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The first, the Staffroom is quite public, calling on high levels of communication and high profile, and involves the use of microblogging tools such as Twitter. assume that this is because most of the tools she identifies as falling into this category of PLN deployment is push technology (RSS feeds, Google Reader etc). blog wiki RSS personal learning Twitter PLN Joyce Seitzinger

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Twitter as Social Learning: Seven Ways to Facilitate the Exchange.

Social Learning

Social Learning Blog Training and Performance Improvement in the Real World Home About Bios Subscribe to RSS Twitter as Social Learning: Seven Ways to Facilitate the Exchange of Information by Paul on March 14, 2011 in social learning Most of us in the adult learning industry have already found and incorporated Twitter into our everyday lives.  Twitter gets a bad rap. 

The changing Web

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tools include popular applications such as blogs, wikis and podcasting; social networking sites such as FaceBook and LinkedIn; photo and videosharing services such as Flickr and YouTube; familiar utilities such as RSS feeds, social tagging (e.g. Delicious, Diigo), microblogs such as Twitter, mashups (e.g. universities delicious blogs Second Life social media schools Twitter Web 2.0

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The Connected Educator: Building a Professional Learning Network

Allison Rossett

RSS (really simple syndication) readers and social bookmarking are two popular information aggregation tools. RSS readers (i.e., RSS readers allow educators to rapidly skim through hundreds of blog posts and articles to find the most relevant information to their practice. Google Reader: How to Setup a RSS Feed  (YouTube video). Twitter. Information Aggregation.

Here a Hashtag, There a Hashtag, Everywhere a Hashtag

Learning Rebels

Understanding the basics of social media tools such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and most of all, twitter – is also understanding the importance of hashtags. They aren’t just for twitter anymore! Searching within twitter (for example) using the hashtag produces results that helps us spot all sorts of patterns in what otherwise would be overwhelming noise.

Getting The Most Out Of Your LMS

Upside Learning

TWITTER INTEGRATION: Check if your LMS is capable of Twitter integration. Twitter is a fast growing and influential social networking service that is being leveraged as a great learning tool. Integration with the Twitter web service will make it easy to share information across domains. What is a Learning Management System used for? Administration. Documentation.

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Extensions on RSS module


News from the e-learning frontier Pages Home About Community Free e-Learning Resources Contribute to the e-Learning Community 8/02/2010 Extensions on RSS module eFront had for some time now an RSS module that could fetch and present an RSS feed inside a lesson or on administrators panel. However, until now we could not expose data from eFront as an RSS feed.

3 Things I'm Looking Forward To In Lectora Version 11

Integrated Learnings

Twitter and RSS feeds and the like are cool, but probably still off limits in eLearning courses for the scores of companies that still lock out Dropbox. You might also be interested in our page on Facebook or Twitter feed. Lectora Social Media Twitter eLearningBy Jay Lambert Trivantis gave a sneak preview of their upcoming Lectora Version 11 release at this week's user conference in Chicago. Many of us have been nervous that Version 11 brings a complete interface redesign (yes, I still fondly remember the old "traffic lights" from before the previous redesign).

Twitter Status

Tony Karrer

My twitter status just changed. Along the way, she convinced me that Twitter was something that I should stop resisting. She did this by sending a tweet out that asked how Twitter helped people with their personal learning. The world is my network with Twitter! RobynDennis @dswaters Twitter allows us (no matter where we are in the world) to receive *instant* updates on the latest news or topics. Not sure how I'll think about using LinkedIn Questions vs. Twitter, but it's still good stuff. See her page: mlearn2007 by others and mlearn2007 my notes.


My professional use of social media and communication tools

Challenge to Learn

It will collect all new posts through RSS. These streams can be fed by other tools like Twitter, Linkedin and Google reader and I love it. We now use Facebook more for announcements and things like that. I use twitter to announce things (posts, news and share interesting articles that I find). Following others in twitter becomes more and more a problem if you follow too many.

Twitter Brings Lower Quality Clicks

Tony Karrer

Richard Hoeg points out that for his blog Twitter = High Visits But Low Conversion. Basically, he shows his "referring sites" from Google Analytics for the past two weeks: His conclusion: Folks who visit from Twitter don't visit as many pages and spend less time of the site. Of course, that made me wonder if twitter really was bringing lower quality clicks than other sources.

Free and Open Source Web Conferencing (Online Meetings, Webinars.


Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Google Buzz Labels: adobe connectnow , bigbluebutton , dimdim , free and open source tools , free e-learning , mikogo , online meetings , openmeetings , vyew , web conferencing , web-conferencing , webhuddle , webinars , yugma Reactions: 16comments: Meri said. Guys the most of you find these posts a valuable resource for the e-Learning community.

The Power of Your Network | Social Learning Blog

Social Learning

Tweets Follow @dashethomson on Twitter Download Free Whitepaper The Top 10 Pitfalls of End User Training – and How to Avoid Them Given the current state of the economy, businesses large and small are looking for ways to improve productivity while maintaining quality. Networking comes naturally for some people, but not-so-much for others. So big deal, you say. Start meeting more people.

I’ve twitterised my blogroll

E-Learning Provocateur

For example, RSS allows us to aggregate feeds from our favourite sources, without the need to visit each and every site every day. Thus far I’ve been using NewsGator as my RSS reader, which I think is an excellent tool. However, I’ve finally cottoned on to the fact that Twitter can also be used as an RSS reader. Tags: Twitter RSS challenges

Twitter vs blogging

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This time it's whether Twitter is killing blogging. You stand around for ages and then suddenly two big debates come along at once. I was only on the periphery of the Twitter vs blogging debate when I chaired a F-ALT (Fringe ALT-C) session late at night over at the Contact Theatre in Manchester last week. So try RSS, I hear someone say. So is Twitter killing blogging?

Latest in Learning Fast: edu-Twittering

Marcia Conner

A decade ago the hot app on everyone’s desktop was  PointCast , a personalized headline service of content emblazoned across your screensaver through a pre- RSS  feed. ” Imagine the potential for discovery if the people who you follow through Twitter or any social-network status updates rounded out their contributions with something educational. Downtime be damned.

Andy Nock – Sponge UK elearning podcast

Sponge UK

Follow Andy on Twitter: @AndyNock83. Subscribe using the RSS feed. Andy Nock is a Director at the Elearning Network and has worked with augmented and virtual reality in learning. Andy explains the differences between the two technologies as well as the opportunities that they offer for L&D professionals. 07:01 – What do you find most exciting about AR and VR?

Donald Clark – To ignore AR and VR in learning would be madness

Sponge UK

For the latest news and updates from Donald Clark follow him on Twitter: @DonaldClark. Subscribe using the RSS feed. Donald Clark has over 30 years of experience in learning technologies, we spoke to him about the latest emerging tech and how it will impact the workplace learning industry. 03:02 – Has something significant changed this year with the arrival of Pokémon Go?

Our Take on Google+

E-learning Uncovered

If I were to start over, I could see using Google+ over Facebook or Twitter. JU: I think it’s the best of Twitter plus the best of Facebook. It lets you establish casual connections with no expectation that a follow means someone will follow you back (which is one of the strengths of Twitter). DE: People posting the same thing to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+. find cryptic Twitter-speak annoying enough on Twitter – I certainly don’t want to see it on Google+. Uncategorized facebook google+ linkedin twitterBut, I don’t. Love it?

50 Best eLearning Posts Of 2012

Upside Learning

And for us, it’s a time to relook at the posts that trended on twitter and other social channels, and were loved by our readers. Keep in tune with the latest in eLearning by following us on Twitter or subscribing to our blog through RSS. We hope you have had a good start to 2013. We are going to make it even better! Mobile Learning. The Future Of Mobile Learning. Brilliant!

Navigating with Twitter Mosaic

Jay Cross

Depicting one’s Twitter Mosaic appears to be the Twitter flavor of the month. wish I could ask GoogleReader to generate a map like this for the RSS feeds I follow. Followers: Get your twitter mosaic here. …and the followed: Get your twitter mosaic here. For Twitterati, this could be a handy way to message a follower. Point-and-shoot for direct messaging. dislike dealing with people who look like this: Web 2.0

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Navigating with Twitter Mosaic

Jay Cross

Depicting one’s Twitter Mosaic appears to be the Twitter flavor of the month. wish I could ask GoogleReader to generate a map like this for the RSS feeds I follow. Followers: Get your twitter mosaic here. …and the followed: Get your twitter mosaic here. For Twitterati, this could be a handy way to message a follower. Point-and-shoot for direct messaging. dislike dealing with people who look like this: Web 2.0

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Victor Yocco – Sponge UK elearning podcast

Sponge UK

Subscribe using the RSS feed. Victor Yocco is a Philadelphia-based researcher and author on psychology and communication. This episode we’re talking with Victor about the application of principles of psychology to online education design. His latest book Design for the Mind  looks at how to create online learning that appeals to our innate natural responses as human being.

#C2Xmas Day 2: Samuel Pepys Diary

Jane Hart

You can receive daily diary entries by email, RSS and/or follow it on Twitter. Day 2 of my Countdown to Xmas #C2Xmas continues here. Samuel Pepys lived in London in the 17th century and is most famous for the diary he kept for a decade as a young man which is considered to be one of the most important sources about the English Restoration period. THE DIARY OF SAMUEL PEPYS.

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What’s the biggest myth about gamification in elearning?

Sponge UK

For more expertise on learning games you can follow Karl Kapp on twitter: @kkapp , and keep up with his latest research and speaking engagements through his blog: Kapp Notes. Subscribe using the RSS feed. Karl Kapp is a gamification analyst, elearning consultant and professor at Bloomsberg university. 02:35 – Myth: Games are just about adding fun to learning.

25 eLearning tools you need to have


What it does:  Storify is a content curation tool that provides a visual way to tell stories gathered from social media sources like Twitter, Facebook,  Flickr , YouTube, Google , and RSS feeds. What it does: Feedly is a free tool that helps you to source and collect content from your favorite websites, blogs, RSS feeds, and YouTube channels. Tool:  Twitter.

What Makes Social Learning so Interesting?


Instead of sitting around a campfire and playing “6 degrees from Kevin Bacon”, I could proactively comment on one of his Twitter posts and get a reaction directly from the star himself. Though not all of this content is perfect, conglomerate sites based on RSS feeds are pulling posts and ranking them so you can even abstain from reading prose that has been poorly formulated.

Julian Stodd – Sponge UK Elearning Podcast

Sponge UK

You can also follow Julian on Twitter at  @julianstodd  and find out more about Julian’s consulting at Subscribe using the RSS feed. Julian Stodd is an author, speaker and popular blogger who accompanies his insights into social learning and theory with thoughtful illustrations. 01:54 – What’s the role of L&D in supporting social learning?

Jane’s Top 10 Tools for Learning 2016

Jane Hart

also couldn’t do without FEEDLY  – my RSS reader – where I aggregate well over 300 blog and website feeds. On Friday 23rd September, voting closes in the 10th Annual Survey of Learning Tool  – so it’s not too late to vote! You can find out how to do so HERE  – essentially it involves sharing your own Top 10 Tools for Learning – anonymously or publicly.

The nature of digital influence

E-Learning Provocateur

For example, Bob was contacted by people in Australia and New Zealand , while a fellow in Malaysia took to Twitter: Asia-Pacific’s list of e-learning movers and shakers… I Should be there, but then again I am BRITISH.LOL :) — Zaid Ali Alsagoff (@zaidlearn) April 18, 2012. Platforms that spring to mind include WordPress, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Monitter - Keyword Tracking of twitter

Mark Oehlert

You enter three keywords and then Monitter tracks those words in twitter and pushes the results into three columns. Each column has its own RSS feed ( e-Learning , Oehlert , eLearning ) and you can restrict the search by distance if you want. could see this and/or its accompanying widget being a sort of dashboard for tracking twitter feeds relevant to or from within your organization.

Mobile forces you to rethink how you’re trying to help your learners

Sponge UK

Follow Geoff on Twitter: @geoffstead. Subscribe using the RSS feed. Geoff Stead is Director of Digital at Cambridge University and brings years of experience in bringing learning to mobile devices. Find out more about some of the projects Geoff mentions in the podcast at This interview was originally recorded as part of the Big Sponge Hangout in July 2016.

David Wilson CEO of Fosway Group – Sponge UK elearning podcast

Sponge UK

You can follow David on Twitter at @ dwil23 and find out more about the work that The Fosway Group does on Subscribe using the RSS feed. David Wilson is the CEO of Fosway Group, an independent researcher into Human Resources and learning in business. 01:11 – Tell us about The Fosway Group and the research that you carry out? Subscribe in iTunes.

Robert Pratten – Sponge UK elearning podcast

Sponge UK

Follow Robert on Twitter: @robpratten. Subscribe using the RSS feed. Robert Pratten is founder and CEO of Conducttr , a transmedia storytelling platform that’s used in digital training simulations. You can see the slides from Robert’s talk at the eLearning Guild’s games and gamification conference on Slideshare. Ways to listen to the Sponge UK elearning podcast.