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    [Providers] Green Screen Video Studio at CDPE
    Finer details of the studio set-up can be found in the PDF they were nice enough to provide, which you can download  here. I have written about building my low budget video studio in the past, but today I was really amazed at what the Center for Professional and Distance Education at the University of Central Oklahoma (CPDE) has built for less than $2,000. Today they presented for the e-Learning Guild's DemoFest. Here is the final budget of the studio, which as you can see they really got bang for their buck. Sanyo High Definition Camcorder – $349.95 Boris FX Chroma Key Software – $299.00
    [Providers] I Carry My ActionScript Around My Neck
    If you need a personal wiki that can reside on your flash drive, TiddlyWiki provides one. Whenever I write new Flash Actionscript (that works) or find useful Actionscript, I make it a point to place it somewhere accessible where I can access it later. It may be years before I need that particular code again, but I want to access it quickly along with any associated notes I saved with it. Here has been my solution for many years. have added a personal wiki to my removable flash drive. There may be others out there, but this one works for me. Adobe Flash Lite Misc. flashlite flash
    [Providers] Following the eLearningLearning Community
    Here are some of the new features that make it easy to to follow: Best of  link - Provides the best posts on eLearningLearning based on social signals. If you have not been to recently you will notice their redesign and new features. I am a frequent visitor and also member of this elearning blog community. It's a great collection of elearning blogs with a wide spectrum of perspectives. RSS - The best of eLearningLearning or full lis t of blog posts. Mail - Receive recaps of the best of elearningLearning or receive recaps of the full list of blog posts.
    [Providers] My e-Learning Toolbox
    It is a glimpse not just into their development tool preferences, but it also provides some reflection into the approaches they take in creating courses. Every so often I see my fellow bloggers posting lists of what they have in their e-learning toolbox. These posts are always interesting and helpful. Here is what I have in my e-learning toolbox and some notes on how I use these tools. ToolBook authoring tool - this is the DHTML authoring tool used at my company, but prior to this I used TrainerSoft (now Outstart Trainer), which is my preference. Adobe Fireworks - editing graphics.
    [Providers] Free e-Learning Page ISD Additions
    My intention for the page was to not only provide educational opportunities, but also to showcase examples of e-learning. My Free e-Learning page has received a consistent number of visitors since adding the page. The page receives approximately 10% of my blog's hits. And from my blog stats, I can see many are launching the free courses. Many of us, myself included, are inspired by seeing what other e-learning professionals are creating. And I am happy to see the page is being attended. Pappas Gagne's 9 Events of Instruction - C. Thanks. Learning Courses ISD e-Learning Free e-learning
    [Providers] 508 Compliance, Even If You Do Not Need To
    It may be as simple as including alt tags so screen readers recognize graphics, keyboard alternatives for mouse clicks or providing close captioning, etc. Even if your organization does not require courses to be 508 compliant , e-learning designers/developers should still take accessibility into consideration. In my current position I am not required to make my courses compliant. This does alleviate me from the arduous task of meeting strict 508 compliance guidelines. These are just some of the simpler examples of addressing 508 compliance concerns. 508 Compliance e-Learning
    [Providers] Adobe Flash on TV
    For now I am going to assume a content developer's kit (CDK) will be provided by Adobe and the TV remote will act in the same manner as a Flash enabled phone's key pad, recognizing key presses, etc. It has been announced that Flash will be available on TVs! This news from Broadcom and Adobe certainly caught my attention. This is not only a great opportunity for Adobe Flash, but opens up many, many opportunities for Flash developers and hopefully e-learning designers. This will now place rich Internet applications (RIA) on TVs, using Flash Lite Player 3. your TV. And
    [Providers] What if iPhone and Blackberry Supported Flash Lite?
    The e-Learning Guild did provide the following links regarding the possibility of Flash Lite on iPhones: [link] [link]. I was looking over the e-Learning Guild's  360 report on mobile learning, released several months back. What really jumped out for me was the survey regarding targeted devices. Granted the results are anecdotal and not from a scientific survey, but none the less it does reflect answers from 240 m-learning designers from numerous regions around the world. Let's just hope sooner than later. Adobe Flash Lite flashlite m-Learning iphone
    [Providers] Development Tools I Would Learn If I Were You - June's Big Question
    They provided just enough to make us dangerous with HTML, Flash, Photoshop and Authorware. Flash: Yes, Flash is still very much alive and well in e-learning and because it is so embedded in our industry and there is nothing at this time that can provide the rich interactive elements that it provides, I do not see it being "dead" in our field anytime soon. The fact is HTML5 is not there yet and if it ever does get there it will probably be more than 5 years before it is at the level of quality and ease of development that Flash currently provides. Second Life).
    [Providers] CBSE Open Text Based Assessments – Lip Service or Silver Bullet
    As the circular states: The main objective of introducing this element is to provide opportunities to students to apply theoretical concepts to a real life scenario by encouraging active and group learning in the Class. In a later circular , it is reiterated that: the main objective of introducing OTBA is to relieve the students from the burden of mugging up of content and provide opportunities in effective use of memory and acquiring skills of information processing. Experts hired by CBSE have now made essays/case studies etc. It assumes and implies several things.
    [Providers] LAK11: Metrics
    Obviously tracking and automated flexible reporting of any sort is valuable to any organization in any function – provided it is accurate to start with. And obviously lots of time and effort in organizations is spent on validating data from a LMS that in turn provides a source of constant improvement just like from other systems for other functions. These systems provide base data upon which further analyses can be conducted. There was a good discussion  I had almost two years ago on LMSs and RoI. The LMS has nothing to do with this process. Let us look at time spent.
    [Providers] One Prototyping Process for Creating an Instructional Game
    have found that a Game Design Document is helpful for the development team but people not involved with a game cannot really understand what will happen in the game to provide appropriate feedback until they see the storyboards and, importantly, concept art.  The completed storyboards and concept art should be shown to focus groups who can provide obtain feedback and reviews of the storyboards with comments framed by a series of questions the design team provides. If focused questions are not provided, the feedback may be scattered and not as helpful as it could be.
  • KAPP NOTES  |  FRIDAY, JULY 2, 2010
    [Providers] Facebook Fatigue?
    An article, Teens Experiencing Facebook Fatigue , provided some interesting findings about the social networking site, Facebook. According to the article: A survey of 600 teens ages 13 to 17 in late April found that teens spend two hours per day online on average, 80% of which is spent using a social network. These same teens are, however, showing signs of “Facebook Fatigue.” Nearly one in five (19%) who have an account no longer visit Facebook or are using it less. Here is more about the study. Web 2.0
    [Providers] Best Educational Piece on How the Banks Hid Assets (NSFW)
    think his story of being Jonco provides an "easy to understand" version of the shell games going on at Wall Street. Here is a great "story" or an analogy of how the banks move monies around as told by John Stewart of the Daily Show. The technique of comparing personnel and corporate allowances with money is a great educational technique. NOT SAFE FOR WORK because of all the swearing. It would be funny without the swearing but.
    [Providers] New Sustainability Education and Learning Web Site Launched
    site that provides information on basic sustainability concepts and techniques. Learn about sustainability issues at the Sustainability Institute. major issue within organizations today is sustainability. The ability to do the right thing in terms of the environment and in terms of conservation of energy, natural resources and our planet. In an effort to increase awareness and learning in the area of sustainability, Kaplan-Eduneering in conjunction with Seventh Generation just launched the Sustainability Institute. The site has many good resources that can be explored.
    [Providers] What Learning Professionals Can Learn From the Steelers
    The rest has to go the learner who needs to figure out how to apply what we provide to them to their unique situations. The lesson, consistent focus provides success. Focusing on a consistent application of instructional design methods provides success. The technology may change but the strategies for providing learning opportunities have not changed. Having grown up in the Pittsburgh area during the Steelers first run at four Super Bowls, I am a born and breed Steeler's fan. Loved seeing the team get number six! Roethlisberger responded half-jokingly. Drop back.
    [Providers] Blog or Wiki?
    The wiki provides a central location for best practices and an easy-to-use interface that anyone with typing and some minimal search capabilities can master. It is paying off in terms of building a knowledge base and the ability to provide best practices and training on a dime, according to Marty Siederer, the Society's senior director of training and customer service, Siederer provides training for the organization's content management, mass email distribution and online fundraising systems. The other day, I received the following question in a comment on this blog.
    [Providers] Heads Down Second Life Work
    It guides learners through the first few lessons for the first class and provides them with some resources. A good number of hours today are going toward my preparation for my upcoming class called "Learning in 3D." Today I focus on preparing the MSIT Second Life wiki for the class. also spent a lot of time this morning trying to set up a travel itinerary for new avatars to get a feel of the Second Life universe and what can be accomplished from an educational perspective. Feel free to check out the wiki and add any resources or other items that would be helpful.
    [Providers] Blog Book Tour: Week One Recap
    Then on day two Tom King over at Mobilemind posted a great piece which provide a quick, high level view of the book and then provided a great strategy for reading the book if you only have a little bit of time (ok, ok it did get long) Check out his laugh-out-loud post. She provides a great perspective and indicates that learning is successful only when the learner is engaged.I Also, check out his stop on the tour Blog Book Tour Stop: Gadgets, Games and Gizmos talks about how kids provide great insight into new learning technologies and techniques. Have a listen.
  • KAPP NOTES  |  MONDAY, APRIL 7, 2008
    [Providers] Joining Women of the Web 2.0 Tomorrow Night
    It will be show number 70 and we will be covering a range of topics from games for educators to the need for textbook editors to provide more engaging content to teachers. Tomorrow night at I will be joining a group of distinguish web personalities in a live talk show called Women of Web 2.0. If you would like to listen to the show live, (it's free) you can go to EdTechTalk and click on Women of Web 2.0 and hear my discussion with Cheryl, Sharon, Jennifer and Vicki ( Cool Cat Teacher ). If you miss the live version, there will be a recorded version you can check out as well.
    [Providers] Hey Retail Trainers – Save Massive Time With Keyboard Shortcuts!
    These handy, and often hidden, features provide a quick and easy way to accomplish tasks in. Can’t use a mouse or looking to save time on your everyday tasks? Look no further than keyboard shortcuts. click link to visit website for full episode, links, other content and more!]. Text Posts hospitality training hotel training restaurant training retail training retail training hotel training
    [Providers] Andy Whitaker "Matching Learning Paths w/Performance Using Tin Can" #ATDTK
    With Tin Can, we talk about an Activity Provider and an LRS (Learning Record Store). These are my live blogged notes from Andy Whitaker''s concurrent session here at ATD TechKnowledge, happening this week in Las Vegas. Forgive any typos or incoherencies. Andy Whitaker, Consultant, Rustici Software @tincandy How can we implement Tin Can (xAPI -- "experience API") in our organizations to get real benefit? Matching learning to performance with Tin Can Most "learning activity" is tracked in orgs in an LMS using SCORM. It''s a cobbling together of reports. Andy attended TK 2015." Why is this?
  • ELEARNING 24-7  |  TUESDAY, MAY 18, 2010
    [Providers] CMS: An Alternative to a LMS for those who seek Portals or Communities
    It would enable you to upload your courses and then launch them from within the “cloud&# , anywhere – thus you wouldn’t need to have the courses on your server and yes, SCORM Cloud provides some reporting capabilities.  ECMS provides the methods, tools used to manage, store, capture, preserve and deliver documents/content tied to a company and its processes.  Well, the list I will provide below includes some components (in some cases, not all the products) of a ECMS, but still have the core functionality as the CMS. So, what do you do? Yes and No.  Plone.
  • TAYLORING IT  |  MONDAY, JULY 30, 2012
    [Providers] Designing #mlearning Book Review – Chapter 6
    As I mentioned in a  previous blog post , I intend to provide a brief synopsis of each chapter of ‘ Designing mlearning ‘, but more importantly I intend to answer the questions that  Clark  poses at the end of each chapter and then pose those same questions back to you ‘ Dear Reader ‘ Chapter 6 – Getting Concrete. This chapter provides an insight into several real-world, concrete examples which demonstrate a range of mlearning possibilities and applications, each of them following this template. The organisation: Who was involved?
    [Providers] Minimal training: a plunge into the typing pool
    Carroll provides a great deal of detail; I’ll summarize what seem to me to be the most important points. (This is a continuation of a previous post based on John M. Carroll’s The Nurnberg Funnel ). The main elements in the Minimal Manual test–a task-centric approach to training people in using computer software–were lean documentation, guided exploration, and realistic exercises. So the first document that learners created was a letter. ” This sort of meta-exercise is very common, and I think almost always counterproductive. Into the pool. So what happened?
    [Providers] e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Broadband in 77% of U.S. Households by 2012 and that might not be gerat news
    It would really be great to see some additional ISP providers come up with alternative solutions. Broadband in 77% of U.S. Households by 2012 and that might not be great news. So PC World is reporting on a Gartner study that says that upon reaching a high threshold of broadband penetration "ISPs will concentrate less on building out their networks to reach new customers and more on expanding what customers can do with their broadband Internet connections." This appears to be good news for those of us in urban or suburban areas but less so for those in rural areas. My parents for one.
    [Providers] EY Reports – Higher Education in India
    Privatization: create special frameworks and conducive state policies, PPP arrangements, tax concessions for infrastructure providers, relaxation of Foreign Direct Investment restrictions to encourage foreign capital, legislative improvements for enablement, efficient governance and transparency. Technology: promote development and free delivery of quality tested localized educational content; improve infrastructure & IT systems; help create communities of practice (!); and provide a way to tap expert internal knowledge through indigenous eJournals. students to a teacher.
    [Providers] Gadgets, Games and Gizmos: The Book
    The big contribution of Gadgets, Games and Gizmos for Learning to the field is that it provides direct linkages between the brain drain of the on-rushing boomer retirement and the range of technologies, tools and methodologies required to combat it. Founder, President, AXIOM Professional Health Learning Kapp's book provides insights into an employee population that is not as well understood as the baby boomer generation. have also just received some reviews from the publisher, the comments are below. Donald A. Deiesco, Ph.d., Gordon Snyder, Jr.
    [Providers] CAC Teams: A New Day
    This approach will eliminate problems associated with Second Life, such as hacking and griefing, and additionally provide improved graphics and controls. Instead we will provide additional practice sessions for those who need more instruction. This team won the "Best Written" award and consists of Robert (Spyke) Krepshaw, Jared Kishbaugh, Bianca Pichardo, Jason Kojteck and Matt Milgram. The solution was: A New Day proposes to develop a two-phased training program with the third-phased in mind. Each learner is required to spend one hour in each module according to PDFRS.
    [Providers] Face to Face Workshop Suggestions
    Provide targeted, technical presentations. An hour or even and hour and a half is not enough time, provide some half day, in-depth sessions. From time to time, I evaluate workshops designed for faculty members to share best practices and ideas with each other. Here is a list of general recommendations I've gathered through the years. think these recommendations can enhance any face-to-face workshop or conference. There is a group of attendees who enjoy and need to know the more technical ends of a discipline or the field, appeal to them as well. Make hands-on sessions longer.
  • KAPP NOTES  |  THURSDAY, MAY 22, 2008
    [Providers] IBM Looks at Global Innovation
    So it is filled with images, quotes and statistics from a variety of sources all juxtaposed to provide punctuation points to the information they are providing. Recently, I got my hands on IBM's Global Innovation Outlook 2.0 report. You want to do the same. In fact, you may want to check out a number of reports and ideas flowing at the IBM Innovation Web site. But getting back to the Global Innovation Outlook 2.0 report. The report is well written and is fun and easy to read, it is written in the style and format of my favorite Tom Peters book Re-Imagine.
    [Providers] Feedback: Giving and Receiving Tough Criticism
    Choosing the right time and location to provide difficult feedback sets the tone for the conversation; this kind of feedback can be either confrontational or educational depending on how you share it. 2. Providing a blanket statement like “you aren’t meeting expectations” doesn’t help anybody. Feedback is a response to someone’s behavior or work that can be formal or informal. It can come from an employee review or the need to address an issue. Unfortunately giving and receiving feedback is an integral part of being coachable and a team player. There’s a place and time .
    [Providers] Part 2 - Simplify Blue Ocean & Make Consultants _!
    that also provide all the necessary hospital support (value added), and governments (e.g. “ We do no market research. We don't hire consultants. The only consultants I've ever hired in my 10 years is one firm to analyze Gateway's retail strategy so I would not make some of the same mistakes they made [when launching Apple's retail stores]. But we never hire consultants, per se. Steve Jobs, thanks for making that clearer! We figure out what we want. And I think we’re pretty good at having the right discipline to think through whether a lot of other people are going to want it, too.
    [Providers] Bersin and Caterpillar Webinar on High Impact Learning Organizations Now Available On-Demand!
    Mallon commented that, "We have this big sea of content, but the good news is that there are technologies and platforms out there that can provide this sort of value chain so that wherever content is, it can be brought into one place." According to David Mallon at Bersin, high impact learning organizations “can affect their organizations in positive and measurable ways to a degree that distances themselves from everyone else, namely their competitors.” Is your organization high impact? For your convenience, I have compiled many of the great points and key findings in the below blog post.
    [Providers] ‘iPadisms’ from Elliott Masie
    On what tablet applications should provide learners, & what that means for ‘learning designers’: We need to be able to allow our content agility.  We need to be able to have a way that when things change they’re updated almost instantly and the other thing we need to do is to be able to add deeper and deeper context to content. Last month Xyleme had the pleasure of presenting a webinar with none other than elearning luminary Elliott Masie on “iPad, a Game Changer for Blended Learning”. They [the USDOD] want to be more agile.  At the end of the day, you can’t afford not to. 
    [Providers] Goals Accountability and Social Support for Big Impact
    It’s one thing when you provide a blank space to write your goals when you are in a classroom and there’s a teacher who can help you. Walk them through the process Focus the question Provide prompts or ideas that can spark specific goals Show lots of examples both of goals and of plans to attach the goals Give them criteria to evaluate the goal and plan – have them rework needed items In my post Data Driven , we describe a use of this approach that helped retail store managers improve customer satisfaction. It can provide them some strategies. all make sense.
    [Providers] Learning Resolutions for 2014 Wrap-Up
    The short window of calm between the holidays and the chaos of returning to work provides a great opportunity to reflect on the accomplishments and lesson of the previous year. Better than most, learning professionals understand how to apply those lessons moving forward into the new year. These lessons and insights are tools we wanted to bring to the entire OpenSesame community. The Learning Resolutions series invites learning professionals to share their reflections on the past year and their goals for the new year. Inject More Humor by Jeff Havens.  . Be the Change by Pamela Conway.  .
    [Providers] How to Download YouTube Videos
    To get it in Flash Video Format / FLV - you can use the little tool provided by TechCrunch. I needed to figure out how to download YouTube videos for an upcoming conference presentation where I wasn't confident that I would be able to have a good enough connection to play the video. KeepVid offered both (save as FLV and save as MP4) and a nice bookmarklet as well. I've not tried it, but it appears to work for Google Video, MySpace video and more. Both of these options give you a very nice MP4 file that works great for my presentation. But I've had more issues with getting it to work.
  • TONY KARRER  |  FRIDAY, MAY 18, 2007
    [Providers] Conference Networking Tools - Do They Work?
    In case you've not seen introNetworks before, they provide tools that allow membership groups to network with each other based on common interests. I just saw a post by Mark Oehlert - Good for introNetworks! - in which he points to introNetworks Secures $2.7 Million in Series A Funding. I've both used some of these tools with different membership groups I belong to and I've recently gone through an evaluation process for a customer who does a large trade show. Based on my personal results, I've not found a lot of value in these tools. Or maybe it's me.
  • TONY KARRER  |  TUESDAY, MAY 9, 2006
    [Providers] Point Solutions vs. Suites and Composition
    LAMS provides rich functionality for designing a "flow” of learning activities, especially where these activities rely on collaboration between students to drive the learning process. The providers I've listed seem to say, we'll provide you all the tools that you can compose into your blend. Can you compose your course out of smaller components composed together, or does your authoring tool provide all the components you need? One of the more interesting back-stories in Blended Learning / eLearning 2.0 is the classic question of point-solutions vs. suites.
    [Providers] The Real HCM Maturity Model
    The knowledge targeting stage of HCM provides HR and training leaders a unique opportunity to connect with business leaders, understand their challenges and deliver tangible value to them. I read an interesting article over on Learning Circuits entitled HCM Maturity Model. Two years ago, I might have simply nodded my head and moved on, but now I think that something very different is happening. As you move up the maturity model you get into bigger and more centralized solutions with the ultimate solution being an all-you-can-eat tool. Oh, did I mention that the author comes from Saba ?
  • TONY KARRER  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 20, 2006
    [Providers] View of eLearning Development Approaches - Ease vs. Power
    and Shift in eLearning from Pure Courseware towards Reference Hybrids , I've realized that one of the mental models I use can be roughly summarized by the following picture: where Ease is roughly how easy (cost, time) is it to develop using that approach and Power is the ability of the tool to provide robust, complex learning solutions. Based on some discussions around What is Rapid eLearning? welcome feedback on this mental model.
    [Providers] Waiting for Mikey
    One of the requirements for go-live in our organization is the ability to use our enterprise system to generate user IDs and provide invisible sign-on from within our Intranet. I just spent the day watching 2 departments argue over who is supposed to help us on the LMS implementation. To do this, someone needs to write a query to pull that information from our enterprise system and port that information into our new LMS. Right now, this is the only thing stopping us from moving forward. The Enterprise group - Writing queries to port to web sites ain't our job. isn't an option.
    [Providers] Blend Classroom and Micro-learning for Effective Pharmaceutical Sales Training
    Micro-learning offers learning in short bursts, and provides learners just-in-time support, focusing on a single performance objective at a time. Let’s see how to blend micro-learning to provide effective training for Pharma sales reps. Micro content provides follow-up on key topics to reinforce learning by keeping sales reps connected to the topic for a long term and allowing them to access the modules when needed. According to “ Sales Performance International” , sales people forget about 84% of sales training content after 90 days of training. Micro-learning.
    [Providers] Mobile Mania and the Business Impact
    While both speakers were excellent, Robin highlighted a trend that really struck a chord with me: Technology providers are primarily targeting the consumer market, not the enterprise market. I attended an informative presentation today called Mobile Mania and the Business Impact presented by Robin Simpson , Research Director at Gartner , and Matt Brennan, Enterprise BDM for Emerging Technologies at Apple. Even when the enterprise market is targeted, it appears to be a secondary, subsequent concern. Take Apple for example. So what does it mean for the corporate sector?
    [Providers] What Web 2.0 will do for you
    To make best use of their time they will need to become more skilled at metalearning i.e. being more aware of how they learn best and choosing the appopriate learning approach. 3. L&D’s role will be more to facilitate the process of self-managed learning rather than being the monopolistic provider of training courses. 4. Last week at the Trainers & Developers Network , I led a series of activities and discussions about Web 2.0 and its impact on learning. fascinating day. What did we conclude that you could expect to see over the next few years? 1.
    [Providers] Managing for strengths at TDN
    Nicky has worked on assignments with clients in America, Argentina, Canada, Nigeria and Venezuela, providing her with a strong understanding of global L&D issues and cultural differences. On Friday 5th December you can take a breather from the general negativity that is surrounding us as the economic outlook continues to deteriorate. Whilst on a macro level the picture is gloomy, there’s no reason on the micro level why you and your organisation can’t thrive if managed effectively. Find out how at the Trainers & Developers Network. accountancy e-learning training
    [Providers] Recognising strengths
    Hence we diligently asked participants in their introductions to include what their biggest work challenge was, with the intention that we might flex the course or provide coaching to address this. I am convinced that many of the stated challenges were not the real challenges as it was simply too early in the course for most participants to feel comfortable divulging something that exposing. “If I knew then what I know now”, cheesy 80s lyrics courtesy of George Benson, but also the thought that was screaming across my head at the recent TDN event on Positive Psychology.
    [Providers] 21st century Learning Management Systems
    Whilst you have to hope that there will be scope to cover both needs, in the short term it looks like there will be a power struggle where LMSs are the battlefield…do the users have the real power? (an internet paradigm), or do the budget holders have the real power? (an unwritten rule of business).  It will be interesting to see how the enterprise level LMS players manage to respond to both needs compared to the more nimble mid tier LMS providers. An interesting day at the eLearning Network on 25 Sept where the focus was Learning Management Systems. learning training
    [Providers] Pitfalls in mobile learning #1: Intimacy
    As new technologies emerge and then go mainstream, this provides L&D practitioners with new channels through which to connect with learners and enable them to improve performance. However on the way, some organisations will get in badly wrong. Step forward Havering Sixth Form College in Hornchurch. This Essex sixth form college has made into the papers for sending its A-level students “top revision tips” text messages. Click here for the full article. sympathise with the logic of the headmaster who wanted to encourage revision. Clean answers on a postcard please…. legal training
    [Providers] Guidelines on writing a paper: my synopsis
    They provide the scientific background that justifies the research you have undertaken and the methods you have used. They provide the context in which your research should be interpreted. From San Francisco Edit: [link] ) Begin the Introduction by providing a concise background account of the problem studied. Provide a concise discussion of the results and findings of other studies so the reader understands the big picture. The sequencing of providing this information is important; first state the answer, then the relevant results, then cite the work of others.
    [Providers] guidelines on writing a paper: my synopsis
    They provide the scientific background that justifies the research you have undertaken and the methods you have used. They provide the context in which your research should be interpreted. From San Francisco Edit: [link] ) Begin the Introduction by providing a concise background account of the problem studied. Provide a concise discussion of the results and findings of other studies so the reader understands the big picture. The sequencing of providing this information is important; first state the answer, then the relevant results, then cite the work of others.
    [Providers] The elephant in the room
    For many of us, our sense of spirituality provides the context for everything that we do. Religion provides the moral and existential framework within which they live their lives. Does spirituality belong in the workplace? This may sound like a fluffy question, but unless your employees are cyborgs, it’s also a relevant one. Of course we are human, and that means every single one of us brings our personal beliefs, goals, needs and values into the workplace. This poses a challenge for corporations. Yet we are human. We wouldn’t even want to. That’s the point.
    [Providers] Being a Development Manager at TechSmith
    also, need to be able to provide context. This weeks DevCorner post comes from David Dooley, one of our development managers. I was excited when Randall and A.J. asked me to write something about being a Development Manager for TechSmith. Since everyone is shaped by their experiences, here's a little of my history. I was about a year and a half out of college and fed up with my job. I was a consultant for a small IT company and I was continuously put in situations where I was over my head. rarely received any help, coaching, or assistance from my boss. It didn't go well. It's not you.
    [Providers] An Inventive Way To Bring Familes Closer
    After checking this out, this is a great service for parents, kids, and children's book authors everywhere.Parent company Ripple provides a wonderful demonstration of their service once you fill out their information form. Normally I tackle adult-oriented education and performance improvement on this blog. Not so this time: A friend of mine told me about Ripple Reader. The gist is essentially.
    [Providers] Harry Levinson 1922-2012
    Regarding Levinson’s notions about performance review , Diamond writes: …he emphasized the human compassion inherent in and necessary for providing subordinates with unambiguous, direct, and honest feedback in performance evaluation. For many managers, motivation and manipulation mean one and the same thing; but employees know the difference. Harry Levinson. We lost one of the giants in the study of organizational learning and performance this week.  Every leader and manager should take heed of Levinson's thought-provoking theories and practice. That article was published in 1994.
    [Providers] The Travails of Teacher Education
    The PBAS provides a maximum score of 20 for “use of participatory and innovative teaching learning methodologies, updating of subject content, course improvement etc.” providing an ecosystem (and infrastructure) at the institutional (or group) level that encourages innovative practices, the building up of a community of teachers, facilitating their interactions through techniques such as peer coaching, peer conferences, awards and recognition. providing a more rigorous system of assessment and evaluation for teachers at the entry level without acting as a bottleneck.
    [Providers] Reduce Travel Costs and Boost Collaboration through Online Training
    But we tend to approve the allocation of those travel-related funds because providing learners with the ability to collaborate during learning is such a key component of ensuring that learning sticks. Hosting employee training can be an expensive proposition. Funding for travel and accommodations is often a significant part of the training budget. Online training is an attractive—and realistic—option because the need to travel (and spend money on that travel) is removed or reduced. Learners can engage in online training anytime, anywhere and on the device of choice.
    [Providers] Two for Tuesday: Mobile Benchmark and Data Visualization
    This aligns nicely with best practices related to mobile learning — tablets should be targeted for more formal experiences and smartphones for more transactional experiences. 2) The Art of Data Visualization is a short video that provides an overview of… well… the art of data visualization. 1) This Adobe publication outlines the current state of mobile. The most surprising bit: “In just three years, tablets have overtaken smartphones in the amount of traffic they drive.” In particular, the Genealogy of Pop/Rock Music is an infographic I hadn’t seen.
    [Providers] Two for Tuesday: Nav Tours and Chunking
    Second, think about how they do this in games and mobile apps — they provide in-app tutorials. 1) Here’s a feature that all learners skip, all designers dislike, and all project stakeholders insist on: the nav tour. We spend 30-60 seconds saying, “Here’s the help button… here’s the resources button… here’s the menu… etc.” ” First, let’s stop doing that. When you first launch an app, you don’t get a prolonged tour of the interface — you start using the app. Click this button.”
    [Providers] Micro-Mobile Learning Using iPod Touch - Sun Mobile Learning
    Imagine what you can do providing learning through on-the-need basis. How much does it cost to purchase an iPod Touch? See the YouTube video. Amazing! The technology is phenomenal. The challenge is how to prepare presentations that are succinct, 3 minutes or less in length. Ray Jimenez, PhD "Helping Learners Learn Their Way" Ray Jimenez, PhD Author "3-Minute e-Learning"
    [Providers] DevLearn 2011 – Notes from One ID Challenge and HTML5 Authoring Tool Review
    The course design itself involved realistic scenarios in which the learner worked with a partner to complete inspection activities, like this (click to enlarge): And finally, I thought it was imperative that as the learners were working through the scenarios, they were provided the actual resources that they would be using on the job. I was thrilled to be accepted to speak and asked to serve on a panel at my first DevLearn experience! Both Both sessions ended up with a packed house, and I was glad to receive lots of great questions and feedback. HTML5 Authoring Tool Review.
    [Providers] Axonify DiscoveryZone Gives Employees Access to Critical Business Knowledge by News Editor
    provides a. Axonify announces the introduction of Axonify DiscoveryZone, a solution that leverages company-generated content. expertise to give employees the information they need to be productive, efficient, and successful. DiscoveryZone. social environment for employees to access relevant, crowdsourced, and rated content. Learning Systems Management Performance Support Social Media
    [Providers] Why not just focus on the project?
    Always Provide Updates. I came across an article recently on Get Buttoned Up which is a blog about learning to “live an organized life not a life of organization.” It is worth a sub to your Google Reader if you are interested in keeping organized. Perhaps their recent posting How do I deal with a Micro-Manager? may be helpful to you if you deal with a “controlling” client or SME…. It starts off with a piece of advice that I love because tells us to focus on what we can control , which is essentially—ourselves. You cannot “fix” a micromanager or force them to change. Then who suffers?
    [Providers] To MOOC Or Not To MOOC? That is the question for the learner…
    In addition to traditional course materials such as videos, readings, and problem sets , MOOCs provide interactive user forums that help build a community for students, professors, and teaching assistants (TAs). I responded to a recent question on Quora this morning, If a MOOC is offered in both scheduled and self-paced versions, how should students choose between them? What’s the tradeoff for setting aside a dedicated schedule to keep pace with a scheduled MOOC? see  [link] ). It is my opinion that students should choose based on their expectation of learning.
  • ZAIDLEARN  |  MONDAY, JUNE 22, 2009
    [Providers] ZaidLearn: My First eBook Joins The +100,000 Hits Club!
    Zaid's eBook provides many links and many valuable perspectives on the worlds of learning that are available on the Web. _JH" - Joseph Hart "Malaysian maven Zaid Ali Alsagoff has filtered his prolific and always valuable output at ZaidLearn down to 69 great nuggets of learning for your e-Reading pleasure. In conjunction with his blog called Zaidlearn, it provides a nice set of resources for the practitioner who is in "knowledge seeker" mode." - Eric A. View eBook - 69 Learning Adventures in 6 Galaxies SERIOUS? That is really cool! have discovered "69 Learning Adventures." instead.
  • KAPP NOTES  |  MONDAY, AUGUST 24, 2009
    [Providers] Online Education: Better than the Classroom?
    Analysts screened these studies to find those that (a) contrasted an online to a face-to-face condition, (b) measured student learning outcomes, (c) used a rigorous research design, and (d) provided adequate information to calculate an effect size. The practice of providing online quizzes does not seem to be more effective than other tactics such as assigning homework. Of course it seems to come down to the fact that well design e-learning is good sound instruction. As a result of this screening, 51 independent effects were identified that could be subjected to meta-analysis.
    [Providers] Get the Big Picture with Panoramic Screen Capture
    We see the same thing with various desktop programs and email providers. The Panorama: An Ancient Tradition Now in the Digital Age. popular term in photography, panorama refers to a wide view of a large area, spanning multiple directions. The word originates from the Greek words pan, meaning “all”, plus horan, which means “to see”, or “look”. As far back as the first century, panoramas were painted as murals directly on structures and also displayed as a framed art form. Mackinac Bridge, Michigan. Panoramic photography has even been used to capture scenery from rover missions to Mars.
    [Providers] How Praxair Grooms Tech Talent for Business Roles
    For instance, he observed that while Praxair’s global pool of engineers provided a wellspring of technical talent, their lack of business and financial acumen helped to lessen their direct personal accountabilities for business results. • Provide insight into management’s business challenges. These interactions provide information and an opportunity for negotiation based on the desires and strategy of each team. The company’s executives used learning simulations to sharpen the business acumen in technical talent and identify untapped managerial potential.
    [Providers] a little understanding
    Hospital work, he observed, was mainly custodial. “If being in a hospital bed made a difference,” he said, “it was mostly the difference produced by warmth, shelter, and food, and attentive, friendly care, and the matchless skill of the nurses in providing these things. Tweet Here are some of the things I learned via Twitter this past week. QUOTES: Indian PM “Knowledge combined with creativity and productivity has the potential to impact the social economic nature of a nation&# – via @stevedineen. think that’s the most difficult part of reclaiming ephemeral media.
    [Providers] Speaking a CSTD Conference
    Role of Games and Simulations in Learning –where I will provide insights into the research that impacts games and simulations. This will be an interactive session…I’ll ask attendees what they think and then provide the research to see if their opinions were correct or if they need adjustment. This week I am visiting Canada to speak at the Canadian Society of Training and Development (CSTD) Conference. I am doing two sessions and a book signing: 1:00 pm – 1:50 pm. 11:45 am – 1:00 pm. Virtual Immersive Environments. Learning Outcomes: 1.
    [Providers] Selling to Techies and Visionaries
    When selling to visionaries, let them know that it provides an advantage to themselves and their organization. Show them how the the new learning technology will provide a competitive advantage over others. This posting relates to my posting Technology Adoption Continuum: Types of Adopters. Read that posting first or this one may not make sense. The techies and the visionaries are early adopters of new technologies (like virtual worlds) within organizations. Stress the newness of the technology and the innovative uses of the new learning technology.
  • KAPP NOTES  |  MONDAY, MARCH 9, 2009
    [Providers] Survey Says.
    Your participation will help the field and provide some much needed update to the original article. I am teaming with Robyn A. When the article is published we will be certain to provide the link here and at other places! One article that I wrote seems to get more attention than any other, it is called How Long Does it Take? Estimation Methods for Developing E-Learning and while the formulas and ideas in the article are up-to-date (written in 2003), one section really needs to be updated. That is the section on Industry Standards. Here is a link to the survey.
    [Providers] Adopting Social Media in Your Organization? A Few Considerations
    Providing up-front assistance and training is essential for the majority of employees to adopt. Start with “seeded” wikis which provide basic information onto which others can being to add links, images and other contributes. Here are few things to consider if you want to help your organization adopt social media tools for learning. Cultural influences in terms of sharing and open information is more important than the technology. An atmosphere of sharing is required for Social Media to be adopted. small group will adopt irregardless of training. Prepare to scale quickly. Web 2.
  • KAPP NOTES  |  MONDAY, AUGUST 27, 2007
    [Providers] Contrasting Different Learning Expectations
    Content is provided in a formal context with introductions, carefully parsed lessons and all encompassing summaries. Many e-learning courses are as long as four hours, require the learner to progress screen-by-screen and provide little interactivity. If, while playing a video game, the player waits for instructions or information, he or she will fail. Decisive action must be taken immediately. The gamer generation has learned this and expects speed in answers and learning. They seek rather than wait for information. Books are divided into sections, chapters and sub-chapters.
    [Providers] Blog Book Tour: Week Two Happenings
    Day Six: 09/17/07 - Enspire Learning's Corporate Blog This entry was great because it provided an opportunity to play a simulation. He provided over 18 pages of comments that really fueled alot of the ideas and insights into the book. If you haven't seen the postings on the blog book tour for this week, you need to check them out. hope you took advantage of that offer. Day Seven: 09/18/07 -Mark Oehlert's e-clippings(Learning as Art). Mark's stop was week 2, stop 2 a high pressure stop. Mark gave some insights into his review of the book before it was even published. Thanks Mark.
    [Providers] Fall Reading List
    If you want learning related books, check out: From Analysis to Evaluation provides some great tools and ready-made worksheets. The E-Learning Handbook provides a comprehensive look at the e-learning industry, past, present and tips for the future. Here are some books that I think would be good to read in front of a fireplace on those cool fall days. The Starfish book talks about the value of decentralized organizations and how they grow and can prosper where centralized organizations have trouble. love the balance of the book. Good to have in your library.
    [Providers] Conferences Go Paperless -- How Learning, Remembering, and On-the-Job Application Suffer
    Unfortunately, two of the conference decisions (1) not to provide participants with paper handouts (2) not to allow electronic handouts to include sufficient pages to provide images of the slides that are shown may have hurt learning results. Participants were provided with realistic learning-design decisions to make before topics were introduced. Examples of real-world e-learning courses were provided to again link realistic context cues to the learning points. For me, this meant that more than 85% of my slides were NOT provided to my learners. think so.
    [Providers] eLearning – do we know what the heck we are doing? Are we in a rut?
    Many provide the all too familiar complaints such as “ it’s too hard ”, “ I hate group work ”, etc. Trent Batson, executive director of The Association for Authentic, Experiential and Evidence-Based Learning , has just published a thought provoking article in Campus Technology (dated 19 Jan 2011). As a practitioner in the field of eLearning I read Trent’s article with great interest. Many of the points he touched upon really rang true to me. For example, he writes: “ The shift in education is away from learning autonomously to learning collaboratively.” Why do I do this?
    [Providers] Web 2.0 can knock your socks off!
    Using the photos you provide, it will make a 30 second professional looking slideshow (with fancy transitions) and a soundtrack. I participated in a great online talk yesterday by James Falkofske, Director of Online Learning, St. Cloud Technical College ( here's a link to James' blog ). His talk was titled: Easy Steps for Expanding Desire2Learn with Web 2.0 Tools. In general, I love talks like this. There is always some little gold nugget that I can take away and use. Well, in this particular talk, I took away two: A web application index that catalogs all kinds of examples of Web 2.0
    [Providers] Audio Feedback on Student Assignments in Online Courses
    Phil and his colleagues investigated the use of the audio commenting tool in Adobe Acrobat Pro to provide audio feedback on student assignments in an online course. I attended the inaugural Canadian Network for Innovation in Education (CNIE) annual conference earlier this month in Banff, Alberta (this was formerly the Canadian Association of Distance Education conference). It was both a spectacular location and a spectacular conference. On the end-of course survey, the results remained impressive. Feelings of increase involvement (56% of students). Content retention (44% of students).
    [Providers] After the Classroom: What Can You Do to Make Sure New Skills Become Old Hat?
    They can even discuss how they’ll use it for upcoming work, which provides the double advantage of helping them get comfortable with a new behavior and remind them to focus on learning opportunities inherent in upcoming assignments. It’s what happens after the class that makes a difference in how well your team learns. In the first blush of post-training excitement, your team probably feels like they have a new lease on their work and fresh skills to boost their careers. But what happens after a month – or six? Or do they bow to the tyranny of old habits? And rightly so.
    [Providers] Creating Quizzes that Support Learning
    ELearning provides an excellent platform for encouraging learners to engage in active recall. Recommended: Provide feedback. However, when you provide feedback that includes the correct answer, you are making sure that they can study the correct answer. It takes a lot of work to convince learners that rereading their notes is an inefficient way of studying. As an educator, I have talked with students who are confused after they spend hours studying and still didn’t perform well on the test. So what is the problem with rereading? You are a passive participant. 2011).
  • EFRONT  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 13, 2010
    [Providers] Exclusive offers for eFront facebook fans
    Epignosis is committed to providing the highest level of Customer support and to continuously evolve the eFront platform for meeting the most demanding standards of the human capital management and the e-learning industry. News from the e-learning frontier Pages Home About Community Free e-Learning Resources Contribute to the e-Learning Community 4/13/2010 Exclusive offers for eFront facebook fans In a step towards an integrated social media strategy, Epignosis has announced that will proceed to 26 successive biweekly exclusive offers just for the fans of the eFront page on facebook.
    [Providers] Adobe Product Improvement Program
    This is a new channel for customers to provide feedback to the captivate team. Now, you can help in building a better Captivate by just using it. All you have to do is, Go to Help -> Adobe Product Improvement Program and choose “Yes, Participate&#. The Adobe Product Improvement Program will yield valuable information about how customers use and interact with Captivate.  The program is voluntary and anonymous. Customers who choose to participate agree to share: System information, such as operating system, processor, locale, browser information and memory installed.
    [Providers] Selection level feedback on multiple choice questions
    A recent post on our facebook page spoke of a need to provide selection level feedback on multiple choice questions using Adobe Captivate- i.e. a different message explaining why each wrong answer is wrong. For example- try the quiz below: While this functionality has been present in Captivate 4 itself, it is a few levels down in the menu. Below is a detailed guide on how you would do this in Captivate 5. Once you’ve created your multiple choice question, double click one of the answer choices-. This brings the ‘properties’ of that answer choice to focus in the PI.
    [Providers] Let’s talk about work
    Provide options for workers to come and go and give them ways to stay connected when they’re not employed. Work today (and tomorrow) requires more creativity and less formulaic intelligence and it also requires less of “us&#. Full-time work has not been the ticket to the good life for several decades : The prolonged period of economic prosperity that Canada has enjoyed resulted in a 72-per-cent increase in economic output between 1975 and 2005, growth that has continued since, it [the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives] noted. The recession has only amplified this trend.
    [Providers] You are what you eat
    The book provides advice on maintaining creative energy for those of us who need to think and create every day in our jobs. A lot of the advice resonates with me, but at the top of the list is the idea that to maintain creative energy, we really need to stimulate our creative minds. I just finished reading an interesting book, The Accidental Creative , by Todd Henry. Henry says: “You need to be purposeful about including self-directed, thought-provoking and capacity-increasing stimuli into your life on a consistent basis. How ironic! Perhaps I should go to the art museum instead.).
    [Providers] How Design Principles Can Revolutionize Training
    There’s nothing worse than confusing your customers and providing a mediocre experience. The average user leaves a web page in about 10-20 seconds. As I’m writing this, my browser history shows that I’ve visited 18 unique pages in the last five minutes, and that’s on the generous side. In the short period that a user first visits a page, she quickly determines whether the page will meet her needs. Suddenly, simplicity becomes the most important factor for attracting the user and keeping her interested. Simplicity becomes the product’s competitive edge. Every designer wants to be unique.
  • HAPYAK  |  TUESDAY, MAY 12, 2015
    [Providers] HapYak At PyCon
    At HapYak we are firm believers in engaging with and helping to support the communities that provide us with the means to build our product. To this end I was sent to PyCon 2015 in Montréal which is the largest annual developer conference for the Python programming language, which we use for all of our server side development. enjoyed the trip and came back with a lot of great ideas gained from conversations and presentations that I experienced during the conference. After returning home, I wrote a blog post summarizing my experiences which you can read here.
    [Providers] Building internal e-learning skill
    So, you’ve got approval to implement a LMS and provide e-learning courses to the business. Congratulations! What needs to be thought about to build internal e-learning skill? 1. Learning course develpment is multidisciplinary. It requires skill in e-learning instructional design, visual design, e-learning authoring, LMS testing and admininstration and project management. Rarely does a single [.]. Changing practice Development E-Learning development
    [Providers] Free e-learning tutorials on iTunes and YouTube
    The podcasts provide learning practitioners with practical tips on a range of e-learning strategies and technologies for organisational learning. The E-Learning Academy team releases free introductory e-learning tutorials through iTunes, YouTube and the E-Learning Academy blog. New podcasts are released every 3-4 weeks. There are four easy ways to locate this e-learning tutorial series: 1. Go direct to [.]. Announcement E-Learning Tutorial Podcast Video About Academy
    [Providers] The value of explanation videos
    Providing short explanations in video format on your organisation’s intranet or media platform can be a very powerful learning strategy for your organisation, in [.]. Common Craft and other members of the Explainer Network do a wonderful job creating short videos to explain concepts and processes. See Borrowing Money in Plain English as an example of a high production video (animation can be expensive). Design E-Learning design Workplace Learning
    [Providers] Comparison of E-Learning Authoring Tools and Available Training
    Something we want from e-learning providers is a relationship – someone who understands uor business, our needs and strives to value-add. Richard from Openlearn informed me about a recently published comparison of authoring tools, which I am sharing with you now. Thanks Thanks Richard.   E-Learning Uncovered is an organisation whose business focus is to support people to develop skills in e-learning [.]. Authoring tools Development
    [Providers] Free E-Learning Tutorial 16: Corporate Workplace Virtual Learning Environment
    Episode 16 e-learning tutorial provides an overview of my doctoral research. In my ‘spare time’ I’m a Doctor or Education candidate at the University of Technology, Sydney. My thesis title is: Examination of virtual learning environments within a corporate context: Design and practice implications. It’s about our experience introducing four asynchronous spaces in a consulting [.]. Changing practice Podcast Research - Corporate VLE Social media Video
    [Providers] Online Events vs. Face-to-Face Events
    Synchronous events provide live, real-time interaction.  This post was spurred by Tony Karrer’s comparison of Online Conferences and In-Person Conferences. Obviously, there are pros and cons to both types of events.  However, in my opinion, online events are heavy in pros, and F2F (face-to-face) are heavy in cons. Courtesy of Seven Springs. Online events are often free or, at the very least, are far less expensive.  They may be synchronous (everyone participating at the same time) or asynchronous (everyone partcipating at different times).  Stop by.). They can be very expensive. 
    [Providers] Launching Your eLearning Initiative Successfully
    Provide them with courses that fulfill these requirements. Industry relevant publications and places where you can share or aggregate your blog posts will provide an additional source of exposure.  Launching a new product or service at any organization can feel like rocket science, one wrong move and BOOM! Don’t let your eLearning initiative go up in flames, plot a course for success among the association stars with these six tips. Match the courses to the learners. If you’ve done your market research you know who your target audience is. Do they need CE credits? Set a goal.
    [Providers] BE a businessperson
    walk-the-talk), and providing reassurance and confidence (I.e., Speak the Language of Business. Jay Cross explains why it is vital for learning and Development to speak so that others in the business particularly executives – will understand. When you plan to pitch a learning and development investment or decision to someone with the power to sign checks, you may be unsure what to say. If so, ask yourself one question; it will help you find the right approach. That question is this: what would Andrew do? Andrew Carnegie was born in 1835 in Dunfermline, Scotland. YOUR SPONSOR.
    [Providers] BLP Wins 2nd Consecutive LTEN Excellence Award with Ventana Medical Systems
    This award provides further validation for the innovative commercial training model we pioneered at Ventana.” ) is the only 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the professional goals of trainers and educators in the life sciences by providing the clarity, community and career resources needed to excel in leadership and learning. For the second consecutive year,  Bottom-Line Performance  was named a winner in the LTEN Excellence Awards. Ventana), a member of the Roche Group. Learn more about the curriculum  here. About Bottom-Line Performance.
    [Providers] Is Saba Coming Back?
    They work with nearly every content provider. Saba Software, the pioneer of the enterprise LMS business (yes, they really did define this market), seems to be coming back. I had the opportunity to attend the 2014 user conference and things feel different. I've been following Saba for more than 14 years now (I used client/server version - Saba 3.0), and the company has been through a lot. Saba pioneered the enterprise, multi-domain learning management system. They have some of the most complex and difficult large global customers. As with all pioneers, Saba had many challenges.
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