[Providers] Thinking ‘out loud’
    people can provide feedback if they notice any prior thoughts. 'I’m a big fan of the mantras of (variously) ‘ show your work ‘ or ‘ working out loud ‘ I think that the notion of showing what you’re doing helps other work with you to make it better, or learn from you if you do well. This contributes to the success of the ‘ coherent organization ‘, where information flows in ways that are aligned with the goals of the organization. But I want to extend it a bit. and new people can avoid having a team revisit decisions.
    [Providers] Why Personalization, Speed and Product Expertise are Key to Amazing Customer Support
    But, in what way do these companies think they are actually helping customers by not empowering their staff to provide the assistance needed to their customers? You’ll want to provide information in a variety of formats to appeal to your reps different learning styles and needs. By providing the information and procedures your support team needs to handle a variety of situations, keeping response time to minimum and personalizing the interactions will go a long way to make your customers feel that they are truly important. Customer interactions should not be scary, however.
  • G-CUBE BLOG  |  MONDAY, MARCH 2, 2015
    [Providers] Wearable Technology: Does Google Glass still has the potential to transform Learning?
    Similarly, it can also help employees going in for an important presentation by providing useful tips on voice modulation, eye contact and so on. Connect with other educators: Instructors and trainers can connect with each other better with Google Glass and ‘sit in’ on lectures or sessions to provide expert inputs. For learners, it can provide answers to queries that arise amidst the learning experience and enrich the experience as a whole. 'Mobile Technology has reached a new landmark as the number of estimated mobile devices has crossed the 7 billion mark.
    [Providers] Portal Administrator Role - Access Rights and Functionality
    It is part of the default set of roles provided with the system and is reserved for only those user accounts authorized to manage foundational setup and hosted content. 'The Portal Administrator role represents the highest level of user access rights that can be assigned in the Latitude Learning LMS. Portal Administrators create and manage key records, including organization structure, courses and the accounts of all other users in their portal
    [Providers] Tips for Creating Good E-learning Content
    It is also very important to embed links wherever required to provide an opportunity for the learner to better understand the concepts. 'eLearning has now become the most preferred option for all kinds of learners mainly for its quick and easy learning methods, user-friendly interface, flexibility etc. among many others. Every new avenue that could remotely bring in a change in the way people live and operate will soon be shoveled for innovations and eventually pillaged to make the best of what it has to offer and eLearning is no exception. Define your goals. Use clear, concise text.
    [Providers] Vendor Spotlight: Learning Management Systems and Skills Assessment from RISC, Inc.
    will celebrate 23 years in the elearning industry as a provider of Learning Management Systems, and can boast of being at the forefront with the industry’s trailblazers, having received U.S. Most Popular Product: Virtual Training Assistant  The primary vehicle that drives RISC’s product and service delivery is the company’s VTA ™ (Virtual Training Assistant) suite, which is available in Application Service Provider (ASP) format or as a licensed software package. 'This year, RISC, Inc. Over the span of this 23 years, RISC, Inc.
    [Providers] Graphic Design Tips for Beginners
    The truth is, a perfectly selected image can provide more meaning to your content than a thousand words ever could. Whatever the case, this is how color is used to provide additional meaning and emotion to the content. Even when working within the confines of a color scheme provided by an organization, understanding how colors work together can be a challenge for some. 'Whether you’re creating a presentation, a document, or an e-learning course, graphic design is what brings your content to life. Of course, this is easier said than done. Tip 1: Use More Than One Font.
    [Providers] Corporate eLearning vs Higher Ed. eLearning
    ” The main issue in higher education eLearning training is to provide the faculty member with training in how to use the tools in the learning management system, discussions, assignments, grade book management and providing enough time to teach and facilitate the online course. Online courses save the college money and provide wider access to students at a lower cost. 'Guest post by Marie S. Lewandowski. Marie is a Sr. Instructional Designer, eLearning Consultant, Feature & Technical Writer. The individual course is part of a larger degree program. eLearning.
    [Providers] The top 3 benefits of switching to cloud-based software
    Cloud service providers allow businesses to add resources to adapt to increased needs or changes in the market. 'Moving to “the cloud” has become a necessity for organizations to maintain a competitive edge and cut costs. Adoption of cloud-based software is happening at a rapid pace. Some 26% of businesses are already into heavy use of cloud computing, while 23% are running apps in the cloud; another 17% are expected to follow. More than 86% of companies are already using more than one type of cloud services. This means there are no installations or time-consuming upgrades.
    [Providers] my pkm story
    We need context to understand complex issues and this can be provided by those we are connected to. Perhaps the best impetus for PKM was developing an online workshop with exercises spread over time, as one-day on-site workshops provided too much information for many participants. 'It has been over 10 years that I have examined, practiced, and developed models for personal knowledge management/mastery. Here are some reflections on how my thoughts have evolved over that decade. PKM shifts responsibility. Early Tools. KM Replacement. Every Model is Flawed. Forcing PKM does not work.
    [Providers] What You Risk by NOT Using MOOCs
    Companies that choose not to move their training programs into the 21 st century using technology face three main risks: Not being able to provide enough training. Not providing training that is as effective as it could be. In this environment, the only way for companies to ensure their workforce is able to “drive business results and support [their] strategies and goals” is to provide more training. defining feature of MOOCs is that they are infinitely scalable, enabling companies to provide all of the training required to develop their workforce. More training.
    [Providers] Small is Big: Converting PDFs to E-Learning Modules
    learning is much beyond just saving paper – it is the realization of the full potential of instructional design by harnessing the functionalities provided by IT, such as interactivity, animations, call to actions, etc., 'What does a PDF bring to mind? Pages and pages of words? Lengthy research documents? Boredom at its peak? And no escape? Well to some extent that’s true, considering the omnipresent nature of these documents that haunt you everywhere. One of the biggest myths surrounding e-learning is that it is simply information presented on a computer screen. Designing the layout.
    [Providers] A Word from the OpenSesame Development Team: February 2015
    In addition to providing a nice overview, it also links you right to the page with courses relevant to each topic for simple location of training courses. 'We’ve been off to a great start in 2015! There have been lots of exciting changes in our marketplace over the past month or so as we’ve rolled out a website redesign…if you haven’t already experienced them first hand on www.opensesame.com , you can do so now or read on for an overview of some of the new features. Mobile Responsive Design. What does that mean exactly? Browse Courses Overlay. Explore Pages. Starting exploring now!  .
    [Providers] Play Ping Pong and 6 Other Ways to be More Productive at Work
    Companies and individuals have saved hours each week by providing more efficient access to shared information. 'by Eleanor Bowman ( @atxeleanor ), Bloomfire Director of Marketing. First, let me say, I swear my colleagues didn’t pay me to write this post. Playing ping pong can increase office productivity. It’s science, people. recent post from Enviable Workplace references research from Dr. Daniel Amen , member of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, that shows ping pong increases concentration and stimulates brain function. Don’t have a ping pong table in your office?
    [Providers] Are MOOCs Too Risky for Your Corporate Training Program?
    If your MOOC will be run on the web at large, there are many tools available that will provide surveillance and archiving of communications including emails, mobile messages, social networks, and more. This report by PricewaterhouseCoopers provides best practices for how to integrate technology into a compliance program. 'For the past month, this blog has focused on common objections to using massive open online courses (MOOCs) and other technology-enabled learning tools in corporate training programs. What are the risks of MOOCs? Well, yes it could. The answer is: technology.
    [Providers] Future of Ed #AI DeepMind computer teaches itself to play Atari 2600 games
    So in a way, my hope rests in the next phase of existence, which might just be fully digital, with us humans as reservation or zoo kept animals, that are provided toys just like our closest biological sisters and brothers, the apes. Providing new opportunities, new ways of looking at the rapid changes, and at our human identities against the backdrop of a changed, more AI oriented society. 'How do we see the world when Artificial Intelligence takes over work that we find ''humanly satisfying''? What about game-based learning ? Will Art be the last job standing?
    [Providers] Using a Lectora Drag and Drop to Think Outside the Box
    Approaching a “reveal information” interaction this way provides a bit more interactivity for the learner instead of just selecting a button. 'One of the advantages of Lectora, in my opinion, is that you can tackle any task numerous ways. Whether it’s by creating an action group or triggering actions “OnShow.” Sometimes it is beneficial to try to think outside the box and attempt to approach a task differently than you typically do. Lectora gives you ample opportunity do this. Recently I developed a Lectora interaction utilizing the “ Drag and Drop ” question. Leave your comments below.
    [Providers] Why You Should Run From All-In-One
    As a solution provider, stepping away from the “all-in-one” approach means that you are admitting you’re not good at all things, and this can be scary. In the context of learning management systems, when providers attempt to build every imaginable feature into their solution, it is bound to fall short somewhere. It could be in the software’s performance, the quality of the support provided, or in relation to feature development and maintenance over time. favorite technique of infomercials for years, the “all-in-one” offering is tempting.
    [Providers] eFrontPro marches forward with 4.1
    Third party authentication is all the rage these days, especially from the big-3 providers (Facebook, Google, Twitter). 'We decided to build eFrontPro from scratch in order to replace our eFront codebase that was getting long in the tooth and to be a great foundation to build upon for the next decade. It wasn’t an easy task: we had to rewrite legacy code, to re-think the architecture and UI, to make it more modular and speedy, and to learn and adapt new technologies. Yep, it wasn’t easy. But, as hard work is known to do, it paid off. And then another. Curriculums. Tests.
    [Providers] Five Ways to Drive Online Training Participation
    Offering corporate training online gives employees the control to do their training when it’s a good time for them, it also has the added benefit of providing the training they need at the time they need it to get their work done. By providing the essential content and knowledge that learners need to get their jobs done, being creative with multi-media, making the experience interactive and social, involving the group by crowdsourcing, and turning it into a game, you’ll inspire more enthusiastic consumption of your training materials. People generally best learn by doing.
    [Providers] Training Strategy Mistake #5: Providing Stakeholders with Flimsy Evidence of Value
    'If you missed the training strategy mistakes quiz, click here to take it before reading on. We asked about the most meaningful approach to reporting training outcomes to stakeholders. Should you present a balanced report of data at all four levels? Read on to find out what respondents thought their stakeholders most wanted to know
    [Providers] Employee-Manager Learning Alliance
    Information and skills are provided when and where they are needed. Finally, the organization needs to provide the resources and people to help a mutually beneficial relationship thrive. 'In 1994, The Learning Alliance was published. This book, by Rob Brinkerhoff and myself, made the case that HRD (human resource development) was changing dramatically and that the key to employee learning had shifted from the training department to the relationship (i.e., alliance) between managers and the learners they supervise. That was wishful thinking. Exceptions do exist.
    [Providers] Online coaching software: the best software for life coaches
    Their website does not provide much in depth information, it’s more about sales. 'We recently did a quite popular post on the best software to sell courses (I will write an update on that post soon), but now I want to focus on software for coaches. Unlike selling courses, software for creating online coaching programs is scarce. Let’s first find out what the difference is between learning (courses) and well, changing your life (coaching programs). The purpose of courses and the purpose of coaching programs. What is the difference between a course and a coaching program?
    [Providers] Interactive Video in Adobe Captivate 8
    Film the process, integrate the video into a Captivate project, then overlay click boxes to stop the video and ask the learner to ‘click the next step’ – maybe it’s a button to press, or select the correct piece of equipment, or identify a safety hazard… Provide feedback on the learner’s click and continue the video playback, showing the correct ‘next step’ in the process. In brief, Captivate allows you “to place a video on the actual Captivate timeline as ‘synchronized’ video. Captivate Development Tools Multimedia
    [Providers] The HR Challenge: Analyze Your Corporate Training Needs
    Is the content organization violating the cognitive overload theory (providing too much information in one screen).  Are you providing training incentives (recognition, awards, online mentoring opportunity etc?). Translate and provide glossary whenever possible. 'If there is one thing that holds true for developing eLearning training materials, it’s planning, planning and planning. You can’t go wrong with that one. Think of a training course a result of relentless hard work and dedication. In short, make the planning stage the longest step in eLearning course design!
    [Providers] eLearning in the Workplace
    Employees can receive training and apply learning as needed, providing immediate value. 'Workplace learning, professional development and eLearning are phrases with increasingly blurred meanings. Information technology systems are used to develop business infrastructure and conduct operational protocols like CRM, Finance and Human Resources. The same systems are extended to include learning management systems (LMS) that enable education and employee development. eLearning has become the cornerstone of education services to the mobile and the busy employee. Tips workplace elearning
    [Providers] 8 eLearning Best Practices
    'Educators have many options as they work to provide exceptional e-learning environments. Provide ample time to practice before going live. Instructors should know the students by name and provide positive feedback along the way. But, the range of tools and methods can be a little confusing or overwhelming at times. Here are some leading eLearning best practices that are worth considering for your organization. Get the right learning content management system (LCMS). You’re asking for trouble if you hastily sign up for the wrong LCMS. Consistency is a must.
    [Providers] Celebrate World Bartender Day with Training!
    World Bartender Day is a day meant to recognize the hard work, patience, and great service bartenders provide to us. 'The 24th of February may seem like just another day on the calendar, but it is also known as World Bartender Day! It isn’t a job for the faint of heart or the short of temper. In honor of this day, OpenSesame is highlighting a few of our bartending-related courses for you! Become a Bartender Yourself! Feeling left out of the appreciation? Become a bartender yourself! Even if you don’t want to work as a bartender, these skills can make you popular with your friends!
    [Providers] Are you Incurring Training Debt?
    New product roll-out – launching a new product into the market without providing proper employee training could end up hurting you in the end. Creating training and not keeping it current – this becomes not only a waste of time to provide the training, but means that the validity of the entire training solution might be called into question and not followed (can I trust that this is the right information?). Waiting until a major issue, mistake or event forces you to provide training. The same thing happens  if you hack your way through hiring and management.
    [Providers] 5 Mobile Learning Trends: How M-LearningIs Changing the Workplace
    Be it preparing for an interview or gathering the relevant statistics on the way to a meeting, mobiles have become tools of providing ubiquitous support, especially for accessing bite-sized information. 'Mobile Learning Technology has opened up a whole gamut of options to extend the learning blend. No longer do employees have to rely solely on the usual means of training – be it ILT or e-learning. Suddenly, there is a growing urgency both among adopters and non-adopters to board the mobile learning train before it’s too late. Performance support. Videos. Service support. Like our post ?
    [Providers] Seven ways in which stories power learning
    Although my principal goal was to provide insights into the value of end-to-end learning solutions, I also needed the storyline to be engaging in its own right and to demonstrate the power of storytelling as a tool for learning. You can come to your own conclusions as to whether I managed to achieve both of these (I’ll provide a link to the film later). Stories provide us with examples Stories have another very simple value to a learning experience: they provide us with examples that help us to understand difficult concepts, principles and rules. as an example).
    [Providers] 45 Free Stock Images for Your E-Learning Courses
    They provide hundreds of free stock images with a Creative Commons Zero license. As you can see above, I used one of the city images provided by Philipp Henzler for the Storyline 2 tutorials. 'One of my favorite sites for free stock images is Unsplash.com. That means you can do anything with the images, whether free or commercial. And that’s a good deal for those of us who are on a tight budget. It works well in an elearning context. also used one of the free images for this free template that I shared a while back. You can download the free template it here. Thank you, Unsplash!
    [Providers] digital workforce skills
    and provides an image that addresses a good spectrum of skills for the network era. This is where management plays a key role: providing the space to ‘Do it Yourself’. '“Are there new ways to think about our digital workplace skills that allows us to take our thinking up to a new plane, the next meta-level of thinking and working where we have much higher leverage, can manage change that is an order of magnitude or greater in volume than today, work in fundamentally better and smarter new ways — and perhaps even work a bit less — yet produce much more value?”. Working Out Loud.
    [Providers] Training Strategy for Changing Behavior
    The communications that are sent should inform people on the training program that is coming, and provide a general overview as to why the training is necessary. This first module should attempt to provide a more detailed explanation about the training initiative, the changes that are coming, and the benefit (expected outcome) of these changes. 'If you need to change the current behavior of an organization through education on new policies and practices, then you need to have a proven training strategy. These kind of training initiatives are always challenging. training
    [Providers] How to Encourage Employees to Comply with Compliance Training Requirements
    When possible, provide learners with realistic scenarios with real-world dilemmas (a type of gamification ). For example, if using online training for compliance training programs, providing employees with desktop and mobile learning options lets employees choose when and where to learn. Provide instant test results. Provide a customized completion certificate at the end of each program. In other words, compliance with the request to have employees complete compliance training is often non-negotiable. You Don’t Always Know Everything You Think You Know.
    [Providers] Game-based learning on a shoestring
    What Diner Dash has done is provide the participants with a recent experience of team building. 'Game-based learning doesn’t have to break the bank. That was the key point of my presentation at The Learning Assembly in Melbourne last week. Sure, you can spend an obscene amount of money on gaming technology if you want to, but you don’t have to. Take Diner Dash for instance. In this free online game, you play the role of a waitress in a busy restaurant. Leave any of your customers unattended for too long and they’ll walk out in a huff, costing you a star.
    [Providers] Designing Learning for Peak Performance
    Lachlan  provides career coaching support for the professional rugby union players at the NSW Waratahs in the following three areas: Career and Employment Advice, Educations Guidance and Lifestyle Support. 'Thu, March 5, 2015 12-1 PM Sydney , Register. Overview. In sports, athletes need to perform at their best to win medals etc. Everything come down to that single second, minute or game when athletes need to be performing at their peak. The physical and mental training is designed for peak performance. Sales – Making a bid presentation for a big sales deal. Panel.
    [Providers] Emergent Workplaces: Learning in the Networked World
    This requires enabling people to learn how to learn in the networked world , providing them with the infrastructure and then getting out of their way. 'This is my area of passion. recent, very brief conversation with @krishashok triggered a few thoughts related to emergent workplaces and what learning in the networked world will look like. And after mulling over some of these, I thought they were worth putting down on virtual paper. The central term in this definition is connections. Ref: [link] We are in an era of ubiquitous connectivity. It will become the norm.
    [Providers] Three Ways to Encourage Safety in the Workplace
    If you don’t provide these items, they can’t be held accountable for safety procedures. 'Safety in the workplace is of paramount concern, especially in a warehouse where there is heavy machinery, large equipment and complicated processes involved. All it takes is a second for an unfortunate accident to occur, so as the supervisor or boss, you should make it a priority to employ workplace safety. Here are three ways in which you can achieve that on a daily basis. Training. That’s why properly training your staff to encourage workplace safety is critical.
    [Providers] Can Centralized and Decentralized Online Training Co-Exist?
    But ensuring that the answers to the questions above are “yes”, requires a modern LMS that allows central management of online training yet is flexible enough to provide learner choice. Provide spaces for mentoring relationships to develop, either formally (i.e., Use  microlearning  concepts to provide learning in small chunks. 'Centrally managed. Those two words conjure many images in my mind…Big brother, top-down control, central command—as three examples. Yes, organizations and managers loved centrally managed online training, and for good reason. Should they coexist?
    [Providers] Using Blended Learning to Address the Five Moments of Need
    Instead of focusing only on what the organization wants in terms of learning, it focuses on the specific needs of employees as they go about their work and addresses those needs by providing the requisite training. blended learning strategy can effectively provide learning solutions to employees as and when these 5 needs arise. For example, a cloud based IT services provider imparting training about its products to new hires. Mobiles can also aid in the expansion of the knowledge by providing employees with small nuggets of information. The Five Moments of Need.
    [Providers] 4 Big Visual Design Trends the eLearning Industry Should Care About
    Every time I sat to design a course or training material, I was stuck with the same old style guide that the client has provided me and do not get enough scope to experiment. 'As a learner, did you ever face a situation when you felt that a course had nothing new to offer and the same information was presented in an obvious manner like every other time you have taken an eLearning? That was a common situation for me as well. as an eLearning designer. One fine day I decided to take a plunge and move forward. Visual design can affect a host of things in learning. design trends
    [Providers] Not-Your-Average Valentine's Post: 5 Tips to Keep Your Relationships Healthy
    Providing constructive feedback is the heart and soul of effective work and achieving goals. Learning to provide feedback and receive feedback will help others recognize their own personal potential and will help you forge beneficial relationships. 'With Valentine''s Day still in the air (and all of February being Relationship Wellness Month), it’s hard not to focus on the good, the bad, and the ugly of relationships. Let’s face it—good relationships take work to build and even more work to maintain, but the results can be quite rewarding. Listen effectively. What did I just say?
    [Providers] Microsoft PowerPoint: Fixing Tables
      Use white space In the example below the data is divided by months of a year so a logical place to add space and provide a rest for the eyes was after each quarter. 'by AJ Walther    I've said it a thousand times: when it comes to eLearning (and presentations in general), PowerPoint is not the problem. Bad design is the problem. That being said, I wouldn't let PowerPoint off the hook altogether. Many PowerPoint defaults serve to lead users down a path of poor design choices (starting on a slide that encourages a title followed by a bulleted list, for example). 
    [Providers] Smart Companies Have Learned How to Learn
    Grebow highlights the fact that digital technology has provided people with many new ways to learn, enhancing learning in our schools and homes. 'David Grebow, in a blog post titled Only Smart Companies Will Win , writes about the necessity of changing from a training culture to a learning culture. He writes: As recently as eight or ten years ago, transforming your organization’s culture from a teacher-led training culture to a learning culture, driven by digital technology, may have been a matter of managerial preference.  Today, it’s an absolute necessity.
    [Providers] What is Micro-Learning?
    Utilizing this teaching style can provide the materials, without overwhelming the student. 'Recently, we have been hearing the term “ micro-learning ” more often, especially in corporate environments. Micro-learning has quite a few benefits to the students and the instructors. Micro-learning is learning in smaller segments and goes hand in hand with traditional eLearning. Activities include short-term lessons, projects, or assignments with smaller amounts of information. The course material is broken into smaller lessons or modules, rather than teaching a broad topic all at once.
    [Providers] Wearables in manufacturing training situations
    In part 1 I talked about the angle that I’m most interested in: wearables providing a trigger, feedback and data for learning and performance. This could be reviewed by the employee and a smart system could provide short bursts of instruction after playback. Perhaps it’s using motion tracking to provide insights on their physical performance. This might ensure not only high productivity, but also provide feedback on techniques that may prevent repetitive strain injuries. 'This is part 3 of my series exploring wearables in training and development.
    [Providers] Education Programs Prepared With Purpose
    These provide clues about how in-depth each objective is. Let’s say an association wants to provide eLearning to help its members learn how to use a new piece of equipment. 'Training can be used to help teach many different things including facts, step-by-step processes, and soft skills like team work. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that there are different ways to teach and assess these various types of learning. It’s usually easier to create learning offerings for the lower levels of learning, like memorizing a definition. Creating learning objectives is a good place to start.
    [Providers] The Current Top 5 Talent Management Solutions
    It is a valuable source for relevant ratings and commentary provided by actual users regarding the recruitment solutions they use, and a platform for vendors to present information about their solutions. 'You want a talented team. Correction: you NEED a talented team. Expertise, experience, and creative innovation are what sets an organization apart from competitors. And having (and keeping) only the most talented employees drives this competitive advantage. talent shortage in the United States appears to be on the horizon. Wanted Analytics ™   by Wanted Technologies (4.3
    [Providers] Are These Five Customer Experience Trends On Your Radar This Year?
    Even if opt-in isn’t technically required because of the type of communication, ask before texting with your customers and ALWAYS provide an easy way to opt-out. 'by Eleanor Bowman, Bloomfire Director of Marketing. Today’s customers are more informed, more connected, and have higher expectations than ever before. And companies that excel at customer service are reaping the rewards. In fact, a stock portfolio of Forrester’s Customer Experience Index  leaders had a 43 percent cumulative gain in performance vs a 14.5 percent gain by the S&P 500. 47 percent of U.S.
    [Providers] How gamification spoils e-learning
    In the sectors in which I work, it is essential to provide meaningful learning environments that nurture emotional engagement and critical thinking. 'In our Articulate modules you won’t find stars sheets, scores or little icon characters jumping up and down every time you have accomplished a course goal. We don’t add badges to the Moodle eWorkshops we design. believe gamification introduces an artificial element into a learning environment that needs to be intrinsically engaging and inspiring. Gamification and badges poison the genuine ‘fun’. And gamification in Moodle?
    [Providers] 18 Billion Reasons to Use eLearning Templates
    Many template providers only allow their customers to change a few variables. 'We wanted to congratulate Apple on their record breaking first quarter. They made $74.6B in revenue and $18B in profit , making it the most profitable quarter in business — and the most profitable quarter in the history of the world. Being an Apple user myself, it warms my heart a bit to know that they are one of the 60+ Fortune 100 companies that use our products or services. Let me say that again. That is astounding when you think about it. can understand their concern. Not so with eLearning Brothers.
    [Providers] How To Fill The Void of Missing Powerpoint Clipart
    Due to the lack of specialization with other online sources, they cannot provide enough of the premium assets required by eLearning developers. 'Due to the “internet of things,” Microsoft Office decided to kill off their Clipart library in December 2014. The Clipart library has been available within the PowerPoint and MS Word programs since the mid-1990s. From what we can tell, the main reasons for this move by Microsoft is three-fold. Their existing library within the MS Office programs fails to capitalize on a huge piece of their business: Bing/Images/Image Search.
    [Providers] Like a sponge
    What we should be doing is looking for the challenges and the problems, and fitting technology into that context to provide solutions. 'I did an interview for Sponge UK last week, talking about my views on technology in learning, and speculating on the future (as you do). Here''s an excerpt of the transcript of that interview, with a question about my new book: You’ve got a new book out based on your popular blog. What ideas are you trying to get across? The book challenges people to look at technology as just a tool rather than as something special. We hold our computers in our hands.
    [Providers] Solution category overview: Business intelligence software
    Things to look for when acquiring BI software Each BI solution should provide several must-have features (an excellent recap is provided here ). In general, managers should be able to view and understand data in real time, in order to quickly make decisions; BI software should also provide an interactive experience, wherein different projections and outcomes can provide a strong visual analysis, allowing the information to be easily presentable. 'Business intelligence software is not enough for getting ahead in 2015. What it is business intelligence software?
    [Providers] Are Your Employees Safe in the Workplace?
    Any technicians and electricians working for your company should know the basic principles of electricity—this 30-minute course provides an overview and then the building blocks to move on to more advanced topics and understand the principles of operation for specific equipment found on the job.  . 'Safety in the workplace is a critical concern for companies in all industries. No matter whether your team works in a office or at a construction site, knowledge of safety and first aid can save lives and improve working conditions. Keep your team safe today!  .
    [Providers] Going Back to School with an Effective Campus Recruiting Program
    Ca mpus hires can provide organizations with a consistent pool of workers in today’s talent-constrained global business world, with 73 percent of large organizations hiring interns to fill full-time positions. Campus hires can provide organizations with a consistent pool of workers in today’s talent-constrained global business world, with 73 percent of large organizations hiring interns to fill full-time positions.[1] Last spring, we started getting a lot of questions about campus recruiting programs, e.g., How should we structure our campus recruiting program?
    [Providers] eLearning in Aviation Industry
    It provides the infrastructure centralizing two sets of components associated with training. Animated and 3D characters in an eLearning environment provide the missing social context (in isolated eLearning environment) that motivates learners, thereby improving cognition and recall. 'The respect and popularity eLearning has earned in the aviation industry surpasses other industries. If you go back to the 1970s’, the US Defense Advanced Research Project Agency, DARPA was a pioneer in developing technology innovations like ARPANET and Artificial Intelligence. billion.
    [Providers] LMS: The Essential Online Learning Tool
    It typically boasts a wide range of essential features, such as the capability to enroll new students, deliver elearning courses and educational content, and manage the tests that are provided to the student. Also, it enables the elearning provider the ability to manage class rosters and interact directly with their virtual pupils. While each has its own set of advantages (for example eFront being most suited towards enterprises), elearning providers will often find that one particular LMS is better suited to their needs. What are the benefits of an LMS?
    [Providers] The Work-Life Balance Myth
    This may be said of the social Web, the semantic Web, and the mobile technologies that provide facile access to them and their services. 'Every fifteen to twenty years, a new generation enters the workplace. This seems always accompanied by a global debate about how the workplace should to adapt to meet the needs of these newest employees in order to attract and retain the best talent. For example, the 1990’s saw the workplace arrival of Generation X. By all accounts at the time, this would usher in a new kind of worker, one who expects to more equally balance work with home life.
    [Providers] Stack Ranking the Robots
    In part, it’s the direct manager that is providing a coaching and supporting role as frequently as is possible throughout the daily efforts of the employee. hotel , scheduled to open July 17, 2015 will soon be staffed by robots where they will “provide porter service, room cleaning, front desk and other services to reduce costs and to ensure comfort.” It needs to provide data to the organization’s human capital information system. 'By some estimates, there are well over 100 million managers of people in the world. few of them are actually enjoying it.
    [Providers] Key Trends, Challenges, and Developments in EdTech - 15 years into this century
    The Report is a very valuable read because it not only provides a summary of each issue but also provides further reading resources for each. 1999 seems so far away. remember we were so scared about the Y2K problem and how it might impact our educational systems. Those 1999 problems are long gone. There are new challenges now. The EDUCAUSE Horizon 2015 report on Higher Education is out now. These focused resources get you information fast. Specifically, the report describes the following: Key Trends Accelerating Ed Tech Adoption in Higher Education. Read it from cover-to-cover.
    [Providers] Why Infographics are Good for ELearning
    For example, you may come across pictures or graphics that don’t necessarily relate to the content directly, or don’t provide any real value and are distractions. By way of example, consider the infographic below that provides details on why infographics are so popular. 'Graphics can often make or beak an online course. Rarely today do you see a course that doesn’t contain any relevant images – although I have unfortunately come across some. Luckily most elearning will make use of graphics, but sometimes they are not implemented properly.
    [Providers] The teacher as storyteller
    It also explains why your average facilitator''s guide is never quite enough of a foundation on which to run a workshop - however thoroughly it lists all the steps involved in preparing and running the event, it''s inadequate if it doesn''t also provide you with a repertoire of interesting and illuminating anecdotes. 'A few days ago, I sat down to write a post explaining why I thought stories were such a powerful tool for learning. In my research, I came across a post I originally published in 2005. Anyway, I’m still working on my new post on storytelling and I’ll share it soon.
    [Providers] Ten Steps to a Successful Product Launch Training Implementation
    Launch provides an opportunity for hands-on practice and a time for building some “buzz.” 'We often support clients with complex products to bring to market. The training that supports these product launches is always a multi-faceted collection of learning solutions that must meet the needs of several different learner groups. For product launch training to drive desired knowledge and skills acquisition, it must be carefully designed  and implemented. Product launch curriculums that have these characteristics are much more likely to contribute to a successful product launch.
    [Providers] Common Myths about e-Learning
    Though it is safe to assume that e-Learning is more economically viable than the other conservative methods, it definitely does not compromise on quality of education it provides. Though it mainly focuses on providing material to enrich the students on basic skills before they move on to class-room training, it also has options to include online sessions and online course management. On the contrary, e-Learning provides opportunities for employees and students to complete the course content at their own pace by being flexible and time-friendly.  This, however, is not true.
    [Providers] A Bit Puzzled
    In contrast with puzzles, most games support the player when they fail by allowing them to replay and providing multiple paths to victory. 'I spent this past New Year’s Eve revisiting the classic mystery board game, Clue. few weeks later, I was reading this fascinating article that a friend sent me about an alternate reality game that leads its players into the darkest recesses of the Internet. Can you decode a common theme here? It has to do with puzzles, which are all about decoding. This is what Clue and the alternate reality game described in the article have in common.
  • ELEARNING 24-7  |  MONDAY, FEBRUARY 16, 2015
    [Providers] Mobile Mania – The Latest on M-Learning
    p.s. For those interested in my Top 50 2015 LMS Report , I have provided a sample. 'Mobile the final frontier.  These are the voyages of mobile learning.  To seek out new devices. To boldly go where no e-learning vendor has gone before, specifically LMS vendors who are now starting to get it. . To, ah forget it you now the rest, but what you may not know is the latest on the mobile learning front. The Saga. already saw that mobile planet. Responsive – Talk to any LMS vendor (okay, a large swath of them) and they will tell you they have responsive for mobile. . Learning supported.  
    [Providers] eLearning for Call Centers
    Call center management systems reveal the peak and downtime patterns for individual agents providing “training windows” for the much needed on-the-job-training. 'Call center trainings are all about on-the-job training. Whether it’s the IVR (interactive voice response) training, scorecard keeping, improving First Call Resolution (FCR) or the Average Handle Time (AHT), trainings need to be carried out while the agent is on duty. Call centers experience invariable bouts of down-time that need to be managed with the right trainings for the right agent. Why the fuss? You may wonder.
  • EFRONT  |  MONDAY, FEBRUARY 16, 2015
    [Providers] Action Mapping for ELearning
    Managers and senior executives sometimes join in and provide their insights on a recurring problem. This involves, running a hard check on the choice of activities and games you provide through multi-media in your eLearning course. These provide an accurate picture of the scenarios, dilemmas and decisions the learner would take in real life. Such activities provide a safe environment for learners to fail. 'Ever wondered why the best laid plans for eLearning go awry? Why the human resources managers are unhappy and why the employees fail to perform? That’s right!
    [Providers] Change Management Consulting & Training seeks Latitude for usability and flexibility
    Karine Schomer, President of Change Management Consulting & Training (CMCT) sought out a partnership with an LMS provider that had a pricing structure that would enable payment to increase as her small business expanded 'Latitude’s partnership with CMCT gives customization and easy navigation other LMSs can’t. Latitude Consulting Group, an industry leading in partner performance is proud to service smaller businesses like Change Management Consulting & Training with their Learning Management System needs.
    [Providers] Work Out Loud – Don’t Just Share What You Did
    When you do that – when you work in a more open, connected way – you can build a purposeful network that makes you more effective and provides access to more opportunities. 'Today is the final day of my four-day journey to cover my thoughts on this week’s topics for the online cMOOC  Exploring Innovations in Networked Work and Learning. I’ve already covered the wonderful topics of crowdsourcing , idea management and design and yesterday’s communities of practice. This is my favorite topic out of the four. How To Work Out Loud. Good Job. John Stepper.
    [Providers] Course Development Management for eLearning Teams: The Software Advantage
    Maricel Rivera is a freelance business and technology writer who currently manages content for Comindware, provider of breakthrough enterprise software, such as Comindware Tracker for adaptive BPM and Comindware Project for project planning and execution. 'For elearning teams, course content development requires a high degree of organization, more so if you’re outsourcing certain specialties, like the creation of multimedia simulators. Course development – the challenges. As in any team-based projects, course development isn’t immune to challenges that can include the following: 1.
    [Providers] Six Reasons to Include Social Learning in Your Training Plans
    Yet most who I have spoken with aren’t happy with what their LMS was providing. percent) were seeking a new provider. This extends the training beyond formal boundaries and provides a forum for colleagues to work together to continue sharing and gathering knowledge in a space that is not time limited. The challenge to companies today is to empower those workers and provide them with an environment conducive to how they want to learn. 'by Mark Hammer, Bloomfire VP of Marketing. Many have learning management systems (LMS). But why? The simple answer to this not really.
  • EDYNCO  |  FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 2015
    [Providers] How to use technology to promote collaborative learning?
    There are a lot of tools that are providing communication and collaboration capabilities. 'Constantly emerging social media that are changing our ways of getting information also have a big impact on how we learn and what is more important, on how our students want to learn. Technology becomes a constant in their lives, unfortunately also for social interactions. That’s why I’ve decided to dig inside Computer supported collaborative learning (CSCL) theory and present a possible tool that supports creative thinking and collaboration capabilities. But first some basics about CSCL. Ruth C.
    [Providers] Seven Technology-Enabled Tools that Empower the Modern Corporate Trainer
    Technology can provide a vehicle for continuing conversations beyond the time and space constraints of the classroom and conflicting schedules. Technology-aided training can also provide additional support for sustaining new learning and informal learning that is so critical to job success. There are many popular social networking sites available which provide an opportunity for learners and trainers to connect and learn together. 'Technology has made training and learning more accessible and learner-friendly. Social Networking Sites. Blogs and Wikis. Photo-sharing.
    [Providers] 5 Ways to Share Your PowerPoint Presentation Online
    It’s easy to share the video on any number of sites just by providing a link. You then can do whatever you want with the converted file: embed it on any website, or upload it to your favorite hosting provider to experience all the advantages described in point # 1. Statistics on user activity, such as completion of tests and tasks, are always provided. This article is provided by iSpring Solutions, Inc. '“Could I have a copy of your slides?” It’s a common question after you have finished your presentation and received the applause. Upload your presentation to an LMS.
    [Providers] Getting Started with Online Member Education
    Contact a few Learning Management System (LMS) providers to determine which ones offer the features your association needs. Have the finalists provide you with a demo and, if possible, a free trial so that you can answer the board’s questions about the platform with confidence. Assuming you’ve chosen a few LMS providers to consider, you can now choose the provider that’s right for you. Getting started with online member education can provide many benefits for your association, including providing a source of non-dues revenue. Where Do I Start? Now What?
    [Providers] MOOCs Are Too Uncontrollable – People Could Do Anything!
    But by empowering learners and providing opportunities for them to interact with one another, MOOCs create the conditions necessary for these “macro” benefits to emerge. 'This is the fifth in a series of articles that tackle common objections to and arguments against using massive open online courses (MOOCs) for training. Read the previous article: MOOCs Aren’t Interactive, So There’s No Real Learning Taking Place. understand the benefits of digital learning environments, but the problem remains that MOOCs are not very well controlled. How will we know what learners are doing?
    [Providers] #Fun testing boundaries of #DeepFace
    So take DeepFace to the challenge Provide DeepFace with some additional challenges, while at the same time expand your EdTech tool-use History is being rewritten, we all know this, and most of the time history is written by the victors ( Churchill ). 'Since the announcement of DeepFace and its consecutive reasonance in the media , the facial recognition algorithm from Facebook, it aroused both interest and critique. There are many arguments to consider privacy issues before sending out these types of identity related software''s out there. into the public world.
    [Providers] Nashville Notes: LUC 2015 at the Music City Center
    The app can pinpoint your location anywhere in the building and provide precise, turn-by-turn, photo-based directions. 'Every year, we lock ourselves in a room and ask ourselves “What will be the perfect conference location for our Lectora® and CourseMill® users? What will they enjoy the most?” And then we spend hours deliberating, sustaining ourselves only on terrible office coffee and whatever mysterious baked goods someone left in the kitchen until we pick a location—or someone unlocks the door and lets us out. Okay, maybe that’s not quite how it happens. It’s forward-thinking.
    [Providers] eLearning Stock Asset Library vs. eLearning Template Library
    Membership to the eLearning Stock Asset Library provides access to the following assets: Vector graphics  - infographics, devices, arrows, buttons, icons, word clouds, and social media graphics. Course Starters  - these provide a great starting point for creating an eLearning course and include a template layout, game, and quiz to provide all of the basics for a short eLearning course. Page Layouts  - these templates are available in all of the different authoring tools and provide the basic layout and design for your online training courses.
    [Providers] Learning and Development: Effective Videos, Part 2
      Some participants in the study indicated that they actually wanted different information from what was provided in the videos they had seen. 'by Matthew Pierce    In last week's article about  creating effective eLearning videos , I wrote about video viewership and the ideal length for a video. This week, it's all about keeping viewers interested and the best information to present.   Keeping viewers interested One of the prime reasons that viewers turn off to video is because the delivery of content doesn't engage or appears as boring.
    [Providers] Interview with Corinne Sowar: Effective Employee Onboarding
    We then hold regular check-ins for the next couple of months to make sure we provide any other training or support that they need, and they continue to work closely with their onboarding buddy. We also provide a survey to give feedback on each session and the onboarding program as a whole. structured onboarding program helps maintain that balance by providing plenty of time for learning and discovery, while allowing them to get their hands dirty when working with an onboarding buddy and participating in the team meetings. You can find her on LinkedIn. Let’s start.
    [Providers] Boost your eLearning ROI
    Provide ample opportunity for drill and practice activities. professional looking course provides a powerful impression on its validity and credibility. You will have more users logged in at a given time to reply or provide feedback. 'Investment in eLearning is a popular trend. Organizations are quickly accepting that real change and innovation come with regular training. In order to keep pace with the ever-changing market, organizations need to develop and implement best practices in their business strategy. Unfortunately, this is not as simple as it sounds. Good luck!
    [Providers] Are You Up-to-Date on Compliance So Far in 2015?
    When you identify new training needs in your organization, we''ll be here to help—we do our best to keep up with compliance changes and work closely with our sellers to provide the training you need. .  . 'Staying current on compliance, no matter your industry, is crucial, both to ensure employee safety and wellbeing and to avoid costly lawsuits. Laws and regulations change often; and it can be tricky to keep up! This week we''re featuring courses to help you with your compliance needs, whether they include harassment, hiring, fianance, or something else entirely. .  .
    [Providers] The 11 Factors of Successful Knowledge Management Implementation
    In his paper “Critical Factors In The Successful Implementation Of Knowledge Management” in the Journal of Knowledge Management Practice , Chong Siong Choy provides tremendous insight into what’s necessary for a successful knowledge management implementation. 'By Mark Hammer, Bloomfire VP of Marketing. once was worked at a company with a knowledge management system, and one day I was reminded we had it so I logged in. The most recent message was a couple of weeks old from our CTO. He had posted a single question: “Does anyone still use this?” I laughed to myself and logged out.
    [Providers] More eLearning Design Hacks to Keep Your Creative Mojo Flowing
    They can provide ideas but only so much. 'It is true that we learn design principles from a bunch of theories. But too often, we eLearning designers make the mistake of relying on these theories to give us design ideas. You need to think beyond the theories and look around you to find inspiration and break free from the creativity rut. eLearning design creativity
    [Providers] Join the TechSmith user panel and get a sneak peak at our exciting new initiatives!
    The purpose of this program is to have non-TechSmithies evaluate and provide feedback on specific features, functionality, user interface design, and workflows planned for future TechSmith releases. These activities could include everything from discussions in our private online forum, providing quick feedback to the design team, reviewing new tools/features, or chatting with us over the phone or via a video meeting tool. 'Want better, more effective ways to communicate and collaborate at work? But first, we need your help! Already interested? Do you work with a team? Thank you!
    [Providers] The Grail of Effective and Engaging Learning Experiences
    real world consequences providing feedback coupled with scaffolded reflection. Serious games are one way to achieve this end, by contextualizing practice as decisions in a meaningful environment and using a game engine to adapt the challenge and providing essentially unlimited practice. 'There’s a considerable gap between what we can be doing, and what we are doing. When you look at what’s out there, we see that there are several way in which we fall short of the mark. And I want to characterize where we are and where we could be, and the gaps we need to bridge.
    [Providers] Essential Guide to Visual Thinking for E-Learning
    He shows how all drawings start with five simple shapes and also provides a grammar structure that guides what to draw. 'Here are two common challenges when building online training courses: knowing what content needs to be in the course and then having the right visuals to support the learning of that content. One way to overcome these challenges is to increase your visual thinking skills. You’ll learn to focus on the right content and then find the right visuals to support what you’re teaching. What is Visual Thinking? Yet, elearning is a mostly visual medium. Dan Roam Presents.
    [Providers] 3 Secrets of Workshop Facilitators: Leverage Them to Author eLearning Rapidly
    These workshops also provide the opportunity to congregate with peers in a casual setting and to grow professional networks. You just have to provide the opportunity and the incentives for people to want to take part in these conversations. 'I personally love facilitated, in-person training workshops. relish the idea of taking a break from work and life, particularly if it’s at an exotic location or a posh hotel, to sit back and absorb learning away from the fires of daily life. For these reasons and more, online training is replacing traditional training.
    [Providers] How to Mass Upload Players into a Guru Game
    CSV template we provide. 'Do you want to spare your players the task of self-registering to play a Guru game? Some organizations do. If email verification is not needed, you can opt to pre-register players for a Guru game. Perhaps you are unveiling a Guru game as part of a conference experience or as part of a live workshop event. In these instances, your goal is to get everyone playing as quickly as possible with as little effort as possible. Mass uploading your players ahead of time may be a perfect solution. You can do this mass import within the  MANAGE PLAYERS  tab.
    [Providers] Don’t miss this month’s 5 best elearning blogs
    It is a valuable source for relevant ratings and commentary provided by actual users regarding the elearning solutions they use, and a platform for vendors to present information about their solutions. 'Are you assigned with the task of employee training and/or development? Have you moved toward employee training that is online/cloud-based? Organizations are using elearning to educate and train without the use of a traditional classroom – usually via a course or training program delivered completely online. Check out a few current blogs we found to be useful. How do you know? eLearning
    [Providers] eLearning for Travel Agents
    Attend roadshows: These provide the latest on a favorite spot, the how and the why of selling a package. eLearning solutions provided by DMO’s create a one-stop-shop for the above-mentioned services. LMS can provide excellent notification solutions related to any travel packages. eLearning in tourism provides a broad spectrum of travel related courses and curriculum enrichment choices that are adapted by increasing travel organizations to maintain their market share. 'Travel agents are no longer your book-my-flight agents anymore. How is this even possible?
    [Providers] Cammy Bean, "Writing Better eLearning Scripts" Training 2015
    Provide a cliffhanger. 'I''m in Atlanta for Training 2015. Our friend Cammy Bean so often live blogs other people''s conference sessions, including some of mine, I figured I''d return the favor. How can we write better programs?" Aim for short & snappy -How do people talk to each other? Write like that. Use a lighter, accessible tone. It''s really critical to know your audience (Form follows function) Comic books are fun and can support the fun affect. We are storytellers - that''s why writing is so essential. It''s all about the people, man. Capture that tone. Tell great stories.
    [Providers] How to Educate Your Customers
    Providing accessible reference materials in place of fully-trained experts. Don’t make your customers require training for training you have provided them with. What challenges have you been faced with in terms of providing clients with educational materials? 'Have you come up with an exciting new idea for a product or service? Have you managed to successfully launch it? Are you sitting back and waiting for an overwhelming response to the cool new solution you have served up? Is this response frustratingly slow? The Benefits of educating your client. Customize it.
    [Providers] MOOCs in Workplace Learning - Part 4: Their Role in Corporate Universities
    It can help an organization with its capability building at an individual level and provide opportunities for shared vision, systems thinking and team building at a strategic level thus providing the entire gamut from tactical learning to integrated and strategic learning. It is perfectly possible and feasible to tie up with established MOOC providers to design courses specific to the needs of the organization as Tenaris did when it partnered with edX to provide training to its 27,000 employees. 'The world has gotten complicated. None of this information is new.
    [Providers] How to Catapult Your eLearning Course from Boring to Awesome
    This provides for a course that is not only informative but satisfying as well. 'Guest post by Sean Stoker. Learning should be a pleasurable experience and eLearning is no exception. Even the most interesting subjects can seem unimpressive if handled in the wrong way. The human brain is not just some cup that you can pour facts into and hope everything stays in. An appropriate delivery method can make all the difference in the effectiveness of your eLearning course. Here are some quick ways to spruce up your most boring content: 1. Avoid Word Walls. Incorporate Multimedia. So What?
    [Providers] How complex is learning?
    Consequently, any attempts to teach, or to provide formal environments within which learning can occur, yield complex problems. We flounder and stumble as we try to navigate a plethora of educational theories and we become bogged down in prescribed institutional pedagogies, providing no more than glimpses of true education for our students. 'Learning is highly complex. The result is a multitude of contradictory theories and explanations on what learning is, how it happens and what teachers need to do to optimise it. Is that really the only way to teach? One thing is clear however.
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