[Providers] Blogphilosophy: does #peace, pacifist education exist in #MOOC?
    It is there, and it provides me with tons of anxiety for I myself feel helpless while watching the world stage as it is alight with anger and grief across multiple regions. But how can we propose education for all if we do not provide free courses on obtaining peace, on celebrating togetherness? Is academia so distant from the concept of peace that it does not come to mind to provide teaching on creating peace, or harmony, or simply living together? So I started to search some of the MOOC providers, searching keywords like “peace”, “pacifism” and “nonviolence”.
    [Providers] Spaced Repetition Featured in the New York Times
    ” But testing alone does not provide the desired increase in retention. Organizations depend on their training to help employees have less accidents, make more sales, provide better customer service and make fewer mistakes. 'You’ve seen us write articles and publish white papers on the science of remembering for well over a year now. We are big believers in the spacing effect, and using what we know about the brain to enhance what people remember. Doing so has a measurable impact on employee retention from training, among other things. ” We could not agree more.
    [Providers] Learning Vs. Performance -- The Dichotomy
    Recognizing those with a fixed mindset and providing them with the necessary support and coaching could lead to better performance. 'The shift has happened. The focus has moved from “learning” to “performance”. Training” as a panacea for all ills – from lack of productivity to lack of motivation, attrition, and lost profits – is losing its power. Our education system had inculcated the belief that “learning” is all about gaining information and knowledge and being able to remember that long enough to answer exam questions. The rest of us went on to believe we were stupid or incapable.
    [Providers] #MOOC for development report #ict4D
    Produce education and rely on experienced teachers to provide content guidelines, they know. 'Finally the inspirational and informative report of Massive Open Online Courses for Development (MOOC4D) is published by the Penn University, and it can be downloaded here. The conference on MOOC4D was held in April 2014 and it focused on the challenges and potentials of MOOCs in developing countries. The conference existed of panel discussions on various MOOC topics. And thank you to John Traxler for sending me the link! conference development ICT4D k12 knowledge mooc MOOC4D online learning
    [Providers] Helpful Tools, Ideas and Templates for the Busy eLearning Designer
    The site also provides guides for improving team collaboration by making workflows and files easy for other team members to use. 'Working in eLearning design can be overwhelming; eLearning designers spend many hours struggling to come up with the best possible design. It may seem like adding more programs and apps to the designer''s kit can''t possibly be the solution, but well-structured time management and handy tools make the difference between eLearning projects that cost and eLearning projects that benefit. So, h ere are some tips and tricks to keep on top of things. PaperRater.
    [Providers] Bibliophile’s Bookshelf: On Consulting
    The Trusted Advisor provides practical advice on building trusting relationships with clients – the kinds of relationships in which you can truly be a valued collaborator, sought-after advisor, and business partner. If you want to reach the trusted advisor level, the book offers a trust equation and a trust development process that provide guidance on how to engage with clients to build deeper relationships. 'This post is the first in an occasional series in which I will share my book recommendations on a variety of topics. Enjoy! ON CONSULTING. Ann K. Routledge, 2014. 
    [Providers] The Public Sector uses LMSs for Training and Communication
    An LMS provides a secure platform that government personnel can sign into for the purposes of sharing content, signing and sending contracts, and communicating with colleagues and constituency. Social learning management systems combine relevant tools and provide training options that are in line with common trends. Cloud-based LMSs may provide the office options they need at prices they can afford. Request a demo of TOPYX to explore the public sector solutions this LMS provides. 'Many working parts need to be set in motion in order for societies to thrive.
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    [Providers] 10 Graphic Design tips for e-learning educators
    one provided by your LMS vendor), can help you get all the defaults right, and avoid bad choices. 'You deployed the most capable LMS platform (*cough* eFront *cough*). You have written the finest course material, crafted the best exercises, and organized them to perfection. You are finally ready to take your  live, but could there be anything missing? Indeed, there could. Most of the time not much thought is given to the graphic design. At best, it’s left as an after-thought. 1) Design is important. If you were to only take away a key insight from this article, it should be this. Rinse.
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    [Providers] A Conversation with Duncan Lennox
    Right now we support 10 languages in desktop, tablet and mobile environments, and our servers continually sift through response data to provide real-time analytics to the organizations we serve. In fact, in one recent study by a large global medical device provider, Qstream delivered results statistically equivalent to personalized coaching. 'The other day I had a chance to catch up with Duncan Lennox, the CEO and co-founder of a fascinating company called Qstream. Here is part of our conversation. Kapp: Can you tell us a little about your company, Qstream. So get started now!
    [Providers] LMS vs. LCMS
    Also, LMSs do not provide IDs with the deep analytics required to understand what content is working and what content is not. . Top-notch LCMS solutions can even provide detailed analytics that identify the most effective content. LMSs allow IDs to manage content and track what content is accessed, but beyond this, there is little to no information provided on whether the content is effective. By utilizing an LCMS in conjunction with the LMS that is already in place, IDs can provide greater value to their organization. What does an LMS do? Features of an LCMS. Key:
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    [Providers] Why Sell Courses Using WordPress
    Many hosting providers specialize in hosting WordPress – so as soon as you pick your domain name and purchase your hosting plan (anywhere around $10 per month), it will already be installed. 'Many people today are realizing that they can make an extra income by selling courses on a topic related to their expertise. The great thing about selling an online course is that you can create it once and then sell it over-and-over again. Sure you may need to modify it, but once the first edition is complete, the rest is just maintenance. Why Choose WordPress. elearning WordPress
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    [Providers] Pop Quiz! Do You Really Need Quizzes in Online Training?
    But the truth is that, used properly, testing as part of an educational routine provides an important tool not just to measure learning, but to promote it.”. Learning Objectives:  Bloom’s Taxonomy provides a way for the instructional designer to organize educational objectives from the least to most complex. The Answers:   When providing quiz answers, help the learner by providing the reasoning behind the answer. Post-training “quizzes” help measure ROI and provide guidance on any needed follow-up training or individual coaching. Always. Never. Probably.
    [Providers] xMOOCs and cMOOCs – do we even care?
    Corporations and even online learning providers found it expedient to digitize expensive face to face training and create standardized, mass learning experiences for their employees, in order to cut costs and save lost working time. 'First published by EDU Tech on 24th July, 2014. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are an exciting new development in online education. In this article, Viplav Baxi explores the origins of MOOCs, their two main (‘c’ and ‘x’) variants and why it is critical to appreciate the distinction. October 2008. Downes asserts that knowledge is the network.
    [Providers] Defining eLearning
    'It is generally accepted by now that eLearning provides several advantages to most any organization’s training initiatives. On the other side, there’s well-structured, web-based courseware requiring logins and authentication, tracking progress and interaction, and providing detailed reports (largely provided through LMS delivery). From cost-savings to enhanced retention, eLearning is actually recognizing those goals and continues to hold great promise…but what exactly is “eLearning”? Can eLearning be closely defined? Does it need to be? Sure, why not? Learner plays a game.
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    [Providers] Game Element: Strategy
    Provide knowledge or information that can help the learner manage complexity relationships among variables. 'Strategy games are a popular type of games that require players to outwit and outmaneuver fellow players through careful decision making, planning several moves ahead and attempting to predict outcomes and consequences of both their moves and their opponent’s moves. Perhaps one of the best known strategy games is Chess. Chess is a strategy game where two players move game pieces with several different capabilities around a board and attempt to checkmate the opponent. Stratego.
    [Providers] AVA: How learning technologies can change behaviour
    It also provided them with knowledge about how to deal with disclosures of incidents, as well as a database to help workers share resources, expertise and case studies. 'Recently, Toby and I attended the launch of AVA’s Digital Prevention Platform. The AVA Project is an online initiative aiming to keep education and social care workers informed about maintaining good practice when reporting disclosures of Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG). As it was my first week on the job, the course itself was an education for me about what good elearning can do to change behaviour.
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    [Providers] Writing & Grammar: Responses to the Interruptions Challenge
    The company that provides the fastest downloads is still XYZ. 'by Jennie Ruby    The answers that follow the guidelines set forth in my article from  a few weeks ago  are brought to you by  Geri Moran. It is very tedious, in my opinion, to type on a flat screen. The blog--even after the extensive upgrade we purchased last quarter--was still slow to load on mobile devices. The most widely accessible option, according to the magazine, is still the print version. more extended listing (see Appendix B) has been compiled by XYZ Press. Writing & Grammar
    [Providers] Disruption ahead: What MOOCs will mean for MBA programs [Ulrich, Terwiesch]
    … The business school eventually might have to provide chunks of its curriculum on demand over a student’s whole career, he said, rather than during a two-year stretch at the beginning. 'From DSC: A paraphrased excerpt: When I watch my teenagers do their math, they use their laptops, smartphones (to text their friends), and they watch YouTube videos to explain how to do the problems. This statement made me reflect on the vision that I’m pursuing re: the use of second screen apps in learning as it relates to   Learning from the Living [Class] Room. He and a colleague, Karl T.
    [Providers] How Do We Excite, Manage, and Retain the Tech Team?
    Wheels has open meetings ("Ask Anything" meetings) which let anyone provide input and questions (people can text their questions) for discussion, letting people stay anonymous if they wish. Many technical professionals are not willing to speak up (many certainly are), so we should create lots of places for people to provide feedback in any way they feel comfortable. 'I just completed a fascinating TalkRadio session with two IT leaders discussing how to retain and manage a highly technical workforce. How do you, as a leader, develop a highly engaged technical team?
    [Providers] How Do We Excite, Manage, and Retain the Tech Team?
    Wheels has open meetings ("Ask Anything" meetings) which let anyone provide input and questions (people can text their questions) for discussion, letting people stay anonymous if they wish. Many technical professionals are not willing to speak up (many certainly are), so we should create lots of places for people to provide feedback in any way they feel comfortable. 'I just completed a fascinating TalkRadio session with two IT leaders discussing how to retain and manage a highly technical workforce. How do you, as a leader, develop a highly engaged technical team?
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    [Providers] Purchasing Courses for your LMS
    Perhaps the content provided educational value or offered the ability to see into the future and what is possible. Created by a 3rd party provider – a Skillsoft or Wiley for example. Created by the LMS provider – they build custom content. The first thing you need to do is find the appropriate content provider that will work best for you.  Purchase the courses through your LMS provider who already has partnership deals with various 3rd party providers – most popular choice by consumers (LMS client). If the provider balks, walk. 
    [Providers] DevCorner: Using Simplified User Interfaces (SUI) in Help Content
    like the break this type of transition provides. 'Meet SUI. simplified user interface (SUI) is a representation of an interface that focuses on the essentials by stripping away temporarily unimportant elements. An example of SUI (pronounced “sue-ee” by the TechSmith User Assistance team). When used in learning materials, SUI graphics can aid in creating clearer, more memorable instruction. There are other benefits as well, which I’ll cover below. Keepin’ it Simple. These materials typically come in the form of written guides and video tutorials. An Attempt at Future-Proofing.
    [Providers] Ultimate List of Online Course Providers
    The infographic below, created by Springest , provides a pretty comprehensive list of all the resources you have at your disposal for finding information on the topic of your choice. 'Chances are that at some point you have considered taking an online course (or perhaps you already have). The process for finding the right course is similar for most people, which goes something like: 1. Open a browser. Go to Google. Search for “topic” +online course. Naturally, the more popular offerings work their way to the top. For example, many people take an online course on Lynda.com.
    [Providers] A SCORM LMS Scores Big
    Beyond knowing that your software provider offers a credible product, you will also feel reassured when working with knowledgeable third-party vendors (should you want to). 'Learning management systems (LMSs) come in many shapes and sizes but a SCORM® certified LMS can help your company score big. But before we get to the many benefits of a SCORM certified LMS, you might be wondering what exactly is SCORM and why should you care about it? What is SCORM? To put it plainly, SCORM is recognized as an authority (if not the authority) for learning management systems. Benefits of SCORM.
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    [Providers] Game Element: Construction and Creation
    In gamification examples, provide the learner with an opportunity to earn elements to build something of interest to the learner such as a building or a vehicle. Provide opportunities for learners to share their creations in a public space so they can “show off” what they have created. Provide simple and specific instruction for basic building. Provide plenty of time for the building process; if the time allotted is too short, learners will feel like they can never complete the structure they are trying to build. One is the classic board game Mouse Trap. Minecraft.
    [Providers] Corporate MOOCs: Getting Buy-In from Executives and Managers
    Provide education about what MOOCs are and how they can be used. Whatever industry you are in, your company will likely need to provide a lot more training in the next few years than you have in the past. MOOCs provide the ideal digital learning environments to meet the needs of organizations facing this challenge: they can provide training to a lot of people at the same time, and at a lower cost than instructor-led training. 'On this blog, we have looked at massive open online courses (MOOCs) from a variety of perspectives. Business case. Be specific. Be assertive.
    [Providers] Build trust, embrace networks, manage complexity
    Setting sharing as a default behaviour is a good start, but providing tools to enable sharing is also needed. Providing good tools and teaching by example is a start. Social networks can provide a space to develop new practices. 'Hierarchies. new model for work is required. Hierarchies, simple branching networks, are obsolete. They work well when information flows mostly in one direction: down. Hierarchies are good for command and control. They are handy to get things done in small groups. But hierarchies are rather useless to create, innovate, or change. Networks.
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    [Providers] Harnessing Learning Theories for the Mobile Platform: A m-learning perspective
    The behaviorist learning theory follows the ‘drill and feedback’ method of providing the learners with appropriate learning material and then seeking response on the same. Feedback is also provided – through the delivery platform as and when learners complete their assignments. Learning opens up the unique opportunity to provide the learners a realistic scenario-based environment to discover and learn – as per their convenience. This theory provides learners a problem that is based on the real-life situations they often encounter. Constructivist Learning. Taylor.
    [Providers] BYOD: Revisited
    This approach not only provides for security, but also ways for employees to collaborate using their devices. 'It sure seems like everyone continues talking about the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) practice, these days. And why shouldn’t they? BYOD not only promises improved worker productivity and flexibility, but also supporting and securing all the data that comes along with it. In other words, BYOD has the potential to transform the enterprise. The good, the bad and the ugly Companies can save on hardware and support costs by allowing employees to use their own devices.
    [Providers] From Steelcase: How Classroom Design Affects Student Engagement
    Classrooms designed for active learning can improve student engagement, according to new research from Steelcase, a company that provides furniture for use in educational settings. 'Also see: Report: Classroom Design Improves Student Engagement  – from campustechnology.com by Joshua Bolkan | 07/22/14. When measured, student engagement levels were higher in the flexible classrooms than in the traditional classroom with row and columns of desks.
    [Providers] #Phd update: interest for older employees learning research niche
    'The quest to provide research based evidence to upgrade or at least hold on to older employees, and build a rationale to keep them in corporations based on their expertise and knowledge. The book is freely available online (per chapter) and chapter 2 provides a really handy definition of learning episodes, which comprises learning actions, and relates it to personal learning goals of the learner. EU, US, Canadian statistics are clear, we have an aging population and there is a need to keep employees at work, in meaningful work based on their expertise and knowledge.
    [Providers] No Learning Professional Ever Got Fired for Bullet Points but…They Should
    Yet we tell, we lecture, we provide bulleted lists. Because in the end either they know it will save our lives, provide a safer environment for ourselves or others or keep us from harm. 'Whenever I talk about game-thinking or gamification or even interactive learning someone always asks the question: “What if people don’t like games?” ” or they ask “What do we do when people say ‘I just want the information, just tell me what I need to learn–I’ll get it myself.” Like challenge, action, continual feedback, story.
    [Providers] Linking #k12 to #mLearning, networked learning, cloud computing
    It provides a nice overview of new options and trends for young students, as well as interesting assumptions. The NMC reports always have the same structure providing a nice overview of which technologies are already adopted, which to watch out for and what lies in the (5 years) future. 'As the New Media Consortium report is out looking at the upcoming trends for k12 and online learning , I was pleasantly surprised by the emerging combinations which clearly embrace new educational technologies and student-centered focus. Quickly sharing the table of content here: I. BYOD. !
  • LEARNDASH  |  TUESDAY, JULY 22, 2014
    [Providers] Should You Use LearnDash? Read This…
    You should certainly read these articles as they will provide you with some interesting ideas and considerations from a wide-range of backgrounds. While these opinion pieces are beneficial, they may not provide you with all the answers to your questions. Instead of providing a long list of potentially desired features (feature priority is quite subjective), it might be more beneficial to describe some common LearnDash user backgrounds. '“Do you think that LearnDash would be a good solution for my online course(s)?” Is it scaleable? WooCommerce)?
    [Providers] Designing eLearning to Maximize the Working Memory
    'The brain is a complicated machine, capable of creating extraordinary works of art, solving complex problems, and feeling the deepest of emotions. At the same time, our brains function on a daily basis taking on more mundane and routine tasks that are just as important as building bridges or writing books. In eLearning, one of the most important brain functions to consider is the working memory, one of the more everyday functions of the brain. In short, the working memory is what we use to perform efficiently and effectively in our daily lives, including learning. Your brain would overload!
    [Providers] Using an LMS to Navigate the New Mobile World
    What Tools Can Companies Use to Provide Mobile Learning? Service as a Software (SaaS) solution, TOPYX is hosted, maintained and updated by the software provider. 'Nobody knows what the future holds but we assume it will be full of gadgets and gizmos. Can you imagine a world where the desktop computer is obsolete? This reality might not be far off. We are only one decade into the 21 st century, yet smartphones have already outsold PCs and over 1 billion Internet connected devices , like tablets, were sold worldwide in 2012. All the while, PC sales have been declining.
    [Providers] The dawn of a new generation
    So it’s important that the practical knowledge be provided in the form of job aids – such as a template or a checklist – that the operator can use on-the-job, just-in-time. 'User-generated content (UGC) is not a novel concept, but most of us in the corporate sector have barely scratched its surface. Beyond enterprise social networks – which are hardly universal and face substantial challenges of their own – UGC in the broader sense is beset by concerns about content quality, accountability, organisational culture, job security and power dynamics.
    [Providers] Preparing your workforce for tomorrow
    read lately from a critic that I am someone who,”believes training and learning are pretty much unconnected” As you can see, they are connected, but training is subservient to organizational learning, especially in the complex domain, where it provides us with no new insights, a critical component in a changing work environment. 'I created a performance improvement toolbox when I started this blog in 2004, and have kept adding to it over the years. Training works well for complicated problems, when you have clear and measurable objectives. Performance Improvement
    [Providers] Reflections on “C-Suite TV debuts, offers advice for the boardroom” [Dreier]
    From the About page: C-Suite TV is a web-based digital on-demand business channel featuring interviews and shows with business executives, thought leaders, authors and celebrities providing news and information for business leaders. 'C-Suite TV debuts, offers advice for the boardroom — from streamingmedia.com by Troy Dreier. Business leaders now have an on-demand video network to call their own, thanks to one Bloomberg host’s online venture. Excerpt: Bringing some business acumen to the world of online video, C-Suite TV is launching today. See also: Mind your own business.
    [Providers] Girls Gone Engineering
    Kristen and Peggy sang that women rarely pursue technical fields because we’re expected to have families, provide a loving home for our husbands, and that engeneering isn’t ladylike (whatever that means). This may be the larger challenge for our society–providing an environment for all children to play, try, fail, and try again, with encouragement from family and friends, teachers and mentors.  'Singer Kristen Lems introduced me to Peggy Seeger’s song, “ I’m Gonna Be an Engineer ” almost 25 years ago. It It’s time for the next!”
    [Providers] Learning to Compete
    Uber is providing an alternative to taxis. Health care providers from around the globe are attracting patients with lower cost surgeries and treatments. 'The rate at which an organization learns may be the only sustainable competitive advantage. If you are learning more rapidly than the competition, you can get ahead and stay ahead. Garvin & Edmondson, 2008). Every organization faces some kind of competition. Manufacturers compete for market share and for talent. Retail businesses compete for space and for customers. Government agencies compete for funding and talent. p.326).
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    [Providers] An innovative use of Mind mapping in Education
    There are numerous studies available providing evidence of why mind mapping is so effective for all sorts of activities. However, for providing maximum efficiency of a Leaning map we must design it properly. The full potential of a Learning map is provided by assigning students to create their own Learning maps to review their understanding of the topic and to build long-term memory. Mind map doesn’t provide short summaries/explanations. Nodes are not only for providing information. 'It is no secret that a Learning map is based on a mind mapping technique.
  • PROPROFS  |  SUNDAY, JULY 20, 2014
    [Providers] Track where learners spend most of their time
    As the author, you can use this information and simplify the details on the page; provide explanations that make the contents easy and significantly improve the course. 'With ProProfs, you can now trace the time learners spend on every page of your training course. Our new feature lets you to not only see the total time taken by your learner on the overall course, but also analyze how much time they spent on every page as well. With this data, you can examine and break down the time spent on each page or learning module and get crucial insights about your learner. How does this help?
  • ELLEN WAGNER  |  FRIDAY, JULY 18, 2014
    [Providers] PAR Framework: Learning Analytics as a Service for Higher Ed
    MEET THE PAR FRAMEWORK - The Predictive Analytics Reporting (PAR) Framework is a national, non-profit provider of learning analytics as a service. PAR institutions provide a full set of anonymized undergraduate student data that allows for comparative investigation of student success trends over time, at the individual student, course and degree level. PAR membership provides institutional leaders with the models, technical support, services, and guidance needed to evaluate techniques, tools and solutions used to improve student outcomes. Institutional benchmarks.
    [Providers] DevCorner: Under the Hood—How TechSmith Fuse Works
    Fuse eliminates all those steps by providing your content a fast lane for travel, directly where it needs to go. They provide a vehicle for small bits of information. 'Introduction. TechSmith Fuse is a mobile app that can send photos and videos from your phone or tablet directly into Snagit , Camtasia , or TechSmith Relay. It’s a transfer mechanism that closes the gap from your mobile images and videos to your desktop for content editing. Can’t see the video? Watch it on YouTube. Ready? Operation. How It’s Done. You’ve seen these–they’re everywhere. How It Works.
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    [Providers] B2B Top Five LMSs
    Resellers who are part of your business learning network – maybe you provide them courses on how to sell your product. Content Providers – the fastest growing B2B right now in e-learning; best or most amazingly of all – it can be just one person who has created a course (content) and then has their own clients who purchase the course or courses to provide to their own employees;  the days of large content providers as the only option is gone. 'I admit I love lists.  must read it.  I just like lists.  Yep, people love lists. But Back to B2B. Uh, no.
    [Providers] Reading: Education and the Internet
    Take from it what you need to highlight the need for more awareness, more training, more meetings (oh no), or more ‘something’ in order to provide a learning ‘environment’ which will enable and empower the next generation of learners and workers. 'The 2014 IGGY Junior Commission report on Education and the Internet  is an important read. “The IGGY Junior Commission enables ten of the brightest young minds to collaborate with one another to achieve a global goal. ” MOOCs and flipped classrooms allow for more flexible and personal learning opportunities.
    [Providers] 10 Things That Learners Pay Attention To (And How to Use Them in eLearning)
    Organization is key: headings and subheadings provide a clear outline. Provide a visual break for your learner. 'Even more than other types of education, eLearning must struggle to attract learners'' attention: the Internet is full of distractions, and adult learners are both busier and more free to indulge in distractions. Helping students to pay attention is a primary concern of training professionals , so here are some optimal methods to win the attention game in eLearning. Problem-solving. Focus on giving them what they want: answers to their real-world problems. Comparisons.
    [Providers] Can an LMS Provide a Secure Shopping Solution?
    'Throughout the world there is growing concern about consumer protection. Credit card fraud is rampant and cyber theft is an increasing threat. Some companies try to build firewalls that keep thieves away from sensitive information. Unfortunately, this act of security comes at a price not all businesses can afford. Often times, small businesses look to accept payments through third party eCommerce solutions. But unless these systems are safe and reliable, customers won’t buy. Smart consumers are only comfortable offering their information when they feel it is protected. Jeffrey A.
    [Providers] How to MOOC: Meaningful Assessment Through Real-World Problem Solving
    Objective assessments, like multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank questions, can be administered and graded (with feedback optionally provided) using most learning management systems. The Internet and mobile technologies provide unlimited access to information so we no longer need to remember everything we learn. 'So far in this series, we have looked at ways massive open online courses (MOOCs) have led educators and trainers to rethink how content is delivered and the role of social media in the corporate classroom. What is the ROI on this substantial investment?
    [Providers] #PhD journey: preparing main study #MOOC
    choose this course as it was health related: building on past experiences I would think a lot of health professionals might be interested in this course as it might provide extra insight into medicines and pharmacy. The course also provides support for carers and people with diseases mentioned in the course. The course starts 15 September 2014, lasts for 6 weeks, and has quite a hefty 6 hours per week study workload (which is of interest as well, as high expectations sometimes provides high effort return). 'The next big step in my PhD journey is coming up: the main study.
    [Providers] High-Impact L&D
    It’s a complex book but one that provides plenty of insights. 'On my way to work today, I was scrolling through my blog roll and LinkedIn posts and came across this (as always) thoughtfully written post on It''s Time to Redesign HR by Josh Bersin. He emphasizes the importance of re-thinking the role of HR and defines some of the aspects that make for a high-impact HR team. And one of the important points he raises is the need to consider HR as a talent function , moving beyond some of the typical administrative tasks that are typically seen as defining parameters of HR roles.
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    [Providers] Avoiding Information Overload in Online Learning Environments: An e-learning perspective
    Also, if the course content itself is new, then it is better to prepare the ground by providing background material to the learners –like some document, mailer, web link, etc. This provides relief for the learners as well as gives them the option of reading up later to gain in-depth knowledge. 'The effectiveness and impact of technology-aided learning in the corporate sector is unquestionable. With the aid of technology, training and learning has become more accessible to a wider spread of corporate learners, no matter where they are located across the globe. Learner Readiness.
    [Providers] Adobe Captivate 8: Changing the Size of Responsive Layouts
    Each layout's default height provides space for Captivate's playbar. 'by Kevin Siegel      As far as I'm concerned, the hottest new feature you'll find in Adobe Captivate 8 is the ability to create responsive eLearning. As I taught you a few weeks ago, by choosing  File > New > Responsive Project , you can basically create and work on multiple screen sizes (called break points) in one project. When you publish the responsive project, the learner will automatically be served the break point appropriate for the device they're using.
    [Providers] The IT Service Organization for a Post-Enterprise World [Schroeder]
    Excerpt: Put another way, the challenges facing higher education have prompted some faculty and staff to say to me: “I don’t want you [the IT organization] to be a service provider in this situation; I don’t even know what I want, or what is possible. The need to provide enhanced capabilities in these areas will require efficiencies in infrastructure, administrative systems, and technology support, reshaping the IT organization. 'The IT Service Organization for a Post-Enterprise World — from educause.edu by Tracy Schroeder. higher education IT in HE
    [Providers] BLP Hosts “Game Design Day” for the Children of Dayspring Center
    For those unaware, Dayspring Center provides emergency shelter, clothing, and three nourishing meals-a-day for homeless families with children in central Indiana. 'Last Friday, 20 young people from Dayspring Center’s Camp Discovery program visited our offices. Kids from ages 10 to 15 spent time with us playing outdoor games and indoor games, eating tons of pizza, and then making games of their own with the help of our BLP game designers. Our first activity was a fun game where the kids worked together to make a perfect square out of rope with one catch: they had to wear blindfolds!
    [Providers] What is Informal Learning?
    would love to see the reason provided by the 12.2% One system that was built to provide informal learning in this way is TOPYX social LMS. 'What is informal learning anyway? hear the term used in many ways. Here’s how Wikipedia defines it: Informal learning is, by default, any learning that is not formal learning or non-formal learning. Informal learning is organized differently than formal and non-formal learning because it has no set objective in terms of learning outcomes and is never intentional from the learner’s standpoint. that stated they do not like learning.
    [Providers] How to Get the Most out of Your LMS Demo
    Before your demo, provide your LMS vendor with this scenario (and any others you and your team come up with) and ask them to demonstrate these steps within the system. Again, think of the objectives they would have and ask the LMS provider to demonstrate how the user would move about the system, meeting those objectives. Most vendors can provide you with literature outlining the system’s features and functionality. If you’re not prepared to ask the right questions and communicate your needs, the process can feel even more intimidating. Make the most of your time. Don’t.
    [Providers] Safety and Compliance Training: Should it Be a Game?
    ” If the only reason you are providing the training is to simply comply, is it really necessary to make it engaging? They provide an immersive, memorable experience to learners while incorporating learning strategies that are closely tied to the learning objectives. 'Safety training is often viewed as a “check the box” activity inside organizations. Managers don’t like giving it. Employees don’t like taking it… and that’s just “the way it is.” Do learners really need to know this stuff? Start Small. Don’t be afraid.
    [Providers] Ban “Click Here” From Your Vocabulary
    Therefore, your link text should still make sense on its own (or at least provide users with a clue as to the content). 'Take a look at the following list and see if you can determine which link would get you to the Wikipedia article on Universal Design for Learning: Click here. Click here. more information. Without clicking on every link, do you have any way of knowing which one leads to what you want? The text of your link matters. Why Link Text Matters. Unfortunately, this means that screen reader users can miss the context around the links. What To Do. ” Standards. WCAG 2.0
    [Providers] 21C Workplace Skills and L&D
    'Back from Ladakh and settling into my “normal” routine. Needless to say, it’s not at all easy after visiting a place like Ladakh. will put up a post on the trip over the coming weekend. For now, I am focusing back on my other passion outside of traveling—workplace learning, enabling performance and social learning. Going through my blog-roll, I read two related posts – Four Basic Skills for 2020 by Harold Jarche and Technology Changes Everything by Jane Hart. While published almost 3 years back, it is as—if not more—relevant today. The challenge lies in the HOW. Let''s Talk in 2020
    [Providers] Why Trainers Should Use Agile
    Agile not only provides software developers with a methodology that supports incremental releases, it also accommodates for the quick and nimble change of the high-tech world in which we live. 'In October 2007, I co-authored an article for Training Industry Inc. titled, “The Training Value Gap.” This, in turn, helps the organization reap the benefits of its employees’ improved knowledge and skill-sets much earlier than if it would have delayed training. had never heard of agile at that time. Chances are you frequently receive small functionality updates to these applications, right?
  • LEARNDASH  |  TUESDAY, JULY 15, 2014
    [Providers] Custom or Pre-Packaged ELearning?
    For example, if you are in the food industry and want to have training for your employees on food health & safety standards, it’s probably best to find a provider where you can purchase the course (or perhaps a license). As you would expect, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of training providers who have created interactive, pre-packaged elearning for SAP. 'If you are implementing an elearning program at your organization, you will ultimately be faced with the decision to custom create your courses, or to purchase some pre-packaged solution. elearning
  • ABSORB LMS  |  TUESDAY, JULY 15, 2014
    [Providers] Identify Your LMS Requirements Easily Using this Powerful Visualization Tool
    Invariably, these so-called learning management system selection tools suffer from one or more of the following design flaws: They ask vendors to provide information they won’t ever disclose and/or is not relevant to the acquisition of a learning management system. 'I’ve ranted repeatedly ( here , here , and here ) about the horribly-designed Request for Proposals (RFPs) that cross my desk. Example: “Describe in detail all of your company’s marketing activities including the percentage of leads generated by each.” ” . Happy mind mapping!
    [Providers] 3 Important eLearning Tools to Encourage Community
    Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter promise community but fail to provide the tools necessary to build an effective network. 'Building online community is not as easy as it looks. Contrary to popular opinion, community doesn’t occur the moment you launch a Facebook fanpage or start using a new hashtag on Twitter. Community exists when people with shared interests come together to engage in purposeful conversation. Even though technologies like Facebook and Twitter are available to host stellar communities, the most important component in creating community is people. Jeffrey A.
  • CLARK QUINN  |  TUESDAY, JULY 15, 2014
    [Providers] Click to learn less
    Which wouldn’t make sense if there were a right answer, or you should immediately be getting them to first commit to a choice and then provide feedback. 'All too often, when I review content, I see a recurrent interaction. And I really can’t figure out why, except a thorough lack of understanding of learning, and a determination to put interaction in regardless. Click here to learn more. It’s not just the next button I’m railing about here, but instead that, on a screen, there’ll be n things, tabs, boxes, something, with the instructions to ‘click to learn more’. Yes, and it’s bad.
  • I CAME, I SAW, I LEARNED  |  MONDAY, JULY 14, 2014
    [Providers] Writing & Grammar: Pardon the Interruption
    The company that provides the fastest downloads is still XYZ. 'by Jennie Ruby    You can interrupt a sentence four different ways--with dashes, parentheses, commas, or no punctuation at all. Dashes actually emphasize the interruption, like this: One of the best things about the previous two versions--the versions before the company was taken over by XYX, Inc.--was was the user interface. Parentheses de-emphasize the interruption: The correspondence between the codes (see Table 2) is nearly one-to-one. Challenge.   When ready, post your answers as comments.
    [Providers] One of the ways we can help develop more innovative individuals: Promote play, passion & purpose. [Tony Wagner]
    Where, then, is the value that teachers/schools are providing? Provided a buffet of opportunities to discover interests. 'From DSC: I ran across Manish Mohan’s blog posting – Seven Survival Skills in Today’s World — which focused on Tony Wagner’s keynote address at the IFC’s International Private Education Conference: Rethinking Education, Shaping the Future. So I read the blog posting and then I listened to Tony Wagner’s address. Below are my notes from his talk. What’s the problem we need to solve in education? Challenges. Autonomy.
    [Providers] Ask The Experts: Scott Oser
    And so, if you want to translate that to associations I think the real key is that they’re going to have to know what their members’ needs are and be able to forecast a little bit what their members’ needs are going to be and then provide that unique set of education so that their members are always up with the times. What kind of value can they provide to those unique segments that are going to need different skills going forward. 'Jack McGrath: Hi and welcome to another in our series Ask the Experts. My name is Jack McGrath. Oser: Exactly, yeah. We have members.” Oser: Exactly.
    [Providers] Why Your CFO Should be Your BFF
    One analytics leader I talked with recently described his CFO as his “BFF,” noting that his CFO has helped him to gain access to data, explain different financial measures, and has provided staffing support for analytics projects. 'The majority of HR teams still have a long way to go in establishing confidence in their analytics capabilities. That's no big surprise. But what did surprise us was how low the number still is: our study last year found that only 15% of the organizations surveyed believe their HR teams have strong credibility in talent metrics and analytics.
    [Providers] Why Your CFO Should be Your BFF
    One analytics leader I talked with recently described his CFO as his “BFF,” noting that his CFO has helped him to gain access to data, explain different financial measures, and has provided staffing support for analytics projects. 'The majority of HR teams still have a long way to go in establishing confidence in their analytics capabilities. That's no big surprise. But what did surprise us was how low the number still is: our study last year found that only 15% of the organizations surveyed believe their HR teams have strong credibility in talent metrics and analytics.
    [Providers] Why Your CFO Should be Your BFF
    One analytics leader I talked with recently described his CFO as his “BFF,” noting that his CFO has helped him to gain access to data, explain different financial measures, and has provided staffing support for analytics projects. 'The majority of HR teams still have a long way to go in establishing confidence in their analytics capabilities. That's no big surprise. But what did surprise us was how low the number still is: our study last year found that only 15% of the organizations surveyed believe their HR teams have strong credibility in talent metrics and analytics.
  • MINDFLASH  |  MONDAY, JULY 14, 2014
    [Providers] Go Global by Thinking Local: Delivering Online Training Courses in Multiple Languages
    LMS that provides localized training experiences will already have all the contextual nuances of the languages supported embedded in the learner-device interface. 'Online training is a powerful learning vehicle—it allows people to learn on their own schedule (asynchronously), at the own pace (on-demand), and on their device of choice (flexibly). And developing online training via a LMS is scalable, as you can train thousands in a short time. But the trick to growing globally is thinking locally. Don’t Lose the Learner in the Translation. Here’s another cautionary tale. Go Local.
    [Providers] New Whitepaper - Virtual Classroom Tool Design Basics
    'Virtual training design doesn’t need to be difficult – but designers do need a working knowledge of the features and tools each virtual classroom provides. In this white paper, we’ll be sharing high-level summaries of virtual classroom tools, including chat, breakout rooms, whiteboards, application sharing, synchronized web browsing, and survey and feedback tools. Virtual Classroom Engagement
  • EFRONT  |  MONDAY, JULY 14, 2014
    [Providers] Essential LMS features to support Instructor Led Courses
    All of these essential aspects of an elearning course provide structure, allowing the lesson to be more effective and organized. Provides a calendar overview of sessions, courses, and lessons. Provides content creators and instructional designers with the ability to brand the LMS courses. 'One of the most significant benefits of eLearning is that it’s versatile. Utilizing an LMS can allow you to not only train employees remotely and offer online quickly and conveniently, but it can also be an ideal support tool for instructor led courses. Detects conflicting events.
    [Providers] Reflections on “The Internet of Things will radically change your Big Data strategy” [Kavis]
    Some companies are still hanging on to the belief that they can manage their own data centers better than the various cloud providers out there. because that is what it will take to provide the appropriate amount of bandwidth, disk storage, and compute power to keep up with the demand for data ingestion, storage, and real-time analytics that will serve the business needs. 'The Internet of Things will radically change your Big Data strategy  – from forbes.com by Mike Kavis. McKinsey Global Institute reports that the IoT business will deliver $6.2 trillion of revenue by 2025.
    [Providers] Does Practice Really Make Perfect
    Recent Training Industry research, “Using Virtual Environments for Leadership Development,” points to other useful strategies including providing feedback, pre-training assignments, and post-training coaching 'We’ve all heard the adage that practice makes perfect. And most are familiar with studies, anecdotes, or popular press articles that support this axiom. For example, you may have heard about Malcom Gladwell’s “10,000-Hour Rule.” This rule, featured in his New York Times’ bestselling book, “Outliers: The Story of Success,” is inspired by K. The answer is, no.
    [Providers] Not all innovation is disruptive
    In the book McLuhan for Managers , the authors provide a lens for managers and owners to make business decisions primarily using McLuhan’s laws of media to understand the changes that are possible with any medium. 'Given all the talk about disruptive innovation lately, I thought I’d dust off several posts I have written on the subject and update them. The authors suggest that it is in the “Retrieve” quadrant of the probes  that  “ … we may be able to glean valuable clues as to the effects of the new medium from more easily observed effects of the old.”
    [Providers] Our Many Hats
    Videographer and Editor - Everything from taking and editing videos to editing videos others were nice enough to provide. 'eLearning Designers wear many hats – some by choice, some placed upon us. Here are the hats I wear because I need these skills as an eLearning one-person shop. Those on the second list are ones placed upon me either because they are skills I can adapt my elearning skills to or because assumptions are made (e.g., you are an IT guy, right?). Instructional Designer & Developer - These are the obvious ones and why most of us are hired. Did I miss anything?
  • LEARNDASH  |  SUNDAY, JULY 13, 2014
    [Providers] Do Colors Matter in ELearning?
    To examine this concept a bit further, SHIFT ELearning released an infographic that provides a high-level summary regarding the possible colors that can be selected for your training, and the potential impact that they might have. 'With so much attention given to elearning today, the seemingly minor details start to take on a greater significance. Major universities are using elearning to deliver their courses to a larger audience, so it only makes sense that the smaller items are examined more closely. In particular, does color impact the effectiveness of training?
    [Providers] From novice to expert
    I''m working through the alphabet of psychologists and theorists, providing a brief overview of each theory, and how it can be applied in education. Subsequent work on the theory has revealed that cognitive tools (learning with, rather than through technology) can be applied to amplify the ''situatedness'' of learning, by providing active, engaging contexts. 'This is number 24 in my series on learning theories. The last post highlighted issues around the andragogy theory of Malcolm Knowles. In this post, we review the situated learning theory of Jean Lave. Reference Lave, J.
    [Providers] Friday Spotlight > Medical Soft Skills
    Learners make decisions about what to do, say, and the appropriate care to provide to virtual patients. These patients provide real-time feedback to the learner’s choices. The fun, immersive experience is facilitated by a virtual mentor who provides expert consultative feedback, enabling learners to draw valuable learning conclusions from larger patterns of behavior. 'Physicians’ Reciprocal Insurers ( PRI ) understands that effective communication in medical care is highly correlated with better patient adherence. times better odds of patient adherence.
  • G-CUBE BLOG  |  THURSDAY, JULY 10, 2014
    [Providers] Taming the social learning ‘beast’ for organizational learning
    'Continual training provides many benefits in a work environment where the shelf life of skills and knowledge is getting shorter. The trainer can provide the first ‘chapter’ and the learners take it forward. Much of the learning in the workplace is now becoming learner-driven – a perfect setting for social and collaborative learning. With a little structure, social learning can be a huge success for organizational learning. How to drive Social Learning strategy in an organization? Traditionally, most enterprise-wide training and learning initiatives are have a top to bottom flow.
    [Providers] Some solid resources re: Google Chromebooks & Google in the classroom
    It provides them with video tutorials covering each of the Drive applications ( Google Doc, Presentation, Drawing,  and Google Forms ) and with each of these videos is an attached activity that should be completed to show mastery of the topic under discussion. 'New: Google Launched Google Educator Groups (Great Learning Platform for Teachers) | June 11, 2014 — from educatorstechnology.com. Excerpt: Google Educator Groups (GEGs) is a new project launched by Google [on June 10, 2014]. Google Art Project. Massive online global collection makes art accesible to all.
    [Providers] Techsmith Repository
    'Techsmith provides several excellent tools useful in eLearning courseware development. Someday I hope to provide a post with an actual bit of depth regarding my favorite Techsmith tool, Camtasia. This quickie post, however, could be just be considered more a prominent bookmark. While I have the latest version (as of this posting) of Captivate 8 on my primary machine, I recently needed to install version 6 to work with a colleague’s file. Got the old 6.0.3 installer, dug up my old key, made the needed project edits, and sent the updated source back to my colleague.
    [Providers] What Every LMS is Missing
    As an LMS provider, we receive our fair share of questions regarding features and functionality. This simple little test will help you eliminate a good number of providers. So, while you look at your feature list and start prioritizing, make sure that the provider you choose at least passes the support test above. 'Searching for the best LMS for your organization, or even personal use, can be quite the task. There are countless options out there, and each one has its own strengths. The question is though, what should you look for when you are looking for an LMS.
    [Providers] Breathe New Life into Your eLearning Courses: 5 Helpful Mantras to Live By
    The following five helpful mantras provide refreshing ideas for creating eLearning courses that go beyond the conventional approach. 'At the beginning of their journey, eLearning and online training professionals need to find the “secret sauce” for what works best with learners. Think Visually. Bullet points and other rehashed text-based screens are not only boring and show a lack of creativity; they also take time to read — during which the learner becomes distracted from listening. Don’t let your content get lost and make it visual. We Don’t Remember Data, We Remember Stories.
    [Providers] Design Your Career: Search for Inspiration
    One of Herminia Ibarra''s key findings in her book, Working Identity , is that new connections will add "juice" to this Discovery process, not only providing you with new insight, but also potential connections you can develop to access new opportunities later on. 'Inspiration is the fuel for your ideas. Plan activties to learn from multiple perspectives and to explore unfamiliar contexts. -- Design Thinking Toolkit. Over the course of the next few weeks, I''m showing you how to apply design thinking and principles to your career planning and development. The Discovery Phase. Get Visual.
    [Providers] Cultural Intelligence for Learning Professionals
    Globalization, new learning technologies and dispersed workforces have provided us with a much more diverse learner base than ever before. 'Today''s virtual learning platforms are creating global classrooms. Are you ready? Naturally, the virtual classroom paves the way for working with these global audiences more easily. How are you adapting to respond to these changes in your classroom? However, creating programs that work globally is not as simple as just putting that material into a virtual classroom. You would think that if it "works here" it would work "over there." Not necessarily.
    [Providers] Snagit Update: Dropbox, OneNote sharing, Object Rotation and More
    We just wanted to say thank you for all of our new and loyal customers who have and continue to provide feedback and insights into how we can continue making Snagit the best in class. 'Fresh off the heels of our major Snagit release in May, we are pleased to announce Snagit 12.1 Windows) and 3.1 Today’s new release combines a number of long-standing feature requests with some new sharing destinations that we know you’ll love. Dropbox and OneNote sharing. Now that OneNote 2013 is part of the Microsoft Office suite, you can share your Snagit capture to OneNote with a single click. Finally!
  • ASSETS  |  THURSDAY, JULY 10, 2014
    [Providers] Instructional Design Tips from Cammy Bean
    And it’s nice because you provide lots of different poses and you can tell that story and show a conversation in a meaningful way so that people get that sense of going along with it. Stories are a great way to give life to the content and provide that relevance.  . So instead of thinking about creating a single learning event, we need to step back and create more long-term campaigns and think about ways to reinforce those methods and provide continuous opportunities for practice over an extended period of time so that ultimately we can change behavior. It’s really boring.
    [Providers] How to MOOC: Social Media in the Corporate Classroom, Part 2
    The main difference between blogging and discussion forums is that discussion forums are less structured, while blogs provide a more formal way for learners to articulate their ideas and receive feedback from others. The main purpose of microblogging in MOOCs is to provide opportunities for synchronous interaction, such as a once-a-week live conversation. Microblogging and live webinars provide great ways for learners to converse with subject matter experts. 'So you are ready to design your own massive open online course (MOOC) and you want to incorporate social media.
  • KAPP NOTES  |  THURSDAY, JULY 10, 2014
    [Providers] Ender’s Game–The Darker Side of Video Games for Learning
    Consider checking out the book Ender’s Game which provides a compelling and, sometimes scary look at learning and gaming in the future. 'This is a re-posting of a blog post, I did back in 2006. Since that time, a movie has come about but I think the book, Ender’s Game, is much more powerful than the movie. Given the increased use of Drones to conduct warfighting, I think this post is highly relevant. Movie poster from Ender’s Game. The main teaching tool throughout the entire book is the use of games both virtual and physical. Games video games
  • ELEARNING 24-7  |  WEDNESDAY, JULY 9, 2014
    [Providers] E-Learning in Education – Features on the Rise
    why aren’t education systems utilizing this as a feature, in other words, allow students to upload video shot with their mobile device (smartphone, tablet, Kindle Fire), DV cam and whatever else, into the system, provide some editing and adding effects and then post them. 'As anyone who has ever gone to school knows (excluding higher ed) when the bell rings that means you are in your seats ready to start the day. RING RING RING RING. Hey Aaron get in your seat. You can stare at Ohio on the map another day. Features On The Rise. Ah, first off its not, but let’s move on.
    [Providers] 4 Benefits of Using an LMS
    An LMS provides valuable training insights. 'Many people today understand that elearning is a great way to delivery training on a particular subject to a large audience at a fraction of the price of live training. With the emergence of rapid elearning development software such as Adobe Captivate and Articulate Storyline, nearly anyone can create a basic online course. But what about the systems in place that deliver the elearning – often referred to as a learning management system? The LMS is a vital part of an organization as it quietly hums along in the background. LMS Benefits.
    [Providers] Creative Minds: In and Out of Silicon Valley
    Venturocket, co-founded by Marc Hoag, intends to introduce job seekers directly to hiring managers, circumventing recruiters and headhunters, while his second start-up Crowd Vitae provides jobseekers with crowdsourced résumé feedback. The fresh new faces on the market may provide a novel twist on talent acquisition and other talent management areas – but these do not change the function or the business process; they do not tip an age-old existing practice on its head and shake it into a new way of doing things. I’d love to see our start-ups focus on that!
    [Providers] Creative Minds: In and Out of Silicon Valley
    Venturocket, co-founded by Marc Hoag, intends to introduce job seekers directly to hiring managers, circumventing recruiters and headhunters, while his second start-up Crowd Vitae provides jobseekers with crowdsourced résumé feedback. The fresh new faces on the market may provide a novel twist on talent acquisition and other talent management areas – but these do not change the function or the business process; they do not tip an age-old existing practice on its head and shake it into a new way of doing things. I’d love to see our start-ups focus on that!
    [Providers] Creative Minds: In and Out of Silicon Valley
    Venturocket, co-founded by Marc Hoag, intends to introduce job seekers directly to hiring managers, circumventing recruiters and headhunters, while his second start-up Crowd Vitae provides jobseekers with crowdsourced résumé feedback. The fresh new faces on the market may provide a novel twist on talent acquisition and other talent management areas – but these do not change the function or the business process; they do not tip an age-old existing practice on its head and shake it into a new way of doing things. I’d love to see our start-ups focus on that!
    [Providers] Creative Minds: In and Out of Silicon Valley
    Venturocket, co-founded by Marc Hoag, intends to introduce job seekers directly to hiring managers, circumventing recruiters and headhunters, while his second start-up Crowd Vitae provides jobseekers with crowdsourced résumé feedback. The fresh new faces on the market may provide a novel twist on talent acquisition and other talent management areas – but these do not change the function or the business process; they do not tip an age-old existing practice on its head and shake it into a new way of doing things. I’d love to see our start-ups focus on that!
    [Providers] How to open a bottle of wine
    In choosing between providers, it''s not about the product, it''s about the process that generates the product. 'I was in a meeting today where it was suggested that purchasing organisations could differentiate between potential elearning suppliers by using a standard "problem" as a challenge. problem like "Create some elearning about how to open a bottle of wine". There would be no opportunity to ask any questions. In fact, it was even suggested that these elearning materials could be used as demonstration packages for multiple potential buyers. I''m sorry, but I just don''t buy that.
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