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Snagit for Google Chrome: Extension workflow update, animated GIF production

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With our last major update , we debuted video screen recording in Snagit for Google Chrome. We’ve been noticing GIF screencasts gaining in popularity on social websites like Twitter and Google+, as well as on blog posts and websites. The post Snagit for Google Chrome: Extension workflow update, animated GIF production appeared first on TechSmith Blogs.

PD with Pictures: Using Screencasting to Save your Sanity!

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Check out these 5 ways screencasts have saved my sanity: Better How-Tos with Google Docs. If you’re a Google Docs user, you probably know you can’t embed videos into a document. In addition to my full-time job in Cypress-Fairbanks, I work with a team of really cool people to put on the annual Texas Summit featuring Google for Education (we lovingly call it TxGoo).

ZaidLearn: 8 Free Screencasting Tools For Tony!


Free Screencasting Tools For Tony! Free Screencasting Tools List (Updated) Tony Karrers blog "Toast! Im now back to searching for a free tool that works to create screencasts that I can use for my blog. Webinaria Create and share software demos online with their screen recording/ screencast software. Have fun exploring free screencasting tools! Twitter.

How to Optimize Your Screencast Videos for Search

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So you’ve just put the finishing touches on your latest Camtasia screencast video. Fortunately, you don’t need to be an SEO guru to squeeze more search engine traffic from your screencast videos. Here’s a step-by-step blueprint for screencast video SEO. You can easily find these keywords using Google’s Keyword Tool. 1. Guest post by Brian Dean.

Guest Post: You can teach an old teacher new tricks

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It took me over a month of thinking and planning before I made my first official lesson on a screencast.  I had to reorganize my curriculum according to the newly released common core.  I took the time to separate all of the common core topics for algebra II into ten units to be covered over one school year.  Guest post by teacher, Steve Kelly. applications within each culminating project.

(almost) Everything about video for learning professionals

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January was our #videoleren theme on Twitter with the Ennuonline twitter tips. For this blog I suffice to say that you can screencast (make a movie of your computer screen), on-the-fly videos (amateur quality with iphone, ipad or simple camera), professional videos, web lectures and live stream (let online follow a meeting by people who are not there). Tie a tie? Questions.

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10 Things I Love about

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Screenr is a completely free, web-based technology that allows anyone to sign in with their Twitter or Facebook account and record anything on your screen for up to 5 minutes. know some people may have an issue with this limitation, but I actually like it and I believe this feature alone will make you a better screencaster. Screenr uses Twitter or Facebook to sign in.

Google Wave - Twitter - eLearning Learning Best of October 2009

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Twitter for learning - Sticky Learning , October 25, 2009. To get Twitter you gotta Tweet! Quick Explanation of Google Wave - Video - MinuteBio , October 2, 2009. How to Create Screencasts You Can Be Proud Of , October 13, 2009. Free Powerpoint Twitter Tools , October 6, 2009. great resources to find out about Google Wave , October 14, 2009. more Google Wave resources , October 31, 2009. Twitter Research - Best of eLearning Learning , October 12, 2009. Google Wave (21). more Google Wave resources , October 31, 2009.

Join us LIVE on The Forge - Thursday at 2pm ET

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Unlike those big name awards shows, we'll try to deliver some thoughtful analysis of the entries to help you improve your own screencast technique. The Twitter hashtag is #tscforge. Steve Garfield, author of Get Seen , on Twitter @stevegarfield , is a very early and well known vlogger and knows more ways to get video online - more easily - than anyone. Entertainment Judge.

iPad for Learning & Teaching at #eLi3!


iBooks Google Play Books Taking Notes? Dropbox Google Drive Box iCloud 9 Mindmapping & Brainstorming Tools QR Code Reader Apps 4. Videos Videolicious iMovie($) FiLMiC Pro($) Creating Screencasts? Skype Google+ (Hangouts) WizIQ Collaborative Learning & Sharing? Twitter Facebook Google+ LinkedIn Box Google Drive Edmodo Pinterest 6. RESOURCES 1.

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The iPad for Learning & Teaching Workshop at IMU!


iBooks Google Play Books Taking Notes? Dropbox Google Drive Box iCloud 9 Mindmapping & Brainstorming Tools QR Code Reader Apps 4. Videos Videolicious iMovie($) FiLMiC Pro($) Creating Screencasts? Skype Google+ (Hangouts) WizIQ Collaborative Learning & Sharing? Twitter Facebook Google+ LinkedIn Box Google Drive Edmodo Pinterest 6. APPS FOR.

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7 Tech Tools & Skills Trainers Must Have


The overwhelming surge in popular social media hangouts like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Snapchat, Google+, YouTube, as well as the true power that blogs have, all tell us where the potential learners are. Online applications like Prezi, PowToon, goAnimate, Google Slides and Storyboard That! Or perhaps you are assessing your current educational technology skills.

Two Examples of how Brands are still not Joining the Social Media Conversation

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A couple of years ago, whenever someone did a presentation on Social Media, most likely the last slide in the presentation would read ‘Join the Conversation.”. I did a few and I had a slide like that at the end, encouraging people to join Twitter for example in order to learn what customers were saying about their Brand or documentation or eLearning courses. Not all of them as I have found.

Manic May! Tools for Survival!

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This year, I have found myself constantly leveraging Twitter, Snagit, and Remind as I power through the days. Twitter allows me to tell the story of our school, Remind helps me connect with families and send important updates, and Snagit?! think Catina summed it up best when she shared that, “Snagit works seamlessly between Chrome and your Google Drive. Manic May! Oh May.

1st update on 10 Tools Challenge 2013

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It has been good to see the varied interest in the 10 Tools Challenge both on my blog and Twitter as well as on other social channels – so here are a few updates. 1 – In response to a number of requests I’m now collating the blogs of those who are taking part as an update on the introductory blog post  - so that the posts can be shared more widely. OFFICE TOOLS.

The Green Screen Effect – TechSmith Tips

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TechSmith Tips is a weekly series that will focus on tips in screencasting, video editing, and more. You can find almost any cloth from a local fabric store or a quick google search for a reasonable price. Keep your eyes on the TechSmith blog, YouTube channel (subscribe to make it easy) , Twitter , Facebook , we’ll even be posting it on LinkedIn if that’s your thing.

Something new under the hood

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Camtasia for Mac users may have noticed something different in your screencast projects after installing our free Lion-ready update a couple of weeks ago. So go nuts and add a little more motion to your screencast projects! Leave a comment on this post or find us on Twitter , Facebook , or our new Q&A forum. Tweet him up @fosteronomo or put him in a Google+ Circle.

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Software Training Focused on the Work, Not the Tool


You may even be creating some eLearning courses in Mindflash right now on a new software implementation, taking screen shots, screencasts, and creating process and workflow graphics to explain how the software works. You can follow him on  Twitter  or on  Google+. Much of my training career has been about designing and delivering training on new software implementations.

Twitter Research - Best of eLearning Learning

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To get Twitter you gotta Tweet! Quick Explanation of Google Wave - Video - MinuteBio , October 2, 2009. Free Powerpoint Twitter Tools , October 6, 2009. All About Screencasting - Meet Scrast and Camtasia Users Group , September 30, 2009. Twitter (50). Free Powerpoint Twitter Tools , October 6, 2009. To get Twitter you gotta Tweet! Indian Learning Professionals and Companies on Twitter , October 1, 2009. Facebook–Good for Your Memory: Twitter–Not So Much , October 1, 2009. Best of eLearning Learning. Featured Sources.

ZaidLearn: A Free Learning Tool for Every Learning Problem?


Google Language Tools RSS reader? Google Reader Online Calendar? Google Calendar Tool to aggregate all my resources, mail, RSS feeds, etc, in one place? Google Docs or Zoho Tool that accurately converts my PowerPoint to Flash (including animations)? Google Notebook Blogging tool? Twitter Wiki tool? Screencasting (recording) tool? Twitter.

Last chance to vote for a ScreenChamp!

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We have an important job for you: determine which screencaster deserves a brand new MacBook Pro (and a bunch of other goodies). Steve Garfield, author of Get Seen , on Twitter @stevegarfield , is a very early and well known vlogger and knows more ways to get video online - more easily - than anyone. Tweet him up @fosteronomo or put him in a Google+ Circle. Save the date ).

New book: Interactive guide to Camtasia for Mac

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With over 30 screencast videos inside, this book will teach you the fundamentals of Camtasia for Mac and get you started on making great screencasts. Simply leave a comment on this blog post with a link to your favorite screencast by 11:59 pm ET on Thursday, April 4, 2013. Tips & How To's Book Camtasia for Mac how to Screencasting Tips and TricksWant to win a copy?

Teaching the World through Open Learning

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So he started recording his computer screen along with instructional audio (also known as screencasting) for students to watch as they have time. Michael often relies on Twitter because it helps him connect with people from around the world quickly and easily. A lot of his class content is inspired by what he finds and the people he interacts with on Twitter. Click here.

How to MOOC: Technology-Enabled Learning Tools, Part 1

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Whether you choose to deliver content via text or video, host webinars or Google+ Hangouts, or use discussion forums or Twitter feeds, the LMS must be user-friendly, intuitive, and easy to navigate for both the instructors and the learners. Screencasts are digital recordings of computer screen output. Just in case you’ve been under a rock lately, here is a news update: the nature of training is changing, and fast! The recent explosion of massive open online courses (MOOCs) in higher education has brought with it a whole new set of technology-enabled learning tools. Videos.

Differentiation Through Flipped Out Collaboration

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We implemented Google’s 20% time. First, almost all our videos were made using Steve’s interactive projector and Camtasia screencasting and editing software. We spent a great deal of time using Google Docs to share ideas and thoughts as the year went on. You can email Zach at or connect with him on Twitter: @z_cress. Guest post by Zach Cresswell.

Back to Basics – What is eLearning?

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When I want to know something, the first places I’ll look are Google, Wikipedia and YouTube. Videos, podcasts, PDFs, screencasts etc.  The massive popularity of social networking and sharing sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Yammer, Pintrest, Flickr… the list goes on and on, is testament to the fact that we humans love to use the web to interact with other people.

Free Cloud Apps

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Blogging WordPress Documents Google Docs Graphics Picasa Web Albums ChartGo (creating charts) Screencasts and Simulations Screenr Social Bookmarking Delicious Social Media and Networking LinkedIn Plaxo Twitter Yammer Video YouTube. Here is a compilation of free cloud applications. These have a slant towards learning tools and web development, but is open to any suggested cloud apps as long as they are free to all users. If you has an app to suggest please do so by posting a comment. Learning

EDUCAUSE 2013 Presenter Profiles: Dr. Dan Anderson

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Also Scheduled: Wednesday at 12:30PM and Thursday at 12:00PM we will have a Google Hangout so you can share your ideas with the TechSmith developers back at the office. In other words, what started it all? I’ve been working with video in teaching for many years, but my latest focus really began with creating tutorials using videos and screencasting for my own projects.

Tune in LIVE to 48 in 24: Tips, interviews, behind the scenes

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We’re locking ourselves into the studio for 24 hours straight, to record 48 interviews that will help you become a better screencaster and visual communicator…and will give you an inside look at the people who make the magic at TechSmith. Kelly Rush (@hexydes | Google+ ). Josh Holnagel (@hohoholnagel | Google + ). Designer, trainer and screencaster. 10:00 am.

Facebook for e-Learning


NewsRack A fully featured RSS reader that can be used as a standalone client with Google Readers. Webinaria Screencast Recorder You can create screencast tutorials or record video presentation for sharing with your learners. Sorry I got carried away a bit there :P You can also integrate other social networking API's such as Twitter. See what they think! Thanks.

195 posts about MOOCs

Jay Cross

Diana Kimball [twitter: dianakimball ] is giving a Berkman lunchtime talk on coding as a liberal art. Google: first MOOP (Massive Online Open Pedagogy) DONALD CLARK PLAN B | MONDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2013. Power Searching with Google JAY CROSS | WEDNESDAY, JULY 11, 2012. List of the top 100 Twitter influencers in Australia – Ross Dawson , May 31, 2011. Page 1 of 2.

New Book: Camtasia Studio 8 – The Definitive Guide

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Daniel is a professional screencaster and has started his own company, dappertext. He has trained people around the world to be better screencasters. The book is an interactive PDF with over 300 full color screenshots and 30 screencasts totaling nearly an hour. The Camtasia Studio book is available now! Daniel has been involved with Camtasia from the start. Want hands on help?

Learning to Learn in the modern Enterprise

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If we look back at our experience, there will have been several occasions when we would have asked a question on a discussion forum or looked up Wikipedia or searched on Google. Its fascinating how much relevant information even a poorly constructed Google search can throw up. Add to that the plethora of other social media; Wikipedia , Twitter , Yahoo! He's a true guru.

Forget Photoshop, PowerPoint 2010 Rocks for AHA-G!


Personally, I mostly use Clipart, Pictures (from Microsoft), and Google Image search. PLENK2010 Using Twitter to Transform the Classroom! Join the #moodlewish Twitter Stream! BEING ATTACKED! First, I must make it clear (once and for all!) But, most educators are not graphic designers, and want to simply develop cool/relevant graphics to spice up, or enhance their websites (e.g.