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    [Providers] The Changing Role of the CHRO
    Lisa provided data showing that turnover among CHROs in F100 companies is high: 39% over the past two years, in fact. To kick off the second day of Deloitte’s CHRO Academy event last week, Lisa Weber highlighted many of the challenges facing today's HR leaders. If you don’t know Lisa, she previously served as Chief Human Resources Officer, Chief Administrative Officer, and President of one of the largest operations at MetLife. We are lucky to have her as an advisor to Deloitte. A few of the key themes from Lisa’s presentation are as follows. Focus on What Matters.
    [Providers] SCORM Compliance and Tin Can Api
    Despite being introduced a couple of years ago in 2013 to little fanfare, learning providers have been slow to incorporate it into their LMS platforms. The information it collects is very different to what an LMS collects, and provides a much more rounded view of learner progress. Instead of providing simple pass/fail, taken/not taken data like a normal LMS, Tin Can Api instead collects “statements” from the learner, which are sent in the form of ‘noun-verb-object’ to a learning record store, or LRS. Intro to SCORM. Content can be used again and again and even sold on.
    [Providers] BETTing on the future
    would provide educators with access to all of the world’s knowledge in their local language. I'm flying out next month to a place I always wanted to visit - Abu Dhabi. Having already presented at the BETT Show in London's Excel earlier this year, I'm honoured to also be invited to keynote the BETT Middle East Show. lead a team of academics who are engaged in developing the next generation of teachers. Why did you choose the education sector? What do you think are the main challenges facing educators today in the Middle East? Who was your greatest teacher and why? By good pedagogy.
    [Providers] “Going Social:” Not so Much?
    The HCM software providers are all over this concept: almost every software product on the market has a “Facebook”-like page, often added to a talent-related area in hopes of creating a socially-motivating workplace that encourages engagement, retention and informal learning. Few human capital management concepts today are getting more attention than that of “social.” But what do HR professionals actually think about social as they look at procuring new software over the 2013? 2013.).
    [Providers] Play the ball, not the man
    They are valued only for the results they provide'. (p 35). I read Wikipedia founder Larry Sanger's blog with interest this week. In response to my post Content as Curriculum? he had written a protracted and elaborate response. Although I was gratified that someone with such a standing in the academic community had taken the time to read my post and respond so comprehensively, I admit I was also a little disconcerted to find that not only had he misapprehended my original message, but had also apparently resorted to name-calling. It is the reason I continue to blog provocatively.
    [Providers] Meta What?!?!!?
    Goel provides specifics for pre-training, training event, and post-training activities that will make your job much easier! Back in grad school, when discussion turned to “deconstructionism,&# I mentally closed down. Something about that term turned me off, maybe because it sounded pretentious when people uttered it. Here’s another one: metacognition. But the concept is simple, and — thanks to learning and development specialist Taruna Goel — easy to implement, all for the good of your association. Here’s an example. What are you waiting for
    [Providers] LearnDash Version 1.1.0 Release Includes Free Extensions!
    Should you choose to, you can require your users to take the lessons in your course(s) in sequential order, providing you more control over the learning experience. It has been about one month since we released version 1.0 of the LearnDash WordPress LMS plugin, and we’re excited to say that we have taken the next big step in our commitment to building, and supporting, the best modern learning management system available. We built this round of major enhancements based on your feedback, so thank you for all the thoughtful suggestions over the past four weeks!
    [Providers] OpenDOAR (The Directory of Open Access Repositories)
    The OpenDOAR service provides a quality-assured listing of Open Access Repositories (OAR) around the world. Each of the repositories has been visited by OpenDOAR staff to ensure a high degree of quality and consistency in the information provided: OpenDOAR is maintained by SHERPA. Provide a comprehensive & authoritative list for end users wishing to find particular types of, or specific repositories. By listing archives and their descriptions, OpenDOAR will support third party service providers - for example, search services - in developing new services for end-users.
    [Providers] OpenDOAR (The Directory of Open Access Repositories)
    The OpenDOAR service provides a quality-assured listing of Open Access Repositories (OAR) around the world. Each of the repositories has been visited by OpenDOAR staff to ensure a high degree of quality and consistency in the information provided: OpenDOAR is maintained by SHERPA. Provide a comprehensive & authoritative list for end users wishing to find particular types of, or specific repositories. By listing archives and their descriptions, OpenDOAR will support third party service providers - for example, search services - in developing new services for end-users.
    [Providers] Association Technology: The LMS & Social Media
    In terms of professional development, social media has provided an opportunity for informal learning that can be of great benefit to associations especially when combined with formal learning programs launched within a Learning Management System. From my personal experience, I have learned that games can provide a dynamic to the online learning experience that can not only help recruit members, but also plant a seed of curiosity that could lead to interest in pursuing a future profession. This conference which is taking place at the Walter E. Convention Center in Washington, D.C.
    [Providers] UW Distance Ed Conference moves towards eLearning cross-over activities
    New formats and events for 2010. o A series of Symposia are planned, which will provide time for in-depth learning and discussion on 3 topics: open access publishing, scalability of distance education, and online faculty development. The University of Wisconsin has been holding an annual distance education conference over the past 25 years. This means that during the 1980’s educators were discussing how to reach learners through the media of radio and television. Today, of course, it is all about using the Internet to educate and inform. via technology. 2010 Key Note Speakers.
    [Providers] An object lesson
    In reading blogs last week, I was also re-introduced to Jane Hart’s thinking about changing roles of the learning professional , and since my upcoming presentations  are to learning professionals about our emerging curating role, Jane’s perspective provided new dimensions for me to consider. The posted a new version of my learning environment components list, and received comments and feedback (on and off line) that prompted me to make additional changes. thank especially Stephen Downes and Harold Jarche  for their comments. Components 1-29-13  (PDF).
    [Providers] Social Media Tools, Gamification Becoming Mainstream
    Our objective in the latest issue of Training Industry Magazine is to help you understand how gamification, social and collaboration tools can impact the business, and provide you with ideas on how to effectively align these tools with business goals. There is a lot of hype about the viability and advantages of using gaming and social tools to make training more engaging and interactive. Logic tells us that making learning more fun and collaborative has to be in the best interest of the learner. But, the bigger question is, whether it is in the best interest of the business?
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    [Providers] Time Management Training by ASTD
    Time management training defines the elements of effective time management and provides a blueprint for improving organizational skills and increasing productivity. Time Management Training reveals how to help others develop strategies for increased productivity and effectiveness. Workshops cover scheduling, delegating, procrastinating, managing distractions, overcommitting, managing email, and completing paperwork. read more. time management training
    [Providers] Timing is Everything
    That explains why I get upset with Past thinkers who slam me for not providing footnotes and with Present thinkers who want to hold up the show for something I consider inconsequential. Your perspective on time is vital to the way you make decisions and lead your life. Right now your mind is looking to the past for viable solutions or monitoring present resources or scanning the future for new opportunities. You’re shaped by your focus on what’s gone by, what’s here now, or what’s coming next. The MindTime Project  has devoted two decades to studying these three time perspectives.
    [Providers] What About the Future?
    Rather, they provide alternative views of the future. Fixating on the short term is foolish in the long run. The future’s all we’ve got. Most CLOs I talk with are so busy taking care of today’s business that they spend little time preparing for the future. We all know in our hearts that fixating on the short term is foolish in the long run. Short-term thinking is good for responding to incremental change, but deciding things one step at a time doesn’t prepare you to thrive in a world of systemic, wholesale change. You can’t leap a chasm in small jumps. They do not predict what’s to come.
  • JAY CROSS  |  FRIDAY, AUGUST 7, 2009
    [Providers] Informal Learning 2.0
    The pull approach provides more bang for the buck, enabling corporations to get more results while simultaneously cutting costs. Effectiveness – Jay Cross. Published in Chief Learning Officer, August 2009. Informal Learning 2.0. Jay Cross. In the world of business, the era of networks is crowding out the Industrial Age. Network connections are replacing rigidity with flexibility, penetrating internal boundaries and silos and obliterating the walls that have separated businesses from their customers. In sum, networks are ushering in new ways of doing business. Like the U.S.
    [Providers] The informal learning debate
    Informal learning doesn’t provide that. The debate at Oxford Union  this Wednesday on informal learning was very interesting, more so because some wonderful people on Twitter were actually relaying it blow-by-blow and also because I was testing my multi-tasking skills by juggling between the Twitter conversation and the PLENK session! The motion was: The House believes that technology based informal learning is more style than substance. The motion isn’t about us and how we like to learn. It has no thermostat or control. It makes experts more accountable and raises the bar.
    [Providers] Tracking Time with
    In addition to the timer itself, the Timer page also includes a list of the work you’ve done, broken down by day, and a timeline providing a visual indicator of how you’ve been spending your time. Tracking and reporting time accurately is an important part of a contractor’s work. Some clients have a system in place that they’d like you to use, but others aren’t concerned about the logistics—they just need an invoice at the end of the project. I’ve found that, when the choice is yours, offers a high-quality live time-tracking solution. That’s it.
  • PARADISO  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 28, 2016
    [Providers] 100+ LMS Integrations to Unify your Learning Ecosystem
    We boast of providing 100+ integrations with the most popular and premium of software available in the market. Check out the video of the Salesforce LMS integration we provide . We, at Paradiso Solutions, can get going with any of the LMS integrations of your choice. This enables you to develop learning systems that enable you to create your company’s unified learning catalog in a matter of minutes. . So, essentially we are here to transform the way integrations happen with the LMS. . We differ from the other vendors in one simple proposition. We care for your content.
    [Providers] Good, Fast, Cheep… pick only two & Rapid Prototyping
    The following information is provided from WikiBooks > Instructional Design > Rapid Prototyping : [As a designer I am often confronted with the above constraints (mostly time) and there for implement the use of] rapid prototyping methodologies because: using working models of the final product early in a project tends to eliminate time-consuming revisions later on, and. Are there better or faster ISD models? Are their models that are more effective? More efficient? These debates are always interesting to read. The adage gets us into the mindset of constraints. Here is why.
    [Providers] Brain Science and Learning Effectiveness by Bryan Austin
    Every organization provides training to its workforce primarily to improve performance and drive business growth. Recap from:  Elearning! Magazine’s Insights Article. Why is most corporate learning not optimally effective? Many long-time L&D experts including Elliott Masie, Clark Quinn and Will Thalheimer have frequently lamented that much of the corporate learning they see is not really effective learning, because it is not mentally challenging. Instead, it’s usually the harsh reality of the time, resource and cost constraints within which most learning professionals work.
    [Providers] Conversation starters with your students online?
    If you visit their About Us page, this is the first sentence: " StoryCorps is an independent nonprofit whose mission is to provide Americans of all backgrounds and beliefs with the opportunity to record, share, and preserve the stories of our lives. " I learned a long time ago that truth is often stranger than fiction so real life accounts of people’s lives can be a great spark for discussions in any humanities field. Are you an online teacher in a sociology or psychology class? Well, today I came across a neat website: StoryCorps. Many are VERY interesting. Check them all out! Enjoy.
    [Providers] Mobile Technology: Bigger than the Internet and the PC combined
    The immediacy of information provided by mobile devices may accelerate learning because the notion that formal learning can only be done in schools will erode fully. Mobile technology is going to change your life and the change has not really begun yet. That's the take home message from Elliot Soloway (Professor, Univ. of Michigan) and Cathie Norris (Professor, North Texas Univ.). This amazing new resource is available 24/7 in the palm of your hand. Once in place in the culture of our society, so many constraints will be removed from our daily lives.
  • EFRONT  |  MONDAY, MAY 4, 2015
    [Providers] Why eLearning in the finance industry is very important
    With internet based eLearning you can deploy your courses in a tightly controlled manner, providing fine-grained access only to the right employees and securing the whole thing behind your company’s firewall or VPN. Banking. It’s what makes our modern economy tick (and, perhaps, tock), and a big enabler of the business and innovation progress we’ve had in the 21st century. It’s, to paraphrase the proverb, a lucrative job, but somebody’s got to do it. The cost factor. Privacy and control. Staying up to date. The financial industry is not a static environment.
    [Providers] Giving my computers a break
    Stanford professors Reeves and Nass provide plenty of cocktail-party ammunition with findings from 35 laboratory experiments demonstrating how even technologically sophisticated people treat boxes of circuitry as if they were other human beings. Ten years ago next month, Clifford Nass and Byron Reeves published The Media Equation : How People Treat Computers, Television, and New Media Like Real People and Places. The Stanford profs had conducted a series of standard psychology experiments but substituted a computer for one of the participants. “Nothing,” I said. Not bad.
  • JAY CROSS  |  SUNDAY, MARCH 20, 2011
    [Providers] Hot topics in Working Smarter for the past 12 months
    It will provide pointers to what’s proved important over longer periods of time. Working Smarter Daily can point to more than today’s hot topics. Push the CHANGE EDITION button to select a range of dates. Here are the hot topics on Working Smarter for the past 12 months: Launch of Newspaper Extinction Timeline for every country in the world - Ross Dawson , October 31, 2010. How to use Twitter for Social Learning - Social Media for Working & Learning , March 20, 2010. ID – Instructional Design or Interactivity Design in an interconnected world? What’s Needed First?
    [Providers] SCORM Implementation For Blackberry
    Google Gears API provides ability to create database/tables which greatly simplify storing of tracking data. Since my post on SCORM Implementation for Mobile Devices , I have wanted to write a specific post on offline SCORM implementation for Blackberry, which is still the most widely used mobile device in enterprise and business domains. Again, as in implementation of SCORM for mobile devices, we encountered some interesting issues in its implementation for Blackberry. Find our experience on the same. Device software 5.0 Implementation: 1. Custom JavaScript Extension. Actual Widget.
    [Providers] Global eTraining and INVIEWlabs Release Unifi Training Courses, a Digital Asset Management Solution
    Global eTraining is an award-winning Canadian-based provider of comprehensive, integrated online learning solutions with over 25 years of experience in developing and delivering exceptional computer-based learning. (Las Vegas)-Global eTraining (GeT) and INVIEWlabs today announced a partnership that makes Unifi training available to all GeT customers. Unifi is a cloud-based DAM (Digital Asset Management) solution tailored specifically around BIM content workflows. Developed by INVIEWlabs, Unifi allows for effortless management and search of BIM workflow content. About Global eTraining.
    [Providers] Five Ways to Set Up Promotions for Success
    Provide mentorship : Make a company mentor program a strong priority and integrate it into the early orientation. Provide frequent feedback : Best results come when newly promoted workers receive weekly feedback on their progress. When high-potential promotions fail it costs time, money, and it may cost a company talent. Learning leaders can use five tactics to ensure top talent learns the business orientation, expectations, political connections and cultural adaptations needed to prosper after a promotion. Inability to grasp the culture is a key reason new promotions fail.
    [Providers] Why Learning Tech Professionals Should Participate in the 2014 State of the Industry Report
    The survey collects 13 key efficiency and expenditure data points, as well as data on content distribution and delivery methods that will provide the industry with valuable benchmarking data. Data collection for the 2014 State of the Industry has begun. Click here to read full version
    [Providers] Key social learning resources: part 3
    The first piece this week comes from Charles Jennings, who looks at why the real power of e-learning is social.  In this post, built on a recent webinar he delivered, Charles first provides some history about e-learning and then goes on to identify the changes needed as we think about learning in the 21st century. This article first appeared on Training Zone on 19 September. This is the third part of my four-part series curating key social learning resources for TrainingZone’s social learning month. 1. It occurs in the workplace, in bits-and-pieces. But outcomes are likely to be better.
    [Providers] Kids Search
    So, for my kids search has become the starting point for a lot and they know that define: and Wikipedia provide starting points. Along the way, he also found this great video that he provide to his teacher showing people running on oobleck and that they sink if they stop. It's surprising how much I learn by watching my kids (now 13, 11 and 8) go through school today. I've mentioned before the experience of the Ten Year Old Wikipedia Update and also my questioning of Cursive Writing. The most recent aha is the learning associated with kids search behavior.
    [Providers] Smartphones, Batman and Virtual Mentors
    virtual mentor is a live person who provides assistance to one or more individuals who are “on the ground” at a customer site working on a problem. Bruce is in constant contact with Terry providing advice, insight and directions. The mentor provides guidance and direction so the tasks are successfully accomplished by each team he or she coaches. Question: What can we do with mobile learning and smartphones? Terry McGinnis as The Batman. Answer: One application is that smartphones enable the concept of a Virtual Mentor to be employed to assist in a variety of settings.
    [Providers] Encourage Avatar Customization in a Virtual World Class
    Provide the learners with instruction on avatar customization. 3. Allow learners to customize their avatars (provide tips, hints and ideas, even clothes). 4. Provide learners uninterrupted time to customize their avatar. 5. C ustomizing Abbott Bundy. When first introducing learners to a virtual immersive environment (VIE), it might seem like a waste of time to allow learners to customize their avatar. You might be tempted to think "hey, just pick a male or female avatar and let's get going to the 'real' learning." Don't. Have the students “show off” their avatar.(a
    [Providers] Postcards from the 3D Edge
    You'll need to download the WebEx installer as requested when you click on link) Session One Session Two Now we have teamed to provide a 4 week course on the topic to provide even more indepth information. The workshop provides educators, corporate trainers and others with information on how the 3D world of Second Life can been used to foster and promote informal and formal learning by presenting the basics of Second Life and describing how those basics can be used to create meaningful instruction. In the workshop, learn about Critical Incident Training.
  • KAPP NOTES  |  MONDAY, JULY 6, 2009
    [Providers] Preventing Violence
    On these trips, they provide education and awareness to health care workers, law enforcement personnel, welfare caseworkers and others about domestic violence and how to recognize and prevent it. They are beginning to place some of the instruction and information online and that is where I was able to provide some insights. Through a grant, Bloomsburg University is helping to create online learning for PCADV and to provide the trainers with knowledge and ideas on how to place some of their information online. Poster highlighting domestic violence conference.
  • KAPP NOTES  |  MONDAY, MARCH 16, 2009
    [Providers] More Advantages of 3D Learning Worlds
    When this happens, it allows the learner to more effectively encode the learning for future recall and provides the cues needed to apply the experience from the 3D world to actual on-the-job performance. Fourth is that virtual worlds provide the opportunities for learners to be online in the same place at the same time looking and interacting with one another. The 3D world provides a sense of “being there” which, again, ties to visual and mental cues which makes the recall and application of the learning that occurs in a 3D world more effective. It is learning by doing.
    [Providers] Award Press Release
    œThis award is a way for us to recognize the highly creative contributions that are made day in and day out by outstanding teaching faculty in colleges and universities around the world,” said Jeana Davis, coordinator of the conference. “It also provides a venue for them to share those ideas with their colleagues at other institutions—improving higher education teaching and learning opportunities for all of us.” A complete list of this year's award recipients can be found at the conference Website. Here is the photograph and the press release. Karl Kapp poses with teaching award.
    [Providers] Free report on Education in the Wild: geo-located mobile earning in ActionL
    Contributors to this report have provided examples of innovative and exciting research projects and practical applications for mobile learning in a location-sensitive setting, including the sharing of good practice and the key findings that have resulted from this work. It’s a fantastic resource for the community, providing a good introduction into the issues surrounding location-based learning. For all you mLearning lovers out there, there is a clearly written, informative and inspiring report (56 pages) on location-based contextual mobile learning (mostly across Europe).
    [Providers] 2010 Horizon Report on K12 education is out, and free for download
    This annual report provides a rich set of topics, examples and resources for use in considering new technologies that hold strong promise for K-12 institutions in the US and globally. post-event feedback form is also provided. Education and technology leaders, policymakers and key stakeholders in educational institutions need forward thinking information addressing opportunities for teaching, learning and creative expression. The 2010 Horizon Report: K-12 Edition is a collaboration between the New Media Consortium (NMC) and the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN ).
  • IGNATIA WEBS  |  MONDAY, JULY 27, 2009
    [Providers] Join the CCK09 course on Connectivism and Connective Knowledge
    The support wiki for the course provides additional information in the coming weeks. Our goal is to provide a starting point for participants to build a distributed infrastructure for innovative conversations. Straight from George Siemens and Stephen Downes' CCK09 post (sorry for copy paste, but on vacation so a bit relaxed and lazy :-) George Siemens and Stephen Downes will co-facilitate the course. You can register to receive course information here. The course will be delivered in the same method as last year: content and conversations will be open.
    [Providers] new webportal: Science without Borders launched
    The initiative focusses on small scale, short term cooperations in order to provide quick wins for those who are usually not reached through big framework initiatives, the locally working researchers, scientists, teachers and students in universities, academies and colleges. Yesterday the Science without Borders WebPortal was launched! Science without Borders (SWB) initiates, facilitates and supports cooperation between higher education teachers and students, scientists, researchers and other stakeholders of the academic sphere between Africa and Europe. Interested?
    [Providers] Only read this if you don’t like banks
    You wrote that I should be assured that HSBC stands ready to provide me with “the assistance needed throughout this process.” (You had just told me you did not value my business and were closing my account.) I didn’t hesitate to contact your Business Banking Customer Relationship Center as you suggested. Letter to HSBC. No reply received. September 26, 2103. Mark Luppi. Executive Vice President. Business Banking. HSBC Bank USA. 452 5th Avenue. New York, NY 10018. We’ve both done our bit at Harvard Business School. They didn’t know what was going on. I’m not assured. understand. Just Ja
    [Providers] Automagically discover best content every day
    It’s a worry-free way to provide targeted content on whatever subjects you deem important. In a buzz session at DevLearn this year, I described how Working Smarter Daily  uses social signals to choose and display a fresh selection of relevant articles every morning. It’s also a dynamite research tool; you can search articles by topic, author, and/or timeframe. What’s Under the Hood. Internet Time Alliance selects the sources from which the articles for Working Smarter Daily will be chosen. Currently, it’s tracking these blogs: Adaptive Path. Andy McAfee. Just Ja
    [Providers] Know your Audience! A smart guide for analyzing your learners’ needs
    It provides a much richer and more rewarding context for the course designer to work with and is far likelier to produce more satisfying results. Let’s set the stage: you’ve got an idea for a fantastic course. You’ve storyboarded it, created your outlines and are ready to crank up the production and let it roll. You’re sure that the learners are going to love it! But there’s a problem: Have you actually asked them, or are you just expecting them to engage with your content without understanding what it is that they actually need? Discover what motivates them. Satisfy the learners’ needs.
    [Providers] DevCorner: Seam Carving for Content-Aware Image Re-Sizing
    The approaching conference provided much needed motivation to pursue something I’d always wanted to write. Once a year, TechSmith holds an internal developer conference for the devs to talk about various interests they have. This year, I decided to tackle a topic a friend introduced to me several years ago called “seam carving”. wanted to implement a proof-of-concept program using vanilla C++ and an open source image library ( png++ , a C++ implementation of libpng ). Seam Carving. This is where the “seam”  from seam carving comes in to play. Pixels of Minimal Importance.
    [Providers] Implementation: Create a Learning Council
    Get all of the training related folks together and provide them with an opportunity to get to know each other and to understand all of the training requirements of the organization. Ideally, the SLC should meet monthly to discuss issues related to the learning services provided, to share best practices and to remain focused on becoming a world class learning organization. I am continually amazed by large organizations that do not have a handle on all of the training that occurs within the organization. Each group or division is doing it own thing.
  • OPENSESAME  |  MONDAY, JUNE 30, 2014
    [Providers] Modern Civil Rights Debates: What They Mean for HR
    Providing an inclusive work environment by offering performance-based rewards. Civil rights is an ever changing concept. Since the very founding of our country, this movement, or series of movements, has been a foundation on which people raise their flags and rally. As society is ever evolving, so is our definition of civil rights. 50 years ago today the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed. Title VII of this revolutionary act is recognized, and in many cases memorized, by HR departments everywhere. If you work in HR, or are looking to hire, awareness is your first step towards success.
    [Providers] The Future of Employee Self-Service
    In the 1990’s, when leading HRMS vendors were a bit slow in offering extensive ESS, niche providers like Edify (later acquired by Workscape) stepped in with ESS Toolkits which extended the core HR system’s capabilities in this area. More recently, core HR / HRMS solution providers have added the ability for employees to update their career interests, hobbies and other involvements outside work. The result was the introduction of Employee Self Service or ESS. This was in fact the core offering of Enwisen, now part of Lawson. Steve Goldberg.
    [Providers] The Future of Employee Self-Service
    In the 1990’s, when leading HRMS vendors were a bit slow in offering extensive ESS, niche providers like Edify (later acquired by Workscape) stepped in with ESS Toolkits which extended the core HR system’s capabilities in this area. More recently, core HR / HRMS solution providers have added the ability for employees to update their career interests, hobbies and other involvements outside work. The result was the introduction of Employee Self Service or ESS. This was in fact the core offering of Enwisen, now part of Lawson. Steve Goldberg.
    [Providers] Who Should Decide How You Decide?
    However, during the design process we had an interesting discussion about some course navigation and when to provide access to resources during a decision-making scenario. The decision will produce feedback that provides more detail. But don’t provide it afterwards outside of the feedback. Don’t provide access to information prior to the choice. After the choice is made, you provide feedback with no offer for additional information. This next option is to not provide a “more information” feature prior to the choice. The Set Up. We liked the flexibility.
    [Providers] Top Companies for Leaders -- What Makes Them Tops?
    These communities are designed to facilitate leader-to-leader networking, provide real-time feedback to high-potential leaders, identify leader talent in various IRS groups, and encourage leaders to foster community building across the business functions. IBM. 2. General Mills. 3. Procter & Gamble. 4. Aditya Birla. 5. Colgate-Palmolive. 6. Hindustan Unilever. 7. Icici Bank. 8. McDonald’s. 9. Whirlpool. Pepsico. Natura. Deere & Co. Eli Lilly. McKinsey. L’oreal. Unilever. Siemens AG. Intel. China Vanke. Wipro. Bharti Airte. l 25. Novartis. Do you want to share with us?
    [Providers] Define Tailored Leadership Competencies – And the Seamstress Needs to Know the Business Goals That Are In Style In Your Organization This 21st Century
    Competencies provide directional guidance to executives who are looking for signposts that explain what they are expected to do. So last time we talked about the critical importance of your executives staying engaged in order to effect leadership development that drives business impact at your organizations. Even the big dogs can't effectively engage without a business-driven set of leadership competencies around which they are driving leadership development program content and holding leaders accountable for performance. Maintain strong executive engagement; 2. High-Impact 21 st.
    [Providers] The Canary in the Coal Mine: Goal Setting
    Goals create discontent with the current situation and provide direction for future action. The feeling of relief is almost palpable. For many of you, performance appraisals are done (or you’re so close you can almost taste it). Congratulations! Now it’s on to goal setting. If my recent conversations are any indicator, many of you are dissatisfied with your organization’s goal setting process. FIGHT THIS THOUGHT. Goal setting is the canary in the coal mine of performance management. What constitutes good goal setting? Source: Bersin & Associates, 2011. Stacia
    [Providers] Take Control of Your Personal Learning Journey
    Clearly, if you happen to work for a company which does not provide adequate learning opportunities for you, you’re responsible for charting the course for your own learning journey. But, even when learning opportunities are provided for you, it’s wise to take an active part in planning your personal learning journey. A consistently-used  criterion in the annual “best companies to work for” lists is the level of corporate investment in employee training. There’s no real discrepancy between these two facts. Looking to set your personal learning journey on the right path?
    [Providers] Got a List of Company Values? Be Like Zappos — Make Them ‘Committable’
    Key to Zappos’ success is its commitment to providing consistently extraordinary service (even if it only sells shoes and fashions). Its commitment is to its customers and to the service “experience” – and to provide this requires a culture and employees that believe service excellence is the only standard. I spoke at and attended the Society of Human Resources Management’s (SHRM) annual conference last week in Las Vegas. One such expert was Tony Hsieh from Zappos. Here are Zappos’ 10 “Committable” Core Values: Deliver WOW Through Service. Embrace and Drive Change. Be Humble.
    [Providers] How the Smart Small Business Keeps Its Best People
    They create opportunities to provide recurring feedback about current performance; positive performance is applauded; poor performance is coached and corrected. As president of Humanetrics, LLC, Forte provides talent-based hiring and management training to create high-productivity workplaces. Let me tell you about a very wise company I work with: At a time when many company’s conversations with employees can still be about surviving and doing more with less, this company is actively talking about the future – their future and how their employees are part of it. Future Focus.
    [Providers] Top-Ten Teaching and Learning Issues (2007)
    HTML Version: [link] PDF Version: [link] Authors: John P. Campbell, Diana G. Oblinger, and Colleagues "Creating a culture of evidence tops the list of important issues as the academic technology profession moves to an “Instruction 2.0” In short, show me the evidence of learning outcomes (or improvement) and you will get the support. Easier said than done :) "If it ain't fixed, don't be afraid to explore new ways!" I suppose that sums up the current state of higher education around the world :). learning teaching and learning
    [Providers] Top-Ten Teaching and Learning Issues (2007)
    HTML Version: [link] PDF Version: [link] Authors: John P. Campbell, Diana G. Oblinger, and Colleagues "Creating a culture of evidence tops the list of important issues as the academic technology profession moves to an “Instruction 2.0” In short, show me the evidence of learning outcomes (or improvement) and you will get the support. Easier said than done :) "If it ain't fixed, don't be afraid to explore new ways!" I suppose that sums up the current state of higher education around the world :).
    [Providers] Rapid Learning Management Systems
    They need to be able to have these learners grouped together and provide reporting over those learners. I've been asked numerous times over the past couple of years by various types of people and companies a very similar question: I plan to or have been conducting and charging for training workshops for clients. I'd like to creating this as self-paced eLearning possibly with other capabilities as well. And I want to charge for this. How can I do that? It's a company that has been offering 3-day workshops and now they want to put some portion of that content online. It's hosted. Systems?
    [Providers] The tensions at EDGEX2012
    Given the broad societal transitions to a networked and complex ecology, he talked about how initiatives like Coursera, Udacity and the Khan Academy provided disruptions, but did not transform education. Speakers at the EDGEX Conference debated many tensions and challenges apparent in education today. George Siemens evocatively questioned the use of the word “disruptive” and asserted that we should call for transformation instead. That leverage of transformative educational research, was perhaps what excited many of the international and national speakers and delegates at EDGEX.
    [Providers] How To Add Realism To eLearning
    Provide a scenario that is modified to fulfill a particular objective and give learners two choices. Provide situations where the outcomes are in shades of gray (as life usually is). Adding realism to eLearning should improve learning transfer, which will prepare learners for situations they might really encounter. Realism also adds credibility to a training course, which is quite important to the busy, cynical, or tired employee. These are often part of the analysis phase, prior to design. All of this is fodder for your creative brain. Here are some strategies for doing so.
    [Providers] 9 Free Tools That Help Me Build Better E-Learning
    Format Factory lets you convert media from one format to another. I don’t use it as much as I used to now that Articulate’s Studio ‘09 provides a video encoder. I get a lot of questions from blog readers who are on a limited budget. They want to know about free tools that they can use to build their elearning courses. In this economy, the question probably means more than it did a couple of years ago. I’m a junky for all of the free stuff online. If there’s a beta program or new software application, I’m quick to sign up and play around with it. Pixie. Pixie is a simple color picker.
    For instance, did the teacher on line 21 provide you with the information you needed to be hired in the field/job you sought. Any psychometrican can compose, scale, and provide weight with regard to the value of these traits. For instance, did the teacher in line 24 provide the emotional support you needed when you were in crisis? space for supporting statements whether written by the constituent donor or other material provided as evidence the teacher is eligible for a contribution benefit. While attention is focused let me float an outrageous idea. That’s the plan.
    [Providers] eLearning Growth Areas and Client Satisfaction
    As a customer, are you generally happy with the services provided by independent contractors and vendor organizations? What kind of vendor provides you with the service levels that you find satisfactory? I recently was responding to journalist questions about the elearning industry. While most answers could be found in innumerable industry reports, there were two that caught my attention. would be interested in hearing more about these. Do you see demand for e-learning from any particular sectors in the economy? Any sectors/areas that are experiencing a slowdown?
    [Providers] Using Agile Learning Design to Align Training Programs with Business Objectives
    Agile learning design, as a training development methodology, provides trainers with a fantastic opportunity to utilize a framework for aligning training initiatives with business strategies in a way that business leaders can accept. Having such a list also provides a great sanity check for training managers. One of the challenges that training professionals continue to face is how to align their learning programs with business objectives.  Elaine Biech the president of Ebb Association Inc. Failure to demonstrate this alignment has implications. Donald J.
    [Providers] Three Reasons its Time for Our Platforms to Evolve
    New standards that provide a platform that gives the learning department new capabilities, expanded interoperability, and easier access to new tools they’re clamoring for. The main goal of Tin Can is to provide a consistent way to collect and move data from a diverse spread of technologies about what a person does. When you take a step back, it’s a little funny that so many people are talking about standards in learning technology right now. would say, it’s partially because: 1. The previous standards have done their time and evolution is imminent. Our plumbing is old.
    [Providers] eLearning Development India – The Unofficial Salary Survey 2009
    This is the third edition of the survey that aims to provide a glimpse into salary ranges of eLearning and content development professionals in India. The 2007 edition had just 11 responses and could not provide any meaningful conclusions other than the fact that eLearning salary ranges varied quite a bit in India. Manish Mohan has launched the Unofficial eLearning Salary Survey 2009. This time, the survey is also trying to examine the impact of the economic situation on salary hikes – which would be interesting to see. You can view the results/analysis of the 2008 survey here.
    [Providers] eLearning Development India - The Unofficial Salary Survey 2009
    This is the third edition of the survey that aims to provide a glimpse into salary ranges of eLearning and content development professionals in India. The 2007 edition had just 11 responses and could not provide any meaningful conclusions other than the fact that eLearning salary ranges varied quite a bit in India. Manish Mohan has launched the Unofficial eLearning Salary Survey 2009. This time, the survey is also trying to examine the impact of the economic situation on salary hikes – which would be interesting to see. You can view the results/analysis of the 2008 survey here.
    [Providers] The Five Skills of Disruptive Innovators
    The observation trip that Steve Jobs took to Xerox PARC provided the germ of insight that was the catalyst for both Macintosh’s operating system and mouse and Apple’s current OSX operating system. Associating : Breakthroughs often happen at the intersection of diverse disciplines and fields. Innovators draw connections between questions, problems or ideas from unrelated things. As they connected, new ideas were created at the intersection of their respective fields, spawning the Renaissance, one of the most creative eras in history. — Jeff Dyer and Hal Gregersen
    [Providers] Virtual Simulation: A Participant’s Perspective
    It was important to sync daily (sometimes twice a day) and provide input on key decisions as well as return information back on action items set during the previous meeting. After finishing her virtual coursework with Microsoft’s Finance Academy, Lauri Zadina, senior finance manager of operations for Microsoft, had this to say: Looking back over the two years since your participation in the program, what knowledge, skills, insight or behaviors did you learn that you continue to use? would say the overwhelming skill I used and have enhanced since the course is collaboration.
    [Providers] Take Advantage of Mobile Technology to Maximize Agent and Broker Performance
    In today’s market—as a result of technology and the customized customer experience it offers—customers demand more from their providers, and these legacy providers must adapt to stay ahead of direct-to-consumer models. Deliver the latest version of content and provide a single source of truth around critical policy details. As Ernst & Young writes, “From anytime, any-device digital delivery to customized services, today’s diverse insurance customers will demand flexible solutions that go beyond one-size-fits-all product offerings.”
    [Providers] 7 Ways to Get Learners to “Buy” Your Online Training…And Return to “Buy” More
    Which eCommerce principles should we apply to eLearning to ensure that online training provides a worthwhile pay off? #1 CONTEXT: What’s the Customer Need? Stores—brick-and-mortar or eCommerce sites—want customers to buy their products or services. And recommend the products to others. Then, return and buy more. Similarly, for online training, you want trainees—whether employees, partners, or customers—to buy (or buy into) your eLearning content. And use and apply it. And rate it positively through recommendations and endorsements. And come back and “buy” more. Ask for feedback.
    [Providers] Taleo Firmly Establishes itself in the Learning Management Systems Market
    Last year, Taleo , the largest provider of recruiting software, spent $100 million acquiring mid-market LMS vendor The ever-changing market for Learning Management Systems (LMS) continues to evolve. The company's strategy, which we supported in earlier blog posts, is to expand across all elements of the talent management domain and develop an offering which gives customers a "one stop shopping" solution. Read our LMS 2011 industry study for all the details.) We had a briefing with Taleo this week and it appears that progress is excellent. It is not to be missed
    [Providers] Taleo Firmly Establishes itself in the Learning Management Systems Market
    Last year, Taleo , the largest provider of recruiting software, spent $100 million acquiring mid-market LMS vendor The ever-changing market for Learning Management Systems (LMS) continues to evolve. The company's strategy, which we supported in earlier blog posts, is to expand across all elements of the talent management domain and develop an offering which gives customers a "one stop shopping" solution. Read our LMS 2011 industry study for all the details.) We had a briefing with Taleo this week and it appears that progress is excellent. It is not to be missed
  • ZAIDLEARN  |  TUESDAY, JULY 17, 2007
    [Providers] PowerPoint Tutorials, Tricks, Tips and Templates (By Sonia Coleman)
    It provides excellent free PowerPoint tutorials, tips, trick, and templates. Click here to visit Digital Studio The "Digital Studio" website by Sonia Coleman (San Francisco Bay Area) has been visited by more than 2 million people from 130 countries of the world. By the way Sonia Coleman is over 60 years old, and has proven with flying colors that she is the one of the Queens of PowerPoint.
    [Providers] The Gift of eLearning
    You are providing opportunity. Because of what you provide, an employee can advance in their career. As Christmas approaches, the stockings are hung over the fireplace with care. The air is filled the delicious smells of baked goods and the sounds of Christmas music. This is a time to reflect on the world we live in. This is a time to appreciate the good in the world and community around us. With kindness and giving in abundance hearts are softened and good is perpetuated. Now is a time to introspect on what good we are doing in the world. Nelson Mandela. George Washington Carver.
    [Providers] What Is Legal May Still Be Unethical
    To provide a quick and simple way to determine the right thing to do in any situation, Peale and I came up with three questions we called the ethics check: 1. There are two aspects to leading with integrity. The first is knowing the right thing to do. The second is doing it. can’t think of a more important topic than leadership with integrity. number of years ago, I wrote The Power of Ethical Management with Norman Vincent Peale, author of The Power of Positive Thinking. The ethics lessons from that book are as relevant today as when we wrote it. The second is actually doing it.
    [Providers] The Four Keys to Bold HR: Lessons for the Year Ahead
    Today HR organizations must reinvest in learning and provide engaging, relevant learning experiences (and assignments) to employees at all levels. We just finished our 8th annual IMPACT research conference in Florida, and our theme was Bold HR - pushing the envelope on talent and HR practices, reinventing what we do, and starting with a fresh sheet of paper. Let me start by saying that theme turned out to be perfect. Nearly 1/3 of all new CHROs are coming from non-HR backgrounds, demonstrating how CEOs want new thinking brought into the HR function. What does the world Bold Mean? The s
    [Providers] The importance of a Knowledge Sharing Culture
    Learning managers and platform administrators are under constant pressure to keep employees engaged with their training programme, and providing fresh content on a regular basis is a big factor. The importance of knowledge management within organisations used to be a thing that could be easily overlooked. However, with the Baby Boomer Brain Drain phenomenon and the millennial job-hopping trend changing the face of the workforce, the harmful effects of knowledge loss are becoming more and more evident. The reality of Knowledge Loss. The Baby Boomer Brain Drain. Gen Y and Job Hopping.
  • PRACT.US  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 26, 2016
    [Providers] After Micro-Learning Comes Micro-Practice
    Managers can provide this support by pairing learners with short-term mentors, experienced peers who help them implement new knowledge and provide feedback. Share your experience with a mentor or manager who can help you overcome obstacles and provide suggestions for continued improvement. Even with an instructional video, you need some practice to learn key skills. Micro-learning, the latest hot approach to corporate training, serves up small doses of information, usually through short videos. It’s kind of like watching a YouTube video about how to do your job.
    [Providers] What are the Technology Goals of Higher Education?
    Within the last few years many higher education institutions and systems have invested heavily in technology and have raised the bar in student expectations for online student services and online learning opportunities. Because systems and schools that fail to offer state-of-the-art online learning opportunities and accompanying services over the next decade will lose students who routinely use commercial applications such as, PayPal and Facebook to browse catalogs, pay bills and network with one another. So what is being done through technology. Does this cover everything?
    [Providers] Training Magazine's Fave Reads of 2007
    Recently, the book reviewers of Training Magazine provided a list of all their favorite reads of 2007. I am happy to say that Gadgets, Games and Gizmos for Learning made the list as one of Jane Bozarth's top 5. Here are some of her other picks: Here are the picks of the other two reviewers, Skip Corsini and Melissa Thompson.
  • KAPP NOTES  |  SUNDAY, MAY 20, 2007
    [Providers] My New Training Magazine Online Column
    It is part of Training Magazine's efforts to provide more web-only content. Over at the ManageSmarter site, I've started writing a column called Gadgets, Games and Gizmos for Learning. The first installment is titled Defining (or Redefining) a Gamer. Let me know what you think. Running an online background check on a babysitter is one way in which doing a background check is legitmate not just for a business but for personal use as well.
    [Providers] Training Sales Reps, and the Selective Attention Challenge
    This tendency is one of the most important reasons to hire the right people (with the relevant personal traits for the job) and provide those people with the structure, processes, and tools to assure that only the positive elements of subjectivity — reading people and situations, instinct (to a degree), and other capabilities one might classify as the “art” aspect of selling — impact their decision-making and how they pursue business. This post comes courtesy of Dave Stein, author of the blog Commentary on Sales Effectiveness. Basically, it’s deliberate, focused attention. The
    [Providers] Training Courses in Big Demand for Job Seekers and Career-Switchers Alike
    percent,  training programs have recently become a top priority to provide the state’s small business owners with skilled workers. Because the U.S. labor market remains stuck in slow-growth mode,  the job training sector continues to enjoy a surge — not just for the legions of unemployed workers but also underemployed folks looking to make career changes that hold brighter long-term prospects. One major focal point of this trend: community colleges around the nation, which are struggling to keep pace with demand for job-training courses and expand training facilities.
    [Providers] Flash Accessibility (508 Compliance)
    Creating Accessible Sites in Flash - This Adobe presentation provides a great introduction on how to make Flash accessible to users with disabilities. I have been doing some research on making Adobe Flash SWfs 508 compliant and found some great resources I would like to share. FYI: Adobe has come quite a way in making Flash more accessible. Accessibility with Flash has been a challenge over the years and prevented many organizations, especially U.S. Government agencies, from using Flash. It is also a good example of an accessible Flash site. Thanks. 508 Compliance flash
    [Providers] A Great Example of Using Multiple Forms of Media
    Also, here is a video from AdobeTV that provides some background on the development of "We Choose the Moon." Last year "We Choose the Moon" was launched in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 launch. This is a fantastic example of using video, audio, photos, and animation all in one course. Here is the link, It is absolutely worth the visit. link] If you liked this course, you will also like these courses on space and NASA. video e-Learning Courses Astronomy
    [Providers] Want to Learn More About Beta Testing?
    It details his approach to beta testing online courses and provides practical advice for what is a very important stage of e-learning development. Benjamin Martin has published " Beta Testing an Online Course " in Learning Solutions Magazine. If you are creating e-learning, then you are probably involved in beta testing and will find this article helpful. If you are not beta testing your courses, then you should be and this article can help you get started. However, associate membership is free and in my opinion an absolute must for anyone in the e-learning field.
    [Providers] WEN 2013 Biennial Conference
    Sixteen years later, WEN remains committed to providing high caliber events and networking to its diverse membership from across the energy value chain. I attended the WEN 2013 Biennial Conference, April 3 - 5, 2013 at the Westin Memorial City Hotel in Houston Texas. Overall, it was one of the best conferences I have attended in years – lots of good information and sharing of ideas. About WEN: WEN was founded in 1994 by Karyl McCurdy Lawson with the purpose of fostering the development and advancement of women in energy by developing a strong network.
    [Providers] Developing and Measuring Training the Agile Way The Training Part 1
    Even worse, just two days before the training was scheduled to take place the vendor informed us that the coach who had spent so much time understanding our organization, culture and workflow had a family emergency and would not be able to deliver the training.  A backup trainer was provided instead.  Having made the case for the change to Agile, communicating when the change would take place and how it might affect both the organization and the individuals, the next step was to ensure that all of the team members had the tools that they would need to implement this new approach.
    [Providers] The Effectiveness of Learning – A case to bury “TNA”
    When used with L&D circles, the effect is the same; it places us in a training” mindset, and that’s not the way to provide value to any organisation already dubious about the value that L&D provides. L&D is in the business of improving human performance in the completion of activities, tasks and responsibilities that impact the organisation’s market positioning and profitability. The post follows on from “The Effectiveness of Learning : What does success man to you?” and concentrates on the basic activity of analysing needs. Function or activity.  . be capable.
    [Providers] More Than 7 Million Students Taking Online Courses
    Core to growing our nation''s economy is the need to provide relevant educational opportunities that will help students meet their career goals," said Todd Hitchcock, senior vice president, Pearson Online Learning Services. One-third of higher education students take at least one course online. Wellesley, Mass. — Jan. 15 The 2013 Survey of Online Learning conducted by the Babson Survey Research Group reveals the number of higher education students taking at least one online course has now surpassed 7.1 million. The 6.1 Elaine Allen, co-director of the Babson Survey Research Group.
    [Providers] How Effective are Your Training Dollars?
    Positive answers provide validation about investments. Negative answers provide direction for subsequent actions. Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA), an organization of companies that offer technology services to their markets, recognizes the necessity and value in providing educational services to ensure customer satisfaction and retention. ” “Training can provide organizations a real return on their investment, or it can lead to excessive costs and inefficiencies,” said Pat Phelan, a research director at Gartner Inc. The CFO?
    [Providers] Survey: Boards Seek Industry Experience in New Directors
    These are among the findings from the "2012 Board Practices Report: Providing insight into the shape of things to come." Other shifts in board practices include an increased length and frequency of board meetings and more actively reviewed CEO succession policies, according to a new survey. New York — Jan. 9 A new report issued by the Deloitte Center for Corporate Governance and the Society of Corporate Secretaries and Governance Professionals indicates the top attribute sought in new directors is industry experience, as board subject matter knowledge comes to the fore.
    [Providers] Don Kirkpatrick’s Contribution to Learning & Development
    Don gave us a simple-to-understand and easy-to-use framework that provided much needed direction to the profession. I just saw an announcement that Don will retire from the speaking circuit this year. Few people have single-handedly made such an impact on our profession. have known Don for years and his story is very interesting. Don got his start in learning when he was working on his Ph.D. dissertation at the University of Wisconsin and needed some good measures to evaluate the impact of a training program for supervisors. All four were important to evaluate a program. Thank you Don!
    [Providers] Week's Learning #2
    Traditional onsite benefits, such as cafeterias, childcare, massages, and volunteer opportunities ranked a mere 5 percent when determining what benefits provide stability during economic uncertainty. Instead programs that offer the most stability, as reported by 75 percent of respondents, are those that communicate brand mission and provide career development opportunities. I am continuing with the summary of what I have learned from Twitter the last. realize it also helps me to curate and aggregate with greater focus. networkingCEO : "Happiness is not an accident. Values. People.
    [Providers] What’s in Your Toolbox?
    ” But the reality of the slow-growth economy continues to impact decisions: “As time and resources get harder to acquire for training, there will be more e-learning methods used to provide less costly and more readily available training,” one learning leader said. While many learning leaders choose their offerings based on cost and convenience, others are staying true to costlier traditional methods. Content, audience, environment and available technology each play a role in how learning is delivered, and all of those continue to evolve. What’s Going to Change?
    [Providers] HR Executive's Guide to Web 2.0
    tools to provide visibility into work / project progress by dispersed teams. tools being used and provide training on how to use them. I've been taking a look at some interesting research published in June by the Aberdeen Group. The report is impressively titled The HR Executives Guide to Web 2.0: Cracking the Code for Talent Management , and describes the results of research with over 500 companies. The survey showed that the best-in-class companies shared several characteristics: 55% utilised Web 2.0 tools to facilitate knowledge capture and/or transfer; 36% utilised Web 2.0
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