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Recording Skype and Google Hangout Video Calls

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With technology like Skype and Google Hangouts though, I don’t have to. Capturing Skype, Google Hangout, or any digital video communication can be a useful way to interview and capture the knowledge of subject matter experts. First, recording video and running programs like Google Hangouts and Skype need lots of computer processing power. Before you Record: Machine Preparation.

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How To Dethrone Google, and Who Will Likely Do It (Hint: Not Facebook)

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As Google already is, they must fight to maintain the value that they have built for their market. Google understands that to be successful in the tech world they must maintain value but also add value. Originally posted by Derek Brown on LinkedIn How To Dethrone Google, and Who Will Likely Do It (Hint: Not Facebook). Someone will dethrone Google, not just compete with them.

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What Every Teacher Needs to Know About Google in the Classroom

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Google just might change the way you teach—in a good way. After making a full Google Docs integration this year in my history classroom, I will never go back,” wrote Nate Green, an educator and blogger with Here’s what you need to know about using Google in the classroom. Students can see homework in the stream and create and edit it within Google docs. These are just a few of the most valuable features every teacher needs to know about Google Classroom. If Google Classroom seems overwhelming, don’t worry. Google Earth.

HangChat: Google Hangout on Air During a Twitter Chat

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Besides the large number of tweets streaming by, you end up with spammers spamming the hashtag and other unnecessary noise. Twitter chats have become very popular. But popularity comes at a price. In the early days, with fewer participants it was easier to engage in quick multi-tweet conversations to dig deeper, or gain clarity, around someone''s point being made. In my experience lately the. lrnchat social media twitter twitterchat

6 Steps to Printing Money at Your Association with eLearning

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And how can associations generate a new, profitable revenue stream AND create higher member engagement? Share this on Google+. Add this to Google Bookmarks. It’s no secret that associations want higher member retention, increased non-dues revenue, and a unique value-add members can’t get anywhere else. How to determine technology needs and make their selection. • Tweet This!

Learning And Social Networks

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Google Plus is making waves among technology savvy social networkers. Like so many other Google products, this one is in beta and is gradually opening up to more users. One unique aspect separates Plus from other Google services. It was great to see how Google’s engineers solicited feedback, which they got almost instantaneously and were able to act on it quickly.

19 Productivity-Boosting Apps for L&D Project Managers

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In fact, L&D Project Managers are responsible for an ever-growing stream of projects and processes -- from scoping and launching projects to coordinating SME reviews and feedback. Mind Mapping Productivity Project Management/Project Delivery Microsoft Project Job Aids GoogleThe project management profession is growing into its own.

Google+ … Room for another social network?

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Google is renowned for its innovative and forward thinking. However, skeptics around the world question the potential of Google+ with the failure of Google Wave and competition from Facebook. More specifically, the ability to differentiate circles of users makes Google+ a relevant tool that can be leveraged in the workplace. Chrome, Gmail, GTalk, Google documents).

Our Take on Google+

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Are you using Google+ yet? It’s launching to the general public soon and after a few weeks of using Google+, Diane Elkins and Judy Unrein got together to share impressions. If I were to start over, I could see using Google+ over Facebook or Twitter. Even if Google+ does have its advantages, it is only useful if the people you want to connect with are there. JU: And soon Google+ will open up publicly, so a lot more people will be there. Everyone who uses Gmail, YouTube, Google Docs, or any of their other services already has a Google account.

What’s on the TechSmith roadmap? We’ll tell you.

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What: Online, streaming event with live Q&A. What if I can’t tune in to the live stream? News & Events camtasia Camtasia for Mac Camtasia Relay Camtasia Studio Events Live news and events Snagit snagit for chrome snagit for google chrome Snagit on Mac Snagit on Windows webinar TechSmith is focused on helping you work wherever you are. Even when you work here!).

Activity Streams

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An activity stream is a mash-up of an individual’s or organization’s feeds. As people use various different web sites to blog, update their status, post their location, or photos, sites and tools have emerged to aggregate these various actions into a continuous eclectic stream of activities. Activity streams are going to be wildly important for social learning.

My professional use of social media and communication tools

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My most valuable tool is probably Flipboard combined with Google reader. When I find a blog I want to read more often I will subscribe to it with Google reader. Selecting the interesting ones and reading is something that I don’t like in Google reader at all, I use Flipboard for that purpose. Maybe I use too many of them. Blogs, writing and reading. I love it. I love it.

Role of Video Conferencing in Education


It should come as no surprise then that the use of live-streaming video is gaining popularity within online learning settings in education. In August of this year, a video conferencing in education survey was administered using Google Consumer Surveys. But Why Live-Stream? Live streaming makes learning events more accessible, both physically and financially.

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Seven 2017 Learning Trends: Novel or Norm?

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Electronic Performance Support Systems (Interesting fact: Google was founded in September 1998.). Interactive video laser disks were quickly replaced first by VHS and Beta videotape and now by videos that can be shot and edited via a smartphone and streamed via the web. At the start of a new year – or the end of an old one – we love to read about trends. Do trends really matter?

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One Step Behind

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Streaming to your Television. If there was ever a technology that is emerging and continues to do is – its streaming. I’m not talking about viewing online streaming video, I am talking about actually viewing video or whatever on your television. Take a look at the tabletop boxes that exist today in the space of streaming from the net to your television, and you shouldn’t be surprised on the players (no pun attended) that see this as the next big thing. Google. Use this powerhouse and stream it to a television or mobile device. Apple.

Top Learning and Development Trends in 2017

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Use Live Stream micro-videos to catch users’ attention. Google’s Primer is the best example of training through micro-learning that is being used efficiently on a large scale. Today, the world is changing at a faster pace than ever before. Learning and development strategies of companies must change with time to address the emerging challenges. Mobile Learning. Social Learning.

My Experience Starting Out with Google+

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I got my Google+ invite back in July (Thanks Derek) but it's been quite a busy summer so I put off getting to know Google+ until now. Being the big Google/Android fan I am, this is long overdue. You can get to Google+ by going to [link]. For example, Google+ has a "+1" option which is the same as a Facebook "Like". Stream. Google+ has your typical chat.

Join our Google Hangout: TechSmith Snagit for Google Chrome… and Beyond!

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In case you missed the news, we are developing TechSmith Snagit for Google Chrome. Please join us for a live Google Hangout on Air on Thursday, November 7 at 4:00pm EST to hear about where TechSmith is headed and get a sneak peek at the beta version of TechSmith Snagit for Google Chrome. The post Join our Google Hangout: TechSmith Snagit for Google Chrome… and Beyond!

EdTech’s Impact On Higher Education


When most people think of edtech, images of mobile apps and Google tools come to mind. Video streaming platforms (YouTube) in education is pretty common nowadays. It probably goes without saying that education has been significantly impacted by the surge in educational technology (or edtech). The reason edtech has surged in popularity is multifaceted. ed tech

This Isn’t Your Father’s eLearning…

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He uses email and Google. He streams the New York Opera over the web. My 74-year-old father got his first cell phone about a month ago. He’s been holding out, but when the landline in his house was out for a few weeks, and the phone company wasn’t sure when they’d be able to get around to fixing it, he knew it was time to get a mobile phone. He has a laptop.

5 Reasons to Implement E-Learning

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Spend a moment searching “Staff Retention” in Google, and you will see learning and development, mentoring, coaching and development planning as proven methods to engage, motivate and retain staff. Revenue stream. Some training companies and not-for-profit organisations look to develop e-learning as a revenue stream. Build staff productivity. E-Learning options -.

2016 Trends in L+D and how to make the most of them

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In L+D this means: blab , periscope , narrative , go pro , google jump , and other ways to either record or stream media. In the consumer world, streaming is mainstream, but for L+D, we are not really there yet, except Learning Now TV and some other industry programs or individuals who are doing it. Here’s my list of what I think might influence E-Learning in 2016.

Wearable Computing Technology In Learning

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‘Real Sharing’ – (life streaming becomes real, searchable, sharable streams of data BIG data becomes real). Related Posts: Google’s Glass Project – Wearable Augmented… The Future Of Mobile Learning Embedded Ubiquitous Learning The Genericization Of Content IBM Watson And The Future Of Learning. Rauch). The Provision of context. FREE eBook.

Introducing Knowledge Direct NOW

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The International Society of Appraisers transformed a classroom course into an online course creating a valuable new revenue stream. Share this on Google+. Add this to Google Bookmarks. Is your membership growing or declining? Did you know that the #2 reason people join associations is for education? Not Included in Knowledge Direct NOW : Customizations or Integrations*.

From Courses to Micro-Learning

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Click on the image to see an enlarged version Jane Hart has written a series of blog posts on Learning Flow which she describes as a “… continuous steady stream of social micro-learning activities – accessible from the web and mobile devices”. Workers used to Googling to solve their queries and problems are likely to bring that same paradigm to learning. The future reflected the past.

Watch Out For These Trends in Mobile Learning: 2015 And Beyond

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Be it for monitoring health, finding directions on the Google Glass or connecting with people with over Apple Watch or Android Wear, there is a lot of activity in the wearable technology segment. Such devices can again, can be used for context sensitive content rendering, such as live streaming of a surgery procedure on the Google Glass.As The shift from Flash to HTML5.

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What is an LMS?


Sometimes it seems like your working life is just an endless stream of acronyms that at some point you have to commit to memory. What is an LMS. An LMS is a Learning Management System: Learning as the end result is to deliver training courses, either in a corporate or educational context. And finally System because, well, it’s a system. Another acronym. The language of the LMS.

A Brief Historical Look at Corporate Training


Google, wikipedia, social media, and online communities, became the new standard in which the training/learning industry desperately wanted to emulate. It was a time of hipsters, Electronic Dance Music , Gangnam Style, eSports, mobile gaming, Mad Men and Game of Thrones, Tablet computing and streaming media , micro-learning and everything gamified. Corporate Training in the 1970 ’s.

SCORM and xAPI LMS in a Learning Culture

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Steve Foreman, in an article for Learning Solutions Magazine , describes XAPI this way: The xAPI operates based on activity streams, a model that uses software to track things people do. The idea of tracking activity streams emerged from social networking and is used by sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. These are behaviors of a learning culture.

25 eLearning tools you need to have


Tool: Google Drive. What it does: Google Drive is our favorite form of cloud storage at LearnUpon. With teams working in diverse locations across the world, Google Drive provides a safe and central location where all team members can access the files they need at any time. What it does: Momentum is a to do list extension that can be used with the Google Chrome browser.

Twelve Ways to Add Value to Open Source LMS Systems

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This can be done using Google Gears to some extent, or with the Harbinger Offline Player all the way up to SCORM compatible tracking. Video streaming Moodle does not stream video effectively. For better streaming experience third party integration with services like YouTube, Kaltura and so on. I've been too wrapped up thinking about interactivity to pay attention to the pains learning managers must go through for making their Moodle implementations effective. User Management User management is the starting point in making Moodle successful.

What Makes Social Learning so Interesting?


One of the most intriguing value offerings of Social Media in direct relation to social learning is that there is an endless stream of content being updated live, clicks away from the learner. If you Google it, an answer shall appear. ​. What Makes Social Learning so Interesting? A Comprehensive Examination of Social Media in Our Learning Programs. appeared first on Gyrus.

Designing Mobile Learning Solutions


Why not build video content to be distributed through Vimeo, instead of hosting and managing your streaming service? Design mLearning to enable linking to existing Podcasts, or using texting or messaging services (Twitter, WhatsApp) and video calling apps (Skype, Google Hangouts, Apple Facetime) to disseminate your mobile content better. Best Practices.

What is an LMS?


Sometimes it seems like your working life is just an endless stream of acronyms that at some point you have to commit to memory. What is an LMS. An LMS is a Learning Management System: Learning as the end result is to deliver training courses, either in a corporate or educational context. And finally System because, well, it’s a system. Another acronym. The language of the LMS.