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Product Review: Saba Social

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I admit that in general I have been underwhelmed in the past with Saba. So, when I went and checked out Saba Social, Saba’s new social learning platform, I had very low expectations. Saba Social is a very solid product, that despite a few hiccups and “huh&# moments, achieves what it sets out to do, provide a user friendly social experience. I was surprised.

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Special Post – Why the Big Four are not on my latest Top 10 LMS List

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Since my Top 10 list of LMS vendors has been posted online, I have received quite a bit of e-mail wondering why the biggest names: Cornerstone On Demand, Saba, SumTotal and SuccessFactors are not on the list. “While the pricing is outrageous and the Saba as a whole seems better suited as a HCM, their learning suite is a better alternative than those who want Cornerstone OnDemand.” A few years back I had a call with Saba and in the call they told me that 63% of their customers were using their platform as a talent and performance management system and not as a LMS.

Saba Player Templates and Best Practices

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The question is “what is the best way to create a video based training course in Saba?” Use a player template in saba that will serve as the table of contents for the course. In Saba I do not have the ability to specify the size of a SCO window that is “popped up” from the table of contents. So in Saba I am only loading the SCO, when the SCO is loaded, the video window pops up based on the code I wrote using Lectora. I would prefer to let Saba handle the popup and sizing of the code to save on my development time. Lectora Video Saba LMS SCORM SCO

Numbers Don’t Lie: ROI of Corporate Training


Elearning is a great way to positively impact the bottom line of the company, and there are many options available when it comes to formal training. From a business department standpoint, a company can implement training in a variety of areas. Even focusing on creating a training program in just one of these areas can have dramatic impact on the company. elearning training

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The World of Employee Training – Monthly Article Roundup

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This month’s roundup of employee training articles include some of the best articles that I have come ever come across. These articles will be beneficial and informative as they provide background as to what is happening in the world of training, as well as helpful tips to boost productivity and efficiency, which are somethings we are always looking to improve. Employee Training

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Companies Lack Employee Feedback Channels

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According to cloud-based talent management solutions provider Saba, U.S. Saba’s October 2016 survey suggests there’s a decent chance a company’s workforce engagement is suffering due at least in part to inadequate employee feedback channels. companies are operating in the dark when it comes to their employees’ needs and perceptions. Comment below or email

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LMSCommit and Timeouts

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With the way my organization's LMS is setup inside a single sign on portal, the web based training will continue even after the LMS and portal system has timed out. JavaScript WBT Saba LMS SCORMSystems and courses timeout. We all know that. A logged in session with a computer only has so long with inactivity before the user is considered to have abandoned their session and the system logs them out. While this is well understood to those in the e-learning industry, it can be confusing for some learner so e-learning developers need to handle this time out gracefully. NOT SAVED!

5 Insights into Workplace Social Learning Technologies

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Saba and the Human Capital Media (HCM) Advisory Group surveyed over 500 senior leaders from a wide range of industries and company sizes to better understand how organizations are adopting social learning technologies to achieve their learning and talent development goals.

2013 Excellence in Social Learning

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Gold: Saba Software Security vendor Kaspersky Labs has more than 2,700 employees operating in almost 200 countries. The company turned to Saba and its Saba Cloud system, which provides social collaboration, training and crowd-sourcing. Saba implemented and deployed the system within 45 days. Using the Saba Cloud system, Kaspersky managers now have a centralized place where they can organize, manage and track learning, as well as easily visualize the learning program, objectives and the progress employees are making. Silver: Interactyx Ltd.

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The LMS Meets 2017: Top 15 Learning Tech Predictions

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Trying to proactively dislodge Cornerstone, SumTotal, Saba, SuccessFactors or Oracle as a business model is a fool’s errand. Not long ago, everyone who developed learning management systems wanted to be all things to all buyers of every size, location, industry and training challenge. Hands down, our learning technology “predictions” list is our favorite post to develop each year.

2015 Talented Learning LMS Vendor Award Recipients

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Corporate LMSs were invented almost 30 years ago to manage and report on the training and compliance of their employees and contractors. Associations are selling content to their members and continuing education training providers are selling content to anyone. Saba Software. Trained customers buy more over time and are more satisfied and customer LMSs make it happen.

#HRTECH Learning Vendors Preview – Who to see and who to avoid

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And to those who are constant readers from all over the world and training, L&D and other professions, I give two high fives, four low fives and a bucket of joy. While I place Saba in the average spot, I do think Learning@Work is heading in the right direction (cloud based platform). . I love the deep learning component where courses are recommended based on a set of variables – which for Saba is courses/content taken or completed, skills and profiles. . Welcome, welcome all! To those from HR who are new to this blog, I give a high five. Why am I so happy? Infor.

Research Shows Companies Should Encourage Social Learning


Training programs – 8%. Obviously, the percentage of learning that takes place informally through experience on the job, networking, and mentoring and coaching is far greater than that of learning that results from training programs, workshops, special assignments, and manuals and instructions. Formal learning methods (instructor-led trainings, for example) can be quite expensive.

Top 50 LMS Report for 2016 – What you need to know (criteria, approach, and yeah some vendors)

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I identify the Big Dogs as SumTotal by Skillsoft (yes, that is the actual name), Cornerstone OnDemand, Saba, SucessFactors and Oracle Taleo (although, I ask myself who is using this and if you still are why?). However, I will say this: I like what Saba is doing. The system still – equally as Saba – needs some work. Saba Learning. SkillsServe by Unicorn Training. It’s nearly here. In a little over two months, my 2016 Top 50 LMS Report will be available for purchase. Not everyone gets in. Sorry, that’s marketing. No. But I digress.

Elements of a Virtual World/Metaverse

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Using a virtual world or metaverse for training is not as science-fiction as it sounds. The first software element that makes up a virtual world is a synchronous learning tool similar to WebEx or Adobe Connect or Saba’s Centra. A metaverse or virtual world is simply the natural extension and convergence of several technologies currently used for online learning.

Profile of a learning architect: Tiina Paju-Pomfret

Clive on Learning

Rethinking formal ICT training Working alongside colleague Kerry Baker, Tiina has transformed ICT training at Bupa. Tiina, together with her team of experienced trainers, established a new blended training model combining instructor-led training with self-study e-learning and support by telephone and email. These stories then form the basis for the modules of the course.

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Workday Unveils Workday Learning With the Goal of Redefining Learning Management Systems

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The training process for these is impersonal and usually lacks a connection to the employee’s needs. Workday launches Workday Learning, eyes Cornerstone, Saba. The post Workday Unveils Workday Learning With the Goal of Redefining Learning Management Systems appeared first on Training Station. Employee TrainingIt’s expected to launch in the second half of 2016.

A Conversation with Steven Just

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Steven is always busy he is CEO of Princeton Metrics, a strategic consulting company that applies the sciences of learning and assessment to improving training. He was previously the founder and CEO of Pedagogue Solutions which he sold to Saba and he is now working on an launching new venture called Intela. For the most part corporate training is event driven, centering around a course of one form or other (instructor-led, eLearning, blended, a game, etc.). Here is part of our conversation. Just: I’m old enough to have seen A LOT of changes. Gamification. Assessments.

2016 LMS Market Trends, Observations and Predictions

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This is especially true for those groups responsible for training external, non-employee audiences. Professionals in almost every industry (doctors, lawyers, architects, auditors, barbers, real estate agents) have mandatory training requirement to maintain their right to practice their profession. The 2016 LMS market is not what you think. It’s not what we thought – it’s much better.

LMS Decision Making Criteria B4 U Buy

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” And oh, don’t let me talk about the association world and those professional education/development/training committees. Yes, you may not know the future, but a good training, L&D, HR leader will be someone who constantly is reading (thus learning) about what is going on now and what might be possible down the road. And if yes, what verticals? I have. Been there.

Insight – The Top 50 LMS 2017 Report

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I’ve gone thru my criteria before and the approach including weights and points based on a whole slew of categories including learning evironment, mobile, social, administration, reporting, learner functionality, capabilities of the system, technological infrastructure, training/support, overall service, forward thinking and adaptability. eLogic Learning, ExpertusOne, Unicorn Training, Growth Engineering. Docebo, Axonify, Administrate, SumTotal, Cornerstone on Demand, Spoke by Unboxed Technology, Service Rocket, Saba, LearnUpon. And I’m along with them. How?

Hello from Our New VP of Partnerships and Distribution Strategy


Innovative companies such as SuccessFactors / SAP , Taleo / Oracle , Saba , SilkRoad are enabling companies to deeply integrate employee learning and skill development with other aspects of Human Resource Management (and generating billions of dollars of value in the process). It’s been a month since I joined OpenSesame, and it’s time to say a few words about what brought me here.

Enhancing our Reporting and Analytics


It worked for most of our customers; but the further our customers took their training courses, the deeper the reporting they needed. Total training hours and the average time in a course give the trainer a view of how much time trainees have spent in Mindflash training. Course Development E-learning Employee Training Learning Management Systems Tell us what you think.

Totara: re-shaping Moodle for corporate use

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Last week I asked Can the ‘big LMS’ break clear of formal training? - I wanted to know whether Saba, one of the most successful of the big LMSs, could reinvent itself to accommodate informal learning. This time I’m exploring whether it is possible for one of the world’s most popular academic virtual learning environments, Moodle, to be adapted to suit the needs of corporates. I don’t believe the distinction is so clear in the USA, yet it really needs to be. But the nature of those resources and activities is typically very different. It will be interesting to see how they get on.

Insight – The Top 50 LMS 2017 Report

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I’ve gone thru my criteria before and the approach including weights and points based on a whole slew of categories including learning evironment, mobile, social, administration, reporting, learner functionality, capabilities of the system, technological infrastructure, training/support, overall service, forward thinking and adaptability. eLogic Learning, ExpertusOne, Unicorn Training, Growth Engineering. Docebo, Axonify, Administrate, SumTotal, Cornerstone on Demand, Spoke by Unboxed Technology, Service Rocket, Saba, LearnUpon. And I’m along with them. How?

LMS Integration:  The Learning Ecosystem

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Integrate a CRM and a LMS together and you have the most measurable training program in history. With shared common audiences, user experiences and most importantly, shared data, organizations have an unprecedented view into the value of training. Do customers renew at a higher rate, or buy complementary products when trained vs. untrained? Types of LMS Integration.

What is in store for the LMS Space: My Forecasts for 2016

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Then, the administrator could include the video as part of the training/learning in the course catalog or assigned courses to individual or multiple learners. Another aspect would be adding this “training piece” to a file repository or sharing it with the learners as a whole. Yes it will be a splash, it’s Workday after all, but their product IMO is targeting some certain folks i.e. Cornerstone, SuccessFactors, SumTotal by Skillsoft and to a lesser degree Saba. vendor)? Forecast #1. Curating Content. Not just capturing links and content on the internet.

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The Cornerstone Effect

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Geared towards the HR, OD professional – in other words, the system is not focused on Training Directors/Managers and others in training, but more on the L&D side of the house, including HR individuals (I would concur that the platform IMO is aligned in such a way, only because the system itself is geared more towards a soft HCM – Human Capital Management – system, rather than a flat out LMS). I mean sure I hear we got folks from SumTotal or Saba (heard quite frequently of late), but by a hug margin, Cornerstone comes up way more. Traditional.

Top 15 Learning Management Systems mid-year 2014

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This makes no sense in my book, because you could have 500 users and have a high budget for training and equally you could have 5,000 users and your budget is slightly higher than 35 candy bars. 8 Unicorn Training – SkillsServe is its name, the LMS that is and financial is its game. Curious to know where SumTotal, Cornerstone, Saba and SuccessFactors ended up? I love to travel. I especially love it when I get the opportunity to present all over the world on a variety of e-learning topics. Yeah, they forget that part. I scoff at this idea. Wing it no more.

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A Look Back at E-Learning in 2012

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This really could be seen at the ASTD International show which has always been known as a true ILT (instructor led training) angle, with materials. . I love the end of the year. It enables you to look back and see the triumphs, the disappointments, the good and the bad. Many people look back and are amazed. I like that because it tells a story. On Fire. Mobile Learning. You would be wrong.

Perceptions and Factoids (LMS)

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Well, for one thing, the folks in the room were L&D, Training and HR people who are working behind the scenes. . While I do not know who WD will focus on in the market, my belief is that it will be SuccessFactors (an easy win), Cornerstone (mixed results), Oracle (victory!), SAP (if they can’t win this one, they shouldn’t be in the game), SumTotal Learn (mixed results – and how important – unknown) and to a very lesser degree Saba. It is a common misconception and one that can have and often does have negative results. Yeah, yeah, I know. Dated UI.

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The Latest LMS Insight

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Part of the confusion is the usage of the term “traditional”, whereas I think that people who use that term are focusing on vendors such as Cornerstone or Saba, for example, and assuming that all vendors are like them. This means that even if the person selecting the system is from HR, the platforms are being used first and foremost for learning/training. Another growth space that I see, going back to B2B and B2C, comes from companies who sells a product and thus provides some form of product training to their own customer base. Responding to Consumers.

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B2B Top Five LMSs

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But if you can and you want to decide between CoD, SF, Saba or SumTotal. Slick UI with a price point that is perfect for training/content providers or anyone who is entering B2B and doesn’t have a lot of cash sitting around to pay up front. . I admit I love lists. I’m one of those people who sees a book of lists about anything and then I must have it. I must read it. I just like lists. It seems to me that there are others who also love lists. Yep, people love lists. Yet, other times, the list carries value and benefit. Here are a couple of my recent lists. Sweet.

Time for Change: MOOCs and Learning Technology

CLO Magazine

Companies such as Blackboard, CBT Systems — now Skillsoft — Saba and Docent were born. It’s inevitable that this investment will change the world of corporate training. As we’ve talked with clients about these programs, more of them are asking, “Why can’t we use these courses for our own online corporate training?” Today many large companies spend millions of dollars to build or buy all types of training in the core skills category. Massive open online courses are transforming learning technology. billion. billion.