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This Week in mLearning Podcast – Episode 7 – Project Tin Can

mLearning Revolution

10- To find more about Project Tin Can, visit their  website  where you can also find links to different Google groups, recent posts and a Wiki, join their weekly calls on Thursdays at 2.30 pm. eLearning Interviews Mobile Learning Podcast mLearning TinCan 1- Highlights of the week. a- Google has closed its deal to acquire Motorola Mobility. b- Stats about Android activations per day. How can this bring into play informal learning experiences? 9- ADL has recognized the need for a SCORM that matches today’s technological challenges. Have mLearning vendors recognized that too?

Social Learning Has Its Place…And Informal Learning Does Too.

Social Learning

Social learning refers to a class of learning, which includes wikis, blogs, screen sharing, podcasting, photo sharing, social bookmarking, collaborative working, social networking, etc. Informal learning includes certain social learning tools like wikis, communities of practice, expert directories, etc., But social media does not define social learning.

The changing Web

Learning with e's

My own students create a lot of their own content during their study, usually in the form of podcasts, videos, wiki and blog content, and are encouraged to share these publicly online to gain additional feedback. 2006) Wikis, blogs and podcasts: a new generation of Web-based tools for virtual collaborative clinical practice and education. The web is constantly changing.

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‘Generation Y’ is dead, long live ‘Generation T’

Dont Waste Your Time

systems (blog, wiki, podcast, etc) have been introduced to the learning environment, and the way the students have engaged with it. Generation Y / Gen-Y Android Blackberry Blog Chromebook Games Generation T Generation X Generation Y Generation Z Google iPad iPhone iPod Podcast Smart Phone Social Network Tablet Twitter Video Web 2.0 Wiki YouTubeAmazing Must Watch!

Podcast #21: Lisa’s back!!!

Tayloring it

Craig chats with  Lisa Johnson  on the subject of her teams’ recent * award winning * work with the use of internal wikis and ‘just-in-time’ performance support videos. Subscribe to the podcast in mp3 format: Lisa’s back!!! Subscribe to the podcast in iTunes. Podcast #15: Get your sleeves rolled up and get stuck in. Podcast Lisa Johnson screencast videos wikisListening time: 25mins. Shownotes. Training Press release on Barnardos recent win. The BT Dare 2 Share initiative. Google Analytics. Salesforce Chatter. Music  Source.

My History of Live Blogged Notes

Experiencing eLearning

Wikis for Improving Productivity. Podcasting with Section 508. Wikis and Blogs and Tags: Oh Why? Wikis & Emerging Web 2.0 E-Learning Communities. Wikis that Work: Effective Wiki Practices for Virtual Learning Communities. When I attend webinars or participate in online courses and conferences, I usually live blog my notes. World. Synchronous Learning.

Webct 90

Podcasting like a pro! (Part 2) – How to edit and publish your podcast recording


So you’ve gone through the steps of creating a podcast series and you have your first recording in hand. It’s now time to edit and publish your podcast for a professional result! Extract ‘video’ files (those obtained from GoToMeeting, i.e. the podcasters recording) & convert to audio using Audio Extractor (AoA). Audacity Wiki (the latest tips, tricks and tutorials, on the internet). Generally a podcast is composed of the following: General intro with music [file]. Listen to raw file (recording) and delete (cut) what won’t be included in the final podcast.


Seven Technology-Enabled Tools that Empower the Modern Corporate Trainer


Blogs and Wikis. Wikis too can be created in a bid to encourage global learners collaborate together without getting bogged down by schedules and time differences. Scholarly articles can be built together on the wiki, where the Trainer can guide the learners from time to time. Podcasts. Podcasts can be sent live or recorded and shared. Social Networking Sites.

A marriage made in Heaven?

Learning with e's

Tools such as blogs, wikis, podcasts and social networking sites are flourishing, and boasting huge numbers of adherents. Tags: mobile phones txt social networking podcasts blogs social media mobile learning m-learning wikis Let's talk about txt 7 will be held at Bodington Hall, on the University of Leeds campus - details here. marriage made in Heaven? Unported License.

TCC08: Wikis and Blogs and Tags: Oh Why?

Experiencing eLearning

Podcasts. Add “real world&# content by bringing things in from outside (podcasts, blogs, etc.). Wikis as classic example of collaborative tool. Gave an example of faculty handbook created with wiki (using MediaWiki). Wikis make it very clear who did what–always a problem with group work for grading. Students learn how to judge the stability of information & collective intelligence through using a wiki. They get complaints that their website information is out of date but that the wiki information keeps changing. Social Connection.

Webinar Resources

Kapp Notes

Here is how to start a wiki with Wet Paint You can also use PBwiki and the service I use WikiSpaces. Here is a good overview of podcasting. Here is a really great resource on podcasting. __ Catalog of Recommended Books, Games and Gadgets Recommended Games and Gadgets Recommended Books Content GuideWeb 2.0 Lessons Learned Tear Down These Walls: Web 2.0

#40years of educational technology: Social media

Learning with e's

Other tools such as wikis, blogs and podcasts also began to be used in education, at first tentatively, and then as embedded features in various programmes of study. A key attraction of these technologies is that they are inherently participatory. then began also to experiment with wikis as alternatives to Learning Management Systems in teacher education around 2006-2008.

Unshrouding the Mystery of Blended Learning

Origin Learning

Instructional strategies such as lecturing, guided learning, exploratory discussions, debates and role-playing must be amalgamated with online learning tools such as podcasts, e-books, webcasts and digital video libraries, massive multiplayer online games, wikis, etc. For many, blended learning is still a muddled concept. Sorry to burst the bubble, but that is NOT blended learning.

Blog, Wiki, Tweet. The Real You??


listen to a Yale University Press podcast interview with the author) If you ever doubted the need before, after reading parts of Solove's book you will understand that you need to learn how to manage your online reputation (personal or business). Tags: RSS Trends and Topics Ebooks Web/Tech Podcasts "It all began in realspace, on a subway train in South Korea. RSS Software.

One more time: what's the difference between a blog and a wiki?

Clive on Learning

Here in Boston I attended Brent Schenkler's excellent talk on blogs v wikis. She said she wasn't at allclear about the difference between a blog and a wiki. wiki , on the other hand, is a collective space for objectivising knowledge (or at least information). In fact, because the terms 'blog' and 'wiki' can put some people off, I sometimes substitute the terms 'learning journal' and 'learning archive' (something you can easily do in Moodle, which I've been using). Brent asked if anyone needed a clarification of the terms but no-one put their hand up.

Work in progress

Learning with e's

Wikis for example, can subvert traditional values such as personal ownership and intellectual property (Richardson, 2006) but community ownership of the content becomes an equalising factor. 2006) Blogs, wikis, podcasts and other powerful web tools for classrooms. 2008) The good, the bad and the wiki: Evaluating student generated content as a collaborative learning tool.

Wiki 43

Whats a Wiki? - NorthStarNerd.Org


NorthStarNerd.Org Dedicated to open access sharing of knowledge - Your host: Rich Hoeg Blog Engineering Learning Nerd TV Nerd Tweets Nordic Skiing Site Map Tutorials « Google RSS Reader | Main | Google Alert and RSS » August 31, 2006 Whats a Wiki? this Blog would be a Wiki. Want to learn more about Wikis? They are forging ahead in the educational use of Wikis. If youre up to a talking computer (not exactly HAL of 2001 fame) on a call-in talk show, watch this fun multimedia presentation on Wikis: University of British Columbia - Whats a Wiki?


Content creation

Learning with e's

The use of wikis in group learning to promote collaboration and make a record of what has been learnt is becoming more popular in all sectors of education. Podcasts, normally in the form of the audio recording of an event, are also a means of projecting and sharing content to others so that they can listen at a time and in a place (usually on the move) of their choosing.

Motorola 2.0 / Blogs & Wikis - NorthStarNerd.Org


NorthStarNerd.Org Dedicated to open access sharing of knowledge - Your host: Rich Hoeg Blog Engineering Learning Nerd TV Nerd Tweets Nordic Skiing Site Map Tutorials « Second Life Income Tax | Main | A Soldier / MIA Comes Home » March 20, 2007 Motorola 2.0 / Blogs & Wikis In August of last year I blogged about Motorolas Web 2.0 Dan Bricklin (inventor of Visicalc) posted a podcast interview with Toby Redshaw (corporate VP with Motorola). At the time I was impressed with Motorolas approach to propagating internal blogs and wikis. efforts. Here are the links.

Google Sites. Nice. Not a wiki - NorthStarNerd.Org


Not a wiki Google has a new service named Google Sites. However, although you may give anyone you desire full edit privileges, the service does not act like a wiki (anonymous edit, open invitations to join site, RSS, etc). College Search Ebooks Elearning Hodge Podge Legos Nokia Tablets Nordic Skiing Podcasts RSS Trends and Topics Run for China Software Tools Web / Corporate 2.0

Growing Use of Social Media in Education


The survey asks educators to report their use of the following platforms: Blogs & Wikis. Podcasts. The most used social media methods are blogs and wikis, but all five increased in use from 2012 to 2013. This is manageable when using blogs and wikis, but when it comes to the other social platforms, then the challenge becomes a bit more complicated. LinkedIn. Twitter.

Social enzymes

Learning with e's

Wikis, blogs, podcasts, social bookmarking, RSS feeds, microblogs, social networking. More often, we are learning informally, while playing a massively multi-player online role playing game for example, or listening to a podcast about a news item. Tags: cyborg blog Memes wiki social enzymes learning rhizome Twitter and to learn. We are aware of each other. Right.

Corporate Use of Wikis - NorthStarNerd.Org


Main | My Favorite Engineering Webinars » August 13, 2006 Corporate Use of Wikis If you read my blog recently, you will know that I am had a fantastic time last weekend at Wikimania, but more importantly. One result from the corporate panel on the use of wikis, is that there now is an "open wiki" on the use of this kind of software tool in the enterprise. Wiki on the Corporate Use of Wikis My thanks to Ross Mayfield, and his organization, SocialText , for hosting this wiki. learned an incredible amount of information. Please try again.

Increasing student engagement through Interactive Learning Design


Podcasts. To embed human touch in e-courses, podcasts can be included to make a strong learning delivery. This increases the reach of the delivery, making podcasts perfect for just-in-time learning delivery – especially if the learner is frequently out of office. Personal Wikis. Learner-to-Instructor interactions. Learner-to-Learner interactions. Videos. Polls.

Blogs, Wikis, and Bears. Oh My! - NorthStarNerd.Org


Browse or Search » November 07, 2006 Blogs, Wikis, and Bears. tools (blogs, wikis, social networking, etc.), and how they are used in learning. Here is the basic information: Course Trailer / Infomercial (3 to 4 minute video) Course Web Site Here are the primary course resources: Video Lectures Course Wiki Now. what about my post title, "Blogs, Wikis, and Bears.

Corporate Use of Blogs and Wikis - NorthStarNerd.Org


He told me that Motorola,#49 on the Fortune 500, has almost 2,000 internal wikis (thatsseparate wikis, each with many pages), and 2,700 blogs used by 60,000of their 68,000 employees daily. Tobytells us about what wikis and blogs are used for, how they rolled themout, what benefits they get, how they chose what they did, experiencewith bad behavior, etc. Weall hear about wikiPedia and Open Source project use of wikis. 4,000-5,000 people are activelycontributing, the rest mainly read. He agreed to sit down for a podcastinterview. Your comment has not yet been posted.

Podcast #25: Books and ebooks Part 2

Tayloring it

Craig is joined by  @zakmensah  for the second in a series of podcasts in which Zak helps to make sense of the whole ebooks subject. Download the podcast in mp3 format: Books and ebooks Part 2. Subscribe to the podcast in iTunes. MobileRead Wiki. mobile Podcast tools ebooksWho needs books? Listening time: 22 mins. Shownotes. ePub – what’s it all about?

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Wikipatterns: A How-To Site on Driving the Adoption of Wikis Within Your Organization

Mark Oehlert

e-Clippings (Learning As Art) Home Archives Subscribe About My Social Networks « "The Name of the Game Is Work" (Business Week) | Main | Someone buy me this poster » August 28, 2007 Wikipatterns: A How-To Site on Driving the Adoption of Wikis Within Your Organization What a great resource. Many would liketo influence it or have material to add. books futures Web 2.0

Podcast Idea: #lrntalk

Aaron Silvers

UPDATE: We’ve moved to a Wiki to better organize; check out [link]. An idea floated up again today that has been floated many times before about doing a learning-related podcast. While my current podcast has been much neglected by me, I’ve thought of doing a podcast several times in the past and have opined on it openly here on the blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Social Learning education google idea learning lrntalk moderator podcast TrainingAll ideas are welcomed and encouraged. What are you waiting for? Go tell us how to do this!

Seven other advantages of an e-learning strategy

Connect Thinking

Example: The organisations  ”ad hoc” use of a wiki can be improved by the thoughtful design of the wiki as part of a blended learning program. For example, some time ago I developed a video on how to create a podcast using organisation-issue hardware. However, there are other less obvious advantages of an e-learning strategy that may not be thought about at first.

Seven other advantages of an e-learning strategy

Connect Thinking

Example: The organisations  ”ad hoc” use of a wiki can be improved by the thoughtful design of the wiki as part of a blended learning program. For example, some time ago I developed a video on how to create a podcast using organisation-issue hardware. However, there are other less obvious advantages of an e-learning strategy that may not be thought about at first.

Robotics Podcast


One service I perform in this blog is a search and review of high quality engineering blogs and podcasts ( Blog Quest 2008 ). Although not an absolute, one aspect I prefer is that the blog or podcast be commercial free. With that spirit in mind I point you to the " Robots Podcast " Given my years spent coaching S.N.I.P.

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): "Seven Strategies for Implementing a Successful Corporate Wiki" (Industry Week)

Mark Oehlert

Main | "The Core of Fun" (Raph Koster via IT Conversations) » March 12, 2008 "Seven Strategies for Implementing a Successful Corporate Wiki" (Industry Week) ( article link ) When I first saw this article, I thought great, another study telling us what we already kno w. Understand the wiki "rules of conduct" and ensure they are monitored and enforced. made a Blidget!

How to Get the Greatest ROI from eLearning


The biggest issue is that e-learning programs inevitably tend to grow in the numbers of courses, complexity of interactivity, evolutionary needs (such as the importation of third-party courses), and ‘nice to have’ needs, such as podcasts, video, blogs, wikis, RSS feeds, standards conformance, linking to a human resources information system, and more. Does eLearning have a good ROI?

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