[Providers] No! No! No! 3 Don’ts When Converting ILT to E-learning
    To convert your ILT material in an effective way, partner with an experienced custom e-learning service provider and get the best results from your e-learning initiative. After considering the various benefits such as its 24/7 learning accessibility, consistency in training, and wider reach, you might have considered implementing e-learning in your organization. Great! But, the transition from one training method to another is never easy. So, what next? Will you start from scratch? They have been helpful so far, so don’t ditch them. Do NOT simply publish your PowerPoint slides.
    [Providers] Effectively Using eLearning for Compliance Training
    While compliance training is important – a company certainly doesn’t want to set itself up for liability issues by failing to provide such courses – it’s also among the most boring subjects for employees and management. Using eLearning for Compliance Training. Then there’s the question of efficiency, and that’s where standard compliance training models fall flat. Using eLearning for compliance training not only makes a tedious task more interesting, but saves your company the two most essential items for any business – time and money. Training Compliance elearning
    [Providers] Win-Win: Mobile Learning and Responsive Design
    Another reason is responsive design provides learners a seamless learning experience. With the growing ubiquity of mobile phones, using them to deliver e-learning courses is but a natural progression. The mobile device is a powerful tool to impart training and improve employee performance. Its features can be used to meet various training needs as mentioned in the blog,  Making The Best Use Of The Mobile Device To Drive Performance. Responsive Responsive design makes it possible for mobile learning to create the desired impact and deliver an optimum learning experience.
    [Providers] E-learning or Classroom Training – Which Is the Best?
    Blended learning approach helps you make the best use of the flexibility of e-learning and provides a “human touch” to a training program. The demand for technology-enabled learning solutions is growing at a feverish pace. study by Markets and Markets reveals the market for e-training resources is likely to touch the $446.85 billion mark by 2020, up from $150.23 billion in 2015, registering a compound annual growth rate of 24.4%. The phenomenal rise in the use of the online learning medium begs an important question – are traditional classrooms soon going to be history?
    [Providers] A step by step guide to set up your corporate training TalentLMS portal
    Each branch would have its own URL, login page, theme, language, timezone, default group, course catalog page, signup method and SSO provider. – SSO: you can choose to integrate your company SSO provider with TalentLMS. Please see the list of the SSO authentication providers we support and guides on how to set this up, here. Most of the times starting out with a new LMS can be an overwhelming list of to-do’s. TalentLMS for Corporate Training: A Meta-Guide. Over the years we’ve made an effort to support you in starting out in eLearning. Branches. Gamification settings.
    [Providers] The Critical Problem Revenue Doesn’t Solve
    In this week’s episode of the Follow My Lead Podcast , Tom Bilyeu said, “You are capable of achieving so little by yourself so taking care of your team is critical.” If you aren’t providing a strong culture you aren’t taking care of your team. When Robert first said it, I didn’t think much of it. But then he said it again, “Revenue Solves All Organizational Problems.”. couldn’t bear the thought of not saying anything because it would mean I agreed with Robert. Finally, Like many other challenges, revenue is only a bandaid for culture. If you falter, you might have a culture problem.
    [Providers] Corporate Elearning is Making Its Mark in Healthcare
    Pharmaceuticals have been a reluctant participant in the elearning boom, though they should take advantage of the competitive edge that it would provide them. Whether the learner is in a sales position or in the medical field, corporate elearning can provide a distinct advantage Game-based learning is branching out. While digital and simulation-based learning aren’t new to the medical field, the patient involvement is. For many years workers in various sectors of medicine have successfully used game-based learning and simulations as part of their training. Making rules.
  • JANE HART  |  MONDAY, JANUARY 16, 2017
    [Providers] Modern Workplace Learning Magazine is launched
    Modern Workplace Learning Magazine is a new online publication that focuses on helping L&D departments do things differently and do different things in order to provide an effective service for today’s workforce.  The articles will build a body of knowledge, experience and know-how for enabling and supporting learning in the modern workplace. We We therefore invite workplace learning practitioners to contribute an article on how they are modernising their own approaches to workplace learning in their organisation. “We hear that we’re supposed to be ‘more digital’ all the time.
  • G-CUBE  |  SUNDAY, JANUARY 15, 2017
    [Providers] YouTube And Learning: The Future Of Self-paced As Well As Classroom Learning
    With many available videos on YouTube, links can be included within the e-course to encourage learners to view learning videos to supplement the information provided. Video-based learning is truly effective and YouTube provides a choice that all learners want. Technology and learning has become closer in the last few years. With the development of modern Internet, corporate sector has completely changed its face – including the way business is conducted, how employees engage with people and how they learn. This has contributed to create greater flexibility in instruction.
    [Providers] 5 E-learning Design Challenges Every Learning Designer Encounters
    Provide just-in-time (JIT) learning: Short modules accessible on all devices provide JIT learning. The goal should be to provide learners positive reinforcement. Tap into the intrinsic motivation of learners: Instead of providing them tangible awards such as gift cards or cash which act as external motivators, tap into the intrinsic motivations of learners. Know the objective: If the information is for retention, the learning design must provide opportunities to practice so that learners retain the facts, concepts, and processes for later use. WIFM) question.
    [Providers] Definition of MicroLearning
    Microlearning involves the use of: “Relatively short engagements in learning-related activities—typically ranging from a few seconds up to 20 minutes (or up to an hour in some cases)—that may provide any combination of content presentation, review, practice, reflection, behavioral prompting, performance support, goal reminding, persuasive messaging, task assignments, social interaction, diagnosis, coaching, management interaction, or other learning-related methodologies.”.  . I've looked for a good definition of microlearning, but because I couldn't find one, I've created my own.
    [Providers] Promote an Accident-free Workplace – Harness the Power of Videos
    You can create that awareness by providing videos of real accidents and the after-effects, such as the number of people who died, injured seriously, and the loss incurred by the company. Data by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)  shows that every day, more than 12 workers die on the job and this death toll crosses 4,500 a year. More than 4.1 million workers suffer from serious job-related injuries or illnesses annually. Only an enhanced focus on health and safety training can bring down these fatalities. We all know prevention is better than cure. Let’s check how.
    [Providers] Too Little Time to Develop E-learning? Go for Rapid Development!
    To understand this, let’s look at the workflow of a typical rapid development process : Day 1 : Client provides the inputs and source materials, often called the Storyboard(along with detailed notes to developers), and audio recordings and animations to the project manager. A traditional online learning development project can take several months. Projects that require extensive simulations, or any end-to-end e-learning development for that matter, usually take time. In a traditional setting, you can afford to spend time developing the right online learning with the intended objectives.
  • AXONIFY  |  FRIDAY, JANUARY 13, 2017
    [Providers] 3 biggest flaws with the LMS and why it doesn’t make your employees better on-the-job performers
    But the internet provided the vehicle to transform this experience for remote students. The LMS also enabled the academic institution to provide a virtual classroom experience that closely mirrored the physical one and, to its credit, was an effective answer to the isolated distance learning experience of the past. These basic measurements are artifacts of the LMS’ roots in higher education—they provide the data points needed by educational institutions to determine whether a student receives a credit at the end of the semester. The first LMS tackles distance learning.
    [Providers] 14 Best Practices for Successful E-learning Implementation
    You must do this by testing the programs you have identified for e-learning; provide learners the material in traditional settings as well as online. Another important aspect to decide is whether to have an in-house team to build the courses, buy off-the-shelf courses, or outsource your requirements to a vendor who provides custom e-learning solutions. If you have decided to outsource your e-learning, choose a reliable custom e-learning solutions provider. learning implementation need not be a daunting task, provided you know the best practices and follow them.
    [Providers] A Step by Step Guide to Convert PowerPoint Presentations to E-learning
    This blog provides you a step-by-step guide to convert your PowerPoint presentation to an e-learning course – right from organizing the content to uploading the course to a Learning Management System (LMS). 1. As these PowerPoint presentations were created to assist the instructor during classroom training sessions, only the core information will be included in them and the details provided by the instructor in the form of examples, stories, anecdotes, and so on will be missing. They still wonder how to take the first step toward implementing online training methodologies.
    [Providers] eLearning Brothers Provides Customizable eLearning Courses for Bridge
    Well, we’ve seized an opportunity to work with Instructure and their Bridge learning management system (LMS) to provide just that! HIPAA—Privacy and Security Basics: This course provides a high-level overview of HIPAA regulations and provides specific best practices for complying with the law and protecting the personal health information you are working with. This course provides tools, techniques, and tips to be more emotionally intelligent! The post eLearning Brothers Provides Customizable eLearning Courses for Bridge appeared first on eLearning Brothers.
  • ELEARNING 24-7  |  THURSDAY, JANUARY 12, 2017
    [Providers] Day 1 – #ATDTK17 Review
    For example, one vendor provided a demo session and said it was packed, however, traffic at the booth, nearly nil.  . Okay, day one wrapped up.  I know I did not mention winners on day one, but that is what a post review provides.  I did see some offerings I am going to deep dive today – day one, was initial chats. . Well, well, the first day is completed (Wed. 1-11) and so much to discuss. First off, this is a high-level post, day two and a total post review coming Sunday 1-15, due to travel. when I did with the seminars. . Now Action Time. Worst Booth Salesperson. Hee hee.
    [Providers] Pulling Back the Curtain on L&D’s Myths
    company with a strong learning culture provides the psychological safety for vulnerability, smart risk taking and even some mistakes. Proving learning’s value is the Holy Grail for executive education providers, Bigoness said. Fifteen-plus years ago Robin Lucas, vice president at Fredrickson Learning, was working in learning for a different organization. The team had identified a program that seemed effective for its leadership development needs. It taught principles the organization wanted its leaders to have. It had a nice model around it, and it had a sustainable plan.
    [Providers] Why you should be using an LMS to deliver assignments?
    Instructors can also review submissions on any device so they can provide feedback quickly and on the go. An assignment is a broad term everyone will be familiar with due to their connection with traditional teaching practices. Assignments can take many forms, be they essays, reflective pieces, case studies or projects. These tasks are an excellent way to gauge a learner’s understanding of course material and to give constructive feedback. Assignments are not confined to the academic world. Benefits of using an LMS to distribute assignments: Delivery of assignments. Notifications.
    [Providers] Voya: We Can Always Do Better
    In the day-long session, participants learn to recognize their own barriers to communication and develop skills to help them provide feedback, coaching, recognize and reward, and foster a more collaborative culture. In 2013, after Voya Financial spun off from ING Group, its leaders had to rebuild and rebrand the investment and insurance firm, with a goal to make it “America’s retirement company.”. The $11 billion investment firm went public in April 2014, and two years later, Voya has achieved that goal. But getting to this point was no small feat, said CHRO Kevin Silva.
    [Providers] How LMSs help companies ride the wave of knowledge transfer
    At first… LMSs provided a great way for trainers and L&D professionals to give access to learning materials to all employees, mostly through a central repository containing all documents. Besides the usual learner, instructor, or administrator accounts, some LMS vendors provide a new type of account that responds to mentoring relationships. With incredible amounts of data surrounding the workplace and different generations of employees — more or less experienced and tech-savvy — working together, companies need a strong ally if they want to keep a competitive edge.
    [Providers] Why invest in customized content development?
    Customized courses provide the option of customizing the scenarios based on industry specific examples. Custom created content development provides options like fonts, colors, designs, and images in line with the brand image. What’s better McDonald’s or home cooked food? Well, initially McDonald’s may  sound more appealing. It costs less, requires less effort, and yet tastes good. But after two weeks, we will realize the health benefits and better taste of home-cooked food. It’s the same thing when we have to choose between pre-built e-learning courses and custom made content.
    [Providers] How to Make Work Fun: 7 Companies That Get it Right
    So, Google provides food aplenty for its team – which leads to a great company culture. Now, more than ever, employers need to make work fun. Did you know that the average work week is around 40 hours long? This means that you spend around 4000 hours at work over two years – roughly the same amount of time it would take for you to travel to mars. Considering your team members could be inter-planetary astronauts if they so choose, you best make sure that you go out of your way to keep them on board! Hubspot started out as a small company in their CEO’s house.
    [Providers] Learning in the Modern Workplace is much MORE than courses and resources
    Want to find out more about what it entails in order to provide a modern day service that supports organisational learning in all its forms? Individuals learn in many ways for and at work; training or e-learning is only part of the picture as I show in the diagram below. Modern Professional Learning (as I call it) happens in many different ways – both inside and outside the organisation. It is partly organised by L&D, partly organised by a manager and partly self-organised. courses and resources), it means supporting all the other ways people learn for and at work.
    [Providers] Learning Objectives and GPS
    This is what your supervisor didn’t provide. Your supervisor stops by and says they’re super busy. They need you to take care of something they don’t have time to do. After showing you that “Everything you need is in this folder” they thank you for your help and walk off. You have no idea how to do the task you were just assigned. That’s how learners can feel if training’s learning objectives aren’t set up well. There are really two main types of learning objectives. Terminal objectives, which are basically the end goals, are the “big picture” of what the learner needs to be able to do.
    [Providers] Virtual and Augmented Reality : The Future of E-learning
    This provides an immersive experience in the sense individuals feel they are part of a 3D world and become engrossed in that virtual world. headgear that offers visual and auditory immersion provides the VR experience. These settings for engaging learning provide learners the opportunity to examine and evaluate each of their actions, processes or procedures, and prepare them for experiences they may not frequently encounter. Augmented Reality or AR is similar to virtual reality in the sense it provides learners a simulated environment. What is Virtual Reality (VR)?
    [Providers] Responsive E-learning Development: Two Key Challenges and Their Solutions
    How can you create responsive technology-enabled learning content that provides good experiences to your staff members, irrespective of the device on which it is accessed? We live in a multi-device world. study by Google revealed 98% of Internet users switch between devices with varying screen sizes in a single day. The phenomenal growth in the use of multiple devices to access the Internet is compelling organizations to make their online content responsive i.e., adapt to screens of various sizes, and e-learning courses are no exception. Well, you need to overcome two major challenges.
    [Providers] How to Filter the Critic
    First, from a receiver perspective: providing a method in which criticism can be filtered, allowing transitional leaders to distinguish useful information from cutting remarks. Second, from a provider perspective: providing guidelines so a leader’s comments are less likely to be perceived as hurtful personal criticism, and therefore can help propel the organization forward. There are two critics at work: external — the one providing the critique — and internal — ourselves. External critics provide information which is then filtered by our internal critic.
    [Providers] What to Expect from Learning and Development in 2017
    Learning leaders should expect providers to have business impact metrics already built into their programs. Providers can better prove their value by understanding not just their client’s specific learning and development needs and goals but also the broader, long-term vision for the client company itself. Then providers can better target solutions to meet customer needs and drive business performance. The Financial Times-IE Business School Corporate Learning Alliance has released its 2017 predictions for learning and development.
    [Providers] 5 Tips for You to Reduce E-learning Development Time
    Templates are standard screens that define the look and feel of the eLearning course and provide quick options for you to organize the content and graphics in each screen. A major concern in e-learning development is the time constraint. As the instructional designer, you are under pressure to create a course that meets the demands of the client, on time, while taking care to avoid glitches. Sounds like a tall order? It need not be if you follow these five tips for reducing e-learning development time. #1. Use Standard Templates. Using standard templates is a major time saver.
    [Providers] How To Moderate Your eLearning Courses In 14 Ways
    Also, a close course moderation routine leads to greater trust and reliability in regards to the training provider. In a distance-learning environment, alternative methods provide a much needed reassurance and a sense of power to the learner. 4. personal message to under-achieving or uninterested learners is a great way to provide a boost towards their learning achievement. 5. Provide feedback to wrong answers in the assessments and assignments too. Likewise, promote and praise learners who provide insightful and deep feedback to peers in the discussion boards.
    [Providers] Reflections on the ‘New Groupthink’ and lessons for asynchronous collaborative e-learning
    The book provides great insights into how introverts live within a culture that rewards and favours extroversion. Also, most complex collaborative problem-solving and creation requires a lot of ‘alone’ time over a considerable period of time and only online collaboration provides that space. I re-read Susan Cain’s ‘Quiet: the Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking’. According to this very well researched book, at least one-third of the population are introverts. The book explains ‘pseudo-extrovert’ adaptive tendencies really well). Not in a committee.
    [Providers] 6 Factors to Consider When Outsourcing Your Online Training
    When you outsource, mention the expectations clearly, specify all elements such as the inputs provided and expected output, timeline, and criteria for success. When you think of outsourcing your training requirement, start researching on training providers. This will help you shortlist training providers more easily. Check for customer reviews, ratings, and search comparison sites for more information about the expertise and experience of the various training providers. It also builds a trusting relationship between your organization and the training provider.
    [Providers] Choose Your Words Carefully
    Learning leaders often reflexively default to speaking in terms of learning-centric key performance indicators — training hours provided, e-learning modules created, average test scores, butts in chairs — rather than numbers that have meaning to business leaders and drive their decision-making, such as ROI, effectiveness and other metrics that illustrate bottom-line impact. Of course, learning leaders should be ready to provide additional details if asked. In general, there are two types of learning leaders. Speak the Language of Business. Where is the industry going?
    [Providers] Strong Infographics Start with Design by Pamela S. Hogle
    Dual goals of providing visually appealing, engaging eLearning and moving more eLearning to mobile devices seem to conflict. But, with careful design, eLearning designers can meet both. This article offers guidelines for creating mobile-friendly infographics. Design Strategies Mobile Learning
    [Providers] Comparing Video Hosting, Transcribing, and Captioning Tools
    Founded over a decade ago, using a Small Business Innovation Research grant provided by the U.S Integrates with most web video providers. Video is a powerful instructional tool, but some of your students will need the extra step of captions in order to fully appreciate the message in a video-based lesson. This can be a time-consuming process, but fortunately several tools have been created to make this easier for online teachers and instructional designers. But Wait… Is Captioning My Videos REALLY Necessary? The short answer? Okay, So Where Do I Start? Well, not always.
    [Providers] Instructional Design Post-SCORM
    The data also provides powerful insights to how learners learn, and learning activities can become a more personalized experience. Kicking off the 2017 eLearning Thought Leaders Series will be Megan Torrance from TorranceLearning on, “xAPI for Instructional Designers.” Torrance is Chief Energy Officer at TorranceLearning, an eLearning Brothers Company,  where they specialize in custom learning design and development. Torrance has years of experience in business consulting and project management which she now funnels into instructional design and development. xAPI will change all of that.
    [Providers] Seven 2017 Learning Trends: Novel or Norm?
    If we look at 2017, we can see that 1998 trends were all hallmarks or rudimentary renditions of things we take for granted today: Computer-based training delivered via CD-ROM has been replaced by custom-created eLearning delivered via the web as well as on-demand content from MOOCs, Lynda.com, or Software as a Service (SaaS) content providers such as Grovo or Skillsoft. all exist to provide us with feedback and enable others to coach us. Artificial intelligence and machine learning take in lots of data inputs and provide pinpoint guidance back to us. Intranets. Mobile.
    [Providers] 5 Sure-shot Tips to Create the Perfect Learning Blend
    Tell them how the learning blend would reduce costs and provide them greater flexibility, while retaining the effectiveness of the instructor-led training (ILT) format. Good documentation provides clarity on implementing the hybrid learning initiative, ensuring its seamless implementation. Blending classroom and online training formats is inarguably the best way to train your people –  you can make the training highly flexible, while retaining the much-needed human touch. How can you formulate an effective blend of learning methodologies to train your people?
  • EFRONT  |  TUESDAY, JANUARY 10, 2017
    [Providers] Five Signs Your Company Needs eLearning Software
    It’s becoming increasingly important to provide employees with next-generation skills. It can be tempting to run training programs via dry erase board and PowerPoint, but a centralized system provides many clear advantages. When you invest in training and developing your teams, you provide a clear path to career advancement within your company. Training that provides necessary skills for the business environment of today and tomorrow is critical to the success of your company. The global corporate eLearning market is expected to exceed $31 billion by 2020.
    [Providers] Trends Impacting eLearning Solutions for Associations in 2017
    These opportunities to lead in changing professional education will affect how such programs are delivered, assessed and valued by learners, employers and the professional and trade associations providing education and certification within their respective industries. Cloud-based learning management systems  significantly reduce the costs of delivering education and certification programs, enable your organization to reach a larger, global audience, and provide on-demand access to eLearning solutions for your members. You don’t have to! So what do you need to know?
    [Providers] The Microlearning Trend: Why it is Time to Invest
    OpenSesame strives to sell courses that are engaging and interactive in order to ensure that the buyers have been provided with real value. This strategy provides the learner the opportunity to apply the new knowledge in a more personal way, which will increase retention of the information. 3. A phone call, an incoming email, a trending new video, a work emergency. Today, our attention spans are dwindling as we are pulled in various directions. In fact, recent data from Statistic Brain reveals that in 2015 humans have an attention span of 8.25 Keep it Short. Create a Story.
    [Providers] Can Organizations Benefit from Mobile Learning?
    With small updated chunks of training provided regularly, information sticks better. Mobile devices have become an integral part of our daily lives – this is nothing new. Organizations today have recognized how comfortable people are with mobiles and are planning to shift training material to mobile devices because they want learners to access learning material anytime, anywhere. There is no denying it’s a huge benefit for learners, but employee benefit is not the only thing to be considered for such initiatives. Of course, they do. Improved consistency in training.
    [Providers] Microlearning 101: Learn the Ins and Outs of Effective Learning Opportunities
    In this way, learners can control their own advancement, when organizations provide them with time throughout the week in which to seize the opportunity. Provide proof. Organizations should consider incorporating creative ways to provide evidence that learning takes place. Microlearning is no longer a buzzword. In fact, it’s critical for organizations to seize opportunities wherever they can to maximize their workforce’s skillset. Because microlearning is learner-centric, employees have control over their personalized, flexible path to furthering their skills. Use video.
    [Providers] 6 Top-Notch Sessions at ATD TechKnowledge 2017
    They are used to interacting with apps and websites that provide an excellent user experience. Unfortunately, some corporate training programs struggle to even provide an adequate user experience. We’re speaking and exhibiting at our fourth straight ATD TechKnowledge conference in Las Vegas, Nevada this week. Attendees are in for a treat, as ATD always hosts excellent speakers, top-notch workshops and hands-on learning sessions. The conference will commence Wednesday, January 11th and end Friday, January 13th. selected my top six sessions and have listed them below.
  • PRACT.US  |  TUESDAY, JANUARY 10, 2017
    [Providers] How to Train Employees Effectively: 7 Key Steps in 4 Stages
    Here are some examples of instructions you might provide: scripts for asking for appointments. You may be thinking that you’ve already provided explicit instructions and people still don’t follow them. That’s because providing the instructions alone isn’t enough. Where it makes sense, have a coach or mentor provide feedback and approval. Need better staff training? Try the 7 key steps to effective employee development. Sam Varghese, Talent Development lead for GENPACT, recently shared his experience on why many employee training programs are ineffective. Keep going.
    [Providers] Leadership development training: How to deliver real results
    Feedback was taken throughout the course and assessed, providing demonstrable evidence that key objectives were being met. Everyone needs help sometimes, even the most talented leaders. This is especially true when it comes to leading organisational change. Creating a transformation in culture is extremely challenging and it’s a task that has to be led from the top; bluntly, it is the organisation’s leaders who will make or break any change process. That’s a lot of responsibility, but it’s also a massive opportunity to steer an organisation’s future. This created impact and credibility.
    [Providers] Empowering Employee-Led Learning (Online Workshop)
    This is not a traditional course, where I provide all the content and then test you on it! Where there is more than one participant, please provide the name and email address of each participant in the Instructions to Merchant. Public Workshop runs 30 January – 24 February 2017. includes free place on Intro to MWL workshop. 16 – 27 January 2017]. There is a lot of talk about encouraging employees to become self-directed continuous learners, but how can you put this into practice in an organisation? AGENDA. Develop modern professional learning attitudes and skills.
    [Providers] How Do Your Define Advanced E-Learning?
    And it’s a lot more interesting now that Articulate 360 gives you every application  because it provides a lot of capability and options for how to approach the course content and construction. In a sense, they’re just basic built-in features like the rest, but they are a bit more advanced in what they can offer because of the options and structure they provide. “I want to learn more advanced e-learning.” ” As I conduct e-learning workshops around the world, this is probably one of the most frequent statements I hear. Advanced. Compounding features. 
    [Providers] 7 Top Benefits Of Collaborative eLearning
    Provides A Mutually Beneficial eLearning Experience. For example, detailed guidelines for how online learners should provide feedback and how often. As a result, you can pinpoint problem areas in order to provide more effective eLearning experiences. 6. For example, recommend Project Management online platforms and provide links to your social media pages. Some of the most valuable eLearning experiences come in the form of naturally-occurring conversations. But how can you duplicate these everyday interactions in your eLearning course design? Builds Teamwork Skills.
    [Providers] Case Study: Blended eLearning for Editors Provides Focused Skills Practice and Engaged Learning by Pamela S. Hogle
    A blended eLearning seminar created by News University and ACES offers professional editors advanced training, focused. practice, and participation in an online learning community. This solution offers a blueprint for skills-based professional. development in a variety of professions. Blended Learning Professional Development Virtual Classrooms
    [Providers] From Learning to Marketing, One Leader’s Worthwhile Switch
    Learning leaders need to ensure they provide these teams with the right knowledge and skills. Successful marketers need to fully understand their customers. For Andrea Grodnitzky, the new chief marketing officer at Richardson Sales Training, her customers are learning leaders at some of the world’s top sales organizations. Grodnitzky spent the prior year as Richardson’s chief learning officer. She’s been with the sales performance improvement company for almost 14 years, working with founder Linda Richardson to develop core programs and eventually lead the design and facilitation teams.
    [Providers] Any e-learning professional
    It provides a structured framework to training, and the focus is on long-term skill development of the employee. It is an informal assessment conducted by a teacher in a classroom to monitor student learning and provide ongoing feedback. Isn’t it amazing how far eLearning has come since the early 1990s? The way e-learning has transformed the distribution of information is truly remarkable. From A-Z, the e-learning industry has a language all its own. The jargon can come in many shapes and forms. In this article, I am listing the various terms involved in a successful e-learning.
    [Providers] Wrapping Up 2016
    Depending on your situation you might find that one (or a combination) of the provided offerings cover your needs. Wishes for a merry, funny, happy, crazy new year to everyone! For the second year in a row, we are sharing an update of how things are progressing around here. As a company, we try to be as transparent as possible. And we really have little to hide as we often celebrate the good and the bad experiences we encounter. So, here is the gist of 2016: during the last 12 months we experienced steady growth in all metrics including customers, revenue, and people. The products.
    [Providers] The Qualities of Leaders I Can’t Get Enough Of
    It’s provided an opportunity for some fantastic leaders to let their guard down, open up about their journey, and speak into not only our listeners’ hearts but also into my own. When I first started the Follow My Lead Podcast , I didn’t think much about the personal education that would come from interviewing leaders on a weekly basis — 45+ episodes to date. It’s Through all these conversations, I realized there were a few “stand out” leaders I instantly connected with and wanted to continue learning from — I just couldn’t get enough of them. I Maybe. Bob is exactly right. Their
    [Providers] 5 Tips no Developing E-learning Courses on a Tight Budget
    Visualizing and showing all content that the client has provided in inputs will increase costs of production. E-learning courses are looked upon as a costly option, that require huge resources and finances. Budget constraints is an important factor that puts off institutions and organizations looking for alternate training options. People usually have a misconception that we cannot create effective e-learning courses with a tight budget. That is not true. Proper estimation of budgets and use of right resources will help deliver quality-based e-learning outputs. Create Bite-Sized Modules.
    [Providers] The LMS Meets 2017: Top 15 Learning Tech Predictions
    The most popular competitive strategies are to avoid the big guys altogether, or coexist by providing an incremental solution that shares data with the organizational LMS and offers measurable value.  Not anymore.  In 2017, the aim is to provide the best solution in a well-defined niche. With so many solution providers competing for dozens of niche applications, it was only a matter of time before the consolidation starts on the extended enterprise side of the market. Hands down, our learning technology “predictions” list is our favorite post to develop each year.
    [Providers] Closing the Gap:The Ultimate Goal of Elearning Training
    Title: Shared learning Description: Playing and learning in teams provides invaluable experience in collaborative problem solving. . As technology advances by leaps and bounds, a gap has formed in the educational system. Today’s learners need preparation to thrive in a technology-driven economy. Unfortunately, outdated modes of education hinder that process, widening the divide between where we are and where we need to go. Elearning training has been established as a viable means of bridging the gap and has made great strides, but it isn’t perfected just yet.
    [Providers] Blockchain Solutions for Cyber & Data Security
    Blockchain technology is indeed able to provide us with the kind of all in one cyber security solution. In the world of increasing cyber-crimes and businesses’ struggle to cope with data security, its regulation and privacy concerns, can blockchain be a great relief? Previously in our posts at yourtrainingedge.com [1] , we have discussed the potential of blockchain in terms of security and privacy of the transactions. In this post, we will see this in a more comprehensive way to reveal its capabilities specifically for cyber and data security proposes. It’s not only stock trading.
    [Providers] There and Back Again: A Journey of Learning
    Being given this opportunity to build a learning infrastructure and provide learning programming — to help people propel their own personal growth and career growth — there’s nothing more fulfilling.”. Prior to it, she oversaw learning strategy and execution for one of the company’s largest global lines, the institutional business that provides clients with products and services like onsite employee training and inspections. As a result, there was almost 100 percent consensus from leaders advocating the learning function provide a transparent career framework for all associates.
    [Providers] 3 Things to Check Before Developing a SCORM Compliant Course
    Having considered these 3 important factors, the next big thing is publishing the e-learning course to provide SCORM compliant output using a rapid authoring tool. When e-learning was first introduced in the mid ‘90s, only 4% of organizations in the United States adopted it. But now, within a span of 2 decades, 77% of companies in the country offer e-learning in their professional development programs. If you aren’t one of them, the figures suggest that sooner or later, you will decide to implement e-learning in your organization too. The answer is an emphatic, Yes, it does!  .
    [Providers] Five Reasons Learners Experience the Spacing Effect
    This article was not focused on providing practical implications, so it's probably too much to ask of it. The spacing effect, if not the most studied learning factor, is certainly in the top five. As Harry Bahrick and Lynda Hall said in 2005, “The spacing effect is one of the oldest and best documented phenomena in the history of learning and memory research.”. The spacing effect is the finding that repetitions that are spaced over time produce better long-term remembering than the exact same repetitions spaced over a shorter amount of time or massed all together. Count me as a skeptic.
    [Providers] New #MWL Workshop series for 2017
    This 2-week online workshop provides an introduction to modern workplace learning (MWL). This 2-week online workshop provides an introduction to modern workplace learning (MWL). This 2-week online workshop provides an introduction to modern workplace learning (MWL). To complement and support my new book, Learning in the Modern Workplace 2017 I am offering a new series of public online workshops for 2017. Here is the schedule for the first half of the year. Click the links in the schedule to find out more about each workshop. 2017 SCHEDULE (January – June).
    [Providers] Principles for Creating a Successful Virtual Reality Learning Experience
    The book provides a model called 3DLE which builds from 3D sensibilities in VR (like sense of self and sense of space) to design principles (discussed here) with several instructional strategies and overall macrostructures sandwiched in the middle. To add to the growing body of ideas around VR, this article provide what Tony O’Driscoll and I call Fundamental Principles. Karl provides evidence-based guidance, design and advice for creating engaging, meaningful learning (as well as some awesome gamified workshops and learning events.). Introduction. Instructionally Grounded.
    [Providers] Top Learning Trends for 2017 (according to the experts)
    But, instead of simply offering our POV, we thought there was no better way to provide you with the best insights than to consult with some of the leading experts in the field. And there are now so many external content providers, our new job is to curate and integrate, not just develop and teach. The best online shopping services provide the products people are seeking. One key attribute this application provides is a highly usable interface. xAPI will help L&D provide a more holistic approach to measuring performance outcomes. Josh Bersin. Josh_Bersin.
    [Providers] 4 Hot E-learning Trends That’ll Shape the L&D World in 2017
    Furthermore, many providers of cloud-based digital learning applications provide flexible pricing options. E-learning is ever evolving. The online learning format has a long history of embracing various developments in the IT sector, to deliver better learning experiences, and 2017 is going to be no different. Here are 4 trending technologies that will shape the world of web-based training in the new year. 1. Increase in the Demand for Cloud-based Learning Applications. Cloud computing tops the list of technological trends that will transform the e-learning landscape in 2017.
    [Providers] Answering #Gamification Questions from a 7th Grade Student-Part 2
    This article Types of Structural Gamification provides good examples of the methods used in structural gamification. Here is part two of the questions about gamification from a 7th grade in a California school. How long have you taught with a traditional learning version? AND 11. How long have you taught with a gamified learning version? When I was in college, we learned to teach in the “traditional” manner and I have been doing that for a while and still do in some instances. First as a student teacher and then as a professor and even as a facilitator of training events.
    [Providers] New Year L&D Resolution? Align L&D with the Business
    It boils down to providing the right learning programs for talent across the organization to empower them to deliver value on the business goals they are charged with and will be evaluated on. DAUs mission is “to provide a global learning environment to develop qualified acquisition, requirements and contingency professionals who deliver and sustain effective and affordable warfighting capabilities.” By Marina Theodotou. As a new year begins, organizations and individuals think about New Year’s resolutions and usually pick challenging goals to tackle. Anderson and Christopher R.
    [Providers] The Importance of White Space in E-learning
    Providing white space makes the screen pleasant and lends a calming effect. Provides a balanced environment: According to the principles of graphic designing, each empty space on a screen has a purpose. Boosts readability for learners: Providing balanced white space on the screen will make it easy for learners to scan and absorb content quickly. How do you feel about the picture given below? What feelings does it arouse? Do you feel happy or may be grumpy? Irritated? My brain was sure overloaded when I looked at it. All I wanted was some breathing space!!
    [Providers] Answering #Gamification Questions from a 7th Grade Student-Part 1
    think learning really comes from overcoming difficulties and games provide plenty of difficulties that can be overcome. The other day I received a very nice email from a 7th grade student in a high school is California. She wanted to know if I could answer a few questions about gamification as she saw my TEDx talk and has gotten interested in the subject of games and gamification for learning. think it is awesome that she is so excited about games and gamification for learning so here are the questions and my answers. Thanks for the email (although, it is a lot of questions:). 1. AND 5.
    [Providers] 10 Steps To eLearner Self-Regulation
    Provide opportunities for frequent collaboration and discussion of ideas and perspectives. 6. Provide multiple choices for assessment, developing content and implementing processes. Provide criteria that demonstrate quality posts. Observe learner progress and provide regular comments privately. Have you ever been impressed by a learner or an individual who exhibits self-discipline? Interacting with them is a pleasure because their every action is a planned strategy. They seem to be monitoring themselves towards positive standards. Award points for quality posts.
    [Providers] Learning Technologies 2017: What’s your digital mix?
    NEWS: Multi award-winning learning provider, Sponge UK is ‘mixing it up’ at Europe’s largest learning technologies event to help businesses get the most out of workplace learning. Sponge will be urging visitors and delegates at Learning Technologies 2017 (London Olympia, February 1-2) to join the discussion about the most effective digital mix to support modern learners. We’ll be asking people to consider the best possible digital mix for their organisation, now and in the future. Of course, it wouldn’t be Sponge without a sprinkling of fun! appeared first on Sponge UK.
    [Providers] Four Ways of Getting Trained in Microsoft Dynamics CRM in 2017
    best MS Dynamics course providers. Koenig Solutions – Koenig Solutions is one of the most popular trainers for Microsoft courses and has received a number of awards from the software giant for its efforts in providing the best training. Organisations and companies around the world are putting in great efforts to enhance or improve their customer’s experience and therefore convert happy customers to improved business results. And, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one such tool that helps organizations work towards this goal. Here are 4 of the best ones.
    [Providers] New Book: Learning in the Modern Workplace 2017
    In the 15 months since I released my previous book, Modern Workplace Learning: A Resource Book for L&D , I have been working with L&D professionals all around the world helping them modernise their workplace learning practices, so this new book – presented in the form of a number of short, succinct sections – builds on the material in that book to provide new models, frameworks, guidance and examples as well as links to 140 new resources for you to delve deeper into how to support learning in the modern workplace. Provide a learning help desk. PRICE.
    [Providers] Workplace Policy Changes? Add Some Change Management to Your Training
    Effective change management depends on solid communication across multiple layers of an organization, providing a business case for the change and explaining who is affected and how. Be as transparent as possible about “negative” change; providing reasons further respects your trainees. The company then went on to host several training sessions where the company provided lunch and reviewed the reimbursement tool for any employee who wasn’t familiar with using the system. Provide timely and practical follow up for long-term success.
    [Providers] Using Google Analytics to up your eCommerce game
    Google even provides a tool to let you set these up easily: The Campaign URL Builder. Somewhere in your traffic profile there is almost certainly a website, social medium, or paid source that works better than anything else, but if it doesn’t provide a lot of traffic, it can get lost in the noise. We’ve given you some basic guidelines on the use of Google Analytics for eCommerce before. This article is a deeper dive into what’s possible with Analytics, and how you can use it to get the most out of your eCommerce efforts. Using UTM parameters. Tracking what works. Complex traffic.
    [Providers] Relationships, IBM’s Secret to Building Strong Female Leaders
    These groups usually meet once in six weeks after the workshop to provide support as needed and to challenge one another to get out of their comfort zones,” Guha said. By Arva Shikari. With globalization, technological advancement, diverse demographics and constant marketplace changes, cross-cultural management becomes vital. Leaders need to demonstrate many different competencies and skills. One of the key skills is the ability to construct effective relationships inside and outside the workplace. This is equally true for men and women leaders. BRI is a three-day face-to-face workshop.
    [Providers] 2017 ELearning & Training Conferences
    They provide professionals and businesses alike an opportunity to network and learn. It is a new year and that means there are some new elearning and training conferences you should mark on your calendars! Every year there are hundreds of conferences nationwide in the United States dedicated to the elearning industry. There is something for everyone at these events. You can find instructional design theory being discussed , new tech tools, technology trends, live-training tips, and so much more. I’ll preface this list by pointing out that these events come with a cost.
    [Providers] 6 E-learning and Development Trends to Watch Out for in 2017
    For learners facing a time-crunch and constantly on-the-go, the ability of microlearning to provide short, quick bursts of information that can be accessed anytime and anywhere makes it a favorite way to learn. It is particularly suitable for learners with low attention spans and can provide JIT support to perform a task. Technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) will change the way people learn, and provide an immersive learning experience. This blog will talk about 6 trends specific to e-learning that will dominate 2017. Trend#1.  Trend#2. 
    [Providers] 8 Tips To Jazz Up Your Online Tutorials In eLearning
    In the end you provide them with a resolution that they can use in their real lives. Nothing is more engaging than bite-size online training that gets to the point and provides valuable information. Are your online tutorials looking a bit drab? Do your task walkthroughs need a little more pizazz? In this article, we’ll share 8 tips to jazz up your online tutorials in eLearning, regardless of your eLearning budget. How To Jazz Up Your Online Tutorials In eLearning. Online tutorials simplify complex tasks and topics. Know Your Mission. Every journey needs a destination. Conclusion.
    [Providers] Why Learner Personas and Learning Design Go Hand-in-Hand
    If there is a professional meeting, she could be dining with healthcare providers (HCPs) at that meeting. Later calls focus on providing information on the specific product being sold. ·       There are two categories of customers: clinicians and pharmacy. ·       Getting from the bottom of the ladder to the top may take anywhere from six weeks to a few months’ time. Most learning and development professionals are familiar with the term audience analysis. To maximize the effectiveness of your learning experience, you need to analyze your audience. How to Create a Learner Persona.
    [Providers] No-Nonsense Employee Training: The Best Articles of This Week
    Whether annual reviews are looming or you’re working on providing more regular performance feedback to employees, this article will help you adjust your message for different personas. Read on for this week’s best articles from human resources and employee training experts. Every week, I read dozens of articles about management, human resources, and employee development. look for advice grounded in reality that small and large companies can easily use to help people engage, perform, and improve.  I’ve pulled the best ones from this week so you can get right to the good stuff.
    [Providers] Best Practices for Online Course Design
    As many eLearning providers have heard directly from their students , consistent design elements make it much easier to navigate online courses. Provide transcripts for all audio content. Convert your documents into PDFs or provide them as Word docs (or another compatible format). Provide immediate feedback on assessments, rather than several weeks later or only at the end of the course. Instructional designers have many tools to make their courses more entertaining and engaging, like video, audio, image editing, interactivity, and more. This includes: Font size.
    [Providers] Kineo's ability to meet business needs is in the numbers 
    Every year Kineo's Client Services Team conducts a survey with  our LMS clients  to review the support services we provide our clients. With the purpose of keeping ourselves responsive and agile in meeting our clients' needs, the team helps clients meet the demands of today's modern learner and achieve results. Their purpose is to be an extension of a client's team and be their trusted workplace partner to help them succeed.  .
    [Providers] Kineo's ability to meet business needs is in the numbers 
    Every year Kineo's Client Services Team conducts a survey with  our LMS clients  to review the support services we provide our clients. With the purpose of keeping ourselves responsive and agile in meeting our clients' needs, the team helps clients meet the demands of today's modern learner and achieve results. Their purpose is to be an extension of a client's team and be their trusted workplace partner to help them succeed.  .
    [Providers] Kineo's ability to meet business needs is in the numbers 
    Every year Kineo's Client Services Team conducts a survey with  our LMS clients  to review the support services we provide our clients. With the purpose of keeping ourselves responsive and agile in meeting our clients' needs, the team helps clients meet the demands of today's modern learner and achieve results. Their purpose is to be an extension of a client's team and be their trusted workplace partner to help them succeed.  .
    [Providers] Are You Ready to Translate Your E-Learning?
    My client planned to translate three e-learning lessons to Arabic and would provide me with the translated transcripts in a few months. Previously, I managed the translation of these same courses to French and Spanish. thought the client understood the process. asked for the completed translated transcripts to create the quote. explained that we would add this translation to the existing translation memory for Arabic; thus, reducing the overall cost of translation. It also produces the layers if you select that option. The first question was, “Why is there a translation cost?
    [Providers] 2017 eLearning Predictions: Updated Hype Curve
    Some solutions providers already claim MIPS compliance (we are skeptical). When providers claim to tie reporting for reimbursement into performance improvement metrics, we expect EHR-integrated performance improvement to reach the Peak of Inflated Expectations. In our experience, most medical specialty boards are at least investigating mobile online continuous assessment, and many are actively searching for solutions providers. Our 2016 hype curve was a big hit, so we’re doing it again this year. ” OK, granted. Standardized connectors need to be built.
    [Providers] 2017 eLearning Predictions: Updated Hype Curve
    Some solutions providers already claim MIPS compliance (we are skeptical). When providers claim to tie reporting for reimbursement into performance improvement metrics, we expect EHR-integrated performance improvement to reach the Peak of Inflated Expectations. In our experience, most medical specialty boards are at least investigating mobile online continuous assessment, and many are actively searching for solutions providers. Our 2016 hype curve was a big hit, so we’re doing it again this year. ” OK, granted. Standardized connectors need to be built.
    [Providers] Top 8 E-learning Tips to Help You Succeed in 2017
    This technology has been gaining popularity recently and authoring tools such as Adobe Captivate and LectoraInspire, provide this feature. 7. Instructional designers always strive to build effective e-learning courses. They keep themselves updated with the latest events in the e-learning industry. In this blog, I will share 8 important tips to help you develop successful e-learning courses. 1. Use Style Guides. Style guide is similar to a blueprint document used in the construction industry. It may also include specialized styles that meet client requirements. AMA Manual of Style.
    [Providers] 8 Ways Online Training Can Help With Talent Management
    major component of talent management is providing development tools and resources for your employees. Provide Employees With Real World Experience. It works round-the-clock to provide your employees the online training materials they need to improve workplace proficiency. However, online training courses provide immediate, personalized feedback. They don’t require a full-length online training course because you have microlearning online resources that provide targeted information. Provide Ongoing Professional Development Online Resources.
    [Providers] New Year Resolution: Invest in Association Learning Technology
    For example, an association learning management system should seamlessly sync information with your Association Management System, website, community platform, eCommerce, webinar and other systems to provide an inclusive, consistent, and personalized experience for learners, while easing the administrative burden of delivering and reporting on training. We are all making personal and professional new year’s resolutions for 2017, setting goals and making promises to ourselves to keep them this year. New Year, New Goals, New Technology.
    [Providers] Reasons to be teaching
    Children learn to learn, and this provides them with the chance to make a lifetime of independence, resilience and success. The two most important days in your life are the day you were born, and the day you find out why. Mark Twain. Discovering that above all other things, you want to be a teacher, is one thing. Seeing that long and sometimes tortuous journey through to its conclusion is another. When my graduands leave university each year, they embark on a career that will be highly rewarding, but also physically, emotionally and intellectually challenging. The you will know.
    [Providers] Marketing your eLearning courses
    Your LMS should provide the ability for people to share directly, which makes it easy for learners to show off their accomplishments and give you some free advertising as they do so. If you want to sell eLearning courses then you require a learning management system with eCommerce features. To be successful selling online courses you will need more than a good LMS; you will also need to be skilled at marketing your online courses. Measuring Marketing. You’ll be able to work out your conversion rate from Google Analytics or similar tools. Search Engine Marketing. Other Paid Marketing.
    [Providers] Here Are Your E-learning Tips for 2017
    The community provides a place to interact with and learn from your peers. I’ve been reviewing some of my older blog posts to fix links and update some of the examples. After ten years, most of the posts are still relevant but some are obsolete like using clip art in PowerPoint. Going Going through ten years of blog posts brings up some interesting observations. For example, some of the media companies I referenced no longer exist. In 2007, when Flash was king, I stated that the e-learning tools would evolve and become easier to use. Catching the Rapid E-Learning Bug.
  • G-CUBE  |  MONDAY, JANUARY 2, 2017
    [Providers] E-learning Approaches For Creation Of An Effective Induction Training: A Case Study
    Included a Stereoscopic 3D element – in addition to the 2D screens. A few screens including introductory screens are provided with 3D treatment. Ensured crisp and consolidated on-screen content and providing details as downloadable attachments, which learners can read at their own pace and also download for future reference. personalized certificate at the end provided as a proof of participation and successful completion of the course. Here are some learning acquired from a successful induction training program, created for a leading MNC in the financial sector.
    [Providers] Trends that Will Shape E-learning, M-learning and LMSs in 2017
    believes the proper analysis of enormous, unstructured learning data can provide valuable insights that help deliver better training. 4. LMSs of 2017 will integrate various learning platforms such as blogs, social media, and videos to provide comprehensive, tailor-made learning experiences. E-learning is ever evolving. The online learning format has a long history of embracing various developments to deliver better learning experiences, and 2017 is going to be no different. Here are a few technology-enabled learning trends that will rock the corporate world the coming year.
    [Providers] 2017: The Year of Blended Learning, Emerging EdTech, & Modern Design
    This is the year learning professionals have a common New Year’s Resolution for 2017: we are going to provide the best content to our learners, using the best technology, and ensure that it is delivered to the right place at the right time. Welcome to 2017, the year when it all comes together. Learning technologies (EdTech), communities of practice, lifelong learning, and the myriad other great concepts we’ve been hearing about for the last two decades. Of course, to meet this resolution, we need to be learners first. It’s even more difficult to narrow down the topics we should focus on.
    [Providers] LRS - Learning Record Store - xAPI - What is it?
    Title: Learning Record Store – Its Purpose Description: Learning Record Store provides businesses and enterprises with a new and innovative way to cross-examine the connection between different experiences and results. Title: The Benefits Description: It is important to realize that learning experiences are provided throughout a plethora of platforms, which primarily include applications, websites and LMS. It provides organizations with the ability to develop comprehensive learning analytics – thanks to the huge amounts of informational data it can record.
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