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Can Acrimony Lead to Higher Performance?

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In the process, both are providing better service to the public at large. Email responses are faster and there is a clamouring to provide better customer service. If you have been following the Delhi state's political situation, you would know that the Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and his party are constantly at logger heads with the political powers at the Center.

How Do You React To Customer Feedback?

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But let''s face is, as service providers (internal or external), sometimes we do get irritated at customers. Customer Customer feedback customer satisfaction customer satisfaction survey Dealing with customers managing customer expectations satisfaction survey service providers Are you measuring customer satisfaction? How you react to it defines how customers perceive your service as.

My Top 10 Photo Editing Mobile Apps for 2014

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Aviary : A nifty app that does the basic editing as well as provides a host of stickers to pep up your photographs. I have been trying my hand at photography for a few years now. started with a point and shoot camera before moving to a DSLR. The most interesting advice I read about photography was that the best camera is the one you have when you need it. Really easy to use.

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Retail – The sunrise sector for employment opportunities

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I recently wrote an article on the Retail sector in India and the employment opportunities it provides. Retail industry in India has the potential to provide employment to a large number of youth. Here's the link to the original article on ET Retail. As I walked by his stall in the evenings, I occasionally bought a packet of chewing gum to encourage his endeavour.

Seven Simple Secrets to Off-the-Shelf Course Success

but might be a little vague in providing concrete actions, so you’ll need to dig a bit deeper. Providing OTS courseware in these situations has several advantages. OTS curriculum, it’s fairly easy to provide training to individuals or groups whenever you. While the mainstream social media platforms can provide opportunities for. Seven Simple Secrets to. capital. You’re.

Seven Survival Skills in Today’s World

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Their YouTube channel provides you with access to videos of their conference. I recently came across International Finance Corporation’s (IFC). It’s “6th International Private Education Conference, Rethinking Education, Shaping the Future, brought together thought leaders and investors in education from around the globe. The keynote address to the conference was by Tony Wagner.

What is Social Media?

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It is about connecting with your communities: customers, employees, partners, investors, service providers. Two keywords of social media are "Social" and "Media". Social media is about being social. It is about conversations and collaboration between these communities. You are not social if you are not having a dialog. Remember, monologues were never considered social.

Cultural Issues in Dealing with Clients

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As an Asian service provider working with Western clients, you start at an even keel. This trust at the starting point of the relationship lasts a long time, through the usual ups and downs of project DLC, provided you are professional and competent. Coming to Asian customers, I have come across two types of relationships between them and Asian service providers. There is some kind of unseen but powerful driver that forces Asian customers to be aloof and somewhat distrustful of their vendors, as they refer to their service providers. Guilty until proven innocent!

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My Interview in IDConnect

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Most companies are not beginning to solve technological challenges by providing more means of allowing employees to communicate. It can provide people in the field a window to what’s happening elsewhere in India and across the world. Rupa Rajagopalan has been instrumental in running the Instructional Designers Community of India for the last few years along with some other enthusiastic members of the profession. As part of IDCI, Rupa edits a newsletter IDConnect. Rupa interviewed me for the second issue of the newsletter. What are the current trends in salary? Many ways really.

New Brandon Hall Group report forecasts major shift in 2016 online learning trends

technology providers. other areas in which organizations give learning technology providers failing grades. 11 Research Summary About Brandon Hall Group Brandon Hall Group is a HCM research and advisory services firm that provides insights around key performance areas, including Learning and. Your membership provides you with personal connections to fellow professionals.

Career Paths for Trainers

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Continue providing them assistance post training. Someone asked a question on the career growth paths for trainers on one of our internal forums. And about the same time I came across this interesting blog post which talks about not worrying about career path and living your career story , written by Jason Seiden. It is from Dan McCarthy’s list of 20 Best Leadership Blog Posts of 2010. Just loved the way Jason explains the need to dump career paths and focus on building your career stories. So, what could be a Trainer's career stories? It is also the hardest in my view.

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Skilling India: Mine the Young Workforce

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sure way to achieve inclusive and sustainable growth is to provide a mechanism to acquire skills, empowering the disadvantaged sections with skill development opportunities and developing a skill growth programme for continuous education and productivity enhancements. In addition, NSDC funded vocational training providers have been set up in the last few years to support this endeavour. My article originally published in Deccan Herald on 21 Jan 2016. Prosperous countries with high GDP and per capita income tend to have high skill capital.

Lessons in Professionalism

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It is interesting to see in the series how leaders provide clear feedback about capabilities and skills without getting personal. I love watching Grey’s Anatomy, an American television medical drama series. While the human drama in the series makes it a gripping watch, what I find really amazing is the professionalism of characters in the series. The surgeons and interns are intensely competitive, and yet are completely professional about their jobs, irrespective of the positions they hold, or not hold for that matter. What do you do when a peer becomes your boss? And painful too.

My Top 10 Mobile Apps for 2014

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It configures well with Indian DTH providers and once configured, it provides complete program guide too. The year 2014 was the year when I feel I actually started using my smartphone smartly. could get much of my work done on my mobile, many a times not requiring me to switch on my laptop. It is hard to manage these physical cards even though I have a nice card file.

Training Consumed in 60 Seconds: Microlearning Is Made For Today's Growing Teams

learners to fill in the blanks and provide examples from their own lives (we call. Training the Trainer: How to Create Microlearning Why microlearning matters We live in a world of distractions. In order to drive outcomes, learning. needs to cut through the noise. Microlearning is the answer. And the. most important component of microlearning is the content itself. method starts. Read on.

Collaboration: It’s Not About Technology, It’s About the Culture

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And many employee portals also provide some collaboration features like discussion forums. I got a chance to talk about how companies can use technology internally to collaborate and share more effectively. started with examining what’s currently in use in organizations. Email is the most commonly used collaborative tool. You can only collaborate with people you send the email to.

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Leadership Impact on Workplace Learning

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Viplav Baxi in a follow up post provides his insights about what could possibly be structured construction and tracking models for teaching-learning in a Learning 2.0 Claire Thompson provides us with the example of Google offering 20% of their time to work on what they are passionate about. In my previous post, I wrote about why workplace learning is largely Learning 1.0. tools.

How to Decide Whether to Insource or Outsource Elearning Development?

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Hope the above provides you with some pointers to taking the decision. I recently got a query on LinkedIn about needing help with decision between insourcing and outsourcing elearning content development. have a small request - is there a way to get a ball-park figure to develop one hour of e-learning content in India using rapid development software such as Articulate Studio/Storyline? wish the decision of insource and outsource was as simple as cost comparison. First of all, it is really hard to get a ball-park figure to develop one hour or elearning.

Instructional Designer Competencies

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My article Death of the Instructional Designer sparked off some interesting debate and provided some good points. Brett Bixler provides a long list of instructional designer required competencies and prerequisite skills. In case you missed it, do view the comments posted for the article. Tom Crawford makes some interesting points in Is Instructional Design Dead.

Move Beyond Learning to Applying: A Modern Management Development Program

would love to provide, we need a change. We must go beyond providing great content. to instead take responsibility for providing. Totara, an open source LMS), provides structure. Our platform provides. well beyond providing content to include. provide the manager with talking points. We provide practice guides to help Sue. We now. Right?

Agile Instructional Design Team Structures

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Provides individuals with growth opportunities in functional areas. Functional team structures provide more opportunities for individuals to be functional managers. I have been reading about agile development lately. One of the key components of agile development is team structuring. Agile methodology suggests a more project structure. Project teams are generally more cohesive.

2010 Redux

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During the year, my role changed from primarily developing elearning content to providing learning solutions for the Indian market. The new role also takes me even closer to the actual implementation of learning solutions and is providing me new insights. I am hoping to make up for my sparse blogging last year in 2011. 2010 was a rather quiet year for my blog. My blog didn’t see much of me this year, only 24 posts this year. As for my other social media presence, it’s been mostly quiet all across. Tweeting also took back seat. Thank you again for continuing to read this blog.


10 Tips to Get Started with Twitter

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Tip update: Provide a link to your LinkedIn page in your profile. I have been getting a lot of Twitter newbie followers, some folks who I am inducting to Twitter and others who read my blog, or have worked me at some point of time. I try to get them started by giving them tips and introducing them to people they can follow. So what’s my advice to get started on Twitter?

It's Not This Or That, It's This AND That

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gnight I have heard people cribbing and providing their alternatives in the past also. “We should not spend money on games, the same could be used for the poor”, “why do film stars get awards, they should be given to intellectuals” and so on. Came across a tweet by a respected TV journalist today: r day should be a celebration of creative genius of india, not of armed forces might. fewer tanks, more music. Mostly we rant about why we shouldn’t do the things that are happening and why we should shift our attention, money, focus to something else. How I wish it was so easy.

How the right tech tools for your team can power your sales enablement strategy

providing an opportunity to practice the skills required. here is to ensure your training program provides individual attention and im- mediate feedback for trainees. INSTANT ACCESS TO CONTENT IN THE FIELD Provide learning content in both push and pull modalities to accommodate a. Always look for a LMS that provides an off-the-shelf integration with your CRM. ENABLEMENT?

Working/Learning Blog Carnival – April 2008

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Here’s the second edition of the Blog Carnival: Rupa Rajagoplan in her post talks about how different learners learn and provides her suggestions on what companies can do to encourage learning at work. Michele Martin provides an interesting primer on Pecha Kucha presentation style for learning. The response to the second carnival edition has been, well overwhelming. world.

Top Learning Resources of 2009

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Sahana Chattopadhyay’s ID and Other Reflections Tom Stone at Element K blog provides useful summaries of learning and development events and news. 2009 was a continuation of my journey of online self-learning. share with you the top learning resources from my PLE (personal learning environment) for the year 2009. have found these valuable in my learning during the year. This is definitely not a comprehensive list. Here are my top learning resources for the year 2009 (in no particular order): Twitter has been one of the most valuable learning tool for me this year. You can view them here.

Getting Started with Instructional Design

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Closer home, Rupa Rajagopalan also provides practical tips about instructional design in her blog One-Stop Resource for Instructional Designing. Women’s University   –   4-Credit Online Course on Instructional Design Wavelength eLearning Consulting and Training in Noida provides ID & content writing, and Flash programming. Vyaktitva in Delhi provides some advance courses on training design and facilitation skills. Lately I’ve been asked by a few people on how to get started with a career in instructional design and elearning. Any suggestions? and follow her other posts.

Unofficial eLearning Salary Survey 2009

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The survey is not based on responses by companies but based on responses provided by you, the employee. Launching the Unofficial Salary Survey for eLearning / Content Development Jobs in India for year 2009. There's nothing official about this survey. This survey is not associated with any organization. The survey is anonymous. This year I also attempt to find out how the economic conditions have impacted the salary hikes this year. Click Unofficial eLearning Salary Survey of India 2009 to participate in the survey. will publish the findings on my blog here sometime in August.

Are your managers ready for a world without formal performance reviews?

GIVING FEEDBACK: I provide constructive. SETTING. EXPECTATIONS: My team members are clear on. their roles & responsibilities. 2. DELEGATING: I effectively identify tasks that. others can take on to develop their. capabilities and free my time for. more strategic activities. 3. COACHING: I support my team members by. challenging and encouraging them. to think for themselves and take.

Case Study: First Amongst Equals

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Also not all team members were getting the coaching that Ajay was capable of providing because he was spread too thin. “I feel you need a Team Leader in your team Ajay. In my second case study, we look at a situation when one of the peers is expected to take on the leadership position amongst the team. Looking forward to your responses to learn what we can do in situations like these.   A meeting alert window popped up on Ajay’s computer reminding him of his meeting with Sangeeta, his boss. He was compiling performance data for his team that would be discussed in the impending meeting.

Unofficial Salary Survey of eLearning/Content Development Jobs - 2008

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While the number of responses were not enough to consolidate and provide any trends, what was apparent was that the elearning salary range in India is quite varied. Last year I initiated the unofficial salary survey for elearning and content development jobs in India on my blog. invited responses as comments on my blog post. The post got 10 unique responses. One year down the line, it will be interesting to know what’s the situation now. What are the salaries for Instructional Designers in India? What are the salaries for Project Managers, Graphics designers, Flash Programmers, Testers?

eLearning and Instructional Design Meme

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We had received a huge contract to develop elearning courses from probably the largest catalog content provider at that time. Last year I wrote a brief post about tech support meme and posted a hilarious video. recently came across a whole book about, well not exactly tech support memes though some of stories are about tech support, Indian BPO stories. BPO-Sutra is compiled and edited by Sudhindra Mokhasi and he is already calling for more stories for a volume II. So do instructional designers have any stories to build the elearning or instructional design meme? Share your story here.

Results of Unofficial Salary Survey of eLearning/Content Development Jobs - 2008

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provide analysis of only ID and PM functions. Announcing the analysis of the Unofficial Salary Survey of elearning and content development jobs in India. This was a direct survey of individual respondents. No company response was sought. used viral marketing to promote survey. This included an initial direct mailer and then posting on eCube Facebook and various Orkut groups. Orkut seems to have a larger Indian audience. The survey received total 62 responses, including 8 incomplete responses. Most responses were from the NCR region, followed by Mumbai.


New research explores the common myths and realities around the 70:20:10 learning model

performance at the point of need: • 4x more likely to provide staff with. 23% agree that managers provide active support in application of learning in the. The Top Deck provide more evidence on how to actively support learning in the workflow: 90% expect managers to take responsibility for. Does it provide tips, tools and checklists at the moment of need? In-Focus.

What is Innovation?

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Each organization is innovating (they must, to stay in the business) in different areas like better ways of doing things (process innovation) or just building new products (product innovation) or providing new services. Talking about innovation always opens Pandora’s box (see comments on my post Innovation in Indian Learning Industry ). Brand-new or just a bit different, it doesn't matter.

First Impressions of Google Wave

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An interesting conversation on our wave: Abinava: I have wondered about one thing though - one of the features of eMail is its ability to communicate across providers. I don’t what @what you are. I can still send a mail. It will also force other email providers to come up with better email features. I can imagine Microsoft will start working on the next level of Outlook.

Experiences with Micro-learning in Corporate Environment

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Desktop application is ‘always on’ and provides alerts on new messages. Till then our experiment continues with the free service provided by Yammer. After trying out Twitter for some time, I started experimenting with Yammer sometime early this year. would say we are still in the experimentation phase with micro-learning. Messages started to flow. And then things began to settle down.

My Defining Customer Moments

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Our clientwas managing the SMEs and they were to provide the content. I was recently asked to share some customer moments. One ofmy defining customer moments was during a project we were doing more than 10years ago. This was a very large elearning project to convert huge amount ofcontent to elearning in a short period of time. The times were short of thevolume of work and everyone was under severe pressure. This included our clientcontact, who was also under pressure from her stakeholders and customers. As happensin elearning projects, we were expecting to get content from SMEs.

The Performance Management Storm: Four Macro-Trends Driving the Change

development, provides better data on. and providing the resources and support. effectively, monitor performance on a day- to-day basis, and provide timely feedback. Means: We have to have a way to provide an ongoing. ManagementPlus portal We provide detailed reporting on results and. 1Why Your Company Will Need to. moving from traditional performance. it happen.