[Providers] Show Your Work!
    Her book provides examples and best practices for organizations, industries, and individuals. Provide public recognition. Two people I respect published books last year with the same title: “Show Your Work.”  ”  Austin Kleon is an Austin-based writer and artist who is the author of three illustrated books: Newspaper Blackout , Steal Like An Artist , and Show Your Work! Jane Bozarth , who we have profiled on our blog , is a writer for Learning Solutions magazine, workplace training practitioner, and author. In Kleon’s Show Your Work! Think process, not product.
    [Providers] People, Process and Product. P3 in eLearning
    Your learning management system providers can also customize your landing page according to your preferences. 4. Your LMS provider will provide support solutions depending on whether your system is cloud-based or stand-alone. 7. If you are new to developing an eLearning program for your organization, these eight dimensions as well as the P3 constraints will provide you with the confidence in decision making with the eLearning consultants. Are you looking into enterprise level eLearning solutions? Have you been researching for the right place to begin planning?
    [Providers] There Is Nothing Wrong With The Term ‘Company Culture’
    Alan Mulally, former President and CEO of Ford, provides us with another example. I nearly choked to death this morning, while chomping away on my cereal. The headline from  Harvard Business Review  read,  Why “Company Culture” Is a Misleading Term. While wiping off the milk from my iPad, I began to read on. “Organizational culture is assumed to be important to making sure that employees are happy and productivity is good. At the same time, the concept, meaning, and function of culture rarely garners much thought.” ” WHAT? ” He’s right. Own Working Together.
    [Providers] Top 4 Things You Can Learn from Buzzfeed (and #2 will blow your mind!)
    They use attention grabbing titles that not only pique curiosity but provide a challenge of sorts, betting readers that they have not seen a cuter cat, thus drawing people in. Content is intentionally kept short in order to provide bite-sized entertainment for busy people on the go. In the modern world, clickbait marketing has taken the internet by storm and websites like Buzzfeed are leading the charge. You’ve probably clicked on more than a few of them. You may have even taken one of their many quizzes. Lists, Lists, Lists. Lists are a proven way to generate interest in a topic.
    [Providers] What’s in Your Technology-Enabled Learning Toolbox?
    Learning objectives could provide fodder for many articles. This is probably more information than you are accustomed to providing at the outset, but it is crucial that learners understand exactly what is expected — especially if the course is asynchronous. For small, synchronous courses, group text messaging is a great way to check in on learners and provide support. For the most part, data is collected within the LMS or other digital learning environment, which also provides tools for reporting. Learning objectives. Clearly defined expectations. Content.
  • 360 TRAINING  |  THURSDAY, APRIL 23, 2015
    [Providers] eLearning Authoring Tool Must-Haves!
    When selecting the best course authoring software for your content, look at the range of ways in which you’ll be able to present information and provide opportunities for learners to interact with that content and really explore it. A set of built-in templates in your authoring tool can help you quickly create stimulating online training, without worrying about designing or programming knowledge. All prepared to kick-start your elearning journey? What course authoring software will you use? The following are a few things to consider: How easy is it to use? Video is often a step up.
    [Providers] Simulations in Application Training: Is it a Good Idea?
    But with the pace that every industry is advancing, it is often difficult to provide opportunities to the employees to learn new skills, techniques or processes with traditional means. Simulations are being created to provide learners a chance to explore and practice on newer software or other applications before actually working on them. Simulations for application trainings provide practice and thus the learners are better prepared. While hands-on simulators and simulation-based training is now being utilized for variety of training, including Application Training.
    [Providers] The Changing Role of the CHRO
    Lisa provided data showing that turnover among CHROs in F100 companies is high: 39% over the past two years, in fact. To kick off the second day of Deloitte’s CHRO Academy event last week, Lisa Weber highlighted many of the challenges facing today's HR leaders. If you don’t know Lisa, she previously served as Chief Human Resources Officer, Chief Administrative Officer, and President of one of the largest operations at MetLife. We are lucky to have her as an advisor to Deloitte. A few of the key themes from Lisa’s presentation are as follows. Focus on What Matters.
    [Providers] #ContentStrategy #MOOC Week 3
    It could be a trade newspaper, a magazine, a blog, a mobile app, or a website – anything that provides you with engaging, useful content, relevant to your work. If you’ve not read my Week 1 post from this series, you may want to read it prior to reading this post… I plan to blog my way through, initially this MOOC, and in time through t he whole specialisation. In order to stop these weekly posts from becoming a ramble I am going to try and stick to the following headings. This weeks theme. Key takeaway(s). Coursera/MOOC design observation. Synergies with L&D.
    [Providers] Do no harm - the duty of the learning professional
    They can provide them with inadequate opportunities to practise new skills, so they never have the confidence to put the skills into practice. They can fail to provide sufficient follow-up resources in the workplace, so the learning quickly fades into oblivion. One of the key differences between professions and other forms of occupation is the fact that professionals are bound by ethical codes. If they contravene these codes they are liable to be disbarred from the profession. Doctors sign a Hippocratic oath, which binds them to do no harm to their patients.
  • EFRONT  |  WEDNESDAY, APRIL 22, 2015
    [Providers] Mobile Learning, aka m-learning: still alive?
    Last but not least, there’s the BYOD (bring your own device) trend, were employees are allowed to bring the same mobile devices they own and use all day to the workplace (as opposed to older, tightly regulated by the IT department office provided devices). Mobile learning. It was supposed to be the “next big thing”, at least judging from the trade press articles and the headlines in major news outlets. Nowadays though, you don’t hear about it as much. Is it still a thing, or was it just a fad? Read on to find out. Not dead yet. Or ever. Mobile on the rise.
    [Providers] Leadership is Influence and Influence is All Around Us
    With practice in authorship, facilitation, sales and marketing, Sam’s partnered with some of the world’s most reputable companies for his ability to provide well-rounded trustworthy service. In 1991, Professor Joseph Rost published a painstakingly well-researched manuscript titled “Leadership for the Twenty-First Century.” A sizable portion of Dr. Rost’s treatise reviews and classifies definitions of leadership that have been identified since the term was established in the early 1300s. Suffice it to say there have been plenty. desperate people will consider almost any solution).
    [Providers] Bloomfire Unveils Automated Video Transcription and Search
    No longer do you have to rely completely on the video creator to provide tags in order to find videos. We’re proud to announce a new feature that enables you to search and find the video you are looking for based on its audio contents. With Bloomfire, the audio from the video is transcribed automatically so that every word uttered is searchable. Bloomfire Video Transcription. So, how does it work? When you upload a video, Bloomfire will automatically create a transcript and add that content to the search engine, making it easy to find. Availability. Try it out. Learn More.
  • ELEARNING 24-7  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 21, 2015
    [Providers] Creating an e-learning strategy that works
    What components or items do you need to accomplish your e-learning plan?  In my opinion here are the key items you will need: Will you want/need an authoring tool to build courses or are you going to have someone outside of the organization build them or just purchase courses via a 3rd party provider?  The Conversation. A: “We need to have online learning” B: “Huh? ” A: “I was told we must have e-learning. I’m not really sure what it is, but I know it is popular, so we must have it” B: “Okay, what should I look for?” So look for that. 
    [Providers] cooperation makes us human
    In a world where our social networks provide the safety net once afforded by institutions and organizations, a different form of work behaviour is needed. That purpose is usually provided by someone with positional authority. Automation of procedural  work is accelerating. What was considered knowledge work yesterday will be routine tomorrow, and workers will be replaced by software and machines. At the same time, access to real-time data is making individuals more powerful, and managers obsolete. Fewer people are needed to do “the daily business of the company”. As Steven B.
    [Providers] 4 Tips for Filming a Conference
    If possible, set up a pre-call with the A/V crew to find out what kind of audio out they’ll provide (if they give you an XLR line and your camera only takes 3.5mm, then you’re in trouble). Filming live events is a stressful task, especially because everything that can go wrong will. But, videographers must learn to adapt in order to deliver a polished product no matter what. Here are 4 helpful tips for getting the best quality video when filming a conference.  . Communicate the right things. Communication is the biggest factor in the success of your production. Online hosting?
  • EFRONT  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 21, 2015
    [Providers] How eLearning works in the medical industry
    modern LMS platform can trivially incorporate study material provided by the drug company or the medical equipment manufacturer, and of course all kinds of images, videos, visualizations and interactive animations. The rest of the professional world might have embraced “continuous professional development” a decade or so ago, but it has always been a necessity for the medical professionals. Those are not just for career advancement, as is often the case in other industries, but are demanded by law as a means for medical professionals to maintain their clinical competence.
    [Providers] The Role of the "New" Training Professional
    By clearly communicating the value for recipients and providing these micro-learning opportunities, the training professional can sync with the rapid and flexible way in which today’s workers consume content. Finding, saving, and sharing articles, quotes, or messages that reinforce learning objectives allows the L&D professional to readily provide relevant information that reinforces learning objectives. Today’s training professional needs to manage information, provide purposeful content, and encourage community interaction. and/or perform better. Information Manager.
    [Providers] Becoming a CPTM Part 3 Next Stop Certification
    While the certification exam was difficult, I found that the online modules and practicum prepared me for success by providing all the pertinent information on managing a high performance training organization. The portal provides an environment where Training Industry offers continuing education opportunities as well as access to relevant, continuously curated content. Below I’ve provided a small sample of my plans for application. The exam consisted of 100 questions on best practices for training management administered online with a two-hour time limit.
    [Providers] Fair measures
    One is to understand that measuring is not the same as providing good feedback. Last week I wrote about the issues and challenges of assessment. There are many. Yesterday at the London Grid for learning Conference I asked my audience of over 400 teachers if they knew what ipsative assessment was. One teacher raised their hand. This is a standard response. Ipsative assessment is not a commonly known method, and yet most of us use it just about every day to measure ourselves. It can be particularly useful for children with learning disabilities and can improve motivation. Will it happen?
    [Providers] Free eBook on #mobile learning in context
    They keep providing me with information that helps me keep an eye on corporate training based regularly on academic evidence-based findings and I love it. You do not to provide your contact details to get to the download page of the eBook. The eLearning Guild keeps distributing relevant and updated eLearning information with an amazingly high frequency. The wonderful freely available eBook "Mobile in context" combines contemporary mobile learning insights from experts around the world, engaged in formal, informal, academic and corporate mobile learning. But writing on my thesis.
    [Providers] Book Review: Ten Strategies for Building Community with Technology by Bill Brandon
    new book takes a strategic look at this approach and provides the necessary background you need to get started. Times change, and instructional methods change with them. One concept that instructional designers should become. familiar. with is that of the role of community in learning, and the necessity of learners feeling themselves involved in a. community. A. Design Strategies Emerging Topics Social Media Training Strategies
    [Providers] Nashville Notes: Creating Courses with Your Learners in Mind
    Emphasizing the Design in Instructional Design  .      Johnny Hamilton, Providence Health and Services. The best training is training that engages the learner and drives behavior change, right? To do that, you need to create courses with your learners in mind. It’s easy to do that with Lectora® and CourseMill®, and you’re going to find out how at the 2015 Lectora User Conference ! It all starts with instructional design and leads to course delivery through your learning management system. Did you know you can customize the student experience in CourseMill? AllRegs. Blog LUC
  • ZAIDLEARN  |  MONDAY, APRIL 20, 2015
    [Providers] The Top 10 e-Learning Movers & Shakers (2014) of the World @SlideShare Presence!
    Laura Overton A speaker; member of ELIG, and managing director of Towards Maturity, a not-for-profit company that provides research and online resources to help organisations deliver effective learning interventions at work. TOP 10 The ‘ Top Ten’ most influential people in the corporate e-learning sector World (2014) was according to Bob Little''s annual list (Click their name to visit their SlideShare homepage. Not all could be found!): Craig Weiss An e-learning analyst, expert, author, speaker and thought leader who is CEO of E-Learning 24/7. Tom Kuhlmann (?) Patti Shank (?)
    [Providers] Enrolling Others in a Course
    The Latitude Learning LMS provides Student users the ability to search for and enroll in courses made available to them. LMS Instructors, Managers, and Administrators are provided the additional option to enroll others in courses, either in batches or by individual Username. This document, and the linked training video , demonstrates how authorized users can best utilize the Enroll Others function within the LMS
  • MINDFLASH  |  MONDAY, APRIL 20, 2015
    [Providers] Elevate Your Management Skills: Quick Start Guide to Training Your Employees Yourself
    In addition, online training can be cost efficient, easily scalable, and can provide you with reports and training statistics. Managers are often measured on their team’s results. And when a manager’s team includes trained employees with small skills gaps , such a team can often deliver better results. Couple this fact with the additional fact that job candidates typically cite the ability to work with a manager they respect and from whom they can learn as a top factor in making an employment decision. So, who better to train employees than their manager(s)? Start Small. Just Start.
    [Providers] To “Kirkpatrick” or not to “Kirkpatrick”, that is the Question (or is it?)
    We cannot point the finger at the leadership of an organization and say, “They don’t ask me for it – so I don’t have to provide it.” Therefore providing leadership with just smile sheets is the equivalent of having them ( Spoiler Alert ) watch only Star Wars I: The Phantom Menace , and expecting them to understand that Anakin Skywalker turns out to be the bad guy. They Here we go again. To “Kirkpatrick” or not to “Kirkpatrick”, that is the question. To be, or not to be, that is the question—. To die, to sleep—.
  • BLOOMFIRE  |  MONDAY, APRIL 20, 2015
    [Providers] Five Signs your Company has an Information Hoarding Problem
    It also provides a platform for input and collaboration around the best answers in specific cases. When many people think of hoarding, the first thing that comes to mind is the TV show where houses are packed full of stuff. People can’t easily find things that are important to them – and most of the time they don’t even know what is really under the piles that have built up over the years. While most companies don’t have issues with piles of trash and clothes, many do have a hoarding problem – but instead of things, employees are hoarding information. How often do you hear this?
  • TALENTLMS  |  MONDAY, APRIL 20, 2015
    [Providers] Amazing ROI with eLearning
    This provides valuable data to the learning program developers who can tweak the content or its delivery to suit the local learning body. The eLearning hype is way behind us. We have now entered the future we had anticipated. future with “click and go” facilities through technology. future with convenience. We have managed to overcome most obstacles in our workflow. We are now able to separate the human factor with the technology assisted factors in our daily life. Just when you thought “will wonders ever cease?”, That’s a big figure, considering the value they bring in (or don’t bring).
    [Providers] Ask The Experts: Tom Morrison
    How do you think associations blend these two concepts and can remain competitive and innovative in the services that they provide? Training is going to be so important as we go down this path. I was just talking to a friend of mine yesterday who said that she’s going to give her kids the opportunity to not go to college because it’s such a large, debt-ridden expense when you can go to a trade school and then get involved with an association that’s providing the types of training that’s targeting right to it. Jack McGrath: Hi, and welcome to another in our series Ask the Experts.
    [Providers] Emerging Technologies for Online Learning 2015 Presenter Profile – Dr. Ulanda Forbess
    We ask students to become critical thinkers, but we must also think critically to kick teaching strategies into the 21st Century, break the mold, invent something new, and deliver curriculum that provides a deeper and more robust experience than we had back in the day. TechSmith is proud to be part of the 8th Annual Emerging Technologies for Online Learning International Symposium 2015 , where educators share ideas and best practices for using the latest technology to transform teaching and learning. Meet Dr. Ulanda Forbess. Catch the virtual session. – 12:00 noon.
    [Providers] The science behind gamification
    Games provide a mechanism to converge all these three elements at the same time. Gamification is the application of game thinking and game mechanics in non-game contexts to encourage users to solve problems. 2015 study by Research and Markets has forecasted that Gamification in E-Learning growth will reach $319 billion by 2020. How and why are game mechanics and game dynamics touted to be capable of achieving what other, more direct forms of training can’t? These are: motivation, ability and triggers. Ability : When the person perceives that carrying out the behavior is simple. Status.
    [Providers] 4 factors to consider when switching to new HR software
    Can the new HR software provide the HR data and analytics our organization will need? It is a valuable source for relevant ratings and commentary provided by actual users regarding the solutions they use, and a platform for vendors to present information about their solutions. Upgrading your organization’s HR software, or switching to a sleeker HR platform may sound painless enough – however, the scope of such a changeover should never be underestimated. With so many solutions and implementation options to consider, where do you start? Is mobile capability a concern?
    [Providers] open source workers
    If the workers do not own the platform that provides the work, then they may be of little economic value without it. Openness enables knowledge-sharing, which fosters innovation through a diversity of ideas. Trust emerges in networks that are open and transparent. This is how open source software is developed. There are lessons to learn for open source work. Consider open source software versus software as a service. If you do not own the software, you do not really own your data, as they are usually useless without the software to use them effectively. The same can apply to labour.
    [Providers] Twitter in the classroom
    My view is, let''s use whatever personal tools students bring with them to enhance their learning experience, and provide them with opportunities to extend their learning. Today I had an interesting exchange of views on Twitter. about Twitter. mentioned that I strongly encourage the use of Twitter in my classes. Someone remarked that they thought it was strange that I ''interposed media between myself and my students.'' Well, firstly, this sounds as though I am deliberately trying to hide behind technology, which is patently untrue. Unported License.
    [Providers] Encourage Employee Safety On the Road Through Distracted Driving Education
    This month, we’re joining the National Safety Council and honoring Distracted Driving Awareness month, and our Content Strategy team worked with three of our outstanding course providers to partner with us to offer three different Distracted Driving courses free through April 30, 2015. We’ve all been there. The phone rings in the car. You have a Bluetooth device and feel good about being hands-free so you answer it. And talk on the phone until we arrive at your destination, yet can’t fully recollect each turn took to get there. Free Distracted Driving Courses. Employers Take Action.
  • BRAVE NEW ORG  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 17, 2015
    [Providers] When Power Overthrows Common Sense
    History tells us that there were so-called “nephews” of various Popes — who fathered illegitimate sons — for whom the Popes provided the boys with specific privileges and powers. I’ve witnessed it before. I’m certain I’ll witness it again. Someone is promoted to a senior leadership role. Deserved or not, everyone knew it was coming. She surrounds herself with familiar, friendly faces. Some call it nepotism. Words. They can be so funny, so revealing. Nepotism comes from the French word népotisme and from the Italian word nepotismo. Hence, nepotism. roupthink.
    [Providers] eLearning Tip: The Difference Between Copyright Free and Royalty Free
    Some sites have an FAQ page that will answer the question of what legal specifics need to be recognized for the assets they are providing. ” This is a category that provides you a legal exception to copyright law. It provides for the legal, unlicensed citation or incorporation of copyrighted material in another author’s work under a four-factor balancing test.” Not only will it save you potential legal repercussions, but it will provide the creators of those assets fair compensation or recognition for their work. Public Domain. Copyright. Fair Use.
    [Providers] The Content or the LMS? Which Comes First?
    Before EITHER the content or LMS is considered, it is important to step back and think: Who am I providing this content for and why do they need it? If you cannot answer either of those questions, then neither content NOR an LMS will help you provide successful educational material. Unfortunately, an LMS without content will not help provide education. Then again, content alone will not provide efficient education. You need both. Without content the LMS is an empty cookie jar. It’s pretty looking but frustrating every time you open it. Share this on Facebook.
    [Providers] Create Departments or Ad Hoc User Groups to Organize Users
    However, our LMS provides portal administrators the option to further organize users into functional groups by creating a Department unit or ad-hoc User Group. This document will provide how-to instructions on creating these categories and managing user membership. All Latitude Learning LMS users are inherently grouped by basic profile assignments such as Role, Position and Organization unit (i.e. Company, Business Unit, Division, Location). These unique groupings can then be leveraged for mass enrollment, communication and reporting purposes.
    [Providers] 3 Ways Your HR Software Can Affect Employee Engagement
    When you give your people the benefit of direct communication, it can lessen the time it takes to complete projects and provide more effective solutions to problems. Having the right HR software has obvious benefits for the company: Easy hiring and on-boarding, benefits administration, training, etc. But have you thought about how your HR software might be impacting employee engagement? According to Forbes Magazine , an engaged employee cares about his or her work, and not just about getting a paycheck. Let’s take a look at three ways. 1. Pre-employment testing. Data analysis.
    [Providers] eLearning: Become a Pedagogical Agent
    by Jennie Ruby  If you've taken any of our  Adobe Captivate, Adobe Presenter, or Articulate Storyline classes , you are probably aware that these programs provide a selection of screen characters--cut-out pictures of professional actors in business, medical, or business-casual clothing posed as if they are talking to you. They are intended for use as a kind of avatar of the trainer. Mayer ,  eLearning and the Science of Instruction.) Over the past few weeks, I've had multiple students ask how hard it would be to use themselves as the learning coach.
    [Providers] From EDUPUNK to ds106. 10Q: Jim Groom
    What''s more, I''ll be diving into the ideas of virtualization, containerization and the changing nature of IT infrastructure in providing brave new learning environments. Recently on this blog I featured an interview with Martin Weller , one of the keynote speakers for EDEN 2015. I was also privileged to conduct an interview another of our EDEN keynote speakers, Jim Groom , adjunct professor at Mary Washington University in Virginia, the transcript is reproduced below: 1) What is Bavatuesdays, and why are you known as the Reverend? The rest is the underground history of the web. Slowly.
    [Providers] TMW Deploys Bloomfire for Social Learning
    TMW Systems is a transportation management systems and trucking software provider, making their transportation customers more efficient and profitable. TMW helps make the most of available capacity, bringing workflow automation and powerful business intelligence to the complex world of logistics operations and fleet management. Based in Cleveland, TMW employs 700 people, with satellite offices across the U.S. and Canada. Need to Socialize Knowledge. In 2014, TMW was changing rapidly; there were a lot of new employees coming on board. The Search for the Right Social Learning Solution.
    [Providers] WordPress Learning Management Systems Are Growing Up
    The market has been flooded with various WordPress LMS offerings from internet marketers, WordPress theme providers, and freelance developers. If you could rewind the internet back to January 2012, you wouldn’t find much on WordPress learning management systems. In fact, you wouldn’t find anything. During that time I was working on an elearning consulting engagement for a client and was researching possible learning management options. Seeing nothing there, I started a blog in March 2012 (at the time called WPLMS). It also marked the infancy of what has become LearnDash.
    [Providers] Adaptive Learning: Will we reach its potential in 2015?
    But, given such market forces as the convergence of new technologies, advances in neurobiology, changing learner demographics, and escalating client expectation (to name a few), it will also provide a number of new challenges. Under the right circumstances, the relationship between the mentor and learner provides the structure, resources and motivation to accelerate high-quality learning. Though attempts have been made to: 1) anticipate different responses through branching and. 2) provide a human presence using a recorded on-line coach, etc., (Guest post by  James J.
    [Providers] New from Educause: Higher Ed IT Buyers Guide
    New from Educause: Higher Ed IT Buyers Guide Excerpt: Quickly search 50+ product and service categories, access thousands of IT solutions specific to the higher ed community, and send multiple RFPs—all in one place.
    [Providers] The Building Blocks of Technology-Enabled Learning
    Digital learning environments, like LMSs, provide a huge amount of data about learner behaviors, from what resources they access to how long they spend with each one of them. So, you’ve decided to start using technology-enabled learning in your corporate training program. Now what? Well, just like there is not a one-size-fits-all solution to all of today’s training challenges, there also isn’t just a single way to “do” technology-enabled learning. Whether you are using a fully online model or a blended learning model. The devices learners will use to access the training. And much more.
    [Providers] Business Architecture - The Individual Process Level
    This will also help provide a point of discussion when I talk to other teams. Provides more bandwidth to experiment with the architecture program itself vs arguing over the accuracy of the individual flowchart (at least.that''s the hope) Since I am in very early days, I still have templates and systems to develop around this effort. I''ve got a mess of processes to document. This link provides some best practices for documenting workflows with Archimate The act of doing this will help me break this down further. Allow me to see how our process differs from theirs and why.
    [Providers] Educating the leaders of tomorrow
    GoodPractice in Education At GoodPractice, we work with over 20 HEIs across the UK, providing toolkits for leaders and managers. As a customer, they provide the right level of contact, keeping me abreast of new developments and offering a quality service.” How L&D staff have risen to face the challenges of  a new dynamism in Higher Education by Paul Gray, Marketing Manager at GoodPractice On the 23 rd and 24 th of April 2015, Learning & Development staff from across the UK will arrive in Edinburgh for the Staff Development Forum spring conference.
    [Providers] Why Branching Scenarios Are Amazing
    In many ways, branching scenarios can provide a somewhat lifelike opportunity to look at the reasons for our failed efforts and suggest ways we can improve in the future. In many different subjects, nothing drives the point home quite as well as a real life branching scenario for the learner to sink their teeth into. More than just a simple interaction, a branching scenario is able to thrust a learner into adaptable, hypothetical situations and explore the vast array of options they might have in such a state of affairs. Higher Engagement. Easy to Modify. Failure is Safe. Think about it.
  • EFRONT  |  WEDNESDAY, APRIL 15, 2015
    [Providers] How to use eLearning for IT
    And if there’s a legal dispute between your company and the new hire, the LMS with its attendance and completion tracking, can serve as proof that you have indeed provided knowledge of things like company policy, sexual harassment laws, etc. Understanding that one size doesn’t always fit all, eFrontPro was designed from the start to be adaptable, and we provide an extension API with full documentation. There’s a saying in French that the shoe-maker often has the worst shoes ― meaning that we often neglect our own needs even in the areas that we specialize in.
  • 360 TRAINING  |  WEDNESDAY, APRIL 15, 2015
    [Providers] The Power of eLearning Templates
    Templates walk you through exactly what you need to do, and what text, pictures, audio, or video you need to provide. Use, re-use, and update templates in various courses to provide rewarding learning experiences to your students. eLearning templates are useful tools for online course developers as they can help drive user engagement and enable trainers to present a course’s content in the most captivating and professional way. Today, with built-in templates in your course authoring tool, the extended team is necessarily required.
    [Providers] Bottom-Line Performance Wins Two Horizon Interactive Awards in Partnership with Roche Diagnostics
    Both courses were created in partnership with  Roche Diagnostics  as part of their continued efforts to provide effective and engaging safety training to their employees. “By providing eLearning of this quality to its learners, the Roche SHE group has shown their commitment to safety training that goes above and beyond OSHA compliance.” Bottom-Line Performance (BLP)  is the proud recipient of two “Silver” awards in the 2014  Horizon Interactive Awards  competition. You can access the webinar here. ABOUT ROCHE DIAGNOSTICS. SEE THE SOLUTIONS.
    [Providers] 4 Key Lessons From Salman Khan’s The One World Schoolhouse: Education Reimagined
     . Salman Khan, founder of the Khan Academy, a nonprofit dedicated to providing free online education to students around the world, and author of The One World Schoolhouse: Education Reimagined, is revolutionizing eLearning. Salman Khan, founder of the Khan Academy, a nonprofit dedicated to providing free online education to students around the world, and author of The One World Schoolhouse: Education Reimagined, is revolutionizing eLearning. Here are some important excerpts from his book that illustrate his core beliefs on education.  . 1. Formal education must change.
    [Providers] Organizational Assessment First of the Seven Stages of Training Outsourcing
    This activity provides the information to develop a plan for how you expect to manage your operation with current and/or external resources and assistance. Getting the greatest value from any training organization, whether using internal, external or a blend of resources is extremely difficult. It requires a focus on process and in many cases, a transformation from conventional models to a new paradigm of running an organization that is strategically aligned to the needs of the business. This structured process is what we refer to as the Seven Stages of Training Outsourcing.
    [Providers] Organizational Assessment The First of the Seven Stages of Training Outsourcing
    This activity provides the information to develop a plan for how you expect to manage your operation with current and/or external resources and assistance. Getting the greatest value from any training organization, whether using internal, external or a blend of resources is extremely difficult. It requires a focus on process and in many cases, a transformation from conventional models to a new paradigm of running an organization that is strategically aligned to the needs of the business. This structured process is what we refer to as the Seven Stages of Training Outsourcing.
    [Providers] The numbers game
    If measurement of learning is done well, not only can teachers be reasonably sure how well their students are doing, they can provide evaluation on the effectiveness of the curriculum, teaching methods and resources. When you mark a student''s work, do you give them a grade or do you offer them advice? Both, do I hear you say? If you are offering both, then you''re doing well. But not all teachers do, and I should point out that there is a big difference between assessment of learning and assessment for learning. But it is a vitally important part of pedagogy. Unported License.
    [Providers] 4 Ways eLearning Managers Can Improve Employee Performance
    If you want to limit your employees leaving your company, then provide them the opportunity to grow and learn. Guest blog post by Katherine William. She is the chief operations officer of a high-level consultancy firm. She likes to regularly share her views on  Chiefpaper. It may appear that managers who are consistent at improving the performance of their employees have some kind of secret trick. Only when you recognize these key traits of managers will performance improve. These ways do not focus on physical aspects of the organization, revenues, salaries, or even profits.
    [Providers] “Teaching in a Digital Age” — A brand new, open, free, online book/gift from Dr. Tony Bates
    Tony) Bates Guidelines for designing teaching and learning for a digital age The book examines the underlying principles that guide effective teaching in an age when everyone, and in particular the students we are teaching, are using technology.  A framework for making decisions about your teaching is provided, while […]. Teaching in a Digital Age A.W.
    [Providers] How Client Feedback Influences Our Roadmap
    Customers are the most valuable resource to any company, not only in revenue but also from the feedback which they can provide. Clients that are always the first to use new features, can provide valuable insight for their use cases, or those with a large user base are the most valuable in terms of providing feedback. Oftentimes, they can provide planned examples of use cases on features that haven’t even been announced yet. At Bloomfire, listening to customers is an important part of my everyday routine. Being able to identify and group those together is vital.
    [Providers] Wearables and knowledge workers. A perfect match for learning?
    This is another installment in the series about using wearables to provide training/education. As a knowledge worker, you may be looking for feedback on how quickly you were able to learn the new system in the office or you may be looking for input to identify your best creative time or the best make-up of the team to tackle a problem or pinpointing why communication is breaking down ( [link] ) and by providing input in the moment you are able to collect data to apply to future situations. Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. This post will focus on knowledge workers. and this  [link].
  • ELEARNING 24-7  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 14, 2015
    [Providers] When your LMS BFF is no longer
    Overwhelmingly we provide some sort of training or learning to our employees or our customers. . On top of that before they even start providing support they have to go through rigorous training.  Next, when they start providing support they still go through training.  This might be a shocker to folks, but the vast majority of LMS vendors do NOT have a training person provide the demos, let alone actually train the customer. . When I was working in training, I always have trainers provide walkthroughs on our products to our customers. I’ve been there. 
    [Providers] The Benefits of Having a Management Training Program
    Management training, whether it occurs after a promotion or as a continued program, can provide your leadership staff with additional skills they''ll use to better run their teams. The post The Benefits of Having a Management Training Program appeared first on. eLearning Leadership Performance Improvement Training & Education
    [Providers] Defining Microlearning?
    Microlearning as a phrase has probably become current (he says, cynically) because elearning providers are touting it to sell the ability of their tools to now deliver to mobile.   But it can also be a watch word to emphasize thinking about performance support, learning ‘in context’, and minimalism.  So I think we may want to continue to use it, but I suggest it’s worthwhile to be very clear what we mean by it. Last week on the #chat2lrn twitter chat, the topic was microlearning. That is learning, but it’s not microlearning. To explain, let me digress.
    [Providers] Salman Khan’s Take on our Attention Span and Video
    Salman Khan is the founder of the Khan Academy, a nonprofit dedicated to providing free online education to students around the world, and the author of The One World Schoolhouse: Education Reimagined. Here, we’ll discuss a few of his important insights regarding video, education methods, and how we learn best.  . With the increased use of Facebook, Twitter, and mobile phones, people say that this “new” generation no longer has an attention span. This explains why most of us found ourselves cramming the three days before the exam. We actually did not get much from the lecture.
    [Providers] LinkedIn buys Lynda.com for $1.5 Billion, What Does it Mean for L&D and HR?
    Even more interestingly, LinkedIn may use its large mass of data to provide new types of content recommendations and certifications based on your career trajectory, which would be quite transformational in our industry. Last week LinkedIn announced the acquisition of Lynda.com , a pioneering online learning company known for high-quality, expert-led video instruction. Lynda's content focuses on creative skills, technology, and over time moving into business skills. So Lynda built out more corporate learning features and more business topics. Today things have changed.
    [Providers] What Does Storytelling in Training Look Like
    The plot should provide opportunities for the learner to be the hero of their own story. Storytelling in training is becoming a hot topic, although often misunderstood and misapplied. To understand how to create an effective, compelling story in training, let’s first look at what it isn’t. tweet or a long monologue from a trainer is not exactly a story, nor is an anecdote, or opening joke. However, they can all be part of the storytelling process, depending on how you use them. Training and storytelling is not a plug and play model. It’s a little more difficult in the training industry.
  • MINDFLASH  |  MONDAY, APRIL 13, 2015
    [Providers] On Tying Training to Employee Retention
    And, as the question implies, providing learning on the job is a powerful way to engage, or re-engage, your valuable employees so that you don’t lose ‘em. Providing enrichment opportunities at work means either changing “what” your employees do or “how” they do it. But providing subpar training, or no training at all, is not going to improve employee retention either. Providing people with the ability to make decisions is empowering and aligns their behaviors more closely to organizational success metrics. Train Me So that I Can Keep My Job, or Get a New One.
  • KAPP NOTES  |  MONDAY, APRIL 13, 2015
    [Providers] 7 Game and Gamification Guidelines for Your Organization
    Provide professional development for trainers and instructional designers to successfully integrate games, gamification and game-based thinking into their instruction. Use the data captured through games and gamification experiences of the learner to provide personalized interventions and instruction as needed. Games and gamified systems can provide rich data on learner performance but must be monitored and leveraged properly to provide the desired learning impact. Examine the gamified intervention to ensure the emphasis is on learning and not simply on winning.
  • BLOOMFIRE  |  MONDAY, APRIL 13, 2015
    [Providers] Meet Paul Taylor, Innovation Coach at Bromford Lab
    It’s not strictly customer service, but Helen provides entertaining and practical advice for organisations on social media and communication. Paul Taylor is an Innovation Coach at Bromford Lab , the creative network of Bromford , a social enterprise based in the UK. Bromford Bromford is  a non-profit that looks to tackle big social issues like poverty, unemployment, and health. . How did you get into the customer service field? My big breakthrough into customer service came in about 2000 when our organisation was named the 5 th best place to work in the UK. It quickly went viral!
    [Providers] Infor goes Major with Micros
    Interestingly in a day of increasing standardization in software, the company also provides solutions and services to vertical-specific customization, recognizing that one size indeed does not fit all. Infor hosted industry analysts last week at an Innovation Summit in its decidedly upscale digs in New York. Celebrating its most successful nine month period in the history of the company, President Duncan Angove reported a five percent year to date increase in license revenue growth, driven by sales of SaaS subscriptions and perpetual license growth that exceeded 30 percent. Figure 1.
    [Providers] #ContentStrategy #MOOC – Week 2
    They: i) Provide content to the audience(s) that the organization thinks the audience wants. ii) Provide content to the audience that the organization wants the audience to know. If you’ve not read my Week 1 post from this series, you may want to read it prior to reading this post… I plan to blog my way through, initially this MOOC, and in time through t he whole specialisation. In order to stop these weekly posts from becoming a ramble I am going to try and stick to the following headings. This weeks theme. Key takeaway(s). Coursera/MOOC design observation.
  • JANE HART  |  MONDAY, APRIL 13, 2015
    [Providers] L&D as Agents of Change
    In my Modern Workplace Learning (MWL) framework I provide a broader definition of workplace learning;  one that encompasses all learning experiences that take place in the organisation – not just those that are organised and managed by L&D – but ones that happen as a result of individuals and teams working together on a daily basis. By […]. Social learning
  • G-CUBE BLOG  |  MONDAY, APRIL 13, 2015
    [Providers] Increasing LMS utility with Learner Dashboards
    The reporting function of new age LMSs also makes sure that there is room for customized reports that the learners can also utilize to take control of their learning. A new-age feature in LMSs today are Dashboards, which provide the most important set of information on the LMS interface – so that the learners are aware of their progress every time they log on to the system. Dashboards also help administrators and managers, providing an added way of making sure that the learners are duly motivated for learning. contact-form-7].
  • EDYNCO  |  MONDAY, APRIL 13, 2015
    [Providers] A surprising way of preparing a lesson for Blended learning
    Make sure you provide a clear and consistent arrangement of those materials so that your students will be able to find them easily and review them. Why it seems that blended learning will become a number one trend in education in the next two years?  What drives to this? The expansion of social and multimedia use, for sure.  Students begin to rely more heavily on their mobile devices for accessing and participating in course activities. They are willing to contribute anywhere and anytime it is convenient for them. Make your content more accessible and flexible to you and your students.
    [Providers] How A Values-Based Culture Benefits the Bottom Line
    For instance, Harley Davidson says their mission is to “fulfill dreams through the experience of motorcycling, by providing to motorcyclists and to the general public an expanding line of motorcycles and branded products and services in selected market segments.”. They should set employee expectations, provide training, evaluate performance, and offer promotional opportunities based upon organizational values. So what is a values-based culture and why should companies strive to become one? The organizational vision is a statement of the future. So it makes complete sense.
    [Providers] Reinventing learning spaces
    Whatever the technology employed, it seems that providing students with the wherewithal to maintain their connections in going to be a key priority. Canadian educator David Horn, over at the University of British Columbia, provided the moderate voice when he remarked that the hi-tech campus needs to incorporate both high and low tech solutions to support the needs and capabilities of all students. Phone charging station at Stratford Shopping Centre, London I have written extensively about education spaces, architectures for learning , and personal learning environments.
    [Providers] New Wave Teaching and Learning Structures
    The Sri Atmananda Memorial School provides one such approach. An interesting framework is provided in Towards an Alternate Typology of Alternate Education Systems (Aron, 2003) who references Raywid’s typology (Appalachia Educational Laboratory 1998) as well. The existing large and pervasive structure for teaching and learning in our schools and colleges is well-known and documented. There are variations across countries in these parameters, and they may vary in terms of gross indicators like the student to teacher ratio, PCs to students and other indicators. Filed under: 3.0
  • BLOOMFIRE  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 10, 2015
    [Providers] Questions and Answers in Customer Service
    My friend typically did, too, but for instant gratification, she had first taken her old phone to her provider’s store, where an employee promptly told her that if she took it to this particular big box retailer, she could save $50. Last week, I was with a friend at a big box retailer so that she could upgrade from the iPhone 5 to the 6. hadn’t been to this kind of store in a long time. Like most people these days, I buy most things online. She wanted the iPhone 6 (today) and the $50 back in her pocket, so there we were. We entered at lunchtime and found the massive store nearly empty.
    [Providers] User Self Registration Feature
    It also provides instructions for LMS administrators who want to customize the registration form, configure their portals to require registration approval, or disable the feature all together Self Registration is a new standard feature in the Latitude Learning LMS that allows students to create their own user accounts. The enhancement relieves portal administrators of having to manually enter large numbers of users into the system. This document explains how typical user Self Registration works.
    [Providers] Are Managers Too Busy to Learn?
    Providing prompt performance feedback to individuals and teams is one of the most effective learning methods that managers have and it doesn’t take much time. One of the barriers to creating and sustaining a learning culture in organizations is the no-time myth. Managers resist attending formal training events and participating in other kinds of learning activities (elearning, mentoring, coaching, action-learning, communities of practice, internal wikis, etc.) using the excuse that they are too busy. In the blog post titled, Are the managers you’re training “too busy”?, disagree.
    [Providers] Integrating Social Learning in the Workplace
    Organizations are fairly adept at implementing training programs, providing LMS access and checking for completion. I have been writing about social learning and its related concepts – communities of practices , working out loud and skills for the networked world for quite some time now. Social learning has become a buzzword in the workplace learning space, and every other organization is claiming to have “social learning” as a part of the mix. The catch is that “ social learning” cannot just be implemented or enforced. And therein lies the problem. Skills were no longer freely shared.
    [Providers] Tin Can API: A Must for Blended Learning
    It provides a simple interface on devices like smartphones, tablets and computers to capture the streams of activities that learners undertake by converting them into simple statements. Since all kinds of devices can be on boarded for learning, with Tin Can API, the scope of learning goes beyond the confines of a traditional LMS and enterprise provided content. Learning in the 21 st century has become all-pervasive, transcending physical boundaries of a classroom-and- instructor based format. The new era recognizes the importance of informal learning as much as formal learning.
    [Providers] 9 Clever Elearning and EdTech Trends You Must Try
    The web has been a good provider of multitudes of online resources and it helps boost one-of-a-kind learning experiences. A lot of effective, new types of learning style never cease to emerge. The site provides quality digital media contents and valuable materials covering major school subjects and electives for students, educators and even homeschooling learners. Through this site, teachers can easily provide guidance on the learning process of the students. 3.  Guest post by  Gabbie Keegan. She She writes mostly about education, lifestyle, writing tricks, and careers.
    [Providers] Top 5 Ways to Make Astonishing Blog Pictures with Snagit
    We, the Freemake Blog team, have to do a lot of screenshots since Freemake Blog is dedicated to apps and software and we need to provide a full and clear how-to guide for using a particular tool. One of the most important parts of almost any blog is images. brilliant article full of necessary information may be treated as bad if the images are small, blurred, have poor quality or not easy to understand. That’s where you can’t deal without screenshots. And that’s where you can’t deal without Snagit. Again, a lot of small details will be of no use. What tips would you add to this list?
    [Providers] Learning Management Systems and You
    Before we go any further, please note that an LMS is different from a Learning Content Management System (LCMS).   An LCMS provides tools for managing and creating course content, many LMSs do not. An LMS can automatically record and collate that information and provide you with organized progress reports for every learner in your system. The automation an LMS provides could save you hundreds of hours needlessly wasted organizing, administering, and tracking your education courses and training programs. To help explain, let me present a little scenario. Johnson!”
    [Providers] Is the Training You’re Providing the Training Your Employees Want?
    Training helps employees do their jobs better, it helps them fit better into the company, and it provides the knowledge and skills they need for advancement. The disconnect may be due to the fact that while companies are providing training, they aren’t providing the training their employees want. If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you are not providing the training your employees want. The training provided isn’t relevant to employees’ jobs. Training departments often take a shotgun approach, providing the same training to everyone.
    [Providers] We’re Hiring Engineers!
    We are a learning technology solutions provider , i.e. we develop material for training through e-learning, mobile learning, tablet learning, social learning and much more (Do checkout our website for complete information). We’re hiring! And we are on the lookout for fresh engineering graduates with good writing skills. So, if you are interested, here’s more about what to expect at Origin Learning. Our clientele includes Fortune 100 companies, which means we are always on our toes when it comes to innovation in learning. Visit [link]. Cheers!
    [Providers] Business Architecture - So What Do You Do?
    We''re going to break these processes down even further - but it provides a start as to what we need to start mapping out. Argue about the validity of ADDIE if you must, but most training teams I have encountered still use this as an organizing structure for what they do. I''d rather talk to my stakeholders in a way they understand. This particular iteration is from Chico State IDTS. - The "Power Users" for the Learning Ecosystem will be the folks performing staff training design, development and delivery activities. Often, its the same person from start-to-finish. Look familiar?
    [Providers] Adventures in the xAPI: The Stroke Ready App by Megan Torrance
    providing a solution that they are now testing. The University of Michigan Health System’s Stroke Center team wanted a way to educate the public to recognize symptoms. of a stroke and to get potential stroke victims to the emergency department quickly. combination of the xAPI and tablets is. Read about the Stroke Ready App in this spotlight! Blended Learning Emerging Topics Instructional Design Training Strategies
    [Providers] 4 Ways to Incorporate Vuja De in Your eLearning Course
    Why is this the best way to provide this information? Forgive me for leading my post with joke, but a famous comedian George Carlin once said about the opposite meaning of “deja vu”, “Do you ever get that strange feeling of vuja de ? Not deja vu, vuja de. It’s the distinct sense that somehow, something that just happened has never happened before.” ” For some companies, they are venturing out from a time-tested and traditional means of delivering content. Here are four tips to create content with familiarity: 1. eLearning Resources eLearning Course
    [Providers] Training Maximizers
    Most training today is pretty good at A, B, and C but fails to provide the other supports that learning requires. When we train or teach only to A, B, and C, we aren''t really helping our learners, we aren''t providing a return on the learning investments, we haven''t done enough to support our learners'' future performance.  .  . A few years ago, I created a simple model for training effectiveness based on the scientific research on learning in conjunction with some practical considerations (to make the model''s recommendations leverageable for learning professionals).
    [Providers] What is blended learning and why it matters?
    It also allows them to provide additional study material at the students’ own location and pace for greater convenience and fewer costs. This also allows the material to be supplemented with additional information provided by the instructor, like short comprehension tests for after they’ve watched a video. When it comes to eLearning, though, it doesn’t seem to be an either-or proposition. The tremendous rise of eLearning didn’t have any negative impact on traditional educational institutions. Will it blend? Six of one, half a dozen of the other. Blend in.
    [Providers] The Effective Blended Learning Strategy
    Establish Communication Guidelines  Provide contact information for all mentors and facilitators involved in the course. Provide Resources and References One of the wonderful things about blended learning is the use of online resources and tools available to supplement course materials. Provide soft-skills improvement tips through relevant websites that teach about self-organization and time management. In short, provide every opportunity possible for success in the course. In any assessment scenario, provide a rubric for performance. What is the difference?
    [Providers] What does travel teach us about learning?
    Some attempted to provide a bit of background, but the things that were the most interesting were the stories that the museum displayed told. Provide some context and put your facts (or objects) into that context. Every trip provides you with insights, hopefully great memories and if you are lucky some new friends. I’ve recently returned from a trip to Greece and thought it would be fun to reflect on what I’ve learned from travel that I could apply to training or learning. Don’t rely solely on technology. We had the worst GPS experiences on this trip.
    [Providers] Social Learning Tips to Engage Learners: A Corporate Learning Perspective
    Trust: The social platform provides a safe avenue to discuss ideas and this helps learners become more confident about their views. E-Learning and technology-aided learning in the workplace allows more flexibility and increases access to learning by huge proportions. It is then not a surprise that technology-aided learning is now being adopted by a majority of forward thinking organizations. strictly linear structure, where an e-course is simply made available on the technology-aided learning platform maybe sufficient for the self-motivated learners, but not suitable for all. Learning
    [Providers] Becoming a CPTM, Part 2 Application and Networking in Dallas
    Still others represented external training service providers who cited a desire to understand their clients’ unique needs as their main goal for the session. The first of my three-part blog series discussed the beginning steps on my journey toward becoming a Certified Professional in Training Management (CPTM). As part of the next step on my road to certification, I participated in a three-day applied practicum experience. I had an idea of what to expect after reviewing our candidate guide and speaking with recent CPTM graduates. The practicum certainly lived up to these expectations.
    [Providers] Becoming a CPTM Application and Networking in Dallas
    Still others represented external training service providers who cited a desire to understand their clients’ unique needs as their main goal for the session. The first of my three-part blog series discussed the beginning steps on my journey toward becoming a Certified Professional in Training Management (CPTM). As part of the next step on my road to certification, I participated in a three-day applied practicum experience. I had an idea of what to expect after reviewing our candidate guide and speaking with recent CPTM graduates. The practicum certainly lived up to these expectations.
    [Providers] Five Tips and an RFP Template: Choosing the Right LMS by Sean Hougan
    The number of learning management system (LMS) products and providers continues to increase, making the selection of an. LMS more challenging than ever. Yet the benefits of choosing the right LMS the first time make the effort well worth it. are five basic tips to guide you, and an RFP (request for proposal) template to support your selection process. Design & Development Tools Learning Systems Management
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