[Providers] Dear eLearning Designers, Please Stick To These Basic Design Principles
    It should consist of content relevant to learners’ needs by taking into account the skills students currently possess while providing learners with material that will lead them to obtaining the knowledge they desire. 'In today’s market, eLearning professionals and trainers need a good working knowledge of design principles. This is not to imply that they need to understand code or acquire a design degree, rather they ought to be able to identify what makes a good course and what a bad. C.R.A.P. for Effective Visual Design. Repetition. Alignment. Proximity. Watch Video. Proximity.
    [Providers] Getting the Board behind Online Learning Part 2
    You can either request that the LMS provider present to the board; share a clip from a previously recorded demo; or do your own demo of the platform with permission from the LMS provider (either with a “sandbox” account or with screen captures). 'In a previous blog post I shared my tips for making an initial pitch for online learning to your association’s board of directors. How’d it go? Are you ready to move on to the “exploration phase” of your quest to implement online learning at your association? Start small. Give it appeal. Stay focused. Set goals. Share this on Facebook.
    [Providers] Aspiration trumps trepidation
    Then they provide products that can align with your self-image. 'Last week’s # lrnchat (a twitter chat on learning that runs Thurs evenings for an hour 5:30 PT/8:30 ET) was on the topic of fear-mongering  in Organizational Learning. The point is that often fear-mongering happens (by definition always wrongly), but what are the reasons, impacts, and ways to avoid. And among my responses are one that I like as a quip. was, in particular, flashing back on the book Story Wars , that talked about how advertising has changed. What are you trying to achieve? design meta-learning
    [Providers] Snagit Update: Light Theme, Scrolling Capture and More
    Every update to Snagit is the culmination of lots of hard work, but more importantly a sense of tremendous humility and appreciation for the amazing customers that provide us with ideas, new problems and feedback. 'For those of you who tuned in to our previous webcasts in April and in June, we promised that we would continue to listen to feedback and come out with new updates on a regular basis. We’re very excited to be releasing some of the features we’ve been teasing you with on all of our forums. Light vs. Dark: The Choice is Yours (Windows). Scrolling Capture Enhancements (Windows).
  • G-CUBE BLOG  |  TUESDAY, AUGUST 26, 2014
    [Providers] My Own Online Content – MOOC Modified
    Space where they can get better at their businesses by taking courses from leading providers, get guidance from mentors and importantly, be noticed in the forum that matters the most to them – their own company. 'So haven’t you heard of Indian Chinese cuisine? Or a Peppy Paneer Pizza or a McSpicy Aaloo Tikki! We Indians are into this uncanny habit of localizing everything to suit our palate. In short – you give us a plot for a hi-tech sci-fi thriller and we will be able to make it a daily soap with emotions, family – drama, tears and love songs! That’s what works!
  • G-CUBE BLOG  |  TUESDAY, AUGUST 26, 2014
    [Providers] Utilizing the power of Storytelling to create engaging Simulations: A 4 Prong Strategy
    With simulations, we can provide a learner the virtual platform for experimentation, thus opening up a vast expanse of ‘doing and learning’.   This stage is ‘reflective’ and multiple experiences can be built here to provide ample food for thought. Finally, the end of the story should assess the learner by providing exciting opportunities to experiment with different options and outcomes. This makes sure that the simulation provides real-life experiences, which do not have an obvious ‘right way’ or a ‘wrong way’. Creating the Plot. Ending it well. contact-form-7].
    [Providers] What Is a Product Launch Curriculum?
    For many, “launch training” is a one-time meeting that, while often quite impressive, is not enough to change behavior and provide learners with the skills and knowledge they need to be able to remember and use when they are actually back on the job. 'This is an excerpt from Nancy Harkness’ new white paper, Learning Solutions and Your Product Launch: The Secret to Success. Here is a section on understanding curriculums: What is a curriculum? Let’s start with the basics: what is a curriculum? Keep in mind that a curriculum is, by definition, a set of learning solutions.
    [Providers] What Successful MOOCs Do
    In return for your money, they provide you with an online course that will increase your knowledge on that specific subject – and in many cases, award you a recognized certificate or continuing education credit. 'Over the past few years we have been following the rise of massive open online courses (or MOOCs) and their influence on traditional learning methods. Since their conception, the number of MOOCs today has been increasing, a mix of both for and non-profit intentions. Computer programming is one good example. You can then leverage this to land a job or get a raise.
    [Providers] Going the extra mile
    I''m working through the alphabet of psychologists and theorists, providing a brief overview of each theory, and how it can be applied in education. 'This is number 26 in my series on learning theories. Previous posts in this series are all linked below. The previous post highlighted issues around the theory of Communities of Practice, from the work of Jean Lave and Etienne Wenger. In this post, I''m revisiting a well known and heavily used motivational theory - Maslow''s Hierarchy of Human Needs. The theory has a basic element of all teacher education for several decades.
    [Providers] Defining mLearning
    Connectivity may provide a significant challenge. 'In the previous article, I opined on the definition of eLearning. What better to follow-up with than a definition of mLearning? The term ‘mLearning’ is a bit narrower than ‘eLearning’, of course, due to its specific focus on mobile devices and access. Wikipedia reveals this definition, “m-learning or mobile learning is defined as ‘learning across multiple contexts, through social and content interactions, using personal electronic devices.’ Now I’d like to add a bit of my perspective…. The differences in screen size and connectivity.
    [Providers] HR by the Algorithm: Playing by the Numbers
    Rather than looking for a crystal ball, the intent in these algorithms is to use mathematics (referred to as “science” by the vendors) to provide HR with the data points for better decision making. Just this morning I listened to one solution provider, Ultimate Software, talk about its retention predictor and upcoming high-performance predictor. Will anyone in an organization take to time to figure out how a software-provided algorithm works and evaluate the validity of the data used by the program to support such a conclusion within his or her specific environment?
  • ELEARNING 24-7  |  SATURDAY, AUGUST 23, 2014
    [Providers] Skillsoft buying SumTotal – My Take
    Here according to the documentation listed on the Skillsoft web site, is what they see as the real value of the SumTotal acquisition (text listed is actual wording on their document): Skillsoft and SumTotal provide highly complementary HR solutions. The document provides other information, including “Why Skillsoft intends to purchase SumTotal”   Among the statements as to why, is “Comprehensive HR suite, including learning, talent and workforce management” HR and Learning – Internal. As for Skillsoft, they are a content provider. They are not.
    [Providers] DevCorner: HighCharts – Effectively Visualizing Data
    Highcharts is loaded with functionality, providing charts of all types. Understandably so, the sample code provided by charting tools (not just Highcharts) highlights how to use the charting tool’s features, but often leave the task of getting your data into the right format for the developer. The graph service provides a contract of the data format it expects and is responsible for transforming that data into the collection of properties appropriate for Highcharts. 'If a picture is worth a thousand words, a well-designed chart or graph can speak volumes.
    [Providers] Knowledge, practice and community
    You may recall that I''m working through the alphabet of psychologists and theorists, providing a brief overview of each theory, and how it can be applied in education. They can facilitate greater collaboration between community members inside and outside of the group by providing resources and connections. 'After a break from blogging during the summer break, I''m back, and here is the continuation of my series on theories of learning, with number 25. Previous posts in this series are all linked below. Previous posts in this series: 1. Anderson ACT-R Cognitive Architecture 2.
  • G-CUBE BLOG  |  FRIDAY, AUGUST 22, 2014
    [Providers] Adaptive eLearning in Corporate Space – Opportunities and Challenges
    Which in plain English translates into dynamic learning paths as per learner’s progress, presenting content in instructional format which is most suitable for the learner, and providing feedback to the learner while he/she is navigating through the course basis her navigation patterns and assessment scores etc. So it’s a win-win all the way – for technology provider, educational institute, content provider, and the student as well. It should be interesting to see how OTS providers treat this opportunity in corporate training space.
    [Providers] From Searching to Shopping: Leveraging E-Commerce Within Your LMS
    'An extensive catalog of training content provides tremendous value to an organization and its learners, but ensuring that learners can easily find and access the courses and resources they’re looking for is crucial. Luckily, there are many creative ideas that we can borrow from online retail to help learners find what they’re looking for and even discover content they didn’t know they needed. Finding ways to increase user adoption ensures your learning resources are used and valued! Expand the reach of your content through targeted promotions.
    [Providers] Issues Impeding Learning Innovation
    It's often that they are not provided the tools or the time to succeed. Throughout the corporate L&D industry, we frequently provide less-than-optimal learning solutions (often due to environmental obstacles quite difficult to overcome) in the form of learning that is not very engaging or effective. 'Our Game On! Learning team speaks with hundreds of organizations each month. And we've been hearing a lot about the too-slow rate of innovation in Talent Development, and the frustration L&D professionals are feeling. Here are some of the common themes.
    [Providers] Ten Ways to Use Video in the Classroom
    The video is only five minutes long and we’ve provided discussion points for each example below. 'It’s back-to-school season for most educators and this year, the TechSmith Education team is writing a series of blog posts with some ideas for the classroom. Today, we want to take a look at using video in the classroom. Many people may think of video in the classroom as delivering a TED talk, History or Discovery Channel video. This is true and good, but we’ve assembled 10 examples where the teacher is creating the video to address some need in the classroom. Check them out!
    [Providers] Use Stories in eLearning: 6 Tips to Bring Out Your Inner Storyteller
    Visuals break up the text and provide another avenue for learners to engage with the content. 'Stories have captivated us as a species since the dawn of man. Through stories, we have passed on traditions, remembered the past, and carried information across the millennia. And it''s not just our ancestors who harnessed the power of stories, either. Stories still work to reach people, which is why we see businesses turning to the power of storytelling in branding efforts, marketing campaigns, corporate strategies, and even eLearning courses and business presentations. The Power of Stories.
    [Providers] Cultural Barriers to Organizational Learning
    Chris Cancialosi provides us with a good example of how culture gets in the way of learning in this description of a client company: Under intense pressure to deliver, the firm no longer tolerated “failures to launch” on every single deliverable. 'All organizations have a culture. Some cultures support learning more than others. Some cultures stifle learning by marginalizing the training and development function, by discouraging risk-taking, by not rewarding learning, by not allowing opportunities for informal and social learning, and by undermining performance improvement efforts.
    [Providers] It’s Only 65% !
    Training describes a structured set of events that when designed and assembled carefully can provide an effective way to help people accelerate learning (learning = behaviour change). Without any definitions of these categories (and I couldn''t find any in this survey) I fail to see how respondents will provide consistently accurate input. 'The results of yet another 70:20:10 survey were published recently. The researchers (possibly on work experience) declared that “ 50:26:24 is the average learning mix in most companies right now ”. Learning ? Learning is a process not an event.
    [Providers] Interactyx Earns the 790 spot of the 2014 Inc. 5000 List
    Interactyx is the only LMS provider to make the 2014 Inc. Novas continued, “Our entire TOPYX team is fully committed to providing the best social learning management system and best value in our industry.  'Interactyx, the developer of TOPYX, the  award-winning learning management system (LMS), earned a spot on the 2014 Inc. 5000 list. For achieving 579% revenue growth over a three-year period, Interactyx ranks #790 on this prestigious list of America’s fastest growing private companies. 5000 list. See the full list at :  [link]. In case you didn’t know, Inc.
    [Providers] My Adventure at Lynda.com
    The scripts are not large (one or two pages) but it is hard to provide critical information in only a few pages so a lot of work condensing material into a few pages. was a little nervous about the process but excited about the recording and the opportunity to provide information and content to literally thousands of people through the course. 'Last week I had a chance to visit Lynda.com and work as an author creating a course for Lynda.com. It was a great adventure and I had a lot of fun. So here is the story of my five days at Lynda.com. ” My home for a week. Arriving.
    [Providers] Adobe RoboHelp: Get the New Responsive Layout
      While Adobe provided instructions on how to manually install the new Responsive HTML5 layout, they are  hidden away in the release notes and you likely missed them. 'by Willam Van Weelden      One of the hottest new features introduced in Adobe RoboHelp 11 is  Responsive HTML5 layouts. The Responsive HTML5 output dynamically changes the way the content is presented based on the device the reader is using. With these skins you can control how your output will look for your users. If so, here they are: Close RoboHelp. A new 11.00 Start RoboHelp.
    [Providers] TOPYX Learning Management System named to Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies
    TOPYX is an award-winning and comprehensive software-as-a service (SaaS) eLearning platform which engages learners and provides collaborative learning environments for businesses, associations, nonprofit organizations and eCommerce needs of any size throughout the world. Novas continued, “Our entire TOPYX team is fully committed to providing the best social learning management system and best value in our industry.  'FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. Interactyx, the developer of TOPYX LMS, earns the 790 ranking in 2014′s Inc. 5000 list with 579% three-year revenue growth. As an Inc.
    [Providers] Become Better at Screencasting: Tips from Anton Bollen
    So you’ll see a little rust in this episode, but regardless, our guest, Anton Bollen, TechSmith German Evangelist, provides some great tips about becoming a better screencaster. The goal is to keep the shows short and provide useful information. We’ll still plan on interviewing guests and getting other perspectives, but also want to provide tips, tricks, and how-to’s as well. 'This year at Screencast Camp , things were pretty low key for me until it actually started. Well, it turned out alright and we had 11 guests in the studio for a special recording. Can’t see the video?
    [Providers] Training in an Ad-Hoc, BYOD Environment
    The advantage of MOOCs is that they provide the best of both worlds. The combination of resources, including videos, tutorials, and simulations, and social forums, where learners can collaborate with subject matter experts and with one another, provides the opportunity for learners to gain conceptual knowledge and also to access performance support resources at the moment a problem presents itself. They provide learners with the training they need—where, when, and in the format they need it. MOOCs are not just fancy new technologies to attract and retain Millennials.
    [Providers] Ten ways to use computers in the corporate classroom
    'Technology is providing many useful alternatives to the corporate classroom, but it also has an increasingly important role to play when we do get together with a facilitator within the confines of good old bricks and mortar. Group exercises : Computers provide a great way for groups to work together on practical assignments, with a digital output that can be easily shared when back in the plenary session. So, how about a few more photos, diagrams, illustrations and charts? Just keep them short. But if you don’t have all this stuff, simple PowerPoint slides will do. m with them.
    [Providers] The Lectora User’s Conference and my First Big Presentation - Part 7: Practice practice practice (um)
    have provided a few takeaways that you can apply to your own challenges, and use to make your own solutions. 'By Mary Word We have been discussing the content of the presentation, and the challenges and solutions at the core of it. have not gone into the nitty-gritty detail of it, but I think I have covered the high points. Maybe some specifics, too, if you are a Lectora developer. Now let’s get back to the presentation itself. Content is important, and without it your talk can be all smoke and mirrors. But don’t forget that root word ‘present’—the verb, that is. Read more. read more
    [Providers] Borrow this University Business Model to Sell Certification Programs
    Although you will have successfully completed courses provided by these institutions, you won’t actually be a graduate. Commercial course providers agonize over how much content to provide for free as marketing teasers, and how much to make available only to paying customers. If you provide a certification program that is highly respected and desired by learners, you may want to consider adopting a business model similar to the academic one discussed above: Make courses available for free. Columbia University. Harvard University. McGill University.
    [Providers] Where eLearning is Headed: How to Get From Here to There
    eLearning provides the perfect opportunity to mimic this real life learning process by providing training in the way humans would naturally obtain knowledge outside a training or educational environment. 'Today technology is transforming the eLearning industry. It is changing and will continue to change the way we communicate with learners, the way we design courses, how we learn and teach. Therefore, eLearning professionals have to adapt and find new ways to meet changing times. Simply incorporating different tools to their your current eLearning training strategy isn’t enough.
    [Providers] Bloomfire Continues to Lead in User Experience with New Features Focused on Content Creation, Discovery, Community, and Mobile
    AUSTIN, TX – August 19, 2014 – Bloomfire, a leading provider of enterprise knowledge and collaboration software , today announced new features focused on content creation, discovery, community, and mobile that will continue to improve how teams work together to efficiently share and leverage group expertise. It’s different because of the insights and context provided around the information we want to share. Provide a group context when searching or contributing. This will avoid duplication of content by providing answers that may already exist. Related Questions.
  • G-CUBE BLOG  |  TUESDAY, AUGUST 19, 2014
    [Providers] Scripting the Success of Collaborative Learning
    The trainer can provide the first chapter of a story. 'Collaboration is a good way to invite ideas and brainstorm – so it is a great practice for the workplace. However, many L&D managers often worry that collaborative learning might not always meet learning objectives set out by the training team. So, while collaboration between employees can certainly create engaging learning experiences, the learning also needs to be impactful and aligned to the learning objectives. Within an online discussion forum, learners can be presented with a series of questions on a specific topic.
    [Providers] Setting up your Association’s eLearning
    So, it’s important to assemble a team that can provide advice about your membership, IT, marketing, conferences, and, of course, the current educational programs. eLearning is about providing the online education your members need. You want members to recognize the value of the content provided in your Association’s eLearning.  It is surprising how many organizations don’t have this information as they start researching Learning Management System (LMS) providers. '“If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.” ? Yogi Berra.
    [Providers] Ten more tips for a popular website
    There are a number of online accessibility checkers available which can provide a thorough report of your site’s accessibility performance. 'In April we published our top ten tips for building a learning website in a reasonable timeframe and on a reasonable budget. Well, since then it seems like everyone at Saffron has been hard at work on website building (and not just ‘reasonable’ ones either!), so the logical conclusion was… ten more tips. This time we share some of the secret sauce that goes into a flamin’ hot website so good your audience will want to eat it up! Content is king.
  • EFRONT  |  MONDAY, AUGUST 18, 2014
    [Providers] Algorithmically generated content. The future of e-learning?
    Some of them you might have stumbled upon, in services like (now closed) Summify , which provided computer generated summaries of news articles, or in websites such as the Big Ten Network , that feature sports stories written by computers. 'As an e-learning course designer or as the person responsible for the LMS in your organization, the hardest part of your job is content creation. It’s a repetitive and time-consuming task that requires a deep understanding of the subject matter combined with continuous assessment of the needs of your students. Algo-what? That’s an algorithm.
    [Providers] Putting On Your Coaching Leadership Hat
    Then if you both determine that knowledge or skills are lacking, you can provide the resource or training he needs. 'Coaching is a leadership skill. It is also a style of leadership. Leaders who have a coaching mindset are dedicated to helping people think more broadly for themselves. They are more adept at triggering people’s imagination and creative thinking skills. Using an inquiry approach has proven to engage people more fully, while inspiring their loyalty. They often believe in people more than they believe in themselves. Set a positive emotional tone for your conversation.
    [Providers] Writing & Grammar: Answers to Interruptions
    The company that provides the fastest downloads is still XYZ. 'by Jennie Ruby    Answers to  my interruptions challenge  are brought to you by me. found that there was no consensus on number 2, that many people wanted to put parentheses in number 3, that many people just wanted to rewrite number 5, but that everyone agreed that on number 6,  (see Appendix B)  belonged inside parentheses. Thank you to the winners:  Anna Todd ,  Karyn Highet ,  Lisa Stumpf ,  Susan Czubiak, Bobbi J. Stonskas , and  Geri Moran. 
    [Providers] The Accidental Trainer: Creating Professional Training When You’re Not a Learning Professional
    Refraining from spouting long lists of facts (provide details in writing for later access, if needed). Tap into subject matter experts (SMEs) or partners to provide content or serve as mentors. Professional organizations, such as the Association for Talent Development , provide a myriad of resources from conferences to books to chapter meetings where you can connect with likeminded individuals. 'Not everyone can be a great learning professional. Start the learning conversation. Start small and prototype, if you like. Just start. Know When to Start, and Stop, Training.
    [Providers] Ask The Experts: KiKi L’Italien
    They can supply the kind of expertise that’s needed in a lot of cases that higher education just doesn’t provide. You have associations though, that are out there for every aspect of business, and so you have the ability to provide expertise in areas that people just cannot get that granular and focused and, you know, being able to provide that. How are we able to provide that information to people?” 'Jack McGrath: Hi and welcome to another in our series Ask the Experts. Today we’re going to be talking to Kiki L’Italien who is a social media consultant. Welcome.
    [Providers] Ask The Experts: Kiki L’Italien
    They can supply the kind of expertise that’s needed in a lot of cases that higher education just doesn’t provide. You have associations though, that are out there for every aspect of business, and so you have the ability to provide expertise in areas that people just cannot get that granular and focused and, you know, being able to provide that. How are we able to provide that information to people?” 'Jack McGrath: Hi and welcome to another in our series Ask the Experts. Today we’re going to be talking to Kiki L’Italien who is a social media consultant. Welcome.
  • ELEARNING 24-7  |  FRIDAY, AUGUST 15, 2014
    [Providers] To be or not to be Moodle
    What bothers me are those folks who do it, but do not provide the Moodle code – as they are supposed to, by using Moodle.  . Some folks have it hosted via a service provider they use for other things.  The worst thing you can do, is have the person who built the system (Assuming they do not have a training or teaching background) provide the training.  Sure, you as a Moodle person could rely solely on the community to provide everything you need, but is that something you would want to do on a daily or yearly basis? Not a fan of it. Anyway, it is education. 
    [Providers] So you’re offering me the opportunity to pay you 50% more to get back a feature I just lost?
    expect to see a solution provider raise their rates – it’s the nature of business. 'Yes, that’s what Bloomfire wants me to do. Apparently I’ve got two weeks make up my mind. If I don’t it looks like my rate may triple. Triple. do not feel like a customer right now even though the company I work for pays them several thousand dollars each year. Let me back up… Bloomfire is a knowledge sharing platform but how I use it has been a bit unusual – I’m not the typical use case. So I’ve got a bunch of deactivated communities. It was fixed.
    [Providers] Generation Y Helps Businesses Thrive through eLearning
    Using video conferencing to host seminars, and online classrooms to provide training material, professional support and certification tests, LMSs offer the best tools to keep employees engaged and interested in the process of continued education. 'Say whatever you want about Generation Y; the population coming of age knows how to make the most of technology. As these young 20-somethings emerge onto the business scene , many people are curious to see what they can add to business. More so, some businesses are worried about how to engage and interact with this tech-crazed bunch. eLearning.
    [Providers] 4 Writing Tips for Better Learning Content
    Provide examples through things like scenarios, case studies, or let them hear from their peers and reach their own conclusions about the adjectives and the adverbs. . 'A SME hands you their source material for a critical training project. Well, neither will your audience. So now what? How do you turn wordy corporate speak into compelling, purposeful content? Speak to the individual. When it comes to writing learning content, information and ideas need to connect at an individual level and it’s our job to transform that raw content in a way that speaks to and with  the individual.
    [Providers] Quick Tip for Validating a Course Idea
    People are used to purchasing informational courses if they promise to teach them a new skill, or to provide them some other type of benefit. They provide wonderful “how-to” advice for a large variety of topics. 'Creating and selling courses is an easy way to earn some extra income, and in some cases, become a main revenue stream. However, sometimes it is hard to find course ideas – or at least ideas that will sell. My general advice in this area is to choose something that you are passionate about, but also has a viable market.
    [Providers] Technical Communications: Small Steps to a Giant Leap.
    The Apollo 11 story can provide another lesson for technical communicators. 'by Tony Self      Neil Armstrong, the first person to walk on the Moon, was born just twenty-eight years after Charles Lindbergh, who was the first person to fly non-stop across the Atlantic Ocean. In just one human generation, technology had progressed from fabric covered craft (with a speed of 130 mph and a range of 4,000 miles) to a liquid oxygen powered rocket ship that traveled at speeds of up to 25,000 mph (on a trip that covered 500,000 miles). Neil Armstrong learned to fly in 1945.
    [Providers] Designing Blended Learning: A Success Story
    'The palette available for creating a blended learning program provides many options for instructional designers. The usual choice? Start with a few self-paced lessons, add one virtual event and a pinch of discussion forums for flavor, and stir to get the blend you want. Virtual Classroom - Instructional Design Blended learning Design
    [Providers] Makeover: How to write challenging scenario questions
    We provided cues that may or may not be relevant — the bloodshot eyes, the changed mood, the baby that we haven’t heard about lately. 'We’ve all seen scenario questions that are too boring or easy. In fact, here’s one: A member of your team is often an hour late to work on Monday mornings. What should you do? Ask the team member why they’re late. Refer the team member to the Employee Assistance Program for counseling. Dock the team member’s pay for the missed hour of work. How could we improve this question? Let’s look at some ideas. Why not?
    [Providers] Brain Science: The Visual System and Learning by Art Kohn
    provides insights into the two distinct visual systems that operate concurrently and independently. Understanding these systems and how they work will provide instructional designers with important. 'Neuroscience has learned a lot about the way that the brain processes visual information. This article. information bearing on ways to increase comprehension, retention, and transfer. Design Strategies Emerging Topics Graphic Design Learning Research Learning Systems
    [Providers] An LMS��Ushers in��a��Learning Culture��
    Beyond educatingnew employees, these learning cultures provide programs, workshops, and training sessions for established employees so they can learn more about topics like products and services, or leadership and effective teamwork techniques. 'The business world isevolving at a rapid pace. In fact, it moves muchfaster than was once thought possible. As a result, business procedures quicklybecome outdated and constantly need to be replaced with newer, more relevant practices. Some businesses feel it is a nuisanceto remain on thisfast track of business development. Jeffrey A.
    [Providers] Alan Greenberg: Blackboard Reboots
    All teaching and learning solutions will now include Blackboards base learning management system (Blackboard Learn) and provide a full-featured online environment with course delivery, synchronous collaboration tools, mobile apps, and integration with and access to content. Now the company is providing customers a full set of options: self-hosted, hosted in Blackboards private cloud, or via the public cloud. Please refer to Alan''s newletter for the complete article and especially for his take on why Blackboard''s changes are a big deal. Greenberg.
    [Providers] Learning in the Collaboration Age
    It provides a very good starting point to help make this move. Of course, the 10 also provides great opportunities for collaboration. 'We may not have noticed it at the time, but the world of learning changed in 1990. In November of that year British computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee together with his Belgian colleague Robert Cailliau proposed a project to develop the use of hypertext  to link and access information of various kinds as a web of nodes in which the user can browse at will. . the rest is history. And for Organisational Learning? USD to $2.0B
    [Providers] iBeacons & Education: Bringing Beacons to the Classroom [Jody Baty]; item is relevant to corp world, K-12, higher ed
    iBeacons have the potential to provide contextualized learning based on a users proximity. Emergency  although not really a training function, the ability for users to alert others of an emergency on the shop floor is a very useful feature that can be provided using a combination of iBeacons, M7 motion coprocessor and indoor mapping (iOS 8). 'From DSC: The title of this posting made me think it was for K-12 or Higher Ed, but the target audience is more likely corporate training/universities. Still, the concepts/ideas are valid in all of these spaces. Beekn.net.
    [Providers] Keyboardless Corporate Training
    Despite the challenges associated with providing writing opportunities during an asynchronous learning experience, it’s possible. If tracking participation is important, provide a numeric code on the “Thank You” screen that appears after a post has been submitted. 'Think of the most engaging asynchronous course you’ve ever experienced as an online learner at work. Can you picture it? Remember the interactivities, practice opportunities, and challenges included in the learning experience? Now ask yourself: Did you use a keyboard? Can you picture them?
    [Providers] Please Vote for our SXSW 2015 Panels
    What does it mean to provide bottom-up leadership? 'Hey Bloomfire fans! The SXSW 2015 PanelPicker is open, and we would truly appreciate a “thumbs up” vote for our panel submissions, “ Using Social to Build Community Around a Cause ,” and “ How to Embrace Anarchy as a Business Advantage.” ” To vote, simply click on the links to the panels, fill out the easy registration, and give the panel a thumbs up. You can vote one time for each panel. Our panel submissions include: Using Social to Build Community Around a Cause. Questions Answered.
  • G-CUBE BLOG  |  TUESDAY, AUGUST 12, 2014
    [Providers] 5 Top IT-enabled business trends that are affecting Corporate Learning
    This provides the opportunity for delivering just-in-time training for maximum impact and real-life application of the knowledge gained. For a long time, hand-held devices were provided to sales personnel to carry documents or literature needed to make a successful sale. The trend now is to provide on-the-job training as well – by using the mobile device to deliver short videos or audio bits, which can be consumed quickly and applied instantly. These IT-enabled business trends also affect learner preferences for ways to access and consume workplace learning.
    [Providers] Scenario-Based eLearning – Tips for the Adventure
    The principles can provide you with inspiration and ideas for how you can reach your learner and transfer knowledge using scenarios. The idea behind scenario-based learning activities is to provide people with a safe environment to learn from decisions, demonstrate cause-and-effect and relate to the learner’s personal experiences. Provide feedback and then move on. Another eLearning scenario I’ve experienced is one that is  engaging—beautifully designed with many decision points—but provides no feedback on the decisions. loved these books as a child. No red herrings!
  • G-CUBE BLOG  |  TUESDAY, AUGUST 12, 2014
    [Providers] Affordable e-Learning: How to bell the cat?
    Can providing cheaper and subsidized smartphones be an option? 'If Muhammad will not go to the mountain, then the mountain must come to Muhammad  a senior director of the premiere government publication in India was explaining me. Its all fantastic Ashutosh  the web responsive systems, HTML 5 getting better, interactivities interspacing every other slide of your courses et al. But tell me son, over two thirds of my students dont have access to computers, leave alone smartphones and 3G internet. The grey haired experience spoke with genuine concern.
    [Providers] Why Your Existing E-Learning is Failing, and How MOOCs Can Help
    Traditional e-learning provides one level of interaction, between the learner and the computer. By using various social and communication platforms, MOOCs provide two additional levels of interaction: learner-instructor and learner-learner. By using MOOCs to provide performance support and just-in-time training, L&D departments can ensure that training sessions are relevant and that information is more likely to be remembered. As flexible social learning environments, MOOCs provide opportunities for collaboration, project-based learning, and real-world problem-solving.
    [Providers] Let’s get rid of the instructional designers!
    Carr-Chellman & Savoy (2004) provide a broad overview of user design. Furthermore, their role is more than just providing input; they are active participants in the decision-making process. 'That’s the view of some user-oriented design proponents. It’s something I remembered while writing my last blog post about user-generated content. Whereas that post explored the role of the learner in the content development process, how about their role in the broader instructional design process? Definition. Instead of just using the system, they are involved in its design.
    [Providers] Jack & Jill of all trades (@reedyreedles)
    We are willing to try something new, we are enthusiastic and engaged inwhatever it is you ask of us … provided we’re given warning and invited to the ‘party’ sooner rather than later. 'Peter Reed ( @reedyreedles )has made some important and thought provoking posts recently. This is a kind of reply / addition / reflection / enhancement of those posts from my own perspective.Let Let the games begin … but first it’d help if you had read Pete’s posts: Peter Reed - My Top Tips to New Learning Technologists. That’s the short answer.
    [Providers] Show Your Work
    Externalization: from tacit to explicit - Using explicit concepts such as metaphors, analogies, concepts, hypothesis, or models to provide the big picture. 'Jane Bozarth''s Show Your Work beautifully describes how we need to rethink teaching and learning. It''s perhaps one of the best designed Learning & Development books published—it is well written and artfully filled with numerous examples and illustrations. When I first heard about the book I thought it would be only about showing your work to others so they can learn from you. that people can easily find and relate to.
    [Providers] Differentiating To Sell More Courses
    'If you are selling an online course, then you know that there are often multiple course providers that offer elearning on similar subjects. The fact that there are other course providers means that there is a viable market. You should really think about what makes your courses worth purchasing over another provider offering a course on the same topic. In fact, very rarely is there a course idea that is truly unique – but this isn’t a bad thing. What you need to determine is how you are going to differentiate your offering from your competition.
  • EFRONT  |  MONDAY, AUGUST 11, 2014
    [Providers] 6 tips for making your e-learning content look current
    'In this ongoing series of posts, kickstarted with our “ 10 Graphic Design tips for e-learning educators “, we try to provide you with the required know-how for improving the look and feel of your e-learning content. In our last post we talked about the use of images and illustration. In this one we’ll be discussing modern graphic design trends. Some of the design tips we talked about in this series of posts are timeless, sensible advice; use the right fonts, optimize your contrast, stick to a color palette, etc. Those are essential properties of any good design. Rinse.
    [Providers] Getting SaaS-y on Release Management: HR Heads to the Cloud
    Unlike their on-premise predecessors, these applications support rapid deployment and redeployment of new functionality—ranging between two and five new releases annually (some providers have continual rolling updates, so new fixes and features can appear almost weekly). Because the SaaS solution provider has multiple releases a year, the contents of each release should be reviewed carefully. This is following a market trend that sees the amount spent on cloud technology reaching as much as $14 billion by the end of 2014.) Bersin by Deloitte. June, 2014. Bersin by Deloitte.
    [Providers] Use Your LMS to ���Get Personal��� with Your Learners
    What if you provided SMEs with quiz data from online courses? Promote and provide platforms for sharing that extend learning beyond the online training module itself. 'Online training is typically made for mass consumptionone reason why its so cost effective compared to classroom training. It is typically not meant for private tutoring or coaching. However, if every learner feels that the training is personalized for him or her, youve created a meaningful connection and made the learning session feel individualized. Example: Is your name on the Coke bottle?
  • KAPP NOTES  |  MONDAY, AUGUST 11, 2014
    [Providers] Game Element: Feedback
    In game-based learning, you are provided score to know how well you are doing related to others, you can see how many points youve earned and you are provided information on your progress toward your final goal. The feedback of the alarm is not providing specific instructions, it doesnt indicate: you should do X instead of Y. Another form of feedback provides guidance. Corrective feedback informs the learner that their response was incorrect and provides knowledge of the correct or desired response. It indicates the right answer for the learner. Design
    [Providers] eLearning: Creating Fresh, New eLearning--Backward!
    Perhaps your subject matter expert has provided content that's so technical that the intended audience won't be able to understand it. As you now review that PowerPoint deck the SME provided, or chug through the 2-hour webinar, grab those slides and chunks of phrasing that address the quiz points. 'by Jennie Ruby  So you've been asked to create a snazzy, new eLearning lesson, but the raw material you receive from your subject matter expert (SME) is not ideal. Maybe you are given content that's just not ready to be used for eLearning. learning eLearning
    [Providers] Developing a learning culture
    Contextualization – If the relevance and usefulness of resources isn’t obvious, we can help to show the way by providing additional background and advice along with links. 'Journal articles and blog posts related to L&D seem fairly uniform in their advice that L&D departments should find non-training ways to support learning. Here’s some of what we’re hearing: use the power of social learning; show your work; give performance support; leverage internet resources; design “courses” only as a last resort. Some people surely are.
    [Providers] TOPYX Topics Aug 2014
    Can an LMS Provide a Secure Shopping Solution? 'Stop Using an eLearning System You Don’t Like. Adopting a learning management system (LMS) can be a hassle free process. The right system is easy-to-use, intuitive in design, and should integrate seamlessly into your existing system of operation. Often times, a business has the wrong LMS but doesn’t know it. In experiencing stressful implementations and countless trials thereafter, too many businesses settle, agreeing that they will “learn to like” their eLearning systems… Read the full article. What is SCORM?
    [Providers] Content and continuous learning: The cornerstones of a learning architecture
    For instance, user-generated content and message boards provide employees with resources that are uniquely applicable to the issues they face on the job. 'What separates powerful learning and development organizations from the middling crowd? May 2014 report from Bersin by Deloitte, Deloitte Consulting LLP  looking at the role of a learning architecture identifies what high-impact learning organizations (HILO''s) are. In short, they actively make use of their technology, modalities and learning architecture in support of L&D objectives. paradigm shift. What are the outcomes?
  • EFRONT  |  FRIDAY, AUGUST 8, 2014
    [Providers] 6 tips for using images in your e-learning material
    'In this ongoing series of posts, kickstarted with our “ 10 Graphic Design tips for e-learning educators “, we try to provide you with the required know-how for improving the look and feel of your e-learning content. In our last post we talked about the use of color. In this one we’ll be sharing 6 tips for usingimages and illustrations. Match your illustration to your overall aesthetic. Your e-learning theme has a certain character. Your choice of illustration should reflect and support that character. Use pictures to tell a story. Lies, damn lies, and charts.
    [Providers] 10 Types of Learners in ELearning
    For example, remembering that some people are dependent learners may drive you to create a robust “frequently asked questions” page, and to provide plenty of avenues for follow-up questions. 'One of the great things about elearning is that it can be delivered consistently to anyone who takes the course. That is, the presentation of the material is always the same, so you know that the main points are being delivered in a predictable fashion. However, what is unpredictable is the audience. That said, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try! elearning
    [Providers] Partnering up Gamification with eLearning
    Providing frequent feedback to the learner : The gamification element has to be designed so that the learner feels smart and empowered. 'Adults like the online eLearning experience, and according to one study by the U.S. Department of Education, learners do better online than in face-to-face instruction. That’s good to know, especially when you have a group of adult workers who need to learn new skills, but you don’t want to bear the costs and time involved in classroom learning. eLearning Works Well, No Matter What the Subject. Adults Like the Control. Engagement Is Key.
    [Providers] Recent Research Review -- Reviewed (and Lamented)
    There is a reason that civilization progresses through its scientific efforts--science provides a structured process of insight generation and testing, creating a self-improving knowledge-generation process that maximizes innovation while minimizing bias. -. Transfer is directly related to opportunities to practice—opportunities provided either by the direct supervisor or the organization as a whole.” Skill demonstrations should provide clarity to enable comprehension. Realistic practice should be provided to enable full comprehension and long-term remembering.
    [Providers] How MOOCs Can Save Your Organization Time and Money
    Employees require much more training than companies were previously providing, and it is taking a toll. So while businesses may have increased their L&D budgets by 15%, they are expecting a much greater increase in both the amount and the quality of the training provided. Other logistical expenses MOOCs eliminate include costs associated with booking event space for seminars, providing transportation and meals for employees who attend training off-sites, and paying administrative staff to make all of the arrangements. Let’s get the obvious one out of the way first.
    [Providers] Micro-Learning: Its Role in Formal, Informal and Incidental Learning
    That information is provided based on their requests. 'What is micro-learning? When and where does it work well? What characteristics define micro-learning? In this post, I have looked at micro-learning from the point of view of efficacy as well as applicability. Microlearning deals with relatively small learning units and short-term learning activities. Generally, the term ''microlearning'' refers to micro-perspectives in the context of learning, education and training. Clients who earlier asked for elearning are now further specifying the type of elearning. don’t think so.
    [Providers] If You Know The Answer, Ask Anyway
    Since this experience, however, I have made an attempt not to sound pedantic when answering questions, because my goal is not to intimidate or sound superior but rather to provide hints toward other areas the knowledge seeker may find value in pursuing. 'Have you heard this concept before? Often it’s alright to ask a question even if you know the answer. wish a teacher had told me this years ago, I may have progressed in my career even faster than I have thus far. Here’s why I would recommend encouraging your students to ask questions even if they already know the answers.
    [Providers] Three Visual Building Blocks of Effective Learning Solutions
    solid foundation provides stability. 'A few years ago, I bought my first house, and as everyone will tell you when you are buying a house, you have to look at the foundation. Is it solid? Is it cracking? Is it leaning one way or another? It is the starting point upon which everything else can build. Nice details and pretty colors may be attractive, but without a strong and stable foundation, you are bound to face costly problems that undermine your investment. learning solution’s success also relies on a solid foundation. Back then, seeing anything on a screen was innovative.
    [Providers] Online Christian Colleges [affordablecollegesonline.org]
    Lastly the guide provides actionable affordability tips, scholarship opportunities, and additional resources. 'Per Dan Schuessler, Chief Affordability Officer, Affordable Colleges Foundation: While the guide covers the basics about what to it expect at a Christian college, it also goes deeper by offering expert interviews from administrators at several universities so that students can get inside look at what it means to attend a Christian institution. Another somewhat related resource: Liberal Arts Online Learning.
    [Providers] iSpring Suite 7: Create Online Presentations with Branching
    iSpring authoring tools contain the Presentation Explorer that provides a multifaceted branching editor for custom navigation in a presentation or e-Learning course. As a result, the wide range of iSpring options provides more beneficial branching scenarios than standard PowerPoint functions. '  Guest post written by Polina Khizhnyak from iSpring. You can download a free trial of iSpring Suite 7 here. . It is an open secret that with branching it is possible to create a clear-structured presentation to help learners grasp the material faster. 1 Use PowerPoint Hyperlinks.
    [Providers] Stop Using an eLearning System You Don’t Like
    Such a system is hosted, maintained and upgraded by the software provider. 'Adopting a learning management system (LMS) can be a hassle free process. The right system is easy-to-use, intuitive in design, and should integrate seamlessly into your existing system of operation. Often times, a business has the wrong LMS but doesn’t know it. In experiencing stressful implementations and countless trials thereafter, too many businesses settle, agreeing that they will “learn to like” their eLearning systems. Make the Move to a New LMS. Finding an LMS with Current Technology.
    [Providers] 10 Types of Learners You Can Run Into When Imparting Online Training
    eLearning professionals can best reach these learners by: Providing them well-written and designed assignments and exercises. 'The most challenging aspect of imparting effective online training is targeting the many learners taking the same program. Understanding the different types of learners, summed up in following categories, is beneficial to any designer looking to create personalized eLearning courses. Share this Image On Your Site. Please include attribution to [link] with this graphic. Confident Learners. Overachievers. Here''re 15 things overachievers do. Emotional Learners.
  • G-CUBE BLOG  |  MONDAY, AUGUST 4, 2014
    [Providers] Strategies for Creating Simulations in e-Learning: Helping Learners to Apply More
    The format appeals to learners and provides an experiential way of learning. Additionally, it provides an assessment tool for managers-to check how much their teams know and to see how they will apply it in their of area work. Once the learner is immersed into the virtual environment, it becomes easy for him or her to perform the activities that the simulation provides and learn well from them. Provide ample ‘push’ for learning. We can provide this push in many ways – and pitting learners against one another is a powerful way of doing so.
    [Providers] Discussing the ASTD Handbook, eLearning, and Published Expertise with Elaine Biech
    The content between the two covers, in 55 insightful chapters and 9 luminary perspectives, written by 96 expert authors provides an update, but more importantly, takes a deeper dive into each subject area than the first edition. That is, it provided enough information to be useful to either solve a problem or be referenced in another work. will gladly provide a prize to anyone of your readers who has also read the entire book! First, the new name provides an excuse to publish another Handbook under the guise of a “new” edition with a new name. Enjoy. Authoritative.
    [Providers] 2 Reasons for Using a WordPress LMS
    There is one thing that most providers struggle to deal with. 'The learning management system market is a very crowded space. There are new offerings popping up every single day, each boasting a slew of features making them quite attractive. Truth is many of these solutions are pretty well done. They are built with the learner and administrator in mind in the effort to make the online course delivery and management process enjoyable. It is something we have come to know working in the elearning space and during the development of our learning management system. Need a feature?
  • EFRONT  |  MONDAY, AUGUST 4, 2014
    [Providers] A splash of color for your e-learning content
    'In this ongoing series of posts, kickstarted with our “10 Graphic Design tips for e-learning educators”, we try to provide you with the required know-how for improving the look and feel of your e-learning content. In our last post we talked about typography ? the use of fonts and typesetting for optimal readability. In this post, we’ll be taking a look at color. Seemingly easy, color for your e-learning content can be surprisingly challenging for web masters to get right, especially if they have had no training in graphic design. Don’t be afraid though.
    [Providers] 7 Ways to Get Learners to “Buy” Your Online Training…And Return to “Buy” More
    Which eCommerce principles should we apply to eLearning to ensure that online training provides a worthwhile pay off? 'Stores—brick-and-mortar or eCommerce sites—want customers to buy their products or services. And recommend the products to others. Then, return and buy more. Similarly, for online training, you want trainees—whether employees, partners, or customers—to buy (or buy into) your eLearning content. And use and apply it. And rate it positively through recommendations and endorsements. And come back and “buy” more. Effectively, to become loyal customers. Ask for feedback.
    [Providers] Serendipitous, #informal learning through some ages
    Although the Grand Tour only provided the possibility to learn, a lot depended on the person on whether or not and particularly what they would learn. 'Informal learning has been an important self-constructing force throughout the ages. At present it gains interest with the increase of online learning options (eg. MOOCs in all forms and formats), and it also becomes more visible through the concept of learner-centered learning, personal learning environment. So I picked up a mail from years ago, and revisited it with some of which I learned now. What do we do with Google view? thrilling!
    [Providers] Top tips for using neurology to improve elearning
    5)  Make it relevant:  This may seem obvious, but it can so easily be over-looked, especially when the commercial imperative is to provide as much information as possible. 'As teachers and other learning professionals will often tell you, imparting information to students is one thing, but to get them to remember and then apply it is a whole different ball game. So how do we achieve this holy grail of learning? It all comes down to the way information is retrieved and processed. The means of acquiring and processing information that the brain uses depend on how it is stimulated.
    [Providers] What does the Internet of Everything mean to you?
    “What we should be debating in the first place is not the design of new funky home automation gadgets, but developing industry standards, building growing ecosystems and figuring out how to provide security for the users of 50 billion devices that will be connected to the Web in 2020.” '“Cisco believes that many organizations are already experiencing the Internet of Things (IoT)—the networked connection of physical objects. – Cisco on Slideshare. Here is how the Internet of Everything is viewed from multiple perspectives. What do you think?
  • EDYNCO  |  MONDAY, AUGUST 4, 2014
    [Providers] Learning map combining lesson plan, guidance and content at once
    Provide a short introduction to engage the student using real-world examples, asking questions, etc. Thus you provide a quick preview of the learning content, stimulate interest, encourage thinking and also give student  the chance to skip it in case he’s already familiar with specific part of the lesson or only wants to refresh certain part of the content when returning to the topic. 'To conduct a successful lesson we need a detailed description of the instructions about what students should learn and how will they learn it. Outline learning objectives. What about you?
    [Providers] Update of Course Review Template
    We''re a training provider and scored a "typical" client assignment (20-21). 'The Course Review Template is a research-based job aid that helps us review our training courses--whether classroom or elearning--to get a sense of the effectiveness their designs. Representative Comments: Great provocation. Lots of food for thought for conversations with our clients about what they can do to improve the value they get from our training and follow-up! The CRT does an excellent job at evaluating using the most important measures. Updated for 2014. Help Support the Further Development of the CRT.
  • ELEARNING 24-7  |  FRIDAY, AUGUST 1, 2014
    [Providers] LMS State of Affairs
    Fastest growing verticals – Healthcare/Medical care, Content Providers, Technology, Education (K-12, first and foremost, then HE). Market with high revenue potential, yet has minimal competition – Content providers, B2B – unique angle – many systems do not understand the space, nor have a system that truly delivers what these markets need. Active vs inactive users (ideal for B2B, associations/non-profits, content providers, e-commerce focused buyers including trainers/facilitators/consultants). '620 and counting. . Learning Systems. Maturity stage?
    [Providers] DevCorner: Sharing Code with NuGet
    It provides easy access to NuGet packages, which are code modules that have been “packaged” using the NuGet client tools. Fuse provides a way to connect a mobile device to Snagit and Camtasia. For us, it allows us to make progress towards a more connected collection of software solutions, which provide a unified experience to solve problems for our customers. 'DevCorner is where we talk about all things software development-related  from inside TechSmith. What’s the problem? As Software Engineers, we always want to create modular code that’s easily reusable. No good!
    [Providers] Mobile Role Play Skills Training Solution Launches Globally
    'Ask any successful sales person and they can relate a story of a critical moment in a sales call that provided a breakthrough in advancing the sale. Many of those moments are usually related to how they handled a difficult conversation (handling objections) or creative messaging (using powerful metaphors that were germane to the buyers environment). Click here to read full version
    [Providers] Learning Solutions Series: Trends in Authoring Tools
    Generally, authoring tools provide the ability to work off an established theme, insert graphics and logos, and manipulate fonts and layouts. 'So you’ve decided to implement online learning (or elearning, whatever your preference may be). Now how do you get content? There are a couple of options. You can purchase it (off-the-shelf or custom), or you can create your own. If the latter sounds daunting, don’t worry. There are tools to help with this that don’t require you to know a lot of HTML code. See graphic for full list of the most-used solutions).  and isn’t focused solely on content.
    [Providers] Where Working Remotely and Workplace Continuity Coexist
    An LMS can promote workplace continuity and provide an online workspace where employees collaborate, communicate, and get work done. In considering the cost saving nature of working remotely and the high value that comes from workplace continuity, companies are eager to find an LMS that provides them with an online space to collaborate, communicate and get work done. 'Workplace continuity is paramount to business success, but in the age of mobile technology it’s hard to get all employees in one place at one time. Workplace Collaboration. The boardroom has moved. Getting Work Done.
    [Providers] Layering on success
    Development would require assessing performance and providing feedback. You can provide support and gradually remove it (as you do for other skill-development practice). 'In a previous post, I talked about the layers around learning design. One of the layers that’s increasingly interesting to me is the notion of the success skills, or meta-skills that are involved. For example, the SCANS competencies are a decent suite of skills that recognize the general skills for success that cross different disciplines. However, you really can’t focus on such skills in isolation.
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