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    [Providers] Selecting the Best From the Rest
    To make that happen, he said his team has to provide training in bite-sized chunks. He said that way his team can be sure it provides training of value to the employee and organization. “Our internal learning professionals will play more of a consultative role, and we will get more of our content from third-party providers going forward, weighing buy vs. build decisions at each juncture.” To ensure employees have the learning they need to be successful, choosing the right learning delivery method is essential. There are many ways to deliver learning. Alan A.
    [Providers] When the Rubber Hits the Road
    The systematic framework IDs use for problem-solving provides essential structure needed to respond to whatever kind of learning or performance support opportunity that may present itself, regardless of the technology framework or paradigm being used. Generally speaking, there has always been an expectation that an IDs are technically competent learning specialists. Seems these days that the more dependent we are on the distribution and management of learning via technology, the more IDs feel the pressure to be technologists first, learning specialists second. No, of course not.
    [Providers] Widgets to streamline your quiz worflow
    Usecase: Say you need to administer a quiz, where the learner has to answer all the questions in the quiz in sequence (he is not provided the option to skip). Also, at the end of the quiz, he should be provided an option to review the quiz. To achieve this, you would go to project>skin editor and uncheck ‘show playback control’ But the user is still presented with the ‘skip’ button during the Quiz. Now, if you decide to uncheck the ‘show skip button’, the user will no longer have any means to navigate during review. Widget: Hide Skip.
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    [Providers] We can’t go on meeting like this – Part 7 Interactive Meetings
    Most systems provide a way for facilitators to obtain simple yes/no responses from participants, totalling up the responses automatically. Some systems provide you with the facility to allocate participants to groups, have them then undertake activities in those groups, monitor what is happening in each room, and then bring them back for a review in plenary. However responsibilities are divided, it is important for one of the facilitators to drop in regularly to provide guidance. Distraction. Interactivity proves that communication is taking place. Text chat. Whiteboard.
    [Providers] Game-Based Learning Attracts Corporate Trainers - 2007 - ASTD
    Other corporate training organizations that provide game-based learning include Alcoa, which has developed a game to promote safety on loading docks. Site Map My ASTD Membership Store Home > Learning Circuits > 2007 > Game-Based Learning Attracts Corporate Trainers Game-Based Learning Attracts Corporate Trainers By Paul Harris Problem: Gaming technologies are capturing the imagination of training managers just as they always have the "Nintendo generation" now entering the workforce. Solution: Start with a basic understanding of how games are designed, and at what cost. He should know.
    [Providers] Be an Insanely Great Professional Conference Attendee (at eLearningGuild’s DevLearn)
    Good questions provide some context. As way of introduction to this topic, let me start with a typical scenario that you will recognize if you've ever attended a professional conference. It's noon and you are heading into the lunch area. The conference organizer has put signs in the middle of each table with a topic. One of the topics is LMS and there's a seat available, so you sit down. You introduce yourself to the people sitting to your left and right. You ask each other the natural questions. "So what LMS are you using? How do you like it?” And you go on with "Hmmm. that's great.
    [Providers] LearningMate Expands With Office in Kolkata
    The provider of online learning now has a total of four development centers, with three in Mumbai and one in Kolkata. LearningMate, a provider of online learning to the education sector, announced the opening of its Kolkata office at Ecospace, Rajarhat. Mumbai — Oct. With this expansion, LearningMate adds to its development centers based in Mumbai. LearningMate recently won the Red Herring's Top 100 Asia at Hong Kong, which is the list that has become a mark of distinction for identifying promising new companies and entrepreneurs across Asia.
    [Providers] Unison - Collaborative eLearning Development
    Unison is focused on providing a great experience for the entire development team and supporting the collaborative development process. Rapid Intake has been quietly working on a killer elearning app. totally dropped the ball on this one. I had the scoop on the story early and the old-school broadcast reporter in me wanted to be the first the break it and then bla, bla, happened.and all of sudden its released and it looks like I'm the last to post on it. Project-based subscriptions start at $49 per month, enabling entire teams to work together at less cost. There are other web2.0
    [Providers] A BETTr type of conference?
    Sophisticated LMS inside the website provides lots of statistics for teachers - to the learner the experience is no different to logging in to any other website (DR - LMSy CMS origins are NOT on display here!) It's an interesting time to be involved with education in the UK. The government is hacking wildly at the structures that have been familiar for so long; results from UK schools seem to be slipping sharply; the industrial education model looks to be broken. And where can we find solutions to these problems, to bring education in this country back on track? What are universities?
    [Providers] When Risk Depends On Human Error
    Rather than provide a very technical post, here’s what I want to convey. To most safety professionals the process of assessing workplace risk involves hazard analysis: hazard identification, selection of controls, and audit to assure the controls are in place and adequate, etc. In fact, in the latest edition of On The Practice Of Safety , by Fred Manuelle, when I was scanning the index for “risk assessment” content it refers you to “hazard analysis”. So what’s the big deal and what does this have to do with human performance? Let’s discuss. . Hazards and Risk. The bottom line is simple.
    [Providers] Essential Resource for Workshop Instructors from an American Express Training Manager (Interview)
    The book provides strategies to prepare the first time instructor and can easily serve as a guide for tenured teaching professionals. Q. Remberto “Rem&# Jimenez is Manager of Global Sales Training & Effectiveness in the Global Merchant Services organization at American Express. When Rem is not at work, he is pursuing his Post Masters Certificate in Educational Technology at New York University’s Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development. Rem can be contacted via Linkedin. Q. Rem, thanks for making the time to share with our readers. McKeachie.
    [Providers] Squeezing out the good stuff
    It's a sensible, no nonsense take on the spectrum of possible digital media affordances, and it provides some simple, clear models of how they relate to each other. Yesterday I wrote a post concerning the concept of affordances, and I promised a whole series examining the affordances of digital media - learning technologies. One of the best articles I have read on affordances in digital media has to be the one written by Matt Bower which looked at matching learning tasks to technologies. chair affords ('is for') support and therefore affords sitting. That's important to acknowledge.
    [Providers] Smart Machines: IBM’S Watson and the era of cognitive computing [Kelly &Hamm]
    People will provide judgment, intuition, empathy, a moral compass, and human creativity. Smart Machines: IBM’S Watson and the era of cognitive computing — from by John E. Kelly III, Director of IBM Research, and Steve Hamm, writer at IBM and former business and technology journalist. Excerpt (emphasis DSC): Computers today are brilliant idiots. They have tremendous capacities for storing information and performing numerical calculations-far superior to those of any human.
    [Providers] High-stakes testing: Is it removing the enjoyment of teaching….and learning? If it is, I vote to lessen it’s importance.
    Excerpt: A bachelor’s degree used to provide enough basic training to last a career. From DSC: High-stakes testing: Is it removing the enjoyment ot teaching… and learning? reflected on that question after I saw the item below: From DSC: I wonder: How such high-stakes assessment systems are impacting incentive systems and funding? Are they changing the field of teaching? How much standardized testing — and having to teach to such tests — is impacting teachers’ enjoyment of their careers? Eggers, John Hagel and Owen Sanderson. The key takeaway?
    [Providers] Education should be more like World of Warcraft. I mean the iPad. Or Facebook. The quest for silver bullets through new popular media/technology
    It provides an infrastructure and new techniques to use. Here's the best way to establish some cred as an education visionary: Take the newest example of consumer media/technology and argue that education should be more like it. I'll even help you write your presentation. First, show some glossy pictures of the new media/ technology, preferably being used by children. Second, show some graphs displaying its rapid adoption. Third, show a few tentative examples of quasi-educational uses. Then slam schools. Finally, present a giant and impassioned call to action. Cut to applause.
    [Providers] Including Sim Designs in Bids and Proposals
    This provides a myriad of problems, as well as opportunities. If you are like me, you probably are on teams that respond to proposals and bids for simulations. often have to create entirely new interfaces and mechanics, which is a lot of work. Of course the good part about that activity is that it gives you a big jump on the development process when (if) accepted, both in terms of design work and client buy-in. Still, one of the hardest parts is visualizing the proposed sim for the review committee. This is fraught with risks, because if you the show something too simple (i.e.
    [Providers] Critical Thinking
    The article goes on to provide a four-stage process to thinking critically. Perhaps by now, we have enough variations of Descartes famous declaration? Apparently not: I think critically, therefore I am : By studying the theory of critical thinking and tenaciously applying it to classroom practice, I began to see more clearly how to approach content as a mode of thought, rather than as fragmented bits of information. When learners have greater control, they also require greater command of critical thinking skills. But it is in the friction of differing views that serendipity exists.
    [Providers] Unfortunately in my world…
    It is an example of location-based services, where information is provided to you based on your location, and even the direction that your phone camera is facing. In the future, forward thinking training organizations will provide their print materials in downloadable formats for employees to study or reference as needed. And as more digital readers become Internet-ready, books will hyperlink to other sources of information, providing a richer reading experience. My comments are shown in red italics. Learning Technology Trends To Watch In 2011. Here are my observations.
    [Providers] Clark Aldrich Research Common Citations, 2003
    Together, the articles provided a systems model of leadership, using the actions-systems-result framework that I would better refine in articles and books to come. In 2003, my first book was published, Simulations and the Future of Learning, as well as my first simulation, Virtual Leader. believe Simulations and the Future of Learning is more relevant today than it was the day it was released. As with all of my books, it is (I hope) a relatively fun and easy read that covers a tremendous amount of ground. This was a very hard book to write to make it an easy book to read. Well, maybe.
    [Providers] 7 Surprising Things You Could Learn by Accepting This Challenge
    Make the Entire Module a Survey: As a simple example, survey co-workers in Sales or Business Development, who may take clients and prospects out to lunch often, on which restaurants provide the best ambience for closing a deal (based on parameters such as size of deal, personality of client, number of clients in the meeting, etc.). CHALLENGE: Can you create an online training course in less than a day? EXTRA CREDIT: Can every single person on your team, or in your organization, create an online training course in less than a day? Learn how to upload documents , video , or audio.
    [Providers] Screenchump to Screenchamp Review 5: Know Your Audience
    We are hopefully providing advice that will allow everyone, especially the owner of the video, to go back and make better videos. One of the challenges of creating video is that it’s hard to judge your own work. You make something, fall in love with it, and then changing it becomes difficult at best. In order to help everyone make better videos, we set out on this idea: what if we loaned our expertise and reviewed our customers’ videos in the same way we would review our own videos and gave them some screencasting tips? Possibly even ScreenChamp Award-winning videos! We like real people.
    [Providers] 4 Tips to help your training feel "Alive"
    Many popular authoring tools like Lectora and Captivate provide good transitioning options. by Jonathan Shoaf. I'm sure you've seen the advertisements for the new Motorola Droid phones. The makers of the phone have gone through a lot of effort to make the phone appear alive and intelligent. One of the things they do is place a pulsating eye on the phone on start up with a voice that says "Droid". The phone gives you feedback everytime you receive a text message or e-mail. When you click on the buttons at the bottom of the phone, there is a slight vibration that does the same. Problem.
    [Providers] Learning and Networking with a Blog (Deleted Scenes)
    IBM, well-known for fostering blogs and Wikis, has established guidelines that provide a good model: [link] Common Questions and Issues around Blogging There are a few questions that commonly come up around blogging: What should I write about? My article in Training + Development Magazine was just published - Learning and Networking with a Blog. You must launch the reader and then go to page 20 to find the article. Unfortunately, a couple of things got cut between the final edits from T+D and when it was published. Then subscribe to blogs. By being interested, you will be interesting.
    [Providers] Learning and micro-blogging
    Charlene Croft provides a sociological perspective on Twitter: Twitter is a social networking site predominantly used by individuals who are high-level communicators and organizations/businesses who want to reach those communicators.   I’m presenting on Twitter and its uses for education and learning later today, as I noted in my last post. During the past few weeks I’ve been looking at my own uses of Twitter and compiling a list of resources on the subject. After that, Jane Hart’s slideshow on specific steps to get going is very practical. So is the Internet.
    [Providers] Keep Tuition Assistance Costs in Check
    The average cost of a portfolio through, a learning assessment provider, is $379 for one to 12 credit hours. While not new, this method provides an affordable option for general studies courses. Seek out specialized course providers. Starbucks, for instance, covers specialized course providers in its tuition policy as a way to help its workforce save money on general coursework. Create specific allowances for credible course and PLA providers that allow students to transfer credits to accredited colleges. Tuition costs in the U.S.
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    [Providers] Using social media for eLearning (a look at the top 6 social platforms)
    There’s also the fact that Twitter provides few mechanisms for saving, cataloguing and viewing tweets at a later time, besides the rather inflexible hashtags; it’s more a stream-of-messages than a content repository. In fact, there are tons of YouTube channels doing just that, e.g. providing foreign language lessons, cooking lessons, musical lessons, and everything in between. Social media have become an indispensable part of modern life. social networking itself is not going anywhere. But how about using social media as vehicles for eLearning? Twitter. YouTube.
    [Providers] We can’t go on meeting like this – Part 1 Business Case
    So even if some emergency has not prevented a face-to-face meeting, there are valuable benefits from meeting online: You don’t need to book and set up a venue, and so you save the cost of: A venue (even in-house meeting rooms cost money to provide). Ten ways in which meeting online might save you from going out of business – Part 1 Be clear about your business case. At the present time, with so much potential for disruption to travel plans, making a business case for online meetings is rather like arguing the ROI of emergency evacuation procedures. Meetings are expensive.
    [Providers] Beware the cloud
    provide the freedom to access my resources regardless of device. I’ve found personal benefit to moving more and more of my information into “the cloud&#. Web-based tools like Google Docs, Twitter, wordpress, delicious, etc. The development of smart phones over the last several years makes this model of data creation/access particularly valuable. With MobileMe and LiveMesh, we get the additional value of being able to store resources - via the cloud - across multiple devices. Good ol’ redundancy. All is not well, however.
    [Providers] Overcoming Sales Objections with A-R-C
    Taking a minute or two to acknowledge a customer’s objection is what separates “meh” salespeople from outstanding salespeople.  As a bonus, the time you take to acknowledge provides a minute or two for you to think about how you’re about to…. (2)    R espond to the concern.  How can you improve your sales performance?  By figuring how to resolve concerns quickly and effectively.  The A-R-C method involves three simple steps to overcoming sales objections that, once mastered, can turn a sales rep’s near-miss into success.  Ready? (1)    A cknowledge the concern.
    [Providers] The Art of Motivating Your Sales Team – Part 1
    You’ve earned it!”) can provide a renewal that will last a long time.  Motivation and recognition are closely related, so if you want to motivate your sales team, be sure to recognize them in ways that are meaningful to them.  Your sales team is made up of people, not  simply “agents” or “reps.”  Recognizing the individual factors to which they respond is one of the most important steps in developing an effective sales team.  Here’s a $50 gift card.”) adds an element of surprise encouragement that can go a very long way. (2)    Create mini-teams. Sales Training motivation sales
    [Providers] Ensuring Return on Expectation: The True Measure of Online Training Success
    He specializes in revitalizing learning, implementing change and transforming organizations through providing specialized consulting and advisory services to guide clients world-wide. Think about the first time you went to your favorite restaurant, what were you expecting? Do you remember what those expectations were based on? Maybe it was a friend’s recommendation or a glowing review on Yelp!, maybe it was just the name of the restaurant. This is a good example of what I like to call  Return on Expectation (ROE). How long will it take? Will the technology be good, bad, or ugly?
    [Providers] How To Design For Novices
    You can help this situation by providing a visual of a simple framework showing how the course’s information fits together. Most important, provide novice learners with content that’s logically organized for how they will use the information. Who has knowledge gaps, is easily overwhelmed and has difficulty solving problems? You’re right—a novice in a particular content area. When designing for novices, we need to accommodate their mental structures in order to bring them to a level of competency as gracefully as possible. Five Strategies for Novice Course Design.
    [Providers] Visual Design Tip: Finding Font Personality
    Just upload an image with the font in question and What the Font analyzes it and provides you with likely font matches.  Set the Tone. Setting the right tone is key to creating that emotional connection with your audience. In the case of fonts, people will complain a lot less about how you broke the style rules if you’ve kept your font selection(s) in the proper tone.  This means This means you need to think of fonts as a graphic element on the page; one to be used as strategically as a photo or a piece of clip art.  Find a Font with the Right Personality. Feminine, smart.
    [Providers] Take Your Online Training from “Content-Focused” to “Trainee-Friendly”
    When a SME provides feedback that jeopardizes the focus, you’ll need to balance their content concerns with your role as advocate for the audience. If you’re like me, you may have found yourself walking away from meetings with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) with tons of content, lots of rules for how to use it, and absolutely NO ideas for turning it into an effective, trainee-friendly course. When you are overwhelmed or intimidated by your source material (or your SMEs), it’s easy to enter into a state of design paralysis. Let’s look at an example…. The Scenario. The Action. Prototype!
    [Providers] SuccessFactors Acquires Plateau: Accelerating a Global Powerhouse
    The company's features for performance, succession, and compensation management are among the most versatile in the market - so slowly but surely Plateau was building out a business as an end-to-end talent management software provider. Second, Plateau still relies heavily on its professional services and licensed software business, giving it lower margins than pure-play SaaS providers. Today SuccessFactors announced the acquisition of Plateau, enabling the company to enter the learning management systems market with a bang. This is a company with tremendously strong momentum.
    [Providers] Common Ground Is the Only Thing To Stand On When Creating Training and Development Initiatives
    As technology continues to provide more and more opportunities for real time collaboration and learning, instructional designers are incorporating these tools into their design. Trishia Jandu is an independent Professional Learning & Development Consultant specializing in traditional and technical learning, as well as development solutions. More information about her experiences and clients are available on LinkedIn. Q. Have you seen some of the challenges they face? Could technology further enhance the collaboration between multiple stakeholders? Google Docs). Will at Work Learning.
    [Providers] Will at Work Learning: Personality Instruments and Workplace Performance
    personality measures may provide very little additional information. Although meta-analysis can be used to provide definite estimates of effect sizes, the limitations of such an approach are also considered. Although results provided some support for the dispositional basis of transformational leadership--especially with respect to the charisma dimension--generally, weak associations suggested the importance of future research to focus on both narrower personality traits and nondispositional determinants of transformational and transactional leadership. 1991). 2001). 2006).
    [Providers] PDR Design Model Supports Shift to Learning Design in the Work Context
    How to read the Matrix: The matrix provides learning environment attributes down the left side with key discovery points posed as questions. The concept of a learning shift represents a course correction by the USS Training Department. We are under full steam and headed into the shallows, and are in danger of running aground. We are trying to fight an insurgency with an army equipped with tactics and weaponry that do not fit the field of battle. Our tactics need to shift because we no longer serve the expanded scope of the knowledge worker’s environment. See Figure 1.1). Figure 1.1.
    [Providers] Leadership Development in Support of Globalization
    They expect to use technology and have it impact their workforces across the globe in these ways: to make knowledge available when needed by whoever needs it regardless of their physical location, to provide for teleconferencing, videoconferencing, meetings, and application sharing by leaders in far-flung cities, to allow for user-created content to make information available more quickly and in the format that leaders can best use and re-use, and to help leaders be more effective in a virtual role by facilitating virtual networking and collaboration. Globalization. development?
    [Providers] eyeOS
    From their website: eyeos can provide schools and universities with a full web platform where students, teachers and parents will have a personal yet collaborative desktop to work and, communicate between themselves and get organized inside and outside the school. For those interested in operating systems for education, such as the OLPC Sugar project, you must check eyeOS  out. The OS is completely browser-based and built on open source technologies. Apart from being painless to administer, it has amazing possibilities for the classroom. The interface can be used anywhere.
    [Providers] Yes, HR Really Does Make A Difference – HR Factbook Research Proves Business Value
    This week we published the first ever HR Factbook® , a comprehensive benchmarking study which summarizes almost two years of research into the spending, resource allocation, and staffing levels of corporate Human Resources. I am particularly proud of this research, because not only does it provide valuable benchmarking information for any HR manager, it also clearly proves the value of HR to business. You can download the executive summary at no charge.). Only 1/3 of this money goes toward what we would call "strategic services" (ie.
    [Providers] Working with E-Learning Vendors: The RFP
    RFPs are formal documents written to vendors that specifically list what you want and help the vendor provide a specific, binding proposal.  Last month I gave some tips on how to create a Request for Information  (RFI). This This week let’s look at the Request for Proposal (RFP).  The RFI and RFP are the two primary tools you can use to select which vendor from a group is the best one to meet your needs. And, they can certainly benefit you!  They can help you make apples-to-apples comparisons of possible vendors. These include: Company Background. Project Overview. Selection Criteria.
    [Providers] Who's in the Market for Learning: Individuals or Organizations?
    If the research I mentioned in my previous post is true--that employers only begin investing in training for employees after 3 years on the job--that's a lot of people missing out on employer-provided training. They still need skilled workers, but these workers need to get their skills elsewhere because these companies simply aren't in a position to provide the services. suspect that we may be at a place with employee training that is similar to where we are at on things like employer-provided healthcare and pensions. Good question, so here's my train of thought. years).
    [Providers] The Wisdom of Crowds - E-Learning Guild's Annual Gathering 2009 (Part 2 of 3)
    While not entirely open to the public, I immediately started thinking about an extended enterprise example: LMS provider Media Defined's Ensemba product is a enterprise social software platform designed to support corporate social networks for extended enterprise audiences. This data is collected through partnerships with the major internet service providers. spoke with the folks at mobile content development platform provider, OnPoint Digital. I attended the e-Learning Guild's Annual Gathering last week. But the power inherent in crowds is hard to ignore. Mobile.
    [Providers] 3 Easy Ways to Create Silhouette Characters
    So even if you don’t use the ones that are provided with the Microsoft package, you can still get some inspiration from the designs that are available and how they’re used. Budgets are tight and stock photos cost money. Because of this you end up using the same stock photos over and over again. The stock characters are treated like a team of improv performers. One day they’re all compliant managers and the next day they’re those dreaded sexual harassers from the cubicle down the hall. Stock photos also raise the issue of representing diversity. Microsoft Office Clip Art.
    [Providers] Oxymoron alert!!!!! "Innovation in Compliance Training"…
    Ask our Compliance department to provide facts and figures on fire-related incidents and Display Screen Equipment related injuries. This data would be broadcast over our info-screens to (hopefully) make the learners ‘care’ Review Stephanie’s award-winning piece of compliance elearning (Stephanie has subsequently informed me that she is no longer able to provide access to the content itself, but has directed me here ). Display Screen Equipment Awareness. clear responsibility. mandatory induction. regular updates. consequence of non-compliance. 2-way relationship.
    [Providers] Knowledge Guru Platform Wins 2014 Brandon Hall Award
    The game reinforced other rollout efforts and provided a “just before launch” reinforcement. “We are continually looking at ways to innovate on our learning initiatives,” said Scott Thomas, Director of Product Enablement at ExactTarget. Bottom-Line Performance and the ExactTarget Marketing Cloud won a coveted Brandon Hall Group bronze award for excellence in the Best Use of Games and Simulations for Learning category. BLP BLP and ExactTarget’s win was announced on September 10th, 2014. The winners are listed at [link]. ABOUT THE EXACTTARGET MARKETING CLOUD. ABOUT KNOWLEDGE GURU.
    [Providers] Discussing: Video and the Web (part 2)
    Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Google Buzz Posted by Anonymous at 3:58 PM 0comments: Post a Comment Newer Post Older Post Home Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) Inquisiq LMS Inquisiq R3 Inquisiq Support Site About Us We are a leading provider of elearning and computer based training (cbt) solutions including; custom content development, learning management system (lms) and SCORM implementation, instructional design and website development. Thoughts and notes from our experiences developing eLearning content and LMS/SCORM implementations. mpeg 1, mpeg2, mpeg4). Released!
    [Providers] Rob Barton: Reducing Extraneous Cognitive Load by Accounting for Individual Differences
    Online tutorials are available for students to review, practice tests are available, review sessions are provided twice a week, and the actual tests give a breakdown of the topics with which the student needs some help. As such, we provide straight-forward text and still images for the concept tests but animated screencasts in addition to a few text explanations in the tutorials for the performance tests. central piece of both the 4C/ID and the extended Ten Steps to Complex Learning is that of providing Just-in-Time (JIT) information to the student right when it’s needed.
  • G-CUBE BLOG  |  MONDAY, OCTOBER 17, 2011
    [Providers] Training Effectiveness – Should We Measure It? How?
    The benefit of such a route is that in addition to a clear indication of assimilated knowledge, it also provides a moral boost and a sense of achievement for the learner. At the end of a session, a set of questions might provide insights into the effectiveness of the curriculum, the way of teaching or the facilitator. It will also provide the indictors of knowledge gathered. DIY practice sessions can provide an opportunity for the learner to apply the acquired skills. Should training effectiveness be measured? Here is an excerpt of some of the responses received.
    [Providers] Social and Semantic Web
    For example, email took off once one email standard took hold and allowed different systems to interoperate.  On the other hand, proprietary standards may provide the capital and motivation necessary to invest in the development of advanced features (e.g. Rules operating on data by description has powerful capabilities, e.g. the way Amazon provides mass customization. The issue on the table is what sorts of standards might be necessary or desirable to support social networking on the web in interoperable ways.  And opportunities there are. 
    [Providers] Language Learning
    Although you will have to spend a few dollars to purchase their training, the number of languages upon which they provide instruction is amazing. Some examples are provided, along with a tutorial explaining how to create and use your own Google eBooks. A number of friends have recently asked me about Language Learning Resources, thus I decided to republish this post with edits, link audits and updates! This page will be maintained and always easily findable via the eLearning link in this blog's top navigation menubar. not to mention many cities throughout the USA. French.
    [Providers] Upgrade your ERP or Switch to SaaS?
    Ascertain if the new functionalities provided replace any customizations and evaluate how that “swap-over” would work. Swapping out an ERP is probably the scariest thought on earth to an IT director. But at the recent Workday Rising, there were a large number of ERP users seriously thinking about such a switch. talked to several: and let’s look at the pros and cons as they reviewed the challenges and risks. recall the wisdom of a comment from Tracy Jones, at the time the IT manager at the Department of Energy's Sandia National Laboratory in Albuquerque, N.M.:
    [Providers] Workforce capability development
    Guiding principles Guiding principles can provide a solid foundation for the planning and implementation of new strategies for workforce capability development. The cross-functional teams are composed of those able to respond quickly to customer demands, whilst providing innovative and flexible solutions to their own business needs, and adapting to emerging influences in the environment. The use of ongoing forums and networks can provide an environment of collaboration and consultation that facilitate the sharing of knowledge. How will sharing of resources take place?
    [Providers] Web 2.0 and Personal Learning Environments (PLEs) " Learning Matters!
    Goerge Siemens recently pointed out (again) that PLEs are not necessarily ‘things’ we can build instituionally, a position I agree with. I do however think there may be some mileage in insitutions providing shells or containers within which users can aggregate the tools that are included in THEIR OWN ple - which is the approach I’ve been following with stringle (string’nglue learning environment - [link] ). Learning Matters! April 13, 2007. Web 2.0 and Personal Learning Environments (PLEs). Crazy week this week. Anyway enough about me and my woes. Comments. Web 2.0
    [Providers] Revisiting Relevance
    You can provide me with the latest trends and experts and future-thinking ideas, but if none of them are relevant to me, then I just don’t care. I. Remember a few years ago when the association blogosphere trampled all over the notion of “relevance&# ? The hue and cry went something like this: “Don’t be relevant. Be innovative.&#. raled against the suggestion that relevancy is passe, and a few agreed that maybe they shouldn’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. But for association management, innovation is still king.&#. Renew? need to know about that.
    [Providers] OpenSesame eLearning Marketplace
    Check out the awesomse services that they provide in the post below by Max DuBowy. We would like to introduce you to our friends at OpenSesame eLearning Marketplace. How the OpenSesame eLearning Marketplace Can Help You. If you’re an elearning seller, you’ve probably struggled with the typical questions. What’s the best way to package and deliver courses? How can I attract new customers? How can I scale up customer support with just a small business? Get Started Selling Your Courses on OpenSesame. OpenSesame can help you deliver your courses to a global audience. Get In Touch.
    [Providers] HR TechnologyConference 2012: Mobile, LMS, and Cloud Update
    But the cloud has the potential to provide even greater benefits than eliminating the mess of on-premise software. With cloud systems becomes more possible because these systems are very easy to buy (no capital investment) and vendors can provide integration tools directly. We just completed another HR TechnologyConference and the attendance set records. While I didn't have a chance to see everything, I had a chance to meet with quite a few vendors and see many products and tools in the market. Let me share just a few findings and some hot topics of interest. applications.
    [Providers] Mentoring on the move
    The article concludes with some recommendations for the future wider development of blogs as mentorial tools for distance learners, and proposes an extension of the project to include the use of mobile phones as a route to providing "any time, any place" mentor support for nomadic students. Another of my newly published articles landed on my desk this morning. It's an article that has been a long time coming, and I have already presented the work from the study in papers at several conferences over the last couple of years. Image source Posted by Steve Wheeler from Learning with e's.
    [Providers] 3 Brainstorm Ideas for Your Next E-Learning Course
    Besides there are enough boring elearning courses to provide balance to the occasional dumb idea. One of my favorite parts of designing elearning courses is coming up with some treatments or ideas that we can present to the client. I’m always playing around with ideas. Most of them are kind of goofy and not always appropriate for the client’s project. However, it’s okay to come up with dumb ideas. The process of playing around and thinking about different ways to approach the course will ultimately help you come up with some pretty cool ideas. There’s a lot of value in this. Find a Cure.
    [Providers] The Debt Ceiling Deal: What Budget Negotiation Shouldn’t Look Like
    Obviously no CLO will ever find himself involved in a negotiation that plays out on such an international scale, but a look at the negotiations of this deal provide a snapshot of budget negotiation occurring with the highest stakes possible, and there may be something we can learn from that. The finally resolved U.S. debt ceiling deal gave us all a look at what, at least in part, was a budget negotiation of grand proportions. As you likely know, two sides existed here: the White House and Congress, with Congress divided into Republicans and Democrats.
    [Providers] The End in Mind " A Post-LMS Manifesto
    The word heavily implies that the provider of the LMS, the educational institution, is “managing” student learning. For decades, we’ve been told that technology is (or soon would be) capable of replicating the role of a private, individual tutor, of providing a “virtual Aristotle” for each individual learner. While LMS providers are making laudable efforts to incrementally make their tools more social, open, modular, and interoperable, they remain embedded in the classroom paradigm. Learning and Human Improvement Learning is fundamentally about human improvement.
    [Providers] OpenSesame Development Team Feature Update: May
    Our payment processor has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor, and has been certified as a PCI Level 1 Service Provider, the most stringent level of certification available. Check out the changes that we have made to simplify, streamline, and add functionality for our learners and our admin customers. .  . CourseCloud Customers: TWO Ways for Learners to Access Training . We added the ability for CourseCloud learners to create their own accounts on OpenSesame and access their training courses directly from their own learner dashboard:  . No registration required. We’re here to help!
    [Providers] 6 Ways Digitally-Enabled Learning Improves Productivity
    Equally important, digitally-enabled learning provides freedom for the facilitator and/or course designer, too. “According to i4cp surveys, improving employee productivity is one of the most important people-management issues, with almost 9 out of 10 participants predicting that the issue will grow in importance over the next decade.”. Can digitally-enabled learning improve workplace productivity? Absolutely. If business needs are aligned with what we want from our jobs (our intrinsic motivation), then our productivity flourishes. What do we want from our jobs? Improve Communication.
    [Providers] Designing for mobile phones (not just specific browsers)
    Learning Technologist often have to do more than work on the VLE and Learning Materials or provide workshop and training for pedagogical use of Technology in the classroom. Often we have to get our hands ‘dirty’ and design web pages and even full websites. This is what I’ve been doing (sorry, I can’t show you yet, it’s definitely work-in-progress for a couple more weeks) with a fully CSS website. This isn’t mind-bending stuff as I’m sure there are many LTs out there doing this and much much more. Sitepoint:  Designing for the Mobile Web.
    [Providers] Rx for SMEs | Social Learning Blog
    Find out which meetings your SMEs are attending and get invited those that will likely provide valuable content. Provide SMEs with opportunities to report their readiness. Social Learning Blog Training and Performance Improvement in the Real World Home About Bios Subscribe to RSS Rx for SMEs by Jolene on January 14, 2011 in subject matter experts , system implementation training Subject Matter Experts are some of the hardest working people on the planet — especially when it comes to system implementation projects. Here are some ideas for taking care of your SMEs. Blog this!
    [Providers] Notes from Intelligent Content 2010
    So, Mark Hellinger, President and CEO of Xyleme, took the opportunity during the event’s panel discussion to provide his view on why this was the case, and how to effectively make the move from documentation to Learning & Development. So, provide the right tools and processes for subject matter expert (SME) knowledge capture, review, and discussion for these dispersed teams. Home About Podcasts Videos Xyleme Inc. think the Rockley Group’s definition hits the nail on the head: Intelligent content is content which is not limited to one purpose, technology or output. and CSS 3
    [Providers] So, really, who is using Second Life for eLearning?
    Or does the environment provide too many distractions and too much fun? Is it a fad? Was it a fad? finally made my way into Second Life this week. know, I’m a (really) late adopter, but at least I finally made it in. went in with a group of peers, and we were evaluating Second Life’s potential for holding training events. wasn’t impressed. Sure, the graphics are decent, and you can do tons of things in the environment, but we ran into several roadblocks that hindered the experience. Why do I have to take on some goofy alias/username in Second Life? Down for maintenance.
    [Providers] Update on Technology: Review from Analyst Days
    The four solution providers are very different in their product sets, their marketing messages and their targeted audiences. More than half of Dayforce HCM buyers (51%) have three or more modules. A key metric for any HR provider expanding into integrated talent management is the attachment rate – how many added modules of HCM functionality are sold to those initial purchasers. All numbers herein are as reported by the providers to analysts at their respective events. New functionality this year included talent acquisition support. What taught my eye was TIM!
  • EFRONT  |  THURSDAY, JULY 30, 2015
    [Providers] How to increase the training compliance rate in a healthcare organization
    If staff frown every time they receive an email from the L&D team, if a manager doesn’t get alerted by his team’s low compliance, if the organization has not invested in a fully functioning LMS or has not provided the facilities required, then it is obvious that there is something fundamentally wrong. Contrary to tradition, the majority of the training in healthcare is now available as eLearning. In this post we will look at 5 tips on how you can boost the compliance figures of an organization, focusing primarily on healthcare. Popularity of LMS. How easy is it to log in? How fast?
    [Providers] From the Armed Forces to the Workforce: Getting Veterans Back to Work
    have written a complimentary research report to provide inspiration and help in the development of a business case for veteran hiring initiatives. Providing business skills training. Next Monday, May 25 th , is Memorial Day. Many of us, myself included, are looking forward to long weekends with family to launch the start of the summer. But Memorial Day has a deeper meaning—it’s a national holiday in the United States for remembering the people who died while serving in our armed forces. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the U.S. Attending military job fairs.
    [Providers] July Fourth (#JFDid)
    Lots of incredibly talented people, like Ingo Dahn, Anthony Altierri, Andrew Downes among many others, have contributed their considerable know-how on making the spec better, providing edge use cases and prototyped experiments with the tech. Nine years ago on Wednesday, I received a phone call that changed my life. I was laid off two months after my eLearning startup folded in 2003, mostly because our clients went to SCORM LMSs and we couldn’t figure out how to adopt. went for it, and that put me on the path I’m on today. Welcome to the catch-up post. learned a lot.
    [Providers] We Joined A Community
    This very nice couple and their two kids were basically assigned to us to be friends   By this, I mean we talked with this family for a good hour after our orientation session ended, nom’d on some munchies provided by the Sunday School and got some of the “skinny” on how this co-op works. My oldest daughter started kindergarten this last week, and all of the sudden, my wife and I have become a very busy bunch of joiners. This morning we started an interfaith Sunday School program. Except for holidays, our family maintained a pretty secular existence. Often times, you go in on your own.
    [Providers] IMPACT 2011 Wrapup - Watch the Keynotes
    Global English , one of our new solution provider partners, just launched research that shows that 70% of the employees in the top 1000 global businesses are not native english speakers. We just finished a thrilling week in Florida at IMPACT 2011: The Business of Talent® , our annual research conference. sincerely hope that the 450 of you who joined us had as much fun as I did. This year we sold out a month early, and the energy was higher than ever. For those of you who could not make it, we will keep the links to replay the keynotes up for a few weeks.
    [Providers] Why I Hope to See You at IMPACT 2011, our Fourth Annual Research Conference
    This is the only conference in the talent management, training, and systems marketplace which is 100% focused on providing you best-practice research and case studies, carefully selected by our analysts. On April 26-28, in beautiful St. Petersburg Florida, we will be holding our fourth annual research conference, IMPACT 2011: The Business of Talent. would really encourage you to join us. Here is why. 1. Each of the presenters (and there are more than 30 best-practice presentations) is selected by us (not vendors) to represent a world-class solution you can learn from. 2. See you there
    [Providers] Benefits of using online assessments
    Provide practice using technology-based test formats. Provide multiple opportunities for learners to practice understanding when quizzes or tests are repeatable. Learning at all stages requires some form of assessment. Even in adult learning progress must be measured in some way. Teachers must find out how well a student has learned regardless of the level and subject of study. Many teachers find frequent, low-stakes assessments an effective way to measure knowledge. Other educators use only mid-term and final assessments within a course. Course benefits. Student benefits.
    [Providers] Designing for Agile Learning
    While there are specific methodologies for creating learning or instructional design, such as ISD, ADDIE, and van Merriënboer's 4C/ID Model; there are four design lenses or techniques that provide a means for viewing the overall structure of a specific learning design: 1. This is the fourth in a series of posts on Agile Learning Design: Post 1 - Agile Design: An Ethos for Creating Learning Platforms. Post 2 - Planning in Agile Learning Design. Post 3 - Orientation in Agile Learning Design. Note that the definition is based somewhat on Safer's (2007) definition of interaction design.
    [Providers] Five Ways to Boost Employee Engagement
    Provide the support, training and opportunities to help them progress down their personal path to success. by Eleanor Bowman, Bloomfire Director of Marketing. In a report from the Harvard Business Review , 71% of business leaders said that employee engagement was very important for the success of the organization. But only 24% of these same leaders said they felt like their employees were highly engaged. And workers agree. Gallup study found that only 31.5% of employees felt engaged at work in 2014. It’s not hard to spot the engaged employee. Here are 5 ideas to get you thinking.
    [Providers] HR in the Cloud: Upping the Talent Management Ante
    Sapphire, the SAP annual event for its customers and partners, provided the debut of SuccessFactors as a SAP company. In a newly created division called Cloud Computing, Lars Dalgaard, founder and CEO of SuccessFactors, is now the king of the cloud, overseeing a team of 5000 employees devoted to executing SAP’s cloud strategy. Update from Lars on the SuccessFactors’ end of the business: there are3500 customers with 15.6 million unique users, making it 15 times the size in user count of other cloud companies. Developments announced? There were plenty.
    [Providers] Cloud: the good, the bad and the better
    Third, you’re at the whim of the cloud service provider for when and how updates happen. Businesses and organizations vary not only in size but also in needs. It seems obvious, but it’s incredible how many software packages and services are offered with an unwieldy “one size fits all” mentality. eFrontPro on the other hand was built with flexibility in mind. In this post we are going to take a look into our private cloud solution ? what it entails, what are its pros and cons, and what type of businesses should be considering it. The Good. The Bad. And the Better.
    [Providers] How's It Going, America?
    On the other hand, the survey probably does provide a useful look at America's general sense of well-being over time. Can we measure happiness ? Gallup, in collaboration with Healthways, developed a well-being index and,?? based on this index, they surveyed at least 1000 people every day for two years to chart the change in happiness across the United States over time. The survey includes questions in the following domains: Life Evaluation  (overall view of life in the present and future). Emotional Health (happiness, stress, and depression).
    [Providers] Web 3.0 - eLearning 3.0?
    How much structure do we want to provide? But there's also an aspect of the web providing suggestions that you wouldn't have thought to ask for. First let me apologize for talking about Web 3.0 and eLearning 3.0 when we don't really understand much less have digested eLearning 2.0, but there's so much buzz, I can't help myself. Will Thalheimer posted about Web 3.0 and Learning where he is discussing what is being called Web 3.0. In particular he cites a recent NY Times article. But Web 3.0 has been getting lots of attention for a while now. Oh, and I have an 11-year-old child."
  • ELEARNING 24-7  |  WEDNESDAY, JUNE 16, 2010
    [Providers] If you build it, will they come?
    In July, I will provide marketing your LMS to your customers. Unless your IS/IT department has integrated such a system and gives or provides you access you don’t. also include data or information that provides real valuable information to my readers. Provide courses beyond proprietary. Studies have shown that the number one reason people leave companies is that they are not provided professional development opportunities.  Many people believe that once they have implemented their LMS/LCMS that everyone will come running to use the system. Mail Reality.
    [Providers] Introduction to Social Networking
    Ning also provides Forums where members can interact with one another on specific topics (you’re reading this in one of the Ning forums). As our Work Literacy Ning site (2008) is in danger of getting bumped off the Net due to Ning’s new pricing policy , I will post some of the key articles here so we don’t lose them. Thanks again to Michele Martin for writing a significant portion of this. Introduction to Social Networking. Online social networks facilitate connections between people based on shared interests, values, membership in particular groups (i.e.,
    [Providers] Gamification for Enterprises
    More and more education is increasingly being provided in online forms and thus classrooms are progressively more going ‘virtual’ as technologies can now mirror that of the classroom experience (whether this is from the perspective of a business or university platform). The gamified simulation training process is able to take the tools and skills that one must master and provide context and meaning in a replicated ‘real world’ scenario that adds much more interaction than that of the boring pen and paper based lecture type  of teaching methods that may now seem ‘old school’ to some.
    [Providers] Fixing the Furnace
    Writing it made me think about the delivery modes associations provide members for sharing and interaction. How else can you provide the ways and means for your members to create their own content and deliver it — without you standing in the middle, blocking the way? Many of you know that my husband and I decided to pursue the alternative lifestyle of “full-time RVing,&# and we’ve been travelling the country for more than six months. We’ve learned a lot, but our biggest lesson has been that things break. Here’s my role: help or stay out of the way.
    [Providers] Bad Apple
    Thankfully he provided an alternative: scan the receipt and the card, then attach them to a reply email. Besides if you don’t mind writing off $20, let me know and I’ll provide you with my postal address.). It seems like ancient history now, but last Christmas I received a $20 iTunes card from a work friend. I was very pleased to receive it, as I usually buy songs from iTunes with my credit card – and that can tick over in the blink of an eye. Obviously I hadn’t handled an iTunes card in a while. However, none of the suggestions helped me. Yes, he said fax.
    [Providers] New York Times to charge for content?
    Organizations that choose to compete on a revenue model with free online content, but don’t provide noticeable extra value, will fail Publishers (such as Rupert Murdoch and now New York Times) are once again experimenting with paid content models. personally don’t care. I’m sure some people will pay. would likely subscribe to an exceptionally informative newspaper or magazine online. Publishers face a challenge in the amount of free content that is readily available. I say let the market decide. If you want to charge for content, add value.
    [Providers] Virtual private cloud
    Amazon has announced a new service - Virtual Private Cloud (VPC): “Minus all the acronyms, that means that Amazon has created a hybrid cloud that can work securely for the enterprise, balancing the need for encryption with the low cost and scaling power that the cloud provides.&#. Personal learning environments (PLEs) are subject to criticism about data and identity being splattered all over the internet. In contrast, a learning management system is centralized and structured, under the control of the organization.
    [Providers] Developing an Enterprise Social Computing Strategy
    The report doesn’t reveal anything astonishingly new, but does provide a practical overview of how large organizations can tackle challenges of collaboration and sharing. Intel has posted a report on developing an enterprise social computing strategy. It’s interesting to observe how organizations balance a critical tension point in adopting emerging technology: what to foster/encourage vs. what to control. corporate technology infrastructure is not so much a system to control what is permissible as it is an infrastructure that needs to be co-created with end users.
    [Providers] Addressing problems of faculty resistance
    Obviously, you don’t need technology to be a provide a great learning experience. James Morrison tackles the topic encouraging faculty to expand their range of instructional strategies and increase utilization of technology in the process. great discussion follows the original post. Creative, engaging, and participatory learning is an educational mindset, not something that requires blogs, wikis, Second Life, and podcasts. What technology does, however, is expand the range of options for interaction. Classroom walls give way to global connections. Perhaps.
    [Providers] Online learning requirements
    However, initiatives like this one in Minnesota will become more common: “To expand access, increase technology skills, provide exciting and inspiring course content, and maximize efficiency and use of taxpayer resources, Governor Tim Pawlenty and Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) Board of Trustees Chair David Olson today announced a goal to have 25 percent of all MnSCU credits earned through online courses by 2015.&#. Grassroots activities in incorporating technology into teaching and learning goes a long way.
    [Providers] Face-to-face training and me
    The role of the learning & development team is to: provide expert resources that managers can use with their teams. provide communication tools that allow communities of practice to develop. A few week's back I attended a course on Account and Customer Relationship Management. As said previously , this was the first formal training course I'd been on for five years. The announcement about the course arrived at a time when I needed some specific input. The objectives matched what I needed. So I signed up. Republished by permission of Jay Cross. can anyone enlighten me?
    [Providers] Elearning examples -- infographics, simulations, and online courses " Making Change
    Explanation is provided by text that’s placed near the graphic–the efficient and cost-effective alternative to audio. Dashe & Thomson » Blog Archive » Handy List of E-Learning Samples said, on October 22nd, 2007 at 5:39 pm. […] always impressive Cathy Moore provides a great list of eLearning samples over at the Making Change […]. First Cathy Moore and now Tony Karrer have provided lists of links to elearning […]. GE sells billions in outfit and services to providers. Skip to content. Skip to search - Accesskey = s. -->.
    [Providers] Engage Your Learners By Mimicking the Real World
    You could even bury links in the body of the emails to provide additional resources and information. People already use their computers for things like checking email, surfing the web, and sharing the latest news on Facebook. Since that’s the case, why not design a course structure that mimics how they already use their computers? I see a lot of elearning courses and I’d say that most of them are linear and almost exclusively focused on sharing information. Because sometimes it’s all you need, or all the customer wants. Or explore a fake Facebook page to collect information.
    [Providers] A Quick Recap - ‘Create Learning Arcs Using Raptivity Linker Beta’
    Learning arcs created using Raptivity Linker provide the middle ground—they are long enough to constitute a full learning experience, yet short enough to be used in different courses. Before I jump into writing what I am supposed to write today, there is a confession I want to make. Quite candidly, despite having used Raptivity extensively, I always struggled with ways and means of putting Raptivity interactions together. Though I liked the interaction templates, using them independently did not always make much sense. The Beta version of this Raptivity add-on was launched last month.
  • RAPTIVITY  |  FRIDAY, MAY 2, 2014
    [Providers] Excerpts from Experts
    It provides a “fresh set of eyes” from the learners. Over the last one year, team Raptivity delivered a plethora of exciting webinars featuring seasoned learning consultants who discussed the latest eLearning trends and technologies. thought I would take a look back at all and choose some key takeaways that can come in handy for eLearning professionals of any time and age. So here are a few excerpts right from the experts: Webinar – Making Learning Stick April 2013 Jay Cross You tend to forget almost 50 – 80% of what you learn if you don’t revisit it within 24 hours of learning.
  • ELEARNING 24-7  |  THURSDAY, JUNE 3, 2010
    [Providers] Product Review:
    You are provided with a few color options, which are eye pleasing and can see a preview prior to launching it.  The system provides an assessment tool that is built-in within the product. Even if you have no desire to use any part of this function, you cannot without providing the trainer’s  name and email address. Providing instructor led training, regardless of size. bills itself as a training management system, with the ability to create and upload courses, invitee end users (learners) and track results. Administration view – back end.
    [Providers] Reflecting* on the second half of 2009
    Provided marketing and distribution advice to half a dozen web 2.0 * If you are not reflecting, you are not learning. Here are some things I learned from in the past six months. bought a Flip HD. The Flip UltraHD camcorder is a breakthrough learning device. Two hours of high-quality video from a cam that slides into your pocket. All for less than $200. Here’s a sample: I continued to experiment with learning video. prepared these videos to show at Online Educa. Verna Allee describes Value Networks. Mark Oehlert discusses Identity and Authority. Design Thinking. Articles. Workshops.
    [Providers] These 3 Tips Can Change Your Compliance E-Learning Forever - The Rapid eLearning Blog
    This allows you to address those gaps and provide the type of intervention that gets people up to the desired skill and performance level. think that some of these points are great recommendations for non-compliance materials also - especially providing the learner choices - take the quiz now, or take the course. still believe that you should provide the learner someway to assess their skills before a course. The Rapid Elearning Blog. These 3 Tips Can Change Your Compliance E-Learning Forever. February 5th, 2008. 22 comments. Create a Pre-Assessment. Empower the User.
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