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    [Providers] Multiplayer Game Installations, The Cube, & Writing Debriefs: This Week on #BLPLearn
    We include commentary from the original BLPer who found the article to provide you with context on why we felt it is worth sharing out. #BLPLearn is for our fellow members of the L&D community. We take the best articles and resources shared between members of our teams and publish them in this weekly post. THIS WEEK’S ARTICLES. Now that introductions are out of the way, let’s dive in to this week’s articles: Building Multiplayer Game Installations. Submitted by  Brandon Penticuff, Technology Director  . Obviously, content will always be king when remembering matters. BLPLearn
    [Providers] Placebo Effect in Video Games, Photoshop’s Hidden Gems, & Non-Linear eLearning: This Week on #BLPLearn
    We include commentary from the original BLPer who found the article to provide you with context on why we felt it is worth sharing out. #BLPLearn is for our fellow members of the L&D community. We take the best articles and resources shared between members of our teams and publish them in this weekly post. THIS WEEK’S ARTICLES. Now that introductions are out of the way, let’s dive in to this week’s articles: Placebo Effect in Video Games. Submitted by  Brandon Penticuff, Technology Director  . Placebo effect alive and well in video games…. Photoshop’s Hidden Gems .
    [Providers] Gaming on Twitter, the Ctrl+Paint Library, and Persuasive eLearning: This Week on #BLPLearn
    We include commentary from the original BLPer who found the article to provide you with context on why we felt it is worth sharing out. #BLPLearn is for our fellow members of the L&D community. We take the best articles and resources shared between members of our teams and publish them in this weekly post. THIS WEEK’S ARTICLES. Now that introductions are out of the way, let’s dive in to this week’s articles: Gaming on Twitter. Submitted by  Corey Callahan, Senior Multimedia Developer  . Games can be anywhere. Leon by Leon. Ctrl+Paint Library . Ctrl+Paint Library. BLPLearn blplearn
    [Providers] Anything is Possible with Articulate Storyline
    The design for each module was provided to […]. B Online Learning was recently engaged by the Association of Independent Schools of NSW (AIS) to assist in building four modules as part of the online component of the Early Literacy Project. This project aims to promote the explicit teaching of early literacy skills in independent schools. Articulate eLearning Design eLearning Development Facilitating eLearning authoring tools design elearning eLearning content eLearning course design instructional design rapid authoring tools storyline storyline2
    [Providers] “A pathway to federal aid for unaccredited education providers”
    Here’s a primer — from by Bart Epstein and Ben Wallerstein (on 11/9/15) Excerpt: On October 15th, the Department of Education launched a new Experimental Site called Educational Quality through Innovative Partnerships (EQUIP), which creates a pathway to federal aid for unaccredited education providers–including the fast-growing bootcamp sector. Equipped for EQUIP? Here’s what you need to […].
    [Providers] 5 Features Salesforce LMS Integration brings to the Table
    This encourages real-time knowledge sharing, while  providing the aspect of continuous coaching to increase the engagement and motivation around the goals of the learners. An LMS in its own right, has the capacity to make elearning  easy and accessible. It helps in creating, tracking and distributing content to the learners. Besides, for corporates  and educational institutes, it helps in keeping the employees and the students respectively, at the top of the learning/training pyramid by being their go-to option for anytime, anyplace, any device learning. Think Moodle here!
    [Providers] 4 Ways Intuit uses Performance Support. Without Even Knowing It ?
    This is valuable because it provides users an outlet for sharing back to the content and application owners – driving continuous improvement. Reference Guides / Job Aids At year-end, QuickBooks provides a job aid to financial professionals reminding them to perform tasks like submitting 1099 forms, etc. This information helps keep the user engaged by providing good or bad news about where they are in the process. By my count Intuit uses at least four performance support techniques in their browser-based applications. And Intuit achieves these goals better than anyone.
    [Providers] The coming AI health care boom
    Excerpt: More than six billion dollars: That’s how much health care providers and consumers will be spending every […]. Paging Dr. Robot: The coming AI health care boom — from by Sean Captain Use of artificial intelligence in health care to grow tenfold in 5 years, say analysts—for everything from cancer diagnosis to diet tips. AI - artificial intelligence algorithms analytics computer science data mining emerging technologies engineering health IBM platforms programming robotics UK United States vendors
    [Providers] David Rose: Enchanted Objects -- Opening Keynote #ATDTK
    The plan for Beam is to sell $20 a month dental insurance to people who use their brushes – so he’s monetizing the data flow that provides insight on risks… Teleportation – the desire to move effortlessly. These are my live blogged notes from the opening keynote at ATD TechKnowledge 2016, happening this week in Las Vegas. Forgive any typos or incoherencies. David Rose CEO, Ditto Labs His Book: Enchanted Objects, Design, Human Desire, and the Internet of Things @DavidRose Advertising is about pixels (think Times Square) Where else will it go? Will we clothe ourselves in technology?
    [Providers] Rising Tide of Smartphone Apps for Talent and HR
    In addition to the communication support (voice, email, and text) prevalent in mobile devices, and ignoring for the moment the camera and video technology generally included, smart phones provide users with a great many transactional or operational tools. Increasingly many of applications are tied to human capital management solutions: 93 percent of the HCM solution providers in our recent study supported mobile applications. These always-handy, “in-your-pocket” applications can provide immediacy and 24x7 accessibility to both managers and employees. link]. [5].
    [Providers] From the Armed Forces to the Workforce: Getting Veterans Back to Work
    have written a complimentary research report to provide inspiration and help in the development of a business case for veteran hiring initiatives. Providing business skills training. Next Monday, May 25 th , is Memorial Day. Many of us, myself included, are looking forward to long weekends with family to launch the start of the summer. But Memorial Day has a deeper meaning—it’s a national holiday in the United States for remembering the people who died while serving in our armed forces. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the U.S. Attending military job fairs.
    [Providers] No Duct Tape Allowed!: Managing HCM Application Integration
    IT Cost —When systems are not integrated by vendors, IT may have to pick up the bill “Integration projects” may be put on the back burner, further complicating HR’s ability to provide services to its stakeholders. The majority of HCM software providers have long supplied standard, documented application programming interfaces (APIs) for practitioners to use in connecting to a variety of their custom and third-party products. Application integration is essential. It is not just a technical issue, but also a business issue. Making the Incompatible Compatible.
    [Providers] The Four Keys to Bold HR: Lessons for the Year Ahead
    Today HR organizations must reinvest in learning and provide engaging, relevant learning experiences (and assignments) to employees at all levels. We just finished our 8th annual IMPACT research conference in Florida, and our theme was Bold HR - pushing the envelope on talent and HR practices, reinventing what we do, and starting with a fresh sheet of paper. Let me start by saying that theme turned out to be perfect. Nearly 1/3 of all new CHROs are coming from non-HR backgrounds, demonstrating how CEOs want new thinking brought into the HR function. What does the world Bold Mean? The s
    [Providers] Being Bold—Not Just for HR Anymore
    Product providers can be bold in their market strategies as well. For many of the vendors that today provide both core HR and talent management systems (such as talent acquisition, learning, career, performance, and succession management), that integration has happened: there is one employee profile that contains both employment information and talent information. But the innovation comes in with those suite providers who are talent-only – often linking to a third party HRIS system. Today’s HR leaders recognize this. Improve business acumen across the HR team.
    [Providers] From Research to Action: Introducing BersinOne
    We are very proud of our innovations - they include the use of validated maturity models (with detailed data and benchmarking behind them) in more than 20 different areas, comprehensive data on spending and resource allocation, and of course much detail on HR technology, solution providers, and content vendors and how they typically fit into the market. So here we provide diagnostic tools, Factbooks (books of spending level by maturity and industry), and maturity models to help you figure out precisely what the "next step" means to you and your organization.
    [Providers] Leaders in 2030 won’t see ‘followers’, but collaborators, associates and allies
    Better access to information provides employees with deeper knowledge and enables a higher degree of intellectual autonomy and emancipation. A leadership vision: followership in 2030. Imagine a group of elementary school children and fast-forward fifteen years to the time they enter the work force. What will they be like? What will they be interested in? What will inspire them and which principles will guide their choices? Which. organizations will they want to work for, and what kind of employees will they turn out to be? Every attempt to describe the. access to information.
    [Providers] Investing in Innovation: When it Pays to Play
    You are a software provider, but you know you will never have the time to create every feature your customers might need, especially in the timeframe they want it. But you have other choices: typically, a company might partner with other providers, such that their customers can get the solutions they need – but you may not have too much influence over that partner’s roadmap or product direction. This is the road that software provider Cornerstone OnDemand (CSOD) is taking: the “something in the middle.” Here is an interesting proposition.
    [Providers] HR Technology For 2016: Ten Disruptions On The Horizon
    In every case the company selected a vendor that had particular capabilities that met their needs, and in each case there are many incumbent systems, payroll providers, and outsourcers involved. As always, once the gorillas emerge they will likely be acquired by the big HRMS/Payroll providers, but that's years ahead. Personally I think this will be a huge market going forward, and even device manufacturers and exercise equipment providers are developing these systems. While many are not highly proven yet, they all work to a degree, providing great value to any company.
    [Providers] Aligning L&D to the Broader Organization
    These organizations exist to drive business value, versus existing to provide training. L&D may very well be utilizing its expertise to provide knowledge and skills to drive the business. They set priorities and provide funding; they understand the strategy and shift it when necessary; they play a large part in shaping the culture; and their support of learning and development initiatives may be the difference between success and failure. When L&D understands the pain points of line managers, it is able to efficiently address them in the solutions that are provided.
    [Providers] [In ed tech] Apple tries to catch up with Google; w/ iOS 9.3 beta, Apple’s providing a preview of these 4 new features
    From DSC: Well it’s about time!  It appears that Apple has finally gotten around to responding to being blown out of the water by Google (in the world of ed tech). The The fiasco with Apple, Pearson and the Los Angeles School District didn’t help them either. Now they’re forced to play catch up; which is really […]. active learning Apple digital learning education technology K-12 related
    [Providers] In the New Year, use an LMS to Promote Growth
    Jordan Bradley works for High Speed Training (HST), a fully accredited specialist eLearning course provider based in the UK. Keeping up with the learning and development requirements of your workforce is tough, even when you’re established and have the resources available. Whilst you may only have a few staff members working in your startup, maintaining an effective staff development program on an ongoing basis is tricky when you’re operating on limited resources. Even with external investment, all your expenditure has to be justified and comprehensively accounted for. Easy to scale.
    [Providers] Top 25 LMS Rankings on GetApp: Where does Mindflash Rank?
    The LMS rankings are just one of many rankings provided by GetApp – the company have generously created such rankings for each of their numerous categories of apps that they list on their website. As you can see from the graphic above, GetApp report our LMS to excel in the areas of user reviews and mobile apps – a testament to our continuous work on providing a system that is: Highly intuitive for users in a wide range of distinct industries. Author bio: Jordan Bradley works for High Speed Training (HST), a fully accredited specialist eLearning course provider based in the UK.
  • ELEARNING 3.0 BLOG  |  MONDAY, JUNE 15, 2009
    [Providers] Terminating Education?
    Today’s post is about Libraries, books and their relevance in learning today, if you haven’t heard about Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s speech this week on the controversial topic of Digital textbooks, Here’s a snippet: “Starting this fall with high school math and science, we will be the first state in the nation—the first state in the nation—to provide schools with a state-approved list of digital textbooks. This an open ended blog post that asks a few questions but doesn’t answer all of them, that’s where you come in! Think about this. Traditional. So all of this you wouldn’t.
    [Providers] Mobile Learning – Changing the Face of E-learning!
    The information providing bodies directly push messages to the mobile devices or do so via mobile apps. In a nutshell, it can be said that mobile learning provides the much-needed flexibility and portability that are key to the generation of today. Just provide us your details, and we’ll get in touch with you shortly. The e-learning industry keeps talking about mobile learning and other parlance carrying similar meanings. And well… why not? The sentience towards it makes absolute sense as mobile learning is nothing but a mobile friendly offshoot of e-learning.
    [Providers] Rebranding Solutions with White Label LMS from Paradiso
    Let the adepts pitch in and provide you a customized solution – mainly a white label solution for your software needs. We basically strive to provide you a rich onboarding experience, free from the headaches associated with collaborating with the IT department. It is a well known fact that an entrepreneur has to don many hats in order to keep the business barrel rolling. Certainly, that’s the price one has to pay ‘to be one’s own boss’. Antics apart, sometimes trying to do many things at a time can set up an entrepreneur for failure. In such cases, delegating is key!
    [Providers] "I'm Going to Challenge The Heck Out Of Trainees in 2016!"
    Also, in many cases, the provider will be the ones facilitating along side of you (Yes! Find a provider you’re very comfortable with. Why not make it a resolution to put training participants in the their place in 2016? We all know that corporate training participants come into training thinking they're wasting their time because they know everything as it is. Heck, they could be CEO, right? This is something we’ve all heard time and again. So, let’s put them in the their place! You needn’t worry. You’ll still be very involved).
    [Providers] How to Connect Training to a Company’s Digital Culture
    Therefore, it is important to identify any possible external providers who may be able to provide some integration expertise. When choosing a provider for an integration solution you should concentrate on client testimonials/feedback from other integration projects, as well as assessing the solidity of their platform. Keep providers to a minimum: Some IT solution providers work by delegating integration services to third parties. First published on Why is integration so fundamental? Track time spent and status. Find out more: [link]. link].
    [Providers] Using the “force” of video technology to reveal your organization’s leaders
    Meanwhile, employees tell us that employers are not providing enough opportunity for professional growth and career advancement. Video not only allows employees to take control of what and when they are learning, it also provides them with the ability to share their ideas, collaborate with peers, mentor others, and let their leadership abilities shine. technology that provides easy-to-use tools for video capture and peer collaboration can ultimately help an organization to identify individuals that exhibit the chemistry, conviction, and character needed to fill leadership roles.
  • 24X7 LEARNING  |  TUESDAY, DECEMBER 15, 2015
    [Providers] 24×7 Learning Wins Silver at Brandon Hall Group Awards
    LearnTrak has helped 200+ organizations surpass their learning objectives by streamlining user experience and providing a collaborative environment that learners carry seamlessly across devices suited to their individual learning styles. Brandon Hall Group is a HCM research and advisory services firm that provides insights around key performance areas, including Learning and Development, Talent Management, Leadership Development, Talent Acquisition and Workforce Management. This win was announced on December 4, 2015. The winners are listed at [link] html. About Brandon Hall Group.
    [Providers] Capterra names Latitude Learning #4 in Top Free/Open Source LMSs
    “This recognition is a reflection of Latitude’s determination we wholeheartedly provide our clients. Being able to provide our unrivaled Forever Free LMS for up to 100 users, with no cost or risk to our clients is a service we feel demonstrates our strong commitment to LMS users. Recently Capterra identified the best total free and/or open source LMSs available. Latitude Learning, an industry leader in partner performance and the home of the only cloud-based franchisor LMS, ranks as #4 on the list.
    [Providers] Drive your Sleigh with Member Driven Learning!
    Later in the interview, Cheryl shares her opinion on how leaders can encourage learners in the uptake of this new style of learning, stating that it’s our responsibility to provide the – as she calls it – “what”. The Third Thought online learning initiative is just one example of how you can manage your workforce’s learning online; Mindflash also provide their own software in the form of an  LMS. Author bio: Jordan Bradley works for High Speed Training (HST), a fully accredited specialist eLearning course provider based in the UK. So what is member-driven learning?
    [Providers] MATRIX says hello!
    MATRIX is a product of CYPHER LEARNING , which also provides an LMS for schools and universities called NEO. Hello e-learning people! Welcome to the MATRIX Blog, the place where you will find all sorts of useful information about online training, e-learning, corporate learning management systems and everything in between. So we’ve told you what this blog is about, but why should you read it? That’s simple. Because we know how what it’s like to face all kinds of challenges in this field and we want to share our experience with our readers. You might be wondering what or who is MATRIX.
    [Providers] Creating Quizzes that Support Learning
    ELearning provides an excellent platform for encouraging learners to engage in active recall. Recommended: Provide feedback. However, when you provide feedback that includes the correct answer, you are making sure that they can study the correct answer. It takes a lot of work to convince learners that rereading their notes is an inefficient way of studying. As an educator, I have talked with students who are confused after they spend hours studying and still didn’t perform well on the test. So what is the problem with rereading? You are a passive participant. 2011).
    [Providers] Reporting eLearning Results
    Do you need to provide reports to your boss that show how learners have performed on a quiz? Talk to your LMS provider for information on which one to use. by Kevin Siegel      When developing eLearning, you can elect to use Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, Lectora, Camtasia Studio--there's no shortage of awesome tools. Once the eLearning content is finished, do you need to track learner access to the content? How about letting the boss know how many people have accessed specific lessons, and how many people have completed the course?
    [Providers] Show Me the Release Notes!
    common question is to provide a release or upgrade history (Release Notes) of our GyrusAim LMS that shows its revisions over time. An ongoing history of software releases provided by an LMS vendor proves that they invest resources into developing the product by adding new features and fixing problems. Providing such a history is not a problem for Gyrus Systems since we’ve been in business since 1987 and update our GyrusAim LMS several times per year. As an example, Release Notes are provided to you by a vendor in December, 2015 with history that ends in 2013.
    [Providers] Popular Employee Training Software Reviewed
    Finally, this software can also help improve workplace communications thanks to the software offered by the provider. If you are looking for an employee training software then one of the best ways to go about it is by looking at the reviews. These reviews can tell you a lot about what kind of features you can expect from each software, and how they can be used to improve your company’s employee training plan. So if you want to use a training software to improve employee performance then here are several reviews that you should look at. The key here is in work performance support.
    [Providers] Everything You Need to Know About Training Station
    Training station can teach your organization how to feasibly structure its training program, so as to provide realistic and measurable returns. There are a lot of sites dedicated to employee training and development.  None of them, however, are my site. If you are looking for versatile and reliable information then Training Station is the site for you. Seriously, not even tooting my own horn here. Take a look around. Training station is a blog, my blog and dedicated to promoting corporate and personnel training. What Can Training Station Offer You and Your Company? Employee Training
    [Providers] LatitudeCG supports Magic of Christmas Foundation
    Their monetary contributions enabled them to provide four children a better holiday experience. Families in need are contacted and asked to provide their wish list to Santa. Jeff Walter, CEO of Latitude Learning, home of the only cloud-based LMS built for franchisors, supported the web design effort of The Magic of Christmas Adopt a Family Foundation , a non-profit organization started in 1996 by former University of Michigan All-American track athlete and former LPGA Tour player, Debbie Williams-Hoak. This holiday season Latitude employees adopted two families.
    [Providers] Achieve Your Goals Faster with an Employee Development Plan Template
    In this way, your template will be able to provide boost performance regardless of how many trainees are trained through your training program. Your employee development plan template plays an important role in your company’s long-term interests. Not only are they necessary tools for employee training and development , they also play a big role in employee engagement and operational efficiency. This is because these templates help organizations choose the right employee training techniques, strategies and tools for training their employees.  Follow these Guidelines.
    [Providers] Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Technology Awards 2015
    We conduct research that drives performance, and provides strategic insights for executives and practitioners responsible for growth and business results. We are eager to share the great news with our users and readers. On December the 3rd, Brandon Hall Group announced the winners of the international annual Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Technology Award. It’s the first time Geenio gets such title, but it is definitely not the last one. We plan to continue surprising our users and juries of various contests with our innovative ideas, helpful features and useful enhancements.
    [Providers] Polaris Industries' sought more control with new Latitude LearningCenter
    December 8, 2015 - Latitude , a software industry leader in associate performance and home of the LatitudeCONNECT Suite, provides an LMS solution to Polaris Industries Inc. Saline, Mich., Polaris is an American manufacturer of high quality off-road consumer and military vehicles, including All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and the Polaris RANGER,® GENERAL™ and RZR® side-by-side vehicles, snowmobiles, motorcycles and on-road electric/hybrid powered vehicles. With Polaris' immense expansion, it became apparent that technology would be a pivotal resource to their success.
    [Providers] 4 Tips for Optimal Video Engagement
    Ask them to subscribe to your channel or provide social media links so that they can easily like or share the content. According to HubSpot , 85 percent of the U.S Internet market watches videos online. Since visuals tend to capture attention more than just words alone, the big question is, how do you keep viewers engaged? It turns out there are some simple key steps that you can use to retain your audience’s’ fickle attention. It may seem obvious that the longer a video drags on, the lower its retention. So, what is the message here? Let’s take a look! Consistency Counts. Simple?
    [Providers] Rebalancing Your Training Portfolio
    While it is easier for the academic trainer to develop courses in accordance with the academic or educational purpose, the corporate trainer is expected to train employees in a way that provides them the tools and understanding which are applicable to employees’ jobs and everyday work. As progressing professional training and development provider, your own work must blend management, event management, marketing, content development, production and knowledge in information and communication technology. All this make my training portfolio. Achieving a balance. Relationship matters.
    [Providers] 7 Courses to Bolster Your Resume: Culinary Skills
    Elearning helps mitigate this liability by providing the most efficient training in with the least amount of resources, covering large companies to small businesses, in a variety of languages. PROVIDER: Hospitality Staff Training. PROVIDER: Hospitality Staff Training. PROVIDER: DiscoverLink. PROVIDER: Hospitality Staff Training. PROVIDER: Green Education Online. Green Education Online, the provider of this course, focuses on creating courses for promoting environmentally-responsible actions, and this lesson is no exception. LENGTH: 20 min.
    [Providers] What You’ll Love About the eLearning Interaction Builder
    Activities or interactions provide a way for learners to engage with the content and they make it possible to evaluate a learner’s progress. At first I was skeptical when my friends at eLearning Brothers made the promise that “no programming skills or software are needed” to use their eLearning Interaction Builder. might have even rolled my eyes and laughed out loud when they claimed I wouldn’t need an IT department and that I’d be able to “easily download a file to insert any interactions into an eLearning course. But in this case, I was wrong. take it all back. Insert sad face here.).
  • GYRUS  |  MONDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 2015
    [Providers] Gyrus Systems Earns “Top 10” Award for “Best Employee Compliance LMS” by Talented Learning
    Gyrus Systems' earned this award by developing GyrusAim features that " are admin focused and have skills, competencies, audit trails, electronic signatures, strong ILT management, facility and resource management, broad content support and powerhouse reporting. " “It’s a great honor to be recognized by Talented Learning in providing innovative learning solutions for our customers,” said Viren Kapadia, President and CEO of Gyrus Systems. Richmond, VA · November 30, 2015. About Gyrus. The company is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia.
    [Providers] Latitude Learning unveils Franchise Newsletter
    will make you more successful at your job by providing a platform to help you build a better network. Latitude has been hard at work to produce a one-stop syndicated news platform for professionals in the franchise space, or any similar partner (agent, broker, reseller) industry. Franchise T.E.A. is a newsletter about the three behaviors that differentiate high performing franchises from low performing: Training, Engagement, and Analytics. Stay abreast on the pulse of the industry and up-to-date on the latest franchise news, all in one place! Franchise T.E.A.
    [Providers] Sponge UK launches ‘best ever’ Christmas game
    Award-winning learning provider, Sponge UK is using its expertise in multi-device elearning games to create a fun festive challenge. Sponge UK’s Games Developer, Jason Butler said: “The Christmas game provides an excellent opportunity to showcase our cross-platform game development and push the boundaries. The Plymouth-based company has launched a new Christmas game, Save Santa! It’s the eighth year Sponge UK has released a complimentary Christmas game instead of sending Christmas cards. is our best ever Christmas game. But as you would expect it’s also a learning opportunity.
    [Providers] eLearning Industry names Latitude Learning Top 10 Cloud-based LMS for Corporate Training
    Without a doubt, this is a reflection of the hard work, persistence and dedication we continue to provide to our clients on a regular basis. Being able to provide a first-rate LMS to our clients is a priority we are pleased to be known for,” said Latitude’s CEO, Jeff Walter Last month eLearning Industries released their picks for the top 10 cloud-based Learning Management System for corporate training. Latitude Learning, an industry leader in partner performance and the home of the only cloud-based franchisor LMS, ranks as #10 in list.
    [Providers] Moodle and Corporations: A Match Made in Heaven or Terrible Twosome?
    Training is not provided. The best LMS providers, like Paradiso Solutions , provide full system onboarding and training plus telephone support and access to the “Customer Portal”, where you can find PDFs, documents, videos and other reference material. Part of a contract with a learning provider includes a clause which guarantees that they will take care of any system updates, bug fixes and maintenance you run into. In trying to think of an appropriate analogy for Moodle and business I got to thinking – why do so many companies choose Moodle?
    [Providers] Sponge UK recognised as Outstanding Learning Organisation of the Year
    The judges at the 2015 Elearning Awards singled out the bespoke elearning provider as ‘a mould-breaker’ and described the firm as ‘a strong and vibrant company which is clearly on a roll.’ Elearning experts have recognised the importance of creativity and innovation in driving the industry forward by naming Sponge UK as Outstanding Learning Organisation of the Year. The award follows Sponge’s 2014 win for Elearning Development Company of the Year. The award recognises this commitment to pushing the boundaries so we increase the impact of elearning in the workplace. We’re
    [Providers] Instructional Design and Technical World
    Technical Training also provides oppurtunity to think creatively : My second project was about an abstract product. Can you understand the product enough to simplify the explanations you provide? For majority of my career, I had the priviledge of working on some amazing content. After eight years of experimenting with the boundaries of ID in the domain of soft skills, products, and process training, I was skeptical when I got a job oppunity from an IT company. My thoughts were: Would technical training be as boring as I imagine? Will creativity be restricted? In what way, you ask?
    [Providers] Choosing the Best LMS for your Company
    It is more often than not a better idea to employ the services of a company that specializes in LMS and provides everything needed in one package, including support, upgrades and training. The IT department will provide help for all of the technical considerations of implementing your chosen best LMS, including:  . Choosing the best LMS is less like going shopping and more like events planning and management. There is no LMS shop that you can browse, and nor is there a one-size-fits-all solution. Goals to Set while Choosing the Best LMS? Vendor-bought or In-house? Stakeholders.
    [Providers] Why We Love a good User Interface (And You Should, Too!)
    Second, it should provide feedback to the user as he uses it. Paradiso  Best LM S User Interface. Try to imagine a car with the best performing, most powerful engine out there. This car is quick, smooth and sounds incredible. But, also imagine it had the chassis and interior of an old Toyota. It could be the best car in the world, but you still wouldn’t buy it. User interface, like the chassis, is an integral part of the LMS platform. Boosts efficiency. well-designed user interface doesn’t just make the user experience better – it can increase productivity and efficiency too.
    [Providers] Multi Tenant LMS – Does your organization need it?
    company like Ford, with dealerships spread across the world in various countries, can use multi-tenant architecture to provide each of these dealerships with its own learning environment. Paradiso Solutions is one of the first LMS providers to implement multi tenant solutions. Depending on who you ask – and what they are trying to sell – multi tenancy is either a slow, unreliable, unsafe system that is tricky to back up, or a great feature which gives a certain degree of control to different departments, partners or vendors. So what is multi tenancy? Reporting.
    [Providers] SCORM Compliance and Tin Can Api
    Despite being introduced a couple of years ago in 2013 to little fanfare, learning providers have been slow to incorporate it into their LMS platforms. The information it collects is very different to what an LMS collects, and provides a much more rounded view of learner progress. Instead of providing simple pass/fail, taken/not taken data like a normal LMS, Tin Can Api instead collects “statements” from the learner, which are sent in the form of ‘noun-verb-object’ to a learning record store, or LRS. Intro to SCORM. Content can be used again and again and even sold on.
    [Providers] Startups that Changed Our Education
    Unlike Coursera, this site does not only provide lessons for students, it is also a great resource site for teachers. The site also provides innovative ideas to help teachers conduct fun, exciting and interesting classes to students. Unlike other English sites that can be difficult to understand, Voxy makes it easy for you to understand English and to comprehend the lessons being provided. The site provides various materials from books to manuals. You can find her providing     assignment help at Aussiessay or career advice to students. Learnzillion. Inkling.
  • YARDSTICK  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 5, 2015
    [Providers] How Long Should a Certification Examination Be?
    Questions that do not provide a meaningful contribution can then be dropped from scoring. [1] This is typically obtained by having a representative sample of subject matter experts or practitioners rate the frequency and importance of each competency (i.e., Certifying bodies often ask the question about the optimal length of a certification examination. This is a great question as the number of questions on the exam is related to its validity and reliability. In theory, longer exams have better reliability. The more questions you put on the exam, the better. eLearning Testing
    [Providers] Best Standard Setting Method
    In essence, these questions address validity because cut scores provide the basis of interpreting and using test scores. In terms of setting cut scores, what is the preferred method? Bookmark, Angoff, modified Angoff. In terms of licensure and certification, clients often ask what the best or most common method is used for setting cut scores. These are great questions because research indicates that different standard setting methods will yield different results. The short answer is that there is no single best or preferred method. Item and exam format. Logistical factors.
    [Providers] How do we make training stick?
    Job aids are tools that provide specific guidance for completing specific tasks. This article is Part 2 in the Evaluation Series. Read Part 1 here. took a class in botany when I was in university. Today I remember exactly one thing from it, I’m allergic to mould, which happened to be what my final project was on. We all have those courses, the ones we took because we had to, or because we needed more credits. You need learners to remember and integrate the training they just took into their job performance. You don’t want your organizational training to fall into the same trap.
    [Providers] Question Formats – Taking it Beyond Multiple Choice
    Online learning provides a plethora of assessment options for educators and instructional designers. We’ve all taken a multiple choice test at least once in our lives. That’s because multiple choice test questions are a useful and flexible assessment tool for a variety of educators. We ought to know – here at Yardstick, we’ve incorporated thousands of multiple choice questions into our eLearning courses. So are multiple choice questions the only testing option available to you in eLearning? So are multiple choice questions the only testing option available to you in eLearning?
    [Providers] IBM Watson launches new app that can predict trends [Whitler]
    And this year, IBM Watson is launching an app that provides shoppers with the ability to understand the […]. The hot products for holiday 2015: IBM Watson launches new app that can predict trends — from by Kimberly Whitler Excerpt: The holiday season—that favorite time of year for retailers and shoppers alike—is just around the corner.  analytics business cognitive psychology / computing computer science corporate / business world data mining IBM marketing/social marketing marketplaces Technologies for your home tools trends vendors
    [Providers] This Week in Learning - November 10, 2015
    Taking as her starting point a recent piece in the New York Times that defends lectures as an effective method of teaching, Barre suggests that, instead of covering old ground, we should shift the discussion to a “normative debate about what we think we should be providing our students and why.” Meaningless Edits When we develop learning, we often write. John McIntyre, editor at the Baltimore Sun (to whom I’ve linked before), gives us a short and moving piece on his shift from prescriptivism to a less strict application of traditional rules of grammar. read more
    [Providers] Universities’ e-tutoring methods should not be used in facilitated professional development
    Furthermore, they should reflect on how they make every written ‘evidence’ in the forums assessable – this gets in the way of providing an online space that could potentially replicate lively debates which are typical of a good face-to-face session. In most online courses at universities, tutors set a minimum number of discussion forum posts per week. For example, students must contribute at least twice in each discussion to receive credit for participation. The assessment of the number of contributions is deemed necessary to ensure students’ participation.
    [Providers] A Conversation with Carol Leaman, CEO of Axonify
    What started out as a very effective microlearning platform has now evolved into a sophisticated multi-faceted platform that provides organizations with everything they need to ensure that their employees acquire, grow, sustain, share and apply their knowledge to the job. Alongside microlearning is our performance support offering that provides knowledge-on-demand, where employees can access the information they need, when they need it. That way you always know that you’re providing value to the business. Now here are the highlights from our conversation. The result?
    [Providers] eLearning: Cloud Review and Collaboration with ReviewLink
    Your manager, stakeholders, and subject matter experts can provide feedback directly on any page of a course. by Stephanie Ivec    One of the biggest hidden challenges when it comes to developing eLearning is getting feedback from your client, collaborating on course content with internal team members, or getting final project approval.   Sure, you can manage the collaboration or feedback process the old fashioned way--email. However, managing dozens upon dozens of project emails can quickly become a daunting task.   Work More Efficiently. eLearning
    [Providers] A Decade in eLearning – Then, Now and Next
    Once we have a lot of data to play with we can start doing clever things with recommendations, like modifying learning paths and providing performance support. As LAS celebrate 10 years in business I find myself thinking back to what has changed over that time, what hasn’t, and what the future may hold. When I started LearningAge Solutions, it was as a jobbing contractor, working for a number of elearning development houses. Over time I started building content myself and soon needed to hire another developer. So what’s changed? Learning has gone mobile. Flash is dead. What’s the same?
    [Providers] Development Corner: Image Formats
      The "Portable Network Graphic" was created (approved as a web standard in 1996) to provide high quality continuous-tone but also allow for transparency and animation. by Sally Cox    When it comes to adding images to websites, PowerPoint presentations, or eLearning projects, you will likely be given JPEGs, GIFs, or PNGs. Let's review the three most common image formats and why/when to use them. JPEG is short for "Joint Photographer's Experts Group." " It is one of the most popular formats used on the web and in eLearning. 16 MILLION +.
    [Providers] Maintain Consistent Customer Support — Even During City Disruptions
    In my last job, I worked for an IT services provider in Austin. Providing consistent service for customers outside of Austin and providing empathetic service to locals is a lot easier for a customer support rep who is allowed to work from home and isn’t also facing event disruptions. There’s nothing like 230,000 spectators from all over the world descending on Austin to disrupt business. These large events are particularly difficult for businesses with a customer support focus. How does a company continue to drive great support for their customers during such events?
    [Providers] 5 Tips For Adding Videos To Your Knowledge Base
    Instead of just uploading your video and letting it stand on its own, consider adding a paragraph or two that sets things up for your viewer or provides other information or links that might be valuable. According to Forrester research, watching a one-minute video has the impact of reading 1.8 million words. And over 65% of the population learns visually according to Mind Tools. Nearly every company focuses on creating videos for external audiences. One important place these videos live is within the company intranet or knowledge base. Demo tutorials. Event recaps. HR process videos.
    [Providers] Blog Round Up: Video
    No longer do you have to rely completely on the video creator to provide tags in order to find videos. Forrester says that watching a one-minute video has the impact of reading 1.8 million words. Check out our latest blog posts to see how you can put the power of video to work for your company. Tips For Adding Videos To Your Knowledge Base. While nearly every company focuses on creating videos for external audiences, more and more teams are turning to video as a way to share information and communicate important ideas internally as well. Using Video For Knowledge Transfer.
    [Providers] Digital Participation
    billion in: Providing laptops in all public high schools. Providing mechanics for assisting schools in ICT deployment. [1] [link]. [2] Kearsley, G. The huge wave of internet in last few decades has led to the evolution of online based user experience, whether it’s about searching, marketing, shopping and learning. Much discussed topics in few of my previous articles have been MOOCs, video learning and other online modes that are extensively being used all over the world. All point towards the same finding i.e. increasing digital participation. Digital participation. 2000). 2001).
    [Providers] Unlock Achievement by Meaningful Gaming
    The adrenaline rush of getting into “mischief” without any onlooker and the flexibility of “experimentation”the “sandy” activity provided. Can filling the seemingly never-ending spreadsheets be fun? Can people be empowered or motivated to learn in an interesting, engaging, and experiential way? The terrain of learning is fast-changing. Companies opting for gamification techniques to hook its people have seen business results that put focus on learning the gaming way. But a slight alteration is needed. But remember the fun of being allowed to build sand-castles? That is autonomy at work!
    [Providers] Creating Models and Employee Training Techniques
    On the other hand, case studies can be integrated into a mentoring program in order to provide trainees with access to valuable data. There are many different employee training techniques that are widely used are fairly well known. A few good examples include virtual learning, mentoring and on-the-job-training. These training methods are used in various organizations for improving the skills and capabilities of their personnel. However, what you may not know is that the various types of training may also be customized according to the needs of your own company. – Technical skills.
    [Providers] Unlock Achievement by Meaningful Gaming
    The adrenaline rush of getting into “mischief” without any onlooker and the flexibility of “experimentation”the “sandy” activity provided. Can filling the seemingly never-ending spreadsheets be fun? Can people be empowered or motivated to learn in an interesting, engaging, and experiential way? The terrain of learning is fast-changing. Companies opting for gamification techniques to hook its people have seen business results that put focus on learning the gaming way. But a slight alteration is needed. But remember the fun of being allowed to build sand-castles? That is autonomy at work!
    [Providers] Unlock Achievement by Meaningful Gaming
    The adrenaline rush of getting into “mischief” without any onlooker and the flexibility of “experimentation”the “sandy” activity provided. Can filling the seemingly never-ending spreadsheets be fun? Can people be empowered or motivated to learn in an interesting, engaging, and experiential way? The terrain of learning is fast-changing. Companies opting for gamification techniques to hook its people have seen business results that put focus on learning the gaming way. But a slight alteration is needed. But remember the fun of being allowed to build sand-castles? That is autonomy at work!
    [Providers] Project Loon is set to circle the planet with Internet balloons in 2016 [Dockrill]
    Excerpt: Google’s Project Loon is a massively ambitious plan to provide Internet connectivity to areas of the planet that don’t already enjoy good access to the web. Project Loon is set to circle the planet with Internet balloons in 2016 — from by Peter Dockrill Around the world in 300 balloons. Via a […]. 21st century 24x7x365 access global / globalization Google internet the downsides of technology
    [Providers] Latitude attends Detroit's 2015 Franchise Expo
    The expo provided a platform for one-on-one exchanges with representatives from very successful franchises nationwide. SALINE, MICH., November 2, 2015 - Latitude, and industry leader in partner performance and home of the LearningCenter LMS, visited Detroit's Franchise Expo on October 30, 2015 in Novi, Michigan. Regina Beckham and Janay Burch, both Latitude employees, had the opportunity to interview dozens of franchises on training practices offered to their franchisees.
    [Providers] How To Develop New Skills & Progress In Your Career
    Although the internet has played a role in creating greater competition for each position it also provides you with the means of expanding your knowledge and beefing up your C.V. There is no doubt that the modern workplace is very different than it was a few years ago. In the not too distant past you could realistically leave high school or college and find yourself a career for life with one company. However this is rarely the case these days as economic uncertainty still looms over many businesses. Identify The Skills You Need. Online Courses. In House Training. No visits yet.
  • GYRUS  |  FRIDAY, OCTOBER 23, 2015
    [Providers] How can an LMS Help an Organization?
    Ability to provide more interesting content like videos and other forms to improve the learning experience. Earlier this week I was asked by an acquaintance what I did for a living, and the conversation naturally transitioned to what a Learning Management System (LMS) was and how it could help his company. The last several articles here at have focused on specific LMS features, this one will review general benefits. User roles are important in LMSs, so the benefits are categorized according to several commonly used roles. Student Role (same as Associate, Employee, or Customer).
    [Providers] Getting Started with KGuru Mobile – Game Author & Player QuickStart Guide
    Let’s dive into how you can provide them the KGuru Mobile registration code for your game, and the three easy steps for them to start playing! All the information you need to enable your players to play your game will be provided to you on-screen when you make your game live. Even if you don’t include this, any player visiting your game on their mobile phone will be directed to download the app and provided the game’s registration code. Your game’s registration code may have been provided to you via invitation from your Game Author.
    [Providers] Will setting up nanodegrees become a competitive necessity for OS providers?
    Google teams up with Udacity to introduce a new tech entrepreneurship nanodegree — from by Mir Juned Hussain Excerpt (emphasis DSC): Google, during its I/O 2015 developer conference in May had announced a partnership with Udacity to launch a six-course Android Development Nanodegree. The company wanted to allow developers to learn how to write apps for Google’s […]. Apple computer science corporate / business world corporate universities / corporate training Daniel S.
    [Providers] October Topic – From Competence to Capability – New Avatar for Learning/HR to Deliver Business Value ?
    “ We discuss if CapabilityManagement at the employee and organisational level provides an effective framework for HR/Learning to deliver business value or if it simply rebadging Learning/HR ? Overview. The topic is  “From Competence to Capability – New Avatar for Learning/HR to Deliver Business Value ? Questions we discuss. Emergence of Capability Management. It’s prevalence and maturity in Australia. How does Capability Management operate at the individual and organisational level ? How Capability Management is implemented in different organisations ? References.
    [Providers] Goldman Sachs Fired Analysts for Cheating on Training Tests
    Author of an infamous “Holder Memo” that provided the authority for DoJ attorneys to neglect the criminal prosecution if prosecutors were of opinion that such wrongdoing can harm the economy, the moral weapon “Holder” ushered in led to a slippery slope [4]. Perhaps, one of the most surprising news last week was about the dismissal of 20 Goldman Sachs analysts, a leading banking organizations, on account of cheating, clearly reveals that how easy it is for the test administrators to monitor and track the offenders. This dismissal has occurred in Goldman’s securities business unit.
    [Providers] Cheating that occurred at Goldman Sachs on some training tests
    Author of an infamous “Holder Memo” that provided the authority for DoJ attorneys to neglect the criminal prosecution if prosecutors were of opinion that such wrongdoing can harm the economy, the moral weapon “Holder” ushered in led to a slippery slope [4]. Perhaps, one of the most surprising news last week about the dismissal of 20 Goldman Sachs analysts, from the leading banking organizations on account of cheating, clearly reveals that how easy it is for the test administrators to monitor and track the offenders. This dismissal has occurred in Goldman’s securities business unit.
  • 24X7 LEARNING  |  TUESDAY, AUGUST 11, 2015
    [Providers] Use of MOOCs – A Boon for Corporate Training
    The advantage of MOOCs is that they can provide massive amounts of data, which can help organizations understand how their employees learn and interact with the content so the businesses can improve their training programs. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have offered multitude of online learners the opportunity to learn new skills and expand their knowledge base. However, in recent years an increasing number of employers have turned to MOOCs to train their staff online and improve their bottom line. Here are just a few of the most notable benefits of MOOCs for corporate training.
  • 24X7 LEARNING  |  WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 12, 2015
    [Providers] Is Your LMS Going Out Of Style?
    LMSs that provide only online learning. LMSs that provide online as well as offline learning. The LMS is an integral part of the L&D industry across corporates, training institutions and a steadily increasing number of educational institutions. With the passage of time, it has created fashion statements of its own. Fashion comes and fashion goes, and whereas it is ‘cuts’ and ‘styles’ that define the fashion industry, it is technology that defines what’s trending in the LMS. What’s Out. What’s In. Mainframe systems. Cloud computing. Integration of HRMS and LMS.
    [Providers] Thoughts on DevLearn 2015
    He said, “It was highly concentrated with course development companies, which is a new phenomenon compared to years ago when it was concentrated on LMS providers. ”. The Meet the Authors’ session after the conference provided Dr. Aleckson a chance to speak to other authors in the eLearning community. Over 2,800 eLearning professionals attended DevLearn 2015 Conference and Expo, held in Las Vegas, Nevada, from September 30 th to October 2 nd. Dr. Aleckson and Dr. Hicken attended the event and spoke about Corporate MOOCs. Dr. Aleckson began by addressing the general exhibit hall.
    [Providers] Slow-Mo Learning is Faster
    hence, diagnosis can contribute to managerial decision making, just as it can provide a solid foundation for recommendations by organizational and management consultants." Whether it is trying to fix the faucet or a broken heart, important decisions make or break significant relationships each day. Problem solving skills are therefore of paramount importance whether one is a handyman, a father, a CEO, or the President of the the United States. It is not any different for organizations experiencing problems. Diagnostics: Identifying the Problem Troubleshooting starts with diagnostics.
    [Providers] #DevLearn 2015 Sessions That Impressed
    No PowerPoint on the resources page, but here is Art’s SlideShare - [link] Interactive Video for eLearning Designers David Anderson David provided some creative ideas for using video and even showed some tips and tricks in Articulate StoryLine. He discussed the levels of interactivity, Bloom's Taxonomy as it applies to using interactions and he provided great examples. link] All the resources provided by the DevLearn presenters are available at What Delights CLOs and What Keeps Them Up at Night? DevLearn ISD
    [Providers] How does responsive design impact learning culture?
    As the number of devices, platforms and screen sizes grows it’s becoming more important to be able to provide an optimal viewing experience in terms of reading and navigation’ whatever the screen size. By Tess Robinson, Director, LAS. Lately I have been spending a lot of time on Webflow, a responsive site builder, redesigning our company website. If you google responsive web design you will get plenty of results talking about how it is not just about adjustable screen sizes and images that automatically resize but that it also represents a whole new way of thinking about design.
    [Providers] What an offline player means for your learning community
    Despite being slow to encroach on SCORM’s territory, owing primarily to high adoption and development costs, Tin Can is beginning to see itself as a regular feature on new LMS platforms, and Paradiso Solutions is one of the first learning providers to make full use of Tin Can and the Offline Player. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone had access all the time to the stuff they have to learn? All you do is open your smartphone and it’s there waiting for you. Well, we are getting towards this with an Offline Player for your LMS. Old School LMSs. Expand the reach of your LMS. Tin Can Api.
    [Providers] How interactive should your elearning be?
    Well you could create a resources hub or section and provide the detail as documents that learners can access in their own time and at the point of need. by Tess Robinson, Director, LAS. These days it’s widely accepted that learners don’t really learn much from just sitting passively in front of a screen. It’s all too easy to switch off whilst you’re supposed to be concentrating on what’s in front of you if you’re not required to be an active participant, I’m certainly guilty of popping off to make a cup of tea or feed the cat in the middle of a webinar.
    [Providers] Effective Employee Training Techniques and Tips
    Moreover, if you want to include these techniques in your company’s employee development plan template , you should do so with certain provisions, so as to provide your trainers and training managers sufficient leeway to conduct such techniques at their discretion. Employee training techniques are needed to make employee training more efficient. They help organizations by improving training efficiency and they help personnel by reducing the challenges of learning and training. Employee training articles , for example, are a good source of tips and techniques for training employees.
    [Providers] Lessons In Culture From United Airlines
    It’s an open site, and through a video that accompanies the site, he is laying things on the line, pleading for people to provide feedback and suggestions. Photographer: Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg. This week I flew from Las Vegas to San Francisco on United Airlines. Because United is affiliated with the Star Alliance group—and I’ve fallen head-deep into the business travel trap of collecting air miles—when I’m trying to get back to British Columbia and Air Canada does not fly direct, I am forced to use United Airlines. have done so for the better part of fifteen years.
    [Providers] Create a Self-Study Course with Video Content
    While Latitude does not provide support for the creation or maintenance of training videos, this document provides step-by-step instructions on setting up a Self-Study course to launch video content If you have training content posted to a site such as or, you can use the “Self-Study” course delivery method to make video-based content.
    [Providers] Why Reflect? The Role of Reflection in the Learning Process
    This is particularly true when reflections provide meaning to the process one is engaged in. The reason behind this is that, technology enhances reflection and therefore, learning. A few examples are: • Wikis • Blogs • Online forums • Digital storytelling The Digital Storytelling Association provides the following definition of digital storytelling: it is the modern expression of the ancient art of storytelling. Traveling is a painful process, even when one is having a vacation. The break from the routine becomes a gift - a time for reflection. Why Spend Time Reflecting?
    [Providers] Employee Development Plan Template Strategies
    Critical behavior goals provide development templates with the ability to model specific behaviors for particular skills. These are the factors which affect your development template strategy, and they provide you with a broad and general outline of how to create a unique template for your organization. There are many ways to create an employee development plan template , but they all rely on the same strategies. Remember that the purpose of these templates is to make training easier by establishing a template to create successful courses for different batches of trainees.
    [Providers] Are Your Learners as Intelligent as They Can Be?
    What content do you have to provide because your lesson is the only source of that knowledge? Legal rulings and legislative guidelines are provided on government agencies' websites. Research by Daniel M. Wegner and Adrian F. Ward featured in Scientific American asked people to rate how smart they felt (cognitive self-esteem) while using Google. The Googlers felt they were smarter (more intelligent) because they had access to the Internet. Some people feel more intelligent than others because they access the Internet for information." Why duplicate it? 2.
    [Providers] The Training and Development Articles You Must Read
    Interestingly, this article or interview provides you a proper outlook on some of the trends that involves reasons why monetary investment is sometimes insufficient. That’s not all, Dr. Salas has also provided some tips and ways on better techniques of investing money to increase effectiveness of training the employees and controlling employee training costs. 3. Developing a strong employee training program is not always about policy implementing or hiring the right employees. At times, it also involves going through the best training and development articles. Employee Training
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