[Providers] Watch Out For These Trends in Mobile Learning: 2015 And Beyond
    The current trend is to explore more ways to make content progressively enhanced and responsive to support learning behaviors and provide consistency as learners switch between devices. Consequently, there is a gradual shift from just shrinking down web pages to render on the mobile screen, to providing bite sized learning ‘nuggets’. The goal here is to cut down all the extraneous information and provide employees with just-in-time information that is extremely relevant at the time they require it. Mobile network (cellular) connection speeds grew 20 percent in 2014.
  • JAY CROSS  |  SUNDAY, MARCH 29, 2015
    [Providers] Summarizing Learn for Yourself
    Note, this does not mean building lots more learning content nor implementing a traditional “command and control” (social) learning (management) system where everyone’s learning is tracked, monitored and managed, but rather providing an open,and enabling environment for individuals and groups to support their own learning and performance needs. 'I just copied a rough draft of my new book, Learn For Yourself , into a free summarizer. In a few seconds, it reduced my 116-page manuscript to 10 items. You are learning to learn how to become the person you wrote the obit for.
    [Providers] 9 Vital Things You Are Forgetting Before Your eLearning Course Goes Live
    Provide Feedback for Learners. 'Nothing is more frustrating than sending off your finished eLearning course and wishing you could have done more to make the course even better. Certainly, you don’t want to forget anything before your course goes live, that is why I’ve hand selected nine things most people forget before publishing their course. Make Clear eLearning Objectives. The last thing that an eLearning developer wants to do is create an environment where their learners are flying blind. It is vital you ensure that your course objectives are clear.
    [Providers] Can eLearning Influence Behavior Change?
    With learners in the second stage, instructional designers have a twofold aim: to bolster motivation and provide tools to create a plan of action. Behavior-modeling video is an excellent tool for learners in this stage, as it provides an exemplar of what steps the learner should take, and appeals to emotion by using real-life characters and narrative. Action: Provide self-assessment tools and feedback. 'Transformative learning is more than memorizing steps or learning basic skills—in many cases, it’s about shifting values and beliefs to uproot old behavior patterns.
    [Providers] Engaging your learner - four dos and four don'ts
    Overload on glitz : It’s a common misconception that super-high production values will provide that elusive engagement, but there’s no evidence to support this. 'Whether you’re teaching in a classroom, developing some e-learning or producing a video, you’ll be concerned about engaging your learners. Because, if learners aren’t engaged they’ll pay little attention to what you’re offering and they’re very unlikely to retain anything. You can spend a fortune trying to engage learners, but the secrets to engagement do not demand you break the bank. Here are four dos and four don’ts: DOS 1.
    [Providers] Adobe Captivate: Six Ways to Use Voiceover Scripts
        Third , if you are hiring voiceover talent to record the audio, you can provide the script to that professional, slide by slide, so that he or she can record the audio for each slide separately. 'by Jennie Ruby    I often point out in my classes on  writing eLearning voiceover scripts  that a script is necessary so that when you record the audio you don't skip anything, don't stumble, and don't say "um." " However, using a voiceover script for eLearning is way more useful than just that. Are your scripts up to the task?
    [Providers] The don’ts of eLearning Instructional Design
    Make sure the links to all the material and extra reading that you provide work properly and are useful to the reader. 'Sometimes it could be confusing to draw the line between what’s useful and what’s not. This criterion is very important when it comes to eLearning Instructional design. Right from the content creation to the design of the page, there are several ways in which it could go wrong. Below are the lists of don’ts when it comes to eLearning instructional design. Don’t start design without a plan. By having a plan you save on time by avoiding the methods that don’t work.
    [Providers] 5 Useful Tips on Working with SMEs
    These SMEs will help you by providing content as well as invaluable insights regarding what learners need to learn about the given topic. 'Guest blog post by Liz Sheffield. Liz enjoys contributing to an organization’s success by creating powerful learning experiences and working with a variety of SMEs in order to do so. Chances are if you’re creating an eLearning course, you’ll be working with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). Be warned: not all SMEs are created equal — some may be excited about the eLearning you’re creating. Work with More than One SME. Share Your Outline.
    [Providers] Top LMS Investment Statistics for 2015
    Each organization has unique needs when seeking an LMS provider. 'One of the common uses for learning management systems (LMS) is to train and educate internal staff and employees within a business. Based on the latest report by training software research site Software Advice , we’ve rounded up a few key statistics on LMS investment plans, benefits, and challenges – as well as how DigitalChalk compares. Let’s take a look. LMS Software positively impacts the organization of content and training efficiency for 99% of users surveyed. How Does DigitalChalk Compare? Commentary.
    [Providers] Marketing Your Association to Millennials: Make it Social
    This generation of young professionals needs the bridge skills your association provides. You can post these pictures to Instagram to  show prospective members that your association can provide what they need, in an atmosphere will appeal to them. 'Years ago, while interning for a social media marketer, I was taught the value of social media to engage and attract business. Today social media marketing has changed from meme generation, to promoted posts and tweets, image ads, and pay-per-click (PPC)  campaigns on big name social media sites. Facebook. You have a few choices.
    [Providers] Delivering highly effective eLearning courses – Infographic
    When you convince your learners the value provided by your eLearning course, you are automatically marketing your training materials. 'This is it! No more fretting over planning. No more fuss over building. And absolutely no more lost sleep over marketing strategies. complete eLearning program design and deployment package for all aspiring and daring individuals who believe in changing the training strategies in their organization. Look no further beyond our “bird’s eye view” infographic to determine all the required elements to build a successful eLearning course.
    [Providers] ELearning People You Should Know
    The infographic below (created by MatrixLMS ) provides a brief biography for thought-leaders in the elearning industry, as well as their twitter handle. 'In any industry it’s good to be connected. Thought leaders help you learn about new technology, trends, and strategies so that you too can improve your craft. If you are in the elearning industry and looking to align yourself with with the most respected individuals, then the list below is for you! have had personal interaction with a few of these folks and can attest that they are stand-up people. Craig Weiss – [link].
    [Providers] How to Create a Learning Culture in Start-Ups and Small Businesses
    Provide opportunities to learn new skills while doing real work. 'In this post, Rich Sheridan, Founder, CEO and Chief Storyteller at Menlo Innovations and author of  Joy, Inc. How We Built a Workplace People Love , explains what small companies and departments in large organizations can do to create a learning culture. He addresses fear, reward systems, hiring, on-boarding, learning, making mistakes, and experimenting. He writes: 1. We must come to grips with the role that "manufactured fear" plays as a technique for increasing performance in teams. The difference? No learning.
    [Providers] Free eLearning solutions at the Learning Exchange platform @eLearningGuild
    The nice thing is that we all get to know each other better, and it provides us a stage to share eLearning content that we make anyway. And it is more practical then for instance the Educause discussions, as it is about providing training, getting tips and solutions for real life eLearning challenges. The platform also provides a discussion area, called NOW@ as well. At this point in time, you just need to provide the eLearning Guild with your contact details and eLearning profile. There have been similar platforms, but they sometimes faded over time.
    [Providers] Making BYOD Work: Benefits And Best Practices
    The reason for this is simple: BYOD gives organizations the best of both worlds – lesser costs of providing hardware yet the ability to capitalize on technological devices. 'Bring Your Own Device or BYOD as it is popularly called, is not just another fad. It is a powerful trend slated for growth in the learning domain – both at the academic as well as enterprise level. On the learners’ side too, BYOD is a win-win since they don’t have to manage separate devices for personal and professional work. Besides, to be able to work on a familiar, personal device is far more comforting. Email *.
    [Providers] Taking Advantage of Opportunities
    Beyond providing a page that combines all of the training resources available to our division, we are also using this as a prototype for a University-wide training portal. The 7 minute video below provides a walkthrough of the portal. 'Our Enterprise SWAT Team Lead has started an Innovation Forum within our division. During one of the forums, our HR Client Partner at the time asked about ways we can create a training page for our Division. This has been on my mind since the inception of Ecosystem 1.0. This is also a way for us to rapidly prototype this idea within SharePoint.
    [Providers] Encourage learning on the go with mobile flashcards
    Mobile view of a flashcard: Tablet & desktop view of a flashcard: Top Benefits: Learning on the go – With ProProfs, learners can swipe through flashcards from any device provided they are connected to the Internet. 'With ProProfs responsive flashcards teachers can encourage learners to study flashcards on the go, using multiple devices such as iPhones, Android smartphones, laptops, tablets and more. Teachers can create their own set of mobile-friendly flashcards or choose from 100,000 ready-to-use flashcards in ProProfs library. Horizon Report. Create a mobile flashcard.
    [Providers] Nashville Notes: Building Interactive Learning at the LUC 2015
    In this session, you’ll learn how to layer Lectora-provided questions and developer-created variables to create scenario-based interactions that give learners freedom while accounting for and responding to learners’ actions. 'Have you ever been asked which of your children is your favorite? You know that’s an impossible choice to make! And if you do have a favorite, you certainly can’t admit it.) That’s how I felt when I tried to pick a favorite 2015 Lectora® User Conference session to highlight—I just couldn’t do it! How Hard Can It Be? Blog LUC
    [Providers] #LSCON session, Catherinne Lombardozzi: scaffolding learning in the ecosystem
    The theory of ecosystems tells you you have to facilitate the learner providing them with all the resources and tools they need to to their job. 'Cool session. Practice vs theory. Catherine has a very practical view. She thinks that you will just overwhelm the learner with information. She sees a ecosystem as a fish tank, an artificial environment set up for a specific purpose. ecosystem is a scaffolding method for learning. She also has a list of 7 pillars that you need for a succesful participation of the learners. do have mixes feelings about her approach. Learning
    [Providers] Solution Category Overview: Marketing Automation
    It is a valuable source for relevant ratings and commentary provided by actual users regarding the solutions they use, and a platform for vendors to present information about their solutions. 'Marketing automation is the use of software solutions and platforms designed to automate and streamline repetitive marketing-related tasks, to allow for more effective marketing efforts on multiple online channels (email, social media, etc.). You’ve probably experienced marketing automation as a personal consumer. Need help using the site? Click  here  to contact us today.
    [Providers] Driving Engagement within Social Learning Communities
    While an ESN may not be a necessary condition for social learning, it does provide a platform that adds a level of tangibility to social behaviours. 'This post was originally written by Sunder Ramachandran on his blog Learning Experiments. Many thanks for sharing. The moment you mention social learning, invariably the L&D community starts thinking of Enterprise Social Networks (ESNs). An online community also enables participants within a learning journey to work out loud (an important ingredient of social learning). showyourwork #workoutloud). Engagement Social Learning
    [Providers] Looking to Replace Your Old Intranet?
    Today, we call ourselves a knowledge management solution, because our focus is first on content creation and sharing, and then to provide context around that content with comments and tagging. 'by Jodi Bart Holzband ( @tastytouring ). recently read a recent CMSWire piece, “ Are ESNs Just Intranets in New Clothing? with interest since Bloomfire has been deployed as an intranet replacement by some of our customers. The author, Andrew Wright, founder of the Worldwide Intranet Challenge, argues that the main purpose of the term ESN has been to capture the attention and budget of the C-suite.
    [Providers] Kirkpatrick Model Good or Bad? The Epic Mega Battle!
    we are measuring Levels 1 and 2, so we need to measure Level 3’), and, by ignoring the actual purpose for evaluation, risks providing no information of value to stakeholders…  (p. And if they don’t provide suitable prevention against legal action, they’re turfed out. 'Clark Quinn and I have started debating top-tier issues in the workplace learning field. In the first one, we debated who has the ultimate responsibility in our field. In the second one , we debated whether the tools in our field are up to the task. also think they help me learn. Buy the ticket, take the ride.”.  .
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    [Providers] Ways to Keep Learners from Forgetting Your eLearning
    There are also other built-in activity and game templates in LCMS that can provide quick and easy-to-build interesting repetition of the subject matter, thus maximizing learning. 'Have you ever created what you thought was a really great course only to find that people who had taken the course were a bit fuzzy on the details a week later? Here are few guidelines that can help you create elearning courses that are “hard to forget.” ” The golden rule of spacing. On longer courses, most learners do not complete their training at one go. Repetition is the key to learning.
    [Providers] Heard of Blended Learning? What About Blended Evaluation?
    In much the same way, traditional evaluation is one-dimensional, provides partial truth and is generally ineffective. 'As a training professional, you''ve likely heard of blended learning. While traditional training was one-dimensional, blended learning revolutionized our industry. It typically comes only in written form through smile sheets for Level 1, testing for Level 2 and 90-day surveys for Level 3. No evaluation typically occurs at Level 4. Sadly, the methodology behind these evaluation strategies is based more on tradition than on purpose.
    [Providers] Why 65% Savings Isn’t Enough: Barriers to Organizational Change
    They become facilitators whose primary job is to ensure that the training being provided is doing what it’s supposed to do: lead to the development of new knowledge and skills. 'In the previous post, I examined how much MOOCs cost compared with instructor-led training. What we’ve found is that for a 5-day training course for 500 people, a MOOC can translate into savings of about 65%, and that’s just the price of instruction alone. That’s a significant number. Nothing. However, despite the incredible potential for savings, many companies are still hesitant to adopt MOOCs.
    [Providers] The Mud on MOOCs
    'The rapid advance of computers and the internet has provided us with some amazing teachers and tools for education. The popularity of educational and informational content on the internet is a testament to the fact that people truly want to learn, and that computers are an excellent tool for doing so. This is great news for the eLearning industry. If a significant portion of the online world is interested and motivated enough learn new skills and facts online, surely eLearning organizations can reap the benefits of such a fertile environment. But the knowledge itself is completely free.
    [Providers] The High Fidelity Learning Experience of Medical Simulations
    For education and professional development in the medical field, simulations have provided practice and experiential learning opportunities for years. 'Video Interview with Penn State College of Medicine’s Assoc. Dean for Clinical Simulation. The path to mastery and improved performance involves practice and experience. This is true if you are an athlete, a helicopter pilot, a paramedic or a customer service representative. Recently, I had the chance to talk with Dr. Elizabeth Sinz, the Associate Dean for Clinical Simulation at the Penn State College of Medicine.
    [Providers] 5 Tips to Make Your Video Content Work Harder
    Telling the story of your brand in a 1-2 minute video shows potential investors that you have both the commitment and dedication needed to make your business work, and provides them with the information necessary to decide whether or not they want to hear more about you. good video will strengthen your pitch and provide some personality. 'The creation of a corporate video requires significant amounts of both time and money. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that your video content is worth the investment. Here are 5 key ways to achieve just that. . Recruit New Employees  .
    [Providers] 3 reasons to get on board with mobile recruitment
    Companies no longer need to personally search far and wide for qualified job candidates, and mobile recruitment provides a lot of benefits to HR professional today. 'In today’s fast-paced world, job recruitment methods are changing drastically to meet demands of an online society. Here are three good reasons to get on board. Mobile recruitment is the way of the future. We live in a mobile world and more and more people are using their smartphones and tablet computers to look for better jobs. This was reinforced by a recent study from PotentialPark Group. Check out them out here.
    [Providers] Tech Limits?
    And they, too, wanted to provide an authoring tool to create them. 'A couple of times last year, firms with some exciting learning tools approached me to talk about the market. And in both cases, I had to advise them that there were some barriers they’d have to address. That was brought home to me in another conversation, and it makes me worry about the state of our industry. So the first tool is based upon a really sound pedagogy that is consonant with my  activity-based learning approach. The only problem was, you had to learn the design approach as well as the tool. Seriously!
    [Providers] building the intelligent enterprise
    Making business intelligent is providing our organizations the opportunity to become more humanistic , which would in my view be a real proof of intelligence. 'Managers need to be given non-traditional roles in order to become key units of intelligence in the organization. They will then have the mission to come back to pollinate intelligence throughout the organization. However, m anagerial innovation is primarily reflective and collaborative. This is a real challenge in terms of societal evolution ! – Marine Auger [originale en français à la fin]. which I have loosely translated.
    [Providers] How to Create Successful Training
    Successful Training Provides Practice & Feedback. Then we provide the feedback that helps them make the appropriate adjustments. 'I was chatting with someone recently who was complaining that the organization’s elearning courses weren’t successful. After some conversation, it turns out that the courses were mostly information-based courses. The organization did a great job pulling content together, but outside of the content (and some nice looking slides) there wasn’t much to the courses. We talked a bit more about what it takes for a training course to be successful.
  • MINDFLASH  |  MONDAY, MARCH 23, 2015
    [Providers] Could Competency-Based Online Training Address the Skills Gap?
    Identify if online training provides an edge: There are so many reasons to take workplace learning online. This type of training also allows role standardization and provides an objective way to measure skills. 'Universities traditionally confer degrees based on “seat time”—the number of credits (often, 120 credits for undergraduate degrees) that a student earns with a passing grade. Whether the student earns an “A” in every course, or a “C” in every course, he gets the degree. But, will he be successful on the job, especially as a credit hour is a measure of time, not learning ?
  • TALENTLMS  |  MONDAY, MARCH 23, 2015
    [Providers] TalentLMS WordPress plugin version 4.0
    The new plugin reduces the backend complexity and provides a centralized dashboard for sync and update activities. If not clicked, click on Enable API and copy paste the provided key. dding new user in WordPress when TalentLMS and WordPress signup processes are integrated Accordingly when your users use the TalentLMS signup form provided by the corresponding shortcode, a user will also be created in WordPress. 'We have just released a simplified and amplified version of the WordPress plugin for TalentLMS. Continue reading for what is new and important!
  • EFRONT  |  MONDAY, MARCH 23, 2015
    [Providers] e-Learning For Marketing Agencies
    Plus, the LMS system helps you track orientation course attendance and completion status, something which can serve as a legal proof that your company has indeed provided knowledge of stuff like company policy, sexual harassment laws, etc, to your employees (a feature worth its weight in gold in case of legal dispute). 'Marketing needs better marketing. mean, we always hear about the heroic entrepreneurs or inventors that created some new product or service (e.g. Marketing agencies are not much different from any other company or company department in this regard. Training. Photo credit.
  • LEARNDASH  |  MONDAY, MARCH 23, 2015
    [Providers] 5 Critical Needs Met By Blended Learning
    The folks at Origin Learning attempt to provide us with this reason – actually five reasons. 'As is often on this site, I have written about the benefits of using a blended learning approach when delivering course content. Whether it’s in education or the corporate setting, the advantages of using a live and virtual strategy for presenting materials have proven to be beneficial. Case studies show that learners are performing better when the content is offered in a variety of ways. In short, these moments are: Learning content for the first time (new).
    [Providers] Redefining Training: Empowering the Learner
    Mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones need a special mention here because these are essentially the drivers of this technological decade and can connect the dots in the overall employee development such as by providing on-the-job or performance support. 'If you have been closely associated with matters around employee training , you might have noticed a subtle shift in the jargon that the global community has started to prefer and use – words like ‘learning’ and ‘development’ instead of ‘training’. The question is – Why? The coming in of the Web 2.0 Like our post ? First name.
    [Providers] The Importance of Visuals in eLearning
    Knowing this, it is important to create elearning courses that use good visual variety in order to better provide excellent content. Not only do they provide the viewer with great content, “they make data more meaningful and beautiful and, most importantly, they make learning more fun and less boring. 'The world is made up of many different learners. To reach and help as many of these learners succeed as possible you need to be able to mix teaching methods in a logical and dynamic way. Visuals allow you to make the complex simple, thus easier to follow. Color. Consistency. Design.
    [Providers] embracing perpetual beta
    Automation is not a bad thing if we know what to do with the extra time it provides. 'Michelle Ockers has been working hard at incorporating social learning in the workplace, as her posted case study shows. After reading, finding perpetual beta , Michelle asked me to elaborate on a few points. These are her questions, and my attempt to address them. 1) What are practical steps to create post-hierarchical organisations, particularly in regard to how to distribute power? We finally have the technology, so that even business no longer needs to be run as a tyranny. He eliminated dress codes.
  • JAY CROSS  |  SATURDAY, MARCH 21, 2015
    [Providers] Flip your meetings
    Provide the content and purpose beforehand, use face-to-face time for interactive problem-solving. Provide links to relevant documents and reference materials. 'American business people attend 11,000,000 business meetings every day and half of it’s a waste of time. Knowledge workers spend three hours a day in meetings. Senior executives spend more. Four out of five of us have brought other work to do during a meeting. One in ten of us admits to daydreaming. Four in ten have fallen asleep. What a waste. Collaboration has its intrinsic rewards. It adds up to years of meetings.
    [Providers] 5 types of software needed for a remote workforce
    Easy email This one may seem trivial, but when as the last time your company thought about switching email providers? Employees rely heavily on having an email system that works properly, and beyond that – provides a good user experience. 'Workplace going remote? Aside from guidelines for everything from setting acceptable working hours to how to control an influx of email communication, remote work places need specific software and business solutions that will allow them to work effectively from locations all across the country or world.
    [Providers] Tips for designing serious games in learning
    Providing the player with immediate feedback will help him play better, thereby acquiring the skills intended to be imparted more effectively and efficiently. 'There is a reason why people give up on learning more quickly than they would on a good game. This is because, simply put, games are fun. This is why games are used as an important study aid in learning. Otherwise known as Gamification , it is the use of gameplay mechanics for non-game applications. Here are some important things to keep in mind when developing games for learning: Engagement is the first goal. Relevance. Email *.
    [Providers] How Big Data Will Shake Up eLearning
    For example, learner data can provide real insight into which strategies and content are working for employees and which are not. Big data not only informs HR about how well individual learners performed or how quickly they finished an online module, it also offers insight into each student’s individual learning path and allows learning providers to respond to individuals as they encounter issues. 'There’s a lot of talk about big data and how it helps businesses become more responsive to customers’ fast-changing needs. Time to get personal. Delivering global learning standards.
    [Providers] You Can’t Sell Courses Without This
    Many providers will talk-up their course content (and this is important). Provide the solution to the problem (or opportunity). 'Selling courses online is a simple business model, but this doesn’t mean that it’s easy. There are many components that go into selling an online course. Sure, you could sign-up for a free account with a site like Udemy, but there are some pretty compelling reasons on why this is not a good idea. This critical item has to do with both the course content and the marketing plan. In fact, it should impact nearly every aspect of your business.
    [Providers] Student Role - Access Rights and Functionality
    While this Role provides limited functionality, it is a critical component of the default set of Roles provided with the system. 'The Student role represents the base level of user access rights in the Latitude Learning LMS. The majority of users in most LMS setups are students. Users assigned the Student role can search both Course and Resource catalogs, enroll in and launch courses they are eligible to take, as well as view the Training Calendar to enroll in instructor-led course offerings. Review this document to learn more about the Student experience
    [Providers] Intrinsic and Instructional Feedback in Learning Scenarios
    They started out fine: they provided some sort of realistic context and asked learners to make a decision. Then, instead of showing them the consequences of their decision, they just provided feedback as if it was any other multiple choice assessment. In the above example, a coach at the top provides instructional feedback and guidance on learners’ choices. It keeps the momentum of the scenario moving forward but still provides support to learners to help them improve. 'A few years ago, I was a judge for a competition on scenario-based learning. ” Blah.
    [Providers] Ask The Experts: Adrienne Bryant
    And we’re going to be challenging the AMS companies to really take a good look at what they’re doing and they can provide to us as associations. 'Jack McGrath: Hi, welcome to another in our series Ask the Experts. My name is Jack McGrath. And today I’m going to be talking with Adrienne Bryant, who is the success architect for the Association of Florida Colleges. Welcome Adrienne. Adrienne Bryant: Thank you. McGrath: Quick question first, the Florida Society of Association Executives launched a certificate program for professionals working in the association space. What do we need?”
    [Providers] Impersonate Users to Troubleshoot LMS Issues and Provide Support
    'User Impersonation is a unique and powerful capability provided to users assigned the Portal Administrator, Instructor or Administator role. This feature is generally used for advanced end-user support, as well as previewing and testing content or navigation
    [Providers] 5 Ways to Bring Contextual Learning to Your Association
    1.      Provide Clear Descriptions. That introduction should provide all of the essential information and, ideally, grab people’s attention. Examples provide specific details that help learners grasp general, abstract concepts. Providing a contact e-mail address or phone number can also be helpful. But if your members don’t know who Dr. Smartypants is the quote doesn’t provide as much context. Providing context for your association’s eLearning offerings will help your members comprehend the information and recall it when and where they need it.
    [Providers] Scenario Based Learning for Healthcare Professionals
    Apps (based on the concept of gamification ) where in practicing doctors are required to solve patient cases by monitoring doses, or integration of Augmented Reality programs to create interactive scenarios for surgeons can provide them with extraordinary performance support. where employees can be better prepared for critical incidents and challenging situations in a safe yet real world manner, and be provided with corrective feedback. 'What is scenario based learning? Learners attempt to work their way through scenarios which are presented like a story. Like our post ? Email *.
    [Providers] The Myths about the New ‘P’
    Alcohol is heavier than Palcohol so airlines could save millions on fuel costs by providing Palcohol instead of traditional alcoholic drinks. 'The US Federal Government, through FDA, has just recently approved the manufacture and use of Palcohol following the false start over its approval last year. Palcohol is sometimes referred to as ''powdered alcohol'' which is a misnomer since Palcohol is not powdered alcohol at all. It is a substance created and manufactured by Mark Phillips, an Arizona businessman. Raw Palcohol looks like icing sugar. Snorting Palcohol gets you drunk superfast.
    [Providers] Women in the eLearning Field: Was Your Father a Programmer? by Mark Lassoff
    'A meeting with a client 10 years ago provides a key—and unfortunately typical—example of some of the assumptions that. result in a hostile environment for women in tech. But there are more sources, as this article points out. Where do we start. changing the assumptions, and why is it important to make the changes? Here are some of the places and reasons to begin. Don’t be left behind. Emerging Topics Professional Development
    [Providers] Create and Manage Training Facilities
    This document provides instructions on how to add and edit training facilities and their associated resources 'Facilities are established as part of your LMS Training Structure to define where physical and virtual instructor-led training events are conducted. You can assign rooms and equipment to facilities, which are then reserved when a classroom course is scheduled.
    [Providers] What openness means for Indian education
    For example, if we do not provide appropriate redressal of grievances that emerge from an analysis of the data, we are not truly open. 'I believe we have to seriously think about what open-ness means for Indian education. There are many dimensions to being open that extend beyond merely making data available for public accountability and transparency. The thing about being open is that it threatens to disrupt tightly closed systems. In our schools, for example, the dominant mindset seems to be to stifle and restrict the voice of students and parents; and in most cases even teachers.
    [Providers] How to Choose Between Layers and States in Articulate Storyline
    Use layers to provide transitions for your slides. 'Guest post by Shawn Zuratovic. Shawn is an Instructional Designer, Professional Trainer, and eLearning Consultant at the University of Pittsburgh. Layers and States are two of Articulate Storyline’s primary tools for building interactive content, but deciding how and when to use them can be tricky. The following quick guide will discuss what states and layers are and the uses of each tool to help you best decide: What are Layers? Layers are part(s) of the slide that changes to display or hide additional content. Pause the timeline.
    [Providers] Microlearning: Fab or Fad?
    While the above detail only touches on some of the aspects of creating a full elearning product, it serves to provide stark contrast with the microlearning development process. As part of a larger product, any one chunk of content may require knowledge or context provided by earlier chunks in the overall sequence. Microlearning, in contrast, stands alone and provides its own context where needed. 'There’s a new buzzword in town, and it’s name is microlearning. More than that, I think it’s here to stay whether we like it or not. Microlearning is not new.
    [Providers] Giving it away, or worse
    He argued that instead of not making them go, instead we’d charge them what it cost to provide the learning! 'The other day, I was wondering about the possibilities of removing mandatory courses. Ok, maybe not mandated compliance, but any others. And then a colleague took it further, and I like it. So what are we talking about? was thinking that, if you give people a meaningful mission (ala Dan Pink’s Drive ), the learner (assuming reasonable self-learning skills, a separate topic), they would take responsibility for the learning they needed. And that’s a good thing.
    [Providers] Introducing Subscription Payments and the Integrated Calendar
    You can even provide the same course as an one?time 'The new TalentLMS release, which has been rolled-out transparently for all our users, brings with it the usual suite of enhancements, workflow improvements and bug-fixes. What we’re mostly enthusiastic about, though, are the two major new features it brings: integrated calendaring and support for subscription payments. In this post we’ll walk you through those two features, so you get a good feel of what they now make possible in TalentLMS. Integrated calendar TalentLMS now offers a built-in calendar system. time purchase.
    [Providers] Tailoring Your Sales Pitch to Customers’ Needs
    'You probably have a strong interest in providing your sales staff with highly effective training that improves their skills and helps them seal those accounts. The post Tailoring Your Sales Pitch to Customers’ Needs appeared first on. eLearning
    [Providers] Training, Collaborating, and Note-taking Step into the Future with Computer Station's Cutting-edge Digital Interactive Technology by News Editor
    'Computer Station, an exhibitor at Learning Solutions 2015, provides training and collaboration solutions for educators and. businesses to engage, collaborate, share, and save. As a reseller and certified trainer for several lines, Computer Station. works with their clients to help create presentations and learning environments where attendees are engaged. Getting Started Learning Media Management Training Strategies
    [Providers] Utilizing Notes in Lectora and Lectora Online
    Notes will serve as reminders to provide instructions to authors who you may be collaborating with on a shared title. . This report will provide an at-a-glance summary of the order, location, color, originator, timestamp and text of each note. 'Have you ever walked away from developing a Lectora® or Lectora® Online title and forgot about what you wanted to develop or forgot what type of interaction you were working on? Not anymore… use Lectora notes to keep yourself organized. Lectora notes can be added to any Lectora or Lectora Online title. You can also print the Notes Report. .
    [Providers] How to Be Objective in Your Training Evaluations
    'Over the years, I’ve evaluated thousands of courses from hundreds of providers as Director of Content, and I’ve come to the conclusion that what I like in an eLearning course often varies from what others like, and visa versa. There are literally hundreds of content providers, thousands of eLearning courses and they all claim to design effective eLearning courseware. You may be asking yourself, “How can I easily make a decision on what course provider to use when a team of people are involved, all with varying opinions and backgrounds?” Is the course mobile compatible?
    [Providers] Why Interactive Videos Work Best for Students
    Provide user controls.  . 'Video is everywhere today, so it’s no surprise that it is growing as a viable channel of education. In fact, more than 60 percent of high school students are now creating videos as part of their schoolwork (Cable in the Classroom). Studies have shown that better learning outcomes can result from learning programs that contain video versus those that do not contain video (Romanov), as video-based instruction is proven to be more memorable than text-based instruction. So, what makes video such an effective learning tool? Here is a list of best practices: .
    [Providers] Managing Employee Performance: Users and Their Software
    41 percent of respondents reported that their performance management solutions are self-developed; 38 percent are provided by a vendor (often a suite vendor, although the module may be stand-alone) and 21 percent use modules that are within their core HR systems. These programs provide a just-in-time approach to coaching assistance, dependent on the area on which the manager is coaching. 52 percent provide workflows to track coaching and mentoring conversations and activities, an important feature in coaching management. ” [1]. Coaching In, Ranking Out. April 2014.
    [Providers] Managing Employee Performance: Users and Their Software
    41 percent of respondents reported that their performance management solutions are self-developed; 38 percent are provided by a vendor (often a suite vendor, although the module may be stand-alone) and 21 percent use modules that are within their core HR systems. These programs provide a just-in-time approach to coaching assistance, dependent on the area on which the manager is coaching. 52 percent provide workflows to track coaching and mentoring conversations and activities, an important feature in coaching management. ” [1]. Coaching In, Ranking Out. April 2014.
    [Providers] Learning the Netflix way
    In education MOOCs have enabled some of this to happen, but what is on offer is quite thin on the ground and only available at certain periods, which still mean we’re locked down to the information provider (note: not platform provider) to offer the course. 'I’ve just read the post by Donald Clark called ‘What does ‘learning’ have to learn from Netflix?’ ’  which has resonated with much of my own thinking from recent work and discussions I’ve been having on Twitter. enjoyed it, then cancelled it. I’d got what I wanted. Timeshift. Delivery.
  • KAPP NOTES  |  TUESDAY, MARCH 17, 2015
    [Providers] Three Abstracts: Does Your Instruction have Too Much “Certainty”?
    Uncertainty may be an important component of the motivation provided by learning games, especially when associated with gaming rather than learning. final experiment explored whether, in this type of game, the uncertainty provided by the gaming component could influence players’ affective response to the learning component. Electrodermal activity (EDA) of 16 adults was measured while they played the quiz with and without the element of chance provided by the dice. It turns out having the element of chance in your learning game design is actually a good thing. Abstract One.
  • G-CUBE BLOG  |  TUESDAY, MARCH 17, 2015
    [Providers] Can ‘Movie Based e-Learning’ be the Future of Video Based e-Learning?
    With the visual cues provided, the learner is also better equipped to apply the knowledge gained in practical work – thus justifying the entire purpose of effective training. movie includes emotions, feelings, attitudes, actions, as well as knowledge that provide a true context of what is being taught. Songs or lyrical poems can also be created that provide entertainment and can be utilized as a learning tool as well. In conclusion, movies can provide very real contexts and can engage learners very well. What’s Next! Challenges of Movie-based Learning. Learning
    [Providers] How Long Should My E-Learning Course Be?
    Take advantage of what elearning provides to create an environment that works best for the learner. Provide a lot of resources and guides to reinforce what they’re learning. 'I’m often asked how long an elearning course should be. My quick response is that it should last long enough to meet your objectives. On the surface that’s not a bad answer, but it’s usually one that doesn’t satisfy either. There are a few variables when it comes to determining how long an elearning course should be. However here are some tips that may help answer the question. Chunk Your Content. Updated!
    [Providers] The Safety & Compliance Lookbook (Free Download)
    To reduce costs, we’ve designed safety curriculums and created the first few courses then provided the client with templates and a style guide for their internal team to continue development. 'Safety & compliance training is required by law, but it can have a greater purpose besides simply meeting a requirement. What if your employees need to evacuate a building? Or what if a vial of contaminated blood is dropped in the lab? In both of these situations, employees will need to know the proper process to follow and start following it almost immediately. In some situations, yes.
  • ELEARNING 24-7  |  MONDAY, MARCH 16, 2015
    [Providers] R U Maximizing your M-Learning Experience?
    Content providers? How many content providers offer courses specifically designed for mobile, that if seen on a laptop or desktop would look crummy?  Students share the videos, and provide feedback on each video – using their smartphones. When they are done, you provide feedback within the mobile component and they have something they can refer back to. 'I am a huge fan of Columbo (detective show starring the late Peter Falk). think that the control of words is more than just a part of a tv script, rather in some instances it can be true. but for a course? 
    [Providers] Six Ways to Deliver Corporate eLearning with Moodle
    'A common misconception about Moodle is that it is only used by the education sector for the purpose of providing online learning. This is simply not the case given Moodle’s diverse functionalities and it’s proven utility in almost every industry. Moodle is used by organizations in a variety of fields, including but not limited to healthcare, government, enterprise and non-profit, in countless different ways. Here are the different areas in business that Moodle can assist you with: corporate eLearning Moodle
  • MINDFLASH  |  MONDAY, MARCH 16, 2015
    [Providers] Are You Using the EdTech Technologies that the Experts Assume You’re Using?
    On the flip side, consider 1:1 strategy to: Bridge the Digital Divide:  Provide equal access to devices for all. Simplify IT:  Restriction on the type and model of device allowed translates to fewer device variants to support, and greater negotiating power for corporate bulk discounts from equipment and service providers. Should you choose to flip your corporate classroom, remember that providing the learning material online beforehand doesn’t guarantee that students will learn. 'The New Media Consortium’s Horizon Report > 2015 Higher Education has just been released.
  • LEARNDASH  |  MONDAY, MARCH 16, 2015
    [Providers] 5 Success Traits of ELearning Projects
    If the project is ultimately unsuccessful (no matter what the definition may be), then the data will provide clues as to why, and more importantly it will prevent you from making the same mistakes in the future. 'If you are like me, then in your life you have been on both successful projects as well as not-so-successful ones (and I think you would agree that the successful ones are more fun). It’s probably important to note that ‘success’ is a very broad term and could encompass a variety of things. These objectives are hardly accomplished by being reactive. elearning
  • TALENTLMS  |  MONDAY, MARCH 16, 2015
    [Providers] Failures in Training Management
    This involves providing options for course resources, assessment taking, assignment submitting and even project-building. Provide the training facilitator with some insight on each learner. Another pitfall, is creating meaningful courses but not following up and providing specific feedback on comments. Encourage facilitators to quote the comment if they have to and provide inline feedback! and eagerness to apply their newly acquired knowledge through a decision-making process provided in the branched scenarios. No other than the human resource heroes!
  • BRAVE NEW ORG  |  MONDAY, MARCH 16, 2015
    [Providers] My Next Book Has A Title And A Publish Date
    It brings me to provide an update on Book #2. An early ‘shout out’ to those who provided such clever and innovative suggestions for the book title as well earlier in 2014. 'On March 17, almost one hundred years ago in 1917, a young soldier by the name of Harold Simpson from Bayview, Prince Edward Island, and stationed on the front lines of World War I wrote to his mother. We are not fighting for territory, or wealth or glory. No, thank God, those are not our objects. found the letter both disheartening and incredibly positive. I’m done! My Purpose.
  • BLOOMFIRE  |  MONDAY, MARCH 16, 2015
    [Providers] Using Technology To Win The Customer Experience Battle
    It’s by providing an exceptional customer experience where you will truly set your company apart and create loyalty. 'by Eleanor Bowman ( @atxeleanor ). Whether you realize it or not, your business is fighting a battle every day and your customers are right in the middle of the melee. This fight isn’t over pricing, or product features, or website traffic. Many would argue that products, prices, and branding can all be replicated. The customer experience is the next competitive battleground” – Jerry Gregoire, Dell. Delightful customer experiences are memorable and influential.
    [Providers] How to Use Augmented Reality for Technology Based Learning
    Of course, they come at a cost, and a huge one at that, but the main advantage they provide is being a one-time investment to deliver the most effective form of training in a completely secure manner. This may particularly be helpful in providing on-the-job support to medical professionals or for demonstrating engineering processes. 'Technology acts funny at times. It works to make the real virtual, and uses virtual to simulate reality. On the other hand, cutting edge graphics and 3D technology make it possible to create life like, real environments! Let us take an example.
    [Providers] Women in Technology: Casey Wright
    If you both welcome and provide honest, straightforward communication, you’ll get more out of working with other people and continually find ways to improve and grow. 'This post is part of a series. Read previous posts about April Noren , Julie Neil , and Rhonda Herron. . March is National Women’s History Month! Join us in paying tribute to the women of the past by celebrating the women of today, specifically women in technology. Their accomplishments wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication and risk taken by women not only in the past but every day since.
    [Providers] 10Q: Martin Weller - the battle for open
    think many MOOCs (and MOOC providers) will struggle to find a sustainable financial model in their current guise. 'Now and then, I have the privilege to interview some great thought leaders in the field of education. usually feature them on this blog under the banner of 10Q - ten questions. This time, I''m very happy to interview two of the keynote speakers for the EDEN 2015 conference , which will be held in Barcelona. In a few days I''ll post my interview with Jim Groom, but first, here''s the conversation that ensued when I caught up with The British Open University''s Martin Weller.
    [Providers] Welcome To Our New Senior Account Manager
    appreciate Erin, Josh and Don taking me through the gauntlet and providing an exciting opportunity with a growing company. I''m Todd Burns, new Sr. Account Manager with OpenSesame. I''m thrilled to be joining such a great group of individuals. I''ve worked in high tech sales forever and saw a great opportunity to join a fast moving startup like OpenSesame. I''m most excited to make sales calls that don''t need to include a Solutions Engineer, an integration expert, a Deployment Engineer and the Product Mgr on every call! years. We live in Cedar Mill, not far from St. OpenSesame
  • LEARNDASH  |  SUNDAY, MARCH 15, 2015
    [Providers] 5 Must-Read Blended Learning Articles
    Even if you are familiar with blended learning, the following write-ups will provide some useful reminders (and perhaps additional insight) into the concept. 'In recent years it has been found that utilizing blended learning across a variety of contexts has proven to be a successful approach for teaching and training content. Companies use it to train their employees while classrooms implement a blended learning approach to encourage students to think about content in a variety of ways. Blended learning leverages both in-person instruction and elearning for conveying key concepts.
    [Providers] A Typeface Crash Course for eLearning Professionals
    In print publications, serif typefaces are more legible because each letter has a more recognizably distinct shape, and the serifs provide for a flow that seems to link the letters of a word into one whole. 'Since our school days, many of us have been crafting essays, letters, and stories with a word processor. Inevitably we would experiment with the font selector, trying to see what our report on Christopher Columbus would look like in Papyrus. But back then, we probably didn’t know what we were doing, or why certain fonts worked while others fell flat on their face. Font or Typeface?
    [Providers] Student Use of Interest Lists
    This document provides an overview of Interest Lists and how-to instructions on putting them to use for you 'Interest lists help an LMS student express interest in a course for several reasons, including: There is no existing classroom offering available. The student is unsure of their ability to attend or take the course (i.e. scheduling, budget, managerial approval). The student enrolls in a course that is part of an established series of coursework.
    [Providers] Solution Category Overview: Medical Software
    Also, some programs offer cloud storage options which provides an excellent source of backup — and cloud-based applications take up less memory on hard drives. EMR Software Benefits EMR, Electronic Medical Records, provide important medical information concerning one specific practice or office. This allows primary care physicians, specialists, hospitals, diagnostic centers, and other healthcare providers to share patient information, creating more efficient strategies for treatment and care. Who Benefits from Medical Software? We need your opinions!
    [Providers] View or Print a Certificate of Completion
    Therefore, not all courses that you complete may provide the option to print or view a certificate. This document provides instruction on how to find, view and print a Certificate of Completion 'When administrators create courses, they establish whether or not a Certificate of Completion is available to students who complete the course.
    [Providers] How Mobile Devices Will Continue To Shape HR Departments in the Future?
    Today, smartphones and tablets are among the most evident gadgets being maximized by employees and businesses in providing more efficient work even when on the go. The same study also noted that there will be an increase in the consumption of applications helpful for human resource staff in scanning more potential applicants as well as providing training solutions. According to  a list provided by O2 , the most popular and top tablets today ranges from 7-inch to 10-inch size, close to the size of netbooks. More HR applications and solutions. NetSuite TribeHR. SumTotal.
  • 360 TRAINING  |  FRIDAY, MARCH 13, 2015
    [Providers] Fundamentals of Good eLearning Scenarios
    We usually don’t get a second chance to correct ourselves in real-life situations, but with the help of elearning scenarios, a student is provided an opportunity to learn and practice in an authentic environment. 'Top-rated instructors strive to create useful and engaging online training to help learners get the most out of their elearning and help them apply the knowledge in practical life. They seek to shift from the traditional learning paradigm of “knowing” to the modern learning paradigm of “knowing and doing.” Should you check her phone for an emergency contact number?
  • KAPP NOTES  |  FRIDAY, MARCH 13, 2015
    [Providers] Learn About Grant Writing for Educators: Second Lynda.com Course is Live
    ” It is another Lynda.com course and it provides a great resources for anyone who wants to explore the world of grant funding. The course also provides samples of successful grants and some worksheets to help you get started. 'Throughout my academic career, I’ve focused on studying games and instructional technology and unfortunately creating one either is not cheap. In fact, they can cost lots of money. I’ve combined all those years of knowledge into a course I am very excited about “Grant Writing for Educators.” The parts of a grant. Grant Writing
    [Providers] CBSE Open Text Based Assessments – Lip Service or Silver Bullet
    As the circular states: The main objective of introducing this element is to provide opportunities to students to apply theoretical concepts to a real life scenario by encouraging active and group learning in the Class. In a later circular , it is reiterated that: the main objective of introducing OTBA is to relieve the students from the burden of mugging up of content and provide opportunities in effective use of memory and acquiring skills of information processing. Experts hired by CBSE have now made essays/case studies etc. It assumes and implies several things.
    [Providers] How To Create a Course Using a Blog
    It won’t be the same amount of traffic, but it still is providing value to someone. 'If you have a blog, then you know how much work is required to continually write useful articles. It takes a great degree of dedication to run a blog properly, which is why many people avoid it altogether. One reason people become demoralized with blogs is because they feel that the initial value of their articles is lost shortly after it is released. There are multiple reasons why this is not true. But there is another reason why your articles are valuable. What’s the catch? That’s it!
    [Providers] 3 Popular Tools for Employee Screening
    Employment, education, and reference checks – Some 46 percent of people provide information that is different from what shows up on these checks. At CollectMyThoughts , we seek to provide a user resource for employee screening and testing as well as recruiting and other employee management software. 'When you hire someone to work for your company, you want the most competent person for the job. However, it’s not always possible to determine which person is best by going over a standard application and conducting a personal interview. Everyone benefits. Data was taken from 6.5
    [Providers] Upcoming Webinar: Developing a Compelling Strategy for Your Education Business
    Strategy provides a framework for making decisions—it’s the dancer’s strength, the poem’s patterned form. In this session, we discuss the fundamentals of developing a compelling strategy and provide you with a brief but effective process that you can put to work immediately for your organization.Celisa Steele and Jeff Cobb, co-founders of Tagoras, will present this session, sponsored by Web Courseworks. have a strong interest in joining Tagoras for this webinar because of how impactful an education business strategy can be on the entire lifecycle of educational products. percent).
    [Providers] Bloomfire Enables GENBAND to Build an Interactive Content Repository
    'GENBAND provides real time communications software solutions for service providers, enterprises, independent software vendors, systems integrators, and developers. The company is headquartered in Frisco, Texas and has R&D, sales, and support resources in more than 80 countries. GENBAND’s GENBAND’s software and services enables its customers to quickly introduce products, applications, and services that address the growing demands of today’s consumers and businesses to stay connected and access real time communications across a variety of devices, wherever they happen to be.
    [Providers] A Radical Solution to the Keynotes-Don't-Do-Nothin' Problem
    Most keynotes are okay on this.not always great in providing valid, important content, but okay generally. Supporting remembering requires such learning factors as (1) utilizing contextual cues during learning that will be later encountered on the job, (2) providing learners with substantial amounts of memory-retrieval practice, and (3) spacing repetitions of key concepts over time. Most keynotes provide near-zero learner-relevant context, absolutely zero retrieval practice, and only minimal spaced repetitions. Okay, everybody knows that. We''ll take these one at a time.
    [Providers] How to Prevent Member Education Burnout
    Your association is in a unique position to provide subject matter expertise that can define your membership and keep their knowledge of the field current. 'After your organization decides to increase learning opportunities, there is usually a flurry of activity to roll out some eLearning. Classes are designed, written, and posted. Then the waiting begins. Build it and they will, supposedly, come. Are people signing up? Are they completing the classes? NOW WHAT? Make sure you are keeping your educational material fresh and engaging to keep your members coming back. ASK THEM. . 2003).
    [Providers] Wow! Do these new apps point to a major, new, door-opening concept?
    Such a concept could usher in an era that provides many new affordances — affordances made possible by the presence of beacon-related technologies (or similar machine-to-machine communications).  'From DSC: Wow! The two apps listed below could represent a new, major, door-opening concept! If this is/becomes the case, we should expect to see a whole new […]. 21st century 24x7x365 access career development Daniel S. Christian entrepreneurship freelancing ideas innovation social learning / networks workplace
    [Providers] E-learning: what is it good for?
    When it was first coined, in the late 1990s, it promised a brave new world of engaging, multimedia-rich learning freed from the confines of the classroom, providing unlimited accessibility, flexibility and scalability. Actually, quite a few things, as long as they are primarily interactive in nature and we don’t call them e-learning: Drill and practice : Interactive learning materials are brilliant at providing you with repetitive practice in a wide range of skills (typing, mathematical problem-solving, etc.) And in many cases it fulfilled the promise.
    [Providers] The Engaged Employee
    The Institute for Employment Studies also identified the expectations of employees from an organization to fulfill their career growth and performance needs: • Involvement in decision making: Use collaborative tools like discussion boards and announcement notifications to update all employees on latest activities and policy updates while providing opportunities for comments. 'What criteria determine the degree of engagement in an employee? What criteria describe being an “engaged employee”? What environmental factors in the work context promote optimal engagement? Gallup’s Q12  1.
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