[Providers] 3 Reasons Why Every LMS Needs Tin Can API Functionality
    It also tends to be more engaging that strictly online learning, thus increasing the chances of employees participating in the costly training their companies provide them with. Every social learning management system (LMS) needs Tin Can API functionality. The trouble is, most people don’t know what Tin Can API is or understand why it’s crucial to successful implementation of an LMS, also referred to as an eLearning system. What exactly is this strange-sounding thing called Tin Can API? Let’s find out. What Is Tin Can API? According to the article What Is Tin Can API ?, It’s true.
    [Providers] Want to Have a Great Holiday? Here’s How You Can
    Here is a holiday info-graphic that provides all the information about Christmas trees the little historians seek. Well, here is an interesting holiday info-graphic that provides the answers. It’s festival time and we’re enjoying the holidays and celebrating. With 2016 slipping into the annals of history, this is the time we reflect upon the last 12 months and welcome the new year. Here are 5 info-graphics to help you make the holiday season more memorable. 1. Visual History of Christmas Tress. Where was the first Christmas tree put up? Source: christmastreemarket.com ). 2.
    [Providers] 3 Ideas to Blend Mobile Learning With Classroom Training
    Short videos can be provided via mobiles to introduce the classroom training session; infographics can be delivered to introduce the learning objectives; a quick pre-test can be delivered to check the prior knowledge of employees or to know how much information they’ve retained from the previous session. Provide the need-to-know information in the form of mobile learning modules containing decision-making scenarios, how-to videos, or interactive gamified elements to supplement the learning in the classroom session. See this video here. So, reinforcement is very important.
    [Providers] Words in mind
    In this series I have been providing a brief overview of each theory, and how each can be applied in education. This is number 34 in my learning theories series. Psychologists and cognitive scientists have offered a number of useful theories that aid our understanding of learning. All the previous posts in this series are linked below. The last post in this series featured the stages of cognitive development model proposed by Jean Piaget. As usual, this is a brief and concise explanation of the theory, and if you wish to delve deeper, you are advised to read the associated literature.
    [Providers] What is Blockchain & why does it Matter
    CapitalWave provides online courses about Blockchain. More We have previously discussed the fundamental concept and the factors underlying. Though, we also discussed the significance in many terms, yet I consider the significance enriched enough to be talked about more. Hence, this article will discuss why blockchain matters? Most importantly, the benefits it is bringing about that make it important, are of much interest especially for the corporate world. In addition, for the newbie reading the article, it is always good to revise the concept again in a brief manner.
    [Providers] Commenting & sharing free 5th innovating pedagogy report #pedagogy #EdTech #OU
    In the report they provide an overview of emerging innovative pedagogies. While most introductions are merely synthesis of what can be expected, the introduction of this report offers a truly rich – yet brief – background to the report, adding what went before it and providing a state of the art overview of EdTech. Anyhow the report provides new ideas, and new ways of creating learning opportunities. full-text PDF version of this 47 page report is available to download from www.open.ac.uk/innovating. innovating. like this approach. Maybe even a classroom or lecture option.
    [Providers] 12 Tips to Keep E-learning Translation Costs Under Control
    Provide 70% empty space in the source course to accommodate the expanded text in translated languages. If you develop the course without the approval of c SMEs on the translated content and audio script, they will provide feedback after they see the final course. E-learning translation ensures effective knowledge transfer to employees of all nationalities and regions. Translating online training into native languages boosts the impact of learning. It also avoids the scope for misinterpretation and miscommunication. Keep the Source Course Culture-neutral. Use Universal Visuals.
    [Providers] Blend Learning Formats to Train Your Medical Reps Effectively – Part 2
    Pharmaceutical sales representatives are provided detailed explanation of how medicines work, their impact on the human body, and the side effects that result from their usage. Thus, medical representatives can be provided the knowledge and skills needed to perform effectively through a blend of learning methodologies. Bite-sized m-learning modules help transfer the knowledge gained through a blend of instructor-led and online learning sessions by providing just-in-time support. We will also see how to help representatives apply their learning in their jobs.
    [Providers] The US Needs More Adult Learning Programs
    The National Council of Adult Learning defines the country’s adult education system as a network of community-based programs that provide adults 16 and older with instruction and support in basic literacy and numeracy, high school diploma equivalency and college and career preparation. Schools providing day as well as evening and night classes, free child care and transportation, colleague and career counseling and some wrap-around social services support can help adults improve their lives and their family’s lives. The U.S. million disconnected youth in the U.S.
    [Providers] A Case of Software Training in the Pharmaceutical Industry
    How were the inputs provided? A fast growing pharmaceutical company with strong brand equity in multiple therapeutics recently implemented a new software application – a resource planning tool. They approached CommLab India, a global leader in crafting custom e-learning solutions, to develop end-user training on the software application. This post is an excerpt from the interview of an Instructional Designer (ID), who worked on the project. Let’s get to know how the team completed the project successfully within a short time span. We did not have access to the software.
    [Providers] CME in the 21st Century – Webinar Digest
    Standards are extremely beneficial, especially technology standards, because they create a common language that allows for consistency of a process or product, no matter who is providing it. Technology standards provide many benefits for organizations to collect and share data. In some cases, a learner’s comprehensive CE data can be spread over multiple CE providers. The Activity Report provides a standard XML format for CE/CPD certificates and MOC activity reports, and is recognized as an American National Standard. Providing Organization. Activity. Results.
    [Providers] The troubles of RFI writing and how to overcome them
    With eFrontPro , we follow the layout provided by the customer and input our own data and responses as we see fit. Working out what to write about and how to articulate this in a professional and succinct way also provides some challenges. What the customer receives should be an accurate demonstration of the services you will provide with set stages and realistic goals that you are able to achieve. Otherwise, we will gather the information provided to us and create a bid which is suitable to all parties involved. This is a fine balance and requires practice.
    [Providers] How to get the most out of ILT sessions
    In conjunction with the actual course, provide each learner with resources that they can use as supplementary learning collateral. Whether it is a series of multiple choice questions or a reflection piece which will be uploaded for review and feedback, this is the learners’ opportunity to challenge themselves and use the information you have provided and the conversations you have facilitated. Blended Learning is the combination of online courses with traditional classroom-based training (or webinar ). It is one of the most important by-products of eLearning. Use teams.
    [Providers] The Bank of England Creating its own crypto currency: The Impact
    CapitalWave provides online courses about Blockchain. More Moving further to the Blockchain Week, this is the time to discuss some practical and recent scenarios, happening in the world, and are based on the utilization of technology. In my previous articles, I mentioned that we shouldn’t be surprised to see various institutions, especially the ones in financial sector, using the concepts in their applications and processes. This article talks about one such case. The new cryptocurrency is being developed by the Bank of England. They are going to lose the business. All Rights Reserved.
    [Providers] Gyrus Systems Earns “Top 5” Award for “Best Compliance LMS” by Talented Learning
    Gyrus Systems' earned this award by developing GyrusAim features that " are admin focused and have skills, competencies, audit trails, electronic signatures, strong ILT management, facility and resource management, broad content support and powerhouse reporting. " “It’s a great honor to be recognized again by Talented Learning in providing innovative learning solutions for our customers,” said Viren Kapadia, President and CEO of Gyrus Systems. Competency E-learning News elearning eLL
    [Providers] The Emergence of Machine Learning
    TechTarget.com defines it as a type of artificial intelligence (AI) that provides computers with an ability to learn without being intentionally programmed. Artificial intelligence has worked its way into many facets of our day-to-day life, in many ways replacing tasks that humans used to perform. But as times evolve, how do machines do the same? The answer: “machine learning” If you haven’t heard of machine learning then you are not alone. The survey that the infographic reports on above indicates that only 28% of people have actually had experience with it. ed tech
    [Providers] The Top 3 Aspects of Articulate 360 You Must Know
    As the name implies, it can provide a complete solution for eLearning and mobile learning development.  Lectora and Captivate provide fully responsive design courses but there are some bugs. Finally, the much awaited day has arrived and Articulate launched its enhanced eLearning authoring tool – “ Articulate 360 ”. Adobe Captivate and Lectora have already launched the responsive design feature. Most developers were waiting for Articulate to add the responsive design feature because of its intuitiveness and ability to develop bug-free courses for all devices. Studio 360.
    [Providers] The 6 Top Trends for Instructional Designers for 2017
    Instructional designers are quickly bridging the gap between learners and knowledge providers. Shorter videos , shorter presentations and shorter drill-and practice exercises will end abruptly in shorter quizzes that will provide immediate feedback and guidance on how to proceed with the learning program. 5. It is safe to assume that instructional designers have come a long way, and the proof is the unavoidable awareness about them. More and more organizations are seeking the professional services and consultations of these unsung heroes. Learners and trainees have spoken.
    [Providers] Learning Strategy Issues
    second presentation was on providing tools to trainers to devolve content development locally, addressing a problem with centrally-developed content.  My presentation was on the gaps between what L&D does and how our brains work, and the implications. The other thing that I was involved in at Online Educa in Berlin was a session on The Flexible Worker. Three of us presented, each addressing one particular topic. And, per our design, issues emerged. The format was interesting: our presentations were roughly 10 minutes each. user-generated content). meta-learning strategy
    [Providers] OEB 2016: owning learning
    We are now living in the era of acceleration. We are on the fast track to the future, as technology advances faster than the average organization seems to be able to keep up with. This digital revolution greatly impacts all aspects of our lives, including how we learn. Digital education and training is the cornerstone of every contemporary individual’s qualification efforts, so the learning of the future is all about putting more power in the hands of the learner; in other words, it’s all about learning ownership. Shaping the future of learning: OEB 2016. CYPHER LEARNING at OEB 2016.
    [Providers] 3 Ideas to Make Your Online Compliance Training Program Engaging
    Scenarios add the much needed personal touch to the otherwise boring compliance training programs by providing real-life contexts. They first offer real-life problems in a virtual environment and later provide solutions to those problems. Abiding by the different rules and regulations is mandatory for employees of any organization. So, organizations are leaving no stone unturned to deliver compliance training. But often, these compliance training programs end up being lengthy and dry; so employees dislike taking them. Game-based Learning Approach. Scenario-based Learning Approach.
    [Providers] Best LMS? 2016 Talented Learning LMS Vendor Awards
    Our mission is to map the uncharted learning tech world and provide buyers with resources to find solutions that will most benefit them.  We have spent the last three years meeting more than 125 vendors — learning who they are, what they do, why they are unique, and who their customers are. These LMSs provide higher value than standalone compliance LMS solutions. Many LMS providers think their solution is perfect for associations, but many are wrong. It is not easy choosing the best LMS for 2016.  In fact, it is impossible to choose just one. Congratulations to all!
    [Providers] How can we be safe in an online environment? #oeb16 workshop
    Some interesting links provided by Christian: the ethics of big data in higher education, an introduction to online privacy , and Lawrie Phipps with a great analysis on the effect of algorithms , and an audio recording with Audrey Waters and Kin Lane on Online Ownership. Workshops tend to take at least half a day to come to a result. But at OnlineEduca I had the pleasure of meeting Christian Friedrich and it is amazing what this man can inspire people to do in just 60 minutes time! is amazing. Admittedly, his material would enable a flipped workshop approach.
    [Providers] Digital (Learning) Readiness: A Call for L&D Action
    Donnelly advises employers to consider hiring talent for behavior and attitude—not qualifications—and then provide the training needed to acquire the skills (2016). This article offers insights and views on Digital Learning Readiness (DLR) and provides guidelines how to implement it in your corporate learning environment. We recommend that you register for our 12 th January 2017 4:00 pm CET Crossknowledge webinar  that will provide in-depth insight into this Digital Learning Readiness scan. How ready are our organizations for the digital disruption? The Learner. Apply
  • ELEARNING 24-7  |  TUESDAY, DECEMBER 6, 2016
    [Providers] Insight – The Top 50 LMS 2017 Report
    Who can you expect to see (I’m just going to provide a small list here, so not every vendor in the Top 50 is listed below). What you are getting is a report that goes beyond the standard fare and provides you with extensive specific details that get to the heart of the matter.  . It’s that time of the year, when research firms, industry firms, Fred your mailman and Judy the person who nags you each day you come into your office, announces their best of the best awards. And I’m along with them. Well, sort of for authoring tools.  30, 2017. . is in the report.
    [Providers] Hybrid presence an emerging format #OEB16
    During Online Educa Berlin 2016 there were four virtual connecting meetings (I only could attend one, as I was chairing or speaking at the other moments), and it really provides an additional layer of interest to conferences. The format has a basic idea behind it: connecting people with similar interests across conference boundaries (so those who can attend a conference, share knowledge that is provided within the conference to others who are unable to attend the venue). Last week I had the pleasure of being part of a virtual connecting meeting at OnlineEducaBerlin.
  • G-CUBE  |  TUESDAY, DECEMBER 6, 2016
    [Providers] Software Training With E-Learning: Ways To Create Effective Training Within Available Means
    This is a preferred approach for many software training developers as it provides many benefits. Technology-aided software training provides higher quality, more effective training experience for employees, all at an affordable cost. For forward-looking organizations serious about reaping the many benefits of training, e-learning offers numerous advantages when compared to other traditional ways of imparting workforce training like Instructor-led training(ILT) or classroom learning. Added to that, is the cost of printing learning content to be distributed in the classroom.
    [Providers] Tips for Bridging Generational Gaps in Workplace Training
    Here are some best practices suggested by nationally-renowned Employee Assistance Program providers Carebridge : Train your leaders to be aware of the preferred work and communication styles of each of the generations. Coach them to understand how to provide and receive feedback based on the unique expectations of each of the generations. Today’s workforce is a multigenerational collection of individuals who have grown together as a result of many years of expansion, attrition, consolidation, and new hiring policies. Recognizing the Divide. aversion to change. teamwork.
    [Providers] Tips to Efficiently Manage Outsourced E-learning Projects
    If you’ve made the decision to outsource your e-learning projects considering the benefits outsourcing provides and have made your choice of vendor after going through a checklist , you are well on the road to successful e-learning implementation. When you need to review or provide feedback on the deliverables of different stages, do not assume it is a simple task and can be done quickly. You should not defer from providing constructive feedback to the vendor. The vendor, in his quest to provide you a quality product should be willing to go the extra mile.
    [Providers] The Pros and Cons of Working from Home as Part of a Remote Team
    Guest blogger Jenny Holt provides some benefits and drawbacks of this arrangement. InSync Training operates under a thoroughly modern business model: the entire team works remotely! Many businesses are moving away from having dedicated office space in their facilities for team members to work in. Instead, they are choosing to allow, and even encourage, workers to perform their daily activities from home. As you might imagine, there are both pros and cons associated with remote teams. Virtual Work Virtual Teams
    [Providers] The CEO and Me
    Without a doubt, the latter scenario provides the more fulfilling view of the CLO role, but it may not be the most common. As such, they will certainly appreciate the role learning and development plays in an organization, but they may not understand the strategic value learning can provide. A CLO who can demonstrate this can turn the CEO into a hero, and there’s no better way to build a strong relationship than to help the CEO deliver exceptional performance. This From the Vault article was originally published on CLOmedia.com in   June 201o. Defining the CLO Role.
    [Providers] Virtual Reality: The Next Frontier in Adult Education
    This experience provides a better simulation of the professional environment and thus a better learning experience. There I was, standing in my cubicle. My job seemed easy enough: the printer on my desk would print out red or black folders, and I had to file them in the red or black cabinets. glanced up at the clock. checked the calendar to see if I had anything interesting planned further into the week. Nope, just work. returned to my folder sorting task. glanced up at the clock again. Something didn’t seem right—the numbers on the clock face were out of order.
    [Providers] Why E-learning Is the Preferred Choice for Corporate Training
    Providing Consistency in the Quality of Training. The number of companies using e-learning to train their workforce is increasing at a feverish pace. study by the market research firm Research and Markets showed the global market for technology-enabled learning solutions is poised to record a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17.81% for the period 2016-2020. The phenomenal growth in the adoption of online learning methodologies by the corporate world emphasizes the adaptability and suitability of e-learning to the demands of the times. Delivering Cost-Effective Training  .
    [Providers] A Complete Training Portal for Multi-device Mobile Learners
    Along with the training content, plugin installations and configuration settings were provided to learners. Early training portal technologies were training-centric where learners had to configure their systems according to the training format and therefore, it was difficult and expensive to deliver training in various formats. Now technology has completely changed the approach. Latest technologies are focused on delivering trainings that are learner-centric. Let’s see some of ways in which learners can access training. Learners can use any of these browsers. are the most popular.
    [Providers] Catering to Cultures: Training Within a MNC
    Providing employees with specific directions in order to reach a desired outcome may be a manager’s first instinct, but could reap unexpected results. Corporate globalization is here to stay as we see more corporations becoming multinational. Whether it is outsourcing, talent acquisition, or market penetration, it is likely that a company will do business internationally. As the business world becomes smaller, our cultural awareness must increase to be successful in international business relations. How can managers create an effective workplace consisting of different cultures?
    [Providers] And the Winner Is…
    Some of the top learning leaders and vendors from around the world gathered to receive accolades for their hard work and efforts, and nearly 70 winners took home trophies for one or more of 15 different practitioner and provider award categories. Kellye Whitney. Too often the learning leader’s good work goes unrecognized. peer may say, “well done.” And program participants may generously share, “That really helped me, thank you,” or “This was time well spent.” And these compliments are not to be discounted. Held Sept. Find out who walked away with this year’s top learning honors.
    [Providers] How to select an LMS
    In this discussion phase, consult your IT department or provider for their input as this will help to inform your strategic, operational and technical drivers to narrow down your LMS requirements. Can they provide me with a free trial and/or live demo? Choosing the right LMS is crucial to the success of your eLearning strategy. So when you have over 700 LMS vendors to choose from, selecting the one which is a perfect fit can be a daunting task. After a while, most LMS demonstrations start to look and sound the same. Analyze your needs. Define requirements. Product vetting.
    [Providers] 6 Time Management Issues And Fixes For Trainers
    Provide frequent and supportive feedback to learners who demonstrate communication anxiety, both privately and publicly. 4. The trainers can provide additional tutorials for the technology being used in the course. Contact the over-zealous learner personally to provide them with supportive and instructive feedback. Time is the one asset of any business that we simply cannot get more of. Or can we? eLearning time management is a critical issue that needs proactive action. In this article, we discuss a few time management techniques that are essential for trainers.
    [Providers] Interactive 360° video: A new world for learning
    For example, the American drama-thriller series, Mr. Robot released a 360° video to provide background about the main character’s past. With 360° we can provide the ultimate in realistic environment, which has the added benefit of being a safe space in which to practice. By combining our expertise in elearning development with the latest 360° filming techniques, we’ve been able to replicate interactions that you see in learning, like hotspots, decision-making and practice tasks, while providing relevant feedback within the 360° environment. Where are we now?
    [Providers] Why you should use Lectora to create Branching Scenarios for your e-learning
    Scenarios provide a safe learning environment for learners to fail, allowing them to learn from their mistakes , which in turn, allow them to gain an understanding of the concepts and then apply their skills at work. Are you creating linear e-learning courses which are simply “click-and-read” and failing to engage your learners? It’s high time you change your approach. Today, let’s learn about Branching Scenarios which can improve your efforts and offer better learner engagement. What are Branching Scenarios? Source )  . Many authoring tools are available in market.
    [Providers] Considerations for Choosing a Serious Games Vendor
    The benefits are numerous and companies are jumping on the bandwagon to provide the most comprehensive training to their new employees. . Case studies are important because they provide a picture of actual customer results. .  . Implementing serious games into corporate training methods is a business that is growing leaps and bounds. . It is projected that the market will reach nearly $5.5 million by 2020. That’s a compound annual growth rate of 16.38% between the years 2015 and 2020. In today’s growing market, it becomes even more critical to choose a serious games vendor wisely.
    [Providers] Can Blockchain Solutions Over-reach
    CapitalWave provides online courses about Blockchain. There has been much coverage seen in the technology press nowadays about the recent emerging technology, generating huge interest in various industries: block chain and its ecosystem. In my previous posts for the blockchain week at yourtrainingedge.com [1] , we have mostly come across the potential of this technology to transform the ways industries and professionals are working, including educational sector, legal sector and medical care. Is the block chain technology just a hype or a reality? Just go for a startup instead.
    [Providers] Why Moving Your Online Training Courses From Flash To HTML5 Makes Business Sense
    You can refer to my earlier articles that provide insights on how you can successfully plan your migration from Flash to HTML5: Flash To HTML5 – Essential Toolkit For Successful Migration. It provides insights on the how you can manage the changing expectations of your learners. You will be able to: Provide sticky learning on devices of learners’ choice. Provide just-in-time learning aids to facilitate application at the time of need (within the learners’ work-flow). Moving Your Online Training Courses From Flash To HTML5. Specifically: Change in expectations.
    [Providers] Managing Minds, Winning Hearts
    This future is one in which humans no longer need to make things or fix things or sell things or provide basic services. We are now in the "Knowledge Economy" which means that we must learn differently than we have in the past. As As I wrote in a previous blog post titled, The Manager's Abridged History of Work and Learning : . Today, work is more about having a keen mind than it is about having a strong back or skilled hands. This has profound implications for how we manage workers and how we facilitate learning in the workplace. companies was 67 years. We have no choice.
    [Providers] How To Design a Digital Badge Strategy
    Often it is the intrinsic, on-the-job skills and best practices that are learned and applied that provide the  most value and benefit. Digital Badges  provide a viable and recommended solution for bridging the gap between traditional education and the skills required for successful employment. This article looks at the  Badge Design Canvas  produced and provided by  digitalme , a not-for-profit organisation funded by foundations and through project design and delivery. Value Proposition:  What benefits will the badge provide to users? Figure 1. Why should they care?
    [Providers] #OEB16 results from personalised learning session #personalLearning
    Provide options for just-in-time learning (the concept comes from mobile learning, but the reality is that we live in a constantly connected world where just-in-time is more broadly available, yet under-used). if they work on language learning, provide a push-solution that notifies them when a new bit of information is available (a push-solution is a messaging service that pushes news towards either a mobile or internet-connected device to which people are registered. Provide a granular approach, that can be embedded into existing systems, yet adds easy micro-learning options.
    [Providers] The Ultimate Free Library of 2016 Training And Learning Content
    This article is the ultimate guide to effectively use podcasts for training, along with the benefits it can provide. This article provides tips on how to make training videos something employees want to watch! The year of 2016 is coming to an end! Before we start celebrating the holidays, creating our New Year’s resolution and moving towards a new year of beginnings, we should take a chance to reflect on all the wonderful lessons we learned over the year. good way to start is by reviewing past articles to see where we left off. Enjoy! The Hunt For Employee Bonding.
    [Providers] The Challenge of Career Management
    Providing talent with active and aggressive internal mobility and opportunities, it helps them create individualized career paths and develop in ways that are more fulfilling. For the workforce, an updated CV or résumé is like a valid passport. It allows them to come and go wherever and whenever they want if they have met the standards of an organization. However, companies are demanding  an increasing amount of experience before onboarding a new talent. The answer is career management. Career management is a core functionality of any company. Why career management, so suddenly? Think
    [Providers] It’s Time to Quit Locking Your Course Navigation
    Instead of forcing them through content, provide an incentive to collect information (or make good decisions with the information). “How do I lock navigation?” ” is one of the first questions we get when showing people how to use our software. In fact it’s one of the questions we had to revisit in a recent Articulate Live webinar  where people wanted to see the features used to lock navigation. Why Are We Asked to Lock Navigation? There are a number of reasons why courses are locked. But does being exposed to the content meet any real objectives? Getting Started?
    [Providers] Excellence in Academic Partnerships
    Learning Delivery LIP 2016 Providers Learning In Practice AwardsLearning in Practice Awards 2016. Recognizes accredited academic learning institutions that have partnered  with an organization in the past year to develop skills, competency or knowledge in a general employee population. INSEAD. The 24-week course includes video lectures, online quizzes and simulated client engagements. The online program allows the company’s strategists to learn at their own pace without disrupting workflows. The program is currently on schedule to reach 4,000 participants by 2018. Nidhi Madhavan.  .
    [Providers] Excellence in Blended Learning
    Learning Delivery LIP 2016 Providers Learning In Practice AwardsLearning in Practice Awards 2016. Recognizes vendors that have deployed a variety of tools in support of a client’s learning program that delivers engaging learning combining multiple modalities. Intrepid Learning, Inc. . When Newell Brands built its Growth Game Plan — a business strategy aligned with the company’s structural changes — it sought help from Intrepid Learning, a vendor focused on learning-centric design, short content, applied learning and social features. Sanjay Advani. Results were notable. out of 5.
    [Providers] Excellence in Executive Education
    Recognizes executive education providers that have delivered a targeted executive education program for a client that has delivered measurable results.  . This strategy, known as Vision 2020, focused on winning the market by providing top-notch customer service, creating high-performing teams by hiring the best people, and supporting member firms’ success. Learning Delivery LIP 2016 Providers Learning In Practice AwardsLearning in Practice Awards 2016. The Regis Co. . Three years ago, Ernst & Young LLP had an ambitious idea — to increase growth in all service lines.
    [Providers] Excellence in Content
    But University of the Pacific wanted to provide its staff with a foundation to grow on, so it partnered with Invati Consulting, which prides itself on being “Inspired by Millennials, built for generations to come.” By providing in-person and virtual learning in an eight-week program called Generation University, Invati was able to meet multiple generations’ needs, and make employees more capable and inclusive, informed participants about their coworkers’ diverse needs. Learning Delivery LIP 2016 Providers Learning In Practice AwardsLearning in Practice Awards 2016. INSEAD.
    [Providers] Excellence in E-Learning
    Finding the best method to meet the geographically dispersed employee base, GP Strategies created a suite of level 2 and 3 online experiences to provide employees and leaders with the flexibility needed to use the training tools. Learning Delivery LIP 2016 Providers Learning In Practice AwardsLearning in Practice Awards 2016. Recognizes vendors that have rolled out an innovative and effective e-learning program or suite for a client. GP Strategies . Identity theft is just bad. Heidi Milberg, left, and Lisa Doyle. The results were greater than expected. Nicholaus Garcia. Aptara.
    [Providers] Excellence in Technology Innovation
    Learning Delivery LIP 2016 Providers Learning In Practice AwardsLearning in Practice Awards 2016. Recognizes vendors that have rolled out an innovative learning technology for a client such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, apps, video, social collaboration toolsor games and simulations. Intrepid Learning, Inc. Century-old consumer brand organization, Newell Brands, underwent a major transformation when Michael Polk became CEO in 2011. The company moved from multiple business segments that manage multiple brands to one singular Newell that managed them. Andie Burjek.  .
    [Providers] Excellence in Partnership
    GP Strategies proposed the Fix/Flex support model for the LSS team, which leveraged Merck’s own internal development team, and it provided flexible, professional support via centers of excellence in Europe, the U.S. Management needed to provide these individuals with common expectations and instill a strong sense of company vision, something many employees felt was missing. Droste Group also provided teams with its proprietary skills assessment, video testimonials and lunch-and-learns to promote personal development as well as organization change. GP Strategies. and India.
    [Providers] The Business Impact Award
    The leadership course provided a model for behavior based on six sources of influence at the personal, social and structural levels. To efficiently provide this training to all 42 sales teams across the U.S., Learning in Practice Awards 2016. For learning executives who have implemented a significant measurement or evaluation program that has demonstrated exceptional business impact from their workforce development programs. Potential results may include measures of employee retention, sales, revenue growth, customer satisfaction or cost reduction, among others. DIVISION 1.
    [Providers] The Innovation Award
    Complicating the effort, Commvault’s software vendor was unable to provide the company with the software functionality it was looking for. Learning in Practice Awards 2016. For learning executives who have marshaled resources and applied innovative practices, processes. and/or technologies in a new and groundbreaking way to address  a significant business or organizational opportunity. DIVISION 1. Steve  Garguilo, Senior Manager, Creative Engagement, Johnson & Johnson. Sometimes all it takes to spark transformational innovation is a single person’s idea. Frank Kalman. The U.S.
    [Providers] YEAH-BOO - The Most Electrifying F2F Noise Engagement Method Ever!
    YEAH-BOOING FORWARD If only I could work with a few geniuses from MIT School of Engineering or Google, we could conceptualize, design, prototype, and launch the sound-frequency-vibration-detector YEAH-BOO WAND , which will capture all the noise generated from the students/participants and provide ACCURATE LIVE STATS on the projector/smart screen, which include percentages, noise factor sentiment (new and hot feature for learning), and voice-person detection for formal (and informal) assessment. Harden , when he facilitated workshops at the International Medical University (IMU).
    [Providers] Is Your Vendor Qualified to Convert ILT Material to E-learning?
    Also, ensure the vendor provides a dedicated project manager for each project. 4. Willingness to share references and provide sample courses. So, consider an e-learning vendor who not only develops online learning courses, but also provides Learning Management System (LMS) services. Also, when the vendor provides both the training programs and the LMS, he understands your training needs better and achieving them becomes easier. These developments have also changed the training requirements, making online training more relevant. Here are the 5 qualities: 1.
    [Providers] How to Implement Spaced Learning into Your eLearning Strategy
    Provide auditory and visual aids. Money Advice Scotland provide free eLearning games for their clients to teach people how to spend and save their money wisely. Spaced learning will be one of the key eLearning techniques to look out for in 2017. At least, that’s according to John Curran, expert in Instructional Design and chair of the eLearning Network. know what you’re thinking. Spaced learning is old news. It dates back to 1885 when Ebbinghaus theorized the Forgetting Curve—the concept that we forget things over time unless we revisit them. The upshot of this? Take a break.
    [Providers] The Importance of Online Training: 5 Benefits For Your Employees
    Provides access to learning content anytime, anywhere  . learning provides real-time feedback during an online training assessment. Providing constructive feedback (instead of a mere “Well done” or “Wrong answer”) can be influential in improving a learner’s competency and motivates them to participate in the learning process. learning provides an “infrastructure” through which corporate organizations can develop interactive and engaging platforms for their employees and deliver effective skill-building and performance-enhancing training.
    [Providers] The Modern Leadership Advent Calendar
    Regardless of your faith background, Advent provides an amazing opportunity prepare yourself to be a better leader in 2017.  If you will, the arrival of a new and improved leader, yourself. It’s the month of holiday parties, the Christmas spirit, gift-giving, taking time off, reflecting and preparing for the upcoming year.  It’s December! Which is also the month of Advent. Advent is defined as: the arrival of a notable person, thing, or event. Christians use Advent to prepare for the coming of Christ and his birth. Leadership
    [Providers] Blockchain Impacts on Medical Care
    The patient through his or her profile, has complete control over medical information and can choose the information to be shared or viewed by the doctors or providers. CapitalWave provides online courses about Blockchain. This is the blockchain week on yourtrainingedge.com [1] and this article views the technology in terms of healthcare or medical care sector. In few of the articles of the series, we have already discussed the concept, its origin and some of the industrial implications. Let’s go back little bit. Population Health management. PGHD meets wearables.
    [Providers] Invest ‘use it or lose it’ budget into an opportunity to innovate
    Here are some of the strategic and creative tools we use before the design and delivery phases take shape: Learner surveys Feedback and the data it provides is critical to improving your digital learning. Learner observations Alongside quantitative feedback and analysis methods, observational insights provide a deeper qualitative approach to understanding what learners really want. It’s approaching that final quarter for most businesses. All too often, the rush to off-load those remaining funds means they can result in lower returns. So, where to begin? Improving impact budget
    [Providers] 7 Tips to Build Localization Friendly E-learning Courses [Infographic]
    Providing training in the languages of your people goes a long way in enhancing the comprehension of the subject matter, resulting in better learning, which leads to better performance. Globalization has resulted in revolutionary changes in the world of learning and development. As companies expand their sphere of operations to overseas markets, the need to impart highly effective training to international staff is gaining importance. How can you train workforces who speak different languages and hail from diverse cultural backgrounds, efficiently? Please check it out. Hope you like it.
    [Providers] Colors and Their Impact on E-Learning
    Green can create a balance and provide the feeling of calmness. Do you dream in color or black and white? Revert to your dreams and answer this question if you remember. Research has found that almost 80% of the population dreams in color but some claim they dream in black and white. dream both in color, and black and white. Impact of Colors. Have you ever noticed how your mood changes in a fraction of a second just by entering a room painted brightly or by looking at something attractive or soothing? It happens to all of us, but we rarely notice. What it means? How it can help learning?
    [Providers] 6 Insights on Onboarding from the US Presidential Transition
    So their onboarding program definitely provides relevant guidelines to tackle those challenges. Provide tips to simplify work procedures and also caution new executives of the issues that can come in the way of progress. Prioritizing the information and providing summarized forms will help them. 4. Providing FAQ sheets, checklists, or an onboarding handbook makes their job easy. Evaluating the program and collecting regular feedback will provide steps for improvement. Senate should confirm the political candidatures of 1,100 posts. Focus on Essentials.
    [Providers] How to Blend Different Training Methods for Effective ERP End-User Training [Infographic]
    According to a survey by Gartner, 55% to 75% of all ERP implementations do not provide the desired results. What could be the reason behind it? It is ineffective ERP end-user training. According to statistics, one of the challenges related to successful ERP implementations is lack of quality end-user training. It is a known fact that lack of training to end-users, will render the software application of no use to the company. Different methods are available to train ERP end-users. But being a training manager, you may not know which could be the ideal method.
    [Providers] The Demonetization of Indian Education
    But let us look at it from the lens of employability, the argument being that the degrees or certificates that provide a social and economic return to the economy are ‘white’ educational currency, while the rest are ‘black’ educational currency. Or for all institutions to be stripped of its ability to provide a degree certificate till they can prove that they have a structure in place and systems to ensure employable graduates and provide real data on their current state of being able to generate ’employability’? On another note.
    [Providers] Collaborate, Discover, Explore Learning at ASAE Tech 2016
    The flexibility of TopClass LMS provides powerful learning solutions for associations, through standard integration bridges which connect your Learning Management System to a variety of business critical software systems. Update WBT Systems will be exhibiting our award-winning TopClass Learning Management System and association learning solutions at Booth #615 during ASAE Tech 2016 , December 13-14. Through the education, networking, and solutions found at the 2016 Technology Conference & Expo, association professionals can work together to collaborate, discover, and explore.”
    [Providers] 5 tips for selling learning to the C-suite
    Rather than just saying “we have to provide more sales training,” you must be able to clearly identify the problem and justify the solution in terms that make sense to C-level executives. You must be able to prove that your learning initiative will provide a solid return on investment, break even within an acceptable timeframe, and contribute positively to the company’s bottom line. Expectations around L&D are changing. No longer just overhead, L&D must become accountable for achieving results that tie directly to meeting overall corporate objectives. What do we mean?
    [Providers] Can You Tell Game-Based Learning From Gamification?
    It provides learners: A safe environment to learn from their mistakes. Provide “practical practice” in real-life scenarios. These little things, when implemented rightly: Provide a sense of competition. If you are looking to incorporate game elements in your training, chances are that you have come across these two terms –  Game-based learning and Gamification. These words may sound simple and be used interchangeably sometimes by designers and strategists alike, but confusing them can have serious consequences. Let’s start off with game-based learning. Not exactly.
    [Providers] Limitless learning plenary #OEB16 on owning learning
    One option is universities providing you with your own domain name for you to fill with relevant information. So the teacher provides something that you cannot reach quickly yourself. A great set of speakers, all talking on the subject of owning learning (some limitless) Alec Couros Promise of open and connected learning is the subject. Promise of personalised learning is one of the elements that have changed in the last few years. The ownership. Help with bowdril youtube is example of the strength of weak ties. Everyone has access to networks today. Very good article.
    [Providers] How to Edit Multiple Slide Properties Simultaneously in Articulate Storyline
    Articulate Storyline provides several useful features to develop e-learning courses efficiently. Storyline provides different types of views to edit slide properties, the layouts in a slide master, and the feedback master. We can develop numerous courses rapidly, if we can focus on small things that consume a lot of development time. One of the time consuming tasks is editing the slide Properties to enable/disable the Menu tab, Resources tab, Seekbar, etc. from the Player. will become tedious, take time, and ultimately delay the course submission. Hope these settings are helpful.
    [Providers] Habits of top performing learning teams
    Putting this type of plan into action and getting buy in from all levels of the business is something learning solution providers can help with. The latest Towards Maturity report, Unlocking Potential , features many insights into how organisations can bring out the best in their learners. One headline from the report  is the  widening performance gap between high and low performing L&D teams. What’s holding some organisations back? One Is it that their learners are simply better equipped to deal with technology? Probably not. Technical literacy should not be assumed.”
    [Providers] Should you invest in gamification for learning?
    Karl Kapp provides hard data that shows that employee motivation was enhanced by almost 51.6% in a gamified environment.The first hurdle is to get the employees of an organization to participate in gamified training. Gamified learning provides immediate feedback in the form of points. Any kind of investment deserves an ROI explanation, especially an investment in training. So, is spending on gamification justified? The answer is a big resounding YES ! Here is a snapshot of some of the benefits of using gamification for learning. Title: Game play actually rocks!
    [Providers] Online facilitation inspired by car dealers
    For instance I participated in a MOOC on digital badges which was open for only 48 hours Make sure the platform closes immediately after the course instead of keeping it accessible Authority Invite respected experts as guest speakers, or to provide feedback or give a master class Invite important, authoritative people to place a cal for participation and finish Use a positive evaluation of an online course or MOOC to recruit people for the next edition Consistency Start with simple questions online, for example to make a simple introduction online. We met the first salesman there.
    [Providers] #C2Xmas Day 2: Samuel Pepys Diary
    Providing a daily flow of content this way, is a great way to deliver what I call a continuous knowledge or learning flow. Is there some content you might provide in this format? Day 2 of my Countdown to Xmas #C2Xmas continues here. Samuel Pepys lived in London in the 17th century and is most famous for the diary he kept for a decade as a young man which is considered to be one of the most important sources about the English Restoration period. THE DIARY OF SAMUEL PEPYS. You don’t have to read it all in one go! Social learning
    [Providers] Blend Learning Formats to Train Your Medical Reps Effectively – Part 1
    good learning blend helps impart the best training because it helps companies provide a high degree of flexibility to learners. Most companies hire people who do not have an educational background in life sciences as reps, and these courses provide a basic knowledge of the human body and its functioning before they attend the instructor-led training. The task of a medical rep is tough. He needs to convince prospective clients i.e., doctors, who are knowledgeable about drugs and their clinical application than himself, about the benefits of his products.
    [Providers] How to Revolutionise Workplace Learning
    Marcia: Years ago, workplace educators began to segment what they provided employees into artificial and misleading categories, for example “formal” and “informal” learning, or “e-learning” “blended learning” or “social learning”. For organisations to benefit from the value of the L&D department, workplace educators need to ensure their offerings consistently provide everyone an opportunity to ready and expand their experiences – and to learn from people, unlike them, who challenge their assumptions and expand their horizons. From the OEB16 News. By Alasdair McKinnon, .
    [Providers] Want to Simplify Software Training – Use Watch Try Do Simulations
    Provides experiential learning to employees. Instead of using text to explain ‘How-to’ tasks, representing them step-by-step is much better as your employees will get it right without having to read much. Training with simulations does exactly that. Without disturbing the functionality of the newly implemented Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system or any other software for that matter, you can train employees to work on it effectively, using simulations. In simulations, you mirror the real-world environment to train your employees on how to use the system. WATCH/SHOW.
    [Providers] Choosing The Best Online Training Approach For Your Organization
    With the help of a Subject Matter Expert , you can provide your employees with top notch online training materials for less. Instructors still provide one-on-one instruction. Provides Real World Practice. What is lacking from your training program, and how can these strategies provide a solution? Your organization needs to fill performance gaps and build essential skills, but which is the best online training approach for your global workforce? Which Online Training Approach Is Best For Your Organization? It all starts with choosing an online training strategy.
    [Providers] #OEB16 opening plenary live blogpost on owning learning
    Video and photography provides participatory options for learning. Owning learning: A great session with a range of experts on the topic of current learning problems… and possible solutions. This is a live blogpost. Tricia Wang (designing for perspectives: the secret for learners to thrive in the 21 st Century) The individuals are getting too much of the blame. We need to design for perspectives, (@triciawang ). Sally Ride was the first female astronaut. Once she stopped flying she developed earthKAM, which enables teachers to use the camera on the space station. Self-awareness.
    [Providers] 10 Must Read Articles on Instructional Design
    This article that provides basic information on ID, is a good refresher, Over time, we tend to forget the basics of a subject; this article will help you recall them and in turn, approach ID with a fresh perspective. The author discusses the importance of using the right questions to assess the learner, dividing the content into modules, identifying what learners want to know, and providing good feedback. The tips provided here will surely enhance your custom e-learning development. It is possible, provided you know the right way to design a course. Chunk content.
    [Providers] Performance Improvement: Is More Training the Solution?
    Does that definition provide you with sufficient information to determine if additional training is the correct approach? If you can provide other options, you’ll be in a position to help them solve their problem in a different way. For a business to maintain its edge, all players in an organization need to perform their jobs at optimum levels. When things aren’t going well, management often looks to the training team to boost employee job performance and correct the problem. Business performance issues aren’t always training issues. Most likely not. is deteriorating.
    [Providers] #OEB the exhibition ideas and a great peer reviewing tool
    Another option which triggered an idea, was provided by LinkLearning. And most of those stall carry big hype-driven words: personalised learning (which is interpreted on many occasion as: it is available on any mobile, truly funny), or take control of your own learning (which is mostly not what I would consider it to be actual curating your own content for learning, but rather meaning: we provide you the content, and you plan when to learn it). What do you look for, when you are wandering through multiple online learning stands at a conference? Positive and negative one’s.
    [Providers] Confused with learning technologies? Choose your best option
    Selection of server: Software as a service: In this option application will be hosted on vendor server and administration access will be provided. Administration Support: In-house team: You can use internal team or hire a support team to provide technical support to the learners. Out-source: You also has an option to outsource it to an external vendor to provide support. Later you can easily switch by migrating all the learners’ data, training content and training records to any new platform if you want to switch to other service provider. LMS or LCMS?
    [Providers] The Rise of the Remote Worker
    In my experience, here are some of the things that make remote working work for me and my employer: 1) Communication - In the absence of face-to-face meetings, I rely on receiving and providing clear, concise and timely communication. Because I strive hard to have meaningful conversations, I end up with quality relationships that allow me to add value and in turn provide tremendous value and the much needed human connection. Source: Pixabay (CCO License) More than 1.7 million in 2000, according to the Statistics Canada report on the subject in 2010. This has held me well.
    [Providers] Bringing the Band Down to DevLearn 2016
    We want to provide you with the products and services that will give you exactly what you need to take care of your every eLearning need. The past few years have taken us down to Las Vegas for one of our most favorite events of the year: the DevLearn 2016 Conference and Expo. This year was no exception! We had some big news we were bringing with us and we wanted to show it off in a big way. That’s why we trucked practically the entire company down to celebrate! When you come by our booth, we always want to make you feel like you’re a part of the band!
    [Providers] From Enforcement to Engagement – Microlearning for Safety Training
    Though organizations provide safety manuals, employees often do not read them before starting their tasks as the manuals are too lengthy, mundane, and employees are hard pressed for time. So, job-aids in the form of infographics, flow-charts, interactive eBooks, and other digital resources must be provided to improve information retention. The number of workplace injuries and deaths is increasing year by year. So, on an average, more than 92 deaths a week or more than 13 every day. This method of delivering training content is called Microlearning. The Readiness Phase.
    [Providers] Training that Influences a Global Network
    As a learning and development specialist, Lisa Ploeg provides training for the employees ensuring that Mary Kay values and practices are present throughout the network. As a learning and development specialist, Lisa Ploeg provides training for the employees ensuring that Mary Kay values and practices are present throughout the network. Lisa Ploeg, Senior International Learning and Development Specialist, Mary Kay. Based near Dallas, Texas, Mary Kay manufactures and sells hundreds of cosmetic and personal care products through 3.5 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXo3x0RLv5U
    [Providers] Machine Learning Could Mean a Lot for People Management
    In the case of people management, strategic use of robots and other smart machines could allow employees to worry less about bias and convoluted performance management processes and more about progressing toward their goals, while providing managers with the hard data needed to support their efforts. Machine learning presents an opportunity for companies to efficiently and effectively complete structured back-office tasks. It also has the power to help managers perform their work at a higher level, and as a result, improve employee performance and engagement.
    [Providers] Teaching the Benefits of Change
    Identify the processes and activities that provide competitors with a competitive advantage; present results to colleagues. If you’re a team leader at any level, you’ve probably observed that some of your team members aren’t excited about constant change. Of course not. The only humans we’ve seen get excited about change are babies with wet diapers. Yet, in order for our organizations to be innovative and competitive, employees must thrive during times of change. Employees must be agile learners, and learning leaders must promote learning agility in individuals across the organization.
    [Providers] How Does LMS Selection Work? This Case Reveals All
    This means they needed an LMS with a “usage-based” license model that lets them provide access and create learning records for many potential learners — both known and unknown — but charge the association only for learners who actually register or buy a course in an annual period. In this case, the four shortlist vendors provided the following one-time implementation and setup pricing: These one-time implementation bids averaged $75,250 with a $40,000 range from lowest to highest. LMS Selection:  The Challenge. LMS Selection:  The Process. Step 4: Demo Drilldown.
    [Providers] How Adobe Captivate 9 Helps Create Captivating E-Learning Courses
    Adobe Captivate provides a few in-built  Quiz question templates which can be added to the online course to assess the knowledge of your learner. Adobe Captivate has been around for quite some time now. What started as a simple screen recording utility (called Flashcam ) is now the workhouse of the online learning industry. It’s safe to say this industry-standard rapid authoring tool helps you craft courses that are not only interactive and engaging, but also aesthetically sound. Want to know how Captivate does it? Let us find out. 1. library of 30,000+ free e-learning assets. Tablet.
    [Providers] 8 Tips To Produce Microlearning Videos For eLearning
    Firstly, they simplify ideas by providing a visual illustration. Provide Additional eLearning Resource Links. You can still provide your online learners with additional information by using embedded links. Once again, make certain that you only provide them with need-to-know info. Provide a survey at the end to collect measurable data. Microlearning videos provide online learners with the knowledge and skill development they require to achieve their objectives. Do your online learners require quick demos, tutorials, and task walkthroughs? Script It Out.
    [Providers] 10 Commandments to Make Online Compliance Training Engaging
    Combine different training methods to provide learners a blended learning experience. Provide examples and case studies and allow them to talk about their personal experiences of compliance breaches.The discussions can be further improved by relating workplace scenarios to non-work scenarios, such as sports and/or hobbies that your workers participate in. So, instead of providing simple multiple choice questions in the quiz, create real-life simulations games where employees can navigate through a virtual environment and complete the given tasks which mimic real-life situations.
    [Providers] The Best of eLearning in November 2016
    This month, we announced a new integration between Lectora Online and Docebo, a leading LMS provider. This provides a powerful reporting benefit to eLearning developers because they’re able to push custom name/value pairs using xAPI into Docebo for a vast range of reporting purposes. November was a busy and exciting month for the Trivantis® team! We made some big announcements and traveled to some top industry conferences, like I4PL in Toronto, Canada, and DevLearn 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. What were those announcements? I’m glad you asked. https://t.co/xfhGY3gQMm. xfhGY3gQMm.
    [Providers] We’ve won the Nectar Best use of Technology award!
    The dust still hasn’t settled on our Brandon Hall double-whammy back in September and let’s not forget our Learning Provider of the Year accolade from the Learning Awards! It’s been a veritable hive of activity here at GEHQ. All the GE bees have been buzzing with excitement at the latest news – we’ve just collected another award for being awesome! We’ve beaten some tough competition to win the award for Best Use of Technology at the 2016 Nectar Business Small Business Awards! Thanks, Sarah! Harry & Simon leave their capes at home to collect a Nectar award from a DRAGON!
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