• AXONIFY  |  FRIDAY, MAY 6, 2016
    [Providers] What’s a learning culture anyway? 4 essential attributes for bringing it to life
    There’s a big difference between fostering a LEARNING CULTURE and and just providing a pile of learning opportunities. This approach not only enables employees to get the information they need, when they need it, but it also provides an opportunity for them to offer meaningful feedback and strengthen their connection to the larger organization. Last month, I shared a blog post about the need to understand your organization’s learning culture before attempting to introduce a new approach, such as microlearning. But wait… What is a “learning culture” anyway? It does not. Velocity.
    [Providers] The Purpose Effect – Book Review & Interview With Dan Pontefract
    ” It comes down to two things. 1) A company requires profit in order to provide its employees with a living, it customers with value, and society with its contributions. 2) When a company puts profit ahead of the aforementioned stakeholders—for profit sake, to benefit owners and/or shareholders only—it has lost the true purpose of business. We, at Learnnovators, are privileged to review Dan Pontefract ‘s second book, “ The Purpose Effect ” that is scheduled to release on May 10, 2016. The sole reason for an organization to exist is to make a profit. My advice?
  • SPONGE UK  |  FRIDAY, MAY 6, 2016
    [Providers] Julian Stodd – Sponge UK Elearning Podcast
    The questions and their times are provided so you can skip back and forth to learn more on a specific subject: 00:45 – What does learning in the Social Age look and feel like for the people at the sharp end, that is the learners? Julian Stodd is an author, speaker and popular blogger who accompanies his insights into social learning and theory with thoughtful illustrations. His blog has gained a large following thanks to the accessible way he introduces concepts through everyday events. We’d recommend subscribing to the frequently updated blog at julianstodd.wordpress.com.
  • G-CUBE  |  FRIDAY, MAY 6, 2016
    [Providers] Effective Navigation Techniques Can Spell The Success Of An E-Course
    This has created platforms for learning which are both informative and useful – or in other words, platforms which provide learning that engages. These links are useful for the learner to move back and forth within a course, adding links to actual modules or chapters: provide clear direction – especially to advanced learners who would want to skim through introductory chapters and move on to newer topics or topics of interest. The menu too should be provided in each page, consistently. Teaching and learning are fast changing form. Blog elearning solutions
    [Providers] Once, When I was at Band Camp…
    Stories provide an organizing structure that makes the subject matter more relevant to learners and can maintain learners' interest throughout a lengthy module or course; the stories lend personal importance that can be lost when dealing with abstract facts and rules. By Edm ond Manning , Senior Instructional Strategist. We remember stories. Edmond Manning Storytelling e-Learning Scenarios
    [Providers] The Benefits of ELearning
    This growth in the industry isn’t directly related to the fact that traditional training methods are declining, but are more associated with the fact that e-learning provides an innovative and convenient option for organizations and businesses across a whole range of sectors. In doing so, managers are able to get right to the crux of the areas that they need their teams to address, providing them with exposure to the skills, knowledge and techniques that will allow them to excel in their work. All employers are familiar with this situation. The most common form is e-learning.
    [Providers] fortnightly quotes
    “the stuff that can be done by technical people today will be provided by some application for everyone tomorrow” – @downes. Every fortnight I curate some of the observations and insights that were shared on social media. call these Friday’s Finds. “Torture the data, and it will confess to anything.” ” – Ronald Coase, Economics, Nobel Prize Laureate, via @BigDataGal. “When experts are wrong, it’s often because they’re experts on an earlier version of the world” – @axelletess. ” – @DecaSteve.
    [Providers] How Technology Solutions Made Learning Process Easy
    Of course, they come at a cost, and a huge one at that, but the main advantage they provide is being a one-time investment to deliver the most effective form of training in a completely secure manner. Streaming of 3D objects from a live server through multiple HD display screens within the organization, which is particularly helpful in providing on-the-job support to medical professionals or for demonstrating engineering processes. What you think and what you learn matters! When it comes to learner engagement, posts, visuals and videos are the ones that tend to click and resonate.
  • EI DESIGN  |  THURSDAY, MAY 5, 2016
    [Providers] Best Practices to Migrate Legacy Flash Courses to HTML5 the Right Way
    Identify what more do you want to achieve as you craft your mobile learning strategy: Besides providing flexibility to the learners to learn on the device of their choice, it is important to identify the other aspects you may want to address (user experience, learning experience, better retention and performance gain, and so on). hope this article provides insights on how you can craft the right approach to migrate legacy Flash courses to HTML5. Today, mLearning or mobile learning is an integral part of learning strategy. Background. Let’s begin with this recap: The challenge.
  • MLEVEL  |  THURSDAY, MAY 5, 2016
    [Providers] Learning Is Not a Hat: One Size Does Not Fit All!
    Once an organization accepts this fact, it can then focus on providing learners with a wide array of tools and solutions so that each individual can create their own culture of learning. Being that Mother’s Day is right around the corner, I wanted to pay tribute to my mother and the positive impact she had on my learning journey. Without her influence, I certainly would have gone astray – who knows where I would have wound up. Given my mom’s passion for education and learning, I was probably bound to attend the ASU-GSV Summit nearly two weeks ago in San Diego. today.
  • EFRONT  |  THURSDAY, MAY 5, 2016
    [Providers] Benefits of Using Focus Groups in eLearning
    Focus groups provide the summative and formative evaluation that is required to improve your eLearning course before the final push out the door. To avoid such miscommunication and other possible blunders, focus groups provide honest and sometimes blunt feedback , just in time ! Provided you have selected a representative sample of members in the focus group, you can get the best insight on your eLearning course. You can provide multiple eLearning design strategies and themes to your focus group. That was a lot of nouns. Think twice. Here’s why.
    [Providers] How to Make a Video Presentation in PowerPoint in 5 Easy Steps
    Using real photos makes an audience feel involved and provides emotional contact. For example, you can provide your viewers with presenter info, company logo and outline. It’s no secret that most people are visually oriented. That is why a video presentation is a perfect way to spread your ideas and to create an emotional connection with your audience.  In this article you will find out how to make a business video presentation or an engaging video lecture right in PowerPoint. Tips for a Powerful Presentation. How do you engage your audience and impress them? Add video narration.
  • SPONGE UK  |  THURSDAY, MAY 5, 2016
    [Providers] Your learners are telling you how to improve, are you listening?
    These are the steps taken by good bespoke elearning providers when they create digital learning. You need to understand how employees learn to improve your performance. It’s one of the four priorities Towards Maturity identifies as part of its #MakeItHappen campaign. Listen and learn how colleagues do their job and how they learn and design for that. That’s what 86% of Top Deck organisations do (versus 30% on average).” By concentrating your efforts on one area that is really getting results for top performing businesses, you can give your own performance a significant boost.
  • GYRUS  |  THURSDAY, MAY 5, 2016
    [Providers] Buying a LMS? Acronyms You Must Know (Part 2)
    LCMS- Learning Content Management System: A Software providing multi-user environment where authors, trainers, instructional designers, etc. In our last blog “Buying a LMS? Acronyms You Must Know (Part 1), we explained 15 acronyms related to Learning and Development Industry and we continue to explain the next set of acronyms through this blog. EHRI -Enterprise Human Resources Integration : US federal government’s human resource system that gets integrated with any federally deployed LMS. HCM -Human Capital Management: An old term for talent management. The post Buying a LMS?
    [Providers] How Elearning can Solve Restaurant Training Challenges
    Solution: Elearning provides employees a more engaging, highly interactive training experience. In the restaurant industry today a quality training program plays a big role in how successful a restaurant is and how it stacks up against the competition. proper training program ensures that all employees have knowledge required to perform and excel in their roles. Increased confidence and proficiency can maximize productivity and have positive impacts on employee engagement and retention. High Employee Turnover. Time Constraints in a Fast-Paced Restaurant Environment.
    [Providers] Managing Capability – New Avatar of L&D/HR ? Are we doing it right?
    He currently provides strategic Digital Learning advisory services to prominent Australian organisations such as Fairfax, Westpac and ARCS. Thursday, June 2, 2016 12 to 1 PM Sydney. Overview. search on Seek.com.au on the term “capability” turned up over 8000 jobs in Australia including Learning and Capability Manager, Capability Development Lead, Capability and Culture Consultant and many more. Our research indicates that while “capability” is a popular term, it means different things and seem to encompass many different outcomes and job roles. We discuss. Panel.
    [Providers] 3 Key Attributes of a Successful eLearning Team
    The Merriam-Webster dictionary provides these simple definitions for the word “team”: a group of people who compete in a sport, game, etc., against another group. group of two or more animals used to pull a wagon, cart, etc. group of people who work together. I’d argue that all three definitions apply to eLearning teams. At times, our teams need to compete against other groups to get the contract or assignment. And on rough days, being part of an eLearning team might feel like you’re an ox being used to pull a heavy wagon. Capable leadership. Variety of strengths.
    [Providers] self-organization is the future
    Space needs to be provided to communities where new ideas can be safely tested. If we as a society think it is important that citizens are engaged, people are passionate about their work, and that we all contribute to making a better world, then we need to enable self-organization. Central planning and hierarchical decision-making are just too slow and ineffective, especially for complex situations involving lots of people. In my network learning model, people constantly navigate between social networks, communities of practice, and work teams. ” – Isaac Asimov.
    [Providers] The Rising Learning Generation Takes to The Skies
    Learning about something new brings a profound joy to this generation, and provides continuous growth and self-development. JetBlue and Virgin America are leading the inevitable move towards taking that one step further and offering customers the same value by providing them educational value. If you’re a frequent traveler, you know the drill all too well: You scan your boarding pass, find your seat, and then plug into whatever mind-numbing entertainment options are available to you on your flight. Why is learning so important to this generation?  Click To Tweet.
    [Providers] What's Difference Between Blended Learning and Flipped Classroom Learning?
    In this blog, we will provide you with an overview of blended learning and flipped classrooms, as well as a few best practices for implementing each one! If you've ever confused blended learning with flipped classroom learning (or vice versa), you're not alone. While the two methods have some overlapping components, and a common objective, they are each unique in their execution. flipped classroom blended learning
    [Providers] Epignosis announces Bronze Sponsorship of the ATD 2016 Exposition
    Along for the ride, will be eFrontPro , our flagship enterprise Learning and Talent Development Platform geared towards large businesses with high user volumes and advanced customization requirements, and Snappico , a mobile app that builds on the intersection of micro-learning, gamification and infographics to provide bite-sized business training for the modern enterprise. It’s also the state hosting this year’s Association for Talent Development (ATD) conference — the event you can’t afford to miss if you are interested in the latest developments in Talent Development.
    [Providers] Why eLearning?
    To help you answer this, I found an infographic by Expand Interactive, that provides you with all the details and information you need. 42% Of Companies Say That E-Learning Has Led to an increase in revenue. learning in employee training is no longer a thought of the future. Since 2000, E-Learning has grown 900%. Implementing it is no longer a question of yes or no. It is now simply a question of which system to integrate in your current training programs. Starting off with probably the most important question: “why”. Why should you be implementing e-learning? The post Why eLearning?
    [Providers] The Neuroscience of Personalised Learning
    The study found that “memory scores tend to be higher when stimuli are personally meaningful and provide opportunities for learning”. Here at Growth Engineering, our overarching goal is to maximise the engagement of learners. To do this, we focus our efforts onto three key areas: Gamification. Social learning. Personalised learning. Recently, we’ve been delving deep into grey matter to help explain exactly what’s going on inside the brain of an engaged learner. We’ve already covered the neuroscience of gamification , and even the neuroscience of social learning. Plastic brain.
    [Providers] What Makes a Great Virtual Classroom Producer? Advice from an Expert
    InSync Training’s team includes a group of fantastic virtual classroom producers, or assistant facilitators, who provide professional event support to our clients, and our Certificate course and Workshop facilitators. They keep learners on track, and transform virtual training programs into fast-moving, trouble-free interactive events. In this guest post, Helen Fong, our Lead Producer, shares her wisdom about this important, but often overlooked, role. Virtual Classroom - Production Virtual Classroom - Best Practices Producer Global Virtual Classroom
  • GETPLEXD   |  TUESDAY, MAY 3, 2016
    [Providers] What “They” Say: Getting Through Uncertainty.
    functional contact form screen (final screen) will be provided to those who are unable to create one. How I’ve felt for the last 100 days or so. Well readers, we’re 123 days into 2016 (337 days since PLExD founding, but whose counting?) and it just keeps rolling! “They” Said Starting My Own Business Would Be Fun. After the last 90 or so days of trying to find projects; wondering if I’d made the right decision to stay independent or to join another team, work has come in. And like “they” say, when it rains it pours. Don’t ignore RED FLAGS.
  • INKLING  |  TUESDAY, MAY 3, 2016
    [Providers] Rev Up Your Ramp Up: Making Employee Onboarding More Efficient
    One of the most effective ways to have employees remember and reuse the information you provide them is to make the content superb. Across industries, one of the hardest parts of hiring new employees is getting them trained and up to speed as quickly and effectively as possible. Some employers stress on-the-job training while others have full-on classroom instruction before employees begin any projects. With the many methods and techniques available, the question becomes: What works best? Building an Effective Classroom-Experience Training Program. We have a few ideas…. Webinar
    [Providers] Juliette Denny’s Interview on Learning Now TV
    This hard-hitting interview was conducted in the wake of our Learning Provider of the Year win at the 2016 Learning Awards. Recently our Managing Director Juliette Denny (or Ideologist in Chief as she’s known around here) was invited onto the fantastic Learning Now TV programme! The Learning Now TV team was keen to find out more about what the win meant for us, what makes Growth Engineering unique, and what 2016 holds in store for us. Juliette isn’t one to get shy in front of the camera , so she leapt at the opportunity to appear on the show! What makes Growth Engineering special.
    [Providers] Instructional Designers' Serenity Prayer
    Learning interventions that don't provide substantial realistic practice -- should be improved to provide skill practice that mimics the most salient aspects of the targeted (on-the-job) performance environment. In my 30th year in the workplace learning field, I've seen in my own work -- and in that of my clients -- that I cannot control everything that happens. I can make recommendations to clients, and I can get better as a persuader, but I can't force change. I've seen the same thing with CLO's, training directors, and other learning executives as well. admire them greatly.
  • GEOTALENT  |  TUESDAY, MAY 3, 2016
    [Providers] You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.
    Since Learning Management Systems and Talent Management Systems fall into the HR technology category, I thought I’d provide you with answers just in case you were wondering. We pride ourselves on short implementation times compared to other installed solution providers. [Post by Justin Hearn, President of GeoMetrix Data Systems Inc.]. While the author of the article tends to focus on cloud technology, he doesn’t say he’s talking exclusively about SaaS systems. Many of the questions apply to any kind of system — installed or cloud-based. Credibility and stability. Services.
  • COURSEARC  |  TUESDAY, MAY 3, 2016
    [Providers] Visual Cues
    The National Center on Universal Design for Learning (UDL) also provides additional, practical reasons for increasing the use of visuals in content development. UDL is a set of guidelines to support high quality content development that provides students equal opportunities to learn, regardless of their abilities. In short, there is not one means of representation that will be optimal for all learners; providing options for representation is essential. We’ve talked a lot about the important connection between the brain and learning. sample quiz icon and directions.
  • GYRUS  |  TUESDAY, MAY 3, 2016
    [Providers] Buying an LMS? Acronyms You Must Know (Part 1)
    APP- Application: Downloadable program on mobile devices for providing certain LMS features and is mostly used for offline learning, micro-learning. It provides seamless and faster access of content to learners and it doesn’t matter how far they are from your origin server. Every industry formulates its own jargon — words that have specific technical meaning, and it is difficult to know the meaning unless you are very familiar with that industry or have worked in the industry yourself. and can be integrated with multiple software systems including LMS.
    [Providers] Deciding What to Do - Business Writing
    Provided concrete examples from our own writing. Asked them what made an effective communication (vs an ineffective communication) Provided guardrails and guidelines that were easy to remember. On our to-do list is the measurement of whether any of this had an impact. - On our Communications Specialist - Is she not having to work so hard to rewrite our stuff for human consumption and to provide that "common" voice. - On the awareness of our services. Then we thought - "Wait a second.we work for a University! There is an English department! And, likely, a Writing Center!"
    [Providers] A Dozen Free Stock Video Sites for E-Learning
    Fancy Footage Club : site is closed but they provide a Dropbox link to download all of the free stock videos. A while back we had a great challenge on how to use video as the slide background in your elearning courses. It’s a great way to add texture and novelty to screens that are usually plastered with static images and bullet points. Video backgrounds also force us to think how we’ll lay out the content to accentuate the video. That helps us think about layouts in different ways. There are over 50 excellent examples in the challenge recap link above. Just looks beautiful.
  • DOCEBO  |  TUESDAY, MAY 3, 2016
    [Providers] How to find the best learning management system for your team
    Provide learning content in both push and pull modalities to accommodate a variety of learning styles, business conditions and, of course, schedules. Four things to look for in the right learning management system. For most organizations (of any size, but particularly large enterprises), the right learning management system is one that can support learning across several different modalities. Technology is increasingly supporting the multi-modality approach to learning, well beyond traditional online training courses. What does the right learning management system look like? 1.
  • PARADISO  |  TUESDAY, MAY 3, 2016
    [Providers] Paradiso LMS Review by GetApp
    Speaking about GetApp , they are a quick-growing software marketplace, that provides online reviews for B2B and SaaS products. This LMS review has definitely motivated the team, and they are now striving towards achieving higher goalposts in terms of providing enriching ‘user experience’. It’s Paradiso LMS again…! We are simply rocking the LMS and eLearning domain with our unprecedented learning management system. We have been reviewed by GetApp in their quarterly review ( Q2 2016 ) and emerged as category leaders in the LMS domain. Reviews. Integrations. Media. Security.
  • PROPROFS  |  TUESDAY, MAY 3, 2016
    [Providers] ProProfs Wins Customer Support Software Awards From FinancesOnline.com
    They discovered that our knowledgebase software can provide numerous knowledge management solutions such as creation of wikis, online documentation, user guides & more. ProProfs is thrilled to announce another milestone , we have achieved as a company! FinancesOnline, a popular business software review platform, has awarded us with multiple awards of excellence including the Supreme Software Award for 2016 and the 2016 Experts’ Choice Award. The awards were given to us by a select panel of experts from FinancesOnline, who tested our product in various scenarios. Media
  • OPENSESAME  |  MONDAY, MAY 2, 2016
    [Providers] Are Game-Based Virtual Simulations the Future of Online Training?
    Imagine this: you’re a Human Resources Manager for a small company and you’re tasked with providing required sexual harassment training for 85 employees. According to Slate, WILL’s VEILS have been proven to provide thorough training and even save lives. You hear about a company creating game-based, virtual simulation courses in lieu of traditional in-person training. WILL Interactive courses, available from OpenSesame , cover diverse topics ranging from a two-part film series on Sexual Harassment, “ Common Ground ,” to “ Ethical Decision Making for Professional Engineers.”.
  • INKLING  |  MONDAY, MAY 2, 2016
    [Providers] 5 Must-See Sessions at This Year’s ATD International Conference
    In this session, Edwards will provide a set of simple principles to design e-learning for greater user engagement and impact. The annual ATD International Conference and Expo is coming up on May 22 – 25 in Denver, CO, and it’s one of the most well-attended and diverse talent development conferences around. With more than 300 educational sessions from industry game-changers, and another 300 exhibitors showcasing cutting-edge products and solutions, it’s a great opportunity to immerse yourself in a sea of new ideas and technologies from companies around the world. Event
    [Providers] How to Get Your Chief Learning Officer to Buy-In For Training Ideas
    It is prudent to meet in private with stakeholders who seem unwilling to provide support. Few things are absolutes in the realm of employee development and training. However, one thing holds up for every organization; any investments in employee training efforts are futile without substantive and perceptible executive level support, and rarely deliver any major ROI or business benefits. In this context, learning and HR professionals are faced with the mounting challenge of garnering executive level support for employee training exercises. However, does this disclose much information?
  • PARADISO  |  MONDAY, MAY 2, 2016
    [Providers] 7 Key Trends on Global E-learning to Follow in 2016
    Provides easy access to e-learning anytime & anywhere and on any mobile device. Provides the option of scalability and wider reach. Want to know what 2016 holds in terms of e-Learning trends ? It sure is showing some surprising and some usual stuff. From competency-based training to creating user-friendly learning, 2016 is the time to stay ahead of the curve. As usual, g amification , social learning, mobile learning are selling like hot cakes and would remain to be so in the times to come. Game mechanics make learning fun. Learners retain learned knowledge better. It’s 2016!
    [Providers] 3 Reasons Why Trainers Don’t Need Social Media
    Choose the platform that best works for you – that provides you with answers, connections and the ability to communicate with other like minds. Question of the week: Should L&D be active within social media? Do we as L&D/trainer people have a responsibility to be present? Walk the talk ? This weekend there was a twitter conversation. The conversation started with a tweet by Con Sotidis asking the following: tweet used with permission. understand having a social media presence isn’t for everyone. And you know what? I’m okay with that. To each their own. Seriously.
  • LEARNLOFT  |  MONDAY, MAY 2, 2016
    [Providers] The Tested Secrets to Changing Employee Behavior Online
    Practice and Application – Providing opportunities to allow learners to practice and apply what they learn is critical to changing behavior. It didn’t take long for her to open up about her issues “John, we just couldn’t afford to bring people in from all over for 4 days of instructor led training. The flights, hotel, food, materials, instructors, and most importantly time out of the field wasn’t something we could bear anymore. So we made an investment in an LMS, bought and built SCORM compliant content and after 12 months, that’s not working either. Getting Leadership Ready. 
  • 360 TRAINING  |  MONDAY, MAY 2, 2016
    [Providers] How to Stay Encouraged and Finish Your Course
    360training.com’s eLearning marketplace provides great opportunity for professionals to create and sell online courses by empowering them to teach online. Our Are you having trouble finishing your first course? Maybe you’ve begun it, but are having difficulty finding the motivation to see it through to the end. Maybe it’s not as good as it could be and you don’t want to commit to imperfection. Maybe life just gets in the way of your great idea, and it’s hard to get back on that horse again. We understand and we’re here to help. Keep your eyes on the prize. Ask us for help.
    [Providers] Employee Training Monthly Roundup
    This article provides an interesting perspective on how training can help make employees more resilient. This provides you with an extremely detailed day-by-day outline on what should happen in your training programs.  8.  This month’s article round-up has a little bit of everything for every manager or employee! If you’re a startup looking to expand, there is an article for you. If you’re an established company looking to grow, there is an article for you too. If you’re an employee starting at a new job, there is an article here for you as well. Employee Training
  • GETPLEXD   |  SUNDAY, MAY 1, 2016
    [Providers] Episode 4: What You Need to Know the First Week of May
    If you need help creating a  functional contact form screen (final screen), we can provided a sample to those who are having difficulty to creating one. Marching on to the next episode of What You Need To Know. This post, you’ll find some great development resources, podcasts, articles, videos and even a challenge. Check out after the stuff I read and shared this week after the jump. You’ll probably find them useful. I did. If you like the stuff I write and share, you can connect with me on Twitter @getplexdesign. On April 20th, I reached a professional milestone!
  • JANE HART  |  SUNDAY, MAY 1, 2016
    [Providers] “Never get sucked into the ‘company knows best’ approach to your career”
    If, instead of just providing courses, P&D were focused on making sure people could do their jobs, using performance consulting and developing the appropriate solutions – whether job aids, contextual support, coaching, or what have you – they’d be contributing to optimal execution. If they went further, and were also facilitating the ability for the organization to continually innovate – fostering communication and collaboration via tools, practices, and culture – they’d be key to getting people to provide their best. Here’s a longer quote from that article. April 2016.
  • TOPYX LMS  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 29, 2016
    [Providers] TOPYX Topics – Social Learning Newsletter – April 2016
    We are dedicated to providing you with relevant articles and newsletters covering the evolving eLearning, learning management, and social learning landscape so you have the information you need to stay current. Easily connect TOPYX LMS to your Salesforce instance with just a few clicks! Now, we have made it incredibly simple to manage your users between TOPYX and Salesforce with a new application. And, it’s free! The new application will allow clients to easily: Import and export user data between Salesforce and TOPYX instances. Qualify and manage user access levels and roles.
  • AXONIFY  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 29, 2016
    [Providers] Curated Insights – It’s ‘game on’ for Gamification in the workplace
    The list also provides suggested readings, videos, podcasts and social networking contacts for each SME. I’m CONSTANTLY curating online content about learning and performance. As a learning geek, It’s my thing—well—one of my things. Every month, I’ll dig through my collections and share my favorite articles on a particular theme along with a few insights of my own. This month, I found some really interesting stuff about gamification. Gamification works—if done well. Here are my curated insights on gamification for April 2016: Find your personal gamification guru from Sponge UK. Warning!
    [Providers] Reflecting on Learning Analytics and SoLAR
    have great hope for the learning analytics field as one that will provide significant research for learning and help us move past naive quantitative and qualitative assessments of research and knowledge. I see LA as a bricolage of skills, techniques, and academic/practitioner domains. The data being generated could provide valuable insight into teaching and learning practices. If so, please provide an image of your lovely head as well as a preferred link to your site/blog/work and a few sentences about how awesome you are. How we got started. Except Shane. LAK11. LAK11.
    [Providers] A Message to All Millennials: Not Another Article About Millennials
    Provide opportunity for career advancement. After reading the title of this article one of the following thoughts may have crossed your mind: “Here we go again, another ‘how-to’ list about how to incorporate Millennials in the workplace”, or, “so what is this Millennial asking for this time?” Before you begin I’d like you to clear your mind of these thoughts and just listen. As a millennial reading this I’d like you to remember one thing: Learn to take responsibility. Not To the average Millennial, the term “workforce” brings on thoughts of traditional 9-5 jobs, suits, and taxes.
    [Providers] Why Businesses Are Struggling To Fill The “Gaps” In Leadership Development
    The report shows that companies who excel in providing effective leadership development invest roughly 4 times the amount of resources than others and in turn, are seeing outsized returns on their investment. Is your organization seeing top talent consistently drop off or leave? Is your company struggling to retain millennial employees ? Are you wondering why your learning and development efforts to build leadership skills internally seems to be missing the mark? Well, you aren’t alone, even in the slightest. Leadership Investment is Inconsistent. Leadership Roles Are Changing.
    [Providers] Customizing Test Results in Your eLearning
    Lorem Ipsum” placeholder text is provided to give a more realistic preview. One of the most exciting new features of Lectora® 16.1 is the new Test Results Object with Results Designer. Prior to Lectora 16.1, you could check the Use Customized Test Results checkbox on the Test Results ribbon and get an automatically generated page within your test that showed the test results. But any kind of customization you may have wanted to apply to that page was pretty limited. Also, you could not use the Customized Test Results option with responsive titles or save them as library objects.
    [Providers] the hustle economy – review
    In The Hustle Economy, 25 creative people provide advice on how to survive and succeed. More of us are working in a gig economy, where creativity is valued but job stability is rare. They come from various walks of life, though it is definitely a US-centric perspective. I did not agree with all the writers, Read more » Books Work
    [Providers] Learnnovators wins PLATINUM at LearnX Impact Awards 2016
    It leverages the power of QR codes to provide support to learners in their moment of need. Learnnovators has won PLATINUM at the LearnX Impact Awards 2016 in the ‘Performance Support’ category. This award is in recognition of a unique and innovative solution titled MPSS that Learnnovators designed and developed for their client  MTAB. MPSS (or Mobile Performance Support Solution) is a mobile app-based performance support solution made up of byte-sized video tutorials and PDF-based Quick Reference Guides. Click  HERE  to watch what Ms. About LearnX Impact Awards. About Learnnovators.
  • SKYPREP  |  THURSDAY, APRIL 28, 2016
    [Providers] How e-learning can close employee knowledge gaps
    Why not provide this information to the registrar’s office and have it distributed to area students? A recent McKinsey study shines a spotlight on the serious gap between the knowledge employees need to do their jobs and the knowledge they exist with from educational institutions in the United States. The study indicates that although 72 percent of the educational institutions insist that their graduates are ready to enter the work force with the skills they need, only 42 percent of employees agree. The idea is to bring everyone in the organization to the same page. Be innovative.
  • GYRUS  |  THURSDAY, APRIL 28, 2016
    [Providers] Debunking Misconceptions about Video Learning
    Video provides a unique and exciting medium to reach and engage with learning audiences that no other medium can provide. There are more than bil lion users (almost one-third of all people on the Internet) on YouTube, who spend extensive hours watching YouTube videos for entertainment as well as for education on a daily basis. Videos have become fully integrated into our lives and studies show that the average viewer retains 95% of a message when they watch it, as opposed to a mere 10% retention rate when they are reading it. Business E-learning elearning eLL
    [Providers] Printing Slides in Articulate Storyline 2
    This widget provides an easy way to introduce this functionality to your course. It’s not uncommon for Articulate Storyline developers to want to create a way for their learners to print a current slide for later reference. Usage. First, you will need to decide which slide to use the Print function on. If you want to use it on all slides, select the Slide Master. Then, follow the steps below: 1. Select the slide (or master). 2. Click the Insert Tab on the ribbon. 3. Click the “Flash” button and insert the printSlide.swf included in the package. 4. GetPlayer().printSlide().
  • EFRONT  |  THURSDAY, APRIL 28, 2016
    [Providers] 9 Tips to Use Images in your eLearning Programs
    Most artists are happy to let you share their work for free, provided you backlink to their websites or cite them in your references section. High quality images tend to draw the learner into the scenario and provide an immersive learning experience. Images have amazing convincing powers. But the wrong image can totally offset an otherwise smooth-running eLearning course. How can you be sure if your images have been well-received? In this article, we bring forward some useful tips to select the apt image for your eLearning programs. Copyright Warnings. Respect copyright laws.
    [Providers] Amazing time to be learner?
    So, how about finding out why the arc in the picture can provide a learning curve for your organization? Learning by seeing and watching is fun. Learning by following your passion and your star is even more delightful! That is what the 45 degree visual of America’s poster boy: the 28-year-old sensation, professional basketball player Wardell Stephen “Steph” Curry II is all about. What can possibly be the linkage between Curry and learning? But this blog will show you how to connect the dots between schools and corporates, when it comes to learning! But how?
    [Providers] Learn better when passion drives you in this amazing time to learn
    So, how about finding out why the arc in the picture can provide a learning curve for your organization? Learning by seeing and watching is fun. Learning by following your passion and your star is even more delightful! That is what the 45 degree visual of America’s poster boy: the 28-year-old sensation, professional basketball player Wardell Stephen “Steph” Curry II is all about. What can possibly be the linkage between Curry and learning? But this blog will show you how to connect the dots between schools and corporates, when it comes to learning! But how?
    [Providers] Using Design to Increase Training Adoption: This Month on #BLPLearn
    We all know how helpful these can be, and how they can help provide that critical extra touch needed for retention. Welcome back to our #BLPLearn blog series, where we offer a monthly look at design and technology as it pertains to learning and development. I’m your host, Jake Huhn—Senior Marketing Technologist at Bottom-Line Performance. What good is training if no one uses it? Last month I talked about how the fundamentals of good design—Gestalt principles—could help improve the learning in your eLearning (or mLearning). Take, for instance, support documents. Does it load quickly?
    [Providers] #LearningIs personal
    Personal learning environments reach beyond the technologies institutions provide - especially virtual learning environments/managed learning environments. We all learn differently. Each of us has preferences. Everyone of us has individual needs and personal requirements. We are unique individuals. Unfortunately, most of us are products of education systems that are based on the industrial model of education which is far removed from personalised learning. It means that everyone has to try to fit in, even if the methods and environments don't meet their needs. Unported License.
  • G-CUBE  |  THURSDAY, APRIL 28, 2016
    [Providers] How Can e-Learning Fit The Needs Of Small And Medium Businesses?
    Availability of Learning: E-Learning provides a great deal of flexibility learning manifold. Varied learning styles: Employees may have different learning style and e-learning can provide course material in various formats to suit the varying learning styles of employees. In the twenty first century, ours is knowledge-based economy. All industry leaders agree that the performance of an organization depends on how up-to-date the employees are on latest knowledge and skills. It is a huge challenge to train a larger number of employees across a great global spread. But is that all?
  • DOCEBO  |  THURSDAY, APRIL 28, 2016
    [Providers] From NextLearning 2016: Does the 70:20:10 learning model hold up in practice?
    To gain the maximum benefit from it, companies should make sure to hire the right mix of people and provide a safe and encouraging work environment and culture. From NextLearning 2016: Does social and informal learning work in the typical workplace? Docebo’s Dubai-based team recently had the opportunity to share our outlook on the state of the cloud learning management system with attendees at the NextLearning 2016 conference in the Netherlands, and how social and informal learning can be addressed in any organization to foster a successful learning strategy at every stage of employment.
  • ELEARNING 24-7  |  WEDNESDAY, APRIL 27, 2016
    [Providers] Course Standards: Where R We Heading?
    SCORM. A few weeks back I was in London meeting with a course provider vendor who let me know that in their eyes, SCORM is dead.  There has been a lot of information out there , okay, I’m kidding there hasn’t been much of anything when it comes to course standards.  At least not in a long time. Rather the focus has been on course development and frankly, courses.  I’ll readily admit that regardless of the course standard you use, if you create click-click-click courses, than no course standard will make it engaging.  Bad is bad. Boring is boring. What about pesky SCORM? 
    [Providers] Fun eLearning?
    They also help to provide a more sensitive format for difficult information. eLearning is the perfect answer to a training solution for many reasons which is why it is becoming more and more popular. However although saving costs, accessing the courses anywhere and everywhere and being able to make bullet points fly in are all key to eLearning’s success, it doesn’t quite change the stigma that training, no matter what the format, is a chore. This being said, without the right know-how, it is easy to create eLearning courses that are just glorified power point presentations.
    [Providers] How Do You Stand Out as an eLearning Designer?
    Help your manager or clients experience success, develop your skills so you can provide outstanding content, and participate as a partner on every project. Maybe you’ve been working as an eLearning designer for a decade, or maybe just for a year. Either way, you want to make sure you stand out from the crowd. You want to be the person with whom internal or external clients choose to work, the designer your manager selects for the next promotion, or the candidate who gets hired for the coveted eLearning design job. First things first, your content must be top-notch. Be a team player.
    [Providers] 2016 – 9 Trends on the eLearning Landscape
    Moreover, ambitious adults look for professional development and growth opportunities provided by their companies. How can eLearning developers create programs to satisfy the growing and unique needs of learners? Every year TalentLMS comes up with a revolutionary list of eLearning processes and procedures for eLearning development. Here are the latest and most popular eLearning trends! 1. Gamification. The impact of gamification   on eLearning still looks amazingly strong. Experts and mainstream learners can’t deny the success of gamification in enhancing human cognition. Big data.
    [Providers] Where ELearning is Headed
    Software providers need to gain a better understanding of the devices that people will be using to access content created with their solution. In a recent interview I was asked where I think the elearning industry is headed in the years to come. While I would never claim to be all knowing about the movements in the elearning industry, I do have an eye for spotting trends over time. Now, the elearning industry is pretty massive. Answering a question about where I think it is headed is a tad difficult to do without making some sweeping generalizations. Some of you may be rolling your eyes.
    [Providers] Leadership isn’t Just for ‘Old’ People
    It’s time for organization to provide leadership opportunities to those of all ages who act and think like leaders. Have you ever had an experience that changed the way you viewed the world? Last week, I had one when I watched a video from AARP titled ‘Millennials Show Us What Old Looks Like’. In just a couple weeks, the video received over 375,000 views on YouTube. When I shared it on LinkedIn, it received more than 55+ positive comments and over 350 likes. Clearly, the message hit a nerve #ageisjustanumber. Does age play a part in how people view leaders? What You Can Do To Help.
    [Providers] How to Share Courses and Tests without an LMS?
    Here's the recording and the script of this webinar that we've provided for your convenience. Shared. Once you've created a course or a test, the easiest way to share it is to use iSpring Cloud , a web hosting and sharing platform. Last week, we held a free webinar on this service, demonstrating its basics and the difference from iSpring Learn LMS. Read more ». iSpring News
    [Providers] Heuristic Learning & Shakespeare
    The apps function is to provide an essential aid to understanding and enjoying the plays in the theatre or on the screen.”. I used to write about apps I used or liked as part of my work, or at least I recognised could aid me in my work, but have been remiss on this front for a while. So, with the urging of a few peeps on Twitter (thank you) I’ll start it up again. This new app I’ve installed actually covers two loves – learning/reading and technology. In The Tempest from Heuristic Shakespeare is the first in a collection of thirty-seven separate apps. Did it help?
    [Providers] Respect Your Learners to Maximize ROI
    If you are responsible for the design, development and delivery of training for your organization, ask yourself if you would want to participate in the training you are providing to others. Reinforce good choices, remediate poor ones and provide opportunities to experiment with different decisions. Recently I spoke with a senior leader about a survey her organization had administered to its workforce. One of the questions it asked was how the organization could improve its performance. The majority of respondents said, “Eliminate training.” Is it engaging? Relevant? Current?
    [Providers] Spaced practice: The 130 year-old trick for making training memorable
    link is provided to a short learning course that reviews the key information from the course. If there was a simple way you could help learners retain more information over long periods of time would you use it? One of the earliest pieces of research into memory and learning identified a technique called spaced practice. It significantly improves the recall of information and it could be the key to achieving better long-term results from your training. What is spaced practice? After only a day, two thirds of the information learned is gone. this YouTube video. This article. Daniel T.
    [Providers] Talk to LearnUpon at AITD 2016
    AITD’s conference is a not to be missed L&D event with a reputation for providing attendees with high quality, dynamic presentations on an exciting range of innovative topics. David will be on hand to provide live demos of our amazing LMS and also to answer any questions you may have. Next month sees us exhibiting at our first ever Australian conference. The AITD Annual National Conference is taking place in the Sydney Masonic Centre on the 5th and 6th of May. Keynote speakers include Donald Clark , CEO and founder of Epic Group. Inside LearnUpon AITD
    [Providers] Why Every Small Business Should Have a Blog
    blog sets your business apart from all the rest of the tech startups, boutiques, and businesses in the area by providing an easily accessible platform for your voice. The freedom a blog provides allows for more attractive, varied content for your readers to scroll through. It’s no wonder an increasing amount of businesses large and small have invested time and money into creating blogs. Whether you’re wondering how to be a leader instead of a boss, or how to deal with angry customers, where do you go? The internet. Having a blog increases traffic to your website. Need ideas?
    [Providers] Introducing International Cutout People
    We also are looking into other ways that we can continue to provide better products and services to all of our faithful fans and customers. The Cutout People library is one of the most highly-used products we have and with good reason. Bringing in a human element as a host helps to draw attention to important points in your eLearning. They also facilitate conversation scenarios and allow you to create learning opportunities based on common experiences the learner may come across. We agree that this is an excellent idea and decided to take it one step further. China. England. Mexico.
    [Providers] 4 Reasons No One is Clicking on and Using Your eLearning Content
    Companies who value their talent invest in them, and one of the top ways to show employees you value their time and work is by providing them with great learning to help them progress in their career. Innovation You take the time to develop eLearning content and then send it out to employees, only to get back disappointing analytics and lackluster adoption rates. Where did you go wrong? Captain Obvious moment: if you can’t even entice employees to click a link or open an attachment, they’re probably not going to click through and consume your generic learning material. Click To Tweet.
  • LEARNKIT  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 26, 2016
    [Providers] Creating Memorable Customer Experiences will Save your Retail Location
    This is where providing employees with highly personalized, customized and effective training can mean the difference between happy customers who spend and unhappy customers who leave empty handed. Want to learn more about how Learnkit has worked with top retailers to provide highly engaging and effective digital learning to aid in their approach to employee learning? When I was in highschool one of my favourite things to do was go to the mall to shop with my mom and friends. Today, the mall is a place that I try to avoid. What does a highly effective retail program include?
    [Providers] Learning in context
    In preparation for the upcoming FocusOn Learning Conference, where I’ll be running a workshop about cognitive science for L&D, not just for learning but also for mobile and performance support, I was thinking about how  context can be leveraged to provide more optimal learning  and performance. What we tend to do, as a default, is to take people away from work, provide the learning resources away from the context, then create a context to practice in. Naturally, I had to diagram it, so let me talk through it, and you let me know what you think. medicine, transportation.
    [Providers] When You Should Build Your Own LMS
    If you look at the learning management industry you can see that many providers make an earnest attempt to satisfy as many different use-cases as possible. The learning management system has grown up quite a bit over the past decade. What used to be a rather dull workhorse operating in the background is now an exciting, feature packed offering. This evolution in the LMS has resulted in people raising their expectations on what it can (and should) do for their elearning programs. They often do a good job satisfying these various needs. However, no LMS is perfect for every situation.
  • GYRUS  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 26, 2016
    [Providers] Debunking Misconceptions about Mobile Learning
    Mobile Learning Is Used to Provide E-Learning on Mobile Devices. While a mobile device is used to provide online learning, it doesn’t imply that you will be doing the same kind of e-Learning that you would do using your laptop or desktop. Mobile learning differs from e-learning in terms of the size of courses that can (or should) be provided on mobile devices as well as the context in which mobile learning is accessed. More than half of the world’s population now has a mobile subscription. as mobile learning tools. Mobile Learning Signifies Learning on the Move.
  • EI DESIGN  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 26, 2016
    [Providers] 5 Killer Examples: How To Use Microlearning-Based Training Effectively
    Typically designed and delivered in rich media formats, it is a learner-centric approach that provides just-in-time training that is available on multiple devices (extending to Tablets and Smartphones besides Desktops and Laptops). As you see, the visual indicators constantly provide cues to the learners on how they are performing. Microlearning is more than a buzz today. It is being increasingly used by many organizations for both formal and informal learning. Furthermore, its rich media formats ensure better retention of the learning. Background. Compliance. Professional skills.
  • PRACT.US  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 26, 2016
    [Providers] After Micro-Learning Comes Micro-Practice
    Managers can provide this support by pairing learners with short-term mentors, experienced peers who help them implement new knowledge and provide feedback. Share your experience with a mentor or manager who can help you overcome obstacles and provide suggestions for continued improvement. Even with an instructional video, you need some practice to learn key skills. Micro-learning, the latest hot approach to corporate training, serves up small doses of information, usually through short videos. It’s kind of like watching a YouTube video about how to do your job.
  • SPONGE UK  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 26, 2016
    [Providers] Learning leaders share insights on change at CIPD L&D Show
    Elearning provider, Sponge UK is hosting the sessions in support of the #MakeItHappen campaign organised by research and benchmarking organisation, Towards Maturity. The campaign is aimed at providing practical insights and resources to help L&D professionals focus on one area of action that will help them deliver impact in 2016. NEWS: Learning leaders will be talking about the action L&D professionals can take to improve business impact during a series of interviews at the CIPD Learning and Development Show (L&D) 2016. The guests are: Day One (May 11) Teresa Rose, E.ON
    [Providers] Student voices unheard?
    How much of their work is achieved outside of the formal learning space, and what should we provide to support extra-mural learning? In yesterday's post I mentioned the Youth Media Team who featured at the ICT in Education Conference in Ireland. also stressed how important it is to give students a voice in their own education. Students should be at the centre of the learning process - where else could they legitimately be? However, if they don't have a voice in their own learning, they are peripheral to the process, and education fails them. How do we give students a voice?
  • HAPYAK  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 26, 2016
    [Providers] 5 Tips for Growing Interactive Video in Your Organization
    Look to get this data from your interactive video platform provider. What are best practices when it comes to growing interactive video in your organization? number of the 5 Tips on getting started with Interactive videos are applicable when it comes to growing interactive video in your organization. Here is what to focus on once you’ve created a few Interactive Videos and are looking for it to become a standard practice. Using Existing Videos – Continue to add interactivity to your existing videos. This is great when it happens but there is no need to rush it. Blog Learn
    [Providers] Do Your Questions Differentiate You
    Chances are that the customer views what they are selling as somewhat similar to what the competition is providing. As a matter of fact, the customer probably assumes that both you and your competitors will provide relatively the same thing. Critical thinking gets customers out of their box. During my graduate work in training and development, I had the good fortune of taking a psychology class. Toward the middle of the semester, the professor asked me for a favor. At first, I was somewhat reluctant. So I agreed. Therefore, you are being viewed almost like a commodity. Charles D.
    [Providers] How to Customize Illustrations in PowerPoint
    This is an issue I run into quite a bit because I get some of my graphics from those low cost (or free) stock image sites  and often they only provide a.PNG version of the file. In In this post we’ll look at an easy way to customize illustration in PowerPoint, since it’s a tool most of us have and it’s easy to do. Most illustrations are vector images that are saved in a format such as. EPS or.AI that allows you to edit them. However, what happens when you have an illustration in a bitmap version such as.JPG or.PNG but you don’t have the source file to edit it?
  • MINDFLASH  |  MONDAY, APRIL 25, 2016
    [Providers] It’s Time to Get Personal in eLearning
    Companies and organization now are taking a deeper dive into data and analytics in order to assess, provide feedback, and determine personalized content and delivery methods. Providing specific and frequent feedback to the learner in order to enhance the personal learning process. 2016 will be the year of personalization in eLearning. As eLearning becomes more and more popular, students will demand more interaction, entertainment, and personalization. Going forward, a one-size-fits-all approach will no longer be the norm. Leveraging a student’s interests and passions.
  • COURSEARC  |  MONDAY, APRIL 25, 2016
    [Providers] Applying Brain Research
    This provides a great overview of the brain and how it affects learning. In the 1990s, scientists began using Functional MRIs (fMRIs) to see how the brain functions. fMRI is different than a normal MRI that looks at the structure of the brain. fMRI takes baseline images of the brain while it is at rest and then compares them to imaging of the brain while it is doing an activity. Because of this technology, the understanding of how the brain works has increased tenfold, covering everything from brain injuries, memory, stress, and learning disabilities. ” Brain Rules by John Medina.
  • TALENTLMS  |  MONDAY, APRIL 25, 2016
    [Providers] Cutting some Slack – integrating TalentLMS with Slack to enhance team collaboration
    Provide the credentials required for your TalentLMS account to be connected. Following the same trigger and action logic you can hook up any other functionality you want between Slack and TalentLMS (and the other way around of course, as TalentLMS is itself a trigger provider too). Slack seems to have been taking the corporate and startup collaboration world by storm in the past year or so. The popular communication and chat service for businesses has not only secured a huge installed user base, but is also already valuated in the billions (around 3 of them, to be exact).
    [Providers] Personal Learning Paths Offer a Richer Experience for eLearning
    However, providing all of the necessary content in addition to allowing personal learning paths can be a challenging task. One simple way to provide milestones is to create a weekly checklist for learners to follow. Provide them with one or two quizzes or simulations that engage them to test their own progress and knowledge comprehension. So just what is a ‘personal learning path’ and why is it even important? This personal experience is tailored to each participant over time and helps hold their attention while increasing the “fun” aspect of eLearning.
    [Providers] April 2016 #Obsidianchat Summary
    DuncanWIV and @JimDHarris also provided clear breakdowns on the purpose of xAPI. DuncanWIV “Being able to track any event, application use, control systems data etc provides new capability for predictive analytics. Art Werkenthin provided us with a very thorough response: “Hopefully your LMS has a built-in Learning Record Store (LRS) or will soon. Art also provided resource links to read about the benefits of CMI-5: [link]. xAPI alone doesn’t provide any learning data to the LMS proper.”. New post April 2016 #Obsidianchat Summary on Obsidian Learning.
  • TOPYX LMS  |  MONDAY, APRIL 25, 2016
    [Providers] TOPYX LMS Releases Salesforce AppExchange Application
    BONITA SPRINGS, FL – Interactyx, the developer of the TOPYX® learning management system (LMS) software, is excited to announce the release of a new application on the Salesforce AppExchange that provides data integration between TOPYX and Salesforce clients. Clients choose TOPYX because of its outstanding value, ease of use, engaging peer-to-peer learning tools, and dedicated support teams to provide compliance training, external portals, sales training and other online learning management needs. TOPYX provides availability of learning management tools to nearly 20 million users.
  • SPONGE UK  |  MONDAY, APRIL 25, 2016
    [Providers] STORY unveils new chapter in induction elearning
    The company, based in Carlisle, has a workforce of 480 and provides construction, plant and rail solutions across the North of England and Scotland. Award-winning elearning provider, Sponge UK created the new elearning module which is being rolled out to new starters and existing employees. The 20-minute elearning module introduces Story employees to the company’s vision and core behaviours and provides an overview of its people and structure. It is the first time the company has used online learning as part of its induction training. This was exactly what we wanted.
    [Providers] A Taxing Time for Supplier Relationships
    Another important data point to review is your company’s performance compared to other companies, especially if your training supplier also provides services to your competitors. With tax season behind us, it’s a good reminder to review our key training supplier relationships. Ensure you have regular scheduled supplier/account review meetings. regular cadence of these meetings confirms that you are on track with program performance and are not caught off guard for any annual reviews. This fact should not be lost during your account reviews.
  • AXONIFY  |  SUNDAY, APRIL 24, 2016
    [Providers] Is Big Data a Game-Changer for L&D?
    The standard metrics provided by Learning Management Systems—such as assessment scores, training hours completed, survey feedback—might be valuable for running the day-to-day of L&D, but they don’t identify a measurable impact on the organization’s bottom line. Stay tuned:  The next post in our continuing discussion on Big Data will provide more concrete examples of analytics and how they can improve job performance as well as L&D’s overall results. Are you using Big Data in your organization to provide more valuable learning insights to the business? Many think so.
    [Providers] My view on the difficult situation in Ukraine
    will start with a bit of background first in order to provide some context. The past week I have visited the Easygenerator team in Ukraine. My first visit to Ukraine was in 2010 and I since then I have visited Ukraine two or three times per year. A lot has happened in that period; here is my view on the current situation in Ukraine. Background on the Ukraine. In order to understand the situation in the Ukraine you have to understand the location of the country. As you can see Ukraine is located between the EU and Russia. But the situation is more complicated than that. Economy.
    [Providers] How Top Fortune 500 Companies Are Using eLearning to Increase Office Productivity
    These adaptive learning tools help administrators anticipate where the learner might face difficulties, and allow them to provide the right kind of support and tools needed to achieve optimal results. Finding ways to increase productivity is a goal of every business in existence. If your employees seem a little sluggish, it’s not your imagination nor your impatience. According to a 2014 Salary.com survey, a whopping 89 percent of workers admitted to wasting time during the course of their workday, with 62 percent copping to at least 30 minutes of lost time. Reduced Distractions. Google.
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