[Providers] Why You Should Encourage Leaders to Play Games
    All of these games provide bonding as well as learning opportunities, and most adults play those same games today with their kids — in addition to new technology-based games — for the same purpose. To provide a visual classroom description, picture participants sitting at small group tables; they serve as a company’s executive team. Provide Support Curriculum and Feedback. Companies skeptical of gaming for leadership development often say previous game experiences were fun, but they did not provide a learning impact. Others played “42” in dominoes. John Gillis Jr.
    [Providers] 3 Types of Custom eLearning Courses
    They provide practical solutions that are aligned to the business goals of the employees. Development requires  the need to chunk content and modify the layout and navigation, in order to provide a satisfying user experience. Learners are provided choices to resolve the problem. Every choice has its pros and cons and feedback is provided. Many organizations prefer custom elearning courses over pre-built content. Both kinds of elearning have their pros and cons, but custom courses have been gaining recent popularity. Resources are not wasted on generic learning.
    [Providers] The ICE Cube Engagement Induction Framework
    Whenever a new employee joins the team, they are provided a Welcome Kit, shoved into a classroom, bombarded with information over 3 days and sent on their way. This is the first of the 3 posts of the series – Planning the perfect induction program for your company. Imagine…there are some guests at your door. You open the door, say ‘hello’, hand them a mug of coffee and just walk away…. This is how a lot of organisations welcome their new employees. It is well established that effectiveness of ramp-up of new employees is a key driver for organizational success. Well, this should help you.
    [Providers] 7 Perks to Skyrocket Employee Productivity
    lounge on the couch (where I’m writing this blog post from right now) and join the 30 minute guided meditation – in the meditation room – every Monday and Wednesday at 3:00. I’d like to think that WalkMe is just so generous to provide perks aplenty, but deep down I know that these are all serve a purpose. USA Today reported that companies providing free snacks in the office have happier and more satisfied employees than those who do not. Gone are the days of the isolating cubicle, and in its place employers are providing noise cancelling headphones. Caffeine. Nap Friendly.
    [Providers] 7 Perks to Skyrocket Employee Productivity
    lounge on the couch (where I’m writing this blog post from right now) and join the 30 minute guided meditation – in the meditation room – every Monday and Wednesday at 3:00. I’d like to think that WalkMe is just so generous to provide perks aplenty, but deep down I know that these are all serve a purpose. USA Today reported that companies providing free snacks in the office have happier and more satisfied employees than those who do not. Gone are the days of the isolating cubicle, and in its place employers are providing noise cancelling headphones. Caffeine. Nap Friendly.
    [Providers] Reprise: The Self-Directed Learner
    Employees can arrange some opportunities for themselves but this requires managers giving permission, making time, and providing the resources to apply that learning. (This post first appeared on this blog on February 11, 2016.). The most common way in which companies train employees today is basically the same as organizations have been training for the past hundred years (some would say thousands of years). That model of training worked adequately in an industrial economy where jobs and equipment changed slowly and executives had relatively low expectations for productivity.
    [Providers] E-learning Solutions Summit – The Event That Addresses Your Training Challenges
    CLsummit2017 is being organized by CommLab India , a technology-enabled learning solutions provider that has been helping hundreds of reputed organizations unleash the power of e-learning to meet their training needs, for the last 16 years. The event will provide valuable insights that enable you to: Implement e-learning in an effective, cost-efficient manner. Do you wish to implement e-learning in your organization, but not sure of where to begin? Would you like to harness the full potential of the online learning format, to impart the winning training to your staff?
    [Providers] Custom quiz scoring in Adobe Captivate
    This is a very rich area for creativity, as through JavaScript, pretty much any user interaction can be developed, but is hampered by the fact that Adobe provides no documentation on the very extensive quiz control library that is loaded as part of the course player. The following provides an example of how to overload this function, and information on the most likely variables one would use to create a custom scoring function: // save a reference to the original function saveGetScore = quizObject.__proto__.getQuestionScoredPoints Custom quiz scoring in Adobe Captivate. proto__.getQuestionScoredPoints
    [Providers] The 2nd edition of the MWL Newsletter is now online
    Published weekly on a Sunday, the MWL Newsletter provides news and articles about Modern Workplace Learning (MWL) selected by – and with commentary from – Jane Hart. Sign up to receive this newsletter by email. MWL Newsletter No 2 is now available. Social learning
    [Providers] Gaming in Medical Education
    Our organization provides continuing medical education and are continually exploring learning content delivery methods that will engage our younger membership. Results noted that many members wanted a variety of delivery methods to select from, more interactions used, and gaming options provided. This design method provides opportunities to closely tie the game content to published guideline documents and committee opinions. This enhancement provides concept reinforcement and supports learners who are more visually inclined. Background. Next Steps. Pilot. link].
    [Providers] Articulate 360 – Easy Authoring Features of Storyline 360
    This fourteen post series examines its features, to provide the answer. Articulate 360, the brand new software from the developers of Storyline, is creating ripples in the world of online training. This technology-enabled learning development suite has captured the imagination of the e-learning community. How does Articulate 360 help create good web-based learning materials? Let us begin by looking at the various elements of this rapid authoring product. Articulate 360 – A Bundle of Nine E-learning Applications. They are: Storyline 360 – an e-learning development application.
    [Providers] How to create effective online training courses on a budget
    Thus, it becomes very crucial for any online training service provider to develop strategies to develop appealing eLearning courses quickly and cost effectively. As an eLearning service provider, you might have a lot of valuable assets which may seem to be obsolete or irrelevant. The eLearning management systems also provide set of tools that foster collaboration. You can either take a subscription of paid sites such as Shutter Stock or iStock or research for free stock sites that provide royalty free images. Repurpose Old Content. Develop a Theme. Conclusion.
    [Providers] Curated Insights: It’s past time for L&D to show business results
    To provide real business value, we must help our stakeholders see past this limited definition of workplace learning and understand our true potential to impact the bottom line—regardless of our approach, content or technology. While it starts off strong, the article and the report on which it’s based come up a bit short in terms of providing a strategy for closing the disconnect. This process also allows for continued iteration of L&D strategy as gaps are identified, ensuring the connection remains intact and impact can be attributed to the provided L&D support.
    [Providers] Saba to Acquire Halogen Software in 2017’s First Big HR Technology Deal
    According to a joint release , the deal “will extend Saba’s position as a leading provider of end-to-end SaaS talent management solutions. While consolidation in the HR technology space isn’t much of a surprise anymore, Saba Software’s announced acquisition of Ottawa, Canada-based Halogen Software was a bit unexpected. The deal, worth a reported $293 million , is expected to close in the second quarter of 2017. Though it’s certainly not on the scale of cloud-based talent management software blockbusters like 2012’s $1.9 billion Oracle-Taleo deal or 2011’s $3.4
    [Providers] What Training Opportunities Do Most People Have at Work? [Infographic]
    companies are doing in providing opportunities for employee growth. Ever wondered how your company stacks up against the market in training and development offerings? Here’s a look at how U.S. View full size ). News development employee training infographic training
    [Providers] 9 Top ELearning Trends for 2017
    At the end of 2016 I was contacted by Bryan Jones from the site eLearning Art to provide my thoughts on what I believe to be the growing trends in our industry for the coming year. Mine were as follows: Social Learning. Micro-Content. Informal Learning. Not only did he ask me this question, but he also asked 48 other elearning experts the same. Bryan vetted the responses and came up with a “top 9” list which he has put into the infographic you see above. I was pleased to see that two of my three predictions made the list. Social Learning and Micro-Content ). elearning
    [Providers] What’s Your EQ? Learning Emotional Intelligence through Bridge LMS
    The other uses their emotional intelligence and thinks about how their actions might affect others, accepting their own responsibilities and providing a possible solution to the problem. Knowledge and proficiency are both important assets if you want to make it in the modern workplace. But  emotional intelligence is just as important, if not more, than your mental intelligence. Emotional intelligence is the ability to effectively assess your own emotions and those of others, regulate your behavior, and interact with those around you in an empathetic and effective way.
    [Providers] What is an LMS?
    Extended Enterprise – An organization is providing training to their partners, re-sellers or customers. Client focused – Providing training and access to a ‘portal’ for each of a training companies clients. Association – Using an LMS to provide an association with an LMS to purchase and take courses. Focus on the ease of use, the cost, the quality of customer support, the feature set (both now and future – most provide a road-map), and their reliability. You have agreed to a meeting next week in order to discuss criteria and plan the process.
    [Providers] 7 Orienteering Tips for Instructional Designers
    It may surprise you to learn that the sport of orienteering (not your traditional instructional design resource) can provide us with some valuable guidance. As a Learning Experience Designer , my job requires that I navigate a complex landscape. Each new project that I work on involves different parameters, sends me down unique pathways, and sets up obstacles along the way. Even with many years of experience under my belt, I still find myself lost in this landscape at times. You may find yourself just as lost in your own work, too. Instructional Design 50 Modern Blended Learning Blogs
    [Providers] 5 Top Reasons Why Your Online Training Scenarios May Be Missing The Mark
    One of the most notable benefits of online training scenarios is that they provide real-world experience. Does NOT Provide Immediate Feedback. To make your scenarios more effective, provide personalized feedback during and after the activity. They address all of their skill gaps and provide essential information. Is your online training scenario on-point or off-base? To improve your training ROI and offer your employees real world value, your scenarios must hit the target. In this article, we’ll share the top 5 mistakes you might make and how to avoid them.
    [Providers] Ready or Not, The Future Is Now
    In other words, the software watches what learners do, and how they engage with content, then proactively provides them with content they need the moment they need it. Two years ago, billionaire tech venture capitalist Vinod Khosla made the bold prediction that in the next 20 years, “machine learning will have more impact than mobile.” He’s still got 18 years to go, but his prediction is already coming true. The allure of machine learning is clear, said James Cross, director of learning product strategy for Workday. Think of it as Netflix for learning.”.
    [Providers] Best Practices for Developing Corporate Training Simulations
    Title: Best practice #4: Provide feedback Description: Feedback is crucial. You need to provide feedback to your learners immediately if you want it to work. Corporations are gradually realizing the training potential of simulations. Corporate training simulations are specialized programs that help your employees to learn and practice real-world activities in a risk-free and controlled environment. Simulations are being used in product, compliance, customer service, and software training. Organizations are embracing simulation training and the growth potential is enormous.
    [Providers] 9 Top eLearning Trends of 2017 from 49 Experts
    For our industry to stand above the noise, we need to think of ourselves as service providers. And our service is to understand what individuals and groups need and to provide it in an appealing and original way. It may be creating beautiful experiences that are easy to use and that provide speedy answers. His mission is to help provide content, professional development and opportunities for anyone who wants to empower themselves through learning. Having access to elearning on their mobile devices will also provide the convenience so many are looking for.
    [Providers] 3 Tips to Train Your Customers on Products Using E-learning [Infographic]
    You can provide highly effective customer education online, by following a few tips. It is well-said that customer is king. It is very important that we engage our customers effectively and make them aware of our products and the benefits of using them. Healthy customer engagement with the company and its products is essential for successful performance. How can you make your customers aware of your products and services? Well, the online medium can be harnessed effectively to engage your customers. Check our infographic for the same. eLearning Design eLearning courses
    [Providers] Having Problems with LMS User Management? Here’s the Solution. 
    Corporate decision makers often wonder if they have made the correct choice and if their LMS provider will deliver what it has promised. A social learning management system (LMS) is a wonderful thing that comes with a host of benefits and sometimes a few problems. These problems are no big deal if administrators know how to address them. Of all the issues that accompany an LMS, the biggest one is probably a difficulty managing (adding and maintaining) users. Quickly and easily adding and maintaining user accounts is also important for small companies that want to experience great growth.
    [Providers] Provide Post Training Event Support
    I often write about how much time is involved with creating a good online course. Well, the same is true for live training events. Multiple day workshops take an immense amount of preparation. Not only do you have content to worry about but now you also have to factor in the various logistics that are necessary for in-person training. Things like the physical space where the training will take place, equipment (projectors and hookups), the amount of sessions necessary to deliver training to everyone, accommodations, printed materials, and so on. It is no small task. training
    [Providers] E-learning + M-learning = Comprehensive Safety Training
    Not a best fit to provide comprehensive training. The blended safety curriculum can be extended by providing additional resources and job-aids through mlearning. Provide a short video on operating the hose, online flashcards on its main features, etc. If safety is ‘common sense’ then we need no trainers, training programs, safety officers, inductions or safety legislation.  –  Rob Long , Social Psychology Expert. Training employees on safety practices and educating them to take necessary precautions is crucial to foster a safe workplace. Battery life can limit usage.
    [Providers] Another model for support
    And these approaches did provide away to  develop the organization’s abilities to develop better learning.  So this is another model for support for developing at least the learning side of the equation. I was thinking about today’s post , wherein I was talking about a couple of packages that  might help organizations move forward. I was reflecting back on some previous posts about engagement models, and was reminded of a more recent one. And I realized this has played out in a couple of ways. For each, my role was to lead the design. design strategy
    [Providers] TalentLMS For Android: The Content Downloader – Part 2, Integration
    As the user navigates between screens and provided that the device is online, Unit content, and Unit and Course metadata have to be continuously fetched and updated from both TalentLMS and third-party servers. Units that only support streaming content such as YouTube and Vimeo videos, also have the effect of pausing all downloads to free up bandwidth and provide smooth playback. Once the difficult task of developing and testing the Content Downloader was completed, integrating it into the existing app was straightforward. Content presentation. Downloading strategy. Queueing.
    [Providers] What Are Learning Organizations, and What Do They Really Do?
    To be a learning organization provides a competitive advantage: learning organizations are superior competitors, they have brand equity their competitors cannot match, and they attract and retain the best talent. Goldman Sachs: Its Pine Street learning center provides essential learning to a large segment of its managerial population on an ongoing basis. auto industry’s plight provides for all organizations a model of why continuous learning is so critical, and what can happen if learning is ignored or not pursued vigorously enough. And, in fact, many do. Greyhound Bus Co.
    [Providers] Discover how to Engage Learners with TopClass LMS at iNNOVATIONS 2017
    TopClass LMS is seamlessly integrated with iMIS engagement management system, to provide a flexible, comprehensive solution for education and certification programs for enhanced member engagement. The two-way, real-time integration allows associations to increase non-dues education and certification revenue by providing a seamless, engaging and personalized learning experience that ensures learners keep coming back to take more training. WBT Systems is proud to sponsor  iNNOVATIONS 2017 , hosted by Advanced Solutions International (ASI) in Orlando, Florida on March 8-9. We
    [Providers] No-Nonsense Employee Training: The Best Articles of This Week
    especially like her recognition of the importance of onboarding and providing a learning path. Read on for this week’s best articles from human resources and employee training experts. Every week, I read dozens of articles about management, human resources, and employee development. look for advice grounded in reality that small and large companies can easily use to help people engage, perform, and improve.  I’ve pulled the best ones from this week so you can get right to the good stuff. Creating Coaches. Read more. Beyond Training – The Importance of Workwide Learning.
    [Providers] How to Design Evergreen eLearning Content
    can be provided as a separate module. You invest a tremendous amount of time and effort into creating content for your online course. From the time you begin researching the subject to the day your course is finally ready for launch / delivery, you’ve likely spent countless hours – both individually and collectively, as a team of writers, designers, etc. Unfortunately, all that effort won’t pay dividends if all or part of the content becomes irrelevant after a single semester or redundant after just the initial delivery. Evergreening through Technology Choices.
    [Providers] Rocking Training Leadership: Personal Skills
    Can the end-users depend on you to provide them with training that matters? Are you willing to change paths when it is clear the path you are on will not provide the organization with the solution they need. However, you can help provide people with a working environment that makes job passion a priority. Last month began this series on Rocking Training Leadership. When organizations hire a person into a training leadership role, they are looking for that person to have a solid foundation of leadership competencies. We know this to be true. Dependable. Flexible. Adaptable.
    [Providers] Have You Thought of Video-based Training for Your Customers?
    Many organizations are already using videos as a medium to connect with customers, provide them support, and educate them on their products. Can you build a house by watching YouTube instructional videos? I am not talking of a tree house or a dog house. large, independent house like this one? Source: Inside Edition YouTube Channel. Cara Brookins, a mother of four from Arkansas did just that. Aided by her four kids, a small bank loan, and a big dream, she constructed the two-story, five-bedroom house by watching YouTube videos. Video-based-learning: The growing trend. Here are some ideas.
    [Providers] Virtual Instructors: Almost as Good as the Real Thing
    Further, VILT sessions coupled with other training elements provide a variety of learning outlets for enhanced engagement. In a virtual session, materials can be provided digitally via company intranet, email or over the virtual platform itself. The organization provides customer training using a virtual platform to build proficiency around its hardware and software. Connector points between e-learning modules, providing virtual face-to-face interactions among learners. This poor use of the tool gave VILT a bad reputation. Create Savings and Value . Reuse Learning.
    [Providers] Do Your Employees Understand How Business Works?
    The ultimate goal with BA101 is to “provide any organization with a scalable learning tool so that everyone in the company can be aligned in making the right business decisions.”. You’d think, by the time professionals enter the workforce they’d have mastered certain skills, like business acumen, but no. That’s why a vendor like Advantexe Learning Solutions, a business simulation-centric training company, announced the launch of a new and advanced virtual learning program, Business Acumen 101, or BA101, this month. You start with the simulation with no instruction,” Brodo said.
    [Providers] Growing From Knowledge-Based to Performance-Driven Learning
    Over the last 20 years, I’ve worked closely with hundreds of Learning and Development (L&D) organizations.  A consistent observation I’ve made is that the majority of learning deployed to organizations is purely knowledge-based.  In fact, many L&D professionals I’ve worked with report that 70% to 85% of the learning they provide their organizations is designed to only build knowledge. The learning must provide activities which allow the employee to practice the application of the knowledge in role-specific scenarios of increasing complexity.  Something’s got to give. 
    [Providers] Easy Access Reporting from Your OpenSesame Dashboard
    These activity reports provide you a detailed view of your training utilization on OpenSesame. Do you need to know: Who took courses? When courses were completed? How much time was logged by a specific learner in a course? Where to obtain completion certificates? You can easily access all of this and more via your OpenSesame dashboard. They can be viewed directly within your dashboard or exported to a.csv format for easy review in a spreadsheet (e.g. Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets).  . All activity reports showing information across all courses.  . read more here ).
    [Providers] How to Leverage Learning on the Job for Incredible Results
    You may want to do a quick workshop on how to write good emails or provide some online resources to help people assess their own work. That’s why you need a way to provide feedback and follow up. Learning while working can help employees improve faster. What has life taught you today? Maybe it’s something small like “don’t use the microwave after Joe has.” Or maybe it’s something more profound like “a few minutes of quiet in the morning helps me get more done.” Either way, if you think about it, life has taught you something today. Nice coincidence. At first, take small steps.
    [Providers] The Neuroscience of Self-directed Learning
    These methodologies are so simple, fast and robust they can be provided using a protocol similar to that used for reverse engineering top performance. The best talent is almost always deeply engaged and incredibly productive. Wouldn’t it be great if learning leaders could “clone” those people? Well, they can. There are two parts to being able to clone your people: the ability to reverse engineer the top performers to really understand what makes them extraordinary, and the ability to quickly and efficiently develop others to think and act like those top performers.
    [Providers] The A to Z of eLearning Acronyms Part 2
    Instructor Led Training is the practice of training and providing learning material between an instructor and learners, either individuals or groups. It gives you a higher level of analytics than an LMS can provide and from more sources. . The server only needs to provide whatever information the client needs to interact with the service. It generally describes the emotional reaction to the use of the system mainly in light of its ease of use or the satisfaction it provides. Yes, we did include an entry for the Z thanks to our CTO Des! LETSI. SCORM. XML  .
    [Providers] Keeping it Real - Ensuring Virtual Learner Success Through Assessment
    Last week in my blog we talked about keeping it about the people, interacting, providing opportunities to collaborate and how to hold learners accountable. The art in design is that of keeping learners accountable in authentic assessment that ensures students' success in the virtual classroom. We know learners attain more when given the ability to learn in authentic ways, but we believe that assessment is a key piece in the art of keeping learners accountable. Easy to say! Right? Virtual Classroom - Instructional Design 50 Modern Blended Learning Blogs Assessment
    [Providers] 8 Hallmarks of Top E-learning Development Companies
    You need to partner with a good technology-enabled learning solutions provider to make the most out of your outsourcing initiative. reputed e-learning services provider will have at least 5-8 years of experience developing online courses for companies. This experience will help the vendor understand your needs clearly, and needless to say, this goes a long way in providing the right online learning solution that meets your needs effectively. 2. This is possible as it generates its revenues only through providing custom e-learning solutions. 3. Qualification.
    [Providers] 5 Blended Learning Strategies That Actually Boost Engagement
    Conversely, if the blended strategy solely provides geographically dispersed employees the option to “learn at your own time”, groups of employees who might have occasion of working closely together later on, miss out on the opportunity of engaging with their peers during blended training sessions. By omitting engagement from training strategies, many companies fail to provide the “personal touch” in their initiatives; they implement training that is impersonal and “cold”. Missed “Engagements”. This takes away from invaluable engagement time. Flipped Classroom. Click To Tweet.
    [Providers] Support for moving forward
    And I’ve tried to price them so that they’re not too dear, too hard to get approval for, but provide maximum value for minimal investment. I have to admit I’ve been a bit surprised to see that movements towards improving elearning and learning strategy  haven’t had more impact. On the learning design side, e.g. the Serious eLearning Manifesto  and our Future of Work  project, it still seems there’s a focus on content presentation. And my question is: “why not?” ” So I’ve been trying to think what might be the barriers to move forward.
    [Providers] Decision trees vs. real life scenarios in e-learning
    Provide feedback. Decisions, decisions… When I was a kid I couldn’t wait to grow up and decide things on my own. Now that I’m an adult I sometimes wish to be just a child and let others take responsibility for all the decisions that have to be made. always think about the cost of a lost opportunity and the question about what if I chose something else lingers on the back of my mind every time I make a decision. And this is where decision trees come in handy. So let’s talk trees… decision trees. Most of the time it actually looks like an upside-down tree.
    [Providers] Managing Learning at your Association Annual Conference
    Association Adviser note that events, such as the association annual conference, enable members to “ connect with like-minded individuals in their industry and to grow their professional knowledge beyond their formal education “ In the post accompanying the poll results , they also outline how educational events can provide more value to both members and association staff. This leads to higher attendance and renewal rates, and ultimately an increase in non-dues revenue, which the association can re-invest in providing even better events and service to members.
    [Providers] Microlearning: What It Is and What It Isn’t
    We recommend using a 10-minute microlearning snippet to introduce a concept, a live meeting to elaborate on it, and a reinforcement game offered later (such as Knowledge Guru) to provide additional repetitions. Last month, we published the results from our 2017 Learning and Remembering Survey. In the survey, we asked respondents to tell us what learning trends or new training delivery methods they are most excited about for 2017. The number one answer?  Microlearning. 18% of respondents said they’re excited about microlearning for the year ahead. The Some use short videos.
    [Providers] Growth Engineering named #1 for Gamification… AGAIN!
    Here are just a few reasons: Pioneering Gamification in Learning with The Academy LMS. A lot of LMS providers added game mechanics to their otherwise yawnworthy learning platforms when they realised how engaging they can be. “Was there any doubt?” – Craig Weiss. It’s that time of year when Craig Weiss, human learning tech encyclopaedia, delivers the final word on what’s hot and what’s not in the world of learning platforms. After recently announcing his list of the top 5 LMSs overall, he’s just released his drill-down of the top 3 LMSs in mobile, social, video and gamification.
    [Providers] Stakeholder Alignment A Key to Realizing Program Benefits
    It is to provide a forum for the program manager to bring key issues and decisions to an informed, empowered body with a vested interest in that program’s success and that views the program manager as a trusted advisor and subject matter specialist. The vast majority of courses in project and program management present theory and the mechanics of managing a project or program. Hence, these courses are heavy on developing the skills to create a work breakdown structure (WBS), formulate a proper schedule, implement earned value management, etc. Richard A. Department of Homeland Security
    [Providers] Introduction to Microvideo
    For over 20 years, Lodestone has provided organizations education technology services including: public and private classes, video production, eLearning development and consulting. Today’s post was written by Josh Cavalier, the CEO of Lodestone.    . Lodestone is proud to be a preferred TechSmith training partner. You can learn more about Lodestone by visiting their website: [link]  . Josh Cavalier is an author, speaker, and microvideo expert, who empowers educators to use technology and media. You can follow him on Twitter at @JoshCav. What is a Microvideo? Cognitive Load.
    [Providers] Here’s a Time-Saving Tip for E-Learning Characters
    walk through the steps below, but the video provides more detailed instructions. Looking for just the right images is one of the most time-consuming activities we have when building our courses. It’s easy to get distracted and waste a lot of time. It’s gotten a lot easier over the years now that the software comes with professional templates and thousands of character poses. As I build courses, I often use the same characters and a few common poses. Which means I don’t need to always search through all of the poses available. And I suspect many of you do the same.
    [Providers] Go Beyond Badges And Leaderboards: 5 Examples Of Gamification In Corporate Training
    This is one of our latest portal-based solutions to provide our new joinees with an engaging induction and onboarding experience featuring a learning path woven with key information bits about the organization in the form of microlearning nuggets. For each stage, we have provided the learners with a different game. It challenges learners to perform tasks through a point system and provides hints at various stages. Provided hints to learners if they felt lost. Provided the learners with just-in-time support. and in turn, the U.S. Clear goals and rules of play.
  • ELEARNING 24-7  |  MONDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 2017
    [Providers] Top 3 #LMS 4 Video, Mobile, Social.
    Many of which provide details. Fun fact – The Top 50 2017 LMS Report is available for purchase. Makes a great gift for your or company or organization, etc.   See SAMPLE of the report. Speaking of fun facts, need help with finding the best system for you? Well, you can save $200 off thru March 17th with my LMS Service Package.  Contact me for more info. Okay, promotional items are complete.  Thank you. Da-Da-Da. If you were like me, you skipped your prom. Frito Pie.” ” The anticipation at these events are palpable.  Mobile. Social. Gamification. Video. Rest my case.
    [Providers] 2017 Predictions on Hot Trends & Rising Stars in Learning and Development
    In the annual 2017 Learning & Development Global Sentiment Survey led by Donald Taylor, 728 people from 52 countries provided feedback on what was hot in learning and development and these results were compared to the last few years’ surveys to analyze trends. As learning professionals, we are typically very good at looking back and reflecting on what has and hasn’t worked, drawing on past successes and – hopefully – avoiding repeating mistakes. But how good are we at accurately predicting developments in learning and development? Most representation (c. Table 1.  .  .
    [Providers] How Big Should a Knowledge Guru Game Be?
    The secret is to provide the right amount of content so your players get enough (but not too much) repetition. For an optimal game, provide at least six if you only have two categories or five per category if you have three or more categories. Include three contexts/scenarios within a game to provide ample practice. Customers frequently ask us, “How long will it take for someone to play a game?” The answer depends on how many questions you include in your game and how complex each question is to read and answer. Drive Game Size. Our target for high engagement = 3x/week.
    [Providers] How to Evaluate an E-learning Prototype
    In line with this, you would ask your instructional designer or the vendor handling your project to provide you with a prototype to assess how the final course will look. Before attempting anything new or purchasing something, it is human tendency to want to try out a sample. The same is the case with e-learning. When you are developing a course, you would first like to see a sample or prototype of the course, wouldn’t you? Evaluating the prototype will be an iterative process at the end of which, you will validate the design is acceptable and in accordance with your expectations.
    [Providers] How to Evaluate an E-learning Prototype
    In line with this, you would ask your instructional designer or the vendor handling your project to provide you with a prototype to assess how the final course will look. Before attempting anything new or purchasing something, it is human tendency to want to try out a sample. The same is the case with e-learning. When you are developing a course, you would first like to see a sample or prototype of the course, wouldn’t you? Evaluating the prototype will be an iterative process at the end of which, you will validate the design is acceptable and in accordance with your expectations.
    [Providers] How To Retain Great Talent: Hiring Is Only The Beginning
    Remember, your best workers aren’t in it for the money alone , so if you are considering ways to improve employee retention, providing incentives should be at the top of your list. Make sure you have the right people in the right positions in your organization , spend time with them regularly to hear their ideas and provide them with the right amount of praise. Great managers know that investing the proper amount of time with their teams provides great results for them, the teams and the entire organization. Great managers know that the best employees are volunteers.
    [Providers] Effectiveness of Corporate Learning and Development programs
    Provide learning options. Author Bio: Mark Jason is a professional designer who provides PPT design services in UAE. Corporate is a world where an individual or groups get united for a specific purpose. It is created by some legal authorities or department of laws. Corporate sector is the most growing sector in the world. It is getting change by globalization and technical advancement. Corporations have to go through from many new challenges and burning issues on daily basis. Corporate sector has to keep update itself from an inch of information. Improved Performance. Consistency.
    [Providers] Benefits of Learning Management Systems in Education
    With LMSs being a centralized source of learning, it becomes very easy to provide consistency both in delivering content for studying and evaluating student progression. These areas can then be improved in order to provide a smooth learning experience for students. Learning Management System is a software tool used to deliver content and resources to the end user. This method of learning management offers teachers or instructors a way to easily deliver material for studying, while at the same time helping them monitor participation and assess performance. Everything in One Place.
    [Providers] Becoming a Learning Culture: Competing in an Age of Disruption
    Essentially, managers should work with learners to set goals, clarify expectations, provide opportunities for application, and hold them accountable for making a difference. (This article was initially posted on the Hospitality eResources blog on February 7, 2017.). All industries are undergoing enormous change, mostly due to new technologies, globalization, and a very diverse workforce. For example, in the hospitality industry smartphones put scheduling and reservations at our fingertips, literally. Apps give us car services and meals on-demand – no waiting.
    [Providers] 3 Free Apps for Supporting Learning After Training Events
    Rather, we must embed continuous learning opportunities within the employee workflow and provide just-in-time support for those who need it. The most important part of training is what happens AFTER the training. Reality (aka science) dictates that people can only ingest and retain so much information, regardless of how well-designed a learning activity may be. Then, given the relative unpredictability of the modern workplace, employees may or may not have immediate opportunities to apply their new knowledge when they get back on the job. Mobile Learning 50 Modern Blended Learning Blog
    [Providers] Would your employees know how to respond instinctively to a terror threat or active shooter situation?
    For more information about how to provide daily training to your employees that will help them keep safety and other priority topics top of mind, read our White Paper: Microlearning – Small Bites. Like him or not, President Trump knows how to get people talking. Since his headline-making executive order on January 27 to ban travelers and refugees from 7 majority-Muslim countries, everyone from the average Joe to business and world leaders are all weighing in daily with their thoughts, questions, and ideas about terrorism. And it’s a top concern for many of the organizations we work with.
    [Providers] Visual Marketing
    Half a decade ago video took center stage in education and learning with the concept of flipped classrooms, distance learning and MOOC’s become relevant with numerous providers offering their expertise to “convert” to your legacy content to a fluid video format with distribution including via portals or LMS systems. Video Marketing has been traditionally thought to be conjoined with products, services or informing consumers about upcoming releases in connection to the first 2.
    [Providers] Adobe Captivate 8 – How to Create a Multiple Language Option e-Learning Course with Language re-set
    In this training video I illustrate how to create a Multiple Language e-Learning course with Language re-set option using Adobe Captivate 8.  I was delighted to find how to do this using Adobe Captivate 5.5 in an earlier training provided here in the Adobe e-Learning Community. However what I needed was a self contained course that allowed the language to be re-set using Adobe Captivate 8. Darrell McElmurry – Instructional Designer. Please find the link to this training video. Uncategorized Video Adobe Captivate 8 Multiple languages
    [Providers] Made to Stick: Introducing Authentic, Role-Based Simulation Games by Toolwire
    Instructors (85%) and students (84%) believe that Toolwire simulations support deeper learning by providing students the opportunity to “learn by doing”. Dynamic remediation provided by “virtual mentors”. Performance analytics that provide quantifiable outcomes related to essential soft-skills. According to a recent study, 7 of 10 employers believe that recent college graduates are unprepared in written and oral communication. growth in simulations and games over the next five years.  . Known as the Toolwire Business Simulation Games. Business Skills. Management.
    [Providers] How to save time by using an LMS?
    This is a huge time sink and can be eliminated with an automatic certification approach that an LMS provides. The automation features that an LMS provides increase efficiency and decrease manual effort. Your time is a precious commodity. Software allows us to perform more tasks, better, and more quickly. Learning Management System like LearnUpon has been specifically designed to allow organisations to create, deploy and track training in the most efficient manner possible. That design should help make your processes easier and less time consuming. Portals. Brand each in seconds.
    [Providers] The eLearning Automation Guide For eLearning Professionals
    Do you also need to provide your online learners with customized course content that caters to their goals? Through the power of algorithms, your eLearning course provides personalized content based on an online learner’s needs. These eLearning authoring tools also allow you to assess your online learners and provide immediate feedback. It can also provide immediate feedback and reveal the correct answer to the learner. It Provides You With More eLearning Data. Are you pressed for time? eLearning Automation: Definition, Tips, And Benefits.
    [Providers] Driving Performance Improvement Through Short-form Video Training
    Finally, organizations can provide the link to business results by using online videos that are part of a training library. Thanks to content providers like ej4, businesses across many industries are now using short-form video for refresh training. Organizations understand the need to train their employees, but there are a number of common challenges in designing the right training program. Two of the biggest issues are reinforcing formal learning on the job, and linking learning programs and outcomes back to business results. Performance, Business Results, and Short-form Videos.
    [Providers] 5 Tips for Effective 3D Simulations
    The customized 3D simulation provides your employees with enhanced interactivity. Promoting New Skills and Knowledge Description: 3D simulation is the only bridge that can connect both knowledge and skills – providing your learners the opportunity to utilize both in a single training session. Providing your employees a safe, virtual platform where they can train, benefits the employee and the company. The 3D simulation provides an immersive platform for learning a wide variety of non-training related content as well, such as company history, mission, policies and practices.
    [Providers] What is Intellectual Capital & Why Does it Matter
    You can provide a space for users to share their unique knowledge with other team members. A recent research paper  makes a very simple argument: financial capital fundamentally relies on intellectual capital. This simple statement has the potential to make an astounding difference to how we think about online learning. But what is intellectual capital? Where does it live, how does it work and more importantly, what can you do to make it work for you? Read on to find out how you can invest in intellectual capital and shape your company culture to get the most from it!
    [Providers] What Employees Love in Online Training Courses
    In case they want an extra challenge or need an additional explanation, both are provided with only a click. In order to stay motivated, your employees need to be completely immersed into the course, which is something online training provide numerous possibilities for. Whichever approach you choose at the end, remember that training’s are most effective when they provide learning opportunities that are based on experience. Thanks to all this, online-based learning environments provide a highly personalized approach to knowledge. Flexibility. Convenience.
    [Providers] 5 E-learning Solutions to Enhance Your Sales Training [Infographic]
    Customized e-learning solutions provide a variety of options to train your sales personnel. Sales personnel are the revenue generators of any organization. If the sales force is not equipped with adequate tools to showcase the company’s products or services, it would drastically affect the revenue-generating capacity of an organization. Sales personnel therefore, need up-to-date knowledge, on-demand, at critical times. How can this be done? Offering customized e-learning solutions is an effective solution. Hope it has given you some pointers on how to proceed with your sales training.
    [Providers] Next Gen L&D Professional Development Framework
    Agile Design Thinking- Agile provides a way that empowers L&D professionals to meet the newer demands of Learning leading to a more flexible and transparent learning design and development process. Workforce/HR Trends- Provide a functional perspective on changing roles and emerging workplace trends to watch out for. Changing Rubrics for L&D Drive Next Gen Capabilities. #1 Designing for constraints. Learners are seldom dumped with heaps of Learning content making it challenging for them to grasp and embed the 70 : 20 from it. Integration essential for effectiveness. Tweet.
    [Providers] How AR/VR is About to Change the Face of eLearning
    If your learners aren’t using the learning products provided to them, then your eLearning program is dead on arrival. So it mighta been a flash in the pan, but you were either living under a rock or on the moon if you didn’t hear about 2016’s sweeping phenomenon known as Pokemon Go. Its popularity and pervasiveness has obviously diminished, but it had explosive adoption around July 2016. The app used augmented reality (AR) to help users seek out, fight, and catch virtual Pokemon creatures in their nearby environments. The numbers show it too. million in the US alone. million in 2017.
    [Providers] This Learning ‘Project’ Is Not that Serious
    It provides a process-based solution in lieu of a project-based one. They may leverage the social platform offered through learning and development, but they provide the resources to sustain the strategy over the long term. While it’s important to continue to provide professional-grade project management, it also can be valuable to recognize when best practices will be insufficient or inefficient to meet stakeholder needs. For many learning and development organizations, the project model to get work done is pretty much the only model.
    [Providers] Is Learning a Real Profession?
    The three taken together provide a holistic view of an organization’s financial position and can be used to manage the organization throughout the year. One of the hallmarks of a profession is a standard language, an agreed-upon framework for measures and common processes. For instance, accounting has a common language, agreed-upon measures, statements and processes. Accountants have four basics types or categories to organize their hundreds of measures. You will recognize these as revenue (or income), expense (or cost), assets and liabilities. What does learning have that is comparable?
    [Providers] The CLO Succession Plan
    Then the company has a few more options and a good way to provide continuity.”. Another good way to maintain some sense of permanence in the midst of a CLO transition is to have some sort of decision-making organization within the function that shares power with the learning executive. “It helps in a case like that to have a board of governors or another governing body because that provides another source of continuity,” Vance said. “I think that’s really encouraging for my direct reports. This From the Vault article was originally published on CLOmedia.com in February 2008.
    [Providers] Software Courses Sell Really Well
    For example, I once provided some consulting for  SolidProfessor.com and they built a very successful company creating training around engineering software. Many people like the idea of creating and selling an online course but what isn’t so clear is all the time is what that course should be about! Sure it is fun to creating courses around your passion but not every passion is a viable (profitable) niche. That’s why it is worth considering course topics that always seem to sell. Things like professional training for an industry, language learning , and software courses.
    [Providers] Pop the Clutch How to Kick-Start the First Quarter of 2017
    The discipline of this validation exercise provides a forum for collaboration among business units, partnerships and coaching and sets a standard for healthy pipeline management for the rest of the year. Managing pipeline discipline at the start of the year provides a clear direction to reach revenue goals with the right effort, the right resources and the right to celebrate at the end of the year Finally, they set targets, often with sky-high anxiety levels for many salespeople, who think, “Will the revenue I expect from my prospect materialize?” By what day? At what cost?
    [Providers] 5 Tips for Virtual Training Success
    In this blog, we will provide you five tips to help make your virtual training a success. Virtual training sessions can be successful, provided adequate preparation goes into them. Many organizations are now choosing virtual training to train their globally dispersed employees and keep them on par with latest industry trends. Virtual training involves a ‘virtual’ classroom where an instructor or facilitator trains people not physically present in the classroom but in remote locations. So it is possible to train a large number of employees at the same time. Tip # 1. Tip #2. Tip #4.
    [Providers] How to Get Management Buy-In for Your Employee Training Programs
    Be prepared to provide examples comparing the benefits of e-learning to traditional learning. As a training professional, you are convinced about the powerful benefits of e-learning. However, the decision of using e-learning for corporate training may not be solely in your hand.  The top management needs to be convinced. Their approval is of utmost importance in order to start the initiative at the workplace. Unless the e-learning option aligns with the management strategy and long-term objectives, there is no reason to push it forward. Expect resistance from the leadership.
    [Providers] Game Development: A Designer Perspective
    The added analytics feature of mLevel provides invaluable information for the developer and I was able to easily determine which questions were the most difficult for the learner. As a second semester, part-time student enrolled in the Master of Science in Instructional Technology program at Bloomsburg University, I recently completed a course named “Gamification”, taught by Dr. Karl Kapp. Structured in a weekly online environment, our class was granted access to use the highly engaging cloud-based eLearning platform mLevel to enhance our course learning. Explore Activities.
    [Providers] The A to Z of eLearning Acronyms
    We thought that it would be a great resource for both those new to and those well versed in the eLearning industry to provide a comprehensive list of acronyms. An example of this is the reduction of support tickets by providing training to your customers on your product via your LMS. list of most often asked questions from learners provided to all to reduce the repetition of answering the same questions in the future. HTML5 technology provides many tools urgently needed to fill the gap left by the decline of Flash. eLearning can be a needlessly complicated subject.
    [Providers] New Amazon Chime for Online Meetings
    The point is that the flexibility of WordPress means that LearnDash isn’t going to lock you into a specific online meeting or collaboration provider. One question we often receive from people who are looking into using LearnDash as their LMS is if there is the ability to faciltiate online instruction or meetings. For live webinars and conferencing any platform that integrates with WordPress can be used in conjunction with LearnDash. Popular platforms include GoToMeeting, Skype, AnyMeeting, BigBlueButton, and GoogleHangouts. There is also a direct integration with WizIQ. ed tech
    [Providers] Valentine’s Day: Rekindle the Love for Learning using E-learning
    As an employer, it’s recommended you give your employees the choice to explore areas of their interest and provide exposure to roles and responsibilities based on their skills and talents. Children have a naturally inquisitive tendency to learn continuously. As they grow and get into jobs, various responsibilities take up their time and other factors come in the way of learning. Yet, some continue their learning along with other things, others turn weary and indifference sets in. We all know learning never ends; it is an activity of a lifetime. Learning with a Purpose.
    [Providers] The 6 Benefits of ePortfolios and How To Create Them
    Without regular assessment , ePortfolios will fail to provide their potential benefits to the organization. The purposes of ePortfolios are many and varied. They work very nicely as compelling digital resumes. They are also effective marketing tools that can attract prospective employers for commenting and feedback. For each ePortfolio purpose, the design should be distinct and unique. In this article, we’ll talk about training ePortfolios, their purposes and their benefits to the eLearner. What is an ePortfolio. training ePortfolio is much more than a list or a number.
    [Providers] Meta-Learning Tools?
    This provides the opportunity is to accelerate the process. I wrote an article for Jane Hart’s Modern Workplace Learning magazine, triggered by my thought that in her tools survey, I didn’t see a lot about a certain set of reflection (c.f. last weeks posts on diagramming) and experimentation tools: meta-learning tools. In particular, for the latter, I wondered about what there was to track your own learnings. And Jane commented to me that she knew of one, and I was reminded of more. And I think this could become an interesting area. And our success. meta-learning strategy
    [Providers] 4 Stages of Falling in Love with your LMS
    It becomes a trusted partner with a shared goal of providing a supportive and enjoyable learning experience for our members as they embark on their journey of professional growth and development. We begin to learn more about the LMS’ capabilities and together work to face and overcome challenges of providing instruction to our learners. You want to provide an intuitive, easy-to-use experience, so make sure that the LMS is designed for easy navigation, with a course catalog that is easily filtered and searchable. Stage One: Falling in Love. NEA Member Benefits.
    [Providers] Why Adults Should Love Game-Based Learning
    Provide tutorials for online games and provide clear directions and a guided start to games done in a live environment. I’m publishing this blog on Valentine’s Day, a day that is supposed to be all about love. This blog is about love, but not the romantic type. Instead, think about a hobby or activity  that you love. Kids, for example, might love to play soccer or love to play video games like Minecraft. These types of games and activities keep children engaged, often for hours at a time. The bottom-line: kids love to play games. Pre-order Book. Make it mandatory.
    [Providers] Digitize Instructor-Led Training Sessions To Increase Employee Engagement And Performance
    You can create learning paths featuring microlearning nuggets (for blended delivery) and integrate social learning features to provide higher impact learning. You can use eSpace to: Provide access to a single source for material for instructor-led training sessions. Provide control to instructors. In addition, the tool: Provides higher learner involvement and ensures active learner participation. Provides an easy approach to maintain documentation, preserve it, and keep it accessible online. Provides easy revision of the information. Blended learning.
    [Providers] Why You Need More User-Generated Content in Your Training Program
    But simply providing channels for UGC misses a big opportunity for on the job learning.   Hit-and-miss conversations around the office may result in insights every now and then, but sharing between employees is most powerful when it’s focused on solving a problem. Staff training can be created by and for employees with user -generated content. You may have heard a lot about user-generated content (UGC) with respect to marketing. Employees create training content for their peers to learn from. It’s usually stored and searchable online. Management challenges keep UGC in the background.
    [Providers] How to Get the Perfect Lighting for Video
    Kits with included stands are much better for quickly setting up lighting and generally provide higher total light output. Often these lights have a few switches on the back to control the number of lit bulbs, which provides a greater level of control over your total output. The key light should be brightest of the three and provides the bulk of light to your subject. If you’re just starting out, lighting for video can be tricky. There is a big difference in how our eyes perceive light compared to a camera lens. Step 1: Prepare for the shoot. Budget. Mid Range. High End.
    [Providers] How to Build a Great Relationship with Your Subject Matter Experts
    Be respectful of their time, especially if they’re not working on the project and only providing assistance. Do some research and pre-work that helps them not have to provide all of the content. This is part two of the series on working with subject matter experts when building e-learning courses. In the previous post, we looked at how to set expectations and some simple project management tips. also shared a link to the free e-book, Essential Guide to Working with Subject Matter Experts. always take a short term and long term view. good relationship proves valuable.
    [Providers] Why the Best Leaders Never Lower the Bar
    If you are going to keep the bar high it’s important you provide people the freedom they need to perform at their best. The pressure was on. The ‘critical tasks’ list had piled up for the whole team and the deadline was quickly approaching. It It seemed every single day the last three weeks were mission critical. It was late afternoon when I took a quick break to observe my team. What I saw was the opposite of a team motivated by our looming deadline. My first reaction was to micromanage by restating the importance of our deadline, but I knew my team well at this point. That Leadership
    [Providers] Educating a Society of Hackers
    Instead of a true or false test, let users choose from a variety of options and then provide applicable feedback for each one. If you’re reading this right now, chances are you’re an experienced hacker. You may not be a coding wiz or even particularly knowledgeable about computers, but if you’ve ever used a clever shortcut to accomplish something in an unconventional way, then you’ve successfully employed a “hack.” Ever used old food containers to store your non-food items? Or placed your phone in a cup to amplify the sound? Congratulations! You’re a hacker.
    [Providers] Help Authoring: Adding Flare to Your Work
    All in all, the Report Editor is an easy-to-use feature that can quickly provide valuable information to help you manage your projects. by Neil Perlin. MadCap Flare is a tool used to create online Help, software and API documentation, policy and procedure manuals, knowledge bases, and user guides. It's  It's loaded with powerful features that may be unfamiliar if you’re new to the tool or haven’t taken  a class. This column introduces those features to show you how to use Flare to its full potential. Generating Project Reports. Give it a try. Madcap Flar
    [Providers] Taking Leadership in a New Direction at Western Union
    The new program, Guide.Performance.Succeed, or GPS, requires leaders to be more hands-on in team development by setting clear expectations, providing regular real-time feedback, and holding their people — and themselves — accountable for meeting talent development goals. American money transfer company Western Union has thrived for more than 160 years by constantly looking for ways to reinvent itself. It began as a telegraph service in the 1850s and grew into a financial service company with more than 11,000 employees working in 58 countries, generating $5 billion in annual revenue.
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