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Dan Pontefract – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


He is Chief Envisioner of TELUS Transformation Office; a future-of-work consulting group that helps organizations enhance corporate culture, leadership, learning, work styles & collaboration practices. Previously, as Head of Learning & Collaboration at TELUS, Dan was responsible for the overarching learning, collaboration & leadership development strategy for the company. He further championed the use and deployment of collaborative technologies to complement both the learning and leadership frameworks. They are the architects of learning. repeat).

e-Learning 2.0 - The Intimacy Factor

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At the heart of e-Learning 2.0 Ray Jimenez, PhD "Helping Learners Learn Their Way" Ray Jimenez, PhD Author "3-Minute e-Learning" www.vignettestraining.comand Social Networking is the "Intimacy Factor" - it works only based on trust, relationships and mutual respect. How do we nurture the "Intimacy Factor"?

Micro-Learning Design Las Vegas ASTDTECH

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The topic I spoke of: Using Micro-eLearning Design for Learning 2.0 Gist: 5 Step Process Be succinct Relate Interpret Apply Micro-Applications Micro-learning instructional design is based on storytelling. Use micro-learning in operational areas where managers don't want to waste time in lengthy training. You may download handouts at -- Questions from the audience: Attendee: How long should a micro-learning be? For an orientation training, micro might be 3 minutes. Ray: The micro-ways.

# 1 - Deepening Social Learning to Work Performance - Proposed Model

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Series # 1 - Can we use formal learning structure as a framework in implementing Learning 2.0? In implementing Learning 2.0 Social networking in learning) I encounter the usual problems I experience in implementing traditional e-Learning and Webinars. They discovered the value of Learning 2.0 State objectives 2. Deliver content 3.

How to Link Social Learning to Work and Performance

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How to Link Social Learning to Work and Performance View more presentations from 3MinuteWorlds. Ray Jimenez, PhD Join us at 3MinuteWorlds Micro-Learning Community [link] [link] [link] "Helping Learners Learn Their Way" Ray Jimenez, PhD Author "3-Minute e-Learning" web 2.0 social networking rapid e-learning eLearning learning 2.0 learning 2.0elearning2.0

eLearning Design WITHOUT a Subject Matter Expert (SME)

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Obtain answers from other sources; I call “quasi-SMEs” – other sources of expertise: What “must learners” learn to perform immediately? Run a contest and ask people to share their best stories and learning. Conduct a relevancy survey on what people feel they need the most learning. Implement “Reverse eLearning Design” – publish micro-lessons, in increments. Ask participants which micro-lesson they want more follow-up. e-Learning "instructional design Tags: SME micro-learning e-Learning 2.0

The Kaizen Way - One Small Step Can Change Your Life

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I relate this insight to my interests in micro-learning design and systems. In my research on Micro-Learning Impacts, [link] , I discovered that learners have the tendency to commit to big goals and big action items. Hence, it is only by applying micro-goals that learners best apply their learning. Ray Jimenez, PhD "Helping Learners Learn Their Way" Ray Jimenez, PhD Author "3-Minute e-Learning" www.vignettestraining.comI just read The Kaizen Way by Robery Maurer , PhD. Behavior change only happens in small ways.

No Ugly Content Please: iPhone's Modality Learning Is Great, but It Will Not Work with "Ugly Looking" e-Learning Content

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Chris talks about Apple's July 11, 2008 release of Modality Learning View Steve Jobs' Keynote Address at WWDC 2008. In e-Learning or technology-assisted tools, sensual and aesthetics are "parts of the learning experience", according to John McCarthy and Peter Write in their book " Technology as Experience." The birth of Modality Learning is a breakthrough.

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Deep Problems with Our Tools - e-Learning, Social Learning, etc.

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I am often skeptical about the many types of learning tools, e.g. social networking, e-learning, LMS, rapid e-learning, even PowerPoint, etc. In the adoption of tools and technologies in learning and training, many pundits fall victim to the same fallacy. Learning Styles - that people can be categorized into some buckets on learning styles.


"Humans are suckers for scale" - The Art of Simplexity

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Social Learning, Rapid Learning, Mobile learning, etc.) The challenge is that scale distracts us from what is really happening in the micro-worlds of learning. I think we miss the opportunity in helping learners learn because we oftentimes think scale is more complex. Humans are suckers for scale. Case in point: > The rush to apply the newest gadgets (e.g.

References: eLearning Guild Online Session: How to Integrate Social Networking to Impact Learning and Performance Dec. 13, 2007

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Personal Learning Environment Jobs and Careers in Social and Collaborative Learning Digital Natives, What they Do The Future: Amazing Challenges 2-3 minute video Teaching Machines Is Web 2.0 Printing Pizza, Brewing Coffee and Receiving Mail in Your PC Advance Software in Web 2.0 Welcome to the Session. The following are the references for the December 13, 2007 Session.

Twitter # 9 Facebook. What It Is

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Ray Jimenez, PhD 3-Minute e-Learning Ray Jimenez, PhD Author "3-Minute e-Learning" www.vignettestraining.comDigital Natives (DN) and Digital Immigrants(DI) look at Facebook differently. Natives do and use it. Immigrants hesitate, wonder if it works, then ask for permission to use it.

Twitter # 7. Creativity and Intelligence

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Ray Jimenez, PhD 3-Minute e-Learning Ray Jimenez, PhD Author "3-Minute e-Learning" www.vignettestraining.comKen Robinson says: "Creativity is a systematic process that creates value."

Build a Story First Before Video Gaming

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I want to develop video game-like learning to grab their attention." Instead of technical training as the core of learning, how about if you, the trainer and developer, build the stories that help the learners understand the real-life needs of the customers. Unless we can connect stories to our learning content, our video games and other form of media would fail to deliver the learning. Ray Jimenez, PhD "Helping Learners Learn Their Way" Ray Jimenez, PhD Author "3-Minute e-Learning" www.vignettestraining.comNot really.

Micro-Worlds, Micro-life Learning: The Big Phenomenon, (But Small) Social Networking

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I keep on going back to the same thesis which I started studying a few years back: "all learnings are micro."(See" See" 3-Minutee-Learning "2006) I am beginning to see correlations and movements of events that lead me to conclude and see even clearer what Chris Anderson talks about in "The Long Tail" and applied in the learning world. What is intriguing to me is that we see them as big phenomenons, but in essence they are only huge phenomenons because they consist of micro-worlds that work well together.

Social Media Meeting at AMD Sponsored by BusinessWire

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bwsv Ray Jimenez, PhD Join us at 3MinuteWorlds Micro-Learning Community [link] [link] [link] "Helping Learners Learn Their Way" Ray Jimenez, PhD Author "3-Minute e-Learning" web 2.0 social networking rapid e-learning e-Learning 2.0I thought this was a good way to conduct research before launching Social Network (SN) projects. Start small Make those with experience share, tell Allow multiple ways to express ideas: blog, YouTube, Twitter, etc.


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I continue to believe that the road to more productive learning and applying of ideas revolve around our ability to think of small things - micro things. The list is long, let me try: Micro-learning Micro-sharing Micro-conversations Micro-coaching Micro-exercises Micro-content Micro-Webinars Micro-Assist Micro-Guides Micro-Software apps Etc Etc Many of our love affair with Web 2.0 big projects, project learning steps, big goals and expectations. rapid e-learning Web 2.0

Pluses and Minuses of Twittering

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Micro-Learning and Sharing is the foundation of the my research on 3-Minute e-Learning. And Twitter pushes the learning to really be at the smallest level. I think Twitter and many of the Web 2.0 Ray Jimenez, PhD [link] [link] "Helping Learners Learn Their Way" "Helping Learners Apply Learning" Ray Jimenez, PhD Author "3-Minute e-Learning" Tags: e-Learning 2.0 The ability to lean quickly, instantly and conveniently. See Business Week Interview. twitter

"Is Google Making Us Stupid?" Or "Are We Dumbing Our Online Learners?"

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Nick Carr This is a MUST reading if you are into e-Learning and web-based training or any technology- assisted work. Nicholas Carr provokes and challenges many of us to "rethink" the impacts of technologies in our work, learning and how we think and read. What happens to learning when learners skim and scan the content? "Is Google Making Us Stupid?" However, REFLECT.

Collaborative Learning Anthropologist and Specialist (CLA): Enterprise 2.0, Web 2.0 and Learning Career or Job Opportunities

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Collaborative Learning Specialists - of all types! The common theme in functions is the ability to study and practice the skills of a "Collaborative Learning Anthropologist", ( CLA ). Major changes in learning and training are fundamentally challenging the current and old assumptions, principles and beliefs. There are many opportunities to discover and innovate new learning models. CLAs are focused on studying and reporting human behavior in relation to learning and productivity technologies, specifically, Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0. Web 2.0

Micro-Elements (Things) in Social Learning - From the ASTD International Conference

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"We have 100,000 members, and we want to jump on board and use Web 2.0 for Learning.""Top Top management directed me to see how we can launch Social Networking and Learning to 45,000 of our employees."These There is a misunderstanding about Web 2.0 and Learning 2.0. Seven-Step Dynamic Process – Web 2.0 to Learning and Performance 1.


Learning = getting the job done

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DevLearn marked a significant shift in the field of corporate learning. In today’s world, that means trusting workers to learn for themselves. Learning is mobile. Social/informal learning is crossing the chasm to mainstream acceptance. Without a doubt, Web 2.0 By leveraging the thinking and approaches, as well as the tools and technologies, of the Web 2.0

Top 68 eLearning Posts from April - Hot Topics iPad Google Buzz

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Best of eLearning Learning. The Org Structure of Enterprise 2.0 - trainingwreck , April 18, 2010 I’m lucky to be a member of the 2.0 As a member, I have access to a plethora of sharing, information and intellect as it relates to how individuals are driving Enterprise 2.0 Key Social Learning Roles - Daretoshare , April 4, 2010 Premise : Learning communities or networks thrive because its members possess certain skills and capabilities. Can You Learn from a Recording? More Random Web 2.0 How useful is strategic planning for e-learning?