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    [Providers] Believe the IoT Hype or Perish: Equipping Today’s Graduates for Tomorrow’s Tech [Hirst]
    Human Capital Solution Providers : Careerbuilder. Believe the IoT Hype or Perish: Equipping Today’s Graduates for Tomorrow’s Tech — from by Peter Hirst. Excerpt: Meeting the IoT Higher Education Challenge. People who come to MIT Sloan or other MIT Schools to further their professional education tend to have strong technical and engineering backgrounds. The pace of evolution and disruption of business models in their industries is accelerating continuously. And we need to become more efficient, affordable, relevant and timely in the delivery of our programs.
    [Providers] This is the One Feature Your Sales Enablement Solution Must Have
    If you’ve ever investigated sales enablement solutions, you’ve probably received from the providers you investigated large lists of the features their solutions have. In a future post, I’m going to explain what I believe are the best important features to look for in sales enablement software, but before I do that, I wanted to address the most important feature. I’m doing this because in my experience there is one feature that is so important, I would suggest giving up every other feature for it because without it, your sales enablement software will die a slow and miserable death.
    [Providers] Friday Spotlight > Veterinary Exam Room Communication
    These hospitals are staffed by more than 2,600 fully qualified, dedicated, and compassionate doctors who provide the very best in general and specialty veterinary care. VCA Animal Hospitals operates over 580 small animal hospitals in 41 states and Canada. In a national survey of VCA doctors, 87 percent identified “improving exam room communication” as the skill with the greatest impact on their job performance. To help doctors grow in this area, VCA partnered with Enspire Learning in 2011 to create the Communication Works: Happy Doctors, Loyal Clients, Healthy Pets program.
    [Providers] Friday Spotlight > Veterinary Exam Room Communication
    These hospitals are staffed by more than 2,600 fully qualified, dedicated, and compassionate doctors who provide the very best in general and specialty veterinary care. VCA Animal Hospitals operates over 580 small animal hospitals in 41 states and Canada. In a national survey of VCA doctors, 87 percent identified “improving exam room communication” as the skill with the greatest impact on their job performance. To help doctors grow in this area, VCA partnered with Enspire Learning in 2011 to create the Communication Works: Happy Doctors, Loyal Clients, Healthy Pets program.
    [Providers] Leadership Development in Support of Globalization
    They expect to use technology and have it impact their workforces across the globe in these ways: to make knowledge available when needed by whoever needs it regardless of their physical location, to provide for teleconferencing, videoconferencing, meetings, and application sharing by leaders in far-flung cities, to allow for user-created content to make information available more quickly and in the format that leaders can best use and re-use, and to help leaders be more effective in a virtual role by facilitating virtual networking and collaboration. Globalization. development?
    [Providers] Playing Your Position Hurricane Sandy and the Real Reason Training Doesnt Have a Seat at the Table
    Chances are they weren’t performing their core function.  At best, training teams were lending support to the other functional areas of the company by leveraging their business acumen to help with the daily business operation or by simply providing support in the form of extra sets of hands to the other areas.  Thus, unless the core function of the company that learning professionals work for is to provide training, the training function will never sit at the operational table.  Human resources started reaching out to employees to ensure that they were safe. 
    [Providers] Podcasting for E-Learning: Benefits of Digital Audio
    That’s OK – the point of e-learning is to provide training professionals with a means of creating and distributing content that enables people to acquire information, knowledge, skills, and expertise on a diverse range of subjects: as e-learning practitioners, it’s our job to facilitate this process. The first principle of digital audio is: Digital audio is the study of discrete values. This characteristic is very important: it allows us to manage audio information very efficiently. Using digital techniques, the capability to process information is greatly enhanced. The result?
    [Providers] Should You Add Background Audio to Your E-Learning Courses?
    There’s no reason why elearning courses can’t employ a similar use of background audio to provide some emotional cues and hooks. I get a lot of questions about whether or not to add background music to elearning courses. That’s like answering whether or not you should put a blue square in your course. If the blue square makes it a better course, “Yes.” If not, then get rid of the square. The same is true for background audio. It all depends on the context. Instructional Design 101. Instructional design is about crafting a learning environment to meet specific objectives. Guess what?
    [Providers] Bloomfire Taps IBM Watson to Enhance Searchability
    Tagging online content with relevant keywords provides corporate knowledge repositories with critical data that makes searching for information much more effective. Automated tagging of posts will improve searchability and overall value of content across social knowledge networks. Bloomfire today announced a partnership with IBM to integrate its Watson cognitive computing system’s natural language processing technology with Bloomfire’s social knowledge network software. IBM is a pioneer in cognitive computing. About Bloomfire. Bloomfire is headquartered in downtown Austin, Texas.
    [Providers] Three Ways to Help All of Your Sales Reps Become A-Players
    Provide a way for them to document their process and technique, either through a written document or, better yet, a quick video. Tim Duncan, a prized draft pick in 1997, has played basketball for the San Antonio Spurs for almost 20 years. In his first year he averaged over 20 points and about 12 rebounds a game. Last year, at age 39, he averaged about 13 points and 9 rebounds a game – numbers not as big as his previous years but still solid. His numbers don’t tell the whole story though. How often do we see this same selflessness in sales? But how? Maybe it’s whom they target.
    [Providers] Walking down the Interactive Learning Path with Raptivity
    Listed below are some highlights and features of Raptivity, which make it suitable to be used by any educator looking to build interactive content: Raptivity provides a strong pre-built library of 190+ of rapidly-customizable interaction models. As a part of tracking support, Raptivity provides information in the form of completion status, score and individual question responses (in case of assessments). Many Raptivity interactions provide support for Section 508 Guidelines. Raptivity output can be embedded in a course or even in a PowerPoint presentation.
    [Providers] Strategies for learning and performance support 3: guided discovery
    It is an inductive process – it leads the learner towards insights and generalisations, rather than providing them on a plate. So far in this mini-series of posts we have looked at two very teacher/trainer-centred strategies: firstly exposition , which is the straightforward delivery of information from the teacher/trainer/expert to the learner; and then instruction , a more deliberate process based on very specific learning objectives, which by necessity includes carefully structured interaction and assessment.
    [Providers] Quick Clicks
    What’s even better, his recommendation for those you should offer free should cost you less (if anything) to provide than it will cost you to offer those you would charge a fee for. A big THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to the recent aLearning Association Survey… while we compile the results into readable posts for you (watch for new posts with the results)… here are some quick resources for you. eLearning Glossary. Looking for a great glossary of common elearning acronyms and terms? Tutorial Tools. And here’s another great article from Learning Solutions.
    [Providers] Quick Clicks – August 2011
    As ever, aLearning is happy to help you save some time by providing you with some direct links to valuable stuff by other people. If you haven’t seen these yet, they’re worth your time or they wouldn’t be here. Have links to posts, articles, sites and other online stuff that helped you in your association learning management? If so, drop me a line with the link so we can all benefit from it. See his post, “Mission Possible: Engaging Event Attention.&#. Here are a couple of related posts… both work taking a look at. link]. *. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. **.
    [Providers] Keep on Learning, Big Blue
    IBM empowers leaders to develop other leaders and provides career guidance to all members of its 420,000-strong workforce, part of the reason why it was recently recognized by Chief Learning Officer as one of the top companies for learning and development in the magazine’s LearningElite ranking. Just like Gerstner and his CEO successor Sam Palmisano have provided strong executive leadership focused on the long term, Ted Hoff, IBM’s vice president of learning, has done the same for its learning and development initiatives. IBM turned 100 today. Today, services accounts for $56.4
    [Providers] How National Grid Measures Leadership
    Utility provider National Grid launched Foundations of Leadership (FoL), a three-tier development program, to help drive change for 3,000 of its first-level leaders in the U.S. and the U.K. To understand and improve the impact FoL had on its workforce and the business, the company partnered with consulting company Capital Analytics in 2010 to deploy a business impact and optimization study. Based on soft skills, FoL’s learning objectives proved difficult to quantify using traditional methods of training evaluation. Then there was another key finding. and the U.S. In the U.K.
    [Providers] Agile Bengaluru 2010 - Jeff Patton's Story Mapping session
    The 'business value' of the application: public should be able to use this report behaviour police should be able to regulate auto drivers the public should be able to get auto-rickshaw information from this site The benefit for the stake-holders would be: police can do their job better - provide more safety (overall better law & order) the public sees more accountability for auto-rickshaw drivers Jeff ordered the story map by putting the persona on top and placing high-level coarse grained scenarios/goals under them and then user story-like requirements under them. But we are!
    [Providers] Accounting and the Learning Professional
    The other two statements (balance sheet and cash flow) provide important information but are not usually relevant to the management of the learning function (unless the function is an independent legal entity in which case it will have a balance sheet and a cash flow statement). How much do I need to know about accounting and financial statements to run learning like a business? This is a recurring question and the answer is “Not that much.” The good news is that a little bit of knowledge about financial matters goes a long way. That is basically it.
    [Providers] Writing & Grammar: Pronoun Case
    by Jennie Ruby    Here are the answers to  last week's challenge , brought to you by  Karen Wegner , the first to provide a completely correct answer: Jennie and I  went to the playground. The guard opened the gate for  Jennie and me. The cheerleaders all came over to  Jennie's and my house. Jennie and I  drove to North Carolina last weekend. The clerk gave  Jennie and me  a discount on the tickets. Did  Jennie or I  leave the Chinese food on the counter overnight? They co-own the songs. Writing & Grammar
    [Providers] Learning Management: What does a Training Company need an LMS for?
    This is linked to the requirement on white-labeling (mentioned further in this post) where the company wants to go as a self-sustaining provider to its customers. However the LMS vendor needs to set up proper systems and training for the company to provide support. Training companies the world over are changing the way they operate and the services they offer customers. An important one is the inclusion of eLearning (or online training) as part of their core offerings for existing and new customers. Who’s who in the LMS? An export feature to Excel, PDF is a good thing to have. 7.
  • G-CUBE BLOG  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 29, 2012
    [Providers] m-Learning Evolution – From Native to Web Apps
    But for everything else, such as delivering content, getting assessments conducted, or providing simple productivity tools, we will see more and more of web apps built using HTML5 because they would be able to deliver the same experience to the end user as the native apps. As we work more in mobile learning and content delivery space, my belief is strengthening that instead of current model of writing native apps, web apps are going to become favorite medium to deliver m-learning for mobile devices. Here are my reasons -. Powered By DT Author Box. UI Design Tips for Touch Screen Apps.
    [Providers] Rising Tide of Smartphone Apps for Talent and HR
    In addition to the communication support (voice, email, and text) prevalent in mobile devices, and ignoring for the moment the camera and video technology generally included, smart phones provide users with a great many transactional or operational tools. Increasingly many of applications are tied to human capital management solutions: 93 percent of the HCM solution providers in our recent study supported mobile applications. These always-handy, “in-your-pocket” applications can provide immediacy and 24x7 accessibility to both managers and employees. link]. [5].
    [Providers] University of Phoenix Announces New Degree Concentration in Web Admin
    The new degree seeks to incorporate the industry-standard CIW Web Foundations Associate curriculum, provided through a new agreement with Certification Partners. University of Phoenix has worked with Certification Partners, a provider of vendor-neutral Web technology skills certification, since mid-2011 to develop the Web administration associate program. The curriculum will include three courses: Internet Business Associate, Site Development Associate and Network Technology Associate. Phoenix — Oct. Enrollment is now open. Source: University of Phoenix
    [Providers]'s Top 10 Articles for 2009.
    Based on the insights I gathered, I'll be focusing more on providing meeting facilitation tips and "how to" type posts and tutorials in 2010. (courtesy wstera2 via creative commons-attrib-nc-sharealike) Yesterday I listed the top 5 "aha" moments I had about Learning in 2009. At the end of the article I also posted BusinessCasualBlog's Top 5 most read articles for 2009. But, yesterday's "most read" list was based on the tally by a niche community of Learning professionals at Favorite 10 Tools For Creating Learning. #2.
    [Providers] Onlignment - Untitled Article
    The purpose of the interaction is not to gather information that the program can process, but rather to provide the user with an opportunity to search within a space or body of content. And so to the last in our series of posts examining the various ways in which users can interact online. In case you missed them, you might want to look first at the introductory post for this series, Interaction in online media and the posts covering the three other forms of interaction – selecting , supplying and organising. Stepping back and forwards through a slide show.
  • EFRONT  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 6, 2015
    [Providers] The complete guide for making complying with compliance training easier
    This includes giving them the option to study on their commute, e.g. by also providing your compliance course in a mobile friendlyversion (most LMS nowadays support mobile/tablets). Compliance training. It’s a tough job but somebody’s got to do it. And that somebody is you, if you are a business owner that wants to enter certain markets for which the law mandates it. So how to encourage your employees to comply with compliance training requirements? Yelling at them would help, but if you want some more sophisticated ideas you could try, read on. Make it lighter. Conclusion.
    [Providers] The tensions at EDGEX2012
    Given the broad societal transitions to a networked and complex ecology, he talked about how initiatives like Coursera, Udacity and the Khan Academy provided disruptions, but did not transform education. Speakers at the EDGEX Conference debated many tensions and challenges apparent in education today. George Siemens evocatively questioned the use of the word “disruptive” and asserted that we should call for transformation instead. That leverage of transformative educational research, was perhaps what excited many of the international and national speakers and delegates at EDGEX.
    [Providers] WEN 2013 Biennial Conference
    Sixteen years later, WEN remains committed to providing high caliber events and networking to its diverse membership from across the energy value chain. I attended the WEN 2013 Biennial Conference, April 3 - 5, 2013 at the Westin Memorial City Hotel in Houston Texas. Overall, it was one of the best conferences I have attended in years – lots of good information and sharing of ideas. About WEN: WEN was founded in 1994 by Karyl McCurdy Lawson with the purpose of fostering the development and advancement of women in energy by developing a strong network.
  • EFRONT  |  THURSDAY, APRIL 2, 2015
    [Providers] e-learning for local governments with eFrontPro
    Whether you are a small municipal office with 50 people or a huge federal prefecture with 20.000 and multiple branches, eFrontPro has the tools to help you provide specialized training per branch, department, group of employees, skill-set and even language. While tons of businesses and organizations of all kinds and stripes have embraced e-learning as the way forward for training their staff, there are still niche fields that have yet to join the revolution (except for a few pioneers). Local government is one of them. Training. Knowledge retention.
    [Providers] Strategy 101: Two Key Words for Your Next Requirements Effort
    If they don’t get it now, what benefit will getting it provide versus the cost of creating the functionality? I had the displeasure of spending much of the evening reading one of the worst requirements documents I have had to wade through in some time. It wasn’t that it was poorly written (it was) or poorly organized (check). Its greatest crime was that those who had written it had clearly failed to utilize the two key words that have to be part of any requirements effort: “why?” ” and “no.” ” “Gathering?” suspect so.
    [Providers] The Truth About Rapid E-Learning
    While actionscript programming does provide more control over the Flash content, rapid elearning generally gives you a lot more convenience. Rapid elearning tools generally fall into one of two groups: freeform and form-based authoring. PowerPoint-to-Flash publishing is freeform. You start with a blank slide and then build your structure and interactivity. And the other type of tool is form-based where the application has a pre-designed structure and the developer only needs to add content like text, narration, and multimedia. Hit publish and you have clean, professional output.
    [Providers] God Particles and Learning
    Our goal for 2013 is to provide the quality information, bold ideas and challenging opportunities you need to knowledgeably rethink, revise and improve the kind of learning you deliver and how effectively you deliver it. Finally, we’ll provide a solid, evidence-based way for you to evaluate your current practices and compare them to the best of the best by participating in the LearningElite, our rigorous, peer-reviewed benchmarking program. As learning leaders, how consciously “ignorant” are you? Science isn’t about being right. I’m using it the same way.
    [Providers] How Fonts Take a Starring Role in Your E-Learning Courses
    And it provides some consistency so you’re not using too many fonts and crippling your design. The video below shows how graphic designer, Brian Hoff , selected the right font for one of his projects. There are many points in the video where he probably could have stopped, but didn’t. No one would have known the difference. But something kept him going until he found just the right look. Click here to view video. What kept him going is knowing that the typography does more than share the information to be read. have to admit that I don’t always put a lot of thought into the fonts.
    [Providers] Why eLearning Development Ratios Can be Hazardous to Your Career
    Based on survey responses from nearly 4,000 learning professionals at 249 companies, the survey provides the average time required to produce one hour of training of various types: Learning Type Development Ratio Instructor-Led Training (ILT) 43:1 Level 1 eLearning (Basic) 79:1 Level 2 eLearning (Interactive) 184:1 Level 3 eLearning (Advanced) 490:1 These numbers can be very helpful when used to estimate staffing levels for a training department, or gauging resource requirements across multiple projects. More often than not, however, these guidelines can be dangerously misleading.
    [Providers] More great places, awesome people
    This was my first visit to New Zealand's capital city, 'the coolest little capital in the world,' courtesy of Massey University's Mark Brown. I was invited by Mark to keynote two conferences for the university, and then to stay over in Wellington for the weekend before providing the international keynote for the Tertiary Education Summit. Continuing my review of the year, here are my top five places for 2011. 5. Mombasa, Kenya. have heard so much about Kenya, but had never been to East Africa before this excursion. We noticed that there were armed guards outside our hotel.
    [Providers] Workday drops the Other Shoe(s): BigData Analytics, Recruiting, and Extensible Objects
    To date, companies had to lash together relational databases, hire other smaller companies, or look to IBM, EMC, or other big service providers for this offering. Platforms like LinkedIn have become "the source" of candidates, and most recruiting teams now want their systems to manage advertising, the candidate experience, provide mobile recruiting tools and video interviews, and have extensive functionality to streamline the entire candidate sourcing and marketing process. Under the covers the product is quite innovative. Workday BigData Analytics. Workday Recruiting.
    [Providers] eLearning for the military with eFrontPro
    eFrontPro supports all common (and plenty of uncommon) file formats, can import multimedia files (audio, video, etc), provides interactive quizzes, tons of categorization options for your users and content, instructor-led training and gamification support, and, last but not least, detailed reporting. Whether for onboarding or training, eFrontPro also provides a comprehensive statistics and reporting system that gives superiors quantifiable information and statistics for trainee performance, progress and understanding of the material. – It can be deployed quickly. Training.
    [Providers] How Did You Do in 2009?
    And — if you know of association-specific data that provides useful benchmarks and standards, please share! Some of us see the end of the calendar year as a good time to evaluate learning against established industry standards. Benchmarking. Figuring out how we did. Where we stand. And from that, plotting a path through the next year. If your association dedicates more than 30% to alearning, congratulate yourself for moving online for the convenience of your members! – If you’ve experienced a return on your elearning investment, you’ve met the benchmark.  Only 0.9%
    [Providers] Why Your CFO Should be Your BFF
    One analytics leader I talked with recently described his CFO as his “BFF,” noting that his CFO has helped him to gain access to data, explain different financial measures, and has provided staffing support for analytics projects. The majority of HR teams still have a long way to go in establishing confidence in their analytics capabilities. That's no big surprise. But what did surprise us was how low the number still is: our study last year found that only 15% of the organizations surveyed believe their HR teams have strong credibility in talent metrics and analytics.
    [Providers] Demonstrating Training’s Value
    Technology enhancements do, however, provide additional opportunities that make it easier for this information to be captured Learning leaders remain divided about the correct way to demonstrate the business impact that learning has on a larger organization.  For example, Thomans Carins, of the Cairns Blaner Group, feels that this problem is a result of technology shortfalls. Professor M. third approach to solving the problem is one that could be referred to as a balanced approach. Implementing a pure technology solution would be costly and time-consuming.
    [Providers] ESPN’s Top Play: Learning
    The Leadership GPS helps employees set development goals while providing guidance on what internal development tools — job shadowing or courses, such as those offered through ESPN The University — are available and appropriate to help them reach desired levels of leadership. It meets six times a year, provides the learning function with input and feedback, and co-plans programs with Cornileus and her team. Tonya Harris Cornileus has implanted a culture of individual accountability for learning and development at sports media company ESPN. Upon returning to the U.S.
    [Providers] Fresh Water in the Talent Pool: Go Social for Sourcing
    The challenge companies like Jobscience seek to solve is providing one up-to-date view of the potential candidate, and make that information easily visible to the recruiter. I was talking to some interesting folks at San Francisco’s Jobscience today about locating talent. The issues of the oh-so-yesterday concept of the “talent pool” came up in our conversation. Remember that? And the challenges facing recruiters now? Aggregators are out there, but is the synthesis of social data today serving recruiters well? I’d like to hear for you recruiters on this topic!)
    [Providers] Raytheon’s Consultant Endorses Innovative Book “The Back of the Napkin” (Interview)
    The Back of the Napkin provides visual thinking methods missing from much of today’s learning environment. Storytelling through pictures provides the context for new awareness and discovery. Bernie Saboe is a performance consultant with Raytheon Professional Services LLC (RPS). RPS is a global leader in learning services and training outsourcing. They help businesses meet their critical objectives by designing, implementing and managing efficient training solutions that align employees, customers and partners with business goals. Dan sounds like a great guy!
  • MINDFLASH  |  MONDAY, APRIL 29, 2013
    [Providers] Mindflash’s Updated Series Feature
    This update to Series has been the farthest reaching yet, and we are excited to tell you about how these new features can help you save time as well as provide insight into what we are working on in the near future. The Track tab also provides Trainee-level information including scores for each course. Series. Mindflash has recently updated and released a more robust Series feature. We have found that many programs including new employee training, sales training, and continuing education certifications rely heavily on Series. The Manage Tab. The Trainees Tab. The Customize Tab.
    [Providers] Archetypes – worth looking into? (Find 15: 30 January – 3 February)
    Yes, this perhaps provides a structured framework through which I can articulate that knowledge, but I’m not sure that a list of recognisable archetypes will really help me develop my understanding of myself. This week I was drawn to a webinar hosted by James McLuckie (of Eden Tree and the Learning and Development Group on LinkedIn) and presented by Patrick Bray (Pad) of Team Me. It was titled ‘transforming personal and professional performance with archetypes’ and this is what Pad does everyday. think I have two concerns about this. feel a little bit ‘so what?’
    [Providers] DevLearn 2008 - Day 2 Recap
    PowerPoint’s presentation mode provides a great drawing tool that most people don’t know about! I kicked off Day 2 at DevLearn by facilitating a Breakfast Byte session on DevLearn Live! which is the collection of Web 2.0 apps we’re using regularly this week. Not many people showed up, but Wendy Wickham , Matt Wolf , and I spent the time well by discussing our current projects, our impressions of DevLearn, favorite technologies / tools, and more. It was a great way to start the day. Next, I went to the keynote by Dan Roam, author of  The Back of the Napkin. Nice homage.
  • ECONTENT  |  FRIDAY, MARCH 22, 2013
    [Providers] Review: Send to Kindle (via Nordic Waterfall Skiing)
    The frozen waterways provide trails into the back country wilderness which are impossible to reach (or at least very difficult) in the Summer. Strange title?! wanted to test Amazon's new service which allows any web site owner to send content to a Kindle. At the same time, here in northern Minnesota we have some of the best Spring snow conditions in years, which means excellent white water skiing! Thus, this post reviews both a favorite and little known favorite sport of mine, Nordic River Skiing. and Amazon's new feature that allows a web site owners to easily (?) Click and Try!
    [Providers] Should we Distribute HR Into the Business?
    So when we design an HR organization we typically create shared services groups (and use outside providers) to manage these tasks. But once you have these programs running well (and this is no easy task), the remaining 1/3 of the HR budget must optimize its efforts on the strategic value HR and L&D provides: supporting what we now call "talent management" - sourcing, hiring, staffing, training, managing, developing, and supporting the team. talent markets are rapidly changing. Is it time for a new operating model for HR? We think the answer may be yes.
    [Providers] SuccessFactors Unfurls its Sails at SuccessConnect
    She also stated that they believe their solution for the management side of recruiting can now go toe-to-toe with any of the ATS providers out there (we will evaluate this in our Fall research on the ATS market). Watch for our Industry Studies on talent management suites, talent acquisition and learning systems to be published later this year as we stay abreast of each vendor’s solutions. (My thanks to Stu Agtsteribbe, our Director of Solution Provider Services, for his assistance with this article And why shouldn’t he be happy? All of the SMART elements were there.
    [Providers] Who's Building the Social Learning Roads? | Social Learning Blog
    Academia needs a coherent learning theory, or set of theories, that provides guidance for building the road system so the cars can operate.  Social Learning Blog Training and Performance Improvement in the Real World Home About Bios Subscribe to RSS Who’s Building the Social Learning Roads? by Paul on April 20, 2011 in Classroom Learning , Informal Learning , social learning Over the last few months I’ve discussed with my brother, a professor at Bethel University here in Minneapolis, how to incorporate social media into his classes.  But, in the end, they’re just ideas. Blog this!
    [Providers] The Anatomical Dissection of a Healthy Organization
    Perhaps at the crux of any organization are the values, behaviours and expectations that provide a compass of anticipated interaction and outcome. For an organization not only to survive, rather to thrive, I propose there are nine key characteristics needed to be demonstrated equally by all persons in said organization, and the organization itself. (as a whole). There’s a short quip from The Cluetrain Manifesto that always sticks with me: Business is a conversation because the defining work of a business is conversation — literally. Brain – Learning 2.0. Eyes – Strategic Vision.
    [Providers] LMSs that kick ass: Mzinga
    Mzinga believes that while traditional web-based training and eLearning courses have provided great ROI and cost reduction, they lack the social aspect of learning—the diversity in perspective, the insights, and the real-world stories and sharing that have always happened in a classroom. Alternately, for companies ready to move beyond a course- and LMS-centric view of social learning, Mzinga can provide a Community strategy where social networking and social media are more prominently featured and formal learning elements take on supporting roles. It’s Friday yay!
    [Providers] Writing Microcopy: Tips and Pointers
    In addition to providing instructions and wayfinding, microcopy can assure users that things are safe and secure. Did you ever spend an hour writing a four or five word phrase or short instruction? During that time, you probably felt like an obsessive perfectionist—hunched over the computer trying to get it just right. Importance of Microcopy. Microcopy can make or break your product. Without a short instruction, users might now know what to do next. With the wrong instruction, users get frustrated. For thought I was supposed to click on the words, “click to expand.&# Seriously.
    [Providers] The Agile Elearning Design Manual: Problems with existing approaches
    He works with descriptions provided by the Instructional Designer, without any considerations of whether the final output fits the image of the client or the learning material in the module. In recent months I've met over 50 elearning practitioners and evaluated at least 6 elearning firms. My inspiration for this series of posts has been what I've learnt about their style of learning design and how approaches we've tried internally at ThoughtWorks compare as a stark contrast. In today's post I want to outline the current state of elearning content development in the industry.
    [Providers] Learning and economies
    In contrast, the living world operates in a circular cycle where the waste of one species provides the food for another and resources flow. Tweet Here are some of the insights and observations that were shared via Twitter this past week. SteveDenning “If you’re not hearing laughter, it’s a sign you’re still in the land of traditional management.&# via @JurgenAppelo. HildyGottlieb “ When we plant seeds of moral outrage, we eliminate the possibility for action on what we have in common.&#. Learning Organizations Then and Now  - by @Driessen. via @MsRasberryInc. Of course.
    [Providers] Web feats 2: Slideshare
    They can 'like' or 'favourite' your slideshow, download it for easier reading, or even embed it into their own blog or website using the coding the site provides for each individual slideset. Yesterday I published the first of my Web feats - the social bookmarking tool Delicious. Today, I want to talk about another of my favourite Web 2.0 tools: Slideshare. Sharing wasn't just something we were all taught to do as kids. It also has a place in professional life and in the spirit of the social webm, has become something I do naturally each time I create a new slideshow. It's good to share.
    [Providers] 3 Major Reasons You Should Host Your Own LMS
    So before you run to your nearest LMS SaaS provider, remember that there are many reasons, perhaps more reasons, why you should consider hosting your own LMS – at least initially. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) can be great, but it certainly isn’t the best solution for everyone. With today’s trend of SaaS, it can be easy to forget the benefits of hosting your own LMS. Here are the top 3 reasons why you should host your own LMS: 1. First, the admin can apply their database knowledge to the LMS, and decrease the learning curve. wordpress lms
    [Providers] Signature HealthCare: Changing Long-Term Care
    provider of long-term care services in the Eastern and Southeastern United States, Signature’s organizational culture is founded on three pillars: learning, spirituality and intrapreneurship, or behaving like an entrepreneur while working in a large organization. We’d like to track them along their career path and provide opportunities for them to grow and develop when the timing is right for them.” Signature HealthCare worked with employees to develop their emotional and spiritual intelligence in order to improve quality of life for its residents.
    [Providers] Tips From the Tweens: Create a World Full of Playfully Creative People
    These platforms provided an introduction to virtual worlds that would serve as a gateway to a new way of learning. Co-creating occurs best in an environment that allows experimentation. Observe any digital native and you will quickly discover how collabs — online collaborative groups — are giving rise to the next wave of informal learning, which is more about co-creating than knowledge acquisition. My insights come from observing the digital exploits of my own tween-age son, Reid. Like many kids, he started his social presence at age 6 with WebKinz and Club Penguin.
    [Providers] What’s an ‘A’ for?
    Then we could own up that not all teachers are ready to do the type of teaching David’s doing and Daniel’s advocating, and look to using technology to make available a higher quality of content (like the UC College Prep program has been doing) to provide support.  I’d rather see a man-in-the-moon program around getting a really meaningful curriculum up online than going to Mars at this point, and I’m a big fan of NASA and the pragmatic benefits of space exploration. I was recently thinking about grades, and was wondering what an ‘A’ means these days. 
  • CLARK QUINN  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 10, 2009
    [Providers] Chatting
    However, I went to TweetChat , a website that provides an interface just for such chats, because it only follows your hashtag, and automatically puts it in your tweets.  Last night we held the first #lrnchat , a Twitter learning chat.  As mentioned before, it was an idea from Marcia Conner based upon her previous experience with other chats and enthusiasm for Twitter. It was an interesting experience, with it’s plusses and minuses.  There were great topics, and some interesting technical issues.  That worked well. You couldn’t do it in video or audio. 
    [Providers] Multiply Your Impact and Income FAQ
    What I do charge for is for my personal time working with each of you and for providing you with continuous feedback that is appropriate for YOUR particular business and product to make it successful. As you know, my new course Multiply Your Impact and Income: 3 Steps for Creating Engaging and Profitable Online Programs That Turn Your Clients Into Raving Fans is now open for registration. This program will help you to move from 1 -1 model to package your expertize online so you can serve multiple clients at the same time and keep reusing the same program for more impact and income.
    [Providers] Working online is different
    Everyone could provide input for a specified period of time and then that issue was closed. With volcanic ash grounding most flights in northern Europe, I’ve been thinking about web conferencing and distributed work. work predominantly at a distance, using networked communications (what we used to call computer supported collaborative work), and have been doing so for over a decade. have never met several of my clients in person and the same goes with some of my business partners. I can go many months without stepping foot in an airport. But it’s not about the technology.
    [Providers] Collect, then connect
    And it’s starting: How to split up the US provides an intriguing look at how different parts of US are clustered around ideas/themes (based on data from Facebook). First we collect the data, then we connect the fragmented pieces to gain insights into ourselves and into society. Once ideas, personal preferences and interests, and even thoughts have been externalized and made explicit in online profiles, blogs, Twitter, and Facebook, the data simply waits to be mined and analyzed. What do we do with data like this? guess that’s a more difficult question. Is it more accurate?
  • BLOOMFIRE  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 14, 2011
    [Providers] Oregon’s Small Town Artist Describes Her Inspirational Business Model
    Nothing feels better than knowing that you are making someone’s day by providing quality instruction and encouraging content. About the author: Vinita Pappas is a small town artist from Oregon and the owner of create38. What follows is her story of how Bloomfire has helped her to create an innovative business model teaching people worldwide about watercolor painting. “Why I Love Bloomfire&#. Easy to Start and Use. Every aspect of starting your own Bloomfire is clearly described and logical. Simple Layout. The design of Bloomfire is very well done. Community Aspect. Future.
  • CLO MAGAZINE  |  FRIDAY, JULY 19, 2013
    [Providers] All the World’s a Stage for Learning
    Performers took turns improvising solos while other band members provided accompaniment. She said rowing teaches leaders trust, teamwork, and how to provide adequate coaching and feedback. To help make the connections between theory and practice, some learning leaders are taking top talent out of the office and into alternative leadership development arenas. Students in Michelle Buck’s management class don’t need their laptops as much as they need their dancing shoes. After some professional instruction, participants are asked to dance the tango. Lynn A.
    [Providers] Training Mojo: 10 Steps to Create Your Training Dojo
    Provide case studies on organizations that have effectively implemented training programs that positively impacted the bottom line. Summary: Are you challenged with creating a new training department? Here are ten steps to help you create a Training Dojo, a place where employees go to learn about their jobs, progress to higher career levels, and discover how to become better managers and leaders. dojo is a martial arts training center – the place where learners come to absorb technique and wisdom. Follow these 10 steps to create your Training Dojo. Two: Obtain buy-in.
    [Providers] How to MOOC: Bite-Sized Content
    When designing these learning resources, think about how to divide the course content into chunks of no more than 10 minutes, with an activity at the end that either tests declarative knowledge or provides the opportunity to apply practical knowledge. The proliferation of massive open online courses (MOOCs) has prompted many discussions about what education is, what it means, and how best to deliver it in the current digital environment. Over a series of articles, we will explore what MOOCs have taught us about the best ways to design, deliver, assess, and recognize learning online.
    [Providers] Blogging 101
    Readers have been generous enough to send me links to additional materials and to provide comments that have pushed my thinking in new directions. This is my 101 st post to the Learning Journal blog. milestone of sorts. started blogging as an experiment in web 2.0 technology, and now see my blog posts as something of a professional calling card. But above all, blogging has been a tremendous learning activity for me. One exciting aspect about posting some of my ruminations online is that I have received feedback and responses from all over the world. Thank you for commenting! Forster.
  • MINDFLASH  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 2011
    [Providers] What Business Can Learn from Remote Teaching
    A futurist’s out-of-the-box ideas on how education should develop provide inspiration for the training programs of today. Among the proposed solutions to America’s much-discussed crisis in public education are merit pay for teachers , more charter schools and curriculum reform. But recently the blog of The Futurist magazine offered a less common vision of where America’s education system needs to head — one that could inform professional training for adults right now. The piece by author Lance Secretan looks to Sal Kahn for inspiration. Do you think Secretan’s on the right track?
    [Providers] Using Kirkpatrick's Four Levels to Create and Evaluate Informal & Social Learning Processes
    Provide a microblogging tool, such as Yammer, to help others to ask about lessons learned that might pertain to their problems and to tweet lessons learned. In my last post, The Tools of Our Craft , I wrote how the Four Level Evaluation model is best used by flipping it upside down and that it can be used to evaluate informal and social learning. In this post, I want to expand on the second point—evaluating informal and social learning. Backwards Planning and Evaluation Model. 1. Results or Impact - What is our goal? 2. Learning - What must they learn to be able to perform? 4.
    [Providers] How effective are employers in supporting new managers?
    If you are looking at supporting existing or new managers ask yourself: How will we know when our managers could use additional support (over and above what we already provide) to do their jobs effectively? Training Zone have asked a great question about how effective are employers in supporting new managers. more interesting question for those of us with responsibility in this area is; How will we know we are as effective as we can be at supporting our new managers? Without great feedback, how can a manager judge his or her performance. The 70-20-10 model is key to understanding this.
    [Providers] Bentley University Launches Career Development Course
    Career Development Introduction 101 aims to provide first-year students with a career toolkit and the opportunity to do mock interviews and elevator pitches in front of corporate recruiters. Career Development Introduction (CDI) 101 aims to provide first-year students with a comprehensive career toolkit and the opportunity to do mock interviews and elevator pitches in front of corporate recruiters. Successful completion provides a non-academic credit and appears on students' transcripts. Waltham, Mass. — Feb. It also opens the door for a one-credit internship course.
    [Providers] Is the classroom a machine?
    Rather than become intuitive problem-solvers, students are expected to simply absorb the facts provided to them. In a Big Think article, Why Technology Won’t Save an Inefficient Education System, with Dr. Madhav Chavan , and in several other similarly argued contributions, particularly like the ones from Sir Ken Robinson (read a critique here ) or Sugata Mitra. Education over that past 200 years has been fashioned like an assembly line. Children get placed on a conveyor belt that carries them from grade level to grade level. And if that is not a machine, then school likely is not.
    [Providers] Why the Buzz around Employee Recognition?
    In fact, a whole host of technology providers are now offering services that enable this type of online social recognition. (5) The Rise of the Millennial Generation in the Workforce —Younger employees typically require more feedback (both positive and constructive) and development than older generations. Across the last 18 months or so, we have received an increasing number of questions about the role of employee recognition in today’s organizations. We are now beginning to publish the outcomes of that research. Most of these changes are here to stay. Stacia.
    [Providers] Why the Buzz around Employee Recognition?
    In fact, a whole host of technology providers are now offering services that enable this type of online social recognition. (5) The Rise of the Millennial Generation in the Workforce —Younger employees typically require more feedback (both positive and constructive) and development than older generations. Across the last 18 months or so, we have received an increasing number of questions about the role of employee recognition in today’s organizations. We are now beginning to publish the outcomes of that research. Most of these changes are here to stay. Stacia.
  • GEOTALENT  |  MONDAY, JUNE 1, 2015
    [Providers] Cost-effective Learning Management for Law Enforcement & Community Services: Part 1
    We all know how critical these services are to the communities we live in and also understand how crucial it is that those who provide these services are properly trained. An example of a high-level mandate for a correctional organization was a system that would allow it to “effectively plan and organize multi-layered local and corporate training initiatives while providing instantaneous on-line feedback. This search provides instant access to anyone in the system who meets specific criteria. [Post by K.M. Lowe, Writer & Corporate Communicator].
    [Providers] Online trainers leave your egos here.
    How might online tools and social media help us to devote time and resources and provide positive consequences for people, so they can find out for themselves how things work best within their organisation? Before we create yet more training, how can we give people space and time to develop their own capabilities? It may be easier to say what NOT to do. There is a risk that the old superstitions of trainers resurface online and so stop webinars, virtual meetings, remote action learning sets and so on from being effective. People do not learn online purely by listening passively.
    [Providers] Odessa College Builds Student Success with TechSmith Relay
    They needed a tool that was easy to use, cost efficient, and one that provided high-quality customer support. Incorporating blended learning technology throughout an entire college campus can be difficult if you don’t have the right tools, resources, and buy-in to help along the way. One college in Texas sought out a lecture capture solution that not only recorded class lessons, but also gave faculty the ability to create an engaging, blended learning environment. They found what they were looking for in TechSmith Relay. Can’t see the video? Watch it on YouTube ! Odessa Case Study.
    [Providers] Kern Kelley & Michael Ruffini: ISTE 2015 Presenter Profiles
    He has presented at numerous international, regional, and state educational technology conferences, provided technology in-service workshops for teachers, and has published numerous articles on technology integration. For example, online resources such as TeacherTube, Khan Academy, and YouTube provide thousands of streaming educational video clips for teachers to use in their lessons. Continuing our series , we have two more educators to introduce! Both of these educators will also be presenting in our booth, 2500, at  ISTE 2015  this year. The Presenter Bio: Kern Kelley.
    [Providers] What Do Your People Want You to Know About Leading Them in the New Normal
    Text analytics now provides the ability to crunch words the same as we’ve “crunched” numbers for decades. I’ve asked for you.  We’re all now painfully aware of the phrase, “new normal.” You hear it everywhere: ABC News, Fox, NPR, even The McKinsey Quarterly. The details involve dropping wages, job scarcity, reduction in force, and economic and political upheaval across a global change curve. The larger view of these perhaps unrelated events depicts a dynamic future for all of us. Any sense of normalcy has yet to gel again, and it may take another 7 to 10 years to do so.
    [Providers] How to Plead Your Case With E-Learning Skeptics
    In his leadership role at Knowland University, Bill focuses on helping clients get the most out of the products and services provided through a combination of guided and self-paced learning opportunities. Many organizations are considering implementing e-learning projects, but there are always stakeholders who are tough to convince. They have certain objections to e-learning, which makes trainers’ jobs more difficult. You know e-learning is the way to go, but how to do you persuade these stakeholders that it needs to happen? First, consider building a business case the right way.
    [Providers] Meet Bloomfire Business Manager and Yogi, Wafae Owen
    treasure my family unit that provides me with unconditional love, support, joy, laughter, and happiness. Welcome back to our employee spotlight series. Today, we’d like to introduce you to Wafae Owen, Business Manager for Bloomfire. She’s pictured outside the company’s offices in downtown Austin, just off the Lady Bird Lake hike and bike trail. . What is your title at Bloomfire and translate that to what you actually do all day? My title is Business Manager. I wear many hats to take care of our employees, customers and business partners’ needs. Photos by Jose Dimas.
    [Providers] Understanding the LinkedIn Talent Brand Index
    Many solution providers are now focused on this market, so expect many more such tools to become available. This week LinkedIn announced the Talent Brand Index , an exciting and innovative new tool to help companies target and improve their talent acquisition programs. In this blog post I'd like to explain it in a little detail. Recruiting: Meet Marketing. Marketing: Meet Recruiting. Businesses spend more than $3,000 per hire on recruitment , and often 20 times this on senior positions. So anything which helps "attract" candidates to your company has huge value.
    [Providers] ScreencastCamper Profiles: Shannon Sellars and Erin Klein
    Her duties not only include screencasting but also providing technical support for other events on campus, including streaming live events. On to our second round of ScreencastCamper interviews! This time around, we spoke with Shannon Sellars and Erin Klein about their screencasting work and what they hope to learn from/contribute to ScreencastCamp. So if you want to co-lead a session on copyright and fair use with Shannon, or learn a thing or two about blogging from Erin, this post may be your perfect starting point. Shannon Sellars. If so, in what specific area(s) of screencasting?
    [Providers] What’s Ahead: Can Measurement Be Standardized?
    Vance said the goal for all statements is to provide learning executives with more guidance on metrics reporting. Still, questions remain on how a learning leader should report evaluation metrics to senior leaders. The first takeaway, according to Laurie Bassi, CEO of HR analytics firm McBassi & Co., starts with the mindset: Don’t approach reporting to prove the function’s worth. This is why so many ROI studies are not taken seriously — their motivation is wrong. Instead, focus on business outcomes and outline how learning has aligned to improve them, Bassi said.
    [Providers] Employment & Sustainability: Report of the Cornell ILR School 2013 Roundtable on Employment & Technology
    We don’t see the kind of dialogue, we don’t see the enforcement of our social norms and social policies that discipline corporations, and that really provided the kind of collective spreading of wage patterns and wage norms across the society. Employment & Sustainability:  Report of the Cornell ILR School 2013 Roundtable on Employment and Technology — from Jobs are disappearing, skill sets are a moving target and the evolving concept of earning a sustainable living is becoming increasingly complex and, for many, increasingly remote.
    [Providers] Pre-Hire Assessment Science Revealed: Value for Employers, Value for Candidates
    In this study (using data and analysis provided by Kenexa , now a division of IBM) we looked at cosmetic sales representatives, customer service reps, pharmaceutical researchers, and movie theater staff. These days there is a lot of talk about BigData in HR. And it's a good thing: there is a science to people management, and the more data we have about people the easier it becomes to make critical people decisions. What is your hit-rate for hiring great candidates? The Science of Fit. But you can get far more specific. I/O Psychologists look at jobs in great detail.
    [Providers] LMS Blog: Latitude Learning LMS Release Notes (v2.5.1.62567)
    Multiple enhancements to the Training History area to better display offering information and provide easy playback of virtual classroom recordings - In response to customer requests, training history (accessed via the History tab in the LMS home page) has been enhanced to show the actual offering the user enrolled in when they click on the course name for a Classroom or Virtual Classroom course. Latitude Learning LMS Blog. LMS Blog. Home Free LMS Our LMS Pricing Services Support Blog. Latitude Learning LMS Release Notes (v2.5.1.62567). Tweet. Release Notes. Categories: LMS Update.
    [Providers] Why an Instructional Design Degree from Bloomsburg University ROCKS!
    This is experience provided under the guidance of faculty while students are in graduate school a mixing of theory and practical hands-on experience. (we also work with non-profits like the PA Department of Public Welfare and the PA Coalition Against Domestic Violence.) Seventh, twice a year we bring in professionals who are working in the field of instructional design, e-learning and performance support to provide feedback on our curriculum, RFP exercise and our initiatives within the department. So we have a different focus than programs housed in the school of education.
    [Providers] Designing For Experts
    You can help this along by providing supplemental information in the form of a glossary, hypertext explanations, links to authority websites and downloads of background resources, such as research studies. In a previous article , I noted that experts have different internal knowledge structures than novices. Expert knowledge seems to be efficiently organized and easy to search through, like an orderly file cabinet. Expert knowledge is deeply intertwined, creating many paths for recalling information. Here are some tips you can use when designing courses for experts. Keep it Organized.
    [Providers] Meaningful and Powerful learning. how to get students engaged by Kevin Roberts
    His tweets provide lots of good information and links. It always seems strange to me how new educational ideas first start of really big, chaotic debates that need to be discussed amongst a lot of people for a good deal of time. to end up being a simple set of seemingly obvious ideas that can be rounded up in just a couple of minutes. The only thing is, only a handful of people can fit big chaotic discussions into a simple set of ideas. Kevin Roberts is such a math teacher guy. If you are into mathematics check-out this great math-made-simple website made by Kevin and his colleagues.
    [Providers] Face-to-face meetings play catch up
    Rather than acting as a distraction, the back channel provides added value to participants. Increasingly we’re seeing facilities provided to allow participants at face-t0-face conferences to enjoy the same benefits. One of the great benefits of using web conferencing as a conference presentation tool is the way that the text chat panel can be used as a back channel to allow participants to share comments, queries, links and so on, while the presentation is taking place. tinychat. See Olivia Mitchell’s  How to Present While People Are Twittering.
    [Providers] Centerpoint Energy’s Learning & Development Analyst: I Recommend “QBQ! The Question Behind the Question” (Interview)
    Located in Houston, his role includes providing online courseware, web resources, collaboration sites, virtual classroom events and other technology based  skill-building opportunities to the over 8,000 employees spread across eight states. [Editor's note: This article is part of a new interview series. We're featuring readers and workplace professionals who have a book to share—a book that has transformed the way they work to move ideas and move people. He can be reached via LinkedIn and you can find out more about him there. Q. Miller. Accountability is more powerful than I thought.
    [Providers] LEAD pilot update
    In my blog post of 26 March , I promised an update on progress of the first Learning Evaluation Action Development ( LEAD ) programme, provided by Airthrey , the learning evaluation solutions business. The pilot cohort of LEAD was launched in May 2012 – it’s now well underway, and has attracted rave reviews (“it’s changed my life” has been one over-the-top comment!), as well as some learning points. The pilot cohort includes participants from the housing, mental health, and childcare sectors, posing significant challenges with qualitative data and hard-to-measure value propositions.
    [Providers] Fiddlesticks to Dangling Carrot Sticks
    Learning executives can help managers shift their mindsets away from relying on rewards and consequences by providing the coaching and interpersonal skills they need to tap direct reports’ internal motivation and the discretionary effort that follows. 3. The learning community at Green Mountain supports this as well, providing instruction designed to help employees learn and commit to personalized practices that bring renewal into their daily lives at work and at home. Leaders are under constant pressure to optimize their return on everything. Timing is everything.
    [Providers] Introduces Affordable User-Friendly SaaS-based LMS at DevLearn by News Editor
    Following a six-month beta period, the official release of SkyPrep incorporates the feedback of hundreds of users and provides one of the most effective training tools in the market. Design & Development Tools Emerging Topics Learning Systems
    [Providers] Integrated Learnings Blog now on eLearning Learning
    It provides an excellent one-stop resource for current ideas and techniques in eLearning theory, design, and development. We started the Integrated Learnings: eLearning blog last year with the idea of writing simple, but informative, posts about eLearning design and development. Our topics rotate between learning theory refreshers and step-by-step techniques for popular eLearning authoring tools (Lectora, Captivate, Articulate, and others). Our one rule is that the topics have to relate to eLearning. Anything else goes on our other blog, Shared Learning. Thank you, readers!)
  • EFRONT  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 21, 2015
    [Providers] How eLearning works in the medical industry
    modern LMS platform can trivially incorporate study material provided by the drug company or the medical equipment manufacturer, and of course all kinds of images, videos, visualizations and interactive animations. The rest of the professional world might have embraced “continuous professional development” a decade or so ago, but it has always been a necessity for the medical professionals. Those are not just for career advancement, as is often the case in other industries, but are demanded by law as a means for medical professionals to maintain their clinical competence.
    [Providers] Tuition Assistance’s ‘Fiscal Cliff’
    Teri Shipp is vice president of client services and marketing for EdAssist, a managed education provider. If the U.S. economy heads off the so-called fiscal cliff, how will tuition assistance programs be affected? As the U.S. economy stands at the brink of a “fiscal cliff” — a combination of tax increases and spending cuts by the federal government set to take effect Jan.1 unless a deal is worked out before then — the way corporate tuition assistance programs are taxed also hangs in the balance. Why should learning leaders be concerned?
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