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    [Providers] Submit a Case Study to LEEF 2010!
    The Learning and Entertainment Evolution Forum (LEEF) will take place in Harrisburg, PA on June 17-18, 2010.  In addition to keynotes, high-tech demos and workshops, one aspect that makes the forum so beneficial is the degree of interactivity and the depth of analysis that is provided through the two-hour case studies. Hey folks, Last June I presented at the very first Learning and Entertainment Evolution Forum (LEEF)  in Harrisburg, PA. The forum was put on by the fabulous folks at the Harrisburg University of Science and Technology.
    [Providers] D is also for debunking
    As evidence of a successful outcomes I would question whether this work provides one iota of worthy data. Last Monday I issued Post D , where D was the Roman numeral for 500. But D has another significance for me right now, because post ID (that's 499) acted as a catalyst for a feast of debunking. " This did not impress Garry Platt : Oh dear, is this piece of nonsense still masquerading as ‘research’? Back in 2007 Kevin Lovell brought this work to the attention of the Development Community on Training Zone, under the title of The Holy Grail of Evaluation? Thanks Donald.
    [Providers] Necessity is the mother of invention
    Perhaps now we can see some of that entrepreneurial zeal applied to genuinely productive activity that creates jobs, provides some revenue to offset those mountainous budget deficits, and solves some of the really difficult problems that we are facing. When Will Thalheimer alerted me to Siftables, via a video of a presentation given by David Merrill at TED , it lightened my day. What a great idea - a genuinely groundbreaking educational innovation that opens up all sorts of new possibilities, particularly for the teaching of maths and English. Much of this will be irreversible.
    [Providers] Do Employees Need Social Media Guidelines?
    That said, this post on the way a Twitter post bit a VP in the butt has me thinking again about how the nature of social media, even for people who use it all the time, may still feel a little elusive and, therefore, provide ample opportunity for inadvertent screwing up. On the issue of whether or not employee social media guidelines are necessary, I tend to believe that nothing new needs to be spelled out--behave in social media as you would in other professional arenas. Apparently the VP forgot that employees from FedEx might be following him on Twitter. Not good.
    [Providers] The Tale of a Job Hunt
    Interview #4 provided the first (and what would be the only) face-to-face exchange. Tweet Meet guest blogger, Marci Paino. Here is the story of her search for a new position. On the trail to a new position. This is the tale of a job hunt that I began in November, 2011. A few hours were spent updating and tweaking a resume. Even more time was spent searching for the ideal job openings and filling out the specialized online applications. A bit more time was spent reaching out to a network of colleagues and mentors. The roller coaster ride was just beginning! Would they like me? Oh, well.
    [Providers] Ya, I Cry at Work. Do You?
    Do my current or past peers think more or less of me because I occasionally cry in a given situation? I’ll provide three personal examples for you to contemplate: 1997 – While watching the graduation class of St. Last Friday night, I sat down at home with the family to watch a film. Group consensus found us selecting “ We Bought a Zoo ”, a brilliant 2011 film by Pearl Jam fan Cameron Crowe based on a true story. You can visit Benjamin’s Dartmoor Zoo site to learn more and to find out how you can book tickets to actually visit their zoo. they even have a European Reindeer). Who wouldn’t?
    [Providers] Year in Review, Looking Forward
    We will also continue to provide improvements to course delivery, compatibility, and multilingual capabilities. We here at ICS Learning Group had a successful 2013, working hand-in-hand with our customers to deliver another year of cutting-edge custom eLearning projects. Among the highlights; We integrated a variety of media – from animation, character-based scenarios, and custom video – to deliver a new course to the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Starting this year, NIST will have the courseware available to the public (via our Inquisiq LMS platform).
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    [Providers] Meet the team #2: Periklis Venakis the Software Architect
    That said, we do receive a huge amount of feature requests, so the tricky part is to weed out the ones that add unnecessary complexity from those that provide actual value. You’ve enjoyed the platform, you’ve dug the features, you’ve appreciated the support and you loved the end product. It’s time to meet the people behind it all. Continuing our series of behind-the-scenes posts that we kickstarted with an interview of our support guru, Eleftheria, meant to introduce the team that created eFrontPro, manages your private Clouds and keeps churning all these nice updates. mentoring”).
  • EFRONT  |  MONDAY, APRIL 28, 2014
    [Providers] LMS Market Report (and how eFront Delivers)
    Such tracking of e-learning trends can be very valuable for prospective LMS buyers, since it provides them with an overview of the market and offers them insight on industry trends and important buying considerations. An LMS platform is an essential tool for the modern enterprise and organization. But, with all the available options and vendors, finding one with the right balance of features to cover all your educational and business needs can be quite daunting. Fortunately, there’s some help coming your way. With eFront that’s a piece of cake ? or rather, pie. manually).
    [Providers] Experiencing Flipped Classrooms: Using Camtasia Relay to Enhance Learning Experience at Morehouse School of Medicine
    In order to get up and running quickly, the Instructional Technology team at Morehouse School of Medicine has been working with the academic leaders to provide maximum support for academic faculty: Camtasia Relay has been installed in the classrooms’ and the clinical sites’ podium computers, encouraging instructors to record their lectures as they proceed. By doing so, we can provide our medical students augmented learning experiences, and in the meantime, systematically demonstrate the empirical validity of the transformed teaching approach. Equipment and Training. We want more!
    [Providers] BackChannel Conversation Tools
    Occasionally backchannel provides audience members a chance to fact-check the presentation. Around the Thursday, October 14, 2010 BackChannel Conversation Tools (Updated) Image Source: [link] As a keynote presenter, Ive been tempted to take advantage of backchannel tools, but I have a ways to go to master that in the midst of a preso (although there are ways to engage your audience, too, for help!). This blog entry started out as an exploration of possible tools.I hope youll chime in and share YOUR favorite backchannel conversation tool in the comments!
    [Providers] Course Development Management for eLearning Teams: The Software Advantage
    Maricel Rivera is a freelance business and technology writer who currently manages content for Comindware, provider of breakthrough enterprise software, such as Comindware Tracker for adaptive BPM and Comindware Project for project planning and execution. For elearning teams, course content development requires a high degree of organization, more so if you’re outsourcing certain specialties, like the creation of multimedia simulators. Course development – the challenges. As in any team-based projects, course development isn’t immune to challenges that can include the following: 1.
    [Providers] Power to the People: Deloitte’s Nick van Dam
    By providing a career map and a variety of learning opportunities, Deloitte encourages employees to be proactive about their own development. Providing employees the opportunity to work on different projects or assignments as well as new initiatives. “We need to make sure that from a learning organization perspective we are agile, we are nimble and we can provide people with the learning at the time they need it.” At the time, he supported customer education at Nixdorf Computer, which was acquired by Siemens in 1989. • On-demand learning. DID YOU KNOW?
    [Providers] Using A Knowledge Base To Leverage Your A-Players And Share Information Across Your Sales Team
    Provide a forum where reps can ask questions and have them answered by their peers. It’s often a couple of strategies, tactics, and habits that separate the A-Players and B-Players on a sales team. One of the challenges these teams face is how to leverage A-Players so they can effectively share their best kept secrets. This starts with creating an environment where trust and collaboration are built into the culture. Knowledge sharing technology can also play a key role in making sure winning strategies and tactics are shared. Share documents, sales collateral, videos, links, and more.
    [Providers] Easygenerator is looking for an online marketing intern
    Easygenerator provides cloud-based eLearning authoring software. Easygenerator is a young, rapidly growing Internet business. It enables instructional designers and subject matter experts to create learning materials with a high learning impact. The software is used by over 5,000 users in more than 120 countries, in corporations, not-for-profits, government agencies, and educational institutions. What do we offer? An exciting internship in a high growth company. You will be a critical part of the team with your own assigned tasks and responsibilities. What are you going to do?
    [Providers] Measure Work Readiness for Tomorrow’s Jobs
    Based on data extracted from examinee scores from 2006 to 2011, ACT’s “Condition of Work Readiness,” published this year, highlights levels of work readiness and provides standards and benchmarks for targeted occupations during the next eight to 10 years. Employees’ demonstrable workplace skills may lead to more accurate results when determining work readiness than relying on education attainment alone. Significant foundational skills gaps exist for many current and potential U.S. workers, according to a report issued by nonprofit educational association ACT.
    [Providers] You can now subscribe to our blog!
    We’re always interested to know whether people agree with us, whether we’re providing helpful information and advice or whether your thinking’s not quite in line with ours, so don’t forget to let us know what you think. We’ve added an RSS feed option to the Spicy Learning Blog - so now you can subscribe and make sure you don’t miss any of our new posts!
    [Providers] Collaborative Learning Anthropologist and Specialist (CLA): Enterprise 2.0, Web 2.0 and Learning Career or Job Opportunities
    Resident expert - is accessible to networks of people, provides ideas as needed, shares expertise, has high visibility, initiates thinking ( SMEs , face-to-face trainers, consultants - as specialist SME bloggers who are sought after, followed by their networks in domain areas inside Enterprises). Social Network Analyst - is involved in metrics and research on performance of networks, learning and performance, using Web 2.0 to communicate the strengths and weaknesses of social networks and provide solutions. Future jobs, now, today! and Enterprise 2.0. tools). Web 2.0 Jeopardy.
    [Providers] List of e-Learning Job Descriptions
    Additional responsibilities may also include: · Works closely with internal employees to implement and maintain web-based training. · Designs, develops, and deploys e-learning content based on business needs. · Provides reporting to management on web-based training progression and completion, student usage, and instructor-led training completions. · Provides technical support for the organization or educational institution. Programmers assemble the text, graphics, and animations provided by the other team members. MAIN DUTIES: 1. Ability to travel up to 5% per month.
    [Providers] A Confluence of Benefits
    Despite yeoman efforts on the part of many of the learning systems and tools providers to develop social learning capabilities, there are no established learning industry representatives in this group. All three are general purpose social software providers - and two are free. As followers of this blog and of our reserach well know, social learning is changing the learning industry in ways both explicit and implicit. It is not surprising then that ELearning Magazine now includes a social learning tool category in its yearly awards. Also recognized: Facebook and NING. Sorry. David.
    [Providers] IAR Professional Development Portal
    By utilizing Digitec’s Knowledge Direct LMS, IAR is able to: • Provide its membership with convenient 24/7 access to their pre-licensing course, eliminating the need for travel and increasing efficiencies. Provide learners dynamically generated eTranscripts for tracking their progress. Download the IAR Association Learning Management System Case Study as a PDF. When the Indiana Association of REALTORS decided to move into the “education business” in 2010, they knew they would have their work cut out for them. Bright minds converged, and a new business model was born. THE SOLUTION.
    [Providers] Research Briefs
    2013 Diversity Value Index Report - $495 Last year, the Human Capital Media Group, publishers of Diversity Executive magazine, launched the Diversity Value Index (DVI), a pioneering benchmarking program designed to provide a foundation for understanding and measuring how diversity drives innovation and competitive advantage. The intent of the program is to provide the learning and development field a transparent benchmarking program that also recognizes the exceptional efforts of learning organizations across the globe. Choosing an outsourcing provider. PepsiCo. And more!
    [Providers] Interaction in online media – sorting and connecting
    Most e-learning authoring tools provide one or both of these options. There are two ways in which these interactions can work: you can have the user make all the matches and then submit their answer as a whole, or you can deal with each match as a separate answer, rejecting the mis-matches and providing feedback. We continue our exploration of the ways in which users can interact with online media by looking at those interactions that require users to sort and connect. Matching. Matching interactions require the user to identify related pairs in two sets of items. Sequencing.
    [Providers] WebEx on your new iPad
    know Apple’s new toy hasn’t reached all parts of the world yet (including here in the UK), but if you were looking for a further excuse to shell out your hard-earned cash (because I doubt you’ll get your employer to pay) on the gadget which everyone covets yet no-one can really justify, then Webex has provided one. Cisco has announced a version of Webex that runs on the new iPad. Yes, you can now participate in Webex meetings without your laptop. For audio you’ll need to use your mobile or a VOIP headset, but you’d need those with your laptop too.
    [Providers] Three tiers in the content pyramid
    Rapid development The lower tier would be 'good enough' digital content, designed to communicate simple information or provide basic knowledge without fuss. Back in December I posted about what I predicted would become e-learning's two tiers. To remind you: High end The top tier would be e-learning that delivers something special, something that can't be achieved easily other ways. This tier would be reserved for projects with complex and/or high impact objectives, sensible lead times and appropriately generous budgets. agree with them.) tools for informal learning.
  • EFRONT  |  TUESDAY, JULY 21, 2015
    [Providers] Evaluating Your eLearning
    On the whole, this structured analysis provides a comprehensive support to the training developers and facilitators who work in teams to create game-like trainings. So, your new eLearning course is ready to be launched and you are all excited about the prospects of “immensely” pleased stakeholders in your organization. You know you have integrated the complete bells and whistles of an eLearning program: from using branched scenarios to interactive labeled diagrams. You even have a compelling storyline set in the backdrop of your organization. Reality check: plenty! Good luck! References.
    [Providers] Learning in 3D Nugget #19
    It also provides the opportunity to immerse learners in a context that allows them to synthesize the learning content in a personally engaging and experiential manner. Twitter Quote: The learnings that occur within the 3DLE are surfaced at the moment when the lack of knowledge or capability intersects with the need to have that knowledge or capability to execute the challenge at hand. Book Paragraph: From an instructional design perspective, the addition of the immersive component brings with it the opportunity to move beyond having learn- ers interact around content.
    [Providers] More rogue.
    As designers, we need to provide templates for meaningful contributions of one peer to another, perhaps a sample blog entry to use as a model, or a method of standardizing contributions, a list of key words so the folksonomy is limited, something that ties strategies to contributions to encourage learning and retention of the content contributed. Lisa Gualtieri, Editor-in-Chief, eLearn Magazine wrote an article called Learn from Rogue Tweeters: 7 Steps to Promoting Your Organization in Twitter. Only he knows why but OMSHR is lucky to have him. THE CURRENT INFORMAL PROCESS WORKS.
    [Providers] Process Makes Perfect: It’s All About the Details
    In addition to using coaching sessions for practice and counsel, Dunlap provides clients with books, articles, videos and other resources for the executive to engage with outside of the job. Once an executive has agreed to engage in a coaching relationship — a major prerequisite for it to have any value — an inclusive and detailed process follows. The first big question, according to Brian Underhill, founder and CEO of CoachSource, is whether an organization uses an internal or external executive coach. That is, of course, if the individual situation allows for coaching to begin with.
    [Providers] Writing & Grammar: A Peculiar Kind of Parallelism
    The lessons will be short, easy, with answers provided at the end. The software provides a login, credential checking, and has encryption built in. Our program provides a website, quizzes, and enables report writing in Excel. by Jennie Ruby  I was reading my current favorite author the other day, but something was wrong. The text did not flow as smoothly as usual. I had to read one paragraph three times to figure out who shot whom (yes, my current recreational reading is in the spy/action/detective genre). What was wrong with my favorite author! Let's take a look.
    [Providers] Using Bloxels to Teach Programming, Adobe Digital Trends Report, and Video Branching Scenarios: This Week on #BLPLearn
    We include commentary from the original BLPer who found the article to provide you with context on why we felt it is worth sharing out. #BLPLearn is for our fellow members of the L&D community. We take the best articles and resources shared between members of our teams and publish them in this weekly post. THIS WEEK’S ARTICLES. Now that introductions are out of the way, let’s dive in to this week’s articles: Teaching Programming to Kids: Bloxels. Submitted by  Corey Callahan, Senior Multimedia Developer . Overall, any time you can empower a kid to create is time well-spent. Bloxels.
    [Providers] The Effectiveness of Learning – deleting “instruction”
    For example, “Provided with a wooden hammer and a flint stone (condition), the learner will demonstrate making two axes between one sun-up and one sun-down (performance) to the sharpness and weight tolerances set by Cave Industries (standard)”. This post follows on from “The Effectiveness of Learning – Design by Respect” and discusses some basic issues associated with design not always given the attention they deserve.  It also challenges the language we use. I’m presenting this -. Here’s my rationale. ID came about naturally and much earlier; centuries in fact. 
    [Providers] Sales Training Tools: The 2012 Buyers’ Guide
    Software vendors like Bloomfire provide everything you need inside a package topped with a pretty pink bow. What are your options if you’re buying sales training tools in 2012? Here’s a quick breakdown of the most popular players. Adopt & Bend Existing Tools. Sometimes that means carving out a space in your intranet for sales training. Or re-using existing licenses for PowerPoint, QuickTime, or other software tools. Or bending e-mail to your will, even though it won’t send large video files. Get started fast. Less end-user training. Updates break your mix. Upkeep.
    [Providers] The Big Trend in Performance Management?
    In addition, we know that most managers are ineffective at providing coaching feedback (Figure 3). Figure 3: Percentage of Organizations Effective at Teaching Managers to Provide Feedback. As an example, HCL Technologies, a high-tech firm based in India, provides managers with coaching training and resources to support ongoing coaching activities. As we’ve been analyzing data from our 2011 High-Impact Performance Management (HIPM) survey, I’m frequently asked, “What’s the new big trend in performance management?” Why does this matter to you?
    [Providers] IPTV- Myriad Possibilities, May Change the Way We e-Learn
    All IPTV viewers (as they all belong to consumer class) will have their unique identity and service providers will certainly (or they should actually) profile TV viewers and classify them into various consumer segments. Convergence of telecom, Media and IT had been a topic of business discussion for long. Fast paced technological developments in all these sectors have accelerated the convergence process. Today, we stand very close to the culmination of this much touted phenomena. This will practically mean that we will be able to watch real time TV through IP backbone. New Ideas
    [Providers] Cammy Beans Learning Visions: The Corporate Moodle: A Tipping Point?
    As for the other points, I'll address as I have more time and insight (still working through much of this myself). I do know that reporting is crucial. I've seen some demos of the reporting customizations our team is doing on Moodle and it does provide a lot of what is needed. They comfort managers who think they are in control but don't provide any guidance on making improvements. Of course we had to provide and guarantee reporting, detailed tracking, integration, single sign-on and interoperability but we always managed to deliver what was needed. Wrong.
    [Providers] Casual and Serious Digital Games for Learning – Some Considerations
    This relation of game category to outcomes is incidental and arises more from the fact that companies are ready to spend more time and money on content that provides long term performance improvements that analytical and soft skills provide. We receive requests for information about game-based learning development services. Customers have determined that using digital games is a good choice, but aren’t quite certain about whether it’s a casual or serious game they need. The sole purpose behind a digital learning game is just that, ‘learning’. Cisco – The Binary Game.
    [Providers] At TEDxSPSU – Part Five
    What is interesting is that none of these elements completely describe the system they are part of and looking at their behavior may not provide us a deterministic way of predicting the behavior of the system as a whole. TEDxSPSU was held on March 12, 2011 at Sir Padampat Singhania University, Udaipur, India, with the theme Order from Chaos. This series of posts are what my TEDx presentation was based on. There are six parts that shall be published sequentially over the next few days. This is Part Five. We all like order. We love order. the list is endless. Chaos is messy.
    [Providers] Learning to Dandi
    This excerpt from an Oxford School Education Primary Social Studies book (Book 5), for children of Grade 5, authored by Vibha Roy and Reena Jain, provides an introduction to the Dandi March. Right off the bat, if you have not seen it yet, check out  Building a New Culture of Teaching and Learning by Dr. Tae. The movement started with the Dandi March in March 1930. The British had a monopoly or complete control over the manufacture of salt. Indians were not allowed to collect salt from the sea. Instead they were forced to buy it from the British at high prices. and so on. elearning 2.0
    [Providers] Our Top 10 Learning Tools 2009
    Instructions for participating in the survey read: “Please provide the names of your 10 favourite tools for creating learning for others , for your own professional practice or personal productivity PLUS a sentence or two why you like each one.”. It guides me straight to the right resources and provides many more links to explore and enrich myself. 2. Jane Hart conducts annual surveys of the top 100 learning tools. Her site, Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies , has some wonderful resources on learning tools, social learning, and more. Our team just loves it. 3.
    [Providers] Executive Engagement in Leadership Development – What’s The Big Deal About The “Big Cheese”?
    During our annual IMPACT conference last week, I shared highlights of this year’s research results on high-impact leadership development and the 21st century leadership trends. As we discussed in our intimate group of 100+ global senior HR/LD/OD/Talent/Business executives, our leadership talent is becoming scarcer and developing global leaders from within is becoming increasingly important. Maintain strong executive engagement; 2. Define tailored leadership competencies; 3. Align with business strategy; 4. Target all levels of leadership; 5. Integrate with talent management; and, 6.
    [Providers] SumTotal Acquires GeoLearning: LMS Market Consolidation Continues
    Background: SumTotal Systems is the largest provider of learning management systems today (and also a major provider of integrated talent management systems). Over the years as GeoLearning grew, the company became well known to mid-market organizations and at the time of this acquisition was one of the largest mid-market LMS providers (revenues around $40M). Today another major shift takes place in the talent management systems market: SumTotal Systems announced the acquisition of GeoLearning. The acquisition of GeoLearning makes sense for several reasons.
    [Providers] Learning campaigns, or, out in the country
    Marketing is about a campaign, “a series of events/operations/continuing storyline.&#   A learning campaign, he suggests, is not about t-shirts and email blasts (the latter always strikes me as both offensive and fatheaded).  “It’s about providing more ways for learners to engage with and accent content.&#. Cammy Bean, on her Learning Visions blog, summarized a live session by Brent Schlenker.  Brent’s topic:  “Marketers and Game Developers Know More about Learning than We [learning design folks] Do.&#.
    [Providers] Finding the Muddiest Point of your eLearning Course
    Provide transcripts with your video. Provide feedback to three of your classmates’ videos. The muddiest point of your course is the area that is the hardest to grasp or the most confusing to understand. This part of your course needs to be reinforced with extra resources and activities. If the muddiest point of your course is not determined, your learners may lag behind and more often, drop out. To retain and engage your learners, integrate an activity that helps uncover the muddiest point of the course (so far). This activity has to be social in nature to be more effective.
    [Providers] Business Significance and Best Principles
    At core, I see it as viewing a particular problem, looking at principles that provide insight how to address it, determining what would be a successful outcome, developing a draft approach, and tuning it until you either determine it’s a success (or not).  At the end, you should use your learnings from the exercise to reflect back upon the principles, and refine them and your understanding. Businesses need research.  They may need it at the pure research level, whether following, sponsoring, or conducting pure research, but they definitely need it internally. 
    [Providers] Saffron recognised as Investor in People for tenth year
    Investors in People is the UK’s leading accreditation for business improvement through people management, and provides a wealth of resources for businesses to innovate, improve and grow, with a focus on good people making great business. Saffron Interactive, one of Europe’s most celebrated digital learning and communication brands, has been re-awarded the Investors in People Standard for the tenth consecutive year, demonstrating a commitment to realising the potential of its people. We’d like to congratulate Saffron Interactive on their achievement.”.
    [Providers] AADES LEADERS' FORUM 2010
    She spoke of the trauma that children suffered during and after the recent Christchurch earthquake, and how Te Kura had stepped in extremely quickly to provide support with this. Hekia summarised her speech by referring to the triangle of Identity, Community and Education: three important areas that provide the basis for learning in an individual. This was a well attended three day event, with speakers from New Zealand and afar. While I attended all three days of the Forum, I did not attend every session and there were some that were held concurrently. ori music and harmony.
  • JAY CROSS  |  MONDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2009
    [Providers] Anatomy of an ISP meltdown
    My internet service provider (ISP), the ironically named DreamHost, was experiencing blackouts and mail delays. Ten days ago most of my websites disappeared from the web. Now Internet Time Blog , Informal Learning Blog , , and related sites have migrated to Bluehost, the top recommendation from a cry for help on Twitter. Actually, my cyber-savvy sysop son made the move. Transferring ten years of accumulated posts on five blogs and six MySQL databases is beyond my abilities. Please forgive any weirdness from here in the next few days. Thanks for your patience and assistance.
    [Providers] Clarifying the Job Landscape: Trends and Issues Impacting Your Career
    For the next 12 months, I''ll be working with career counselors and employment specialists who provide services through the public workforce system. You probably think of them as the people at the "unemployment office." . We''re starting out by taking a look at the work landscape and the various trends  that are impacting workers. These are issues I''ve talked about a lot here, but I wanted to bring them all together for this group. . It occurred to me this morning that this info might be helpful to some of my readers here, so I''m sharing the video.
    [Providers] For the first time, IBM is opening up Watson as a development platform
    Excerpts (emphasis DSC): For the first time, IBM will open up Watson as a development platform in the Cloud to spur innovation and fuel a new ecosystem of entrepreneurial software app providers who will bring forward a new generation of applications infused with Watson’s cognitive computing intelligence. … The Watson Ecosystem empowers development of “Powered by IBM Watson” applications. Partners are building a community of organizations who share a vision for shaping the future of their industry through the power of cognitive computing.
    [Providers] Leadership Remix
    Riddle manages nearly 400 professional coaches and continues to provide thought leadership in the field, speaking and presenting papers at major conferences around the world. Douglas Riddle, global director of coaching services and assessment portfolio at the Center for Creative Leadership, discusses leadership philosophies and if there is such a thing as ‘unique’ leadership. As the global director of coaching services and assessment portfolio at the Center for Creative Leadership, Douglas Riddle has spent his career assessing effective coaching philosophies. Or cooking.
    [Providers] Gen Y and Dunning-Kruger: They Don’t Know What they Don’t Know
    Your organization doesn’t provide opportunities for advancement. If you aren’t yet familiar with the Dunning-Kruger effect you’re missing out (and if you are, you’re bound to be pleased to be reminded of this old friend). It’s an idea that explains so very many aggravating things in the world of business, and perhaps the world in general. In a nutshell, its says that the most incompetent are, through their very ignorance of what true mastery looks like, the most likely to be overconfident. Young, Enthusiastic … and Clueless. ” Show, Don’t Tell. Want more information?
    [Providers] On motivation – Mixed modality and “filtering”
    Success breeds success, so provide early and frequent opportunities for activity and accomplishment. Part 11 of a series on motivation. Like a radio, our minds are scanning for information from many souces all at once. But just because the sound is there for us it does not mean we receive it – we have to be “tuned in”. We can accept many but attend to only one signal at a time. Imagine yourself at a conference where many conversations are going on at once. You can tune out all other voices except the one that interests you. Making it fun, exciting and meaningful. Blog motivation
    [Providers] The $10,000 degree & other items related to the need for higher ed to adapt to a game-changing environment
    Furthermore, it provides a tangible finish line to which the academy may strive. A Case for Applied Liberal Arts: Adapting to Disruption — from by Michelle Rhee-Weise | Senior Research Fellow, Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation. Excerpt: This is neither another defense of the liberal arts nor another piece that pits the liberal arts against vocational training. We’ve all grown weary of commentators who ennoble without question the ideal of the liberal arts while denigrating vocation as factory work or corporate training. We must, too.
    [Providers] Employee Surveys: How is as Important as What
    If an organization cannot provide an opportunity for feedback and reflection and does not intend to use the data for decision-making, management should not conduct the survey. An epidemic of employee surveys is killing knowledge and wisdom. Fueling this epidemic are two erroneous beliefs: 1) anyone can design and administer an employee survey effectively; and 2) the results of employee surveys are the property of management. want to address each of these myths and maybe succeed in immunizing a few readers against further spread of the disease. Myth 1: Anyone Can Do It.
    [Providers] Focusing on Objectives with Abstraction in Gamification
    The Amazing Race is a fairly extreme abstraction, in which an overarching theme — very different from the learner’s work environment—provides the framework for the game’s story, characters, and mechanics. Should your learning game be highly realistic or completely abstracted from reality? Imagine your new company has sent you to an on-boarding seminar with hundreds of participants. You’re about to meet a lot of smart people and you need to be at the top of your game. You’re feeling intimidated. Paris? You look down at the map she’s handed you. You’ve just entered The Amazing Race.
    [Providers] The Turn
    Make no mistake, though — this is where the ordinary service you’ve provided to your organization can become something vital and extraordinary. “Every great magic trick consists of three parts or acts. The first part is called “The Pledge” The magician shows you something ordinary: a deck of cards, a bird or a man. He shows you this object. Perhaps he asks you to inspect it to see if it is indeed real, unaltered, normal. But of course… it probably isn’t. You don’t really want to know. You want to be fooled. But you wouldn’t clap yet. Silvers.
    [Providers] Tuition Assistance and Improved Performance
    Verizon Wireless realizes that it cannot provide all of the learning opportunities with internal learning and development resources, so it leverages tuition assistance programs and local colleges and universities to help employees grow. This case study in the December issue of Chief Learning Officer about Verizon Wireless’ tuition assistance program scratches me right where I itch. Verizon Wireless is doing this with employees in primarily customer service and sales positions, traditionally high turnover jobs. Bingo! It is showing measurable results in performance. Again – bingo!
    [Providers] White-Boardom, a Litmus Test for Virtual Classrooms – Part 2
    Good old pen and paper often provides the answer. Trainers can be wonderfully inventive when it comes to designing activities, but awfully inhibited when it comes to transferring them online. In yesterday’s blog I promised to share a number of whiteboards with you. Those I created for a variety of different teaching and training strategies. Today Today I shall continue the theme with some other examples. In subsequent postings I’ll take each of the 5 strategies I mooted yesterday, and I’ll show examples of interactions for each. always encourage this, and allow time for it to happen.
    [Providers] Do you remember when it was called personnel?
    Along the way, I invite you to provide feedback, suggestions and ideas on other areas you want us to talk about, research and investigate. No other statement I made at our Impact 2011 conference in April seemed to have touched as many people as that one. have spent more than a decade in HR and Recruitment. My first three months at Bersin & Associates, only confirmed that there isn’t another industry I’d rather be focused on researching, learning and understanding. I’ve also realized that there is more to talk about than I could even imagine!
    [Providers] Using Computer Programming to Develop Thinking Skills
    The language must be such that it has a low barrier for learning, that it facilitates learning by providing embedded learning objects (like the Turtle in Logo), and that it does not snare the user in a complex process of edit-compile-run cycle of industry-standard languages. Children deserve to have fun when learning computers. SPARK Institute of Technology promises just that: a series of innovative and "full-of-fun" courses and class activities. Recently I talked to Abhay Joshi, their founder, who is a technology entrepreneur and educator. We use Logo. Here are some quotes. Logo is fun.
    [Providers] Podcasting for E-Learning: Editing and Producing Podcasts
    Installation packages for Audacity on GNU/Linux and other Unix-like systems are often provided by individual distributions: Alt Linux Debian Fedora Core Fedora Project Mandriva i586 OpenSUSE Red Hat SuSE and packman (suse) Ubuntu: packages.ubuntu and This list is not comprehensive. As I discussed last time, non-linear editing applications are media editing tools which can randomly access the source material - and that’s it. You don’t have to edit audio in a beginning-middle-end sequence. Non-linear editing enables the editor to access any frame in an audio clip. installer (.exe
    [Providers] CBSE Open Text Based Assessments – Lip Service or Silver Bullet
    As the circular states: The main objective of introducing this element is to provide opportunities to students to apply theoretical concepts to a real life scenario by encouraging active and group learning in the Class. In a later circular , it is reiterated that: the main objective of introducing OTBA is to relieve the students from the burden of mugging up of content and provide opportunities in effective use of memory and acquiring skills of information processing. Experts hired by CBSE have now made essays/case studies etc. It assumes and implies several things.
  • BRAVE NEW ORG  |  SUNDAY, MAY 6, 2012
    [Providers] The edX, Udacity and Coursera Showdown
    providing data points to companies in search of trends and the like. Through the magic of the partnerships, the student can be provided the degree for a fee. The higher education online learning gloves are now officially off. Let’s first recap the dizzying pace of change, announcements and launches that have occurred since the Fall of 2011 between Udacity, Coursera, MITx and the latest free-learning darling, edX. October 10 – Official launch of  Introduction to AI ( origin of Udacity ) as well as  Introduction to Databases and Machine Learning ( origin of Coursera ).
    [Providers] E-Learning Life in the Cloud
    There are many services available that provide this kind of functionality at relatively low prices. However, be sure to choose a business-grade service and one that provides true file synchronization and not just one-way backup to the cloud. In my last post , I suggested a cost effective “two-computer solution” to insure maximum up time for your e-learning development work. Our computer technology is precious to us as e-learning developers. We take its availability for granted, and given that time really is money for us, any computer down-time can be fatal. File synchronization  .
    [Providers] My Edublog Awards Nominations
    eLearning Learning aggregates several different education blogs, and provides a way to navigate by blog or keyword. Its time for the 2009 Edublog Award Nominations. Here’s my list: Best individual blog: Harold Jarche’s blog pushes my thinking beyond what I do at work currently, and shows a more practical view of the theories I’m learning in my graduate studies. Best individual tweeter: @janebozarth is a real eLearning practitioner who is not afraid to share her expertise with lowly grad students such as myself. Best group blog. Most influential blog post.
    [Providers] Exciting Keynote Speakers Announced for Chief Learning Officer Symposium
    MediaTec partners with recognized industry experts and provides thought-provoking feature articles, news, opinions and insights through its award-winning publications, events and e-media and gives readers the business intelligence and knowledge they need to succeed in new and changing markets Chicago, Feb. 8, 2013 — Chief Learning Officer magazine has announced an outstanding lineup of speakers for its Spring 2013 CLO Symposium, slated for March 18-20 at Hyatt Lost Pines Resort and Spa in Austin, Texas. Novak is chairman and CEO of Yum! Brands Inc., million employees.
    [Providers] Into the Great Unknown
    Portal – likely NOT through an LMS vendor, because people aren’t working in an LMS and the vendors still won’t provide everything I need it to do. “God – grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change , the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference” – the Serenity Prayer Emphasis mine…because this control-freak needs the reminder. have quickly discovered that what I am trying to build is a hairy scary thing that does not fit terribly well into our current models. My stuff appears to be special. want to be able to plug and play.
    [Providers] eLearning: Interesting Weekly Finds #10
    The OCS lets the teacher and students carry out research, communication, collaboration, publication, and other network-based functions through an intuitive interface and provides classroom-level management and control. ELIPS Studio 3. ELIPS Studio 3 is a cross-platform mobile application SDK based on Adobe’s Flex Builder. Now software developers and creative designers can quickly develop for rich, connected or non-connected applications for mobile devices and deploy them on any mobile platforms they want. ELIPS Studio 3 is based on native compilation. Open Classroom Servers.
    [Providers] How to Win Over Tough SMEs
    As designers we must clearly communicate our value to the SME, be prepared to provide supporting evidence for our design choices, and maintain our professional integrity. From time to time, we’ve all had to tap into our inner Perry Mason to convince a tough Subject Matter Expert (SME) to let us try something new. Many of us can attest to the challenges of working with skeptical, change-resistant, know-it-all, or overly-involved SMEs. Of course, most SMEs aren’t out to annoy you. But at least if you’re armed with some tips, you can start to make headway.
    [Providers] How to Get Your Training Presentation From Good to Great With Images, Audio, and Video
    Trainees at a call center must provide consistent answers to common questions — sound clips demonstrate the proper language. Photos, sound files and video clips are always great ways to liven up great presentations. For people creating training content, there’s an added bonus: adding media also helps boost retention. A few quick examples: Photos. retail clerk needs to categorize items rung up at the point of sale — photos of the inventory aid in product recognition. Video. Audio. First, a Few Ground Rules. Adding Images. resolution of 150 dpi (dots per inch) is ideal.
    [Providers] Nordic Wonder Ski Video!
    The Internet Archive provides me that option. The Spring of 2013 in Minnesota may go down as the best Nordic skiing conditions ever. personally can not remember cross-country skiing on April 13th with perfect "mid Winter" conditions. This morning as the sun was rising over Lake Superior I headed out onto the Lester Amity Ski Trails. After a two day blizzard, the sun reappears and the trails were in their finery. The pines trees were snow encrusted, and the classic track was set and deep. The alternative is dizzying.  The Movie! Nordic Wonder: The Movie! Media 2.0
    [Providers] On the nature of my gravitational field
    That means asking HARD questions, pointing out different, more enticing directions, and providing exercises and practice that propel and energize. I am reminded that teaching isn’t about force-feeding information and requiring task completion. I never know when the various ways I monitor conversations in cyberspace will result in coming across ideas that hit hard and linger in my mind. It happened just this morning when Louis Schmier shared a post on the POD listserv (Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education). It’s an important reminder.
    [Providers] Open letter to
    Make it clear that these are copies of my posts, remove the ability to make comments against them, and provide a link back to the original post. Dear Sir, I have recently discovered that your website ( is using my RSS feed to make it look as if I'm writing for you. The statement on the site gives the impression that I have contributed freely to your blog: This blog exists so trainers, coaches and other learning and development professionals can share their thoughts, experiences and knowledge with others. wonder if those authors are aware of your behaviour?
    [Providers] The web has been around for #20years (and I’ve been around for 14 of them)
    also hooked into a learning disabilities community called LDonline who helped me use the legal words necessary to trigger the schools in Florida to test and provide accomodations for my daughter (we found out 6 years later that she has autism – something we would have never found out without the internet!). EMC has an online magazine called On. In this month’s issue, it talks about the Web being 20 years old. Len Devanna tagged myself and Barry Burke to answer the following questions (which were also asked in the magazine): How has the Web changed your life? learned html.
    [Providers] ISTE 2012 Presenter Profiles: Shane Lovellette
    Using video also enables teachers to provide supporting videos for when they’re gone. The sub can play back videos that are provided by the teacher so that the students can continue working on problems. Teachers often use newsletters to communicate with parents but it’s so much more personal and engaging to provide a video of what’s going on in class instead. We also want to provide enough flexibility to support different types of teaching. Provided hosting and embedded links. Students are becoming more and more aware of technology.
    [Providers] What is eLearning 2.0?
    These are small modules that are provided by completely separate companies (which are also very easy to set up) and plug right into my Blog. But using add-ins instead of what the authoring tool provides allows me to choose best of breed. I can use what Lectora gives me or I can choose a different add-in. plans and provide comments. eLearning Technology. Tony Karrers eLearning Blog on e-Learning Trends. eLearning 2.0. Web 2.0. Enterprise 2.0. Personal Learning. Informal Learning. Corporate eLearning. eLearning Design. Authoring Tools. Rapid e-Learning Tools. Learning Tools.
    [Providers] Web-Based, Instructor-Led, EPSS? Train Your Client On Training.
    You can play nice and develop whatever type of training your client wants, whether it provides tangible value or not.  Or you can challenge yourself and your client, allow them to see past what they’re used to and consider an approach that would produce results more in line with their business objectives. This article by Tom Kuhlman provides some great tips on helping your client see training differently.  He ends the blog with this key message: The goal is to build a course appropriate to your client’s needs.  You have a choice!  Blog this! Download the whitepaper » Blog this!
    [Providers] Interactive Writer for Teen Audience
    Recently I’ve been working with a startup that provides content and tools to teens and is sold through high schools. Most of my experience has been in adult learning and performance. The first course is fairly well defined and is based on a couple of books/workbooks that have been used offline. What’s been interesting to me is that it’s been hard to find just the right person to help them with designing interactive exercises and writing content in order to bring this to life online. Actually, the first interesting question is: What do you call this role? Where should I be searching?
    [Providers] Agility through collaboration
    What we will need to do, instead, is ensure that a full suite of tools are available, and provide individuals with the ability to work together to create worthwhile working/learning environments. Instead of factory-style production teams, agile programming uses far fewer, but better, programmers. The principles of communicating, focusi ng on simplicity, releasing often and testing often are also applicable to developing good instructional programs. Does instructional systems design (ISD) need more agility ? The root of the problem is that ISD views instruction as separate from work.
    [Providers] Innovation & Mobiles
    Value network analysis provides insight into how systemic structure influences innovation potential. How do organizations plan and develop value points? Consider the iphone vs. Google phone value propositions: “The good side of networks is that they can make it easier for ideas to spread. The problem with networks is that to get people to actually adopt your new idea, you often have to get them to break links within their existing network, and this can be very difficult. That is why it is important to understand how to build a position within the value network.&#.
    [Providers] February 2014: Creation Spaces
    Facebook provides more this-like-that instead of this-oh-that! (Or relevancy, interestingingness, and serendipity)   DAVID WEINBERGER   |  WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 2014. John Hagel tells us that “ Answers can be helpful but they only have a fixed value. And answers, no matter how good they are, tend to become obsolete at an accelerating rate.   As conditions evolve, those answers that only a little while ago seemed so compelling and helpful now begin to seem stale and worn.” These are prerequisites for Hagel’s creation spaces (and my own workscapes.). JOHN HAGEL.
  • JAY CROSS  |  SUNDAY, JUNE 2, 2013
    [Providers] Reflections from May trip to Italy, UK, and Netherlands
    suggested that since universities cannot provide the experiential learning people must master to get meaningful jobs, they should relinquish the education on how to do jobs to corporations. A new apprenticeship. TRAVELOG. just got home from two dozen days in Rome, (rent Vespa) Perugia, Passignano, Torre del Colle (Bevagna), (return Vespa) Foligno, Rome, London, Malvern, Winchester, Brighton, Amsterdam, Heerlen (Maastricht) in 24 days.  Photos. On another day I led a masterclass in informal learning and 702010 for a high-tech company and its customers in Utrecht. More on this later.
    [Providers] Forget learning styles
    However, more than 25 years of research on this and related themes have not provided any form of conclusive evidence that matching the form of instruction to learning style improved learning or even attention ”. This morning I responded to a LinkedIn discussion on learning styles, questioning the interest. In my blog post of 4 May I noted that “Honey and Mumford’s learning styles theory, along with the competing theory of Colin Rose, has been widely discredited, at least in academic circles”, and cited this handy compendium of evidence and comment debunking the learning styles myth.
    [Providers] Photoshop round-tripping in Captivate 5: Quicker & powerful way to work with images.
    The new workflow provides ways to easily maintain the imported PS content in sync with the source document. One of the exciting features of eLearning Suite 2 is Photoshop round tripping with Captivate. You can not only import Photoshop layers but also edit the source Photoshop document from Captivate (eLS 2.0). Captivate detects changes and updates the affected layers automatically. You can now import the Photoshop document once and modify as many times as required without the bother of importing layers over and again. You can also import multiple layer comps. eLearning Suite
    [Providers] Introduction to PKM Workshop & FREE Webinar
    He’s also going to be running a FREE webinar:   Introduction to PKM   on Wednesday 5 September which will provide an introduction to those participating in the workshop, but which is is FREE for anyone to join. “PKM: A set of processes, individually constructed, to help each of us make sense of our world & work more effectively.”. Supporting self-managed learners with their Personal Knowledge Management is going to be a key new skill for workplace learning professionals in a social business. Here are the details, if you’d like to reserve a place. System Requirements.
    [Providers] Friday News Roundup: Addictive Oreos, HR and social media, and more!
    As an alternative to the extension,career is open to everyone and hope “to further provide marketing opportunities and domain names for registrants to promote and provide career, job, human resources, and employment-related information.” Every week we round up the major news from the HR and training fields to present to you. This week, there were plenty of interesting stories to choose from. Check out our stories on standing at work, HR and social media, and more! How HR uses social media  . Unsurprisingly, recruiting is the top use for Twitter.
    [Providers] Advantage of Third-Person Perspective in eLearning Design
    They provide web users with a third-person perspective of themselves. Our belief : At Vignettes Learning we use stories in eLearning; however, we make them interactive. The emphasis is getting learners involved in the story and not just telling the learners the story. Synthesis. Avatars are not only novelties or catchy web accessories. Avatars help us project ourselves during web interactivity. Recent studies show that the third-person perspective has more advance uses in eLearning and interaction. The feature is called Game Face. Create the right tension and draw them into the scenario.
  • BLOOMFIRE  |  THURSDAY, MAY 19, 2011
    [Providers] Founder Investigates Link Between Technology and Closing the Communication Gap
    The solutions they were being provided by other vendors were MS Excel and PowerPoint. Jayant Naharwal has been running a sole proprietary business (a L&D consultancy) by the name if Get Skilled Online , since January 2010. The company is a forum of a few like minded trainers/training consultants with a wide variety of experience in L&D in various industries. Readers can contact him at this URL which has links to his various profiles and website too. Q. How do you handle the multiple stakeholders involved in each training initiative? Maybe you’ve heard of these buzzwords.
    [Providers] Human Resources, Learning, and Leadership: Our Ten Predictions for 2014
    This means you, as an employer, need to provide internal talent mobility and career growth in your own organization. 2014 will be an exciting and challenging year for HR, learning, and talent professionals. Download our 66 page Predictions Report here.). Global economic growth will create a new level of competition for people. HR organizations will shift their focus from cost reduction to retention and engagement. Technology will continue to make the world a smaller place, forcing companies to improve their employment brand in every possible way. Data will become a new currency.
    [Providers] Introducing the Mindflash Blog!
    Listen : we want to start conversations about the issues trainers like you are tackling every day, hopefully providing some insight and making your job easier. We’ve talked to a lot of trainers over the past year and we heard that many of them are looking for really practical information on best practices for online training. They’re curious about things like: Do I have time to get my training online? Will my trainees like it? Will my boss? Is online training too impersonal? Will online training simplify my day (or just make it more complicated)? Does it actually work?
    [Providers] Tutor/Mentor Connection
    libraries, museums, and learning centres), lack of personal social support providing encouragement and motivation to navigate life’s difficult moments, etc. I’ve been in contact with Dan Bassill over the last several years around a project he’s involved with: Tutor/Mentor Connection. Learning can’t be confined to the boundaries of formal education. We learn constantly. In some instances, learners require extra support or guidance to overcome challenges they face. great concept. We pay too little attention to the value of volunteering tutoring. great concept.
    [Providers] Playing Your Position Hurricane Sandy and the Real Reason Training Doesnt Have a Seat at the Table
    Chances are they weren’t performing their core function.  At best, training teams were lending support to the other functional areas of the company by leveraging their business acumen to help with the daily business operation or by simply providing support in the form of extra sets of hands to the other areas.  Thus, unless the core function of the company that learning professionals work for is to provide training, the training function will never sit at the operational table.  Human resources started reaching out to employees to ensure that they were safe. 
    [Providers] Are You Riding the Waves or the Ripples? Tracking Learning Trends
    My intent is to share with you my interest areas and studies with the hope of providing you with a different vantage point. Storyline Articulate has succeeded in providing developers and designers a new milestone in authoring tools. emphasize “ encourage” because it is my hope that this will turn out to be a recognition of how learners learn from real-life situations which lead to faster and cheaper ways of providing learning opportunities. The speed at which innovations propel these learning concepts are discussed here. __ I am not a surfer. The wave is powerful.
    [Providers] Three tips for effective quality assurance
    This last point is vitally important, whether you or someone else will be making the changes – it’ll help speed up the turnaround of the next iteration without misinterpretation or error, and it also provides you with a detailed audit trail of changes requested. I hope by now I’ve convinced you of the benefits of quality assurance – although I may not have convinced you that QA is a fun task! Either way, accepting that you need to do it is one thing; knowing how to do it effectively and efficiently is another. Here are my simple tips. Consider TVF in turn.
  • EFRONT  |  THURSDAY, JULY 30, 2015
    [Providers] How to increase the training compliance rate in a healthcare organization
    If staff frown every time they receive an email from the L&D team, if a manager doesn’t get alerted by his team’s low compliance, if the organization has not invested in a fully functioning LMS or has not provided the facilities required, then it is obvious that there is something fundamentally wrong. Contrary to tradition, the majority of the training in healthcare is now available as eLearning. In this post we will look at 5 tips on how you can boost the compliance figures of an organization, focusing primarily on healthcare. Popularity of LMS. How easy is it to log in? How fast?
    [Providers] Blended Learning in India
    The current approach to virtual schooling seems to be to provide technology to broadcast lectures by the expert teacher and leave the local facilitator to do the support job. There are many positives happening in EdTech in India. government led mission called the National Mission on Education using ICT (NMEICT) has created massive amounts of content for engineering, arts and humanities, social sciences and natural science. The school sector is running alongside nicely with initiatives to build content (NROER, K-OER) and delivery systems (Virtual Open School, NIOS).
    [Providers] LMSs that kick ass: ElementK’s KnowledgeHub
    These tools are powered by Jive Clearspace and provide integrated access to Wiki’s, Blog’s, and Discussion Forums so that they can be included in a development plan, returned in integrated search results, and linked to from our e-learning courses. Q: What drove your decision to incorporate social media tools into your LMS? A: Sue Rodeman - We believe the way learners want and need to learn are changing. Probably just three years ago, if you said Element K I would have immediately thought about off-the-shelf courseware. They announced this in October, 2008. Generation21. GeoLearning.
    [Providers] Believe the IoT Hype or Perish: Equipping Today’s Graduates for Tomorrow’s Tech [Hirst]
    Human Capital Solution Providers : Careerbuilder. Believe the IoT Hype or Perish: Equipping Today’s Graduates for Tomorrow’s Tech — from by Peter Hirst. Excerpt: Meeting the IoT Higher Education Challenge. People who come to MIT Sloan or other MIT Schools to further their professional education tend to have strong technical and engineering backgrounds. The pace of evolution and disruption of business models in their industries is accelerating continuously. And we need to become more efficient, affordable, relevant and timely in the delivery of our programs.
    [Providers] This is the One Feature Your Sales Enablement Solution Must Have
    If you’ve ever investigated sales enablement solutions, you’ve probably received from the providers you investigated large lists of the features their solutions have. In a future post, I’m going to explain what I believe are the best important features to look for in sales enablement software, but before I do that, I wanted to address the most important feature. I’m doing this because in my experience there is one feature that is so important, I would suggest giving up every other feature for it because without it, your sales enablement software will die a slow and miserable death.
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