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13 Tips for Recording Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod

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When you plug your device into your Mac and launch a mobile recording app (e.g., The clock displays 9:41, your mobile carrier name is hidden, and the battery percentage indicator shows 100%. Depending on your Mac’s settings, one or more windows may pop open every time you plug in your mobile device. But there are still a few quirky things you may encounter along the way.

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Watch Out For These Trends in Mobile Learning: 2015 And Beyond

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Global mobile data traffic grew 69 percent in 2014 and was nearly 30 times the size of the entire global Internet in 2000. Mobile video traffic exceeded 50 percent of total mobile data traffic for the first time in 2012. Mobile network (cellular) connection speeds grew 20 percent in 2014. 4G traffic will be more than half of the total mobile traffic by 2017.

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A List of Interesting Mobile Learning Links

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Mobile learning is in the air, almost everyone realizes the potential, and some companies are now taking tentative first steps. While I haven’t blogged in a while, I continue trawling through my RSS feeds, seeing more and more references to mobile learning, mlearning, performance support, ‘just-in-time’ and so many other terms that make sense in that context. Mobile Learning Portal.

Tapping into Mobile Learning

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Another infographic, this time looking into how we can tap into mobile learning. Some figures from the infographic for you: Only 17% of surveyed schools state that children are required to use mobile or portable devices in the classroom, and only 16% allow BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). 2/3 also agree that the very same mobile devices can distract children from learning.

On the brink with mobile– what learning executives say

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That’s how I described the status of mobile learning in an article  in eLearn magazine ten months ago. My point then was that mobile offers immense potential for learning and support but that it is not yet making much of a difference in the enterprise. Performance support and mobile devices only rarely appeared in the organizational playbook they described. As we look at more recent data, we find an uptick for performance support, in general, but not yet for mobile delivery. wanted to know more about what executives in learning units are thinking about mobile. Through

Less Desktop; More Mobile… but Not That Fast

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Mobile learning has supposedly been the next hot trend since about 2009…and we’re still just getting started. We see mobile in the news daily, and a search under the Twitter hashtag #mLearning gets you a plethora of commentary, stories, and ideas for using mobile for learning. billion mobile devices in the market; as of today, the world’s population stands at 7 billion.

Five Mobile Learning Implementation Tips

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There really is very little different about designing mobile learnin g from other forms of learning. These are five tips I give customers who are setting about implementing some form of mobile learning, even if it is the smallest component in a blended solution. KISS Keep it short and simple – a rule applied to all types of learning content also applies for mobile learning content.

Adobe Captivate 5.5: At Long Last. Publish Support for Apple Mobile Devices

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

by Kevin Siegel Anyone who created eLearning lessons using any version of Adobe Captivate older than version 5 is painfully aware that Captivate does not offer publishing options for any of the Apple mobile devices (iPhone, iPad or iPod). The new Adobe Captivate 5.5 eliminates the issue. MP4 is the video format used for publishing to Apple devices and YouTube.

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Content from the Social #Mobile #Networking for #Informal learning roundtable #somobnet

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A quick recap of some of the SoMobNet International Roundtable on "Social Mobile Networking for Informal Learning" that ran on 21 November 2011 in London: [link] Guy Merchant's keynote: [link] From which I quote some key ideas here: What happens when mobiles are founds in formal educational contexts? David Parry coins the term mobile literacy. They get banned! through QR codes.

Happy 12th Birthday iPod! [The Beginning of the Mobile Revolution]

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Apple iPod vs. Diamond Rio MP3 Player. Twelve years ago yesterday, Steve Jobs and Apple introduced the first iPod using the amazing tagline: 1,000 songs in your pocket. With those words, a simple little device changed the way we listen to music, revolutionized an entire industry, and in my opinion launched the modern mobile revolution. Happy 12th Birthday iPod!

Mobile Learning: e-learningnext

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Why Mobile Learning The strongest Value Proposition for mobile learning comes from connecting people with ideas, information, and each other—anytime, anywhere! Ten years back, Clark Quinn’s statement about mobile learning seemed wishful thinking. Today, mobile learning is no longer a buzzword. The concept map below depicts mobile affordances at three levels.

Educate the Mobile Generation: Convert WORD documents to ePub and MOBI

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It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to conclude that Mobile computing in the hottest trend in technology since electricity was invented. With this fact in mind, I asked myself this question – are my course materials mobile-friendly? mobile ebook readers convertWell, I was a bit embarrassed by my answer. It really guided me in the right direction. They both work well.

The State of Rapid Development Tools for Mobile Learning: Webinar Recording Now Available

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If you were not able to attend our Webinar yesterday on mLearning and the state of rapid development tools for mobile learning, the recording is now available. I’m very happy with how the webinar turned out and I would like to thank Jeff Tillett  and Chad Udell  from Float Learning for having me, as well as Robert Gadd  for sharing the microphone with me. eLearning Mobile Learning

QR Code Reader Apps #QRCode

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QR Code Reader and Scanner (iPhone/iPad/iPod) : Scan QR Codes you find on your travels, in magazines, on posters, etc with this useful and free app. It is also worth checking out the Quickmark website  if you use other types of mobiles as they have developed the app to work on other OS too, as well as a QR Code reader desktop solution ! QR Code Reader and Scanner (free) :  [link].

Tom Crawford: Design for Mobile The Ups and Downs of the Small Screen #devlearn @vizchef

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The mobile market: Smart phones are growing; but not-smart-phones are still significant part of the market. So you could still do SMS and text and do good stuff with mobile learning. PC/laptop use is down 20%; mobile is 30% up. right now only 7% of them are mobile, but 35% of searches are done on mobile. mobile devlearnForgive the typos and omissions.

What to take into account when chosing a mobile device for learning?

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Choosing the best phone for mobile learning can be quite a challenge. The amount of features you want to use will also allow you to purchase a low or high cost smartphone or mobile device. Let's say you want to explore mobile learning, these are some of your options. What can you opt for in a high-end phone or mobile device? What mobile operating system to choose?

Reflection: My Mobile-Phone Journey

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By the end of 1996 I had a decent (and stable) enough salary to afford a monthly contract and got my first mobile phone. My next phone was a real dud, a pup, a very dark time for mobile phones. Now I was at the cutting edge of mobile phone use (not really, but it felt like it). then the mobile phone market changed forever … the iPhone was here! Oh, that was lovely.

Mobile Learning in India

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They don’t realize it, but today’s mobile phones have the computing power of a personal computer from the mid-nineties, while consuming a fraction of the energy and are made at significantly lower cost. In India, the mobile phone has revolutionized communication and India is now one of the fastest growing markets for mobile phone services, with growing usage and increasing penetration.

The Learning Experience as a Mobile Endeavor

CLO Magazine

So when I sat down to chat with my younger sister, who started her freshman year of college a few weeks ago, I was astonished to find the progress that’s been made — particularly in the mobile learning space. Today, mobile learning, as we well know, has evolved into our everyday lives — into smartphones and tablets, e-readers and iPods. The same goes for corporate learning — except with a professional dress code, of course. I had the opportunity to discuss mobile learning with two representatives of Blackboard Inc. , a vendor in the space. Those were the days.

‘Dermandar’ Photography App

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Dermandar (iPod/iPhone App): I like panorama photos, especially when done well and you can spin the full 360 degrees and see a room, courtyard, scenery, sport venue, etc. Apps App Application Facebook iPhone iPod Panorama Photography twiWhile this is not necessarily the ‘best’ it is still good and worth the price (free!). How Zen! ” – Wall Street Journal.

Defining Mobile

Clark Quinn

At the recent Guild mLearnCon  mobile learning event, I had a thought that seems to answer a long time debate. The debate centers on the definition of a mobile device. Because it struck me: to me, it’s not really a mobile device unless you can use it with two hands, standing up or in motion. More importantly, it has to be a natural usage: holding up a netbook with one hand and hunt-and-peck with one hand doesn’t qualify.  In short, if you can’t use it with two hands while moving, it’s not really mobile. design mobile strategy

Free Kindle apps for reading eBooks for Kindle

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Get your free Kindle app for most of the mobile devices out there! Last week I published my eBook on MOOC YourSelf, setting up your own MOOC with guidelines for facilitators, newbies, mobile learning adepts. The free Kindle apps are available for smartphones (Android, iPhone, iPod touch), computers (Windows 8, Mac, Windows XP), and tablets (iPad, Android, Windows 8). Great!

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Dev Corner - Building a Mobile App with Adobe Air, Project GoGoCast

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They used some research time to explore the possibilities of using Adobe AIR to build mobile apps. We developed our mobile app using Adobe Air 2.7, This platform allows us to target iOS (iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad, iPad 2, iPod Touch G3, iPod Touch G4) and Android devices running Android OS 2.2, 2.3 Mobile Provision file. Technology Approach. and 3.x. Android.

Top Learning, Technology & Media Links: Weekly Digest – 9

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Mobile Web, Native App Use Increases at Night. It’s none-too-shocking news, but well worth noting: a new study of over 10,000 smartphone users has indicated that mobile Web and mobile application usage increases during the evening and night time hours. Survey: Mobile Learning At A Tipping Point. 40% of All Tweets Come From Mobile.

Should #iPad be used as a major #mobile device in high schools? David Parson makes them compulsory for a pilot

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Examples in classroom: David answers: Tools to be used across subjects in classroom: tablet as a musical instrument, mobile chemistry tool, there are many apps that can be used and fit the school curriculum. depending on the school different tools or mobile devices can be suggested. What do students need to be fully skilled in looking at mobile devices?

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Rock and a hard place

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Earlier today Shelly Terrell tweeted that she would prefer to see schools invest in mobile technologies than in Interactive White Boards (IWBs). Here's what she said: "Personally, I feel $$ better spent on mobile devices in classrooms vs IWBs." Mobile phones are different. iPod Touch iPad IWB mobile technology Shelly TerrellKids at the front of the class? Never!

Opera mini for iPhone/iPod on our mobile Moodle application: great!

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A couple of years ago I was simply playing with Opera mini (simply the best mobile browser: speed, strength and opening sites that would not open up with other browsers). During the Future of Mobile I met the fantastic Chris Mills. He explained the finer issues and benefits of Opera mini and the love for Opera mini mobile browser has never left me since.

Why Should Mobile Learning Be on Your Mind?

Janet Clarey

I read the article Here’s Why Google and Facebook Might Completely Disappear in the Next 5 Years “  and, coupled with some research on mobile video I’m doing, paused because I suddenly felt like I was missing something. ” In the tech world, Jackson identifies 3 generations: Web 1.0, Web 2.0, and Mobile and suggests that prior generations of organizations can’t quite see the subtle changes between generations. Instagram), view mobile as the primary (often exclusive) platform for their application. elements and putting them in mobile form?

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PowerPoint 2008 for the Mac: Give a Presentation From Your iPod

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that just so happens to be conveniently located on your iPod/iPod touch/iPhone. here is how you managed to get the PowerPoint Presentation onto your mobile device: Open a completed PowerPoint 2008 presentation. Note: In addition to an an iPod/iPod Touch/iPhone, you will also need  iPhoto version 6 or later to complete this activity. Click Send to iPhoto.

iPhone/iPod/Moode: one click to Moodle button

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Some of our volunteer testers of the iPhone/iPod/Moodle web-application have indicated that they struggled a bit with having to login again each time they went out of the application. The team has enabled easy access by offering a 'home button' that can be put on your iPhone/iPod screen and with which you can simply login with one click. Hope this helps!

#skillsoftp11 SkillSoft Mobile Strategy

In the Middle of the Curve

Presentation: What Comes Next: Mobile Presenter: Pam Boiros, Tim Hildreth, SkillSoft Mobile Challenges - Multiple platforms – - Speed of technology change / no standardization - Speed – lack of bandwidth - Security - variable - Economics – can assume access to PC. Can’t assume access to mobile device. Mobile accessibility dependent upon which one you are using. Can see new ways to re-engage learners with the touch screen vs. mouse interaction Stuff to think about - Do you have an active initiative around mobile? Moving away from apps. No dates, but pursuing.

Reading: “Learning on the go with an iPod Touch”

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It seems I can’t get away from mobile learning / mLearning and the iPod at the moment. From my previous post about the rumours of the new iPod Tablet to previous posts about how to use iPods in classes and learning environments, I just came across this: Association of Learning Technology: Learning on the go with [.]. mLearning eDelivery eLearning eResources iPod iTunes Mobile Learning Presentation Social Network Technology Video Web 2.0

New online book on mobile learning -available for free download

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New online book on mobile learning -available for free download by Jan Herrington, Anthony Herrington, Jessica Mantei, Ian Olney and Brian Ferry (editors), New technologies, new pedagogies: Mobile learning in higher education, Faculty of Education, University of Wollongong, 2009, 138p. Tags: mobile mobile learning books

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Use of iPods and other Mobile Learning

Tony Karrer

Not sure if this came from the same person, but I saw a question posted on TrDev and was sent to me via Yahoo 360 that covered the same basic topic: How are iPods and PDAs being used in corporate learning applications? Some places I would suggest you look to get a sense of what's going on: Judy Brown's mLearnopedia Blog summary of a recent presentation by Judy Brown Lucy Carter's presentation about Sales Training at Apple Search under "mobile learning" and you'll find a ton of stuff.