[Providers] Some items re: creativity and how to promote it
    Below I provide 5 reasons why storytelling should be used more frequently in the workplace. 'Opening minds to critical knowledge on play, creativity and learning — from Cultures of Creativity (foundation research) — from Cultures develop when people find ways to play, make, and share. Cultures of Creativity, nurturing creative mindsets (video)  — from Creativity is one of the most important competencies of the 21st Century. Yet, the puzzling question is how to nurture it? these resources on Twitter. Author).
    [Providers] Challenge One – #LearningLive Inspire session #mlearning
    'As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve recently spoken at Learning Live on the subject of ‘mobile learning’ Whilst I appreciate that many people attend conferences to gain an insight into the ‘ethereal’, strategic thinking of others, I’m a big fan of providing people with I call ‘ Monday morning quick wins’ , ideas and activities that can be put into effect the Monday morning after a conference with no need for businesses cases, project charters, sign offs or IT involvement. Challenge One. Any YouTube videos? Blog posts? Podcasts?
    [Providers] How to View Virtual Classroom Offering Attendance Reports
    'Our partner in Virtual Classroom Offering provides attendance information back to our LMS for each user attending each session. Overnight, this information is passed to our LMS and your offering attendance will be updated automatically based on the settings for your course (you set percentage of time user must be connected for a PASS status to be generated). But occasionally, you may have need to check the actual report and time recorded for each user
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    [Providers] Top 8 FREE Open Source LMSs
    Some of the free open source systems nowadays have a psuedo-turnkey, which provides a really basic look and feel platform that if you wanted do – could be launched in short order. 'Everyone loves free, especially with software. Free software should be in a class by itself, because it often rumbles into three areas: 100% free with no watermarks, limited features/capabilities. 100% free but with limited features (if you want those gone you pay for it). Especially, people seeking a LMS. Criteria. To be considered in these rankings each system must. Offers plugins, add-ons. Why not.
    [Providers] Think Like an Engineer & MOOCify (Prof Mushtak Al-Atabi)
    Think Like an Engineer provides many examples on how his unique techniques (and passion) has worked with transforming the mindset of especially Asian and Malaysian students, which I find more relevant and contextualized than reading how successful people like Steve Jobs has created a dent in the Universe. but the quality and personal touch he provides by every day engaging with students using various tools on OpenLearning , especially through chat.Makes his courses second to none! Click here to discover more about him and his exceptional work. So, why this book?
    [Providers] #LearningLive Inspire session – Mobile Learning
    This Inspire session will answer all of the above questions whilst providing you with some ‘quick wins’ to enable you to go straight back to your organisation and start implementing some solutions. Provide help. 'Earlier this week I was fortunate to speak at the Learning Live conference in London. My session was part of an ‘Inspire’ series that had been running throughout the 2-day event. Each speaker was asked to speak for 15 minutes on a small stage at the side of the exhibition/refreshment area during the various networking breaks that took place.
    [Providers] Shocking behaviour
    I''m working through the alphabet of psychologists and theorists, providing a brief overview of each theory, and how it can be applied in education. 'This is number 29 in my series on learning theories. Previous posts in this series are all linked below. My most recent post examined Stanley Milgram''s concept of Six Degrees of Separation. Another of Milgram''s experiments led to a theory of compliance, more generally referred to as obedience to authority. Many of the accused war criminals during the Nuremberg War Crime trials had explained that they were ''just following orders''.
    [Providers] eLearning partnership spreads knowledge and awareness to prevent Ebola
    Registration takes only one minute to complete and provides immediate access to over 300+ online courses, recorded webinars, videos, and other resources. Upon learning of the Ebola Awareness Quick Guide,  LINGOs  requested to put the course on its own platform so that its 80+ International NGO members could provide it to their staff via the same site as their other organizational learning, and track staff access of this resource. We are very happy to share these two courses with LINGOs” said Bob Nutting, Director of Learning at
    [Providers] Effectively Leading Through Change Initiatives
    This may seem obvious, but the problem we often encounter is that we provide training based on the current needs of the organization, rather than based on the future needs of the organization after change initiatives have occurred. 'A common phrase used in business is “the more things change, the more they stay the same.” Or stated in other terms, the only constant in business is change. There is little doubt that the most successful businesses are adept at managing change. One of the most important elements of change management is how to manage people in a rapidly changing organization.
    [Providers] eLearning vs Classroom Training—How Different Are They?
    To be successful, therefore, the instructor needs to be socially present, provide clear instructions as to how students should participate in discussions, and be ready to intervene if discussions are inappropriate or not occurring. 'Just 15 years ago, eLearning was an experimental way of teaching very technical subjects. Today, educators across all fields use online training to teach just about anything; it would be difficult to find a school or training department that does not incorporate eLearning into its programs in some way. The role of the instructor also differs. 4) Time.
    [Providers] Abstracts of Three Meta-Analysis Studies of Serious Games
    However, the results provide strong evidence of publication bias in simulation games research. 'A meta-analysis is a study of studies. It is a way of aggregating research data to make informed conclusions rather than relying on the data of one study. Here are three abstracts from three different studies.Games for learning do have merit but they are not a blanket panacea. Like any good instructional method, they have to be used intelligently and in conjunction with other instructional elements to be effective for learning. Abstract One from. Wouters, P., van Nimwegen, C., 2013, February.
    [Providers] presentation on eLearning and #mobile influences for #ICT4D
    It was a wonderful talk thanks to all the input and questions the attendees shared, and the wonderful facilitation provided by Holger Hank and his team. 'Sharing a presentation I gave for the Deutsche Welle Akademie in Bonn, Germany. The questions were multiple, and gladly sharing those that are posed frequently. One of the reoccurring challenges in every type of online learning (elearning, mooc, mobile.) The more specific the course description is, the higher the success rate for attracting the right learner profiles. the connected learner as superlearner: is it a myth or a reality?
    [Providers] Our mutual friends
    I''m gradually working through the alphabet of psychologists and theorists, providing a brief overview of each theory, and how it can be applied in education. Learning within a highly connected community of practice provides learners with new vistas, greater scope for exploration, and access to dialogue at the highest level in their field of study. 'This is number 28 in my series on learning theories. Previous posts in this series are all linked below. My most recent post explored Jack Merizow''s Transformative Learning theory. What a small world we live in'' you remark. Watts, D.
    [Providers] The Unsung Tech Hero: iPod Classic
    have my Classic in the car during the week so I can listen to something I want (without the inane and annoying radio DJ dribble/banter), and it’s in the kitchen plugged in to the stereo at the weekend providing background music and a lively environment. 'I’ve had (and still got, somewhere) an iPod Mini, iPod Nano, iPod Touch, and my iPod Classic. Why am I still favouring the unpopular Classic over the other more fashionable or stylish iPods. Easy … storage. And Apple have killed it off. And my Classic makes this happen. There’s nothing wrong with it. Do
    [Providers] Learning Engineering
    While the intention was not to provide coverage of learning science, several points emerged at one point or another as research-based outcomes to be desired. 'Last week I had the opportunity to attend the inaugural meeting of the Global Learning Council. While not really global in either sense (little representation from overseas nor from segments other than higher ed), it was a chance to refresh myself in some rigor around learning sciences. And one thing that struck me was folks talking about learning engineering. And this sounds like a good thing, with some caveats. The list goes on.
    [Providers] The What, Where, How, Why and When of Gathering Actionable Feedback
    One of the most frequent frustrations I hear from instructors is that the comments students provide on the evaluation forms are vague, irrelevant and too few in number. 'The What, Where, How, Why and When of Gathering Actionable Feedback. by Matt Champagne. Note: The Kirkpatricks became aware of Matt''s work with the introduction of his book, The Survey Playbook. They found the advice to be effective as well as practical to apply, serving as good real-world advice for surveys that get the information you need. One says, “How you doin’?”
    [Providers] When Remembering Really Matters: The Power of Serious Games for Learning (Free Webinar)
    And since everything we do is grounded in research, they’ll provide recent research on games and case studies that demonstrate how games can be used for learning. 'How confident are you that learners really remember what they learn from training delivered in your organization? Research has shown time and time again that remembering is hard and forgetting is easy. So how do you combat this all-to-common problem with training? That’s what this webinar is all about. then you can’t afford to miss the information in this webinar. Click here to register now! Register anyway.
    [Providers] Strategies for Making the Transition from Instructor-Led Training to a MOOC
    To help students work through the materials on their own, provide plenty of navigation signposts, along with a welcome page or orientation video explaining how everything will work. These assessments increase engagement and provide a way for learners to judge their progress long the way. 'So, you have decided to replace, or at least supplement, some of your instructor-led training (ILT) with a massive open online course (MOOC). Great! Now what? Moving from traditional ILT to a MOOC is not as simple as just putting your current learning resources online. Learn from the data.
    [Providers] Benefits of the Cloud LMS – Is it the future of Learning Management Systems?
    Cloud LMSs also provide increased reach across the global landscape that most organizations have. This increases efficiencies within the organization as well as improves the learning experience by providing ease of use. With the Cloud Learning Management System, it is possible to create a different ‘LMS’ for each small group and provide a personalized learning experience. Cloud-based solutions may be the next Big Thing of the decade – considering the flexibility and cost savings they provide. The following graph shows the percentage impact of several factors.
    [Providers] Apple Watch – Real Possibilities for Employee Performance Support and Learning
    So what does the Apple watch provide that other devices and smartwatches have not been able to till date? Other wearable devices such as Google Glass possibly provide more features and application; however Apple watch is likely to have a higher adoption rate as it is a mainstream accessory supported by a app ecosystem, design desirability and the relatively affordable price point. Apple watch (and other smartphones) provide instant access to information, alerts and ability to take immediate action. 'The much rumoured and much awaited Apple watch is out today. Use cases.
    [Providers] What if things move *significantly* towards “Show me what you can *do*”…?
    Anyway, such a shift could open doors for new “providers” such as:  . The variety of scorecards now available, for instance, means students and their parents have much better and more granular measures of quality than accreditation provides. Meanwhile, Udacity is partnering with Google, AT&T, and other technology firms in an “Open Education Alliance” to provide top-level technical skills. I don’t have data on this, but my mental picture of these things is that such initiatives have had a limited impact, at least so far. . – from
    [Providers] 10 Things Successful eLearning Professionals Do Differently
    Instead of delivering information to learners through the course alone, they think how they can provide content periodically to help students synthesize information. Providing context and perspective while compressing information to just the most essential in order to save time. 'eLearning professionals need to raise the bar and reset their expectations if their learners are to consider courses worthwhile. The following ten points are things we have found successful eLearning professionals do differently. They Make it a Goal to Learn About Their Audience. They Focus on Quality.
    [Providers] Designing Your Career: Reality Checks and Evolving Into Experimentation
    They may provide you with additional ideas and information or point out holes in your thinking. .  . ' . This is the next in an ongoing series of posts  I''m doing about how to use design thinking in your career. . When we last left off in the Designing Your Career series, we had entered the Ideation phase where we talked about how to brainstorm potential ideas for experimentation. In this post we''re going to discuss how to do a "reality check" on your ideas and how to begin evolving your thoughts for the next phase, Experimentation. . Reality Check. Brainstorm new solutions.
    [Providers] Bloomfire Helps LIVESTRONG Foundation Unite Employees and Volunteers in Improving the Lives of People Affected by Cancer
    Their iconic yellow LIVE STRONG wristbands, more than 87 million in circulation, symbolize the organization’s efforts to provide free services to cancer patients and survivors while advocating policies that improve their quality of life. 'The LIVE STRONG Foundation is one of world’s most successful and influential nonprofit organizations dedicated to improving the lives of people affected by cancer. The Austin-based organization has served more than 2.5 million people affected by cancer and raised more than $500 million to support cancer survivors. The Challenge. The Solution.
    [Providers] When CEs Aren’t Enough: How to Engage and Empower Learners
    Why is that and what can continuing education providers do to make their offerings more appealing and fulfilling for their learners? believe the majority of CE providers are missing an opportunity to engage and empower learners. Don’t settle for just providing training that meets CE requirements, strive for engagement that empowers and motivates learners to test their skills and enables them to “fail forward” in a safe environment. He can obtain his CEs by attending meetings, reading journals, and taking instructor-led or online classes. They were learning by doing.
    [Providers] Let’s get rid of the instructors!
    However, I can also see that if an employer found itself in court because one of its employees sexually harassed one of his colleagues, it would want to demonstrate that it had provided sufficient training to that individual. 'The title of my previous post, Let’s get rid of the instructional designers! was a tongue-in-cheek reference to a radical view of instructional design. think it would be safe to say that the vast majority of us in the L&D profession do not advocate the riddance of instructional designers. Ergo, xMOOCs are bad. When the learner is a novice. But oh no!
    [Providers] Integrating a Specialized eLearning Course and LMS
    Provide web-based information about the purpose of the program prior to log-in. Provide a secure, personalized certificate. 'Organizations frequently need to train and certify external target audiences in a specific subject matter area. They need to deliver a custom eLearning experience, an on-line assessment and a certificate of completion, usually for compliance purposes. In many cases, these organizations and their targeted learners do not have a common learning platform established to deliver and track eLearning. Have a dedicated web address.
    [Providers] 9 Must-Consider Topics When Designing Partner or Reseller Training
    Beyond providing wholesale discounts, financial rewards or other perks, ask these top-producers to be your subject matter experts (SMEs) for other resellers. Provide clear instructions on who to call when, how to escalate issues, how/who to engage for specific types of questions, and where to find needed information on your website. 'Online training is an effective way to arm your partners and value-added resellers with knowledge. It’s scalable—you can train thousands at once while retaining your own corporate brand in the training materials. Convey the Company Culture.
    [Providers] Training Reboot: Assessing Your Company’s MOOC Readiness
    But, if you have a large number of geographically diverse learners who need consistent, standardized training, MOOCs can provide huge benefits. MOOCs particularly excel at providing performance support and just-in-time training for learners on the go. 'Your training programs need a reboot. You need to train more learners and get them up to speed faster, and you need to do it on what seems like an ever-tightening budget. Massive open online courses (MOOCs) are potentially an excellent solution to help you meet your training goals. But is your company ready? All Rights Reserved.
    [Providers] Exploring the Concept of “Self-Explanation Questions”
    1)      Provides the doctor with an opportunity to give you more details. 'One way to help ensure deeper understanding of content by learners is to drill into their thinking behind their multiple choice answers. This technique is called “self-explanation.”. In this technique, the learner is required to review a worked out step. The learner is asked to answer a question about the next step or the current step in a process and then identify the underlying principle, concept or rationale behind the step.  Question. 1)      Yes, the contraindications need to be monitored? References. rd Ed.
    [Providers] Adapting eLearning for Mobile: Learning from Wonderful Mistakes by Paul Clothier
    providing learning content for. 'For many companies, adapting eLearning content for use on smartphones is a first small step in. mobile (mLearning). While redesign is always the best option, this article digs into deeper levels of. adaptation and offers. detailed guidance on ways to create effective mLearning from existing materials. And remember: Mistakes are your friends. Design Strategies Instructional Design Mobile Learning Training Strategies
    [Providers] Humanize Your eLearning Courses or Risk Losing Learners
    Online discussion forums and video links are great opportunities for learners to communicate and provide feedback to each other. 'eLearning is a valuable tool in education. Whether the goal is training or professional development, even complete college degrees, eLearning is here and here to stay. This begs the question, how can we ensure that we maximize the potential of those who are engaged in eLearning? Certainly, if there is content we expect people to learn, we want that content to “stick” in their minds and to be something they can recall later. Put Learners At the Center.
    [Providers] The Miracle Foundation Accelerates Team Development Overseas with Bloomfire
    Bloomfire provides them with self-paced learning programs that they can complete online. 'The Miracle Foundation transforms the lives of orphan children and empowers them to reach their full potential by revolutionizing the way orphanages are run, funded, and managed. Founded in 2000, this rapidly growing nonprofit organization based in Austin, Texas works to improve the international standard of orphan care. The Miracle Foundation currently supports more than 600 children living in orphanages in rural India, and has exciting plans for expansion in the next year. The Challenge.
    [Providers] The Miracle Foundation Accelerates Team Development Overseas with Bloomfire
    Bloomfire provides them with self-paced learning programs that they can complete online. 'The Miracle Foundation transforms the lives of orphan children and empowers them to reach their full potential by revolutionizing the way orphanages are run, funded, and managed. Founded in 2000, this rapidly growing nonprofit organization based in Austin, Texas works to improve the international standard of orphan care. The Miracle Foundation currently supports more than 600 children living in orphanages in rural India, and has exciting plans for expansion in the next year. The Challenge.
    [Providers] Dipsticks: [53] Efficient ways to check for understanding [Finley]
    Provide your teacher/classmates with the link to your mind map. 'Dipsticks: Efficient ways to check for understanding – from by Todd Finley. Excerpts/some ideas: Talk Show Panel. Have a cast of experts debate the finer points of _. Classroom TED Talk. Podcast. Play the part of a content expert and discuss content-related issues on a podcast, using the free Easypodcast. Illustration. Draw a picture that illustrates a relationship between terms in the text. Explain in one paragraph your visual representation. Summary Poem Activity. Invent the Quiz. Mind Map. Exit Slip.
    [Providers] Recording Skype and Google Hangout Video Calls
    d highly recommend that you provide your guest with a web camera that will provide a higher quality video stream. 'As a video creator, especially with screencasts, I am always looking for ways to enhance my content and improve the engagement of my viewers. One way is to introduce video of a subject matter expert or key person into the video. Unfortunately, I can’t always go onsite or the person is located too far away where I can capture video of them. With technology like Skype and Google Hangouts though, I don’t have to. Free PDF with related tips at the end of this post!).
    [Providers] 3 ways of creating video-based online learning: An e-learning perspective
    This client’s chosen training medium had always been the classroom environment, which is definitely a strong platform to impart communication skills because it provides opportunities for close social and inter-personal interactions. To overcome these limitations and provide the learners with a continuous learning experience, we created an online/on-demand library of modules that extends and expands learning beyond the walls of the classroom. It also provided practical know-how on the actual workings of many machines. Short video-based learning nuggets. Animated videos.
    [Providers] Ideal Learning Event
    In fact one executive’s described the ideal learning event as occurring within five to ten minutes of realizing the need, customized to the situation, and providing just the right “trick” or insight needed to perform a specific task. The learning team at Novartis has created a series of 8-10 minute modules to provide their sales representatives with just the right knowledge at just the right time. The training and development team at Novartis creates modules of no more than seven or eight screens complete with a quiz to provide instruction and assessment of the 10 minute module.
    [Providers] New release of easygenerator
    Since  users came very  close to identifying the right answer but didn’t use the correct word, we now provide  the learner more direction for the right answer with a drop down word list. 'New release of easygenerator. As promised we will  roll-out a new release every two months with new and improved functionality. We just released the latest edition of easygenerator with new features that help you create courses fast and easy: Content item. This is what other software calls a slide. For easygenerator  the term  is  too limiting, since you can embed rich media like YouTube  very easily.
    [Providers] Why My 8-Year Old May Be Smarter Than Your HR Dept.
    As L&D struggles to provide access to meaningful opportunities and tools, we always need to keep realistic expectations for our audience in mind. 'Like many 8-year old girls my daughter Hayden is fascinated, even obsessed with horses. Because we live in the ‘burbs in a cookie-cutter master-planned no horses allowed kinda community, the odds of her getting a horse of her own are nil. Hayden understands the practical barriers to horse ownership, but the heart wants what it wants. She relentlessly pursued them with curry comb in hand to brush their pathetic excuses for manes.
    [Providers] eLearning Book Review: The Accidental Instructional Designer
    Cammy’s book does a great job of providing practical tips on how to improve collaboration with the expert. Check: discuss the process and roles, establish yourself as an “ISD expert,” agree to a schedule (good luck with that one), make sure your deliverables are visual, and provide leadership by educating the expert on good design (context, chunking, concise). The book also covers the instructional design ABC’s quite well and provides the “digital age” perspective we so badly need. Cammy doesn’t mince words when discussing ADDIE on pg. to meet deadlines. Double Check.
    [Providers] Machinima?
    Certainly if you can expand or contract the scale, so you’re seeing it at the necessary level of detail, not the only real one that video can provide. 'As a fan of comics and animations (read: cartoons) in learning, I was pleased to see a small mention of comics in a twitter discussion (triggered by this post ). When I lauded the claim, I was asked what I think of machinima , and I had to think for a bit. My feelings are mixed, so it’s probably worth it to think them through out loud. Similarly, their speed can range from quite slow to pretty fast. What are your thoughts
    [Providers] Learning Should Be Easy: Performance Support Delivers When Needed  
    An Electronic Performance Support System (EPSS) provides a company with the greatest potential to make an impact on performance. With the right strategy and execution, an EPSS can bring order to the disarray of resources dispersed across multiple systems and repositories to provide immediate access to just what’s needed. 'Yesterday, I was leaving my sister’s house when I saw a peacock walking down the street. peacock walking down the street in central Pennsylvania? Once I was confident, I reached for my phone. How many “peacocks” cross your path during your work day?
    [Providers] Tips for Successful Relationships with Learning Solutions Development Providers by William West
    'The commitment to outsourcing means risking your reputation and success if not done right the first time. How do you spot a vendor’s weaknesses? How do you identify a mismatch before it’s too late? What about. pricing? Here are the tips you need in this situation. Design Strategies Development Strategies Management Training Strategies
    [Providers] How B Corps Just Might Eliminate the Foolishness of Maximizing Shareholder Return
    Whilst I remain proud of the book — and my thanks to those who have bought it, and provided positive feedback to me directly — in hindsight there are certain elements I would subtract and add now that I can look back on it, two years since I finished the writing. ” Add in our commitment to the Customers First program while — still, one might argue — becoming the global leader amongst all telecom service providers since 2000 with a total shareholder return of 286 per cent, outpacing the number two incumbent by 110 percentage points. What is a B Corp?
    [Providers] Designing a Product Launch Curriculum
    If your learners need to assemble equipment, for instance, have them learn about it in prelaunch – and practice as much as possible – but the real assembly often is best performed in person, where real-time coaches can provide feedback. This is a great time to provide further application and practice opportunities—new scenarios or actual customers. 'This is an excerpt from Nancy Harkness’ new white paper, Learning Solutions and Your Product Launch: The Secret to Success. Here is a section on designing product launch curriculums: Designing the curriculum. Prelaunch training. Tools.
    [Providers] A List of Brain-based Strategies to Create Effective eLearning
    There are a few approaches designers can use to create effective eLearning courses: Pre-exposure — providing hints about the learning topics days, weeks, or months in advance. 'There is a simple way to design effective eLearning courses about any subject: brain-based learning. This instructional approach was defined by Hileman in 2006 and has since inspired many “brain compatible designers” — those who seek to understand the principle and reasoning behind their teaching. Many use a variety of media types that help students think visually, kinesthetically, and phonetically. B.A.S.E.D.,
    [Providers] 4 Tips to Writing eLearning Scripts That Sing
    In a recent article in T+D magazine, author Cammy Bean provides several tips on scriptwriting that really resonate with me. They provide symmetry and order which, like great art, we are naturally drawn to. The chorus in a great song provides a transition between the verses. 'If you’re getting started on a new script for an eLearning course, you probably aren’t planning to create a “musical” experience. But maybe you should. great song is relatable, the lyrics that get stuck in your head and you can recite them years later. Make it human” — Bean. ” Yuck. Awkward.
    [Providers] Saffron to host webinar on Knowledge Management
    This webinar will introduce knowledge management as something capable of providing tangible improvements in business practice and drive profits and growth. 'Saffron Interactive, leading innovators in the learning technologies sector, will be giving a webinar hosted by Don Taylor of the Learning & Skills Group on knowledge management on 4 September at 12pm.  The findings will be expanded upon in a business solutions workshop to be held at the Learning Live event itself on 11 September at 3:15pm in Bishopsgate 1. Archaic knowledge management systems really are holding businesses back.
    [Providers] LMS tools to help you assess your students’ progress
    To take advantage of randomization and personalization of tests and quizzes it’s important to provide the LMS with a large enough pool of questions to draw from, that are target appropriately by skill level. 'Tests, quizzes, homework, lab exercises, exams. Not exactly pleasant memories from your school years (heck, some people even have nightmares with them, years after they left school), those are some of the typical tools teachers use to assess what their students have learned. 1) Tests and quizzes. learning tests have several advantages over the traditional pen and paper tests.
    [Providers] Ice bucket learning
    In a corporate setting, when there is a target audience that needs to follow a new process, the typical response has been to provide new materials with detailed knowledge inputs (screen capture e-learning, instructions etc). 'If you’ve managed to avoid the ice bucket challenge , I can only commend you for managing to stay unplugged from social media on your holidays, you have surpassed me. For the rest of us, this is a cultural phenomenon, which naturally I look through the lens of L&D geekiness to see what we can learn. However in its favour there was: A clear purpose.
  • ELEARNING 24-7  |  SUNDAY, AUGUST 31, 2014
    [Providers] The Latest LMS Insight
    One of the hottest markets, starting in 2013 and expanding in 2014, are content providers who need a LMS to sell their own content, whether it is for their clients B2B or in some cases B2C direct.  And when I say content providers, I mean businesses that might be only one person who has created content – courses and then wants to sell the courses. Another growth space that I see, going back to B2B and B2C, comes from companies who sells a product and thus provides some form of product training to their own customer base.  Responding to Consumers. believe that.
    [Providers] The point of no return
    I''m working through the alphabet of psychologists and theorists, providing a brief overview of each theory, and how it can be applied in education. Teachers should provide as many opportunities as possible for students to gain confidence in new and unfamiliar contexts, especially those that challenge their pre-conceived ideas, beliefs and values. 'This is number 27 in my series on learning theories. Previous posts in this series are all linked below. The previous post featured Abraham Maslow''s Hierarchy of Human Needs. It is the point of no return. Reference Mezirow, J.
    [Providers] How to Decide Whether to Insource or Outsource Elearning Development?
    Hope the above provides you with some pointers to taking the decision. 'I recently got a query on LinkedIn about needing help with decision between insourcing and outsourcing elearning content development. have a small request - is there a way to get a ball-park figure to develop one hour of e-learning content in India using rapid development software such as Articulate Studio/Storyline? We have been doing e-learning development in house and our new VP of HR wants to consider the possibility of outsourcing it. wish the decision of insource and outsource was as simple as cost comparison.
    [Providers] Going-there Makes Moves with Latitude Learning LMS
    The Latitude LMS provides flexible online training for one of the industry''s leading international relocation specialists. 'Latitude Learning has recently added Going-there Destination Services as a new LMS client. Click to read the full article
    [Providers] DevCorner: Outside the Eye – Where App Innovation and Creativity Meet
    It providers similar functionality to Apple’s “Atom Inspector”, “Media Info”, and other desktop applications that parse and display video files. Latin Phrasebook is a lightweight Android app that provides a rich collection of Latin phrases, their English translations, and many literary references. 'At TechSmith, we are passionate about creating great software and keeping up with the latest technology. That passion does not stop when we leave the office. Many of us have side projects that help us hone our skills and expand our horizons. It is a big hit at parties. All Together Now.
    [Providers] Google Classroom – Should You Use It?
    The infographic below (provided by Google), gives 10 tips for effectively using the Google Classroom tool in you classroom. 'As we all know, Google is a force in many different facets of our daily lives. It only makes sense that they also have their involvement within education. From a formal standpoint, Google scrapped their course builder program in favor of partnering with edX , but they still have other tools that are being leveraged across classrooms big and small. Most notably, the Google Classroom program. This evolution of Google makes sense. online learning
    [Providers] 5 Killer eLearning Tips To Help You Dominate Content Chunking
    One major mistake many eLearning designers make is providing learners with too much information at once. Besides the useful tips provided in the presentation, to create an effective eLearning design, developers need to understand the art of chunking by following these rules: 1. 'Reading content on the Internet has changed the way people process information , and nowhere is this change more obvious than in fields where design must adapt to new technology such as in eLearning. This is where chunking comes into play. Basics First: What is Chunking? Set a Chunking Limit.
    [Providers] Line Spacing and Other Text Goodies in Lectora
    And selecting a text box and right-clicking on it doesn’t provide anything new either. 'Where did the text boxes and formatting text options in Lectora go? Lectora X had a bunch of options for dealing with text boxes and formatting text that just don’t appear in the “Properties tab” of the ribbon in Lectora 11. This is true whether you have an individual section of text selected or the text box itself. But, there is a way to bring these lost options back if you know where to go. Text Options Menu. An extremely handy tip if you want to make your text look good.
    [Providers] One Simple Trick for Troubleshooting Technical Problems with E-Learning Courses
    One thing you can do is provide a list of questions about browsers, operating systems and the like. Simply ask your customer to click the link, and you’ll be provided with valuable technical information about the computer he or she is using, including all of the following: Operating System. ve been able to use the information provided by to determine that the user didn’t have a Flash player. However, they still provide you with the background information you need to explore the issue further. The course isn’t working right. You want to be helpful. 
    [Providers] How MOOCs Address the Needs of Today’s Corporate Learners
    Companies, especially those facing a skills gap, need to provide more training to help new hires be successful on the job. MOOCs can help companies provide the increased training their employees require without significantly expanding their training staff. Even traditional e-learning is limited to providing online videos in short burst of activity. Using MOOCs is likely the only way that many companies can even begin to provide this scope of training. 'How do your employees feel about your organization’s current training program? Do they find that training valuable?
    [Providers] Bloomfire Introduces Send to Bloomfire; Extends Integration with Box
    The company will be providing demos of the software, as well as its Box integration in booth 23. '“Send to Bloomfire” allows customers to add and keep a file in sync from Box to Bloomfire without leaving Box. AUSTIN, TX – August 28, 2014 – Bloomfire, a leading enterprise knowledge and collaboration platform , today announced a deeper integration with Box through its new “ Send to Bloomfire ” feature. In April, the company announced an initial integration, allowing customers to upload content directly to Bloomfire from Box. Tuesday, Sept. Wednesday, Sept. Related. About Bloomfire.
    [Providers] Bloomfire Introduces Send to Bloomfire; Extends Integration with Box
    The company will be providing demos of the software, as well as its Box integration in booth 23. '“Send to Bloomfire” allows customers to add and keep a file in sync from Box to Bloomfire without leaving Box. AUSTIN, TX – August 28, 2014 – Bloomfire, a leading enterprise knowledge and collaboration platform , today announced a deeper integration with Box through its new “ Send to Bloomfire ” feature. In April, the company announced an initial integration, allowing customers to upload content directly to Bloomfire from Box. Tuesday, Sept. Wednesday, Sept. Related. About Bloomfire.
    [Providers] Game Element: Interface
    The interface should provide the feeling of immersion of the learner into the environment of the game. Second, the user interfaces need to provide feedback to the learner. Third, the user interface needs to provide the learner with control. need to provide feedback to the players and obvious reaction to a learner action. 'When creating an instructional game, there are a number of considerations related to interface design that should be followed to create an inviting and easy-to-use interface. Is it an office? warehouse, a far away planet? Here is more on Feedback.
    [Providers] Adopting e-Learning: Tips for reaping business benefits out of your elearning initiative
    We also provided downloadable offline learning material along with each online learning course , encapsulating the main learning of the course. 'The growth of the e-learning industry has been massive in the last decade. With the evolution of communication and development technologies, e-learning has become cost effective and more accessible. The global e-learning market is worth 91 million dollars, with an anticipated 20% growth per annum. Source ). Is it sufficient to create a technology-backed platform of learning and make it accessible to the learners? In most cases, it is not.
  • EFRONT  |  THURSDAY, AUGUST 28, 2014
    [Providers] Escaping boredom in your online courses
    If you want to provide some deeper material for your more advanced students, keep it separate from the main text (e.g Even fictional teachers can provide inspiration, characters like John Keating, portrayed by the (sadly) late Robin Williams in the movie Dead Poet’s Society. 'If you’re like most people, when you remember your school or university days, you’ll agree than the biggest obstacle in getting good grades was not some innate learning deficiency or a lack of skills in some particular subject but simple lack of attention.To We all were. You might have a Ph.D
    [Providers] CMSWire: Bloomfire’s Collaboration Train Steams On
    Homepage customization provides greater brand control to customer admins and a more robust content navigation experience for end users, he added. 'CMSWire put a spotlight on Bloomfire’s new collaboration features in a recent article. The story quotes CEO Bob Zukis on how Bloomfire is different: “Bloomfire enables true team-based collaboration by leveraging multiple types of content — files, videos, web links, questions, announcements — and putting this information in the hands of those who need it when they need it.” ’” Check out the full article here.
    [Providers] CMSWire: Bloomfire’s Collaboration Train Steams On
    Homepage customization provides greater brand control to customer admins and a more robust content navigation experience for end users, he added. 'CMSWire put a spotlight on Bloomfire’s new collaboration features in a recent article. The story quotes CEO Bob Zukis on how Bloomfire is different: “Bloomfire enables true team-based collaboration by leveraging multiple types of content — files, videos, web links, questions, announcements — and putting this information in the hands of those who need it when they need it.” ’” Check out the full article here.
    [Providers] Corporate Learning Technology Market On Fire
    As many of you know, corporate training is going through a renaissance and a tremendous number of new technologies, content providers, and solutions are now available. 'The corporate learning technology market is hot. Today we released our newest research on the Learning Management Systems market and it shows a 21% growth to over $2.5 billion in 2014. Every one of these areas demands a corporate learning platform - a system which manages courses, content, and creates a compelling experience for employees. " This course is free and we encourage you to share it among your teams.
    [Providers] Harnessing social learning experience – new technology launches today
    'The new social learning platform – altoconnect – from the learning technology provider Commelius Solutions, has launched today. For the … Continue reading → Commelius news Corporate Training Learning technologies Social learning Commelius solutions how to build learning communities how to engage learners how to measure social learning latest learning technologies learning platforms new ways of learning social learning social learning for businesses training providers UK
    [Providers] Saffron is accredited by the LPI for the sixth year
    The Learning Technologies Accreditation is designed for companies that provide communication, information and related technologies that can be used to support learning, performance and capability building. Saffron is one of the few bespoke providers to currently hold an Accreditation. The Accreditation provides Saffron’s clients with valuable assurances, including the following: The provider conforms to a professional Code of Practice. Marketing collateral is verifiable and accurately represents the services being provided.
    [Providers] Dear eLearning Designers, Please Stick To These Basic Design Principles
    It should consist of content relevant to learners’ needs by taking into account the skills students currently possess while providing learners with material that will lead them to obtaining the knowledge they desire. 'In today’s market, eLearning professionals and trainers need a good working knowledge of design principles. This is not to imply that they need to understand code or acquire a design degree, rather they ought to be able to identify what makes a good course and what a bad. C.R.A.P. for Effective Visual Design. Repetition. Alignment. Proximity. Watch Video. Proximity.
    [Providers] Getting the Board behind Online Learning Part 2
    You can either request that the LMS provider present to the board; share a clip from a previously recorded demo; or do your own demo of the platform with permission from the LMS provider (either with a “sandbox” account or with screen captures). 'In a previous blog post I shared my tips for making an initial pitch for online learning to your association’s board of directors. How’d it go? Are you ready to move on to the “exploration phase” of your quest to implement online learning at your association? Start small. Give it appeal. Stay focused. Set goals. Share this on Facebook.
    [Providers] Aspiration trumps trepidation
    Then they provide products that can align with your self-image. 'Last week’s # lrnchat (a twitter chat on learning that runs Thurs evenings for an hour 5:30 PT/8:30 ET) was on the topic of fear-mongering  in Organizational Learning. The point is that often fear-mongering happens (by definition always wrongly), but what are the reasons, impacts, and ways to avoid. And among my responses are one that I like as a quip. was, in particular, flashing back on the book Story Wars , that talked about how advertising has changed. What are you trying to achieve? design meta-learning
    [Providers] Snagit Update: Light Theme, Scrolling Capture and More
    Every update to Snagit is the culmination of lots of hard work, but more importantly a sense of tremendous humility and appreciation for the amazing customers that provide us with ideas, new problems and feedback. 'For those of you who tuned in to our previous webcasts in April and in June, we promised that we would continue to listen to feedback and come out with new updates on a regular basis. We’re very excited to be releasing some of the features we’ve been teasing you with on all of our forums. Light vs. Dark: The Choice is Yours (Windows). Scrolling Capture Enhancements (Windows).
  • G-CUBE BLOG  |  TUESDAY, AUGUST 26, 2014
    [Providers] My Own Online Content – MOOC Modified
    Space where they can get better at their businesses by taking courses from leading providers, get guidance from mentors and importantly, be noticed in the forum that matters the most to them – their own company. 'So haven’t you heard of Indian Chinese cuisine? Or a Peppy Paneer Pizza or a McSpicy Aaloo Tikki! We Indians are into this uncanny habit of localizing everything to suit our palate. In short – you give us a plot for a hi-tech sci-fi thriller and we will be able to make it a daily soap with emotions, family – drama, tears and love songs! That’s what works!
  • G-CUBE BLOG  |  TUESDAY, AUGUST 26, 2014
    [Providers] Utilizing the power of Storytelling to create engaging Simulations: A 4 Prong Strategy
    With simulations, we can provide a learner the virtual platform for experimentation, thus opening up a vast expanse of ‘doing and learning’.   This stage is ‘reflective’ and multiple experiences can be built here to provide ample food for thought. Finally, the end of the story should assess the learner by providing exciting opportunities to experiment with different options and outcomes. This makes sure that the simulation provides real-life experiences, which do not have an obvious ‘right way’ or a ‘wrong way’. Creating the Plot. Ending it well. contact-form-7].
    [Providers] What Is a Product Launch Curriculum?
    For many, “launch training” is a one-time meeting that, while often quite impressive, is not enough to change behavior and provide learners with the skills and knowledge they need to be able to remember and use when they are actually back on the job. 'This is an excerpt from Nancy Harkness’ new white paper, Learning Solutions and Your Product Launch: The Secret to Success. Here is a section on understanding curriculums: What is a curriculum? Let’s start with the basics: what is a curriculum? Keep in mind that a curriculum is, by definition, a set of learning solutions.
    [Providers] What Successful MOOCs Do
    In return for your money, they provide you with an online course that will increase your knowledge on that specific subject – and in many cases, award you a recognized certificate or continuing education credit. 'Over the past few years we have been following the rise of massive open online courses (or MOOCs) and their influence on traditional learning methods. Since their conception, the number of MOOCs today has been increasing, a mix of both for and non-profit intentions. Computer programming is one good example. You can then leverage this to land a job or get a raise.
    [Providers] Going the extra mile
    I''m working through the alphabet of psychologists and theorists, providing a brief overview of each theory, and how it can be applied in education. 'This is number 26 in my series on learning theories. Previous posts in this series are all linked below. The previous post highlighted issues around the theory of Communities of Practice, from the work of Jean Lave and Etienne Wenger. In this post, I''m revisiting a well known and heavily used motivational theory - Maslow''s Hierarchy of Human Needs. The theory has a basic element of all teacher education for several decades.
    [Providers] Defining mLearning
    Connectivity may provide a significant challenge. 'In the previous article, I opined on the definition of eLearning. What better to follow-up with than a definition of mLearning? The term ‘mLearning’ is a bit narrower than ‘eLearning’, of course, due to its specific focus on mobile devices and access. Wikipedia reveals this definition, “m-learning or mobile learning is defined as ‘learning across multiple contexts, through social and content interactions, using personal electronic devices.’ Now I’d like to add a bit of my perspective…. The differences in screen size and connectivity.
    [Providers] HR by the Algorithm: Playing by the Numbers
    Rather than looking for a crystal ball, the intent in these algorithms is to use mathematics (referred to as “science” by the vendors) to provide HR with the data points for better decision making. Just this morning I listened to one solution provider, Ultimate Software, talk about its retention predictor and upcoming high-performance predictor. Will anyone in an organization take to time to figure out how a software-provided algorithm works and evaluate the validity of the data used by the program to support such a conclusion within his or her specific environment?
  • ELEARNING 24-7  |  SATURDAY, AUGUST 23, 2014
    [Providers] Skillsoft buying SumTotal – My Take
    Here according to the documentation listed on the Skillsoft web site, is what they see as the real value of the SumTotal acquisition (text listed is actual wording on their document): Skillsoft and SumTotal provide highly complementary HR solutions. The document provides other information, including “Why Skillsoft intends to purchase SumTotal”   Among the statements as to why, is “Comprehensive HR suite, including learning, talent and workforce management” HR and Learning – Internal. As for Skillsoft, they are a content provider. They are not.
    [Providers] DevCorner: HighCharts – Effectively Visualizing Data
    Highcharts is loaded with functionality, providing charts of all types. Understandably so, the sample code provided by charting tools (not just Highcharts) highlights how to use the charting tool’s features, but often leave the task of getting your data into the right format for the developer. The graph service provides a contract of the data format it expects and is responsible for transforming that data into the collection of properties appropriate for Highcharts. 'If a picture is worth a thousand words, a well-designed chart or graph can speak volumes.
    [Providers] Knowledge, practice and community
    You may recall that I''m working through the alphabet of psychologists and theorists, providing a brief overview of each theory, and how it can be applied in education. They can facilitate greater collaboration between community members inside and outside of the group by providing resources and connections. 'After a break from blogging during the summer break, I''m back, and here is the continuation of my series on theories of learning, with number 25. Previous posts in this series are all linked below. Previous posts in this series: 1. Anderson ACT-R Cognitive Architecture 2.
  • G-CUBE BLOG  |  FRIDAY, AUGUST 22, 2014
    [Providers] Adaptive eLearning in Corporate Space – Opportunities and Challenges
    Which in plain English translates into dynamic learning paths as per learner’s progress, presenting content in instructional format which is most suitable for the learner, and providing feedback to the learner while he/she is navigating through the course basis her navigation patterns and assessment scores etc. So it’s a win-win all the way – for technology provider, educational institute, content provider, and the student as well. It should be interesting to see how OTS providers treat this opportunity in corporate training space.
    [Providers] From Searching to Shopping: Leveraging E-Commerce Within Your LMS
    'An extensive catalog of training content provides tremendous value to an organization and its learners, but ensuring that learners can easily find and access the courses and resources they’re looking for is crucial. Luckily, there are many creative ideas that we can borrow from online retail to help learners find what they’re looking for and even discover content they didn’t know they needed. Finding ways to increase user adoption ensures your learning resources are used and valued! Expand the reach of your content through targeted promotions.
    [Providers] Issues Impeding Learning Innovation
    It's often that they are not provided the tools or the time to succeed. Throughout the corporate L&D industry, we frequently provide less-than-optimal learning solutions (often due to environmental obstacles quite difficult to overcome) in the form of learning that is not very engaging or effective. 'Our Game On! Learning team speaks with hundreds of organizations each month. And we've been hearing a lot about the too-slow rate of innovation in Talent Development, and the frustration L&D professionals are feeling. Here are some of the common themes.
    [Providers] Ten Ways to Use Video in the Classroom
    The video is only five minutes long and we’ve provided discussion points for each example below. 'It’s back-to-school season for most educators and this year, the TechSmith Education team is writing a series of blog posts with some ideas for the classroom. Today, we want to take a look at using video in the classroom. Many people may think of video in the classroom as delivering a TED talk, History or Discovery Channel video. This is true and good, but we’ve assembled 10 examples where the teacher is creating the video to address some need in the classroom. Check them out!
    [Providers] Use Stories in eLearning: 6 Tips to Bring Out Your Inner Storyteller
    Visuals break up the text and provide another avenue for learners to engage with the content. 'Stories have captivated us as a species since the dawn of man. Through stories, we have passed on traditions, remembered the past, and carried information across the millennia. And it''s not just our ancestors who harnessed the power of stories, either. Stories still work to reach people, which is why we see businesses turning to the power of storytelling in branding efforts, marketing campaigns, corporate strategies, and even eLearning courses and business presentations. The Power of Stories.
    [Providers] Cultural Barriers to Organizational Learning
    Chris Cancialosi provides us with a good example of how culture gets in the way of learning in this description of a client company: Under intense pressure to deliver, the firm no longer tolerated “failures to launch” on every single deliverable. 'All organizations have a culture. Some cultures support learning more than others. Some cultures stifle learning by marginalizing the training and development function, by discouraging risk-taking, by not rewarding learning, by not allowing opportunities for informal and social learning, and by undermining performance improvement efforts.
    [Providers] It’s Only 65% !
    Training describes a structured set of events that when designed and assembled carefully can provide an effective way to help people accelerate learning (learning = behaviour change). Without any definitions of these categories (and I couldn''t find any in this survey) I fail to see how respondents will provide consistently accurate input. 'The results of yet another 70:20:10 survey were published recently. The researchers (possibly on work experience) declared that “ 50:26:24 is the average learning mix in most companies right now ”. Learning ? Learning is a process not an event.
    [Providers] My Adventure at
    The scripts are not large (one or two pages) but it is hard to provide critical information in only a few pages so a lot of work condensing material into a few pages. was a little nervous about the process but excited about the recording and the opportunity to provide information and content to literally thousands of people through the course. 'Last week I had a chance to visit and work as an author creating a course for It was a great adventure and I had a lot of fun. So here is the story of my five days at ” My home for a week. Arriving.
    [Providers] Adobe RoboHelp: Get the New Responsive Layout
      While Adobe provided instructions on how to manually install the new Responsive HTML5 layout, they are  hidden away in the release notes and you likely missed them. 'by Willam Van Weelden      One of the hottest new features introduced in Adobe RoboHelp 11 is  Responsive HTML5 layouts. The Responsive HTML5 output dynamically changes the way the content is presented based on the device the reader is using. With these skins you can control how your output will look for your users. If so, here they are: Close RoboHelp. A new 11.00 Start RoboHelp.
    [Providers] Become Better at Screencasting: Tips from Anton Bollen
    So you’ll see a little rust in this episode, but regardless, our guest, Anton Bollen, TechSmith German Evangelist, provides some great tips about becoming a better screencaster. The goal is to keep the shows short and provide useful information. We’ll still plan on interviewing guests and getting other perspectives, but also want to provide tips, tricks, and how-to’s as well. 'This year at Screencast Camp , things were pretty low key for me until it actually started. Well, it turned out alright and we had 11 guests in the studio for a special recording. Can’t see the video?
    [Providers] Training in an Ad-Hoc, BYOD Environment
    The advantage of MOOCs is that they provide the best of both worlds. The combination of resources, including videos, tutorials, and simulations, and social forums, where learners can collaborate with subject matter experts and with one another, provides the opportunity for learners to gain conceptual knowledge and also to access performance support resources at the moment a problem presents itself. They provide learners with the training they need—where, when, and in the format they need it. MOOCs are not just fancy new technologies to attract and retain Millennials.
    [Providers] Ten ways to use computers in the corporate classroom
    'Technology is providing many useful alternatives to the corporate classroom, but it also has an increasingly important role to play when we do get together with a facilitator within the confines of good old bricks and mortar. Group exercises : Computers provide a great way for groups to work together on practical assignments, with a digital output that can be easily shared when back in the plenary session. So, how about a few more photos, diagrams, illustrations and charts? Just keep them short. But if you don’t have all this stuff, simple PowerPoint slides will do. m with them.
    [Providers] The Lectora User’s Conference and my First Big Presentation - Part 7: Practice practice practice (um)
    have provided a few takeaways that you can apply to your own challenges, and use to make your own solutions. 'By Mary Word We have been discussing the content of the presentation, and the challenges and solutions at the core of it. have not gone into the nitty-gritty detail of it, but I think I have covered the high points. Maybe some specifics, too, if you are a Lectora developer. Now let’s get back to the presentation itself. Content is important, and without it your talk can be all smoke and mirrors. But don’t forget that root word ‘present’—the verb, that is. Read more. read more
    [Providers] Borrow this University Business Model to Sell Certification Programs
    Although you will have successfully completed courses provided by these institutions, you won’t actually be a graduate. Commercial course providers agonize over how much content to provide for free as marketing teasers, and how much to make available only to paying customers. If you provide a certification program that is highly respected and desired by learners, you may want to consider adopting a business model similar to the academic one discussed above: Make courses available for free. Columbia University. Harvard University. McGill University.
    [Providers] Where eLearning is Headed: How to Get From Here to There
    eLearning provides the perfect opportunity to mimic this real life learning process by providing training in the way humans would naturally obtain knowledge outside a training or educational environment. 'Today technology is transforming the eLearning industry. It is changing and will continue to change the way we communicate with learners, the way we design courses, how we learn and teach. Therefore, eLearning professionals have to adapt and find new ways to meet changing times. Simply incorporating different tools to their your current eLearning training strategy isn’t enough.
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