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    [Providers] Learning - the next big business opportunity for UK PLC
    However, we believe that to deliver the vision of becoming a global leader, we need to provide the opportunity to innovate our learning solutions, not just automate the processes of the past. In 2012 we analysed input from 700 organisations to provide the most in-depth research on the impact of learning technologies in the workplace. 'In the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills Industry strategy, it recognises that there are a number of industry sectors where government action can have a real and early impact - and education is one of them.
    [Providers] Tips on Integrating an LMS with an AMS
    An Association Management System (AMS) can be integrated with a Learning Management System (LMS) to provide a seamless experience for its members. 'Tips on Integrating an LMS with an AMS Why integrate an AMS with our LMS? Integration benefits include the ability to easily authorize, monitor, and manage members’ information and learning activities.  Integration can […]. eLearning AMS asae association conferences development process integration LMS
    [Providers] Knowledge Direct LMS Receives Top Honors
    Established in 1988, Digitec Interactive is an award-winning eLearning production company and learning management system provider, developing educational products for corporate, association, academic, medical and non-profit clients. Digitec Interactive is best known for the popular learning management system, Knowledge Direct® and has grown to be the leading provider of easy-to-use learning portals and engaging e-Learning programs and courseware. Feature-sets unique to the platform include: • An integrated course catalog with built-in marketing components. December 6-8, 2011.
    [Providers] Digitec Welcomes New Knowledge Direct LMS Partners
    'Visioning Healthcare, the leading provider of consulting and education for safe patient handling, has selected the Digitec Knowledge Direct learning management system for its continuing education and recertification programs. Visioning Healthcare hopes the new technology will make it easier and more convenient for healthcare providers to earn continuing education credits and apply for certification. With the addition of the company’s new online learning portal, Visioning Healthcare will make the transition from instructor-led, classroom-based training to eLearning. Tweet This!
    [Providers] Digitec Partners with Association Management System Provider, TMA Resources
    As a Solution Partner, Digitec provides an off-the-shelf integration with the Personify platform for single sign-on, secure data transfer and eCommerce for TMA Resources’ association and non-profit clients. 'Digitec has joined TMA Resources’ Partner Advantage Program, which brings member-based organizations best-of-breed solutions that integrate with the popular association management system, Personify. Additional information can be found on TMA Resource’s website. Bio Latest Posts. Amy Bassett Marketing Director at Digitec Interactive. Amy received a B.A. Diet-breaker: Cake! Tweet This!
    [Providers] Digitec Begins LMS Integration with Personify Association Management System
    An off-the-shelf integration with the Personify AMS will provide users of both systems with single sign-on, secure data transfer, eCommerce and enhanced member self-services. 'Digitec has begun building a bridge to integrate its Knowledge Direct learning management system with TMA Resource’s Personify association management system. Once the integration is complete, users will log in through the Personify AMS and be automatically granted access to the Knowledge Direct LMS. Bio Latest Posts. Amy Bassett Marketing Director at Digitec Interactive. Amy received a B.A. Tweet This!
    [Providers] Medical Professionals – Learning by Playing
    Simple true and false, fill in the blank, or multiple choice questions are easy to write, and quick to generate and they do provide a level of engagement. 'Do you think you could perform an operation just by reading a manual? Sure, it may be helpful, but you wouldn’t expect to be able to open a patient up and save a life without ever having tried before. That is, not until you’ve worked with practice materials, sat in, and put in the work firsthand. The same concept can be applied to learning. But you don’t need to design elaborate simulations. Bio Latest Posts. Amy received a B.A.
    [Providers] Comparing Traditional and Lite LMSs
    Lite LMS providers are liable to charge for any overages, which can add up quickly if you’re not careful. 'This month we’re going to be focusing on learning management systems (LMSs) and sharing the do’s and don’ts of selecting your organization’s new LMS system. As LMS technologies continue to advance and improve, it can be overwhelming to begin a search for the perfect system. To feel confident in your final decision, you’ll need to be aware of your options. For instance, not every LMS is created equal. Starting with the basics – What is a Lite LMS?
    [Providers] NSGC Medical Association Goes Live with LMS
    NSGC promotes the professional interests of genetic counselors and provides a network for professional communication and continuing medical  education (CME). 'Digitec is pleased to announce the launch of the National Society of Genetic Counselors’ (NSGC) new online learning portal, powered by the Knowledge Direct Medical LMS. NSGC’s offerings of accredited online courses include Genomics, The Common Disease in Family History, and Genetic Counseling in the New Era of Genetic Medicine. Learn more about the Knowledge Direct MED LMS by visiting our newly redesigned website.
    [Providers] AAP Deploys Digitec-Developed CME LMS MOC Part IV Tool
    Bargeron said, “I am pleased to inform you that The American Board of Pediatrics approved the Transitioning Youth to Adult Health Care for Pediatric Providers course for 25 Maintenance of Certification Part IV points. This is the maximum amount of points that one activity can provide. 'Physician practice improvement is an important topic in the medical community today. Physicians are increasingly asked to demonstrate practice improvement, which becomes part of their Maintenance of Certification (MOC) renewal by specialty boards. Contact us today. Bio Latest Posts.
    [Providers] Digitec Produces eLearning for the International Sign Association
    Developed in Digitec’s Direct-to-WEB, the course features scenario-based questions and examples to provide context for learning, and activities that enable learners to check their knowledge by identifying the safety hazard in a sign installation photo. 'Associations are moving to eLearning every day, but with limited resources, it can be a challenge to produce quality online courses. Digitec is working with ISA to develop and launch three online courses in their new Knowledge Direct® portal, which goes “live” in September. Contact us today. Bio Latest Posts. Tweet This!
    [Providers] Recognizes Digitec as Top LMS Company for 2012
    As part of its commitment to continuously monitor the training marketplace for the best providers and services, searched out those companies that best met the following criteria: •New and innovative service offerings. 'For the 3rd year in a row, Digitec Interactive has been named to’s Top 20 Learning Portal Companies Watch List for it’s best-in-class Learning Management System (LMS), Knowledge Direct. Unique approach to delivering learning solutions. Commitment to improving learning through technology. Quality of initial clients.
    [Providers] Digitec Hits the Road for AMA CME Conference in Baltimore
    The 23rd Annual Conference of the National Task Force on CME Provider/Industry Collaboration is focusing on forces shaping the future of the CME Provider and Industry. 'Digitec will demonstrate Knowledge Direct® MED and its Continuing Medical Education (CME) eLearning services at this year’s American Medical Association (AMA) conference in Baltimore, Maryland, October 10-12. Continuing Medical Education is a big issue today in the medical profession. Many physicians are now taking their CME online through the Digitec Knowledge Direct MED Learning Management System (LMS).
    [Providers] Advantage of Third-Person Perspective in eLearning Design
    They provide web users with a third-person perspective of themselves. 'Our belief : At Vignettes Learning we use stories in eLearning; however, we make them interactive. The emphasis is getting learners involved in the story and not just telling the learners the story. Synthesis. Avatars are not only novelties or catchy web accessories. Avatars help us project ourselves during web interactivity. Recent studies show that the third-person perspective has more advance uses in eLearning and interaction. The feature is called Game Face. We are recreating real-life scenarios.
    [Providers] Mobile Learning Moves the Evolution of Authoring Tools
    To provide more functionality, Direct-to-WEB also enables the author to insert “Do-It Doc” free-form document creation during the module. Today, there are new products being released everyday that combine the simplicity of PowerPoint and provide more robust interactions. The challenge for the next generation of authoring tools will be to provide this robustness to every possible device. 'With the growth of tablet devices, authoring tools are having to re-invent themselves, yet again. The Rise of Authoring Tools. Applications like TenCORE and WISE were popular choices.
    [Providers] Top 3 Questions to Ask Before Choosing eLearning for Your Association
    For years, associations have played a critical role in addressing the skills gap problem by providing professional and continuing education for their members. In the past, highly-specialized, industry education was provided through association annual meetings and educational sessions. For an association, e-Learning can provide a valuable member benefit, a new revenue source, and a way to attract new members with a product they need and want. If you’ve decided to provide eLearning for your members, the next step is to choose a course to offer as a pilot. recent U.S.
    [Providers] Digitec Announces Knowledge Direct Enhancements
    Course surveys — Knowledge Direct already provides a very robust, flexible survey creation tool and reporting. Rapid eLearning tool upgrade — Direct-to-WEB is provided FREE with Knowledge Direct and allows content authors to transform a simple PowerPoint file into a game-based learning module for web or mobile delivery. 'Digitec is pleased to announce the latest round of enhancements to its Knowledge Direct learning management system. But now, administrators can copy and reuse existing course surveys. These enhancements are just the latest to Knowledge Direct.
    [Providers] Creating Your First Association eLearning Course
    For example, to support the “Identify…” objective, the content would describe the statement areas and what these items mean, and the assessment might provide a sample Profit and Loss statement that would require the learner to identify where a specific overage is. 'After selecting a learning management system (LMS), the next logical step for an association is to begin creating your course catalog. But for many associations, creating online learning courses is uncharted territory, especially if this is a brand new course. What is the Skills Gap? So how do you do a skills gap analysis?
    [Providers] ACOFP eLearning Portal for CME
    Importance was placed on the potential provider’s experience and knowledge working with iMIS and the unique needs of medical specialty societies. By utilizing Digitec’s Knowledge Direct® Med, ACOFP is able to: • Provide its members with a single, unified repository for CME and professional development courses. Digitec Interactive is the producer of the Knowledge Direct® Med Learning Management System and provider of award winning eLearning courses which enable medical organizations to deliver education over the internet. THE SOLUTION. THE RESULT. Share this on Facebook.
    [Providers] CAS eLearning Portal for CME
    In conjunction with the Canadian Journal of Anesthesia (CJA), CAS has provided educational articles and case studies with corresponding assessments, which learners complete for continuing professional development (CPD) credits. The multi-lingual platform provides CAS’s English and French speaking members, as well as non-members, with improved access to CPD modules. By utilizing Digitec’s Knowledge Direct® Med, CAS is able to: • Provide its members with a single, unified repository for CPD, MOC and self-assessments. THE SOLUTION. THE RESULT. Share this on Facebook.
    [Providers] ICAAP eLearning Portal for CME
    Primary activities include advocacy on behalf of children, families, and health professionals in Illinois; providing continuing medical education (CME) and other resources for pediatricians, pediatric specialists, and other child health care providers; and collaboration with other state organizations and agencies on programs and projects that improve the health and well-being of children. ICAAP has provided classroom-based medical home improvement education seminars throughout the state of Illinois for a number of years. THE SOLUTION. THE RESULT. Share this on Facebook.
    [Providers] Digitec Blog Post Named to Association Universe’s Daily Best
    The model also provides the association with ongoing member value and opportunities for non-dues revenue generation. 'As a guest author on the blog, Jack McGrath, President and Creative Director at. Digitec, reported on the skills gap problem facing industries and what associations can do to help solve the problem. The post spread like wildfire and was shared dozens of times across social media platforms. “Can Associations Bridge the Skills-gap for Their Members” even made it on Association Universe’s Daily Best list. Bio Latest Posts. Tweet This!
    [Providers] Adaptive or Responsive Mobile Design for eLearning
    So where an off-the-shelf authoring tool may be the best solution for some projects, our ‘HTML Shell’ provides the ultimate flexibility when designing for adaptive courseware. 'The need to adapt content to a variety of electronic devices can easily be traced back to the concerted effort for ‘mobile-compatible websites’… There is even a top-level domain established with the vision of everyone having a “.mobi” mobi” version of their website available for folks who were visiting via their handheld devices. Being a completely different device, different functionality is possible. Stay tuned!
    [Providers] The LMS vs Courseware Content
    'As both LMS providers and Content Developers, we are often asked by users from both sides of the aisle to help troubleshoot their courseware delivery issues. Sometimes we provide the LMS for them to deliver their own content. And sometimes we provide both a full package of eLearning solutions. Providing the full package is the easiest for us to assist with as we then know the details of both components; the LMS and the courseware. Sometimes we have built the ''bespoke'' lessons for the customer for delivery through their own LMS. Briefly; The LMS is the DVD Player.
    [Providers] Workshop Resources
    Also, here are some links that provide some additional information about what we discussed in the workshop. 'Recently, I had the chance to conduct a fun and engaging workshop called Innovative Learning Techniques: Games, Social Learning and Interactive Stories. We had a great deal of fun. One of the first things we did was reconceptualize the ARCS model. Here are some images of the work. We also spent some time creating instructional stories, a big part of learning is storytelling. Here is one of the flowchart boards from our storytelling exercise. Here are the slides from the workshop.
    [Providers] Finally, The Physics of Super Hero Powers Explained
    Additionally, they are a clever way to provide a quick lesson and a single concept–take note you instructional designers and comic book artists. 'We already know that flying around a virtual world as a super hero makes us nicer in the actual world. But what if we suddenly gained super strength or the ability to fly. fun, cleverly designed group of TED-ED videos explores the idea of gaining super powers and what that means in terms of physics and formulas. Yes, learning occurs as you watch the videos. Although, it kinda ruins your desire to gain super hero powers. Super speed?
    [Providers] Two Opposite But Important Elements of Learning
    Games can provide opportunities to practice skills and performing tasks but games aren’t required, many learning tasks can be practiced and should be practiced. 'There are two elements of learning that seem almost opposite, yet, each contribute immeasurably to the ability of a person to learn. Without these two elements, a person does not learn as deeply as they could. When designing a learning intervention, you need to design both high levels of activity as well as quiet times for reflection. Interactivity. Interacting with a simulation of an inspection of a fighter aircraft.
    [Providers] Touch Enabled 3D Collaboration
    3D worlds and environments are ideal for collaboration and provide rich environments to foster innovation and working together across geographical boundaries. 'My friends over at Proton Media continue to do great things in the 3D space, just recently they announced the latest version of ProtoSphere, the first enterprise-ready 3D virtual collaboration environment optimized for touch-enabled devices like iPad, Microsoft Surface Pro, and even Perceptive Pixel. So you can now have a 3D virtual experience from your own tablet or iPad. Ability to view web-based content on Media Boards.
    [Providers] CIBP Forum Resources and Slides
    Also, here are some links that provide some additional information about what we discussed in the workshop. 'Here are the slides from my virtual presentation to the CIBP Forum. Game based learning from Karl Kapp. Articles. Improve Training: Thinking Like a Game Designer. The Gamification of Retail Safety and Loss Prevention Training. Blog Entries. Creating a “Story” as the Foundation for Virtual World Learning Events. Storytelling and Instructional Design. Tell Me a Story. Accidental Learning and the Power of Stories. Registry of Serious Games and Simulations. Games
    [Providers] LOGS Network LMS Case Study
    'LOGS Network is a real estate related services provider based near Chicago, IL. The company turned to Latitude Learning to help it manage training for a growing base of users in more than 30 locations nationwide. Find out how our award winning LMS helped LOGS Network meet it''s company wide training challenges
    [Providers] Latitude Learning LMS Case Study: LOGS Network
    'LOGS Network is a real estate related services provider based near Chicago, IL. The company turned to Latitude Learning to help it manage training for a growing base of users in more than 30 locations nationwide. Find out how our award winning LMS helped LOGS Network meet it''s company wide training challenges
    [Providers] How to use your Personalised Benchmark Report to become a Top Learning Company
    HOWEVER your Personalised report provides you with the impact achieved by hundreds of your peers in this area and the information provided about the extent to which they are improving productivity, reducing staff turnover, and reducing time to competency provides powerful independent evidence to help you open up new conversations in business. Delivering more for less Likewise, the personal comparisons provided for you across all of the Key Perfomance Indicators helps you to identify the opportunity that an effective e-enabled learning strategy can provide for your business.
    [Providers] Is there value in defining mobile learning and classifying mobile devices?
    think that this should be an easy thing to formulate to corporations, one big challenge though is that there is a very very very limited number of service & technology providers who can produce stuff that actually works across the majority of devices at reasonable costs. 'While writing our Mobile Learning Cookbook, I tweeted that. This simple statement served as a catalyst for debate of sorts that extended to Facebook and then back to Twitter. Andy Black jabbed at me a bit saying mobile learning has been around for a long time and that wearable integrated tech is the next wave.
    [Providers] The World is Local: A New Model for Human Resources
    Are you able to provide flexible, rapid response to local business needs? When managed well, HR provides tremendous strategic value. While it will provide data and consistency needed at a corporate level, it was specifically designed to be "agile," just like the software teams themselves. 'The World is Local: A New Model for Human Resources. Despite continued focus on globalization, new research by DHL shows that the world is not as "flat" as once believed. Think about China. It is a fast-growing unique business climate. Fig 1: Bersin Impact Model.
    [Providers] HCM Partners Bring Human Capital Management to NetSuite ERP
    'While many of today’s talent management suite providers are extending their talent management capabilities to become full HR providers and HR providers hasten to add talent management support, NetSuite, a cloud-based ERP solution that includes e-commerce, professional services, and financials, has partnered to provide its customers with increased HCM functionality. This solution, as well as other HCM partners recently announced at SuiteWorld in San Jose last week, will address customer needs for employee management that NetSuite does not itself provide.
    [Providers] High-Impact Talent Acquisition: European Edition
    new breed of ATS's is slowly starting to emerge (I was particularly drawn to TribePad, SmartRecruiters, Jobs2Web, and SmartRecruiters), and of course older providers (Oracle Taleo, Lumesse, SuccessFactors, PeopleFluent, Kenexa) are adding new modules to help automate the entire process. ATS providers have been working on this for many years, but ultimately the problem goes beyond the data in the ATS - so new tools like BroadBean have amazing potential to add value. 'I just finished two weeks in Europe and attended the iRecruit Conference in Amsterdam. smile).
    [Providers] 5 Kinds of Customer Service Training
    ' . Whether you are running a retail store, a financial institution, or a service agency, it is important for your company to provide excellent customer service. It can make or break your business. Investing in customer service training is the first step towards satisfying your customers’ requirements. Before you hire a training company though, it is first essential to identify the exact course you should offer. These will ensure that your investments are going in the right direction
    [Providers] Getting Started as a Content Provider in OpenSesame
    'You’re an elearning author. You’re ready to leverage your expertise by selling your elearning courses in the OpenSesame marketplace. You want to know where to begin. We’re here to advise you. Getting Started Selling eLearning Courses
    [Providers] Customer Service Training: A Look at your Options
    'With consumers now hesitant to spend, one of the best ways to encourage consumer confidence is to provide superb customer service. Right
    [Providers] 5 Ways You Can Benefit from Customer Service Courses
    They want the companies they deal with to provide outstanding support, relevant advice, and useful information related to the products and services that are offered. ' . People today demand world-class customer service. If they receive a mediocre or half-hearted response from the customer service team, they will look elsewhere
    [Providers] Good Thoughts from #lrnchat on Being a Department of One
    While structured as a collaborative discussion on the theory and practice of leading learning, the chat has its own ecology of peers and friends who provide thought-provoking advice, ideas and support. '#lrnchat is a weekly Twitter-based discussion among the community of training and elearning professionals. It occurs twice each Thursday, at 11:30-1pm EDT and then again at 8:30-10pm EDT. lrnchat eLearning Solutions Creating eLearning Courses
    [Providers] Compliance Training: Tips for Training
    If your company isn’t providing resources for you, but you are serious about seeking personal and professional growth, here are five tips to help you get started 'Making professional learning and development a priority requires a commitment of time, staff resources and financial investment. Some companies simply don’t have the resources to spare to ensure that their employees have opportunities to develop new skills and knowledge. More than Compliance Training: Tips for Personal Growth When Your Company Won’t Help.
    [Providers] Building a Compelling OpenSesame User Profile
    ve created a screencast with my completed profile to provide an example of the possible features in a completed author profile, including a logo, bio, employment history, education history and links to your Twitter and LinkedIn profiles: Getting Started 'OpenSesame is proud to announce updated user profiles, with many new features.
  • OPENSESAME  |  TUESDAY, MAY 10, 2011
    [Providers] Talent Development Reporting Principles: The Evolving Standard for L&D
    These standards would provide much needed guidance in defining the right measures to use and in constructing meaningful management reports. Our inspiration is the set of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), which have provided standard definitions and statements (like the income statement and balance sheet) for accountants for decades. 'There is an effort underway by many leading L&D practitioners and thought leaders to bring reporting standards to our field. eLearning Solutions
  • OPENSESAME  |  TUESDAY, MAY 17, 2011
    [Providers] Talent Development Reporting Principles Part 2: The Three Statements
    The statements provide information about the basic measures needed to manage the learning function. 'Last week I introduced the evolving reporting standards for L&D called Talent Development Reporting Principles (TDRP). This week I want to discuss the three recommended statements in more detail. Next week, we will look at the three recommended reports. The three statements are intended to organize and standardize all the important L&D measures just as the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement do for accounting measures. eLearning Solutions
    [Providers] Peter Thiel, College and The Modern Knowledge Worker
    In response, Thiel is funding a new fellowship that provides hundreds of thousands of dollars of seed funding for under-20-year-olds who “stop out” of school to start a new tech business. 'Billionaire investor and venture capitalist Peter Thiel has stirred up a controversy in the tech and education sectors with a very simple argument: the formal education market is a bubble , both overvalued and overpriced. In addition, Thiel is concerned that too often college students end up unemployed yet overwhelmed with student-loan debt. eLearning Solutions
    [Providers] OpenSesame Presents at Venture Capital in Education Summit
    VCES is a gathering of technologists, innovators and educators who are creating solutions for universal challenges like providing diverse educational services to children worldwide and ensuring adults have access to continuing education opportunities. 'This afternoon, OpenSesame will present our business model and technology platform at the Venture Capital in Education Summit in New York in the beautiful IAC HQ building. We’re thrilled to be part of this innovative group of entrepreneurs, educators and investors looking for better ways to invest in the future of education. Events
    [Providers] What I Learned from Robert Redford: Learning is About Finding the Right Information
    Not because of the insight they provided on an American scandal, but because of the insight they provided on how people used to work. 'My roommate and I have been on a “watching the classics” kick: If the weather is crummy, we hole up on the couch to watch classic films we missed somewhere in the last 50 years or so. So far, this has included watching the entire Dirty Harry series, with giggling glee at how scary and intimidating Clint Eastwood is. This American classic tells the story of how two slightly goofy Washington Post reporters unearthed the Watergate scandal.
    [Providers] Employee Training Courses Are The Foundation
    'For managers, training is often a short term project - providing employees with the skills they need in the short term to accomplish new projects and improve productivity. But investing in training and development is not just a way to improve employee performance - it’s a great way to boost employee engagement, satisfaction and retention. Right Enterprise Buying eLearning Courses
    [Providers] How to Complete OSHA Training Online
    'Between safeguarding employees’ well-being, protecting workplace morale, minimizing insurance risks and complying with federal regulations, providing employees with safety training is essential. The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) is the federal regulatory agency responsible for establishing and enforcing guidelines for workplace safety.    Left eLearning Solutions
    [Providers] OpenSesame: eLearning Solutions for Corporations
    You must be able to provide the training they need wherever and whenever they need it. 'Online learning is crucial for global enterprises and large corporations. Information travels more quickly than ever, meaning your team has to be constantly learning to stay ahead of the competition. They want to develop their skills to work smarter, but you have to give them opportunity. Where can you find solutions that appeal to the diverse, ever-changing needs of your multi-generational team? Enterprise
    [Providers] Learning Resolutions: Design Experiences, Not Content
    That’s all fine provided the few months of work leading up to that conversation has been accomplished. 'Design experiences, not content. We have all heard or experienced a project request that needs to be designed and developed in a period of about two weeks. All too often it’s not, and we’re forced into producing ‘content’ as opposed to a properly designed experience. Right Learning Resolutions
    [Providers] Learning Café Call – L&D/HR should include MOOCs in employee learning strategies.
    But for the right learning topic, right type of learner and right learning conditions, MOOCs provide a strong case to be used as a learning resource for employee development. free, commercial, private providers, university run courses) and quality (i.e. Revisit your budgets and evaluate how MOOCs can offer cost savings by providing an alternative to current learning offerings. Well-designed MOOCs provide learners with a rich and effective learning experience by incorporating quality content, flexible delivery and collaborative learning. million user accounts (with 2.3%
    [Providers] Blending MOOC on Public Speaking at JLT Group
    'JLT Group is one of the world’s largest providers of insurance and employee benefits related advice, brokerage and associated services including an office of over 850 employees in Mumbai, India. Massive open online course (MOOC) is an online course aimed at large-scale interactive participation and open access via the web. It has caught on with web learners across the globe and convenience is the highest rated aspect of the MOOC experience. thought this video explains MOOC in a simplistic fashion – What is a MOOC ? This video explains MOOCs – What is a MOOC ? Background.
    [Providers] Open Badges: what’s it all about?
    Led by Mozilla and the MacArthur Foundation , the Open Badges Infrastructure (OBI) sets out to provide a standard means of issuing and displaying digital badges. The idea behind digital badges is that they provide visual representations of learning outcomes, such as achievements of skills or competence. This is clearly a lot more useful than just putting the name of a course on a CV, which provides no indication of what the learner had to do to complete the course or whether they really learned the relevant skills. What are Open Badges? How are Open Badges issued?
    [Providers] New LMS Site Management Feature - Add Your Own Custom Pages
    'Latitude Learning LMS has announced a new administrator feature to provide greater flexibility in managing your LMS. Using the enhanced site management tools, administrators will now have more freedom to customize the LMS as they need. Read the full article to learn more about this exciting new feature
    [Providers] Primrose Schools LMS Case Study
    'Learn how the Latitude Learning LMS helped a educational child care provider manage training across it''s growing national franchise network
    [Providers] Speexx wins the prestigious 2013 IELA Award
    'Press Release Speexx wins the prestigious 2013 IELA Award International body celebrates Speexx’s continued success as an outstanding and innovative blended learning solution provider Munich – Thursday, 20th June 2013 – Speexx, the leading global provider of online corporate communication skills training, has been awarded with the 2013 IELA Award for the “Blended Learning” category. As a global provider of innovative online language training solutions, Speexx strives to fulfil the highest qualitative standards in the Talent Management sector.
    [Providers] Friday Spotlight > Veterinary Exam Room Communication
    These hospitals are staffed by more than 2,600 fully qualified, dedicated, and compassionate doctors who provide the very best in general and specialty veterinary care. 'VCA Animal Hospitals operates over 580 small animal hospitals in 41 states and Canada. In a national survey of VCA doctors, 87 percent identified “improving exam room communication” as the skill with the greatest impact on their job performance. To help doctors grow in this area, VCA partnered with Enspire Learning in 2011 to create the Communication Works: Happy Doctors, Loyal Clients, Healthy Pets program.
    [Providers] 13 reasons not to miss the L&S Summer Forum
    Reason four: If you are interested in becoming one of the best L&D teams around the L&S Summer forum provides a great opportunity to informally learn and benchmark with each other. 'Looking for new ways to engage your business with learning? Check out our recommendations for the L&S group Summer Forum. If you haven''t had a moment to register for the L&S Summer Forum on the 18th of June then do it now! If you are undecided if this is for you here are 13 reasons to help you make up your mind! Our Ambassadors are also involved in nine of the free 30 minute seminar.
    [Providers] Towards Maturity launches the 2013 Benchmark Study to help organisations measure the effectiveness of their L&D activities
    The Towards Maturity Model has provided us with a practical framework on which to base our Learning and Development strategy, helping us to focus on supporting the strategic priorities of our business. The Towards Maturity Benchmark provides the opportunity to fast track their way to success. The independent evidence it provides, of both progress and opportunities to improve, is essential for any learning leader looking to be at the top of their game.” The study is open to L&D leaders across all sectors and is free to take part.
    [Providers] Certification and Curriculum Management Overview
    'This 9 minute video provides an overview of the learning management system''s certification and curriculum management functionality
    [Providers] Are you ready to win an award? Benchmarking can help!
    'Entering awards provides a great opportunity to reflect on your journey so far and to shout about your successes. The awards process itself provides an opportunity to informally benchmark, which helps us raise our game and the game of those around us. But how do you know you are ready? If you are thinking about entering one of the many awards either in the coming month, I would encourage you to start thinking about benchmarking with your peers before you enter. Taking part in the Towards Maturity Benchmark today can help you become an award winner tomorrow (or the year after)!
    [Providers] Upside Learning renews its Towards Maturity Ambassador Programme Membership
    Main: The Towards Maturity Ambassador Programme, a programme designed for provider companies of learning products and services focused on excellence and growth, enables providers, through supporting the study, to help with the identification and dissemination of good practice case studies, and to align themselves with Towards Maturity’s vision and values. Upside Learning, a leading provider of workplace learning solutions, which had enrolled in this programme last year, has recently renewed its membership for another year.
    [Providers] Effective communication and aligned online training is pivotal for business success
    Our own research shows 63 percent of respondents allow and/or provide mobile at work, but only 27 percent of this group actually use it for learning. Armin Hopp is the founder and president of Speexx, online corporate language training providers. 'With more than 20 different languages among our staff and operations in nearly 80 countries, experience has shown me that effective communication and aligned online training across borders is pivotal for business success. Social networking and mobile learning technology are also underutilised by too many organisations.
    [Providers] Simulation-Based Learning at Canon USA
    They provide an inside view into Canon’s leadership development program and discuss best practices for: Building effective director-level leadership development programs. Leveraging team-based business simulations to provide practice and insights. 'Check out the recorded session “Focus on Leadership Development: Simulation-Based Learning at Canon USA” led by David Metzger, Director of Management Development at Canon USA, and Bjorn Billhardt, Founder and CEO at Enspire Learning. Increasing awareness of the role of the leader and the effects leaders have on the business.
    [Providers] “The Ikea Effect”: How to Be Irresistibly Engaging Online
    Provide different options for assignments. However, in order for this to work in the online environment, you need  to provide a VERY strong emotional support, checking on those who seem to withdraw, reminding your participants on a regular basis that you keep their success in mind, that you are available for  any questions, encouraging them and rewarding them along the way. 'Autonomy is the perception of control over  environment; an option of having choices. Research shows that autonomy is linked with online engagement. link]. We live in the time when learning happens on the go.
    [Providers] The MOOC Mantra: Top 5 Tips for Success
    They are more open in structure and provide the environment for participants to construct their own knowledge and perhaps find more meaning in what they already know. 'In February, I completed my first #MOOC course titled, E-learning and Digital Cultures (#edcmooc). At the time, this was one of six MOOCs being offered by the University of Edinburgh through Coursera. This was a 5-week course with two major themes followed by completion of an artefact to summarize the key learnings from the course. The artefact was evaluated by peers and a median grade was reported to each individual.
    [Providers] IPTV- Myriad Possibilities, May Change the Way We e-Learn
    All IPTV viewers (as they all belong to consumer class) will have their unique identity and service providers will certainly (or they should actually) profile TV viewers and classify them into various consumer segments. 'Convergence of telecom, Media and IT had been a topic of business discussion for long. Fast paced technological developments in all these sectors have accelerated the convergence process. Today, we stand very close to the culmination of this much touted phenomena. This will practically mean that we will be able to watch real time TV through IP backbone. New Ideas
    [Providers] My Big Learning in 2007
    balanced composition and adequate white/empty space allows the eyes to rest and provides clarity to the existing information. 'The  December Big Question  on Learning Circuit asks what did you learn about learning in 2007′  . Well for quite sometime now, I have had this grudge against clients who pay more attention to the graphic presentation and images of an e-learning program than to its carefully structured and developed content. It is common knowledge that a well thought out graphic interface creates an open and inviting atmosphere for the learner. Powered By DT Author Box.
    [Providers] Social Media’s Impact on Workplace Communication & Learning
    ’ Other G-Cubians also seem to converge on the viewpoint that there is a need for proper filtering and administration for these sites to provide meaningful learning platform. Should LMS or corporate Intranet provide this communication & learning platform, or should an organization try to achieve this by providing a controlled access to existing social media sites? 'Social Media is here to stay. No point debating that. It’s utilization in the workplace – now that’s debatable. So we put this debate forward to our fellow G-Cubians and got some interesting viewpoints.
    [Providers] Smart Handhelds – Will They Change the Way We Work, Play, and Learn?
    While trying out a new technology is clearly the siren call for all tech-junkies, the comfort and ease of use that a PC or Laptop provides can be a pull back. 'Change is a way of life and for the learning industry it is a every day reality. With newer technologies being available, our modes of learning are on a continuous state of evolution. We have moved on from paper to the computer, from desktops to laptops. And now with the advent of Smart-phones and other hand-held devices – ‘learning on the go’ seems to be the current emerging trend. Powered By DT Author Box. Marketing Consultant).
    [Providers] Why the LMS Would Never Die
    Provide on-demand training where need is primarily generated by the user. Provide training to bridge identified gaps. Provide some mandatory training driven by organization’s growth requirements. Provide compliance related training. But if any amount is spent in providing training, then someone somewhere would want to know –. With the amount of distractions available on Internet, providing unrestricted access to employees seems a distant dream to me. 'Because it’s all about money, and desire to make one’s life simpler! Please allow me to explain.
  • G-CUBE BLOG  |  TUESDAY, MARCH 29, 2011
    [Providers] Tips for Conducting Successful Virtual ILT Sessions
    This is especially effective when training on software system is to be provided. 'By definition, a virtual classroom is a platform which enables the instructors and learners carry out a learning process over Web, in lieu of a traditional classroom. This definition is sometimes misconstrued to suggest that a virtual classroom should mimic an actual classroom in all features and characteristics, to attain effectiveness of learning. Keep it Short. The first cardinal rule when designing a VILT is to keep it short. session should ideally be between 60 to 90 minutes long. Vivo Meeting.
    [Providers] Comparison of Free Virtual Classroom Systems
    Video is limited to webcam capture, and currently no tool provides support for capturing variable/HD resolution video. 'We recently did a research on free virtual classroom systems available in the market to meet a customer need for whom we had developed VILT content. Here is our comparative analysis that you may want to use to select the tool which best suits your requirements –. VCR Comparison. Some other observations –. Integration with calendar systems is not available with any of the tools, which you would have to manage externally. Our recommendation –. Powered By DT Author Box.
  • G-CUBE BLOG  |  FRIDAY, AUGUST 5, 2011
    [Providers] ‘Mobile learning, just for the sake of it, is definitely not a good idea!’ – Some insights on Mobile Learning
    With the entry of companies like Max mobile and many others, which provide high-end smart-phones at surprisingly low prices, the reach is increasing every day. Not all types of trainings would do well with this kind of approach – for some there will be a need for in-depth study, extensive text or close supervision that only an instructor can provide. 'In these times of ‘just-in-time’ learning, mobile learning is fast gaining popularity as a medium for learning across all learner groups. Mobile learning is becoming more and more of a reality than just a concept everyday.
    [Providers] Better Learning Through Videos: A New Feature in WiZDOM LMS
    simple solution that works: The best solutions are sometimes the simplest ones and this problem was also handled by providing a solution that’s quite straightforward – a integrated video delivery module inside WiZDOM. robust logic was built in, where a file type is recognized and the required player is automatically provided for the learner to view the video. The option of ‘download and play’ is provided, but it is configurable as per the needs of the client. There are many ways that Videos can be utilized in a learning course. Powered By DT Author Box.
    [Providers] Some Insights for Successful LMS Selection and Implementation
    In addition, a LMS should also provide reports, course-wise, department-wise or of learner progress – as per the requirements of the client. Many LMSs also have analytical tools built in to provide insights to the administrators. For instance in addition to generating a report, a LMS also provides clear insights into understanding and utilizing the report to the best. In addition to stating the learner progress through a course, analytical tools built in LMSs can provide the additional knowledge like what are learner’s weak areas. How can the LMS provide help?
  • G-CUBE BLOG  |  MONDAY, OCTOBER 31, 2011
    [Providers] G-Cube Wins Deloitte Tech Fast 50 India Award Third Year in a Row
    For G-Cube in particular, with our focus on providing innovative solutions at cost-effective rates yielding great returns, our growth forecast continues to remain aggressive (40%+ year on year growth) for the current fiscal year. 'It gives me great pride to announce that G-Cube has won Deloitte’s Tech Fast 50 India award third year in a row. This award recognizes 50 fastest growing companies in revenue terms in a region. remember that same time last year; the general mood was that of caution as many economies were just emerging out of recession. Powered By DT Author Box. Blogger).
    [Providers] How to Design a MOOC in Your Company
    The members of your course team will evaluate your performance, provide you feedback, and you will turn in a summary of the feedback you received and what you will change for your next meeting. 'Services like Coursera , Venture Lab , and Udemy (to name only a few) make free on-line courses available to anyone in the world for free. What is even more incredible is that using these services, you can take a Stanford course facilitated by a Stanford professor on topics ranging widely from software programming languages to creativity. Design Considerations. See example above.
    [Providers] 5 Tips To Avoid Wasting Your Student’s Time
    As a course provider you want to make sure you are giving the students the tools they need to complete the course successfully and quickly. 'Students often take online courses out of necessity, not because they want to. Here are 5 tips to help you avoid wasting your student’s time. Minimize using links  to other sites to keep the learner on track to complete the course. Excessive links to other sites can distract the student away from the course itself. If you are using a large amount of links, an online course may not be the best option for you, and a website could be a better solution.
    [Providers] Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Can Help Your Online Course
    The better experience and the more useful information you can provide, the more likely a visitor to your website will become a customer. 'Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to designing your website so that it appears in the non-paid, “organic” section of search results when people search key phrases on sites like  Google, Yahoo, and Bing. SEO is the process of optimizing your site for phrases that people use when searching so that your website is displayed in the “organic” search results. Indexable Content. Keywords and Title Tags. Amount of Content. Backlinks. Comments.
  • MINDFLASH  |  MONDAY, APRIL 29, 2013
    [Providers] Mindflash’s Updated Series Feature
    This update to Series has been the farthest reaching yet, and we are excited to tell you about how these new features can help you save time as well as provide insight into what we are working on in the near future. The Track tab also provides Trainee-level information including scores for each course. 'Series. Mindflash has recently updated and released a more robust Series feature. We have found that many programs including new employee training, sales training, and continuing education certifications rely heavily on Series. The Manage Tab. The Trainees Tab. The Customize Tab.
    [Providers] Irrestistibly Engaging: Creating Certainty Online
    Online, such uncertainty doubles because this context feels different: isolated and not as controlled as the traditional setting.Yet, uncertainty can be decreased in many simple ways: Provide step-by-step explanations of the processes on your sites. When possible provide tech support. 'Why do familiar songs have such a strong affect on us? Because your brain recognizes patterns and increases high levels of dopamaine. Our brain is a gap filling machine that craves certainty & prediction. Will they get a welcome email with the passwords? Post course navigation cheat sheets.
    [Providers] Innovation U — from Southern New Hampshire University
    Making that model a reality is the goal of the SNHU Innovation Lab, an educational incubator that is working to reduce costs, increase access and provide transformational experiences for students who have been marginalized by traditional higher education. 'Innovation U – from Southern New Hampshire University by Michelle E. Dunn, Editor. Excerpt: Blowing Up the Business Model. SNHU has a history of innovation that includes establishing satellite campuses and launching a groundbreaking three-year Honors Program in Business. ” … The Innovation Lab.
  • BRN.SK  |  WEDNESDAY, APRIL 24, 2013
    [Providers] 3 Steps to an Effective Needs Assessment for Corporate Training
    Ultimately, you don’t want to spend resources, time and energy creating learning that does not provide the solution to a knowledge gap – especially if one doesn’t exist in the first place. For this last question, it’s important to provide examples of external factors like outside influences, company culture, and the talent pool as well as internal factors like lack of skill, inability to find needed information, and unavailability of performance support materials. Ideas Blog. Entire Site. Search. SEE A DEMO TRY IT FOR FREE. April 24, 2013 09:29 AM. Tweet.
    [Providers] The right person for the right job
    These decisions were made due to the fact that I was provided with no options (or only one option) for a role and due to the demands of a project I was forced to take a risk.  'During my many years within the elearning industry I have found that the process of recruitment is consistently bad.  What I mean by this is, we contract recruitment agencies and pay their percentage fee just to receive a Curriculum Vitae.  This might seem a bit harsh, but my understanding of contracting a person or agency is based on the fact that you want them to do the work with you.  Do they know what I need?
    [Providers] When do I assign the role of Portal Administrator in the LMS?
    'The ‘Portal Administrator’ Role represents the highest level of user access that can be assigned out of the default set of Roles provided with any Latitude Learning LMS. It is reserved for only those user accounts authorized to manage foundational setup and content hosted on the LMS, as well as create and manage key records, including the accounts of other users, Student or above
    [Providers] Latitude Connects with Sitefinity
    'Latitude Consulting Group has recently announced a new partnership with Sitefinity, a provider of flexible content management systems for businesses and organizations
    [Providers] LMS Free Training - Weekly Webinar Announcement
    This webinar series provides an overview of core LMS administrative tools, as well as featuring key add-on capabilities and areas of functionality available through Latitude Learning 'Latitude Learning announces our next Free Training Webinar.
    [Providers] Southwest Airlines and Enspire at the Corporate Learning Summit
    Leveraging experiential business simulations to provide practice and insights. 'Enspire CEO Bjorn Billhardt and Senior Manager of People Development at Southwest Airlines Bonnie Endicott will be speaking at this year’s Corporate Learning Summit in Chicago. The joint session, “Southwest Airlines: Developing Legendary Leaders, Southwest Style” will explore how Southwest Airlines has implemented Enspire’s simulation-based program Business Challenge to train leaders at America’s largest airline.
    [Providers] A Conversation with Clark Aldrich -Part One
    Aldrich: is a site to connect those people who want sims with those who can provide them. This can shape investment decisions, and provide some inspiration as well. 'This is Part One of a Two Part Interview: The other day I had the opportunity to have a conversation with Clark Aldrich and ask him a few questions about learning and development. For those who may not know Clark, here is a little about him before the discussion. He then moved into designing and creating simulations for learning. His first book on the topic was a best seller in the training field.
    [Providers] Towards Maturity partners with Sai Global to launch new compliance training study
    Teaming up with SAI Global for the new study will allow us to explore this gap and will provide an opportunity for compliance and L&D professionals to compare their approaches with other organisations in order to improve performance and where necessary, build an effective business case’ Iain McLeod, Head of Compliance at SAI Global EMEA said, ‘We know from previous Towards Maturity benchmarking studies and from our own extensive experience of implementing effective compliance training programmes, that expectations of compliance training are evolving.
    [Providers] Multiply Your Impact and Income FAQ
    What I do charge for is for my personal time working with each of you and for providing you with continuous feedback that is appropriate for YOUR particular business and product to make it successful. 'As you know, my new course Multiply Your Impact and Income: 3 Steps for Creating Engaging and Profitable Online Programs That Turn Your Clients Into Raving Fans is now open for registration. This program will help you to move from 1 -1 model to package your expertize online so you can serve multiple clients at the same time and keep reusing the same program for more impact and income.
  • JAY CROSS  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 5, 2013
    [Providers] Jay Cross - Untitled Article
    The Golden Spike that tied together the transcontinental railway was a big, big deal for California, providing an overland alternative to long-range shipping. 'Yesterday afternoon I took the train from Berkeley to Sacramento. Wifi, plenty of room, no distractions: the train makes a good office. My destination was the California Railroad Museum. The Railroad Museum  is captivating for the same reason as the  Monterey Bay Aquarium : it’s the real stuff and it comes from right here. Most of the fish, otters, and sea creatures in the Aquarium are native to Monterey Bay.
    [Providers] Review of higher ed adaptive learning products [Vander Ark]
    Yesterday EdGrowth released a second paper that includes 8 profiles of adaptive learning providers. 'Review of higher ed adaptive learning products – from by Tom Vander Ark. Excerpt: Last week we reviewed an EdGrowth white paper,  A Case for Accelerating Adaptive Learning in HigherEd. Also see: ADAPTIVE LEARNING IN HIGHER EDUCATION:  A REALITY CHECK. Education Growth Advisors Report Makes Case for Accelerating Adaptive Learning in Higher Education. Also see:
    [Providers] The Ever Changing State of the Learning Technology Industry
    Providers like CornerstoneOnDemand, Authoria (now part of PeopleClickAuthoria), SumTotal, and Saba started to promote the idea of a “talent management suite” and set off a race to build broad talent management platforms. Now buyers expected their LMS to be integrated into a talent management suite, forcing other talent software providers to build or buy an LMS. Skillsoft, the largest provider of e-learning content, extended its platform with LMS features and now positions Skillport as a learning management system. Then came talent management. billion. The $1.8
    [Providers] The 10 rules of painless procurement – from both sides
    Provide bidders with a scoring matrix so they can concentrate their efforts on what you think is important. If you pass that then provide the more detailed PQQ. While you want best value, providing an indicative budget allows clients to be innovative within a framework. Provide detailed feedback on successful and unsuccessful tenders. The 10 rules of painless procurement – from both side. few weeks ago I picked up on a tweet about the tender process from @ kevinmulryne and added a few comments along with @innerquest. hope that you find it useful. Keep it real.
    [Providers] How Being a Friend of Wired@Heart Can Help You Build Your Brand!
    was so enchanted by all of the information that she provided:  I remember writing every single word down so I would not miss anything this ingenious woman had to say. Almost two years ago I was at a conference where I saw this incredibly charismatic and knowledgeable speaker, Julie Cottineau — a former Vice President of Brand at Virgin USA — who  generously shared her wisdom about how to build a unique brand for your company that makes you stand out from the crowd. was blessed to later on work with her to design my brand which is now known as Wired@Heart. Rachel W.,
    [Providers] Forum Focuses on Public-Private Partnerships
    There is no way that governments alone or international aid flows alone will be able to provide those children with the quality of education they need to be full participants in global society. The private sector can provide the link to the marketplace where you find there is a revolving door,” said H.E The Global Education and Skills Forum will be held annually in the UAE to promote better education. Dubai, March 18. At the inaugural Global Education and Skills Forum in Dubai, 500 delegates from 50 countries discussed the global demand for better education. Former U.K.
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