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Team Learning Up With Talent

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Millennial recruits really want to believe they will be a valuable part of the team and will have a chance to grow in the organization,” Jackson said. “A strong learning program is an important part of that story.”. Tags: leadership developments , partnership , strategy , talent management The post Team Learning Up With Talent appeared first on Chief Learning Officer - CLO Media.

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SuccessFactors and SAP Get their Integration Act Together

Learning on the Leading Edge

We just completed a comprehensive briefing with SAP and SuccessFactors about product integration. Katherine Jones and I were impressed with the progress the company is making: SAP's engineering prowess is clearly being applied to this area in a big way. And SAP customers will see these integrations being applied to all of SAP's cloud offerings. Note: Last week SAP announced its Q2 financials and the company is now generating over $1 Billion in cloud revenues, so the issue of cloud-to-premise integration is very strategic.).

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Meet the Team Part 3: Simon Birt, VP of Global Business Development


In this third part of our series of behind-the-scenes posts, we’ll be interviewing Simon Birt, a recent addition to the eFrontPro team, who is in charge of the product’s global business development. In addition to this, I will work closely with our very talented team to ensure we have great lead generation, online marketing, and partner business support in place to strengthen our growth.

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Meet the Team Part 3: Simon Birt, VP of Global Business Development


In this third part of our series of behind-the-scenes posts, we’ll be interviewing Simon Birt, a recent addition to the eFrontPro team, who is in charge of the product’s global business development. In addition to this, I will work closely with our very talented team to ensure we have great lead generation, online marketing, and partner business support in place to strengthen our growth.

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Does Your Organization Need a Learning Culture?

The Peformance Improvement

If sales managers want their inside sales team to conduct powerful discovery, they’ve got to teach an approach, listen to tapes, let reps self-evaluate, give feedback, listen to more tapes, give more feedback, and so on. The approach of Jenny Dearborn at SAP is an example of this. Your work teams are not as efficient and effective as they need to be. transportation). Stephen J.

Oracle buys Taleo

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Following SAP's acquisition of SuccessFactors, this gives Oracle a tremendously powerful suite of products in the HR market, one of the fastest-growing markets for enterprise software. A few initial comments. 1. This move directly undermines SAP's strategy with SuccessFactors. So in many ways the Taleo team can now "be back together with their friends."

Top 50 eLearning Posts For 2011

Upside Learning

The Gamification Of SAP. Measuring And Evaluating Learning – The Top Skill For L&D Teams. On behalf of the entire Upside Learning team, I wish you a joyous and prosperous 2012. One week into the New Year it’s the right time to look back on the year gone by. We have pulled these up based on social signals (views, comments, twitter and more). Read them. Reflect on them.

Critical #skills define performances across multiple fields

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The goal is to respectfully help leaders in complex situations unearth untested assumptions, consider alternative interpretations and “think like the other” without sapping unit cohesion or morale, and while retaining their values. Critical learning/reading/living is an acclaimed skill. For last weeks topic was on: challenging ideas and why this is a good thing. nice interview.

From Humble Beginnings to Support for the World’s Leading Software Apps

Ancile Learning

Many of those organizations were implementing SAP. These were the early days of SAP implementations (especially in the United States), and implementations were moving from the terminal-based R/2 interface to the graphical R/3 interface. While the initial focus and tuning in 2006 remained in the SAP space , in the years since we’ve seen a big uptake in the use of uPerform with other applications. In 1999, we released Info Pak. At that time, many of us here at ANCILE were working at RWD, providing consulting services to organizations around the globe. Contact us

MOOCs in Workplace Learning - Part 4: Their Role in Corporate Universities

ID Reflections

It can help an organization with its capability building at an individual level and provide opportunities for shared vision, systems thinking and team building at a strategic level thus providing the entire gamut from tactical learning to integrated and strategic learning. The world has gotten complicated. The skills shortage looming ahead is alarming to say the least.

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Excerpt from Gadgets, Games and Gizmos for Learning

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” Managing Team Members Across the World. SAP—an inter-enterprise software development and implementation company—needed to provide their project managers with a learning experience to address a specific challenge—managing teams whose members were scattered across the globe. With team members in Germany, Japan, America, and India, a SAP project manager must contend with issues such as cultural differences, time zones, disparate expectations, communication styles, and other issues a local team may not encounter. Check out the book! Games

Wrapup from HR Technology Conference 2013 and SuccessConnect

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Today only Oracle and SAP are close to fulfilling on this, but interestingly 12% of buyers (according to Lexy Martin's research ) want Workday to fill this gap - so the writing is on the wall: standalone talent management systems are slowly being collapsed into HRMS vendor platforms. As long as IBM keeps the Kenexa brand and team in place, the company will continue to grow its business in the ever-expanding world of global recruiting. We've just published a detailed research report on SAP-SuccessFactors integration and the scenarios and solutions are well along.

Two Noteworthy Game News Items

Kapp Notes

… it took players a matter of days to come up with models that were solid enough for researchers to translate into scientific rendering of the protein. 2) Forbes published an article about the “ Gamification of SAP ” the large software program used to run all types of organizations from university systems (like mine) to manufacturing to healthcare. The article states: One method that has worked is for SAP to create experimental applications designed to enhance everyday SAP functions. Lead-in-One” is a good example of this. Games


The Integration of Talent Management Systems Comes to Forefront

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In the last 90 days we have seen SAP's acquisition of SuccessFactors , followed by Oracle's acquisition of Taleo , and then the smaller Kenexa acquisition of Outstart and PeopleFluent acquisition of Strategia. In the past of course both Oracle and SAP were far too busy with other things to really put the innovation muscle they needed into talent management.

CornerstoneOnDemand Explodes With Growth

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SAP buys SuccessFactors. Our new market research, which comes out in October, will show that while the big ERP vendors (Oracle, SAP, ADP) have all jumped into this space, lots of mid-sized vendors are growing rapidly as well. Today you will find big companies like Oracle, SAP, ADP, (coming soon) as well as companies like CornerstoneOnDemand, Halogen Software , SilkRoad , PeopleFluent , SumTota l, Lumesse , Saba , and fast-growing companies like JobVite all serving the market. Oracle buys Taleo. We thought the talent management market was consolidating.

Five Best - and Winning - Practices for ERP Business Adoption

Ancile Learning

Learning @ the Speed of Change is the latest edition of SAP Education's online magazine. In this edition, SAP highlights the recognition delivered to three SAP customers at this year's SAPPHIRE NOW + ASUG Annual Conference. and its Global ERP Business Adoption team received the 2014 SAP Education Best Practice Award. SAP has also published two in-depth articles on Pfizer's program: Five Best Practices from Pfizer’s Global ERP Implementation. Pfizer, Inc. Winning Approach to Business Adoption. Crowd-sourced videos.


Incorporating Social

CLO Magazine

If conversations on Point devolve, Mallen said the learning team can edit comments or post a disclaimer at the outset of the discussion reminding people they need to post appropriate content. ” Brookshire plans to rebrand the SAP Jam social platform as BGC Connect and use it for key initiatives, such as its female manager networking forum. Brookshire is also planning to use BGC Connect for project teams. Once companies decide how social learning should take place, it’s important to fully integrate it into an organization’s overall learning strategy.

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Why IBM Acquired Kenexa

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After SAP's acquisition of SuccessFactors and Oracle's acquisition of Taleo, it was just IBM's turn. Over the years IBM has stayed out of the HR applications business and today provides consulting services around Saba, SAP, Taleo, and other HR software products. Ever play a game of musical chairs? Today IBM announced the acquisition of Kenexa for $1.3 Likely yes.

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HR in the Cloud: Upping the Talent Management Ante

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Sapphire, the SAP annual event for its customers and partners, provided the debut of SuccessFactors as a SAP company. In a newly created division called Cloud Computing, Lars Dalgaard, founder and CEO of SuccessFactors, is now the king of the cloud, overseeing a team of 5000 employees devoted to executing SAP’s cloud strategy. As SAP runs on SAP products, the SuccessFactors division now runs on the SAP cloud solution, Business ByDesign (BBD), replacing all its previously installed business applications. BBD will continue to be supported by SAP.

Why APUG Is the Best Time of Year - Part 1

Ancile Learning

The ANCILE team is just back from our 14th annual ANCILE Products Users Group (APUG) event in Miami. Increasingly, our customers are sharing stories that highlight the breadth of their ANCILE uPerform use: customers are creating and delivering learning content for custom applications, SAP, ‘any global IT application’, Banner, non-technical applications – and much more.

The Masterclass on Informal Learning

Jay Cross

From this foundation , we explore communities of practice, capturing and disseminating news, knowledge sharing at Intel, experiential learning at Xerox, conversation at HP, volunteerism at SAP, Twitter at Deloitte, product knowledge at BT, and learning from microblogs. Your organization has decided to tilt in the direction of informal learning. So now what do you do? Two options. 1.

A Functional Perspective to Managing Change in Learning: Part 3

Connect Thinking

Today is the third of five posts on the topic of change management, this time looking at how a learning technology strategy impacts Human Resources and the Learning and Development team and function, and how the change can be managed. Work as a functional team to decide what principles will guide your decision-making about how learning technologies will be used.

Human Resources, Learning, and Leadership: Our Ten Predictions for 2014

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Because HR itself is changing dramatically and we need to continuously skill our own teams to maintain our relevance and value. In 2014 organizations will need to integrate their talent acquisition teams, develop a global strategy, and expand their use of analytics, BigData, and social networks. ERP players (Oracle, SAP, Workday, ADP) are all delivering integrated solutions now.

BigData in HR: Why it's Here and What it Means

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Today nearly every major HR software vendor (Oracle, SAP, ADP, Ceridian, Workday as well as specialty companies like SumTotal, Cornerstone, Lumesse, Silkroad, Ultimate, and hundreds of others) are building and buying end-to-end HR suites, very similarly to the evolution of customer relationship marketing. SAP's offering, built of years of experience from InfoHrm, will do the same.

CornerstoneOnDemand Strong Quarter: Growing Share in LMS Market

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Our research shows that Cornerstone will grow to be the fourth biggest LMS vendor next year, following Oracle, SAP, and SumTotal with around 5% global market share. Oracle and SAP, both of which have solid LMS offerings, are now most likely to sell into their install base (leaving Cornerstone as one of the premier solutions for vendors who do not want an Oracle or SAP solution).

Gamification in Workplace Learning: The Role of Play

Social Learning

Let me give you a couple of examples: In classroom ERP software training sessions I’ve designed and used various individual and team based games to review material, cement concepts and break the monotony of lecture and exercises. This month, the Learning Circuits Blog is back with its first “real” big question since Tony Karrer took a break from managing the blog.

ESN as knowledge bridges

Learning and Working on the Web

More employees are sharing knowledge through activity streams on platforms by IBM, SAP, Jive, Yammer, and Socialcast, to name a few.  The next level is group KM, which focuses on teams and projects narrating their work to ensure as much common understanding as possible. It takes a networked organization, staffed by people with networked mindsets, to thrive in a networked economy.

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ADP Rocks the Talent Management Market with New Integrated Solution

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ADP often moves into new markets with fits and starts (often acquiring a company, then building expertise around its management team, and then expanding the offering into its large sales force). SAP paid $3.4 But this move, coupled with SAP, Oracle, and Workday's moves, clearly shows that buyers can expect to find more and more integrated systems in the future.

Hello from Our New VP of Partnerships and Distribution Strategy


Innovative companies such as SuccessFactors / SAP , Taleo / Oracle , Saba , SilkRoad are enabling companies to deeply integrate employee learning and skill development with other aspects of Human Resource Management (and generating billions of dollars of value in the process). believe that enterprise elearning (particularly the content side) is one such market. Breadth of Content.

Skillsoft Acquisition of SumTotal: Corporate Training Market Disruption?

Learning on the Leading Edge

Technology team for Skillsoft. Now Skillsoft competes with entrenched, experienced technology companies like Workday, Oracle, SAP, Cornerstone, Saba, and other established LMS companies (most of which used to be partners). " This is going to force the Skillsoft executive team to learn the enterprise software business in a hurry. 6. Saba and SAP are moving this direction (creating the "Netflix recommendations for learning"). know that SAP, for example, is thinking this way. A bang just went off in the corporate training and HR market. ").

Profile of a learning architect: Rob Bartlett

Clive on Learning

revamped banking system based on SAP. Each new employee is supported through the programme by a team of mentors. For this profile we turn to Rob Bartlett from Farm Credit in Canada. Rob has achieved success by integrating formal and informal learning activities in pursuit of clear strategic business objectives. No way will Rob ever be an order taker. learning architects

The creative surplus

Learning and Working on the Web

Spending time on merely managing things can sap our energy and drive for doing creative work. In between, however, Uzzi once again found a sweet spot that combines the diversity of new team members with the stability of previously formed relationship. The shift from consuming broadcast media to creating interactive media may be engaging a new generation in a new way. Innovation

Social Tools Collide with Talent Management Software

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SAP-SuccessFactors is now actively marketing Jam (a mobile, social sharing system) and Salesforce is aggressively selling Chatter as the infrastructure for the "social enterprise." Even though he doesn’t have the best sales numbers, why does the entire sales team seek out this one colleague for his knowledge? Social networking tools have transformed our lives. billion.

How Companies Use Gamification To Motivate Their Employees


SAP, the leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions provider, had also leveraged to gamification techniques to train its sales representatives in the details and intricacies of its (quite complex) product line so that they can be more effective in answering customer inquiries. And it works. Why gamification works. How companies use gamification. Enough about the theory. Points.

Nashville Notes: Closing Keynote – Ross Dawson

Everything E-Learning

He also writes the highly influential Trends in the Living Networks blog, has written white papers for organizations including SAP and Microsoft and has published over 100 articles in leading publications worldwide. Lectora and CourseMill® users and the Trivantis team will gather to share e-Learning knowledge, and we want you to join us! Register today ! Register Now. Blog LUC to Acquire Rypple: Major New Entrant to Cloud-Based Talent Management Market

Learning on the Leading Edge

Individuals and teams can publish their near term goals (also called Objectives and Key Results or OKR), and then people in the company can comment, rate, and provide feedback on this individual's performance. Salesforce takes part in the "holy war" which is waging between Oracle and SAP for enterprise software. What is Rypple ?

LMS 2013: The $1.9 Billion Market for Learning Management Systems

Learning on the Leading Edge

Despite the recent wave of mergers (Oracle-Taleo, SAP-SuccessFactors, IBM-Kenexa), a flurry of small innovative companies are reinventing this market. What corporations are trying to do is put in place teams, programs, and systems which facilitate continuous learning - through both expert content and instruction and the leveraging of internal expertise. Why the growth in this market?

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