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Saba to Acquire Halogen Software in 2017’s First Big HR Technology Deal

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While consolidation in the HR technology space isn’t much of a surprise anymore, Saba Software’s announced acquisition of Ottawa, Canada-based Halogen Software was a bit unexpected. According to a joint release , the deal “will extend Saba’s position as a leading provider of end-to-end SaaS talent management solutions. billion Oracle-Taleo deal or 2011’s $3.4

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Product Review: Saba Social

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I admit that in general I have been underwhelmed in the past with Saba. A LMS whose UI is poor, ease of use not there and questionable feature sets and service.  So, when I went and checked out Saba Social, Saba’s new social learning platform, I had very low expectations. I was surprised. Upon entering Saba Social you are presented with an visually solid home screen.

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Saba CEO Steps Down

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Shawn Farshchi, Saba’s executive vice president and chief operating officer, has been named interim CEO. — March 1 Saba, a provider of people-centric enterprise services, announced a leadership transition Friday. Source: Saba. Bobby Yazdani and the board of directors have agreed he will step down as chairman, CEO and director. Redwood Shores, Calif. Bobby Yazdani and the board of directors have agreed he will step down as chairman, CEO and director. Shawn Farshchi, Saba’s executive vice president and chief operating officer, has been named interim CEO.

Special Post – Why the Big Four are not on my latest Top 10 LMS List

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Since my Top 10 list of LMS vendors has been posted online, I have received quite a bit of e-mail wondering why the biggest names: Cornerstone On Demand, Saba, SumTotal and SuccessFactors are not on the list. A LMS should first be a LMS. “While the pricing is outrageous and the Saba as a whole seems better suited as a HCM, their learning suite is a better alternative than those who want Cornerstone OnDemand.”  have some real concerns on what is taking place with Saba today. Or better yet, let me provide you with some details. 2012 Lists. See above.

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Companies Lack Employee Feedback Channels

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According to cloud-based talent management solutions provider Saba, U.S. Saba’s October 2016 survey suggests there’s a decent chance a company’s workforce engagement is suffering due at least in part to inadequate employee feedback channels. companies are operating in the dark when it comes to their employees’ needs and perceptions. Comment below or email

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Can PeopleCloud support learning in all its contexts?

Clive on Learning

Learning professionals have no real difficulty in supporting the formal element of their work, i.e. providing access to courses. Over the past few months I've been looking at a number of tools that might just help learning professionals to make a positive contribution in this area; tools that provide an infrastructure to support informal learning. The first I want to examine is Saba's new PeopleCloud. Here, LMS functionality is provided within the context of your principal day-to-day tool for learning, knowledge-sharing and collaboration, not the other way round.

Can the ‘big LMS’ break clear of formal training?

Clive on Learning

I must confess it is now four months since I received an in-depth demonstration from the people at Saba of their People Systems Suites. First off, it’s worth noting that Saba does not seem to have been suffering like so many of its competitors through the downturn: It gained 113 new customers in 2010, which was a record year. What interested me was the extent to which Saba has been remodelling its applications to reflect a very different view of what ‘people systems’ could consist of in the years to come. So what are Saba up to with their latest software?

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5 Ways to Use New Generation Learning Tools

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survey released this week sponsored by Saba revealed that HR leaders in the U.S. It’s time to arm your multigenerational workforce with tools that provide continuous learning, easy collaboration and informal knowledge sharing, and that allow workers to develop their skills and constantly grow. Didi D’Errico is the vice president, brand advocacy for Saba. and U.K.

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2013 Excellence in Social Learning

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Gold: Saba Software Security vendor Kaspersky Labs has more than 2,700 employees operating in almost 200 countries. The company turned to Saba and its Saba Cloud system, which provides social collaboration, training and crowd-sourcing. Saba implemented and deployed the system within 45 days. It also offered a tool to introduce the system to Kaspersky employees and provide best practices. They are also able to use the same training in multiple locations, providing consistency throughout the organization. Silver: Interactyx Ltd.

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New offerings provide a gateway to Learning 2.0

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The first is from one of the major corporate LMS providers, Saba. According to the announcement , Saba Social will incorporate "comprehensive social networking tools - blogs, communities of practice, wikis, discussion boards and social connection capabilities will enable people to conduct informal knowledge exchange, build connected communities and extend blended learning." " The new system integrates with other tools in the Saba suites, including web conferencing, performance management and other HR processes. Although the use of Web 2.0 Neulio 2.0

#HRTECH Learning Vendors Preview – Who to see and who to avoid

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While I place Saba in the average spot, I do think Learning@Work is heading in the right direction (cloud based platform). . The UI has been vastly improved – it still has some work to do, and the feature set is strong.  I love the deep learning component where courses are recommended based on a set of variables – which for Saba is courses/content taken or completed, skills and profiles. . mean it wasn’t the other way around, which was a plus, but on the other hand, you have a course provider buying an LMS vendor.  Welcome, welcome all! Good to Excellent.

Research Shows Companies Should Encourage Social Learning


The question is will company leaders provide their employees with outlets for it, or will they ignore workers’ needs by forbidding informal learning activities? Knowledge is attained very differently today than it was in the past. Modern students sit in classrooms for hours at a time as information is fed to them through lectures and PowerPoint presentations. Read an informational blog post.

Top 50 LMS Report for 2016 – What you need to know (criteria, approach, and yeah some vendors)

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identify the Big Dogs as SumTotal by Skillsoft (yes, that is the actual name),  Cornerstone OnDemand, Saba, SucessFactors and Oracle Taleo (although, I ask myself who is using this and if you still are why?). However, I will say this: I like what Saba is doing.  The system still – equally as Saba – needs some work.  I think Skillsoft has the power to turn it around – ST that is, when it comes to learning. Saba Learning. This year’s report still provides you with the details, data and info that crushes any other report out there. Not in.

Elements of a Virtual World/Metaverse

Kapp Notes

The first software element that makes up a virtual world is a synchronous learning tool similar to WebEx or Adobe Connect or Saba’s Centra. Using a virtual world or metaverse for training is not as science-fiction as it sounds. metaverse or virtual world is simply the natural extension and convergence of several technologies currently used for online learning. This is similar to the Web 2.0

2016 LMS Market Trends, Observations and Predictions

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Today’s learners, of any age, want to consume just-in-time resources and to leverage the collective knowledge to get to best content instantly, inexpensively and reliably.  To address the culture shift, hundreds of learning technology providers are taking bold and unprecedented leaps and are creating net new opportunities in the market.  The 2016 LMS market is not what you think. Conclusion.

2015 Talented Learning LMS Vendor Award Recipients

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To save the day the cloud was invented and with it the significant fiscal barriers of entry for new LMS providers were removed.  The cloud enables new LMS vendors to create and support one product that all customers use providing economies of scale in research, customer support and required investment capital.  The cloud LMSs provide learning management to the masses. Expertus.

LMS Decision Making Criteria B4 U Buy

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As you can see, providing insight when you haven’t been standing in your “shoes” in a manner of speaking, really doesn’t tell you the reality, because they haven’t had to be in reality. Track and capture compliance data based upon specific courses that we provide to our learners.  2.  Did they provide breaks?  And if yes, what verticals? Voluntary?

Profile of a learning architect: Tiina Paju-Pomfret

Clive on Learning

In this next profile, extracted from The New Learning Architect , we see another fine example of how a learning and development department has been able to break free from the confines of the face-to-face course to provide support for learning across multiple contexts. This was accomplished using Bupa’s Saba Centra virtual classroom platform. learning architects

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A Conversation with Steven Just

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He was previously the founder and CEO of Pedagogue Solutions which he sold to Saba and he is now working on an launching new venture called Intela. Intela provides all of the tools a trainer needs to turn a learning event into a learning process. The four main learning strategies provided by Intela are: Adaptive questioning. Kapp: Can you provide us some insights into the science behind your product? The other day I had a chance to catch up with my friend Steven Just, he and I met years and years ago and have both worked in the learning industry for a while. Priming.

Insight – The Top 50 LMS 2017 Report

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Who can you expect to see (I’m just going to provide a small list here, so not every vendor in the Top 50 is listed below). Docebo, Axonify, Administrate, SumTotal, Cornerstone on Demand, Spoke by Unboxed Technology, Service Rocket, Saba, LearnUpon. What you are getting is a report that goes beyond the standard fare and provides you with extensive specific details that get to the heart of the matter.  . And I’m along with them. Well, sort of for authoring tools.  For the whole whammy of LMSs, the list has been out for nearly 12 months (for 2016). 30, 2017. .

#25 to #11 LMSs of 2012

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Hopefully this will change. . #20 Saba Learning Suite. While the pricing is outrageous and the Saba as a whole seems better suited as a HCM, their learning suite is a better alternative than those who want Cornerstone OnDemand. Personally, I feel you shouldn’t have to spend the $$$ to find a system that is comparable and even better than Saba, but if you want to go with the big dogs, this is the one to go with it.  . #19 WBT Top Class . It is the holiday season and for those who see me as the grinch (okay a few vendors do, but I digress) here is a special post. 

The LMS Meets 2017: Top 15 Learning Tech Predictions

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Trying to proactively dislodge Cornerstone, SumTotal, Saba, SuccessFactors or Oracle as a business model is a fool’s errand.  The most popular competitive strategies are to avoid the big guys altogether, or coexist by providing an incremental solution that shares data with the organizational LMS and offers measurable value.  These aren’t  Nostradamus-style prophecies.

Totara: re-shaping Moodle for corporate use

Clive on Learning

Last week I asked Can the ‘big LMS’ break clear of formal training? - I wanted to know whether Saba, one of the most successful of the big LMSs, could reinvent itself to accommodate informal learning. It provides a place for course materials to be shared, for students to collaborate and for assignments to be uploaded and graded. The LMS catalogues all the learning opportunities that an organisation provides, mainly classroom courses (including virtual ones) and self-study e-learning, and makes them available for booking by employees or their managers.

The World of Employee Training – Monthly Article Roundup

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These articles will be beneficial and informative as they provide background as to what is happening in the world of training, as well as helpful tips to boost productivity and efficiency, which are somethings we are always looking to improve. This month’s roundup of employee training articles include some of the best articles that I have come ever come across. Charles. Employee Training

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LMS Integration:  The Learning Ecosystem

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Vendors can: Provide an open API library consisting of available scripts that a tech-savvy buyer can use to automate integration with client systems. Provide pre-built connection APIs that can be used to automate many of the integrations outlined in this section. Most LMSs that support business-to-consumer ecommerce also provide a storefront and shopping cart.  Social Media.

B2B Top Five LMSs

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Resellers who are part of your business learning network – maybe you provide them courses on how to sell your product. Content Providers – the fastest growing B2B right now in e-learning; best or most amazingly of all – it can be just one person who has created a course (content) and then has their own clients who purchase the course or courses to provide to their own employees;  the days of large content providers as the only option is gone. must read it.  I just like lists.  It seems to me that there are others who also love lists. Warehouses.

What is in store for the LMS Space: My Forecasts for 2016

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While systems going back from the dawn of LMSs have provided the opportunity for a learner to select their own courses, the factor of course is the administrator has to allow that; with deep learning obviously that changes things.  Remember – courses are the priority – the main reason for purchase and the LMS is an added benefit (that is the best way to think of this model).   The vendors who follow this route are course providers who have or include an LMS. . vendor)? Forecast #1. Curating Content. Not just capturing links and content on the internet.  Forecast #2.

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A Look Back at E-Learning in 2012

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However those that followed this approach provided groups – with group chat, file repositories, discussion boards, forums, blogs, wikis and so on. iCal – enabling integration of Outlook, Gmail and other internet e-mail providers tied to calendars within the LMS, thus webinars, seminars, etc. I love the end of the year. Many people look back and are amazed. On Fire. Steag.

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Hello from Our New VP of Partnerships and Distribution Strategy


Innovative companies such as SuccessFactors / SAP , Taleo / Oracle , Saba , SilkRoad are enabling companies to deeply integrate employee learning and skill development with other aspects of Human Resource Management (and generating billions of dollars of value in the process). believe that enterprise elearning (particularly the content side) is one such market. Breadth of Content.

LMS State of Affairs

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Fastest growing verticals – Healthcare/Medical care, Content Providers, Technology, Education (K-12, first and foremost, then HE). Market with high revenue potential, yet has minimal competition – Content providers, B2B – unique angle – many systems do not understand the space, nor have a system that truly delivers what these markets need. Active vs inactive users (ideal for B2B, associations/non-profits, content providers, e-commerce focused buyers including trainers/facilitators/consultants). 620 and counting. . Learning Systems. Maturity stage?

The Latest LMS Insight

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Part of the confusion is the usage of the term “traditional”, whereas I think that people who use that term are focusing on vendors such as Cornerstone or Saba, for example, and assuming that all vendors are like them.  One of the hottest markets, starting in 2013 and expanding in 2014, are content providers who need a LMS to sell their own content, whether it is for their clients B2B or in some cases B2C direct.  And when I say content providers, I mean businesses that might be only one person who has created content – courses and then wants to sell the courses.

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Five classifications of Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Connect Thinking

SumTotal , Saba , Cornerstone ). These LMS are meant to provide a straight-forward end-user experience of managing learning and performance. The data provides HR with information on talent and skill gap. . There are lots and lots of Learning Management Systems (LMS) on the market. From my observation, I have categorised LMS based on the business motivation to create and offer them to the market: LMS that are part of a larger ERP system (e.g. These LMS appear almost an afterthought, an ‘add on’ to the massive database that ERP systems create. Savv-e Express ).

Top 10 LMS Forecasts for 2015

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The options that exist from a user side is via your own user name and password or via a webhook (allows the app (API) to provide other apps/applications with real time information and data). At this point I cannot state which I see as more of one versus another.  If it was me, I would go with the user name/password of the app, and then whalla you are done and live, because the LMS provider would have it all set to run and you do not have to deal with locating the webhook URL.  These vendors include ExpertusOne and Saba (and there are other vendors out there too). 

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Top 10 LMSs for 2013

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Rankings are based on my directories which are updated monthly; I also keep a separate directory which will contain more vendors than listed within the visible directories – reason being it offers clients (those who hire me – buyers to have an added bonus, of course it contains much more info); that said the monthly directories provide key info and in future updates have new columns added. Marketplace now included courses you can buy from other content providers – how is this different from some vendors of today who can add content from 3rd party vendors, when you call them?