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How Twitter can be used for informal personal learning?

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This has been the single greatest achievement in my career to date, there is no way I could have become the professional I am today if I relied on my internal institutional network (I don’t know anyone who is satisfied with the career/professional development opportunities provided by their employer). The great thing is that you/they had no idea they were doing it, or even part of it.

Learning the Netflix way

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In education MOOCs have enabled some of this to happen, but what is on offer is quite thin on the ground and only available at certain periods, which still mean we’re locked down to the information provider (note: not platform provider) to offer the course. I’ve just read the post by Donald Clark called ‘What does ‘learning’ have to learn from Netflix?’ Global.

What makes a good online learning experience?

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Providing a link to a resource (PDF, PPT, etc.) should Do you provide alternatives? Is it possible to define the qualities of what makes a good online learning experience, or a good MOOC? Is there a check list we could have pinned to the wall which we could use as we design and build our courses? This is not always easy as the platform (Blackboard, Moodle, FutureLearn, Udacity, etc.)

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How do you measure the ‘success’ of a MOOC?

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know some course providers have the option for surveys and online polls before, during, and after a course, but such a small proportion of learners actually complete it you could argue the results are inconclusive simply because (for the post-course survey). Here’s a question I’ve been battling for some time. how do you measure the ‘success’ of a MOOC?

Skill based learning – How it drives an organization’s performance

This provides a solid ground for cost justification and encourages businesses to place training groups right where they should be, at the heart of a growing, thriving, learning culture Training and learning organizations today play an active role in contributing to the bottom line of any organization by aligning their objectives to the immediate business objectives.

What happened to the MOOCs?

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course that has 200 people on it from a provider that has rooms that can cope with no more than 150 people would call this ‘massive’ We know that FutureLearn has had the largest ever online course (I’m not calling them MOOCs anymore) with 440,000 registered for one course, but we’ve yet to see the stats about how many who signed up actually started it, completed more than one week, even completed the course? 5-15k sign-ups) or figures from other providers? MOOC = Massive Open Online Course. You knew that already, yes? But it feels like it does. It hope not.

Teachers are like gardeners …

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What you do is provide the conditions for growth. Another wonderful sound-bite from Sir Ken Robinson: ” A great gardener, a great farmer, depends upon plants growing under their care, otherwise they’re out of business. But the irony is that every farmer and gardener knows you cannot make a plant grow. The plant grows itself. Image source:  Sebastiaan ter Burg  (CC BY-SA 2.0 ).

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Classrooms in 2050

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“Institutions seeking to reach diverse student populations will have created clear and accelerated pathways to degrees for students by adopting new technologies and innovations that deliver course content and provide robust student support.” What will classrooms look like in 2050? Of course it’s easy to picture (!), haven’t you figured it out yet? Time will tell.

Bitcoin and Blockchains explained

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Is there merit in the simplification of the ‘chain’ and trust of the networks that a blockchain can provide? A slightly off-camber post here, but someone I trust mentioned that we ought to understand the bitcoin and blockchain development as it could be about to hit the mainstream. Here’s some explanation and videos to help. think? ” Watch this, see if it makes sense?

Understanding Skill Based Learning for Business

This provides a solid ground for cost justification and encourages businesses to place training groups right where they should be, at the heart of a growing, thriving, learning culture One significant way that training and learning organizations can play an active role in contributing to the bottom line of any organization is by aligning their objectives to the immediate business objectives.

70:20:10 – informal learning

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If we think about the College or University as the ‘workplace’ then are we fulfilling our obligation to provide adequate learning environments for the students (and their own personal learning styles)? ” So, what do think happens to students who sit through an hour lecture? Charles When students leave us are they fully prepared for the workplace?

Creative Commons Infographic: Licenses Explained

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photo or image placed under a Creative Commons license enables you, the ‘borrower’ to copy, distribute, and display the work providing the photo or image is correctly attributed to the owner. Do you use images or photos? Do you check with the owner before saving or copying or using? Do you in fact understand what Creative Commons is? Right, so you understand CC now?

Interview with Sue Beckingham, #EdTechBook chapter author

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By this I mean that I make use of the affordances of my mobile phone to access a wide range of apps to help organise my day, provide me with news, information as part of my research and of course social networking places where I keep abreast of what’s happening out in the field via my personal learning network (PLN). . DH – Hi Sue. SB – It’s an integral part of my daily routine.

Don’t give it to me unless I can customise it

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Over the festive break this year we’ll be doing this too as a present to our boys (aged 5 and 6), using Ikea Kallax shelving units as base and storage area under a bed, also providing a play space underneath for the kids. My first car was a 1993 Rover Mini Cooper 1.3i, in British Racing Green (obviously). bought it second hand in ’97 from John Cooper Garages (JCG) in West Sussex, and the legendary John Cooper himself handed my the keys (and made my mum a cup of tea while I did the paperwork). At the same time as mod’ing my Mini I also started to work in web design.

Seven Simple Secrets to Off-the-Shelf Course Success

but might be a little vague in providing concrete actions, so you’ll need to dig a bit deeper. Providing OTS courseware in these situations has several advantages. OTS curriculum, it’s fairly easy to provide training to individuals or groups whenever you. While the mainstream social media platforms can provide opportunities for. Seven Simple Secrets to. capital. You’re.

MOOCs – 9 points on what I like, and what I don’t

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know that FutureLearn, and probably others, are looking at a portfolio of shorter courses, from a single or multiple providers, and that would suit me as a learner far better. It may suit the platform provider to have the course run when it fits their portfolio, or the partner institution and when the lead academic is available, but that may not suit me? Too much, sorry! 2.

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Peer Instruction and Clickers

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Not the actual result of whether the hole in the steel plate grew or shrank under heating It grows!), but the ability to question, query, and engage the class in critical discourse, and provide the opportunity for learning through directed peer instruction. Thankfully, I was disappointed. It was better than I expected. More than this, the opening from Prof. Amazing!

Know when to keep it simple

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Here are a few tips on how, and why, to keep it simple, which apply as much to online distance learning courses as well as campus courses: Signpost: provide little ‘signposts’ to learning resources, assignment details, marking criteria, timetables, etc. to help the student. they can expect of you during the course. Video: As above. Use it. Students could help each other? Use it.

The Circular (Learning) Economy

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The Ellen MacArthur Foundation describes it as “a global economic model that decouples economic growth and development from the consumption of finite resources” and that it “provides new opportunities for innovation across fields such as product design, service and business models, food, farming, biological feedstocks and products.” And this got me thinking.

Quality Control process for E-Learning

This guide provides recommendations for implementing quality. Also, provide estimates for how long each process should take and how. recommend that your team standardize the quality control process and provide a detailed. Development tools provide options to either. to provide feedback. GUIDE TO CREATING A. QUALITY ASSURANCE. PROCESS. FRESH EYE REVIEWS. 401 S.

Reading: How should we measure online learning activity?

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While established learning analytics methods provide feedback that can aid learner evaluation of learning resources, the adequacy and reliability of these methods is questioned. This suggests that computational approaches to pedagogical analysis may provide useful insights into learning processes. O’Riordan, T., This paper ‘ How should we measure online learning activity? ‘, from the ALT journal Research in Learning Technology , is a good place to start looking at the metrics involved, and how we should measure/interpret them too. Let me know what you think?

‘Bring Your Own Device for Learning’ #BYOD4L @MELSIGUK

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“…the topics and activities provide a scaffold for learning and introduce participants to progressively more complex uses in bite-size learning chunks that trigger interest, engagement and help them to make connections to people, ideas and reflect on their own practice.In New Year, new challenges, new opportunities. BYOD4Learning we are all learners and support each other!

Show students’ skills along with degree #OpenBadges

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Passport guides students through each task by providing a framework to submit documents, share links, complete quizzes, or gather approvals. YouTube: Digital Badges for Learning. Students earn badges by completing learning activities presented as a series of challenges. Instructors can follow each students’ progress and connect badges with course objectives.

MOOCs – question on purpose, quality, student retention, feedback, etc.

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In some instances, especially around the data of students/learners taking further courses (across MOOC platform providers as well as within) is difficult, but I hope we can get to a stage where this kind of data is available and open to interrogation (if only for the individual partner to  query their own courses). ” NB: I’ve helped run several runs of the Warwick/FutureLearn ‘Shakespeare and his World’ MOOC and use this as an example I use where the statistics provided for the 10 week course don’t necessarily match the actual experience. HE Academy.

Move Beyond Learning to Applying: A Modern Management Development Program

would love to provide, we need a change. We must go beyond providing great content. to instead take responsibility for providing. Totara, an open source LMS), provides structure. Our platform provides. well beyond providing content to include. provide the manager with talking points. We provide practice guides to help Sue. We now. Right?

Book Review: “Using Social Media in the Classroom” #edtech

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Billed as a book that provides “an overview of different types of digital technologies” it is more important to me and how I work that it also covers more contextual and “constructive guidance on how to safely and intelligently use them as tools for learning” All good stuff I hope you’ll agree. I’m a Learning Technologist. ” (p. 8).

Top 10 Must Read eLearning Blogs #edtech

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Craig Weiss is an e-learning analyst, consultant and advisor whose firm E-Learning 24/7 provides services to buyers and suppliers in the e-learning industry. If you haven’t already checked out the list and the other entries, then please take a few moments now … ! Learning Provocateur. Provoking deeper Thinking,  by Ryan Tracey, eLearning Manager. The The eLearning Coach. C.I.D.,

How has technology transformed the classroom?

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Last month I was asked to provide a few lines about how I believe Apple has transformed classrooms. Unfortunately for the organisers I didn’t want to concentrate on just what one company, or even one single piece of technology., has done to ‘transform’ or enhance the classroom. also don’t agree we should concentrate on one single entity or company as being more important than another. So I wrote a more generic piece about my experiences with changes in technology, as well as its use, who uses it, and why, in classrooms. What do you think?

Textbooks: paper or digital?

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The digital editions of textbooks currently available are little more than a PDF of the printed version, and for publishers that literally provide a PDF and call it an eBook. what do you think” : read the discussion we had on the link. So, will they? I don’t think so, not any time soon at any rate. shame on you! readers from all over the world.  eBook and eReader Infographic.

21 CFR Part 11 Frequently Asked Questions

Disclaimer: this information sheet has been written to provide general information only and does not constitute or comprise legal or specific advice or a warranty of compliance by. 21 CFR Part 11 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Which organizations does Part 11 apply to? beverage manufacturing). Additionally, some organizations that. electronic training records and other documents. The FDA.

Heuristic Learning & Shakespeare

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The apps function is to provide an essential aid to understanding and enjoying the plays in the theatre or on the screen.”. I used to write about apps I used or liked as part of my work, or at least I recognised could aid me in my work, but have been remiss on this front for a while. So, with the urging of a few peeps on Twitter (thank you) I’ll start it up again. Did it help?

Blackboard T&L Conference, Dublin #BbTLC2014

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Track 1 / Louise Thorpe – ‘Flipped, flexible and feedback: Blackboard client community group piloting Blackboard Collaborate to provide more engaging and innovative learning activities for on-campus students’ Collaboration for both campus and distance learning students is one everyone’s mind at the moment, with Bb Collaborate a solution being considered and investigated.

Interview with Rachel Challen, #EdTechBook chapter author

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If out of hours replies aren’t achievable, then as LTs we should be providing accessible help resources to help those tutors who start work after tea and putting the children to bed. As part of a new series of posts, I will be talking to authors of The Really Useful #EdTechBook about their work, experiences, and contribution to the book. DH – Hi Rachel. Have you found this?

Progress …

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Yes, we even had a burning bus a few weeks ago to provide a talking point –  as reported in the  Coventry Telegraph  - that’s me in the picture, taking a picture of the fire. It’s useful to reflect on progress, or projects, or my work in general. Blackboard. No more Blackboard! Can I actually do it? Learning resources, materials, links, structures, etc. No more. Lists.

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Leaving performance reviews behind: Where to start [Guide]

We provide both. GIVING FEEDBACK: I provide constructive. properly, managers provide a concrete and comprehensive. The following models provide guidance on how to both set. Sure, we have provided a model above. How can you provide the systematic process. to provide the system and environment. to provide coaching and accountability to. sprints.

Writing an eBook: Lessons learned on how, where, and why

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Looking at published work and personal experience I have collected my blog posts together in this eBook and added further commentary and notes to provide the background to the posts and the work I am engaged in.” Blog : If you don’t want to use one of the established platforms and have your own website or blog, then why not utilise it and provide your eBook (free or at cost)?

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