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    [Providers] YouTube EDU At Last!
    Also, it would be cool if it totaled up all and provided one figure (e.g. YouTube EDU Via Jeff Cobb " YouTube has aggregated all of the videos from its college and university partners - including luminaries like Stanford, Harvard, and Dartmouth - in one place: YouTube EDU. Good news for lifelong learners." - Jeff Cobb SOME THOUGHTS Alright, in the Edublogs sphere this is old news (3 weeks old!), but I do hope that readers of this blog who don't know, know now. I am still trying to catch up with all the new learning juice flowing through the online Universe (Need another 3-4 weeks!).
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    [Providers] The Open Education Community Is Here
    is the simple and powerful idea that the world’s knowledge is a public good and that technology in general and the Worldwide Web in particular provide an extraordinary opportunity for everyone to share, use, and reuse knowledge." ( 1 ) ccLEARN ccLearn is a division of Creative Commons dedicated to realizing the full potential of the internet to support open learning and open educational resources. ccLearn The Open Education Community OPEN EDUCATION ".is even found my blog there ( 3 ) as a site to find learning tools (Thanks!). Who cares! It was surprising and fun! community OER/FREE
    [Providers] A Growing List of Free Learning Tutorial Sites!
    An Introduction to Social Learning (Jane Hart) Provides you with a practical approach to getting started with using social media for both formal and informal learning - either in the form of best-of-breed stand-alone tools or in an integrated suite of social media tools. On this site you will find his favourite links to free on-line services that allow you to provide your students with enhanced learning opportunities which you can then embed into, or link from, your school/college/university's website, course blog or VLE/MLE. Click here , if you want to add using the wiki-version.
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    [Providers] Sclipo Mashes Up Informal and Formal Learning to Good Effect!
    Ning ), Sclipo provides an embedded virtual classroom tool enabling educators to conduct live online (web) classes with up to 100 students at a time. Sclipo Features Video About Sclipo WHAT? Sclipo is a Social Learning Network for continuing education that offers apps for e-Learning (course manager, knowledge manager, webcam-based web classroom for live online teaching, etc.) integrated with social features. At Sclipo, any member can teach and learn, enabling informal or social learning online. solutions too complex and costly. FEATURES? No downloads needed. Don't be lazy, check it out!
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    [Providers] Your Top 10 Videos (That Inspire Us To Rethink The Way We Learn)?
    Equally important, it serves to motivate district level leaders to provide teachers with the tools and training to do so. Starting point - 80+ Videos for Tech. & Media Literacy My Top 10 List (Vote or rearrange according to.) THINKING I was last night exploring Dr. Alec Couros amazing list of videos for Tech. & Media Literacy , and then an idea popped in my wondering mind. Ironically and sadly, many of us are still trying to persuade our dear fellow educators to rethink the way we educate and learn (even until today! Let's face it, not all of us can inspire like Obama. Thank you!
    [Providers] Any Free Online Survey/Polling Tools?
    There are still millions of students and educators in the Schools, Colleges and Universities around the world who are doing research, conducting surveys and spending a lot of time collecting data, providing them often with little time to analyze and reflect the findings (critical/creative thinking aspect!). The free version provides several limitations (e.g. Built upon individual polling modules called buzzbites™, BuzzDash provides a real-time forum where people can solicit, measure and share opinions on nearly any issue. Link to my Yahoo? No idea!
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    [Providers] A Yummy Free Online PDF to Word Converter
    You don't need to provide your email address. PDF2Word Online Via CLC Online The PDF-to-Word conversion occurs directly on the site and can be saved to a location of your choosing. The Word document will be ready immediately after the conversion is done. However, I am sure there are several other interesting FREE PDF-to-Word converters out there. Indeed there is! However, what if you are looking for a free PDF-to-Word desktop application instead of an online version, do you have any options? Yes, try Smartsoft's free PDF-to-Word Converter (Thanks Nedelcho!). What do you think?
    [Providers] 8 Free Screencasting Tools For Tony!
    Using the zero download Flowgram Maker, creators can assemble and annotate web pages, photographs, videos etc on any topic, and add a voice narrative which provides context, emotion and consistency. It provides you 3 capture options: the entire page, the current view, or only a selection. Free Screencasting Tools List (Updated) Tony Karrer's blog "Toast! You name it, they record it!" ".I'm I'm now back to searching for a free tool that works to create screencasts that I can use for my blog. don't do it very often, so it needs to be free. Share in email, IM, or blogs. And then.
    [Providers] MedTutor - Learning to Think!
    This project is still very much a work-in-progress, but then again that should not stop us from exploring it and providing some constructive feedback. Also, please check out the Learning Issues area, where he reviews students' submission and provides constructive feedback. Instead, we could perhaps use a blog to provide an space for sharing and exploring experiences, knowledge, skills, ideas and resources with the readers. It provides you with an excellent environment to integrate and reflect what you have discovered, experienced, created and learned. Need that!).
    [Providers] Learning in 3D! Why? How?
    This is what I liked about it: It tells you what, why, when, where, how, and provides a whole chapter (6) exploring numerous real success stories in using virtual worlds or 3D learning spaces beyond sitting around tables. The chapters flow beautifully from possibilities and today’s learning needs, to providing an easy-to-understand implementation framework supported by real examples, and then gives us a glimpse of how the future learning world is unfolding or going to unfold (as the Japanese say ‘ Innovate or Die’). How could I say no! Forget you, What about the book? THE BOOK?
    [Providers] Go Online! Go Mobile! Lost in Space!
    Interestingly, one of their mobile learning projects utilizes SMS to share content nuggets, start forum questions, and provide tips, motivation quotes, and exam/assignment submission schedules. THINKING! So, when you prepare your curriculum, learning environment, or course content, do you develop everything yourself (Me, Myself and I)? Or are you good at using whatever you can find ? Or perhaps you combine the best of both worlds to mash-up amazing learning experiences for your students. So, what is your secret recipe to constructing effective learning content and activities? Go Mobile!
    [Providers] Learning Notes From an E-Learning 2.0 Implementation Workshop
    Here are some of the useful things I learned from Daniel's 1/2 day talk (Usually, I would be sleeping by 50 minutes, but not this time around): What NTU Did Not Do: Provide incentives and penalties to get academics on board with e-learning. The notes provided says rate-of-reuse per lecture is on the average 38.14, he said something like 76 (I assume it is 76 clicks, including slide jumping clicks within a lecture). "Students who ask better questions, are independent learners, deep thinkers and ethical leaders of the future" - NTU's Greatest Achievement WHY GO? 2008 version only).
    [Providers] Moodle is an Airport, Not a Total Solution!
    Instead, explore using other online tools out there (or perhaps let your team develop the tools necessary), which can be integrated with Moodle providing all the needs your online campus management system requires. EduTools is a pretty good free course management system comparison and selection tool to use, compared to the commercial alternatives that Brandon Hall and Bersin provide (last resort, if EduTools fails!). No, it is not an Airport! It is more like a space station ! Whatever Moodle is, in this post Moodle is an 'Airport' (figurative speech that is!). Let's begin! tools.
    [Providers] Drop-By-Learning (DBL)
    Of course, we don't know everything, so we will provide a learning nuggets laundry list of all the things that they can learn from us. Also, we provide free candy to stimulate the brain (something like Google in small chunks!), and have set up a dartboard within striking distance, should they be stressed or lack focus. I hated every minute of training, but I said, "Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion." - Muhammad Ali PROBLEM Have you ever. Attended a Training/Workshop (T/W) session where you learned everything except what you really came for?
    [Providers] The Best EDU Blogs on the Planet!
    Here are four (4) blog lists too yummy to ignore (for learning professionals!): 100 Featured Learning Professionals (Jane Hart) Jane Hart's personal selection of 100 learning professionals that will provide you with information, inspiration and/or interaction on a range of educational and workplace learning topics from around the world - via their blog, on Twitter or on other social networks. In addition, I love the fact that she provides us with a weekly round-up of the new learning tools added to the tools directory. TOP BLOGS! blogs or sites of this and that. is worth the wait.
    [Providers] Is Boltelicious Keyboard Skills Required To Facilitate Online Effectively?
    Peter's Online Typing Course Provides a set of free online typing lessons and typing exercises for beginning typists, and frustrated hunt-and-peckers who want to move from four-finger typing to full-blown touch typing. Can you eat chicken nuggets a few hours before a 100 meters sprint race, and smash the world record with ease? If you are Usain Bolt, YES YOU CAN! Although, I have never been thrilled about eating chicken nuggets, I somehow feel like eating some right now. Since he went to McDonalds, I suppose. will stick to eating chicken rice at the Mamak stall. 40+ words per minute.
    [Providers] Free Internet Access is a Fundamental Human Right!
    Countries that don't provide free Internet access to all citizens, cannot even be considered to be a developed country. "We are the world We are the children We are the ones who make a brighter day So let's start giving There's a choice we're making We're saving our own lives It's true we'll make a better day Just you and me." - Michael Jackson & Lionel Richie MY TED WISH! Alright, I might never get the opportunity to give a TED talk , but that does not mean I can't share with you my little TED wish. Thank You! So, in my dream I am awarded with 500 Billion Dollars (tax free!),
    [Providers] The King Kong List For Free Medical Online Resources!
    The Project provides a free online technology platform to any individual or organization that can benefit from its use. JHSPH OCW The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health's OpenCourseware (JHSPH OCW) project provides access to content of the School's most popular courses. This is a comprehensive site providing Video lectures, LiveOnline Tests, Audio lectures etc in the fields of Biology, Physics,Chemistry,Mathematics,Computer Science,Engineering,Medicine, Management and Accounting etc FREE to its visitors. Let's start with. No distractions.
    [Providers] Malaysian Sharein Tickles Real Potential!
    One-Discovery Sharing Although, I am not an average user and a hyper discovery sharer, I believe this tool should also provide us the option to share multiple discoveries in one-shot (Select checkbox or simply 'All') to multiple tools. Sharein “The goal is convenience, to make it easy for the user. It’s not a power tool, but for the average user who wants to share.” - Colin Wong (CEO, Sharein) SHAREIN? Sharein is an easy-to-learn/use tool that allows you to bookmark, rate, share, and discuss your internet discoveries with your friends in an efficient manner. Really cool! One shot, bang!
    [Providers] Text-to-Speech to Enjoying Traffic Jams!
    Anyway, I am pretty sure Google will provide such services soon, and then the commercial tools would need to react, and finally we all will benefit, and create a better learning world for all. Panopreter It reads text file, rtf file, word document and web page in.htm format, it can read in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese and more, provided such Text-To-Speech voice engines have been installed on your computer. Do you experience traffic jams? Do you curse at other 'Monkey' drivers? Do you feel like beating the 'Beep' out of them? It is online and free.
    [Providers] My First eBook Joins The +100,000 Hits Club!
    Zaid's eBook provides many links and many valuable perspectives on the worlds of learning that are available on the Web. _JH" - Joseph Hart "Malaysian maven Zaid Ali Alsagoff has filtered his prolific and always valuable output at ZaidLearn down to 69 great nuggets of learning for your e-Reading pleasure. In conjunction with his blog called Zaidlearn, it provides a nice set of resources for the practitioner who is in "knowledge seeker" mode." - Eric A. View eBook - 69 Learning Adventures in 6 Galaxies SERIOUS? That is really cool! have discovered "69 Learning Adventures." instead.
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    [Providers] The Best Free Learning Monitor!
    The Free Learning Monitor newsletter compiled/synthesized/authored by Jeff Cobb does just that by providing regular monthly updates about free and low cost education opportunities available on the Web, and so much more. Free Learning Monitor Newsletter (Subscribe Now! Of Course, Free!) ' Mission to Learn' Blog 'Free online learning experiences delivered to your inbox monthly!' NEWSLETTER Do you want to receive a monthly digest of free and low-cost online courses, tutorials, videos, podcasts, games, and blogs? Let me repeat: YES! MORE JUICE! eBook. Not my cup of tea!). learning OER/FREE
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    [Providers] 88 FREE EduGames & The Ultimate Post-Saving Puzzle!
    88 Free EduGames to Spice Up Your Course Flash Countdown Timer Generator Unless you can decode the following text, and figure out what it really says: ACLHQKHZW It is not sufficient to only guess or provide the correct answer; you also need to explain the decoding process, or how you got to the correct answer. In other words, to master the art of learning, it is not sufficient to know the answer only (which can be easily memorized! Ironically, understanding often not needed!), but we must also understand the process to getting the answer. educational gaming Fun OER/FREE
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    [Providers] 172 Interactive Health Tutorials and 32 EduGames!
    Energyville It’s up to you to provide enough power to meet the energy demands of your city’s 3.9 How Does Your Brain Understand What Your Ear Hears ? Answer: Learn Genetics Not sure if that was correct, but the two (2) links or resources above are certainly worth exploring. just came across a very interesting blog post by Jeffery Goldman exploring e-Learning and Games in Healthcare , and from there I extracted some very interesting resources, and mashed them up with some other Medical online resources discovered earlier. from the Patient Education Institute. Not bad! WaterBusters!
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    [Providers] 102 Free EduGames to Spice Up Your Course!
    FreeRice A cool game to learn vocabulary and help end world hunger by providing rice to hungry people for free (Made possible by the sponsors who advertise on the site). Whyville Provide a student-centered, hands-on environment for exploring various school subjects. Darfur Is Dying Darfur is Dying is a viral video game for change that provides a window into the experience of the 2.5 Energyville It’s up to you to provide enough power to meet the energy demands of your city’s 3.9 The aim is to fix environmental problems and provide food and wealth for the population.
    [Providers] Join the #moodlewish Twitter Stream!
    So, having a dedicated hashtag in #moodlewish will hopefully provide a more convenient venue for all Moodle users to share ideas and suggestions (or those that use Twitter!), and for developers to make these sparks of ideas become a reality. Hopefully, the #moodlewish tag will provide an additional value added stream to Moodle developers and users around the world. Click image to view the visualized #moodlewish story clearly PLEASE WISH UP! Do you feel that Moodle needs improvement in some areas? Or perhaps don't like some of its features? Annoying!), Facebook is new! Lovely!
    [Providers] Coaching Critical Thinking to Think Creatively! (Zaid Alsagoff)
    In short, I provided them with some ideas on how I would facilitate the tutorials, but empowered them the freedom to think and do it their own way, as long as they covered the syllabus. As for Kirkpatrick’s levels of evaluation 3 and 4, it is difficult to provide any concrete evidence, except for comments such as the ones above. long time ago (early 2007) in a galaxy far away (Malaysia), there was a little boy (33 years old) who happened to be me. This little boy was suddenly entrusted to transform a dying course at the University entitled ‘ Critical Thinking ’. THE UNITAR WAY!
    [Providers] Using Twitter to Amplify Connective Learning and Sharing at ICEL 2010
    Another tool you might want to consider (among several) is TweetDeck , which provides you a host of excellent features to track whatever you want, and also enables conveniently to update your own Twitter world. icel5). Instead, you might as well use the 'Search' function in Twitter, and then save the search, which you can follow. If you are using an IPhone, you are probably going to love the TweetDeck application. Alright, so did the #icel5 learning stream idea work? THANK YOU ! Also, I would like to give a special thanks to Prof. Rozhan M. Can't wait! were amazing. Of course not!
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    [Providers] Use Bloom's Taxonomy Wheel for Writing Learning Outcomes
    Click the graphic to enlarge it (Reference: Instructing in an International Setting: A Handbook for Those Who Will Provide Training in Developing Countries (p. Do you have problems writing learning outcomes/objectives for your content or courses? Or more specifically, do you have trouble finding the right ACTION VERBS to describe what you want your students to achieve from the course, module, topic or unit? Have you tried using Bloom's Taxonomy wheel(s) before to assist finding those magic action verbs? Trust me! Also, please learn how to apply Bloom's taxonomy to web 2.0 3-24), by C. R.
    [Providers] Top 10 Learning Sites for __? Yours? #T10LS :)
    In addition, I love the fact that she provides us with a weekly round-up of the new learning tools added to the tools directory. Also, don't miss her 100 Featured Learning Professionals , which will provide you with information, inspiration and/or interaction on a range of educational and workplace learning topics from around the world - via their blog, on Twitter or on other social networks. "Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school." - Albert Einstein "See, here's the thing, though. don't want 99 mind mapping resources, tools, and tips.
    [Providers] World Class Learning is for Nothing and Inspiring Feedback for Free!
    And in general learned from experience and observation, many of us do a terrible job in providing positive and inspirational feedback to our students. In short, he has provided me more valuable and inspiring feedback than any other lecturer I had during my University and College days. In conjunction with his blog called Zaidlearn, it provides a nice set of resources for the practitioner who is in "knowledge seeker" mode." - Eric A. Welcome to ZaidLearn's Learning World! No big deal! Having said that, if we want to access 'World Class' (Oops, did it again!) self-learner.
    [Providers] 2 Juicy Ways to Insert YouTube Videos into PowerPoint
    When installed, all you need to do is to provide the YouTube video URL that appears in the browser address bar, the rest is taken care of by the YTV Wizard. Installation instructions are provided on the YTV homepage. RealPlayer YouTube Video Wizard Format Factory Updated Version: The Real Way to Download-Convert-Insert YouTube Videos into PowerPoint! Now, I am going to share with you two (2) juicy ways to insert your favorite YouTube videos (or videos from other sites) into your PowerPoint presentations. So, how can we get the job done quickly? Ops, let's get back on track.
    [Providers] Salman Khan Uses Microsoft Paint to Inspire Learning
    The Khan Academy is a not-for-profit organization with the mission of providing a high quality education to anyone, anywhere. The Khan Academy Khan Academy YouTube Channel Via Helge Scherlund THE KHAN ACADEMY Salman Khan ( Sal ) founded the Khan Academy with the hope of using technology to foster new learning models. They currently have 1600+ videos (growing fast!) on YouTube covering everything from basic arithmetic and algebra to differential equations, physics, and finance which have been recorded by Salman Khan. which he uses to draw and illustrate step-by-step what he is explaining.
    [Providers] Using Twitter to Transform the Classroom!
    It provides an easy way to maintain connections, share thoughts, or ask for advice." - Jane Bozarth BLOG BOOK TOUR While I was on holiday with my family in Sabah , I got a wonderful surprise tweet message (above) from a famous author called Jane Bozarth. Although, she didn't introduce me to Twitter, she did provide the initial spark needed for me to take this learning tool seriously. Also, we should encourage students to answer other students questions , and by providing some incentive for the most active students (e.g. Right? Are you ready? THANK YOU! plenk2010 ).
    [Providers] The Very Best From ZaidLearn!
    If you ask me, Moodle is a good meeting place (airport or space station), or a starting point where we get together to discuss and share ideas, before taking off using both inbuilt and integrated learning tools to experience engaging and enriching learning adventures beyond any single VLE can provide. You become stubborn to try new ideas and approaches, because you have reached a level whereby you are comfortable with what you are doing, and it works perfectly fine to you. So, if you like ZaidLearn or new to it, I suppose this list would be an excellent starting point. she can't sing!).
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    [Providers] The Juiciest Learning Professionals on Twitter?
    Olavur Ellefsen (olavur) Founder of Simprentis - developer of learning simulations and provider of team-based education and training to oil and gas Ray Jimenez (RayJimenez) CEO of Vignettes for Training, Inc. Directory of Learning Professionals on Twitter (Jane Hart) ZaidLearn's Twitter BEFORE If you are looking for a huge list (1000+), Jane Hart's Twitter directory of learning professionals , is simply amazing. However, some people might want a more filtered list of juicy learning professionals. No specific criteria was used (e.g. It was an interesting learning journey. Learning 2.0
    [Providers] PLENK 2010 - The Most Awesome Course on Planet Earth!
    Worse yet, the teacher is too lazy to provide feedback, except a grade (number or alphabet!). Click here to watch the animation video HOW DID YOU DO THAT? used xtranormal to create the animation (above) by simply writing the dialogue script (text only! Seriously!). The whole production process (thinking and writing the script) took me around 30 minutes only. Now, that is what we want from awesome learning tools; Minimal effort, amazing output ! Though, xtranormal has a commercial version (besides the free features) with even more sizzling juice, and that __ me off :( PLENK 2010? Web 3.0?
    [Providers] Islam, Higher Education & The Virtual Campus!
    Whether ' Global Warming ' is a fact or myth, I cannot verify, but what I do know is that mankind is abusing the Earth beyond its capacity (by __%), and unless we change or transform the way we live soon, we are not providing much hope for our future generations. Also, the Internet provides people an amazing platform (ecosystem) to connect, network, innovate, and do business directly and indirectly. that is potentially sustainable beyond physical barriers, providing everyone the potential to learn. Not only what has been learned, but more importantly what has been shared.
    [Providers] Part 2 - Simplify Blue Ocean & Make Consultants _!
    that also provide all the necessary hospital support (value added), and governments (e.g. “ We do no market research. We don't hire consultants. The only consultants I've ever hired in my 10 years is one firm to analyze Gateway's retail strategy so I would not make some of the same mistakes they made [when launching Apple's retail stores]. But we never hire consultants, per se. Steve Jobs, thanks for making that clearer! We figure out what we want. And I think we’re pretty good at having the right discipline to think through whether a lot of other people are going to want it, too.
    [Providers] Part 1 - Would Nemo Survive Using the Blue Ocean Strategy?
    The idea of creating an uncontested market space is an illusion, unless we simply define it as an uncontested market space, which is easy as the authors have provided no real measure (like so much else!) to prove this. Though, kudos to Cirque du Soleil for hiring over the years many amazing street performers, and providing them a healthy and stable living income beyond what they would have probably got from performing on the streets. "Blue Ocean Strategy is a bestseller across five continents. And what is the likelihood of that? Though, I might be wrong! What baloney! The firm?
    [Providers] Part 3 - ZaidLearn's Blue Ocean Strategy for 2011
    It really depends, but from my experience working with especially consultants from the corporate consultancy providers (that have got the projects sometimes beyond comprehension) over the last 10 years in three Universities, I would argue besides helping us populate templates, and producing nice looking reports, it has been one disappointment after another. One reason could be that big corporate consultancy providers (e.g. Also, profile the team assigned to the project, besides the corporate consultancy providers themselves, which are always impressive. Impossible! Hello!
    [Providers] IMU Student Blogging Project to Promote a Healthy Lifestyle!
    Upon completing this course, students will have learned that the media constructs views of the real world and that these views have been mediated to provide filtered and partial meaning of health belief and behaviour. Overall, the blog is well-designed providing the user with a visually soothing and user-friendly navigation experience, which is certainly a requirement for any pregnant woman. Pink Awareness "BIG or small, We Save them All" This blog aims to provide a one stop avenue for information on breast cancer in an easy way to understand. Interestingly, Assoc. ZERO !
    [Providers] MAKNAZ - The Saudi Repository for Learning Objects
    "The Maknaz project provides a complete solution for the implementation, customisation, maintenance and support of a reliable and effective online learning environment, including all the required hardware for sustaining a highly sophisticated environment supporting 22 leading national universities." - Abdullah Al Mogheerah (NCEL's Manager for Planning & PMO) Bob Little ranked Abdullah Al Mogheerah as the 4th most influential person in the corporate e-learning world in 2011 (on Jan 4, 2011) CLICK HERE TO EXPLORE MAKNAZ MAKNAZ (or Treasure Chest)?
    [Providers] Use Backupify to Backup Your Social Media Stuff!
    Or tools that enable you to backup unlimited social media accounts providing unlimited storage space? Backupify "Backupify is an all-in-one archiving, search and restore service for the most popular online services including Google Apps, Facebook, Twitter, Picasa and more. " If you are looking for a tool to backup your social media stuff (Google Docs/Sites, Twitter, Blogger, Facebook, etc.), Backupify is a pretty cool tool. Putting Gmail aside, I would recommend using the free version of Backupify to backup your blog, Twitter, and other social media stuff that are reasonably light.
    [Providers] Kable.MY - Malaysia's Premiere Instructional Technology Website
    Kable.MY "This website provides the latest news, articles and tutorials on emerging technologies for educational purposes, and serves as a hub for educators to congregate and share ideas that can be put into practice. Also, I like their team's learning philosophy and spirit: "We are a bunch of normal educators like you, with the enthusiasm to provide the latest and fun ways to teach students , to inspire them with the use of technologies that are often regarded as a separate entity from our instructional strategies. website that I just discovered, thanks to Hafiz Hanif. INSPIRING!
    [Providers] Any Free Hosted CMS or LMS? (Yes, Obama Says!)
    MyiCourse Provides tools for users to build, manage and deliver courses. A free web-based Course Management Service (CMS) that enables instructors to manage their courses online and provides students with collaborative tools to interact with their classmates. Learning CMS/LMS/PLE (Personal Learning Environments) providers will get their share via advertising, donations, and venture capital. Related Posts - Edu2.0 & LectureShare Can We Host and Facilitate Our Courses Online For Free? FREE HOSTED C/LMS? Ecto A collaborative personal learning environment.
    [Providers] Crash Course - Social Media & Web 2.0 for Learning
    This presentation and site provides all the resources shared during the ' Social Media & Web 2.0 Social Media & Web 2.0 for Learning Website (Still Under Construction) Social Media & Web 2.0 for Learning (2nd Edition) View more presentations from Zaid Alsagoff WELCOME! Welcome to this ’Crash Course’ (still under construction) to get you started with social media and web 2.0 for learning and teaching. Today there are thousands of exciting learning tools to explore, but sadly most teachers do not have the time to explore all, or figure out which ones to use. What do you think?
    [Providers] Social Media Infographics Built to Last?
    In a nut shell, dynamic infographics should: Provide easy access to continuously updated and relevant data/information. Goldmine: 60 Informative Social Media Infographics REALITY CHECK! When you first discover a social media infographics goldmine , you are like.WOW! Now, I can really spice up my presentations with some sizzling social media infographics to stimulate the audience. But, then you start to look at the statistics found in these infographics, and then you realize (I hope!) that much of the data shared are outdated and kind of useless (at the moment of discovery).
    [Providers] Baby Salma Uses iPhone to Learn 'Apple'!
    In other words, when we teach or facilitate learning, we should perhaps provide more opportunities for students to explore learning, and take ownership of their own learning process, which is often more inspiring than being told what to do for 15 weeks per semester. I suppose a 36 second video clip would make more sense now: FLASHCARDS In the video clip above, my wife is teaching baby Salma new words using voice narrated Flashcards. The cool thing about apps like My First Words , is that you can also record your own voice, and even create your own Flashcards. Think about it! Too late!
    [Providers] E-Learning Trends and Challenges in Malaysian Higher Education Institutions
    Here we go: National E-Learning Policy for Higher Education Institutions (will add the link when made available) e-Pembelajaran di IPTA Malaysia ( Issuu version ) This e-book provides great insights into how especially public Universities in Malaysia are using e-learning to facilitate learning and teaching. So, instead of summarizing the book, I can focus next on providing some of my own insights and reflections to what has been published. So, no doubt HEIs need to invest more in quality staff, and be creative about providing incentives (e.g. Great guy! Let's rumble. and x.0)
    [Providers] dimdim - World’s FREE Virtual Classroom (Open Source)!
    dimdim provides a business-class quality web meeting service that is free to consumers and extremely easy to use, as there is no software to download or maintain." dimdim Open Source Community Edition dimdim Documentation Latest News: Dimdim has been acquired by (Sad story!!!) This post is still here, because of the ideas shared beyond DimDim) Another Option? Explore WiZiQ :) WHAT? dimdim is the world´s first free web meeting service based on the open source platform. dimdim is a browser-based web 2.0 JUICE? " 'Powerful simplicity’ is dimdim’s mantra.
    [Providers] The Finnish Education System Rocks! Why?
    Provide training online and face-to-face often, exploring with them how they can utilize all these learning tools to transform the way they learn. “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” - Nelson Mandela Part 2: Insightful Videos Exploring Why the Finnish Education System Rocks! FUTURE LEARNING FINLAND A couple of weeks back (16th September), I attended a Future Learning Finland one-day seminar & networking session. Finpro had invited a few dozen people from Malaysia for this session. Though, how come they invited me of all people? NOKIA!
    [Providers] Insightful Videos Exploring Why the Finnish Education System Rocks!
    This collection will hopefully be useful for you (and me), as the craze around the world to discover the Finnish education system is increasingly becoming a (wrestle) mania. Finally, I will be adding new insightful videos about the Finnish education system as I discover them, and please share insightful videos that I might have missed out. In other words, don't hesitate to revisit this post :) THE FINNISH EDUCATION SYSTEM (VIDEO COLLECTION) Here we go: Watch the full episode. See more Need To Know. More insightful videos? will add them above. Thanks!
    [Providers] Do You Want To Learn English As A Second Language?
    The host for the podcast is Dr. Jeff McQuillan, who helps read the scripts and provides explanations for them. With over 100 lessons, provides a large amount of audio content. One of the world’s leading providers of English training resources delivered via the Internet. It provides free podcasts and learning materials for you to practice and improve your English language skills. Lingofeeds - English for Professional Purposes Is dedicated to providing niche-specific English learning materials for professional purposes. Why a second language?
    [Providers] University Learning = OCW + OER = FREE!
    OER Recommender Makes it easy for open education resource providers to provide links to related resources. The system basically provides access to NSDL resources, but also Johns Hopkins, MERLOT and MIT-OCW resources. There are some wonderful resources here providing you with relevant information needed to understand what OER is about, how to use/contribute/collaborate, and how to move forward (e.g. Khan Academy The Khan Academy is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) with the mission of providing a world-class education to anyone, anywhere. Online College Classes.
    [Providers] Three Steps for Teaching Software
    When teaching software, first provide an overview of the task you are teaching. Then once they have done that (or maybe twice) then have them do it on their own and walk around the classroom providing assistance where needed. This provides a chance for the learn to watch, apply and practice. The other day, I got a great comment about my post Are You Challenging Your Learners? Don’t treat them like babies. The question: When do you think people in your class reach their threshold level? How would you approach a class who has difficulty reading a university level text?
    [Providers] Can Simulations replace traditional assessments?
    Much has been developed , researched and written  about the power of high fidelity simulations (especially in defense and healthcare) and their ability to provide far more effective training outcomes and better measurability of performance. And I will include Serious Games as well in the same context. think it is perhaps a good time to raise a few questions. Firstly, are simulations (and/or serious games) more suited for assessing performance than traditional paper/pencil or online tests? Secondly, what are the essential attributes of such simulation or game based assessments?
    [Providers] Sharing Our Authentic Work Lives with Our Children
    It is not the product that provides the learning, but the actual process we go through that teaches them. . This past spring, for the third year in a row, I ran a Leadership Academy for high school sophomores. As part of the Academy, we brought in leaders from all types of organizations--business, government, nonprofits, media--and let the kids do a sort of "speed-dating" meeting with them. Students got to ask questions and interact in small groups with each of the leaders. To these students, this was eye-opening. We are able to better understand our actions, what worked and what didn't.
    [Providers] Seeking testers for a new learning game engine – Knowledge Guru™ A prize to the winner!
    Knowledge Guru enables you to create a quiz-style, competitive game that provides an engaging way for employees to acquire “declarative knowledge&# (e.g. Knowledge Guru is a game engine we at Bottom-Line Performance have been developing for the past year. We’re chomping at the bit to release the game engine to people so they can create their own learning games…but we also want to gather as much test feedback as we can before finalizing the first release. learn the facts and apply those facts to specific scenarios).  You do this by answering questions within each topic.
    [Providers] Getting Close to the Ground
    College for the boardroom, classroom, higher academic pursuits like law and medicine; technicians who draw blood, troubleshoot computers and provide public service from police to municipal workers of all types, and tradespeople who through a ‘connection’ can apprentice through a union sponsored program or intern with a generous business owner. Notwithstanding the imperatives of cultural expectations, by the time a kids are in high school their trajectory has much been dialed in: College, training of some sort, the military, or work. They have never owned a computer.
    [Providers] Learning Histories
    The only continuity is possibly provided by the teacher, who takes to her class the knowledge of any prior learning histories. What happens to learning histories? Traditionally, in the school or college system, we treat textbooks and references built by experts as the starting point of our education. Students are encouraged to discover through the texts and teacher led activities. However, from one group of students to the other, from one year to the other, it is an ab-initio start. The traditional system has a short memory. These choices are made for the learner. Chaos elearning 2.0
    [Providers] Being a Development Manager at TechSmith
    also, need to be able to provide context. This weeks DevCorner post comes from David Dooley, one of our development managers. I was excited when Randall and A.J. asked me to write something about being a Development Manager for TechSmith. Since everyone is shaped by their experiences, here's a little of my history. I was about a year and a half out of college and fed up with my job. I was a consultant for a small IT company and I was continuously put in situations where I was over my head. rarely received any help, coaching, or assistance from my boss. It didn't go well. It's not you.
    [Providers] Online Global Business Resource Tool and Training
    This web-based tool provides quick and easy access to. extensive knowledge on how to conduct business effectively with people from. countries around the world. The program includes: Rich, country-specific information related to the practice of key global business skills in 65 countries — available online, in printed report format, or on-the-go from your mobile device. simple, validated, self-assessment questionnaire , available in 14 languages, that instantly creates an individual’s profile of work-style preferences. Check it out: [link
    [Providers] Training and Social Media Taught Me to Tie a Tie
    The social media component provides the medium for discussions about the learning, the discussion that is as equally as valuable as the learning event itself. They may add to it, or provide additional resources. So this made me think of organizations. Of the companies I’ve worked for or currently consult with, very few have a robust Knowledge Management System (KMS) where those with the knowledge can easily share that knowledge with others. In fact, most of the knowledge sharing that takes place in one of two ways: 1. training department produces training. 2. other employees).
    [Providers] Review of Snap! 1.1 Update
    The rest of the new features provide some differentiation. You do have to have someone put together some script to help “translate” what data from the course go into what fields in the database, but they provide guidance one that. About three months ago, Trivantis released Snap! by Lectora – a PowerPoint authoring tool à la Articulate. Today they announced their 1.1 update. Keeping Up” features : Add FLV video, branch using the player’s Next/Back buttons, hide slides in the navigation panel, disable navigation on individual slides, and customize/translate text labels.
    [Providers] What you want, what you need…
    It’s about client and provider communicating; it’s about striking that balance. It’s about working together to find a balance that works in terms of product – between content and enjoyment, a balance between cost, time and quality and most importantly, a successful relationship between client and provider. Instructional design day one! So today is my first day at Saffron as an Instructional Designer. Here I have the opportunity to continue doing the things I love, whilst gaining experience both in business, and e-learning. Finding a balance. In other cases, it simply isn’t.
    [Providers] Day 5: Sanity check!
    Where possible provide a 1-4 scale (this way they can’t always simply select the middle number) as well as space for free text. It’s Friday morning and you’ll be glad to know that the intensive hands-on stuff is over. But today is crucially important! We’ll be taking a step back and reviewing the improvements we’ve made, making sure we’ve got a coherent course and not a Frankenstein’s monster. Carry out the triple check: TVF. First things first: you need to do a full and thorough QA of your course. Some people hate doing this, other people (like me!) Get a second opinion from an SME.
    [Providers] Lack of evaluation
    This is part of my thesis about L&D evaluation: I believe there is too little of it being undertaken at the moment; I believe there is too little understanding of evaluation and its importance; I don’t know of any consultancies or service providers specialising in it; and I know there has been no new book of any significance published on the subject in nearly a decade. I’d be interested to hear any contradiction of this thesis (or any more supporting evidence). I’m underwhelmed by the response to my last blog post. As always, comments would be very welcome
    [Providers] Check Your Brain at the Door
    This is critical in today’s intellectual (provide service) age because employees are no longer hidden behind machines; they are now face-to-face with customers. Organizations live or die by the quality of the thinking and responses their employees provide – your people are your profits – or not. Author Seth Godin, in his book Linchpin, reminds us that “job” and “work” (where work is your “art” – your contribution) are very different things. The job requires showing up and doing recurring, routine tasks – not a lot of independent thinking is required. He is the author of “Fire Up!
    [Providers] Services for Learning
    What if frameworks such as the LearnOS and JISC could provide the underlying integration design for such services? As part of SCORM, ADL teams have worked on basically how to structure and sequence content to the learner and package it for the learning management system or repositories. However what they have not woked on is a standardized set of learning and collaboration services for SCORM compliant content to come alive. In the Web 2.0 Wouldn’t that transform learning altogether? And that too within a WBT! were to follow a SCORM or other Services Specification ? scorm
    [Providers] Collaborative and Cooperative Learning
    Social constructivism argues that the most optimal learning environment is one where a dynamic interaction between instructors, learners and tasks provides an opportunity for learners to create their own truth due to the interaction with others and the world. I came across some very interesting articles around collaboration and cooperation in learning. Formally defined, cooperative learning is defined by a set of processes which help people interact together in order to accomplish a specific goal or develop an end product which is usually content specific while (Panitz, 1996).
    [Providers] Common Cartridge – whither SCORM
    In order to deliver course content for LMS platforms, content providers find they must build, test and distribute their content for each platform. Delivering content for specific platforms also limits the development and distribution of content by smaller content providers and acts to exclude less widely used LMS platforms. Most of these systems each use their own proprietary formats for course content and pose an expensive problem for content providers wishing to distribute content across platforms. And hello! What is this IMS GLC Common Cartridge specification? link].
    [Providers] Yet another life!
    Apart from working with people and providing visually immersive navigation, what woud perhaps add real value is if it could be used to do physical stuff – e.g. walk into a customer “virtual&# office environment, and fix a hardware issue visually (provided the actual objects can be manipulated back in real or simulated time somehow). Well, if one life was not enough! have reading about Secondlife for some time now and decided to get an account. Am called Viplav Tigerpaw now! Once the novelty wears off, how effective is it as compared to the tools we have now.
    [Providers] Pervasive Learning
    It is not enough to just say that learning should be collaborative or pervasive without providing a framework to judge exactly how effective collaboration or ubiquity should be, and, without providing tools to learners and guides to effectively and efficiently source knowledge and learn. I found some great stuff on Pervasive Learning at the KnowledgeLab site. would think there are strong parallels with Personal Learning and collaborative learning in that we talk about the sources of knowledge and the processes by which learning takes place. By that I mean that context is key.
    [Providers] Fusing the learning experience
    Not only does this bring other resources into the WBT in a structured format, but also provides a way for the learner herself to contribute and collaborate during the course, providing much higher levels of engagement and collaboration. One view is the VLS/MLE/LMS view, where content is provided in a prescribed format. As more customers have started looking at Web 2.0 and learning 2.0 as a way to encourage greater learner engagement and learning effectiveness, I believe the way web based training (WBT) courses are created right now should change.
    [Providers] Collaborative Learning Styles
    research the best practices in collaborative learning techniques and provide templates for each technique. design tools that provide a structured collaboration experience that can be shared with others. As we move from traditional learning to what it means to collaborate and share, we need to focus on what would make this an effective way to learn, and how can technology help make this possible in a structured form. We need to be able to: identify the pre-conditions for collaboration to occur effectively . identify and list collaborative styles that different learners exemplify.
    [Providers] Folksonomies – much ado about something
    Vertical search (as propounded by Sramana Mitra ) provide another solution while the new proposed authoring tool from Google (“ knol “) provides yet another route to such classifications, this time for content at an “internal to page&# or sectioned level. Classifying the web and getting people what they are looking for. Now that is a daunting task when you know that there are over 10 billion web pages, that most of them are unstructured and a whole lot of them contain information that is hidden behind security, script and non-textual media. Innovations
    [Providers] The strategic inflection point
    However, they rely on standards such as SCORM, to provide intelligence on the learning process itself. Only the paranoid survive. Andrew Grove’s 2003 book by the same name reflects on the strategic inflection point when something in the environment changes in a fundamental way that is not so apparent in our daily chaos of survival. Andrew writes of how a 10X change in any one force (following Porter’s classical competitive strategy analysis and recent developments around this analysis), namely: Power, vigor and competence of existing competitors. Predictability  . Content quality.
    [Providers] Predictions for 2008
    The shift to rich Internet applications in e-learning using Flex and Silverlight among other tools, shall become a reality thus providing a boost to gaming and simulations for learning. Well, it is that time of the year when everyone would perhaps be reasonably interested in forecasting what the next year will bring. Here are my 2 cents: PLEs will be shareable – tools shall arrive on the web that shall allow entire learning experiences to be sliced and shared between users. This shall be followed by ratings on which PLE slices are great. Hopefully, all these will come true.
    [Providers] Social Learning Networks
    This is a really innovative solution that provides teachers the capability to teach online and host discussions among other things.  The traditional features of network build-up and collaboration are provided. The community rating provided is extremely powerful and structured. I stumbled across LearnHub , a social learning network that combines social networking, community ratings, learning and structured teaching. Teachers can create lessons, tests, courses and tutoring sessions. Any one can start or join multiple communities around their interest areas. elearning 2.0
    [Providers] Learning 2.0 formal methodologies?
    formats equally well, provided that: goals are set and agreed upon (as well how these will be achieved). We know that traditional training provides a one-go learning experience. The “simpler&# dimension is that teachers can be provided tools to generate collaborative learning activities (could be the capability to author learning games?). Jane Hart , in response to my comment on Manish’s blog post, was wondering what I meant by structured construction and tracking models for teaching-learning in a Learning 2.0 world. Thanks Jane, for forcing me to think harder!
    [Providers] Sugar – an operating system for learners
    Sugar is built on top of Fedora Linux and provides a new opportunity for all of us learning professionals to relook at how we can use technology and interface design to think out of the box, align whatever we have been talking about in social constructivist learning, Web 2.0 Now this is really very exciting. Let me start with explaining how I got here. The first thing is there are groups such as the One Laptop per child (OLPC) and those within Intel, HP and many companies that are trying to create laptops for the classroom in the K12 segment. The second thing is brilliant. Enter Sugar.
    [Providers] Part 5: Learning 2.0 Formal Methodologies
    If a rating needs to be provided for a particular piece of content or even interaction, then the community can engage in peer reviews. Discussion Thread: This post << Part 4 << Part 3 << Part 2 << Part 1. Also a contribution to the May Working/Learning blog carnival hosted by Rupa Rajagopalan ). In the last few posts, I have tried to identify what I think are the pillars of the learning process/experience and tried to establish that they remain valid in both traditional and 2.0 contexts. style. That is implicit in the style. Rather Network organization.
    [Providers] Groups and Networks: 2.0 Formal methodologies
    If we look at Bruce Tuckman’s five stage model, it has: Forming – similar to the polite stage in terms of making acquantances and assessing the other members and their abilities, but includes context setting and motivation with a lot of direction being provided by the team leadership. In the last post, I looked at some of the basic components that any formal methodology for Learning 2.0 shall need to address. These are Network organization, Group organization, Content, Measurement and Tracking and Collaboration. Groups require unity, networks require diversity. construct.
    [Providers] 2.0 Learning Formations
    These groups leverage the power of networks to achieve their growth and the context of a focused community to provide learning for their members. In my last post, I talked about networks and groups and discussed how groups make for more meaning for Learning 2.0 than simply the concept of networks. As we look at the way Learning 2.0 styles possibly function in a network, it would be helpful to think of ad hoc formations that are forming and adjourning continuously; sometimes morphing into other ad hoc formations of different shapes and sizes. Nothing is evanescent and yet everything is.
    [Providers] The new age of innovation
    The service model is simple – provide guarantees, support and services on the usage of the tires (say in a fleet management scenario) rather than transactionally on just the tire. TutorVista provides its customers with the ability to choose what they want to learn, when they want to learn and for what duration they need tutoring. The book by the same name written by C.K. Prahalad and M.S. Krishnan has much to offer us in the learning industry. Rather, a new order is emerging that conforms to global standards yet is locally responsive. This is what they call N=1. manner.
    [Providers] 20th ICCE Day 1
    One of the other interesting things they did was to ask students to actually build visualizations of their understanding of the topic prior to showing them the animation and then to redo them after they saw the animation and this also provided clues to the effectiveness of visualization as a tool. I am at the 20 th ICCE at Mauritius and am getting a chance to interact with Chemistry educators and researchers from all over the world on their thoughts and approaches to using ICT in Science education. very interesting and interactive session by Prof. Read more at But Prof.
    [Providers] X.Os in Learning and Technology
    As bandwidth improved, video conferencing evolved to provide immersive situations for collaboration and communication. Blogs provide, for example, a channel through which anyone could share content with the global community. Correspondingly, it provides tools to search and source knowledge from millions of different sources. Web services now provide the glue through which these can happen. Examples include some ongoing research on wearable headsets that provide the power of your PC, social network and the internet wherever you go. The “X” in “X.O” The X in X.O
    [Providers] My Defining Customer Moments
    Our clientwas managing the SMEs and they were to provide the content. I was recently asked to share some customer moments. One ofmy defining customer moments was during a project we were doing more than 10years ago. This was a very large elearning project to convert huge amount ofcontent to elearning in a short period of time. The times were short of thevolume of work and everyone was under severe pressure. This included our clientcontact, who was also under pressure from her stakeholders and customers. As happensin elearning projects, we were expecting to get content from SMEs.
    [Providers] Are you a #knowledge management expert? Become our #CoP advisor
    You provide the required guidelines for the team to implement the strategy. ITM 's department of Public Health, more specifically the Unit of Health Policy and Financing Unit is looking for a knowledge management adviser with expertise in social media. Feel free to send your resume to the people mentioned below. Good luck! This unit is involved in a number of projects that involve an important part of social networking using notably social media and the internet. Hence their access to the internet often goes through intermittent low bandwidth connections. see deliverables). Interested?
    [Providers] Establish a Governing Board!
    They also can provide invaluable guidance and advice in a number of other areas. The group typically would meet several hours per quarter to review progress against goals, review initiatives, prioritize work and resolve conflicts, and provide input and approval for the business plan for learning. This group might help determine the deployment schedule, provide feedback on existing programs, and provide input to the prioritization and planning process. This group would help deploy programs from corporate and provide feedback and ideas to corporate L&D.
    [Providers] The Debt Ceiling Deal: What Budget Negotiation Shouldn’t Look Like
    Obviously no CLO will ever find himself involved in a negotiation that plays out on such an international scale, but a look at the negotiations of this deal provide a snapshot of budget negotiation occurring with the highest stakes possible, and there may be something we can learn from that. The finally resolved U.S. debt ceiling deal gave us all a look at what, at least in part, was a budget negotiation of grand proportions. As you likely know, two sides existed here: the White House and Congress, with Congress divided into Republicans and Democrats.
    [Providers] C-L-A-S-S-I-C
    Image via Wikipedia. In just under a week, I’m heading on a trip to France for nearly a month, and I feel very privileged to be able to do so. Being a new-world girl, I am a bit of a Europhile and think castles are very cool (our accommodations will be in a converted castle), the history is interesting, but what I’ll most be savoring is the food (and the wine). Aged cheese, wine and fresh bread baked in centuries old tradition are definitely on the top of my list. These things are classic, timeless and also crafted not processed. Things I aspire to in my work. Salut!
    [Providers] Easygenerator is coming to the USA
    We will open office in Boston (within a month or two), from there we will coordinate US business development and provide services and support. We are moving forwards with easygenerator and the next step will be that we will enter the US market. After our 7.4 release (July first) we are convinced that we now have a very competitive authoring platform that can take on any other authoring tool. We expect the office to open in October or November. We have hired our first dedicated US sales person. We are finishing all the paperwork right now, but we hope to introduce him within a few weeks.
    [Providers] The Art, Science, and Practice of Coaching – Part 3
    Therefore, the Practice of Coaching centers on effective listening and providing clear and positive feedback in order to elicit that awareness. Kate has significant experience in the high tech industry providing services in leadership development, change management, corporate training, executive coaching and career management execution. Kate McLagan continues her discussion of “The Art, Science, and Practice of Coaching.&# Read Part 1: The Art of Coaching and Part 2: The Science of Coaching. The Practice of Coaching. And, as we know, awareness empowers us! Delegating.
    [Providers] What is Your Training Plan B?
    Situation: A consulting company was tasked by a healthcare company to provide 11 hours of eLearning using Captivate on several new products.  In Minnesota we say that we have two seasons—winter and road construction.  Added to that is the extreme congestion during morning and evening rush hours and the building of a light rail system between Minneapolis and St. All of this, of course, adds inordinate amounts of time to my drive between the two cities and to and from the suburbs. thought about the importance of having a Plan B in your hip pocket for just such eventualities. Not eLearning.
    [Providers] Ensuring that Change “Sticks”
    Provide opportunities to come together as a group, but also allows each team member to do what they do best. Provide leadership, but allow your team to have a voice. My first foray into the world of training happened about 12 years ago. The World Health Organization (WHO) wanted to capitalize on the informal learning environment that had developed around their in-house systems. As in so many organizations, application “gurus” had sprung up in various departments, and were called on to help other users solve practical problems on the fly. So what happened?
    [Providers] USDLA – Advocating the Growth of Distance Learning
    have found that their goals are similarly aligned with my own: we both seek to provide leadership for the advocating of distance learning, [.]. This week I wanted to take a look at the United States Distance Learning Association and their upcoming 5th Annual Conference that is scheduled for May 1st-4th in St. Louis, Missouri. eLearning elearning
    [Providers] Wanted “thinking” graphic designers
    What does it mean, when SME or ID provides a reference in the storyboard and says ‘recreate this graphic using this image as a reference’? In the following example we first see the original reference provided by SME as well as the graphic ‘recreated’ by a graphic designer. Original reference provided by a SME, considering he/she [.]. Main Articles graphic design infographic visualization
    [Providers] Moodle training news
    The thrust behind the proposal is that for some students, finding themselves timetabled into rooms with no computing facilities, wouldn’t it be a good idea to provide some low cost, low spec netbooks and make use of the college WiFi provide access to web resources including Cloud apps. Last week was our official end of term and so classes are now over for the academic year, which opens the way for other activities such as staff training, and this morning I delivered the Introduction and Web 2.0 Please stay in touch for updates, regards Barry
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