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    [Providers] The Human Factor: Mixing & Matching with Rapid Development Tools by Mary Arnold
    Rapid e-Learning tools provide some benefits, but at the cost of tight, clean, easily maintained code. Here are some great tinkering tips for optimizing your work by using a combination of tools.
    [Providers] Launching Your eLearning Initiative Successfully
    Provide them with courses that fulfill these requirements. Industry relevant publications and places where you can share or aggregate your blog posts will provide an additional source of exposure. Launching a new product or service at any organization can feel like rocket science, one wrong move and BOOM! Don’t let your eLearning initiative go up in flames, plot a course for success among the association stars with these six tips. Match the courses to the learners. If you’ve done your market research you know who your target audience is. Do they need CE credits? This is very true.
    [Providers] IAR Professional Development Portal
    By utilizing Digitec’s Knowledge Direct LMS, IAR is able to: • Provide its membership with convenient 24/7 access to their pre-licensing course, eliminating the need for travel and increasing efficiencies. Provide learners dynamically generated eTranscripts for tracking their progress. Download the IAR Association Learning Management System Case Study as a PDF. When the Indiana Association of REALTORS decided to move into the “education business” in 2010, they knew they would have their work cut out for them. Bright minds converged, and a new business model was born. THE SOLUTION.
    [Providers] Knowledge Direct LMS Receives Top Honors
    Established in 1988, Digitec Interactive is an award-winning eLearning production company and learning management system provider, developing educational products for corporate, association, academic, medical and non-profit clients. Digitec Interactive is best known for the popular learning management system, Knowledge Direct® and has grown to be the leading provider of easy-to-use learning portals and engaging e-Learning programs and courseware. Feature-sets unique to the platform include: • An integrated course catalog with built-in marketing components. • December 6-8, 2011.
    [Providers] We’re hiring! Customer Support (United States – Philadelphia)
    Provide technical support through email, phone, and webinars. We do our upmost to provide feedback where we can! LearnUpon is a cloud based software company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland with offices in Sydney, New York and Belgrade. Our mission is to change the way online learning is delivered by developing a Learning Management System (LMS) that companies love to use. We are currently setting up a new office in Philadelphia and so it’s a great opportunity for someone to be involved in the early stages of this process. . Responsibilities. You Have. You Might Also Have.
    [Providers] How Our Team Produced a Music Video to Build Skills and Give Back
    The temporary homeless shelter serves families in Indianapolis by providing them the ways and means to lift themselves out of homelessness. BLP Employees Create an Original Song and Music Video to Support Dayspring Center in Indianapolis. Click here to view the embedded video. We are never at loss for creative energy at BLP. Even in the midst of client projects and marketing efforts, our talented staff finds ways to pursue artistic endeavors and build their skills in new and exciting ways. ” It’s about making the choice to love and give back, even when it isn’t easy.
    [Providers] Using Audio in e-Learning (or not…)
    You want to provide examples of how something sounds. If you’ve read any of my other blog posts (or, say, met me in person) you might get the idea that I like cool technology. You’d be right. You’d think that, given any chance, I’d want to use audio and video and animation in my e-learning courses. and you’d often be right). But I recently had a situation where I was the one making the case to avoid using moving pictures and audio. Like any other tool at our disposal, audio is appropriate in some cases and in appropriate in others. Good Reasons to Use Audio. Bad Reasons to Use Audio.
    [Providers] A New Idea in Preventing E-Learning Dropouts
    In the past, I wrote that it’s important for e-learners to set the time aside and treat their e-learning time with the same level of importance as any other work project or at least provide the same level of attentiveness as a live session( Give them Permission to Learn ). We’ve all been there at some point- trying to painfully complete some online course that is really, just plain awful. I can’t tell you how many times I had to just leave an e-learning course on Sarbanes -Oxley. I gleefully skipped by as many screens as possible. What was the result? [i]
    [Providers] Multitasking
    BBC provides more commentary. I didn't find a really good summary of this, so would appreciate any pointers that provides a pretty good summary. As way of background for this month's big question - , I went to eLearning Learning and looked up Multitasking. Found some great posts. " Clifford Nass, co-author of the study, claims "the study has a disturbing implication in an age when more and more people are simultaneously working on a computer, listening to music, surfing the Web, texting, or talking on the phone. It says: People in general are not good at multitasking.
    [Providers] Top 99 Workplace eLearning Blogs
    The full feed provides snippets from each source. And the Best Of feed provides a weekly summary with the top content from all of these sources. I just saw a post by Amit Garg Top 47 eLearning & Workplace Learning Blogs. His list was very similar to the list of sources that eLearning Learning includes. It made me wonder how many sources does eLearning Learning include? Turns out it's exactly 99. Please let me know if I'm missing any blogs that produce good content on eLearning and more particularly Workplace eLearning that would make sense to include. eLearning Technology.
    [Providers] Does Deliberative Practice Lead to Quick Proficiency?
    In Social Media Conversations , I posted the story of how this post came about. Briefly, I sent Ken Allan the following question: Any thoughts on how deliberative practice relates to becoming something less than an expert. It seems like it should be applicable to all levels of achievement, but everything I'm reading is the study of becoming an expert. Is that just aspirational, or is deliberative practice also studied for quick attainment of proficiency? And he responded with Proficiency and Deliberative Practice. In this case, I'm going to create a post out of it. Jack of all trades.
  • TONY KARRER  |  TUESDAY, MAY 5, 2009
    [Providers] eLearning Tour - May 21 - Free
    His background teaching e-learning classes, knowledge of adult learning theory, and experience training CEOs and front line staff provides him with a unique perspective on organizational learning. His experience with technology companies and high-tech initiatives provides him with insights into the future of technology. On May 21, LearnTrends will be hosting an eLearning Tour Event. This is designed to take you on a quick tour of different examples of what's happening out there. These examples are coming straight from our eLearning community. and Ph.D. in Computer Science.
    [Providers] Top 9 Posts You May Have Missed
    As work continually moves towards concept work demand for publishing will decrease and enabling tools, providing support and providing skills training will increase. Since I'm out, I'm thinking this is a good time to point you to some past posts. The last post was what I've been writing this year that social signals say is good reading. Today, I want to point you to some posts that you may have missed along the way and a bit about why it might be worth reading. #1 While it talks in terms of SharePoint, really the patterns described relate to all different types of tools. #2
    [Providers] Goodbye LMS?
    However, I agree with Jay that the bigger reason that LMS products are causing us grief in corporate learning applications is that while we want some aspects of what an LMS provides, we don't want our content to get stuck inside the LMS in the form of a course that makes in useless in other modes. If we believe that Course and Courseware Fading and that much of the learning content that we'll provide in the future will be in the form of things that do not look like courses, then don't we have to move to this kind of learning tracking and communication system?
    [Providers] Wikis - Public vs. Controlled - Why There's No eLearning Wiki
    I received an email asking me if I knew of any Wikis that provided information on eLearning concepts. But, has anyone noticed that blogs don't provide a means of asking questions that are not specific to a particular post? Update Sept. 18, 2006 - see [link] - which aims to address exactly the issues I'm discussing below in Wikipedia. First, let me say that I really like getting questions. Thus, folks must send me email which is fine, but it means that people who read my blog can't post answers. Does that make sense? Okay, onto the question. the short answer is "None that I know".
    [Providers] Types of Blog Discussions
    Blog Hub - A central blog provides a place where the topic is raised and comments are collected and bloggers post. The use of hubs (a Blog Hub or a Discussion Group Hub) helps to gather a critical mass of discussion participants and provides a better vehicle for tracking the discussion. I've been involved with several different groups of people who are having different kinds of discussions that happen among bloggers. Blog Tag Memes - Someone posts a question and "Tags" five people to give their response. See Five Things Meme as an example. as an example.
    [Providers] How Long Should an eLearning Course Be?
    If it's not absolutely essential, then it should be provided in some other way, i.e., reference. So instead of teaching them a bunch of stuff up-front, we provided those few pieces of information inside a hybrid reference solution. Interesting question posed in eLearn Magazine article: How Long Should an E-learning Course Be? Interestingly the author chooses to sidestep the question he poses and instead gives a direct answer to a different question (focusing on modules that are parts of a course): What is a good length for a module? Do what feels right. my answer. Zero is optimal.
    [Providers] Cisco - Enterprise 2.0
    This sounds similar to what Intel did with Intelpedia - which has been really great at providing support across a wide cross section of activities at Intel. There's an internal version of MySpace, which provides not only title and contact info but also personal profiles, job histories, interests, and videos. I don't know how I missed this, but thanks to Bill Ives for covering it on the FastForward blog - More Web 2.0 Stories, Part One: Cisco Goes All Out on Enterprise 2.0 Better still," he says, "another 10,000 people have added to those ideas." Fantastic. Capture best practices.
    [Providers] eLearning Authoring Tool
    Paraphrasing justifications for custom eLearning Authoring Tool approaches: A templated approach provides speed and consistency for repetitive tasks, freeing up time and budget for customizing demonstrations and adding in video and other engaging elements. An eLearning authoring tool will provide consistent sustainability for courseware output. Looking back at my post about eLearning Authoring Tools - and particularly whether custom or off-the-shelf is the way to go, I've been interested in seeing the varied response. HTML and JavaScript are likely here to stay.
    [Providers] Instruction eLearning 2.0 and Quality
    Later they say: Invariably, quality will mean very different things to different elearning providers. If we provide information in the form of performance support, reference material, etc., On my post Quick Wins , I received some questions around use of Web 2.0 in the workplace (really they relate to eLearning 2.0). The comments are interesting to see and discuss: Can anyone tell me where QUALITY comes into play with these collaborative enterprise 2.0 technologies? Or does anyone even care about that anymore? Also, different needs will necessitate different solutions.
    [Providers] Relevance of the learning profession - In defense of ISD
    and the Shift in eLearning from Pure Courseware towards Reference Hybrids , I'm certainly talking about providing support materials that are used as part of work. Another client needs systems to help provide customer satisfaction information in actionable form and then help with how to improve the results. Harold Jarche wrote an interesting article The relevance of the learning profession that received a fair amount of attention in various blogs. I've read it several times and I find myself agreeing, but also feeling that he's taken things too far. It's the knowlege economy.
    [Providers] Case Study: Waterstones Academy – Goal-Based Learning for Booksellers
    Many retailers wanting to provide product training would opt for face-to-face training, or elearning courseware plus an LMS. Support – providing great front-line support to users and managers. The Waterstones Academy site has provided us with a fantastic new tool to develop and train our bookshop teams. We were thrilled this month to win Silver at the 2013 eLearning Awards in the ‘Best eLearning Project (Private Sector) for a project that we did with bookseller, Waterstones. It was the toughest category with over 30 submissions. Here’s their story …. The Challenge.
  • G-CUBE  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 12, 2011
    [Providers] Performance Support Tools – Holding Our Hand Through Change?
    Whether adapting to a new process or a technology, providing training for every change may seem difficult. Advancement in technology brings changes in the way we work. Over the past few decades, these changes have been rapid as well as huge in their impact. From the pen-and-paper traditional desk, to desktop computers, laptops and now, tablets and smart-phones- change has been constant. Every change brings with itself the necessary rigors of adaptation. This is especially so when taking into consideration ever-expanding numbers and geographical spread of users. Step 1. Step 2.
    [Providers] Feedback on the Big Question?
    The goals of the Big Question are: Get different perspectives on topics that are of interest to workplace learning professionals Provide input to Learning Circuits, T&D and other parts of ASTD on topical issues Provide a way for bloggers and others to find relevant blogs Support the network of bloggers I'd like to get feedback on the Big Question: What works? Feel free to just comment or you can do the normal post and provide a link. We are coming up on three years since the first Big Question - Should all Learning Professionals Blog? Ah, but I digress.
    [Providers] A Manager's View of Employee Learning
    Application : managers lead the department efforts to determine and provide opportunities for employees to immediately apply learning in their work in a way that will make a difference. I rarely post a guest blog, but in this case I couldn’t resist posting Bernard Donkerbrook’s reaction to my last blog post. Bernie is a long-time automotive company manager and experienced engineer. Having retired from the auto industry, he is now an executive coach focused on improving Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in leaders. The logic and specifics are great. See below.
    [Providers] Create Mobile Learning with Lectora & Lectora Online by Tanya Seidel
    Smartphones provide a great means for delivering e-Learning, especially just-in-time training. But, to ensure the content is usable, e-Learning authors must design and create the content with the device in mind.
    [Providers] More E-Learning Needed to Improve Sales Enablement Efforts
    If organizations are spending this kind of money on largely ineffective training, there is a lot of value in figuring out ways to improve sales enablement efforts and provide them at a lower cost. . Using Mindflash to create e-learning courses can help you improve your online sales training efforts by providing training that is more self-directed, delivered at a lower cost, and sustainable in the sense that there are available resources that help sales professionals remember what they learned in training courses. Self-Directed Training. Delivering Training at Lower Cost.
    [Providers] FEMA Course: IS-42 Social Media in Emergency Management
    The purpose of the course is to provide the participants with best practices including tools, techniques and a basic roadmap to build capabilities in the use of social media technologies in their own emergency management organizations (State, local, Tribal) in order to further their emergency response missions. I was part of a learning team developing a new course for FEMA. Great experience collaborating in a virtual environment. Our team was spread out all over the country - Seattle, New York, Virginia and Texas. Drop Box was used to exchange large files.
    [Providers] Hours on the Job Drive Habits of Mobile Employees
    The iPass Mobile Workforce Survey conducted as part of the report asked mobile employees what technologies provided a gain or a drain to their productivity, how often they were checking their smartphones during downtime, how often they worked from home, and if mobility influenced their work/life balance." "The Quarterly iPass Mobile Workforce Report reveals the behaviors of mobile employees, and identifies common characteristics to segment users into five categories: mobile minimalists, mobile minority, mobile majority, mobile masters, and mobile maniacs. Check it out: [link
    [Providers] Microsoft Showcase
    For example, Health Tech Today with Dr. Bill Crounse is a monthly online series providing cutting-edge stories at the intersection of health and information technology. The Microsoft Showcase website has lots of videos that you can view, email or embed in a webpage. There are over 800 videos including previews of Microsoft Office 2010. The show features informative interviews with some of the world's top health leaders; compelling health-related personal stories; and the latest technology and IT innovations. link] Check it out: [link
    [Providers] From Tepid to Turbocharged
    Jeff Herrington provided a checklist of writing tips to transform content into something compelling. Check out Jeff's site for more details: [link] Tips included: Subscribe to Word of the Day [link] Avoid overused words [link] Check out non-American websites (, for inspiration Put people front and center in your writing In addition, check out these vocabulary websites: [link] : For each answer you get right, they donate 10 grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Program. link] : includes medical jargon and tech terms.
    [Providers] Free writing courses and teaching resources
    Purdue OWL (Online Writing Lab): The Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue University houses writing resources and instructional material, and provides these as a free service of the Writing Lab at Purdue. Students, members of the community, and users worldwide will find information to assist with many writing projects. Teachers and trainers may use this material for in-class and out-of-class instruction. Writing and Teaching Writing Research Grammar and Mechanics Style Guides ESL (English as a Second Language) Job Search and Professional Writing Check it out: [link
    [Providers] Wikipedia leads to great new resource
    which provides you with a real gem. Sometimes one resources leads to another. One of my first sources for information is Wikipedia. I spent some time reading about the history of the presidents. link] A link on this page lead me to [link] containing info on the presidents. The Internet Public Library is a site to bookmark. The Internet Public Library is a public library for the world wide web.Students from a consortium of colleges and universities with programs in information science develop and maintain the IPL
    [Providers] New Job Aid: Building Measurement into Training Development
    It's not rocket science, but it is our attempt to provide some guidance for how you might better utilize learning measurement. Roy and I wanted to develop a job aid that would help (1) remind us to plan for measurement, (2) see where and how measurement should be integrated into our training-development plans, and (3) provide the reasoning behind the key steps. Today, Roy Pollock (CLO of the Fort Hill Company) and I release our job aid, " Building Measurement Into Your Training-Development Plan." Good learning measurement enables us to: Boost Learning Results. Click to learn mor
    [Providers] Inquisiq: A Mobile-Compatible LMS!
    In the LMS space, providers are slowly coming to grips with the requirements and evolving standards of mobile delivery – though some are moving faster than others. However, f a mobile device is being used, Inquisiq will automatically provide a more learner-centric interface, allowing the user to more quickly access their enrollments and directly launch the related content, all within an interface adapted for mobile devices. Be sure to check with your authoring tool or bespoke/custom courseware provider to see if your content will work across the range of mobile devices.
    [Providers] Toolkit: Articulate 360 Review, Continued by Joe Ganci
    Last month’s Toolkit provided an overview of Articulate’s new 360 Suite, and in-depth reviews of the updated Storyline 360 and Articulate Review. This month, Joe offers coverage of the rest of the tools in the suite. Design & Development Tools Development Strategies Rapid Development
    [Providers] New Lambda Learning Solution Expands Open-Source Feature Set for Global Enterprise Market by News Editor
    Technology provider Lambda Solutions announced today the release of Lambda Learning Solution, calling it the first. enterprise software and services bundle to offer a comprehensive feature set for the global open-source market. It comes. bundled with Zoola Analytics and includes two new products, LMSCheckout and EnlightenCRM. Blended Learning Learning Systems Management Measurement Training Strategies
    [Providers] Rapt Media Partners with Kaltura to Drive More Powerful Video Experiences by News Editor
    provider, to bring enterprise companies a new generation of video that drives deeper engagement through personalization. Rapt Media, a leader in groundbreaking interactive video technology, is integrating with Kaltura, the leading video technology. and interaction. Emerging Topics Interface Design Learning Media Training Strategies
    [Providers] 15 Interesting Clip Art Styles for Your E-Learning Courses
    In the example below, you can see how images from “style 148” provide characters, various props, and some shapes that I can use in my elearning courses. If you’re like many of us, you don’t have a lot of money to buy stock images or hire a graphics designer. So that means you’re stuck using the free resources that come with PowerPoint. In previous posts, I’ve discussed ways to ungroup your clip art and create your own clip art. It only takes a few clicks to get from one image to the next. These are the ones that I commonly use for my elearning courses. About Clip Art Styles. Style 148.
    [Providers] Social networking is king
    A wonderful example of the latter was provided by Spike in his session Look who’s talking! In my previous article , I explored one of the principles to emerge from the recent AMPLIFY09 festival, namely “Everything big started small&#. Another principle that resonated with me was, in my own words: Social networking is king. This principle featured in many of the sessions I attended, but it was showcased in no uncertain terms by two speakers in particular: 1. Spike Jones , the “Firestarter&# at Brains on Fire ; and. The goal posts have moved. technology. Yes we can.
    [Providers] Digitec Welcomes New Knowledge Direct LMS Partners
    Visioning Healthcare, the leading provider of consulting and education for safe patient handling, has selected the Digitec Knowledge Direct learning management system for its continuing education and recertification programs. Visioning Healthcare hopes the new technology will make it easier and more convenient for healthcare providers to earn continuing education credits and apply for certification. With the addition of the company’s new online learning portal, Visioning Healthcare will make the transition from instructor-led, classroom-based training to eLearning. Tweet This!
    [Providers] Digitec Hits the Road for AMA CME Conference in Baltimore
    The 23rd Annual Conference of the National Task Force on CME Provider/Industry Collaboration is focusing on forces shaping the future of the CME Provider and Industry. Digitec will demonstrate Knowledge Direct® MED and its Continuing Medical Education (CME) eLearning services at this year’s American Medical Association (AMA) conference in Baltimore, Maryland, October 10-12. Continuing Medical Education is a big issue today in the medical profession. Many physicians are now taking their CME online through the Digitec Knowledge Direct MED Learning Management System (LMS).
    [Providers] knowledge and Learning In The News - 6/20/2006
    public and private em- ployers spend about $80 billion a year providing their employees with job-related training, Eduventures said. billion on outside providers, it said. Eye movement, visual memory, and peanut butter sandwiches - Cognitive Daily. Experiments on change blindness have revealed striking limitations in visual memory. Yet new research shows that perhaps visual memory isn't as limited as once was thought. The Weblog Project. The first open-source movie documentary about blogs and bloggers. Colleges fail to tap training dollars - Columbus Dispatch.
    [Providers] Is Your eLearning Team Sick?
    When describing organizational illusions she provides some common examples that are instrumental in defining her point and showing the reader the reality of the situation. I recently had lunch with an old acquaintance from the University of Wisconsin, Kathleen Paris, Ph.D. She has, over many years, been involved with the University’s efforts to improve quality and promote strategic planning. In her view, most modern workplaces are at least a little bit sick because “too many people without appropriate skills and motives supervise other people.” Inadequate Managerial Skills and Motives.
    [Providers] User Testing A.K.A. Formative Evaluation for eLearning
    Testing provides confidence that youth will perceive the game as fun and that stakeholders will perceive it as a good investment. As the international organization responsible for promoting, coordinating and monitoring the fight against doping in sport, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is committed toeducating athletes about the risks associated with doping and their rights and responsibilities in the doping control process. Full disclosure: my company is one of WADA’s educational tool development vendors.) Formative Evaluation of educational technology tools.
    [Providers] What is a Minimalist Training Model?
    It is not about "simplification" but about providing only the required information. What is a "Minimalist Training Model" (I have taken the meaning of the word "minimalist" in a literal sense and done away with purely theoretical assumptions and niceties) and have tried to see if we can present this to a client with a rationale about the business impact. Minimalist Training Model would need to have the following features: 1. Be Learning Object (LO) driven. So, the first characteristic of Minimalism gets taken care of and client does not pay for "extraneous" effort. Business impact.
    [Providers] 7 Tips to Prepare Yourself for a Successful Job Interview
    Author Bio: Adam Jackson is to provide useful ideas to students that help them to grab a successful career. Heartiest congratulations! If you’ve been invited for a job interview, it means you’ve already made a good impression on the recruiter. Now is the time to prepare yourself for the first encounter with the interviewer to make sure you grab your dream job. For the perfect job interview, stop believing in fate and start believing in yourself. Here are some useful tips that may help you nail the interview incredibly. Organize Your Documents. Perfect Interview Outfit. Take Follow Up.
    [Providers] Cheating that occurred at Goldman Sachs on some training tests
    Author of an infamous “Holder Memo” that provided the authority for DoJ attorneys to neglect the criminal prosecution if prosecutors were of opinion that such wrongdoing can harm the economy, the moral weapon “Holder” ushered in led to a slippery slope [4]. Perhaps, one of the most surprising news last week about the dismissal of 20 Goldman Sachs analysts, from the leading banking organizations on account of cheating, clearly reveals that how easy it is for the test administrators to monitor and track the offenders. This dismissal has occurred in Goldman’s securities business unit.
    [Providers] 5 Online Engagement Strategies
    The aim of such rule and policy is not to control the posting and online engagement, rather it aims to provide a set of instructions for spreading content. An engaged online campaigns is a strategic business asset that enables business to inspire, motivate and mobilize its employees to achieve defined business goals. This is the idea I am going to discuss in this post, that how engaged employees can be motivated to succeed, take pride in their company and committed to the business’s success. My previous posts have also talked about this idea somehow. All this involves people, not tools.
    [Providers] Using a MOOC for HiPo Training
    Using the underlying principle of MOOCs named “flipping classroom”, which means that most of the learning occurs not with the instructor teaching the students but by providing students an access to course material and making them probing, discussing and debating issues with their peers and instructors. In this blog post, I am just going to be learner oriented, especially those having superior training needs and targets. Let me tell you why. First of all, HiPos are two times more productive and valuable than others, having strong leadership skills and can deliver higher profit growth.
    [Providers] Huge MOOCs savings
    If we talk in an academic context, then though MOOCs are considered to provide training, yet many instructors and learners fear that MOOCs might be unable to meet quality standards in terms of success in courses, good performance in future courses, rewarding careers and benefits anticipated from a college degree. Though Silicon Valley has vigorously promoted MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), however, some universities and organizations are still reluctant to consider it appropriate to include it in their learning and training structure. This raises a question asking a reason for it.
    [Providers] Ten Common Misconceptions About User Experience Design
    Inverting this to purpose content and technology to provide an experience is a better way to look at it. User Experience Design is not just about technology – In eLearning, both content and technology is used to provide the learning experience. User experience design involves balancing all aspects required to provide a quality learning experience. I’ve been continuing my research into user experience and interaction design. I stumbled on this really great presentation on SlideShare by Whitney Hess – 10 Most Common Misconceptions about User Experience Design.
    [Providers] eLearning Learning Sponsored by Rapid Intake
    We both believe that while this is a loose network, it provides an important and really valuable voice. As you probably know, eLearning Learning has been steadily growing and is now one of the top eLearning sites on the web. I wanted to let you know about an exciting development for eLearning Learning that’s being announced this morning in the eLearning DevCon Keynote. Garin Hess and the team from Rapid Intake has stepped in to help me keep the site going both from an effort and financial standpoint. Of course, if you are reading this, that’s probably not you. eLearning Technology.
    [Providers] Social Media for Knowledge Workers
    That said, I thought it would be worthwhile for me to collect a few of the resources that provide good starting points that can help Knowledge Workers improve their performance using Social Media. Last week I had a presentation around using Social Media and Web 2.0 tools to improve your performance as a knowledge worker. One of the questions that always comes up is: How do I find more information to help me get started? The answer is that this information is a bit hard to come by. There’s a lot out there, but it’s often hard to find information that helps you get start.
    [Providers] eLearning Technology and LearnTrends Nominated
    Ajaan Rob Best educational use of a social networking service [link] Nicole Fougere Best group blog: eLearning Learning Gina Minks Best group blog eLearning Learning aggregates several different education blogs, and provides a way to navigate by blog or keyword. The EduBlog Awards are happening again this year. I’m happy to say there were several nominations for this blog and for LearnTrends. There are a lot of great nominees in all of the categories. If you’ve found value from this blog and/or LearnTrends, please click on the links below and vote for them in their categories.
    [Providers] Learning Community, Peers and Outside Experts
    While strife with technical challenges, Nancy White and John Smith’s presentation at LearnTrends 2009 ( LearnTrends 2009 Recordings ) provided some really interesting food for thought. In some ways this relates closely to the post on Selling Learning Communities. By way of background, Nancy White and John Smith are gurus around all things Communities and Networks. I’ve worked with Nancy to create the Communities and Networks Connection which helps me continuously learn. And I keep a copy of their book Digital Habitats; Stewarding Technology for Communities next to my computer.
    [Providers] Trainer – Where to Now?
    For both, lots of ideas that I never would have been able to provide on my own. There has been really great response to both Recommended End of Year eLearning Tools Spending? and this month's Big Question: Presenting the Value of Social Media for Learning. I may be pushing my luck, but I received another question that I thought was a good question. By way of background, this person is a teacher/trainer who is bright and has lots of great experience teaching and training different adults across different topics. He's well versed in "advanced Teaching-Learning techniques."
    [Providers] Qarbon Camtasia and Adobe Captivate
    Question from a reader, hoping you can provide your thoughts: I am in the process of selecting an elearning tool that is easy to use, quick to create the demos and does not bloat the file size much. I want to create some online videos that will be a total of about 6-7 hours and upload them on my site. These videos would have software demos, screencasts and PowerPoints embedded inside them. Also every screen would have audio (voiceover with my voice) accompanying it. I will want to have a simple menu system to break up the content into chunks. I have been looking into various tools.
    [Providers] Call for Panelists - Future of Business of Learning
    Software/Services CxOs Vendors who provide other kinds of software or services to corporations * What new offerings are they selling or trying to sell? I am pulling together an event for Learn Trends that will occur on July 23. I'm seeking several kinds of panelists who can contribute to the discussion. Please contact me via email: akarrer @ if you are interested in being on one of the panels. Or if you know someone who I should recruit. This event focuses on the issues raised in Business of Learning. What new offerings are they looking to buy to bring into their company?
    [Providers] Disclosures
    That clause says: I have a responsibility to provide unbiased content in my blog, presentations and consulting. Keeping with the theme of creating posts that really shouldn't be posts, but I need to have an appropriate page in my blog, I thought I should take the opportunity to create a page where I can list any and all disclosures about relationships with vendors, people, companies that may appear in my writing or speaking. All relationships will be disclosed and transparent. All communications in my blog, presentations and consulting will be authentic. I will talk about competitors.
  • TONY KARRER  |  THURSDAY, MAY 14, 2009
    [Providers] Twitter and Webinars
    I've predicted for a couple of years that they would provide a 2.5D Webinar vendors should help us address this by providing outbound and inbound to twitter. I recently complained that even after all these years, tools like Elluminate and WebEx still didn't provide the ability to have people put their pictures and other information on their profiles so you could find out more about the users. Obviously to make the twitter thing work, users would have to provide their twitter credentials, so having this kind of profile information becomes more important. Thoughts?
  • TONY KARRER  |  MONDAY, APRIL 27, 2009
    [Providers] Online CEU Credits
    They include the following definition (which is at least a bit better than most CEU definitions): “Effective interactive training” includes any of the following: (A) “Classroom” training is in-person, trainer-instruction, whose content is created by a trainer and provided to a supervisor by a trainer, in a setting removed from the supervisor’s daily duties. (B) The webinar must provide the supervisors an opportunity to ask questions, to have them answered and otherwise to seek guidance and assistance. (D) There are many, many examples out there. Or exploratory? Now the hard part.
    [Providers] Content Quality
    When I do sessions on eLearning 2.0 , I often will ask for the audience to provide a list of barriers or risks. Often the audience is quite good at identifying all the things that may go wrong or that will prevent them from doing any of this. And quite often one of the first concerns listed is content quality. If I allow people to edit a wiki, how will I know it's good quality? To me this is one of the more overstated risks. Yes, someone could post something wrong on the wiki, but they likely are already putting that same information in emails and IMs. Plus you can rely on human nature.
    [Providers] Related Terms
    The recent addition of related terms (relationship factors) in eLearning Learning that show what how related terms are to a given result set provides some interesting insights. I already pointed to some of the Interesting Information that we could see as we compare what different bloggers write about. I can also do a query (which is not available through the interface) to see what terms are related to what's being discussed right now. Some of these are no surprise, but others such as Yugma made me notice that version 4 is out, hence people are talking about it more than usual.
    [Providers] Perspective in Blogs (or how Guy Kawasaki almost ruined my blogging experience)
    In fact, one CEO group that I was part of drilled into your head to never give advice directly, but rather provide relevant personal experience that might help you draw your own conclusion. The other day I ran across Guy Kawasaki's Signum sine tinnitu blog. I've always enjoyed Guy's speaking so I spent some time on his blog (really good stuff), but then I ran across The First 100 Days: Observations of a Nouveau Blogger where he says: The more a blogger uses the pronoun "I,” the less he has to say. Uh oh. He could barely get a thought out of his head. Damn you Guy!
    [Providers] Significant Work Needed to Help Instructional Designers
    My personal summary is very briefly (more below): There's general consensus that ISD, ADDIE, HPT provide a good foundation, but that they need to evolve. ISD, ADDIE, HPT are Good Foundations There was general consensus that they provide a good foundation for the future. ISD, ADDIE, HPT need to Change There was also general consensus that while they provide a foundation, they need to change. The November LCB Big Question was "Are ISD / ADDIE / HPT relevant in a world of rapid elearning, faster time-to-performance, and informal learning?" There are a few skeptics.
    [Providers] LCB Question for December - Past Year, Present Challenges, Predictions
    I had a real "aha experience" after using add-ins to provide features inside my blog. I had a very interesting disagreement with a client about the technical direction for their solution - they wanted local editing via a Word add-in locally installed - I advocated providing a pure web delivered solution. I am a big believer in the ability of web sites to provide simple forms that a user can fill out, that captures data that can be reused, and then feeds the data into templates that provide significant value. What are your predictions for 2007? It's all pure service.
    [Providers] More on Changes to ISD, ADDIE, HPT
    As is Tom's post: Providing a change model. Interesting blog discussion going on that relates back to LCB's November Big Question (you can find my earlier summation ). Part of the discussion is Where Will the Change Come From? and reading the comments on the post: If You Believe It's Broken - How Do You Change Our Industry/Models/etc? is interesting. But, Tom is way off when he says: I found that software developers have a change model in mind for the widespread adoption of Web 2.0 tools. They think it will never happen. Quite the contrary is true. Web 2.0
    [Providers] State of Assessment by E-Learning Developers
    I personally am a big proponent of using metrics throughout the solution (at analysis to define what it is we are really going after, as part of the intervention to provide direction, to assess the outcomes and make change), but often unless the metrics are already being collected by the organization (e.g., Will Thalheimer posted a must-read Assessment Mistakes by E-Learning Developers which I think is mistitled. It should be the "State of Assessment." I'm not at all surprised by his findings in that they echo much of what I've heard over the years. Among them. did a post course test.
    [Providers] New Kind of LMS?
    It will track your access of content of various forms without login, provide suggestions for additional content, suggest learning paths based on what you are doing. Some interesting thinking going on by Lee Kraus and Mark Oehlert around where the LMS is going to need to go if we really are going to allow for small content chunks that can be quickly accessed. I personally think that the LMS is quickly being relegated to longer, developmental activities and compliance activities. I've talked about some of these problems before: LMS Dissatisfaction on the Rise Do You WANT an LMS?
    [Providers] The New LMS
    I almost agree with Lee on this, but I do think there will be destination or at least a guide that can be brought up to provide suggestions about learning opportunities, resources, additional content that relates to what you are viewing. More discussion occuring in blogs around a new kind of LMS. Lee Kraus has various ideas about the new LMS: It will most likely will not be a destination. It is there when you need it and gone when you don't. It will track or pull data from many different web services. i.e. your feedreader, flickr, or youtube. It will not be an HR system.
    [Providers] Wikis at Work
    As a human resources site, in some cases replacing the company intranet, providing data on benefits, policies, new-employee orientation material. Found via Big Dog Little Dog - It's information collaboration - discusses the use of Wikis within organizations. Some of the points it makes: Gartner predicts that by 2009 half of companies worldwide will be using wikis Examples of use Acronyms and industry terminology, best sales practices, case studies, client information, meeting minutes. Just makes updates that much easier. He also pointed at - Most Business Tech Pros Wary About Web 2.0
    [Providers] No Informal Learning and Blended Learning Mix - CLO Panel Surprises
    Clearly, each of the CLOs saw themselves primarily as providers of formal learning solutions. At the eLearningGuild event, I attended a panel of CLOs from fairly large organizations (including EMC). Most of what they said was pretty much what you'd expect, however, what really surprised me were two things. First, none of the panelists seemed to focused on finding ways to support informal learning in the organization. EMC owns Documentum (a big document management/content management system) and owns eRoom (a team collaboration tool). It was fascinating to see the disconnect.
    [Providers] Formalizing and Investing in Informal Learning
    Informal Learning is Too Important to Leave to Chance I actually do think there are ways we can provide form and structure to intentional informal learning approaches. I just saw a post by David Wilson - Real metrics on Informal Learning that asks about a subject that we would all like to know. Is investing in informal learning effective? Do you get return? I've got a lot more on this issue in: Informal Learning - Let's Get Real - Part II Informal Learning - Let's Get Real Elves, Measuring Results and Informal Learning Guidance Needed - Are we Misguided in Informal Learning and.
    [Providers] eLearning 2.0 - Go Do It
    I've been trying to answer these questions by pointing people to various descriptions I've provided in the past such as: What is eLearning 2.0? Since my presentations last month at the Harvard Business School and at the eLearningGuild Annual Gathering, I've been getting several basic questions about what Web 2.0 and eLearning 2.0 really are. eLearning 1.0, and 2.0 Learning Trends Point To and Shape eLearning 2.0 But here's the real answer and I'm going to call it Tony's eLearning 2.0 Law #1: You will NOT really understand Web 2.0 and eLearning 2.0 and eLearning 2.0 That's it. No really!
  • TONY KARRER  |  TUESDAY, MAY 8, 2007
    [Providers] PowerPoint Preparation is Good
    However, I'd also want to add that in my experience presenters who don't use slides often don't do a good job providing information, they are often ill-prepared, seem to ramble through stories, don't necessarily draw it to a conclusion, and make it really hard on the audience to extract the meaning. This month's big question on the Use of PowerPoint has already sparked some discussion and some good links. We'll likely get agreement that PowerPoint itself is not evil, but poor use of PowerPoint is. I've attended quite a few keynotes like that and even more panel sessions.
    [Providers] Tracking Social Media for Possible Confidentiality Violations
    SM2 can help your organization implement and utilize social media by providing a tool for monitoring these media and enforcing your organization's compliance policies. Found via FastFoward blog - Attention Business Bloggers: Big Brother is Watching - Techrigy is a new start-up that focuses on: Real-time social media management for enterprises with SM2. As blogs and wikis spread throughout enterprises, organizations must deal with compliance and risk-management issues that are created from communications through these media. I personally don't think this is different than email or IM.
    [Providers] Feed Filters
    It would be fairly easy for them to provide a view of a set of RSS feeds sorted by "interestingness" based on a similar formula. I had previously discussed the Aide RSS Filtering Tool - AideRSS looks at a variety of sources of information including comments, technorati, bloglines, icerocket and to determine what posts are generating the most interest. I really like the concept of using different clues about what posts are generating interest to help sort through large numbers of posts. Instead, AideRSS sends me a bunch of lower rated items along with the top items.
    [Providers] Semantic Web Applications - Mundane or Interesting
    For example, ClearForest provides a Firefox extension called Gnosis. A recent post by Richard MacManus on 10 Semantic Apps to Watch discusses several semantic web applications. Richard explains semantic web applications as: A key element is that the apps below all try to determine the meaning of text and other data, and then create connections for users. It is a bit of a dog, but it can "identify the people, companies, organizations, geographies and products on the page you are viewing." It recognizes Companies, Countries, Industry Terms, Organizations, People, Products and Technologies.
    [Providers] 2007 Traffic Stats - Hopefully a Meme
    This somewhat understands reach of the blog since I provide full feeds and many people never leave their reader to come to the web site. I've seen a couple of posts ( Matt Cutts , Dave Taylor ) talking about their relative web statistics for 2007. While my stats are very low in comparison to theirs, I was hoping that I could entice fellow bloggers to post some stats about their traffic in 2007. I thought it might be interesting to share with each other and I'm guessing there will be a few surprises. Some thoughts / comments. You can get more detail on my Top eLearning Posts.
  • TONY KARRER  |  TUESDAY, MAY 27, 2008
    [Providers] Design for Search
    And, by the way, I believe that Donald Clark does a remarkable job of providing links to interesting articles. Interesting post by Donald Clark that points to a BCC article - Web users 'getting more selfish'. The article is a bit over the top in terms of headline, but it's main point is: people are becoming much less patient when they go online. Instead of dawdling on websites many users want simply to reach a site quickly, complete a task and leave. Hardly selfish really. Most of our activity is looking up information, so the most common use case is search, evaluate, keep, organize.
  • TONY KARRER  |  MONDAY, JUNE 2, 2008
    [Providers] Frank Nguyen - EPSS - at ASTD
    Providing learners with more on-the-job performance support does not eliminate the need for training and there are cases where training is preferred When in learning mode - people want minimal information. Frank Nguyen is presenting at ASTD on EPSS. You can find his presentation on his site. His major points were: Search is not an effective method for performers to find information. Integrating information closer to the work flow and work interface can improve performance. Novices cannot effectively use the same support systems as experts. Frank is doing great research in this area.
    [Providers] Email, Knowledge/Content Management - Email as a Future Application Interface
    James Robertson's excellent Column Two blog pointed me to an interesting article by Seth Gottlieb - Email and Content Management which provides some practical suggestions about how to move from email based content management towards better mechanisms. While I agree with Seth's main contention that email, especially email with attachments, makes content management much harder, I actually think that Seth is swimming against a very, very strong current and is probably going to get sucked into the ocean shortly. This is our way to "get in front of the user." And it works extremely well.
    [Providers] Making Intranet Discussion Groups Effective
    PROVIDE AN AGGREGATED, PRIORITIZED VIEW OF DISCUSSIONS. An interesting article - 6 Steps to Effective Discussion Forums on your Intranet , but I don't necessarily agree with all of his ideas. Let me start with the first one, to have an effective discussion, you need critical mass. The problem for most forums starts (and ends) here. I don't remember where I read this, but several people have found a similar 100-10-1 metric for forums. Out of 100 people in the rough target audience, 10 will sign-up and read forums, 1 will contribute. Not sure this will generate critical mass.
    [Providers] Leading with an LMS - Harmful to Your Health (or Skipping Stages in Bersin's Four Stage Model)
    If, as Josh suggests, you only need off-the-shelf courses, then you likely can use your providers' LMS implementation. I recently was piling through my stack of magazines and ran across an article in Training & Development Magazine that reference "the stages of eLearning" from a Josh Bersin report. Unfortunately, the article is only available to ASTD members and via registration at Bersin's site. And, though I understand what Josh is going for in the model, I think that it is more a model of what people have done rather than what you should do. You don't need an LMS to do eLearning.
    [Providers] Want to Build Better E-Learning Courses? Think Beer
    But some are workbooks that provide exercises for you to practice what you’re learning. For what you get and the free resources we’ll provide it’s a great deal. Did you know that Portland, Oregon has more than 30 breweries? That is the most breweries per capita in the US. Being from the Pacific Northwest, I’m kind of partial to craft beers. I might not like every beer that I taste, but I do enjoy the diversity in flavor. The thing with beer is that there’s not a right or wrong beer. It would be foolish to argue that a stout is better than a pilsner. Let me explain.
    [Providers] Time Saving Tip in Word & Outlook - Autocorrect
    Using the example provided, note that whenever “DSHS” is entered, “Department of State Health Services” will now appear in the document, reducing keystrokes from 31 to only 4. Tip provided by MicroAssist - Brandy Sommer. Finding a quick solution to expedite work and improve accuracy is a win/win solution. According to a study conducted by the Microsoft PC Accessories group, American workers expend an average of six hours per day on the computer at work. Much of that time often involves digital communication (e-mail, various online channels, etc.). You can!
    [Providers] Genre: Mini game
    Mini games can sometimes provide an awareness of some more complicated issue, such as fit. I think we are going to be using these more for formal learning programs, so I thought I would share a quick overview and, better, some examples: Mini games: small, easy-to-access games built to be simple and addictive. Mini games are "one-note" in terms of gameplay, often focusing on mastering an action, sometimes with a desired message as a backdrop. Mini-games are typically for: marketing (such as [Dr. commerce (where players will play a few free levels, and then buy the full game).
    [Providers] All Media Forced to be Sold for Cheap
    providers/creators will be forced to lower prices significantly or give away their products for free. But really, all you training providers ought to peer deeply into the future. All the e-learning development tools that proliferate today will disappear or be reduced to niche segmentation as two to five dominant players provide relatively inexpensive yet powerful authoring tools. I basically make 80% of my money doing consulting, speaking and keynotes, workshops, learning audits, and providing instructional-design help. No worries, I'm all right with that.
    [Providers] We’re exhibiting at LEARNING LIVE 2012!
    Saffron Interactive will be demonstrating how its award–winning instructional design team’s expertise is most suited to today’s dynamic learning environments, where developments in communications technology are providing more mobile, social and cross-platform opportunities to engage learners and boost performance than ever before. Throughout the event, Saffron Interactive will be showcasing how its record of excellence in providing instructional content helps businesses to stay ahead of the curve in challenging times. Saffron Interactive @ LEARNING LIVE. LEARNING LIVE.
    [Providers] Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Cognitive Flexibility Theory & Multiple Representations
    Use multiple representations to provide the learner with multiple ways of accessing the information: visual or auditory. From the CFT vantage, multiple representations is not about providing the same information in a different format (the learning styles approach), but rather presenting different perspectives on that information. Provide a variety of examples or case studies that get to the concept in different ways. Cammy Beans Learning Visions Musings on eLearning, instructional design and other training stuff. Not quite. Got it. Makes sense. Hi Cammy. Thanks for the tip.
    [Providers] The Human Factor: Feedback, or Things I Could Have Learned Playing Zuma by Mary Arnold
    Videogames show us how to provide useful feedback, even in conventional e-Learning offerings. There’s more to feedback than correction, as this week’s column demonstrates!
    [Providers] This Week in Learning - November 10, 2015
    Taking as her starting point a recent piece in the New York Times that defends lectures as an effective method of teaching, Barre suggests that, instead of covering old ground, we should shift the discussion to a “normative debate about what we think we should be providing our students and why.” Meaningless Edits When we develop learning, we often write. John McIntyre, editor at the Baltimore Sun (to whom I’ve linked before), gives us a short and moving piece on his shift from prescriptivism to a less strict application of traditional rules of grammar. read more
    [Providers] Flipped Classroom: Definition and Details
    This post provides a flipped classroom definition and explores how the model can be put into action. The Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching provides an excellent flipped classroom definition : “The flipped classroom describes a reversal of traditional teaching where students gain first exposure to new materials outside of class, usually via reading or lecture videos, and then class time is used to do the harder work of assimilating that knowledge through strategies such as problem-solving, discussion, or debates.”. Flipped learning definition. How to flip a classroom.
    [Providers] Learning Technology Market Segments
    Technology Integration – The most important but sometimes the least considered segment of the learning technology market are those companies who provide integration services and operate relatively agnostic to the specific technology platforms. The learning technology market has been, and continues to be, one of the most fascinating segments of the training industry, now approaching a $5 Billion market worldwide. Training professionals have become increasingly dependent on technologies for the purpose of managing training operations (LMS/LCMS) and developing and delivering e-learning.
    [Providers] GP Strategies Acquires Prospero Learning Solutions
    — June 5 Global performance improvement services provider GP Strategies Corp. announced today it has acquired Prospero Learning Solutions, a provider of custom learning and content development. Prospero will operate as a part of GP Strategies'' Learning Solutions group and continue under the leadership of Lorne Novolker and Alan Ray. Elkridge, Md. Prospero highlights: • Founded in 1998 with offices in Toronto, Ontario, and Montreal, Quebec. • Generated about $7 million in revenue for 2012. • Clients include Fortune 500 and Financial Post 500 companies.
    [Providers] Online Courses Aim to Address Looming Health Care Compliance
    a provider of online health care compliance and competency training, announced the release of three newly updated online multimedia compliance courses — Corporate Compliance, Professional Compliance and HIPAA Compliance. The Corporate Compliance course will aim to teach hospital staff about fraud awareness, compliance risk areas, elements of a compliance program, documentation and hospital coding, billing and reimbursement, illegal provider relationships, patient care risk areas and other risk areas. has updated three courses with new compliance training. Jericho, N.Y.
    [Providers] TIS to Present New Mobile Learning Service at Industry Event
    The seminar will address the current challenge of providing learning interventions, or performance support, which can be accessed from multiple operating systems and devices. The seminar will address the current challenge of providing learning interventions, or performance support, which can be accessed from multiple operating systems and devices. London — Jan. 23 Tata Interactive Systems (TIS), a developer of learning services, will present its learning products at the Learning Technologies conference on Jan. 29 in Olympia, London. ” at the exhibition. Source: TIS
    [Providers] AMA Enterprise to Host Government Conference
    The briefing will aim to provide government professionals with the tools to develop the critical thinking skills necessary to tackle the challenges facing government. This briefing, designed for government professionals, will aim to provide attendees with the tools to develop the critical thinking skills necessary to tackle the challenges facing government. Arlington, Va. — Oct. 16 The American Management Association (AMA) Enterprise Government Solutions announced that Haywood Spangler will be speaking at its Nov. Source: AMA Enterprise
    [Providers] Ancile Hires New Chief Technology Officer
    Alan Young will be responsible for defining the technology roadmap, overseeing current product portfolio deliverables, initiating research, and providing technology vision to the analyst, partner and customer communities. Elkridge, Md. — Oct. 2 Ancile Solutions Inc., a developer of learning and performance software, has announced the appointment of Alan Young as its chief technology officer (CTO). Young has also held executive positions at BEA Systems in San Jose, Calif., as well as at CA Technologies in Islandia, N.Y. Source: Ancile Solutions Inc
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