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  • IGNATIA WEBS  |  TUESDAY, MAY 11, 2010
    [Providers] In 2015 augmented learning in a ubiquitous learning environment will be fact
    With the mobile technology increasing and all of us eLearning providers grasping what benefits mobile learning has, I feel confident that the most innovative corporations and academic institutions will invest in their learning environments. In the Big Question launched by Tony Karrer this month , he wonders what workplace learning will look like in 2015? This is a very nice challenge, it is short and this question allows you to focus on the gut-feeling you get when looking at all the new emerging technologies. ARToolKit ). Ubiquitous learning Our learning environments have evolved.
  • ONLIGNMENT  |  MONDAY, MAY 10, 2010
    [Providers] We can’t go on meeting like this – Part 5 Manage the Change
    They are likely to be interested in setting targets, and so it is useful, if you are the person who is driving the change, to provide reports to managers, hold briefings and make sure you keep you commit them to gving you feedback. You must provide satisfaction and you may even have to provide rewards (tangible and intangible) to encourage people to take part. Manage the change – manage expectations – upskill users. For those who have no experience of them, online meetings may be surrounded by an air of mystique that is fuelled by quite strongly prejudicial views.
    [Providers] Webinar: Visual Learning: The Hidden Code of Visual Language
    This session will provide instructional designers, trainers, SMEs, developers and graphic designers with practical and actionable guidelines for invigorating the learning visuals in their courses and products. Webinar - Free to eLearning Guild members: May 18, 2010 10:30AM to 11:30AM Pacific Time Connie Malamed Author of Visual Language For Designers Do you get stuck trying to figure out the best graphics to use in a course or training session? Do you waste coveted screen or slide space with ineffective visuals?
  • ONLIGNMENT  |  FRIDAY, MAY 7, 2010
    [Providers] We can’t go on meeting like this – Part 4 Set up your Meeting
    The software provides you with opportunities, as well as some constraints, but it does not determine the structure or balance of your meeting – that’s down to you. If you need to cover a lot of ground on a single day, then provide a number of short sessions interspersed with actions to complete offline. Set up your meeting. To design an effective meeting, you must keep the participants in mind: How many are they and where are they based? How motivated are they likely to be to participate in this meeting? What prior knowledge or information do they already have? What next?
    [Providers] Home Group launch two crucial e-learning programmes
    Totalling three hours of e-learning, the new programmes (one on health, safety and wellbeing, and one on equality and diversity) will help increase awareness of key organisational and individual responsibilities for 4,000+ of Home’s colleagues and enable them to provide exceptional services to their customers and clients as a result. The e-learning meets UK health and safety and equality laws as well as highlighting the day to day responsibilities of Home’s colleagues.
    [Providers] Questions of the Week
    Could you provide the references for her research? Adobe Captivate: Can I Stop The Presentation From Continuing After a Web Link? have a Captivate slide that contains buttons taking the student to one of our Web pages (a link to a URL). My problem is I'm not sure how to get the lesson to stop playing while the student checks out the site. as it stands now, the lesson continues to play in the background. Answer: Show the Properties of the object that initiates the URL link. Click the little arrow at the right of Open URL or File and deselect "Continue playing project."
    [Providers] eLearning/Captivate Development: Let IconLogic Lend a Hand
    We can even provide live, world-wide support or mentoring online. Do you have an immediate need to develop eLearning using Adobe Captivate? Need an eLearning script written? Our team of writers and Adobe Certified Experts (ACE) in Captivate can assist you in developing eLearning courses. We can do it all, from story-boarding to script development to voiceover script development to turn-key Captivate production. Call 1.888.812.4827 , ext. 711 or email us for more information.
    [Providers] Five 3D Environments on Your 2D Laptop
    Five The company 3DNA provides different 3D Add-on Worlds to explore and customize for an immersive and entertaining desktop. 3DNA is not a replacement for Windows - it works seamlessly with your current set up, while providing 3D environments in which to view your information. Here are five products on the market today that allow you to escape the 2D environment of your laptop and add a third dimension to your file structure, navigation and functionality. 3D interfaces are starting to appear everywhere for your laptop, iPad or other portable computing devices. Check them out.
    [Providers] We can’t go on meeting like this – Part 3 The Right Tools
    The boundary between what can be achieved with video conferencing and with simpler instant messaging and web conferencing systems is increasingly blurred, although high end ‘telepresence’ systems, that provide a highly authentic, high-definition interface are still very much at the top end. Ten ways in which meeting online might save you from going out of business – Part 3 Select the right tools, making best use of what you already have. Synchronous communication, from Telephone to Telepresence. Classifying. Voting / Prioritising. Reaching group decisions. Surveys.
    [Providers] Survey on the use of media elements in e-learning
    Links to the examples are provided throughout the survey, so you don't have to view them prior to starting the survey. I was very interested to take advantage of Karl Kapp’s recommendation to participate in a survey on the use of various combinations of media elements in e-learning. This follows up nicely from the series of posts I made recently for Onlignment under the heading The Elements of Online Communication and the e-book which followed, Media Chemistry. The survey is being conducted by Dan Bilton in preparation for an I/ITSEC conference paper.
    [Providers] Saffron and Home Group launch two crucial e-learning programmes
    Totalling three hours of e-learning, the new programmes (one on health, safety and wellbeing, and one on equality and diversity) will help increase awareness of key organisational and individual responsibilities for 4,000+ of Home’s colleagues and enable them to provide exceptional services to their customers and clients as a result. The e-learning meets UK health and safety and equality laws as well as highlighting the day to day responsibilities of Home’s colleagues.
    [Providers] Teaching with technology isn't easy to arrange
    What's important is giving the right context and provide intensive and reasoning to take any alternative provided seriously. This provided context for the session. It's been a while since I posted to this blog. Largely, this is due to moving house and not having the internet until today but also things have been more hectic than usual at my work. It would be impossible to capture all the learning I've been doing here but an important teaching experience I had recently need attention on this blog. It was an important learning experience and one that deserves reflection here.
  • KAPP NOTES  |  TUESDAY, MAY 4, 2010
    [Providers] Survey Request: Take some time and help the industry
    Links to the examples are provided throughout the survey, so you don't have to view them prior to starting the survey. A colleague of mine, Dan Bliton asked me to help promote this survey, I think it is a worthwhile endeavor and would invite you to take a few moments and participate. Here are the details. Please complete the survey on Effective Approaches for e-Learning and share it with others. link] elearning. We need at least 100 survey responses from e-Learning developers for an I/ITSEC conference paper.
    [Providers] Getting results with Learning Technologies – Free event on 21st May
    regrettably this event is not open to learning providers and suppliers. Business in the Community’s approach to responsible business provides a clear framework to address new challenges, improve business performance and benefit society. This event also marks the beginning of an exciting new relationship between Business in the Community and Towards Maturity, bringing together our mutual passion and expertise around advocating skills and innovation in the workplace. Together we look forward to raising the profile around the opportunities these technologies offer.
    [Providers] Reflections on WES 2010
    tend to fit one of four profiles including: (1) business or IT teams from larger enterprise accounts, (2) technical or channel resources from global carriers/wireless providers, (3) application developers and enterprise solution architects, or (4) market analysts, bloggers and techno freaks interested in experiencing what’s hot in BlackBerry. BBOS6 will provide a raft of new (and some long overdue) enhancements to the interface and web browsing experience and also serve to support new features like Flash Player 10.1 and opportunities abounded! Who’s not in attendance at WES?
    [Providers] eProject Requests
    Links to Wallwisher provide extended to parts of classes. Since the email went out here at college offering staff the opportunity to apply for funded learning projects I have so far received a number of applications. For each of these I arranged an initial meeting where we discussed the level of funding, which takes the form of hours that would be paid for development time, plus any resource costing. All the projects will commence during this coming summer term. Below I have included a list briefly outlining each of the proposals. Identify possible disengaged/disaffected students and 2.
    [Providers] Shift represents a new commercial model for authoring software
    MindMuze are proactive in providing support and advice to help you both creatively and technically in coming up with effective content. Sandra Arnold of Mercer UK alerted me to a new authoring tool that they are using called Shift. Here's how the vendors describe the tool on their website : "Shift by MindMuze is more than an eLearning Authoring Tool. It is an eLearning ecosystem. It can be used to create detailed answers to frequently-asked questions, or sophisticated multimedia presentations, or even interactive tests or quizzes. Best of all, everything is online.
    [Providers] 2010 Horizon Report on K12 education is out, and free for download
    This annual report provides a rich set of topics, examples and resources for use in considering new technologies that hold strong promise for K-12 institutions in the US and globally. post-event feedback form is also provided. Education and technology leaders, policymakers and key stakeholders in educational institutions need forward thinking information addressing opportunities for teaching, learning and creative expression. The 2010 Horizon Report: K-12 Edition is a collaboration between the New Media Consortium (NMC) and the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN ).
    [Providers] The Art and Science of Working with Subject Matter Experts
    Provide incentives. by Reni Gorman. Ever find yourself asking this question? “My SMEs don’t have time to contribute content to training. What can I do?&#. I have come across this question several times. Subject matter experts are that for a reason, and because so many rely on them, contributing content to training is the last thing they have time for. have thought it over many, many times and I have the following ideas to offer: Put SMEs in a pool and tap one at a time to contribute. Hire SME consultants. This may seem simple but many don’t think of it. So what can you do?
    [Providers] Epic evaluation shows the value of preparing students for study
    Well for me it shows (1) that study skills training is worthwhile, (2) that e-learning seems to do a good job of providing this training, and that (3) Kirkpatrick's four levels of analysis seem to yield useful evaluation data. Brighton-based e-learning developer Epic and the University of Birmingham have used good old Donald Kirkpatrick's four levels of evaluation to demonstrate the worth of their Skills4uni study skills programme. Skills4uni "gives prospective students an idea of what to expect from their degree programme and university life in general.
  • ELEARNING 24-7  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 23, 2010
    [Providers] Dreamweaver Slayers
    BlueFish -  Interesting solution, can really compete against Dreamweaver on a multitude of levels, while still providing the WYSIWYG. Dreamweaver was not created for people to build courses in, rather it was created for people to build web sites and other web related solutions.  Let the Slayers list begin! Listed Below are FREE. Aptana Aptana Studio -  Enables you to also incorporate Ajax, CSS, etc.; very nice solution although you will need mid tech skills to use it. Lots of plug-ins including ones to enable the power of Adobe AIR, APIs, JavaScript debugger and more. Absolutely! 
    [Providers] What Mobile Shopping Taught Me About Mobile Learning
    But instead of pricing and availability, GoodGuide provides you with a rating of the product and the company who produces it. by Jean Marie Tenlen. Fifty-five percent of the time iPhone users are on their phones, they are not talking to someone. So, what are they doing? One of those activities is shopping – but as you’ll see, shopping with these apps (which are also available for some other phones) is not just shopping. It also means that you can compare prices, local/on-line availability, nutrition, and how the manufacturer rates for eco-friendliness. Another app is made by GoodGuide.
    [Providers] Media Chemistry – exploring the elements of online communication
    If you’d prefer the simple, plain text version, I’ve provided links to all the original blog postings here All online communication, whether that’s published content, live online events or social media, make use of the same key media elements: text, audio, images, animation and video. The online communicator needs to know when to use each of these elements, how to do so effectively within the particular constraints associated with working online, and how best to combine media elements to achieve their communications objectives. You can download it for free from Onlignment here.
    [Providers] Using Mindmaps in classrooms
    As a side effect, it provides an instant takeaway for the group -- they can just click a picture and voila, you have session notes! One of my favorite whiteboarding techniques in training happens to be the mindmap. use them often and sometimes even indiscriminately. What I usually do, is get two whiteboards together and mindmap across the breadth of both boards. What I like about mindmapping in classroom situations is that it helps you retain the context of the current discussion and represents very clearly the chain of thought that the group followed through the session.
    [Providers] Using Visual Aids in Training - Flipcharts vs Powerpoint
    When we as trainers build a flip chart based on discussions in class, it provides a strong visual anchor for the shared learning that the group arrives at. On the other hand if as a facilitator you've been able to build a flipchart with the class and you can place that summary on one of the walls, it provides a strong visual anchor for students to rock back into the previous experience and recollect the shared understanding you've arrived at. Your students will not be able to see this and you can also provide the dynamic experience you're trying to create.
    [Providers] Formality, just go away and die won't you?
    For me, this is the role of the future learning department - as tour guides to improvement who can set people off on their own journeys, or create appealing advertisements for why someone might want to improve and either provide them their own itinerary or if necessary the whole package deal to take the effort out. Entirely free learning will never suit all portion of a community, so tools that help provide access to quality, relevant information that their peers produce. How informal a learning experience is seems to matter a great deal to many people. absolutely disagree.
    [Providers] Course on enhancing the impact of a training programme with eLearning
    She asked me to provide her with a project to add to the eLearning repository, so I added our mobile project in Peru. In the past I had the pleasure and honor to work with Tom Wambeke at ITC in Turin for online sessions on the topic of mobile learning. During these sessions I also met Florence Beraud , who is now working as an independant consultant in eLearning. She just set up a wonderful platform with an eLearning course and featuring eLearning examples from all around the world. That way we canall learn from each other. An overview of all the examples can be found here.
  • ELEARNING 24-7  |  WEDNESDAY, APRIL 21, 2010
    [Providers] LMS True or False
    Any top rapid e-learning authoring tool will provide you with a fully functional 30 day trial. Ahh the LMS/LCMS world where everything is a wonderful world of pear trees, green grass, sunny days and where there are no myths, no falsehoods, just internal bliss – awaiting the customer. Let’s Play True or False. The Big Dog Learning Management Systems are the best in the market – FALSE.   This is a major misnomer in the industry and it is too bad. There are a lot of really good LMSs (inc. LCMS) out there that are mid level and honestly even small dogs.   SOMETIMES FALSE.
    [Providers] Help Me Design Synchronous eLearning
    The online discussions will get you started on the project and provide the opportunity to receive feedback while learning the basics of Moodle through the development of your own course site. I am working on a project for my Ed Tech class at SDSU which is putting me a little out of my comfort zone. The project requires the design of an eLearning course including a synchronous portion where the facilitator and learners meet online using web conferencing software. Create social learning activities such as Forums, Chats, Wiki's, and Blogs. Post link to your project site in forum posting.
    [Providers] The FreeSound Project
    The Freesound Project provides new and interesting ways of accessing these samples, allowing users to: browse the sounds in new ways using keywords, a "sounds-like" type of browsing and more up and download sounds to and from the database, under the same creative commons license interact with fellow sound-artists! The Freesound Project aims to create a huge collaborative database of audio snippets, samples, recordings, bleeps, released under the Creative Commons Sampling Plus License. Check it out: [link
  • LITMOS  |  THURSDAY, APRIL 15, 2010
    [Providers] Online Learning Perfect for Technology Providers
    Many technology solutions providers have a pretty small number of staff working in-house compared to the actual number of resellers and end users for their products. For example, we have a technology solutions provider with just over 100 staff on-site in the head office, but over 140,000 end users globally. Plus, most technology products once delivered to resellers or end users, require some amount of product sales training. This is when an online training solution makes perfect sense. This has not been a sustainable way to run product sales training for a while now. Schnicker.
    [Providers] The Big Question: Keeping up
    The balance is needed because you can’t afford to become too divorced from new technologies, simply because now and again these could provide you with the potential for massive efficiencies. Right at the moment, with resources really tight, efficiencies are important and new media provide one of your best routes to achieving these. The April Big Question in the Learning Circuits Blog is simply ‘how do we keep up?’ It responds to this plea from a reader: Isn't this an ever-expanding universe of tech goodies? Perhaps the more important question, then, is ‘do I really need to?’
    [Providers] Corporate Advisory Council Starts Today
    30-2:00: Media Site presentation with Ferdinand Bergen Ferdinand talking about the history of Media Site Mediasite allows you to record and deliver online learning, interactive lectures and multimedia presentations automatically and provides webcasting and a knowledge management platform. Very rich media presentations are provided with Mediasite. Mike provided an overview of the design process including the topics of scoping and sequencing, storyboarding, "look and feel" development, the development of the proof of concept and the actual module development process.
    [Providers] How the contents of my handbag help me to write
    Hopefully that made you smile and warm to me as a writer because I expressed something individual, something that goes beyond providing straightforward information. I’m currently reading a book by writer and consultant John Simmons, Dark Angels: How Writing Releases Creativity At Work , which has got me gripped. As an instructional designer at Saffron, my job involves writing - and lots of it. Every course I write is on a different topic and therefore demands a different style and tone, focused towards a particular audience. Not even lists can be boring.’ Mirror.
    [Providers] Achieve great things
    We at Saffron don’t like to pigeon hole ourselves as simply training providers. If the assessment is designed properly, passing it provides confirmation of compliance in a fraction of the time it would normally take them to re-sit the same course they took the year before. Yes, we design and develop e-learning, but we do a whole lot more than that too. We’re all about performance improvement and people productivity, and there are more ways to achieve those things than training alone. Why not send update notifications direct to their mobile phone instead?
    [Providers] Top five tips for designing training for BlackBerrys
    Luckily BlackBerry provides emulators for all its phones, so you can test your application on any device just by using your PC. With their apparent ubiquity amongst office staff, their ease of use, and their mobile connectivity, BlackBerry phones make an attractive platform for e-learning. Here’s our list of things to consider when designing training for this new and different learning environment. Choose the right development model. BlackBerry offers different ways of developing programs for use on its phones. Keep things simple. Keep text short and pertinent. Test it everywhere.
    [Providers] Top five tips for achieving great typography in e-learning
    Each screen of your course should provide a look that flows together as a clearly defined single project, and not as an autonomous entity with an individual layout. Clarity and legibility are essential in e-learning. Here are Saffron’s top tips on how to use some of the basic principles of typography not only to achieve legibility but also to bring interest and energy to your e-learning projects. Create contrast. Always ensure that there’s a good contrast between the text and the background; never sacrifice legibility for aesthetic reasons. Build a hierarchy. Use a grid.
    [Providers] Top five tips for achieving great typography in e-learning
    Each screen of your course should provide a look that flows together as a clearly defined single project, and not as an autonomous entity with an individual layout. Clarity and legibility are essential in e-learning. Here are Saffron’s top tips on how to use some of the basic principles of typography not only to achieve legibility but also to bring interest and energy to your e-learning projects. Create contrast. Always ensure that there’s a good contrast between the text and the background; never sacrifice legibility for aesthetic reasons. Build a hierarchy. Use a grid.
  • ELEARNING 24-7  |  WEDNESDAY, APRIL 7, 2010
    [Providers] Out with the old LMS in with the new: Part I
    If you are unsure on how to do the above, contact your new vendor and explain to them that you need assistance on this, they will provide someone to you – via the phone of course, to help you.  Within a few days prior to your notification – exit clause – you want to provide it to them in writing.  You have had this relationship with a close colleague, someone who was there for you when you initially started to move forward, but over time you realized that your BFF is nothing more than a rogue in sheep’s clothing.  Time to find a new BFF LMS. How do I exit?
    [Providers] 35 Top eLearning Articles and 6 Hot Topics for March
    The plan is to provide a centralized location for examples of e-learning courses and details about the instructional design process used in creating them. Top 5 Up and Coming LMS Providers Article Assistance , March 23, 2010. Best of eLearning Learning. Once again, I found myself falling behind in getting through all the great eLearning content that gets brought together by eLearning Learning.  Some great stuff I would have otherwise missed.  And I was happy to see that my Twitter for Learning post got the top spot for the second half of the month. What’s Needed First? adoption?
    [Providers] 3D Virtual Scavenger Hunts
    You can conduct virtual scavenger hunts with new employees from all over the world providing an engaging mechanism to learn facts and information about the company while simultaneously encouraging them to learn more about their fellow employees. Establish a scavenger hunt in a virtual factory to provide the learners with an opportunity to learn the location of certain machines or safety stations. Creating a 3D virtual scavenger hunt helps students better learn to navigate through a virtual world. This is a good activity for when the learners are a little unsure of navigation.
    [Providers] CellCast Widget for iPad Released!
    In my next post, I'll provide a guided video walk through of our iPad application and the many features we're excited about It's officially iPad Launch Day and we're pleased to announce our CellCast Widget for iPad was included in the inaugural 1,000 applications shipped in support of Apple's revolutionary new tablet computing device. If you're lucky enough to already have your new iPad, we invite you to go to the App Store and download a free copy of our Widget and try it out.
    [Providers] The Right To Education
    The Act  will provide for free and compulsory education to all children of the age of six to fourteen years in a neighbourhood school till completion of elementary education. Education is the key to progress. It empowers the individual. It enables a nation. It is the belief of our government that if we nurture our children and young people with the right education, India’s future as a strong and prosperous country is secure. No child shall be liable to pay any kind of fee or charges or expenses which may prevent him or her from pursuing and completing the elementary education.
  • ELEARNING 24-7  |  TUESDAY, MARCH 30, 2010
    [Providers] Pricing for Up and Coming LMS Providers
    I know what you are thinking, those providers he mentioned must be expensive, but guess what.they aren’t. Pricing – as provided to me by the vendors (as of 3-30-2010). Outstart Training Edge :  Did not provide pricing. want to stress that I selected these vendors as up and coming, not based on any revenue cycle nor any compensation from them. AM NOT RECEIVING ANY COMPENSATION FROM THESE VENDORS.  All pricing is in USD. Inquisiq R3 :  Perpetual license – for unlimited users is a onetime fee of $9,500, or $7,500 for up to 1000 users. Branding included.
    [Providers] Webinars In April 2010
    This free 90-minute lunchtime webinar provides you with the unique opportunity to engage in discussion with two of the world’s leading instructional design practitioners in Cathy Moore, from the USA, and the UK’s own Patrick Dunn. Patti will provide examples from her Essential Articulate Studio ‘09 book, but the information she provides applies to other popular e-Learning rapid development authoring tools such as Adobe Captivate and Raptivity. It looks like there will be some great webinars related to instructional design and development in April. Buzz up!
  • CONVERGE  |  MONDAY, MARCH 29, 2010
    [Providers] Creating a Shared Vision for Learning Solution Projects
    Communication also provides you with the opportunity to sell the vision (and the project) before it’s even estimated. For a project manager, the key to a successful project is building, communicating and executing a “shared vision&# with your team. The project’s vision is the expectation of what the deliverable will be. shared vision means one that is created by the client, project manager (PM) instructional designer (ID), the production members who will work on the project, and other stakeholders. . So you may be wondering, “How can a team of people create one vision?”
  • ELEARNING 24-7  |  TUESDAY, MARCH 23, 2010
    [Providers] SAAS (Hosted) LMS and Vendor Questions
    The true premise of online learning is 24/7, anywhere access – via an internet connection and browser -  assuming you are not using or enabling end users to have VPN,  how can you truly state you are providing e-learning; since your employees cannot access from home – YOU CAN’T. To verify if they are actual clients, here is what I do: Have them provide a list of ten actual clients – try to get ones or ask for ones in your market, so if you are health care, you want ones in health care; vendors love to tell you the list cannot be provided – why not?
    [Providers] ThirdForce customers provide Becta with evidence on the impact of learning technologies
    We are back on the blog after a short absence. After eighteen months of blogging  we took some time out to evaluate things and make sure that the quality of content remained paramount, a lot has happened in e-learning over the past couple of months and we will be writing about that and our exciting future plans in bits and pieces over the coming weeks. In the mean time……… The recently published Independent Becta report “Delivering results with learning technologies in the workplace” highlights evidence for employer efficiencies and tangible business benefits. Staff Benefit.
  • IDIOT  |  SUNDAY, MARCH 28, 2010
    [Providers] How to facilitate synchronous learning for real and virtual learners using technology?
    They must be ready to provide interesting visual interpretation and visual summary of events as and when needed. They should be prepared with the content analysis, attention grabbers, trivia, de-briefs of case studies or discussions, provide data on the fly to the graphic design and technology team. The other day I had interesting discussions with Geetha Krishnan about possible ways of using technology to facilitate synchronous learning for remote learners. Let's explore a scenario. What are the program objectives? Conduct the program successfully for both real and virtual teams.
    [Providers] What I did at the Learning Solutions 2010 Conference – Thursday
    Providers are fighting each other and making it hard to design for a diverse audience. Most use SMS, and you can use DITA/XML as markup schemas (most providers will use them). Sounds like most providers are onboard with that – except Apple. I wrote about what I did at the LS Conference on Wednesday here. Keynote. The keynote was given by Jonah Lehrer on How We Decide, The New Science of Decision Making. had a little bit of trouble with the content as it was delivered. Of course every alarm in me went off. What does better adjusted mean? The Great ADDIE Debate.
    [Providers] The five secrets of instructional design
    It will often be more effective to limit instruction to key concepts and core skills, and then provide reference materials that can accessed on a just-in-time basis, not through learning management systems but as everyday online information, supported by social networks operating within the firewall. have five secrets I’d like to share with you that might help you to keep focused amidst all this noise. You may even find you can get away with achieving more for very much less. It pays to keep the core learning principles in mind and to keep it simple.
  • KAPP NOTES  |  FRIDAY, MARCH 26, 2010
    [Providers] VenueGen Announces 3D Meetings for "Everyone"
    Virtual world provider, VenueGen , recently came out of private Beta to a public Beta (whatever that means) and loudly announced their virtual meeting platform. They call it both visually appealing and easy to use. It has been described as a lot more than Cisco’s WebEx meeting platform, and a lot less than Linden Labs’ Second Life virtual world. man and his avatar. An interesting as aspect of the platform is that you can create a 3D avatar by loading a picture of yourself and the avatar will tend to look like you as shown above. To get started in VenueGen, you don't need a download.
    [Providers] Every child connected
    providing them access to massive data resources, there is no reason we can’t build a similar networked ability for our students, teachers, and parents 24 hours a day to access the greatest libraries of the world. Seems our cousins across the other side of the pond are having similar problems to us, at least in their schools. This post from Mike Hasley's Election 2008 blog says it all: Instead of “No Child Left Behind,” our goal should be “Every Child Connected.” The digital divide in our country is worse than it was 10 years ago before our schools were wired. and we all got fooled again.
    [Providers] Widgit and they will come.
    The bottom line is this - people will use a new technology or piece of software providing they see a clear benefit for it. I'm sat here in a computer suite at the University of Plymouth with a bunch of my colleagues, all trying to get our heads around the new MicroSoft SharePoint software which will be unleashed upon our unsuspecting students in the Autumn term. Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war! Sighs, head scratching, bemused faces, more sighing, an 'arghh' and an occasional 'hooray', as something actually works for someone. We need to consider the affordances and constraints.
    [Providers] Second Life and us
    You can read all about it on the blog the team has set up, and follow our progress over the next year as we investigate how we can use SL to provide 3D virtual learning opportunities. We're really excited! We have just been notified that we have been awarded a free land grant in Second Life to set up our own university health education centre. The grant runs until next July, and we have molto-Linden Dollars to spend on the installation. Hope you can join us - see you in Second Life! Posted by Steve Wheeler from Learning with e's.
    [Providers] Greek Odd(ICT)y
    Are we providing relevant experiences and contexts, given that 'digital natives' speak with a different accent to 'digital immigrants'? I'm attending the first day of the 7th International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies in Education in Crete this week. The first day has gone well, with an excellent keynote speech from Professor Rob Koper (Open University of the Netherlands) and a series of short papers and workshops on e-Learning and computer mediated learning. in which he challenged us all to consider the ways in which we are currently teaching students.
    [Providers] Island SLife
    Readers of this blog will know It's a sexual health SIM which provides regularly updated information, particularly for young people, on safe sex, contraception and pregnancy. My colleague Maged Kamel Boulos and I were interviewed today by a reporter from Associated Press, about our collaborative research programme (with Susan Toth-Cohen , of Thomas Jefferson University, USA) in Second Life. There is also a Big Quiz open for anyone to take. You can find it on YouTube , but it's easier to get it here. Hope you can take a few minutes to watch it and then post your comments.
    [Providers] ALT! I go there
    m particularly interested in listening to the head of Google Research, Dr Peter Norvig , who will be providing the closing keynote address. I’m preparing to travel up to the ALT-C 2007 conference next week – it’s the Association for Learning Technology annual bash, held this year in the East Midlands Conference Centre , at the University of Nottingham. Send your answers in please!). Oh, and there is of course the small issue of driving for 6 hours to get there - easy. intend to blog from the event to keep apace of what is being said and done. seconds).
    [Providers] Just Wiliam
    Dylan Wiliam's conclusion, convincingly argued for many of the delegates, I sensed, was that automated aggregative technologies will provide the solution where teachers need to know excatly where the group stands in terms of the knowledge and understanding they have just acquired. Dylan Wiliam nailed it for most of us at the conference this morning. His keynote (the second at ALT-C this year) dealt with how technology will help to change the way our learners are assessed. Teaching is complex and chaotic, he said. Your don't need to know about 'learning styles' either, he said.
    [Providers] FaceBook research - your help needed
    It goes without saying that your answers and any personal details you provide will be kept secure/confidential and if I use your comments in any reports or publications, they will be anonymised). Anyone who is using FaceBook , for whatever purposes, and especially those who are being wrapped up ever tighter in its nefarious and slippery coils - this is a call out to you for help. I'm doing some research at the moment into how FB is being used, what people (especially teachers, lecturers and students) think of it, and what benefits and pitfalls they think it has. Signed: Mr X. No, really.
    [Providers] Trains, coaches and ICL 2007
    Mark Kramer (whom I first met at EDEN 2006 in Vienna) will also be there, and one of the keynotes will be provided by Andy DiPaolo (Stanford University) who was also at EDEN 2006. I'm off to the Interactive Computer Aided Learning ( ICL 2007 ) conference tomorrow morning. It's held at the Holiday Inn in Villach, Austria (pictured right). First I will be flying into Ljubjana, Slovenia, to stay the night before taking the train up the following day. Villach is a real pig to reach, so a night in Ljubjana beckons. I'm looking forward to it. Well most of it.I'm Should be fun.
    [Providers] Diamonds in the mud
    His talk, entitled 'Learning in the Age of Ubiquitous Computing' was refreshing, providing the audience with new ideas to go away with. They saved the best 'til last. The papers on the final day really cut the mustard for me. chaired a session entitled 'pedagogical and psychological issues' (on my own request to the conference organisers) and I wasn't disappointed. An all female crew of 4 presenters took us through a fast-paced spectrum of ideas and research around e-learning. Maja Snyder (University of Maribor, Slovenia) evaluated several e-learning courses from a student perspective.
    [Providers] The Downes side
    Words are powerful, and often, metaphors can provide a lot more meaning than mere description. Reading Stephen Downes' blog Stephen's Web yesterday caused me to think more deeply about the nature of blogging. Stephen very kindly makes links to three of my recent blog postings from the ICL Conference in Villach, Austria. But Stephen my friend, I think you missed the point. Here's a quote from him, er, quoting me. Summaries could be more informative and less, um, colourful ("two papers that shone out like diamonds in the mud in an afternoon of mediocrity")." But it goes deeper than this.
    [Providers] England to win!
    I'm going to act as a research mentor and provide some guidance for the project researchers. Well, I'm off on my travels yet again today, this time to the Fachhochschule Darmstadt, University of Applied Sciences, Germany. I'm involved in a transnational project called the Atlantis University Project , which connects students studying computer science in Germany, the UK, Ireland and other European countries. Not back 'til Sunday night, so I will probably miss the crunch match between France and England in the Rugby Union World Cup. Never mind, I will be there in spirit.
    [Providers] Sausages and mash(up)
    The essence of Atlantis is 'learn your own way' - and the University provides a flexible and blended (extended blended actually) approach which also incoporates collaborative project based learning. I'm sat here at the University of Applied Social Sciences , in Darmstadt, Germany, (land of the sausage - we sampled some great ones last night!) surrounded by bright young things - around 30 post-graduate students from Germany, Poland, UK, Ireland and Latvia, all studying at Masters or PhD level in computer science. ask politely what the "++" stands for, and they show me.
    [Providers] Second Life in Education
    It's called Second Life in Education , is managed by Jo Kay (avatar pictured) and Sean Fitzgerald and does exactly what it says on the tin - it provides a fairly comprehensive list of projects that have an education or training focus in Second Life. A really useful wiki has just been brought to my attention (thanks to George Roberts and Stephen Downes - who are as ever vigilant). say 'fairly comprehensive', because it's not exhaustive of course - the University of Plymouth Sexual Health SIM isn't featured yet, but I hope it soon will be. Posted by Steve Wheeler from Learning with e's.
    [Providers] News at blogspeed
    There are now tens of thousands of bloggers around the world providing coverage and analysis of current events too! This just in from WebProNews. Old media is epitomized by no news source more than the Associated Press. Literally thousands of journalists are employed around the world to bring current event coverage to readers of thousands of newspapers and their online sites. In the pre-Internet days the AP had little competition beyond a few other news syndicators like Reuters and UPI. The AP's world has now changed forever with the advent of blogs and news aggregation sites.
    [Providers] The old and the new
    This conference, which will provide the latest information on distance education programs, processes, packages, and protocols, is geared to both experienced professionals and interested newcomers to distance education and online learning who hail from a variety of work sectors, including higher education, continuing education, business, government, professional associations, and nonprofit organizations'. Keynote speakers include Michael Moore , Alan Tait and Paul Clark, all veterans of the Distance Education model of learning. It may turn out to be a clash of the old and the new.
    [Providers] Buzz words for 2007
    iPod) e-Thugs: Online cyber bullies Lifecasting: Webcasting all your life's activities 24/7 iSlavery: Apple's attempts to lock iPhone users into one network provider Macolyte: Someone who worships at the altar of all things Apple Network promiscuity: Tendency by social networkers to spread their membership across FaceBook, MySpace, Bebo, etc. Running under the title of Schott's Alamanac , the Times newspaper today carries an article about all of the new buzz words that have supposedly been introduced in 2007 and suggests that these are the words that will define the year. shall we?
    [Providers] The Digital Classroom
    By weaving 'evidence based practice' into each chapter, the book will provide extensive guidance, practical advice and insights into working in the 'digital classroom' for all primary and secondary school teachers." I'm thrilled that my new book will be published this side of Christmas. Entitled 'The Digital Classroom: Harnessing Technology for the Future' , it will be published by Routledge (David Fulton) next week, and it's something I have been working on with my co-author professor Peter John , for the last year and a bit. Posted by Steve Wheeler from Learning with e's.
    [Providers] Presents of mind
    Each provides its own style of review, and some may be fronts for commercial outfits, but it's only when you get your hands on the device that you know for certain how good it is. So we're only two sleeps from Christmas day, and already I know what I'm getting. My darling wife has only gone out and bought me an iPhone , hasn't she!? can't wait to get my grubby little mitts on it to see exactly what it can do and whether it will live up to all the hype(rbole). Someone has published a book about the iPhone, calling it the 'best little gadget ever made'.
    [Providers] Cross eyePhone
    The biggest put-off factor of the iPhone is that it is still relatively expensive at £269, and air-time charges, besides being confined to one provider (O2), can also be quite expensive. Well, I suppose telecom providers need to find some way of making money, now that we will all soon be enjoying free phone calls and access to the Internet at home (I was offered free broadband today by TalkTalk , so it must be happening exactly as Stephen Heppell predicted!) Convergence they said. it's going to be the next big thing. This is known as technological convergence. They said.
    [Providers] Petrol, passports and papaya
    When I was born my father never had cause to complain to his Internet Service Provider. I'm not happy. noticed this morning that my petrol gauge was low, so on my way into the office I visited our drive-in garage. The forecourt notice announced that the garage was 'closed due to a technical fault'. decided to drive-out of the drive-in and drive back in to fill up later. When the 'technical fault' was resolved. During lunch break I walked into town to grab some passport application forms at our walk-in post-office. Would you believe it? Not a single form. Just a paperclip.
    [Providers] Outage Outrage
    The correspondent writes: " BBC News has learned that the nearly two-hour long blackout was almost certainly connected to Pakistan Telecom and internet service provider PCCW. Those details were then passed on to the country's internet service providers so that anyone in Pakistan attempting to go to YouTube was instead re-directed to a different address. So Pakistan is being blamed for the short outage of YouTube yesterday ( BBC News online ). It's not the first time that the video sharing site has been blocked either. China has had a bash, and so has Iran. And Google are right.
    [Providers] Wiki activities 5 stage model
    Third comes Explanation - here they describe in deeper terms their ideas and provide other group members with more detail. Tomorrow I'm in Bristol on the invitation of the JISC to present two papers reporting on recent research we have been doing on social software at their regional support centre conference. One of my papers will detail my wiki activities 5 stage model. have tried to develop a model which describes how students are gradually drawn into deeper cognitive engagement with learning whilst at the same time they are gradually developing their collaborative strengths.
    [Providers] Hot tools, hot topics
    Scalability was an issue – providing training and support for 2500 teaching staff was difficult. Entitled ‘Technological Culture: Web 2.0 tools and social media’, this was the last parallel paper session before the final plenary event at EDEN – day 3. The session should have been less well attended than previous ones, because traditionally most people begin to leave for the airport around this time. It’s difficult with last day sessions – often known as the ‘graveyard’ slot. Most of the presenters also had to dash away early to catch their flights. is a red hot topic at this conference.
    [Providers] Emerging Cultures
    He contends that tribal identity shapes individual identity in cyberworlds, and that digital tools and networks provide ideal environments within which new cultural transmission propagates. Here's the second extract from the introduction to the forthcoming Book 'Connected Minds, Emerging Cultures', which will be published later this year by Information Age Publishers, Connecticut, USA. Part 2, which has been designated ‘Roles and Identities’, covers a range of ideas about how the individual copes within the new cyber landscape. Posted by Steve Wheeler from Learning with e's.
    [Providers] Connected Cultures
    Through this chapter, Furnell provides a timely wake-up call for any user of the Internet who believes themselves to be safe, and suggests ways in which we can all protect ourselves from the more unsavoury elements of the online culture. This is the fourth and final part of the Introduction for the forthcoming book 'Connected Minds, Emerging Cultures', which will be published later this year. It is an edited volume with contributions from a number of leading practitioners and thinkers in the field. The Foreword is by Howard Rheingold. Posted by Steve Wheeler from Learning with e's.
    [Providers] You can't give an apple to a computer
    Ron, who is Pro-Vice Chancellor at Edith Cowan University in Western Australia, provided us with a very entertaining and incisive keynote at the LYICT Conference entitled: 'Engaging Learners in Open Learning'. Can teachers be replaced by computers? Professor Ron Oliver (pictured left speaking earlier today) thought not and quoted Arthur C. Clarke: "Any teacher who can be replaced by a computer. should be!" I thought at the time that giving an apple to a computer is not quite the done thing). have heard Ron speak before. Several times. The audience applauded.
    [Providers] Sun, sand and sangria
    There was no satellite TV (indeed no TV at all) for the first week of our holiday, after the Spanish authorities pulled the plugs on what turned out to be an illegal operation by some UK firm to provide satellite TV including Sky and Setanta channels (allegedly). Well plenty of sun, but none of the other two. We were too far from the beach to care. And my medical condition precludes any alcohol, no matter how much like gnat's wee it tastes. Y'see, I have just returned from a wonderful two-week break in Spain with my family, where I did absolutely nothing. simply rested, ate, slept and.
    [Providers] Podcasts a wider net
    One neat little touch in the book is where Gilly and Palitha along with Ming Nie provide a chapter (15) entitled 'Developing Pedagogical Podcasts' in which they provide an overarching critical review of the preceding chapters, and essentially put the cream on the cake of the IMPALA project. A new publication was waiting patiently for me on my desk when I finally sloped back into work yesterday. It's a review copy of 'Podcasting for Learning in Universities' , edited by Gilly Salmon and Palitha Edirisingha. Posted by Steve Wheeler from Learning with e's.
    [Providers] Unleash the anarchy
    I'm going to do it, but I need help from those who are interested in arguing for this thing we call Edupunk, or providing a searing counter-commentary against the idea that we can go outside the walled garden to unleash the anarchy of the web, and still remain this side of piracy. There has been fallout from my fringe presentation at ALT-C on Edupunk, and it's all very positive. Quite a galaxy, eh? So there you have it. No going back now. So here is the call for papers - send your proposals and 300 word abstracts into me in the next couple of months. Don't pull any punches.
    [Providers] Cutting through the clouds
    Helps to provide better focus for searching the web and learning from content. I have just attended an excellent, thought provoking session here at ICL 2008 this morning on tagclouds and reflective learnining. It was presented by Christian Glahn, who works at the Open University of the Netherlands. Here are my notes, which may be a little unstructured, but hey - this is blog reporting on the fly. Christian is investigating the use of social bookmarking to promote reflective learning and says we need to give learner support in unstructured learning environments. What are they?
    [Providers] Park life
    Wishes to provide new and innovative learning opportunities to the population of his country and around the world. SMS and e-mail are used by tutors to communicate with their students and provide announcements and updates. There is nothing new here for those steeped in the practice of elearning, but the Cyber University concept shows signs of great promise and provides South Korea with a means that enables it to educate it's large population on a viable economy of scale enabling it to compete with other nations in the world economy. 25% are DMB television viewers.
    [Providers] Reading, writing and rupturing
    boyd feels that there are several key features that provide the power behind social networks. danah boyd , speaking at Handheld Learning 2008 was resplendent in her famous wooley hat and scarf. She told me she was 'feeling the cold' and pointed out that it was warmer outside that inside here at the Brewery, East London. Danah wasted no time getting into her stride - she believes that simply incorporating technology into the classroom does not in itself promote good learning. Educators have two responsibilities she says. The first is persistence - what is written on the web stays there.
    [Providers] Summit to look forward to
    The meeting’s main objective is to build a community by bridging communities (technology, pedagogy, policy) and provide an opportunity for collective collaboration. I'm flying off to Barcelona in a few weeks - I have been invited to attend the Open EduTech Summit at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya by Professor Albert Sangra, whom I last met when we both presented keynote speeches at the Polish Virtual Universities Conference in Warsaw, back in June. I'm going to be talking about best practice in Web 2.0 Some of the sessions will be videotaped and shared with the community.
    [Providers] Multi-me
    But it might just provide me with some extra connections out there in the blogosphere, and as Cormier and others have made abundantly clear - it's not about nodes, it's the connections that are important. You can never have too many social networking connections, I reckon. So besides all my Flickring (4 accounts), Twittering , Plurking and Facebooking, and my occasional Slidesharing , Wikiing, Ninging and Elgging, I have also joined the International Edublogger Directory (check out their blog ). So I am member 425 on the International Edublogger community now. even my disasters.
    [Providers] Digital scaffolding
    Sure, there are FAQ pages and help call numbers, and supposedly a tutor who can provide online support. Paul and I believe that intelligent agents and/or expert tutor support can provide this type of digital scaffolding. Earlier this week at the Open EdTech Summit in Barcelona, I spent some time with Professor Paul Kirschner of the Open University of the Netherlands. During one of our creative thinking sessions (see yesterday's post) Paul came up with an idea for the support of online learners which I promptly gave a name to. But that's the germ of the idea.
    [Providers] Edupunk stalks the institution.
    The storm is just beginning, and people are now getting worried, for according to this press release from JISC earlier today: As learners increasingly adopt free third party email providers over their institutional email, further and higher education institutions are faced with whether to follow the crowd by outsourcing their email and data services. There has been much rhetoric over how academics are increasingly disenchanted with institutional VLE provision and are subscribing to a 'doing it yourself' approach. Where will it all end? Posted by Steve Wheeler from Learning with e's.
    [Providers] 2008 Places Retro (2)
    Each day I endured a hot and sweaty 30 minute bus ride to get to the centre, but (providing you held your nose) there was so much to see on the journey that it really wasn't that arduous. Continuing my top ten favourite places visited during 2008. Here are my top five cities in reverse order: 5 - Salzburg, Austria. Flying into the tiny airport at Salzburg in early June, I was treated to a breathtaking Alpine vista as we disembarked from the orange and white bird and trudged through the heat across the apron to the terminal building. 4 - One week later I flew into Lisbon, Portugal. My no.
    [Providers] About time
    Videoconferencing was just emerging as a visual medium for teaching, and the common connection was through ISDN2 - two digital telephone lines which were expensive to run and with only one provider to call upon to install it. If I was a politician or a head of state I would have made a New Year's speech by now. How can you tell if a politician is lying? You can see their lips moving). Thankfully I'm not a politician or a head of state, but that won't stop me. We are now in the 10th year of this new century, and soon the 'noughties' will be gone for ever. could go on but I won't.
    [Providers] Sharing spaces
    In this video you will see that they are not only sharing spaces, but also tools and technologies (a sort of technological multi-tasking) which provides them with their desired and possibly optimised learning spaces. When Russian psychologist Lev Vygotsky's concept of the zone of proximal development (ZPD) began to take hold in teaching circles in the 1980s, personal computers were still largely stand-alone, and the World Wide Web was little more than a twinkle in Sir Tim's eyes. But how could teachers translate these ideas into authentic learning contexts?
    [Providers] Twittering about - part 2
    Downunder, @suewaters ( Sue Waters , Australia) says she enjoys near instantaneous connections with extremely diverse groups of people who willingly help and share, and likes the ability of Twitter to provide quick help and assistance to others and similarly receive, increased ability to achieve deeper personal connection to people in your PLN compared to normal blogging. Here's the continuation of the report on my recent survey on about Twitter uses. asked people what their top three reasons were for using Twitter. Yesterday's post carried some of the responses, and here are the rest.
    [Providers] Timbuckteeth by numbers
    TwitterFriends provides some quite impressive statistical results, including breakdowns of the 'size of your relevant net' - the number of people you have replied to in the last 30 days, and how many have replied to your tweets. TwitterFriends will also provide you with mean scores (averages) of the number of tweets you send every day, the replies you have sent, how many links you have posted, and how many re-tweets you have sent. A very useful new stats tool has been lauded on Twitter in the past couple of days. Give it a go - I think you'll like it!
    [Providers] Give PLEs a chance
    Graham Attwell shows how industrial models of education and training fail to address the needs of contemporary society, and argues that it is the PLE concept, with all its associated content generation and sharing tools, that will provide solutions. This is my penultimate post in the series reviewing the new book ' Connected Minds, Emerging Cultures '. This post features Graham Attwell's chapter on the social impact of personal learning environments (PLEs). Informal learning is hardly acknowledged, less still fostered and facilitated (p 125-6).
    [Providers] Turning the screws on Twitter
    Leaving aside the privacy and safety issues for one moment, if used appropriately in the classroom, I think tools like Twitter can provide a great deal of added value. This can provide a secure bubble of activity where children are protected from being followed by outsiders, and where the teacher can maintain a reasonable level of control over discussions. The use of #tags and DMs (Direct messages) can also provide a useful filtered environment for specific themes. Twitter has taken on a life of its own, in more ways than one. The jury is still out on Twitter.
    [Providers] The boy done good
    tools have provided further ways in which to engage and communicate with students. One of my third year students, Dan Kennedy, has had his first article published in a new journal. The Plymouth Student Educator , a peer-reviewed online journal has been created to showcase the best of University of Plymouth students' work. Students need to score more than 70 for their assignments to be even considered for review, and then their work must go through just as vigorous a process of scrutiny as they would if they submitted their work to any other academic journal. Reference: Kennedy, D.
    [Providers] Folksonomies, memes and misunderstanding
    It all started with a message on Twitter from @stephendale who stated: "A taxonomist: One who organizes information in ways that makes sense to content providers, rather than content users." I thought this was a real gem, because it represented all that is 'corporate control' and 'top down' on the Web. responded (as you do) with my own version: "A folksonomist: one who organises information in ways that make sense to his/her own community of practice or interest." It was retweeted several times by others and they seemed to like my definition. patparslow didn't like my definition though.
    [Providers] Hasta la (MS) Vista Baby
    But his decision may, and probably will, pay dividends of another kind in the future, providing he can drag the teachers along with him on his scheme. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's decision to ditch textbooks in favour of Internet resources and other digital materials in Californian schools is a bold one, but it's hardly original. I'm a fan of Arnie as both an actor and politician, but I suspect on this occasion he is more interested in saving money than he is in raising the quality of learning on the US West Coast. Books still have a place in pedagogy and probably always will have.
    [Providers] Through the keyhole
    This is because it provides a constant stream of snapshots (some of which really are snapshots thanks to Twitpic et al) and you can respond in kind, and enjoy almost synchronous dialogue even though you are not physically present. Twitter provided quite a large keyhole to look through, in fact. The Apostle Paul once wrote that he could see things 'through a glass, darkly'. He was trying, I feel, to capture what it felt like to see things, but without complete clarity. The settings are always grand, and the company is erudite and entertaining. so brevity forces clarity.
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