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PKM in 34 pieces

Learning and Working on the Web

One of my objectives with the current PKM Workshop [there''s still time to sign up] was to review most of my resources and work on developing new ones. Much of my work on PKM has been inspired by others. This graphic combines the work of several people into a single aide-mémoire on PKM and the Seek – Sense – Share framework. disagree. It provides a starting point.

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PKM in 2013

Learning and Working on the Web

Personal knowledge management (PKM) is a set of processes, individually constructed, to help each of us make sense of our world and work more effectively. The PKM framework I have developed over the past eight years suggests two more steps: sense-making and sharing. PKM, or learning in networks, is a continuous process of seeking, sensing, and sharing. ” Knowledge.

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The PKM value-add

Learning and Working on the Web

During my online conversation ( recording on YouTube ) with Jane Hart  yesterday, we discussed personal knowledge management (PKM) and one very important aspect, in my opinion, is the need for active sense-making. But sense-making, or placing information into context, is where the real personal value of PKM lies. The Automating sense-making is antithetical to the rationale behind PKM.

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Why PKM?

Learning and Working on the Web

On Twitter, I mark my favourites and review them every two weeks, with the best becoming Friday’s Finds. Lilia Efimova , the original inspiration for my PKM practices, has said that the main problem with personal knowledge management is that we need to take time now, in order to invest in the future. think of it as a short-term memory helper. Can you find it now?

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PKM Updated

Learning and Working on the Web

Use an aggregator (feed reader) to keep track of online conversations Follow interesting people on Twitter. Find a Twitter App to suit your needs. Review your bookmarks, Twitter favourites, etc. 2). Connect via Twitter Share social bookmarks through groups & networks. Critical Thinking Process. Web Tools & Strategies. 1). Observe & Study. SENSE. SHARE.

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iSchool Networked Learning PKM Resources

Learning and Working on the Web

Tweet This is a follow-up from the Networked Learning (PKM) workshop I conducted for the iSchool Institute yesterday. Talking about PKM (from the professional KM community). PKM in a Nutshell (includes many links for further exploration). Critical thinking in the organization (looking at how PKM fits into the workplace). NetworkedLearning PKMJoin now. netlearn.

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PKM live with Euan Semple

Learning and Working on the Web

During our PKM Workshop this week, we discussed the books we would recommend to others. started the conversation by mentioning the direct connection between PKM and the chapter on Literacy Re-discovered : Things to remember: Having somewhere to write like a blog or Twitter makes you more aware of what is happening around you. PKM SocialLearning Wirearchy

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PKM webinar 25 october

Learning and Working on the Web

On 25 October at 18:00 GMT I will be conducting an online session on personal knowledge management (PKM). The hosts are @joitske and @sibrenne and there will be a Twitter back-channel. PKM is a framework that can help you take control of your professional development. If you would like to attend, you can sign up on the website. Cost is €45 for this 1.5

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Sense-making with PKM

Learning and Working on the Web

Effective learning is the difference between surfing the waves or being drowned by them and PKM (personal knowledge management) can be your customized surfboard. One of the important aspects of PKM is triage, or sorting. Twitter. — What I have found out over several years of using PKM methods and tools is that I have been creating a powerful resource. Categorize.

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Social Learning Cannot Be A Bolt-On Strategy


An organization cannot bolt on social learning just as it cannot bolt on a few Facebook and Twitter-like tools and call itself a social business. The following excerpt from his blog summarizes it beautifully: “A Social Business isn’t a company that just has a Facebook page and a Twitter account. Social Learning and social business go hand in hand. ” ([link].

PKM: aggregate, filter, connect

Learning and Working on the Web

also filter information with Twitter and my weekly Friday’s Finds. connect through this blog and the comments left by others, by leaving comments, via Twitter and in the increasing number of web conferences and discussions becoming available. He asked professionals “What percentage of the knowledge you need to do your job is stored in your own mind?&#.

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"Working Out Loud": Using the Tools We Already Have

ID Reflections

Twitter : The trigger question, " What's Happening"? that Twitter greets you with is a great initiator to begin "working out loud". Working out loud on Twitter therefore has dual advantage of collaboration & cooperation as well as the ability to seek direct help. Small working out loud circles can use Twitter effectively through facilitated tweet chats as well.

Personal Learning Networks: For Ongoing Learning in a Connected World

ID Reflections

would also like to emphasize that PLN is intricately linked to one''s personal knowledge management (PKM) capabilities. We can find them and connect with them on Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, Pinterest. The diagram below illustrates how one can go about building one''s PLN on Twitter. Collaboration organizational learning pkm PLN social learning We need a new set of skills.

7 Strategies to Facilitate "Working Out Loud"

ID Reflections

In the online world, this ease can be created by a community space or platform that is easy to access, like Twitter or Yammer. Finally, here is a check-list from Austin Kleon from Show Your Work: Collaboration future_of_work pkm PLN social learning wolThe more I thought about it, the more it seemed to me that it is one of the fundamental blocks of building a community of practice.

This Week on #TalkTech: Apple Slows Innovation, PKM Not a Technology, and Digital Natives

Bottom-Line Performance

#TalkTech is the “flipped” approach to Twitter chats.  We publish all the topics a few hours before the chat so you can show up at 3 pm EST / 12 pm PST on Thursdays ready to discuss. Topic 2: Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) is Not a Technology…so how do we help organizations learn informally? PKM is not a technology, an enterprise system, a piece of software, or a platform.

Working Out Loud 101 | Some Thoughts

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Otherwise, you can use any platform like Twitter your blog, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. Collaboration future_of_work pkm PLN social learning wolMy posts are usually pretty detailed, researched, and long. I am trying to move to a mode where I'll write shorter posts more regularly on specific topics, questions posed to me, or an aspect of modern workplace learning that interests me.

What have we learned so far?

Learning and Working on the Web

Personal Knowledge Mastery ( PKM ): A set of processes, individually constructed, to help each of us make sense of our world and work more effectively. PKM workshops have helped people develop their own process of seeking, sense-making, and sharing. PKM connects what is learned in networks, communities of practice, and work teams. ” Advice to start with PKM.

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Four Basic Skills for 2020

Learning and Working on the Web

For example, I am constantly following/unfollowing on Twitter in an attempt at optimal filtering; an impossible but worthwhile goal. The practice of PKM helps to develop media literacy as you seek knowledge from various networks, try different media tools, use them to communicate and share with others. — The next PKM in 40 Days workshop starts on 4 August.

seeking and sense-making

Learning and Working on the Web

Twitter lets me connect with many people but the 140 character limit restricts the depth of conversations. This is the  focus of the PKM in 40 Days online workshop. How do you make sense of your work? Many of us subscribe to newspapers, magazines, web feeds, blogs, and other forms of push information. The key is to subscribe to a diverse assortment of perspectives and opinions.

serendipitous drip-fed learning

Learning and Working on the Web

Part of my strategy in using social media, like Twitter, is to connect with people who know more than I do. We share an interest in knowledge management and PKM , but Shaun has a background in agricultural science of which I know nothing. The small pieces shared and commented on via Twitter let me start to see patterns and determine the authenticity of the person. think so.

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The Seek > Sense > Share Framework

Learning and Working on the Web

Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) is a framework for individuals to take control of their professional development through a continuous process of seeking, sensing-making, and sharing. PKM may be an individual activity but it is social as well. So how do you get started micro-blogging on a platform like Twitter? Once is not enough, as most parents know. Working Out Loud.

engineering our own serendipity

Learning and Working on the Web

Simple exercises, like asking yourself, why am I following this person on Twitter, can be more helpful. An article in Time magazine on engineering serendipity discusses ways to create better physical environments as well as the push for software that will improve innovation by increasing the potential for serendipitous encounters. Chance favours the connected mind, said Steven B.

Working Out Loud: Using the Tools We Already Have


Twitter: The trigger question, “What’s Happening”? that Twitter greets you with is a great initiator to begin “working out loud” Summarizing what you are doing, learning, or being challenged by in 4~5 tweets of 140 characters each can be very useful in sharing it with the outer world and in putting one’s work process and learning in perspective.

As the world keeps churning, work today is all about learning

Learning and Working on the Web

The Pitch chapter also explains the Twitter pitch (140 characters) and the subject line pitch. This is the essence of sense-making in PKM. Books PKM WorkThe title of this post is what Dan Pink, in his book To Sell is Human , would call a rhyming pitch. He also discusses the question pitch , and I followed his recommendation in the Pitch chapter and developed my own. Your Work?

All things to all people

Learning and Working on the Web

In that post, Jeff Roach described G+ as “ a network that looks like Facebook (media rich) but functions more like twitter (streams etc) but is more friendly to conversations and sharing than both of them. In some cases I will follow a blogger, in others I will connect via Google Plus or Twitter, but from my perspective it is one network, with varying types of connections.

Making sense of our world

Learning and Working on the Web

Tweet I define Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) as a set of processes, individually constructed, to help each of us make sense of our world, work more effectively and contribute to society. PKM is about making connections, with ideas and with people. Twitter) and mechanical (e.g. NetworkedLearning PKMIt’s sense making + getting things done. blogging).

Collective sense-making

Learning and Working on the Web

used to read many of the technology blogs, like TechCrunch and Read/Write Web but have dropped them from my feed reader and instead read posts that have been referred via Twitter, Google Plus or blog posts. Communities NetworkedLearning PKMTweet More of my online sense-making is in connecting to people, not accessing information sources.

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To learn, we must do

Learning and Working on the Web

As I was preparing to start our online PKM workshop last night, I came across one of the best articles that I have read in a long while that reflects the value of what the PKM framework supports. Blogging and connecting led to Google Analytics, Delicious, Flickr, Slideshare, Twitter, and now Google Plus. PKM is as much a life skill as a work skill. To learn, we must do.

Friday’s favourites

Learning and Working on the Web

It was an attempt to make my finds on Twitter more explicit, as I noticed I was sharing and viewing a lot of information on Twitter but not doing anything with it. My current practice is to summarize what I have found on various social media platforms (Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, private channels) and create a blog post every two weeks. Twitter can be one small part of this.

Revisiting My Learning Journey on Social Media

ID Reflections

Six years have passed since I joined Twitter in 2008, when twitter was in its infancy, and I was clueless about its use. stumbled across twitter quite by accident or should I say serendipity. Needless to say when I found the same person on Twitter, I was part excited and part overawed. PLN social media Twitter lurked and waited. observed the interactions.

Week's Learning #1

ID Reflections

Following Harold Jarche''s example of Friday''s Finds , I thought where better to collate and synthesize my week’s learning from Twitter than on my blog. learning pkm Twitter Here’s the first of the series. At the same time it must constrain people’s behavior, or it won’t be able to get anything done. charlesjennings : The role and value of learning content is changing.

I Believe in the Importance of Personal Knowledge Management

Tom Spiglanin

What we need is to exercise personal knowledge management, or PKM. PKM is distinct from organizational knowledge management, which is widely used today. Only PKM can meet my needs, which only I know at any given time. Three Key Components of PKM. Spending time on those media, engaging with our PLNs, is a critical part of PKM. Capturing Knowledge. tomspiglani n.

Twitter Digest for 2011-05-18

Jane Hart

RT @ TweetSmarter : Twitter just registered its 300 millionth account yesterday! Network Learning PKM Workshop Notes from @ hjarche [link] #. Powered by Twitter Tools. Twitter twitterTweet. 30 ways to use social media to work and learn smarter, begins 30 May [link] Over 30 participants signed up already #. Teaching methods: An alternative vote | The Economist [link] #. There are now over 200 members in Share&Learn. Come and join us [link] #. The C4LPT Daily is out! link] ? Top stories today via @ bbc_magazine @briandusablon @ yammer @gautamghosh #.

Net Work Skills

Learning and Working on the Web

Without some persistent point of presence (blog, Twitter, LinkedIn), one is invisible online unless he or she is already famous. Communities NetworkedLearning PKM WorkTweet Imagine if we limited our conversations to only those in the same office.  We would miss out on so many learning opportunities. Well it seems some people are still missing out. This is life in perpetual Beta.