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Net Work Skills

Learning and Working on the Web

With social media, anyone can easily create digital content and collaborate with others without any special programming skills. And the kinds of skills needed for all professionals today are not so much specific social media platforms, but rather changes in attitudes and perspective. In the early 21st century, it’s time for all professionals to develop net work skills.

Preparing For Serendipity - A Crucial Knoweldge Work Skill

The Learning Generalist

The only way through constantly growing information sources, is to be able to develop the skills of personal knowledge management and sense making. If I was hiring someone today, this would be a primary skill I'd look for. Before I begin today's blogpost, I have to mention the biggest event in Indian cricketing history over the last three decades or so. Just believe!

Work Skills Keeping Up?

Tony Karrer

In New Work and New Work Skills , I discuss the fact that most of us have not participated in formal learning since college on foundational knowledge work skills - especially metacognitive skills. Most of us have strong skills in some areas and are much weaker in others simply due to the fact that we acquire our skills in completely ad hoc ways. But, the fact that concept workers claim in surveys to be above average in their search skills but they don't incorporate these operators tells me that there's a gap.

Develop Work Skills

Tony Karrer

sent him a reply and asked for his thoughts on my post New Work. That said, I think there is a tendency to lean on the skills that we are good at and not use other approaches when they are called for. Certainly helping to make it a natural part of work-flow to capture information in a way that helps the individual and the organization is the key. don’t think the new work is about tests. If we want to teach new work we should embed more in complexity theory. That said - I really wonder how you teach the new work. So, maybe it's work buddies.

Testing for Instructional Designers -- A Common Mistake

Will at Work Learning

Better yet, we could have them work on a simulated real-world task and follow steps that would enable them to complete the simulated task only if they used the access panel as part of their task completion. Better yet, we could have them work on an actual real-world task. Or we could just get back to work and crank out that test. What is it? Scroll down for the answer.

Preparing for the future of work with PKM

Learning and Working on the Web

Chris Jablonski at ZDNet identifies five trends driving the future of work  as we get virtual, online and global [I think he misses "local" though, especially as energy prices continue to increase]. The first four of these skills are ones that the  personal knowledge management  framework  has been based on. PKM WorkImage: New media literacy. Design mindset.

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21C Workplace Skills and L&D

ID Reflections

Going through my blog-roll, I read two related posts – Four Basic Skills for 2020 by Harold Jarche and Technology Changes Everything by Jane Hart. Harold’s post also pointed to a report called Future Work Skills 2020 published by the Institute for the Future for the University of Phoenix Research Institute. The report talks about the key drivers of change as well as the skills needed to ride the wave of these disruptive shifts. Do individuals realize that these skills are going to ensure their continuing relevance in the workplace? Let''s Talk in 2020

Four Basic Skills for 2020

Learning and Working on the Web

In 2011, The Institute for the Future and the University of Phoenix published a report that looked at Future Work Skills 2020 (PDF). Ten future work skills were derived from these drivers and these were seen to be critical for success in the emerging network era workplace. Longevity, in terms of the age of the workforce and customers – Retiring Later.

Basic Skills for Net Work

Learning and Working on the Web

How can I develop and improve  critical thinking  skills? >> Observe, Participate, Challenge, Create. How can I  engage in problem-solving activities at the edge of my expertise ? >> net work skills. We are starting the online PKM Workshop this week, with a free webinar on 5 September. How can we  cooperate ? >> freely share. itashare.

Fostering connections by letting go

Learning and Working on the Web

” An essential part of enabling such an open organization is nurturing net work skills ; the abilities needed for individual knowledge creators who are simultaneously collaborative workers. IBM just published its 2012 Global CEO Study: Leading through Connections. The IBM study shows that CEOs and the companies they manage must constantly evolve to stay competitive.

IBM 40

implementing a useful model – 70:20:10

Learning and Working on the Web

These numbers are not firm but they provide a rule of thumb, especially for planning and resource allocation to support learning at work. If work is learning and learning is the work, then leadership should be all about enabling learning. Holding space means protecting the boundaries so that people can work and learn. Skills: competencies to work independently.

Global HR Trends are Affecting Corporate Learning: It’s time that HR and Learning came closer!


The challenge is to find the right employees, with the appropriate skills required to do a job. While employees have required credentials, developing their skills is now a priority for most organizations through sustained training activities. More and more organizations are thus devoting more energy and money towards developing employee skills and capabilities, on a continuous basis.

The Neuroscience of Gamification in Online learning

Growth Engineering

We’ve also touched on the point that games and gamification work in harmony with the most complex informational hardware in the known universe – the human brain. Games teach work skills. By commanding a Roman army to victory or managing the facilities of a virtual city, players can gain skills like resource management and prioritisation. The hippocampus controls recall.

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10 Must-Read Articles About Blended Learning


This is definitely something you can’t miss when learning about blended learning. 4.  5 reasons why blended learning works Okay so we know what blended learning is but if we want to get a deeper understanding of this subject, we should ask why it actually works? Asynchronous and synchronous learning mixed together? That’s blended learning. Dave Landry Jr.

PKM is our part of the social learning contract

Jane Hart

PKM is also a key skill of being an effective autonomous learner – as we can see from the many individuals who are already organizing and managing their own personal learning strategies in the organization – and consequently a key aspect of BYOL (Bring Your Own Learning). So how can we help students as well as workers develop the new PKM skills? For me this is spot on. Whereas

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Preparing for change

Learning and Working on the Web

Tweet One of the reasons (not the only one)  behind our Net Work Literacy programme is to prepare people for a digital economy, much of which is blocked by organizational firewalls. As I wrote in Net Work Skills : Imagine if we limited our conversations to only those in the same office.  We would miss out on so many learning opportunities. Don’t wait until you need them.

Dilbert Warns Me About Work Literacy

Tony Karrer

Should the following Dilbert worry me about Work Literacy? Much of the idea of Work Literacy is to help people who need to keep up with how technology impacts knowledge work. Subscribe to the Best of eLearning Learning for updates from this blog and other eLearning blogs

The Future of HR

Learning and Working on the Web

To ensure reliable operations and avoid risk, work became standardized. These organizations are now facing increasingly complex business environments that require continuous learning while working. They work well when information flows mostly in one direction: down. In addition, workers are dealing with increasingly complex situations, as software takes over routine work.

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Do not wait to take control of your professional development

Learning and Working on the Web

That amounts to some 42 million freelancers in the US – people who are working without the benefit of employer-sponsored  health insurance , 401k plans and flexible spending accounts. The automation and outsourcing of work is becoming our wicked problem  to deal with as we move into the network era. suggest that everyone needs to develop  Net Work Skills. PKM Work

Too Much Information or a Skills Gap

Tony Karrer

It's a big skills, knowledge, performance gap – see Work Skills Keeping Up. It's why I created Work Literacy about a year ago. Wesley Fryer discusses How are you dealing with TMI? Too Much Information) (found via Stephen Downes ). Wesley points us to a post by Kevin Washburn “TMI! Information Overload and Learning.” This is similar to the list of Web 2.0

To learn, we must do

Learning and Working on the Web

PKM is as much a life skill as a work skill. It is necessary for all knowledge work. As I was preparing to start our online PKM workshop last night, I came across one of the best articles that I have read in a long while that reflects the value of what the PKM framework supports. “Chance favours the connected mind”, says Steven Johnson. To learn, we must do.

Weekly Bookmarks (7/17/2011)

Experiencing eLearning

Future Work Skills 2020 (PDF). Drivers that will change the landscape of work and key skills needed in the next 10 years (sense-making, social intelligence, novel & adaptive thinking, cross-cultural competency, new media literacy, virtual collaboration, etc.). Ed Tech and Instructional Technology Related Programs in the United States. Curt Bonk’s collected list of masters and doctoral programs in instructional technology. tags: instructionaldesign highered newid. tags: career 21stcenturyskills change collaboration. World Time Buddy. Posted from Diigo.

Where Does Innovation Spring From?

CLO Magazine

One day, James dropped a helical spring he was working on and, as it slinked and clinked across the floor, he got the idea to turn it into a toy. Citing research by Wharton management professor Martine Haas and doctoral student Wendy Ham, the article discussed how “work groups can recombine ideas in novel and useful ways” by bringing peripheral knowledge to core tasks. Yet the way many organizations approach education and workforce development isn’t always conducive to nurturing these critical thinking skills. loved the Slinky as a kid.

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Training departments will shrink

Learning and Working on the Web

For thousands of years people have developed work skills through apprenticeship. This worked for small numbers and developed into the highly structured  guild system in Europe. Informal Learning Learning SocialLearning WorkLet’s examine why they grew in the first place. The project was code named  SHOCKACTION and undertaken during the late 1950s. Probably not.


Impact of informal learning: output learning #LCBQ

Challenge to Learn

You are being told that you have to do these kind of things, but the point is that you have to invest time and money into them to make it work. It only will be if it has an effect on the learners working skills, making them more effective and productive. The output of learning is not what you have learned, but how you can apply it in your everyday work. The how.

Enterprise e-Learning: Serving Two Masters


End users are your “students” These can be new employees taking an orientation course or senior employees learning a new skill or process. Where a commercial e-learning offering catering to students is quite straightforward (people register and pay you to learn a new skill), enterprise e-learning can be a little bit more complex, with office politics coming into play.

Pick of the Month:12 resources from March

Jane Hart

CLOs who embrace this challenge of integrating learning into work face enormous job enrichment. This morning, we’re thrilled to introduce TED-Ed — a resource of short lessons designed to spark curiosity and promote further learning in and out of classrooms. 3 -  Net Work Skills , Harold Jarche, 12 March 2012. Collaboration has a cost. As a result, people prioritize.

Study: Firms Must Tap Worker Passion to Address Competitive Pressures

CLO Magazine

The data suggests that the typical corporate response of reducing costs and squeezing more productivity out of the remaining workers by making them work harder is not a long-term solution to competitive pressures. Recruiting wars have typically focused on finding particular skills, but Deloitte uncovered that the typical modern work skill becomes outdated within five years. Instead of recruiting skill sets, organizations would be better served by recruiting passionate people and fostering passion in existing workers. San Jose, Calif. — Sept. workforce.

Data on Big Data

Marcia Conner

To put things in perspective, the entire works of William Shakespeare (in text form) represent about  5 MB of data. Recent estimates from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics project a 22 percent increase in demand for professionals with management analysis skills between now and 2020. Despite high unemployment rates, a lack of skilled workers means many vacancies remain unfilled.

IBM 41

Learning from experience

Learning Journal

Few ideas are as sacrosanct in contemporary sensibilities as the notion that human beings achieve mastery over their lives through learning from experience.  ~ James March. I’ve been doing some work recently related to the Learning Environment Design framework , and a few interesting bits of feedback have given me some food for thought related to on-the-job learning. A In the same week, a focus group that I ran identified few instances of learning by doing when asked to talk about the ways they learned their specialty skills. It’s not so simple.

How is mobile format of learning evolving?

Origin Learning

On average, 59% of workers in the US work 50 hours and more a week. Did you know that the workers rely on this smart gadget to boost productivity during their work week? So much so that in a report, smartphone devices are now perceived as valuable assets to improve and enhance work productivity ! That’s what the universally popular device – smartphone, is able to achieve!

Poor Jobs Report Focuses Attention On Tumult In The US Workforce

Learning on the Leading Edge

The reason for this imbalance is the change in the nature of work. 2. Specialization has changed the nature of work. As I wrote about in a blog entitled " The End of a Job as We Know it ," work itself is changed. If you're an expert at something, you can find probably work. Contract work is slowly replacing full time work.

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July 2011 Review

Jane Hart

Future work skills 2020 , July 2011. Tweet. But my 5 favourite articles from July (that are not Google+ related) were: Why excellent performance isn’t nearly enough , bnet, 8 July 2011. Don’t forget the YOU in social learning , Dennis Callahan, Learnstreaming, July 2011. When training is not the answer , Marc Rosenberg, Learning Solutions Magazine, 11 July 2011.

Poor Jobs Report Points to Tumult In US Workforce

Learning on the Leading Edge

The reason for this imbalance is the change in the nature of work. 2. Specialization has changed the nature of work. As I wrote about in a blog entitled " The End of a Job as We Know it ," work itself is changed. If you're an expert at something, you can find probably work. And by the way, if you're over 50, add another factor that hurts: your specialized skills can often be bought at a lower cost by hiring younger people. So if you are a baby boomer like me, you have to even further deepen your skills and sell your value to the market.

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