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Creating Immersive Learning Solutions for Industrial Technical Training

Origin Learning

Origin Learning has displayed its in-depth understanding of concepts by developing learning modules with an immersive approach for a transportation conglomerate recently. deep dive into the technical concepts enabled it to provide graphic content (solutions) using the 3D modeling techniques effectively. Concept is what is core to content. Let’s come to water. Flummoxed?

A Fresh Choice of Captivate Templates

eLearning Brothers

Take a look at the over 300 eLearning templates we provide in the Assets section of Adobe Captivate 9, of course! Out of the over 40 different layout templates, we wanted to highlight a Fresh one just for you that has a few additional Captivate templates to match it. Click on the image to see this template in the library! These layout templates make it easy.

When to Bring Your Association’s Continuing Education Online

Association eLearning

When developing continuing education, you typically look to provide high value to your members while keeping costs as low as possible.  But sometimes it’s worthwhile to focus significant resources on developing a very customized continuing education (CE) module.  This might end up being an app for mobile devices, an online self-study module with quizzes and games built in, or an online course with significant resources invested such as broadcasting live video. This will help determine what members expect you to know and provide to them. prize piece of content.

Customizing Training Modules Made Easy With Articulate Storyline – Part I

CommLab India

Ever since rapid authoring tools were introduced to the e-learning industry, developing online training modules has become an easy task for e-learning professionals. They made training development a matter of days rather than months, eliminating many painful aspects such as the headache of writing complex codes for interactivities and designing different templates for every project.

Quality Control process for E-Learning

This guide provides recommendations for implementing quality. Here are a few examples of standards for elearning courses:  Use the organization’s approved template and color schemes (Developers may. customize template layouts as needed).  Use photographs instead of clipart and cartoons.  Do not match the words on the slide with the voiceover. Tools and templates.

The Agile Elearning Design Manual - Think Small (Iterations, Action Maps, Storyboards, and Mini-Modules)

The Learning Generalist

The end of an iteration marks the opportunity to showcase working elearning to the customer, seek feedback and to potentially release the module(s) to learners. How many training modules does your client/ internal customer want this project to span? What's the framework you'll use to build your modules? Can we reduce flab in our analysis and design phase? What's the Inception?

Real learning – let’s not confuse it with completing templated exercises

Performance Learning Productivity

Learning professionals spend a significant amount of their time (maybe even the majority) designing and delivering content and then evaluating completions and short-term memory outputs from structured mandatory and compliance training modules and courses. LMS technology has provided a big step forward here. like Kate a lot. We’ve known each other for a number of years.

eLearning Magic: 3 Lectora Course Enhancement Tips

eLearning Brothers

That’s why we partnered with them to provide so many awesome templates for you to plug into the interface! Today we’re talking about a three types of Lectora templates that will work wonders, raising the visual quality of your Lectora course to the umpteenth degree. Skin Templates. To learn more about skin templates, check out this handy instructional video.

Lectora Interactions to Add to Your Tab

eLearning Brothers

The advantage here is that you can explore more complicated topics one aspect at a time, all within the comfort of one convenient module. Having a wealth of tabbed Lectora interactions in our template library alone, we’d like to show off a few of our favorites. The bright yellows pair nicely with the technological aesthetic of the template. Scratch. Tabs 2. Edged Tabs.

A Storyline Mini-pack with a Major eLearning Boost

eLearning Brothers

What do you get when you cross an awesome Articulate Storyline template with another Storyline template? Simple and elegant, this tabbed interaction allows you to view multiple slides of information all in one handy module. As you can see by her pleasant demeanor, Kylie is just A-Okay with being included in this template. And some cutout characters? And sound effects?

Sound 32

A Quick Recap - ‘Create Learning Arcs Using Raptivity Linker Beta’


Though I liked the interaction templates, using them independently did not always make much sense. Learning arcs created using Raptivity Linker provide the middle ground—they are long enough to constitute a full learning experience, yet short enough to be used in different courses. These two arcs, on one hand, can be used as distinct learning modules and on the other, can also be combined to form a part of a bigger gamification course. Before I jump into writing what I am supposed to write today, there is a confession I want to make. To view the entire session, click here.

6 Steps to Develop Curriculum-based E-learning Courses for Medical Sales Training

CommLab India

To overcome this setback, sales representatives must be provided comprehensive training, not only on the products but also on the diseases, their cures, symptoms, etiology, etc. Curriculum-based e-learning courses are a series of modules that provide in-depth knowledge of a particular subject. For example, each module can be introduced using the character of a doctor.

Top 5 Benefits of Using a Learning Management System

eLearning Brothers

These systems often provide easy ways for instructors to create and deliver their content while simultaneously monitoring participation and assessing performance. There are more and more courses being offered through learning management systems that provide students around the world access to education. Make your courses more interactive using eLearning Game Templates. And

Want to design a course for the Houston Food Bank?

Obsidian Learning

We’re pleased to announce that we’ll be sponsoring a contest to design an eLearning module for the Houston Food Bank. Contest participants will create an eLearning module using our very own rapid eLearning authoring tool Obsidian Black  and a custom template we specially designed for Houston Food Bank. Each New post Want to design a course for the Houston Food Bank?

9 Vital Things You Are Forgetting Before Your eLearning Course Goes Live

eLearning Brothers

Create Standalone Learning Modules. Make sure that your learning modules are good and clear enough to stand alone and accomplish your overall objectives with the course, but make sure that the modules work together to deliver the course in a cohesive manner. None of your eLearning modules should look or sound out of place. 5. Provide Feedback for Learners.

Project Showcase: Memorable eLearning for Salon Employees

Bottom-Line Performance

Regis asked us to design an eLearning program that included five online modules that they could use for the initial eLearning launch. They asked us to develop three of the five modules AND provide all design & development assets along with ongoing development support. We continue to provide resources to Regis for the courses their team is developing. The goal?

E-Learning 24/7 Superhero Reader Edition: LRS Pros/Cons, Course design – what works

eLearning 24-7

The page will provide direct access to a wealth of information from many of the vendors (all were offered the opportunity to do so).   My goal is to get it up and running by next Saturday.  If you are a buyer, you will receive the info – user/password, prior to the site going live (which to repeat is not yet live). Hopefully they provided you with some additional insight and knowledge.

The challenges of training global workers

Sponge UK

How can you provide effective training for all your employees wherever they are in the world? The key to creating a course that can be used anywhere is to break it into modules. By identifying the parts of the training that are unique to an area you can separate the parts which will require adapting from the standard core modules. How can elearning help?

Five Ways to Engage Learners in Online Training

Rapid eLearning

Instead of a big course delivered months in advance it would have been easier to build lighter modules (similar to the cheat sheets) that delivered the necessary content at the point of need. like to call these micro-learning modules , coursels (as in course morsels). If you want them to learn more, provide a challenge that causes them to pull in the content  and make decisions.

LUC 2016 Session Sneak Peek

Everything E-Learning

Finally, you’ll be introduced to Buzz, a JavaScript library for audio control that provides useful tools for dealing with sound. Game On: Working Smarter, Not Harder by Modifying Templates to Gamify Your eLearning. During this workshop, you will: Learn to modify an existing template to create an interactive module. Basics of Variables, Actions, and Triggers.

How Adobe Captivate 9 Helps Create Captivating E-Learning Courses

CommLab India

Employee onboarding modules. Enhanced quiz question templates. Adobe Captivate provides a few in-built  Quiz question templates which can be added to the online course to assess the knowledge of your learner. And when you have a library of 30k assets , support for responsive design, and ready-made quiz templates , you can’t really go wrong.  . Let us find out. 1.

What The Future Holds For Game-Based eLearning: 8 Points To Consider

EI Design

Online learners must complete eLearning modules and activities to earn badges or progress to the next level. These online tools are already packed with interactions, templates, and themes today. Regardless of an online learner’s background or experience, eLearning games provide an immersive environment that is ideal for knowledge assimilation. The Rise Of Serious Games.

Product Review – Adobe Captivate Prime LMS

eLearning 24-7

Streaming video backend – enabling you to upload your video and it automatically be encoded and stream back as a video module. mail templates and reminders. Under the author (create your own course within the system), it can be a tad challenging due to the module and course structure – the only time I found it not to be as simple as you expect, yes easy to create etc.,

Have Your Training Projects Entered the 21st Century

Rapid eLearning

Instructions are provided just-in-time as you need them. And it provides freedom for the learner to get what they need. Provide just-in-time instructions. If you want the person to do something different or unique, then provide the instructions at the point when they’re needed. like the way Rick added the instructions in his Hero Land module. Back Then.

The DIY Guide to Converting Existing Content into an eLearning Course

SHIFT eLearning

Those new to creating eLearning courses will find this post useful in answering their questions and providing them with a checklist of things to consider during the process of converting existing content, which goes far beyond simply transferring content to an online format. There are three main formats for eLearning modules: Read and click. Step One: Analyzing Content. Simulation.

Andrew Scivally – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


Founded in 2009, eLearning Brothers (eLB) based in the Salt Lake City area in Utah, USA,is a global provider of eLearning templates. Over time, it grew into the broadest and deepest eLearning Template Library on the planet. How effective, according to you, has your templates gallery been in helping e-learning designers create engaging and effective training modules quickly? The templates aren’t about us. Learnnovators: The ‘eLearning Templates Library’ starts where authoring tools stop. The templates help with that also. THE INTERVIEW: 1.

Instructional Design Tip: How to Simplify Instruction

Rapid eLearning

We designed some elearning modules around the parts of the machine. They were pulled from the production floor and took a few modules to learn about the machine, preventive maintenance, and the general workflow. The peer coach program also provided a way to train future supervisors by giving them elevated responsibilities. And then I spent some time on the floor. SOLD OUT.

5 Advantages of using Adobe Captivate 9

CommLab India

An integrated library of 25,000+ characters and templates. Adobe Captivate 9 comes with a repository of characters and templates that simplify e-learning development. You can develop attractive, intuitive quizzes by customizing the quiz templates available in the tool. Here’s an example of the templates you get in Adobe Captivate. Let us see what it offers. Source ).

The Mobile eLearning Express: A Brief History of Distance Courses

eLearning Brothers

Regardless, it provides endless opportunities for creative ways to reinforce learning outcomes, objectives and improve return on investments. However, universal design principles provide the most effective way to reach diverse learner demographics and needs. Simple and clear, intuitive navigation, clearly guide the student though the modules. Guest post by  Marie S. Freud.

Here’s How Many Organizations Ruin Their Online Training Courses

Rapid eLearning

One of the activities we do at my workshops is prototype an interactive elearning module. provide some generic content and their task is to do two things: Determine how to get the learner to interact with the screen. They don’t always invest in training their staff and they rarely provide a budget to create elearning courses. Craft a relevant and engaging learning interaction.

Increase Course Performance with the Right Authoring Tool – Here’s How to Sort Out Your Options


the ability to create new templates and free-form layouts). Can you lock down or provide guidance to teams on how to use certain templates so that you can get the right level of consistency for your project(s)? 7. Suss out if you can re-use themes, menus, custom layouts, whole topics, modules, or ad hoc pages across other projects. Speed? Cost reduction? Quality?

How to Add Company Branding to Your E-Learning Courses

Rapid eLearning

Instead of a course that features a logo and design on each screen, create a single entry point that provides the branding info at the beginning of the course. You can use one at the beginning or use them between sections or modules. Incorporate the organization’s brand by colorizing the template to match the color schemes. Get Rid of the Branding. What do you think?

3 Secrets of Workshop Facilitators: Leverage Them to Author eLearning Rapidly


These workshops also provide the opportunity to congregate with peers in a casual setting and to grow professional networks. The more targeted the module is to the learner’s daily job, the more context the learner will bring to the training. For example, do your learners need to know how to complete a task step-by-step by the end of the learning module?

How Long Should My E-Learning Course Be?

Rapid eLearning

The modules are easier to update and modify; and they’re easier to move around to create custom learning solutions. Take advantage of what elearning provides to create an environment that works best for the learner. Provide a lot of resources and guides to reinforce what they’re learning. Resources : Free PowerPoint templates , free elearning templates , and free e-books.

Open Source Authoring Tools for e-Learning


Xerte The Xerte Project provides a full suite of open source tools for e-Learning developers and content authors producing interactive learning materials. It provides teachers with a highly intuitive visual authoring environment for creating sequences of learning activities. Template images by sbayram. The answer is simple. The list that it follows is not in particular order.

Reach more learners – 6 ideas for marketing your training

Sponge UK

We’re going to offer some general tips on creating an effective campaign and finish by giving you an Elearning Communications Plan Template so you can develop your own plan. Download the Elearning Communications Plan Template A communications plan gives you the blueprint for all the marketing actions you’re going to take. Improving impact campaigns engagement Tesco

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