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The Future Role of Learning & Development


Michael Moe, Deborah Quazzo and the whole ASU GSV team put on an amazing event. I had the privilege of participating in a panel discussion titled “ Workforce Development That Works. ” The panel was hosted by Nathan Blaine, Executive Director at Corporate Executive Board, and included David Blake, CEO of Degreed, Stephen Bailey, CEO of ExecOnline, Sang Yoon, Head of Learning Strategy & Curriculum at Google, and myself as panelists. One particularly interesting discussion point touched on the future role of the Learning & Development (L&D) organization within corporations.

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The Role of L&D in Today’s Talent Strategies

Origin Learning

This led us to a quest, to try and find out what the latest talent strategies are. Come to think of it- would you like to take a role that pays decently but doesn’t really add value to your personality? Talent development and retention rightfully sits at one of the top priorities of organizations. After all, it is the people which lead an organization forward.

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What’s the Role of Informal Learning in Modern Learning Strategy?


Older, even, as we could surely study learning behavior of non-human species and the role it’s played in biological evolution. But as technology has made rapid changes to the learning and development space, analysts from the Brandon Hall Group and others have emphasized the 70:20:10 framework as part of ongoing discussions about learning strategy. And, well, it depends on who you ask.

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Game Element: Strategy

Kapp Notes

Strategy games are a popular type of games that require players to outwit and outmaneuver fellow players through careful decision making, planning several moves ahead and attempting to predict outcomes and consequences of both their moves and their opponent’s moves. Perhaps one of the best known strategy games is Chess. great strategy game. Stratego. Civilization V game play.

How the right tech tools for your team can power your sales enablement strategy

Therefore, the impor- tance of a sound sales enablement strategy. for have largely kept their training strategies the same, with the majority of trai- ning resources earmarked for boring formal learning and event-based training. companies have a defined sales enablement role in their organizations. Strategies for sustaining the impact of sales training ENABLING SALES.

Learning Technology’s Role in Recruiting for Culture Fit

CLO Magazine

When you have the right person in a role,” Evans said. Strategy culture MOOCsTags: culture , MOOCs The post Learning Technology’s Role in Recruiting for Culture Fit appeared first on Chief Learning Officer - CLO Media. However, there’s another option: use MOOCs to gauge cultural fit in the recruiting process. We should be incorporating culture in the recruiting model.”.

Radically rethinking the role of L&D

Jane Hart

In July 2016 I read a number of blog posts and articles that argued the case for a radical rethink of the role of L&D in today’s workplace. Josh Bersin also writes how there now seems to be a clear recognition that L&D role needs to change, in Using Design Thinking to Embed Learning in Our Jobs    (HBR, 25 July). ” And Mary Slaughter, in  Stack the learning deck: Embrace new skills and roles to build a “full-stack” L&D function  (HR Times, 21 July) also makes the case for a different approach. Here are just three. Jane Hart (@C4LPT) July 27, 2016.

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Why Learning Leaders Are Perfect For HR Roles

CLO Magazine

But increasingly what once required a singular focus on and deep expertise in learning and development strategy has morphed into a complex role with touch points on some areas that were once solely HR’s province. Now it’s not uncommon for savvy CLOs to advance their careers by stepping into a CHRO role, or something similar. There are many similarities in the roles.

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7 Strategies to Facilitate "Working Out Loud"

ID Reflections

Inspirational role models - There are always a few early adopters and trend setters. The latter need strong role models whose behaviour they can emulate, whose successes and failures are out there for all to see. The more I thought about it, the more it seemed to me that it is one of the fundamental blocks of building a community of practice. Explicit and tacit knowledge gets shared.

Seven Simple Secrets to Off-the-Shelf Course Success

doing to be effective in her role. and development firm offering clients a wide variety of services from strategy to. Seven Simple Secrets to. Off-the-Shelf Course Success. By Megan Torrance, CEO TorranceLearning. Off-the-shelf (OTS) courseware is a growing market attracting both customers and venture. capital. creating yet another course or scheduling yet another workshop. You’re.

Creating an e-learning strategy that works

eLearning 24-7

Rather, it should be developing an e-learning strategy. An e-learning strategy can be and should be used in whatever industry or market.  Need a strategy. Strategy. StrategyStrategy. Strategy. Strategy. Strategy. What constitutes a strategy? If you look on the internet, a strategy is a very long and extensive document with specific headers for whatever type it might be (marketing for example) and always seems to require a lot of pages, even if you use a template. Right there, you devised a strategy. B2B/B2C?

Managing Career Paths: The Role of CLO

CLO Magazine

For some organizations, the shortage of skilled executives, middle managers and individual contributors in critical roles already is having quantifiable ramifications — from decreased production capacity to drops in customer satisfaction. Many organizations have tasked such groups to make strategic investments that put the best people in suitable roles at the right time to drive performance.

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Learning Without Strategy

Stoatly Different

Specifically I got to thinking about Learning Strategy and how we perhaps don’t often take a moment to envision what the future will mean for our learning initiatives. Ray Kurzweil spoke after Chomsky on his theory of the singularity and the role of exponential growth.  What does this mean for Learning Strategy? eLearning Future LT LWF strategyNothing.  Nothing. 

eLearning Strategy

Tony Karrer

This is either in terms of specific needs, e.g., improve customer satisfaction, or as part of an overall eLearning strategy. I've spent several hours this morning trying to find good resources on eLearning Strategy development and particularly looking for examples to use in this post. Predicting Needs The starting point for an eLearning Strategy is predicting needs.

Whitepaper: When The LMS Isn’t Enough

That matches their functional role and seniority. Brain Science Makes eLearning More Fuel-Efficient Recent developments in brain science have identified cognitive learning strategies that. When the LMS isn’t Enough How to Turbocharge Your LMS and Improve. Learning Retention for Bottom Line Results W H I T E P A P E R 2Table of Contents. The LMS is running out of gas.3 expectations.

5 Benefits of Implementing a Template Strategy

Learning Dojo

You could also get in a better position more management roles. One thing that is going to come up when you implement a template strategy is how to distribute templates and how to reference updates to templates. You shouldn’t be afraid to implement a template strategy into your own organization. eLearning mLearning Strategy And then I try to remember how I did that.

Training Strategy for Changing Behavior


If you need to change the current behavior of an organization through education on new policies and practices, then you need to have a proven training strategy. On all of my consulting engagements that required change-training, we implemented a similar strategy. These kind of training initiatives are always challenging. People generally don’t like change. training

Learning Games Should Be Part of a Learning Strategy

Kapp Notes

Include learning games as part of a larger learning strategy for the organization, not as simply a “bolt-on” to existing learning or as something “extra.” In creating a strategy of learning with game-based interventions, it’s important to consider a game or certain type of game as just one piece of the learning puzzle. ” The game is then played. Games

Build Your eLearning Strategy Around the Employee Lifecycle

eLearning Brothers

Without a solid strategy to fall back on, designers can lose sight of the strategy for how their content supports learners and the organization. At the same time, I’ve seen eLearning teams lose sight of making progress when they get bogged down by trying to develop a detailed, fail-proof strategy. While I think a strategy is required, I don’t think it has to be too complex.

New research explores the common myths and realities around the 70:20:10 learning model

they report greater impact on the business and on its staff, more benefits from technology- enabled learning and fewer barriers to a modernised learning strategy. strategy and the key role of technology in this process and yet many are failing to achieve. participants are reporting on the overall impact of their learning strategy – they are not. role are acquired.

6 Strategies for Successful Digital Leadership Development

ATD Learning Technologies

Six Strategies for Digital Learning Success , a recent whitepaper from the Center for Creative Leadership, explores tactics organizations can use to make digital leadership development more successful. Meanwhile, the role of the learning partner is to help the leader reflect on ideas and insights from the development experience. That’s the good news. Less Is More. ” 2.

How Technologies Will Change the Learning Function’s Role

ATD Learning Technologies

Those lagging capabilities don’t negate the fact that technology-enabled learning products and strategies play increasingly important roles in designing and delivering content to learners worldwide. Technology will play an even greater role in the future. That same year is expected to see tablet users exceeding 1.4 billion (eMarketer 2015). Track employee learning; 74%.

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MOOCs in Workplace Learning - Part 4: Their Role in Corporate Universities

ID Reflections

They will expect and demand to learn differently -- social, mobile and cloud will play a big role. This post, as the title says, is about Corporate Universities (CU) and the role of MOOCs therein. Thus, CUs can benefit by integrating MOOCs into their larger organizational learning strategy. The world has gotten complicated. None of this information is new.

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How Technologies Will Change the Learning Function’s Role

ATD Learning Technologies

Those lagging capabilities don’t negate the fact that technology-enabled learning products and strategies play increasingly important roles in designing and delivering content to learners worldwide. Technology will play an even greater role in the future. That same year is expected to see tablet users exceeding 1.4 billion (eMarketer 2015).

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New Brandon Hall Group report forecasts major shift in 2016 online learning trends

different technologies surpassed even the learning strategy as the top focus over the next 12 months. Content plays a huge role in learning, and an inability to properly manage it. its role will only continue to grow. Companies are recognizing the important role learning technology can play in improving the overall business. © 2016 Brandon Hall Group. Exploring new and.

Micro-Learning: Its Role in Formal, Informal and Incidental Learning

ID Reflections

Thus, micro-learning can play a crucial role in both formally designed performance support as well as in informal learning, with the latter focusing on user-generated content. Micro-learning enabled by technology can be a powerful workplace learning strategy. What is micro-learning? When and where does it work well? What characteristics define micro-learning? In this post, I have looked at micro-learning from the point of view of efficacy as well as applicability. Microlearning deals with relatively small learning units and short-term learning activities.

The Client’s Critical Role in Custom Elearning Development

The Learning Dispatch

It turns out that the client’s role is pretty critical in making that happen, particularly at certain stages. We take all the thinking and strategy and expertise from your teams and ours, add a bit of pixie dust and a lot of finesse, and finalize the transformation that started way back when you realized you needed custom training to move forward with your business goals. At

The Role of e-Learning in Building and Managing Organizational Talent: A Case Study


In the tryst to create a positive working environment, many talent management strategies are put in place to make sure that the employees find opportunities to grow and flourish in the organization structure. One such strategy is the implementation of Employee Satisfaction Surveys (EOS) to understand the needs of the workforce as well as identify and address pertinent needs.

Top 35 Articles on eLearning Strategy

Tony Karrer

I’ve been recently working on lots of eLearning strategy consulting engagements and one of my colleagues asked me to provide a set of resources around this topic. went back and looked at what I had written before on eLearning Strategy and saw that I had said at the time: I've spent several hours this morning trying to find good resources on eLearning Strategy development and particularly looking for examples to use in this post. It’s still needs more, but represents a good starting point for review: eLearning Strategy (PDF) Elearning - A Primer Learning 2.0

Content Curation: One More Role for an Enterprise Community Manager

ID Reflections

How does this tie in with the role of a community manager, you may ask! What role can an enterprise community manager play? In this case, the community manager's role would be akin to that of a museum curator. digital curation content strategy online communities community_manager JP Rangaswami curationFaced with the tsunami of information, we are all floundering to find our way to content that actually matters. From setting up filters--both of the automated and human variety--to trying to make sense of what we find, we are in a fix, so to speak.

I Believe in the Many Emerging Roles for Learning and Development Professionals

Tom Spiglanin

That leaves the question of what, if anything, should L&D do to facilitate the over 90% of learning that takes place outside of its traditional role. We must adopt strategies that scale with the exponentially growing content on the Internet and increasingly facile social access to experts around the world. learned quickly how wrong I was. There was a company culture to learn.

7 Tips for developing an E-Learning Strategy

Connect Thinking

Part of my job is to provide e-learning strategy support to clients. have a number of processes for this kind of engagement, and E-Learning Academy members to have access to an e-learning course on Strategy , and a number of other tools and resources. Top line tips for developing an e-learning strategy. 1. Your strategy should ideally be all encompassing. Brandon Hall.

The Role of E-learning in Assessing Compliance Risks Effectively [Infographic]

CommLab India

Ineffective risk assessing strategies might fail at identifying, collecting, assessing, and evaluating the risks. If compliance training is keeping your organization safe from legal penalties, it is thanks to Risk Assessment, the key without which your compliance training would fail. Therefore, assessing compliance risks is necessary. Well, with eLearning. Wondering how?

Digital Assets Creates New Role for L&D Pros: The Content Curator

ATD Learning Technologies

“Curation will play a major role both in the way we teach and in the way we educate ourselves on any topic,” adds Robin Good, who has a chapter in the ATD Press book. Effective Curation Calls for Strategy. well-designed strategy provides structure to manage a continuous process and a steady volume of content. Think: blogs, email, wikis, communities of practice.

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Utilizing the power of Storytelling to create engaging Simulations: A 4 Prong Strategy


You can use the Four-prong strategy for transforming a story into a simulation. Once the learner connects with the fictional character in the story and relates to the role, the experience of the character becomes real to the learner. So to end it with the preverbal ‘big bang’ is a good strategy! This approach has the  following steps: Creating characters. Creating the Plot.

The Role of Mobile in Learning by David James

Learning Solutions Magazine

strategy at scale. Emerging Topics Learning Media Mobile Learning Training StrategiesThe challenge of mobile learning isn’t about getting learning content onto mobile devices. It’s about getting that content to. employees where they are and capitalizing on their digital content consumption habits. Mobile content consumption is more. about finding things out and preparing to perform than about learning. Here are some insights into executing mobile learning.

Think Multiscreen (vs. iPad-only) when developing an mLearning Strategy

mLearning Revolution

One thing I stress in my mLearning workshops is the fact that having an iPad-only strategy for Learning is not a thorough mLearning Strategy. In this post I want to share with you a great presentation I found on Slideshare, that inspired me for my workshops, and that helps me make a case for developing a multiscreen mLearning strategy vs. an iPad-only strategy.

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Thinking e-learning strategy? Think video

Connect Thinking

If you are embarking on an e-learning strategy to support the way your staff learn and access information, think video. What do you need to support a video strategy. 1. The quality you are striving for your video strategy will influence the equipment you purchase. Video has an important future role for any organisation. YouTube is strategically owned by Google. Screenr.

4 Motivation Strategies for eLearning Environments with Massive Learners


Here are the tried and tested strategies that will motivate your geographically distributed learners: 1. It has proven to be an excellent sales and marketing strategy. Role-based, achievement-based, performance-based and personality-based badges are very exciting for learners. How do we tie the learners together to receive the eLearning course positively? Formative Assessment.