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    [Product] LMS = Losing My Smile
    In her “Building the Business Case for e-Learning,&# published by the eLearning Guild , Temple Smolen writes, “Most off-the-shelf LMS products require some customization. This is too bad, as associations are generally known as loyal clients and willing references to other associations seeking services and products. Tags: Financing eLearning aLearning Strategies eLearning Resources business planning e-Learning Guild elearning strategy LMS product comparison reports research resources Tagoras [Association LMS Vendors, Take Note!]. Those prices! Sounds reasonable.
    [Product] The Year In The Rear
    learning productivity transformation balance clarity peace writingReflection isn’t just what you see in the mirror. Consider it a light that can guide what’s in front of you and a way to more carefully examine what’s behind. In that reflection you can revisit what’s happened and ready yourself for what’s next. For me, 2012 was full of the unexpected. Time after time I was reminded of the saying, “If you want to make God laugh, tell her your plans.” Today Let me share with you a bit about how the year started and what I did instead along the way.
    [Product] Games and Interactions for Articulate
    Articulate Interactions Products/Reviews eLearning eLearning Tips games interactionsAre you an Articulate user? Are you looking for a way to easily create games and interactions to make your courses more engaging? You’re in luck…I’d like to introduce This tool is browser-based and has tons of different template interactions and games to choose from. You don’t need to know flash or programming! Now you can quickly create eLearning interactions and games for Articulate. Steps to create interactions: 1. Input your text, images, and audio.
    [Product] What can we learn from the internet product-customization business?
    First, read this article on the booming growth in the product-customization business. Now consider how we in the learning-and-performance field might use the essential ideas of the product-customization business in our work. Why not use the product-customization meme more literally by creating job aids embedded on the side of coffee mugs, on knick-knacks, on pens, etc. The Tutoring Model As learning professionals we know that one-on-one tutoring/coaching can provide superior benefits. Can we provide customized coaching? First, they have a maturation problem. SMILE.
    [Product] Missing My Second Monitor
    Now if you need to convince your boss to pay for one, check out these studies citing the increased productivity from using a second monitor. Uncategorized productivityI was fortunate enough to spend some time with family in Florida over the holidays. Unfortunately, I had to do a little work while I was down there. Sitting at my mother’s dining room table trying to meet a deadline brought back memories of trying to finish term papers on the old electric typewriter. Yes, I am that old!) But I can tell you, once you go to two monitors, you’ll NEVER want to go back to one.
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    [Product] Product Review:
    The system provides an assessment tool that is built-in within the product. Tags: Mindflash Product Review SAAS Uncategorized authoring tools e-learning e-learning vendors elearning hosted rapid authoring tools mindflash product review bills itself as a training management system, with the ability to create and upload courses, invitee end users (learners) and track results. What I found was a solution that is a rapid e-learning authoring tool that offers easy to use functions as uploading learners and basic tracking results.   View Screenshot!
    [Product] Page-Turning eLearning: Call It An eBook And Move On
    eLearning instructional design learning strategy rapid design rapid production buy-in Web 2.0It happened again the other day. Someone trying to showcase an engaging self-paced elearning &# course&#  that used a page-turning, text-heavy, click-next approach.  As I readied to launch into diatribe on the definition of engagement and potential learning impact of a “click-through&# approach, I paused. Lightening-quick memories of past design consulting challenges flashed through my head: Discussions of me with SMEs and leaders influencing the use of more engaging approaches etc.
    [Product] “Your Product is Under Recall” – Help learners handle disappointing calls
    As he calls Anna , his prospect , to confirm her attendance to a product presentation he is sponsoring, he is faced with her uncertainty. Anna has heard news that Ted’s product appears to be under recall Ted is shocked since he knows nothing about it. Ted is feeling desperate as this could be disastrous for his product presentation. How does he deal with a possible debacle of his presentation and bad publicity regarding his product? Click here to view “Your Product is Under Recall”. Click here to preview “You Product is Under Recall”.
    [Product] New paper on leveraging social learning technologies
    Uncategorized communities of practice CoP HRD knowledge productivity networked learning social capital social learning web 2.0Over the last time, I’ve been working on the startup of a new research project. I’m doing this together with Robin Yap from Toronto, Canada. We’ve met two years ago during an AHRD conference in Oxford and stayed in touch ever since (off course through the use of web technologies). Last week we have finished our first draft of a paper which is submitted as a proposal to the Networked Learning conference in Aalborg next year.
    [Product] IDEO: Leverages Design Thinking to Create Idea Factory for Social Good
    Tags: design thinking industrial design learning design innovation rapid design rapid production social learning design as strategy Ideo innovation Tim Brown
    [Product] Adobe’s new ‘Edge’ app suite doubles down on HTML [Gilbertson]
    Adobe HTML 5 web design and production web designAdobe’s new ‘Edge’ app suite doubles down on HTML – from by Scott Gilbertson. Excerpt: Now Adobe is launching a new suite of apps for web developers working with the latest web standards. The new Adobe Edge suite of HTML5 development tools includes Edge Animate 1.0 , a tool to create HTML, CSS and JavaScript-based animations, and Edge Inspect (formerly known as Adobe Shadow ), a handy tool for testing your sites on multiple devices at once.
    [Product] Turn Gossip Into a Springboard for Productive Behavior
    Managers and leaders can use gossip to increase productivity in their business. ” Managers and leaders who want to transform gossip into a productivity tool might consider revising their definition of gossip to a medium that can be leveraged to increase knowledge. Leaders should bring gossip out into the open and use it to help employees learn from one another rather than allow it to erode team spirit. gossiper is a tattler or a person given to idle talk. And yet, social scientists have long known that gossip isn’t just a frivolous pursuit or guilty pleasure.
    [Product] 7 Interactive Data Templates for Articulate Storyline
    eLearning eLearning Template Library Products/Reviews Storyline Templates Interactive Data Interactions 'Looking for interactive data templates for Articulate Storyline? You’ve come to the right place. The eLearning Template Library is growing with tons of great looking interactions, games, and cutout people weekly. One category in particular that is growing is the interactions category. Since data can sometimes be boring, interactive data templates can be very helpful. While most eLearning designers are looking for better ways to communicate data, (like infogrphics).
    [Product] The Big Question: How Do You Spend Your Time?
    Tags: productivity
    [Product] Evaluating eLearning
    What ASTD did was brake down their evaluation process into clusters of standards: Interface Standards, Compatibility Standards, Production Quality Standards, and Instructional Design Standards. Production Quality Standards. Production quality is similar to Interface Standards, but comes down to more of the functionality rather than the usability of the interface. design eLearning Evaluating Instructional Interactivity Interface Production Quality StandardsFirst off, eLearning courseware and eLearning initiatives are not always mutually exclusive. Interface Standards.
    [Product] Podcasting for E-Learning: Recording Audio
    Tags: Audio recording content production content development educational media technology in education podcast podcast scriptwriting
    [Product] Wikipedia: A Marxist perspective
    What is seen on Wikipedia is not so much a class struggle to gain control over the means of production, but more a struggle between editors and contributors (knowledge owners) to produce a synthesis of content from disparate and possibly conflicting sources. This in turn forms a new knowledge product through shared and occasionally conflicting negotiation of meaning. Ultimately, Wikipedia exemplifies the movement away from those who own the means of production of knowledge - toward a community based on cooperative ownership of the means of production.
    [Product] Multitrack audio and creating MP3 podcast files: Podcasting for E-Learning
    Tags: audio editor Audio Audacity sound content production post-production podcast multitrack audio
    [Product] Learning Strategy Demystified: How to Help People Do X
    consulting design management design thinking eLearning instructional design learning design innovation learning strategy rapid design rapid production design as strategy eLeadershipHemingway once wrote a six-word story. He called it his best work ever. Someone asked me today, “What do you do?&# I replied, “I get people to do X.&# Client says, “We need [target audience] to do X.&# Learning Strategist replies: 1/  What is the target audience doing now relative to X? 2/  What will [.].
    [Product] Video Production and Agile Methodology for Training and Development
    On the surface these topics appear to be geared toward totally different audiences, with questions and comments about Agile methodology directed at the training manager or executive, and discussions on how to become more efficient at video production bending in the direction of the learning content developer. With this as a backdrop, there is an intersection of mutual interest where the Agile methodology and video production complement each other. Video production allows a completed solution to be achieved in short spurts.  The Agile process embraces change.
    [Product] Converting a Course From Articulate Studio ’09 to Articulate Studio ’13
    Articulate Studio eLearning Products/Reviews Resources Articulate Studio 13 '(Guest blog post by Diane Elkins, author of E-Learning Uncovered: Articulate Studio ’13. Get her exclusive Articulate Studio ’13 book free, a $34.95 value, when you purchase an eLearning Brothers Library subscription.). You’ve probably heard about all the great new features in Articulate Studio ’13 , such as the new Engage interactions, new question types such as drag and drop, and the HTML5 publishing capability.  As a designer, you now have many more tools in your toolbox. Not quite.  Sign Up Now.
    [Product] The hardworking woodcutter
    training challenges hardworking woodcutter investment learning long term measures Nupur Jaiswal parable performance productivity ROI sustainability timeLate last year, I stumbled upon the story of the hardworking woodcutter. It was shared by Dr Nupur Jaiswal in her article Engaging your. audience: Tips to try in Training & Development in Australia , 38(4). The story goes like this… There was a woodcutter. He used to work incredibly hard to ensure a good livelihood, but he always felt that his work was not giving him enough output. And you know what? It will.
    [Product] Upside Learning and Others Showcasing Mobile Learning Products at mLearnCon
    That's only a week away and I'm excited by all the new mobile learning products. If you're not registered for the event you can still stop by the Fairmont for an expo pass and check out all the GREAT products/services as well as benefit from mini-stages delivering hallway sessions on all sorts of topics. I did my usual search for press releases today and noticed one from Upside Learning. They are one of the exhibitors participating at mLearnCon in San Jose, CA June 21-23. Upside Learning will be showcasing Upside2Go and it sounds interesting. It's exciting to see.
    [Product] Product Design is about Emotional Experiences [Video]
    'One of the greatest outcomes from the constant use of mobile devices, apps and everything else in our lives that is slowly being connected to the internet is that for the first time, regular everyday users care about the ‘emotional experience’ of using products, apps, and everything else we come into contact throughout our days. “The design of a product isn’t really about aesthetics, it’s about the experience created from the product” via 5 designers pick their 5 favorite product experiences, hear more at Roadmap — Tech News and Analysis.
    [Product] Meet Mike Kujansuu - TechSmith Product Marketing Manager
    Kelly Rush, our videographer and I still wandering the halls of TechSmith to get interviews with the people behind the products you use. We recently caught up with Mike Kujansuu, the Product Marketing Manager for Camtasia Studio, Camtasia for Mac, Camtasia Relay, Morae and UserVue. In this video, Mike explains how to pronounce his last name 'Kujansuu', what a Yooper is, how he got started at TechSmith as an intern, and what a day in the life of a Product Marketing Manager is like. It's a quick video that runs 4:40 minutes. Check him out him in his festive red blazer.
    [Product] 10 Most Popular eLearning Cutout People of 2013
    eLearning Graphic Design Resources Our Favorites People Pictures Products/Reviews Resources cutout people 'The eLearning Template Library had an outstanding year in 2013, with almost a quarter million files (many with multiple templates) downloaded from the template library. That’s almost 700 downloads per day. Between Q1 to Q4 template library visits almost tripled. Given quarterly and monthly trends, we expect at least half a million downloads in 2014. Point is, the eLearning template library is growing quickly. eLearning Cutout People Images. 2 Jamie. 3 Bruce. 4 Kate. 5 Montell.
    [Product] Micro-blogging at Work
    Tags: eLearning Tools SocialNetworks Learning ProfessionalDevelopment Training technology software productivity Twitter microblogging Yammer micro-blogging
    [Product] 40+ super secret iPad features and shortcuts [Bankhead]
    iPad productivity / tips and tricks tips and tricks40+ super secret iPad features and shortcuts — from by Joel Bankhead.
    [Product] The Missing Key…
    Most teacherpreneurs and solopreneurs   go broke online because they spend tons of time and money to develop an info   product or an online program but then no one completes it and thus does not   get great results. As you probably heard, isolation is a very common feeling   online and when it comes to online products and courses, it is the leading   cause of clients’ dropouts. You have to weave connection and   engagement into the every step of the product development. Then you will have   a super successful product with highly engaged customers. Complete it.
    [Product] How In-House Training Saves Money, Increases Productivity, and Boosts Morale
    The company had once had a great reputation and solid products, but by the time I got there, it badly needed a boost. We found that customer service skills, product understanding, and mastery of the company’s computer systems were the most conspicuous skill shortages. One of my former jobs was as a CFO for a struggling wholesale distribution business. Employee performance was way down. The company wasn’t hiring the best people, nor was it investing in training programs to develop them. Spending on tools was limited. So my solution was to take our training in-house. And they did.
    [Product] Role of Standards in Learning: Xyleme Voices Podcast Interview
    Tags: e-learning Audacity interview learnign standards podcast production workflow xyleme voices
    [Product] The Entire World Has Become Our Conference Room: Ways Technology Has Improved Performance and Productivity
    In what ways have 21st technologies help to improve performance and boost productivity? Paul Smith has worked in the fields of Education and Workplace Learning & Performance for over 18 years. He has designed, implemented, evaluated, and delivered instruction to almost every age group, career level, and learning style. He has achieved professional success in the fields of sales, journalism, and education.  In addition, he has lead change initiatives in civic, corporate, and political arenas. Additional information, including how to contact him, may be found on LinkedIn.
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    [Product] Product Review: SoftChalk 6 – Rapid Content Authoring Tool
    While I had some exciting expectations when I jumped into the product, by the end of it all,  I felt drained.  The approach and logical behind the lesson, stylebuilder and ecoursebuilder fail and while the lesson – approach may be useful to academia, its downside is that you do not start as a course (common), but as a lesson (in their product). Tags: Product Review SCORM SoftChalk 6 Uncategorized Widgets content authoring tool e-learning e-learning vendors elearning rapid content authoring tool product review SoftChalk But sadly, this is not to be.  Library.
    [Product] One Simple Trick for Writing Your E-Learning Storyboards Faster
    Uncategorized Adobe Captivate articulate Articulate Storyline Articulate Studio authoring tools captivate design development e-learning e-learning design eLearning lectora mobile narration productivity project management resources tools 'Several years ago, I did a post about how you can write storyboards faster if you type faster (to the tune of saving several weeks per year!).  But here’s a quick tip that makes you even faster—not typing at all.  You can use Microsoft Word’s AutoCorrect feature to automate phrases that you type frequently. Select Options. Click the Proofing tab.
    [Product] Learning Strategy Buy-In: 5 Key To Do’s…That’s It!
    eLearning instructional design learning design innovation learning strategy marketing mobile learning rapid design rapid production buy-in design as strategy design managementRecently, I was speaking with a Designer venting about the lack of reaction she received when she presented a comprehensive learning design plan to her clients. “They said they’d think about and get back to me. That’s it! worked on this for weeks!&#  I asked what she did to get buy-in. She said that during [.].
    [Product] Frictionless Video Production For Trainers
    He goes on to describe how leveraging existing infrastructure, wherever it may reside, reduces the resistance or “friction” that makes it difficult to get a product to market. Thus, if the right tools are employed, video production by trainers can be a totally frictionless process. 'In his groundbreaking book “Digital Disruption”, James McQuivey suggests that when companies focus solely on the tools that are currently in their possession, and fail to expand their toolset to include everyone else’s, they fail to generate enough improvements to sustain the company.
    [Product] Become a Media Production Pro
    'The use of video in corporate training is increasing, and so too must the media skills of learning professionals. Click here to read full version
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    [Product] Product Review: Mzinga OmniSocial
    Because it offers the capability to start out using it either as the robust social learning product and ignore the LMS part (inc. the content authoring) OR  use it as a LMS with the social learning functionality OR pick a piece here or there and then as you grow and expand, you can choose to turn it into your social learning solution or as the social learning management product.   One of the biggest problems I always saw in the products was the back end, i.e. what the administrator sees and has to use.  With some products it could be downright nasty.  What is it?
    [Product] Merlin Throws it On The Ground
    Life Lessons Simplify distraction merlin mann productivity RantsAnd, yeah, sometimes, you’re going to have to just work unbelievably hard at whatever you claim to care about before anyone can begin to help you get any better—or less “distracted”—at it. Try, make, and do until you quit noticing the tools, and if you still think you need new tools, go try, make, and do more. 43 Folders – Distraction.
    [Product] Are You Busy or Just Distracted?
    Be Good Quotes Simplify busy distraction focus productivityIt is extremely easy to be extremely busy at being extremely distracted. James Shelley. Exactly. don’t want to hear how busy you are (note to self: stop telling people how busy I am). If it is important to you, you’ll sacrifice other things to make it happen. But you must focus to do so.
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    [Product] E-Learning Screen recording and video solutions – Should b simple, so why isn’t it?
    for end users to see in the final product. The ability to record audio in real time or post time makes a lot of sense and eliminates the need for using Audacity (albeit it is a wonderful and free product). There is something wrong when a free and open source product like Audacity can do it, yet a product that costs hundreds of dollars cannot. Again, this makes the most sense, and again there are products out there that do it (not in the e-learning space).  SCORM within the product takes out that issue. Audio conversion within the product. Video.
    [Product] ‘DropBox’ App
    Apps App Download Dropbox iPad iPhone ProductivityDropbox (iPhone/iPad): This is one of the best apps I’ve been using for the past few years. used to take a USB stick around with me, from office to home, to conferences, to presentations, and everywhere in between. Now I don’t need to. “Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring all your photos, docs, and videos anywhere. After you install Dropbox on your computer, any file you save to your Dropbox will automatically save to all your computers, your iPhone and iPad and even the Dropbox website! Folder list. File list.
    [Product] Moving Beyond MOOCs: Experiments in Non-traditional Product Education by Julia Wilkowski
    'There is considerable controversy over MOOCs, and their value is still a matter for debate. However, there. are examples of MOOCs that work. The question is, why? Another question is, how? The engineering. education team at Google has found strategies for creating MOOCs that appear to be effective, and in this. article you will find some of their “lessons learned.”. Blended Learning Design Strategies Emerging Topics Social Media Training Strategies
    [Product] Drowning in E-Mail? A Few Tips for Staying Afloat
    But for all its benefits, it may actually be hurting your overall productivity. Companies that have tried cutting down on e-mail clutter say productivity has gone up, along with office cooperation, and general problem-resolution. Online Training e-mail efficiency worker productivityYou’re sitting down to type up your big report, which is due by the end of the day. An e-mail pops up. Another one. Neither are particularly important. But somehow it’s just impossible to start working without checking them first. Back to the report. Another e-mail.
    [Product] Web Development 101: Top Web Development Languages in 2014 [Shiotsu]
    HTML 5 web design and production 'Web Development 101: Top Web Development Languages in 2014 — from by Yoshitaka Shiotsu. Excerpt: When it comes to choosing the best web development language for your website, it’s important to remember that there is no single best language. Instead, a web developer will choose the option that best suits your project, based on the specific functionality or features you want. Which programming languages are most likely to come up in conversation?
    [Product] What if e-Learning becomes REALLY pluggable?
    Tags: Product Development e-Learning 2.0
    [Product] Focus is Important. So is Living.
    Tina’s article is full of wonderful tips on focus, productivity, de-cluttering, etc. Be Good Life Lessons Simplify focus gtd living productivity simplifyI learned how easy it was to hone-in my energy and just focus on one thing. Do that one thing with all my attention, and then it’ll be done! Simple. It’s all a matter of intention, decision, and discipline to follow through. Focus – How to Get It Done. Recently, I’ve been trying to focus on accomplishing smaller tasks to achieve larger goals. “Enjoy this moment. This moment is all that we have.
    [Product] Beware of Social Learning Backlash
    eLearning Design Development productivity social sociallearning SocialNetworks software technology Tools Training Web 2.0I’m finding out that the old adage, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink&# has some major significance when it comes to introducing social learning (specifically, social learning tools) at an organization. In fact, even worse things can happen if you don’t market your offerings correctly… When introducing social learning tools and concepts, it’s easy to get excited and anxious to share our findings.
  • EJ4  |  WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 2013
    [Product] SlideShare – Top Office Etiquette Mistakes
    Maybe because it negatively impacts your productivity? Compliance Training ej4 Employee Engagement Employee Motivation Employee Productivity Office Etiquette Office Productivity online learning online training Performance Improvement Training & Development Workplace Productivity employee engagement employee productivity knowledge sharing platform office etiquette office etiquette mistakes slideshare Thinkzoom 'Of all the office etiquette gaffes out there, which one upsets you the most? Why does it affect you so much? And so on.
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    [Product] Today: The Bloomfire iPhone App. Free.
    Product News app iphone mobile mobile learningJust a few weeks ago, I was showing off the app to a customer who does diversity consulting for Fortune 500 companies. He does a lot of keynotes and workshops, so he has uploaded live recordings to his Bloomfire. Although he can’t clone himself and do multiple keynotes at once, he can do the next best thing and invite clients to watch his presentations on his Bloomfire. Besides using Bloomfire to deliver presentations, he also uses Bloomfire to reinforce learning for bootcamp participants. Mobile learning in one click—how cool is that?
    [Product] 137 Templates of eLearning Love
    eLearning eLearning Template Library Interactions Lectora Interactions Products/Reviews Stock Images Storyline Templates Templates 'Every month we add new eLearning Templates to the eLearning library. For example, February, the month of love, we added a total of 137 templates of eLearning love! Now everyone say, “ahhhh.” ” Wasn’t that cute? Okay, here are a few templates we are really excited to show you: Articulate Storyline Games – these new templates are awesome! Lectora Interactions – Lectora template are getting several new interaction templates.
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    [Product] Download Our New eBook on Workplace Distractions Today!
    'Did you know multitasking actually cuts down our productivity by nearly 40 percent? What about all the other interruptions that do nothing but mentally drain us and decrease our productivity? According to researchers from Kings College of London, constant exposure to email and/or other forms of multitasking lowers your IQ by 10 points or more! And that’s just one workplace distraction. Learn more about distractions and how to beat them today by downloading our free (yes, free) eBook, How to Manage Workplace Distractions !
    [Product] The One Thing Productive People Should NOT Be Doing
    ' . This morning my LinkedIn feed served up this "gem" on Why Productive People Work on Sundays. was pleasantly surprised to see that most people disagreed with the author, arguing that Sundays at least should be reserved for family, friends, hobbies, outdoor activities and the rest and rejuvenation we all need if we''re truly going to be productive. . clicked through to see what sage advice was being offered (a long list of things I could be doing with my Sunday to get a "jumpstart" on my week) and then scrolled down to the comments. This feels like progress to me.
    [Product] Could you make your job a dream job?
    business culture change collaboration leadership productivity strategy transformation 'Kris Dunn , on the HR Capali$t blog, wrote recently about Dream Jobs. What’s What’s at the intersection of stuff you love to do, stuff you’re good at, and stuff someone will pay you to do? He had engaged in a conversation about, “ What would your dream job be?” ” at a group function and it was now on his mind. It’s now on my mind, too. Photo credit:  We are only as strong as we are united by Juliana Coutinho.
    [Product] What’s Happening Behind the Scenes at TechSmith?
    It’s true: Not only do we promote great products – we also promote great people! Here in the office, there’s a new Product Manager in town. As Shane Lovellette explores other responsibilities in the company, he passes his cherished role as Camtasia Product Manager on to Camtasia guru, Jason Valade. Back in 2003, TechSmith’s hiring managers found themselves very impressed with Shane’s 8 years of management and product experience in video and television – so they snagged him. Product Manager TechSmith The Veteran: Shane Lovellette.
    [Product] Learn from Raptivity Valued Professionals
    Community eLearning tools interactive learning raptivity authoring tools creation of elearning and mlearning courses InteractivityHub online community product usability expert Raptivity Valued ProfessionalsThis summer has been an outstanding one for Team Raptivity and its huge customer base. Raptivity has skillfully handled customer requests for new age features and introduced some new cracking interactions. And to top it, Team Raptivity is happy to [.].
    [Product] New CutOut People Videos
    Cutout Video People eLearning Featured Products/ReviewsDo you want to add a little more action to your eLearning courses? We just released CutOut People Videos. These video people can be used as: content experts, course presenters, clients, managers, and much more. Each set of videos includes: flv and.mp4 files. 12+ different video poses and emotions. transparent background (.flv) flv) or white background (.mp4). full set (150+) cutout people images with matching clothing. These videos are great for both desktop (.flv) flv) and mobile (.mp4) mp4) learning.
    [Product] eLearning Design – Choosing the Right Color
    Association eLearning Blog Creative Design eLearning eLearning News Featured Posts Instructional Design Tips & Tricks advantages of elearning colors elearning best practices elearning colors elearning course production elearning design elearning for ass eLearning for kids eLearning presentations 'Unless you want everything to blend together, you don’t put white furnishings in a white room. Likewise, if your learners can’t see your content clearly, they can’t learn from it. To keep your work in visual ship-shape, remember: ? Warm Do not forget to consider colorblind learners.
    [Product] Be the Camtasia for Mac Product Manager for a Day.
    If you could take "Troy Stein":[link] job as the "Camtasia for Mac":[link] Product Manager for one day. what would you do with the product? As the Product Manager, part of Troy's job is to set the roadmap for Camtasia for Mac, select new features and functionality, see trends and steer the product. So, if you were the Camtasia for Mac Product Manager job for a day, what would you do? Camtasia for Mac was released a little over 2 months ago. And, as you know, we're always looking for feedback and ways to improve. What features and functionality would you add?
    [Product] Time tracking with Toggl
    Anyway, I’ve been using a new tool, Toggl , for over a month now and it’s really helping me with productivity. I’m able to focus on production without feeling the loss of freedom from other methods of measuring work. Tags: Uncategorized control freaks free tools procrastination productivity Toggl unproductive “Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task.&# ~William James. It’s pretty damn easy to procrastinate when you work from home (or even if you don’t). Or, it’s a way to avoid being unproductive.
    [Product] Reflections on “10 ways the role of web designer is changing” [Kelly]
    career development pace of change web design and production web design web development10 ways the role of web designer is changing — from creativebloq.comby Sush Kelly. Constantly keep learning about new things — as the pace of change on the web is staggering. Design for an ever increasing amount of devices — though responsive design is changing this situation up quite a bit. Give up control at times (i.e. not like the print world).
    [Product] Let your work flow! (Part II)
    In most implementations I have seen this works contra productive and irritating, causing the features to remain unused. You publish the product to SCORM, upload it to your LMS, create account(s) for the reviewer(s) and assign them the course. Tags: Product Development e-Learning concepts In this second and final part of our quest we try to answer the question What makes an authoring tool an LCMS. In this post we look more closely at the concept of workflow and collaboration.  . Workflow is a slippery slope. More specific, facilitating and handling content reviews.
    [Product] Meet Dirk Frazier - Jing and Product Manager
    Dirk is the Product Manager of Jing and Dirk fills me on his background, different roles he has had at TechSmith, what a typical day is like for him as a Product Manager, the exotic place he was born and. The Jing Team and Dirk need all the feedback they can get to improve the product. With your help, we can make better products! Dirk is the Product Manager of Jing and Up next in our behind the scenes interviews at TechSmith is Dirk Frazier. The video runs just over 8 minutes. Chime in on the comments below.
    [Product] Regular Expressions for Improved Productivity
    If you're a developer, the term "regular expression" should at least sound familiar. But, if you've never had to write any code that made use of them (i.e. code in a scripting language), you may not know how to write/use regular expressions. And, if you're like I was, that doesn't bother you. After all, regular expressions can get confusing and complicated very quickly. So, it's probably better to just leave them alone until you need them for some code, right? Sure, maybe. Were you aware that Visual Studio supports regular expressions in Find/Replace operations ? n@.+). The period (.)
    [Product] The gLearning Challenge
    It’s called The gLearning Challenge and the concept is to create a learning solution using ONLY Google products. Tags: eLearningGuild Tools productivity software AG09 YouTube gLearning technology InstructionalDesign Google Learning eLearning ProfessionalDevelopment Development Design The eLearning Guild has announced an interesting challenge for their upcoming Annual Gathering conference in Orlando. Your entry must use any, or many, of these free Google tools to create a course, a module, or even some informal learning. Get Creative! Win Prizes! gMail. YouTube. Google Talk.
    [Product] InDesign FX: How to create a puzzle with InDesign
    Adobe attention creativity design love of learning productivity / tips and tricks professional development opportunities visual design web design and production best practices/tips productivity professional development tips and tricks tools web designInDesign FX : How to create a puzzle with InDesign — from by Mike Rankin. Also see: How to hook your reader from the very first page — from by Lisa Cron. Excerpt: Think stories are just for entertainment? They’re not. Story was more crucial to our evolution than opposable thumbs.
    [Product] Great people do things before they’re ready.
    productivity Wellbeing action Be in Action being comfort zone fear readiness risk 'As I work on finishing up a book chapter about taking action and a report about using your brain at work, I found this fantastic quote from Amy Poehler. Perhaps not a new year’s resolution as much as a solid kick in the ass to move along NOW. In short: Step into life. This is from Amy’s Smart Girls “Ask Amy” series in a response to a question from teenage Mae about staying courageous. They do things before they know they can do it. And by doing it, they’re proven right. Risks.
    [Product] The iPad and its impact on m-learning.
    Tags: Mobile Products alan kay apple ipad jef raskin olpc prediction tablet
    [Product] Listening is not Hearing: The Production of Social Media Requires a Dedicated Cast
    The Production of Social Media Requires a Dedicated Cast. I went to the film Inception a few days ago and was mesmerized by the complex plot and the ideas that gurgled and sometimes exploded into my awareness. liked the movie but I experienced some confusion as I felt the ideas about dreams and dreaming where very relevant, however I couldn’t quite understand what did the movie have to do with my world. Two days later I began reading a series of posts by Brian Solis because I was searching for his ideas on the concept of “pay it forward&#.
    [Product] Learning (and Design) That’s Changing the World. Really.
    consulting design management design thinking eLearning instructional design learning design innovation learning strategy rapid design rapid production Web 2.0 Let’s talk learning design impact. No I mean out-of-this-world impact. Sal Kahn and his team are on a mission to deliver a world-class education to anyone anywhere in the world. Kahn Academy shares 12-minute lessons on a wide variety of topics using a screen video recorder and pen-writer. Beyond the talk about social learning, LMS’s, and [.].
    [Product] Top Writing Mistakes in Storyboards
    Uncategorized authoring tools design development e-learning e-learning design eLearning narration productivity project management resources script storyboards writing 'Recently we asked our instructional designers and storyboard editors what mistakes they were finding (and constantly fixing) during storyboard edits. Here are the top mistakes we identified—with information on how to correct them. Incorrect spacing. When I learned to keyboard, two spaces after a period was the norm. The norm now is to use single spacing after a period. Problem solved! Incorrect use of “i.e.” and “e.g.”.
    [Product] Introducing Oyster — A vast library at your fingertips
    books e-publishing related items (EPUB and more) Mobile learning Mobile technologies productivity / tips and tricks reading storytelling vendors 'Also see: With Oyster, keep 100,000 books in your pocket for $10 a month — from by Christina Chaey. Oyster is trying to bring the magic of books to your smartphone through an iPhone app that connects readers to 100,000 titles for a flat, monthly fee. Oyster releases the first true Netflix-for-e-books app – from by Seth Fiegerman. a month. An iPad version will be released later this fall.
    [Product] Gamified Applications for Training
    Featured Posts Gamification Leadership Learning & Development Simulations Talent Management Training corporate training experienced based learning game based products gamificatino Military training technology based learning training industry 'How gamification has had an effect on the training industry. While there are a number of skeptics out there of training through gamification and simulation; gamified simulations have become an extremely popular and very effective training medium. Some in the simulation market may take offense to a simulation mistakenly called a ‘game’.
  • EJ4  |  FRIDAY, MARCH 1, 2013
    [Product] How To Diagnose And Treat a Project Manager’s Biggest Fear
    Then nobody is being productive. ej4 eLearning Employee Engagement Employee Productivity Learning Strategy Management Training Project Management Training & Development increasing project management productivity productivity project management fears project management tips project managers scheduling tips at workPM Panic. If you’re a project manager, surely you’ve experienced this. It’s a very real diagnosis (I should know,  I watched ER for years). Causes may vary, but if left untreated, you may experience missed deadlines, budget issues and unhappy clients.
    [Product] continues to grow – a solid resource for your learning ecosystem [Christian]
    Christian design digital audio digital learning digital photography digital storytelling digital textbooks digital video learning ecosystem online learning online media productivity / tips and tricks professional development opportunities tools vendors productivity professional development tips and tricksFrom DSC: First of, when I saw the article: acquires online video training rival Video2brain to boost its international expansion – from She relayed a lot of very valuable information in a short time.  Daniel S.
  • EJ4  |  MONDAY, JULY 29, 2013
    [Product] [Video] The Telecommuting Situation
    'Plenty of studies find that working from home boosts productivity by 22%, at least. Off-the-shelf Bundle Pricing Office Productivity Performance Improvement Training & Development Video video learning What''s Your Problem is telecommuting bad? telecommuting telecommuting and productivity work at home rules work from home policy workplace productivity issues Others are under the impression telecommuting disrupts the culture, or makes it harder to spot unproductive employees. But with careful planning, telecommuting can be a great fit for your company.
    Adobe multimedia productivity / tips and tricks professional development opportunities tools professional development tips and tricks
  • EJ4  |  TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 3, 2013
    [Product] Simple Actions to Help You Be More Successful at Work
    Some quick word of encouragement to lift their spirits and production ever so slightly. Around the Office corporate training ej4 Employee Engagement Employee Motivation Employee Productivity Employee Retention employee training Management Training Office Productivity Training & Development be more successful at work be productive at work employee productivity tips success at work success in the workplace 'Not every employees moves at the same tempo. One person might type 85 words per minute, while another types at 70. Not necessarily. Laugh More.
    [Product] Say “Hello” to Your New Line of Stock Images
    eLearning Featured Products/Reviews Stock Images stock images vector graphics 'Today is “especially delicious,” as Nacho Libre would say. This week we added a new line of Stock Images to help you create Awesome eLearning. These files come in.png or vector graphics. Come see the new line of stock images.
    [Product] Ten things you should know about WebRTC [McCafferty]
    As a result, CIOs can lead their organizations to greater levels of employee productivity and customer engagement. computer science IT in HE MOOCs -- Massive Open Online Courses online learning programming telecommunications web design and production web-based collaboration IT MOOCs 'Ten things you should know about WebRTC — from by Dennis McCafferty. Excerpt: Don’t you think it would be great if you could engage with customers, employees, and partners accessing voice, video and data-sharing apps on a Web browser without any plug-ins? In it, author E.
    [Product] Use Crowdsourcing to Improve Products, Design New Products, or Solve Problems
    '“Two heads are better than one”, I am sure all of you would have heard this saying and many of you might agree with it too. It’s a proven fact that two people working together have a better chance of […]. Uncategorized Crowdsourcing Evolve fan submissions feedback testing
    [Product] Learning Strategy Buy-In: 5 Key To Do’s…That’s It!
    She said that during the meeting she explained the design and asked if there were any questions and adjustments that needed to be made before detailed design and production could ensue. eLearning instructional design learning design innovation learning strategy marketing mobile learning rapid design rapid production buy-in design as strategy design managementRecently, I was speaking with a Designer venting about the lack of reaction she received when she presented a comprehensive learning design plan to her clients. “They said they’d think about and get back to me.
    [Product] Meet Tiffany Wood, Snagit Product Manager Extraordinaire
    Meet Tiffany Wood - She's the new Snagit Product Manager! He's recently been promoted from Snagit Product Manager to our Director of Web and Enterprise Services and he's still wearing the hat of the Jing Product Manager. Meet Tiffany Wood - She's the new Snagit Product Manager! He's recently been promoted from Snagit Product Manager to. I've got someone new for you to meet. know you'll like her! Don't worry, Tony Dunckel, is still with TechSmith. So he's still got at least one foot in the fun stuff ;-) I grabbed a quick video with Tiffany last week.
    [Product] Podcasting for E-Learning: Benefits of Digital Audio
    Clearly, for pristine back-up want to use multiple copies of material during production, digital has the advantage. Today's digital audio multi-tracks not only out-perform analog machines, costs less to manufacture, and is quite easily integrated into a multimedia production environment. Tags: digital audio file format Audio content development cognition content production process educational media technology in education podcast authoring podcast The first principle of digital audio is: Digital audio is the study of discrete values. Better audio quality for a lower cost.
  • EJ4  |  WEDNESDAY, MARCH 20, 2013
    [Product] HR Management: Who’s In Your Sweet Sixteen?
    That would make us all more productive, don’t you think? Careers ej4 eLearning Employee Engagement Employee Productivity HR & Compliance Human Resources Office Productivity Performance Improvement Training & Development employee productivity employee statistics human resources human resources training office productivity work habitsIt’s March Madness, BABY! I wish I could bring Dick Vitale to my office and have him provide color commentary of the work day. But this year, I’m defending a title! Can I say it one more time? I won! It’s everywhere.
  • EJ4  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 8, 2013
    [Product] How to Manage Workplace Interruptions
    Use that time to do some of the more mundane tasks–things that still lead to overall productivity, but maybe they don’t require as much brain power. Then the following week, we all reviewed areas that needed improvement and devised our own productivity strategies. Soon after, we set the limits we needed to set, put aside all the non-work related materials that caught our eye too often and shed new light to how productive we all can be. 'It’s no secret we get distracted at work. It happens to everyone. m going to focus on the self-inflicted interruptions.
    [Product] Training: Increase Productivity with Master Slides, Object Styles and Object Effects
    When: Thursday, April 05, 2012 8:00am – 9:00 am US/Pacific Description: Join Vish and Dr. Pooja Jaising to learn how to create great looking courses using the power of Master Slides, Object Styles and Object Effects. During the session, we will discuss the best practices of using these features in Adobe Captivate to do the tasks [.]. Conferences and events eLearning this week Extending Captivate How do I. Adobe Captivate webinar Adobe eLearning Suite Adobe eLearning Suite 2 Adobe eLearning Suite 2.5
    [Product] Most Revolutionary Google Product Launch of the Past Month (Hint: It’s Not Google+)
    Amidst all the hoopla (great word) and fanfare surrounding Google’s “Facebook-killer” the company also quietly released another new product that has flown almost completely under the radar (my radar at the very least), yet in concept could prove even more revolutionary within the social learning sphere. Here’s how it works: After users sign in with either their Facebook or Twitter accounts (no option for a Google account, which is a bit odd given that it’s a Google product), they are presented with a list of competitions, each with a set time limit, and a presenter-determined cash prize. 
    [Product] Podcasting for E-Learning: Editing and Producing Podcasts
    So far in this series of posts about Podcasting for E-Learning from the E-Learning Curve Blog , I've covered a lot of material, including: A Brief History of Audio in Education The Four 'P's' of narration Introduction to Audio Production Digital Audio Basics Now, it's time to look in some depth at editing and producing podcast content. Tags: digital audio file format Audio content development cognition Audacity content production process educational media technology in education podcast authoring podcast You don’t have to edit audio in a beginning-middle-end sequence. installer (.exe
  • EJ4  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 2, 2013
    [Product] Leadership Skills: Manage Your Time Better Through Effective Meetings
    If it’s a meeting to address new products, then yes, gather the heads of every department and divulge strategies. corporate training ej4 eLearning Meetings Office Productivity Performance Improvement Thinkzoom Training & Development employee engagement leadership skills leadership training management training office productivity planning meetings unproductive meetingsMeetings about meetings. Meetings that start with one theme, but slowly shift somewhere else within a matter of minutes. These are the most commonly searched themes with just those two words: Management.
  • EJ4  |  MONDAY, MARCH 4, 2013
    [Product] Want to Get More Done? Check out this Book Summary.
    We’ve been talking a lot about being productive at work the last couple of weeks – working to reduce distraction and increase focus. You’ll also find video content on productivity and helping employees to use their time wisely in the featured content section. Sign-up to start being more productive today. Book Summaries Business Books Employee Motivation Employee Productivity Management Training Performance Improvement Workplace Productivity 18 Minutes be more productive ej4 book summaries Peter Bregman reduce distrations try ej4
    [Product] Manage Torrents Automatically with Dropbox and Automator
    Apple & Mac Simplify automator dropbox hazel mac productivity simplify torrentI never mess with Automator. should. It’s so awesome and powerful, yet I often forget about it. Tutorials ). This is not limited to torrent files. It’s anything. will be setting up additional workflows for movie and image files. And music from old backups…Unfortunately, now I’ll be tempted to mess with Automator for hours this weekend. Don’t want to mess with Automator (not sure why you wouldn’t, it’s pretty simple)? Take a gander at Hazel. Ben Brooks loves it.
    [Product] Top 5 List of Products for Screencasters from CES
    few products I saw on the show floor stood out that looked useful for screencasters. Here's my top 5 list of products for screencasters from CES! What gadgets and products have you seen lately that would be useful for a screencaster? I was recently at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Besides meeting one of Bob Marley's sons, Rohan Marley , the highlights for me were the miles of gadgets and equipment. Cinemin Slice from WowWee - This handy little pico projector turns your iPad into a 60 inch projection screen. Added bonus - it has stereo sound.
  • EJ4  |  MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 2013
    [Product] Two Mindsets That Could Be Limiting Your Success at Work
    Around the Office corporate training ej4 Employee Engagement Employee Motivation Employee Productivity employee training Leadership Learning Strategy Training & Development Workplace Productivity be more successful at work develop new skills at work elearning project execution project management success at work workplace productivity 'The fear of success is prevalent in some of us. It might start out with an idea you come up with. Because if that idea has any merit, you’ll have contributed something great to your company. And it makes perfect sense.
    [Product] Camtasia for Mac - Sneak Peek, Production & Sharing
    Welcome to Day 5 of our sneak peeks of Camtasia for Mac. heard my fellow TechSmithies celebrated the upcoming release back at our home office with a cake! hope someone saved me a piece! :-). After you've created your screencast in Camtasia for Mac, chances are that you want to share your masterpiece. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can share your screencasts on the web,, on YouTube or on an iPod or iPhone. Want to share your screencasts on YouTube? Tired of reading about it? Let's see it in action! Check out this screencast! It runs 45 seconds long.
  • EJ4  |  TUESDAY, OCTOBER 1, 2013
    [Product] The 5 Biggest Causes of Stress at Work
    ej4 Employee Motivation Employee Productivity Knowledge Sharing Platform Office Productivity Performance Improvement Training & Development Uncategorized Workplace Productivity Workplace Stress biggest cause of stress at work stress at work stress management at work workplace stress 'Even the happiest employee can experience times of stress every now and again. It’s a normal part of the work environment, big projects roll in, co-workers are out of the office, and sometimes employees have to cope with doing more with less resources.  Being Kept In The Dark. ” 2.
    [Product] Latest in Learning Fast: edu-Twittering
    collaboration learning productivity elearning information sharing social business social learning social media TwitterA decade ago the hot app on everyone’s desktop was  PointCast , a personalized headline service of content emblazoned across your screensaver through a pre- RSS  feed. No typing required, no link to click through. While on the phone or talking with a colleague at your desk you could glean the day’s hot news or gather learning-bites you subscribed to receive. Downtime be damned. little push, a little pull. ” with “What Are You Learning?”
  • EJ4  |  WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2013
    [Product] It’s Called Work for a Reason! [Book Summary]
    ” Looking for the latest productivity tips and tricks are great. Your Success is Your Own Damn Fault , author Larry Winget stresses how productivity starts and ends with your will to want it more. Around the Office Book Summaries ej4 Employee Engagement Employee Motivation Employee Productivity Performance Improvement Workplace Productivity business book summaries ej4 book summaries 'Maya Angelou once wrote, “Nothing will work unless you do.” Every little bit helps. Inside It’s Called Work for a Reason!: Want more book summaries?
    [Product] How to convert VHS to DVD [Widder]
    V -- audio/visual digital audio digital video Media/film new media literacies productivity / tips and tricks 'Excerpt: Here’s our guide on how to convert VHS to DVD using a combo player, an analog-to-digital adapter, two separate boxes or a conversion service so you can save that 20-year-old footage of you faceplanting on your first bicycle. If not for you, do it for posterity’s sake.
    [Product] Templates for iSpring Presenter
    eLearning Products/Reviews Templates iSpring PresenterI recently discovered a great authoring tool called iSpring Presenter. It runs as a PowerPoint add-on and is simple to use. Whenever I run across eLearning authoring tools I like to plug-in our eLearning templates and see how they work. iSpring Presenter worked great with our PowerPoint and Flash templates. built a demo course and inserted various flash games/quizzes. Check out the iSpring templates page for a demo and tutorial video. If you’re looking for iSpring Presenter templates you’re in luck!
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