[Providers] 8 eLearning Design Ideas for Graphic Designers
    Keep your clients brand in mind, use fonts from your client’s website or the front they provide to ensure consistency. Make sure to choose images that provide enough space to hold your typography, if more space is needed, try enlarging your image. 'Have you ever looked back at old photos of yourself and thought, “what the heck was I thinking?” You might have had similar reactions while looking back at older graphics on the web. You know the type, those sites with wacky colors, ugly icons, multiple graphical trends and too many typefaces. Use White Space. Avoid Clichés.
    [Providers] Hot New 3-Hour Mini Course: Building a Strong LinkedIn Profile
    The class will use a series of worksheets (provided) for exercises in gathering keywords, writing your summary, and listing your skills and strengths. 'Live, online, and 100% interactive! 3-hours of content. and just $79! Whether you are in the market for a new job, just starting your career, or are a well-established professional, LinkedIn is one of the most important tools for establishing your online presence. Good practices from the start help you to “brand” yourself & determine what kind of message you want to offer about yourself to the world. Who Should Attend?
    [Providers] Vendor Spotlight: Dale Carnegie Training
    'Over the next few months, CollectMyThoughts is providing a series of overviews on some business solution vendors in order to provide the most interesting and useful information for decision-makers. The internet provides myriad opportunities for individual employees to interact with training professionals and other employees from around the world. Interested in having your company featured? Fill out our contact form here and we’ll be in touch. Training is not what it used to be. The question is, what is the most efficient way to do this? Don’t need training tools?
    [Providers] Autonomy and Value in Social and Workplace Learning
    It was developed to define the journey for the L&D transformation – centralising standards and processes, building a consistent performance consulting approach, strengthening governance, and then ‘federalising’ to provide the autonomy needed for agility, responsiveness and sustainability. 'My colleague Jane Hart recently shared the diagram below on her blog. It shows the relationship between relative value and relative autonomy as they relate to different approaches to learning in the modern workplace. 70:20:10 Model The 70:20:10 model is used to extend learning into the workflow.
    [Providers] Making Video Smarter and More Secure
    This type of online video solution – KZO Innovations’ platform, for example – provides integrations with almost any enterprise communication platform. 'With a dramatic increase in the use of video as a learning and communication tool, companies are struggling to manage video like they do other types of content – with ease. So, how can video assets be managed completely and seamlessly? The answer: with the right online video solution. But, the benefits don’t stop there. This component is extremely helpful in that it brings viewers where they want to be. Featured-Blog video platform
    [Providers] Accessanatomy: Making anatomy lessons accessible to all students in higher education
    ” According to James, teaching has been made easier now that he can direct students to additional resources and provide them with a catalogue of videos. 'Higher education professionals across the globe use TechSmith software to better engage their students online. One great example of this is James Pickering, an associate anatomy professor at the University of Leeds in the U.K., and an out-of-the-box thinker when it comes to teaching his students. But, James wanted students to be able to access the information he teaches at any time and even go back and re-watch lessons.
    [Providers] Using Gamification to create a Blogging Culture
    For our purpose, the corporate social network provided a great, low-entry-barrier platform for first time bloggers. The big visible wall in the office will provide the information radiator for this change. '(This is a rehash of a co-authored blogpost with my colleague Gayathri Sekar ) Our story begins in ThoughtWorks Pune, somewhere in October. We’d recently decided to hire a journalist to mine stories from the ground. She’d try to translate ThoughtWorkers’ voices into words and if necessary write their stories for them. As it turned out, we agreed it wouldn’t be. Sumeet Moghe.
    [Providers] Still in a post-holiday slump? Consider these 3 steps to get your business back on track
    Make sure that you are reaching every customer by providing them with what they want. 'The holidays, that period between Thanksgiving and the first of the New Year, are a period of time where vacations are taken, people travel far and wide to visit family, and relaxation and celebration finally take a front seat. It’s also a time when a lot of businesses experience a slowdown. Being thrown off of a normal routine, it can be difficult to start back up. So how does your business recover? First, recall the critical elements of your business. Have they changed? Update your website.
    [Providers] Top eLearning Trends for 2015
    The convenience flexible learning and choices for curriculum creation and delivery that LMSs provide is expected to bring more demand for the learning management solutions. By providing remediation on-demand, learners can gain greater understanding of a topic white stimulating discovery and learning. 'The eLearning industry grew substantially in 2014 and it will continue to grow and expand as we progress through 2015. There are a few topics that will be trending this year, including the type of content and technology. Gamification. by 2016. Mobile Learning. Big Data. Tin Can API.
    [Providers] How our learning theories shape how we use technology for learning
    'I read a paper called Perspectives on learning and technology: A review of theoretical perspectives "This paper provides a review of literature pertaining to theoretical references on educational practice and technology from perspectives of learning theories of the 20th and 21st centuries." A learning theory (or theories) helps understand how people learn, thereby assisting educators, trainers and facilitators reflect on their educational practices. The graph displays more theories and some of the major terms used. T witter is not about learning. How can you learn from 140 characters?!
    [Providers] Training Strategy Mistakes: Are You Making Them?
    The correct answers will be provided upon submission of your responses. 'This week, we begin a new quick tip series that addresses career-threatening learning and development mistakes. Are you making these colossal training strategy mistakes in your mission-critical programs? Take this quiz to find out. Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we share the survey results and address each question and answer one at a time
    [Providers] Things to Remember When Designing Courses for iPads
    Smartphones may not be able to provide users with as rich a multimedia experience or computational capabilities as a tablet. 'If statistical figures are to be believed, the sale of tablets is going to be ever-increasing. If you look at iPads in particular in the US alone, an estimated 85 million people will be using the tablet by 2016. When we talk of mobile learning , we generally tend to include both kinds of mobile devices – smartphones as well as tablets. The obvious answer is screen size, and thus interactivity. few things to remember before you do that: Use the screen. First name.
    [Providers] I Believe that Learning is Inherently Social
    Having someone more knowledgeable about the task at hand would provide a master-apprentice situation and a better outcome on the first attempt. 'Most of us remember many lessons we learned from others in our early childhood, both in the home and outside. We then started school and learned from teachers, but also by watching, playing, and talking with our friends. As we grew, lessons in school became more complex and required more time for homework. This is not to say that everything we know or can do was learned socially. We may read a book and strive to find our own meaning. ” 5.
    [Providers] What should Latitude do to improve its LMS in 2015?
    'Latitude is conducting a quick survey in an ongoing effort to provide the best service and products to our current and prospective clients. Please take a moment to answer this one question survey. Click here answer Latitude''s one question survey
    [Providers] Four Emerging Technologies that L&D Leaders Need to Consider
    The sensor provided data on the user’s handling and use of the ball or racket and then provided feedback on adjustments to make to improve performance. 'I attended the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show two weeks ago with an eye to seeing what technologies have potential application within the L&D industry. came away with notes on five areas that I think will impact L&D in the future. Some are “near-term” ones that I think merit 2015 focus; others extend out a few years. Mobile in Cars… Really. Let’s face it. Qualcomm is a great example. BIG DATA.
    [Providers] Wearables?
    So imagine you’re out and about, and your watch reminds you that while you were  here you wanted to pick up something nearby, and provide the item and location. Or to prep for that upcoming meeting and provide some minimal but useful info. 'In a discussion last week, I suggested that things I was excited about included wearables. Sure enough, someone asked if I’d written anything about it, and I haven’t, much. So here are some initial thoughts. admit I was not a Google Glass ‘Explorer’ (and now the program has ended). What wearables do I mean?
    [Providers] How To Convert Your PDFs into eLearning
    Tie together learning objectives with content in each page of your eLearning materials and your assessment items Begin the Great Divide For starters, it is best to provide the content information in small chunks. 'No matter where you go, you will run into a pdf file! Be it on-the-job training or Policies, Procedures and Guidelines – pdfs come in all shapes and sizes. Newsletters and company important announcements (or instructions for new application implementation procedures) all come in portable document format, in attractive colors and impressive images embedded. Good luck.
    [Providers] Public Libraries Are Failures (and So Are MOOCs)
    They are both ways of providing personalized learning and engagement opportunities for a diverse group of people. 'This is the first in a series of articles that will tackle common objections to and arguments against using massive open online courses (MOOCs) for training. Have you seen how people use public libraries these days? They pick up books, skim through them, and then put them back on the shelf without reading them. Sometimes they even check out books and don’t read them. Sometimes they just photocopy a few pages or a chapter, or look up a reference. 100,000).
    [Providers] Robo-readers: towards automated #MOOC grading
    parallel with SAT scores, and how teachers - based on the books provided by large educational publishing companies - pushes those teachers to drill students to use certain, specific answers to questions, that are not always the only correct answers that can be given). 'Up until six years ago, the ideal eLearning group would be around 25 learners. This enabled community building, spaced and easily to follow interactions, getting feedback from the online tutor/facilitator, and timely graded assignments. It has the potential for big returns, big money. Conclusion? Do I like this?
    [Providers] The evolution of Edynco in 2014
    The improved Assignment module facilitates managing assignments, provides better tracking options and gives the teacher a full control over student’s work. 'It’s always great to see a progress of something or someone. This inspires us or just informs us that a progress is in the center of our lives. Edynco – a Learning map tool is evolving each day. When our team sees how useful Edynco is for teachers and students we are proud on our work and on how well the idea of Learning maps is being accepted. During the last year we put a lot of effort to meet our users’ expectations.
    [Providers] ATD TechKnowledge 2015 – #ATDTK
    We came to #ATDTK with a mission—to provide rocking eLearning Templates and eLearning Stock  for all attendees. Though we didn’t get a chance to talk to everyone, we provided tons of people with awesome eLearning assets. 'For the past few years, we have attended the ATD TechKnowledge Conference, and 2015, was no different. This year brought great new friends and experiences we thought you would enjoy. Read on to see what we experienced this year at #ATDTK. We Were On a Mission. Booth Set Up. While setting up the booth, we found a few seconds to snap a picture.
    [Providers] 4 trends in hiring for 2015 that you may have missed
    Online job boards provide an easy and convenient route for talent to find opportunities and apply on their own, without the need for a middle man. 'Over the holidays and into the New Year, a slew of “trends” reports were posted, emailed, and shared worldwide. Now that these “intro to 2015” posts have calmed down, we compiled four of the most interesting hiring trends we found that may have gone under your radar with the information overload. companies thought that online methods were the most important source for finding talent. Have you seen any of these trends in play so far this year?
    [Providers] Getting strategic means getting scientific
    The argument for informal and social learning similarly comes from our natural approaches, and similarly needs to provide facilitation for where things can and do go wrong. So, just as we should provide support for performers to execute, communicate, collaborate, and continue to improve (why L&D needs to become P&D), we need to make sure that we practice what we preach. 'I’ve been on a rant about learning design for a few posts, but I ended up talking about how creating a better process is part of getting strategic. Time to get to work. itashare. strategy
    [Providers] Energy shortage forces Ukrainian schools to close during winter period: Easygenerator provides its software for free
    'Easygenerator provides free e-learning to all Ukrainian teachers. see for the press release in Ukrainian the bottom of this post). The easygenerator development team is located in Zhitomir Ukraine. Therefore we at easygenerator are extra concerned with all the developments in the east of the country. Zhitomir lies west (100 miles) of Kiev, so it is on the save (European) side. Still the war has his effect on people and everyday live. The value of the Hrivna (the Ukrainian currency) is only half what it was one year ago, making all imported goods twice as expensive. How does it work?
    [Providers] Don’t Just Tell, Show: the Value of Examples
    If you reinforce the same key information with examples, it provides context and lets your members see why the content is important. 'I found something interesting while cleaning off an old shelf recently. It was a children’s story called Officer Buckle and Gloria, by Peggy Rathmann. planned on reading it one last time and then donating it. Instead, I kept the book. Here’s a summary. Officer Buckle is a police officer. He spends a lot of time reading important safety tips to school children. But the children never listen. He is assigned a police dog, Gloria. They give the same warning.
    [Providers] To Flip or Not to Flip Your Classroom
    This enables me to provide personalized just-in-time (JIT) teaching to help students as they encounter difficulties applying the material. provide actual material content in an online textbook along with videos and screencast PowerPoint recordings. Providing content in this manner is great for many students as it allows them the ability to stop and rewind the videos as desired and accommodates alternative learning styles. 'To Flip or Not to Flip: The Only Question Should Be When! This is not a dream but can be a reality in your classroom. My Classroom. My Results. Have Fun! 
    [Providers] play the long game
    Airbnb provides an easy way to rent out extra space in your home by connecting you to a global market. 'Platform capitalism is the ability of a common internet exchange medium to enable easy commercial transactions. Buyers of services get convenience, while sellers get a larger market. The spoils go to the owner of the platform, receiving a percentage of revenues. Most of these platforms are created when regulations and oligopolies make these transactions difficult by traditional means. Platform capitalism initially disrupts a sector that is poorly served.
    [Providers] Learning Culture: A Workplace Environment for Success (Part One)
    If you’re like most businesses, you rely heavily on these professionals to deliver programs that provide employees with what they need to know to do their jobs, whether that is assembling products, running complex machines, managing teams, or running an entire organization. Do you want employees to improve their ability to contribute to the organization? Do you want employees to be creative and innovative and think about new and better products and services? Do you want employees to be focused on achieving results? Do you want employees who openly discuss ways to improve performance?
    [Providers] 70:20:10 – Above All Else It’s a Change Agent
    The model is better likened to the guidance and advice a parent might provide to a child to help them make the most of their life “ work hard to get better at everything you do, put most of your effort into being kind to others, learn your lessons, and you’ll go far ”. Along with providing a strategy for supporting effective and efficient learning and releasing high performance, 70:20:10 thinking also helps to change and develop mindsets (and change practices). '“Progress is impossible without change; and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” itashare
    [Providers] free report on #OER evidence of success @OER_HUB
    'The Open Educational Resources Research Hub (OER Research Hub) provides a focus for research, designed to give answers to the overall question ‘What is the impact of OER on learning and teaching practices?’ and identify the particular influence of openness. The OER hub just released a free evidence report focusing on key factors related to Open Educational Resources. There are multiple hypothesis on OER tested in this report, and with clearly described outcomes and conclusions. Especially in the developing regions (cutting costs, content for everyone.).
    [Providers] 7 Free Audio Editors for Your E-Learning Courses
    It provides more control over the audio files and dedicated audio editing software tends to have more features. 'Even though many elearning applications have their own audio tools, I usually don’t use them. may for quick projects, but generally, I like to keep my audio production separate from my elearning course production. Here’s a list of some free audio editors that are more than sufficient for what you may need for most of your elearning course production. And the price is right. Audacity. Audacity is probably the most popular of the free audio editors. Download. Ocenaudio.
  • ELEARNING 24-7  |  MONDAY, JANUARY 19, 2015
    [Providers] Feature Funtastic! LMS Latest
    Provides insight into how some vendors view the LMS space. 'I’m a big fan of fun. Actually, I think a lot of people like to have fun depending on whether or not the activity/item is fun for them.  I always hate it when someone says X is fun and then you do X and it stinks. It’s not fun, it’s boring or stupid or just dull. But fun.  Ahh fun. This brings me back to this post, because learning what features are in “vogue” and what is on the mind of many vendors, is fun to know. Shows you where/what vendors are thinking in terms of features. Caveat. Hey Ma!
    [Providers] Lifelong Learning: Why it's Critical for Today's Workforce
    The 2012 study sheds some light on on the issue and provides statistics to make a strong case for education and training in all industries by asking these three questions: What do employees need to do to get ahead? While college may not be for everyone or required for every job, there are other ways of learning that can provide workers in all industries with the skills and experience they need to get jobs and promotions. The report examines each sector more in depth, providing great insight into technology, healthcare, and general business. Ongoing education is critical.
    [Providers] Alternatives — to the way things are typically done in higher ed — continue to develop
    'From DSC: It seems like there’s been an increase in the number of “boot camps” that I’m seeing — below are some examples: New MOOC Platform Provides Free IT Certification Courses – from […]. 21st century career development change changing business models computer science dangers of the status quo Daniel S.
    [Providers] MOOCs in Workplace Learning – Part 1: Some Points to Consider
    This will provide the employees with an opportunity to acquire skills and knowledge in their areas of interest beyond the purview of their current roles thus equipping them with new skills, a critical aspect of professional development. They can serve different purposes: Some of the uses of MOOCs are listed here: Build talent pipelines - Onboard new employees – McAfee and Intel Provide self-directed development – Pitney Bowes Workplace training – Yahoo! 'MOOCs – you can love them or hate them but you can definitely not ignore them. Q: How do we define a corporate MOOC?
  • EFRONT  |  MONDAY, JANUARY 19, 2015
    [Providers] The Power of What Others are Doing
    deep understanding of your client’s needs will provide the answers. 'Staring at the blank screen or sheet of paper is every creative’s nightmare. learning professionals are not far from writers and designers in this sense, as in most cases they need to start from scratch and build a program that will truly add value, be aesthetically pleasing and is in line with the learning objectives of a company. The easiest way to fight creative block is to simply glance over to what others are doing and copy what seems to be working for them. When copying is counterproductive. When copying works.
    [Providers] Employee Onboarding Training
    Using scenarios, provide realistic and explicit examples to demonstrate correct and incorrect compliance of policies and standards. Provide feedback and coaching in this section. 'What do successful organizations know about handling and retaining new hires that you don’t? Why is new hire training so critical to an organization? Let’s redefine the role of the HR department. Think: talent management. When an employee is hired, the HR is aware their strength and how critical it is to the organization. The hire was a logical result of a gap in talent. How can you do that clearly?
    [Providers] Why Make/Play Learning
    'Over the years of providing instructional experiences to graduate students, middle school students, high school students and community college students as well as learning and development professionals, I have learned that one of most powerful learning experiences is when it is hands-on and when the learning is reinforced over time. This powerful combination leads to learning and, more importantly, insights. have literally seen kids learning as they work through content by building and playing. As we all know, learning is not exclusive to one time or place or even event. Education
    [Providers] 10 Ways ELearning Maximizes ROI
    One of the most significant reasons of the growing adoption of e-learning is the flexibility it provides to both learners as well as course creators. learning can provide consistent learning materials to all learners, irrespective of when and where they access it. learning can provide just-in-time training which significantly improves on-the-job performance. For example, using e-learning or mobile learning tools to keep sales or bank employees about new product offerings, who in turn can influence customer decision making by providing high quality client service.
    [Providers] 7 Reasons to Use E-Learning for Banking Employees
    It can help sales employees and front line officers to remain well-informed about product characteristics and benefits, and also provide them the necessary training to enhance their selling competencies by bringing assistance to their points of need. Last but not the least, e-learning is a very effective medium to provide regular compliance training – a prerequisite for the banking industry. 'Bank employees are typically a diverse set of people – they come from different educational backgrounds and often hold different professional experiences. Like our post ? First name. Email *.
    [Providers] A step-by-step guide to weaving online feedback
    It also has considerable didactical value as it provides an opportunity for the facilitator to make substantive interventions while at the same time recognizing and linking into the learners’ understandings of the course concepts. 'Weaving online feedback is one of the most important things e-facilitators do. Weaving feedback means: summarizing a discussion by finding threads of unity in the comments of participants and weaving them together into one piece of feedback to the group so that learner responses are connected. recognizing the contributions made by learners.
    [Providers] Reflections on Great Time at ATDTK
    They did a great job providing insights into how to get your learners motivated. 'This past week I had the opportunity to travel to Las Vegas to see old friends in the L&D world and to make plenty of new friends as well. It was a great time and is always full of energy. Of course Las Vegas is a world unto it’s own as evidenced by the signage in the airport. So right away I was faced with a tough choice but I decided to stay focused on what I needed to do and headed straight to the hotel. So much fun to hang out with as well! The next day I was busy doing some filming.
    [Providers] My Top 10 Mobile Apps for 2014
    It configures well with Indian DTH providers and once configured, it provides complete program guide too. 'The year 2014 was the year when I feel I actually started using my smartphone smartly. could get much of my work done on my mobile, many a times not requiring me to switch on my laptop. In the new few posts I will share with you my top apps for networking, productivity, music, photography, chats, reading/news and games. Since I use an Android phone, the links below are Google Play links. am sure you can get most of these apps for iPhone and perhaps Windows Phone.
    [Providers] #PhD #studentships in International Education, #TELearning, a.o.
    Providing research students with a supportive environment and excellent research facilities ensures a future supply of first class researchers. The Open University provides excellent support for students and offers a full range of training in computer, library and presentation skills. As I got a full-time studentship at The Open University, I can assure you that these PhD studentships are worth looking at if you consider to enhance your career. Especially as The Open University is one of the UK’s leading Research Institutions. than take this chance to apply. It is worth it.
    [Providers] Quick Tip for Developing for Mobile Devices in Lectora
    However, since we are using the “Hot Spot” question, you don’t necessarily need to provide text for the choices since we want the user to be able to touch a particular area to make their selection. 'Recently, while developing a course for a client in Lectora 11, I came across an interesting dilemma. The client had requested that the course needed to be optimized for an iPad. The graphic designer had designed the multiple choice questions for the knowledge check in a manner that didn’t use radio buttons or checkboxes. Keep that in mind. Next, you need to create the hot spots. Win-win!
    [Providers] David Kelly "Building a Learning Strategy from an Ecosystem of Resources" #ATDTK
    Providing the least disruptive support to help people and give them what they need. 'These are my live blogged notes from David Kelly''s concurrent session here at ATD TechKnowledge, happening this week in Las Vegas. Forgive any typos or incoherencies. shift in the ways we define learning strategies within our organizations. Why don''t orgs have a learning strategy? Some orgs the l&d as a team is a new idea -- they''re just hitting the low hanging fruit and there''s no strategy in place. shift happened a while ago -- we went from being training orgs to learning orgs. Culture is huge.
    [Providers] Securing your Video Player
    KZO’s Video Suite provides a flexible, secure enterprise video platform – but what exactly does this mean? 'When utilizing an enterprise video platform , one of the top concerns is almost always securing your video player. Ensuring that your videos are secure is a necessity for protecting against unlicensed viewing. secure video player means content owners can select the level of permissions for groups, the level of user authentication, and secure the delivery of the video stream. The video stream can be securely delivered to protect against unlicensed viewing. Security and Permissions.
    [Providers] The Roots of Becoming a More Effective Leader
    Jack Welch his “breakfast with Jack” opportunities and they were legendary across General Electric as it provided both the employees and Jack an opportunity to learn from one another. The becoming attributes provide the nutrients and foundation that help one to grow and to reach new heights, like General Sherman. 'If I had my way, any face-to-face leadership development program on the planet would first start with the facilitator showing a picture of General Sherman. We’ll return to this metaphor in a minute. But first, let’s look at a few data points. Improve succession planning.
  • G-CUBE BLOG  |  FRIDAY, JANUARY 16, 2015
    [Providers] Exploring Learning Analytics: How is it affecting corporate learning?
    One of the main concerns for L&D managers today is to make sure that the learning provided is aligned to the needs and requirements of the learners. L&D professionals can then provide learning which aligns to these patterns and can steer their learners towards them to ensure that the entire learner group learns well and goes on to perform better in their area of work.  'With changing technologies, the learning industry is changing its expectations from e-learning as well.  We had explored some of the opportunities and challenges of adaptive e-learning in a previous post.
    [Providers] #Googleglass out, other smart tech in? Where is #educational bonus?
    What is interesting when looking at all these smart technologies, is all of them rely on crowd-development to provide more meaningful features or applications for their hardware solution. That of course does have a very interesting educational bonus, as it is clear that this supports peer knowledge creation based on a API''s or other boundaries provided by a couple of experts. 'The wearable technologies are booming business, but a lot of it is still very expensive. Or about those schools that purchased one set allowing students to research its functionality? Time or budget wise.
    [Providers] The Importance of Being Agile in a VUCA World
    This way, those who may not have been a part of the meeting but has relevant knowledge and inputs, can pitch in and provide valuable insights. 'We are well aware that to survive and thrive in the VUCA world, we need to be agile in all respects – in learning, towards change, regarding work as well as life. We talk about learning agility, organizational agility, individual agility, agile as a philosophy and much more. Yet, we are still unclear as to what makes an organization agile. I wholeheartedly agree with him. It is time organizations and individuals took note. Unpacking each claim 1.
    [Providers] ASAE Tech Conference 2014: A Recap
    He then gave examples of vendors that provide micro learning solutions, both in terms of content delivery and quiz tools. 'Last month, I attended ASAE’s Technology Conference and Expo 2014 , held outside of Washington. This was my first time attending this annual event, and I was curious to see if the organizers would be able to focus on technology that pertained to associations, or whether it would be ‘just another technology conference.’ I was pleased to find a great balance of meat-and-potatoes tech talk coupled with highly association-specific details. Suite. Leadership + Management.
    [Providers] Andy Whitaker "Matching Learning Paths w/Performance Using Tin Can" #ATDTK
    With Tin Can, we talk about an Activity Provider and an LRS (Learning Record Store). 'These are my live blogged notes from Andy Whitaker''s concurrent session here at ATD TechKnowledge, happening this week in Las Vegas. Forgive any typos or incoherencies. Andy Whitaker, Consultant, Rustici Software @tincandy How can we implement Tin Can (xAPI -- "experience API") in our organizations to get real benefit? Matching learning to performance with Tin Can Most "learning activity" is tracked in orgs in an LMS using SCORM. It''s a cobbling together of reports. Tim reviewed Andy." Why is this?
    [Providers] Kickstarter Campaign: Day Two–The Make/Play Revolution
    'The kickstarter campaign that we have started for 2K Learning is for implementation of an exciting curriculum to provide students with hands-on learning opportunities coupled with a video game to reinforce and help teach the concepts of motion and force. So what does your pledge of $100, $190 or $300 actually provide. The answer is the following: When you sponsor our project you are providing: Support to teachers in the form of webinars, professional development tools and phone support. Teachers and students will benefit from the innovative curriculum. We need your help.
    [Providers] 2015 Prediction: Analytics from Enterprise Collaboration Tools Becomes Critical
    We recently announced a new advanced reporting offering that provides companies with detailed, user-friendly data that goes beyond views, likes and follows. As Keitt recommends in his post, in order for analytics initiatives to be successful, companies depend on customer feedback to ensure that they’re providing the right analytics to help them do their jobs. 'by Bloomfire CEO Trey Tramonte. Late last year, I predicted that analytics would drive increased investment in enterprise collaboration. Blog trey tramonte
    [Providers] Ask The Experts: Tobin Conley
    What do you feel has been the most exciting technology advances to date and what do you hope to see from service providers in the near future? 'Jack McGrath: Hi, we’re back with another in our series Ask the Experts. My name is Jack McGrath. And today we’re going to be talking with Tobin Conley. He is the executive consultant, senior consultant actually, for DelCor. Tobin thanks so much for joining us. Tobin Conley: Thank you Jack. McGrath: A few questions we had for you: so you work with associations to articulate their needs and match them up with the right solutions. McGrath: Gottcha.
    [Providers] Learn a New Skill: Take Care of Yourself with Body Mind Breathing
    This provides the initial circuit breaker, distracting the mind from its habitual chatter and allowing you own body’s natural calming ability, to kick in, switching from “fight or flight” to “rest and digest,” activating the parasympathetic nervous system and relaxing the sympathetic nervous system. 'It’s a new year, a new start…“Yay!” you say. new YOU! This is your year to look after YOU! This is the year to let go of all last year’s stresses and struggles. This year, you promise yourself, you’re going to sleep better and feel clearer and happier. But then HOW do you actually DO this?
    [Providers] Tan Le, Measuring Brain Activity: Second Day Keynote at #ATDTK
    Providing ways for developers to innovate. 'These are my live blogged notes from the second day''s keynote at ATD TechKnowledge, happening this week in Las Vegas. Forgive any typos or incoherencies. Tan Le, Emotiv Technology (building brain-based computer interfaces), bio-sensing devices that track how the brain responds. In the Bay Area (San Francisco), a huge rate of change allowing scientists and innovators to tackle new problems. Possibilities that arise at the intersection of cloud computing, big data, mobile devices. Man''s merger with machines. This sounds scary.
    [Providers] Ten Graphic Design Tips for eLearning by Sarah Bright
    'If content is king in eLearning, graphic design provides the royal raiment that engages the learner’s attention and emotion. Dress (your content) to impress (the learners)! Here are 10 tips, 20 resources, and some do’s and don’ts that will make. learning enjoyable (and fun to create)! Getting Started Graphic Design Instructional Design Learning Media
    [Providers] Leaving Stealth Mode: Announcing 2K Learning and Kickstarter Campaign
    Research has indicated that one of the main reasons that teachers don’t adopt innovative new techniques is because they are never provided with the proper training, technical support, pedagogical support or infrastructure to make it successful. 'Today is an exciting day with the announcement of the launch of 2K Learning. 2K Learning is born out of 6 years of work on a National Science Foundation project which has since morphed into a full fledged company offering innovative play/make curriculum designed to instill a love of science, engineering and math into middle school learners.
    [Providers] Karl Kapp "The Case of the Disengaged Learner" #ATDTK
    More tips: Provide multiple scenarios First person thinkers (drop someone into a situation and you have to go solve some problems. 'These are my liveblogged notes from Karl Kapp''s session at ATD TechKnowledge, happening this week in Las Vegas. Forgive any typos or incoherencies. Karl Kapp professor of ID at Bloomsburg University, author of a lot of great books on eLearning, and general eLearning smarty pants. The average person checks their cell phone 150 times a day - that''s nine times an hour. Smartphone users spend 2.5 hours a day on their phones, some of that playing games.
    [Providers] eLearning Predictions 2015
    Imaging a responsive troubleshooting process with targeted feedback that provides relevant information to patients  and  practitioners (or end-users and producers). Rapid development tools may provide a great solution for certain projects, but there can be a temptation to cut corners and use these tools as a solution for every project. MOOCs suggest a need for some evolution of the format to fit the needs of professional development providers. 'The arrival of a new year means we have new eLearning predictions to reveal! In It’s an area with fascinating growth potential.
    [Providers] Joining the dots
    So here''s hoping that more schools decide to invest in this approach and provide makerspaces for their students, creative opportunities for them to show what they can do, and environments in which they can try out new ideas without risk of penalty. 'What happens when you remove restraints from learning, and allow students to discover for themselves? What happens when students are given problems to solve rather than solutions to apply? What happens when students are given blank canvases, digital cameras, an open space? Often, the result is some form of creativity. Unported License.
    [Providers] Establishing a Workflow Ahead of Time
    Provide a starting condition. 'What is a workflow, how does it work, and why is it smart to establish one ahead of time? Well, workflows, or series of automated actions that you can trigger to occur based on a person’s behaviors or contact information, are typically utilized to better manage and nurture your leads so they’re more sales-ready. When you establish a workflow ahead of time, you’re essentially pre-determining how to optimally optimize your content for a specific audience. Automating your workflow makes your actions not only smoother, but smarter. Create Smart Lists.
    [Providers] Extend eFront with modules for fun and profit
    Everybody can make a module to extend eFront, provided he has some basic familiarity with programming (we’ll get to the specifics in a later post). The “BigBlueButton” module does exactly that, providing integration of the BigBlueButton conferencing service in eFront, and offering text chat, audio and video capabilities, a virtual whiteboard and many more presentation and conferencing features. 'In our recent introduction to eFront’s architecture, we emphasized it’s open source nature and extensibility. Modules what? The repository.
    [Providers] 5 Corporate Training Trends You Can’t Afford to Ignore
    What makes the most sense strategically, as well as operationally, is to provide the exact information that is just for me, when and where I need it, as long as it supports the business needs of the company.”. New technologies that enable advanced data collection and analytics can provide support for companies making the switch to business-centric learning. 'Last week, we looked at seven predictions for how technology will affect training and development in 2015. Business-centric learning. Just-in-time learning is learner-centric. Just-for-me learning is business-centric.
    [Providers] 9 ways to improve workplace learning
    The workshop provides examples and exercises to cover more than courses. It’s hands-on and practical, with a handy job aid provided to all participants at the end. 'Training, and education, are often solutions looking for a problem. But good training and education can have a huge impact on behaviour and performance. Remember that great teacher who inspired you? Did you ever have a coach who got you to a higher level of performance? But throwing content at someone and hoping for learning to happen is not a good strategy. This is how far too many courses are designed and delivered.
    [Providers] Streamline Your Review Cycle with ReviewLink
    You’ll need to provide some information before you upload your content: Reviewers : Lectora will ask you to invite reviewers via email. The Comments tab allows you to sort, filter and review the comments you and other reviewers have provided. 'Whether you are new to Lectora® e-Learning software or you’re an expert user, you may not know that your copy of Lectora comes with free access to ReviewLink™, an online collaboration tool that allows you to share titles for review with external reviewers, subject matter experts and other stakeholders. Publish to ReviewLink. Blog How-to
    [Providers] Leaving Stealth Mode: Announcing 2K Learning and Kickstarter Campaign
    Research has indicated that one of the main reasons that teachers don’t adopt innovative new techniques is because they are never provided with the proper training, technical support, pedagogical support or infrastructure to make it successful. 'Today is an exciting day with the announcement of the launch of 2K Learning. 2K Learning is born out of 6 years of work on a National Science Foundation project which has since morphed into a full fledged company offering innovative play/make curriculum designed to instill a love of science, engineering and math into middle school learners.
    [Providers] The subtleties
    Examples need to show a context, the barriers, and how the content model provides guidance about how to succeed (and when it won’t). 'I recently opined that good learning design was complex, really perhaps close to rocket science. And I suggested that a consequent problem was that the nuances are subtle. It occurs to me that perhaps discussing some example problems will help make this point more clear. Without being exhaustive, there are several consistent problems I see in the elearning content I review: The wrong focus. They are about information or knowledge, not skill. design
    [Providers] 9.5 Essential eLearning Development Tips
    Provide Source files. 'In this blog post, I mention nine and half eLearning development tips that could save you time, money, and help your eLearning to be more awesome than it already is. So if you are am elearning developer or instructional designer, these tips are going to awesome. Identify Common Activities and Visuals. When I am handed a storyboard to develop, I first look it over and identify common activities and visuals. These could be eLearning interactions , graphics, quizzes, design elements, etc. Identifying these common elements could save me a lot of development time. I’ll
    [Providers] Trending in Workplace Learning 2015….
    Outrageous, isn’t it, that casinos provide more personalized development experiences than corporate learning organizations and universities? Unlike curriculum delivered with a fire hose, individualized programs emerge from performance, assessments, self-assessments, and guidance provided by coaches, supervisors and competency maps. . 'Many colleagues have asked what I think will emerge in workplace learning in 2015, “What’s important for 2015, in your view?” It’s an opportunity. Got a bumper sticker on trends, 2015?” Not yet. But soon. Naaaaa.
    [Providers] Whither Indian MOOCs?
    To take an example, in a “course” , the teacher would draft a course outline, supply readings and references, provide a tightly designed progression for learners (read this first, take a test, move to the next topic) and so on. Instead what I am saying is that cMOOCs provide a real alternative to learning in that manner and so instead of ignoring that value, we should embrace this plurality. 'Today, India is at an important crossroad when it comes to MOOCs. Much has been written and spoken about the potential of MOOCs in this country. Is there a way out for us?
    [Providers] Abstract of Study: Effect of Computer-Based Video Games on Children: An Experimental Study
    No teacher was involved in this study, and the researcher provided only technical support to the participants when needed. As in the control group, the researcher provided only technical support to the participants when needed. The results from this study provided experimental evidence to support that the use of computer-based video games can facilitate students’ cognitive learning process. 'Here are the results of an experimental study that compares the results of using a computer to teach (with no game activities) vs. using a computer game to teach. Control Group. 2009).
    [Providers] Blogphilosophy: #education needs to shift, creating meaningful #identities
    Future and current education should provide a valued identity – person-centered, social-centered. Online learning to provide new identities in a changed less job oriented society And I think online learning will be able to create and disseminate these new identities, and support a framework of new societal laws that can provide us with an identity. In fact, I can see how new identities are provided and taken up through online resources. You are not a good provider, you are not a valuable citizen, in fact you are worthless. The job growth (thanks to wars?)
    [Providers] Is New Performance Management Software in your 2015 Future?
    The source of this software varies: 41 percent of respondents reported that their performance management solutions are self-developed; 38 percent are provided by a vendor (often a suite vendor, although the module may be stand-alone) and 21 percent use modules that are within their core HR systems. Our upcoming report “The Definitive Guide to Performance Management Software : 2015 -- A Roadmap to Performance Optimization and the Solutions that Support It” overviews the key features you will want to consider and the vendors that provide them. Many do not. April 2014.
    [Providers] Is New Performance Management Software in your 2015 Future?
    The source of this software varies: 41 percent of respondents reported that their performance management solutions are self-developed; 38 percent are provided by a vendor (often a suite vendor, although the module may be stand-alone) and 21 percent use modules that are within their core HR systems. Our upcoming report “The Definitive Guide to Performance Management Software : 2015 -- A Roadmap to Performance Optimization and the Solutions that Support It” overviews the key features you will want to consider and the vendors that provide them. Many do not. April 2014.
    [Providers] Is New Performance Management Software in your 2015 Future?
    The source of this software varies: 41 percent of respondents reported that their performance management solutions are self-developed; 38 percent are provided by a vendor (often a suite vendor, although the module may be stand-alone) and 21 percent use modules that are within their core HR systems. Our upcoming report “The Definitive Guide to Performance Management Software : 2015 -- A Roadmap to Performance Optimization and the Solutions that Support It” overviews the key features you will want to consider and the vendors that provide them. Many do not. April 2014.
    [Providers] QuickLessons and BranchTrack partner to bring rapid scenario building to eLearning content development
    Sergey Snegirev , BranchTrack CEO said: “We will provide the technology, support and know-how as well as introduce QuickLessons to our existing customer base”. 'QuickLessons  the Collaborative Platform for creating engaging and effective online courses, and  BranchTrack  a new online tool for creating interactive simulations, announced a global alliance to better serve their customers. Alfredo Leone , CEO of QuickLessons parent company Izzui said: “QuickLessons will offer BranchTrack simulations editor as part of our e-learning development platform. Corporate news
    [Providers] Uncovering the Full Advantages of Cloud-Based Learning Solutions
    Modern LMS’s are generally: Centrally managed: The responsibility of deploying system upgrades, freeing up bandwidth, ensuring security, and providing IT support falls on the SaaS vendor. Cloud-based learning solutions provide advantages to the IT department, the L&D department and, most importantly, to the learner. 'When the words “cloud” and “learning” are mentioned together, I can’t help thinking of “daydreaming”. Not a desirable word association. But, when it comes to learning, having your head in the clouds—cloud-based learning solutions, of course—is just fine.
    [Providers] 10 Things Adobe gets Right about Mobile Learning with Captivate 8 [Review]
    This could be used to provide personalized learning based on where learners are located at the time he or she takes the learning. This is an impressive update to the screen capturing engine in Adobe Captivate that was much needed, in order to provide an optimal experience for mobile users watching a screen cast. Adobe 'The more I test #AdobeCaptivate 8 for my Review, the more I realize this is the version for #mLearning I’ve been waiting for! eLearning. RJ Jacquez (@rjacquez) January 9, 2015. The Future of the Web is Responsive Design! Responsive Projects. link]. link].
    [Providers] Strategy For Selling More Courses
    All things equal, your course has to provide ample incentive. It should alleviate a problem or provide a reward. Providing incentive (reward) for your courses is where you can get really creative. They sell courses that grant continuing education for Behavior Analysts, and over time, they have become one of the leading internet providers for this training. 'One of the more common questions we receive from people using LearnDash is “how do I sell more courses”? This is something I often talk about in consulting calls with LearnDash users.
    [Providers] eLearning Trends for 2015: Here to Stay or Go Away?
    Ok maybe not forever, but a provider can dream. Look for a SaaS (Software as a Service) LMS provider with a trustworthy reputation and reliable hosting to manage your LMS, and get on the cloud. 'Trends in eLearning come and go, but a good LMS is forever. Below is a list of eLearning trends we expect to see in 2015. Will they last or fade away? Only time will tell. MOOCs. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are definitely trending in eLearning. These are online courses offered to the masses, often for free. Why, you ask, would an association want to create a MOOC? Exposure.
  • ELEARNING 24-7  |  MONDAY, JANUARY 12, 2015
    [Providers] xAPI, LRS – The Interview
    While I am able to provide a variety of insight and details on the subject, I by no means would be a foremost expert on it. . However, the minute you want to add new activity providers, like Articulate, Captivate or Lectora courses with almost zero-configuration or redevelopment — or if you ever want to share that data across multiple systems, you’re going to want an LRS. 'Today’s post is quite unique since it takes a different path than previous posts. years. In early December, I decided to present the real facts, the real insight and eradicate the confusion.
    [Providers] How to build a Serious Game: Actors and Their Roles
    It also provides you, the instruction designer/eLearning developer to add additional learning aids to be used as necessary in the course. The actor then guides you through the course, provides you a clue, shares your ups and downs with her facial and verbal expressions and updates you on your scores. '“Decision making is assessed best in learning-by-doing scenarios. Winn focuses on four elements: Learning (content and pedagogy), Storytelling (character, setting and narrative), Game play (mechanic), and User experience (User Interface). Role Play Games? Simple. The “hero” factor.
    [Providers] Austin City Council Orientation Website Open to the Public
    'Austin’s KVUE news ran a story over the weekend on the City of Austin’s new website – powered by Bloomfire – that will provide the new City Council with briefing materials to help bring them up to speed as part of their orientation training process. The website is open to the public as well to support the city’s goal to make government as open and accessible as possible. The news segment video and article follow. That’s why the new elected officials are having three days of orientation. “I look at it as what would I want when I’m new. Blog News
    [Providers] Details Announced for xAPI Camp
    Our speakers are implementing xAPI solutions with healthcare providers, universities, energy companies, government services and military. 'Last week, I wrote a little bit about the xAPI Camp we’re putting together through Connections Forum. Today, details about xAPI Camp are online including our initial set of speakers, sponsors and an agenda. The full day includes two sets of Campfire presentations and two sessions for Small Group Breakouts. The The Campfire presentations are short talks about how organizations are leveraging xAPI and the problems they’re solving.
    [Providers] Making Learning Ecosystems Personal: Viral Implementation and Value Chains by Lisa Minogue-White
    providing what amounts to scaffolding and by reducing resistance to change from employees and management alike. 'With advances in technology, personalized learning is coming into its own after years of discussion and false starts. particular, viral-implementation techniques and value-chain analysis can greatly assist adoption of personalization by. are some ideas you will find useful! Design & Development Tools Instructional Design Management Training Strategies
    [Providers] Shiny objects and real impact
    It should skip things you already know, work at your pace, and provide extra practice if the learning experience is extended. 'Yesterday I went off about how learning design should be done right and it’s not easy. In a conversation two days ago, I was talking to a group that was supporting several initiatives in adaptive learning, and I wondered if this was a good idea. Adaptive learning is  desirable. If learners come from different initial abilities, learn at different rates, and have different availability, the learning should adapt. And even then, is it really necessary.
    [Providers] 5 Tips for Increasing Viewer Engagement Visually
    Providing compelling visual content helps to humanize an otherwise faceless brand. 'Visual content, specifically video, is driving viewer engagement now more than ever. 85% of the US Internet audience watches videos online (HubSpot), a huge percentage of an enterprise’s audience. Because video is proving time and time again of increasing viewer engagement, many enterprises are using visual content as a teaching tool and including social features in their videos, as well, since social video in particular continues to grow at an astounding rate. Tell them, “I’m here to help!”
    [Providers] Learning Resolutions: Streamline and Work Smarter
    It provides a focus and brings a little order to a chaotic world. 'Many of us like to organize time by setting yearly goals. This year, I''d like to focus on working smarter and using more streamlined strategies. So here are the things I hope to focus on this year.  . Better Educate Clients. One of the ways to streamline project-oriented work is to better educate our clients. spend a lot of time at the start of projects by listening to client issues and asking questions. Some education on what clients can expect goes a long way toward making things smooth. Collect Patterns.
    [Providers] How to Make Sticky eLearning Content
    Likewise, with memory retention, the more “memory hooks” or memory opportunities you provide for your learner, the more they will remember. According to Kohn, “If you provide your learners with booster events in the hours and days after training you can reshape their forgetting curve.” 'After all the many hours of eLearning content development and design we have done as eLearning professionals, the most important objective is to ensure our learners retain and apply what they’ve learned to memory. What is the Forgetting Curve? Magazine. Elearning!
    [Providers] 3 Tips for Improving Your Online Video Distribution
    'The best way to build trust in your business is by providing your customers with high-quality videos. With over 400,000 new videos uploaded every day, online video is the most effective way to communicate today (GoAnimate). Video has the powerful ability to humanize your content and bring your brand to life, which is especially important for people who are visiting your website for the first time. But, your videos can’t solely be found on your website; they need to be on all of the online video sites and social media channels that your customers are visiting. Here are 3 helpful tips: .
    [Providers] Easygenerator provides free e-learning to Ukrainian education
    'Energy shortage forces Ukrainian schools to close during winter period, Easygenerator provides its software for free! Easygenerator, a provider of eLearning authoring software, decided to make its software available free of charge to everybody in the Ukraine as of today. Easygenerator provides cloud-based eLearning authoring software. The post Easygenerator provides free e-learning to Ukrainian education appeared first on Easygenerator. Rotterdam, The Netherlands. January 2015. Teachers are trying to teach from home, a challenging task given the lack of resources.
    [Providers] Bloomfire Launches Global Partner Program
    We are making very strategic investments in the channel and with leading technology vendors to provide increased value to customers and ensure that our collaboration platform is available to organizations around the world.”. In addition, the company will continue to forge strategic alliances with technology providers to help customers optimize their collaboration initiatives and leverage new and existing technologies in their daily workflow. 'Enterprise Software Veteran Chad Gailey to Lead Business Development. AUSTIN, Texas – Jan. said Gailey. About Bloomfire. Twitter. Facebook.
    [Providers] How to Achieve an Organizational Learning Goal
    Your boss should be able to provide you with opportunities to practice these team management skills and advise you on what you need to learn and how best to learn it. 'It’s that time of year again, when we pay special attention to our personal and career goals. However, how likely is it that we will actually achieve those goals? belong to a fitness center at the local community college and I’m always fascinated by the January upsurge in activity and then the fall off around March and April each year. You can apply these same principles to organizational learning goals.
    [Providers] Inspiring Dedication to eLearning Efforts
    For instance, you can create a list of goals, such as, “Provide training videos employees can watch from their desks” or “Make videos that target pain points within the company.” ” Be as detailed as possible when providing your team with a vision. 'Whenever you implement an employee training program, you probably rely on your human resources staff. These team members put together the program and decide how to distribute it among the company. Your employees can help implement your new eLearning tools effectively. Ask for Ideas. Design Incentives.
    [Providers] Upcoming the Really Useful #EdTechbook and chapter
    We are providing this option in order to promote openness and collaborative learning practices. 'What a great start of a new year, to be able to work with wonderful people and get a chapter out as well. The ever working David Hopkins (I think he did not have one single day off during the past holidays), has been editing a book entitled " The Really Useful #EdTechbook " which will be on sale from 28 January 2015. The book consists of 16 chapters from different authors, all devoted to. really useful EdTech stuff in a non-academic, simple language. Can we explain the unexplainable?
    [Providers] What’s in Your Media Library?
    'Both Lectora® and Lectora® Online include a Media Library and access to characters, stock buttons and images as well as providing a location where you can store and share custom project assets. In this blog we’ll explore the Media Library and learn how taking advantage of this tool for accessing and reusing content can provide consistency throughout your titles and reduce your development time. To access the Media Library in Lectora or Lectora Online, simply look to the right side of the screen. The library of objects you’ve saved. Title Resources. Images. Audio files.
    [Providers] How the Internet of Things (IoT) could be used on field trips (for K-12 education)
    simultaneously, a notification is sent to the child’s parent/guardian that says that Billy has completed the field trip to XYZ recycling center, and encouraging the parent/guardian to ask Billy some open ended questions (in fact, 2-3 are provided to help with the conversation later on). 'A potential scenario. teacher takes a group of students on a field trip to their city’s recycling center. The city has installed sensors/beacons next to their bins. They’ve also made Wi-Fi available (but only during normal hours of operation). 21st century 24x7x365 access Daniel S.
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