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Mobile Learning Implementation: Need, Myths & Success Factors (ASTD TK 2013 – Slide Deck)

Upside Learning

At all major learning/HR/training conferences and events since last 12 months and more, there is a clear change you can notice – more and more people, increasingly, talk and inquire about mobile learning. Even though there is a clear positive change in understanding about mobile learning and its benefits, there are still a few misconceptions around it.


Making Mobile Learning Work – LearnX 2013 Panel Discussion Summary


I will be stating the obvious when I say that there is huge amount of interest in mobile learning across the globe. Technological shifts like movement away from Flash to HTML, and rapid adoption of tablet devices are shaking up how learning content is designed, and how learners access them. What is m-Learning? What are the barriers to adopt m-Learning?

eLearning Conferences 2013

Tony Karrer

Wright has done his 28th version of his amazing list of conferences again this year. Past years eLearning Conferences 2012 , eLearning Conferences 2011 , eLearning Conferences 2010 , eLearning Conferences 2009. As always, please note that events, dates, titles, and locations may change; thus, CHECK the specific conference website. Clayton R. Do Different.

Learning Designers have 3 Choices Regarding Mobile Learning [#mLearning]

mLearning Revolution

Last week Cisco published a research paper entitled “ Cisco Visual Networking Index: Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update, 2012–2017 ,” which included some staggering figures, as to the speed with which we are adopting internet-connected mobile devices around the world. mobile devices per capita. Mobilize Learning by Optimizing it for Touch.

Free #research papers on #mLearning from mLearn conference

Ignatia Webs

Today the free proceedings of the mLearn2012 conference that was organized in Helsinki were put online. The topics are very diverse: augmented learning, health (diabetes 1 support among others), gender, learning analytics, mLearning pedagogy, language learning, learning with tablets. For all that want to get a peek into recent research, it is a blast!

Year in Review / 2013

Dont Waste Your Time

Welcome to a final few thoughts on and about 2013: what did I do, what did I read, what did I achieve, what did I miss, what did I not do … you get the picture. May 2013). Several years in the making I finally completed my CMALT portfolio and submitted it and gained my CMALT accreditation (November 2013). January 2013: Creative Commons Infographic: Licenses Explained.

Join #UNESCO #mobile learning week at 18 - 22 February

Ignatia Webs

From 18 - 22 February 2013 the second UNESCO mobile learning week is taking place at the UNESCO European headquarters in Paris, France. will be there with a presentation on how to set up mobile MOOCs, which is of interest for developing regions. Selected mobile experts will present their projects and will field real time questions from online participants.

8 Things we MUST do in 2013 to seize the potential of mLearning

mLearning Revolution

2012 has been an amazing year for mobile! This year we have seen technology companies introduce a myriad of mobile devices of all sizes, prices and operating systems. Earlier this year Comscore reported that 2014 will be the year in which the number of mobile users will surpass desktop users for the first time. Become an Active, Observant Mobile user. Samsung S3).

Mobile Learning is where the Puck is Going to Be [#mLearning]

mLearning Revolution

have been busy launching my workshop on how to transition from e-Learning to m-Learning. Now that this workshop is up-and-running, I’m back with more thoughts on the mobile learning revolution. Everyone was eager to learn more about how to design learning experiences that are optimized for touch on mobile devices. Thank You for reading.

Clark Quinn Mobile Learning Design #astdtk13

Learning Visions

I'm at the ASTD Tech Knowledge 2013 Conference kicking off today January 29, 2013 in San Jose, California. Mobile design principles. Don't try to put everything in a mobile world. What tools to develop mobile? These are my liveblogged notes from a concurrent session with Dr. Clark Quinn @quinnovator. Apologies for typos and incoherence. What's the least I can do for you? We over design and overdevelop. What's the least I can do to get you over the hump? Focus on 20% of the features tht give you 80% of the value. They change so fast. Make it iterative.


Blackboard Users Conference #durbbu: The Learning Ecology

Dont Waste Your Time

After several years of trying to get the UK Blackboard Users Conference it seems 2013 (and the 13th conference – it’s a teenager!) is my lucky year. How are these changes are affecting approaches to learning management systems (Blackboard) and can these changes be sustained or modified if the conditions ‘worsen’? Severe fiscal constraints.

eLearning Conferences 2012

Tony Karrer

Wright has done his 26th version of his amazing list of conferences again this year and has asked me to post again. Past years eLearning Conferences 2011 , eLearning Conferences 2010 , eLearning Conferences 2009. The list focuses primarily on the use of eLearning, technology in educational settings and on teaching, learning, and educational administration. Online.

Blackboard T&L Conference, Dublin #BbTLC2014

Dont Waste Your Time

Next week is the 2014 Blackboard Teaching and Learning Conference in Dublin. have met and talked with Prof Heppell on numerous occasions (at Learning Without Frontiers in 2011 and during my time working at Bournemouth University) and know that his unique perspective and style will make this keynote both interesting and hugely profound on the issues affecting education today.

Learning Trends, Technologies, and Opportunities – New White Paper by Sharon Boller

Bottom-Line Performance

Sharon Boller , President of Bottom-Line Performance, has authored a new white paper: “Learning Trends, Technologies and Opportunities.” ” Using both quantitative research and anecdotal evidence from our work with Fortune 500 clients, Sharon uncovers both what the learning and development field currently looks like AND where is it headed in the next 12 – 18 months.

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mLearnCon 2013: Getting Results with Mobile Learning by Bill Brandon

Learning Solutions Magazine

This year’s mLearnCon Conference & Expo provided a complete package for attendees, whether they. were just exploring mobile learning or were already involved. those who are already leading this learning revolution: Mobile learning is here, it is working in many. places, and it is changing the way we think about supporting learning and performance.

Blackboard Mobile Learn App – examples?

Dont Waste Your Time

Here’s the question … has anyone designed a Blackboard course purely from the perspective of working from the Mobile Learn App? suspect that the course, designed for mobile, would not work well for anyone else. Blackboard Mobile Learn – Google Play and iTunes  downloads. Blackboard Mobile Learn – Resource centre.

Call for gender, mobile and learning research cases ideas

Ignatia Webs

If you work on a project, or idea which involves gender and mobile or online learning, make sure you get an article in to Ronda Zelezny-Green. She is the founder and organizer of the Gender & Mobile/Learning Newsletter , packed with news and now running up for its first year edition. And you can easily subscribe to the newsletter here. You can submit a proposal here.

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Preparing for debate Alt-C online education in times of crisis

Ignatia Webs

Some educational activists colleagues are preparing a debate during the Alt-C conference on Technology Enhanced Learning and whether or if this can be a response to economic crisis (both in education as in globalization). education technology economic crisis mobile learning mooc open education conferences So happy to share his views.

Learning wrap up, last post of Gregorian Calendar 2013

Ignatia Webs

And where MOOC have been said to help those never having been able to learn before. The importance of online learning did grow, which is a good think from my perspective. TEDx2013 Another trend that kept going were the TED conferences. Social media 2013 With selfies being shared and produced at an ever increasing rate, social media is now fully absorbed in marketing.

Probation report and slides on #mobile #MOOC and #SDL

Ignatia Webs

After a week of heavy typing, my probation report incorporating literature review looking at challenges for self-directed learning (SDL), a methodology rationale and instruments for investigating SDL is ready for dissemination to. also gave a presentation on my master thesis, running up to my PhD during the CALRG conference in Milton Keynes, UK.

#mHealth opportunities and planning using #mLearning

Ignatia Webs

Because of the wide variety of options that are out there, I wrote an article for always inspirational Learning Solutions magazine which is the eLearning Guild publication. The mHealth article is entitled Mobile Learning Support for Global Health. And for all of us who have experience in mobile instructional design. mHealth is a rapidly growing market.

The Time to Mobilize Learning is Now: ASTD Houston Keynote Presentation [Slides]

mLearning Revolution

ASTD Houston Keynote Presentation by @rjacquez. I had the great fortune of being invited to deliver the opening keynote presentation at this year’s annual ASTD Houston conference. The title of my presentation was ‘ The Time to Mobilize Learning is Now! Mobile Learning ASTD Houston eLearning featured mLearning RJ Jacquez frameborder="0". Send to Kindle.


#MlearnCon Recap: Where are we now with mLearning?

Challenge to Learn

This is the reason I focused this year on case studies, to see where the corporations and institutes are in their process of going mobile. Smaller companies are not yet ready to take the mobile step. Tincan was almost invisible at this conference, very strange). For me as a vendor this conference was a success. We need to enable the first mobile step.

#Mobile instructional #design is getting a push, join in!

Ignatia Webs

For those interested in adding to the creation of a mobile instructional design model. As a growing number of mobile innovations become available in the learning space, education and training technology thought leaders are now interested in how to effectively design for a variety of mobile learning scenarios. this is your chance! guess that is all of us.

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eLearning – Responsive & Responsible

Upside Learning

Ever since responsive eLearning became a buzzword we (at Upside Learning) have been inundated with requests from clients to make every (well almost every), piece of eLearning responsive and multi-device compatible. Now let’s look at Dr. Gottfredson’s 5 moments of learning need. So, more performance support or just in time learning need. Horses for courses?

Analysis of ASTD International Conference and Expo 2013

eLearning 24-7

It’s the yearly review of the ASTD International Conference and Expo. Well, this year’s show had all the fun and excitement you can expect in the biggest training conference event of the year. It is not like this is the first go around for our beloved association in having a conference and trade show.  If you were a volunteer to ASTD, this is not about you – it is solely about ASTD. Leapfactor – mobile for sales training with apps – including on/off synch, also good for POS (Point of Sales). Learning 24/7. EXTRA! EXTRA! Pluses.

Call for #papers & pre/postdoctoral #Fellowship in Japan

Ignatia Webs

Calls for paper: M4D (mobile for development) in Dakar, Senegal When: 8 - 9 April 2014 submission deadline 1 December 2013 (this is the extended deadline) More information for the call of papers: [link] Overall information on the conference: [link] Call for paper on Special Issue: New Media and Social Learning Website: [link] Guest Editor: Prof. For details see: [link].

Trade Show Circuit 2013

eLearning 24-7

In just one month, the e-learning trade show season will be upon us.  Too many e-learning shows. I’m not just talking about here in the states, but on earth (not sure about Mars, though). The show is solely focused on e-learning and the vendors come from all over the world.  must for any e-learning vendor. As listed above, seminars are a mixed bag (just as they are with any e-learning or heck any trade show). still do not understand how a show that is tech and e-learning oriented can have such awful Wi-Fi on the expo floor? Learning Solutions.

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Stop Evaluating Training!

Upside Learning

"So how do you evaluate the success of eLearning that you create?" As a learning solutions vendor, I’ve been asked this question countless times and have also encountered it in many an RFP. Brinkerhoff’s (who I had an opportunity to listen to at the AITD conference in Melbourne in April 2013) arguments very compelling. Look at learning events differently.

eLearning Conferences 2012


Educational Technology and Related Education Conferences for January to June 2012 Clayton R. Wright has done his 26th version of his amazing list of conferences again this year. You can contact him at: crwr77 [@] This 26th version of the conference list covers selected events from four continents. The list focuses primarily on the use of technology in educational settings and on teaching, learning, and educational administration. link] January4-7, 2012 Association for ScienceTeacher Education (ASTE) International Conference, Clearwater Beach,Florida, USA.

Lecture Capture: Pedagogy, policy and support #lborolc13

Dont Waste Your Time

Date: July 3rd, 2013. Related posts: Blackboard Users Conference #durbbu: MOOC Pedagogy. Location: Loughborough University. Details: “Pedagogy, policy and support: taking lecture capture to the next level”. Twitter hashtag: #lborolc13. It is not about how we use it, it’s about how well we use it. Read the full report on the College’s TEL blog:

The New Adobe Captivate 7 Marches Backwards into the Future [Review]

mLearning Revolution

There’s nothing in there that addresses real solutions for today’s trending topics, such as Cloud computing, Mobile Learning, Responsive Design, Adaptive publishing, Mobile Apps, etc. Here we are 12 months later and Adobe India releases a new version of Captivate just in time for the mLearnCon conference. eLearning Mobile Learning Captivate featured mLearnCon mLearning

Hello 2013

Janet Clarey

As 2013  begins, it seems an ideal time to reflect back on 2012, share some observations and predictions, and get blogging again. In December, I wrote about Bankia’s learning content management architecture and how its use of a single source, asset-based approach to content led to huge cost savings and greater efficiency. predict large organizations will increasingly utilize LCMSs  for mobile content development and deployment and to provide on-demand performance support for employees. The market is also being reinvented by social learning tools. Oracle, SAP).

Technology won't replace teachers, but.

Learning with e's

"Technology won't replace teachers, but teachers who use technology will probably replace teachers who don't" This was just one of the contentious and thought provoking statements made at Learning Through Technology this week in Glasgow. LTT2013 was one of two conferences I was invited to speak at this week. Posted by Steve Wheeler from Learning with e's. who would you appoint?