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    [Providers] The tensions at EDGEX2012
    Given the broad societal transitions to a networked and complex ecology, he talked about how initiatives like Coursera, Udacity and the Khan Academy provided disruptions, but did not transform education. Speakers at the EDGEX Conference debated many tensions and challenges apparent in education today. George Siemens evocatively questioned the use of the word “disruptive” and asserted that we should call for transformation instead. That leverage of transformative educational research, was perhaps what excited many of the international and national speakers and delegates at EDGEX.
    [Providers] Where Did YawnBuster Come from?
    The speaker can control the amount of interaction The interaction serves a specific purpose: energizes the audience, creates fun, provides a breather and so on Everyone has a way to participate The interaction is organized and guided by some kind of a structure. It became clear then, that the best way to provide this technology was as Flash templates for PowerPoint. When someone is addressing a group, a yawn serves two purposes. One, it tells the speaker - the rare one who cares to notice it - that someone is bored. Two, it produces more yawns, which in turn tell the speaker.
    [Providers] Instructional Design Courses In India
    In response to a lot of queries I have decided to provide some information on the courses available for budding instructional designers in India. If you know of a course that should be in here or if you represent an institution that offers courses in instructional design please feel free to email me at: Symbiosis Centre For Distance Learning Post Graduate Diploma in Instructional Design (PGDID) This PGDID program provides basic theoretical and practical skills needed to design, deliver and evaluate courseware. S.N.D.T Women's University. You could contact them using the info her
    [Providers] Instructional Design Courses In India
    In response to a lot of queries I have decided to provide some information on the courses available for budding instructional designers in India. If you know of a course that should be in here or if you represent an institution that offers courses in instructional design please feel free to email me at: Symbiosis Centre For Distance Learning Post Graduate Diploma in Instructional Design (PGDID) This PGDID program provides basic theoretical and practical skills needed to design, deliver and evaluate courseware. S.N.D.T Women's University.
    [Providers] “This Training Sucks!” The Why and How of Asking for Feedback
    Constructive feedback is factual, impersonal and timely.  In your evaluation instructions, explicitly state what you’re looking for and, since not everyone knows what constructive feedback looks like, define it for them and provide examples of both positive feedback and a constructive critique to help them see how it’s worded. Personally, I rely on my marketing peeps for input since their understanding of communication often provides me with the most actionable feedback.  Training teams are somewhat notorious for their focus on feedback. Step 1: Ask for Meaningful Feedback.
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    [Providers] Reaching the Reluctant Trainee, Part 1
    If you’ve always assumed that your training audience should be purely motivated by the goals & objectives you provide, I’ll wager that you’ve also come across a few holdouts that resist online training no matter how many goals or objectives you throw at them. Conduct a Focus Group: If you need more specific feedback than a survey can provide, conduct a few focus groups with a cross-segment of trainees. These are the trainees who will not be won over by logical arguments about improved performance or smarter workflows. The Skeptic. Who are they? The Technophobe.
    [Providers] Got a List of Company Values? Be Like Zappos — Make Them ‘Committable’
    Key to Zappos’ success is its commitment to providing consistently extraordinary service (even if it only sells shoes and fashions). Its commitment is to its customers and to the service “experience” – and to provide this requires a culture and employees that believe service excellence is the only standard. I spoke at and attended the Society of Human Resources Management’s (SHRM) annual conference last week in Las Vegas. One such expert was Tony Hsieh from Zappos. Here are Zappos’ 10 “Committable” Core Values: Deliver WOW Through Service. Embrace and Drive Change. Be Humble.
    [Providers] How the Smart Small Business Keeps Its Best People
    They create opportunities to provide recurring feedback about current performance; positive performance is applauded; poor performance is coached and corrected. As president of Humanetrics, LLC, Forte provides talent-based hiring and management training to create high-productivity workplaces. Let me tell you about a very wise company I work with: At a time when many company’s conversations with employees can still be about surviving and doing more with less, this company is actively talking about the future – their future and how their employees are part of it. Future Focus.
    [Providers] Only read this if you don’t like banks
    You wrote that I should be assured that HSBC stands ready to provide me with “the assistance needed throughout this process.” (You had just told me you did not value my business and were closing my account.) I didn’t hesitate to contact your Business Banking Customer Relationship Center as you suggested. Letter to HSBC. No reply received. September 26, 2103. Mark Luppi. Executive Vice President. Business Banking. HSBC Bank USA. 452 5th Avenue. New York, NY 10018. We’ve both done our bit at Harvard Business School. They didn’t know what was going on. I’m not assured. understand. Just Ja
    [Providers] Automagically discover best content every day
    It’s a worry-free way to provide targeted content on whatever subjects you deem important. In a buzz session at DevLearn this year, I described how Working Smarter Daily  uses social signals to choose and display a fresh selection of relevant articles every morning. It’s also a dynamite research tool; you can search articles by topic, author, and/or timeframe. What’s Under the Hood. Internet Time Alliance selects the sources from which the articles for Working Smarter Daily will be chosen. Currently, it’s tracking these blogs: Adaptive Path. Andy McAfee. Just Ja
    [Providers] Instructional Problem: What would I do in this situation?
    Create a framework for learning and support it by providing references, additional reading material, books, videos, etc. In my twitter feed, I saw a question for the #lrnchat community. The question was ''What would you do in this situation? To read about the situation, click here. It is not a unique, course-specific, client-specific, SME-specific, ID-specific issue. However, this question did make me think. So, here are some of things that I would do in such a situation: Analyse: Spend some time doing analysis before jumping into ''fixing'' the course. Draft these learning objectives.
    [Providers] Girls Go Tech website
    Girls Go Tech provides information on how math, science and technology play an important role in the world around us. Includes technical career information and games that introduce math, science and technology concepts. Check it out: [link
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    [Providers] Best Moodle Plugins for Gamification – A Curated List
    This plugin helps your learners solve quizzes, provides glossary, questions and allow them to play some games like hangman, crossword, cryptex, millionaire, sudoku, snakes and ladders, the hidden picture etc. All the hoopla around gamification in e-learning is because we are looking at enhanced learner engagement as the bottom line objective. Besides engagement, gamification allows the learners to retain and recall information better. This blog post is borne out of requests sent in by the attendees of the Moodle Gamification webinar, conducted on June 14th, 2016. link]. Contact us Now!
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    [Providers] ProProfs Wins Customer Support Software Awards From
    They discovered that our knowledgebase software can provide numerous knowledge management solutions such as creation of wikis, online documentation, user guides & more. ProProfs is thrilled to announce another milestone , we have achieved as a company! FinancesOnline, a popular business software review platform, has awarded us with multiple awards of excellence including the Supreme Software Award for 2016 and the 2016 Experts’ Choice Award. The awards were given to us by a select panel of experts from FinancesOnline, who tested our product in various scenarios. Media
    [Providers] Innovation in eLearning | Upside Learning
    Where does this leave the learning solutions providers? It is inevitable that learning providers would need to change too - both in their approach and offerings. In fact the providers need to change before consumer organizations do. For this providers need to innovate and change internally first. Workplace Learning is changing! couple of months back I shared my thoughts on an interesting question relating to the ‘future of workplace learning’ at Learning Circuits Blog. Sensing patterns and helping to develop emergent work and learning practices. Why INP?
    [Providers] iPad, The Ultimate Family Room Device?
    Now, I’d like to provide some input about the iPad relative to what I  see as its true product category: the family room web device. To test my hypothesis and provide more substance to my barber banter, I brought an iPad home last week and let my wife and two boys (10 and 5) try it out. Several months back, I posted a comparison of the iPad , iPod and Kindle from the perspective of e-reader functionality. So, I’m hard pressed to imagine the iPad finding its way into the home office when it is obviously so comfortable in the family room.
    [Providers] Manual audio calibration in Captivate 5
    Adobe Captivate 5 provides automatic calibration of audio too. Prior to Adobe Captivate 5, content developers or authors had very little control over the volume of audio while recording narration in a project. Adobe Captivate used to calibrate your audio input automatically — you would not know how the audio sounds until completing the recording and listening to it. Manual calibration in Adobe Captivate 5 lets you decide the audio input levels before recording. Using this feature, you can record a sample voice, listen to the recorded voice, and tweak the settings as required. Audio Menu.
    [Providers] 'Captivate 4 - a game changer in eLearning authoring'- Training Media Review
    Marketing can provide visual demonstrations of how their product works. Early last month, Patti Shank did a detailed review of Captivate 4 on TrainingMediaReview. She highlights something that we’ve been hearing from a lot of the forward looking learning departments- ‘The workflow process for learning content creation is changing.’ ’ Patti writes. “Much of the content that we previously needed developers to produce can now be produced by our instructional designers or clients' training staff and SMEs. captivate 4 , tmr , training media review , patti shank.
    [Providers] Overcoming Gen-Y Bias
    Express your opinion only when asked: If you’re in a position to offer it, then you should always provide your reasoning. A myriad of articles have been written about how to manage Gen-Y, as we seem to have earned a poor reputation in the workplace. Meanwhile, not a lot of attention has been focused on how Gen-Yers can better integrate into the workforce. The greatest difference among our currently living generations is mostly due to the gap created by growing up with the Internet. However, technology is not necessarily the solution that will create harmony between generations.
    [Providers] Importance of Questions in the Concept Age
    Thus, right from our school days, we are “trained” to provide the right answers else our grades suffered, entry to sought-after colleges/institutions were blocked.After that, once you enter the “ jobosphere ” of the corporate world and start your work life, the likelihood is that you will come across managers and bosses, 99% of whom: Hate to be approached with problems. “A QUESTION NOT ASKED IS A DOOR NOT OPENED.” ~ MARILEE GOLDBERG, THE ART OF THE QUESTION Powerful questions are viral. came across this paper via the World Cafe site: Conversation as a Co-evolutionary Force. Drive 5.
    [Providers] Project Management for Trainers: Key Concepts and Learning
    The book also provides a list of references and resources and is a must have on the shelf if you want to learn how training projects need to be managed and executed. I have just finished reading the book, Project Management for Trainers by Lou Russell. At the outset, let me admit that this is a somewhat unusual book for me to read. I am more into books about learning and performance, training, design, creative thinking, innovation and management, writing, and the like. Project Management jumped out at me in a font size 10 times larger. And I picked up the book I have mentioned above.
    [Providers] Wanna Read Some e-Learning Horror Stories?
    My company, which provided health care to military personnel from North Carolina to Maine, had service centers throughout its footprint. Over at the PLS Online Course Development blog they have been posting e-learning horror stories and they have had some doozies so far. These stories are not only entertaining, but also valuable ways to learn directly from the witnesses of such ghoulish e-learning events. Christy from the  PLS Online Course Development blog was nice enough to include my horror story, but worked her magic and transformed it into a poem in the style of Poe's "The Raven."
    [Providers] User Control
    Allowing user control provides self-directed learning and allows users to determine their learning needs and what is relevant to their needs, all of which are important concepts in adult learning theory. I am a big advocate for user control. In my opinion, there are too many e-learning courses that do not allow users to navigate through the content as they wish or need. Lack Lack of user control is contrary to many principles of adult learning theory. All the more reason to make courses very engaging, interactive and relevant. If done well, users will read and digest the content.
    [Providers] How We Can Use Video in e-Learning
    Here are a few ways you can use video in your courses: Vignettes of experts providing advice/tips as it relates to the course's content. Video can be a great compliment to e-learning courses. will usually place the video in a box in the corner with a play button. Once the user reads the content they can then "hear from as expert." FYI: I want the video to add to the content, not overshadow it. Narration - a talking head can narrate each page. Personally, I am not a big fan of this. It just annoys me and I end up turning the sound off. User control is very important in e-learning.
    [Providers] Working With IT
    When you share the details of the project and its goals, they can more effectively prioritize their tasks, find solutions or alternative approaches, recognize the impact on your organization and/or customer, and provide insight not recognized by the project's core team. It seems universal for e-learning staff - working with IT is a challenge. It certainly has been for me at the organizations I have worked. I do want to note that my current IT department has very talented and supportive staff. Engage IT Staff - Do not try to just delegate tasks to IT. IT ISD e-Learning
    [Providers] Frankenstein Course Development
    Articulate - Presenter and Quizmaker are providing the assessment and an ease of packaging it as a  SCORM compliant course. I am currently creating a course and as usual it involves numerous development tools. This course consists of using three main tools. Here they are and why I am using them. Adobe Flash - My favorite tool of choice. like its flexibility in making the interactive assets I need for the course and not being constrained by prepackaged interactives that come with many e-learning development tools. In this case I am making the course itself in Flash.
    [Providers] Person in the Picture + great design methods: Janet Clarey from Brandon Hall Research
    These process modes and methods provide a tangible toolkit which support the seven d.mindsets ? Basically this 36 page document provides you with some great tools that can prevent you from ever getting stuck in an eLearning or writers block ever again. Over the years I have been enjoying Janet Clarey's blogpost s very much. They are insightful as well as practical. Her writing (and comments) also show her passion for the eLearning related job, and life in general. Janet is "an industry analyst and researcher. This pdf can be downloaded here. What can you expect to find in the pdf?
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    [Providers] guidelines for audio content
    Direct I tell you! • define all unfamiliar terms or words or provide a syllabus in which the learner can find it. • make logical transitions. And to be sure they are logical: ask colleagues. • Provide a corresponding visual for every piece of narration. • keep your audio short and to the point. Click To Play There is nothing easy about making a presentation using your voice and some slides. You need to be able to keep the learner interested whith nothing but your voice. This demands a good preparation and someone who dares to be clear in how to enhance the overall quality.
    [Providers] Rapid Learning Management Systems
    They need to be able to have these learners grouped together and provide reporting over those learners. I've been asked numerous times over the past couple of years by various types of people and companies a very similar question: I plan to or have been conducting and charging for training workshops for clients. I'd like to creating this as self-paced eLearning possibly with other capabilities as well. And I want to charge for this. How can I do that? It's a company that has been offering 3-day workshops and now they want to put some portion of that content online. It's hosted. Systems?
    [Providers] Join the Learning Liberation Front
    We believe that organizations and instititutions must provide learning opportunities for all students, employees and human beings of the earth. It is time for those of us who care about learning in our world stand up and fight for what we believe.  For too long now, people have been asked to “go to training&# or “complete a course&# or “update their transcript&# so that the company can cover their and prove that they “trained&# people.  What has happened to the pure joy of learning?  Our Manifesto! We believe that learning is a journey, not a destination.
    [Providers] Ultimately it’s line managers that determine the success of learning and development
    In recent research, 44% of employees say their manager never or rarely coaches them; less than half of employees say their manager provides them with feedback on their performance. There is so much that managers can do to support l&d: arranging buddies for new employees, organising job enrichment and rotation, providing coaching and guidance, organising secondments, identifying external technical training and conferences, knowledge sharing and running their own briefings and discussions. Here are some notes I took: There is a gap between intended policies and actual practices.
    [Providers] UK survey shows e-learning's the downturn winner
    Professional skills learning provider Cegos polled 254 senior L&D professionals during the last two weeks of November 2008. And increased use of technology really should be reflected in the training provided to L&D professionals, as many are woefully equipped to manage this change.They'll also need to overcome their fear of figures and learn how to talk the language of business, because this is the surest way they can maximise their chances of survival Face-to-face learning will remain the number one method used by organisations.
    [Providers] Rapid drag and drop authoring
    Using the default parameters provides an easy way to generate a decent end result, but just about every aspect of the activity can be customised if you wish. These can then be deployed as a simple web offering or as a SCORM object, although in many cases you'll want to integrate the activity into a larger piece of work you are creating in another authoring tool - they provide instructions for Articulate Presenter , eXe and CourseGenie , although I'm sure it can be made to work in many other tools too - perhaps event the Rocket Course Builder :-). Not to forget matching up pairs.
    [Providers] LMS widgets and user ratings
    Two aspects of the 'Performance Zone' site that Futuremedia created for private health care provider BUPA particularly caught my attention: LMS widgets : The site provides each user with a personalised home page that can be customised with all sorts of widgets, including RSS feeds, etc. At the eLearning Network showcase event in July, I attended an interesting presentation on the use of learning communities made by Carole Bower of Futuremedia. These widgets draw heavily from the learning management system, but do not require the user to log into the LMS. Good for them!
    [Providers] Learning in real time
    The author provides many examples of innovative group activities which would work equally well in a corporate setting and which counterbalance the inevitable steer towards formalised, tutor-centred instruction. Self-paced learning has great advantages, but live events provide an exciting counterpoint, encouraging social networking and punctuating a distance learning programme with milestones that help to keep everyone co-ordinated and on track This has been my experience too.
    [Providers] Sify Reports Big eLearning Wins
    Sify will be delivering these services from its global management center in Chennai. -- Sify has been selected as the preferred eLearning services partner by one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies , for whom Sify is already providing eLearning content development as well as remote infrastructure support for their learning technology platforms. SIFY Reports U.S. GAAP Results for the year and fourth Quarter ended 31st March 2007. Sify has already completed the design phase and will now be developing a range of eLearning courses over the next 2 years, valued at over $3.0
    [Providers] Sify Reports Big eLearning Wins
    Sify will be delivering these services from its global management center in Chennai. -- Sify has been selected as the preferred eLearning services partner by one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies , for whom Sify is already providing eLearning content development as well as remote infrastructure support for their learning technology platforms. SIFY Reports U.S. GAAP Results for the year and fourth Quarter ended 31st March 2007. Sify has already completed the design phase and will now be developing a range of eLearning courses over the next 2 years, valued at over $3.0
    [Providers] Data Driven
    Will the performance support tool provided to financial advisors increase customer loyalty? Will the employee engagement intervention provide only short-term benefit, or will it have a longer-term effect on engagement and retention? THE PROCESS AND MODEL At its simplest, the model is based on providing metrics that suggest possible tactical interventions, support the creation of action plans to improve the metrics and track the changes in the metrics so that performers can see their progress and continually improve. Most action plans last four to six weeks.
    [Providers] Learning Design in a Nut Shell
    For example, I might say that we plan to provide a Wiki that will be used both during up-front formal learning for collaboration around key questions and then in informal learning as a means to collect best practices. There's a case to be made that you could provide the tools out to the users / learners and allow them to determine what they need and have it grow organically. I've recently updated my mental model of how I go about Learning Design, so I thought I'd share. These days is that we have such a big mix of different delivery models, tools, etc. Keywords: eLearning Trends
    [Providers] Second Life as a Learning Tool
    I've said for a while that Second Life offers something interesting in terms of providing a natural "setting" for online sessions, presentations, etc. I've been saying for a while that these mainstream tools will eventually start to provide a very simple SecondLife like thing. Found via Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development A great introduction to using Second Life as a teaching / learning tool. Video embedded below - didn't show in my blog reader. A few thoughts. 1. because they are based on understood physical settings, e.g., presentation rooms with break out spaces.
    [Providers] Reflections on Great Time at ATDTK
    They did a great job providing insights into how to get your learners motivated. This past week I had the opportunity to travel to Las Vegas to see old friends in the L&D world and to make plenty of new friends as well. It was a great time and is always full of energy. Of course Las Vegas is a world unto it’s own as evidenced by the signage in the airport. So right away I was faced with a tough choice but I decided to stay focused on what I needed to do and headed straight to the hotel. So much fun to hang out with as well! The next day I was busy doing some filming.
    [Providers] A Manager's View of Employee Learning
    Application : managers lead the department efforts to determine and provide opportunities for employees to immediately apply learning in their work in a way that will make a difference. I rarely post a guest blog, but in this case I couldn’t resist posting Bernard Donkerbrook’s reaction to my last blog post. Bernie is a long-time automotive company manager and experienced engineer. Having retired from the auto industry, he is now an executive coach focused on improving Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in leaders. This is a really good-news story for you and their company!
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    [Providers] Drip-feed training (an online workshop)
    [This workshop is one in a series on modernising training content] Next public online workshop runs 3 – 21 August 2015 When it comes to online learning, you don’t necessarily have to provide a course in one package. You could chunk it up and deliver it over an extended period of time (weeks or even months) […]. Social learning
    [Providers] 3 Easy Ways to Create Silhouette Characters
    So even if you don’t use the ones that are provided with the Microsoft package, you can still get some inspiration from the designs that are available and how they’re used. Budgets are tight and stock photos cost money. Because of this you end up using the same stock photos over and over again. The stock characters are treated like a team of improv performers. One day they’re all compliant managers and the next day they’re those dreaded sexual harassers from the cubicle down the hall. Stock photos also raise the issue of representing diversity. Microsoft Office Clip Art.
    [Providers] Joining the Revolution in November
    My contract with my current mobile phone provider ends in November and now I'm having trouble waiting to upgrade to the iPhone. When I renewed my contract with my current provider I was hoping they would come out with a competitive product but it never materialized. And my current provider seems to be more concerned with restricting services and monetizing them than in actually providing me a great product and service.meh. I've finally decided to commit my dollars to the mobile revolution. Oh, a new Blackberry device.meh. Oh, and then there's my music collection.
    [Providers] Joining the Revolution in November
    My contract with my current mobile phone provider ends in November and now I'm having trouble waiting to upgrade to the iPhone. When I renewed my contract with my current provider I was hoping they would come out with a competitive product but it never materialized. And my current provider seems to be more concerned with restricting services and monetizing them than in actually providing me a great product and service.meh. I've finally decided to commit my dollars to the mobile revolution. Oh, a new Blackberry device.meh. Oh, and then there's my music collection.
    [Providers] Using Silverlight/Expression Blend for eLearning Development
    The Expression Blend provides features to create and edit XAML files which in turn rendered by the Silverlight runtime. Expression also provides familiar drawing and editing tool similar to that of other graphics creation tool. We rarely need the superb data binding features provided by Silverlight or rich feature set of the Visual Studio IDE. Elearning development tools: only Adobe? Over the last ten years or so, major elearning developers have preferred to use tools like Flash, Authorware and Director from Adobe (earlier Macromedia). Is there a competitor to Flash?
    [Providers] eLearning Learning Partners with Training Magazine Network
    Summary: eLearning Learning is now providing content for the Training Magazine Network. critical element of our value is providing the kind of in-depth thinking and research that is brought together in eLearning Learning’s site and newsletter. Training Magazine Network has just announced a partnership with eLearning Learning to bring together their extensive content and community offerings to form the largest e-learning site on the Web. He’s also a fellow blogger and you’ll see a link to his site on my Blogroll at right. Other
    [Providers] Trust or Bust – attracting and growing performance professionals
    So, while “outside” recognition and reputation is important, L&D functions need to build these attributes within the organisation to ensure we provide compelling and meaningful work with professional growth opportunities while encouraging creativity and the sharing of know-how, listening to ideas and acting on them. In essence it’s an economic formula: when trust is high, speed increases and cost decreases, but when trust is at a low level, speed decreases and cost increases.  Simple, brilliant message! L&D Capability
    [Providers] Writing & Grammar: Confusing Words for 500
    Special thanks to  Alan Sloan ,  David Pitts , and  Karyn Smith  for providing the name of the comedian(s). I was amused to see that each of you had a different take on who said, "Who's on first," and I re-watched one of the several versions of the video about three times from beginning to end. by Jennie Ruby    This week we examine two of my pet peeves--the confusion of  appraise  and  apprise  and the confusion of  flesh out  and  flush out. To flesh out: to put meat on the bones; to fill in.
    [Providers] mLearning: The Latest Trends and Why You Should Care
    As a subset of Distance Learning and eLearning it has promised a more immediate and more flexible approach to those bleeding-edge providers that have wanted to deliver more complete blended training programs. by Rosie Hausler Mobile Learning (mLearning) has been around for quite a while now. If you consider the definition of mLearning as untethered (from cords and cables) and interactive (so learners can participate from almost anywhere), you can see how the limitations of the available legacy mobile devices have kept mLearning in the emerging phase over the last decade. Why now?
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    [Providers] Resources from Penn College Summer Teacher’s Institute
    This provides ownership and a sense of choice. The goal was to model how these three elements can be integrated to provide an engaging and meaningful learning experience. This avoids repetition and provides another method of engagement through novelty of new question types. This provides an opportunity for reflection and forces recall of previously learned information. But one thing we can do is provide a curiosity or a motivation for them to seek additional information or to want to learn more on their own. Here are my resources. What team should I be on?
    [Providers] Ordering Training is Not Like Ordering Pizza
    The authors provide a practical approach to analyzing instructional content with the purpose of determining the best media to deliver the content. Here is a rule of thumb they provide that I agree with "As a rule of thumb, it would be cost-effective to use self-paced e-Learning for delivering declarative knowledge and some of procedural knowledge that can be codified fairly easily. All too often people request training and have already determined the delivery medium they want. We must also conduct a content analysis. You will need to log-in to access it.
    [Providers] Audience Take-aways From LinkedIn Training
    This will be far from a true level 3 evaluation, but it may be helpful to anyone providing a similar training. Hopeful it provides some insight for any LinkedIn trainers out there. A quick, very informal evaluation of my Online Professional Networking class. Several weeks back I held my last online professional networking class, which focused on using LinkedIn. And due to the bank acquisition and upcoming lay-offs, it had a very strong focus on using LinkedIn as a tool for employment networking. The random sampling of 10 attendees are all in the U.S. link].
    [Providers] Public Data Explorer - Google Labs
    created the examples below from data provided by the World Bank. The amount of data provided by the World Bank is impressive. Google Labs recently released their Public Data Explorer. You can create charts and visualizations with public data sets. In addition to data from the World Bank, they have data from the California Department of Education, U.S. Census Bureau, Eurostat and more. Researchers and teachers alike may find Public Data Explorer very useful. So, give it a test drive. will also be adding this new tool to the Cloud Apps page. Tools Cloud Google Cloud Computing
    [Providers] Characters
    Naive, struggling learner and/or jovial coworker - This character can occur along side a "straight man" and provides not just opportunities for humor, but chances to clarify and reinforce concepts as we correct their misconceptions. For example, I once used the ghost of Alexander Graham Bell to provide  instruction on the new phone system. I like to use characters in courses because they can personalize a course and lend themselves to creating a more informal tone and an easy means of adding humor. Here are some ways I like to use characters in e-learning.
    [Providers] Developing a High Performing IT Organization
    Spires is currently the CEO of Learning Tree International, a leading provider of IT and management training. Having led IT organizations over the past two decades, I have learned much from the mistakes I have made. Regarding the workforce, one of my lessons learned is not to over value the technical skills of an individual. Deep technical skills are certainly needed and should be valued in any IT organization, but making personnel decisions based solely (or even mainly) on the individual’s technical skills has significant downside. Richard A. Spires was appointed and served as the U.S. Department
    [Providers] Inspiring Dedication to eLearning Efforts
    For instance, you can create a list of goals, such as, “Provide training videos employees can watch from their desks” or “Make videos that target pain points within the company.” ” Be as detailed as possible when providing your team with a vision. Whenever you implement an employee training program, you probably rely on your human resources staff. These team members put together the program and decide how to distribute it among the company. Your employees can help implement your new eLearning tools effectively. Ask for Ideas. Design Incentives.
    [Providers] Slow Evolution of Learning Solutions
    This whole topic has got me thinking about all of the implications and I've been regularly posting on it: Update on Future of Business of Learning New Learning Solutions Marginalized Getting Started Charles discusses what Learning Tree (and all training providers are up against). The expectation is that the provider will make on-going support available through some form of online forum and email at least, or make their content available online in an on-demand way such as the excellent Books 24x7 has done. Learning Tree reported a decline of 31.2% in earnings compared to 2008.
    [Providers] Social Job Seeker Resource
    don't have time right now to get directly involved, so I hope that people who participate will create resources that help provide practical advice for job seekers. Yesterday, I was lamenting on the lack of resources available to people seeking jobs who don't know how to use social media. I had blogged about one technique in the past - Networking to a Job. But we realistically need a whole lot on this topic. just saw that Michele Martin has set up the Career Commons. Knowing Michele, this will be a fantastic discussion and resource. But she's limiting participation.
  • TONY KARRER  |  TUESDAY, JULY 24, 2007
    [Providers] Aide RSS Filtering Tool
    It provides a widget that allows you to show your top posts for month or year. AideRSS looks at a variety of sources of information including comments, technorati, bloglines, icerocket and to determine what posts are generating the most interest. You can see what it thinks are mine in the right column of the blog. I've been creating similar information manually for a while, so it's nice to have an automated support for it. I've not quite figured out how to take a very large list of blogs, e.g., all edublogs, and have it filter those down.
  • TONY KARRER  |  MONDAY, MARCH 10, 2008
    [Providers] Learning Responsibility
    First, my earlier posts Corporate Learning Long Tail and Attention Crisis and Long Tail Learning - Size and Shape lay out that I believe the space in which Corporate Learning (and realistically all learning professionals) operates is changing such that unless they look at providing Long Tail Learning, they will be a continually smaller part of the overall information landscape. The big question for March 2008 is - Scope of Learning Responsibility? Karl Kapp helped me pull this question together and it's been interesting to see the responses so far. Period. Or is it just me?
    [Providers] ASTD Conference
    ASTD's site still hasn't provided much value for me. Anyone going to the ASTD Conference in San Diego in June? It's nice to get together at conferences. If you are going - please drop a comment below. Even better if you might be interested in blogging about sessions, thoughts, notes, etc. from your experience at the conference. won't even say it's Mandatory Blogging. :) Likely this is a better way to have success with networking ahead of the conference ( Social Conference Tools - Expect Poor Results ). Presentation at the ASTD Conference
  • TONY KARRER  |  TUESDAY, MAY 27, 2008
    [Providers] Online Tutoring - Rapid Growth - New Models
    One interesting model is social homework help provided by Cramster. Saw a post that cited predictions about the rapid growth of online tutoring: Worldwide market for online tutoring is estimated to be in the region of $12 billion. This is something I've been seeing more of, especially in the high school and college markets where tutoring has been more common. Online models allow for better matching of students to tutors and more cost effective models. It allows students to get help on specific textbook problems and to ask questions that are answered by experts. Moving online?
    [Providers] Social Networking
    The article tells us that various players are adding social networking features to their sites: A broad array of online players, from major media companies like Viacom to e-commerce providers such as eBay, are adding networking features to their online destinations, letting users create detailed Web identities, connect with people over common interests, share content, and, above all, socialize. But, if your content or your audience is particularly passionate, you really need to consider providing the capability. how is this new? Granted they are being enhanced, but still.
    [Providers] Connectivism - Legitimate Learning theory?
    Externalization With regard point two above, connectivism it would seem does provide a significant new perspective about how we see learning happening. The process of externalizing will confirm understanding, provide feedback and thus consolidate and confirm the acquisition of knowledge that an individual has constructed. In reading through George Siemens response to Bijdrage van Pløn Verhagen's critique i am trying to establish in my own mind the legitimacy of connectivism as a new learning theory. don't expect to do that at this one sitting, but i shall make a start here.
    [Providers] eLearning Thought Leaders: Jane Bozarth – DevLearn Preview
    Social media tools can provide excellent means of supporting social in-work learning. Jane Bozarth likes social media. She lives on Twitter and Facebook whether online at a computer or connected through an app on a mobile device. Her latest book is Social Media for Trainers. Bozarth will be at DevLearn , November 3-5, so we thought it would be good to interview her as a preview to such an industry leading conference, hosted by the eLearning Guild. Like me, she is amazed   and frustrated by all of the questions about companies blocking social media sites. like Shazam for music ID.
    [Providers] The Current Top 5 Talent Management Solutions
    It is a valuable source for relevant ratings and commentary provided by actual users regarding the recruitment solutions they use, and a platform for vendors to present information about their solutions. You want a talented team. Correction: you NEED a talented team. Expertise, experience, and creative innovation are what sets an organization apart from competitors. And having (and keeping) only the most talented employees drives this competitive advantage. talent shortage in the United States appears to be on the horizon. Wanted Analytics ™   by Wanted Technologies (4.3
    [Providers] Blogging as Therapy
    Timothy Johnson at Carpe Factum , in his response to why he blogs, said the following: Blogging has provided me with great therapy. Instead of internalizing the frustrating individuals, companies, and projects around me, they now become fair game for blog fodder. And I have to admit, there is so much inspiration out there for writing. One reason why Dilbert is so popular. On a certain level, this is why I started blogging - the need to share my experience in hopes that it helps someone else. Or, at least, not feel so alone. The bloggosphere has served as better therapy than any shrink.
    [Providers] Good to Great
    Admittedly - the series is a long advertisement for his book - but the case studies he provides (Southwest, Starbucks, the Dallas Police Department) confirms some of my thoughts about management: - The importance of the right people in the right places - The need to confront brutal facts - Why charismatic leaders shouldn't be trusted - The importance of planning (more of an underlying theme rather than something Mr. Collins overtly discusses in the documentary). I'm currently sitting with my computer working (again) on a weekend. Training documents requiring rewrites surround me.
    [Providers] Week 2 Day 3 - Mucky Muck Visit 1
    The advanced provider classes started to get crowded and we had more takers for Basics. Example: Module 1) Refills entered by staff and authorized by provider. Module 2)Refills entered by staff and authorized by physician assistant - reassigned to the provider if there is a variable out of protocol. Module 3) Refills entered by Physician Assistant or Provider. The Director of Training from the vendor came to visit us today and observe the classes. For whatever reason - I found myself to be INCREDIBLY nervous. One person here, two there.
    [Providers] Imitating Virtuous Behaviors
    If leaders know this — and if there is a strong overlap between the traditional understanding of how people become virtuous and more recent insights into how people learn something effectively — why is so much of ethics training about providing knowledge of rules and regulations and so little about practicing the behaviors that can create a virtuous organization? Cultivating virtue is a valuable leadership development practice that has implications not only for learning, but for retention and organizational culture. By practicing those behaviors they become habits.
    [Providers] Vote for…Better Courses!
    That comment might have elicited a smirk, but I mean they have the ability to tell a story to provide context so that we can more easily understand their platform and views. But regardless of how you voted, remember that each candidate provides something we can learn from. I’m sitting in my office right now, working on an e-learning course with Election Day coverage on the TV. This got me thinking about how great our country is. We get the option to have our voice heard and our vote counted, which many find inspiring and motivating. The same is true in e-learning!
    [Providers] Paradigm war
    And yet, without some common understanding, how can we expect to bring managers, learners and, most importantly, the training and teaching professions, with us in making the most of the opportunities provided by new technology. Paradigm two scores because it mixes self-study and collaborative learning and provides the learner with continuous support. What it doesn't do is provide the sort of live, real-time experience that learners are used to in the classroom. Five years on and we're no nearer to obtaining a common understanding of the term e-learning.
    [Providers] e-Learning and the Science of Instruction
    Questions that ask the learner to merely recognise or recall information previously provided in the training will not promote learning that trasfers to the job. Make sparing use of links that take the learner away from the current screen or which provide the primary means of access to important elements of the course (because most learners will regard these as peripheral). Provide advice to help learners make decisions about what to do next. Use course maps to provide an overview and orient learners. Enough disclaimers. which require time to process. I'm with him
    [Providers] Integrated Learnings Blog now on eLearning Learning
    It provides an excellent one-stop resource for current ideas and techniques in eLearning theory, design, and development. We started the Integrated Learnings: eLearning blog last year with the idea of writing simple, but informative, posts about eLearning design and development. Our topics rotate between learning theory refreshers and step-by-step techniques for popular eLearning authoring tools (Lectora, Captivate, Articulate, and others). Our one rule is that the topics have to relate to eLearning. Anything else goes on our other blog, Shared Learning. Thank you, readers!)
    [Providers] Leadership Remix
    Riddle manages nearly 400 professional coaches and continues to provide thought leadership in the field, speaking and presenting papers at major conferences around the world. Douglas Riddle, global director of coaching services and assessment portfolio at the Center for Creative Leadership, discusses leadership philosophies and if there is such a thing as ‘unique’ leadership. As the global director of coaching services and assessment portfolio at the Center for Creative Leadership, Douglas Riddle has spent his career assessing effective coaching philosophies. Or cooking.
    [Providers] Lessons from Spam
    Providing platforms for employees to share their experiences with the initiative leverages their knowledge. Some interesting email spam recently landed in my inbox.well, interesting for someone involved in change management. The email had dramatic pictures of bald eagles, and its message was about what eagles can teach us about change. It claimed that a bald eagle can live to be 70 years old—a bit over twice its average life span—by going through a “rebirth.” This rebirth involves dire, difficult, and distressing physical actions—any single one of which would likely kill the bird.
    [Providers] The Secret to Creating Your Own PowerPoint Templates for E-Learning - The Rapid eLearning Blog
    Your insight into the design of eLearning has been so informative and I look forward to each and every new post! I do have one question though, could you please explain the steps on how you use clip art images of people as in the examples you provided? unique feature provides for switching between different types of color blindness. Also, [link] has provided some helpful tips on various aspects of eLearning. Your blog and website has provided the motivation I need to contribute some materials at some later date. The Rapid Elearning Blog. December 17th, 2007. David.
    [Providers] Invest 45 minutes in PowerPoint!
    Alvin Trusty, Director of Educational Technology at The University of Findlay in Ohio has provided his recorded presentation from the eTechOhio conference of 2008. In the same vein as my ‘Life by Powerpoint’ blog post from last year, I have stumbled across another excellent demonstration of useful ways to make PowerPoint presentations less boring for students. It’s 45 minutes long. But wait… I know exactly what you’re going to say here. Eric… I can’t waste 45 minutes watching a PowerPoint presentation on the web. BORING! Then leave me a comment below. want to know
    [Providers] The power of pictures
    In contrast, a concise infographic provides only the important information. Those guys need the detail, and text is usually the most efficient way of providing it. Use one to replace wads of text. • An infographic is a concise means of delivering the key concepts to novice students. • An infographic can provide experts-to-be with an initial conceptual framework, which can subsequently be “filled in&# with further detail. Pictures… Diagrams… Charts… They don’t just look pretty. For example, how would you explain the GFC to your colleagues?
    [Providers] Games that Social Network Members Can Play. Training please?
    Please share the links if you know of sites that provide games as part of social learning. Mytopia [link] is a site where social network members can play games. Ray Jimenez, PhD "Helping Learners Learn Their Way" Ray Jimenez, PhD Author "3-Minute e-Learning"
    [Providers] Creating an HTML link in a LEGEND game type
    By using, we shortened it to 26 characters – a big difference! 2) Use the code we provide below, inserting your URL and any unique direction to your users.  Here’s your steps: 1) Locate the URL you want to incorporate into the game question. If your URL is long, shorten it. The characters in the code string count against the total number of characters you can have in the question. Free services exist that enable you to shorten the URL address. is one to try. You enter your URL  and it spits out a shortened code for you to use.
    [Providers] Legend or Quest? Choosing the right game type for your needs (part 1 – Quest)
    Each type provides an engaging game experience for learners so what’s the difference between them. This This personality is reflected in the feedback the Guru provides to the player during game play. More intensive feedback – feedback is provided after every question, every level, and every World in the game.  t. A “standings” page that is less focused on competition and more focused on communicating who is doing what in the game. This blog post focuses on Quest. Here’s a bullet point list of the features unique to quest: IE8 is NOT supported.
    [Providers] GP Strategies Acquires Rovsing Dynamics
    26 Global performance improvement services provider GP Strategies Corp. announced it has completed its acquisition of operating assets of Rovsing Dynamics, a provider of vibration condition monitoring hardware and software. The Rovsing Dynamics technologies aim to enable owners and operators of rotating machinery to manage equipment downtime by providing early detection of developing faults. The acquisition adds a new office location in Copenhagen, Denmark for GP Strategies and retains Rovsing Dynamics' business and technical personnel. Elkridge, Md. — Sept.
    [Providers] Going Back to School with an Effective Campus Recruiting Program
    Ca mpus hires can provide organizations with a consistent pool of workers in today’s talent-constrained global business world, with 73 percent of large organizations hiring interns to fill full-time positions. [1] Campus programs boast high retention rates with 69 percent of campus hires remaining with an organization after five years. [2]. One of the things I enjoy the most about being an analyst is the opportunity to speak with Bersin members about the Talent Acquisition issues they’re facing. What metrics should we use to measure program success? · Align resources.
    [Providers] Does Slide Count Matter?
    If they cannot successfully do the task, then provide a way for them to “pull” the information from the course. I recently read a great blog post by Articulates Tom Kuhlmann, titled Here’s Why Slide Count is Irrelevant to Your E-Learning Course. In the post he mentions the following key points: Screen count does not matter to the elearner…what matters, is the interaction built into the course. Do not auto-advance the slides in your course. Some people are fast readers, some are not, and some want to review the slide information before progressing through the course.
    [Providers] Hosting a CoffeeEDU
    Ok, to be honest: we did provide coffee for our guests, but you don’t have to. Are you an educator who wants to learn from others and get inspired? Perhaps you’re excited about a new discovery, device, or idea that you’d like to share? Maybe you’re just curious about using technology in education, but don’t know where to begin? Well, have we got an answer for you: host a CoffeeEDU ! CoffeeEDU is the brainchild of edTech superstar, Alice Keeler. All that’s required of the organizer is to pick a date and time – besides that? No rules. It is. Cheap.
  • KAPP NOTES  |  FRIDAY, JULY 24, 2009
    [Providers] What are the Results of Following an Instructional Design Process?
    What are the Results of Good ID While informal learning is all the rage and provides a number of benefits like speed and peer-to-peer interaction and exchanges of information, good, sound instructional systems design is still necessary. systematic approach provides good sound instruction and promotes learning and knowledge acquisition. Following a specific process for the development of all learning modules provides consistency between various courses developed by various instructors/designers. Many benefits can be obtain by following an instructional design model.
    [Providers] Shoot your own videos - beyond the talking head
    Shoot a talking head video but provide some context before and after the talking head (as in the video above with Bart) Use existing footage with and voice over Screen Cast with a screencast program like Screencast-o-Matic record a powerpoint to tell your story Use a series of pictures and tell your story Work with images. Wednesday I participated in the LOSmakers meetup. The LOSmakers are a group of people interested in learning & social media. Cycling through the rain to the station got me soaked 4 times, but worth it, it was a very inspiring meeting. elearning video
    [Providers] Working Out the Kinks: Companies Experiment With Mobile
    This is especially true if content is provided via mobile apps, said Robert Gadd, co-founder and president of OnPoint Digital Inc., an e-learning and m-learning platform company in Savannah, Ga. Most clients of Skillsoft Corp., a Nashua, N.H., e-learning company, are still experimenting with mobile learning, according to Tim Hildreth, the firm’s vice president of product management. But as demand increases, Skillsoft will either release mobile-friendly content or retrofit existing products that make sense on mobile. Kevin Cavanaugh, vice president of IBM Corp.’s
    [Providers] IBM Launches New Skills Programs
    In addition to cyber security, IBM now provides software licenses and how-to training materials in three new areas: Big data and analytics : Now professors can bring big data software directly into the classroom with access to a variety of IBM big data offerings. The new resources will aim to help reduce a critical technology skills gap outlined in IBM's 2012 Tech Trends Report released Wednesday. Armonk, N.Y. — Dec. 5 IBM has announced an array of programs and resources to help students and IT professionals develop new technology skills and prepare for jobs of the future.
    [Providers] Social Learning: Top Down Versus Bottom Up
    — to provide commentary in the form of insights, pose questions, link to comments and share them with others in the organization,” Ambrose said. Companies look at pricing, product features and ease of use when determining the L&D technology that is right for them. There are two broad categories of learning technologies emerging: top down and bottom up, according to John Ambrose, senior vice president of strategy, corporate development and emerging business at Skillsoft, an e-learning and performance support company. Skillsoft went this route with its inGenius social product.
    [Providers] Teaching Simulation users to do their own After Action Review
    At the end of each play of SimuLearn's Virtual Leader, a student see a series of charts that provide reflections on his or her performance. Here is a piece that we created to help students evaluate their own performance
    [Providers] Outsource Training to Customers
    Many of these accountants already provided training to their end customers, so providing training to other accountants was an easy extension. The Business of Learning (see Free Online Conference – Future of Learning with Recordings Here ) event went really well. One of the really interesting ideas came from Allessandria Polizzi who is Group Manager for Accountant Training & Relations at Intuit. Her role is to make sure that accountants are trained on the Quickbook products. This includes a varied mix of solutions - webinars, seminars, self-paced eLearning.
    [Providers] Horizontal Learning
    If we are providing an LMS and thinking we are providing a good learning support mechanism, I think we are deluding ourselves. Interesting post. Horizontal technologies for learning. In the eLearning sector many vendors have created eLearning solutions primarily for educational institutions. These technologies are supposedly designed for learning but that is not true. These technologies are institution-centric and vertical by nature. The concept of Learning Management System (LMS) was wrongly named. Does a Learner WANT an LMS? ). Surprise. No hands. Quite true. and eLearning 2.0
    [Providers] Virtual Learning Show 2013 – Day 2
    Matt asked us to post any links we had to the host ‘privately’ so that she could put them up at the end of the session. I’m not sure that I’d ever ask this… surely if a person posts a relevant, contextual link into the slide panel there and then  it provides an opportunity for people to immediately take a look ‘outside’ of the session and potentially bring a different perspective into session? As mentioned in a  previous blog post , I’m participating in the 2013 2-day Virtual Learning Show. Fear and loathing in ‘Las Virtual’.
    [Providers] aLearning Trail Guide Going Dark has decided to no longer support DRM, which provides certain protections for the way e-versions are made available. Not my choice, but the days for ordering e-versions of aLearning: A Trail Guide to Association eLearning are numbered.* The e-reader enabled versions and possibly the PDF version will no longer be available after the end of this month. If you’ve been putting off purchasing the aLearning Trail Guide, don’t wait much longer. You can order here. For info on this book and others, click here.
    [Providers] Layered Learning
    Last week, I posted about a model where a system could provide a sage who looks at the events of your life and provides support.  I want to elaborate that model by looking at it in a different way. The notion here is that you have events in your life, across the bottom. And you have some learning goals, e.g. to learn about project management, and about running meetings. You might get some initial content about those two goals, but then let’s focus on developing that learning over time. Let me make that latter clearer. Delivered, for instance, through mobile devices.
    [Providers] Academic Earth
    Now they should provide an iTunes link or an iPhone app. Academic Earth - video lectures from the world's top scholars. They even have an entire course in psychology. via elearnspace
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