[Providers] Apple Leads in Tech, But Microsoft Dominates in Diversity
    Microsoft may lag when it comes to tech development, but this dedication to diversity makes it a top-notch organization that truly puts its money where its mouth is in providing inclusive education and resources for its employees. We’ll be honest: There are some ways in which Microsoft falls behind other tech giants. In fact, when you think about revolutionary companies, Google and Apple have become the gold standard, with Microsoft bringing up the rear with an old-school image and sometimes lackluster software offerings. With the tagline “Come as you are. Cultural Competency.
    [Providers] Serious Comics
    However, more serious games, requiring applying the knowledge available through the comic, could provide an embedded practice environment.  It’s sort of a blend between a pure comic and a pure game, for important outcomes. I attended  ComicCon  again this year, and addition to the wild costumes, crowded exhibit hall, and over-priced food, there are a series of sessions. They cover television, movies, and print in a wide variety of markets. And I like the sessions that aren’t associated with popular media (as waiting in lines is something I’m fairly averse too).
    [Providers] 4 Secrets of Effective Spaced Learning
    Spaced learning is a learning methodology where learners are presented a concept in a 20 minute session and thereafter, a break of 10 minutes is provided. It is important to ask your learners to summarize the information provided to them. It is s a good idea to provide your people online videos or presentations that make the repetition of information interesting. 4. The process of learning requires not only hearing and applying but also forgetting and then remembering again. John Gray. Well, you need to go in for spaced learning. What is spaced learning? We’d love to know.
  • PRACT.US  |  WEDNESDAY, JULY 27, 2016
    [Providers] No-Nonsense Employee Training: The Best Articles of This Week
    This quick article enumerates the advantages, disadvantages, and use cases for checklists, then provides some useful tools to get you started. And the author provides some strategies for good preparation without overdoing it. This audio interview with Frank Tucker, Taco Bell’s CPO, explains how they provide employee development and education for over 200,000 employees across 50 states. This week’s best articles for no-nonsense employee training. Every week, I read dozens of articles about management, human resources, and employee development. Read more. Read more.
    [Providers] Outsourcing E-learning Projects to India: 8 Points to Consider [Infographic]
    Indian e-learning vendors understand these aspects and provide cost effective e-learning solutions. Related Posts 8 Crucial Points To Consider When Outsourcing E-Learning Projects To India E-learning Outsourcing – Choosing the Right Vendor: Part 2 E-learning Outsourcing – Providing the Best ROI of Your Training Dollar [Infographic]. India, with its large number of English speaking professionals and ability to offer a better turnaround time, has emerged the preferred destination for outsourcing e-learning projects. But Check out the infographic to know the issues.
    [Providers] 10 tips for improving retention with online learning
    Make it personal. A lot of training is ineffective because it doesn’t provide any context for the individual learner. Make sure you provide exercises throughout the training that let learners reflect on their own experiences. Make sure you provide a good variety of assets and tasks within the programme to stop it from becoming repetitive. If you’re a learning manager responsible for delivering training to hundreds of employees, you’ll have a pretty keen idea of the importance of knowledge retention. Remember what it was like trying to learn something new? Tell Your Story.
    [Providers] Are You Developing Global Leaders?
    And increasingly, organizations not only provide services and products to global markets, they employ global staff and collaborate with global partners. To remain competitive in a global economy, organizations must determine the best way to position their business and people for success; that requires strong global leadership. Whether the organization is large or small, all companies are affected by global events and need leaders savvy in both business and cultural affairs. Today’s leaders — and tomorrow’s — have to be capable of understanding the world and navigating its complexities.
  • DOCEBO  |  TUESDAY, JULY 26, 2016
    [Providers] 7 Critical Best Practices for Growing a Healthier Partner Channel
    As your organization’s network grows, it’s critical that you avoid focusing all your attention and support on the highest performing partners to ensure the others don’t coast along, sucking the life out of your brand and putting your company’s reputation at risk among your target market. A new Docebo publication, “Powering Partner Performance Through Channel Training” reveals common complications facing channel partner networks and provides best practices and learning management system based solutions to help achieve the full potential of all your channel partners. Let the Experts Help.
    [Providers] 30 Dance Brainstorm Challenge – Day 15: Perseverance
    Click on the gloves to learn more about how Learning Rebels can provide learning solutions to help you achieve your business goals.  . It’s day 15 of our 30 Day Brainstorm Challenge – Perseverance! It’s HUMP DAY people! Day 15 of our 30 Day Challenge. Today was all about perseverance. I was watching the American Ninja Warrior and was just astounded by the mental toughness of the competitors. The back stories really motivated me, the perseverance of some of them…one person had a stroke 6 months ago and is now competing in the semi-finals. THAT is perseverance.
    [Providers] Adobe RoboHelp: Custom Search Summaries
    With RoboHelp 2015, you can provide custom search summaries through the topic comments. by Willam van Weelden      When a reader searches for a topic in your RoboHelp output, RoboHelp shows a small preview of the topic, the so-called search summary:   By default, RoboHelp uses the first characters of your topic to automatically create these summaries. As you can see in the example above, the automatically generated search summaries do not give a useful description of the found content. Fill your custom summary in the Comment field. Adobe RoboHelp
  • CLARK QUINN  |  TUESDAY, JULY 26, 2016
    [Providers] Quinnovation Fall 2016 Schedule
    My fall  schedule is coalescing, so I thought I’d provide pointers to when and where I’ll be for the rest of this year: I’m doing two  webinars for a government agency, one at the end of August, and one at the end of September. I’ll be in Beijing running a mobile learning workshop on the 6th of September, and keynoting the CEFE conference on the 7th. The week after I’ll be keynoting a private event in Connecticut. Then, on the very last day of November, I’ll be running an elearning design workshop at Online Educa in Berlin. If so, say hi!
  • GYRUS  |  TUESDAY, JULY 26, 2016
    [Providers] The Future of the LMS
    In the not so distant past, the concept of social learning was but a dream in the eyes of LMS providers. Live documents have made an appearance in some realms allowing for people to not only share an assignment, but make changes on the same verbiage from across the world, while interacting, providing positive feedback, and communicating department intentions across a variety of mediums. The Future of the LMS – Where Are We Going? Throughout the course of history, some very brilliant minds have endeavored the obscure task of forecasting the future of technology. Gamification.
  • EFRONT  |  TUESDAY, JULY 26, 2016
    [Providers] All aboard the eLearning train: Onboarding with eFrontPro
    With eFrontPro, you can not only automate the whole process, but also provide measurable insight on its progress , simply by leveraging its powerful reporting capabilities. Having that information easily available from your online orientation program will really make your employees’ lives easier (and, provided that those career opportunities and productivity bonuses are good enough, to begin with, will help you in retaining your talent). My word processor underlines the word “onboarding” with those red squiggly lines. But I digress. eFrontPro for employee onboarding.
    [Providers] Reinforce Training : Don’t Let Your End-users Suffer Short-term Memory Loss
    But with the declining ability of people to stay focused and the ever so prolonged training sessions, how can you ensure the end-users of your ERP system remember all the important stuff provided during numerous training sessions? Training on software such as ERP often requires hands-on practice to reinforce the learning provided. So how do you provide hands-on practice and reinforce the training? In the Do stage, they are expected to execute the function by themselves; but provided clues if they go wrong more than twice. Simple. Not really. Short Explainer Videos.
    [Providers] Is My Book Award Worthy?
    The book reviews research on smile sheets (learner feedback forms), demonstrates the limitations of traditional smile sheets, and provides a completely new formulation on how to design and deploy smile sheets. The ideas in the book -- and the example questions provided -- help learning professionals focus on "learning effectiveness" in supporting post-learning performance. We can go beyond meaningless averages ("My course is a 4.1!") and provide substantive information to ourselves and our stakeholders. think so, buy I'm hugely biased! SMILE. That will be my greatest award!
  • WBT SYSTEMS  |  TUESDAY, JULY 26, 2016
    [Providers] The 5 E’s of Generating Non-Dues Revenue from eLearning
    Not only does eLearning provide a valuable member service , leading to higher member retention rates, it can also generate an important additional source of non-dues revenue. You may choose to highlight to new members the professional benefits of successful course that continues to provide value to your members. Your LMS should provide a seamlessly integrated connection with your website and member database, along with fully responsive mobile support. If Is your association generating as much non-dues revenue as it needs to, wants to, or has the potential to?
    [Providers] 4 Ways to Supercharge Your Sales Managers
    Many organizations spend time perfecting their competency models , then fail to provide training that is designed to optimize the learning experience and help reps actually perform those competencies. For example, the ability to see a specific learning objective that sales reps are struggling with can help managers provide support on the right topics to the right people. 3. Provide tools that enable coaching at scale. New sales enablement products and platforms seem to pop out of the woodwork every day. But what about sales managers? Get your training right.
  • SPONGE UK  |  TUESDAY, JULY 26, 2016
    [Providers] Andy Nock – Sponge UK elearning podcast
    The questions and their times are provided so you can skip back and forth to learn more on a specific subject: 00:34 – Can you define augmented and virtual reality? Andy Nock is a Director at the Elearning Network and has worked with augmented and virtual reality in learning. Andy explains the differences between the two technologies as well as the opportunities that they offer for L&D professionals. Follow Andy on Twitter: @AndyNock83. 01:50 – What opportunities exist for using these technologies in L&D? 07:01 – What do you find most exciting about AR and VR?
    [Providers] Shifting From Manual to Automatic – How Future Environment Designs Use Administrate
    Administrate customer Future Environment Designs (FED) is an authorised OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) compliance, certified Asbestos, Mold and Indoor Air Quality training company providing training to corporate customers in and around New York. Life Before Administrate Established in 1988, FED have long struggled with the manual administration of their training programme, having tried multiple pieces Read More Published on July 26, 2016. All Customer Stories
  • KINEO  |  TUESDAY, JULY 26, 2016
    [Providers] Authoring Tool Review: Adobe Captivate 9
    The software has come on leaps and bounds recently with Captivate 8 providing a whole new interface, HTML5 publishing and responsive projects.  Initially Adobe Captivate Another year, another version of Adobe Captivate. Initially Adobe Captivate 9 does not look too different, it has the same interface, and mostly the same menus. But let’s dig a bit deeper to see what this new version has to offer. .
    [Providers] The Entertainment Giant That Can Also Teach You A Thing or Two about Employee Training
    Disney has long been hailed as a leader in customer service, providing an almost unrivaled customer experience to its movie-viewers and park-attendees. In fact, Disney’s propensity for providing a great customer experience has compelled the company to operate a consulting practice of sorts, dubbed the Disney Institute. When you’ve been providing great customer service for as long as Disney has, you’re allowed to get a big head. I think it’s safe to say that almost everyone in America (and probably the world) is familiar with Disney.
    [Providers] 30 Day Brainstorm Challenge – Day 14: What’s Your Purpose
    Click on the gloves to learn more about how Learning Rebels can provide learning solutions to help you achieve your business goals.  . It’s day 14 of our 30 Day Brainstorm Challenge – What’s Your Purpose? Here I am in Kansas City, Missouri – facilitating a Design and Delivery Bootcamp. My aha moment came as I was discussing the importance of knowing the difference between organizational goals and learning objectives. One does not equate to the other. Both are important but both have very difference purposes. Will your program make an impact to the organization?
    [Providers] 360 Degree Videos: The New Shiny Toy in Corporate Training
    The GoPro cameras are generally used by professionals and consist of 6 cameras that can shoot 170 degrees each, thereby providing a full 360-degree view, and a 180-degree vertical view. Videos – like the ones we have provided links to in this article, have directional buttons provided on the top left corner that can be clicked for a complete view. With its immense possibilities to provide a very immersive and engaging learning experience – at a very low cost, organizations have started using this technology to provide very successful training.  .
    [Providers] Developing a Section 508 Compliant E-learning Course
    The basic rule to follow while designing such a course is to provide multiple ways to access the content that does not depend on a single ability or sensory function. simpler alternative is to provide a Table of Contents to easily navigate through the course. Provide for font sizing. Providing longer time to complete assessments on the LMS or other activities ensures that learners with disabilities can complete them with ease. Provide the text equivalent or closed captions for videos and animations. It is a given that it should be accessible by everyone.
    [Providers] New Time-Saving Camtasia Templates
    The smokey colors and calm animation are reminiscent of a dark jazz club, providing a calming tone to any production. We have recently added several new templates to our ever growing library. These are more intros, lower thirds, overlays, layouts, callouts, and transitions all professionally designed and aesthetically pleasing. Our Camtasia packages increase in value each time a new asset is added to the library, and we’ve added some beauties. Let me show you just a few. Trendy: Full Theme. Our Camtasia Overlays library has been very useful to many of our members. Breeze: Full Theme.
  • CLO MAGAZINE  |  MONDAY, JULY 25, 2016
    [Providers] 4 Skills Managers Need to Work Smart Machines
    While there’s no getting around the growing level of comfort people have providing sensitive information to machines, a high level of disclosure to computers can’t be assumed. Big data and other smart technology can provide all the insights in the world but ultimately, it will take human beings to make what’s been learned actionable. In a July 2016 letter to Fortune magazine, a new manager assessed a changing workforce that will increasingly include smart machines; and considered the skills needed to be part of that future. Managers need to be big picture thinkers.
  • CLO MAGAZINE  |  MONDAY, JULY 25, 2016
    [Providers] Why Learning Leaders Are Perfect For HR Roles
    In my role as CPO, it was really important for me to have a good team of experienced HR specialists to provide expert guidance in those areas. Learning leader is kind of a niche position. At least, it was. But increasingly what once required a singular focus on and deep expertise in learning and development strategy has morphed into a complex role with touch points on some areas that were once solely HR’s province. Now it’s not uncommon for savvy CLOs to advance their careers by stepping into a CHRO role, or something similar. You did. Why is that progression a good fit?
    [Providers] Mobile Device: Performance Support’s New Best Friend
    In an organization, performance support includes providing employees with the knowledge they need to complete a particular task, exactly at the time of need. This “information” or “knowledge,” is provided by the organization via a performance support tool. Mobile devices are already being used by some organizations to provide mobile learning (mlearning). Rather, it is about providing bite-sized bits of relevant information to carry out vital tasks effectively. “My brain is like the Bermuda Triangle…information goes in and then it’s never found again.” 
    [Providers] Operationalizing Learning Intelligence
    But, you may be asking, why do technology providers need to think about Learning Intelligence? Can't they just provide good software and let the customer do the rest? Last week, we wrote a blog about U nderstanding Learning Intelligence - what it is, the theory behind it, and how we can begin understanding it better. learning
  • EJ4 ELEARNING  |  MONDAY, JULY 25, 2016
    [Providers] What is Blended Learning, and Why is it Important?
    In a corporate setting, blended learning has several benefits: It provides a more personalized training experience. This can be done by providing multiple courses, which themselves are broken down into topic areas. Most trainers and teachers have heard of blended learning. Perhaps you yourself have tried to incorporate it into your training programs. Still, the term has been used so much that it frequently gets misused. The idea is that computer-mediated instruction is added to, or combined with, more personal face-to-face instruction. It reduces training costs. Learner options.
    [Providers] ID and E-Learning Links (7/24/16)
    In addition to providing guidelines for identifying plagiarism, this article differentiates between types of plagiarism like copying from yourself. How Relearning Old Concepts Alongside New Ones Makes It All Stick | MindShift | KQED News. Rather than studying and practicing a single skill in blocks, it’s more effective to use “interleaved” or variable practice of multiple skills. You remember better this way. It’s the opposite of cramming where you might do well on a test but forget it all soon after. tags: learning research spacedlearning memory. Voice Realm.
    [Providers] Learning Transfer: 3 Ways to Incorporate Work Place Realities in E-learning
    This makes training realistic and in fact, provides learners a clear cut idea of what to do if such situations occur in their workplace. 2. Most employees often find it difficult to apply the concepts learned in the training to their job roles. One of the key reasons for this is the inability of employees to relate training with the real world situations. This may be attributed to the lack of realism in training. For example, consider a sales training scenario. trainer is training sales people on how to handle customer objections. This is better explained with an example.
    [Providers] 30 Day Brainstorm Challenge Day 13: Back to School
    Click on the gloves to learn more about how Learning Rebels can provide learning solutions to help you achieve your business goals.  . It’s day 13 of our 30 Day Brainstorm Challenge – Back to School. It’s that time of year again here in the States where the kids are unhappy and parents celebrate…back to school! To me it’s like being a kid in a candy store! It’s amusing to me, because I am not the most organized person in the world – yet I can easily spend an hour in the office supply section of your local Target. The colors! On the hunt!
  • JANE HART  |  SATURDAY, JULY 23, 2016
    [Providers] Organising Modern Learning & Networking Events
    This is not a traditional course, where I provide all the content and then test you on it! Where there is more than one participant, please provide the name and email address of each participant in the space provided. Next public social online workshop runs: 1 – 26 August 2016. Although there is a focus on moving classroom training online, there is still a very good reason to offer in-person face to face events for knowledge building and sharing, collaborative problem solving and relationship building. Week 1: World Cafes, Knowledge Cafes and Learning Cafes.
  • OPENSESAME  |  FRIDAY, JULY 22, 2016
    [Providers] Complicated Creativity: The Case for Simple eLearning (and Step-by-Step Innovation)
    It can not only end up being better for the customer, but, in a lot of ways, it can end up being better for the company providing the elearning. It provides freedom for innovation without moving too fast. Contrary to popular belief, newer isn’t always better, and simple elearning can still provide an innovative experience without breaking the threshold of usability. In the digital age, there is no shortage of new technology to ogle over as we pass through stores, buyer catalogs, and YouTube videos. And then it doesn’t. The answer comes down to simplicity.
  • I CAME, I SAW, I LEARNED  |  FRIDAY, JULY 22, 2016
    [Providers] Articulate Storyline: Adding Accessibility Text to an eLearning Image
    In addition, the screen reader acts as a mouse pointer, providing navigation via keyboard commands. by Kevin Siegel        You can use Articulate Storyline to create eLearning lessons that are accessible to users who have visual, hearing, mobility, or other types of disabilities.    Published Storyline lessons can be read by a screen reader. Screen readers are programs that use auditory feedback to read screen information to a learner. The open source screen reader NVDA is gaining popularity.         And that's it.
    [Providers] 30 Day Brainstorm Challenge Day 12: World Brain Day
    Click on the gloves to learn more about how Learning Rebels can provide learning solutions to help you achieve your business goals.  . It’s day 12 of our 30 Day Brainstorm Challenge – World Brain day. There seems to be a day for everything. National Hot Dog Day , Donut Day , and  Dog Day – well, today is World Brain Day. I got this great email from Hermann International and it really made me think. So much so, I had to jump here and write this post! See, I’m a forgetful kinda gal. Thank you world! Take a shower. Feed your Brain. There is something to this.
    [Providers] How to Create Interactive eLearning Simulations in 3 Steps
    While writing a dialogue script, pay attention to providing a versatile plot development. A linear narrative structure is becoming less popular in literature, cinematography, and eLearning. Nowadays learners are eager to make choices and face the consequences of their decisions. It’s no wonder that eLearning designers are starting to take a closer interest in eLearning simulations with branching scenarios. iSpring TalkMaster is a simple yet powerful tool which allows everyone to build a realistic conversation simulation based on a branching scenario and assess core interaction skills.
    [Providers] Personalized Learning with Video. by Consensus.
    Skinner's operant conditioning provided reinforcement based on learner actions. Research shows that one-on-one tutoring is generally highly effective -- with a good tutor, of course. Similarly, John Anderson -- the cognitive psychologist -- along with others -- developed Intelligent tutoring systems (ITS) that tailor content to learners based on cognitive models of what they know and don't know. These learning approaches are beneficial because they personalize learning based on a diagnosis of learner knowledge. This is not a new concept. Now may be the time. That may be changing.
    [Providers] 10 Benefits of Online Learning
    As with social functionalities, LMS providers have also added performance management options to their learning platforms. It provides instant feedback. If you rely solely on classroom training and seminars, you might be interested to know about the benefits of online learning. Why wouldn’t you be!? Even though classroom training has stood the test of time, it’s not always the most efficient method. Online learning can be the answer to a lot of your ills and it could even fix problems you didn’t even know you had. It makes classroom training more effective. It’s more scalable.
  • DOCEBO  |  FRIDAY, JULY 22, 2016
    [Providers] 4 ways microlearning can empower employees and drive training success
    Provide knowledge exactly when and where it’s needed. Providing short learning opportunities on widely used devices greatly increases the likelihood your learners will find the material relevant and easily digestible. Microlearning provides a powerful way to make your training stronger. Microlearning reinforces critical knowledge in bite-sized chunks to increase retention. Microlearning is the hottest new trend in the learning and development industry. Reinforce formal training. We already know people enjoy browsing the web from their smartphones and tablets.
    [Providers] How do you measure how training creates value? – The 7 learning principles
    Evaluation provides factual data upon which you can base your decisions. Ensuring quality: Evaluation provides information on how to improve future training programs. Following our previous article about the 7 learning principles of an impactful digital learning , we’re exploring each month one of them. Let’s begin with the evaluation of learning. Why evaluating? How does it work? Everyone is prepared to believe that we need training, but what is training actually worth? What are the benefits? Are there credible measurement methods to evaluate value creation? What
    [Providers] 30 Day Brainstorm Challenge Day 10 & 11: Building Excitement
    Click on the gloves to learn more about how Learning Rebels can provide learning solutions to help you achieve your business goals.  . It’s day 10 & 11 of our 30 Day Brainstorm Challenge – Building Excitement. It would seem like I have broken a rule. Two posts, one day. Well, that’s what a Learning Rebel does…adjusts the rules for a positive outcome! Positive Deviance! found myself one day behind in the challenge. It’s my challenge and I’m one day behind??? But then Kate Pinner inspired me with her post. Rules? There ain’t no rules!
    [Providers] Lectora Interactions to Add to Your Tab
    When clicked, the yellow rectangle encasing the tab title will retract as the title itself turns form white to yellow, differentiating the clicked state to provide context for the learner. If you have an eLearning course containing lots of textual info, one handy way to save space is to use a tabbed interaction. The advantage here is that you can explore more complicated topics one aspect at a time, all within the comfort of one convenient module. Having a wealth of tabbed Lectora interactions in our template library alone, we’d like to show off a few of our favorites. Scratch.
    [Providers] 4 Mobile Learning Blogs You Will Be Interested in Checking Out!
    So, here are 4 mobile learning blogs that provide information on mobile learning such as the use of the mobile device to drive performance, its advantages, trends, and a few conversion tips. You will see whom it will benefit the most, if you can blend it with your existing training methods, or if it provides any other irresistible benefits. According to a research by Pew Research Center , 72% adults in the United States own a Smartphone. mobile device has become such a necessity these days that everyone desires to have one (at least). This blog talks of exactly the same.
    [Providers] When Learning Meets the Business, Success and Revenue Follow
    With the primary opportunities to provide these value consultations lying within one of those three areas, it was critical that engineers extend their technical knowledge to successfully navigate conversations across those spaces. with 20 bucks in my pocket, so I had to find a way to go to school and live and be able to provide for myself.”. And to a degree it is. In 2014, for instance, the company saw a glaring business challenge within its North America market. With the rollout of its LTE 4G wireless broadband technology complete, sales were leveling off. Making Your Till Ring.
    [Providers] Leverage the Benefits of Rapid Authoring Tools
    These tools provide user-friendly interfaces and intuitive platforms for creating multimedia courses quickly. Not just these, rapid authoring tools provide a list of benefits. Ever wished for a magic wand that could make the development of e-learning courses a breeze? Well, rapid authoring tools could be the answer considering the benefits they offer to the process of e-learning development. Rapid authoring tools. Legacy authoring tools. Mobile compatible. Translation of courses. Tedious. Updating of courses. Allows for courses to be built in tighter timescales.
  • GYRUS  |  THURSDAY, JULY 21, 2016
    [Providers] Creating a Culture of Continuous Learning
    These types of meetings go a long way towards establishing protocols for how to deal with these sorts of impediments over time, as well as provide a sense of unity to the participants by further establishing a new channel of communications. This will provide for a couple of things, the first a stream of information from industry leaders on industry best practices, the ability to share said best practices with their colleagues, and a means to bolster the organization’s reach as a whole. The best way to ready ourselves for this shifting environment is Continuous Learning.
  • AXONIFY  |  THURSDAY, JULY 21, 2016
    [Providers] Curated Insights: How will Pokemon GO influence workplace learning?
    Of particular note is Donald’s focus on AR as a means of providing additional context for helping people understand complex information. For example, organizations are still challenged to provide quality wifi or sufficient cellular data for their employees, thereby limiting the potential of mobile devices. It may only be a few weeks old, but Pokemon GO has already claimed its spot as the most talked-about app of 2016. With more than 15 million active users who play for 34 minutes per day on average , Pokemon GO has a more engaged user base than Snapchat or Facebook.
  • EFRONT  |  THURSDAY, JULY 21, 2016
    [Providers] Creating eLearning Focus Groups: A Practical Guide
    Often, however, we select individuals who are able to comment on only a few aspects of the eLearning course: they provide invaluable feedback on the course aesthetics, but may not have much to say about the content, inevitably creating an evaluation gap. Provide multiple time slots for all members to vote on. Provide coffee or refreshments to help them get through a longer session. eLearning focus groups are collections of individuals who represent your main learner body and need to be actively involved in your course evaluation. minimum of two members to a maximum of ten.
    [Providers] Learning Executive: Using Credentialing to Accelerate Change!
    What this director realized was that accreditation might serve multiple purposes -- if it provided a rigorous evaluation scheme; one that demanded living up to certain standards. Whereas before, her SME's could skip out on training on evidence-based learning practice, now they were compelled to take it seriously -- otherwise they may lose their accreditation; thus losing the differentiation their training provides to customers. This week, I interviewed a director of employee development and training at a mid-sized distribution company. Then she got an idea. Et cetera.
    [Providers] 7 tips for developing an online training culture in your organization
    It also provides them with the support they need to achieve goals and improve on-the-job performance. Every building needs a solid foundation and the same is true for a successful online training program. Your employees need a structured training culture in order to develop skills, fill performance gaps, and master work-related tasks. In this article, Christopher Pappas  shares seven tips that will help you to create and promote an online training culture in your organization. There are a number of video conferencing tools that help you to connect with corporate learners. Success
  • G-CUBE  |  THURSDAY, JULY 21, 2016
    [Providers] Harnessing Untapped Technology with Organizational LMS Leads to Increased Sales Training Efficacy: A Case in Point
    He or she has the choice to repeatedly hear the question and the options. • At the end of the set questions, the system provides instant feedback to the learner, whether he/she has passed or failed, or should re-take the assessment. The winsome combination of IVR and LMS provided an effective way of learning and assessment. Sales training is major challenge for most L&D and Training Managers. Owing to the intensely competitive consumer market, companies have to continually innovate and launch newer products each day. Blog IVR LMS
    [Providers] Restructure the employee experience for a better future
    While millennials can help the transfer to new technologies of generation Xers, the latter can in return provide useful tips on team building, project management, or delegation. The world is changing, and fast. Our greatest fear in this fast-paced 21st century is what to do when everything changes. And yet, paradoxically, the future is already.here. Any company wishing to survive tomorrow needs to start preparing today by adapting to the new challenges present in the marketplace. You might have identified the areas that you need to focus on. But have you thought of how to improve them?
  • SPONGE UK  |  THURSDAY, JULY 21, 2016
    [Providers] Top 25 websites for elearning tips
    Cathy Moore doesn’t post too often on this blog but each one generates a lot of lively debate from learning designers as they take on board the advice or use the tools that are provided. You can also find out about elearning events, press releases and access their directory of elearning providers. Keep up with the latest trends or focus on specifics with these 25 elearning websites. We often talk about the abundance of content out there for your learners, the same is true for L&D professionals. Presented in alphabetical order. Association for Talent Development (ATD).
  • DOCEBO  |  THURSDAY, JULY 21, 2016
    [Providers] Webinar: How to Drive Sales Growth by Integrating Your LMS and CRM
    Integrating your CRM with your LMS provides a critical link between the two most important tools for driving overall sales performance. EDT, David Patterson of Learning Light, a preeminent research-led elearning consultancy and training provider, will detail these benefits as part of a webinar, co-hosted by Docebo. Integrate your LMS and CRM to drive revenue by effectively managing training for sales staff, partners and customers. Your CRM is essential for tracking and reporting on sales performance. That’s why on August 4, from 1-2 p.m. REGISTER NOW.
    [Providers] Instructor-led Training and Online Training: A Perfect Blend for Sales Training!
    blend of Instructor Led Training (ILT) and online training can be ideal to provide product sales training and product training to your workforce. So, role-plays enhance convincing and selling skills by providing hands-on experiences. This provides add-on learning as they learn from the instructor as well as their peers. What was the last thing on your mind before you slipped into sleep last night? Product Sales training? Are you in a dilemma whether to hire a sales skills trainer or to go for an eLearning course? Don’t let it haunt you like a nightmare. Take charge!
    [Providers] Adaptive Learners, Not Adaptive Learning
    Adaptive courseware providers have received extensive funding and this emerging marketplace has been referred to as the “holy grail” of education (Jose Ferreira at an EdTech Innovation conference that I hosted in Calgary in 2013). The prospects are tantalizing: each student receiving personal guidance (from software) about what she should learn next and support provided (by the teacher) when warranted. Some variation of adaptive or personalized learning is rumoured to “disrupt” education in the near future. End result?
    [Providers] 30 Day Brainstorm Challenge: Day 9 – Puppy Support
    Click on the gloves to learn more about how Learning Rebels can provide learning solutions to help you achieve your business goals.  . It’s day 9 of our 30 Day Brainstorm Challenge – Puppy Support. Well, I’m back home and my furbabies are quite happy! Ollie and Jack! Always there with puppy support and encouragement. Their undying puppy support and encouragement is what inspired this last vlog. The world needs more encouragement and support. People in our industry need our encouragement and support. Be giving of your support. LETSDOTHIS. It’s not too late to join!
    [Providers] Do You Know How to Lead from Behind?
    When leading from behind, you should provide support and inspiration. In a world filled with leaders, Nelson Mandela stands out as one of the most effective and admirable in history. There are certainly many lessons we can learn from his example, and one of those is how to lead from behind. In his autobiography “Long Walk to Freedom,” Mandela wrote, “It is better to lead from behind and to put others in front, especially when you celebrate victory when nice things occur. So what does leading from behind actually look like? Set goals and parameters. Diversity? Experimentation? Monica P.
  • PRACT.US  |  WEDNESDAY, JULY 20, 2016
    [Providers] How to Use Employee Strengths for Better Training Results
    This approach requires enough flexibility to let each person create individual development goals, but it also puts the responsibility for driving improvement in the employees’ hands with managers providing guidance and L&D offering resources. Use existing employee talents to boost learning and development. Do you think of employee training as a way to shore up weaknesses in your team and thereby get better performance? Most people do. After all, we train in areas that need improvement, not so much in what we already do well. Why bother with a strengths-based program? Learn more.
    [Providers] CLOs Help Veterans’ Translate Military Competencies into Private Sector Skills
    To ensure veterans can maximize the value they bring to their new employers, CLOs can meet them half-way by training recruiters and hiring managers to understand the nuances of attracting and managing veterans, identifying positions with required competencies that are strong and prevalent among veterans, conducting veteran training programs to more rapidly and effectively assimilate them into an organization’s culture, and lastly, providing veteran employee resource groups as a forum to offer ongoing support to help them maximize their success in the company. But it shouldn’t stop there.
    [Providers] It’s Time to Squash the eLearning Myths
    Most courses will guide you step-by-step the entire time providing quizzes throughout to assess your learning style. There are tons of websites that provide simple ways to create your own courses. If a course cannot engage the user or provide significant takeaways, then your employees will complain about it. Whether your opinion on elearning is positive or negative, I’m here to squash the myths that you may have once heard. If you have yet to take an elearning course, stop and read these five myths before you listen to another one.  . 1. It’s just for Millennials.
    [Providers] The Difference Big Data Can Make for eLearning
    TinCan API has provided exciting developments in what data we can capture about simulations, mobile, and social learning. Big data provides a way for training and development teams to illustrate what they can deliver to the bottom line. I wouldn’t say I’m a numbers person. In fact, I’d say I’m the opposite: I much prefer words over numbers. However, when it comes to getting the right content in front of the right people, I’ve realized that numbers and data are critical to the success of training and development. Data can help you determine course content.
    [Providers] Pokemon Go: Does this mean augmented reality learning is a thing?
    Now it’s up to eLearning technology providers to wake up and smell the Augmented Reality coffee and start following in the same footsteps. The real world has never been enough. Sure, Sure, it’s enough for tigers, eagles, elephants, panda bears and their animal friends, but it has never been enough for Homo Sapiens (that’s us). We always tried to improve upon it or, at least, alter it to be more to our tastes. From the invention of fire to the invention of air conditioning, we’re constantly expanding upon what nature gave us. As Enter Pokemon Go. Sure, augmented reality is nothing new.
    [Providers] Custom E-learning: Delivering Affluent Learning Experience [Video]
    Organizations began to use online training solutions for training their employees, many companies started developing off-the-shelf courses that provide the general training needs of the organizations. Some specialize in certain areas and others specialize in general topics. But do they precisely address the training needs of the organization? Not 100 % because off the shelf courses are created, keeping in mind a larger target audience. Only those factors that are relevant to a wide group are covered in the training content. Shopping for Custom Online Learning Development?
    [Providers] The Key Performance Indicator’s Great Leaders Measure
    Not many companies make use of ‘leading indicators,’ which provide insight into how we are likely to perform in the future. Find out more about  ‘High Performance Leadership’  which teaches the core principles of performance leadership and provides tools and techniques to drive accountability in teams. The old expression that still carries a lot of weight in the world of business. What gets measured gets done’. If you can measure something, you can work on it and you can improve it. The problems come when you measure the wrong thing. The same applies in business.
    [Providers] Time for your corporate learning strategy health-check?
    In this article we will describe the key clusters of the corporate learning strategy (CLS) and provide you with a link to a health-check tool to review your CLS-state and define improvement areas. We recommend that you register for our 8 th September Crossknowledge webinar HYPERLINK that will provide in-depth insight into this CLS health-check. We will  provide you with a CLS health-check opportunity without going into detail regarding the learning culture or learner engagement as these topics are covered in other CLI-articles and research. Do you need a learning strategy?
    [Providers] From the Archives: Technology to Bring Back Intimacy
    Telephone, video conferencing and in-person conversations provide levels and layers of instantaneous feedback, adding tone and, in some instances, body language to the words. And both provide various ways of establishing intimacy between people. At the time I wrote this, I was sick with a dose of the shingles (not a recommended experience). think this post may be more timely now as more organizations become distributed, more people telework, and you are less likely to be able to get everyone in the same room together. This means - everyone engages remotely. NO VTC ROOMS.
    [Providers] ELM Expert Series: 3 Fundamental Pillars to Sales Training Success
    By developing programs with a solid foundation, sales training can shift from being just a required organizational function to a strategic sales partner that provides direction and helps grow revenue. Training your sales reps with mobile, micro-learning modules is a more efficient way to provide information while still keeping them in their territories to generate revenues. Creating evaluations for these levels is how you link your sales training programs to how they are providing value to the organization. What’s Your Foundation? Sales training is evolving rapidly.
    [Providers] ELM Expert Series: These 3 Things Are Vital If You Want Your Sales Training To Be Relevant In the Future
    ID provides clear perspective and context, that without it, learner’s might miss the important pieces of information. It’s the blueprint you need to allow for the most simple and most effective learning experience you can provide your team members. 3. Most sales training is still implemented by sales managers and directors. Businesses take their most successful salespeople and hope they can sprinkle their secrets across the entire sales force. The issue with this way of thinking though, is that most successful salespeople are not necessarily the best teachers. The result?
  • DOCEBO  |  WEDNESDAY, JULY 20, 2016
    [Providers] Partner Problems – 5 Common Challenges Channel Networks Face
    Partner channels provide a cost-effective way to globalize your business by pairing with aligned organizations to sell products and services. Docebo’s newest publication, “Powering Partner Performance Through Channel Training” explores challenges in enabling channel partners and provides a number of solutions meant to increase the likelihood of a profitable partnership. Having a way to track training completion and competency helps provide security that this growing network is fully enabled. 4. READ THE FULL REPORT. The five challenges of channel partner networks. 1.
    [Providers] Real-World Reinforcement Techniques to Start Using Today
    These are items that remind training graduates of what they are supposed to do, and provide additional training and guidance, if needed. ​ The first quick tip in this series described the importance of monitoring critical on-the-job behaviors of training graduates to make sure they are occurring and being done correctly. Monitoring is often seen as something akin to "big brother watching over us" or "micromanaging." Well, that is no reason not to do it. It must be done or Level 4 Results will be in serious jeopardy.
    [Providers] 5 Incredible Tips to Maximize Engagement in Your Online Training
    Other effective ways to engage your learners are using simulations to illustrate complex topics and concepts, and providing instructions to the learner by illustrating what to do next. Provide timely feedback:  . When you provide instant feedback to your learners on their queries, they can immediately identify which aspects of their learning they need to improve. One of the biggest challenges for any eLearning designer is crafting proper training courses to ensure learners are committed to learning and engaged with the course. Let’s look at a few of them in detail.
    [Providers] What The Sims taught me about design and development
    Here are few example strategies I use: Create games that provide multiple tries - I once created a game with a leaderboard that collected up to three scores. applaud The eLearning Brothers and eLearning Art for providing access to images of people of all shapes, sizes, colors, ages, and abilities. ​It’s funny how life works. Experiences that seemed like a waste of time turn into blessings years later. Of course, two things can be true simultaneously – an experience can be a waste of time and still later prove to be valuable. It was a digital doll house to me.
    [Providers] 30 Day Brainstorm Challenge: Day 8 – Travel Day
    Click on the gloves to learn more about how Learning Rebels can provide learning solutions to help you achieve your business goals.  . It’s day 8 of our 30 Day Brainstorm Challenge – Travel Day. Today was travel day. four hour flight from California back home to Illinois. Whenever there is a travel day, there are a lot of moments that make me shake my head. Questions that fill my brain… Why do people just stop in the middle of the concourse to check their phones or try to read signs? Why do people lose all sense of graciousness when retrieving their luggage? Seriously.
    [Providers] Psychology of Corporate eLearning: 5 Things to Consider
    It’s a challenge for both corporations and educators: To make sure their employees are efficient and able to achieve business goals, corporations are ready to embrace their need for learning, providing opportunities for corporate training. Provide them with self-guided activities. There comes a point in time when our inner voice starts whispering: “You are not clever and interesting enough. You’ll undergo degradation if you don’t start learning anything new right now!” ” Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Tell WHY they need it.
    [Providers] 5 Ways Scenario-based Online Learning Can Pave the Way For GCP Training
    This trial and error method of learning provides the learner a foreground to practice before he actually faces the situation in the real world.  . These practices can be communicated through scenario-based learning as it provides learners an opportunity to integrate their knowledge and critical thinking with decision-making, problem-solving, and explore issues. I know it’s an uphill task to train your workforce in the Pharma sector on Good Clinical Practices (GCPs). Go for scenario-based learning! How Scenario-based online learning helps in GCP training. Saves learning time.
    [Providers] Visual Design: A Crash Course
    This blog post will provide background into the concept of visual design, and seven key points about how to use it in your next instructional design. BYTE Session Recap. Science has shown that we are visual creatures, and when it comes to learning, the most effective lessons take advantage of that preference. Recently, InSync Training’s friend, Connie Malamed, creator of eLearning Coach.com, joined our BYTE session roster and shared a crash course in visual design. Virtual Classroom Instructional Design
    [Providers] Blood Glucose -- Probably NOT a determinant of Willpower.
    2000), then glucose supplements would provide a simple means to enhance willpower and ameliorate these problems (Baumeister & Tierny, 2011). New research just published (July 11, 2016) shows that the blood-glucose hypothesis about willpower is probably not true, at least not as evidenced by current scientific studies. The idea -- previously held -- was that blood glucose mediated the propensity of people to exert willpower, with decreased blood glucose making it less likely that someone would persevere in a task. Apparently, current research doesn't back up this claim. Miguel A.
  • LEARNUPON  |  TUESDAY, JULY 19, 2016
    [Providers] How we use an LMS as a fast growing software company
    Our focus was on building an amazing platform while redefining the concept of how to provide   excellent customer support. LearnUpon has enjoyed some stunning growth spurts over the last few years. When Des and I founded the company four years ago, we were a team of two. Since then, we’ve regularly doubled and tripled in size, until we reached our current head count of 37. And that’s still rising! That rapid growth has been rewarding to watch. It’s what every founder wants. Out of the tens of thousands of tech startups in the world, very few get to scale like this. Want to read more?
  • CLARK QUINN  |  TUESDAY, JULY 19, 2016
    [Providers] ‘Form’ing learning
    So, first of all, my focus was on formative evaluation.  If we take activity-based learning seriously, we need to ensure that there are meaningful tasks set that can provide feedback. Last week I ran a workshop for an online university that is working to improve it’s learning design. Substantially. They’re ramping up their staff abilities, and we’d talked about how I could help. They have ‘content’, but wanted to improve the learning design around this. Ok, so not every formative evaluation should be such a situation. Then we moved on to more hands-on work.
    [Providers] Creating E-learning Videos: 5 Video Editing Tools That’ll Help
    This is a next level editing tool which provides cutting-edge tools and streamlined workflows. When you are given an option to choose a 5 minute-video or a 10 page document to learn a concept, what would you choose? asked my colleagues out here the same question. 90 % of them chose video over text. It’s quiet obvious videos are more engaging and help comprehend knowledge better than text. As a result, most learning designers choose to use videos to teach learners complex concepts. But for this, you will require some software tools. Let us look at them one by one. 1. Adobe Premiere.
    [Providers] Competencies aren’t Enough: How to Help Sales Reps Win
    Craft meaningful scenarios that provide safe practice opportunities for learners. Early this year, I attended a conference for medical device sales training professionals. expected to hear about innovative ways organizations are training their reps, reinforcing value statements and sustaining training after product launch events. I was wrong! Instead, I heard many sessions about competencies and competency modeling. Having the right competency model in place is critical for sales reps and account managers. Competency models are a terrific tool for hiring and firing. Let me explain.
  • WBT SYSTEMS  |  TUESDAY, JULY 19, 2016
    [Providers] Learning Content Curation for Association Member Education
    As the Learning and Development, Training, or Education director for your association, you are the curator of the education resources your association provides to members. You can use this to continue to improve the value of your education offering for members, by curating the collection to remove out of date information, refresh courses that need a bit of updating, or preserving and promoting successful courses that continue to provide value to your members. Have you tried curating content for your education programs? Curation is more than just collecting information, however.
    [Providers] What is Adaptive Learning?
    An adaptive learning system can flag up when learners might be struggling with the programme as a whole, alerting the training managers to step in and provide support. Imagine a futuristic utopia of learning, where people aren’t subjected to static, rigid training programmes. Instead, their training is able to adapt to their needs and interests until it’s just right for them. Don’t worry, we’re not going to drag you all the way back to a gritty reality, because we’re already living in the early stages of this utopia! Adaptive learning. Ways adaptive learning works.
  • EI DESIGN  |  TUESDAY, JULY 19, 2016
    [Providers] Two Good: Why Social Learning And Microlearning Make A Great Combination
    In this article, I will provide insights on why it makes sense to use social learning and microlearning in conjunction. Some of the aspects that make it a high-impact learning medium are its learner-centric nature, multi-device compatibility (smartphones/tablets/desktops/laptops), design and delivery in rich media formats, and flexibility to provide just-in-time training to enhance performance. In these circumstances, there is ample scope to provide learning and training solutions by getting social learning and microlearning to tango. What Is Social Learning?
    [Providers] 30 Day Brainstorm Challenge: Day 7 – Recharge the Battery
    Click on the gloves to learn more about how Learning Rebels can provide learning solutions to help you achieve your business goals.  . It’s day 7 of our 30 Day Brainstorm Challenge – Recharge the Battery. Today was a day for friendship. This is the last day of my time in California to visit “The Daughter” She and I had brunch with some friends today. Great friends whom I have known for awhile and are an important part of my L&D network. They are fun, witty and we are close enough to be able to keep each other honest when we go off the rails. Choose you!
  • CLO MAGAZINE  |  MONDAY, JULY 18, 2016
    [Providers] The Right Time for Learning
    For most it’s a useful boost, providing a practical leg up on a knotty problem. Providing a high potential leader with rich opportunities to learn new skills or finding the right time to try out a challenging new role just might lead her to be your next superstar. Your most important learning investment isn’t the LMS. While it may be the most expensive, the learning management system is no guarantee of effective learning. Your most effective learning tool isn’t a tricked-out, technology-rich smart classroom or a snazzy, high-powered simulation. He’s legitimately beating adults.
  • CLO MAGAZINE  |  MONDAY, JULY 18, 2016
    [Providers] Missing Learning Development Link: Government
    The San Diego mayor’s aim is aligned with what business leaders want and higher education can provide: educated workers. All columnists should take their own advice regularly, if for no other reason than to show some empathy for their readers. In past columns, I’ve posited ideas for how business and higher education can work together to develop tomorrow’s workforce today. Those columns encouraged CLOs to reach out to their counterparts in higher education. Smutz leads the academics, finances and operations for a $54.5 million enterprise; he receives no state or campus funding.
    [Providers] The Client’s Critical Role in Custom Elearning Development
    After all, our goal at Microassist is to provide our clients with a final, custom-built online training product that gets people to learn in a new, engaging, and all-around satisfying format that enables learners to acquire a new skill and perform at a higher level. As elearning project manager , I’m going to provide an overview of the stages involved in developing custom training, and what you can do to keep the project on track and within budget  as we go through those stages. So how do we get there? Three Stages All Custom Elearning Projects Go Through. Task Analysis.
    [Providers] Enjoying the Summertime with Storyline Hotspots
    This first template provides a basic layout in a simple chrome and blue color palette. Clicking on any of the squares triggers an overlay providing feedback, more information, or other such content. With the source files provided, you can resize the squares, change the shapes, and reduce or increase the number of clickable areas. This next template takes the first one a step further by providing a backdrop of an office and allowing you to click on various objects in the picture. Summertime is here and the heat is on. This interaction uses a video as the backdrop.
  • INKLING  |  MONDAY, JULY 18, 2016
    [Providers] Three Reasons to Attend Inkling Illuminate
    Don’t miss your chance to visit Hamburger University, where the larger-than-life brand has trained and provided leadership development to more than 80,000 managers, owners, and operators across the globe, with the ultimate goal of building a talented and knowledgeable workforce. Bites will be provided, along with a premium bar that attendees can enjoy while they mingle. “Da… da… dun dun dun” what’s not to love about the best mobile workforce enablement event happening at McDonald’s Hamburger University on July 27th? Still haven’t registered for your spot at the event?
    [Providers] 5 Gamification Examples in Articulate Storyline That Will Blow Your Mind
    This game infusion beats the old-age navigation directions we commonly provide in courses. I was going through a few online articles on gamification for research on my new course which is to be developed in Articulate Storyline. At first I thought it would be a daunting task, but then I found plenty of awesome gamified examples and game temples online. These examples were fun to look at and play and elevated the learning experience.’ Here I’d like to share my favorite gamification examples created in Articulate Storyline. 1. New Teacher Orientation. Check out the gamified example below.
  • LEARNLOFT  |  MONDAY, JULY 18, 2016
    [Providers] You Have Permission to Lead
    The excitement and health benefits this challenge provided was incredible (the group collectively walked a ¼ of the way around the earth!) Find out more about ‘ Getting Leadership Ready’ , a program designed to help young professionals understand what leadership really is and how to stand out as a potential leader and a brand new program ‘High Performance Leadership’  which teaches the core principles of performance leadership and provides tools and techniques to drive accountability in teams. That’s when a 21-day, 10,000 step challenge was born.
    [Providers] Seven Secrets of Cost-effective E-learning Translations
    It is essential to provide the translator the necessary reference material containing. It is also advisable to provide a style guide to the translator as it helps ensure consistency of the translated text, leading to a high quality localization of the e-learning content. You need to provide a glossary and a style guide to the translator and harness the full potential of CAT software. How can you translate your e-learning content effectively? What does it take to make your online course locale-specific rapidly, with minimum expenditure? Well, here are 7 proven tips.
  • 360 TRAINING  |  MONDAY, JULY 18, 2016
    [Providers] How to Transform a PDF into an eLearning Course
    eLearning provides a golden opportunity for trainers, teachers, and subject matter experts to apply modern instructional techniques, empowering them to share their expertise and knowledge with a variety of students across the globe. Have you ever created comprehensive training that was well received by the target audience? Congratulations on your success! Let’s not stop there. It’s time to build on that success and transform that training material into an online course so that more and more people can benefit from your knowledge and expertise. eLearning is the future of education.
  • LEARNDASH  |  MONDAY, JULY 18, 2016
    [Providers] Google’s Micro-Learning Findings
    Google provides data that they are exploring and trends that they are tracking with regards to digital marketing campaigns across industries, platforms, and audiences. You With the rise of mobile devises there has been more talk about micro-learning. There are many resources to learn more about  micro-learning , but in a sentence it is a way to deliver learning content that is optimal for the smartphones and tablets. It is a really exciting time for the elearning industry. Mobile learning represents the transition for the elearning standard that has been prevalent for the past 15 years.
    [Providers] The Relationship Equation: How Sellers Can Cultivate and Leverage Strategic Relationships
    Equation for Success Let’s go back to the example of my company’s recent win, because how I created mutual success was through social capital and this framework: It comes down to putting twice the effort into providing value (creating and sustaining) in building relationships; when that is in place, it allows for leveraging a relationship for a specific need. From there I invited her to a leadership forum I had founded, which provided her further resources and benefits. Finally, the time arrived when they were ready to choose a solution provider for a key initiative.
    [Providers] Moodle – The Most Popular LMS of 2016: What Makes it So?
    Other features such as docking, expandable and collapsible blocks, also contribute to providing users a hassle-free experience. What comes to your mind when you think of managing your training content? Learning Management System? Half your worries are gone if your choice of LMS is right. According to a report by Capterra, Moodle is the most popular Learning Management System in the world, when the number of users is taken into account. I am sure that sounded sweet if you are already using it. Open Source LMS. This helps in enhancing the software. Cost-effective. Intuitive Navigation.
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