 2008 and in the last 6 years, 4 months, and 7 days since my first tweet I have made or posted nearly 33,000 tweets!

Low-Cost Test and Quiz Tool Comparison

Tony Karrer

I’ve recently been working with Sameer Bhatia the CEO of ProProfs as I was going through an evaluation of various online tools that support easy, fast, low-cost testing and quiz tools. He helped me pull together the following evaluation of a few different solutions: ClassMarker Quia ProProfs Google Docs Forms Creator, and Quibblo. Google Docs Forms Google Docs has a built-in Form document type that allows the creation of a set of questions. This can be an interesting quiz / test tool especially if you already use Google docs.

Blogging to Build Your Business

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I recently gave a presentation to the Online Network of Independent Learning Professionals about blogging to build your business. Now I have my business in one place and my blog in another, which splits my online identity. collect them all in a simple (albeit messy) Google Doc as the ideas come to me. Mistakes I Made. Blogging Platforms. Every business needs a website.

#BYOD4L Day 4: Collaboration, sharing, and ownership

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With the availability of Google Docs, Dropbox, FaceTime, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Facilitating an online course #BYOD4L. eLearning BYOD BYOD4L Chrissi Nerantzi Collaboration Community Facebook iPad iPhone Online Course Open Badges Personal Learning PLE PLN Smart Phone Social Learning Social Network Storify Sue Beckingham Tablet Twitter

eLearning Startup Opportunities

Tony Karrer

Should we all be taking online courses from the very best we can access? How does a local university with a limited brand compare to an online degree from a much bigger brand? Or compare to someone who aggregates content from various online sources? My daughter last year took an online summer school course taught by her high school teacher. This already is available.

Learning Technologist collaboration research project #LTFE #LTHE

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The outcomes of this project will be built upon qualitative data that will be collected through the capture and archiving of Twitter posts from October 2013-Dec 2013 using a tagging system on Google docs. online] Available at: [link] [Accessed: 16 Oct 2013]. Hopkins, 2009). This has a real impact on individual and team identity, purpose and success. Project Methodology.

Careful: Test Cheaters are SMART!

eLearning Acupuncture

A colleague of mine directed my attention to a recent article in the Chronicle of Higher Education that describes a high-tech method where students can cheat on some multiple-choice exams in online courses. It’s a great read really. Overall, I think that the way the students exploited the weakness in the course’s testing method is truly ingenious. Therein lies one problem.

Jane Hart’s Top 100 Learning Tools

Jay Cross

These won’t be on my submission to Jane, because for purposes of the survey: A learning tool is any software or online tool or service that you use either for your own personal or professional learning or for teaching or training. Google. really enjoy using Google to search images. store all my files online, in Dropbox, Google Docs, and iCloud. Books.

How To Use E-Learning For Compliance Training


Since technology has made access to information a lot easier, you can put your compliance training materials online for any of your employees to access. There are several free programs such as Google Docs or Dropbox where you can place these materials. This is why compliance training is necessary so that one doesn’t violate company policy (or even worse, the law).

Interview with Peter Reed, #EdTechBook chapter author

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Does that mean, then, that it is harder for those without an active online presence to get the roles? More news about the Really Useful #EdTechBook will be posted here, Google +, Twitter, Flickr, and on other social media platforms using the #EdTechBook hashtag. In this third post I talk to Peter Reed, Lecturer (Learning Technology) at the University of Liverpool. DH – Hi Peter.