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5 Ways to Use Goal-Based Learning

Rob Hubbard

They argue that this type of learning requires a serious shift in organisational thinking: “The learning is actually a by-product of facing unexpected challenges and ever-increasing performance requirements. by Tess Robinson. Director, L earningAge Solutions). So goal-based learning sounds great but what can you use it for? And how can technology augment this way of learning? 1.

Stop Wasting Time: Designing Effective and Efficient Learning Systems

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The production of video, graphics and audio? For example; enter data into a system with zero errors, sell a product more effectively or manage a project to completion on time and within budget. What’s the biggest cost in any elearning or training programme? The instructional design time? The subject matter expert’s time? This would be a huge saving.

6 ways to convince your organisation to embrace digital learning

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Despite being consistently able to show that those organisations who embrace learning technologies perform better, be it through increasing revenue, improving productivity or job performance, the overall situation remains relatively static in terms of budget committed to digital learning or the range of technology used. by Tess Robinson, Director, LAS. elearning Strategy

How to Build Agility into your Learning Design

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An idea that at first might seem too ‘out there’, can trigger another thought process that leads to some truly transformative functionality being designed into the product. Secondly, use collaborative tools like Google Drive, Basecamp and Mockflow to document, manage and design the product. The objective that you set out initially to meet might evolve or even change co mpletely.

Evaluating Training - Capturing the Benefits Aspects of ROI

Final overall change for the business as a result of the training program, i.e., Improved quality, improved production, decreased costs, increased job satisfaction, reduced problems or accidents, increased sales. 5. Let’s look at an example of each type of objectives: - Course objective: Learners will be able to make 5 entries in a production database in 10 minutes. But because.

How to be Innovative – 10 Top Tips

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Think about what kind of learning you’d like to see, be it products, theories or something completely different. by Tess Robinson, Director, LearningAge Solutions. Being innovative doesn’t mean that you have to come up with big radical new ideas all the time. Sometimes the very best learning innovations are quite simple and subtle or are just improvements or diversions from existing ideas.

10 lessons from Design Thinking that can be applied to digital learning

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They use the design thinking methodology to design products, services, environments, and digital experiences. By Tess Robinson, Director, LAS. A few weeks ago I attended a fabulous workshop by Sally Spinks from Ideo. If you haven’t heard of them before, they are a design consultancy headquartered in California but with offices throughout the world. Prototype – this one is really important.

The Art of Simple Design

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The trouble is that this will lead to a sub-standard, over-complicated product.  So what can you do to address these three situations? “I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.” – Mark Twain. The same is true of design, and for the purposes of this article I’m going to focus on the design of learning experiences, websites and apps. Get to know your users.

Onboarding the Blended Way

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Onboarding is an awful term, it’s so ‘business-speak’ that it makes me cringe, but the principles behind it are very sound and done right it can improve the time it takes new employees to get up to speed, increase productivity and have a very positive effect on morale and retention. Like anything new, you will invariably need to put time and money but it will reap rewards in terms of an enthused, productive and committed workforce. Guest post from my LearningAge Co-Director, Tess Robinson. Did it make us feel engaged, enthused and wanted? All sounds good doesn’t it!

Time Machine: Tips for Harnessing Time to Ensure Success in your eLearning Projects

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This single action will hugely improve your personal productivity and give you time to focus on the important project tasks. Time: it marches relentlessly on – we can’t stop it, change it or rewind it (yet!). We squander it on the wrong things, complain when it goes too slowly and when it goes too fast. In this posting I’ll share three tips for making the most of the time you have, so you can maximise the success of your elearning projects. There is a pub that I often walk past, which for years had a fairly bad reputation. Plan the project tasks well in advance. Be realistic.

Why Use Video for Learning?

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Here are a few ideas on how video could be used for learning purposes: Guided tours of new products , equipment or facilities. Video has been a passion of mine for a number of years. Because when it’s done well it’s so engaging. We know from research that our brains are hard-wired to take notice of moving images – it might be prey or predator (or even a potential mate).  We all now watch tonnes of online video – if I want to know how to do something I’ll generally search YouTube before I search Google. find it frustrating, therefore, that we don’t use it more for learning purposes.

The Ingredients of Innovation

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Some of these I do nothing with, some I integrate into current projects or products, others hold my interest and I come back and refine them. We were recently recognised with an award for innovation. This meant a huge amount to us as a company and to me in particular. I’m a designer. love design in all its forms and I’m passionate about making things work better. It is tough.

Seven Simple Secrets to Off-the-Shelf Course Success

The final product shows a direct link between the training and the goals of the. Instructional design approaches, current thinking and modern production values aside, a. Seven Simple Secrets to. Off-the-Shelf Course Success. By Megan Torrance, CEO TorranceLearning. Off-the-shelf (OTS) courseware is a growing market attracting both customers and venture. capital. of learners. You’re.

You’re a What?

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As well as being a songwriter and musician, he is now also a writer, film director, choreographer, product designer, visual artist and more. David Byrne is a bit of a hero of mine. He was the lead singer of the art-school punk band Talking Heads, which he founded in 1976. Ideas seemingly explode from his mind and manifest themselves in different physical or digital forms.

Coactivism – A Learning Model

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Spoon feeding such learners, as most elearning packages and training courses do, is counter-productive. For many years now I’ve been dissatisfied with how training is delivered and in particular the concepts of ‘classroom’ and ‘elearning’. In 2009 I developed a new learning model that addresses the issues as I see them. It gives a quick overview of the learning model. Featured on EcoPressed.

Get Creative!

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in the production of an artistic work: “ creative  writing” We don’t all have the luxury of working in large creative teams where we can spend hours bouncing ideas around. cre·a·tive /kr???tiv/. Noun: A person who is  creative , esp. in a professional context. Adjective: Relating to, or involving the imagination or original ideas, esp. For many of us, we need to be highly creative when working on our own. Over the years, I’ve thought a lot about my creativity and how to enhance it. Different people are more creative at different times of the day and night.

How does responsive design impact learning culture?

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When a client asks us to create a responsive site for them, for example, a job aid or a resources hub, they are not simply asking for a well-designed product that will look nice wherever it is accessed, they are asking us to help them embed learning more thoroughly into workflow and into the everyday life of the organisation. By Tess Robinson, Director, LAS.

ReD is Dead

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ReD will eventually have two children; Digital Learning Design (DLD) and Digital Learning Production (DLP). This month we bid a fond farewell to our much cherished and long-running Rapid eLearning Development (ReD) course. Bac k in mid-2009 the concept of a fictional Ministry of Instructional Design with a secret mission became an itch that I had to scratch. It consumed me and I loved it.

How the right tech tools for your team can power your sales enablement strategy

Dispersed product information. Top-performing sales reps of leading organizations are masters of market knowled- ge, customer needs, their products and services, their value, their competition, and. To contact Docebo, please visit: BUSINESS VELOCITY New product releases and updates, growing customer needs, shifting market. training, such major product launches.

Case Study: Waterstones Academy – Goal-Based Learning for Booksellers

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With the introduction of the Kindle as a product range, there was a need to train booksellers on how to operate and sell these new devices, so that they could offer the best possible service to customers. Waterstones needed to introduce their booksellers to their new Kindle product range, however, the booksellers had a range of technical abilities. Here’s their story …. The Challenge.

The Really Useful eLearning Instruction Manual

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Production Processes – Making it Happen! - This year, I had the great privilege, in my position as Chair of the eLN, to have edited and co-authored the eLN’s first ever book, The Really Useful eLearning Instruction Manual, published by Wiley. We wanted the book to be practical, useful and to contribute to the advancement of our industry through best practice. and social learning.

5 Reasons to Use Transmedia for Learning

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Why shouldn’t we use the same media that we enjoy in our leisure time? 5.      We are immersed in media and technology that is trying to sell us stuff by finding new and innovative ways to ram products down our collective subconscious. As you may have guessed from other postings on this blog, transmedia is something I’m very interested in. Because it bridges two of my great passions; learning technologies and film. But why should you consider it? 1.      Many people now have smartphones. These pocket computers mean that we can reach our audience in more ways than ever before.

The Link Between BYOD and Increased Productivity


BYOD policy also makes it easy for employees to access corporate data and online training materials, which can increase productivity. Of all the benefits listed here, increased productivity usually pleases company leaders most. Some organizations choose to implement BYOD solely for the purpose of augmenting productivity. Access only to non-sensitive systems and data. Jeffrey A.

Microlearning Whitepaper: Small Bites, Big Impact

more information than ever before to keep up with growing product complexity, highly. more knowledgeable in their jobs, whether it was safety knowledge, product knowledge, customer services practices or policies and procedures10. Issues around increased product complexity, intensified. continuously reinforce major learning events to drive product knowledge every day has.

Product Review – Adobe Captivate Prime LMS

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The name alone “Adobe” is a strong brand, highly recognized in the tech industry.  If you are a fan of Adobe products and love Captivate the authoring tool or Connect, then having the LMS wouldn’t be out of the question. If you do not have those Adobe e-learning offerings, but have Adobe products, again, it is not out of the realm to see you purchasing the solution.

Social Production

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Here is the concept of Social Production as Tony and I covered in “Learning in 3D.” ” Social production is the means by which a software operating system or a digital encyclopedia can be created without the need for a large centralized hierarchy. In the past such forms of social production were limited and bounded in nature. Today, social production is being leveraged much less by the traditional enterprise than it is by the entrepreneurial start up. They might even work together to develop some code. definition

Can Elearning Improve Productivity?

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One of the most elementary goals of any business is to increase its productivity. In an effort to increase it, innumerable studies have been conducted across organizations of different industries to determine the causes of low employee productivity. A few reasons are common to the results of all these studies: low employee motivation and poor management. Let us find out. First name.

5 Tips to Effectively Reinforce Your New Product Knowledge Training

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Even though you have an outstanding sales force and extraordinary marketing team, without effectively training your sales team, your new product launch may not be successful. So, for a successful launch, especially for B2B organizations, product training should be initiated long before the launch stage of the product. Product Training Mobile Apps. Short Product Videos.

7 Secrets for Measuring Training Program ROI with People Analytics

to collect, analyze and act on people data to predict employee productivity and growth. performance and productivity. growth and produce productive employees – faster. Don’t be a sissy: Be productive. more product than the others and tend to like their work more. 7 Secrets for. Measuring. Training Program. ROI with People. companies believe that. obstacle. level.

Your Product Launch Training Questions Answered

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A few weeks ago, several hundred people joined Leanne Batchelder and myself for a webinar on product launch training. Hosted through Training Magazine Network, the session is called  Learning Solutions and Your Product Launch: How a Curriculum Drives Success. Clearly, product launch training is a high-priority issue in many organizations. What about customer training?

Ten Steps to a Successful Product Launch Training Implementation

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We often support clients with complex products to bring to market. The training that supports these product launches is always a multi-faceted collection of learning solutions that must meet the needs of several different learner groups. For product launch training to drive desired knowledge and skills acquisition, it must be carefully designed  and implemented.

Free Webinar: How to Price Education Products

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Pricing for education products is all over the map. We’ll also explore how your education products can be placed on a “value ramp” that lets you create pricing flexibility to benefit your customers, spares you the anxiety of trying to find the one “right” price, protects you from both over- and under-pricing, and provides a healthy margin. Share this on Facebook. Tweet This!

Product Review: Totara

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Blog – This was on the trial and for a nice product like this – it should be removed for the trial.  It is sooo boring. While that makes sense, what hurts the product is the overkill of information. know Totara is going to say that the product is built on open source and the folks who are buying it know the technical aspects/Moodle and thus this isn’t an issue.

4 Ways to Close the Learning-Doing Gap for Front-Line Managers [GUIDE]

retention, productivity, and employee engagement. FOUR WAYS TO CLOSE THE. LEARNING-DOING GAP FOR. FRONT-LINE MANAGERS 4FOREWORD We’re in business to help organizations. achieve their goals by making sure their. employees have the knowledge and skills. they need to succeed. Our experience. and research led us to identify that one. audience organizations consistently. managers. What’s. skills.

Designing a Product Launch Curriculum

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This is an excerpt from Nancy Harkness’ new white paper, Learning Solutions and Your Product Launch: The Secret to Success. Here is a section on designing product launch curriculums: Designing the curriculum. Every launch curriculum is different, and has different needs based on what learners currently know, what the product is, etc. Prelaunch training. Launch meeting. Tools.

Simple Video Production Apps for Course Authoring

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Stumped with where to begin with video production for your courses?  Do not feel you need to be a professional videographer or a production professional in order to generate video content for your online courses.  If you are engaged in a highly robust project then perhaps you may need content of that caliber but for most of our elearning learners that is not necessary. Vivavideo.

Instructional Designers and Product Managers – Traversing The Common Trail


I have been working as a Product Manager with Raptivity for the last 5 years. My favourite moments of this journey have been whenever I have talked to any of our customers and seen how they used Raptivity, how they visualized the product to be used, how they mapped hundreds of Raptivity interactions into various phases of eLearning course development and so on.

How to Boost eLearning Productivity with 10 EdTech Online Tools

eLearning Brothers

The following tools will help you boost your productivity. The post How to Boost eLearning Productivity with 10 EdTech Online Tools appeared first on eLearning Brothers. Julie Petersen is a tutor and a blogger who features the latest career and educational trends in her articles. At the moment, she is working on her first eBook dedicated to online learning. Organizing tools. Fences.

Workbook: Gamification and Your Enterprise Learning Strategy

Example 2: Ethicon (a J&J company) was looking for a way to increase employee product knowledge to drive sales. apply product and procedural knowledge with their. Example 2: Ethicon (a J&J Company): With constantly evolving products, it is. those issues are costing the company in terms of lost revenue, lost productivity, customer loyalty, etc. Introduction.3 Conclusion.16

Product Launch Training Template (Free Download)

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If you have spent much time developing training to support product launches, you know that the need extends far beyond a single launch meeting. This is why we frequently design product launch curriculums using a three-phased approach. We have created a simple worksheet that allows you to go through the process of planning a product launch curriculum using the three phases.

Video Production and Learner Engagement in MOOCs

Your Training Edge

Invest post-production time to splice together different content types and edit out pauses and other things that slow the video down. Obviously, it isn’t just the mere use of technology that leads to increased engagement, but rather the fact that the MOOC format allows you to design training courses to better correspond with how people learn. little enthusiasm goes a long way.

Think like a product manager

Spark Your Interest

Instructional designers create instructional or training products. Whether we like it or not, product design and product management is our industrial cousin. So, if you agree, here five lessons we could learn from our product cousins: Your instructional product should solve a problem. Build a minimum viable instructional product. How so? Does it?

Product Review – Articulate Storyline 2

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Would wear a t-shirt if they gave me one (no need to send).  If it in my mind one of the best ten products to hit the e-learning cycle in the last five years.  I kid you not. Supports Tin Can – Should be universal with every product out there it isn’t. Tutorials when opening the product – Good, but. Let me see, desktop product.  Speed 2 – Awful. 

New research explores the common myths and realities around the 70:20:10 learning model

What are the goals for learning and development? 9 out of 10 of today’s L&D leaders are looking to: Increase on-the-job productivity. times more likely to report benefits relating to productivity and business. 60% want to increase their productivity. 63% report improved productivity. Improving productivity/engagement. productive. In-Focus. Report. Foreword.

Adopting a product approach


While that hasn’t dampened the entrepreneurial spirits of countless startups, and as the creases continue to be ironed out, the question on our minds is: how do you make it effortless to deploy exciting digital products? Turning a game that teaches teens the principles of engineering into a product that can be shipped around the world was no easy feat. We decided to combine the two.

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4 Ways to Assess the Product Knowledge of Your Sales Team

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According to ASTD State of Sales Training report, product training is the most frequently delivered training to sales people. Training Industry survey also reveals that most of the sales training received by sales people is about the product. Your objective of assessments along with assessing learners should also be refreshing the product knowledge training conducted earlier.

Sales 31