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30+ Ideas for eLearning Portfolio Samples

Experiencing eLearning

Whether you’re working freelance or looking for a full-time job, you need a portfolio. What if you can’t use any samples of your existing work due to confidentiality or security requirements? For example, the Instructional Designer or eLearning Developer demo in my portfolio is based on an activity I originally created for a health care client. Resume writing.

4 Steps to Creating a Portfolio of your eLearning Projects


This post provides four quick steps on how to create a winning eLearning portfolio. If you already have a portfolio, use these steps to update it. Your next eLearning opportunity may hinge on an updated winning portfolio! 1. Authoring Tool eLearning tools training eLearning projects eLearning samples online samples training projects Locate all [.].

Creating an eLearning Portfolio Using Your Community Content

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If you are creating content that you’d love to get out into the world, there’s no better way than to place all your shared titles in one place on the Community, then link them to your portfolio. Here are 4 ways of placing your Trivantis Community content onto your portfolio or online profiles. Community Portfolio. Presto! LinkedIn. Be sure to select save to keep your changes.

How to Create an Online Portfolio

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You may not be currently looking for a job, but it never hurts to have an up-to-date online portfolio of your work. And if your work samples are gathering dust in a folder somewhere, all the more reason to get your expertise displayed electronically. Some platforms are better suited for writing samples while others are more applicable for showcasing graphics or eLearning samples. All three have user-friendly interfaces, and if you’re stuck, offers a course, “ Create an Online Portfolio with WordPress.” Tell us in comments. Workplace Best Practices

Portfolio: Web and Graphic Design

eLearning Brothers

Here are some samples. When working with companies we are often asked to do graphic design and website development. Multimedia

How to Write Good Assessment Questions

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In other cases, a project or piece of sample work can be submitted. For instance, graphic designers rely heavily on portfolios to showcase what they’re capable of. Keep in mind that assessments don’t have to be “cookie-cutter” and some skills can be assessed best in person or through sample work. “Can someone explain this question to me? I don’t know what it’s asking.”. Don’t.

5 Tips for Promoting and Pitching Yourself as an eLearning Freelancer

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It’s all about that portfolio. This particular tip echoed across the internet: “Portfolios should be considered the cornerstone for every e-learning professional,” says instructional designer and consultant Ashley Chiasson. For e-learning professionals, and for many folks working in other visual industries, a visual portfolio is  essential. “Freelancer.” Independent contractor.”

Job Hunting and the Power of a Personal Website


Most importantly, if you have any work samples such as case studies, writing samples, or references, it can be extremely beneficial to showcase these on your website. Also, providing an online portfolio allows prospective employers to physically view and learn more about your work. Getting Started. These resources provide website templates and options to add multiple pages.

Show Your Work!

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It’s a common complaint among e-learning designers that they don’t get to see each other’s work often enough, because their companies (or their clients) won’t allow their courses to be posted online or included in portfolios. When we teach our e-learning development courses, our students ALWAYS ask where they can go to see additional samples of a certain technique or authoring tool. But having a wide variety of online samples from a number of sources can be another — sometimes easier — way to get on the same page about what you want. Uncategorized samples

Interactive Video in Adobe Captivate 8

eLearning Chef

Visit the eLearning Brothers site to learn more and for links to a sample published project and the source file (Captivate 8). The sample project uses two videos from the eLearning Brothers rather deep ‘Stock Assets’ portfolio. We’ve talked about this a bit on our Recipes page , but eLearning Brothers asked for a more detailed contribution, so here it is: Helpful Tip: Interactive Video in Adobe Captivate 8. In brief, Captivate allows you “to place a video on the actual Captivate timeline as ‘synchronized’ video.

Blogging to Build Your Business

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This could be your whole business website and portfolio with an integrated blog, all at one URL. There are also limitations to the types of files you can share, so you may have to host portfolio samples elsewhere and link to them. I recently gave a presentation to the Online Network of Independent Learning Professionals about blogging to build your business. Mistakes I Made.

These Are NOT Serious Games!

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Most clients have done their research online about serious games, and find the whole gamut of samples, demos, etc. Just one look at their collated ‘portfolio’ was enough to tell me that none of the content in the portfolio was really a serious game. Recently I’ve been consulting with a customer on the design of a series of digital learning games for sales training. Clients typically have some thoughts about what they feel are serious games and whose game-play and mechanics they intended to emulate. Are they? Games that do not provide user immersion.

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Questions about Instructional Design Careers

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Portfolio. Q: I will obviously need to create a portfolio, and I know that it will need to begin with volunteer opportunities.  What is the depth and/or scope of a typical person’s portfolio?  Your graduate program should help you build a portfolio, including giving you an opportunity to create realistic examples. CC-By. small company can feel like everyone’s family.

Excellence in Customer Training: A Roche Case Study

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They are a global leader in healthcare: “As a global leader in healthcare, Roche Diagnostics offers a broad portfolio of tools that help healthcare providers in the prevention, diagnosis and management of diseases like HPV, HIV, hepatitis and diabetes as well as other medical conditions, such as fertility and blood coagulation. Is your training a cost center or a competitive advantage?

New eLearning Global Giveback Course: Isoniazid Preventive Therapy for the Prevention of Tuberculosis in People Living with HIV

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Throughout the design and development process, the team at FHI 360 provided excellent support and reviews, and I’m really excited about how the course turned out.  If you aren’t able to stop by the Global Giveback reception to demo the course, you can take a peek at the course in my online portfolio.  The second location is a smaller, more rural clinic.

Building a Branching Conversation Simulation with Flash, XML, and AS3

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You can also view the course itself within my online portfolio by clicking here. For example, the AS uses the XML dialogBox element from the sample above to create the following dialog box in the course: Clicking the Continue button moves the user to the dialog box or interaction defined in the launchNext element – in this case, the dialog box with the id Interface_Dialog.


Loan Officer Branching Conversation Simulation – Twitterpated with.

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Log in Categories: Amanda's Projects Related Resources Samples Loan Officer Branching Conversation Simulation If you’re like me, you like clicking on things better than just reading about them!  You can play with the loan officer simulation in my portfolio by clicking here , accepting the disclaimer, and then selecting Loan Officer Simulation from the main menu. 

Evaluate The Right Partner To Outsource Your eLearning Content Development: Ultimate Cheat Sheet

EI Design

In many situations, eLearning services may be a small component of their portfolio. Ask them more questions to determine their focus, the frequency of their portfolio update, and if they are in sync with the changing industry dynamics. Samples. Checkpoints: Ask for a wide range of samples (cutting across various authoring tools). Deep-dive. Success factors. 1. Basics.

Megatrends in MOOCs: #11 Alternative Credentials

Your Training Edge

Digital portfolios. Digital portfolios, or e-portfolios, provide flexible ways for learners to showcase their learning. Digital portfolios are powerful because they can combine credentials like degrees and badges with work samples, such as design work or marketing copy. New forms of education require new types of credentials. Only 11%! Verified certificates.

Now Hiring: Summer Intern for BLP’s Learning Services Team

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Would you like to build your portfolio? Send a resume – along with two writing samples – to Can You Tell a Good Story? Have you ever looked at a mobile app or game and said, “I could write that!”? ”? Can you really answer  no  to this one?). If so, BLP would like to talk to you. throughout BLP. So, what do you need to succeed?

Idea Management and Design – You Mean PKM?

Nick Leffler

It started in a big room with everybody displaying boards and samples of what their project is all about. appeared first on Nick Leffler's Portfolio & Learning Insights. Yesterday I started the first of my four-part series covering my thoughts and impressions on the four topics presented in week 3 of the MSLOC430 cMOOC. started with crowdsourcing , the message I came away with there are so many problems that can be solved and tasks that can be completed, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. Today is a new term for me, but it sounds familiar. sense). Problems.

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Where’s Your Electronic Learning Record?

Jay Cross

Medical records and learning portfolios should be ours to take with us. While we’re at it, let’s transform LMS-style records of training into portfolios of our learning, work samples, capabilities, and endorsements that can help firms hire us when we’re a good fit with their needs and share our expertise once we’re hired. He makes house calls. waste?

Free eBook on Learning Strategies


How about this one: Eaton, a global power management company, uses a “strategic learning portfolio&# (SLP) which “represents a wide variety of learning opportunities to improve business performance through a continuous and multidimensional process, including both formal and informal routes to competence. Each of these areas is divided into informal and formal learning.&# For more about how Eaton accomplishes this, see the chapter, “Making a Strategic Learning Portfolio the Heart of any Learning Strategy,&# by Terry M. learning strategy is about innovation.

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Survey: One-Third of Americans Are Not Familiar with Retirement Plan Options

CLO Magazine

Generational differences also are apparent, with 43 percent of Gen Y respondents stating they are not familiar with their plan options, according to the survey, conducted by an independent research firm that polled a random sample of more than 1,000 adults nationwide on their retirement plans. These age-appropriate, professionally managed mutual funds shift their asset allocations within the fund automatically over time to become more conservative as retirement nears, yet provide the equity exposure necessary to portfolios as people live longer. New York — Feb.

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What you might find surprising is that 81% of the respondents (nearly evenly divided across all age groups from 16 up) ranked themselves as “beginner or having no experience using blogs…&# while “some tools, such as podcasts, e-portfolios and virtual worlds had very high response rates of ‘don’t know.’&# Video sharing (65.4%), Web conferencing (62%), and podcasting (56.2%) all ranked higher than social networking (50.9%), while fewer than half were interested in blogs, wikis, photo sharing, social bookmarking, e-portfolios, and Twitter.

TCC09: Digital Storytelling in a Web 2.0 World

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relevance sample of 100 digital stories was obtained from YouTube. Personal portfolios (a portfolio is a story of a student’s learning) love this image of portfolios. Samples. Hard to get a truly random sample. Got a relevance sample instead. The Storyteller Tree. Liveblogged notes from the TCC online conference. My comments in italics. Agenda.

Best Practices with LinkedIn Profiles

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LinkedIn has added a new feature where you can include media samples on your profile. In the interim, you can add links to your portfolio website under your contact information. LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with more than 200 million members and growing. Studies show that you have a greater chance of networking success when you have a complete profile.

ASAE Tech Conference 2014: A Recap

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Since it was my first time at the event, I decided to sample all of the pathways to get a taste for each. Middleware systems are becoming vital to integrating disparate systems in associations’ portfolios, and automatic updates are key to minimizing TCO. Last month, I attended ASAE’s Technology Conference and Expo 2014 , held outside of Washington. Suite. Leadership + Management.

eLearning Outsourcing: Training Companies Turn to eLearning for Survival & Growth

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We’d recommend Training Companies take a hard look at how the training market is re-shaping itself and how eLearning is beginning to take centre stage in the training portfolio of many organizations. Conduct some basic website review, sample reviews, reference checks, cost analysis, and even a small pilot. Last week I met several new prospective customers - training companies. The common theme emerging from these meetings is that their clients have started asking for eLearning solutions or blended solutions. It helps make our offerings more competitive in the marketplace.

Now Hiring – Join Tom’s Team

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Here’s what you need to do: Put together a portfolio of what elearning work you’ve done and some writing examples. Include a link to your portfolio. You have until Monday, April 6th to get your portfolio and writing samples to me. As mentioned last week, I’m looking for someone to join the team. I’m posting today since I heard that some almost missed the last week’s announcement because it was at the end of the post. Here’s how I’d describe the person who can do this job: Loves the community of elearning developers and learners. Great visual design skills.

Will at Work Learning: Personality Instruments and Workplace Performance

Will at Work Learning

For the total sample, significant effects were found for elevation in agreeableness (p = 0.24) and conscientiousness (p = 0.20), and for variability in agreeableness (p = -0.12) and conscientiousness (p = -0.24). Moderation results for agreeableness and conscientiousness were in line with the total sample results. Using the model as an organizing framework, 334 correlations from 163 independent samples were classified according to the model. How does Big Five typology fit in the portfolio of personality typologies? « Are Work-Learning Professionals Vilified?

Are You a Fresher Looking for a Job in Instructional Design?

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Get your portfolio ready. As a fresher,having a portfolio might be not so easy. Your portfolio can have sample storyboards. Carry some sample storyboards while you go for an interview. If you know how to work with rapid e-learning tools, create a 2 minute learning video and add it to your portfolio. Times are changing. Getting a job as a fresher is no longer so easy, I guess. This does say a lot about the current job market. This does not mean getting a job as a stark fresher is impossible. Never go for brand names. However remember times have changed.

#ASTD09 SCORM Virtual Environments and Research

In the Middle of the Curve

Learning portfolios one option - Instructionally agnostic Criticisms - Clunky - It's an agreement among groups to do the same thing. Presentation: Update- SCORM Virtual Environments and Research Presenter: Eric Roberts, ADL Catching up with some work and some conference setup for the Innovations in eLearning conference. In the dark. In a corner. By an outlet. Of course. Also - if you are looking at my Twitter feed and notice there is no picture, I've been trying to replace it and any image I choose isn't loading correctly. For now - I look like a question mark in a blue square. given.

December (2004) Issue: ELC Knowledge Sharing Newsletter


This issue contains several excellent e-learning presentations, simulations, articles, and research papers found from various online resources during December; including UNITAR Breeze showcase samples, Ericsson Mobile Application Awards, a free educational stockmarket simulation game, e-learning guidelines and tips in several areas, and much more. Start with a portfolio of 100,000 of virtual money and trade stocks listed on the London Stock Exchange and Euronext. (Originally posted in ELC on the 7th January, 2005) Assalamu Alaikum wrt wbt & Greetings to ALL! nightmare! category.