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What is in store for the LMS Space: My Forecasts for 2016

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While systems going back from the dawn of LMSs have provided the opportunity for a learner to select their own courses, the factor of course is the administrator has to allow that; with deep learning obviously that changes things.  Remember – courses are the priority – the main reason for purchase and the LMS is an added benefit (that is the best way to think of this model).   The vendors who follow this route are course providers who have or include an LMS. . vendor)? Forecast #1. Curating Content. Not just capturing links and content on the internet.  Forecast #2.

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Five LMS Sins

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You buy the courses, regardless of the amount – this is you going directly to the course vendor and not via the LMS provider. The course bundle is either sitting on your course providers site, awaiting to be moved OR more likely, you now have the course bundles, all nice and zipped on your desktop or servers or wherever – basically in your hands. Nope, not going to do it. 

Hey LMS Santa!

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B2B –  I’m not talking extended enterprise here within a company or channel partners per se; I’m talking content providers (maybe they built a couple of courses and want to go online), training providers, even training consultants (UK) –  HUGE money sitting on the virtual table, and now vendors – well, more than before, see that. Why milk and not booze? .

Top 10 NextGen LMSs for 2015-2016

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Personally I am a data freak and when I was overseeing training, I wanted to get as much statistics and data as I could out of my LMS to really gain that deep insight that only a system can provide – or IMO should provide. Lots to get do, so little time or space for that matter. What I am seeing. Less statistics.  But the systems that are coming into the space nowadays have ditched the robust stats for just the basic stats, which – HERE COMES THE IRONY – is how systems were appearing back in the early days – early 2000’s (as a whole). As a Result.

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Seven Simple Secrets to Off-the-Shelf Course Success

but might be a little vague in providing concrete actions, so you’ll need to dig a bit deeper. Providing OTS courseware in these situations has several advantages. OTS curriculum, it’s fairly easy to provide training to individuals or groups whenever you. While the mainstream social media platforms can provide opportunities for. Seven Simple Secrets to. capital. You’re.

State of the Authoring Tool Industry 2015

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Analytics capability – You see it with some SaaS authoring tool vendors.  In a sense they are saying, here you can take the courses and we provide analytics, thus you do not need a LMS. I’ll just say it right now, the industry as a whole isn’t doing much.  There I said it and honestly I can’t believe I said it.  The new and cool.  The downside for customers?  Trends.

Top Six E-Learning Tools for 2015

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Maybe it will provide you with a ladder to look above the forest and trees of commonality of online learning. What you must decide is whether these tools will provide you with the necessities to move forward. Well it is that time of the year.  For what?  No clue, but people seem to like saying that phrase and so, I’m adding it to this post. And what a post it is going to be. Unusual? Oh, in so many ways.  Qualifications for e-learning tools. When I did find a recent site, a few tools were different than the authoring tools or tools like Go Animate!, Trial Tools. Best Buddy.

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E-Learning 24/7 Superhero Reader Edition: LRS Pros/Cons, Course design – what works

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The page will provide direct access to a wealth of information from many of the vendors (all were offered the opportunity to do so).   My goal is to get it up and running by next Saturday.  If you are a buyer, you will receive the info – user/password, prior to the site going live (which to repeat is not yet live). Hopefully they provided you with some additional insight and knowledge.

Video Learning Platforms

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2013 e-learning e-learning vendors m-learning mobile learning video content management systems video learning video learning platforms video recording Kaltura KnowledgeVision Mediacore Panopto video learning platform video learning platform vendors video learning providers video recorders Vidizmo VLPFlashback. VHS VCR comes home – literally if you bought one.  VHS still dominates.

Product Review – Adobe Captivate Prime LMS

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Adobe asked me not to publish their pricing, since in some areas it can be negotiated.  I did agree not to publish the pricing (and please do not ask me for it, since I promised I would not provide it). The gamification component of Captivate Prime provides the following. This isn’t to say the solution is in the minus rack, rather it is to say it is still a work in progress.

Top 50 LMS Report for 2016 – What you need to know (criteria, approach, and yeah some vendors)

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This year’s report still provides you with the details, data and info that crushes any other report out there. It’s nearly here.  In a little over two months, my 2016 Top 50 LMS Report will be available for purchase.   This post isn’t so much a “buy, buy”, rather it is to give insight into the process, considerations, and factors. Not everyone gets in. And yeah there are vendors who will taut that they are in X list or Y rankings and thus should be included. Sorry, that’s marketing.  You want marketing, I know some sites that will list you.  Not in.

Mobile Mania – The Latest on M-Learning

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p.s. For those interested in my Top 50 2015 LMS Report , I have provided a sample. Mobile the final frontier.  These are the voyages of mobile learning.  To seek out new devices. To boldly go where no e-learning vendor has gone before, specifically LMS vendors who are now starting to get it. . The Saga. already saw that mobile planet. For me, this is what I would like to always see.  Yowsa.

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Evaluating Training - Capturing the Benefits Aspects of ROI

event are important and the happy sheets do serve a purpose, but will they really provide enough hard. Whether making the decision to invest in people, or to simply maintain or decrease training budgets, training programs that provide immediate impact and maximum overall return on investment are an. Evaluating Training – Capturing the Benefits Aspect of ROI. But because. incurred.

Top Ten Learning Management Systems – July Rankings

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They understand the value of selling to training providers and clients going B2B.  also like that the system understands the value of having training providers (those who already have created courses and selling in the B2B and B2C channels) as customers. Back for another installment of the rankings. The final rankings will be the top 25 LMSs of 2013, will be posted in December.

Your Top Three Gamification LMSs for 2016

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22nd, and which provides even greater details and insight on each of these platforms, along with other rankings, etc.). #3  Spoke by Unboxed Technology. Three.  It is the magic number.  Well, actually, probably it isn’t, but let’s roll with it. As with anything that involves rankings there will be conjecture on this or whether it really belongs with that. Most of all, folks will wonder why there system isn’t in my top three.  Or they will wonder what they can do it be in the top three of whatever the topic happens to be. Is it an LMS? Gamification Features. One minus.

Courseware LMSs – Good or bad for the industry?

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Maybe you scored it via Wiley, but in many possibilities you purchased the content thru your LMS vendor.  It’s much easier than say going directly to the content provider, buying it from them and then having them talk to your LMS vendor to put it in for you (which, honestly you should do, because it will save you money). First off, there are vendors out there who pitch they are an LMS when in reality they are a courseware provider that has some type of learning platform.   I see it often in press releases or via a publication who says it is one thing when in reality it is another.

Where the LMS is Heading

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And how is it going to provide a refreshing take? With a personalized learning experience, first comes a learning path outputted by the system, then comes one that offers not just “this and that”, but one that delivers it by providing “why” Offering each learner, the next level of learning, 100% learning centric – in everything – not just the path – everything – (by 2025). Especially when some of the folks now touting the LMS space were the same people writing about its demise. Refreshing you say? Yes, allow me to explain. Big Data.

What is our role in online learning?

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What about higher education?  Is its only goal to provide students with courses and topics that rather than be just in the classroom are now/available online? . Sure one could make the argument that for all – B2B/B2C, employees, students and government workers it is providing them an opportunity to acquire new skill sets to improve their personal and professional goals (well, at least in the corporate side, not really HE).   And for some businesses, I’d say correct – oh and BTW – Kudos for doing so! The word here though is “provided” to me. .

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New Brandon Hall Group report forecasts major shift in 2016 online learning trends

technology providers. other areas in which organizations give learning technology providers failing grades. 11 Research Summary About Brandon Hall Group Brandon Hall Group is a HCM research and advisory services firm that provides insights around key performance areas, including Learning and. Your membership provides you with personal connections to fellow professionals.

70-20-10 : No longer applicable to online learning – and here’s why

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CBT was starting to make an appearance and grew in the late 80’s, and especially the 90’s when computers were able to handle what was provided to them. While he provides training for skills, compliance and other professional growth.  In just a couple of weeks, I’ll be heading on over to London then unto Berlin to speak at Online Educa Berlin. digress, my new coffee, “Death Wish” (actual name) is starting to kick in.  And yes, the name reflects the power err empowerment. “The Truth? Who does that? And therein lies the problem, the whole issue.

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Future Technologies – Get Ready because they could change the way we learn online

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MBaaS provides mobile and web developers a way to link their applications (front-end) to backend cloud storage via APIs and SDKs.  Say out loud learning technology and the two words just seem not to go together. Learning? You mean the classroom?  The same approach to learning since humans went to school?  Technology?  That sounds so advanced – so in the “time to come”   They cannot be associated with one another – we are talking about learning here folks! But they can not only work together but achieve something far greater than any of us could imagine, success.

Creating an e-learning strategy that works

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What components or items do you need to accomplish your e-learning plan?  In my opinion here are the key items you will need: Will you want/need an authoring tool to build courses or are you going to have someone outside of the organization build them or just purchase courses via a 3rd party provider?  The Conversation. A: “We need to have online learning” B: “Huh? ” A: “I was told we must have e-learning. I’m not really sure what it is, but I know it is popular, so we must have it” B: “Okay, what should I look for?” So look for that. 

New E-Learning Rankings: Authoring Tools

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There is never a quid pro quo, pay for play or whatever with my rankings.  I’m not a lead gen for the vendors listed – rather the goal is to provide you with vendors that meet numerous criteria including UI, features, support/service, mobile, feedback from current and past clients and future game plans. Everyone loves lists. Lists for the best books written in 1899 (right?),

Microlearning Whitepaper: Small Bites, Big Impact

been providing lukewarm results for years. techniques and solutions that provide more impactful methods for improving employee. But microlearning offers far more than that: • It adapts to the pace of today’s business and meets the needs of your modern learners, providing learning in short bites that are fast and easy to absorb. Aside from providing access over the.

Final Post Analysis of #HRTechConf 2015

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Let’s jump right in – but first let me say this – I for the life of me cannot understand why the conference on day one did not provide free lunch boxes? . The person who provided/showed me the product was fantastic.  He deserves a raise.  I found out via our conversation that he was a former trainer, and it showed in how he presented the product.  To me that is like being in the auto industry and having your mechanics need assistance and the vendors who provide that assistance are not mechanics nor have any auto mechanical experience. Anyone?). Good).

xAPI, LRS – The Interview

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While I am able to provide a variety of insight and details on the subject, I by no means would be a foremost expert on it. . However, the minute you want to add new activity providers, like Articulate, Captivate or Lectora courses with almost zero-configuration or redevelopment — or if you ever want to share that data across multiple systems, you’re going to want an LRS. years.

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To be or not to be Moodle

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What bothers me are those folks who do it, but do not provide the Moodle code – as they are supposed to, by using Moodle.  . Some folks have it hosted via a service provider they use for other things.  The worst thing you can do, is have the person who built the system (Assuming they do not have a training or teaching background) provide the training.  Sure, you as a Moodle person could rely solely on the community to provide everything you need, but is that something you would want to do on a daily or yearly basis? Not a fan of it. Anyway, it is education. 

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DevLearn 2014 Conference Review

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Before I get into the expo, anyone who reads my reviews, knows I always provide feedback on various items. Greetings!  Back from another interesting conference, this one packed a whallop and I mean that in a good way. The show? DevLearn.  The location: Las Vegas, NV.  The result?  Wowsa-Rama!! Break it all Down and Put it up again. The Conference Sessions. The Foot Scooter. The Basics.

Move Beyond Learning to Applying: A Modern Management Development Program

would love to provide, we need a change. We must go beyond providing great content. to instead take responsibility for providing. Totara, an open source LMS), provides structure. Our platform provides. well beyond providing content to include. provide the manager with talking points. We provide practice guides to help Sue. We now. Right?

On Fire in 2013 – What’s going to be hot in e-learning

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More people are working remote, more folks are using Wi-Fi than 3G or 4G with their provider (partially because of the economy, partially because of data limits from such folks as AT&T, Verizon, etc.). Even with cable and satellite – ala carte provides you with a personalized option. Yeah I know its not the end of the year, when such forecasts tend to show up in droves.

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B2B Top Five LMSs

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Resellers who are part of your business learning network – maybe you provide them courses on how to sell your product. Content Providers – the fastest growing B2B right now in e-learning; best or most amazingly of all – it can be just one person who has created a course (content) and then has their own clients who purchase the course or courses to provide to their own employees;  the days of large content providers as the only option is gone. must read it.  I just like lists.  It seems to me that there are others who also love lists. Warehouses.

Top 8 FREE Open Source LMSs

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Some of the free open source systems nowadays have a psuedo-turnkey, which provides a really basic look and feel platform that if you wanted do – could be launched in short order. Everyone loves free, especially with software. Free software should be in a class by itself, because it often rumbles into three areas: 100% free with no watermarks, limited features/capabilities. 100% free but with limited features (if you want those gone you pay for it). Especially, people seeking a LMS. Criteria. To be considered in these rankings each system must. Offers plugins, add-ons. Say it!).

PENS – Why your LMS and Authoring Tool Solution should include it

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Can you provide some insight into PENS? PENS (Package Exchange Notification System) is a wonderful standard that provides a method for authoring tools to directly send course packages (primarily SCORM) to an LMS. With PENS they can drop more problematic solutions like FTP and provide their customers with another compelling reason to pick their solution over another competitor’s.


5 Unknown Ways You're Wasting Your Training Budget

Knowledge Retention Time Since Training 1 Hour 100% 30% 50% 10% 24 Hours 1 Week 10 Solution: Provide shorter training material with continual. WHITE PAPER 5 Unknown Ways. You’re Wasting Your. individual employees according to Bersin by Deloitte. When it comes to training budgets, leaders. struggle to pinpoint what impact (if any) their training programs are having. So what’s the result?

LMS Do and Don’ts – Isn’t it time to do what’s right?

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The security info and technical data they will provide comes directly from those individual sites.  As a child you may have decided that the cookies were a must.  There you are, grabbing them, hiding and munching away (I still do this as an adult).   Anyway, a voice calls out, “Ahem. Where are the cookies?” ”   Your caught, but not before you shove more into your mouth.  Welcome to the world of “do not do this” Adult Stage. Your boss tells you that their boss will be making the rounds today and whatever you do, do not surf the net and such and such time. 

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E-Learning Jargon: What you might think it is.well…

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Don”t fall for the trap that someone has been doing e-learning since 93 or less, because what they are actually stipulating is that they provided CBT and whatever at that point. . The term does not apply to anyone who provides training in the B2B or B2C space, IMO (In my opinion), rather it focused on internal training or learning.   I suspect I won’t be speaking at ASTD after this comment, then again, previous statements about their incompetence when it comes to putting on a show, probably killed my chances long ago. . Remember those two words – gaming elements.

HR and E-Learning

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There are other challenges, but these tend to be the higher tier.  I will add that if your HR person (regardless of level) provides only employee training, and the company is going to provide B2B online learning, it is a recipe for disaster. As mentioned in other posts, I am a believer that people in HR who provide training, see training (learning) in a different light and approach than those who provide training and work in a training department. . “What is this e-learning thing?” ” “A LMS? The result?  Downside?  Result? My Friends.

And in this corner: LMS and in the other corner – Learning Platform

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Here are numbers – and no, I’m not providing their specific names, except in some cases to identify some folks you may or may not recognize. Each fighter provides customers with more options than in the past. It’s time. Two equal fighters. One the former son of the reigning champ. The other, well, uh, the reigning champ.  Both hungry for the title.  Can there be only one? Of course, not, but this fight analogy is fun. They can both be successful and in fact, they already are. Before this battle begins, let’s take a look at each fighter. Wait, you say. 

How the right tech tools for your team can power your sales enablement strategy

providing an opportunity to practice the skills required. here is to ensure your training program provides individual attention and im- mediate feedback for trainees. INSTANT ACCESS TO CONTENT IN THE FIELD Provide learning content in both push and pull modalities to accommodate a. Always look for a LMS that provides an off-the-shelf integration with your CRM. ENABLEMENT?

Best of the Best – Top 5 Gamification LMSs

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Besides its gamification ooomph, it is solid with social, provides an extensive feature set and is in my top 30.  . PLUS you receive the top 15 Q/A, which will provide you with additional insight to help you in your current or future search for LMSs. Let’s play a game. want each of you right now to think of the best games you have ever played, regardless if it was on a board, on a device, in your head, on your tv, sitting at your computer or looking at your bedroom as a kid and wondering if the pick up your clothes game, is really a game after all. Anyway. Do you have them?

#10 to #1 LMSs of 2012

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At one time a true freebie – they still offer a stripped down version, their new fee based system provides enough oomph to make anyone go “Wow” Features include: The standards – i.e. my 90/10, whereas 90% of the features are the same in the majority of systems in the space. Well here it is, the final countdown. Unlimited portals. TinCan with online/offline synch.

Course Standards: Where R We Heading?

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SCORM. A few weeks back I was in London meeting with a course provider vendor who let me know that in their eyes, SCORM is dead.  There has been a lot of information out there , okay, I’m kidding there hasn’t been much of anything when it comes to course standards.  At least not in a long time. Rather the focus has been on course development and frankly, courses.  I’ll readily admit that regardless of the course standard you use, if you create click-click-click courses, than no course standard will make it engaging.  Bad is bad. Boring is boring. What about pesky SCORM? 

Course Standards: Where R We Heading?

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SCORM. A few weeks back I was in London meeting with a course provider vendor who let me know that in their eyes, SCORM is dead.  There has been a lot of information out there , okay, I’m kidding there hasn’t been much of anything when it comes to course standards.  At least not in a long time. Rather the focus has been on course development and frankly, courses.  I’ll readily admit that regardless of the course standard you use, if you create click-click-click courses, than no course standard will make it engaging.  Bad is bad. Boring is boring. What about pesky SCORM? 

Workbook: Gamification and Your Enterprise Learning Strategy

The purpose of this guide is to provide you with the information and tools you need to. Provide a step-by-step work-plan to show you how to integrate gamification into. Game-based learning is often used as a one- time event to provide insights and instruction in a formal learning setting, either online or. Most games provide. Introduction.3 What is Gamification? system.

Latest Eight #LMS #Trends

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Systems are starting to use the term to stipulate that their system provides a higher quality of mastery (learning) than anyone else. Anyway, video courses both by consumers (clients of LMS vendors) and 3rd party content providers are showing up more and more.  With the amount of travel that I do, I’ve come to identify some trends.  Having the hotel’s frequent awards program card gets you free internet. Even not having the card prior to arrival, but signing up online, gets you free internet.  . Buying extras like sodas, chips, etc. Perhaps you are finding similar ones.

The Latest: What consumers are seeking; plus video and mobile data

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The vendors I talk to who delete the data record when the learner (employee) leave or the customer is no longer a customer for the course/content – client provider; will point to the security concerns as one of the key, dare I say it, (dare, dare), main reasons for doing so. The vast majority of vendors use a hosting provider to host their LMS, with quite a few using Rackspace or Amazon S3.  . A round-up of the past two months regarding e-learning, LMSs, authoring tools and more. DevLearn. Due a recent rib injury, I will not be at DevLearn this year.  Add it.  Bottom Line.

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