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The Top 11 Tools for Mobile eLearning Development


According to a 2012 survey of mobile learners, 99% believed the mobile format and presentation enhanced their learning, and it was found that 45% actually spent less time in training than their (non-mobile trained) peers, with no loss of comprehension. If you’re not getting into the mobile game with your training and eLearning initiatives, you’re falling behind.

Tools For Mobile Learning Development

Upside Learning

Upside is doing a fair bit of mobile learning development and we blog about it regularly. want to share some tools which may assist you in developing mobile learning applications. Tools to develop Native applications: SDK provided for mobile device. Using Blackberry widget SDK you can develop native application in HTML. It requires MIDP/JVM on mobile device.

6 Steps To A Better Mobile Learning Strategy

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Mobile learning is a relatively new domain and is rapidly evolving as well, which makes its implementation a not so easy task. When implementing mobile learning in workplace, following 6 steps will help create an effective mlearning strategy. 1. In fact, some early mobile learning initiatives have been taken up more for novelty value than for identified real needs.

The Mobile eLearning Express: A Brief History of Distance Courses

eLearning Brothers

The flexibility of accessing an entire course from a small and lightweight wireless device makes mobile learning the current education frontier. In many current training scenarios, mobile eLearning typically supplements a traditional online or partially online course, or it may completely replace these standard learning delivery options. ADL Mobile Learning Handbook. Freud.

Enhance Your Mobile Learning Delivery with 7 Eye-openers.


With emerging technologies, mobile learning development is also becoming streamlined and budget-friendly. Keeping at par with the growing popularity of smartphones and mobile devices, users too are inclined to use these devices to do more, and this trend is likely to increase. So the mobile platform itself poses no barriers for adoption of mLearning. Will it benefit them?

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Mobile Learning Has A Promising Future In India

Upside Learning

It is a well-known fact that Mobile learning hasn’t yet picked up steam within India. The primary reason for this being the low rates of mobile internet penetration in our country. came across a report on the McKinsey Quarterly website titled – Can India lead the mobile-Internet revolution ? would love to know what you think about the future of mobile learning in India.

ASTD Webcast On New Mobile Learning Research

Upside Learning

Regular readers of this blog will be aware that we recently supported ASTD research on Mobile Learning , a report around that was released in May 2012. Here’s the slide deck/video from that webinar: Tablets as part of mobile learning mix : although not the same as mobile phones, tablets are included in the study as part of mobile learning devices.

How Suitable Is HTML5 For Mobile Learning?

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HTML5 is adoption for mobile learning is picking up; perhaps the iPad is one driver of change , rapid improvements in regular and mobile browsers rendering HTML5 another. Recently, If you look at it, unless you are developing sophisticated games, simulation, or mobile applications, elearning pretty much consists of rendering pages and interaction. Upside Learning

Making Mobile Learning Work – LearnX 2013 Panel Discussion Summary


I will be stating the obvious when I say that there is huge amount of interest in mobile learning across the globe. Technological shifts like movement away from Flash to HTML, and rapid adoption of tablet devices are shaking up how learning content is designed, and how learners access them. Majority agreed that just porting of content to mobile devices is not m-learning.

13 Top Learning, Technology & Media Links: Weekly Digest – 25

Upside Learning

The mLearning flavor spills over into this week too as we scour the web for the best in mobile everything. Further, with the relatively less number of mLearning tools available and the myriad number of different devices and platforms, creating content for the mobile devices is no mean task. Why You Need a Mobile Learning Strategy. What Are Mobile Devices Teaching Your Kids?

Create #mobile #quizzes free & paid options for #mlearning

Ignatia Webs

A couple of days ago someone asked me ‘how can I create quizzes and conduct them through mobile phones? ‘. There are a couple of ways to set up or conduct quizzes that are delivered to mobile phones. Facts you need to know before building mobile quizzes: What type of mobile devices does your target audience use? The question was sent to me through my ask box!

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LUC 2015 Recap: Creating a Better Mobile Experience

Everything E-Learning

Colleen Liley of Alaska Air joined us at the 2015 Lectora® User Conference to share some of her tips on creating a better a mobile learning experience. Colleen showed attendees how to add “image zoom” code with Lectora HTML extension so that users on a tablet can pinch to zoom in on images in their training course. Hopefully this one inspires you to try out your own HTML extensions!

Mobile Learning and the Continuing Death of Flash

Tony Karrer

pointed to Scribd switching from Flash to HTML, and pointed to their CTO Jared Friedman saying: "We are scrapping three years of Flash development and betting the company on HTML5 because we believe HTML5 is a dramatically better reading experience than Flash. Yesterday, I saw what Rapid Intake is doing with their tools to allow authoring of Mobile Learning - what they call mLearning Studio.

HTML 5 vs. Native Apps: A Look at the Pros & Cons


Mobile learning is hot. The data on the prevalence of smart mobile devices and consumers’ increasing comfort with using mobile devices is a persuasive argument. Many mobile devices don’t support Flash, so the L&D professional’s usual toolkit is out of the question. But how to create that content is not so clear. Right eLearning Solutions

Popular ID Principles For Mobile Learning: 5 Trends That Spell Success


With the advancement of mobile technology and hardware in the last decade, mobility of learning has also become increasingly popular. The popularity of mobile learning is growing rapidly, especially amongst young learners, pointing out to us quite directly: the way, future generation would prefer to learn. Mobile-learning content should have equitable use. Learning

IRRODL journal is out with rich online, #mobile and #eLearning articles

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The latest version of the International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning has just been published and as always it is packed with online, mobile and eLearning wisdom. There are a couple of OER related articles in this publication. One article that immediately got my attention was the OERscout technology framework by Ishan Sudeera Abeywardena, Chee Seng Chan, Choy Yoong Tham. They dare to tackle the relevant OER searching and finding challenge: as a major step towards solving this issue, this paper proposes OERScout, a technology framework based on text mining solutions.

Developing Mobile Learning Apps with Lectora and PhoneGap

CommLab India

The latest trend in technology-enabled learning methodologies is Mobile Learning Apps. Though there are some security concerns, mobile apps can be an ideal platform for reinforcing classroom training/eLearning and providing performance support. With minor edits in the code and using tools such as PhoneGap and Eclipse, we can develop mobile learning apps. Finally take the.

Free Mobile Compatible Edge Animate Templates

eLearning Brothers

This post will highlight three Adobe Edge Animate Templates that can be used for mobile learning. Some of my favorite features of these templates are the HTML 5 output and the iBooks Author export capabilities. We hope you enjoy these mobile friendly templates. Watch this video on how to use these mobile eLearning Templates. Here’s how to do it: 1. Click

Mobile, Tablet, and Laptop: Coding Responsive Design by Mark Lassoff

Learning Solutions Magazine

For mobile. now the top mobile OS, and there are now over 30 combinations of screen size and resolution. shows how to use HTML and CSS to deliver a solution: responsive design. Design & Development Tools Development Strategies Emerging Topics Graphic Design Mobile Learning There are almost endless choices when it comes to screen size, resolution, and screen quality.


Mobile Games for Moodle

eLearning Brothers

Are you looking for HTML 5 (mobile friendly) games that work in Moodle? We now have 20+ games available that work in Moodle and on your mobile devices. pull it up on your mobile device/tablet to test it out.) That includes all of the 20+ HTML 5 games, people images, content layouts, skins, and much more. If so, you’re in luck! Game Features. SCORM compliant.

HTML 5 Games Now Available in our Template Library

eLearning Brothers

HTML 5 eLearning games are now available! We just launched our first batch of HTML 5 eLearning games that are compatible with iPads and smartphones.  eLearning eLearning Template Library Featured HTML 5 Games games HTML 5 mLearning Mobile LearningGameShow, Bootcamp, Gridlock, WorldRace, and Marathon.). Game features: Introduction, conclusion, and button sounds.

Educate the Mobile Generation: Convert WORD documents to ePub and MOBI

eLearning Acupuncture

It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to conclude that Mobile computing in the hottest trend in technology since electricity was invented. With this fact in mind, I asked myself this question – are my course materials mobile-friendly? doc) and ‘Saved As HTML’ (or “Save as Web Page” for the Mac version of WORD) using the built in function in WORD. mobile ebook readers convert

No Escaping Mobile Learning – Webinar Recording & Audience Queries Answered

Upside Learning

As you probably already know, last week we kicked off our independent webinar series with the first one titled as ‘No Escaping Mobile Learning’ which I co-presented with Abhijit Kadle (watch recording here ). I’m very pleased with the response we got on this – 400 registrations and 136 actual attendees. Growing mobile workforce. How a bootstrapped start-up can use mobile learning?

Is HTML5 Ready for eLearning Development?

Upside Learning

Last week, while justifying Apple’s refusal to allow Flash player on iPhone/iPad, Steve Jobs wrote– “ New open standards created in the mobile era, such as HTML5, will win on mobile devices (and PCs too) ”. A few days before the launch of iPad Apple had released a list of ‘iPad ready’ websites having support for HTML5. Yes, HTML5 is a major revision over its predecessor HTML4.

New HTML 5 Games Now Available

eLearning Brothers

We now have games that work on mobile devices including iPads and iPhones! Our first batch HTML 5 game templates are live on HTML 5 Game features: Introduction, conclusion, and button sounds. All of our HTML 5 Templates are also available in our eLearning Template Library. eLearning HTML 5 Games game templates HTML 5 mLearning Mobile LearningWe will continue to add new games, quizzes, and interactions as we complete them. question types (T/F, multiple choice, multiple select). Randomize questions and answers.

Evolution of the Mobile LMS: mLearning for the new-age learner


Over the last decade or so, Mobile devices have penetrated our lives and the monumentally changed way we communicate or access information. With increasing affordability and evolving technologies to suit modern life, mobile devices now present a huge potential for training and learning – especially in the corporate scenario. Choosing the right development tool. The Bottom Line.

‘Mobile learning, just for the sake of it, is definitely not a good idea!’ – Some insights on Mobile Learning


In these times of ‘just-in-time’ learning, mobile learning is fast gaining popularity as a medium for learning across all learner groups. Mobile learning is becoming more and more of a reality than just a concept everyday. Mobile learning is not something that we have started talking about in recent years. In India alone, there are over 700 million mobile phone connections.

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Meeting 3 Critical Requirements of Mobile Learning Apps using Lectora Inspire 16

CommLab India

We live in a world inundated with mobile apps. The phenomenal growth in the number of mobile apps has profoundly affected all facets of our life and learning is no exception. Today, a number of companies have developed mobile learning apps to deliver convenient, effective training to their staff. Creating a mobile learning app with a review quiz. We’d love to know.

Interviewed on mobile

Clark Quinn

A student from Florida Gulf Coast University interviewed me on mobile. Here’s the (largely unedited) transcript she provided for me: What is your definition of mobile learning? Using a mobile device to make us more effective, either in the moment or developing us over time. mobile device is a small portable device that is with us all the time and we are doing something with it because of where we are. Would you consider a laptop a Mobile Device? Pocket-able devices’ such as tablets and phones are considered mobile devices generally. mobile

Design Corner: A Few of My Favorite Things: 21 Must-Have Tools for the Mobile Designer

Visual Lounge

For the last three years, Ive worked exclusively in the realm of mobile app design, so most of my research focus has centered around the mobile space. Throughout these three years of mobile-focused work, Ive had the intense pleasure of helping to build Coachs Eye , TechSmiths ground breaking sports video analysis app. Lovely UI. Dribbble.

HTML 5 Games in Rapid Intake

eLearning Brothers

It’s easy to build HTML 5 games in our Interaction Builder and then add then to courses built with Rapid Intake. The Rapid Intake eLearning authoring tool has a great feature that allows you to upload Flash and HTML 5 content that will be available to the user based on which format is appropriate. eLearning Featured Mobile eLearning Tips interaction builder rapid intake

Leading Benefits of Lectora: HTML5 and Mobile

Everything E-Learning

Lectora® leads the way for mobile learning capabilities as the only major e-Learning to HTML5 authoring tool on the market. Because Lectora has always published to HTML, you know your published courses are built on years of experience. Extensive testing and continuous upgrades over the years result in better mobile and tablet support for your courses. How does it work?

Converting ELearning To Tablet Learning: Cost-effective Solutions

Upside Learning

In many cases, though, Tablet Learning is considered a form of mLearning, and there is often a degree of hesitation to make the switch, perhaps brought on by typical myths associated with Mobile Learning. For HTML output. Text-heavy course: In this case, redeveloping the course in HTML or using Lectora Inspire will work best. 1.Flash Course. For Native Apps. 2.Captivate Course.

15 Authoring Tools For mEnabling Your eLearning For iPads

Upside Learning

One of the best tools, if you are already using Articulate, to convert your existing (Articulate based) courses to run on iPads, other tablets and mobile devices. For iPads, content can be played via Safari browser but for an enhanced experience, you can publish it for Articulate Mobile Player , a native iOS application that optimizes courses only for iPads. 3. Hot Lava Mobile.

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TalentLMS Goes Mobile (and offline) With Our New & Free, iOS App


Then again, we’re also heavy mobile users (isn’t everybody?) and understand the huge flexibility and power that eLearning on the go can offer — which is why we designed and implemented the TalentLMS eLearning portal as a mobile-friendly, responsive website that is equally at home on your laptop or your smartphone. Introducing TalentLMS mobile.

Chad Udell on Tools for Mobile Development (#ASTDLN)

Learning Visions

Chad Udell (@visualrinse) of Float Learning is doing a quick rundown of tools he uses to help design, manage and build mobile projects. Fieldtest - web based tool to create fast mobile prototypes. link] (focused on smartphones and up = android, iOS, windows mobile) Chad shares a prorotype he created that you go checkout: [link]. Once we've got the design prototypes.the tools to build the application: Chad cannot recommend any of the rapid learning tools for dedicated mobile development. HTML, CSS, and learn some basic design for user experiences for mobile.

The 3 mindsets of m-learning

E-Learning Provocateur

Given the increasingly mobile workforce and the emergence of BYOD, increasing pressure is being placed on the organisation to distribute its content to multiple devices. If you base it on HTML so it will run across operating systems, you can make the course device agnostic. One of my most popular posts of last year was M-Learning’s dirty little secrets. Mindset #1 – Push.

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