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5 Challenges Developing E-Learning as a Revenue Stream

Connect Thinking

As an independent e-learning consultant, I’m often asked how to develop e-learning courses as a viable revenue stream for their business - to sell to clients. In the age of YouTube, Social Media, personalisation and instant gratification of information, is your 60 minute page turning e-learn really going to cut the mustard? 4. You can imagine the answer is complex.

3 Reasons Why Trainers Don’t Need Social Media

Learning Rebels

Question of the week: Should L&D be active within social media? understand having a social media presence isn’t for everyone. However, I can see only 3 real reasons why a Trainer, L&D professional, Chief Learning Officer, Director, Manager, and all manner of L&D positions, wouldn’t professionally be on some form or another of social media. Seriously.

Facebook’s New Streaming Service: What You Need to Know


There has been a lot of buzz within and outside of the tech community about live streaming. From Snapchat’s debut in 2011 to Twitter’s ugly war with Meerkat and its later acquisition of the streaming service, Periscope , Facebook is now tentatively entering the live streaming market. What does this mean for existing streaming apps? Celebrity Involvement. Left business

Choosing between Social Media automation and Reflective Use

Ignatia Webs

Thanks to the Ol''daily my attention got grabbed by an article from Elsua (Luis Suarez - an KM/IBM social media pioneer). In his reflective blogpost on the industrialization of social media in the enterprise. His words rang a bell, as I am also caught between automating my (not corporate, but as I see it my personal brand) social media stream, because I feel I am not putting out as much as I want to. But after reading his blogpost, I realized the output is not why I started using social media, it is indeed the conversation, the network, the exchange of ideas.

Whitepaper: When The LMS Isn’t Enough

The LMS is purpose built to do only one thing – stream learning modules to learners. Social media channels that foster collaboration and a sense of teamwork. When the LMS isn’t Enough How to Turbocharge Your LMS and Improve. Learning Retention for Bottom Line Results W H I T E P A P E R 2Table of Contents. The LMS is running out of gas.3 The LMS doesn’t have enough horse power.4

Riding the Digital Stream: Integrating Modern Learning Practice into Formal Programs by Ben Carmel

Learning Solutions Magazine

Blended Learning Design Strategies Emerging Topics Social Media As we break away from discrete training efforts and move toward joining formal-personal and social-informal learning. together in one continuous, systematic program, what are the steps and practices that will make that process smoother? How can we help people learn to function at a high level without the need for formal training? Here’s a thought-provoking. look at some answers.

Revisiting My Learning Journey on Social Media

ID Reflections

On my way to office today, I was pondering about my evolving use of social media. As I see colleagues and friends and peers still struggling to comprehend how to use social media for “learning” and often expressing skepticism, I thought I’d share my journey in brief. This is also a journey back in time for me to trace my own learning pathway through the maze called social media.

6 Steps to Printing Money at Your Association with eLearning

Association eLearning

And how can associations generate a new, profitable revenue stream AND create higher member engagement? It’s no secret that associations want higher member retention, increased non-dues revenue, and a unique value-add members can’t get anywhere else. The question is: what’s so sticky that members will renew year after year just to have access to and be willing to be extra for? Tweet This!

Social media and reflection: marriage or divorce?

Joitske Hulsebosch eLearning

Social media in organisations has been a difficult topic and sometimes bothers me. Most of the time a smarter use of media may help. A lot of times, social media don't solve the underlying learning disabilities. Hence work on social media AND the practices is needed. Social media stimulate us to live and work in an ever increasing pace. Quick messages. Scanning.

Why Your Quizzes MUST Support Modern Media


While it is not uncommon to encounter the cost issue today, the technology part is no longer a problem.  If you are using a program that does not support media (streaming videos, images for answer choice, audio files, etc.) in their quizzing – you are doing your organization a disservice. For a long time, these quizzes were strictly multiple choice or true and false.

Delivering streaming video to mobile devices

Visual Lounge

Daniel Foster is the "social media guy" for TechSmith. Photo credit: AdamKR. As you may know, the world of online video is going through some upheaval right now with at least two competing views of how embedded video should be delivered. And mobile video is at the center of the fracas. Where does that leave content creators like us who just want to make sure everyone can view their stuff?

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Is Multiple Activity Streams the Way Forward for Enterprise Platforms?

ID Reflections

Jive offers users the ability to customizetheir two activity streams--one stream reflects everything the user is Following on the platform and thisincludes people, places and content. As is wont to happen withactivity streams, content quickly moves below the fold and runs the risk ofgetting overlooked. Both these applications make my Twitter use abreeze by allowing me to set my filters and create multiple streams. The more I think about it, I am beginning to feel thatmultiple activity streams is the way to go. And reflects how far we have come. don't think so.

Microlearning Whitepaper: Small Bites, Big Impact

knowledgeable and demanding customers, risk and compliance requirements and more— but they must also be prepared to shift gears in mid-stream—acquiring more or different. social media tools or apps. learning and knowledge they need to do the job via a variety of media including video, audio, presentations and text. With any media. Microlearning: Small Bites, Big Impact.

Using social media for eLearning (a look at the top 6 social platforms)


Social media have become an indispensable part of modern life. huge part of our social lives already happens online rather than in the “real world” And while individual social media networks might rise and fall (remember MySpace?), But how about using social media as vehicles for eLearning? Uncategorized elearning social mediaTwitter. YouTube. Instagram.

My professional use of social media and communication tools

Challenge to Learn

I noticed that I use more and more social media tools and different tools to communicate. Flipboard is a mobile app that creates a magazine like interface on several streams. These streams can be fed by other tools like Twitter, Linkedin and Google reader and I love it. Maybe I use too many of them. So I decided to create a list of them to see what I could weed out. love it.

Social Media Strategy thoughts

Clark Quinn

What is a social media strategy for outreach?  Here is some thoughts about how that maps out in two areas: Facebook, and Twitter.  I’m mentioning these as two of the most viable and visible tools for social media engagement. One might be just a daily thing people can follow, but it has to provide value.  So, for example, you might stream out an interesting bit of the day. More important than the first idea is to ‘be’ an entity.  If an organization is on social media, and increasingly they should be,  it needs to be interactive. Twitter. Facebook. social strategy

Using social media for onboarding

Learning and Working on the Web

Connect with Social Media (less hierarchical than other forms of communication). Yesterday, Jane Hart had Mark Britz in conversation on the uses of social media for onboarding at Aspen Dental. Social media can be used as tools for 1) collaboration, 2) community, 3) sharing – about equal use for each was observed. Start the process as early as possible. Tweet.

Streaming Media for E-Learning: A Primer

The E-Learning Curve

Tags: video multimedia Audio web-based training online training WBT streaming media digital media collaboration platform

App Fusion: Inside eLearnchat — Live Streaming Community Collaboration by Terrence Wing

Learning Solutions Magazine

Professional Development Social Media SynchronousYou may have watched eLearnchat, or Leo Laporte’s and wondered how you could use Webcasting to increase learning outcomes. Wonder no longer! This month’s App Fusion gives you the rundown on the applications, equipment, and content strategy you need for success! Future Trends Instructional Design Learning 2.0

10 things to remember about social learning (and the use of social media for learning)

Jane Hart

Yesterday I listened into the #lscon Twitter stream for Learning Solutions conference in Orlando, Florida. Social media can only help to support and enhance it. The presence of social media doesn’t necessarily mean social learning will take place. As  I’m not constrained by 140 characters I’ve added a few more words to some of them. Social learning

Social Media for small businesses

Adventures in Corporate Education

Since I do social media in an Enterprise company, many times my friends, family, and owners of the small businesses I frequent ask me for help getting started in social media. thought I’d put together a quick primer so my friends and families could have a place to start when it comes to social media. If you want to use social media for your biz, you need to incorporate it into your business plan. The content you add to social media spaces should be crafted in line with your other marketing efforts. It’s like the circle of social media life!!

Streaming Digital Media for E-Learning 2: Delivering Content via a Web Server

The E-Learning Curve

Deploying streaming media content with the web server approach is very similar to the download-and-play model I described in yesterday's post: it's a pull technology. Tags: video multimedia push technology e-learning Audio web-based training online training WBT streaming media digital media Using this paradigm, the. The E-learning Curve blog shares thought-provoking commentary and practical knowledge for e-learning professionals. Find out more.

Using social media for eLearning (a look at the top 6 social platforms)


Social media have become an indispensable part of modern life. huge part of our social lives already happens online rather than in the “real world” And while individual social media networks might rise and fall (remember MySpace?), But how about using social media as vehicles for eLearning? Uncategorized elearning social mediaTwitter. YouTube. Instagram.

Marketing Your Association to Millennials: Make it Social

Association eLearning

Years ago, while interning for a social media marketer, I was taught the value of social media to engage and attract business. Today social media marketing has changed from meme generation, to promoted posts and tweets, image ads, and pay-per-click (PPC)  campaigns on big name social media sites. Have questions about other social media sites? Facebook. Twitter.

Social Media in Learning and Social Learning are just not the same thing

The Learning Generalist

often seem to get the sense that a large part of the learning community believes that the use of social media in learning is social learning. We can't set a low bar for 'social' If the mere use of a social media platform makes a learning experience social then we've been social all along. I do a lot of classroom training as well. To me this is perhaps Elearning 2.0 Sumeet Moghe.

Two Examples of how Brands are still not Joining the Social Media Conversation

mLearning Revolution

A couple of years ago, whenever someone did a presentation on Social Media, most likely the last slide in the presentation would read ‘Join the Conversation.”. I did a few and I had a slide like that at the end, encouraging people to join Twitter for example in order to learn what customers were saying about their Brand or documentation or eLearning courses. Not all of them as I have found.

I Believe in the Importance of Personal Knowledge Management

Tom Spiglanin

Sharing knowledge, using any number of media that fit our personal needs, work styles, and professional social networks. Much of this happens on social streams on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or any number of other media where we connect with our PLNs, so it’s important to develop effective social media practices. So too are our personal learning networks. 1994).

Here a Hashtag, There a Hashtag, Everywhere a Hashtag

Learning Rebels

Understanding the basics of social media tools such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and most of all, twitter – is also understanding the importance of hashtags. Many social media tools besides Twitter, allow you to track hashtags and even generate RSS feeds for them, constantly delivering new results for your viewing pleasure and curation. What are they and how are they used.

Practicing Social Media Skills for Learning

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

Kevin's take on eLearning skills has sparked a little debate and started a healthy conversation around several topics including social media. Here is Kevin's take on SoMe as a top skill for 2011: Social Media – As we all know social media is no longer a trend and is becoming the main stream of communicating. I don’t think SoMe is a skill so much as it is a practice. Similar to video production where many organizations are not set up to handle that type of media, even more organizations have not incorporated SoMe into their business. to stay plugged in.

Introducing the TechSmith Social Media Team

Visual Lounge

You might be a subscriber to our blogs , interact with us on Twitter , and/or check out our Facebook pages every once in a while… but you’re still wondering, who are the people behind all this social media magic, and what’s in it for me? My favorite social media disaster this year so far is definitely the Applebee’s snafu. Social Media Intern at TechSmith. Why, hello. Ayn Rand.

Video streaming brings events to a much wider audience

Clive on Learning

But much more noteworthy was the virtual attendance of thousands of additional interested parties courtesy of the video streaming facility which the organisers provided. If the eLN was to provide a video stream and then archive the recordings it would, like Learning Pool, reach a much greater audience and much more effectively leverage the effort put in by organisers and speakers. In the case of the eLN, it is the cost of providing the video streaming. In short, their whole business model would be threatened by streaming, which means they won't do it until they have to.

Could Analytics Kill the Video Star? by Cory McMillen

Learning Solutions Magazine

Streaming video is a provocative communication tool and among the most appreciated. Learning Media Learning Research Management Measurement Training StrategiesAre we adopting video too quickly? by students. But we lack key insights about what actually happens once the video is released, and we have filled many of. those insight gaps with assumptions. Have we been wrong?

An open letter to those organisations who block Social Media sites….

Tayloring it

Do you really think that if an employees ‘moral compass’ is sufficiently skewed to allow them to waste time at work that your blocking of social media sites will put them back on the ‘straight and narrow’? But let me ask you to re-examine those communication methods shown in brackets above… … you don’t block them because they are excellent learning/communication/networking/collaborative tools – as are Social Media tools! have still been able to review my Twitter stream. Are you serious? Seriously, are you serious? Proof?

Site 22

On the MOOC Horizon: Tin Can API

Your Training Edge

Here is where the problem becomes immediately evident: with cloud-based resources, Khan Academy videos, mobile learning applications, social media, and so on, most of our learning activities don’t actually take place inside an LMS. eLearning Featured Posts Learning & Development MOOC Social Media Training mooc personal learning networks Tin Can unbundle content What is Tin Can?


New Media's Fundamental Place in e-Learning by Douglas E. Welch

Learning Solutions Magazine

New Media – online video sharing, Podcasting, live video streaming, and online social networks – can expand the educational playing field. How you approach New Media is important. Tags: Development Strategies Graphics Instructional Design Media Here are some key suggestions.

Opening Pandora's box

Learning with e's

Those of us who frequently present at conferences also expose ourselves to live video streaming for hidden audiences worldwide. For social media savvy lecturers, lecture capture is a means for disseminating good ideas and best practice farther afield. Many social media tools also enable discussion beyond the original event. Then along came technology. Did he really say that?

Open 15

HangChat: Google Hangout on Air During a Twitter Chat

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

Besides the large number of tweets streaming by, you end up with spammers spamming the hashtag and other unnecessary noise.  In the early days, with fewer participants it was easier to engage in quick multi-tweet conversations to dig deeper, or gain clarity, around someone''s point being made.  In my experience lately the. lrnchat social media twitter twitterchat Twitter chats have become very popular. But popularity comes at a price.

Streaming Digital Media for E-Learning 3: Using a Dedicated Media Server

The E-Learning Curve

According to Adobe, organizations use streaming media for corporate communications, electronic learning, and sales & marketing. In a learning context, streaming media technology is a central. Tags: video multimedia push technology e-learning web-based training online training WBT streaming media digital media The E-learning Curve blog shares thought-provoking commentary and practical knowledge for e-learning professionals. Find out more.

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eLearning Development: 4 Tech Considerations When Using Videos

Upside Learning

Streaming – accessing videos hosted on the streaming server. c. As for progressive and streaming videos, the video files are placed externally, one would need to use FLV playback components – either provided in Flash authoring environment OR build your own custom playback components based on specific requirements. However, often we find videos not being used optimally.

FLV 17

Is LinkedIn still relevant?

Dont Waste Your Time

Those who know me will know that I moved from Bournemouth University to the University of Leicester in 2012, and again on to the University of Warwick in 2014. I am certain that online professional persona was used as part of the interview/hiring process (let’s face it, they’d have missed a trick if they didn’t use them!) as well as my CV and application forms – my  Twitter feed, my LinkedIn profile, my (under-used) Google+ stream, SlideShare presentations, published books , etc. LinkedIn snakes or ladders? from Sue Beckingham. Does anyone?

Streaming Digital Media for E-Learning 4: Delivering Content via HTTP Tunneling

The E-Learning Curve

Tags: multimedia e-learning web-based training WBT streaming media http streaming digital media

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Social Media and Social Learning – Where R We now?

eLearning 24-7

But to understand the topic, you first have to understand the basics – social media.  In order for social learning to exist you need to have the following: social media plus e-learning. Here is the latest data on social media (as of Oct. There are over 25 social media types – types include social networking, live casting, game platforms, virtual worlds, web conferencing, social bookmarking, social network aggregators, social news aggregators, blogs, app sharing (inc. Over 2,400 social media sites. If you view or use any social media sites (inc.

Use Twitter #Hashtags to Amplify Your Learning!


Today, I don't spend much learning time following people or particular lists on Twitter, but I do spend time following, reflecting and interacting with relevant learning hashtag conversations (streams) taking place around the world. enabling people to easily follow and participate via hashtag learning streams relevant to them. WHAT ARE HASHTAGS? WHERE DO I FIND JUICY HASHTAGS?

Introducing the Social Intranet Index

E-Learning Provocateur

You see, a “social intranet” is simply an intranet with social media elements that allow the users to interact with the content and with each other. An intranet with an SII of 6 integrates social media elements such as a discussion forum, blogs and wikis into a single sign-on solution. There’s a lot of talk about social intranets these days. Which one is correct?

One Step Behind

eLearning 24-7

Streaming to your Television. If there was ever a technology that is emerging and continues to do is – its streaming.  I’m not talking about viewing online streaming video, I am talking about actually viewing video or whatever on your television. The term often associated with such a capability is “Media Center&# , in that your television becomes not just a box to view programming, but basically an extension of your computer. I am a huge fan of this possibility, because it opens the door to so many possibilities it is unreal. It was revoluntary. 

How Emotional Learning Works Through Social Medium?

Origin Learning

That is what the global icon and the COO of the revolutionary social media technology platform Facebook has managed to convey through her purposeful yet heart-wrenching address streamed instantaneously. In such a setting, it is her choice of opening up on social media that has made her rational yet emotional approach a perceptive, progressive, pervasive, and immersive one.