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    [Providers] Why invest in customized content development?
    Customized courses provide the option of customizing the scenarios based on industry specific examples. Custom created content development provides options like fonts, colors, designs, and images in line with the brand image. What’s better McDonald’s or home cooked food? Well, initially McDonald’s may  sound more appealing. It costs less, requires less effort, and yet tastes good. But after two weeks, we will realize the health benefits and better taste of home-cooked food. It’s the same thing when we have to choose between pre-built e-learning courses and custom made content.
  • PRACT.US  |  THURSDAY, JULY 7, 2016
    [Providers] What I Learned from Reading “The Advantage: Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else in Business”
    Lencioni provides a clear description of the key behaviors of healthy organizations along with tools you can use to effect change in your company. Organizational Health doesn’t sound exciting until you realize how much it can help your company. Patrick M. Lencioni has been fascinated by organizations his entire life. Even as a kid and then a young consultant for Bain & Company, he sensed that problems in an organization stemmed not from spreadsheets and strategy initiatives, but from something more qualitative in the way people interact with each other. Clarity. What do we do?
    [Providers] Layered Learning
    Last week, I posted about a model where a system could provide a sage who looks at the events of your life and provides support.  I want to elaborate that model by looking at it in a different way. The notion here is that you have events in your life, across the bottom. And you have some learning goals, e.g. to learn about project management, and about running meetings. You might get some initial content about those two goals, but then let’s focus on developing that learning over time. Let me make that latter clearer. Delivered, for instance, through mobile devices.
    [Providers] Restaurant Server Skills: Do Your Employees Have The Training They Need?
    If you’re a restaurant manager, ensuring that your serving staff provides excellent service is more than just an “extra”. The food service industry is highly competitive; if customers don’t like your product or your customer service, they will go elsewhere. In the fast-paced, sometimes hectic workplace of the food service industry, training ensures that your employees handle their own jobs effectively and efficiently, that your business operations are able to run fluidly and healthfully, and that your customers keep coming back for more great food and great customer service.
  • EI DESIGN  |  MONDAY, OCTOBER 24, 2016
    [Providers] Why Adopt Mobile Learning For Online Training – 10 Questions Answered
    Here is my list of top 7 benefits that mLearning or mobile learning offers vis-a-vis traditional eLearning: Provides flexibility to learners. Provide a learning path based approach to the learners. If you are new to mLearning or are seeking ways to enhance its impact, e.g. by using mobile learning for online training, you would have several questions about it. In this article, I answer 10 questions that range from its definition, application, and how you can maximize its impact. Why Adopt Mobile Learning For Online Training? Let us begin. What Is mLearning Or Mobile Learning?
    [Providers] Fostering a spirit of innovation: A necessity today.
    very mundane event that HR usually organizes in all organizations in a bid to demonstrate their attempt at engaging employees, “providing” for fun at the workplace and other such piffling stuff that no one really takes seriously. Today’s management, if they wish to build a competitive edge, need to foster that spirit through strategies and actions that reward creativity, provides space for innovation, and does not enforce employees to become automatons. will expand on that shortly but thought it worth citing the paragraph first. Bay decoration! Everyone participated.
    [Providers] Going Global: 5 Things to Keep in Mind Before Working Abroad
    Read through rules and customs that these countries may have. A lot of eLearning sites provide courses about etiquette in foreign countries, which can possibly save you from offending someone. As the world economy continues to expand, individuals in the workplace will see many more opportunities to work abroad. You might be thinking: Oh great, a relocation that will take me from the comforts of my stable life and people I love. However, as an ex-expat’s daughter, I can tell you this is not the case. Sure, the transition is hard, but the cultural experience you gain from it is priceless.
    [Providers] Eliot Masie's MOOC Symposium Recap
    The goal of this first MOOC Symposium was not to provide a “how-to” guide to using MOOCs in a corporate environment. The MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) phenomenon that has been shaking up higher education for the past few years is slowly beginning to find its way into corporate conversations. Many companies are seeking to better understand the MOOC model and the possibilities for application in their own training programs. The 3-day event was packed with fantastic discussion and some great takeaways, some of which I will try to summarize for you. What does MOOC really stand for?
    [Providers] ELM Expert Series: These 3 Things Are Vital If You Want Your Sales Training To Be Relevant In the Future
    ID provides clear perspective and context, that without it, learner’s might miss the important pieces of information. It’s the blueprint you need to allow for the most simple and most effective learning experience you can provide your team members. 3. Most sales training is still implemented by sales managers and directors. Businesses take their most successful salespeople and hope they can sprinkle their secrets across the entire sales force. The issue with this way of thinking though, is that most successful salespeople are not necessarily the best teachers. The result?
    The goal of this series, comprising of five blog posts, is to establish a fundamental understanding about gamification, and to provide pointers on how it can be implemented within an organization. Chennai (India). Learnnovators, a leading e-learning company, has Karl Kapp writing a series of blog posts for them on gamification. Karl Kapp is one of the foremost experts and prominent ‘gurus’ on gamification, which is the application of game design techniques to non-game situations. – Post #3 (The Learning in Gamification): 14th September 2016. About Karl Kapp. Karl Kapp , Ed.D.,
    [Providers] Captivate 5 for University Educators
    The core issue will be expediting eLearning development with the complete toolset provided in Adobe eLearning Suite 2. This week’s eSeminar was chock full of solutions as we discussed ‘how to’ start developing eLearning based on the kind of face to face classroom content educators already have prepared for the courses they teach. You can enlarge / download etc. using the tools from One of the things I didn’t get much time to discuss is and the incredible resource it represents for educators. Captivate 5 for University Educators.
    [Providers] Corporate Advisory Council Starts Today
    30-2:00: Media Site presentation with Ferdinand Bergen Ferdinand talking about the history of Media Site Mediasite allows you to record and deliver online learning, interactive lectures and multimedia presentations automatically and provides webcasting and a knowledge management platform. Very rich media presentations are provided with Mediasite. Mike provided an overview of the design process including the topics of scoping and sequencing, storyboarding, "look and feel" development, the development of the proof of concept and the actual module development process.
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    [Providers] Learning Circuits April Big Question: Are We There Yet
    My printer would instantly provide turn-by-turn directions and even small pictures of the route highlighted in purple. Whenever I traveled, the electronic directions provided pinpoint accuracy for about 99% of the trip. This receiver, no bigger than six inches, displays a map showing the route I need to follow and providing a visual image of my car on the highway. The Learning Circuit's Blog question for this month is " ILT and Off-The-Shelf Vendors, What Should they Do ?" I am going to answer that question by recanting a story from Gadgets, Games and Gizmos for Learning.
  • KAPP NOTES  |  THURSDAY, MAY 3, 2007
    [Providers] Learning Through Reality-based Video Games
    As developers and designers of learning events, we should have our learner "fast forward" to specific tasks they need to complete to be successful on the job and then provide specific, guided practice to them in a virtual environment. One trick he has adopted is providing his quarterbacks and receivers with copies of the Penn State Playbook on PlayStation 2 memory card. Use the parameters of actual situations to provide guidance and instruction to learners. Here are three reality-based video games.what can they teach us about creating effective learning events?
  • KAPP NOTES  |  TUESDAY, MARCH 18, 2008
    [Providers] Don't Educate, Automate
    My printer would instantly provide turn-by-turn directions and even small pictures of the route highlighted in purple. Whenever I traveled, the electronic directions provided pinpoint accuracy for about 99% of the trip. This receiver, no bigger than six inches, displays a map showing the route I need to follow and providing a visual image of my car on the highway. It doesn't always make sense to teach people. Sometimes it is better to automate the process and eliminate the need for training. Training is time consuming, expensive and not always effective.
    [Providers] A “T” shaped professional development plan
    Leave space for Serendipity… I like to just find things that are interesting, and of course working freelance means that each new client and industry I engage with provides me with new learning opportunities, so that keeps me on my toes. I think 2012 could be an interesting year for my pro-d. I’ts almost like that “T” shaped skills from IDEO. The concept isn’t terribly new , but I think it’s useful, for me anyway. If I find myself with extra time this year I might take on Flash too. I thought about trying this online option ( Treehouse ), too.
    [Providers] A “T” shaped professional development plan
    Leave space for Serendipity… I like to just find things that are interesting, and of course working freelance means that each new client and industry I engage with provides me with new learning opportunities, so that keeps me on my toes. I think 2012 could be an interesting year for my pro-d. I’ts almost like that “T” shaped skills from IDEO. The concept isn’t terribly new , but I think it’s useful, for me anyway. If I find myself with extra time this year I might take on Flash too. I thought about trying this online option ( Treehouse ), too.
    [Providers] A new challenge – designing a course to sell
    Will we provide a learning community to connect trainers from around the world together? One of my newest clients, a not-for-profit who has a great school-based program has asked me to lead the transition of the face-to-face training to an eLearning format.   The program offers a mini-course each year for kids in several grades, beginning in the middle school years, which expands each year. The core is the same, but the training matches their stage of development (grade level) and links to their curriculum for health studies. What then? Specifically, facilitation skills.
    [Providers] 21st Century Learning Strategies
    I am working on several things which cluster around the theme of 21st century learning.  I’m developing workshops, helping clients craft  strategies, providing context in a variety of ways to other clients/peers/readers around 21st century learning, which also goes by “social media in learning&# and “Web 2.0 to train, support and develop&#.   . It has me reflecting.  What does 21st century learning strategy mean to me?  Is it all about technology?  Is it skills-oriented? Is Is strategy really that different now than it was in say 1997? What is the business case? track?
    [Providers] 5 Kinds of Customer Service Training
     . Whether you are running a retail store, a financial institution, or a service agency, it is important for your company to provide excellent customer service. It can make or break your business. Investing in customer service training is the first step towards satisfying your customers’ requirements. Before you hire a training company though, it is first essential to identify the exact course you should offer. These will ensure that your investments are going in the right direction
    [Providers] GP Strategies Acquires Prospero Learning Solutions
    — June 5 Global performance improvement services provider GP Strategies Corp. announced today it has acquired Prospero Learning Solutions, a provider of custom learning and content development. Prospero will operate as a part of GP Strategies'' Learning Solutions group and continue under the leadership of Lorne Novolker and Alan Ray. Elkridge, Md. Prospero highlights: • Founded in 1998 with offices in Toronto, Ontario, and Montreal, Quebec. • Generated about $7 million in revenue for 2012. • Clients include Fortune 500 and Financial Post 500 companies.
    [Providers] Online Courses Aim to Address Looming Health Care Compliance
    — April 10 Health Care Compliance Strategies Inc., a provider of online health care compliance and competency training, announced the release of three newly updated online multimedia compliance courses — Corporate Compliance, Professional Compliance and HIPAA Compliance. The Corporate Compliance course will aim to teach hospital staff about fraud awareness, compliance risk areas, elements of a compliance program, documentation and hospital coding, billing and reimbursement, illegal provider relationships, patient care risk areas and other risk areas. Jericho, N.Y.
    [Providers] TIS to Present New Mobile Learning Service at Industry Event
    The seminar will address the current challenge of providing learning interventions, or performance support, which can be accessed from multiple operating systems and devices. The seminar will address the current challenge of providing learning interventions, or performance support, which can be accessed from multiple operating systems and devices. London — Jan. 23 Tata Interactive Systems (TIS), a developer of learning services, will present its learning products at the Learning Technologies conference on Jan. 29 in Olympia, London. ” at the exhibition. Source: TIS
    [Providers] AMA Enterprise to Host Government Conference
    The briefing will aim to provide government professionals with the tools to develop the critical thinking skills necessary to tackle the challenges facing government. This briefing, designed for government professionals, will aim to provide attendees with the tools to develop the critical thinking skills necessary to tackle the challenges facing government. Arlington, Va. — Oct. 16 The American Management Association (AMA) Enterprise Government Solutions announced that Haywood Spangler will be speaking at its Nov. Source: AMA Enterprise
    [Providers] Ancile Hires New Chief Technology Officer
    Alan Young will be responsible for defining the technology roadmap, overseeing current product portfolio deliverables, initiating research, and providing technology vision to the analyst, partner and customer communities. Elkridge, Md. — Oct. Ancile Solutions Inc., a developer of learning and performance software, has announced the appointment of Alan Young as its chief technology officer (CTO). Young has also held executive positions at BEA Systems in San Jose, Calif., as well as at CA Technologies in Islandia, N.Y. Source: Ancile Solutions Inc
    [Providers] LearningMate Expands With Office in Kolkata
    The provider of online learning now has a total of four development centers, with three in Mumbai and one in Kolkata. LearningMate, a provider of online learning to the education sector, announced the opening of its Kolkata office at Ecospace, Rajarhat. Mumbai — Oct. With this expansion, LearningMate adds to its development centers based in Mumbai. LearningMate recently won the Red Herring's Top 100 Asia at Hong Kong, which is the list that has become a mark of distinction for identifying promising new companies and entrepreneurs across Asia.
    [Providers] 'Virtual/actual' reality - WonderMart
    Following the instructions provided, I got myself a trolley, put my earphones in and pressed play. could imagine real benefits in providing a new employee with an MP3 player and a recording then asking them to follow all the instructions as they move around their work site. We filter out most of the visual signals around us, the use of MP3 tracks allows you to direct the listener's (learner's) attention to what you want them to look at and then provide them with information.  A week ago I read an interesting newspaper review of a theatrical 'show' called Wondermart.
    [Providers] TCC08: Making Distance Learning Courses Accessible
    Issue isn’t just whether students have access, but whether the communication is actually as effective as that provided to others. Provide the script for narrated presentations & podcasts. Making Distance Learning Courses Accessible to Students with Disabilities. Presenters: Adam Tanners, Doctoral Student in Exceptionalities, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, HI. Kavita Rao, Educational Technology Specialist, Pacific Resources for Education and Learning, Honolulu HI. Overview. Background. Legal Mandates. Four Scenarios. Conclusion. Four student profiles. Scenario.
    [Providers] Game-based Learning Tools for Corporate Training
    Provide participants with a subject and a clear objective, then allow them to use their problem-solving skills to turn the information into a game. Game-based learning is changing the face of corporate training. Where there once was a one-way exchange of information, there is now an interactive learning experience that has been enhanced by quality elearning design. Corporations are recognizing that the more traditional ways of training employees aren’t nearly as effective as the methods that are being designed and marketed by elearning companies today.
    [Providers] Moodle 1.9 Multimedia
    It looks like this book provides a little of both by covering how to make the most effective use of multimedia in Moodle. A new book just arrived on my doorstep that I am excited about reading. Much of the reading I do about Moodle has to do with administration tasks I am struggling with so I am looking forward to learning some content development tricks from " Moodle 1.9 Multimedia " by João Pedro Soares Fernandes. As a Moodle administrator and eLearning content developer, I am always juggling the behind the scenes Moodle tasks while looking for more effective ways to present content.
    [Providers] 3 Brilliant Leadership Lessons from the Best Coach in College Football
    Their brand new program ‘High Performance Leadership’  teaches the core principles of performance leadership and provides tools and techniques to drive accountability in teams. It was 2008, and Clemson football was in a precarious position. In 30 years, they had gone from a powerhouse college football program to average at best. No matter what they tried, the team just couldn’t seem to make the leap back into national title contention. Here are three brilliant leadership lessons we can all take away from Coach Swinney. 1. Everyone is Accountable. It’s just that simple.
    [Providers] Who are Instructional Designers? The existential dilemma.
    Business analysis with a focus on how providing training/performance support can impact the bottom line. Yes, they can provided they are willing to go through the steps. Apologies for a long post but it is one of those where I was internally debating and had to resolve this conflict with myself… 1. Post objectives: a. To gain personal clarity on the role of an ID in a business setting b. To pinpoint a few critical skill sets required of an ID 2. Post type: reflective, discursive, open ended 3. Acronyms used: a. ID = Instructional Design b. BA = Business Analyst c. If yes, in what?
    [Providers] Market Differences in eLearning
    Oracle has Oracle University that provides services or graphics, editing and publishing to the other Business Units who need this for a price, but several times the BUs choose to have only IDs who would be required to create their own content, whether ILT, elearning, demos, etc using rapid development tools, to optimize the cost and get maximum output. I'm a fan of the number 42. So it seems significant that my post The Value of Instructional Designers just got its 42nd comment. Amazing how a post from a year ago can still generate conversation! But I know of few variable cases too: 1.
    [Providers] Switch for social media
    Provide crystal-clear direction about where to go (and where not to go) Motivate the elephant. I read the book Switch some time ago. Change management is definitely one of my favorite fields! Even though I am now not using the field as consciously as when I was guiding organisational change trajectories, I feel when I work on introducing social media I may apply it too and could improve. But maybe I already do it unconsciously based on my experiences. First a short intro of the ideas put forward in Switch. The book starts with a short story about moviegoers. And Yes! And here it is!
    [Providers] Assessment Guru Hints at Trends Relevant to Learning Professionals
    Questionmark is the leading provider of assessment software according to a recent eLearning Guild study. Learning professionals (like me) can often gain insights about our industry from people in the field who have different vantage points than our own. recently interviewed Eric Shepherd, CEO of Questionmark, to get a sense of our industry and how it has been affected by the bad economy. thought from his perch, Eric might be able to give us insight into the learning-and-performance field in general. Check out my interview with him at the recent Guild conference.
    [Providers] Will's Video: Job Aids -- Not Just Child's Play
    Video Overview: The following video provides an entertaining and, I hope, enlightening look at the humble job aid. Featuring: This is only the second video that I shot and edited. See how I did.   . Allison Rossett, co-author of the book, Job Aids and Performance Support (with Lisa Schafer) is interviewed.   . Worldwide public introduction to incredible new talent, the incomparable Alena.   . Brewer the dog has cameo role.   . Video Notes : Because of YouTube size restrictions, it is divided into 2 parts. Enjoy in HD (if your computer can handle it) by: Starting the Video. Part 1.
  • MINDFLASH  |  TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2011
    [Providers] Management Skill Coaching Vs. Training: 4 Key Questions to Help Close the Gaps
    Group sessions, whether virtual or in-person, provide the added benefit of creating a network of peers facing similar situations who can consult each other and develop ongoing relationships. It’s not always easy to determine whether a management skill gap requires coaching or training. During the past few weeks I’ve been presented with a few situations that required review to identify the best approach. The following list of questions helps to make the determination: 1. Is The Skill Gap New? The long term department head has recently been plagued with high turnover. What’s the Goal?
    [Providers] Is the Blockchain Revolution Real
    CapitalWave provides online courses about Blockchain. More Let’s discuss one of the most debated questions regarding blockchain technology in this article, i.e., is the blockchain revolution real or just a hyped phenomenon? [1] has previously discussed in great deal the increasing penetration and potential of block chain in different industries, however, the question about its significance is still there in many minds. Is blockchain everything it is expected to be? Never the less, not every one of us sees it on such dramatic terms. Blockchain are pain to work with.
    [Providers] Can Blockchain Solutions Over-reach
    CapitalWave provides online courses about Blockchain. There has been much coverage seen in the technology press nowadays about the recent emerging technology, generating huge interest in various industries: block chain and its ecosystem. In my previous posts for the blockchain week at [1] , we have mostly come across the potential of this technology to transform the ways industries and professionals are working, including educational sector, legal sector and medical care. Is the block chain technology just a hype or a reality? Just go for a startup instead.
    [Providers] How Blockchain is Changing Legal Services
    CapitalWave provides online courses about Blockchain. Most people are now aware of Bitcoin, the modern electronic currency operating outside the conventional auspices of state control. However, only few of the people are aware of the technology of block chain underlying, which has a huge potential to revolutionize the provision of legal services, regulatory enforcement and compliance. In few of my previous posts, we have seen the technology in terms of education and the way it is beneficial for the student database management [1]. Copyright 2016 Bryant Nielson. All Rights Reserved.
    [Providers] Using a MOOC for HiPo Training
    Using the underlying principle of MOOCs named “flipping classroom”, which means that most of the learning occurs not with the instructor teaching the students but by providing students an access to course material and making them probing, discussing and debating issues with their peers and instructors. In this article, I am just going to be learner oriented, especially those having superior training needs and targets. Let me tell you why. First of all, HiPos are two times more productive and valuable than others, having strong leadership skills and can deliver higher profit growth.
    [Providers] Are simulations changing the role for Learning & Development
    It provides a realistic estimation of the business temperament and develops interaction that enable participants to experience their role in developing outcomes. Learning and development has been passing through rapid advancements taking place in terms of technology and the learning methods arising out of it. At [1] , you can expect to explore a number of methods in this regard, backed by latest technological innovations. One such method that is changing the role of learning and development to a great extent is simulation, which we would be discussing in this post.
    [Providers] Binge Training
    The dominant structure of the physical content design and transmission that has been use since last 100 years, is being provided as increasingly more costly and less effective when compared with the modern alternatives. If you have gone through few of my previous posts, you must have an idea of how rampage and competitive is the training industry going nowadays. In particular, if you take into consideration the digital era, the training is going through huge paradigm shifts than ever before. In this post, we would focus binge training core traits and determine its real meaning.
    [Providers] Performance Improvement Strategy: Webinar Digest
    The wearable technology gives constant feedback about your activity levels and performance and it provides rich analysis of the user’s data. This webinar was a team effort by  Tagoras and Dr. Andy Hicken from Web Courseworks. In this Performance Improvement webinar, Andy kicks off the session by giving a list of key terms in the field of Performance Improvement. HPI – Human Performance Improvement. PI CME – Performance Improvement Continuing Medical Education. MOC Part IV – Maintenance of Certification Part IV. Andy began explaining how PI ideally would work like a FitBit. Measurable.
    [Providers] Bad Training Videos are bad even if you like the Instructor
    Therefore, always provide the feedback before it gets too late. [1] [link]. [2] [link]. [3] [link]. [4] [5] [link]. [6] [link]. I have discussed in few of my articles the impacts and benefits of training video and the way it is becoming a concrete part of organization’s overall learning strategy. May be you would have just seen the one aspect, which is positive and thought provoking when it comes to achieving learning outcomes through this innovative medium. By using video learning and the similar tools, what would you want? All Rights Reserved.
    [Providers] 7 Tips to Prepare Yourself for a Successful Job Interview
    Author Bio: Adam Jackson is to provide useful ideas to students that help them to grab a successful career. Heartiest congratulations! If you’ve been invited for a job interview, it means you’ve already made a good impression on the recruiter. Now is the time to prepare yourself for the first encounter with the interviewer to make sure you grab your dream job. For the perfect job interview, stop believing in fate and start believing in yourself. Here are some useful tips that may help you nail the interview incredibly. Organize Your Documents. Perfect Interview Outfit. Take Follow Up.
    [Providers] Living the Zoetic Life
    For some people, reframing the situation provides a logical path to allowing them to accept the negative aspects of their work in order to achieve a greater goal. “I may dislike the work I have and the extra hours I’m putting in, but, I know that the bonus I will receive will pay a year of college tuition, and I don’t need to do this forever.”  When you go shopping to select new clothing for a special occasion, do you willingly choose an outfit that is less attractive than one that’s a knockout? When it’s time to buy a new car, would you consciously choose one in a color you hate? 
    [Providers] A Conversation with Dan Hull Author of Career Pathways for STEM Technician
    Call me a geek, but the book I recently started that’s on the top of my summer reading list is “Career Pathways for STEM Technicians,” written and compiled by Dan Hull through a $75,000 National Science Foundation grant sponsored by the University of Central Florida. Dan Hull sent me a complimentary copy of the first run of 2,000 editions that he is giving away to selected organizations, companies and educators across the country.  At the time of this writing in late August, I had the opportunity to talk with him, as his book was getting prepared for sales in both printed and digital formats.
    [Providers] The New Social Learning by Tony Bingham and Marcia Conner
    For each, they provide vibrant examples, core concepts, recommendations, and ways to address criticism.  Together, they provide the big picture and the practical guidance organizations need to take the next step in organizational development. The focus is clearly on organizational success. After a opening that sets the stage of how the world’s changing, Tony and Marcia go through a series of tools and opportunities in systematic ways: community, video, twitter, wikis, virtual worlds, and face to face events.  The elements are all relevant and apt.
    [Providers] Epistemology
    As we talk more about creating communities where learners work together, we should not take learning skills nor epistemologies about learning for granted.  I think that, in this time of increasing change, growing information overload, shorter half-life of knowledge, etc, that the most useful information we can provide is how to be a better learner. So, don’t just look at the tools you provide, and your culture for learning, but also consider your learners and how they learn.  This is a really interesting issue, because it crosses several different areas.
  • PROPROFS  |  TUESDAY, MARCH 19, 2013
    [Providers] Online test making software buyers guide
    Don’t ever go for a software which does not provide you a features checklist. Make sure that the software provides all the features that you would require to create a fully functional online test, whether it be to tests learners, create a market research or assess the knowledge of employees. You should always opt for an integrated test making software that helps you solve all your tasks related to creating, delivering & grading assessments as well as tracking, managing and providing feedback to learners. Know your requirements. Get a features checklist . Guides
    [Providers] GBL Picks, Part 5: Curated Game Based Learning Resources
    Another great example provided in the article is Hideki Narematsu, the human resources manager for McDonald’s in Japan, who uses games to train new hires and he says it cuts new-hire training time in half. The Knowledge Guru team is obviously very interested in the future of game based learning, and right now that future is bright. But not everyone is as informed about the industry. We are setting out to change that. We’re on a mission to educate the Instructional Design community and the decision makers in Training and Development about game based learning and its true potential.
    [Providers] GBL Picks, Part 2: Curated Game Based Learning Resources
    “The gamification principles strengthening Blitz stem from the basis that time-constrained thinking sessions provide a game with minimal rule-based stipulations but plenty of play.” The Knowledge Guru team is obviously very interested in the future of game based learning, and right now that future is bright. But not everyone is as informed about the industry. We are setting out to change that. We’re on a mission to educate the Instructional Design community and the decision makers in Training and Development about game based learning and its true potential. Pick #2. Pick #3.
    [Providers] Ask The Experts: Tom Morrison
    How do you think associations blend these two concepts and can remain competitive and innovative in the services that they provide? Training is going to be so important as we go down this path. I was just talking to a friend of mine yesterday who said that she’s going to give her kids the opportunity to not go to college because it’s such a large, debt-ridden expense when you can go to a trade school and then get involved with an association that’s providing the types of training that’s targeting right to it. Jack McGrath: Hi, and welcome to another in our series Ask the Experts.
    [Providers] Ask The Experts: Mark Dorsey
    So, if you’re learning to ski as a consumer what we’re trying to provide is the how-to manual because consumers can also find information about how to learn how to ski. McGrath: So it sounds like the takeaway is, stay true to your core, stay true to your core members and what they need, and then also stay true to providing the value that’s needed in the industry. Jack McGrath: Hi and welcome to another in our series Ask the Experts. My name is Jack McGrath. Welcome Mark. Mark Dorsey: Thanks. That’s a mouthful too, isn’t it? McGrath: It is, it is. So, a few questions for you.
    [Providers] Daily Bookmarks 07/19/2008
    For neuroscience to mean something to teachers, it must provide information beyond what is available without neuroscientific methods. Do Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic Learners Need Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic Instruction? Examines what cognitive science actually tells us about different learning styles and argues that the best answer is to choose the modality that best suits the content rather than adapting to the student. tags: learning , cognition , learningstyles , research , education. Ask the Cognitive Scientist: "Brain-Based" Learning: More Fiction than Fact.
    [Providers] Daily Bookmarks 04/22/2008
    Case studies from several school districts provided. Making the Case for Quality. Resources and tools supporting continuous improvement techniques in K-16 education. tags: quality , continuousimprovement , education. Create Custom Characters for Your E-Learning Scenarios - The Rapid eLearning Blog. Tips on breaking apart and combining parts of clip art to create appropriate characters for e-learning, even if you aren’t artistic enough to draw them yourself. tags: e-learning , graphics. What You Really Need To Learn » SlideShare. Building a collaborative workplace.
    [Providers] New Book: The Mobile Learning Edge
    First, it provides a solid foundation for truly understanding mobile learning – it’s unique characteristics. In true Gary Woodill form, it first provides a well-researched background on mobile learning which will inform you’re thinking as you proceed through the book. I’ve been reading Gary Woodill’s newest book The Mobile Learning Edge. This is an important book for a number of reasons. This would even make it useful as a textbook (especially with the many resources listed in the book). But that doesn’t mean it’s a book for eggheads.
    [Providers] Elearning! Summit
    This session provides a formal platform for executives to share what works and why. Bring your questions and hear from real users and solution providers about these tools. From strategy, technology selection and deployment, this panel will provide you the roadmap to success. As I may have mentioned in the past, I’m now working as Technology Editor for Elearning! Magazine and Government Elearning! Magazine. We’re hosting an online summit on November 4, 2010. hope you can join us. It’s a FREE event. Bring your questions to ask these experts. Magazine Group.
    [Providers] If in doubt, do it yourself
    Provide the book in the widest range of formats possible. Back in August, I wrote about weighing up the benefits of traditional book publishing. At that point I was starting on the last lap of development of my a book four years in the making entitled The New Learning Architect. wanted to know which of the following options would work best when it came to publication: Go the traditional route and hand over the whole project to the professionals. Self-publish using an on-demand publisher such as Lulu. No prestige in this, but a bigger share of the proceeds. As a PDF download.
    [Providers] The new IT training, part 3: Where next?
    The role of the IT trainer in this phase was to provide face-to-face support and to do plenty of hand-holding. A plea to IT user trainers in five thrilling instalments Hello again. You will remember that, back in part 1, I explained that IT user training is evolving through a number of phases. The priority in the first phase of IT user training was to help users to overcome their technophobia and to become comfortable with operating a personal computer. In phase 2, users realised that operating a PC was not such a big deal and wanted to flex their muscles a little. Phase 2 is passing.
    [Providers] Rapid tools - good enough for me
    Each provides an opportunity for the enthusiastic amateur to reach an audience (however small or niche), express themselves creatively, deliver half-decent production values, all at minimal cost and and with minimal effort. Yes, another milestone. This one was really important to remember - my tenth wedding anniversary. To mark the occasion, I decided to do something a little different for my present to Sue, something completely personalised - and this one, I can assure you, gained me plenty of brownie points. At this point I thought to myself - what does this process remind me of?
    [Providers] Mystery and adventure in the Cotswolds
    There was nothing much on last weekend so Sue and I decided to take ourselves off to the Cotswolds (which, for my international readers, is probably the most English of all areas of the UK, full of quaint villages with strange names like Upper Slaughter, and plenty of wannabe aristos with Range Rovers and green wellies). We stayed in a small hotel where it wasn't even possible to get a cellphone signal, so for the first time in ages I was truly offline. Now I wouldn't normally bore you with my holiday adventures, but on this occasion there really were echoes of Enid Blyton and The Famous Five.
    [Providers] Instructional Design Malpractice
    I recently came across an interesting online conversational podcast with Clark Quinn (Quinnovation) and Cammy Bean (Kineo) on the topic of "instructional design malpractice." Of course there is no such crime on the books, but perhaps there should be. The upshot of the admittedly tongue-in-cheek conversation was that there is too much boring eLearning out there that is overly long, overly detailed, and just not focused on what counts - namely, changing behaviour. Quinn, an expert on the use of games in learning, says much of existing eLearning is an "unemotional knowledge dump."
    [Providers] Copyright Laws, Lawrence Lessig on Terry Gross's Fresh Air
    Copyright laws strike me as having a fundamental effect on our democracy and economy, especially in the sense that (1) the free and accurate flow of information is necessary to enabling citizens to make informed decisions, and (2) as copyright laws help provide creators with a base livelihood that enables them to keep creating. Read the comments too, which provide some counter point to Lessigs' argument that free sharing has provided more benefits than harm. Nice radio show interview of Lawrence Lessig by Terry Gross on Fresh Air. About 37 minutes.
    [Providers] Study Reveals Best Practices for Sustaining Sales Training
    Effective companies provide more formal sales training and are more consistent with sales coaching, as opposed to the informal, ad-hoc training offered by ineffective companies, a new study suggests. Effective companies provide more formal sales training and are more consistent with sales coaching, as opposed to the informal, ad-hoc training offered by ineffective companies. Dallas — Aug. Training Industry Inc. Approximately 65 percent of respondents said that their company’s coaching programs are effective at sustaining the impact of sales training.
    [Providers] University of Phoenix Announces New Degree Concentration in Web Admin
    The new degree seeks to incorporate the industry-standard CIW Web Foundations Associate curriculum, provided through a new agreement with Certification Partners. University of Phoenix has worked with Certification Partners, a provider of vendor-neutral Web technology skills certification, since mid-2011 to develop the Web administration associate program. The curriculum will include three courses: Internet Business Associate, Site Development Associate and Network Technology Associate. Phoenix — Oct. Enrollment is now open. Source: University of Phoenix
    [Providers] Open Source E-Learning Development 3: Open
    In my view, tools like DocBook XML and XMLmind XML Editor are excellent primary content creation and generation applications; they provide courseware developers with a familiar UI in which to create their content, while retaining the flexibility and interoperability of an XML-based structure. Sun’s is a collection of applications that provide the features expected from a modern office suite. One of the main benefits of using XML-based tools (as we will see in a future post) is that it facilitates a "create once, reuse many times" approach to content objects.
    [Providers] No Lecture Webinars
    They provide context, help relate it, get emotional involvement–but I’m not sure every story is a question on its own. If we don’t have good questions, the tools won’t provide context. These are my live blogged notes from the webinar How to Create No Lecture Webinars by Ray Jimenez , presented through Training Magazine Network. Awkward phrasing, grammar errors, and typos are mine errors, not Ray’s. My side comments in italics. Key Idea. 350 participants right now–a big group for an interactive webinar. This reduces the size of the slides. Apply.
    [Providers] 2009 Review
    If I was looking for evidence that live blogging during conferences and webinars provides value, I think this sums it up quite nicely. Subscribers are people who have decided my blog provides (at least some) long-term value to them. I don’t know what the new year will bring, but I’m looking forward to the challenges of 2010. It’s time for that annual ritual of looking back at the year. Unlike last year , this year I’m actually reviewing before the new year starts. What did I do this year? A few things come to mind. No more renting! Why a Wiki? World. 2,148.
    [Providers] TCC09: Podcasting with Section 508
    This workshop will provide participants with new concepts and augment their skills to current guidelines on the accessibility of emerging technologies. Or just use something that provides it automatically–I wouldn’t want to mess with this regularly. Podcast logo. Liveblogged notes from the TCC online conference. My comments in italics. Presenters: Dr. John R. Kallis, California University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Chris Patti, California University of Pennsylvania. Method of delivery will be a hybrid podcast via the web with interaction either via email or a forum. Produce.
    [Providers] TCC09 Keynote: Global Collaboration in the Web 2.0 World
    technologies now provide extraordinary opportunities for enhancing student learning. It will provide you with greater understanding of why educators are engaging in the projects while increasing your skills for empowering your students’ learning. Atlas, it's time for your bath. Liveblogged notes from the TCC online conference. My notes in italics. Presenter: Sue Waters. Summary: Web 2.0 What was face-to-face, formal with limited interaction - Social networking has made instant, on-demand, informal, global and constant. With Web 2.0 Common Misconceptions. Communicate = Ning.
    [Providers] Brainstorming for eLearning: Rules of Brainstorming
    Whatever the case, provide your team with a focus. By Shelley A. Gable. We know that some of the most effective training follows a problem-centered approach , engages learners , is abundant with practice and coaching, and simulates the work environment as closely as possible. Easier said than done, right? Let’s be honest – it’s challenging to create training like that (especially with the time constraints most of us work within!). If it were easy, we wouldn’t have so much eLearning with the page-turner design. So how do we do better? Then, introduce them to the rules of brainstorming.
    [Providers] Systems Training: Choose Your Own Adventure
    They wanted me to walk them through every step and provide play-by-play assistance when it was time to complete a practice activity. By Shelley A. Gable. What does ideal systems training look like? Much of the systems training I've encountered tends to follow this basic formula: Overview the computer program (e.g., uses, primary functions, etc.) Introduce basic navigation and main windows (with demonstration + practice) Perform specific tasks or procedures (with demonstration + practice). used to teach computer workshops. But what's the best approach in an eLearning environment?
    [Providers] Are eLearning Standards Necessary?
    Standards provide a logical framework for the learner. By Jay Lambert. This question pops up now and again, particularly with those just starting to offer eLearning courses to their associates. As with most anything, arguments can potentially be made either way. But I typically argue that eLearning standards are necessary. Even the most cutting edge eLearning out there follows a standard, even if it's a totally new one. By standard I mean a common template and/or a compliance specification such as SCORM or AICC. Questions to ask. 1. Minimal content will be developed in-house.
    [Providers] 4 Tips to help your training feel "Alive"
    Many popular authoring tools like Lectora and Captivate provide good transitioning options. by Jonathan Shoaf. I'm sure you've seen the advertisements for the new Motorola Droid phones. The makers of the phone have gone through a lot of effort to make the phone appear alive and intelligent. One of the things they do is place a pulsating eye on the phone on start up with a voice that says "Droid". The phone gives you feedback everytime you receive a text message or e-mail. When you click on the buttons at the bottom of the phone, there is a slight vibration that does the same. Problem.
    [Providers] 3 Benefits to Using YouTube in your E-Learning
    Also, there is a service called PlayOn you can easily install on a PC to wirelessly stream YouTube (among many other Internet video providers) to a variety of devices including the Wii, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. YouTube is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get. Well, maybe that's not a good description of YouTube. It's more like the wild west of video. You have to be careful where you go and sometimes you find something completely unexpected. Of course when you post a video to YouTube it is on the web. This means that mobile apps can play it.
    [Providers] Will eLearning Work For You?
    An eLearning lesson could introduce the basic mechanics of writing style and formatting, while a facilitator-led method might be more appropriate for eliciting performance and providing detailed feedback. By Shelley A. Gable. Many organizations are converting pieces of their classroom training into eLearning modules. While there are a lot of advantages to eLearning - reduced delivery costs, on-demand availability regardless of time and location, consistent delivery, etc. this delivery method might not be optimal for all of your training needs. Flash, multimedia, etc.)?
    [Providers] Training Alchemy: A Path of Excellence for Corporate Teams
    Third, a path of excellence doesn’t exist without the network that a great training program provides. It provides them with a definite career path and shows them that with hard work they can achieve many things. A well-developed and well-rounded training program will create a “path of excellence” that impacts the bottom line as well as individual careers. If you are mindful of leadership and function in your training programs, you can see your path of excellence develop in five ways. First, your functional or job-based training will create expert functionality.
    [Providers] A case for the LMS?
    think that, before we completely abandon the LMS (and that’s not necessarily what they advocate), we should examine the key capabilities an LMS provides and determine whether that role can be taken up elsewhere or how it can manifest in the broader system.  I see two key functions an LMS provides. The first role is to provide access to courses: there’s one place where learners can go to sign up for face-to-face courses, or access online courses (whether to signup and then attend a synchronous event or to complete an asynchronous one). 
    [Providers] Monday Broken ID Series: Perfect Practice
    This is one in a series of thoughts on some broken areas of ID that I’m posting for Mondays.  I intend to provide insight into many ways much of instructional design fails, and some pointers to avoid the problems. Of course, we may need to have some intermediate tasks to develop their skills at an appropriate pace, providing scaffolding to simplify the task until it’s mastered. We can provide support tools such as checklists or flowcharts to assist, and gradually remove them until the learner is capable. Previous Series Post. Really, the key to learning is the practice.
    [Providers] Best Practices to Increase the Effectiveness of Your Training Reinforcement
    Dedicated tools and resources – To create the most effective reinforcement program, organizations should provide processes, structures, and tools that are accessible across the organization. 2. So you’re ready to start your first reinforcement program but you would like a little guidance. Where do you start? What do other companies do to make their programs more effective? At Mindmarker, we coach clients and partners on the best practices to make their reinforcement programs more effective. Our goal is to help clients get reinforcement engagement scores well over 90%.
    [Providers] Coaching for Gen-Y?
    Many colleges provide career centers that offer free assistance in developing your resume, as well as general career advice. There are also phone applications and online tools that support or provide online coaching, such as My eCoach or the eCoaching Success Program. The economic downturn has had a severe impact on the job market for graduates entering the workforce. Many articles point to how increasingly hard it is for students to find jobs after they finish school. Coaching is one way that students can better prepare for the corporate world. Benefits and Drawbacks.
    [Providers] How's It Going, America?
    On the other hand, the survey probably does provide a useful look at America's general sense of well-being over time. Can we measure happiness ? Gallup, in collaboration with Healthways, developed a well-being index and,?? based on this index, they surveyed at least 1000 people every day for two years to chart the change in happiness across the United States over time. The survey includes questions in the following domains: Life Evaluation  (overall view of life in the present and future). Emotional Health (happiness, stress, and depression).
    [Providers] Thank you for registering!
    Please check your email and follow the link provided. Thank you for registering for the Assessment Workbench tool. You will receive an email with downloading instructions shortly. Check out the demo. Take the Workbench for a test drive with our fun online quiz. Contact. Get in touch. If you do have any questions, you can always check the FAQs section. If that doesn’t answer your query, why not send us an email and let us know how we can help. Workbench features. SCORM 1.2 compatible. Trackable. Customisable. Supports images.
    [Providers] Content Development Kits for real rapid e-learning
    Our new Content Development Kits are the ideal solution, with ready-made content that can be tailored to meet specific needs, providing the value of a bespoke course at the price and speed of a rapid development project. We recognise that often organisations need content that is, on the whole, generic, but with some bespoke elements tailored to the business. The problem with current rapid development tools is that the software development process is sped up, but not the instructional design process.
    [Providers] Wayfinding, Purposive Desire, and Service Design
    Not to mention the direct costs to the grocer in providing the disposable bags. My last post dealt with transformations in the grocery shopper's service journey in the United States since the late 19th century after creation of the shopping bag. In recent years, local and state governments, grocery and other retailers, as well as many shoppers increasingly understand the environmental impact of using so many disposable bags, whether paper or plastic.
    [Providers] Learnable Services, CRM, and Social Business Design
    increasingly think it provides a basic framework to think about as an overall framework for social business design. Marketing, especially social media marketing, and learning are both essential components of a dialogue strategy for customer experience design and management. dialogue strategy builds on the assumption that companies learn more from customers when customers learn from them, and doing so benefits both. social business design brand Customer Experience Management empathy with customers engagement SCRM social CRM social media social networking
    [Providers] Shaping Social Business Ecosystems as Learnscapes
    The emergence of social media provides people inside and outside organizations with a way to actively speak about, speak to, and engage the product and service offerings of enterprises. Currently, 25% of search results for the World’s Top 20 largest brands are links to user-generated content and 34% of bloggers post opinions about products & brands. Enterprises, on the other hand, listen to, engage, and act on insights gained from social media. Social Networks Web 2.0 brand Dachis Group e-Learning 2.0 Innovation learnscapes social network user experience wiki
    [Providers] Brand Experiences are for Employees and Customers
    The topics discussed at Skilful Minds fall in a range of challenges involved in translating strategic business goals, and the complex needs of people, into exceptional experiences, for employees who provide products and services and those who consume them, whether the latter are customers, users, learners, or just plain people. Brands Change Management Customer Experience Experience Design social media brand dialogue PR 2.0
    [Providers] Higher Education: Friend or Foe?
    “The telecom industry was transitioning from providing only telephone services to other areas such as the Internet and television,” he said. Created in 2000 and managed by the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning, or CAEL, a national nonprofit organization, the Energy Providers Coalition for Education, or EPCE, has been creating online curricula in programs and courses related to a variety of energy industry jobs. Higher education institutions do not always graduate students with the skills and competencies employers need.
    [Providers] Different Types of Educational Simulations and What They Teach
    Here is a table from Gadgets, Games and Gizmos for Learning (shown below) that describes several different types of simulations, provides examples and indicates the type of knowledge generally taught with that type of simulation. Type Definition Knowledge Taught Physical Procedures Simulator A simulated object, piece of equipment or machine. It works and functions like the actual physical device. Procedural, operation of equipment or machinery Software Emulation Simulated software that works and function in a fashion similar to the software that it is teaching or emulating.
  • KAPP NOTES  |  SUNDAY, MAY 16, 2010
    [Providers] Exclusive: RWD and ProtonMedia Form Partnership
    RWD and their focus on human and operational performance improvement solutions is partnering with the 3D virtual learning and collaboration company, Protonmedia, to create an engaging and exciting solution that will provide their clients with a rich, 3D environment to encourage collaboration, innovation and foster learning. Here at the ASTD international conference , you can learning a lot just by listening and talking to folks. So, here is an exclusive piece of news (a couple of days before the "official announcement") Protonmedia and RWD are teaming up in a strategic partnership.
    [Providers] E-Learning Seen as Bright Spot in Training Industry
    learning is being seen as a way of providing training to employees even though it is cost prohibitive for the large gatherings of employees to get together for training because of travel related costs. As recently announced by Bersin & Associates , in the United States, corporate learning and development (L&D) expenditures dropped by more than 11 % in 2008. It seems likely that the cuts are will continue in 2009. The organization continues to report that the spending has fallen from $1,202 per learner in 2007 to $1,075 per learner in 2008. per 1,000 in 2007.
    [Providers] Informal Learning: Structuring a Blog
    The article, Learning to Blog, Blogging to Learn , describes how a formal structure can facilitate informal learning and provides guidelines to any person who is suddenly asked to "blog" their expertise. There is an interest question on the Learning Circuits blog that asks whether or not it is appropriate to write a book about informal learning. The argument goes "if informal learning is so important, why use a formal structure, like a book, to describe its value?" Thus an article I co-wrote with the editor of eLearn Magazine Lisa Neal.
    [Providers] RFPs and Proposals: LMS/LCMS Selection Templates
    The document, LMS Selection Template , provides several templates to help you develop a consistent approach to your LMS or LCMS selection process from the RFP outline to checklists for evaluating vendor demonstrations. The selection of a Learning Management and/or a Learning Content Management System is an important decision for any organization. Unfortunately, there are not many playbooks for this process. However, here is one that is very helpful. Sherry, also an alumni of Bloomsburg University, has put together document containing helpful and targeted information.
    [Providers] Gadgets, Games and Gizmos: Learning about Avatars
    The article does a great job of defining avatars and describing the different types of avatars and provides examples of how they are used in a variety of settings. Here is a great article from the eLearning Guild on avatars. If you are not familiar with the potential of avatars for e-learning check out this article by Raj Sheth titled Avatar Technology: Giving a Face to the e-Learning Interface. Raj describes an avatar as: An avatar, in the broadest sense, is an image that represents one party in an interactive exchange.
    [Providers] Gadgets, Games and Gizmos: Second Life by the Numbers
    The article, The Second Life Census provides a link to a spreadsheet showing some interesting SL numbers. Here is an article brought to my attention by one of my students Jason Kojtek. For example, the number of non-repeat credit card accounts is 2 million and the number of people online at any time is between 10,000 and 30,000. But the most interesting part of the article are the comments posted afterward. The vast majority blasting Second Life because it is not a "game" and there is nothing to do in Second Life except walk around.
    [Providers] Presentation to Research Working Group on Multigenerational Knowledge Transfer
    These postings and links support the presentation and provide additional information on the topic of "Tools for Transferring Know How." So last week I was speaking at Huntington Beach , CA (and it was cold) on the topic of "Learning in 3D" and this week I am in New York City (and it is warm) talking about Tools and Techniques for Transferring Know How from the Boomers to the Gamers to a group from various companies all struggling with the knowledge transfer issue. Here are some links to blog postings I've done related to the topic and other related links.
  • KAPP NOTES  |  MONDAY, APRIL 14, 2008
    [Providers] Understanding the Generations
    A while ago (I am so far behind in "posts I want to make"), Colleen asked me if I had any references or anything about the differences in generations in the workplace so I wanted to provide her with some references and then thought I would share with everyone they are. Of course the first book I would recommend is " Gadgets, Games and Gizmos for Learning " but that really just has the first chapter concentrated on the gap between boomers and the net generation (gamers). Forbes Magazine has a good article titled When the Old and Young Collide at Work.
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