[Providers] The Top 10 Benefits of Online Training Part 2
    'Yesterday we introduced the first five benefits of online training and today we will provide the final five! If you missed part one on the top 10 benefits of online training you can check them out here. Online Training Makes Knowledge Transfer Easier With baby boomers retiring at ever quickening rates, change management managers are […] The post The Top 10 Benefits of Online Training Part 2 appeared first on Lambda Solutions.
    [Providers] A Recipe for Explaining eLearning During Thanksgiving
    We’ve provided a useful script below.  Whipping cream on the pie provides an excellent visual here.). 3]   Steve’s article provides a nice summary of research completed across the industry, and acknowledges that statistics from different sources differ somewhat. 'eLearning Brothers:  We’ve been in this industry since the 90’s (some of us before that), and we know it’s sometimes hard to explain your job to your family. Take the opportunity this holiday to use this recipe for explaining eLearning during thanksgiving. Good luck! YOU: (Approach the head of the table.  And…”.
    [Providers] Helpful resources from Michigan Virtual University re: online learning/learners
    Excerpt: MVU …released a guide for mentors of online learning students, “Mentor Fundamentals: A Guide for Mentoring Online Learners,” that is intended to provide an understanding of the fundamental elements of mentoring or coaching students for success with online courses. Students meet people outside their community in a safe environment, and multimedia used in online learning provides different ways of learning. 'MVU releases guide to help schools navigate the virtual learning journey – from mivhs.org, as posted on September 17, 2014. About MVU.
    [Providers] Corinthian Colleges closing campuses, selling buildings [educationnews.org]
    a company which provides guarantees for federal student loans and collects loan payments on private student loans. 'Corinthian Colleges closing campuses, selling buildings — from educationnews.org. Excerpt: For-profit college operator Corinthian Colleges, Inc. is in trouble, as the majority of its campuses are being sold to a newly formed segment of a student loan firm for $24 million. The company is now winding down its ownership. Chelsea Dulany and Alan Zibel, writing for The Wall Street Journal , explain that Zenith is owned by Oakdale, Minnesota-based ECMC Group, Inc.,
    [Providers] Turning Offline Content into ELearning
    The infographic below, created by DailyGenius and LearnEgg provide some additional tips. 'Finding content for your elearning can sometimes be the most challenging aspect of course creation. Generating learning material from scratch can seem nearly impossible. Naturally, when it is time to create an online course, it only makes sense to leverage already existing material. But what if the only material available is in the form of offline content? The natural temptation is to simply scan the offline materials and then make them available as a downloadable PDF.
    [Providers] IBM, Fluor and the University of South Carolina Team to Create Innovation Center [finance.yahoo.com]
    The Center will provide application services to both public and private sector organizations across North America with specialties in the areas of analytics and higher education industry solutions. 'IBM, Fluor and the University of South Carolina Team to Create Innovation Center — from finance.yahoo.com. Public-private partnership will center on analytics and higher education solutions. Excerpt: COLUMBIA, S.C., As part of the initiative, the organizations will collaborate on tailored IT curricula and advanced analytic techniques for personalized learning.
    [Providers] Explain Everything Lesson Ideas: One of the free eBooks created and provided for free by Apple
    Excerpt (emphasis DSC): Explain Everything Lesson Ideas is a free eBook created and provided for free by Apple. Each of the guides included in this project centres around a popular educational app and provides examples and ideas on how teachers can use it with their students in class. The Apps in the Classroom series was created by Apple to provide teachers with a few ideas on how to integrate apps into daily classroom instruction. Inspired 'Excellent activities and lesson ideas on using Explain Everything in class – from educatorstechnology.com.
    [Providers] Instructional Designers: How to Pick Your SME's Brain in an Interview
    'INTRODUCTION: You may be an eLearning professional, but the subject matter expert or the SME actually flags off your course by providing the all-important content for you and your team to sculpt on. The SME may be a software programmer or a marketing analyst in your company, a professor, doctor, or a best-selling author who has penned books of encyclopedic proportions on the course matter. Whoever may be the SME, it is likely he is not your cubicle mate. You will probably get just a few opportunities to glean relevant content from him. eLearning tips SME
    [Providers] Transformative Experiences
    reckon that anyone capable of developing and delivering on this model provides a model that others can only emulate, not improve upon. 'I’ve had the pleasure last week of keynoting Charles Sturt University’s annual Education conference. They’re in the process of rethinking what their learning experience should be, and I talked about the changes we’re trying to make at the Wadhwani Foundation. was reminded of previous conversations about learning experience design and the transformative experience. Now, it does start with a killer learning experience.
    [Providers] Voice Over Script Pitfalls
    In the final post of the series, I’ll provide a QA checklist of all the tips to help you with your reviews. asked Jill how she prefers to handle these sorts of errors when she finds them in a script: I’ve learned from experience that it is usually faster for me to record the script as written, and then also provide an alternate take or two, giving the line as I think it was meant to be written. 'Instructional designers sometimes run into pitfalls when writing voice over scripts. I’ll share her perspective in block quotes below, along with my own tips. Lists. Emphasis.
    [Providers] Game Changer: How Video Role Play Will Reshape Training
    Darik Volpa, CEO of Rehearsal VRP, provides a deeper dive into this new technology and shares key metrics and experiences from existing clients. 'The proliferation of web cams, video, and affordable cloud-based storage are about to reshape learning. Trainers are now able to assess the skills of their team anytime, anywhere using video role play. Click here to read full version
    [Providers] Learned Vs. Learners - Revised
    Can we always depend on the experts to provide the best solution? The basis of Crowdsourcing operate on the principle of bringing together diverse sets of individuals to provide their perspectives on a problem, topic or task. 'The classic quotation summarizes in a sentence what takes scholars and academicians reams of paper to theorize and prove. And this is the trigger for today’s post. The difference between the terms “ learners ” and “ learned ” and what it implies when applied to the experts in our organizations is crucial in today’s environment of constant change. My Aha!
    [Providers] Here’s a Free E-Learning Template Made with Free Icons
    If you need to learn to create a template or build off of the one provided, be sure to check out this blog post. 'One of the challenges I pose in our workshops is to create an elearning template using free resources like some of the free images and free icons you find online. Free Icons for Your E-Learning Template. Here are three good resources for free icons: Iconfinder. Icons8. laticon. Find Icons. Create an E-Learning Template Using Free Icons. The first step is to find an icon style you like. Try to use icons from the same pack. Also, look for icons you can use for commercial use.
    [Providers] How Not to Tweet if You’re a Television Station
    Things began going south rather quickly with Mr. Costa when — as his main network cut into his station’s normal programming — he decided to tweet the following: On one hand, perhaps Mike thought he was providing a good deed to the 28,000 Twitter followers of WTVC NewsChannel 9. 'Like thousands of other webizens, I took to Twitter on the evening of November 24, 2014. did so to understand how Ferguson, Missouri was handling a grand jury’s decision not to indict Officer Darren Brown, the man behind the gun that killed Michael Brown on August 9, 2014. ” Really?
    [Providers] What do we mean by learner-centred e-learning?
    find that the examples provided in articles about this topic repeatedly ignore the real meaning of this approach. Offer more information to the learners who would like to explore the topic in more depth (learner-centeredness isn’t about the amount of information you provide to your learners – giving them choice in your package doesn’t make it more learner-centred). writes: “Constructivist principles provide a set of guiding principles to help designers and teachers create learner-centred, collaborative environments that support reflective and experiential processes.”.
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    [Providers] How to buy the LMS you want
    And ideally should be able to provide at least three focused areas or three specific components they will add. For folks who are seeking a human relationship, some go to dating sites, which provides a wealth of options. ”, rather you provide specifics. Or the person who wants gamification, mobile learning, social, personaliation, integration APIs (free), plus all the standard features and wants an active/inactive model that supports 10 languages and provides elite support at no charge. 'Hey – you! Yes, you reading this exact line. I got this LMS see.
    [Providers] Consider These Top 5 Recruitment Solutions for Your Next Hire
    erecruit was created to provide a more effective alternative to more widely-used solutions, particularly for mid-to-large sized staffing firms. 'So, someone on your team has retired, and after the party and celebration of his or her work, it’s time to find their replacement. The idea of hiring may bring to mind extra hours of work in addition to your regular job duties, but fortunately, we live in the digital age — and if there’s one thing technology does for us, it’s streamline such otherwise arduous tasks. It is also fully customizable. Newton© by Newton Software (4.9
    [Providers] What does Mobile Learning Look Like?
    In a corporate environment, you can provide the needed devices to your employees and exercise more control over the technology used. Burns also differentiates learning by presenting subgroups of learners to different content to provide differentiated learning experiences. In this way, QR code-empowered “scavenger hunts” can be designed, sending learners to physical locations where QR codes are posted, and then providing the learners with location-specific content on their mobile devices by scanning the code. 'This article is the second in a two-part series on mLearning.
    [Providers] Doodle.com: Hassle-Free Scheduling
    Step 1: Provide some general information. Just provide some general information; the only required fields are your event title, name, and email address. If you’ve opted not to provide email addresses on the website, you simply email the link to each participant. 'You send an email to a group of project stakeholders proposing a meeting on Tuesday at 10:00. You receive two of the three responses. So far, everyone can attend. Then you receive the final response and find that Tuesdays don’t work for Jack. Have you ever had an experience like this? So let’s rethink our scenario.
    [Providers] DigitalChalk and SendGrid Join Forces
    Now you should see “Failures” and “Email Providers” at the top in the left side menu. Select the “Email Providers” option. After doing this, you are immediately sent an email to the address you provided. Use the “Failures” option above the “Email Providers” feature to make sure you are entering your correct SendGrid login information. 'Tired of seeing “DigitalChalk” on the “From Address” emails that are sent from the notification feature  on our LMS ? Step 1. Step 2. Step 3.
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    [Providers] Insight Into Your Classes: Reporting in eFrontPro
    eFrontPro splits reports into 4 general categories: System (which we already mentioned), Users, Courses and Tests, with each providing insight on its specific subject. 'Evaluating the success of your students and courses is something between a science and an art. The art part is the kind of inexact heuristic that comes from experience, and you’ll get it after you deal with your first batches of learners. The science part is, of course, all about measuring. And for that eFrontPro has you covered. Reporting is just gathering and displaying information about a particular subject.
    [Providers] Analysis Elements to Introduce Gamification to an Organization
    Sometimes when someone says “gamification” they mean creating some type of experience involving assigning points for activities partaken over a time period with a leaderboard keeping track of who is accumulating the most points and then providing some type of reward. Understanding how the potential learners relate to games and whether or not they do play games can provide some insight into how you will want to design your gamification learning event. 'The other day I was asked this question about gamification analysis. What process do you use to perform your analysis?
    [Providers] The Only Person Who Behaves Sensibly Is My Tailor
    However extrapolating the context and outcomes to make any sense of this type of data requires a series of further steps that are orders of magnitude along the path to providing meaningful insight. The implicit assumption is that the more that are hours provided, the better and more focused the organisation is on developing its workforce. One could go on applying equally valid hypotheses to this data.The point is that activity data provides few if any insight into the effectiveness of learning and provides only limited insight into the efficiency of learning activities.
    [Providers] How Much Learning Really Occurs in MOOCs?
    'This is a question I hear often, and only recently has research become available providing us with an answer. Whether learners are actually learning is important information for companies that are finding themselves increasingly required to provide more training, more frequently. There are several reasons for this: For courses offered through major MOOC providers like Coursera, the completion rates are generally low. But before we get there, take a moment to ask yourself two questions: “How much learning really occurs in instructor-led training?” But you should know.
    [Providers] eLearning Trends to Follow in 2015 (Part 1)
    Despite the traditional difficulty of calculating the ROI, its importance will rise, as it provides a strong argument in favor of e-learning. 'Last week we posted an infographic about eLearning trends to follow in 2015 (click HERE  to see the infographic). When doing our research for infographic, we found so many information we couldn’t decide what to include – as you can see, the infographic is already quite long so we had to cut some parts out. Big Data   Numbers in eLearning are becoming so large that processing data sets with traditional ways becomes impossible.
    [Providers] Anarchists in the Boardroom
    ” The book finishes with practical advice on how to get started, and provides a long list of specific actions. '“I remember regularly reiterating the question, while out at the pub with fellow disillusioned colleagues, or after conferences with newfound allies from other dysfunctional NGOs, How have we ended up creating organisations that are meant to create good in the world, but make so many of those involved in them so miserable in the process?” ” – Liam Barrington-Bush. Autonomy: Trusting ourselves and others to be brilliant. Their answer? Books
    [Providers] My Experience at CAPLA 2014 Recognizing Learning Conference
    PLAR provides an opportunity for learners to identify and gain recognition for existing learning - what they already know and can do. My top 5 take-aways from the CAPLA conference were: For all employable workforce, PLAR/RPL can help provide alternate career paths and new ways of utilizing existing skills and competencies. 'I recently participated and presented in the '' 2014 Recognizing Learning Conference '' organized by CAPLA (The Canadian Association for Prior Learning Assessment ) in Ottawa, Canada, November 2 – 4, 2014. This learning may be formal, informal or experiential.
    [Providers] Instructional Designer’s Mindset
    An example, one project that we are working on involves providing instruction for patients with a chronic condition and we’ve identified ways of providing introductory instruction (e-learning) and a range of performance support: how to guides that walk you through the first time, how to calibrate your home machine, signs to watch out for infection, etc. 'I was going to call this post the “curse” of the mindset of the instructional designer, as many of us go through life seeing places where people could really use our help and sometimes we can’t stop. It’s a gift!
    [Providers] Role of Community Management in Workplace Learning Today
    Providing generic, platform related information is not too useful. 'When I read Rachel Happe’s (@rhappe ) post, The Emerging Career Path of Community Professionals , I was reminded of my older posts on community management and the skills required. wrote about the tenets of community management based on my experience. In this post, I want to highlight the importance of community management as a discipline that can enable organizations to take on the challenges and complexities of the future of work. This requires anyone playing the role to wear multiple hats.
    [Providers] 10 Must-Read Articles About Big Data
    So we already know what Big Data is, how it can influence eLearning, what benefits it can provide and what are the ways of using it. 'Ever heard that once something gets on the internet it stays there forever? And that’s true. Everything we do, leaves tremendous amount of data and the same goes for learning. Can we use this data somehow to improve learning experience? Yes we can, in so many ways! This week we gathered top 10 articles about big data to show you the potential of assesing and analyzing various data for eLearning industry. The Information Age is currently changing.
    [Providers] Creating an HTML link in a LEGEND game type
    2) Use the code we provide below, inserting your URL and any unique direction to your users.  'Here’s your steps: 1) Locate the URL you want to incorporate into the game question. If your URL is long, shorten it. The characters in the code string count against the total number of characters you can have in the question. Free services exist that enable you to shorten the URL address. TinyURL.com is one to try. You enter your URL  and it spits out a shortened code for you to use. In the example below, our original URL was 105 characters. Develop Support hyperlinks
    [Providers] Believe the IoT Hype or Perish: Equipping Today’s Graduates for Tomorrow’s Tech [Hirst]
    Human Capital Solution Providers : Careerbuilder. 'Believe the IoT Hype or Perish: Equipping Today’s Graduates for Tomorrow’s Tech — from wired.com by Peter Hirst. Excerpt: Meeting the IoT Higher Education Challenge. People who come to MIT Sloan or other MIT Schools to further their professional education tend to have strong technical and engineering backgrounds. The pace of evolution and disruption of business models in their industries is accelerating continuously. And we need to become more efficient, affordable, relevant and timely in the delivery of our programs.
    [Providers] Ideas on #bigdata and #education? Share your help
    As a means of saying thank you, I will post the names (if you provide them) of all of you who sent me ideas, trains of thought, insights. Even for those areas were research has been providing conclusions and guidelines for centuries, these conclusions are not necessarily being put to real use (the return and money conundrum). 'If you have firm thoughts on Big Data and how it affects education at present or in the future. then HELP ME! would be thankful to hear your thoughts! Now there is no doubt in my mind that these guys are the best in their (and our, my) field.
    [Providers] Outsourcing e-Learning: Creating stand-alone training through external resources
    Post deployment, providing support is necessary, but sometimes it becomes a challenge to find available resources for support within the organization. An external third party may solve this problem too, by providing support in addition to designing and/or deploying the course. 'The rapid increase in the number of corporate learners and the increasing diversity of learning needs has helped e-learning to truly find its feet. Virtual training helps transcend geographical distances and varying time-schedules and so it is available to everyone across the organization.
    [Providers] Ask The Experts: Mark Dorsey
    So, if you’re learning to ski as a consumer what we’re trying to provide is the how-to manual because consumers can also find information about how to learn how to ski. McGrath: So it sounds like the takeaway is, stay true to your core, stay true to your core members and what they need, and then also stay true to providing the value that’s needed in the industry. 'Jack McGrath: Hi and welcome to another in our series Ask the Experts. My name is Jack McGrath. Welcome Mark. Mark Dorsey: Thanks. That’s a mouthful too, isn’t it? McGrath: It is, it is. So, a few questions for you.
    [Providers] Pre-university online learning experience positively influences higher education study skills says new research (IOE)
    Teachers who were interviewed spoke about the importance of providing a supportive learning environment for school age online learners. Several teachers suggested that online learning provided students with a safe environment that allowed them to take risks, make mistakes and learn from their experiences and this had better prepared them for university. Notes: Pamoja Education is a social enterprise working in cooperation with the International Baccalaureate (IB) as the only provider of online IBDP courses for students aged 16-19. An overview of the IOE research: [link].
    [Providers] A piece of the Next Generation Learning Space: Personalized room settings per professor/teacher/trainer
    From DSC: Applying this concept towards learning spaces, such machine-to-machine communications would provide personalized room settings per professor, teacher, or trainer. 'Seed Rapid Prototyping Kit – build connected products quickly and easily – with thanks to Joanna Wasiluk for posting the tweet below. SeedLabsInc Rapid Prototyping Kit – build connected products quickly and easily [link] *This is a game changer. Joanna M. Wasiluk (@joanaw) November 20, 2014. Excellent.
    [Providers] 5 Ways to Use Certification Feature in Your LMS
    Adult learners stray away from learning opportunities that provide little or no benefit in our daily life. certification at the end of any course provides a “proof” of completion. 'As adults we hardly waste our time socializing with “friends” who add little meaning or value in our life. We barely visit relatives who are critical or harbor negative feelings towards us. We also stray away from places that remind us of any unpleasant memories! As adults, we are used to engage in activities that are productive and meaningful. We look for value, we look for advancement and progression.
    [Providers] Bloomfire Connects Startup’s National Channel Program
    Bloomfire’s channel management solution provides all of MomentFeed’s partners with a dedicated repository of information they can access anytime they have questions or need materials. “So the responsibility is on MomentFeed to provide as much new information as possible to our portal, while our partners agree to refer to the portal first for any common questions.” Even without the day-to-day touch over email, he said partners feel valued by MomentFeed’s ability to provide fast access to the information they need to be successful. The Challenge.
    [Providers] Excelling at assembly, or, vats improvement
    One problem with those original images–and with photos in general–is that they often provide too much detail, making it hard to grasp what’s important in a particular step. 'In a previous post , I showed a fictionalized example of an actual guide for assembling a piece of industrial equipment. These instructions weren’t particularly well done, and I set myself the task of making some improvements. also wanted to explain what I did, and why I thought it was an improvement. Revision, page 1. I’ve done two pages (that cover what 5 of the original pages did).
    [Providers] MindShift Guide to Digital Games and Learning; also Karl Kapp’s course on the Gamification of Learning
    This guide makes sense of the available research and provides suggestions for practical use. 'MindShift Guide to Digital Games and Learning. Excerpt: How can games unlock a rich world of learning? This is the big question at the heart of the growing games and learning movement that’s gaining momentum in education. The MindShift Guide to Digital Games and Learning [PDF] explains key ideas in game-based learning, pedagogy, implementation, and assessment.
    [Providers] Why Mobile Learning is Here to Stay
    Enhances Productivity: From increasing training compliance by having more people complete courses on their own terms to saving costs via digitally-enabled learning, the ROI on training can increase by providing learners with learning experiences that are relevant to their needs as well as to business needs. 'This article, which covers reasons why you should consider mLearning as part of your overall learning strategy, is the first of a two-part series on m-Learning. The second article will cover how to create mLearning programs, and what mLearning “looks like”. Learning is going mobile.
    [Providers] Bloomfire Debuts Advanced Reporting, Bringing Rich, Detailed Insights to Customers
    19, 2014 – Bloomfire today introduced a new Advanced Reporting offering, providing organizations detailed, user-friendly data that goes beyond views, likes and follows to show the true engagement of collaboration initiatives. Our new Advanced Reporting offering is raising the bar on enterprise collaboration reporting and serves as another example of our commitment to providing easy-to-use tools that help our customers get the highest possible engagement from their collaboration initiatives.”. AUSTIN, Texas – Nov. To register, please visit here. Pricing and Availability. Twitter.
    [Providers] L&D's Role in the VUCA World: Part 1
    Each area is critical today in building an organization and an organizational culture that will not only attract the best employees but will also provide them with the necessary platform to give their best. 'Josh Bersin''s presentation on 21st Century Talent Management: Imperatives for 2014 and 2015 highlights some of the following as the key areas where the biggest capability gaps exist: Leadership , Re-skilling HR, Talent Acquisition and Access , T alent and HR Analytics , Reinventing L&D , and so on. have written about this here and here. And I know it can''t be. think yes.
    [Providers] The Future Workplace Embraces Freelancers
    From the organization’s perspective, freelancers provide a ready source of talent to supplement the existing workforce. Kaggle, for example, provides a competition platform for top analytics talent. 'UCLA’s annual HR Roundtable Retreat featured an interesting discussion of future workforce trends. Led by Marina Gorbis of the Institute of the Future, part of the discussion focused on the growth of “microworkers,” individuals who freelance a variety of projects or jobs for different employers. Some of the top freelancing roles include: Writing. Editing.
    [Providers] How to repurpose content for e-learning?
    For e-learning, it is critical to be able to package the content into a useful learning experience and not just provide access to it. 'by Renata Souza , QuickLessons Evangelist. Companies have invested significant resources to develop digital content in all kind of formats. This content is often dispersed across multiple platforms and channels. It is essential to reuse and recycle content! How to do this? Simple! Attachments : It is possible to attach any kind of file to courses and add links so the learner will open them exactly when you want them to. Sky is the limit! Best Practices
    [Providers] The Great Transformation of the Organization Still Needs the How
    This, in part, provided me with an answer to the question, “why have our organizations stagnated?” Each had provided a wonderful snapshot explaining “what” was wrong but I still was missing the unified “how is this going to get fixed” answer. There were three talks in particular that I found further defined our current crisis, that also provided a glimpse into how our organizations might be fixed. 'Billed as “The Great Transformation”, its work was cut out for itself from the moment you could register online. At least not yet.
    [Providers] Digital Learning Research Network (dLRN)
    PKG would involve collecting and mapping what an individual knows – based on formal learning, workplace learning, and informal learning – and using that graph as a base for providing focused learning materials to address knowledge gaps in order to achieve a qualification or degree. 'Higher education is digitizing. All aspects of it, including administration, teaching/learning, and research. The process of becoming digital has important implications for how learning occurs and how research happens and how it is shared. grant from the Gates Foundation – more info here.
    [Providers] A Caution About The LMS Industry
    But learning management goes beyond the tools and flashy gadgets, it also refers to the processes and team behind the entire initiative – and this is where so many LMS providers ultimately show their naivety. Don’t choose a platform for your learning management, choose a partner and proven provider. In fact, some would contend that learning cannot really be “managed” in the first place – but that’s a conversation for another day. The LMS is the technical infrastructure that is in place to manage (and deliver) the course content to users.
    [Providers] Is e-Learning Your Best Choice?
    You can keep your regular classroom based business and attract new students that need the flexibility e-learning provides. 'This blog is not just for people working in e-learning or running an e-learning solution at their enterprise. It’s also for those who haven’t yet made the jump and are wondering if this e-learning thing is really for them. It’s a perfectly valid question, and it’s also exactly what we’re going to examine in today’s post. So, if you’re one of those people, read on. Spoiler alert: the answer is most likely yes. Image credit.
    [Providers] eLearning Brothers Breaks into the Stock Photo, Video and Audio World
    eLearning Brothers provides the planet’s largest, most interactive library of learning assets for rapid eLearning development. 'AMERICAN FORK, Utah — November 17, 2014 — eLearning Brothers today announced that it will offer over 500,000 stock photos, graphics, vectors, videos and audio files to the training and development community. This is the first offering of its kind for eLearning professionals. “Everyone in the training and development world uses stock photography. “These assets are critical in making courses look professional. About eLearning Brothers.
    [Providers] eLearning: The Origins of a Training Methodology
    And who was the first person or company to provide eLearning? 'by Kevin Siegel        I've been creating eLearning since the early 1990s. Back then, eLearning (or E-Learning, pick your style) was known as CBT (Computer Based Training). My first attempts at creating software video training was with a program called CameraMan. That program was ahead of its time, allowing you to capture your mouse actions, add captions and audio, and then publish into a video format that could be viewed on most computers. It was pretty much a record-pray-publish kind of tool.
    [Providers] Formatting Tips for Voice Over Scripts
    If possible, provide an audio link to the pronunciation of word. Please try to provide a link to someone reading it in the accent you’d like to have it.” 'If we as instructional designers write scripts that are easy for voice over talent to understand, the voice over professionals we work with can record and edit those scripts faster. We’ll end up with a better end product. few formatting guidelines can make our scripts clearer and easier to use. This is part 2 in my series of posts on tips for creating voice over scripts. Part 3: Pitfalls–Coming soon. Script.
    [Providers] L&D and working out loud #wolweek
    Instead, you need the elements of a learning organization : the environment has to value diversity, be open to new ideas, provide time for reflection, and most of all be safe. 'This week is Working Out Loud week , and I can’t but come out in support of a principle that I think is going to be key to organizational success. And, I think, L&D has a key role to play. The benefits from working out loud are many. Personally, documenting what you’re doing serves as a reminder to yourself and awareness for others. In addition, it gives others a couple of benefits.
    [Providers] The relationship between learning and performance support
    To support the learner in applying their learning on the job, tools such as checklists and templates may be provided to them for their immediate use. However he too finds that he must provide difficult feedback to one of his team members. This support may be provided in the moment or – again – just in time. 'This post is the third in a series in which I deliberate over the semantics of education. dedicate this one to Jane Hart whom I was delighted to meet in-person in Sydney last month. The platform I have in mind is the corporate intranet.
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    [Providers] Product Review: Microsoft Office Mix add-in for PowerPoint 2013
    When you view the analytics you are provided the following information depending on what you select. The above appears for each slide that you have, providing some details beyond just the main mix.  'Open up any authoring tool (okay, most of them) and one item that you will see is the ability to add PowerPoint.  Some products including Articulate Studio and Storyline use the Microsoft SDK PowerPoint ribbon as their main ribbon. Use products such as Adobe Presenter or iSpring Presenter and in just a few short seconds you will be in PowerPoint and you can start building courses.
    [Providers] The State of the eLearning Industry: Part 3
    The overall opportunity for the learning management systems providers. 'This blog post describes the learning management system market. We will review: Market segmentation for learning management systems. General size of the different market segments. Don’t forget to check out part 1 and 2 of this series! What What were your thoughts – did you leave a comment letting us know? If not, we’d love to hear from you! The post The State of the eLearning Industry: Part 3 appeared first on. Case Studies Online Training Platform
    [Providers] What Style of MOOC is Right for You?
    But, this perspective doesn’t provide the full story—over the past year or so, we’ve seen a tremendous amount of experimentation and development of the MOOC, and today the acronym is an umbrella term that is used to refer to a wide variety of large-scale online courses. For example, MOOCs are excellent for new-hire orientation, where they can provide consistent training even if one new employee starts every week. MOOCs can be moderated (an instructor participates in course discussions and provides feedback to learners) or they can be non-moderated. Courses are mandatory.
    [Providers] Embedding Learning in Work: The Benefits and Challenges
    It could be argued that context is best provided by embedding learning in work. '(a version of this article was originally written as background for an #OzLearn chat held on Twitter, 11th November 2014) The Power of Embedded Learning A common finding that has emerged from study after study over the past few years is that learning which is embedded in work seems to be more effective than learning away from work. If people learn as part of the workflow then this learning is more likely to impact performance in a positive way. Learning in Context These findings are not at all surprising.
  • EDYNCO  |  MONDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 2014
    [Providers] How did I create an online course with Learning maps?
    entered the questions and provided immediate feedback text after the question is solved (to guide students in case the selected answer is wrong). simply copied students e-mail addresses to the provided form and invited students to take the course. 'In this blog post I will share my experience on building online course with Learning maps. The tool I used for creating Learning maps was Edynco. ll describe the steps I took in designing a course on business communication for high school students. gathered all the materials on Business communication and selected the appropriate ones.
    [Providers] Gamification of the LMS – A Step Towards Evolution of the Modern LMS
    LMSs provide the learners access to relevant training content as per their needs and thus are now an intrinsic part of the learning culture in an organization. But because of the increasing need to provide perennial training, the need to make this training interesting, engaging as well as impactful is also becoming imperative. Custom-built learning games are also being built for corporate training because it is becoming more and more evident that game-based learning has a huge potential in providing impactful learning – even in the corporate scenario. WiZDOM v5.0
    [Providers] How do I use the Training Program Status by Certifications/Curriculum Report?
    'For portals that are using a certification/curriculum program, this report provides a summary that can be used to see how many active students that you have in a location as well as the number of active students that have completed a Certification/Curriculum. It will also give you a percentage of the location student’s that have completed the Certification/Curriculum
    [Providers] Learning Analysis of Social Networks
    Do I need to provide clues to a small group to get them headed in the right direction? 'This is my first look into social network analysis for learning. We are starting with the idea that there is value in understanding how interactions happen during learning regardless of the context. This sets the stage for digging in deeper and conducting analysis on the social networks that learners participate in such as twitter or a blog. Dragan (our instructor) mentioned that researchers have often thought social networks may be the most important component of learning.
    [Providers] A collection of curated items [questioning, OER, UDL, helping students pay attention, new $100M audio teaching complex]
    Provide frequent feedback. 'A collection of curated items: Socratic questioning: 30 thought-provoking questions to ask your students – from opencolleges.edu.au by Saga Briggs. Open Educational Resources – from the Babson Survey Research Group by I. Elaine Allen, Ph.D. and Jeff Seaman, Ph.D. Opening the Curriculum: Open Education Resources in U.S. Higher Education, 2014. higher education. Some of the key findings: Katie Novak: Universal Design for Learning, an introduction — from edtalks.org. Related: What is UDL? UDL Guidelines. Excerpt: BOSTON, MASS.  Pick up the pace.
    [Providers] Hiring a Technology Consultant
    Consultants provide flexibility. You would be a fool if you did not pick up the phone (yep, the telephone—not email or text) and talk to the references the consultant provided. What services did the consultant provide? But they do provide value. Plan in advance and provide adequate lead time. 'Finding the Right Hired Gun: A Conversation with Elaine Biech. CIOs, CTOs, and other technology executives are often saddled with problems that their staff hasn’t demonstrated an ability to solve, either due to a lack of knowledge, resources, or drive. You don’t.
    [Providers] Even more Captivate 8 resources
    She provides a link to a PDF for that list as well. 'Working with Captivate 8 more and more, the locked-down workspaces really annoyed me. For example, I have two monitors so prefer to have the timeline panel on one monitor (along with a couple other panels) and the main development view on the other. The ‘default’ workspace in CP8, however, doesn’t allow panels to be undocked! Adobe also has a help section on this, but it seems to assume that option has been enabled. Lieve recently posted a terrific article detailing Captivate 8’s system variables.
    [Providers] Reflections on “Got skills? Why online competency-based education is the disruptive innovation for higher education” [Weise]
    For this reason, online competency-based education providers have a leg up on the various community colleges, regional schools, and offline competency-based education providers that already partner with companies to mitigate workforce shortages. Those programs require substantial resources to replicate or tailor programs for different companies and industries, whereas the powerful integration of robust technologies enhances the ability of online competency-based education providers to modularize the learning process. 'Got skills? Weise. … Modularization.
    [Providers] DevCorner: Seam Carving for Content-Aware Image Re-Sizing
    The approaching conference provided much needed motivation to pursue something I’d always wanted to write. 'Once a year, TechSmith holds an internal developer conference for the devs to talk about various interests they have. This year, I decided to tackle a topic a friend introduced to me several years ago called “seam carving”. wanted to implement a proof-of-concept program using vanilla C++ and an open source image library ( png++ , a C++ implementation of libpng ). Seam Carving. This is where the “seam”  from seam carving comes in to play. Pixels of Minimal Importance. 2 (x, y) + ?
    [Providers] 10 Must-Read Articles About Asynchronous Learning
    Rovai lists factors and shares tips on designing and implementing a course to provide the best enviroment for community growth  7. A Framework for Asynchronous Collaborative Learning and Problem Solving It’s a well known fact that students’ performance and activity improves when learning in small groups but providing enviroment for those groups may be challenging when students are learning in an asynchronous model. Discussion about providing asynchronous group training How about a little social learning? Synchronous vs. Asynchronous Where do we start? Clark.
    [Providers] Bloomfire Unites Davenport U. Employees with a Single Collaborative Learning Culture
    Founded in 1886 in Grand Rapids, the accredited university is one of the most-affordable private schools in the state, providing a high-quality education through more than 50 dynamic undergraduate and graduate programs, with small classrooms and conveniently located campuses. The university prides itself on keeping current with the real world and technology, while providing an excellent place to work for 1,500 faculty and staff. 'Davenport University is a private, four-year college in Michigan with more than 11,000 students throughout 11 campuses. The Challenge. The Search.
    [Providers] IBM grants UK universities unprecedented access to AI system Watson [Rossi]
    Imperial College London will offer new courses to provide students with opportunities for hands-on learning as they work to develop cognitive computing solutions to address business and societal challenges. 'Excerpt from IBM grants UK universities unprecedented access to AI system Watson — from information-age.com by Ben Rossi. The University of Southampton and Imperial College London have today announced partnerships with IBM to offer students and staff cognitive computing education with unprecedented access to IBM ‘s Watson technology and experts.
    [Providers] 8 Questions To Ask About Your eLearning Audience
    Fulfilling senior management expectations will provide more freedom in terms of budget and resources to create better training programs. 'The fundamental step towards meaningful learning material development is to identify the learners. Analyze your audience. What motivates them? What capabilities do they have? What do they lack? Can they co-tutor in a learning session? What eLearning format will be best for your audience: synchronous, asynchronous or blended learning? Are your learners senior-level managers? Are they end-users? Exercise caution with senior managers. Opinion audience
    [Providers] Are You Missing an Impactful Conclusion Page?
    Provide two or three specific suggestions on how the training can easily be applied in a real world setting. Provide a link to a survey to gather data on their training experience. Provide them with information such as the availability of experts or the location of specific equipment, machines or test sites. Provide learner’s with a reward. Those types of comments make us feel good about how far we have come in the eLearning world, and if anything, provide us with a good chuckle. actually feel sorry for them. “Well Done!” ” “Great Job!”
    [Providers] New items from Educause including “Finding New Business Models in Unsettled Times” [LeBlanc]
    Higher education encompasses the following purposes: A coming-of-age higher education that meets the needs of recent high school graduates, usually providing a purposeful living/learning community that provides ample opportunities for self-discovery and growing up. workforce-development higher education that focuses on working adults and that provides job and career opportunities while creating a talent pipeline for employers in a local economy. 'Finding New Business Models in Unsettled Times — from Educause.com by Paul J. LeBlanc. Excerpts: “What to do?”
    [Providers] Do You Know About Open Badges?
    In the educational arena, programs leveraging badges have been used to provide both summarized assessments of prior learning as well as formative assessments that provide guidance and feedback. 'The Mozilla Open Badge Program is a digital program to recognize skills and achievements. The program is relatively new, being only a few years old, but is growing quickly due to our advancing technological world. These physical badges that have been displayed for hundreds of years have now gone digital, thanks to the company Mozilla. Digital Badges Encourage People to Collaborate.
    [Providers] Our “Recipe” for Learning and Remembering in Corporate Learning
    The most obvious way to do this is to incentivize them somehow, and that can work, but that provides only extrinsic motivation. 'Some employees get too  little training. They sit through a few classroom sessions, see some slides, and get very little help at actually doing their job. Others get too  much  training. The list of required eLearning courses is too long, and actually takes them away from their responsibilities. The learning and remembering ends up happening outside of, or in spite of, the training requirement. This is why we focus our research on  why employees forget.
    [Providers] Interview with Sheila MacNeill and David Walker, #EdTechBook chapter authors
    More effort is certainly required to provide people with the space and time to engage with these types of development activities and to take advantage of that support where it is available. 'As part of a series of posts, I will be talking to authors of The Really Useful #EdTechBook about their work, experiences, and contribution to the book. How does the use of technology, in all its various forms, affect your day-to-day working life? SM – Good question. In reality, without using technology I wouldn’t be able to do my work. Almost everything I do at work relies on technology.
    [Providers] The height of SAMR
    Blogging for example, provides students with a potentially very large audience for their writing. 'In my most recent post I outlined the first part of the SAMR model , which I used as a lens to explore the integration of new technologies into education. The first two levels, substitution and augmentation are often referred to as low levels of technology integration, in as much as they do not substantially impact upon or transform pedagogy. Modification represents a significant functional change in learning, and some technologies can offer this if applied appropriately. Unported License.
    [Providers] Use the Psychology of Surprise to Grab Your Learner’s Attention
    It is that stimulation that will win over the brain’s attention, and if that stimulation isn’t provided, something else off-task will provide it. 'Every learner wants to believe that their teacher is an expert who can give them knowledge they did not know. Realistically, that isn’t enough to keep the learner on task. The world today is full of stimuli that get our attention. Our brains want that same kind of stimulation in a learning setting. This is even truer in eLearning environments. They are designed to crave the unexpected. eLearning tips
    [Providers] Reflections on “Synthesis, capabilities, & overlooked insights: Next frontiers for strategists” [Gluck, Jacobides, Simpson]
    Strategic planning, defined in this way, provides the raw material and factual basis for strategic thinking and opportunistic decision making. 'Synthesis, capabilities, and overlooked insights: Next frontiers for strategists – from mckinsey.com by Fred Gluck, Michael Jacobides, & Dan Simpson. The founder of McKinsey’s Strategy Practice, a London Business School professor, and a chief strategist turned professor describe pain points and possibilities for strategists on the leading edge. … Personally, I think this concern is overdone. Pulse checking various landscapes. 
    [Providers] 4 Ways Smartphones are helping People Learn a new Language
    The iOS and Android-capable app provides students with activities to practice basic German, Italian, French, and Spanish. 'Image courtesy of: Michael Cahill. Being a ubiquitous device in mobile learning, a smartphone has done almost all of the unthinkable, especially in helping learners master a foreign language. A  2012 survey  done by the University of Colorado, revealed that 14% of instructors and 60% of foreign students use mobile phones for language-learning purposes. That said, here are effective ways in which the use of smartphones can help learners master a new language: 1.
    [Providers] Add Private Forums to Your Courses!
    As an example, if you are using LearnDash for a classroom, you can now encourage students to discuss the course content, post questions, or provide their reaction to it. 'We are excited to announce today the release of our latest integration, one that is sure to add an element of life to your courses. Before getting into the details, we want to thank you all for your contributions to the LearnDash community. Your continued suggestions, encouragement, ideas, and comments have been instrumental in the evolution of LearnDash. What is bbPress? million downloads. bbPress. What’s Next?
    [Providers] 8 Reasons to Learn Articulate Storyline
    'Whether you are an internal practitioner, and independent consultant, or an e-learning services provider, adding Articulate Storyline to your development toolbox can help you create interesting and engaging e-learning content without having to know programming code. Here are eight of my favorite Storyline features that might make you want to add it to your e-learning toolbox. Click here to read full version
    [Providers] Do You Have a Blog? Sell Your Content!
    While providing useful content is essential in the blogging world, not all content is created equal. Simply looking into your site’s analytics will provide further insight into content that clicks, and this is valuable information! 'I can recall a time when the word “blog” would raise eyebrows and generate looks of suspicion. Its use was often followed by an explanation that “blog” is actually short for “weblog”, and it was a form of online journal. And then strange looks continued. Today the landscape is much different. elearning
    [Providers] Cruising the Danube with Viking River Cruises
    At each stop, Viking provides a half-day tour and lets you explore on your own for the remainder of the day. All meals are provided on the ship although we generally chose to lunch in town. An enthusiastic maitre’d insured that the kitchen provided vegetarian meals for Uta. The presentations should provide the foundation for the tours on shore. 'Uta and I took a Viking River Cruise down the Danube from October 31 to November 7. Everyone from my doctor to our airport driver had seen Viking ads on Public Television and wanted to hear how it went. Here goes.
    [Providers] In Vendor Selection, See the Big Picture
    Amanda Yanchury is an industry consultant for  CollectMyThoughts , a startup company seeking to provide reviews on a variety of business solutions. 'The vendor selection process is never as easy or as simple as it should be. Depending on your organization, you may have a lot of “cooks in the kitchen,” with specific ideas for what your next tool needs to do; or you may find that there are thousands of options that will do what you need the tool to do – which can be even more confusing. So where do you start? This process starts by asking “what problem are we trying to solve here?”
    [Providers] Game Based Learning: Is It Appropriate For My Association?
    In general, women are more nurturing, so consider game types that enable players to connect with other players, perhaps allowing them to provide advice or help a non-playing character solve a problem. 'According to BigFish games, 58% of Americans play video games , with 68% of that population older than 18. In fact, the average age of a video gamer is 35 – a key demographic we’d all like to include in our association’s ranks, right? Why are games so popular, and how can we leverage gamification for association learning? This flow state gives us a high degree of focus and engagement.
    [Providers] Senior Account Manager – Learning and Development Solutions
    An excellent opportunity to join the GoodPractice team and be a part of a prestigious and market-leading provider of online learning resources, talent assessment and e-learning solutions. 'Senior Account Manager – Learning and Development Solutions Salary: £25,000 – £35,000 plus bonus and benefits package Location: Central Edinburgh Are you ready for your next challenge in Business Development and Account Management? This role will focus on New Business Development, where you will utilise your established ‘Hunter’ skills to bring new clients on board. It is pretty unique.
    [Providers] Analytics takes Center Stage at Workday Rising
    They see three progressive phases in analytics of increasing sophistication and benefit to end users: the first, more common today, is data that describes the organization as it stands; the second is predictive: a theme common to many software providers in the HR community today; and the third, demonstrated in this keynote, adds the ability to recommend actions based on those predictions. With its unique perspective among standalone HR and talent providers with support for a complete financial suite, Workday also provides analytics on financials. User Experience. link].
    [Providers] Analytics takes Center Stage at Workday Rising
    They see three progressive phases in analytics of increasing sophistication and benefit to end users: the first, more common today, is data that describes the organization as it stands; the second is predictive: a theme common to many software providers in the HR community today; and the third, demonstrated in this keynote, adds the ability to recommend actions based on those predictions. With its unique perspective among standalone HR and talent providers with support for a complete financial suite, Workday also provides analytics on financials. User Experience. link].
    [Providers] Do you answer email? Student academic question in online courses
    When I get an academic question from a student via email, I answer the question and then I strongly encourage that the student communicate the question and the answer to the class in the discussion forum (for everyone''s benefit) I also include in the email reply that in the future, academic questions should go into the discussion forum because peers may be able to provide feedback quicker than I can as the instructor, and that open discussion of these issues can benefit many students. Well, don''t despair. If students send you academic questions via email then you have an opportunity!
    [Providers] Myth of the "Relevant Experience"
    The JDs defined the role, training provided the required skill sets, and then one was put to work. 'During my daily twitter stream reading, I came across this snippet from Stowe Boyd: "A formal hierarchy overweights experience and underweights new thinking , and in doing so perpetuates the past. It misallocates power, since promotions often go to the most politically astute rather than to the most prescient or productive."~ By Gary Hamel, Bureaucracy Must Die ( The bold highlights are mine.) The impact of formal hierarchy on organizational culture can be far-reaching. It does.
    [Providers] 5 Reasons to Put Your Customers “In the Know”
    host of benefits can be reaped by consciously providing consumer education and community building opportunities through online training. For example, if you’re in the construction business, consider providing online training courses that teach people the basics of successfully engaging contractors. If you sell artisan yarn, consider providing online training courses that teach people to knit or crochet. By providing interactive training in a case study format, you can help your customers determine how to leverage best practices. Leveraging Innovation Ideas.
    [Providers] 10 Must-Read Articles About Blended Learning
    explains why blended learning may be the best choice for schools and students to provide best learning opportunities and results by combining learning and fun, letting students prepare better for classess and making them feel more rewarded. Thanks to those tips you will understand how to identify your objectives, integrate group collaboration activities or create an effective assessment plan to provide engaging, interesting and immersive yet still flexible learning einvironment.  'Asynchronous and synchronous learning mixed together? That’s blended learning. Dave Landry Jr.
    [Providers] EMR Training: Are You HiTech?
    According to  MedicalRecords.com , "The government wants to shift the health industry into the digital age and has provided reimbursement incentives and an electronic medical records deadline for those who adopt electronic medical records. Did I mention I had no functional class outline or materials beyond multiple giant binders with vague scripts that couldn't possibly support a positive learning experience or provide realistic patient scenarios? Each acronym deals with the healthcare industry.  That's where my story begins. and soon). Absolutely! With
    [Providers] DevCorner: Android Lollipop and RecyclerView
    Prior to Lollipop, a class called AdapterView provided the basis for all infinitely growing sets of data displayed on Android devices. Layout managers provide a more concise and extensible mechanism for determining how views should be arranged in a scrolling list. Finally, RecyclerView provides an open-ended interface for intercepting and reacting to touch events on a per-item basis. Coach’s Eye’s Leaderboard provides a great example of why it’s important to introduce more interesting layouts for items in a scrolling list. Some History. link].
    [Providers] Blended Learning Mission Impossible?
    Or to be more precise: How can we help more clients create the performance breakthroughs that a fully blended and integrated offering will provide? Can we find a more effective way to collaborate with specialist face-to-face providers, who should be a perfect fit for GoodPractice, with our online expertise? Part of the answer lies with the market and the answer to question two: Can we find an effective way to collaborate with specialist face-to-face providers, who should be a perfect fit for GoodPractice, with our online expertise? This behaviour is usually subconscious.
    [Providers] How to Use Customized Adobe Captivate 8 Buttons
    Adobe Captivate 8 provides four different ways for you to integrate buttons into your training. 'One of the most effective ways to make your eLearning courses more engaging for your learners is through the use of buttons. If used correctly, they can easily transform a boring, static course into an interactive experience that is enjoyable for your users. Let’s learn more about these four ways and then talk about how to use customized buttons: Text Buttons – This is the default option for buttons in Captivate 8. Transparent buttons only have one state. Create Three Images.
    [Providers] ILT, Elearning, or MOOC? When to Use Common Training Formats
    It doesn’t make sense to provide expensive ILT for content that is the same every time. Both elearning and MOOCs allow organizations to provide training on an as-needed basis. MOOCs are the best of both worlds: they provide the interaction of ILT and the consistency, logistical benefits, and lower costs associated with elearning. In addition to providing video content, a MOOC can be a central repository for performance support resources. 'Corporate training used to mean one thing: “Here’s an orientation pamphlet and a couple of manuals. Instructor-led training.
    [Providers] Contributing Factors to Successful eLearning Design
    However, this finding indicates that your eLearning program can be dull if the content is good and provides the learner with skills necessary to succeed professionally. 'Have you ever considered the “love connection” to eLearning in terms of the chemistry that leads to a lasting relationship between learners and online learning? Consider how easy it is to love someone when they are at a distance, and one can imagine why eLearning can be an effective tool. But not every eLearning program is loveable. number of factors contribute to usefulness : ease of use (.31), 31), competence (.23),
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