[Providers] Important Features of an Ideal Rapid Authoring Tool
    How do we choose the right tool that will provide the maximum return on our investment? The eLearning Guild stated that most tools users desired features that provide: Closed captioning for audio and video. What is the best rapid authoring tool in the market? Well, the answer to these questions is that the choice of a rapid authoring tool is based on your training development needs. As companies are diverse in their nature and working, so are their training needs. Different companies use different parameters to evaluate the tools. Let us what these features are. Shuffling answers.
    [Providers] Designing Learning Environments for the Digital Age
    Recently, guest BYTE speaker Catherine Lombardozzi provided expert insight about talent development in this digital age. BYTE Session Recap. Learning technologies and methodologies have evolved rapidly and dramatically over the past three decades. Instructional designers have had to align these new tools and trends with time-tested and proven theories and models. This blog post will highlight the evolution of corporate learning and learning environment design and strategies. Modern Learning Instructional Design
    [Providers] Six Sizzling Benefits of Training Needs Analysis – Part 2
    ‘ Training Needs Analysis (TNA) provides insights and concrete data to identify the training needs within an organization. TNA provides crucial insights on where the training should be directed, who should receive training, and what is the content of that training. Provides a benchmark for training evaluation. well conducted Training Needs Analysis provides a comprehensive picture of the Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities (KSA) of employees so that training programs can be directed in the most needed direction. Identify performance gaps. ” -  J. Brown.
    [Providers] How to learn and learn-to-learn
    In your working life, how have you learnt effectively from experience, please provide an example if possible? In your working life, how have you learnt effectively from people, please provide an example if possible? In your working life, how have you learnt effectively from courses, research or investigation, please provide an example if possible? I was asked by a colleague to answer some questions for a project on how to learn.  I naturally decided to answer in a blog post ;). However, I looked at their rationale, and realized I’d made specific mistakes.
    [Providers] To Buy or Build Your E-learning, Which Road to Take?
    If not, you can outsource your requirements to a vendor who provides customized e-learning solutions. The investment of time, money, and efforts does not bring the desired results that a similar off-the-shelf course would have provided. Based on this, it makes sense to create the course in-house or outsource it to a custom e-learning service provider. You can: Provide the content and outsource the development of the content to a custom e-learning company. Tweak an off-the-shelf course to meet your requirements, provided you have the required permission.
    [Providers] Check Out The Features In Version 2.3!
    When selected, a new window will open which will display the user’s answers they provided on the quiz, whether the answer was correct or incorrect, and any feedback you have configured for the correct and incorrect responses. Today we have released a major LearnDash core update designed specifically with two things in mind. Our first priority was to improve the reporting performance and data storage. This is the last major step needed prior to the anticipated ProPanel v2.0 release. We rounded out the update with two highly requested features. Review Quiz Answers. release. release.
    [Providers] Why Companies Procrastinate When it’s Time for Training
    Hiring an outside organization can provide several benefits to an in-house training team: This is our full-time gig. September 6th was National Fight Procrastination Day. And in true procrastination fashion, we’ve put off writing this blog until now. So without further ado, let’s talk about a case of procrastination you’re probably familiar with: why organizations wait so long to update their internal training materials. Why Companies Procrastinate. Lots of companies put off updating their training even when they know they could get a better result if their training was improved.
    [Providers] Increase Course Performance with These 7 Tips for Bite-Sized eLearning
    But how can eLearning professionals provide them with the bite-sized bits of eLearning they need to achieve their goals, especially when working on a tight eLearning budget? Provide your learners with the additional resources they need to achieve their goals, such as an eLearning forum where they can chat with peers or a contact form where they can reach out to their instructors. How You Can Deliver Highly Effective Courses Through Bite-Sized eLearning. Fortunately, they have technology on their side, and they know how to use it. Stick To One Subject. START A TRIAL.
    [Providers] What makes an Association Education Program Successful?
    To assess learner satisfaction, you could ask learners for feedback on course completion via survey or webinar, or use discussion forums to allow learners to make suggestions and provide feedback to instructors and administrators. To There is an association for every profession, trade, and interest. In the United States alone, there are tens of thousands of associations and non-profit organizations working to support, develop, and advocate for their respective members and industries. With such diversity, how do you determine what makes an association education program successful?
    [Providers] mLevel to Present at Venture Atlanta 2016
    The conference provides an invaluable experience for entrepreneurs resulting in funding, national investor exposure, unparalleled relationship building and mentoring by successful technology executives. Conference will showcase the South’s most promising technology companies. mLevel announced today it has been selected to present at Venture Atlanta 2016, the South’s premier event for connecting technology innovation and investment capital. Venture Atlanta will be held November 2-3 at the College Hall of Fame in Atlanta. billion in funding to date—a number that continues to grow.
    [Providers] Let Your Personality Win the Sale: Use Video to Tip the Scales in Your Favor
    Make sure your follow ups are sending the right message, or you risk ending up in your recipient’s deleted mail folder with the content you provided never getting consumed. One of the psychological triggers that win sales is the principle of liking, which says that we are more likely to say yes to a request if we feel a connection to the person making it. Tweet this) Considering this, it’s not surprising that research has shown that successful salespeople possess many common personality traits ; among them, charisma, good people skills, passion, and empathy. It’s probably rare.
    [Providers] 3 Essential Activities for New Hire Success – Even if You Don’t Have Formal Onboarding
    Invite your new employee to meetings in other departments to make introductions and provide insight into what other groups are doing. Onboarding is key – even if you don’t do onboarding. According to a recent article by Human Resource Executive Online , only 48% of companies offer onboarding for new employees. That means that most companies simply play it by ear when a new team member joins. Some small groups may bring on employees just once a year or so and may not feel the need for a formal program. Ignore onboarding at your own risk. And a further 15.8% So what can you do?
    [Providers] We’re one of the Top 20 Gamification Companies for the second year running!
    Training Industry monitors the training marketplace for exceptional providers of training services and technologies. Gamification flows through our veins. If you put our blood underneath a microscope, you’re likely to find that it’s actually made up of minuscule badges and experience points! We weave gamification into every one of our solutions. We’re proud of our expertise, and even prouder when that expertise gets recognised. Once they’ve found out who the real training pioneers are, they gather them together into their Top 20 lists. Academy LMS. Genie Authoring Tool.
    [Providers] Discover the “smart learning” approach
    It is also because training must provide a range of opportunities to apply newly acquired knowledge in the workplace. We now have the means to make training really “smart” (not that it was stupid before!) Training professionals would be wrong to sneer at “smart learning” based on Analytics, because it allows them to serve learners and businesses more effectively. These natural requirements are, however, poorly covered in face-to-face learning programs. You said mobile learning? It’s not surprising that Mobile Learning is so popular: what better knowledge transfer tool for people at work?
    [Providers] McDonald’s Selects Inkling to Deliver Critical Operating Procedures to More Than 750,000 Workers
    User- and store-level analytics: Inkling now integrates with off-the-shelf business intelligence (BI) tools like Google Data Studio and Tableau to provide user-by-user and, in the case of retail and restaurants, store-by-store data to drive business performance insights. . Predictive search: Inkling now provides user-level search indexes that give individual users as-you-type suggestions based on your personal document library. Inkling releases major platform enhancements to support mobile devices in retail and restaurant environments. See Included Media]. See Included Media].
    [Providers] LinkedIn Offers Premium Members Learning In-Channel
    Last week professional social network LinkedIn pulled back the curtain on how it will tap into its 2015 purchase of online course provider Lynda.com. Powered by Lynda.com, the new feature offers members access to online courses — recommending ones closely aligned with people’s individual career paths based on professional data they’ve provided. During a press event, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner announced the redesign of the platform to improve user experience. He also unveiled LinkedIn Learning. Users also can search within LinkedIn Learning for courses based on their learning needs.
    [Providers] Microlearning Activities – 4 Reasons They are Ideal for Compliance Training
    As the content is divided into digestible nuggets and provides one learning point at a time, learners will be able to retain the information for a longer time. For example, if you want to train nurses on donning and doffing PPE while treating Ebola patients, you can first provide a module on donning PPE and another module on doffing. For instance, if you wish to provide a course on data security, you can develop several micro-learning modules, each covering a particular topic. Microlearning has been the trending word in the e-learning world for quite some time now.
    [Providers] Best Strategies for Implementing Mobile Learning
    Laptops are typically only made available to executives or employees who travel for business.  To make elearning more accessible for all employees, the training can be provided through a website or the company intranet that employees could access via their mobile device. The technology upgrades usually fall upon the mobile learning provider, which means organizations won’t have to employ any additional IT staff. . Adding mobile elearning to a corporate training program provides another avenue to engage learners anytime and anywhere.
    [Providers] Creating an Interesting E-learning GUI Design in Articulate Storyline – Part 6
    Play/Pause and Replay buttons : Articulate Storyline provides the Play/Pause/Replay feature by default in the GUI of a course, but when you customize the GUI, you need to add the Play/Pause and Replay buttons in each slide. In my previous blog , I shared a few tips on adding page numbers to courses using variables in Articulate Storyline. In this blog, let us see how to add the Play/Pause and Replay buttons to a customized GUI (Graphical User Interface). This will require some extra time and effort in a project. Creating the Play and Pause button. See screenshot below.
    [Providers] Inquisiq – An Award Winning LMS
    We are excited to continue providing the greatest LMS and eLearning services around. The Inquisiq team is thrilled to share that we have (with your help!) been fortunate enough to receive not one, but TWO , notices of recognition in recent weeks. Inquisq has been ranked on Trainingindustry.com’s 2016 Watch List for Learning Portals AND been named as a finalist in the 2016 Best of Elearning! Awards in the category Best Learning Management System (SaaS, Cloud-Based, or Open-Source Only). For twelve years, the Best of Elearning! Our sincerest thank you to all of you who participated!
    [Providers] 9 Tips To Boost eLearning Course Participation
    As an instructor, you can provide a list of rules, each accompanied by a voting option. Most trainers complain that the eLearning course participants communicate with the trainer, but not with their peers! Some even complain of total lack of participation. Learner buy-in is a common problem, and trainers need to learn how to secure participation early on and keep it going as the course progresses. In this article, we’ll share a few suggestions on how to promote eLearning course participation as a trainer. Participation: a crucial challenge in eLearning course creation. Participate first!
    [Providers] LMS RFP Tips: How to Find Your Best Learning Technology Fit
    Also note: You can make the assumption that if a vendor is providing a LMS RFP template, they have the capability listed in their template and not a smidgen more. Smart learning technology providers ask penetrating questions that make buyers think more deeply. Is the LMS RFP a Necessary Evil?  A Nice-to-Have? Or Something More? Request for Proposal (RFP) is one of the most widely used yet controversial tools for learning management systems buyers. Some people hate them. Others love them. Either way, it’s usually foolish to buy an LMS without one. What is an LMS RFP?
    [Providers] Why User Experience is the New Brand Loyalty Program
    Clients always have other choices, so it’s up to the experience that we’re able to provide. It’s a scenario we’re all too familiar with: You get a new toy–a TV; a bookshelf; a new phone–and the second it’s out of the box, you want it to be fully functional. But we’re also all too familiar with the woes of something new, and from assembly frustration to a steep learning curve, you might be stuck reading manuals and using trial and error to learn how to use or put together something new. Not a great user experience. If the idea makes your blood boil, you’re not alone.
    [Providers] What Charlotte Needed Was Leadership
    No one chooses the environment in which they are born into, or the color of their skin, but it’s our parents, political systems, churches, and companies who must pick up the slack and create environments that provide education, opportunity, and empowerment regardless of neighborhood or color. I am a 33 year old white male that has grown up all my life not worried about oppression.  I am not going to pretend to understand or act like I know what many in the black community feel. Having said that, I truly believe, what Charlotte has is a leadership problem. Event + Response = Outcome.
    [Providers] Is technology eliminating the Learning & Development role in corporations?
    Is it really a good news for the businesses or is it invisibly diminishing the learning and development role by providing employees technological ease & functionalities in their respective department? Computers are getting more portable and personal, software is now more intuitive and smarter and employees are starting to grasp an in-built potential the technology provides. You must have seen in many of the previous posts by yourtrainingedge.com [1] the revolutions taking place in corporate learning and development brought about advancement in technology. population.
    [Providers] Introducing: Our new High-Impact Leadership Research
    We define the approach taken by these top organizations as “Systemic Leadership” Our research explains in detail how other organizations can adopt a systemic approach to leadership growth, and provides specific examples and guidelines of how to get there. Last summer, we asked ourselves: “Why do organizations still struggle to grow leaders?” We also know they often don’t pay off, because, according to our research, only: • Only two in five leaders build talent in their organizations, • Only half of all leaders drive change and innovation, and.
    [Providers] How do we measure value creation from training?
    Provide on-going feedback to help the staff member to develop the new skill over time. In a previous article we looked at the five levels of impact in any exhaustive training evaluation process that reflect the key challenges involved in high-quality evaluation. We also looked at the limitations of evaluations due to non-measurable (intangible) factors. In Training evaluation at a glance. Evaluating training is no easy task. If you restrict yourself to sending out a satisfaction form, that’s not going to be enough for a complete evaluation. Has their productivity improved? Pottiez, J.
    [Providers] 9 Must-Consider Topics When Designing Partner or Reseller Training
    Beyond providing wholesale discounts, financial rewards or other perks, ask these top-producers to be your subject matter experts (SMEs) for other resellers. Provide clear instructions on who to call when, how to escalate issues, how/who to engage for specific types of questions, and where to find needed information on your website. Online training is an effective way to arm your partners and value-added resellers with knowledge. It’s scalable—you can train thousands at once while retaining your own corporate brand in the training materials. Convey the Company Culture.
    [Providers] LTTO+ Professional Development Course for L&D by LearningCafe
    Join the MOOC+ Study Group that provides an augmented learning experience to Organisational Learning and Capability Professionals. MOOC MOOC + is lead by L&D professionals and practitioners from various organisations who in addition to completing the Learning To Teach Online MOOC on Coursera will also provide a contextualised learning experience for organisational Learning and Capability professionals. Currently over 26 L&D professionals from organisations such as Qantas, ANZ, Telstra, Westpac, EY have registered to participate. What do I need to do ? Tweet. About MOOCS.
    [Providers] LTTO+ Professional Development Course for L&D by LearningCafe
    Join the MOOC+ Study Group that provides an augmented learning experience to Organisational Learning and Capability Professionals. MOOC MOOC + is lead by L&D professionals and practitioners from various organisations who in addition to completing the Learning To Teach Online MOOC on Coursera will also provide a contextualised learning experience for organisational Learning and Capability professionals. LearningCafe is recognized as one of the top value adding professional development providers in Australia. What do I need to do ? What are MOOCs ? How much will it cost
    [Providers] Is Kirkpatrick’s Model of Evaluating a Training Program The Best? – Part 3
    The model provides a logical structure and process to measure learning. The argument: In order to carry out this level of evaluation, learners must be provided regular reinforcement and follow up – which again is time consuming and costs money. This is the third blog in the Kirkpatrick Model of Instruction series. In the first part of the series, I covered the need to evaluate any training program and the basics of the Kirkpatrick model of evaluating a training program. In the second part of this series, I delved into each level of the Kirkpatrick model. Money. Effort.
    [Providers] seek > sense > share for cities
    “Additional outreach included a blog to share the results and to connect to other stakeholders; a newsletter; radio interviews provided by Brazilian mayors; and strategic connections to other events and meetings in Brazil.” Two years ago, a number of members from UCLG (United Cities & Local Governments) participated in a personal knowledge mastery workshop. This was part of the organization’s search for “ practical solutions to fulfill the citizen’s demand” acknowledging that “learning cannot be conducted alone but has to be part of partnerships”. 44 – 47 ).
  • ELEARNING 24-7  |  FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 2016
    [Providers] Build Gr8 Micro-Learning Course
    Point is to provide the information to help someone achieve or specifically learn how to do it.  For months I’ve been telling folks that if they want to learn how to build outstanding courses, they should surf deep into the search engines, locate the information and begin their learning experience. I was wrong. Now before you go “WHAT?”, ”, let me tell you why.  Outdated and seriously who is using this? Unless you are an ID (instructional designer) or e-learning developer who was inspired by Gagne, you are not touching this with a five foot pole. ADDIE?  Snooze.
    [Providers] Missing Captivate Quiz Buttons? We Can Fix It
    They sped up the load and publish time for Captivate projects, they amped up the Assets tool and they provided a link to the new Captivate community. In their most recent update to Captivate 9.0.2, Adobe made many fantastic changes. However, one change they made caused some buttons on our eLearning Brothers templates to disappear when published or previewed. The buttons in question are the Captivate quiz buttons within our Captivate templates. While the new update keeps that style information, the buttons disappear when previewed or published. They work just fine and cause no issues.
    [Providers] Video-based Learning: An Effective Tool for Sales Training
    So to revise what he has learnt earlier, we can create videos that provide a summary of them. As part of their job, sales representatives use their skills to convince customers to buy their products. Like any other skill, sales reps acquire this skill through years of experience and continuous sales training. But, when it comes to sales training, there are certain challenges that have to be focused on. For example, sales reps are always bound with tight schedules and cannot take much time out for the training. These videos keep them engaged and transfer knowledge in a very short time.
    [Providers] Interview with Karl Kapp on Games, Gamification, and LEARNING!
    Am I right that most games provide immediate feedback? You are right; most games provide immediate, corrective feedback. number of games also provide delayed feedback in the form of after-action reviews. If this doesn’t work or too much time passes, the game provides a more explicit clue and finally, if that doesn’t work, the player receives step-by-step instructions. Making staying healthy a game provides, in many cases that little bit of extra motivation to make you stay on course. Karl Kapp is one of the learning field's best research-to-practice gurus!
    [Providers] How to Create 5-Slide Micro-Learning - Tiny, Succinct, Fast - Tip #108
    Provide detailed links A proliferation of knowledge-enabling tools to improve productivity such as Evernote, YouTube, DropBox, Basecamp, PDFs, Blogs, etc. Provide links to tools, references , etc. Micro-Learning is serving “slices” to learners instead of the “whole pie.” It supports “get-it-now,” “do-it-now” learners who require timely solutions and information in the rapid changing work arena. have always visualized micro-lessons as kernels of knowledge that enable trainers to trickle down valuable, high-impact yet very short lessons over a period of time. Be a minimalist.
    [Providers] a workable future
    Social networks, based on loose social ties, provide a diversity of opinions and the potential to prompt innovation. In the IFTF report Ten Strategies for a Workable Future , the authors highlight issues for the US labour force, which I believe are applicable to many other countries and economies. full report PDF ). Combine the best of investor-owned and commons-based platform models. Solve for both transparency and privacy. Integrate marginalized workers in a sustainable economy. Ensure opportunities for workers to advance outside of traditional organizational hierarchies.
    [Providers] Learning Objectives Set the Stage for E-learning Courses: Why?
    They provide the parameters or subject matter on which the learners should be tested. X is the training manager for ABC Inc. He was assigned the task of getting an e-learning course developed for field sales executives. All that X got as a brief from the Director – Sales was this:  “ I want to train my sales executives on the new product we are going to launch. We don’t have time to get them all here for classroom training, so online training seems a good option. Here is a bunch of product manuals and guides the product team has come up with. Obviously not.
    [Providers] Why E-learning Translation is Important for an English-speaking World
    This is because companies are becoming more global, having their workforce, clients, and service providers in multiple locations. English is the third most widely-spoken language in terms of native speakers, close to 335 million. But if one were to count the number of people who speak it as a second language, then it clearly is the most popular language in the world. Then why is translation so important? Besides, 65 percent of multinational enterprises believe localization is either important or very important for achieving higher company revenues. Reason #1: Not everyone speaks English.
    [Providers] carpe diem
    In your working life, how have you learnt effectively from experience, please provide an example if possible? In your working life, how have you learnt effectively from people, please provide an example if possible? In your working life, how have you learnt effectively from courses, research or investigation, please provide an example if possible? will provide you with a proof copy of any quotes or usage for your approval before publishing. Arun Pradhan recently asked about my own experiences of learning and working. The military calls this collective training.
    [Providers] The Power of Storytelling at Vi
    She said the experiences that time offered continue to provide value for her. Vi, which serves about 4,500 residents, is driven by a mission to provide quality environments, services and programs to enrich older adults’ lives. It says something when a company brings its people together to share in departmental wins. At Vi, a Chicago-based senior living facilities company, Judy Whitcomb, the organization’s senior vice president of HR, learning and organizational development, can be credited with sharing important feats of learning. Not so at Vi. And for her, stories are important.
    [Providers] A smarter way to navigate an LMS
    Admin Dashboards –  provides shortcuts to the most common actions performed and information sought. This week we officially launched a new design for our LMS. It will deliver a faster, smoother and more consistent experience for our customers. The new layout and design makes it easier to use and has reduced time spent executing tasks. LearnUpon’s LMS makes it easy for administrators to access and action the tasks they need to perform allowing them to deliver courses and track progress quicker than ever. Enhanced navigation – makes your experience consistent and intuitive.
    [Providers] 5 Tips for Setting Up an Employee Training and Development Plan
    It’s important to provide flexibility in your approach to training and development. One of the great things about finishing college is the feeling of freedom. ‘At last! never have to sit through another lecture again!’, you think. But then you start your career and realize that the learning is far from over. Career training and development are of vital importance to both the employee and the company. However, it needn’t be a grind for either! With careful consideration, you can create an employee training and development plan that is fun, engaging and productive. Identify employee needs.
    [Providers] Step-by-Step Guide for Creating Software Simulations Using Adobe Captivate
    If you record a slide in the ‘Training Mode’, Captivate adds click boxes based on the mouse clicks, generates text entry boxes, and also provides ‘failure and hint captions’ to each one. Are you finding it difficult to develop applications that teach the use of software effectively and in a timely manner? Or are you trying to develop your own software training? Then, you can develop software simulations that engage your learners with Adobe Captivate easily. This tool helps you capture a specific set of actions performed in a screen area or an application. Let’s look at them one by one.
    [Providers] Open Badges – What you need to know
    Though there are many beliefs as to the best way to establish a badging program, it is hard to argue the fundamental benefits of OpenBadges.org and the flexibility that an open standards system provides. The badging rewards for doing “stuff” can be anywhere we as learning experience providers see fit. There are many devoted websites that provide pre-existing open badges that can immediately be used by your program, just a quick google search away. Open Badges – What you need to know. But, which one is that? Open Badges Capabilities. Open Standard.
    [Providers] 4 Ways to Unleash the Power of M-learning for Sales Training [Infographic
    It is a well-known fact that training is crucial when it comes to increasing sales and maximizing revenues, but as a training manager, you may be worried how to provide effective training to your sales representatives, keep them up-to-date with the latest information, and how to provide essential information when they need it at the point of selling. Don’t worry! learning has come to your rescue. To know the ways of unleashing the power of m-learning for sales training, check out our infographic below. Hope you find it useful. Learning Technology mobile learning
    [Providers] Bridge the Skills-Gap with Competency Based Learning
    How do you provide this learning journey? It starts with providing your members with mentors in their field. Dear Associations, I am trying to get into a skilled labor position at company X. have some experience but there are new rules and regulations and I just can’t keep up. could go back to school, but it’d be a huge burden to my family. Some certifications would go a long way toward getting me to my goal of getting the job and being able to eventually become a foreman, but you only offer the courses I need occasionally, and I’m not sure if I can grow at company X without them.
    [Providers] Our secret world of learning
    In your working life, how have you learned effectively from experience, please provide an example if possible? In your working life, how have you learned effectively from people, please provide an example if possible? In your working life, how have you learned effectively from courses, research or investigation, please provide an example if possible? One of my peers in Australia, Arun Pradhan , is developing an app to help us learn smarter, faster and deeper. When I first got into e-learning, it was all very new for everyone. You have to do it.
    [Providers] Why MOODLE Is the Most Widely Used LMS
    The developers of MOODLE provide full access to its code and do not charge users if they use their product for non-commercial purposes. Even the cost of hiring third party providers to set up and customize MOODLE turns out to be lesser than a proprietary LMS. Do you wish to make the best use of your e-learning materials? Are you looking for a means to deliver online training programs effectively? Do you wish to get the best ROI on your training dollar? Well, you need to use a Learning Management System (LMS). MOODLE is an open-source LMS. Good support to Web 2.0 What do you think?
    [Providers] eLearning: xAPI is Geek Free and Ready to Go
    This isn't the dumbing-down of the specification or possibilities it holds for the industry so much as it is the provision of accessible, entry-level ways to take advantage of xAPI as a stepping stone to providing deeper learning experiences across the whole enterprise. Just about every xAPI project getting press and conference time was a well-resourced, custom-built learner interface for a typically narrow topic area with custom-built data visualizations all in close connection with (it not developed by) the learning record store (LRS) provider. The bar was set high.
    [Providers] 5 Tips to Teach Concepts Through E-learning
    Hence, framing an appropriate summary at the end of the course provides the complete essence or gist to the learners. Provide job-aids in the form of PDF files and hyperlinks. We can even provide nice-to-know or supporting guides as resources. It’s known that instructional designers come up with innovative and creative strategies for e-learning courses depending on the type of content – concepts, facts, principles, procedures, and processes. In this blog, we will be focusing on concepts along with some tips to teach them. Have anything to say?
    [Providers] What is the Future of Udemy?
    The popular WordPress theme marketplace ThemeForest has the same business approach: provide a platform for others to sell their digital goods (in this case, WordPress themes) and take a percentage of the sales. Though it has its critics , Udemy has proven to be an extremely popular platform for anyone looking to create and sell an online course. It is probably no surprise that since they came out with their offering there have been plenty of “copy-cat” services sprouting up all over. It is interesting to note however that the Udemy business model isn’t anything new.
    [Providers] xAPI in Instructional Design
    Jon has already provided his perspective on the case studies and what they mean for the medical community. Jon Aleckson and I attended an xAPI conference on Friday, September 16 th in Chicago. But I’m interested in exploring the implications of xAPI for instructional design. Design is an iterative process. We used to have to rely on pre to post data and A/B testing to determine whether a learning intervention was effective. But this only gives us a single point in time for the learner. This does not tell us what the learner was doing at each point throughout the learning intervention.
    [Providers] Training Employees on CGMPs: How E-learning Can Help
    Microlearning, as known, is a learning technique that provides just-in-time information to learners at the right time. Ever heard of a pharma company ignoring the current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) and doing well in its business? know and you too, that this cannot be true in any case. Then how can it do well? You are right! By following the cGMPs. Most countries have legislated GMP processes for manufacturing entities to ensure the quality of medicines so that patient health is safeguarded. Hope you realize how important it is to comply with the cGMP standards.
    [Providers] 3 Steps For Effective Change Management in ERP Implementation
    The roles that will be defined at this stage are: Leader – Provides direction and alignment. End user training will provide employees the knowledge of the software fundamentals and the benefits it will provide. As the above image shows, the process of change management involving the above three steps should ideally provide employees the skills and knowledge (through end user training) so that they enter a state of readiness that will convert them into high-performance end users. Change is the law of life and resistance to change is the truth. Step 1. Step 2.
    [Providers] Are You Taking Learning Personally?
    A lot of chief learning officers and college administrators spend time answering two questions to help people excel professionally or to embrace a new educational construct: If you can learn something online, then why provide instruction in person? And if you can teach something in person, why offer online instruction? Both higher education and the corporate learning world get tripped up by these questions, but they’re red herrings. Consider a CLO making a policy decision about professional development plans for their company. Both spend time figuring out if these approaches make sense.
    [Providers] Collaborative Modelling in AR (and VR)
    What I was thinking of, extending my thoughts about AR in general ,  that annotating the world is valuable, but how about collaboratively annotating the world?  If we can provide mechanisms (e.g. A number of years ago, when we were at the height of the hype about Virtual Worlds (computer rendered 3D social worlds, e.g. Second Life), I was thinking about the affordances. And one that I thought was intriguing was co-creating, in particular collaboratively creating models that were explanatory and predictive. Models are hard enough to capture in 2D, particularly if they’re complex.
    [Providers] Want to create amazing online training courses? First, you have to ask the right questions!
    You’ll also need to develop quizzes and tests that provide the learner with a sense of achievement, and you with data about how each user is doing. The world of work has changed immeasurably since the rise of the Internet: Now, your employees may literally be a global team, working from locations all around the world, all through the day, 24/7. Chances are that they’ll rarely, if ever, meet. While this new way of working is exciting and liberating, it also raises its own challenges. One of these is how to train your teams to the same excellent standard. But there’s more to it than that.
    [Providers] Using Interactive Learning Games To Engage Your Sales Force
    If he has thorough product knowledge, he can immediately refer his peer who deals with the high-end version that provides solution the customer needs. When your sales reps sell, what do they sell? Do they sell a product or a solution? Solutions to their problems are always more appealing to prospects than just information about product features. How those features solve customer problems is what matters most. Therefore, your reps should be thorough with product features but they also need to know how to align those features with customers’ requirements. trophies based on their scores.
    [Providers] Your Annual Performance Reviews Are Hurting You (Just Ask Adobe)
    First, the very infrequency of an annual review means that projects may be long over by the time managers are able to provide feedback. Once upon a time, some manager decided that the best way to let employees know how they’re doing was to summon them once a year for a nerve-wracking reckoning with the bosses called an “annual performance review” During that meeting, they’d discuss what the employee was doing wrong, the things he was getting right, and then say goodbye for another year until it was time to do it all over again. In short: Annual performance reviews suck.
    [Providers] 4 Benefits of Outsourcing Your E-Learning [Infographic]
    ” Outsourcing e-learning development can bring many value-added benefits to the organization, a part from providing the best quality learning experience. Today, e-learning has become an integral part of the training initiative in many organizations. Many organizations are looking to outsource their e-learning needs. According to a report by Global Employees, outsourcing, “…increases the chances of deriving maximum value out of an investment.” Excited to know what the benefits are? Then, check out our infographic below. eLearning Design eLearning Outsourcing
    [Providers] How to Become One of the Best Companies to Work for
    It also provides managers with an easy way to tell who is in line for a pay rise and the extra responsibilities that go along with it. Every year, The Sunday Times publishes a survey of the best companies to work for in the UK. This annual list ranks businesses small and large according to how satisfied their employees are. It takes several factors into account including employees’ opinions on their colleagues, their superiors and their working conditions. If you lose focus on employee satisfaction, all of the more practical concerns can suffer as a result. Leadership. Wellbeing.
    [Providers] Is Your Training Medieval? Make It Modern with Social Learning
    In contrast, today’s social media provide a constant stream of content that is updated and delivered as quickly as it can be produced. Every few decades, there is a shift in the ways in which people get their information. Printing presses made leaflets and newsletters easy to produce. Journalist networks gave rise to the morning paper. Widespread adoption of television led to the nightly news. Nowadays, social media is becoming the primary way that we find and ingest information. For those ages 18-29 who are just entering the workforce, that number is closer to 90 percent.
    [Providers] Why the Opt-Out Option is Costing You Valuable Information
    How often are you providing an opt-out option in your post-training surveys ? This choice is appropriate when respondents may not have the information or experience to answer; however, the opt-out choice should be used strategically and not provided as an option for all items. Did you know that by allowing your participants to opt-out, you could be losing valuable information? Reaction sheets often contain an option labeled "Not Applicable." Allowing respondents to skip questions for which they certainly hold an opinion results in the loss of valuable information
    [Providers] Technology Helps Put the Power of Learning in the Employees' Hands
    The L&D design team was working on the company’s learning strategy and had found six trends affecting our approach to learning: The employee base was already at 51 percent Millennials, and creeping upward steadily, bringing new expectations to company-provided development opportunities. Fuse Interactive to provide Hilti specific collaboration and knowledge sharing from internal experts as well as participants. Hilti had a vision to increase performance by changing the way its employees learn. Even the strongest advocates began adapting elements to make it more modern.
    [Providers] Give Your Service Technicians An Edge With Online Training Formats
    Such courses provide knowledge of the products, help technicians troubleshoot and understand and respond to customer queries on time. Customized courses provide product knowledge through short modules of 5-10 minutes that explain the main features, special tools and technologies in the product. Videos also aid in providing a better level of service. Apart from e-learning, job-aids such as comparison charts, service manuals, and guides provide stronger learning support to technicians. The market for consumer electronics is growing at a rapid rate. Let’s find out.
    [Providers] Illinois, Texas A&M and Wisconsin Top HR Master’s Programs List
    The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Texas A&M University and the University of Wisconsin top the 2016 ranking for the Best Master’s in Human Resources Degree Programs , according to College Choice, which provides college and university rankings and resources. Human resources managers] plan, manage, and enforce the policies and rules that govern a given organization. They are also responsible for recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and, yes, firing too,” said Christian Amondson, managing editor of Eugene, Oregon-based College Choice, in a statement. Louis University, St.
    [Providers] 3 Rapid E-learning Development Tools
    Mobile/Responsive design: With Lectora Inspire, you can develop mobile-friendly courses with responsive design (with a bit of external JavaScript coding) and HTML5 output, providing ease-of-use on all mobile devices. For years, Adobe Flash was the uncrowned king of e-learning development software. You could create any animation or visual using this powerful tool. However, with the advent of the mobile age, companies need to develop courses compatible with Smartphones and tablet PCs. This has resulted in a considerable reduction in its usage. Adobe Captivate. Lectora Inspire.
    [Providers] Increase Course Performance with the Right Authoring Tool – Here’s How to Sort Out Your Options
    Can you lock down or provide guidance to teams on how to use certain templates so that you can get the right level of consistency for your project(s)? 7. Evaluate what tracking and reporting the tool can provide. Does it fully integrate with learning management systems (LMS) and provide tracking data through them? Can it provide tracking and analytics outside an LMS (i.e., as a stand-alone tool)? He helps large companies and online training providers use Elucidat to simplify and speed up their authoring process. First, put together your measurement criteria.
    [Providers] My Top 10 Learning Tools (2016)
    Here are my Top 10 Learning Tools for 2016 (in no particular order): Google - My window to the world. I ask and it provides Tweetdeck - My access to my PLN; groups, lists and chats and a community who offers me fuel for thought Blogger - My stage for reflection and continuous learning WhatsApp - My lifeline to stay connected with my friends and family around the world. It has been 10 years since Jane Hart ( [link] / ) has been publishing the annual Top 100 Tools for Learning as nominated by more than 1,500 learning professionals around the world! The results will be out on 03 Oct.
    [Providers] Tech Tuesday: Dive into Big Data
    The natural next step has been to bring in a consultancy to help build out the extra 20% that the LMS did not provide to try and get the LMS to a state where it would be usable (and useful) for the entire organization.  But, with the evolution of cloud technologies, L&D has started to realize that it is ok (if not preferred) to work with smaller systems to try bite-sized chunks of learning objectives using simpler tools such as mLevel to provide a micro-learning approach.  The Future of Learning Data. Enter XAPI and the LRS. mLevel and the Data. Once again, enter XAPI. 
    [Providers] Will the Bubble Burst IT Training Companies Differentiate Themselves in a Competitive Market
    Galvanize and The Iron Yard provide some insights. In an email, CEO Jim Deters said that by partnering with ABS, “Galvanize will continue to build the leading web development and data science technical education and to provide the needed tech talent to industry partners and their continuous skill needs.” For corporations, Galvanize provides training programs in data science and web development topics as well as a recruitment platform that matches employers with Galvanize graduates. Like Galvanize, The Iron Yard provides services to both individuals and businesses.
    [Providers] New Features Coming in Axis LMS 10.4
    attempts to bridge the technical gap by making the Axis LMS API more accessible – in both location and by providing context for each call. While logged in as an LMS Administrator, you’ll also be able to quickly access intuitive help and video tutorials; both these tools flow seamlessly together, and provide you with the resources you need to familiarize yourself with the System. These are some of the biggest and most versatile tools yet introduced into Axis LMS, and will provide LMS Administrators with new ways to reward and recognize their users’ achievements.
    [Providers] 4 Proven Tips for Successful Sales Coaching
    This “one-way” approach often fails to yield the desired results, as it provides little understanding of the issues affecting their ability to sell well. Does soaring number of unqualified leads, missed sales targets, and lost opportunities result in sleepless nights? Are you worried about the dipping levels of selling effectiveness? Well, you need to focus on a vital aspect – coaching your salespeople effectively. study conducted by the International Coach Federation revealed organizations can expect a return of 7 times the initial investment in coaching.
    [Providers] How Can You Use Microlearning To Increase Employee Engagement And Performance?
    It also provides the flexibility to make frequent updates and make them easily. hope this article provides the cues on how you can use microlearning-based training to increase employee engagement and performance. To achieve high employee engagement and performance gain, your training must be precise, and easy to assimilate and apply on the job. In this article, I will outline how microlearning can be used for formal training and performance support to achieve higher employee engagement and performance. Increasing Employee Engagement And Performance With Microlearning. Videos.
    [Providers] workplace of the future
    Each of us provided input and references for the course. Clark Quinn , in collaboration with Learnnovators , has created a free and open course on the workplace of the future. The course is dedicated to our late colleague, Jay Cross, founder of the Internet Time Alliance. Image: Workplace of the Future. The scenarios and questions are not simple click-though pieces, I quickly discovered after a few wrong answers, even on the section where I am supposed to be the subject matter expert! would recommend taking the course and pausing to reflect on how this applies to your workplace.
    [Providers] TOPYX Learning Management System Earns Brandon Hall Excellence Award for Social Collaborative Learning
    We are proud to be recognized by Brandon Hall as a leading LMS solution provider and thank our hard working TOPYX team for their continued dedication to innovate and deliver impactful results for our clients. TOPYX, together with our client Interstate Batteries, has been honored with a Bronze 2016 Brandon Hall Excellence Award for Best Use of Social Collaborative Learning. Now in its 22 nd year, the program is a prestigious awards program recognizing the best organizations that have successfully deployed programs, strategies, systems and tools that have achieved measurable results.
    [Providers] TOPYX Learning Management System Earns Brandon Hall Excellence Award for Social Collaborative Learning
    We are proud to be recognized by Brandon Hall as a leading LMS solution provider and thank our hard working TOPYX team for their continued dedication to innovate and deliver impactful results for our clients. TOPYX, together with our client Interstate Batteries, has been honored with a Bronze 2016 Brandon Hall Excellence Award for Best Use of Social Collaborative Learning. Now in its 22 nd year, the program is a prestigious awards program recognizing the best organizations that have successfully deployed programs, strategies, systems and tools that have achieved measurable results.
    [Providers] Scenario-Based Learning in a Virtual Classroom
    One new block, hotspots, allows you to use a decision flowchart or other diagram in order to provide feedback based on the leaner’s choices. Scenario-based learning, also known as problem-based learning, seeks to elevate the learner’s training outcomes from merely comprehension to analysis, synthesis, and application. Obtaining a real skill truly happens once the learner is able to use information to make decisions and correctly perform an objective. It is important that instructional designers keep their scenarios as realistic as possible. eLearning. Instructor-Led Learning.
    [Providers] Are Your Video Transitions Helping or Hurting?
    Not only do transitions provide a mental break, but they also designate the passage of time. Have you ever seen a video with cheesy transitions? You know what I’m talking about. Usually spotted in used car commercials and overlong vacation videos, the cheesy transition is truly the mark of an amateur. mean, have you checked out the star wipe lately? Only a fool uses the star wipe, right? Wrong! Today I’m going to go forth boldly and reclaim the star wipe. And the checker wipe! And the non-sensical band wipe! Today, I am making the case for video transitions. The problem is us. Your turn.
    [Providers] Deeper Design: Working out Loud and the Future of Work
    and now there’s also a press release that provides a link to the course. Over the past year, I’ve been working on a project. After I wrote the Deeper eLearning series of 6 posts with Learnnovators , we wondered what to do next.  We decided to do a course together, free-to-air, and write about the process as well (a bit of Working Out Loud), with the intention was to try to do deep design on a pragmatic basis. And, just as a hint, the topic is the Future of Work, the choice of which is part of the story. Well, that goal was accomplished. design
    [Providers] Deeper Design: Working out Loud and the Future of Work
    and now there’s also a press release that provides a link to the course. Over the past year, I’ve been working on a project. After I wrote the Deeper eLearning series of 6 posts with Learnnovators , we wondered what to do next.  We decided to do a course together, free-to-air, and write about the process as well (a bit of Working Out Loud), with the intention was to try to do deep design on a pragmatic basis. And, just as a hint, the topic is the Future of Work, the choice of which is part of the story. Well, that goal was accomplished. design
    [Providers] What is Design Thinking and Why Should You Care?
    They found that rather than more intensive training, employees needed a year-long journey of learning that provides key information when needed, helps them build a social network in the company, and coaches them through difficulties. Adopt the “designer mindset” for more innovative problem solving. I’ve seen a lot of people writing lately about the need for design thinking in employee learning and development programs. The current discussion has made me wonder – “What exactly is design thinking?” and “Is it useful for us regular folks or does it require an MBA to implement?”.
    [Providers] What’s the biggest myth about gamification in elearning?
    The possible myths and questions that Karl talks through and their times are provided so you can skip back and forth to learn more on a specific subject: 00:39 – Myth: Gamification and learning games are the same thing. Karl Kapp is a gamification analyst, elearning consultant and professor at Bloomsberg university. We collected some common assumptions about games and gamification and asked Karl whether the myths stood up to the research in the field. This interview was originally recorded as part of the Big Sponge Hangout in July 2016. Subscribe in iTunes.
    [Providers] Top Technology Strategy Tips for NiUG Discovery
    Visiting the booths will provide opportunities to get a closer look at the technologies themselves, but also to collect case studies and brochures, and to speak with the vendors about their experiences of working with associations like yours. With less than a week to NiUG Discovery 2016 , we are excited to be sponsoring this great, interactive, learning and networking event for the iMIS Community! Have you got a plan? NiUG conferences offer expert instructors who have real-life experience, networking, and exhibitors that feature the newest technologies. Tuesday 1:30 p.m. Monday 6:30 p.m.
  • G-CUBE  |  MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 2016
    [Providers] Instructional Design Strategies for Collaborative Learning: 4 Approaches For Effective Collaboration
    Story-writing Approach: Instructional designer provides the first chapter of a story. Collaboration in learning is a good way to invite ideas and brainstorm but does not always meet learning objectives set out by the training team. One way to increase effectiveness and productivity of collaborative learning is by engaging learners in well- defined scripts. collaborative script is, in essence, a set of guidelines for learners on how learners should form groups, how they should interact and collaborate and how they should solve problems to produce actual learning. Instructional Design
    [Providers] xAPI Medical Case Studies
    It is definitely a great concept and will someday provide educators with the tools to do big data analytics and solve big problems. Sean has a book coming out which he promises will provide some workplace usages of xAPI and the learning record store. I attended the xAPI Camp in Chicago on Friday, September 16, 2016 to learn about use cases in the medical community for xAPI. I was particularly interested because my company, Web Courseworks, will be speaking with the American College of Chest Physicians on November 15 th at DevLearn. Aaron E. Jessie Chuang , from Austin, Texas.
    [Providers] 3 Tips for Truly Effective Workplace Learning
    Also, think about providing resources and how-to information to help employees create effective and impactful content. In a world where almost half of the companies on the Fortune 500 today will likely disappear in 10 years, learning is key. Only companies that have a dynamic workforce can hope to keep up, which means chief learning officers today have a profound part to play in helping their organizations survive and thrive. Learning helps to attract, engage and retain the best people. And it allows workers to develop new skills that align with the changing needs of their businesses.
    [Providers] Microlearning and Adult Learning Go Hand In Hand
    These learning nuggets provide them an opportunity to choose what they want to learn. So, they tend to learn only when they think learning provides a solution. When was the last time you learned something that lingered on your senses for long? What was the foremost thing on your mind when you woke up this morning? What makes you revisit the lakeside petite restaurant? know what’s running in your mind. ‘How can I take so many at a time? Shoot one at a time!’ That’s what microlearning does. Wonder what microlearning is? Need to know the relevance. Freedom to learn.
    [Providers] How Training Gets Customers to “EAT MOR CHIKIN”
    As Director of Training Resources, Cynthia Cornog provides training for the franchisees they refer to as Operators. The app provides customer loyalty rewards while also streamlining the ordering process. Mobile ordering platforms increase purchase frequency, lift average order spend and provide easier checkout options. Cynthia Cornog, Director of Training Resources, Chick-fil-A. With over 2,000 locations in 43 states, Chick-fil-A has steadily grown to become the largest quick-service chicken restaurant chain in the United States. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WEUr51UW_uY
    [Providers] Training Simulations: An Effective Corporate Training Tool
    Simulations also provide the chance for trainees to try different solutions and learn from their failures without real-world consequences. The face of corporate training is changing rapidly to keep up with the latest advances in technology. New ways of doing things are streamlining the training process and studies show the results are favorable. . Virtual learning and simulations are now effectively bridging that gap. . Title: What is it? Description: Simulated training is a virtual environment with a game-like atmosphere. Users are often remediated until they choose the best solution.
    [Providers] Are simulations changing the role for Learning & Development
    It provides a realistic estimation of the business temperament and develops interaction that enable participants to experience their role in developing outcomes. Learning and development has been passing through rapid advancements taking place in terms of technology and the learning methods arising out of it. At yourtrainingedge.com [1] , you can expect to explore a number of methods in this regard, backed by latest technological innovations. One such method that is changing the role of learning and development to a great extent is simulation, which we would be discussing in this post.
    [Providers] Kirkpatrick’s Model of Evaluation – the Very Basics of the Model: Part 2
    Whatever the feedback, the responses provide valuable inputs as to how employees: Liked the training program. At the end of the day, the final goal of any training program is to provide healthy business benefits and results. According to Dr. Don Kirkpatrick, there are three reasons to evaluate a training program: To know how to improve future training programs. To determine whether to continue/discontinue a training program. To justify the existence of a training program or department. This blog will talk about the model in more detail. Level 1 – The Reaction Level. Values.
    [Providers] Jane’s Top 10 Tools for Learning 2016
    However, nowadays I use  KEYNOTE  on my MacBook – rather than PowerPoint, which means I am then able to control the slides remotely – not just from my iPad or iPhone but also from my … APPLE WATCH –  This device has actually become very important to me over the last year or so, as I have customised it to provide me with the exact level and type of notifications and alerts that I want. On Friday 23rd September, voting closes in the 10th Annual Survey of Learning Tool  – so it’s not too late to vote! Here’s Clark Quinn’s  choice.
    [Providers] A Conversation with Steven Just
    Intela provides all of the tools a trainer needs to turn a learning event into a learning process. The four main learning strategies provided by Intela are: Adaptive questioning. Kapp: Can you provide us some insights into the science behind your product? The other day I had a chance to catch up with my friend Steven Just, he and I met years and years ago and have both worked in the learning industry for a while. Steven is always busy he is CEO of Princeton Metrics, a strategic consulting company that applies the sciences of learning and assessment to improving training.
    [Providers] How You Can Increase Recall In Your eLearning
    Active recall links information to problems that stimulate the brain to provide answers. One of the primary goals in online learning is promoting active recall in students. Summarizing subject matter into a useful context is one of the keys to information recall. Elearners should be invited to express lessons in their own words for better comprehension and retention. Active and Passive. Two different approaches are typically used to instill learning objectives : Passive recall involves learners reading textual recaps or listening to summaries in the form of lectures.
    [Providers] Conducting Post-Course Evaluations
    These evaluations should ask the learner to recall information presented in the course, and provide some pass/fail response to ensure learners are retaining the information. Course evaluations are often an afterthought, a last-minute addition to the overwhelming instructional design process. While many instructional designers realize the importance of course evaluations, often the process of corralling SMEs and working on many iterations of multiple courses take precedence over developing evaluations. Level 2: What did the learners learn? Level 1. Level 2. Level 3. Level 4.
    [Providers] Why Your LMS Theme Matters
    That's why Lambda Solutions has equipped the newest release of their Configurable Theme with extensive customization options to provide an enhanced, and more seamless user experience. In a report published by Brandon Hall Group this year, it was revealed that 88% of organizations switching LMS did so for improved User Experience. The most overlooked component of user experience, is your LMS theme. good LMS theme will create a seamless user experience, which enhances the learner engagement, and makes your users more comfortable. moodle theming Moodle customization branding
    [Providers] 2 day online seminar (fee): explore opportunities for data & analytics #data
    When looking at the full summit program you will see that the organizers provide a nice balance between technology, usability and theoretical frameworks on the subject. The eLearning Guild is organizing a two day online seminar on 21 - 22 September 2016 on the opportunities for data and analytics within the eLearning industry. The standard rate is 395 $, but there are discounts available (e.g. academics, non-profits, government: 35% discount). There is a considerable amount of buzz in our industry surrounding data. People are grappling with making sense of it all.
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