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7 Statistics That Prove mLearning is Essential!

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Without statistics, how would we know that 0.3% Look Canada, as the statistics have proven, it’s not. When pondering the deeper questions of the world, more and more of us reach into our pockets to ‘Google’, ‘Bing’, or for those refusing to accept the dawn of a new millennium, ‘Ask Jeeves’. The post 7 Statistics That Prove mLearning is Essential! Appy Days! Is it a bird?

10 Astounding Statistics about Online Video

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Having a video on the landing page of your website makes it 53% more likely to show up on the first page of a Google search. 7. Online video has gotten big – but seeing just how big it’s gotten may surprise you. And, it’s just going to continue growing! Here are 10 standout stats about online video that are bound to astound you. 1. Approximately 340,000 years worth of online video are watched every day. 2. 500 tweets every minute contain video links. 3. 4 billion videos are watched every day. 4. There you have it.

Big Data at Google

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To see Big Data at work, look to Google, where number-crunching on a massive scale has changed hiring and management practices. Measurements and analytics rule at Google. All people decisions at Google are based on data and analytics,” according to Kathryn Dekas, a manager in Google’s “people analytics” team. Google’s conclusions have a bearing on where CLOs should be focusing their efforts. Brainteaser questions have been banned, Google recruiters no longer ask about grades, and you don’t have to have a college degree to land a job. . What do you do?

The 70:20:10 L&D Model for Developing a High-Performing Workforce


” ~ Eric Schmidt (Ex-CEO, Google Inc.). Some of the most successful products from Google such as Google News, Google Earth, and Google Local were employee-initiated projects unrelated to its core business! Despite knowing about these statistics, many organizations spend their training time, effort, and budget in inverse proportion! INTRODUCTION.

How Performance Support Apps Are Faring In Today’s Workplaces


The interesting statistics revealed by the survey suggest that the pace of development for mobile applications in the enterprise is proceeding slowly. Ford Apps for Your Mobile Device : These include highly innovative mobile apps from Ford such as Featured Ford Apps, Mustang Apps, Vehicle Tour Apps, and Test Drive Apps, all available on the App Store and the Google Play Store.

Top 20 Guides for Setting Up an Internal App Store


Managing the usage information statistics for making good purchase/licensing decisions. Distribute Android Apps In Your Organization : A How-To article (with a FAQ section) on the Google Play Private Channel that helps distribute internal Android apps to employees within organizations. Not just mobile apps and content. The above quote is from our interview with Geoff Stead. Survey.

The Death of the Traditional Web: Implications for Self-Directed Learning

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Google and everything it represents, is facing the first stages of irrelevancy. The rise of Google-type search and “knowledge at your fingertips” seemed to herald all that was needed for anyone to find the answer to anything. It cites impressive statistics about the loss in possible ad revenue engendered by the collapse of the traditional Web ($2.2 The answer, really, is no.

How Microlearning Enables “Micro-Moments”

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That’s because back in 2015, Google shared a slew of new research about micro-moments. Much like in 2011 when Google pitched the “Zero Moment of Truth” concept, this new research sets out to be a game changer. It turns out that the research Google has done to help serve its interest in the marketing world is extremely relevant to our own industry. What are Micro-Moments? link].

Site Meter Removed - Google Analytics Instead

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Just a quick note that I've been using SiteMeter and Google Analytics for a while now on my blog. It was nice as a quick hit information source and I'd still recommend say it was good as a starter approach to getting statistics. On the other hand, it's tough to beat Google Analytics, especially for the price (free As I've reached 500 visitors a day on the site, I've found that SiteMeter didn't really allow for the detail information I wanted.

Top 10 ELearning Stats for 2014


Well, this infographic, created by, describes 10 elearning statistics to consider as we enter the new year. In the same way edX is poised to grow given Google’s recent involvement. The end of 2013 is in sight, and what a year it has been for elearning. It was a long time coming, but now that version 1.0 From the MOOC landscape, elearning is alive and well.

Top LMS Industry Facts of 2016

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We asked our partner, the vendor of JoomlaLMS Learning Management System , to create an infographic on interesting LMS Industry facts and statistics. Shared. The LMS Industry is rapidly growing and developing. As far back as 30 years ago, there were around 15 LMS vendors on the market; today the number exceeds 700. Isn’t that amazing? We hope you will enjoy it. Have a look! bn in 2013, $7.8

What Are The Characteristics Of A Modern Learner?

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To help explain the characteristics of a modern learner, I’ve compiled the latest statistics from multiple leading authorities of elearning. Statistics show that 67% of learners learn on mobile devices. I suspect this number is actually larger if you account for the many types of available learning, such as the ability to Google any question. Modern learners want mobility.

eLearning Content And Social Media

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It also has over a billion active members with accessible demographic statistics. What Can I Share About eLearning in Google+? In all honesty Google+ is not fit to to attract eLearning customers. Add existing students to a Google+ group. Try out Google+ Hangouts for conferencing if you don’t already have a conferencing program with your LMS.

8 Things we MUST do in 2013 to seize the potential of mLearning

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In 2012 Apple announced the iPhone 5, two new iPads and the new iPad mini; Google unveiled their first tablet, the nexus 7 and later the 10″ version; Amazon gave us three Kindle Fire HD tablets. Here’s another statistic that bodes well for mobile, Apple sold more iPads in Q4 2011 than any individual PC manufacturer sold PCs. 2012 has been an amazing year for mobile!

Creating Digital Learning Content – 4 Useful InfoGraphic Presentation Patterns

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In the words of Avinash Kaushik, the Digital Marketing Evangelist for Google, “effective presentation is almost singularly responsible for driving the change we want”. Many a time, designers of infographics need to present statistics and other data-rich content. This presentation type allows designers to present statistical information in an interesting and effective manner.

2009 Top Posts and Topics: Kapp Notes

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Statistics. I was researching some statistics for use in a presentation and I wanted to keep them all in one place so I figured my blog was the best place to keep those statistics. Learning Statistics. Video Games, Education and Entertainment Statistics. More statistics for use in my presentation located in a handy place. Here are my top posts via Google Analytics for 2009.(I'll I have no idea why this continues to be my most popular post on Google even thought it is over a year old. First from eLearning Learning , Here are my top posts.

Using social media for eLearning (a look at the top 6 social platforms)


It’s a social network with over a billion people, that keeps detailed statistics for their preferences, hobbies, friends, social status, income and other such data. Besides, eLearning content is something that can benefit from a longer FB post, compared to a smaller AdSense ad in Google’s search results. Google+. On paper (or monitor), Google+ looks good.

5 Key Mobile Learning Takeaways from Mary Meeker’s 2013 Internet Trends Report [Slides]

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If you are a Learning Professional, who needs to convince stakeholders about the importance of mobile learning, one way is to bombard them with mobile statistics, and there’s no better source than the annual Internet Trends Report presented by Mary Meeker. Here are my top 5 key takeaways for m-Learning from this year’s Internet Trends Report: 1. Internet Growth Remains Strong.

Debunker Club Works to Dispel the Corrupted Cone of Learning

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A Google image search for “cone of learning” returns dozens of results, most of which are false. The later versions are the “corrupted cone” with fictitious statistics added. A new group called The Debunker Club is working to dispel myths and misinformation in the learning field. I will be open to counter feedback, listening to understand opposing viewpoints.

Multi-device elearning – The weirdest ways learners access content

Sponge UK

We’ve looked into the statistics from Sponge UK’s Launch&Learn LMS and pulled out some surprising devices that have been used to access elearning by real learners. Most statistics bundle all mobile users in together, so we’re going to dive deep into our own LMS numbers and share some data that everyone may find useful. The costs of desktop learning Like. 66% of people.

Bridging the Skills Gap: An Opportunity for Associations

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In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that two-thirds of the 30 fastest growing occupations through 2022 will not even required postsecondary education for entry. Share this on Google+. Add this to Google Bookmarks. I was recently asked to present on the skills gap issue and the opportunities it creates for associations at the ASAE Great Ideas conference in Orlando.

A Lesson in Mobile Learning Design from Yelp [#mLearning]

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But this may not always be the case, consider the results of a recent Google research project, which showed that 70% of mobile searches occur at home or at work and the rest on the go. And here’s another interesting statistic that came out of that same research, 77% of mobile searches are in a location (work or home) likely to have a PC available to them. Think again.

2009 Review

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Google Wave in 10 Minutes. Google Wonder Wheel & Other Search Options. ranks pretty highly in the Google search results for “ instructional designer ,&# currently #3 (behind Wikipedia & Indeed). Tags: Blogging Careers & Work Change Instructional Design LMS Patterns Wikis online portfolios rss Sakai statistics TCC09 What did I do this year? Why a Wiki?

Douglas Merrill, Big Data Demystified for Learning: What’s Important, What’s Not, and What’s Next #LSCon

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Douglas Merrill [link] Co-Founder and CEO of; Former Chief Innovation Officer at Google Author of Getting Organized in the Google Era Has a PhD in Cognitive Science from Princeton and a very nice peacock tattoo sleeve on his left arm In the last ten years, we’ve created a LOT of information. At Google, all reviews are public. Forgive me any typos or incoherence.

Presentations, The Numerati, Searching Google, Planning, & Swype

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Users Don't Search Google Effectively, Costing 40+ Hours of Productivity Each Year - BusinessWire. Boost eLearning discovered that 39 percent of all Google searches fail, leading to more than 40 hours - or one week - of lost productivity per user per year. The online survey found that respondents perform about 12 searches per day and, statistically, 4.7 Via Cognitive Edge.


Getting Your Association’s Board Behind Online Learning

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Additionally, come to the meeting prepared with industry trends and statistics demonstrating the growth in online learning and the success similar associations and nonprofits have had with online offerings. Share this on Google+. Add this to Google Bookmarks. For many associations and nonprofits, a new eLearning initiative requires approval from their board. Tweet This!

Empowering employees with mobile learning


Seriously, if you google ‘ big nosed French actor ’ you’ll find several pictures and a biography. It is a lot more manageable to navigate mobile modules than long powerpoint presentations or written notes, so if one requires one particular piece of information or statistic, it’s only a rapid search away. Knowing your employees. Sooner, rather than later. Wrapping up. E-learning

Is Google Analytics the new LMS (repost)


Let me Google that for you! All you need is an e-Learning authoring tool that publishes to HTML and a web server.You can gain access to extensive usage statistics using Google Analytics. Using the web interface of Google Analytics you will see where your visitors come from, what browser they are using, how much time they spent on each part of the course, and how they use your content. Do you want to gain access to a powerful reporting engine? Do you not want to pay for expensive software licenses? Do you not want to hire an administrator?

Adobe Captivate 5: Display Resolution and Snap to. Watch 'em Both

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

  Consider the following Web browser statistics (compiled by Mozilla FireFox is the most popular web browser at 43.5%. followed closely by Google Chrome at 25%. by Kevin Siegel. I received an email from a fellow Captivate developer who was distressed. He had captured several software simulations using Captivate's Application option.   Snap to.

4 Implications of Microsoft’s Acquisition of LinkedIn

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She says this could put existing leaders in B2B search engine advertising such as Google at a major disadvantage. It is well-known that the company is lagging behind Google and Apple in this vital domain. The purchase can help Microsoft compete with Google in the mobile arena. Microsoft’s recent acquisition of LinkedIn has created ripples in the world of technology.

8 Types of Content to Include in Your eLearning Training


Some LMS platforms will let you build slide presentations directly in the platform and customize the experience, while others may integrate with Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides. Any time you mention statistics, provide a visual illustration to help people follow along. Guest blog post by Megan Pacella. Are your employees having trouble making training a priority? Next Steps.

Helping Overloaded Employees Stay Focused on Learning


I could cite more statistics, but we all recognize that it’s common for today’s employees to feel overloaded—with work, with information, with work-life balance, with many aspects of working and living. Follow her on Twitter , LinkedIn or Google The average worker is just plain busy. More than two-thirds of business leaders say that overwhelmed employees are a top challenge.

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OpenSesame Announces The Release of OpenSesame Books™


Popular titles include The End of Power by Moises Naim, The Complete Guide to Google Advertising by Bruce C Brown, All About Hedge Funds by Ezra Zask, and The Creative Society by Lars Tvede. “We The program also provides access to usage statistics and analytics that allow for accurate tracking of the most read books, category engagement, most shared content, popular activities, and more. We are excited to announce that today we added a new ebook program, OpenSesame Books, to our marketplace. We are continually listening to our customer’s needs.

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5 Ways to Share Your PowerPoint Presentation Online

DigitalChalk eLearning

Of course, one method is to simply upload your PowerPoint to Google Drive or DropBox and give the link to a friend. While a quick google search will reveal many free online conversion services, the quality they will produce is questionable at best. Statistics on user activity, such as completion of tests and tasks, are always provided. “Could I have a copy of your slides?” It’s a common question after you have finished your presentation and received the applause. You may just hand the file to the event sponsor to share with the crowd. Let others download your original file.